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so cute


this one is


is what


this one please


yeah this one is good love me some lucky star hehe


plugged my switch into the tv for the first time gonno play some splatoon




sigh im jealous mom refuses to buy me a decent tv so ive only played mine in handheld mode tell me how you like it


just playing some splatoon so far but i think ill be playing ffx on this instead now


is approved by me nb


sigh wish someone would stream again


should i fire up the ffx stream




hell ya ill dial in for some ff



not clicking that



sigh controller isnt working


is it working now




put the sphere in the hole idiot


dont say that to him bully


is this the hd version


crying tears of joy hima cant believe im finally seeing an ffx stream


truly a great day for hima


cant wait to see the bevelle trial


no im normulating it


mine looked a lot worse last time i emulated it for a playthrough


File: 1555995860531.jpg (325.61 KB, 1024x768, crew.jpg)


the beginning is always the start


never actually played this game before hehe im gonno get stuck on any puzzles




always use default names myself


wish i was cool like tidus but instead im a big lame queer like auron


me second from the left in the group of victory yelling guys


auron is epic i always walk around with my arm like him


shes not my type


remember once i saw a big jacked guy crossplaying as yuna


if i had a dad like jecht i wouldnt have ended up this way


die ffxnorms


wish my life was a ff game story


thought we were using the other thread and got left behind


sexy sexy valefor


File: 1555997547827.png (7.27 KB, 569x327, 2019-04-23-013150_569x327_scrot.png)

sigh h264 piss


use streamlink


Total: 12 packages (1 upgrade, 11 new), Size of downloads: 9,967 KiB


its worth it


ok emerging


here ic ome


hooooooooooooooooooo boy


gonno practice my yevon prayer



forgot about that meme


kill the fin


ok now i am watching the stream wheres the commentary




how about some ffxi instead




fire up 光の4戦士


might stream ff8 after this guy finishes his playthrough of x


sigh this game is hard had to use all of my potions


dub i sleep


the dub is pased


unlock all the spheres you have access to on all party members please


might jerk it to sakura


never played a single ff game never played zelda either


hows that


you can unlock spheres that are adjacent to your current position and each level lets you move one sphere keep moving and unlocking the next sphere


File: 1556000505197.png (225.77 KB, 1028x1208, 1550446797291.png)

you're sick


i dont get it


standard or expert mode


you blew it


use your sphere levels please


you can still move 4 more times


wish lulu would crush my balls


ok gonno snooze


desk is overflowing with soda cans hima


added another one to the collection


die ffnorms



he smokes cock




what does the janitor one look like



still havent set up the himasugi mirror i bought the domain already next years renewal is going to be pricey you guys better donate


File: 1556017427657.png (452.13 KB, 1280x720, [Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 053 [B75C53F1].….png)





big bone


whats to get such a bone about anyway


its the look and the pose


File: 1556022608300.jpg (Spoiler Image, 530.27 KB, 1280x1785, C90_PTD_005.jpg)


hate sexnorms theres nothing more norm than getting a bone


mornin mates feeling a bit nauseous only had water and some coffee for breakfast so i bought a chocolate bar on my way


literally me


anyone want become a furry with me


need some hair of the dog that bit ye


i abstain from the fools paradise


wish i had as much time as i used to



hima tab didnt update thought there were no posts for 5 hours


time for bed


someone wrote a essay about me being rude not good at socialising


mom told me its time to start thinking about a plan for what im going to do with my life


post it


groan its just 14nm cpus $500 for a 3.6ghz eight core nice joke



File: 1556028462696.png (1.27 KB, 187x25, 2019-04-23-100625_187x25_scrot.png)

flip the specnorms


onseki the asterisk is still there


its to stop the snow just ignore it


simply let it snow


onseki fix it


why would you need an asterisk to stop the snow thats so reflappered what a fix


File: 1556028887690.png (29.41 KB, 473x159, scrotum.png)

hehe our cpus have the same frequency


File: 1556028927249.jpg (164.87 KB, 700x1002, 1555979829479.jpg)


cant wait for zen 22222222222222222


sigh what a shame i was hoping on watching some benchmarks today
wonder why nvidia withheld drivers


File: 1556033738639.jpeg (266.34 KB, 1458x2048, D41RE0GUwAESds9.jpeg)



sleepy morning


crack open a coffee and fire up some games


everyones workin hard while im posting naked on hima




File: 1556035265823.jpg (25.35 KB, 640x480, CEM46819666_114601325749.jpg)


File: 1556035411463.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 391.4 KB, 933x693, pic.jpeg)


went outside for the first time in a while and a old guy puts his bike up and walks away then i go by it and wind blows so it falls on me so i could catch it and catch a scar at the same time gonno die now from a infection how do norms survive this enviroment


File: 1556035657161-0.png (301.8 KB, 540x540, 1.png)

File: 1556035657161-1.png (59.66 KB, 528x499, 2.png)



sounds like the good life


sounds like hima mansion


i would immediately call the police and notify them of the situation


id silence you before you had the chance to blow the whistle on our way of life


cant live in a hima mansion with criminals


dont worry about it no one will die like that because pastaguy will make us healthy meals


can make chicken with sweet sour and rice really good at that


sweet sour what




the hima mansion will be granted sponsorship by monster and officially known as the monster battlegrounds where the streams never end


you dont need to worry about that anymore after the execution


someone bought the simpsons grill pretty fast sale these norms cant help but throw money on anything that has pop culture shows printed on them


shes beautiful i bet shes a virgin





this chink pedophile creep needs to be put behind bars


stupid wageslaves taking out their frustration on incels they think women are impressed by those vids


raining hard hima


why are they making such a big deal 14 and 20 isnt even a huge gap



age gap between mom and dad is larger than that


same dad was 29 when he married mom she was 20


baste dad bros


dad is 10 years older than mom but stepdad is 4 years younger than mom


nice cougarmom


lets all stop being virgins


die norm


dont know how to stop


why dont schools teach cultural norms


same reason they dont teach you finances



i cant stop


so obese that the socks burn to keep on sigh ive got to take them off and let my fat free


just get bigger socks


atemon gamu


get merino socks


heres a better idea lose weight fatso


die norm




im fat through genes


fatness isnt genetic


die fatties


why would you wear socks inside anyway


hes american


i dont have carpeted floors so my socks pick up dirt for me instead of stepping in it


get some slippers


have to wear socks inside otherwise the dirt sticks to your feet



why do you have dirt inside get the mop


fire up the roomba




gonno put myself out of my own misery


i wanted to do that one time but totori told me not to when we weer laying in bed posting on hima togher


how do i get gilded on reddit


cant wait to get home and have a coffee



File: 1556049413269.mp4 (218.12 KB, 1120156113247375361.mp4)


wonder if im reflappered due to all the goat milk mom gave me when i was little


guys should i play totori again its that or ffx but i don t know what to play help


if it was pasteurized ya


ive got a fever and the only prescription is more kidjo


didnt know they were broadcasting a dubbed jojo on adult swim that explains a lot


play both


i think it was mostly powdered


cant play games anymore crying thinking of all those gamedevs working 100 hr weeks


meal prep in the mansion


i cant play both at once its one or the other help me


maybe i could play splatoon instead


splat my ass


has anyone played dragons dogma




hi should i play if on my switch instead of splatoon totori or ffx




its a great game dunno about the switch ver






just realized by exclusively shopping online im losing more and more human skills


flip humans


it is a good game for roleplaying your adventure


losing my voice because i never talk to anyone
do i have to talk to myself


join us on karaoke night


can i join the marines if im 30


why not join the coast guard instead


i want to shoot foreigners


File: 1556051100253.jpg (154.55 KB, 858x1200, D4w6Wm3W4AACaeV.jpg)





i streamed it before


is it good


is what good




File: 1556053043982.jpg (714.43 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190423_143416.jpg)




File: 1556053104369.mp4 (385.18 KB, 😭😭.mp4)

pasted wk


gonno watch some more skinning videos


really love how they have this down to a science is this what happens when you kick the women out of the kitchen and let men cook


got a tooth pain all day hope its not serious


cage your kitties


wonder if japan is full of crows because they dont cage their cats


hate japan


you better learn to like it because the hima japan trip is mandatory


you mena china


whats the difference between baking soda and baking powder


baking powder has starches in it



im pasted im mo fuhlippin pasted i am so maflippin paaysted as shite


im in love with the kidjo


havin a coffee mindbent that a new d gray man just came out


d gay man


woke up need some hair of the dog that bit me asap


love when nb sends me a heartfelt email looking for advice


gonno trick pnig into feeding pigs garbage


room smells like cum


no one can actually smell cum theyre all lying


mine smells


broke my mechanical pen on my head so much for japanese craftsmanship




gonno buy those german ones that everyone likes


File: 1556060835245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1334x1462, 1555285740885.jpg)


what do you need pens for simply record everything digitally




had some nutella with bananas since mom got me more nutella today
but im still mad at her for not getting mcds today it was a perfect day for it and she said we have food at home


now that the wks are all gone i will take their place




stop consuming nutella you are going to get diabetes




cant stop im addicted


uhhh pasted


neet night love pretending to not have a job one night a week


ive never done that


die impersonator


go to hell impersonators


flip you


i do that hehe until 1 am


used to email nb back in the day


was it basted


anyone wanna crack some brewskis


how about some kombucha


not alcoholic enough


no point consuming a brewski unless its a raw brewski


how about you consume my raw cock instead


your alcohol addiction is destroying the family


File: 1556063628941.webm (1.73 MB, 296x296, 1555985019969.webm)




cant believe my bros would forsake me and leave me to drink alone




quit drinking useless garbage


you are what you drink


dont talk to my friends like that


im just a useless piece o trash


are we getting an ffx stream today


stream your suicide gamenorm


hope not


gonno go find my radiance


File: 1556064495986.jpg (13.75 KB, 184x184, 568b59ead3b53eace22babb1576e36a12d337540_full.jpg)


had some leftover rice so i made a crude onigiri and wrapped it in korean nori


you have disrespected the japanese way of life


oh wow this maruchan pork ramen isnt bad i have a hard time finding this variety i thought for a long time westerners had no interest in pork ramen


only norms eat pork


working on a lobster boat is too hard


feeling the urge to skateboard


lobsters dont need boats flapper they can swim and breathe underwater



should i play mtga sekiro or df


trying to remember what i could actually do when i skateboarded as a teen i could drop into the big bowl and do ollies i picked it up briefly again when i was 21 and basically started over but now i have a car so i can drive to parking lots and practice might be fun


fire up some pokemon


twiggers win again


its too easy


pokemon is for babies


momraged then longmorphed now i wake



crying because sekiro is too hard


crying for you too


nevermind it was easy when i stopped being a coward


hate japan hate norms and hate


File: 1556069475265.jpg (2.32 MB, 3024x3780, gj4lxjdip3t21.jpg)





we need to find a nig replacement


how the flip did i know r was mariusz pudzianowski hope im not queer


cant believe pnig had the ideal bodytype anyone have the pic


cant be hard to find


deleted all my pnig pics out of respect


File: 1556069965441.jpg (2.54 MB, 3264x2448, 1483935136034.jpg)


for his victims i hope


pnig ate taco bell and cake every day and hes twig but i eat mcds twice a week and im obese
its all about genes


no its about portion sizes


feel bad for turt his imagine of what an attractive man should look like was pasted on his own self centered view all those years of picking up iron was for nothing


if its only genes then why is most of the country fat


uh what do you mean the country


sigh no wonder he had a teengf


i didnt lift weights to look attractive
everyone pilled knows that face>height>>>>body


die norms


turts not ugly hes probably just awkward around girls and repels people by being a weirdo





lets have a meetup there


the fact that most guys would agree masculine faces and bodies are attractive male features while women view a mix of masculine and feminine as attractive means that every man has some supressed homosexual tendencies


no it doesnt mean that



when women are fertile they prefer to be ravaged by a real manly man but when theyre off the clock some of them may like the idea of a soft feminine sissy soyboy provider


wish to get crushed by turts thighs


miss when the suz would post about turts jiggly ass


stop worshipping norm




cut my lands to 15 and im still getting flooded what a joke


thats not enough lands


wish i was smart enough to play mtg


its the opposite most men find ryan gosling attractive but women find jeremy meeks attractive


ya it means that a male is only attractive if hes more masculine than yourself which is why many guys see hyper masculinity as attractive and women dont its basically admitting you wouldnt mind being dominated by a man as long as hes more masculine


goslings not attractive hes a got a freakeye


should i play totori or mhgu or splatoon or dragons dogma


if gosling was not a movie star he would not be popular with women hes not attractive his face looks like a googly jelly bean
he wouldnt be cel but he wouldnt slay either


splat or ff




forgot to say ff guess ill play that then


women agree that hes ugly because of his nct and dont get it but all men want to be him


wheres the ffx stream please



actually knowing that criminals name


with his hair shaved off you can see how terrible his facial features are


hate how he changed his views at the end of the movie


ya same it got real jewish real quick


what movie


nosecel eyecel lipcel skullmogged eternally off the planet


wish there was an anime stream again


lookism hours


wish i could post like the good old days on warosu


whats stopping you


sidewinded and bleated


mom got mad because i was making fun of a fag on tv hehe


in 2003 she wouldve agreed with you shes been brainwashed hard


these days you get banned for posting like a warosu poster


she would have been watching queer eye and thinking about how brave they are


she said she draws the line at attacking individuals but it was a flipping tv norm


cant watch tv its nothing but ads


havent watched tv in years


only norms watch tv


remember watching .hack sign on tv


dont mention that show or ill cry


hate norms who watched anime on tv its the only anime they know and they never flipping shut up aobut it oooooog normboy normbop ooooooog dbz


File: 1556073183043.png (50.46 KB, 781x221, D44WtYsXoAEr0Nb.png)


wish i was finnish


you think you do but you dont


nothing worse than a fansubber


herkz and daiz are pasted


.hack sign pinched hard


take it back or i rage


die norm





watching cooking videos again


skip the cooking part and go grab yourself some taco bell


never had taco bell it doesnt exist here


File: 1556073829556.jpg (16.89 KB, 720x404, The.Grand.Tour.S03E13.WEBRip.x264-PBS[ettv].mk….jpg)



wish i was a pocket monster


you know this is an imageboard right


she looks retarded as hell


sickening anatomy what are those stupid japs doing


shes super cute though and has really nice legs


in xy you get the opposite gender as a rival so you want to play the male in that one


glosui sos uosgio ssio go gog ogg oogoggo away agogo psissss go awy apissss

poiss pisss piss spissisispispsisispsissss


whats sickening about it


im sexy lady


my heart is shining


wgat do you mean by that


listening to a certain soundtrack feeling certain things



hehe listened to buyers market last night as i drifted off




wow. this is dark man. i think the goal of this is to bring you to a dark place and feel emotionally distressed by hearing the horrors that these people faced. no one said art has to be pretty




made myself a sardine sandwich


lets fire up some of that 2006 stuff and bring the good times back


nice anduin does he have a skin with the lion helmet on


stop eating sardines


sighing and crying


the hots budget isnt big enough for hero videos anymore so im not sure


hate anduin so much


tastes good


better than normanas


what do normanas have to do with anything



time for meal



gonno watch some vids and snooze i suppose


might be a good time to rope


probably not


me watch vid me snooze


File: 1556076006989.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.78 KB, 960x960, 2018.jpg)


might just let loose a nice cummer


thats right


wish i was as baste as uli





File: 1556077322992-0.jpeg (1003.97 KB, 2430x3530, D41nV8rUcAIQU7A.jpeg)

File: 1556077322992-1.jpeg (818.23 KB, 2430x3530, D41nWdxUUAAUhN7.jpeg)

hehe she cute


hehe shes accidentily showing her feet too she doesnt even know


love > < faces can you post more


gonno put ulis old job on the application the next time i apply for a job


cant believe i have so many allergies need to get another blood test to see if ive overcomed my weaknesses


drank a big ol redbull hehe gonno go crazy wacky


ive got a white monster chilling in the fridge but i need a good opportunity to drink it


return it and get some nice redbulls


File: 1556078747373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.55 KB, 2048x1229, b.jpg)

lets go to bed hima




we want normal nips
we want normal nips


those are normal



File: 1556082478445-0.jpg (68.3 KB, 594x738, 7v8wvz7j93u21.jpg)


die norm


bought a razer naga


exchange it for a g203


gonno scream


watching yacht videos do the people that own these boats hire crews to boat them around or what how does it work they have little crew cabins hidden underneath it looks pretty comfortable you can hide and have the norm party noises drowned out by the engines


id sleep in the downstairs area


you would be fired instantly


File: 1556084748374.mp4 (5.55 MB, g600.mp4)

you mena a g600


die mmonorms


File: 1556085352405.jpg (834.67 KB, 1624x2022, sigh.jpg)


always get called a cuck when i say i like tiny houses


can barely get up these days hima hopefully one day soon i wont get up at all


someday a real rainll come and wash all the norms off the streets


makes me sick even thinking about what the norms did to us


what did they do


just woke up from my nap hiya


wish i was invincible under the sun




i wasnt fit for the game of life


wish i could have a view like that while posting on hima in my small compact house


wish i could have a view like that while posting on hima in my small compact house


i messed up wish i could change isp


time for meal


anzu blog banner hehe




where do you game


File: 1556111335180.jpeg (43.4 KB, 300x100, rotate.php.jpeg)

i got this one hehe


morning hima feeling younger feeling happier today for some reason yoooosh


just posted on pol first time in my life hope they take the bait


going for a walk then breakfast time


cop complemented my miata a few times


was he gay


might scream



might wank it to some gooks


you mean drawings right




hate spring cant sleep for long at all sigh


why not


not sure but i can only sleep for like 3 hour intervals at max


anyone else hvae spring allergies


ya me


no i have my window open right now getting some fresh air


no windows open hima all i can smell is my own sweat


carbon dioxide levels indoors are extremely high and it destroys your cognitive functions you need to get some fresh air to cure the autism


theres no cure for this life


tax return is here time to buy some games hehe


*takes a whiff of fresh air*


are you gonno go on an amazon spree hehe




stop consuming


love buying things love opening packages love consuming


almost started crying
if this keeps happening theres going to be a day when i cant stop


File: 1556125670664.jpg (14.44 KB, 480x360, tidus.jpg)


crying hard


need a coffee here soon hima the headache is building


mom wants me to learn how to drive gas gas gas


cant drive




live to drive



might ask mom for some drums even bangos then ill smash on them and play a war march against the norms


received two packages today im having a blast


make an unboxing video


too late


ive got a package expected for tomorrow hehe


sigh out of reincarnation manga to read


screaming because i hate work


read a nice mmo manhwa


mom made chicken and rice


File: 1556134180062.webm (1.51 MB, 720x996, 1554444216189.webm)


File: 1556134385979.webm (3.8 MB, 1280x720, 1555955506685.webm)

nice zoomer


nice boobies


die boobnorm


dumb bitch thats a froppy disku not a ds cassetto


wish mom hadnt thrown out the froppy diskus


entire day is busy holy flip wont even have time to eat anything


why arent disks floppy anymore


because all the soymales broke all the floppy drives to make star wars arranges


whats wrong with soy


it ruins your life


nothing wrong with some ramen



just ordered a swampletics gaming mousepad


swamp on


gonno get glorious pc gaming race mousepad keyboard and mouse love the name hehe


gaming gear is for norms


gamed my life away


it wasnt a waste if you had fun


raging hard


File: 1556141196091.png (123.39 KB, 712x880, i.png)


flip you spicer


raging at shoobies


woke up hey cant wait for the hima cup


guys huge wc3 patch coming out soon


im home havin a coffee hehe


is it the wc3 remake patch




load up the 4d3d3d3


alright normseki my demands are simple fix aa remove the asterisk and enable the scot filters and nobody gets hurt


i smell a nigger


File: 1556142304507.png (2.86 MB, 1600x1146, Vagabond v30 c265 - 12-13.png)


gonno practice my falun gong


it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes


keep getting painful bones


what do you mean painful


getting bones constantly and it hurts


my bloodline ends with me




if the real you is still sleeping then you cant know for sure


simply clone yourself and treat it as a son like that guy in that space manga


i dont want a son


i dont want to be alive




need a clonebf


you dont have to settle for that im sure you can get a girl clone


she wouldnt even look at me


not interested in real girls sorry itll be boys for me


she has the same brain wives as you so youd be the perfect man for her


File: 1556145844905.png (448.16 KB, 751x758, 1556140488605.png)

ive been condemned to the cry closet for 20 years


mom found the cum closet


thats what means to be cel


kitty on my lap snoozing with smug face


die norm


wonder what the rules are for the cry closet


no using capital letters
no using the quotation feature
no using punctuation
no using question marks
no speaking any language other than english or japanese
no impersonating neetblog


no autogynephiles


pasted blanchard



cels in history used to simply snap its simple


File: 1556146445496.jpg (266.21 KB, 1536x2048, Dbj_WJmV4AEvxy-.jpg)


guys milg is alice in wonderland she said so


File: 1556146662215.jpg (79.83 KB, 1200x865, D49AhSwUIAM6xoA.jpg)


flippin epic *____*


she has always had alice in wonderland syndrome


i wonder if were all just characters in her wonderland



mindblowing how even a freakish creature like milg can command the devotion of men with ease


thats why if you were to wake up tomorrow as a girl with a boy brain you could become a living god


no i respect myself too much to exist as a foid it would be even worse if i had a boy brain


gotta pee but i dont want to




gonno squirt


File: 1556147488581.jpg (35.94 KB, 240x320, 1359050804642.jpg)


remember when milk was into touhou then she moved to pones then she moved to undertale whats her new bandwagon now youd think a 30 year old roast would realize its time to stop taking selfies surrounded by stuffed animals


raging at the nendoroid plus it should be all fumos


File: 1556147735181.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720, 1556096354393.jpg)

wonder how the freaks doing


whens the wbro reunion


never now too many teens would show up




milg i lobe you pls steam agiab pls pls plas stream i love you milgggggff


File: 1556148230965.jpg (148.71 KB, 947x1200, D41jKsHUYAAu1w5.jpg)


not plump enough


File: 1556148502943.mp4 (1.47 MB, 1121047306978111492.mp4)


paste wkuk


just love eating so much



cute boobs those are the biggest they should get


no they are too small


File: 1556148951573.png (3.05 MB, 1900x2737, 00db5a3cfcd81a2c6c871fe8b4eb12e0.png)


love her blushing she must be a virgin for sure hehe


do girls like that really work at the supermarket


wouldnt known i run through quickly with my eyes on the ground getting what i need


yeah theyre all getting slammed by onseki


baste chadseki


File: 1556149499664.jpg (107.82 KB, 1600x900, pewdiepie_gfuel_homepage_1600x.jpg)


File: 1556149541616.jpg (109.69 KB, 1280x720, 1555805255024.jpg)

its her birthday gonno do it for her today


make a hima sanctioned oj game


gamed too hard and forgot to wank today



File: 1556151226337.jpg (419.85 KB, 1345x2048, 555.jpg)

hungry for pizza now


seamonkey crashed again sigh




nothin norm


cumreek is something awful today guess i gotta shower


im thinking of showering too but its gonno be so boring sigh


itll be worth it


bhole hurts


guess ill shave my pubes and shower after that to get the extra hairs out


you mena trim


do you have to use scissors to trim because im using a razor


how do you trim pubes i stopped shaving because it just grows back anyways and im lazy


why is tarmogoyf still so expensive when nobody plays it anymore


File: 1556152711307.png (84.73 KB, 856x630, D49VzpNWsAA18Lh.png)


i cut with scissors then shave the left overs if theres much


now thats a nice looking napoletana


die manscapers


thats it im roping


gonno watch some vids and eat my cookies


manscaped my ass off


sigh deli girl




flip you chadseki


File: 1556155284036.jpg (27.58 KB, 590x590, SwampJapanese-Shirt-Black_8807ca16-3fa1-4776-9….jpg)

bought myself a shirt


File: 1556155344043-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.81 KB, 538x759, 1.jpg)

File: 1556155344043-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.28 KB, 707x1000, 2.jpg)

love snap


die potato chef




came out of the shower with a shaved crotch and jaw hope i can get sucked with this theyd appreciate it


time for some remote viewing
any requests




girls love hairy guys


do girls like hairy balls too




File: 1556157346323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 548.54 KB, 1000x1417, __fighter_dragon_quest_iii_and_etc_drawn_by_go….jpg)

hairy girls


wonder if they feel self conscious about it




hoooooooooo boy


need to poop but im gaming




nice earrings yukasan


rager freakeye instigator pnig wk himako pastaguy are all dead its time for us to finally take down the neetblog


stop worshipping


thats like 2 people


im a man of faith


nice nonsummerjack


sucking on a ham bone


wish i had a nice persona like everybody else if im completely one hundred paacento invisible even among the most invisible tards of society what chance do i flipping have holy flip


neetblogs stand is unbeatable


the nopersonas will inherit hima


time for food


how come my body doesnt make its own food


the norms


paste nintendo


paste nintenbabies


rage is building hima its all the god damned foids


let it out brother


File: 1556161424614.jpg (1.24 MB, 1578x2000, Queen_Victoria,_1847.jpg)


flip that old hag where are the cool kings like arthur


File: 1556161681138.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.45 KB, 840x895, mens rights.jpg)




i am legally entitled to a gf


ill be in the cry closet


spoiler that please


love loading up himasugi.org and being greeted by this


it makes me cry with rage


id like to see you try


poops knocking at my bhole but im busy gaming


everyone went to bed


im here


tuck me in ritsuko okazaki aaaahhh


busy gaming


playing some detention


gonno bathe


phew busy day is over had to search for a large flipping box that can fit a grill looked in dumpsters and alleyways fedex was too expensive so i ended up going to home depot had to clean the entire grill which was a pain in the rear end then mom helped package but we werent quick enough so i missed the scheduled fedex pickup gomenasai fedexsan after that i had to finish writing a paper which i finished 5 minutes before the deadline now im cooking up ribs as i ate jack shite today



go to hell norm


mom is considering buying a lock pick set


hate norms wish they would all disappear


norms are our superior


hate every last one of em


gamed hard today hima time for bed now got some gaming to get to tomorrow


hope instigator is doing well


cant believe mugen is dead


File: 1556190284323.jpg (110.96 KB, 1058x1501, D4_Y1bGU4AARKvs.jpg)


theyre dying disapearing or turning into norms one by one soon the jaypee sphere will be replaced with qa teens sick of this timeline


penguins are going extinct


wanted to be a ballerina but mom said its for faggots


File: 1556195829653.jpg (187.82 KB, 1079x1335, birl.jpg)


in the office having a coffee goddamnit i hate this


in the office having my morning jo told my secretary to clear my schedule for the next 20 minutes


sis used to do ballet but no one asked if i wanted to


its new expansion day on mtga gonno try twoos brew out


4 hours of sleep sigh


simply resnooze


ill try


too dumb for mtga sigh


its tardfriendly


File: 1556202193387.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.51 KB, 396x528, 1554067096763.jpg)


im supertard


im superfed


love a nice woo brew


if soylent is so bad why doesnt someone just make a good one





File: 1556203900415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.03 KB, 1080x1073, wk.jpg)


gonno be an active neet today


File: 1556205074781.jpg (22.57 KB, 400x400, D5AH7ULWAAEGI2y.jpg)


gonno jo in 2020



wish i had 2020 vision


always needed glasses but didnt want to inconvenience mom and make her spend hundreds of dollars on a pair


get a job


couldnt even if i wanted to


what do you mean couldnt


simply enlist in the army and youll get glasses for free


think my far vision is bad too but glasses dont fit with my appearance and i cant imagine lugging around metal on my face


mom caught me watching gdgd fairies




lasik it up its really worth it


got some compacted earwax again gonno break out the peroxide


gonno freak out


package is almost here hima im getting excited


you have a problem


parcel delivery locker was full because norms dont pick up their packages so i have to go to the post office tomorrow this sucks


why cant you have it shipped to your front door


they keep skipping over the crew quarters thats the only reason i watch these im raging hard i dont give a flip about the dining area or owners king beds


i was born for a life at sea why did i have to be raised 250 miles from the coast




got myself a sub


ive been telling you mates if we pool our money together we could get ourselves a boat with enough room for everyone it its double beds and we sleep together we could sail around the world


scared of the sea


maybe we could sail around lake michigan or something so we can keep 4g connection


i would be okay with that how are we going to get snacks


File: 1556210412115.png (171.23 KB, 728x360, Rm6OvpLg.png)


simply plan your snacks ahead of time and we dont need 4g we could read and play games and max relax


i need my daily snacks


real in the shrimp net theres your snacks


i need them


mindbending that hypermasculinity is unnatural and a product of consuming too much endocrine disruptors like plastics


shrimps sigh those arent snacks i need sour cherry blasters and dr pepper


and nachos


and spaghettrrs


all this sugar and evil grains aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA


File: 1556212207810.mp4 (11.7 MB, hima yacht.mp4)


ken post


throw the book at him


the stench of nigger has been permeating these hallowed grounds more and more someone might need to call dog the bounty hunter




why did i watch this


you want to be a speedrunner someday



spe ed runner


love the taste of the burps after eating meatloaf


File: 1556218635133.webm (1.38 MB, 400x225, 1555361225875.webm)


wish mom still made meat loaf


my package has arrived


what is it


used to speedrun super mario world it was fun


are you an autogyne


not yet



outgrew my autogyne phase


glad no one here is this much of a freak


all speedrunners are autogynephiles


wonder what that guy got in his package


starting to think this is all package larp


dont say that hed never lie


whats it gonno be package guy


ordered some poptarts off amazon


File: 1556220297764.png (109.85 KB, 702x837, ad81e3c1deb527009b22dc33e7d59196.png)

nobody cares when i get packages


no one wants to hear about whatever norm shit you have to say die


nobody cares about carnorm shite


the admin does


hehe i had autogyne tendencies when i used to speedrun now i want to be ikemen


where are your gym supplies gymnorm


i havent exercised in several weeks its time to ldar


i got my package it was a switch game hehe
finally got mcds today too but the big mac was kind of stale


what game did you pick up


fate extella the umbral star


great game right there enjoy


damn good game


soy hours


when are you gonno get a switch turt


i dont game


File: 1556222634483.jpg (245.85 KB, 1920x1080, Fate-Extella_20170213201725.jpg)




die bobe


die norm


whats that brand new pc for


he just wanted to show you neets he can afford a 2k pc just for posting on hima


File: 1556223456571.jpg (162.81 KB, 1179x1169, D4_iUoGVUAE1LQm.jpg)


hehe shes cute


cherry trees are blossoming and so are booties 😱😱


i am a winner got a hot hand


File: 1556223977454.png (40.1 KB, 1440x452, Screenshot_20190425-152456_1.png)

get in here


File: 1556224041999.jpg (152 KB, 1200x900, h.jpg)


File: 1556224144634.jpg (295.57 KB, 1152x648, 1555872001919.jpg)

i knew it


theyre naked you can see her butt


die switchers


wish i had a switch but my test is too high


are switches waterproof


cant believe my boy is gonno stop working out and become a twink just because girls dont like muscular bodies


just realized i have a chad skull


2020 is not looking good


dont know if ill make it to 2020


were 1/3rd done with the year now so im sure youll make it


hima wont make it past july


hima is done for unless onseki gets the domain


its time for the rebirth of the w


what are you on about gaming is like the main norm passtime these days

i was gaming the classics before you were even born


what will the norms ruin next


gonno give up gaming and become an adult like turt


im a gamer for life


0748 norms


died to the bull in sekiro never gonno be a real wolf at this rate


i have great confidence in your ability to see this through



hell yeah lets go raid some vegans


uh whats wrong with being a vegan


they want to steal my rights


dont post sv3rige hes a pyscho stabber



never had fast food whats it like


it is so cute


File: 1556228371378.jpg (169.26 KB, 924x800, 1556219168536.jpg)


oog me encode me compress




big cute bunny sitting right outside my window


there was a small girl working at the walmart she would be a good wife for a ped


File: 1556230900784.jpg (116.28 KB, 810x663, hcy599g32gu21.jpg)


what about a wife for you


im home having a coffee


simply bait and thrust or use fireworks its easy


i wouldnt want a small wife id want the biggest wife possible to breed big chad sons


love big plump women


File: 1556231437558.png (90.2 KB, 500x526, short-ass-gf-always-wears-your-hoodies-stop-ca….png)


holy FLIP new ross get the absolute HELL in here my dear mates


File: 1556231538482.webm (2.76 MB, 1280x720, 1556229560945.webm)

paste neo zoids


wish i had some bepsi cola


File: 1556233822244.png (149.26 KB, 362x334, 04.png)

nice toga


whats wrong with her face


chinks will dominate wireless networks in 2020


nothing its perfect


hate wirelessnorms


love a good copper wire hate radionorms


owned lady butterfly


did you stun lock that old cheating bitch


still havent beaten sekiro i can perfect the first two parts of the last boss but i cant do anything to the third


it was an honorable duel




gonno subscribe to nyanners on twitch


bowed and worshiped


die norms


did you know 0748 is chinese for ``go die''


hate yogis hate indian hate curry


nothin wrong with curry


need some book recommendations


books are kind of boring spend your time gaming instead


gravitys rainbow


it begins bros imagine someone hooking this up to a peds brain


no no no no i need my privacy please


studying chinese internet slang so im ready when the chinks take over the internet


its only for spoken sentences


sekiro gave me a gamerache


mom bought coke zero instead of coke the stupid bitch


File: 1556238473391.jpg (414.8 KB, 2048x2048, 1556143140623.jpg)


no one will have privacy in 2020


need the konata op without that frog



whens the singularity


whens pnig coming back


where did all the peds go


wonder if pnig will read or skip when he gets back


im jacking it to children


not ped but can appreciate a nice child


File: 1556239157257.jpg (387.7 KB, 1280x720, 1481932706464.jpg)


he openly admitted to skipping and only coming here to blog his own material why the flip would he start reading now


"A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read." - Mark Twain


maybe he had a change of heart


maybe after 10 years he will come out a changed man but it would be hard to not skip 10 years of posts


gotta say cheerios is one of my favorite decks to play of all time


looking back at the ck raids it was baste


hes getting the death penalty for his violence


kenneth boles claimed the snap was a joke


all that happened was that they looked through his internet cache and found a thumbnail of a naked anime sexy lady and theyll release him once they realize that there was no crime and that its legal in the usa
its just a big misunderstanding


murder isnt a big understanding hes going down




check the records skipper he was nabbed with 10+ counts of cold hard child pornography alongside charges for elderly abuse child molestation 3 counts of attempted murder and 1 count of espionage


hes gonno be back in two weeks its gonno be the return of the king


cant believe dickspammer was a russian agent this entire time


thanks i love you


someone post the most recent case schedule mine ends at april 14th


ya hi they gave him his death sentence its over


butterdog hehe


rage is building up again




File: 1556242050147.jpg (102.77 KB, 1280x720, mpc-hc64-2017-03-10-12-46-35-74.jpg)


PlayWarSpark for 3 free packs


bought the 50 pack bundle


are you gonno start owning


too stupid for mtg probably gonno build a deck then lose and then start crying


still updating


die norm the gatherers


love kuwabaras pants hehe


hehe toguro blew that guys brains out with a flick of his finger flipping basted


phew nice sexy autumn in creepy incel turtenwald out


lili in my first pack


die cardnorms


hope youre recording it with nvidia shadowplay


first pack had roalesk apex hybrid


gonno take out a loan order stuff on amazon and rope


got tamiyo hehe


DIE YOU flipping NORMS DIE DIE DIE flip NORMTGA goddamnit it all to hell i swear to to god i will make you wish you werent even born after the legendary pie eating contest im about to unleash


please dont once you receive your packages youll realize that life was worth living the whole time and itll be too late


is that card good


had enough for 35 packs are saving up currency lets open


just found out nimrod isnt actually an insult


nothing norm


sigh have 4 sorins dont even want this guy


you can go infinite with him and that vampire paladin


got a bolas hehe


got one of the planeswalker i did want


im a planeswalker


got a dovin and a bunch of draft chaff thats it for today heading to bed gonno try woos deck out tomorrow


what the hell are you norms talking about


their stupid norm trading card game


getting mad at these dumb foids for neglecting puu-chan hes screaming out in anguish for yusuke and theyre doing NOThing


wonder if botan has ever been penetrated and spermed before


File: 1556248073132.jpg (285.28 KB, 1920x1080, HorribleSubs_Sewayaki_Kitsune_no_Senko-san_-_0….jpg)


it cant be helped


shes a virgin for sure


File: 1556248401045.jpg (116.01 KB, 1440x1080, 18.jpg)


the foids wont rest until theyve robbed me of my virg


seki add some mtg ffx and scape filters


meant wow not scape cant even remember which norm game is which


they were lazy and didnt change the uchi no maid opening
i dont even want to watch this it gets boring and i dont like the characters but ill probably end up watching it all anyway because im a loser


oh nevermind its just a shitty ova


should i fire up some sealed


chizuru is so sexy now that im an adult i need a sexy adult gf who smokes and drinks and takes loads inside without fear of impregnation


its too expensive


forgot im an adult


gonno jack a quick jo out and snooze


my son is raging again


sigh wish american vas stuck with their characters to death its such a shame


damn it uther


File: 1556253235523.png (254.32 KB, 680x585, D48riBsWwAUgi5T.png)


File: 1556253252365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.91 KB, 768x480, 853436A2-8BFA-4C45-B0CB-59305188862B.jpeg)

would you suck it yes or no please respond


smell the piss


gross whats wrong with them




love calling people fatsos


dont fatshame


gonno gut dance


arthas was right


killing innocents is always wrong no matter the circumstance


they were already dead they just didnt know it yet


File: 1556254534948.jpg (45.47 KB, 624x375, 3209734A00000578-3484297-Researchers_have_foun….jpg)

Researchers have found that people's honesty varies significantly between countries, with Britons scoring the highest. This graph shows the results for one experiment where people were asked to report the outcome of a coin toss. The most honest of 15 countries are shown left on a scale to the least honest


slimy chinks


dont worry japan scored the highest in another test where they were asked not to look up answers


im cumming hima


how far are you shooting



File: 1556256691148.jpeg (141.85 KB, 652x1184, D5DF2aAU4AAtRTE.jpeg)


hehe nice boobs


gaming hard right now hima


gaming hard





need games


live and die a gamer




lets all go to sleep and have pleasant dreams


cant wait for dinner gonno get a burrito


guess everyone has to work in the morning


im still here though a bald 30 year old fat cel neet screw up


same but im not bald


id play norm the gathering if it still had the good art it used to have


so long as you arent norwooding you have hope


what if im 5'3


you must become a television or movie star


shuwa shuwa hehe





bladders gonno explode hima cant hold it in much longer


thinking bout free will


im overpilled


feeling nauseous


dreams dont fade


i am falling i am fading ive lost it all


incels never die theyre just missing in action


ill do my best and keep trying


nice teen



to where


going down to the skate shop today to buy a blank white deck and some grip tape gonno buy everything else online


File: 1556290249569.png (40.67 KB, 1216x829, hat.png)






gross feet


File: 1556291811306.png (691.79 KB, 830x875, 1556246643626.png)

why even get a job if im just going to be fired by a computer


no no no thats not how my real life is supposed to go


thought milk was giving me gas but i havent touched milk since tuesday morning and still have gas problems whats going on




mom stayed home


File: 1556296413886.webm (2.82 MB, 480x600, 1556259853084.webm)

hate when norms invade my personal space




File: 1556300026708.jpg (58.86 KB, 698x960, D5GHTEeW0AAq8oc.jpg)




hows he gonno game now



wish i was south african


wish i was swiss


wish i was eorzean


had a dream i was in china last night


you mean nightmare


holy f*ck


you now speak to ormus






milgk i lov eoyu plleas stream agian
pls milgg i ,love oyu love oyu lvoe

pls stream agian milggggggg


love to blog to girl streamers


lets all visit slovenia




File: 1556302085823.webm (2.87 MB, 360x360, 1556221125095.webm)


why go through all that effort when you can just buy a pack of oreos


File: 1556302628918.png (2.6 MB, 1920x1080, [Mezashite] Maquia - Sayonara no Asa ni Yakuso….png)

hehe shes feeding him goat milk because she doesnt have boobies


to avoid the rancid oil and high-fructose corn syrup and corn starch and soy


nothin wrong with any of that stuff


nothing wrong with soy


its yucky


gonno poison everyones food in the mansion with soy


how are you going to avoid the sugar thats the most dangerous part


dad told me that soy lowers testosterone levels


he wants to snap a sexy lady


maybe the 2019 hima meetup should be in vietnam instead


they call me the phoblog




i recommend thailand


thailand is for peds


no its for cools theres lots of birls there


hate birls


raging at this norm spilling everywhere


what did they ever do to you


flip you nospill


were in another cold war bros we need to stop playing videos games jerking it and start studying more or the chinks will dominate us


had to give a presentation at work today it was stressful


just imagine everyone as neetblog


was it regarding the penske file


might order some plum wine


bloodstained ost is pasteeeeeeee


order some cum wine





freakeye you here


for me stressful would be an understatement


is this game out yet


f to the reak to the eye here just joing to paste mimikyu a bit whats up homie




sushi or quiznos moms paying she wants sushi but i want quiznos


i hunger


havent presented since early highschool


whatll it be


just pirated some games


anyone want to meet up at the carline canopy on mateus in a couple hours


hopefully you dont enjoy the games because the developers are going to be out of a job


die finalnorm


we can sit at a table and post on hima together


just flip my ass


i flip man ass


out of breath after eating my burrito


feeling pasted


sigh love the carline canopy hima its just so peaceful


could spend the whole day there watching people come and go


i thought you gave up on eorzea


just havent been posting about it as much


im eorzean


love everything about eorzea wish i never had to log out


wish i could log out from real life


just have to find another world thats better than this one


wonder what my cheat skill will be




hima im home having a coffee and relaxing on the chesterfield


i cnat rn


feel a virg rage welling up


mom said we cant eat bacon anymore cause the natrates will make us sick


never had bacon before is it good




snow tomorrow pasted solar minima


hate norms


norms are our superior


its not as great overall but theres still lots of good art


its all pretty bad




gonno have another coffee
kitty is sitting and looking at the wall but with her eyes closed think she was wallstaring and snoozed by accident


shes meditating


woke up gonno have some coffee and game



never heard of this is it good


whatever happened to moneyYYYyyYYYYyy guy


never heard of him




i remember him getting moneyyyYyyYy from amazon or something and then he stopped posting reports


im gonno take that free week of ff subscription soon and try and squeeze out a few more levels


aris is on guys




maybe the vegans are right


ordered a pizza


the amygdala of those unnatural soys is completly atrophied




spermed to gooks


sigh im still the hanged man arcana


restored my brain back to full working order with some fresh adrenochrome


stuck sipping coke zero instead of coke hate mom


dont understand how a non gook can find a gook sexually attractive there must be something wrong with their brains


im the high priestess




are you a fu priestess


all asians look the same


my dick is about to explode ur just gay


shes not even the same species as me feeling anything sexual towards her would be like getting aroused at a gibbon or wombat


1)What is the problem with plastic surgery? If it makes her feel better.
2)Stop slut-shaming. This girl is grown up enough to do what she wants. If you don't like it then leave. Man that's all we get for fighting for the feminist's convictions? If a man can show his abs, then why can't a girl shake her ass? Let her be?


theres a gibbon in act 3


more weirded out by dancing


only norms can understand dancing


dancing is human mating call


cant find any mates


mom said shes arranging a marriage for me


tell her youre mgtow


never been on a date never will


smashed a spidersan


once you get a high salary the girls wont let you get away single


watching aris play sekiro


where does high salary come from


it sucks turns out spending time with a girl you wouldnt be friends with if you werent in a relationship together is nothe best way to have a good time


should i ban this sc2




die killer


once you turn 35 you get a high salary its the tradeoff for becoming ugly


what if i dont have a job


10 minutes into the games as a service is fraud how deep into the rabbit hole will i go


watch the whole thing your time is worthless anyways


really want to make like an hour loop of this but i dont know how


gonno snap berry


posted that ages ago didnt expect hima to like it so much


remember this one
wish i knew more about this kind of music i guess its just game music but it gets me all gachigachi



gonno have to make sure to put this on the mp3 player i send to pnig


got a bad case of bunghole thrombosis from sitting too much


sigh jaypee radio
theres a traffic jammies track that was on there that i dont even remember but i do know that it was orgasmic and i would spam it
i actually own the entire traffic jammies discography and still couldnt find it combing through ever album
hilariously good band completely left behind by time bet the guys are all married ossans with kids


because its to short


used to request banjo fingerbang a bunch on jp radio hehe


just right click the video and hit loop


traffic normmies


used to skip tracks with proxies


you should already know everything in that video


scared of fighting genichiro




the track i was thinking of is this


hes one of the easiest bosses dont worry


and the one i was thinking of is this


sigh hima on of my ram chips is dead and the other is on the fritz no real reason to buy a whole new pc but i want to badly
still rocking an i5 4670


is it safe to buy cheap ram off ebay


you deserve ddr4 memory


$50k a year isnt enough for a gf unless youre at least 6'3"


my motherboard doesnt support it


i guess made it up to 47 minutes


thats why you must start fresh


my cousin was married to a guy who was unemployed for years


obviously chads dont have to follow the same rules


spermed to hat girl



shes virtue signaling


why does that thing have such a big head


gonno watch matilda


im 6'4 but a worthless pedtard




hes no way a chad the guy is barely 5'10 your incel philosophy only makes sense in a fantasy world


die norms


his body is just small


more goes into it than height bub
this is the clown world


his head is twice the size of hers though


File: 1556334017677.jpg (338.42 KB, 1000x1386, 2017-10-08-hat-girlx.jpg)


pasted shadman


wheres the ffx stream




need a big fat hug


File: 1556334309251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.13 MB, 6016x4016, hairy.jpg)


no sexy ladies around for hugs sorry


someone fire up a stream





stream what


stream a nice jo


nice hairy ballsack


stream some milky holmes




joed into my belly button again takes forever to clean up


stop joing and starting studying


you gross basflapper


i got a ring in there last night


fire up the milky holmes


miss fukune


just preordered nyakuza metro



you can study and jo at the same time



File: 1556337157799.jpg (281.25 KB, 595x841, 45.jpg)


shes going after the norms


defend me from the norms homu


File: 1556337420730.png (1.13 MB, 1302x2250, 1454464450813.png)


where is the milky holmes stream


homu homu


homu homu


File: 1556339514085.png (997.95 KB, 1440x2010, 1556303886043.png)







File: 1556342353815.jpg (122.07 KB, 915x859, D408FwtWAAAEY3K.jpg)


athlons are so cute hehe


will i get gfs like those if i buy a ryzen cpu






whats so funny


gaming hard


same its a hardcore gaming sesh


hardcore mobage sesh




paste pedjudge






rage hard at arrogant spics and their bad english and stupid accents




why you hating


File: 1556350848810.jpg (117.95 KB, 1024x767, gamer.jpg)


sigh that looks just like pnig


no point in posting pics with men in them theyre already spoiled rotten


napped and woke


time to enter yume no sekai hope i never come back


chinks are flipping paste


File: 1556369570988.jpg (802.17 KB, 2048x1152, 20190427_215226.jpg)

you sure you dont want one of these turt



gih ragers


moms bringing breakfast hb


scared to go to the kitchen already know there is no food



really want some waffles but im on a diet


breakfast sandwiches are cookin hima


you cant just cook a sandwich you assemble them





File: 1556383473166.png (671.04 KB, 1142x1500, a4164fa4efdee45055dc82b7766a4f51.png)




mornin hima had a terrible nightmare that kitty had died it was awful


had a dream once that dead skeleton kitty was scratching at the door for some food in the middle of the night


throw it in a cage


oooh yeah im basted


its snowing


oog ooog ooooog yea


wish i was basted


gonno game a bit


boost yeah im pasted


get in here



hate chinks


File: 1556386941820.jpg (318.1 KB, 1536x2048, s.jpg)




cage it


anyone gaming




im playin some mtga



too stupid for mtga



why does this flippin road have so many encounters


File: 1556391185648.png (11.06 KB, 134x299, Highwayman.png)

stand and deliver




scape blows


File: 1556392675290.gif (64.02 KB, 226x176, 1490949103563.gif)


okay now this is epic


sigh still havent gotten the backup site set up clocks ticking its himasugi.blog not sure if i said anything yet


cant trust that link post with an admin trip first


dont know how to use that but heres my normal trip



himako wont be around to help you if you break anything in the move


it would be helpful if i had access to the himasugi.org domain so i could just set a redirect to the new site but obviously i dont so i have to fiddle around with cpanel with either domain aliases or addon domains or something not sure


pasted freak trying to impersonate seki




uh haha


ill sooner bow to the freak before i bow to some pot smoking shelf stacking gran flipping norm


is he really a discordteen too i only post on imageboards and dont pay attention to this stuff


keep getting lippy and ill banish the site to the shadow realm


are you a discordteen


guess ill just submit a ticket to kensington harkness instead of bashing my head against the keyboard


he is just


still snowing


cant believe im manually breathing


so id have to either upgrade to a professional server for 21 dollars a month or delete .org from the server dns settings and move entirely over to .blog basted
i dont feel like spending that much so ill just wait until the day before the domain expires to transfer it


flip you


oh never mind its 15 dollars annually not monthly
ill do it next friday when i get paid i blew all my money on car parts and weed again whoops tehe~


the nameservers are set up properly so .blog redirects to .org for the time being


sigh mom is crying because of a family feud she wants me to have a friend or someone to talk to in case she leaves


ill be your friend come on over we can play gauntlet dark legacy on the ps2




sigh love gauntlet cant believe they never rereleased it with online play


had a long talk with mom earlier about the importance of maintaining your gut microbiome


told that to mom too since she started talking about taking anti anxiety pills again


tell mom you have hima


ya it would have been a hit you could even have competitive play where you and your team compete against another team to beat levels it would be so so so sick


foid came over asking about her lost dog and i was very rude towards her felt good she looked about college age and i imagined all the times shes been flipped by chad as she sputtered away she even started crying for a second and i told her to leave shes too emotional


the normal thing to do would have been to act concerned and offer to help her find her dog and then get her phone number and text her later and ask her out to lunch/dinner you mongoloid


nice hope she starts to realize her moral depravity


can i come over instead


ya come on over bring your controller and if you show up with a third party controller ill kindly ask you to leave


love madcatz




sick of being called a norm


never bought the chink knockoff controllers told mom they were pieces of shit and demanded the oem ones


simply stop being a norm


File: 1556397165094.jpg (64.44 KB, 800x600, 46193BE2-E719-41DE-AB4C-EEC354949430-2673-0000….jpg)

heres mine


sigh kind of want to get a ps4 controller to use with my pc for emulation but i cant justify spending 50 dollars


what are those toggles for like sensitivity


simply get that new sega saturn pad remake off amazon you fool


dont do it i got one and the cord is annoying and they make you pay extra to get a usb thing for bluetooth wireless connectivity its a bad deal


bought a psx classic for the controllers


yeah apparently you can easily use ps4 controllers with either a usb cable or a two dollar bluetooth usb dongle and the buttons are pressure sensitive which is a big improvement over the 360 usb controllers


think the ps2 dualshocks had that too for the racing games


a nice ds4 will be the best purchase youve ever made


yeah they did its incredibly hard to play gran turismo without pressure sensitive buttons because youre always accelerating and braking at 100%


just found out they make the ds4 controllers in classic grey i think if i can get a deal on one of those ill defiantly buy one


uhhh no way im going to get a deal on one of those theyre like 120-140 dollars for some reason i guess red is the next best thing


holy flip just remembered that i actually played through dark souls 3 like twice and beat the whole thing and all bosses wonder how much of my neet life i cant remember because my brain simply decided to block it off


why would i want to pay for her meal shed probably bring a couple of chads along with her
she was almost my height too which didnt help her case



i was watching a guy play ds3 on youtube a bit like a week ago and thought huh wonder if its better than 2 maybe i should try it out and i actually went through ng+ and tried out most weapons and spells and 100% the game twice



go to hell spoilernorm


really just would love to land a manufacturing job theres no way id have to do any presentations


ds4 isnt pressure sensitive either what the hell


working factory jobs increased my chances of roping by 10 times


just killed redridgeboss


should i pick up katamari damacy reroll






heard its fun on the switch but its not my style


what about moero chronicle


dont know looks cute though


its got moe in the name it better be


2 is better



File: 1556399814788.jpg (212 KB, 900x1200, DroKLhpUcAAznuJ.jpg)


shes absolutely beautiful


typical girl gamer


File: 1556400202002.jpg (965.71 KB, 1404x1404, 1556398545940.jpg)

hello brother ready to have a heaping slice of this vegan earth friendly pro feminist cake i made you


looks delicious


dont trust homemade food unless it was made my mom or myself


why do soys always have big colorful tats are their lives that boring that they need to plaster conversation material all over their bodies


dont trust homemade food at all
only place you can trust is mcds because theyve got societys microscope on them


is your home dirty or something


mom and sis are fighting


die fat



File: 1556402634406.webm (4.89 MB, 872x480, nfe0jQXyjgNg.webm)



himako and pnig


is this supposed to have sound what is happening


forgot to turn sound on already deleted it oh well


File: 1556404254264.jpeg (3.72 KB, 250x250, 8494B63A-8476-416F-AAF6-9439BFABB330.jpeg)


where can i find a nice christian wife like zsuzsanna


did you try looking at the church


find a girl with a chronic illness and get her to convert and start eating what the bible says and shell be cured


p anderson didnt find his wife at church


owned genichiro


dont understand why p anderson chimps out at pre tribbers


going to sleep brothers good night


woke up


panderson gets off to the thought of white girls getting blacked hard by the bbc


what are purées used for


die racist


now to find a donor


im looking for some non autistic feces to stuff in me bum


ill sell you a neetlog for $100


simply eat some natto


how come there arent any autistic japs


just beat sekiro hima heck yeah its paste as hell gonno do a ng+


they are outside the jews influence


jews fear the samurai


hehe cheesed the headless ape really hard


japs dont fluoridate their water
japs dont have mandatory vaccinations
jap circumcision rate is near 0%
why wasnt i born japanese


baste cheeser


File: 1556415000742.jpg (289.32 KB, 800x1171, Augsburg_Cod.I.6.4º.2_(Codex_Wallerstein)_1r.jpg)

holy shite


im wallerstein


all asians are autistic


caught myself in the mirror under good lighting and i had hollow cheeks again time to starvemax and ascend


the first one or the other


gonno play a nice western game



dont do it


im incel


gonno play a hat in time


thinkign about playing mabinogi


File: 1556419631692.jpg (1.16 MB, 900x1912, 2018-01-15-tide-pods.jpg)


woke up looks like i slept through the dead hours hehe is everyone ready to game


dreamed about pnig


lets game


might have some tide pods they look delicious


File: 1556420057852.png (173.14 KB, 678x223, ee90774e3ba86ab5b799b8ac82d945a7.png)


is that griffith


File: 1556421706585.jpg (250.24 KB, 1322x2048, whore.jpg)


cant look at a foid without being thrown into a rage


lasagna is ready time to feast


whats the thing on the left


probably a karaoke touchpad or something that controls it you can see an out of focus microphone at the bottom too


File: 1556422388874.jpg (1.48 MB, 1517x2140, bH0MmCe.jpg)

only way to get a gf anymore is to become a demon god and then reincarnate yourself into some sort of demi god with 8 pack abs and a face like porcelain



you need to start respecting women


what would be the ultimate computer setup for someone who doesnt game and just listens to music and downloads and seeds torrents all day


macbook and a seedbox


gotta build a ryzen rig


mini itx with an amd a-series


starting to feel fat



brain didnt like me waking up and immediately gaming and gave me a big headache so i took some painkillers
hopefully the medicine wins over the body


a b450 motherboard a ryzen 5 2400G a 450BT PSU 2x 4GiB 3000 mhz ram a 500GiB MX500 SSD and a H500 or 270R case an IPS monitor a G203 mouse edifier R1280T speakers and your favorite mechanical keyboard


have some coffee


keep drinking water but i cant stop being thirsty


did you catch the sweetpiss


was having some sweet tea im not sure if that has caffeine but my teeth were feeling gross so i put it in the fridge


on april 19th i made bread


brush your teeth three times a day


die normpeii


just brushed them sigh i feel awful for neglecting them


gamed too hard lost my motivation think ill sell my rig and become a reader


getting that feeling that something bad is about to happen


its probably me having to get a job


getting excited for the big hima rope off being dead is going to be pasted


is that in the year 2091


nah its november 5 2019




think ive enjoyed my pretty haircut for long enough the bangs didnt get cut enough to warrant a long wait before the next
gonno go short for the spring heat




quit asking for pics its never happened




pnig used to post pics all the time you need to fill in


rough last few days and i think things will get a lot worse soon


you think things are bad now but trust me the suffering will soon become more than you can fathom


probably wouldve roped a long time ago if not for hima


why look down when you can look up


File: 1556427777810.jpg (Spoiler Image, 579.9 KB, 2048x1152, 1556427745749-141935166.jpg)





File: 1556428023684.jpg (705.83 KB, 2048x1152, 1556427916166176145733.jpg)

hes trilling the heck out


is mimikyu actually a good pokemon or just scary/cute


hes not only cute and scary and erokakkoii but also b&r


gonno rope if pnig gets convicted


same pnigs carefree posting gave me the illusion that my life wasnt so bad if he gets convicted i dont think i can take it anymore