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never wanted a gf just jo


what are some real problems


why are sexbots illegal


world hunger


the vast majority of problems in the world today would be solved with a sharp population reduction


the man doesnt want you to be independent and free of the roasts influence he needs you do pop out more cogs to install in the great machine


only a complete virg loser would buy one though not like theyre going to pass their genes on anyways


thats me


impossible for me to have a gf because id never want to spend even a minute with a some girl norm enough to have a bf the only use id have for one is sperming


alright so im thinking ayo hol up this sounds a lil funky then i listen further and think huh this dude sounds like he got something stuck in his teeth then i take a closer look at those scribbles and realize, this isnt japanese this shit is chinese! i close the video afterwards


thinking about those boobhus


post em


File: 1554598804074.png (1.22 MB, 1600x900, pn6lmigpymq21.png)




cat wont stop purring loudly into the cage you go


paste cager


hell yeah cage that kitty


me myself and i


should probably start training just in case theres a revenge of pnig direct to vhs movie


i prefer prostitutes over relationships
jackin off over all


gg norman


feeling nervous


had to throw out my pillow the foam in it was shite and took me a while to realize all the foam crumbs on my bed came from inside the pillow mom gave me a traditional pillow with duck feathers in it completely superior


get a mypillow


you should go vegan pillow instead of supporting animal cruelty


nothin cruel


File: 1554601881294.jpg (400.08 KB, 850x850, 1554434026270.jpg)

teaching my ho a lesson rn


youre embarassing her


dont like naked girl backs because its too male like


its not male like they have a layer of fat making them softer and they are hairless and its not connected to a manass or manshoulders


i dont like seeing girl parts that remind me of them being the same species


mindblowing how women can just shop for sperm to impregnate themselves with why isnt there a male version of that


the male version is called bugcatching ask turt about it


cam you there bud


File: 1554603171308.jpg (840.28 KB, 1920x1280, 1554491762898.jpg)

hima meetup


had a big fat soapy shower and cleaned my room and kitchen feeling much better now realised id been wearing the same clothes for a week was starting to smell like a mental patient


stop using soap


how else will i kill the bacteria


thats what your immune system is for


just call me kitty nigga


getting tired of following seasonal anime it just takes too much effort


its time to start the dirtybulk


dinner is done its time to feast


cant remember what it feels like to feel happy or sad ive left my humanity behind long ago


rolls are ready time for jojo


thats just depression


thought depressed people were sad


its called ego death and its something we should all hope to achieve


might make chicken and taters soon


wish i had some taters got all the pork in the world but no potatoes


sigh its time to game


picked another few pounds of chilies just now got enough to last a year even if i ate a few per day not sure what im gonno do with them all


where do you live that you can pick chilies


when will neets get the respect they deserve


what are you talking about anyone can pick chilies you just pull em off the bushes


you know what i mean


not really you can just grow them yourself unless you live in an apartment or something


too far north


gonno write a novel using only simple sentences the norms will eat this up


you could get a uv grow setup


bad idea a sudden increase in electricity usage combined with being unemployed will draw many eyes


nothin wrong with drawing many eyes to your delicious unseasonal chili crop


the previous admin thought that too and look how things turned out


just say youre mining bitcoin


thats probably one of the worst things you could do besides using an ssd


might fall for the 144hz meme


stop playing video games


does that actually fix 3:2 pulldown


what can i say im a gamer


gonno listen


why does my urethra always hurt when i pee after sperming
was sitting on the toilet trying to trickle out a few drops of piss to make the pain stop


stop drinking acid


the sperm tube hasnt closed yet so the piss backs up into it and stings


playing some fgo hima


pasted goldshire erpers


should i fire up fgo


bored and sad


File: 1554611473972.png (318.62 KB, 485x389, b.png)


report the erpers


yeah fire up fgo and get some time in on the event


ended up making chicken risotto its good


need to unlock the event


last post


flipping lying norm


want to snooze but not really


gonno miss this thread image


i wont


almost made a post earlier about how bad ill freak if the next thread has a sexnorm op



never listen to more than two seconds of that one why not post the real song


its better than the real song


its better


i was going to go to a car show tomorrow but im enjoying staying up late too much i dont want to wake up early tomorrow
think ill just stay up as late as i want and if its not too late whenever i wake up ill consider it then


ya that version is superior


never been to a car show how is it


cant make the call after listening to both but now im too genki to sleep


i like the original version more


i dont know ive never gone to one
theres drag racing and vendor booths and apparently live music and stuff but mostly just cars to look at might be a nice way to kill a sunday but its 25 bucks and an hour away


one post left


dubs get

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