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mindboggling how women had it even easier decades ago when they didnt have to work and they decided to give that up


they felt like they werent making life bad enough for men so they invaded the workplace


dont know how you could be okay with having men staring at your body dreaming about flipping you roughly it sounds humiliating


mindblowing how the last refuge from foids is boilermaking they have infiltrated every other occupation and continue to increase their presence


beautiful fighting girl


foids have been ruining everything since before day 1 the bible is very clear about this


equal opportunity hires


flip you rogan


glad im not a norm otherwise id have to be around foids


we need a plan to exterminate the foids


hate women hate sis hate mom


i wish they would just leave games alone


this happens to guys too


tears in your eyes saying they want to try believing


norms in your norms


got a norm on my head dont call me a normhead


wonder how many foids stare at me and fantasize probably a lot


File: 1555981333961.jpg (326.32 KB, 2048x1488, phhew.jpg)


a foid hasnt looked at me since 2007


File: 1555981499683.mp4 (764.08 KB, hehe.mp4)


do everything i can to avoid the foid at work ill even come in the front office door and into the main floor and then turn around and walk back into another office door just so i can avoid her looking at me because she probably caught on me to always drinking from my water bottle every time i passed by her so i can have an excuse to look at the ceiling


start rumors about her


stupid work norm


should i cum


what do you mean


thats just flipping vile


ya shoot far


alright im cumming


ive had men look at me sexually its the most disgusting feeling i can imagine


i came


too stupid to look at anyone sexually even if i did id start thinking about lucky star or hidamari sketch or totori


accidentally flirted a few times and didnt realize it until months after


hate sexnorms more than anything


whats to hate


love love
come to me
love love
be with me


if totori was a toblerone shed be tobleroni


everything about them


if she was a pony shed be toblepony


i flirt with the foids at work all the time love stringing along dumb foids just to break their hearts




mom is worried about the financial issues we will have once we move shes upset im not helping her out


if mom wanted financial help from her child she wouldve made choices to ensure i didnt end up a maladjusted freak


she tried her best


no she didnt if she was she wouldnt have continued flipping more after divorcing dad


what a foid


dont mention moms flipping its taboo


told mom if she had settled down and cared less about flip her kids would be better off and she told me she has alternative facts


what does that mean


what facts


shes a retarded foid whos only priority is herself and she will burn in hell




gonno play some more d2


the foids must pay


pasted cel spam women were our midwives in the old days they were sorceress too we have to worship them


i have a sorceress in d2 right now so i can mf


hate mfnorms


File: 1555985021562.png (32.07 KB, 640x480, 1489353993773.png)


never saw that one


the desert cult deleveled our women they were all lvl 99 sorcs but the hooked nose level 10 paladins couldnt stand a chance



crying because of how you treat the woman that granted you the gift of life


i would date myself if i were a woman


i would want a guy that would do everything for me and support me with money



35 honorable kills today


gift....odd description i would say i was given the..curse of life


damn thats like so deep


herkz is pilled on 2020


pretty sure people were talking shit about normalfags in 2014 herkzzz you fucking retard


i used to know herkz


is herkz really a tranny now


im making pizza


hope there arent actually any men on hima


what do you mean by men


im transitioning


im a boy


into what


a gibbon


wish i was mentally strong enough to give up all of my material possessions because thats probably the only way to ascend from this point i can still feel so many weaknesses


working on getting rid of my material possessions but they are putting up a fight




File: 1555986203463.jpg (70.17 KB, 600x450, 1340092641387.jpg)


love buying useless items from japan it makes me happy


threw all my possessions off a cliff


gonno rage hard if my computer parts dont arrive this week


File: 1555986282371.jpg (548.92 KB, 850x1202, sample_0151f527e4e85f058be1b910e7fd7006.jpg)


oh flip you can see her feet id love to lick them


nonono refund them and send them back


getting a splatoon bone guess ill splat


gonno wait for splatoon 3


how do i approach the topic of becoming a birl to mom


dont you flipping dare



never forget the day i told my old man


File: 1555987204318.jpg (191.85 KB, 989x783, 1517884208864.jpg)


youre joking right sigh



sigh miss being a gamer


fire up mtga


last post

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