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okay with that masterpiece out of the way im gonno have a cry and then go back to garbage seasonal shite like なんでここに先生が


but that show is a masterpiece too


yeah i like this show hehe


oh shit im feelin it


this is like the joke version of kuzu no honkai or domestic na kanojo


its not a joke to em


chest hurts when i breathe


thats not good


happened last year too it goes away after a few weeks


wish my mom was like the mom in this show
mom could have gotten me a sexy older gf if she really wanted to what a bitch


hottest meal i ever ate hima send help im sweating and weeping


burned the roof of my mouth earlier today this sucks


gonno have a cup noodle


hate noodles




whats to hate


gonno make me some noods here soon hehe


they are carbs


make a nice burger instead you goddamn heathens


love carbs nothin better


got myself two pounds of burg meat today but im still gonno have those noodles


have to eat less carbs since i might have diabetes


the cap cramps from this one are gonno be horrifying


whats a cap cramp




i asked you a question


go to hell raider


its when your innards react to too much chili


answer the question teen






thanks i dont eat too much spicy food anymore though i guess my nachos usually have a lot of jalapenos on them


burned myself making tea


found a nice frogger can i post it


hell yeah


post a nice cute anime girl instead


hell yeah cute anime


File: 1556684113170.jpeg (2.48 MB, 4032x3024, 52ED2C9D-3D2F-4E00-BBD5-D12496ABDE04.jpeg)


should i nap


snoozesync wiuth me


alright napping now


did my anki reps time to game




play some mtga



why is the article so long


gonno depopulate a schoolyard with lead


dont do that


probably because big scandals need to explain a lot


love k pop scandals


is it bad that i enjoy sseths vids


die norms


im norm



my name is norm i belong to the norman tribe and dwell within the norman kingdom


consumed a lot of cals today hima building up a good fat neet gut


File: 1556689108511.jpg (241.45 KB, 1450x2048, 1540143579.49067533.jpg)


disgusting little bitch


i need to yuru camp right now


nice yuru camping in the mountains before i freeze to death


wouldnt mind going out that way myself


the neetman waketh


got a satoko banner love my maiden so much just want to kiss her all over


time for coffee mates




wonder what my final form will be
if the trend continues i dont know where it will end up




flip this gonno isekai






time for a dipski in the ol lipski can i get a yee yee


wake up hima




last post


die liar


File: 1556716397882.jpg (67.41 KB, 800x800, wonder woman.jpg)

these are my favorite parts of girl but they always cover them all up with clothes so i have to look online to see them


uhhh youre not supposed to look at real females


never been allowed to look at real girls


File: 1556718530220.mp4 (643.05 KB, うどんワンタン - #animalyon-1123277808338255873.mp4)




mom grabbed and threw out the sperm tissues but she doesnt know it and i couldnt stop her


File: 1556721127145.jpg (459.94 KB, 2215x2854, D5ZUVe6UYAAIThx.jpg)


just discovered you can right click youtube videos and loop them


why would you want to do that


love too loop the same song for hours


remember the horror when i found out norms dont loop the same song for hours


guys milgs credit score is good but its all her past mistakes that hurt it


uh a ohguys milgs phone is broken


do not judge a girl by her past why cant the loan companies and bfs see that


woke up and immediately started gaming


woke up and immediately started orbiting


you have to make a mug of joe first


hate coffee


nothing better




simply take caffeine pills


simply drink coffee


coffee is for adults and im a manbaby


day in and day out all i do is suffer

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