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delete the image onseki


sexy little children wanna flip those children snap those children wanna sperm those children snap those children sexy little 10 year old elementary school children with sexy elementary school child 10 year old child kitty for sperming by my dick sexy




yeah thats the stuff


got left behind


we are using the other thread


this one is better the other one already has norms


the other thread has me nb


get in here


die sexnorm


File: 1555296799653.jpg (209.35 KB, 1097x1290, 71gFxZFn58L._SL1290_.jpg)

eating these theyre a huge recommendation


nah youre getting in here


dont eat frozen food you will lower your sperm count


not my fault mom didnt get me mcds today


im neet and i blog


vile thread


could go for a microwaved bean burrito




sorry hima havent been posting much because im busy gaming


video games are for children


game game game stream game game streaaaaaaam


i cant stream sekiro sorry


stop with the game hate youre supposed to hate a genre not all games lumped together


love gamin



paste mtganorms


think i might have diabetes what do i do


i think that every few months but nothing ever comes of it


simply cure it


hope a nice girl shows turt the meaning of love


how do i do that


smoked a little weed


do what those holistic youtubers tell you to do


nice weedseki


File: 1555300549369.png (969.88 KB, 628x594, 1384095717008.png)

me and my dinosaur



sigh thats a tragedy


cant stop watching food videos wish mom taught me how to cook interesting things like this


the internet can be your tutor


File: 1555302156990.png (527.66 KB, 961x726, yqzjrqpvdbs21.png)


hate when my boobs get in the way while gaming


wear a nice tight bra


File: 1555303943512.jpg (Spoiler Image, 793.72 KB, 2024x2800, 1e13ea5520fcb9192b383393f0dda52e.jpg)


woke up hey mates hows it travelin


isnt it too late to be waking up mister


no i had a nap


might buy a van and live out my neet days in it


can i come too


yeah start working on your van and we can form a neet caravan journeying across north america


we can pull a sexy lady tomodachi


can i just skip to the end


literally me


truck drivers might have the ultimate fakeneet job


nah it has to be offshore maritime workers


you are stuck with other people though the truck driver is out on the open road watching anime in his cozy fakeneet den


you are stuck with a handful of people hundreds of miles away from society and you have your own room and you are forced to not work majority of the day
truckers are social butterflies and there is nothin open about the road or commuting they are trapped in a sea of npcs just trying to get to their own 9-5


what about long haul truckin


maritime workers can spend months at sea with no expenses then months at home depending on their contracts it can look like 6 months on then 6 months off or 4/8/4 while trucking is just an ordinary full time job


File: 1555308657466.png (1.31 MB, 575x6757, chalabi-datalab-flightattendants-2.png)

theres 0.1% less women as ship crews than truck drivers i wonder if ship crew also counts the heavy equipment mechanics and electricians and machinists and stuff that are also on the boats


mindblowing how low the percent for speech thepotato chef is


File: 1555309814518.jpg (98.13 KB, 700x988, D4HX_7wUwAIY2o2.jpg)




stop objectifying her she didnt dress like that for you


File: 1555310926527.png (137.57 KB, 912x901, 4-cube_solved.png)



i have a fear of cubes


hate cubes myself


might stop joing i feel my mental being growing stronger


you need to give up grains and limit jo to once a week to reclaim your mind and body


guess its time for another round of bacon sandwich



hell yeah cant wait to be put to use


love doin that but on my bone


sexy milkies


some nice job ideas on here hehe might try for boilermaking


3ds gaming instead of snoozing hehe


gonno tell your mom


flip mom


really need to clean my keyboard the keys are feeling mushy


trackpoint needs to be replaced i think




nothin norm


post your fc lets game


https://imgur.com/a/dGTqoFu sigh looks like they had fun




woke up


hey are you refreshed


ya gonno make coffee


File: 1555332578460.png (830.24 KB, 1000x1223, 1555168648584.png)

want a gf that looks like this please


File: 1555333686971.jpeg (292.25 KB, 1200x1800, 2B0E833B-E766-4F4D-927F-4BA5014AA970.jpeg)

sigh nsj


shes too greasy and gross like a big chicken wing


getting hungry and horny thinking about that


die fat sexnorm


dont fatshame please


File: 1555337326158.jpg (94.86 KB, 868x1228, D4JPz4VUcAA8Gxk.jpg)


goddamnit i hate mondays so much


woke up hehe love mondays i can feel the norm torment as they clock into their 9-5s


love walkin on monday mornings and watching the foolish wagenorms commute to work


File: 1555337920323.jpg (47.55 KB, 598x800, DyMCtfjUwAAAxe5.jpg)


showered vacuumed and put my clothes and sheets in the washer im feeling productive hehe


ughhhhhhhhhhhhbllllllgmilllllllllggggggggggffffffffffffpppppplsssss milggggplesss gf


File: 1555338218855.jpg (7.38 KB, 250x249, 1555332668292.jpg)


love having money to do whatever i want while the neets have to beg their mothers for cash and feel the sting of the ynaj talk


good thing nothing i want to do requires money


thats what neetbux are for



in that case i hope you dont like using internet or electricity or computer because those are money items


mom pays for that stuff


steamed wagenorm quit slacking on the job hehe




die neets


got my allowance today but im paralyzed on what to buy sigh so much stuff to get im filling up my amazon wishlist


post it


cant or else someone might buy the last ones in stock sorry


my sensu arrived


still waiting for my neetbux this is taking forever


whats your disability


im deaf


remember going to the final disability review for mom for her cronic tardation and while in the waiting room there was a young guy that had whatever disease the old wizardchan admin had and it made me feel bad because if mom had to work she would work but shes just lazy if i was one of those disability granting guys id only give it to a very select few



File: 1555341200396.jpg (102.23 KB, 800x1119, dee70442b94aa8d3c9a7802df88774d5.jpg)


im not good looking enough to live with the humans


buy some larabars i recommend peanut butter cookie or peanut butter & jelly


bought 2 jars of cookie butter started coughing blood halfway through the second one




made pizza but i was too tired to eat it and it all went bad



wonder what its like to jo with one of these


wouldnt recommend it


File: 1555349691467.png (1.16 MB, 900x1200, D4Nb0dfWkAA9zjB.png)

pasted varg


that basflapper


cried when i saw that burning


cannot browse hima for more than an hour without getting a hard throbbing bone and joing it


got teary too then i got happy when i realised varg did it im still crying inside


hope they execute the muslim responsible


they should have had a church in a strip mall like fwbc


crying hard


holy flip im so tired of you crying you flipping kitty


havent got a bone in a while think my test might be low


what about morning bones are those gone for you too


my bones are floppy like a wet noodle


dont make him cry


he needs to toughen up most people wouldnt have put up with him for this long



that site contains malware


if i buy a chink keyboard will it have a keylogger that sends everything back to china


dont worry chinks just use your data to sell you knockoff anime merch thats the worst of their intentions


chinks use me to farm human sperm


chinks use me to farm subhuman sperm


gonno unload my balls to teens


love having balls


yes live in phoenix on july 24 be there or be square


what are you taking about




is that pnigs execution date


basted as flip


might get one of these to enhance my gaming


gonno use that extra finger to prayflick



dont mind getting spied on i have nothing to hide


same its not that big of a deal no one is interested in me


might fire up some asmongold


one spyware and my life would be over


its time to visit gandy


hope no government agent is looking at me joing my dick


mewing hard
it really helped my zygos and hollow cheeks i can tell


sigh the cathedral is done for this is the end of civilization


cant wait for the retaliation


love assmongoloid


it was an accident


i was an accident


wonder why mom didnt abort me


no one bought the rollerblades i put on ebay gonno try selling my old pinnacle dazzle retrogamers still use that right


baste dazzle baste unregistered hypercam baste windows movie maker


think i fiddled with windows movie maker way back then i learned about new vegas and from there i tumbled all over the place for the next decade


woke up hi guys


mornin dont forget to read highlight and tell us about your morning so far


wonder when my foxsexy lady wife is going to appear and take care of me


File: 1555364137403.jpg (324.74 KB, 1143x747, 20190415_120031.jpg)

rate my breakfast


wonder how many more hima posts i have to read before i become a retard


drafting some ravnica


that better not be a sugar drink


its a blueberry banana yogurt smoothie
the yogurt is lactose and sugar free but the blueberries and bananas have glucose i guess


raging at how norm that breakfast is


im noticing fuller cheeks but i cant tell if its from the bulking im doing


whats so norm about it just some scrambled eggs and a smoothie with 3 ingredients and energy bar


whats so good about being non norm


the composition of the photo is


im norm


nb is gonno come down on you hard


File: 1555366628129.jpg (111.45 KB, 800x889, 1555359131025.jpg)



flipping scumbag he was a guest in there


why have your feces wall right next to your computer


so you can smell the neet aroma


to fend off rival neets



nice url hehe


File: 1555368764333.mp3 (9.28 MB, BEAT CRUSADERS - Wo Ai Ni.mp3)




uh why are there oxygen tanks


so you dont breathe in the shit particles


cant decide what game to game on


mom is weeping over starving kids while i eat a bag of cheetos


wish i was a starving african child


fire up some mmy tulpaa



drinking german rosehip tea



hehe thats the exact same post that i was going to make




File: 1555372758972.jpg (748.56 KB, 2048x1152, 20190416_085615.jpg)

pasted flippin mimikkyu loves to keep table-san safe from water damage


die freak


goddamnit i want a pasted mimikkyu coaster too


never used a coaster in my life


alolan nasshi would be better to protect from water damage hehe


wish someone would protect me from water damage


closed instantly when i heard saffronolives voice


ended up playing that kitten game instead of a real game sigh


cooking up duck for the new jontron


mornin hima


nice max


mornin dont forget to read and highlight


its a real game


die norm


eatin noodles


might make chicken and taters soon


might burst into tears any second now hima


dont you will make me start crying


worthless kitty


made a nice big pot of noodles time to feast


gonno magdump


wonder what death by cop is up to


can feel my cavities pulsing


it goes away eventually after your nerves die


hate that feeling


how come i dont have cavities if i dont brush me tooth


they are dormant and waiting to strike


always despised the nun aesthetic dont know why japs like it i thought i was in tune with them


japan hasnt been tainted by christianity so nuns are nothing to them


stop badmouthing our lord on this day of sorrow


catholics arent real christians


why do japs always potray the church as evil


all of gods children are evil


are funko pops gonno go bankrupt soon


glad i invested in beanie babies instead


the catholic church is evil they simply portray the truth


gonno eat a melt and watch vids



hate how they look



i thought he was banned from the internet


dont post racists


chicken and taters time


made mom throw the beanie babies in the trash


i wont give up if i have to give up ill make sure ive done everything i couldve done first


been wallstaring for hours where did the day go


stop wasting your time doing nothing


what should i do


go for a walk


File: 1555383169469.jpg (4 MB, 4160x3120, 20190415_184644.jpg)

god flipping damn it


hurry and wd40 the tire before it soaks up the oil


File: 1555383290548.jpg (154.28 KB, 1020x1192, nips.jpg)



love big saggers


File: 1555383423774.webm (842.77 KB, 640x360, 1555383320091.webm)



sigh wasnt paying attention and my kittens starved to death


its time to become a neet nomad


gonno take a big fat shower


cia is making my hard drive seek again


File: 1555386161945.jpg (154.39 KB, 1075x1416, ss.jpg)


gonno indulge in some literature


ooga booga


love oogin and boogin


had a dream where i roller skated with oldschool roller skates down a steep path in the woods



just found out cowboys arent real


rice is a precious thing it tastes better the more you eat it and is sure to raise ones spirit


love rice i eat two cups every day


wish i was from a humble edo period family that owned a single rice field


keep getting poopbones sigh


time to sleep lets get to bed


no point in sleepsyncing if everyone wakes up at a different time


guess ill nap


lets sync our crying everyone join the weeping circle


gonno jo anyone wanna spermsync


past 11 over here gonno hit the bed in a few minutes earliest i went to sleep in months thats only because mom is mad and trying to sleep which means the kitchen is off limits and i am not gonno suffer throughout the night


hate the sync meme hate the mansion larp hate the ritual meme love the cage meme


File: 1555389263265.png (66.15 KB, 250x250, 1554112798676.png)


get owned normtron


File: 1555389599396.jpg (366.65 KB, 1280x1792, 02_kuro0001.jpg)


File: 1555389960561.jpg (Spoiler Image, 389.91 KB, 900x1200, 70711345_p0_master1200.jpg)


2nd day without joing saved the ss for next week



never studied for anything in my life and look at me now


power was out when i got home from work so i snoozed for im guessing 10 hours


time to hit the sack again


i only have a five hour shift later today and then tomorrow i have no work so ill probably work on the car and find a new rpg to play probably a ds one


File: 1555393389370.webm (2.99 MB, 960x540, 1555389400468.webm)


File: 1555393522778.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 700x800, 1d2ce037d606d56c71dcc0f7e7aab857.gif)


wish that was me


which one


File: 1555394532584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 3646x3648, 1555364489082.jpg)


i hope you fucking die norm


dont talk to cameron like that


File: 1555395889757.jpg (87.97 KB, 675x1200, D4CnxGaWwAIO_87.jpg)


File: 1555396018709.png (148.73 KB, 637x900, D4Mvgy5UEAAwbYx.png)


its seki


too high cant watch anime its terrible


can someone else watch the female baseball anime and tell me what you think


woke up from my nap


sigh wish i was malaysian so bad


dead hours


File: 1555414772946.mp4 (279.81 KB, 1118101942687891457.mp4)




mom woke me up too early im pissed




seki may i recommend dragon quest V for the nintendo ds


File: 1555419222025.png (432.08 KB, 2430x1931, 1513201244761.png)


nice console gamers finally getting what pc has been taking for not only granted but absolute minimum for years


is that pnig


File: 1555420588034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.68 KB, 717x1012, 74181006_p0.jpg)


carry on then


ill download it if i can find it somewhere
always intimidated to jump into dragon quest


simply head on down to coolrom.com


everyones at work sigh


im scared navi wont be strong enough for 4k


im workin hard


it will be over for nvidia soon dont worry


File: 1555424471883.jpg (1017.67 KB, 3009x4250, rin.jpg)


nvidias too powerful i dont think they can be stopped sigh amd mustve got a bad deal where theyre barely making a cent


the final battle between pnig and turt that decided the fate of the spinoffs will be retold for centuries


File: 1555424791683.png (223.92 KB, 750x1334, image0.png)


hate how much money is sapped out of males to females that money should be going to the japanese video game industry


love tickling


making some breakfast sandwiches hima


woke up with a big bone


ran out of bananas debating on what to put in this smoothie


never tried a smoothie before


just throw a bunch of things in the blender and click the on button it is very tard friendly


what about a bacon caper pickle sardine smoothie





wouldnt recommend it


File: 1555431576938.jpg (299.57 KB, 1328x747, 20190416_120635.jpg)

ran out of larabars but sis made some biscuits



made a gnome rogue


deleted my gnome rogue


norme norm


nothin norme


its for norms



File: 1555434436049.jpg (73.27 KB, 1024x662, 1554082371762.jpg)

theres no stopping the sonybros


so this is the power of ray tracing


File: 1555434915433.png (103.92 KB, 503x287, 1554082469639.png)

*hits pipe*
theres just no point in buying another gaming console since sony will claim the throne for another consecutive generation and pc players can only enjoy the experience 2nd hand by watching their favorite streamer play ps5 exclusive titles


nintendos the way to go


custom shaders
theres no raytracing in minecraft




wish reality had raytracing


seems like one of those memes like 60 fps


File: 1555436553998.gif (149.33 KB, 1280x720, kENeuYp.gif)

60 fps isnt a meme kill yourself


who cares if the line is a millisecond faster


i thought my eyes werent supposed to be fast enough to see that


your eyes dont see in frames per second


yeah were not robots


in dbz only the most trained z fighters were able to watch high speed fights so we kind of do


explain this then


life in the mansion


dont worry as long as theres no mates there wont be any conflict




yeah but what happens when theres a female delivering a pizza or something


cleaned my dick very well lubed it with gsnapseed and rosemary oil need to keep it in mint condition for a week


shed probably be a hag and himas standards are too high for that


hate the photorealism meme why on earth would i want games to be like real life



watashitachi kagayakitai


what did you call me


no one told me all fetuses start as females


whats it matter


so glad my games dont sacrifice looks for useless frames


males are an abomination


spermed hard inside mom


gotta say


say what




i sacrificed looks and got nothing in return



what must we give in return


wonder what my unused talent is everyone must have one


wish i was intelligent enough to speedrun


simply copy strats from others


File: 1555442045028.jpg (398.53 KB, 750x904, 1555438023689.jpg)

baste nigcel


My main GF came home from work, and told me that a male coworker was bragging to everyone about almost nailing a not so hot girl.

She said she thought to herself. “Damn, I get more pu$$y than all these sorry men combined.”

I’ve created a monster. Ha.


really hate looking at darkies why do they have to be so ugly


we are all the same


just preordered my ps5


this guy was just mentally ill


need to find a girl to worship


amazon said they couldnt cancel my order but 2 days later and it still hasnt shipped


complain and get it free


File: 1555445830748.jpg (292.12 KB, 755x1081, 005.jpg)


thats me


File: 1555447850733.jpg (239.5 KB, 1003x1416, 02.jpg)


get the flip in here now




if youre a virgin beyond 18 you are mentally ill by default even if you claim youre asexual/volcel or whatever


wish i was mentally ill


you have to be mentally ill to browse this site


im an fbi agent


pasted beauford


havin some choco millk


thinking about becoming a guru



europe wouldnt exist without god


how was i supposed to know everyone was flipping


gonno die a virgin


hehe hope this ones good


wowin up a storm


vargs a dumb flipping snownigger


thought jews hated christianity


jesus was a jew


no he was a blonde blue eyed aryan man



gonno stretch


damn came here to post it


flip you


sigh its terrys widow


Incels say shit like “of course she’d pick a chad 😡” like bro obviously she’s gonno pick an attractive guy who hates women over an ugly guy who also hates women



cant believe he put that dumb meme at the end


got my grandmapocalypse going


die cookienorm


gonno grab myself another coffee and play some mtga hima hehe


hope youre playing kittens on the side as well


should i make coffee


make some cowboy coffee


growing stronger as a whole bros been a little productive started hitting the weights again just need a job


only gaming strength matters


i am lonely
so so lonely
i need a hug
a deep deep hug


i want it to taste good not taste like the water running out of a potted plant



this aint your mommas coffee


sigh pnig will never post about snapping lala again




the judge will never bring up lalasnap either because seki deleted the posts


the children are safe


thank óðinn


ill save him from jail and if i get suicide by cop thats my fate i dont care


kashikoma! δ.<


idiot now beaufords going to give them a heads up


kept telling pnig the pedo meme has gone too far but he wouldnt listen


keep thinking about how hima would react if he gets acquitted hehe


File: 1555458475879.png (409.84 KB, 460x736, 1479960406362.png)

you know what i might be a convicted child snapper but at least im not rude


now that pnig is gone mpv is himas official video player of choice


die mpvnorm


yup with him gone we can all get along and watch our favorite anime on mpv


pnigs innocent they have no proof only word of mouth accusations by tp


turt should apologize and tell them it was a prank


yeah officer that tebibyte raw child snap footage was only a prank


thats it ive had im learning japanese and leaving


will i get a japan visa if i put down im hikkineet


going to begrudgingly attempt to lose weight again sigh


good thing my himabros arent carrying phones around all day



i have no use for sperm anyway


no reason to lose weight the worlds only joy is anime girls and food


have to start eating less since i might have diabetes


File: 1555461386107.jpg (338.09 KB, 735x1102, other-names-for-Sugar-copy.jpg)

eat two normal sized meals a day worked for me no snacking no lunch also avoid sugar and alcohol


nothing worth living for anyways now that the norms are taking away video games too may as well have diabetes


norms are only going after pervert games


phones are the cyberpunk device everyone has we live in the future


sugar is too good to aovid


wonder how many cels will take up arms against the norms and their assault on video games


ill do my best
ya but i just want to see what i look like as a twig before i turn 35


flapperlaughed when they showed the crowd


the norms took away my ability to game


its always the roasties why cant they just leave us alone


im gonno rage hard here at the nerve of these roasts taking away my games


cant wait for warding


cracked open a steel reserve


vote no norm


you have to embrace change


why is change always bad


only autists hate change


autists are pasted


need my life to be shaken up by force


change is how roasts sugar coat taking things away and enough is enough


crying because i did nothing all day again


ive aged like a fine wine 28 is looking good on me


phew had a nice cup noodle


are you like bilbo and havent aged a day in the past several years



gonno make some popcorn




i pronounce that you suu kee


suu as in suh or soo


mom glomped me


got glomped by a girl on a yugioh forum once but she died a few months later


what do you mean died




dont know anyone that has died whats it like


what about pastaguy


cant believe that his inability to learn nen lead to his death


whats there to learn


made a hunter gonno tame a nice hogger


need to stop being a sad cunt and start to be a sick cunt


the autism has metastasized


whatchu kno bout dat


got a haircut today hima


hope it was a neetcut


should i start forexing


ya its fun even if you dont make money you feel like a genius staring at the charts


made spaghetti


might need to buy two more monitors first so i can have them for charts


anyone else chuckle while making hima posts


need to get a job so i can buy some stocks and etfs


yeah i read my posts aloud and then laugh to bolster my confidence


yes a little too often


eatin some yogurt


hope its sugar free yogurt with live cultures


hope its yogurt you fermented yourself from raw goat milk without any additives


File: 1555469701539.png (207.75 KB, 449x359, 1552194225866.png)


it isnt but i poured some ovaltine in it hehe


sigh wish someone would stream haruhi the lucky star days were the best ones in recent history


ill start streaming it on thursday night


hima needs a kagami pic a day to keep the doc away


gonno shite


File: 1555469892878.jpg (79.36 KB, 752x624, 1282975448827.jpg)


File: 1555469920178.jpg (422.52 KB, 900x900, __oomuro_sakurako_yuru_yuri_drawn_by_toma_shin….jpg)


wish she was my gf shes so cute


mio so moe


kitty jumped on me lap did a 720 and is now snoozing hard


cant believe sakurako is white supremacist


sigh why are the food posts out of control the moment i decide to become a twig im weak willed


started browsing /ck/ when i went on my diet


didnt know about twitter or facebook up until like 2010


are you really going to stream thursday


eating is a chore could go days without eating if im entertained i just forget about it


File: 1555470163358.jpg (143.47 KB, 600x800, 1525122580105.jpg)

and it was good


ya about two hours before this time on thursday


how about a hour before this time






grabbed another bag of crisps



you mena CHIPS




why would chips come in a bag


lets go to sleep hima


gotta stretch first


got ronald immediately refreshed


File: 1555471840041.png (351.91 KB, 799x554, 1555470914156.png)


wonder how it feels to be the face of a movement


i am the face of cels


whats wrong with cargo shorts


no er is


nothing ignore that roastie whore


whats wrong with cargo shorts


puked how can someone be so ugly


File: 1555473010335.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1115, Screenshot.png)



please throw your cargo shorts away



why theyre comfortable


cargo pants are fine but the shorts look dumb


hate when mom comments that im alive when i step out of my room


did anyone tell that dumb muzzie that it was a small fire that was immediately put out


hehe mom says that too


might buy a tent and head into the woods here soon hima just for a day to get away from the norms


love a good retreat from the norms



oh hey youre alive


nothing hard about drafting just pick the ones with the biggest attack


not sure where to camp though and im worried the norms will see my fire and come and ruin it


make a subterranean camp


ill start working on my sewer neetcamp


always wondered what was in the sewer drain in my backyard


im literally too dumb to draft


too dumb for mtg period not sure why you thought tards could play that game


gonno stick with tardverse


make sure to have one knife for batoning and another for feather sticking


wonder whos gonno handle the irrigation now that pnigs in jail


wonder if marty starved to death


File: 1555478481672.webm (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 1555474119434.webm)


gonno stop swearing




cant believe the flooring guys planted cp on his hard drive


might fire up some ff8 what do you guys think


fire up ffx instead


File: 1555482524749.jpg (172.1 KB, 1069x1169, longcat.jpg)


should i get it on my switch



thought about streaming a ffxsesh but it would pinch since i dont have good internet


just noticed that all the hair on the bottom of my right leg is gone


think im getting carpal tunnel syndrome in my mouse hand what do i do


use voice commands


alright bros its about time we stopped being tard




please stream ff8 i would love to watch


what happened to everyone playing ff14


i gave up and started playing bfa again


sigh you were the last hero of eorzea


my subtime ran out im gonno come back for shadowbringers cant justify paying 15 bucks a month right now


was thinking of getting it on the switch too hehe


gth nintendrones


File: 1555502309400.png (5.32 KB, 343x84, D4.png)

might have to start downloading my anime in 480p


sigh forgot hima tab open again and laptop was running at full cpu usage all night


mornin hima lets do our best at work today


always thought that flooring guy was totori guy all along


File: 1555507470798.jpg (60.12 KB, 521x753, 1555506530390.jpg)


please only post pics with girls who arent being spoiled by other men already


you can barely see the man in that pic


File: 1555509942532.mp4 (1.15 MB, 結城ちか∈(´﹏﹏﹏`)∋ - はさまれるおっぱい。-111850690900106444….mp4)


File: 1555509968036-0.jpeg (319.77 KB, 1600x1200, D4Vo5i7WAAAjoIS.jpeg)

File: 1555509968036-1.jpeg (283.76 KB, 1920x1200, D4Vo5i-X4AAkoYN.jpeg)


paste tux


hate when this happens


File: 1555510667334-0.jpeg (74.77 KB, 1024x768, D4VpfvaW0AArE4Q.jpeg)


File: 1555511515536.jpg (192.91 KB, 694x899, boob.jpg)


internets broken


who broke it


get out there and give that distribution box a firm handshake


File: 1555515441653.jpg (268.33 KB, 1482x2048, D4WK82mU4AA3-3X.jpg)


havent eaten in 24 hours hima


get yourself a burrito and some easter candies stat


hehe she doesnt know that we can see her butt


love puking up a nice chocolate bunny


great news talked to some peasants from eastern europe and they were very receptive to the idea of me marrying their 9 yo daughter


gonno bake some spicy fries instead


make sure you wait till the legal age of the country you intend on marrying in otherwise youll be joining dickspammer


gonno have some chinese for lunch


cook those chinks up


hate chinks


cut up some cantaloupe very juicy very tasty


tasty for itchy scratchy


big gamer news hima to remember the burning of notre dame ubisoft is offering an assassins creed game for free on uplay for a limited time claim it quick


ban this mogger


where do you even get a 776 TB hard drive





File: 1555521290560.png (1.06 MB, 921x692, 1555512980801.png)

sony bows to the west


wonder if that applies to japan ps4s too
good thing im loyal to nintendo


gonno rage hard again cause of these roasties


it only applies to japan and they already attacked multiple japanese devs this is just roasts attacking games


File: 1555521607166.jpg (246.8 KB, 1200x849, 1555518555463.jpg)

pasted flip these sexnorms


these arrogant roasties




the foid is an enigma
they refuse the advances of anyone that isnt a complete chad yet they get upset of said non chad seeks to find relief elsewhere they simply want low status men dead


Two key factors leading to Sony’s new internal crackdown on sexual content are reportedly the #MeToo movement in the United States, which Sony officials say pointed to the “dangers of being associated with content that some might see as demeaning to women.” The second factor is the rise of video channels on YouTube and Twitch, where gamers can stream explicit content from Japan, who traditionally have had lax standards on sexual content.
pasted women


low status men are dangerous look at elliot and his followers


elliot wouldnt have become the danger if it wasnt for the foid


File: 1555522491208.png (81.62 KB, 1616x756, 1555508090992.png)

its over women won


File: 1555522593607.png (Spoiler Image, 70.97 KB, 1820x292, 1555514009732.png)

this one might pop a few corks


what about if you exclude mobile games


theyre invading other games now to cause of streaming


uhh how many flipping women in the world are over 18 compared to boys 17 or younger how is that a fair comparison


women only play games in order to stream and get money


hate roasts so god damn much that c*lifornia guy was right the whole time


we need to end women


dunno what to do with my life or my hair


whats wrong with your hair


its gone


its over for you just like me


none of the men from my maternal side are balding uncle still has his long hair at 65


nothing its too long desu


might try the neetblog diet


might go moo at some foids


release the foid


dont have a cow


File: 1555528542726.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.24 KB, 2048x1199, moo.jpg)


The overwhelming feeling I had about breastfeeding was I felt like my body no longer belonged to me. Another person had claim to it whenever they felt like. It was a fucking nightmare most of the time. I breastfed two kids for 18 months each and that is easily the most difficult thing about babies for me. I ended up feeling like breastfeeding is highly overrated. Formula is great food and who gives a shit if it's second best, it's not like I'm never going to feed my kid anything other than first beat all its life anyway! The immense savings in time and effort make formula totally worth it IMO.


starting to realize my poor diet and childlike palette has been cultivated by moms pickyness


baste foid


hate picky eaters more than anything every time you get them to try something new they think is disgusting they love it


typical selfish roastie incapable of empathy


why has no one tried selling human breast milk instead of formula


uhh i know youve hand selected that perfectly aged $35 filet mignon with your 45 years of culinary expertise as a chef and cooked it to perfected but i insist it must be well done with a side of ketchup


glad i wasnt born to an insane mom


not glad i was born


button on my pants just popped off


what would you be doing right now if you werent born


better things thats for sure


always wondered how many of you mates have siblings


i had a sister but she was murdered




its not you can even see my posts years ago on the w


wish i had a sis


wish i could sperm


hate sis stupid bitch


i have a sis


do you flip her




why shes practically begging for it


people are so amazed that a gorilla can understand 72 words but i can understand more and no one cares


im chimp


no sorry


have to write a letter to the doctor starting to get anxious thinking about it


whats it for


hair getting long again im reverting to teenmode time to get a teengf


im going for the pretty boy teen look too im gonno look like an anime boy


alright bros so im out here biking saw what looked to be a dog chasing a bunch of deers couldnt really see what he did to them as he ran after them into the forest but a few minutes after while i was waiting to get water there were a bunch of seagolls or however you spell it above me and one took a shite on my pant leg it took me at least 2 seconds to realize it was flipping shite i wiped it with grass then realized i have like a mediocre medkit in my backpack so i cleaned it with alcohol wipes still see a big white smeae but whatever theres a couple near the benches where i sit so i cant enjoy myself in this nice weather finna head home


thats what i did hehe


sigh should have posted that with a quotelink


ah fuck the plural of deer is deer right im a tard


no its deeri


one time a seagull flew at me in a parking lot and turned around like 2 feet from my head and a couple of guys saw and commented on it and it made me feel embarrassed because i was going through a pretty anxious period at that time but i still dont get what a lone seagull was doing 300 miles from the coast


flying parking lot rats


hate gulls


i got demons in my head


are they paying rent


youre all voices inside my head


need to get on my knees and kiss a maidens hand sigh


ya flip the gulls also biked past a bunch of chad teens it was like 5 of them one said something like seagay now that i think about it he must have been a fortube teller


love when teens drive by and call me a fag while im walking


dont virginwalk


can feel my soul tearing apart


File: 1555536875031.jpg (2.57 MB, 2400x3200, 1546740543014-0.jpg)


scared to be near the 17-24 demographic


threw out all my cargo shorts


look hima were already at 155 were halfway to the 16 unicode era


flip this hellish era take me back to the 113 times


i belong in a mercenary band where i could make a name for myself with my skills alone


enjoy astral projecting at night and checking out some of the alternate universes where everyone on hima are part of a pirate crew or assassins troupe or even a traveling circus
sometimes i pass by other planeswalkers as they head to our universe to take a peak sometimes they flip up and people perceive the phenomena as ufos and such


my 500gb mx500 is here hima love buying stuff hehe


nice hope you enjoy ive got some games coming in the mail too


File: 1555537343735.jpg (4.8 MB, 4160x3120, 20190408_170444.jpg)


wonder what colors everyone would be if hima were part of the mtg multiverse nb is mono green hehe


nice carnorm


please dont pay for games you can get them for free


flip you norm


File: 1555537780921.jpg (3.62 MB, 4160x3120, 20190417_100417_HDR.jpg)


whats wrong with being green garruk is paste


im doing my duty to reward the japanese game industry and im building a physical collection for my self fulfillment its important to me


post the meme


fulfillment aka consumerism


hope its japanese poke from japan


die dmtnorm


couple of inches from the end of the road bros not much farther now


wish i had one but i camt drive


just give me a push


is that where your real life starts


where do you get em


its where this false life ends


looks like a bunch of pies in the thumbnail


i thought the same


love pies hima gonno ask mom to pick up some apple and cherry pies hehe


woke up hiya


die fats


get a nice meat pie instead


hate meat violence begets violence


simply love forgetting about something that happened 5+ years ago only for it to come back up and give me yet another reason to rope


cant wait to feast on this pie hima todays gonno be a good day


pieing hard


really want a pie now


pies a dated desert eat a 21st century one like candy or cheesecake


mindblowing how blind i am yet if i look at a reflection of a mirror close to me everything is so clear since the mirror reflects the incoming light at a smaller angle of incidence than the near parallel light that hits my eye from far away objects why dont we just carry around mirrors in our hands instead of wearing glasses if i want to see something in front of me i can simply turn around and hold the mirror to my face


mmmm cheesecake


because seeing my reflection so often would make me rope


flipping hate sweat gonno close all my pores with hot glue


overate hard i think ill start my diet next week sigh


the best way to diet is by being poor


should have died really young so no one could have known how i would turn out


sniveling hard


as long as you die in 2090 everyone youve ever known will be dead except for hima


everyone will be here on that day for pnigs release party


i would be surprised if anyone who has ever posted here lasted until 2060 let alone 2090


making it to 2020 is looking pretty bleak


2020 is when my life really starts


ill be here for the rope party


2021 is when we all make it


hehe when my real life begins im gonno go mgtow and buy a big gaming house


just shack up with swifty in his gaming house


you mean the hima mansion


pls rope me


the hima mansion will only be cool when were young and beautiful when were olds itd be miserable so well have to sell it


your lives started in 2006 and ended in 2009


wish i could peer into 2006 for 10 seconds


how am i supposed to install this if i only have one sata cable


why dont you have another


lucky you have an excuse to order another item


normvaldi crashed sigh


use brave


use firefox


phew hima long day havent had a second to rest
yesterday i worked on the car changing the timing belt for like six hours and when i cranked it up something was whining like crazy so i freaked out and cut the engine and started ripping stuff apart to start over from scratch then it got dark so i quit until 7am this morning
this morning i finished main the job but i left the drive belts off and added them one by one to figure which one was screaming and it was the ac belt but more specifically the tensioner pulley which has a bearing in it that went bad
so i laughed hard at how much i was flipping out and just deleted the ac for now
then i realized i bought toyota spec coolant which cant be mixed with green coolant so i had mom drive me to autozone to get me coolant
after all that was sorted i realized that my crank pulley bolt wasnt torqued down properly so i sat on my hands about what to do about it for like four hours and jod and then finally went to autozone again and rented a torque wrench for $100 just to find out it was 90% tightened so i returned the wrench to the cashier in 10 minutes and i was even refunded the tax
after all that shite i was so happy everything worked out that i accidentally ran through a red might but didnt get caught


you should wind down with a good cry




mindblowing the skinniest state in the united states still has a 21 percent obesity rate


the obesity scale just uses outdated numbers weight increases as humans evolve like height


not their fault they are sold nongmo all natural organic soda as a healthy adult drink


how do you clean up a giant oil spill did you just throw a bunch of rags on it


kitty litter


just sweep it into the nearby drain


mexicans can clean anything


the obesity bmi is too low it should start at like 35 im 33 and i just feel overweight


how do you sweep oil


my bmi is 17


with dry sweep


sweeping oil across something is called painting



when you walk do your thighs touch eachother


watching fruits basket


good show



i must flip that pony


remember freaks pony phase


got a ponebone oh god


the dickspammer wants to snap children and the freak wants to freak animals why did it go so wrong


bastard kill it quick


might become a brony seems like a lot of fun


did we ever find out who the dickspammer was


uh haha


why did only one guy ever spam his dick youd think another dick pic would have leaked by now


of course not


sigh youve got the perfect body hope you realize how lucky you are


sexy thigh gap himabirl


might activate some toast


note to self dont eat fried rice a few miutes after eating an orange


im not cute so having a thigh gap is useless


wish i was a cute twigger


not about the form its about the function id like to go on runs without chaffing my legs


why not


it would take less than a minute to be freed from this mortal coil if i only had the balls to do it


im squatting to get rid of my thigh gap


donate to my patreon and ill give you a solid magdumping


its a bad mix if you know what i mean


no i dont


gonno wash this bacteria out of my mouth with a nice acidic coke


feeling lonely


ive got a hug for you


how can you be lonely if you have hima


no dont you need the bacteria


hima something really weird just happened
i tried using my flash drive as a bootable windows 10 installer the idea was to compress and upload somewhere everything i wanted to save (although it would still be in the hdd) then swap it for the ssd install windows from the usb drive and download everything back but the pc would not recognize the drive and it was claiming that it had 0 mb of total storage space
so i thought ok ill use moms notebook and a usb to usb cable then but i couldnt find one so i started looking everywhere and as a last ditch effort i went to the tools drawer and what i found there instead was......
a sata cable
ive had this pc with only one hdd since 2009 and the one before then only had one too and i never swapped or changed hdds ever and im the only one with a pc moms really creeped out and i cant explain how that thing got there and how i found it now of all times


feeling like a magdump or the ol ear to ear is all i need


hehe this senryuu shoujo show is pretty good
i like all these 12 minute shows somehow it works out


my motherboard came with extra sata cables yours probably did too and you just put it there


god lit the way for you


god owned me


got tons of extra cables lying around even the old proprietary serial cables and stuff


god needs to smite me and get it over with dragging it out like this is sadistic


nice mystery novel plot


i chose the parts and it came prebuilt hehe so that cant be it


my brain is so fucked i can barely remember anything except things that make me want to end it


they took the extra parts and resold them for a profit you should sue


the legal age is only for consumating the marriage pretty sure you can get married early


just realized that i cant rope without knowing how to tie a knot


i wouldnt admit that in public


nothing wrong with prebuilts my alienware is a monster


knew someone that bought a prebuilt and immediately blocked them


quit tardshaming


arrogant technorms


if i had that kind of money i would admit it many times over


paste pc elitists


even nb can put a computer together whats your excuse


he was a gamer boy she said see you later boy


cant take it anymore just flippin end me


nande sensei koko ni is good hehe dumb softcore porn show


why do bands speed up their songs when they play live


never heard a good live band


okay ill watch it


gonno go on a banning spree on these norms that have been to live shows


only been to orchestra the music actually sounds better in a concert hall unlike blaring rock concerts full of screaming teens


need a screaming teen gf


dont blame me you didnt come with the bros to the death grips concert


never seen any live music because im not a flipping norm house leaver


not like anyone invited me to go anywhere with them anyway


File: 1555549409280.jpg (104.58 KB, 709x1398, 1555543184100.jpg)


shes cute would love to kiss her hand


mom made me go to a bon jovi concert with her


that is me and i am a boy


what the flip how are men so good at looking like girls these days


lost something important and too tard to remember where it is


its always the last place you look


ill remember to look there first


been saying way too many questionable things around mom lately


like what


death to all foids


you know


i exist because of a foid foids are the source of all suffering


you exist because of a moid too




a fair and balanced death for all


that guy is a manlet the blonde guy in a blue sweater has to kneel to talk to him


dedicated my life to the pursuit of otaku purity


ya he thought he was the amog then got mogged off the planet by sv3riges pet giant


how come everyones good looking


i keep giant around me at all times in case i need to outmog someone


miss the days when i could call my man up and he would hop in the miata to outmog whoever was mogging me


daydreaming about pressing a button that will either kill me or make me inmortal




its a win-win


when i was a wee lad during school i sometimes hung around this nerdy guy into the same things as me except he was much taller and heavier i remember one time a kid got mad and started to come at me and the tall guy pushed him back hard it made me feel powerful like a mob boss or something when im rich ill hire a bunch of tallnorms to walk with me


the weak should fear the strong


i used to keep a tallnorm around me too he was dumb as shit but very loyal


flip i regret eating so much earlier i shouldve kept my diet going


using our superior intellects makes it childs play to control the tallnorms


small body means more energy going to the brain it makes sense



you can be illya and he can be berserker


ate a pack of hot dogs with mustard and relish last night and went to bed 5 minutes afterward and i kept waking up every hour


mom used to tell me olives give you nightmares to prevent me from night snacking that bitch


nice wanpanman


wish i had a pack of hot dogs havent had them in years


went to bk with sis got a double bacon burg


get yourself some chicago dogs


there has been a mansion wide ban on butterdogs with risk of expulsion ever since the incident


sigh just realized its been a week since ive last had mcds i need some but i just fliped up my diet and i cant do that again



not eating at all is better than cheating on the diet


havent had mcds in at least 2 years


whats so great about mcds


nothing its inferior to bk and kfc in every way


the older ive gotten the more ive realized wendys is probably the best of the big 3


kfc is gross


mcds has the best fries and the big mac has been scientifically perfected the big mac combo is simply an unstoppable force


never ate wendys they dont have it here


nah mcdonalds fries are shite


think id rather a plate of hospital food than mcds


theres a mcdonalds in one of the nearby hospitals


whats your point


im lovin it


File: 1555553017665.jpg (32.96 KB, 628x470, big-mac-extra-value-meal-628x470.jpg)

mouth is watering just look at the orange sauce and mcds is smart by not putting gross tomatoes on their burgs like wendys and bk do


tomatoes are essential to a burger


that orange shit is cheese not sauce


or usda-approved cheeselike substance if you prefer


isnt the orange sauce just ketchup and mayo mixed together


wonder how the freak survives with the burden of high intelligence what pulled him away from that ledge



dont eat any fast food except for chik fil a


stop talking about food i just realized i havent eaten since 2pm


completely forgot what i was going to look up within 2 seconds of opening the tab


hate when that happens



dumber by the day



mom ynajed me and said this is my last year and i told her ok whatever
if shes not bluffing then i guess im in my final chapter


no youre just now finishing the prologue



you should get a job so you can start playing the market and make more money for free and eventually earn enough to live off of passive income


File: 1555553765928.webm (1.07 MB, 719x1276, 1555551809253.webm)


well i got to the gas station interview a few months ago but i was rejected and that was minimum wage im not sure if i can go any lower than that




if you worked for a month and got fired maybe she would have her ynaj countdown reset


grocery stores are the best they will hire any tard as long as you can show up on time and follow directions


simply join the post office


enlist in the military


used to think this was a good last resort but living 6 inches away from half a dozen 18 year old meathead norms for 3 months minimum is worse than death


almost enlisted in the chair force but everyone trying to get me to do it turned me off of the whole idea it felt like they just wanted me out of the way


stacking crates of chips or something at a store would be infinitely better to basic training


who exactly would get mogged by a 5'8 guy besides us losers who get mogged by women



the concept of npcs existed long before video game jargon


this would be me in the military


hima i cloned my hdd and disconnected it and its working perfectly hehe


after you get out you can join the post office youll get a veterans preference and your time served can be counted towards your retirement



mom rolled her eyes back while i was raging i think shes done listening to me


what were you raging about this time


women in the workplace


it never matters



love how conspiratards can tell you off by calling you a npc no matter how dumb their claims are


just gonno try to sleep it off


theyre not


if (claim.status == "dangerous"){
response = Complain.ask(npc);


not happy about the norms saying npc now after i was doing it for years


ya same cant use it anymore



File: 1555558156436.png (175.29 KB, 750x1334, 1E995522-F81E-4D7E-ADEE-26DFDF89FC72.png)

what do you think about these manga ideas


actually maybe both of those ideas can be smashed together somehow


cant believe ive never used my body for anything physically taxing i must be in the .5%


often think about when seki said hoo boy was my meme its so cute for some reason hehe


File: 1555558629566.png (447.63 KB, 844x1200, 1555515752906.png)

nice japs taking swipes at the big man


is that baki


i like the second idea its pretty good


did some heavy duty yardwork for a while now its time to mow


eyes open for snakes


theres a snake in my boot



gonno snooze hima


firing up some d2 anyone want to do some baal runs


pindle botting hard


my gaming career has been ended by carpal tunnel


dead hours dead day dead board




gonno jack it then ill shower and bathe


relaxing guess ill make some risotto soon




crying because theres nothing to eat


tell mom to get off her ass and get you some taco bell


its raining hard hima


love a good rain storm


File: 1555570495197.jpg (158.52 KB, 900x1200, blackpill-1-900x1200.jpg)


File: 1555570575360.jpg (66.47 KB, 849x600, D4S1l0HUcAAshyB.jpg)



thats my exact haircut




looks exactly like my room except i have a wow poster


no posters theyre for norms


got a palestine flag thats it


nothing makes me rage harder than that stupid american female anime voice thing


wish to snap


wish to snap


dog damnit


woke up with the thirst


just realized my face isnt symmetric


made a bunch of pancake batter and poured some powdered sugar in it hehe time to feast


woke up still soft cant remember if ive woken up with a bone at all for the past week


cant really tell if being pilled was a good thing or a bad thing


me neither i often feel envious of the norms blissful ignorance


dont worry you will get the good ending


File: 1555593191215.jpg (85.8 KB, 769x950, D4VMqG4WAAAEAFT.jpg)


File: 1555593311541.jpg (23.63 KB, 400x302, tumblr_p2f75duOee1uj65pzo1_400.jpg)

nice crier


File: 1555593931479.jpg (113.93 KB, 847x900, k43nlm8tcws21.jpg)



File: 1555594183865.png (271.47 KB, 414x646, jvr2b0ftasq21.png)

looks like me


sigh he looks cool as hell like a sorcerer stabber


wish i was nordic


File: 1555595057064.mp4 (6.33 MB, mcd.mp4)


mom wants me to go live in environments like that and thinks its an upgrade to my current life





wish jecht was my dad


wish i was jeb bush


File: 1555596772077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.56 KB, 768x972, krWAH0s.jpg)

sigh neetblog


weird imagining that neetblog gets erections
his boybrain tells him to mate with as many females as possible and his penis gets hard in order to penetrate them all


why does my depression always wins zurui


File: 1555601644810.png (407.14 KB, 1037x750, 274c6d83f9a0c7fcbe5e760588187e08.png)

the arrogance of this roast
i know the difference between beef and chicken


i dont


might have a little cel rage


File: 1555603079177.mp4 (2.03 MB, 1118539076259467264.mp4)



die norm






nb must be mythic in mtga by now sigh


thinkin about streamin ffx


fire it up


how do i stream


click the start streaming button on obs


be careful or you will get doxxed


too dumb to figure out how to stream sigh


same id stream some d2 if i knew how to


might stream some mhw when i get my new computer


File: 1555607431787.webm (3.37 MB, 1280x720, 1554195773697.webm)




cant believe i need a phd in neuroscience just to stream


cant believe ipeeinthesink is taken on twitch


oops hehe


why is tidus dead


tarded out and hit myself


might start narrating my life like that


why is that persons name ????


shes an al bhed nigger who cares


hate al bhed


miss when hima had more personas


wish i had one


nice bgm


still cant believe this is lifeñ


gonno end it here




hes ropin


analyzing navi speculation and leaks get in here


gth technorm


File: 1555613889324.jpg (47.36 KB, 541x359, piss.jpg)




hell ya


never played a devil will norm game never will


i already live the life of a devil


woke up with a bone


spermed to boys again


hope they were at least birls


boys will be boys


went to the grocery today with mom and didnt get any food for myself except a zero calorie monster
even resisted the nutella so i had a banana with no topping on it as a snack
im gonno eat very little today to atone for my big meal yesterday hopefully it evens out


File: 1555618006194.jpg (338.09 KB, 735x1102, other-names-for-Sugar-copy.jpg)

zero calorie sodas still have bad sugars in them


im not doing keto im not disciplined enough for that im just going to attempt to lower calories


just eat natural foods dont bother with keto or calorie counting


i eat one pizza every day and im at a healthy weight


baste uli


nonono you dont understand sugar is pure evil you should avoid it at all costs


i eat sugar every day and have never had any health problems


you are building up visceral fat and you may develop problems later if your genetics decide you are predisposed to one specific issue or another


im leantwig pretty sure im not building up any fat


nah this will save me


cant believe they really killed gideon sigh


gonno buy some gummy bears from the convenience store


cant wait to get a 3d printed uncircumsized penis


someones true intelligence can be gauged pasted on how much self control they have if someone cant resist joing or eating sweets they are probably low on true intelligence even if they make get great marks in school


why would i resist eating sweets theyre delicious and give me energy


gonno jo and eat some macarons


crying because i have never had a macaron


because they rot your teeth cause you to get fat and flip with your endocrine system


im twig and my teeth are perfect


gideons gibbin


true intelligence can be gauged pasted on how good someone is at computer games


no im not a freak



love japan


if you love it so much why not go there


its for norms


no money no skills


File: 1555621299446.jpg (67.24 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

good luck were all counting on you




wish i was capable of crying


cried when watching the star wars trailer


same they made me into a meme



kitty is meowing hard


i missed the ffx stream ive been asking for for years you are fucking kidding me hima


he only got to the bro out with wakka


where were you




the early bird gets the worm


snoozenorms btfo


getting fat


wish i was a girl so i could live the plumper life


same been putting on the pounds lately


twigs will be extinct soon


gonno have to sell some big stuff that i cant take to colorado like my simpsons grill i never used and my pc


what will you do without your pc


post the simpsons grill


sigh got the bald fucker from szs banner
laughed hard at that anime but in the end the entire thing was making fun of who i've become


File: 1555626712668.jpg (87.78 KB, 848x480, [gg]_Zan_Sayonara_Zetsubou_sensei_-_10_[16A007….jpg)


nerd status is something youre born with


File: 1555626939016.mp4 (1 MB, flip.mp4)


why is her kitty a ball


File: 1555627112475.jpeg (92.1 KB, 591x906, D4at8mVU0AA0Qw0.jpeg)


love jerking love jacking and especially love joing


got called a wanker


its what you are


the himawank


think its about time to snooze anyone wanna sync


no its dinner time fool


already napped cant snooze now


File: 1555628260995.jpg (42.47 KB, 500x378, D0R3SYrWoAIa61B.jpg)



Masturbating is immoral. Resist your animal urges.


ok lets fuck


File: 1555629137091.png (205.92 KB, 959x560, poomap.png)


8 years is too long i want to see a daily distribution of poo incidents


reminds me of the foids that go on saying incels would get gfs if they simply became nice people when the cels had to become mean in order to survive


File: 1555630534605.mp4 (684.19 KB, 1050747308260888577.mp4)


simply head on down to india


think i might be smoothbrained


throughout san francisco was in california how is it an island


cant believe that neetblog was the incarnation of a god this whole time


havent eaten anything in 5 hours maybe i should get a small snack itll be okay for my weight right


no you must accustom yourself to lack of blood sugar spikes and you will stop craving snacks


how long does a normal person go without snacking though


love sugar


snacking is not normal


its poison


rip wowaka gonno listen miku all day


humans used to snack between first and second sleep


sigh why cant i just become a twig in a week dont understand why something so simple has to take several months of torture


File: 1555633264677.png (472.76 KB, 960x720, eruption.png)

phew cant wait



nonono only the first few days is torture then you get used to it and its smooth sailing after that


we all need to have abs for summer for the upcoming hima beach trip


not stuffing your fat maw with treats every minute of the day doesnt count as torture


gth nomunch


busting out my emergency snacks


hope turt takes the bikepill takes top tier men to bike thousands of miles without getting hit by a car


foid drivers actively take out incel cyclists and the cops do nothing


File: 1555634826019.jpg (104.89 KB, 1025x1200, D4QZ1mSUUAAagUV.jpg)


love pasted black men


those are too slow i prefer my bicycles to have engines on them

today a kid in the back seat of a car waved and gave me thumbs up while i was on mine


hey hima was watching vids with mom since i got home now shes snoozin


was on hima next to mom yesterday then realized when i was doing and stopped sigh


what i was doing i mean


you almost blew our cover be more careful


did she see misakas butt


no she didnt see anything inappropriate


File: 1555635369012.png (525.55 KB, 600x848, rikku.png)


what a maiden shes a virgin for sure


shes a drawing


not sure why but whenever i see someone dogeza in anime i laugh really loudly not sure whats so funny about dogeza


this sewayaki senko show is unbelievably comfy i feel like im melting just watching it


File: 1555635996007.jpg (103.55 KB, 802x610, D4AcPZsXkAECpy3.jpg)


File: 1555636056509.png (217.98 KB, 338x594, 8xqu30unjdr21.png)

mewing is really working my face got wider than it used to be



glad no man has done that before


is she dead or what the top part of the article says she was found dead


had a whole bottle of coffee by myself


File: 1555636455469.jpeg (150.52 KB, 1280x720, sol-pais.jpeg)


is she 18 or 38


cant read that chicken scratch


wonder if she died a virgin


foids age quickly these days from all the semen they ingest


these days in order to have a shot at a gf you either need to be born over six feet tall with a pct and strong jaw or engage in and die during a mass shooting


tarrant is alive and sexy ladies love him


cant believe im worth more dead than alive


think im norwoodin


time to ldar


have never seen a girl with skin as good as mine without makeup or thats the same age as me and looks the same age everyone says i look 10 years younger than i am but maybe everyones simply flipped up and i look how i should


how do i become an incel


just be yourself


all the time spent inside my dark room kept my skin pristine and free of damage


File: 1555637016526.jpg (2.63 MB, 4032x2268, 1555616376318.jpg)


paste sexy ladies


how can non mass shooters even compete


killing a bunch of norms instantly gets you a fan club full of crazy goth girls even elliot got one


we must ascend boys


just look at that columbine girl from yesterday


File: 1555637624699.mp4 (15.26 MB, (A`) ニートのうた (A`) - NEET GENERATION - English S….mp4)



sick of men buying their daughters smartphones and pcs


crying hard


File: 1555638238316.jpg (40.08 KB, 528x720, simpsongrill3.jpg)


back when being a neet meant something


pasted gamer


he doesnt stand like a gamer


sickened by the human form




quit flipping crying


had something to post but started crying watching that vid now i dont remember what i was going to post
watching yyh episode 41


oh flip oh flip oh flip


my body is evolving to my true gamer form


women have their periods 2 years earlier on average than previous generation of women men have half the sperm count of previous generations its flipping over for humans


oh yeah how did japs know what a tornado is if they dont even occur there is tornado a bad translation of tatsumaki


they have tornados


do they really i figured there werent the right conditions for it like kansas


they came with the black ships



npc hours


was gonno stream haruhi tonight but decided not to sorry


was scared of tornadoes because of twister



i dont get it


what about it its just the enemy talking to himself


think im gonno get a license and just accept my death on the road itll be a good way to spite mom and shell realize that she shouldve listened to my instincts and live with that for the rest of her life


oh hehe the botan dance thing i was on episode 40 actually


phew nice mommy chiropractor


kuwabaras sis is so sexy sexy need a sexy older sis to sperm and make incest babies with


mindbending chiropractors are allowed to exist


basted drivenorm


they help sick people


File: 1555639711016.png (20.07 KB, 655x165, D4M0IsZX4AAP-xA.png)


09:06 depending on the version



miss when subbing wasnt all done by crunchyroll


File: 1555640000192.jpg (234.17 KB, 1412x2048, __kuwabara_kazuma_and_kuwabara_shizuru_yuu_yuu….jpg)



shes so ‘’kakoii’’ and ‘’eroi’’


baste flipping pnig






a Driver denied his Drive by the norms


howd the norms deny him
seems like it was his reflappered ooger parents


gonno listen and moongaze


yes and his parents were norms


obviously not if his dad was too pathetic to get a gf besides his cousin


gonno take a nap


if youve had sex without paying for it you are a norm


what if it was just a handjob


baste chadtron


what does sex feel like


why are you asking me


because im the only virg left on hima


your experience is extensive compared to mine


ill sacrifice my virginity to share the experience with my himabros


a great sacrifice thank you neetblog


im virg


File: 1555643523591.png (857.42 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga….png)

perverted little bitch


kinda sad to realize if i volunteered and did slave labor mom would stop ynajing even though my financial situation would be no different
she just wants me to not have fun in life


you need money to have fun


she wants you to stop wasting it



wonder if varg tards give that guy a hard time


sigh burnt the top of my lip eating pizza now its swollen and painful


im sorry sounds horrible but you need to be more patient and let it cool down


File: 1555648709807.jpg (343 KB, 1450x2048, a.jpg)


gonno fire up the frozen lasagne


thought she was cute til i saw her nips sigh


whyd everyone stop posting


woke up from my nap i feel like trash


you woke up in the wrong timeline


gamed hard then feasted hard and now im gonno snooze im sorry




File: 1555657090612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.29 KB, 1398x1984, D3zceE8UYAASc4S.jpg)


playing some d2 had a friend that wanted to play but they arent here


they left me hima


norm hours


File: 1555657805167.jpg (634.1 KB, 2048x1504, zo1GBKf.jpg)


used to steal enigmas from my brothers friend in d2


sure he deserved it stupid norm


hate norms more than anything i see em and i want to puke


raging sigh


i need to bury my face in her


why are you raging


urxvt wont use the font i want for some characters


flip you al bhed lover


gonno poop


havent had a good poop since i ran out of beans


had a bloody poop earlier




who is norm bhed




what you said


finally closed all my clicking games i am done with those forever


playing some kittens on the side doesnt hurt


what does that mean


told mom i might rage hard if i dont get a crunchwrap today




mornin hima gonno cook up some ramen




used my hottest type of chili for todays meal its ultra spicy hima cant wait for the cap cramps


no no no lower the spice you need to go mild


spice till i die


feasted bigly now im gonno game its raining hard


woke up


File: 1555677034327.webm (1.6 MB, 576x720, 1555304219329.webm)


File: 1555677181822.jpg (120.11 KB, 1177x2047, nice.jpg)


being australian would have been fun a few decades ago but now theyre full of poofter cunts crying on the news about hoons and such while simultaneously bowing to the chinks and allowing them to overrun their country


woke up

nice boobies

wish to touch



need to let it go


wish i could get lost in the australian outback and drink myself to death


File: 1555682405714.jpg (83.36 KB, 618x855, D4R8nUwWAAEWijP.jpg)


watched infinity war cant believe norms like this shite


File: 1555683116519.jpg (124.08 KB, 1100x1380, pit.jpg)


time for bed hima bye


sis said shes a big marvel fan yet has never read a single comic


mornin hima


hate comicnorms



mount athos accepted my visa request


found a life coach and messaged them asking to help and they said they can help but they just moved to the opposite side of the country but they do skype calls with clients holy flip this is tragic


got woken up early sigh


norm coach


big storm incoming hopefully i die


same wish a nice storm could rid me of this shit life


love waking up in the morning and firing up the pc the first time knowing im about to game hard hehe


when does the domain expire i forget




die precisenorm


69 hehe


why dont you just renew it


im gonno steal the domain and redirect it to ota hehe


just dropped a unique grand charm heck ya hima


fire up himasugi.jp


it doesnt belong to me pnig never actually transferred the domain to me only the server


i still believe himako is a nice cute shy teengirl


i keep forgetting to buy another domain maybe ill do it today


mindblowing that pnig roleplayed as a cute shy teengirl with glasses for 5 years


what about himasugi.blog


wish sis would stop masturbating so loudly


what a creep


feelin a little weird


remember when himako endorsed pnig



does anyone have the little gif of the cat with the fan sigh dont have my pc right now


baste winston


pasted winston warning viewers to keep their eye on the sneaky chink


File: 1555694060681.webm (89.28 KB, 242x476, raaa.webm)


not that one but thank you


post the squirming boys one


File: 1555694770906.jpg (198.49 KB, 860x905, 1377466108513.jpg)

shaking boy legs 。◕‿◕。

breathless boys moaning (◡‿◡✿)

little boy body twitches (◕‿◕✿)

curled boy toes (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

boys whimpering (✿ ♥‿♥)

quivering boy lips and glossed over eyes ♥(ノ´∀`)

boys having squirmy little orgasms ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


File: 1555695036955.webm (227.47 KB, 1280x720, 1488820140543.webm)


hows an incel supposed to get aids


blood infusions


joseph campbell is changing the way i see the world


starting to get windy my papers are getting blown around might have to close the window sigh



just registered himasugi.oog


sleep sleep
the pain away
sleep sleep
all day


some good meph runs today hima dropping lots of gear for other characters


cant wait to post about children on himasugi.gov


trump will fund the hima mansion directly


you mean yang


same thing


typed in himasugi.oog but it searched ddg insteae and got this https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Reiko


is qdoba good why does a burrito cost 10 dollars


not sure what to make of that page looks like a bunch of jibberish


flip queue doba get chipotle instead remember to get extra rice since its free and provides most of the actual bulk
i pay maybe 9 bucks and feast on a solid two pounds of food


just scroll down retard read the intro


not reading that shit


Reiko Discord icon.png #3333 AKA Trevor Ashton Richardson is the worst of /r9k/ personified. Comming from himasugi.org as a pieeatingcontestant He's the sickest fuck on the whole board.


the rest of the article is about the actual guy but the first sentence is wrong


the absolute madman


havent they heard of dickspammer


someone write the pnig page




some guy just added that sentence in february epic


gonno write turts page


is the snoozer here might fire up ffx again


need some nice little icons sigh


oog yeah im basted ooooog yeah im basted


edited the wiki


windy here too wonder if youre my neighbor


drank too many blogweisers


basted pastaguy



drank too many flipping blogs and my head hurts hima cant even game like this


was supposed to game all day but here we are


might start screaming hima at the top of my lungs


anyone else like screaming outside


no theres too many people around


taking a nice shite meanwhile might make a page for neetblog if i figure this stuff out


go to hell norm leave neetblog out of it


lets all have a good scream


best place to scream is on the freeway no one can hear you even if the windows are down


i just go outside and scream hima over and over mom told me to stop screaming inside the house


tornado warning


fuck it dont have any of his pics


is there anywhere to discuss anime that the norms havent ruined


simply discuss it with yourself


i dont even want to post just lurk but the second i see some norm or roast posting i rage hard


what is there even to discuss about anime


cute anime girls


about to rage hard again roasts just ruin everything



hima wont talk to me about fruit baskets


hima is overrun by discord teens too


thats because its for girls


might check out my old stomping grounds of animesuki


hate anime




i literally posted about it two days ago post away


i post about new anime as im watching them but no one ever replies so i just keep the posts short


can never tell the difference between march and may expiration dates


packaged food doesnt actually expire thats a meme
dairy and meat does but most prepackaged food and frozen food will likely never actually spoil by the expiration date


tell that to my bowels


sigh hima my laptop has started making creaking noises and shit i actually thought it was aluminum up until this point
thinking about getting a cheap macbook with a corrupted hard drive and installing manjaro on it and using it for the same stuff i do now
the only thing i like ab out macbooks is the displays and the fact that they are made out of solid chunks of aluminum so the housings basically never break or make weird noises


its time to game


hungry as flip bros hope mom buys ribs today


my macbooks battery has swollen some and the display has a couple small issues sigh


also made an article on turt but had to hijack a previous one that had a name close to his


know what you mean id instantly would have gotten a thinkpad if it had an aluminum case my hp laptop blows


watching vids about thinkpads think an x200 would be nice not interested in libreboot or any of that stuff


old thinkpads are nice but the displays are pure shite


whatever happened to let me think about it guy


got an x220t the display is pretty good because of the digitizer


hes still thinkin about it hehe


that was me ive already thought about everything no need to be indecisive anymore


File: 1555704880183.jpg (58.94 KB, 1024x512, D3kaCM7XsAAVUxW.jpg)

stay patient new laptops are coming


weird how all these youtube guys upgrade their vintage open source thinkpads just to install windows 10 on it whats the point just have one machine with windows on it for gaming and use linux for everything else


winblows is all they know


fell for the pc meme and built a 1337 rig only to browse hima and watch anime with


hate the linux meme


File: 1555705057740.jpg (170.05 KB, 1280x720, 1555704896938.jpg)


all i do on my computer is emulate old games and watch anime and im pretty sure thats more than what most people do


you need a powerful pc to watch anime with high quality scalers
just wait for 4k anime


ill watch 480p until i die


love watching 240p anime on youtube


same what a scam


watched many animes all the way through on youtube including hare nochi guu and azumanga and eureka 7 and even bleach but this was before most of you were born


hehe also watched bleach on youtube
this was after a long break from anime and i just felt like watching something without having to torrent anything


i think at the time the anime was only up to when aizen left i remember falling asleep at my desk while watching it and mom woke me up during the ending theme and asked what i was doing and i was ashamed


most people dont even have computers anymore i think


thats fine by mean norms have no business with pcs they can stay on their normphone baby computers


fool their iphones are more powerful than your computer


the norms ruined my life


used to burn all my anime onto dvds they are now all yellowed in my closet


iphones are way better for norms than computers they dont need to worry about anything because its a completely hand curated walled garden where nothing can go wrong but you get no freedom