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can we go in here the other thread is offensive




this is the one no sexnorm shite no forced blog title


im sexnorm



yeah gonno post in this one


have this weird urge to do norm things like use itunes on windows to listen to music


nothing norm about using itunes


love scratching my peehole by pissing real hard


maybe norms dont even use computers anymore


everyone has moved onto phones on nerds own computers


norms only use phones and ipads


norms use $2000 macbooks as phone chargers


left behind again


get in here mates


i will never get in there stop linking it




why are they only on episode 8 you have been posting that shite for months


why would anyone ever watch a video like this


File: 1554617246754.mp4 (3.49 MB, tr.mp4)

paste jiisan


hope all my hima friends are subscribed to pewdiepie because i cant


would knock that old man out for causing a disturbance like that


actually got in there to see if the guy under the "X" in the thumb was aris


respect your elders


that old guy is dabbing on the j-zoomers


i watch it every saturday and i enjoy it


hes being a meiwaku


wish i was a zoomer


they are doing one 20 minute episode per week current eta for gon vs pitou is august 2021


zoomers are paste glad to know my future will be in their hands once im a wrinkly freak





a difference of 10 years isnt that much the ones who will decide your fate probably havent been born yet


File: 1554618099524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.3 KB, 2048x1455, s.jpg)


dont click man in image


vile smut


looks western


cant stop firing up the plumper pass the urge to oog is too strong


thats even more reason to click


didnt even notice the man i was busy looking at the woman you queers


unless youre crosseyed when you look at the center of your screen and open that image the first thing you see is the dude


actually you see both but you are immediately aware that not only is it a sexnorm image it heavily features a male


getting sick of manrager


i was too busy looking at that the sexy girl to even see the man its not my fault your fag eyes go right for the man ass every time


nothin wrong with a little man ass every now and then


didnt even realize it showed his ass until you mentioned that thanks for staring and double-checking


i was just guessing he never entered my field of vision


anyone else gaming


nah im too lazy to game


all gamed out today sorry gonno snooze


still gaming hard here


i would try to game more but i dont want mom to hear the bing bing wahoos and think im some kind of gamer manbaby


you are


nah i dont game


i was playing blops 4


use headphones


always been a gamer always will be


File: 1554621759504.png (94.02 KB, 262x241, 1554617852531.png)


the cord is too short to reach the monitor


whats your point


youre a norm


gonno mine some iron ore




my mining level is now 56


solid work


mines 9001


thats not possible


heading to bed good luck with the night watch


its time to wake up hima get out of bed


its 3 50 am


time to get ready for church


you gotta prepare for the big meeting today the shareholders are gonno be pissed if you flip this up


wish i was a businessnorm


i go to sleep at 11 after getting home from the office and get up at 4am


nice salaryman


thats not enough sleep


woke up completely soft what the flip im scared


oog me no bone


youve gotta understand old men see this as the end of their virility this is bad


love waking up with a big ol horny bone ready to jo off


my mining level is now 57


bed time


File: 1554638300048.png (1.15 MB, 1024x768, dookmeet.png)


File: 1554638703407.jpg (260.29 KB, 1949x2048, 1554636588035.jpg)

how is it bad you were never going to breed anyway


gonno breed a woman


whats even the point in hima now that futari lollies is gone


need to sperm in a girls kitty stat


mom signed me up to take the hunter exam i think shes trying to get me killed


please dont say that my real life hasnt even begun yet so if im infertile before i start meeting girls then ill be doomed


pretty sure if you have no experience in your teens youre never going to make it anyway
i think theres a small window during the very early 20s when you might have a chance if you put a lot of work in but everyone here except neetblog has missed that window

your real life has already begun and ended


i shall exact my revenge and feast upon the souls of my tormentors




thats more like it


just put on my spike collar


spermed aggressively





lets all jo together


murdernorms btfo


sigh cant believe pnig spent his birthday in prison


hes going to be spending the rest of them in prison too


gonno mail him a nice birthday frogger every year


relieved knowing that my future children will be safe with him locked behind bars for thousands of years


woke up mde my bed showered had a coffee and cookies and stored the dishes now im havin another coffee hows it going my dear mates


raining hard hima wanted to go for a ride but this is okay too


we will break him out


it good


figured out how to fix the problem i was having with mtga itd black screen during matches and the only solution was to close it and open it up again but now that its in fullscreen its not happening anymore



have they delivered the verdict


foolish windower


love a good borderless window


paste vsyncnorm



woke up got my coffee and a cigarette its time to game boys


hope youre smokin lucky reds


going to bk with sis ill be back in a minute


its comin down hard hima


wish it was raining here enjoy


wish i had a sis


wish sis would let me flip her


simply take what is rightfully yours


wish my sises murderer was killed


hate the sismurderrp


bawling hard


File: 1554659023019.png (437.58 KB, 1505x1100, LC19XGq.png)

this will be pnig returning to hima after hes declared innocent tomorrow




quit flipping crying



nah this will be pnig 10,000 years from now when his sentence is served


wish freakeye would drop a status update


listened to some youtube tards and tried to simply meditate this tummy ache away
it did NOT work and ended up gambling and losing right on the carpet



start making your own food


cant wait for seki to immediately bow to the nig


Tapioca Drinks From 5 Stores! Comparing 11 Items [4.3 Kg]


File: 1554660677669.jpg (55.03 KB, 742x1115, fatchouli.jpg)


mom made me a bologna sandwich




File: 1554661332406.png (473.71 KB, 900x1000, 1534678959967.png)



Natural gas is now so cheap that would-be buyers are being paid to take it away



wish to work at the Waha gas pipeline


cant believe ive been fooled by big sugar


do not post him


hes pasted


jehovah witnesses talked to me and they said that my real life is waiting for me with them


pretty good serm today enjoyed it


how do people not get bones at the pool


sugar is possibly the most evil part of the diet


convinced crts are inferior


they are


nothin like cracking open some cold ones and playing real cartridges on real hardware through a sony 'PVM' professional video monitor


we are supposed to drink alcohol only during festivals like easter and yule


owned sugarnorms


raged mom ate the last of my nutella but when i ask her for more shes gonno shame me


stop eating nutella its just sugar


havent seen any pasta posts in months


im punishing my body for not being attractive


once i get a little sugar in me


glad i lost my manbaby palate as a teen and started hating sweetness so i dont have to worry about it


havin a coffee


is the ideal bodytype for attracting hot girls still fat torso and skinny arms


not since 1920


love sugar it tastes great and makes me full of energy


this is very unsettling


drank red bull for the first time recently i can see why gamers like them


gonno start trading crypto again


tried monster and it made me sweat and my heart rate skyrocketed dont know how norms can inject themselves with caffeine every day


dont understand how anyone can drink energy drinks or coffee it makes me feel like complete shite


itll make you feel better if you get 5 hours of sleep and wake up to a blaring alarm to go brush your teeth before work


mindblowing how the good old days werent actually good the fact that an anti marijuana movie came out in the 30s means drugnorms were still a problem the fda was in its infancy so you had a higher chance of getting food poisoning sewer systems werent great the average person worked more hours and during industrialization a lot of it was brutal factory jobs with almost no security measures being enforced then theres the wars the average life expectancy was only 47 and the median age to get married was 20 thats 6 years below the current average of 26


31 gold hehe im rich cant wait to buy a mount


the actual good days was in tribes nothing post industrial revolution is good


same but i do it anyways and end up pacing while talking to myself for 3 hours



im in my mid 20s


you havent even begun to hit your peak


men peak in their 40s


having a coffee


its all uphill from here bros


flip you


gonno nap


nothing wrong with coffee but everything wrong with energy drinks


we all need to stop being degens the hima race has to be superior above all others


could live from interest forever if i had 300k


could live for 300 years on that i only need about 1k a year


if if and buts were candies and nuts


wish i could live up to the standards of the hima race im too subhuman


you cannot kill me i am subhuman


coffee has more caffeine than monster and norms drink multiple cups of it every day


File: 1554672800399.jpg (50.92 KB, 435x690, 1554670464456.jpg)






imagine being skullmogged and spermmogged by your tranny boyfriend




wish to be impregnated by a birl gf


you cant be impregnated


then explain this belly


i dont think anyone thought the industrial revolution or the great depression were the good ol days


the good ol days were 2011


File: 1554674048075.jpg (1.48 MB, 1732x1200, 1554671052983.jpg)



wish a girl would look disgusted at me like that


shes giving me that incel look


closed as soon as i saw a girl being interested in trading cards


just fast forward my life to the credits


shes the only one they cover that in chapter one


sickening how every teen learning about mactrices will never get taught what it actually represents



wonder when pnig will make his pedrage video


i was reading the other day about how low levels of vitamin b12 affects sperm count its for the best


how do i get more b12


liver sardines and red meat


those are yucky


https://nyaa.si/view/1132680 megashite hehe get it its a pun on mezashite




its time to game


havent joed in 24 hours hope i shoot far


might switch to horde alliance is full of kitty fags


arent you an elf girl


it was the best option


you have to play alliance to roll a night elf mohawk


you cant complain about kitty fags when youre a girl


its ok since i dont self insert


you cant call him a girl


you should be playing a badass human warrior anyway be the alliance you want it to be


warriors are boring


i dont play a man since i dont feel like staring at man ass


better than being a girl




if you look at the center of the screen you wont have to see man ass


always secretly found the troll girls in warcraft really sexy


miniskirt police


orc girls sigh


going to reroll as a skater boy




got some rice and shrimps


do skater boys even exist anymore


they said see you later boy



paste crumb


they exist but in much smaller numbers
we went from skater boys and sexy emo girls to hyperslut bimbos and soyboys


we will all be woken up from this nightmare soon by our sexy emo gfs


miss the 90s


File: 1554680331677.png (9.79 MB, 4205x2883, __kirima_sharo_gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka_draw….png)


shes very elegant in that


cant wait for venezuelan wow gold farmers


this gives me the urge to pk


the 90s were a very violent time both in media and on the streets


recruited all the gold farmers into my guild once they were good people


chinks cant be good


should i become a redditor


any chinks


tried educating people on the evils of sugar and they called me dumb


made myself a nice tuna melt hehe


what did you put on it



girls dont have perverted minds in that way she didnt understand what she was saying


anything good this season










phew nothin beats steeping in a pool of nearly boiling hot water surrounded by naked japanese men


as long as theyre not older than 25 right


mozzarella smoked tuna mayo and some msg black pepper vinegar sauce


human soup seems like something chinks would drink to extend their lifespans


feast on the vitality of others to retain your youth


might sell some of my virgin boy eggs



got the beard itch hima should i shave or power through


shave that shit we must all be long haired low bmi anime twinks


i shaved today after my shower and im looking handsome


love admiring the big clump of grime and dirt in the tub after my annual bath


nice yuusha is getting a full 24 episode cour


whens pnigs court date again is it tomorrow


yeah lets all pray for a guilty verdict


he was your himamate you posted alongside each other for years you should be supporting him


i support the justice system prevailing


he bragged about fsnaping children at the public pool and burying them in the desert


cant wait for the mass steaming of hima when he gets acquitted


for his crime the correct punishment is community service


i dont really care one way or the other i kind of want him to come back but its more exciting into my imagination if he gets thrown in jail


wish i had one


remember when he openly admitted to skipping most posts and how he only came here to blog his own boring shite he wasnt a real himabro


come on over theres enough for two


alright im on my way


last time neetblog came over mom said he smelled like shit


really because mom keeps asking me when that handsome young man is coming back over after he visited me


cant believe neetblog flipped my mom


my surname is pretty rare


mine is very rare


File: 1554686341456.png (101.5 KB, 750x1334, C29DC3AB-0872-4A1B-B63B-B40905003397.png)


File: 1554686491363.png (102.91 KB, 750x1334, 4237D6BE-0C92-4238-86D5-E0F7D300CC27.png)



flip you chink this is a white mans website


mine is 1 in the world


nice wang


hate how this guy is exposing norms to the beauty of math its futile the masses are unequipped to appreciate maths cold austere elegance


stupid teen


math is gay as hell


does math explain y ur an incel lmao


doubt there is any higher joy than solving a complicated math problem


making a complicated math problem





uh thats what i do


flip you pnig get back to the cell before the guards crack the whip on your black ass


anyone gaming


gaming is too exhausting


im gamin


counting down the hours until i can snooze again


gamed a bunch now im going to play some sekiro


wish i was a big scary barbarian why am i confined to this puny form


its energy efficient


File: 1554688675315.jpg (462.86 KB, 1671x2283, 6861710aacebeabd3993fab96a986a84.jpg)




whats wrong with their voices


what do you mean


went with mom to the storage room again found my 5th grade yearbook already have that look of being tired from it all


i was but now im gonno make lunch


found mine earlier there were some sexy girls


t. anderson


just informed mom that im a gamer


hes lost it


how is he still alive


how does a healthy japanese person die at 31 from heart failure



your first error was to assume that the oriental people are healthy millennia of dependency on the nutritionally deficient crop known as rice has enfeebled their entire race




rice is a superfood


preposterous of all the major staple crops it is the most lacking


ban the anglo onseki


they made up for it with fish


nutrients are a modern invention all you need is the energy food gives you


hate evil grains


your brain has been poisoned by too many antinutrients


if nutrition is so unnecessary then how come plants need nourishing soil to grow


sekiro really opened up after reaching the well it was pretty linear up until this point but now i dont even know where i should be going first


perform a cost-benefit analysis and choose the optimum route life is an equation


soil is just their home


chowing down on a big bowl of risotto as we speak feel sorry for noricers


you are sinning




ignore that idiot


moms ynajing hard again


moms been quiet lately wonder if theres an inevitable confrontation on the horizon maybe shes finally accepted that im a useless manbaby


mindbottling that i am going to be a 30 year old manbaby in a few months


i dont want to think about these things please stop posting about them


where did your youth go


it is just beginning


simply get a job


im still young at heart despite how my body looks




we are still young theres no need to worry


guess ill nap


bald 30 and fat its over for me hima


File: 1554694115923.jpg (36.53 KB, 225x350, 170195.jpg)

should i watch k


wish i was dumb enough to understand asmr


gih porkmate




ooged until the end


gonno watch some vids and snooze
i dont want to wake up early i dont want to go to work help


i dont help norms


just keep sleeping and forget your problems


all of that crap is nonsense tantamount to pornography before the advent of asmr as an online phenomenon there was this young english girl on youtube who would upload videos rambling about her chao garden on sonic adventure who had the most heavenly voice now that was true auditory stimulation i should have preserved her videos


hehe love mondays favorite day of the week gonno feast on some norm dread while i watch videos game and jo


do my eyes deceive me or does that say watch video games


you need glasses



your bad karma is building up


why i havent done anything wrong


everyone accumulates bad karma just by living


crying thinking about all the good games ive played lately


holy flip the theology in index is laughable the pseudoscience has always been pretty tolerable but the rest is just painful hima how am i supposed to endure this for 25 more episodes


embrace it


just convince yourself its worth it for the fight scenes and that succubus girl


show me this succubus girl you speak of


File: 1554702283764.jpg (626.05 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Toaru Majutsu no Index III - 21….jpg)

theres part of her


how do i get a job


you have to be born a norm first then the job comes naturally


what do i say when they see the 9 year gap on my resume


File: 1554704709014.mp3 (10.27 MB, 01 - asu e no melody.mp3)

my first ever jo song...


wait no the first were the fruits candy and groovy ed from that same soundtrack


hitori bocchi is too pure this is it hima show of the season


you were finding yourself


File: 1554706324775.swf (6.09 MB, rt.swf)


ababababbaba noo


time to sleep gamed all day and plan on gaming all day again tomorrow


drank 4 blogweisersa


sigh keep jumping out of my seat at all the spiders on the wall but then realize its just my booger collection



sigh it is almost spider season i am getting scared



wish i was argentinian


did the new season start already i havent finished the old one yet


File: 1554710189429.png (291.52 KB, 640x1066, unknown.png)



did a couple of dumb things like set up my preferred contact and pretended to fill out a quick survey and blue cross sent me a $50 amazon code take that neets


woke up soft again twice in a row im flipping screwed


thats a good thing


my future gf wont think so sigh


why would you want a gf


isnt that the goal of real life


you should have thought about that sooner
its been over for a long time


only if youre a fliptarded norm


dont want a gf but i do want a nice kitty to grab and flip


keep having dreams about having long hair why is this happening


dumb anime publishers missing out millions by not publishing ASMR CDs of characters


you were supposed to be the opposite gender


karma is a heretical doctrine it isnt found anywhere in the bible


karma is a heretical doctrine it isnt found anywhere in the bible


woke up


hate how they call it asmr instead of just voice porn don't like how it still grants the thin veil of uhhh i just like the tingly feeling haha


meat and dairy have antinutrients too
only nutrient deficient people need to be worried about antinutrients


meant veneer


not everyone is a dumb sexnorm like you


what's the point of asmr


not a sexnorm but everyone who listens to tracks of foids whispering in their ear is



gonno jo off to eve


got a job at bass pro shops


whispering is flipping stupid asmr in its current form is too artificial its not supposed to be a conscious effort the only time i ever get authentic tingles is as a secondary consequence of somebody preoccupied with a completely unassuming task asmr vids are just ridiculous


hope youtube starts banning that crap for sexual imagery


are you gonno work in the knife section


latte is pure


could go for a pure chai latte right now


listening to demetori again for the first time since 2010 when i was pretty big music noob some of these songs are real good im able to appreciate the individual musicianship and composition of the songs more now instead of just classifying them along with the rest of the touhou metal folder always loved the opening and closing melody on this one though


oog me listen pretty sound




might become a god


to become a god the people must first place their faith in you


nah thats a cuck fake shinto god real gods are gods whether the puny humans acknowledge them or not


i did not say i would be a benevolent god


a god who disregards the welfare of the people is no god at all


nah thats a cuck fake god a real god is not subject to the morality of the puny humans the puny humans are subject to His morality


you mean like the current god in charge
look at all the suffering on hima


has anime taught you nothing your myopia will be your downfall


office lady did a tickling thing on my desk with her hand when she walked by and it gave me a bone


pasted office lady love fucking her when boss isnt looking


feel sorry for all the employed unattractive norms who are naive to that privilege of anatomically superior males they dont even get to alleviate their stress on the premises or other special treatment wonder what keeps them going


used to curse god but found deliverance through neetblogs post


big game on wednesday hima


File: 1554730350158.jpg (797.17 KB, 1751x2177, RNFetchBlobTmp_lzs24po23x8br6m0i2801r.jpg)

look out touhou theres a new king of comedy


disappointed that in no point in king of comedy does anyone say hello to the new king of comedy


sigh hima cut my lip while shaving its bleeding hard


owned get biffed on


guy came in and said well hello how are you and i couldnt tell if he was being sarcastic or not because of how he was saying it and the other guy in here started laughing i dont know what the norms are up to but ill have to be on my guard


post some funny walfas instead


woke up


was your slumber a restful one




its the coffee youre drinking too much


ya but i have a sore throte


for me its neetblog - intelligent nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humour


love listening to arranges of the same 10 songs ive heard millions of time


wonder what the new music sounds like not familiar with much past ufo


was he a flamer


was in taco bell reading the menu in my hands then some guy came up and took the menu then turned around and said whoops didn't know you were reading that and his gf laughed and they both walked off to a table never went back to that taco bell again never wore the same shirt i wore that day again makes me feel like an insignificant little mouse when i see it in my cupboard


no hes the divorced plant manager that lives with a cat


you should have drawn your cutlass and flintlock and challenged him to a duel


you should have turned it into rage fuel instead of hiding away


File: 1554734067053.jpg (268.76 KB, 1280x1463, 1554734011766.jpg)

my eyes are up here creep


sigh sis used to accuse everyone of staring at her breasts when she was going through puberty including me and our honored father


does she have big boobies


instant bone when girls nonchalantly talk about their boobs especially with that same word


holy flip that button is barely holding on


File: 1554735078212.jpg (57.58 KB, 700x510, 1498885362888.jpg)


oog girl voice me bone


remember overhearing conversations of that nature among my older female cousins when i was but a wee shota think the fondness must have originated then


just heard that norms actually consider tinder to be the correct socially acceptable way to find partners now and trying to pick up girls in real life is no longer done just like you dont show up to someones house invited even though it was normal in 1955 is that true


meant uninvited


thanks for the clarification i was real confused


need to figure out whats wrong with my penis maybe my allergies are killing my morning bones


you are finally ascending


let me take a biopsy


never got a bone every single morning in the first place maybe 1 in 5


love how easily you can start a company in the us and quickly brainwash everyone into thinking they have to use your product to be socially acceptable


norms are easily controlled


its not tinder itself but the concept of such an application with tinder being the most well known one just like there are many brands of car and its unacceptable to not drive one


tinder taught me that i am trucel


true and honest celibate


File: 1554736427057-0.jpg (242.3 KB, 828x1170, 1.jpg)

File: 1554736427057-1.jpg (216.43 KB, 831x1172, 2.jpg)


thats why hugs are for girls only


awfully hungry these days


maybe because you lost weight


whats wrong with her face


simply cannot believe that my friend would call me a creep just because i said i like to watch anime with girl cute girls in them i was just being funny and self depreciating how could they say something like that still remember it and cant get over it years later


in just a few hours the pedonig will be handed down 3 consecutive life sentences


that just means he was right


fire up the courtroom livestream


unfortunate for pnig that obama is no longer around to give a brotha a presidential pardon


this is gonno happen to pnig


dont worry just look at what happened with pasted jussie


creep is something you just dont call a man especially if youre a woman cant think of many things worse reminds me of when my crush in 5th grade called me a FREAK in all caps


is this freakeyes origin story
can we skip to the part where he killed his clan


and now youre known as the freakeye


she branded you for life youre soulbound to her


remember when we had some kind of dress up day and she wore these boots and a fat girl came up to me and said dont you think kate looks kind of slutty wearing those boots


you want to know how i got these scars


remember when i was in 1st grade and i was the lead in the school play along with this girl and when the night came somebody's mom was supposed to pick me up and drive me there but they never came so some other guy filled in for me and i cried at school the next day would have never happened if my parents werent divorced because then my dad just would have drove me bet the girl was relieved though because she hated me


you poor child


used to wear the dunce cap in school


sigh had to tell everyone in class to vote for me to get that role too what was the point


File: 1554739128508.jpg (80 KB, 600x1200, 4.jpg)


did pnig get the electric chair yet


sexy pits peropero


its gonno be declared a mistrial



ive been subpoenaed


sorry to hear


got indicted for foreign election interference over my posts on a certain board


called in to testify over skype against pnig


anyone want to play some monhun with me on the switch


you mean for right youre on his team


why be on his team he would never be on yours


he loved his himabros that swore allegiance more than anything


yeah he loved worshipers


uhh doesnt the switch not have monster hunter world and only have the lame cross games that are basically still tri


mindblowing that pnig called himself the ideal poster and gave himself themes and thanked himself for them




i suppose you could say he was his own greatest worshiper



File: 1554745224269.jpg (285.84 KB, 2048x1536, meet.jpg)

>hima meetup


alright as soon as we cage those cats we can eat


no himameet would have uneaten pizzas


it is only the beginning


hope freak drops a status update


if i buy a sony phone will i be supporting japans economy or supporting the sjws in sony of america


'ate sjw


get a libre phone


File: 1554746829625.jpg (155.9 KB, 1024x768, 1441862358620.jpg)

gonno post


wouldnt mind being an rv dweller


wish i was a busneet


gran just bought an old rv to live with hope she quickly realizes the mistake shes made but keeps it because it would be pasted to take to track events


looks like serial killer


burnt my frozen pizza to a crisp but ate it anyway but now im experiencing discomfort in passing it there are black pieces present


its the job thats never started as takes longest to finish


hate how all these embeds still get posted thought it was pnig who did that




we must carry on the torch



shrek guy said he sees me as a rage against the machine type


varg said if europe and usa go down china goes down is that true bros


'ate the EU


got my hair in a knot its not long enough to have it in the back so its sitting on top of my head but i kinda like it


ya chinas production is a huge surplus they dont consume even 10% of what they make suddenly 1.2 billion chinks would have to give up on urban areas and go back to the country all at the same time it would be chaos




is dickspammer in front of a firing squad yet


die pictron


File: 1554750401397.png (157.9 KB, 500x932, do-you-do-you-have-a-man-bun-feb-24-at-2555779….png)


is shooting a photo of pnig a credible threat if you also contact and harass his relatives


pasted jeremy


hate the term man bun such a city word every warrior tribe had their long hair tied in combat


why does it bother you only norms would say that


File: 1554750746967.png (75.16 KB, 624x787, 1554706559923.png)



hes right for now but in a few decades asia will be such a huge market that itll be irrelevant to them if the west dies or not


he should have listened to the threat


got myself a big ol caramel milkshake hima


you mean sugarshake


sigh got the sudo banner


better than battler or ronald those mean a month of bad omens


what manga is this i have this image saved but i dont know what its from


need to learn how to respect women like this


hehe shame he coerced me into deleting the evidence of that would be fun to read them



pnig bowed to pnig



is he dead yet


eating snacks and killing turtles in the mirage raceway


honestly have no idea whats theyre talking about such strange english how do you open a door behind you


flying tomorrow hima real scared


make sure you wear a mask so you dont get any norm pathogens


dont wear masks on planes


File: 1554753366926.jpg (84.03 KB, 1125x1105, 1554657544469.jpg)


disrespected walmart employees until uli was hired


would love to go shopping for tuna melt ingredients at ulis walmart hehe wonder if he still hates the word people


i hate the word folk and like the word people


now send her post to her walmart



hate how every girl in fire emblem is a sis of a guy makes it immoral to jo to them


you should seek to flip everyones sister its a display of dominance


no its disrespectful and uncivilized


wish i could flip someones daughter


id only ever flip a only child orphan


File: 1554755645692.jpg (86.53 KB, 694x964, 1554437893537.jpg)

How could anyone get off to the idea of removing a little girl's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples? Only a heartless monster would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the cum more than her little throat can swallow. The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal kitty, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke. I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.It is truly nasty how you'd run your hands all over her tiny body while you violate her, feeling her nipples hardening against your tongue as you lick her chest, her neck and her armpits, savoring the scent of her skin and sweat while she trembles from the stimulation and as she reaches her climax,hearing her cry out softly as she has her first orgasm while that cock is buried impossibly deep inside her,pulsing violently as an intense amount of hot cum spurts forth and floods through her freshly-deflowered kitty for the first time, filling her womb only to spill out of her with a sickening squelch. And as you lie atop her flushed body, she murmurs breathlessly,"You came so much inside of me", then her fingers dig into your back as she feels your cock hardening inside again.


pnig used this in his defense


File: 1554755870212.jpg (7.79 KB, 234x215, funny cat.jpg)


janny look like cat lmoa


simply epic


fuck your kitty


File: 1554756154713.jpg (103.59 KB, 818x1526, 6.jpg)




gonno jerk it to some kids


glad i didnt fall for the ped meme


where can i find a bus to inhabit


im meme


File: 1554757217940.jpg (79.27 KB, 591x834, zzqebg9zx2r21.jpg)


too dumb for magic


sigh no good animes


found a bag full of styrofoam stuff with brass rings probably for a school science project receipt says 2006


sounds like a snap kit



File: 1554758754049.jpg (227.5 KB, 865x1200, 1554363606896.jpg)


himako getting swarmed by the sc2 girls


hold onto it we might need that for the ritual


im home hima gonno treat myself to a big coffee


got a toof removed it was really painful


found two pair of old roller blades prices for these are pretty decent


hope turt is having a nice flight


that wasnt me


dont jo to sakura


try and stop me


File: 1554762344923.png (578.36 KB, 850x1200, 1554273528583.png)


did her vagina fall out


wish my vagina would go back inside



File: 1554763093587.jpg (88.1 KB, 500x735, cohnn6zwkgq21.jpg)


woke up gonno need some coffee


gonno learn czech anyone else wanna learn with me


learn russian instead


File: 1554763740470.jpg (421.01 KB, 1395x908, t.jpg)


czech is too hard


everything tastes like blood now after the tooth extraction




File: 1554765305097.mp4 (353.89 KB, 1115389670182084609.mp4)


hehe nice



left my underwear in the hamper too long seems to have mold on it


it cant grow mold just from being in the hamper thats ridiculous



what if it had bodily fluids on it when it was put there


File: 1554766158703.jpg (200 KB, 736x543, 1554765667657.jpg)

should i watch this as as a member of the warren coven


why are people making the joker movie a political thing its just a joker movie


because its just another straight white man going crazy and inflicting harm the moment he has to face the slightest bit of adversity like its been done again and again like in falling down


if they made the joker gay and black would it be better


you want to know how i got these scars


it would probably still be bad then because it takes place in modern society so it would be like saying that gay black men will snap and commit 50% of murders at the slightest provocation


gonno snap



me and mom


pasted buyer


did you get the $15 deal


File: 1554766966450.png (17.79 KB, 581x153, 96b2ce6dead071ef194be4e4ab582da5.png)

bought a squatty potty today ill make sure to review it for hima


pasted squatty pasted potty


should have bought a bidet seat


bidets arent real


apparently these are pretty good for you


uh why does a stool cost $25


File: 1554767387237-0.jpg (121.9 KB, 1500x1499, 71JXhmqsGML._SL1500_.jpg)

File: 1554767387237-1.jpg (104.77 KB, 1500x1500, 71EYJ4-zP3L._SL1500_.jpg)

ya your ass muscles go from this to this


clearly because people will still pay $25 for a 5 inch cheap plastic stool


you pay a premium to know its squatty potty quality


it better make my shites smell like roses for that kind of money


whats $25 when it will last for years who cares


die richnorm


die povertynorm


$25 is almost 2 months worth of food


its time to get to bed its been a long eventful day


its not just the value idiot its what youre getting in return its a scam


you would need two stools


youre getting the most comfortable shits youve had in your life it will be a permanent quality of life in improvement how is that a scam


File: 1554768629651.jpg (785.49 KB, 3264x2448, 58ja14rf6kpy.jpg)

simply squat on the toilet seat like this


just ordered an ereader


gonno get an ipad pro


get yourself a nice amazon kindle instead


hima is supposed to be anti consumerism


how can you say that when himas founder was the biggest consumer of them all


you are mistaken


wheres the nig trial update his case is today


thats not how it works brainlet


File: 1554770808718.jpg (4.62 KB, 181x38, bones.jpg)


oh shit im feelin it hima




the blood is on turts hands


the trial was rescheduled


ded ped


his prank went too far


how does it work


getting angry thinking about vegans again


lets all rage together


wish i had the will to become a vegan


installed gamemaker studio 2


whats a good cheap cloth mousepad




get yourself a nice boobpad instead


zilberman is a jewish last name


the pork is in the oven


File: 1554774660578.webm (2.73 MB, 976x550, cheetah.webm)


mindblowing that big cats act the same as cats


lets all move to czechia




gonno hunt some mons in a minute here hima


whats in czechia


mousepads are for norms


is this some technorm thing


even worse its a gamer thing


just got owned extra hard by the ashina elite


just regretspermed


im gamer



thank you for linking this


hate asmr and especially hate dognorms


cant believe theres asmr norms on hima now too


love a good schlop dog


how do i order an onahole without mom noticing


lots of progress in sekiro today


order it anyways or have it delivered to a box somewhere


might buy a onahole myself


gonno have a glass


get a virgin age ~admission~


made myself a grilled cheese and a pbj


could go for some grilled cheese too bad im scared of frying pans


its sc2



hate raiders


nothin raid


chicken and taters in the oven hima


reinstalling bfa gonno do some arena for a month or two


dont play retail


settle for a toasted cheese instead


sigh just ate 500g of cereal just to feel alive hate having insufficient d2 receptors


refuse to play on northdale


love the north 'ate the south


swallow your pride


play a real game instead of mmo shite


these scrambled eggs look ass


ive always been here


nah they are good


kitty is snoozing and purring on me lap


File: 1554782262192.jpg (567.3 KB, 900x1340, __nekomusume_original_drawn_by_pekoneko__36059….jpg)


nice boobers


holy flip the dev of kingdom come deliverance wore a burzum tshirt


been into euro rpgs lately might play that one


gamed hard today hima


havent showered in days hima im smellin good


heading to bed cant wait to game some more


couldnt sleep sigh


woke up from my nap


welcome back


the animated illustrations on this channel make me chuckle


tardlaughed at this


awoke with no bone again thats three days in a row and i didnt even jo yesterday
dont know what i can do


did you know awoke is an illegitimate word with no precedent in the english language


nah its a perfectly cromulent word


how enlightening hima


excuse the presenters ridiculous appearance


tomatoes are NOT bland


started to really accept over the last few years that im actually not a good person and it isnt in retaliation for being rejected but because of my genes


File: 1554809680280.jpeg (79.41 KB, 601x850, 0721e05ddcb39ca2da07d77ff543a1ed.jpeg)



physically addicted to listening to podcasts at all times and will go through withdrawal symptoms if my bluetooth cuts out


the resolution of that image is very poor please refrain from sharing such low quality files in the future


dont resmog


File: 1554810811384.gif (4.18 KB, 75x100, 1fe80422c41d83cd3bd14f625753228b26fecb0e3dea0f….gif)


File: 1554810976725.jpg (103.46 KB, 950x1068, D3sXZs8UUAEnQsp.jpg)


thanks will keep this in my consciousness as i draw


i need to become some sort of artist which medium should i devote myself to im thinking books


youtube commentary


File: 1554811376976.jpg (337.62 KB, 900x675, 1fa9c5d13b20e1e0ba00cb76e41b01ff.jpg)

do girl parts really look like this


no the bhole is blurry too


are you curious about female anatomy



File: 1554811721082.jpg (390.64 KB, 675x900, 1d6a31c99531357ad29d2cc4153e1ad5.jpg)

enjoy the dark haired well endowed myopic females of this artist


no men please


looks like nerds are finally realizing that realism adds depth to fiction and artwork contrary to that stupid flipping belief that it somehow stifles creativity the wondrous magic of nature will almost always be infinitely more mystifying and enchanting than some ignorant humans limited imagination


meant wondrous complexity flip not sure where magic came from


very true there is no match for gods creation as we see in this poem:

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.


looking forward to composing springtime poetry for the easter holiday


File: 1554812243613.jpg (438.71 KB, 675x900, 254f3b8a2364b4d7bcad5c7710275247.jpg)

do class representatives have sex with teachers more or less often than the general student population


its not right for late adolescent girls to be left day after day in the care of unrelated adult men in positions of authority over them

high school teachers should be women


did you know that nigerian scammers intentionally make their scams obvious so they only lure in people who fall for obvious scams


its endless its mapless no compass no north star


oog pretty sound


yes i read an article about it by some microsoft guy years ago


mind sharing


hey hima where can i locate polaris in the night sky is it still visible in modern times



its in the big dipper but you cant see it if in the irrelevant hemisphere


thinking of the nig


cant get over the mindrupturing reality of how easily it is to ruin your life at any time just go on a stabbing spree or upload youtube videos with your full name doing something disgusting or jump up in class or at work and start throwing everything off everyones desk or molest your 11 year old cousin and post about it on an imageboard along with your face and location


used to contemplate spontaneous acts of absurdity and transgression like that all the time in high school pictured the most unsuspecting victims too for maximum entertainment


i started contemplating them after watching the new Joker trailer


still think about it when walking down stars with someone in front of me i could easily just push them and if they landed badly they might even die i could ruin my life in one moment




wow youve traversed the surface of stars thats amazing whats it like why havent you documented your travels and released them to the public


File: 1554814506448.jpg (50.52 KB, 564x547, c69dba5bde656e21eb86107b00a738515cb5ed66_hq.jpg)

i had the opposite experience i thought i was the bad guy for a long time and then realized i was actually good all along


File: 1554814576116.webm (1.45 MB, 480x270, 1554814100571.webm)


pasted accelerator


nothing but a grotesque writhing mound of flesh


holy flip this image gave me chills




he wants to tear them to shreds because his instinct tells him he can but then it doesnt work and hes mindblown you can tell


my instincts tell me to tear norms to shreds


as a social creature your instincts tell you to cooperate and commiserate with them you must now allow your trauma to distort your perception


looking for a wallpaper version of this


sigh youre right
ive spent many years trying to deconstruct myself to lose aspects i dislike but there are some very difficult ones to remove am im starting to think that maybe its impossible to rewrite millions of years of programming


i will rewrite this twisted world


woke up


youre another day wiser


File: 1554815858597.webm (1.67 MB, 1280x720, 1429467047262.webm)

bait: otaku culture
pigs: troubled american teens
cage: incel


time to watch the new fruits basket hell yeah



havent picked anything up this season ill probably do it tonight and set some feeds up finally


what are the feeds for


sexy ladywatching what else


me on the left stuck under the gate


anime is being sanitized sexy ladies have no place in it anymore


so i dont forget to download something just leave tixati open and as soon as the shows are released it downloads


but you shouldnt watch airing programs to begin with its inefficient


File: 1554817231249.jpg (321.58 KB, 1325x2048, maid.jpg)


File: 1554817347537.png (539.12 KB, 676x962, 2ac6dbf650588942566c12fd2d33aa15.png)

are virgs really like this


if you flip a virgin hard and give her an orgasm shell become addicted to your dick like in eromanga and theyll fall in love with you and stalk you and obsess over you somebody on an /a/ ronery thread said that once but it does seem accurate


girls hate penises



onseki found his old hard drive and started uploading some videos he took




propaganda to turn asian incel against white incel


i dont trust ricecels


File: 1554818320187.jpg (114.06 KB, 765x1024, pic.jpg)


if we truly live in a post-racial society then why are 90% of the asian gfs i see with their asian bf instead of a bf of another race


they want babies that look like them


if theres one thing i hate its typing a post in 10 seconds and then waiting 5 minutes for the captcha botnet to decide im not a robot


dont post on 4teen


dont think ive posted on 4norm more than 10 times since the legacy captcha went away


same maybe less


leaves falling red brown and green leaves falling its europes autmn


get yourself a nice 4norm pass


never this was frustrating though because it took me so long to post to btfo a guy that the thread expired right after i did so i never got to see him accept defeat


mom told me about how her dad subsisted all throughout his adolescence and young adulthood before marriage on the money earned by grueling labor in an unregulated coal mine listening to this song in memory of a man who lived a hard life



wonder what its like to have a gamer dad


dont post donkey kong music it makes me cry


why it should fill you with pleasant images of bygone days


started manually breathing and blinking sigh


gonno wake up on the christmas morning of my
youth and play some donkey kong


the laws of quantum physics forbid that


play some sonic instead


never had a sega


you missed out


sonics lame you cant even go fast because there are so many obstacles the and physics engine and gameplay flow of donkey kong are much better


god bless


dad used to play atari games and then nes mario and goldeneye with me it was nice


going to travel 13 light years away so i can observe the earth during 2006 once more


what is it you hope to see once more




dad only played doom and duke nukem 3d


hate violent games


File: 1554822322301.png (531.23 KB, 1412x530, primatology.PNG)

found a disturbed individual on youtube


im chimp



how do i get a gf like this


pasted kidnapper of baby monkeys


longing for the oceans kiss hima nothing can replace that coastal breeze sea salt pervading your nostrils the cry of vagrant gulls overhead and the distant horizon tantalizing the imagination


its deadeyeballgirl33



did you know kid backwards is dik which is almost like dick


flying later today hima sigh this pinches


got a nice rika and satoko banner for my journey


just try not to remember the fact that 99% of plane crashes are fatal during your flight


ya it calms me down to think about how much of this shite life i wouldnt have to deal with if something goes wrong id like to be apathetic


you dont mean that


ya i do


>According to a report from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, among passengers unlucky enough to experience a plane crash between 1983 and 2000, 95.7 percent survived


just one stall and a few minutes later i could be hanging out with wowaka and gsnap-kun


hehe pasted excluding 2001




so what i was off by 4 percent big deal the essence remains


that tears it im joining the blimp pirates under captain neet b. log


whats the b stand for


dont say it


honestly dont think wow classic will be successful




dont give a hoot about blizzards success only care about my own enjoyment


wow pinches my flipping chicken strip hard onseki ban the wowraiders this instant


you hate what you dont understand


not flapper enough to understand enjoying what killed mmos


i mean people will quickly get tired of classic and the numbers will die off maybe blizzard will keep it open on principle because it was requested for so long but it wont be a worthwhile venture for either party


they already have huge profits on bfa and they require you to be subbed to that to play classic so blizz is just taking some extra profits to upkeep classic
theyve been putting out a store mount every 3 flipping months so its not like theyre broke


wish i had a less horny gf can one of you bros take her off my hands for a while


im not allowed to flip her though right


i need you to flip her i cant keep up on my own


would you consider your sexual appetite lower than average


you arent supposed to want that shes supposed to be a precious jewel you must keep hidden and safe from other men


heres the plan the most attractive among us gets a teengf and has a daughter then at the ripe age of 16 she is married off to the next person in the ring then he has a daughter and marries her off the next guy and this is repeated until the last guy gets his gf


the presence of women will only disturb the delicate harmony of the mansion


if you want you can speed it up by having more than one daughter but youre only required to produce one


i dont think anyone here is attractive enough to nab a teengf


simply be a sugardaddy


you should check out the baby monkey hate community on youtube it will blow your mind


uh why would someone hate baby monkeys


surely you jest


if you dont hate something you just dont know enough about it


oh i get it its people with psychopathic tendencies who like to see animals tortured and monkeys are simply a close substitute for humans


File: 1554824588781.png (86.52 KB, 932x344, DNcYTyC.png)

holy fuck monkey btfo


File: 1554824610674.jpg (971.78 KB, 3038x1920, D3uINwQUYAEuGqM.jpg)




id have to live until the age of 240 with that plan


turt can you caption this


youre not supposed to get a bone from reading of such terrible acts


kindest lady you will ever meet and insane flipping psychofoid


cant believe i was born a fat balding 30 year old cel



superior software and the nintendo assurance of quality end of story



why doesnt the first daughter birth enough for everyone? or at least all daughters birth more than one




imagine being the product of the hima incel breeding program




File: 1554826160995.png (429.29 KB, 600x602, LOL.png)


precious how they think something as superficial as indulging in foreign media devoid of genuine artistic value distinguishes them from the masses


hate how i have to actively try to be a normal functioning human being and everyone else just does it


hate the freak personator


nice freak


i am an existence separate from the masses


your ignorance betrays you the swamp beast was an avid anime connoisseur


whats artistic value anyways


installed unregistered hypercam 2


fool its all about bandicam nowadays


got some serious tabbage going on here hima


love making pvp videos with my unregistered hypercam and papa roach music



its an act of worship all art is supposed to glorify god and his creation


tripped and spilled my eggs on the stairs


did you pick it up before 5 seconds passed


wonder what percentage of the male population has simply accepted that they will never participate in romantic or sexual relationships


had a dream mom thought i was gay


not very many it takes a great amount of mental fortitude and inner peace to do so


by accept i dont mean be mentally at peace with i just mean acknowledge as reality


mom asked me if im gay once


little brother implied i might be gay its not me who got caught googling twink videos at age 15


mom caught me joing to sexy ladies once so she knows im not gay


they had kitty hair in them


mom used to say i was gay now she just says nobody will ever want me


like the juvenile form of the domesticated animal or the other thing


teen hours gonno game


mindblowing men of asian descent in sweden simply forcefully penetrate blonde virgin teengirls without their consent and this is seen as socially acceptable


not sure what game im gonno play today though


mom knows i like boys but not sexy ladies


you shouldnt be so candid about that


cant believe i ruined those eggs i was so happy to have a nice breakfast reading hima posts i was 4 steps from the top of the stairs and then it all just came tumbling down my week is ruined


feeling like a freak on a leash rn


you have only yourself to blame food is meant to be eaten at the kitchen table not in your private quarters like an uncivilized brute


from now on i am going to get completely dressed to make breakfast and bring the laptop to the kitchen table


mindblowing that you can be anything you can go anywhere right now just follow your dreams hell yeah


no no no no no you are supposed to grimly eat your meal without so much as a smile free of any external distractions


feeling sad gonno listen to emo


nobody says emo these days


what are we if not slaves to this torment


to listen to music to reflect a certain emotional state is to reduce it to the status of auditory drama you must evaluate it objectively and impartially


oog sound go in ear me smart


this deafnorm keeps getting real bh over music


File: 1554828396388.jpg (321.85 KB, 1310x1817, jew.jpg)


she seems flustered about something i cant tell


alright decided to play some splatoon



stop playing normtendo games


theres nothing else to play


how about a nice mmo


keep playing nintendo games theyre the best option right now


dont fall for the mmo meme


lets play mabinogi fantasy life hima


i dont play mobile games sorry


stretched yelled ate shat showered joed time to wow


too dumb for monster hunter


File: 1554829212951.jpg (3.68 MB, 4160x3120, 20190409_123258.jpg)


cant wait for viptronic xv hima


nice turt oogin out


wonder what its like being that close to a girl


why does this rotate 90 degrees when i open it in a new tab


File: 1554829421311.png (5.87 MB, 3500x4000, 1517024248463.png)

hope youre not talking about world


its still great just not as good you should be thankful for what you have


nice hp desktop


new adoredtv get in here friends


anyone else download almost every photo posted on hima


yes lets argue semantics about which piece of silicone from which company outperforms the others running proprietary code


what do you mean semantics


File: 1554829816533.jpg (340.23 KB, 848x1200, 01.jpg)



i download every photo taken by himabros just in case i need it for doxing or blackmail






die picnorms


should i post my pic


post it immediately


hope a himabro gets famous one day so i can destroy them using their posts here


pnig could have been a big fortnite streamer


regret wishing for freak to return


the freak has been released


you would be destroyed in the flames


i will destroy anyone that gets in between me and this satoko armpit banner


spermed more times to satoko than you can count


i can count up to 100


i cant


keep thinking about that video of the pig that got eaten by the croc


post it



cant wait to get home and play some sekiro


pasted humanoids tricking the pig into being eaten by croc


going to lure nb into the water with marshmallows


did you know the crocodile is evolutions masterpiece



i am an evolutionary failure


i was born to bring an end to evolution


dont understand why people say pigs are smart when you can trick them into getting eaten by a croc so easily



do you have turts japan set


wonder how satisfying it was for instigator and rager when they heard the news


File: 1554833853566.webm (2.74 MB, 718x404, 1554829806939.webm)

i cant believe he unironically got a life sentence



wish i had a sexy octo to jo me with 8 tentacles


if that wimp was smart he would be elated over that because its putting that guy within striking distance for vengeance but of course hes just some reddit crybaby so he wont do anything


wait what did he get a sentence i skipped


wish i could bully someone and flip their sister


File: 1554834567619.mp4 (27.55 MB, 1495787890998.mp4)

only got this


dont remember that at all must have been a discord exclusive


it wasnt


no it was defiantly posted here


File: 1554835328403.jpg (121.24 KB, 1200x908, D3tNRQaUYAEeyFb.jpg)


way it out yourself skipper



its like the plot of some ntr doujinshi


File: 1554836097762.png (482.1 KB, 1280x720, haruhi.png)



hell yeah knockin em out pasted


are norms aware that they behave like cattle


i may as well be a barn animal


have more confidence in yourself


need a job to afford a traditional gf


dont fall for the job meme there are no gfs here


youd find a nice girl if you simply had a better personality


im nopersona


regurgitated some of this mornings breakfast the flavor profile was quite rich and complex


File: 1554838670607.jpg (65.99 KB, 800x800, personality.jpg)

my pursanalty is pain


gotta say i used to get bored often as a neet but now just thinking about my neet days is enough to make me tear up


proneness to boredom is a symptom of a feeble mind


yea im feeble minded so what


i had some good neet moments but most of it was either boredom or vague discomfort


cooking up some turkey for my rice


no theyre just joking
his trial was going to begin yesterday but it got rescheduled


got the hibiki banner


whats so bad about having steamy sexual intercourse with a prepubescent child if they love it the little bitches


she is one horny bitch


made a sexy gnome mage


dont call gnomes sexy


why not they give me a bone


mornin hima gonno shower and make omurice


the magic wand arrived should i give it to sis or keep it for myself


my boyfriend battler told me magic isnt real


was googling kenbo and stumbled upon sc2 really mindboggling how similar that board is to hima getting freaked out thinking about how many crossboarders there are here


wish i was cool like battler


lets jam



we never had stickies in my day


when is the pnig sticky


gonno have some asparagus pee later after eating all this


havent joed in 48 hours and i have no desire to something must have just snapped inside my brain


commence the ascension


forced a jo earlier because i was worried i would not be able to for the next week


File: 1554847890986.jpg (23.43 KB, 474x355, e1bd0da6f8c10ecde6542afd2caf95c1--autistic-chi….jpg)

moms making me wear one of these when i leave the house its embarrassing but on the plus side she doesnt make me talk to strangers anymore


wish mom would get me one


is that a necklace or a wristband


looks like a wristband


ate my lunch for tomorrow along with tonights dinner this is weird i was almost forcing myself to eat just last week


had a nice early dinner to make up for the lost eggs


having a coffee got a headache not that anyone cares


forgot to participate


File: 1554850811825.png (22.07 KB, 670x172, 1debd82f9f7cc25d6ecbfa5aad8cedae.png)

whats it like being a sexnorm


hes pasted as hell



you should do a nice OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG next time


i do this whenever i see a girl from my window


nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal


should i start going to the gym i dont see the point since i wont be courting foids but being a twigger bothers me sometimes


love a good gibbon


just do calisthenics in your room


going to destroy all creatures they cant be regenerated



why would you care about being spied on unless you are hiding something


hate paranoianorms i welcome the botnet with open arms


just want to sync into the hivemind and stop thinking




if its like instrumentality than the shut in neet types will reform from the hivemind first


ok i dont want to see anymore uhhh what the hell guys why is youtube recommending me these videos soooo creepy posts anymore if you welcome the botnet


what did you just said


alright why didnt anyone tell me mortal kombat was a western game


might try and become a digital vampire


File: 1554854275598.png (677.78 KB, 1280x719, 09182bb9c2bf3d15cf90b441875f2103.png)


whats that from


woke up lots of posts today


morning please dont forget to read them all and highlight your favorites


skippin hard


im oogin hard hima oog oog OOOOOOOOG


best to skip theyre mostly raiders anyways




make sure to skip all the freakpersonator posts


hate skippers




quit flipping crying every day its tiring


have some sympathy


never skip already read before i made my wake up post time to eat


lets go to sleep


sigh spent $6000 on the evo so far not counting insurance and taxes and the actual car itself


shut the hell up norm


did some heavy duty yardwork for an hour im sweatin like a hog


had to flash my bios restart install the update restart flash the other bios restart uninstall the driver restart change the .sys file signature install it back add fake windows signatures restart hope it works


File: 1554865054756.png (Spoiler Image, 800.39 KB, 1063x986, 1554581379428.png)


are those numbers edited


bought a ssd


when will he rise again


lets watch


File: 1554869325224.jpg (69.13 KB, 707x1000, whores.jpg)

wonder if this is pasted on that girl


sigh spilled 80% of a medium mcdonalds cup of dr pepper all over my passenger seat footbed luckily my collection of work hoodies sopped up most of it
went out there to clean it with some upholstery cleaner guess ill have to wait until tomorrow to see if it left a big stain thats the last time i bring a drink without a cap into the car




File: 1554870296414.jpg (99.88 KB, 1092x1187, flip.jpg)


where are her boobs


its a boy



whats wrong with white supremacy


File: 1554870655734.jpg (43.09 KB, 384x379, 1547830019774.jpg)


jo time


die sexnorm


gonno enjoy a late night pbj


feels like ive lived for hundreds of years already cant imagine actually being old without going insane


ive experienced so many lifetimes through gaming


File: 1554878579464.jpg (128.5 KB, 1200x676, 1554877331224.jpg)

we will need to have an asian ricebender in the mansion



is chinky cat okay


black hole picture today


is that another word for bhole


its really been like 5 years since elpressador stopped doing gameplay vids sigh


mindblowing how we could all be getting flip right now if we paired up with himabfs


be warned im a power bottom


gets aids and die you freaks


gonno flip your man ass if you arent careful


you mean my boy ass


the sleeper has awakened



File: 1554901162664.webm (1.9 MB, 276x360, 1554898362934.webm)

makes me happy seeing happy dancing girls


wonder how much that hurts


File: 1554902303715.jpg (18.15 KB, 976x549, _106371512_small.jpg)



fake as flip



might make pancakes



what is this


is boles really going away for life


hes innocent until proven guilty and theres no proof of his crime only claims


he was framed


black hole


wonder when scifi cultists will get bored of trying to recreate star trek in real life


how come he was indicted by a grand jury for a life sentence of child snap then


no proof other than the terabytes of brutal child and elderly torture and snap found on his computers and closet full of molded child vaginas and recordings of neighborhood children playing in the street


the cia planted bad stuff on his pc to take hima down we were getting to powerful


maybe his lawyer can pack the jury with his fellow afroamericans they always try to help a brother out


no one likes peds


there is only suspicion of pnig being guilty they cant break into his encrypted computer with an amd processor with no backdoors


its a breach of privacy they got to his pc without a warrant the case cant stand by definition


they didnt need a warrant he invited them in


they had probable cause after seeing his warosu posts and closet


turt compiled a huge folder of evidence and sent it to the fbi he has no chance



probable cause only covers your car and bag not residences


neetblog arranged the postponement as part of his daring plan to spring bolemako


knowing how pnig has been pampered and spoiled by everyone except tp his entire life he probably let the cops walk right in and do whatever they wanted


File: 1554909235173.jpeg (160.85 KB, 900x1273, D00Doo0UcAAqEnR.jpeg)


File: 1554909411577.jpg (287.18 KB, 1979x1486, DzRW7oIU0AAesg6.jpg large.jpg)


get a load of this beauford


its either flip or be flipped in this world


hehe shes cute is she snoozing


i have never been seen as a sexual being by anyone


me too mom doesnt think i know what sex is


maybe she can show you




raging hard at this norm


youd probably get thrown back to 2006 if you managed to get inside one of these


hehe just like le steins gate hehehe


never read steins gate is it good


why read when you can watch the anime


its for norms


might masturbate what are your thoughts


File: 1554914474601.jpg (106.01 KB, 846x1200, phewe.jpg)



cant wait until i turn 10 and can get my starter pokemon



phew nice just as predicted


the quality sucks


cant wait to mine some xicoin


File: 1554917771322.jpg (32.42 KB, 478x523, D3zwvtyW0AIGPs1.jpg)

hehe nice people are already making memes about it


what does it mean


translate it teens



File: 1554918628617.png (Spoiler Image, 130.91 KB, 660x323, 1554904117206.png)


miss when feel man was just used to express feels what happened to him


File: 1554918959370.png (195.86 KB, 461x707, 56610487_2572226069537899_2127136828845719552_….png)

the trees are sperming on everything


mornin hima gonno game hard


File: 1554920361782.webm (441.49 KB, 1920x1080, 1554913163722.webm)


is it mtga


is the black hole actually that color


there are no colors in space


uh the sun has a color


can someone lend me $3000


he got pilled


what for


a sexdoll



could go for an extractor sesh


each room in the mansion will have one


you mean a birl right


getting ready to behead guan yu



File: 1554924234723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.01 KB, 2048x1861, milk.jpg)


cracked me joints




shower time


when will earths special forces finally release




hima wont survive past 2020


were all gonno live until 2090 thats when itll shut down


File: 1554926773716.png (725.28 KB, 766x570, unknown.png)


love a good bagel


We found that vocabulary learning was 20 percent faster after intense physical exercise

im sedentary im tard


File: 1554927548190.jpg (843.8 KB, 4000x2330, A-Consensus.jpg)


paste blurry halloween goatse


pnig would have loved the black hole


everyone flips out when the gun is pulled


should have let them kill him as reparations


they added dickspammers charges back to the court site


dont understand why theyd pour billions of dollars into getting a blurry red pic looks like someone shining a flashlight through skin


thats why youre on hima and not the team that produced that image


why would i want to spend time trying to produce a useless image


its not useless


yeah we should be putting that money into feeding niggers and paying for womens abortions


mindblowing that people are hailing this blurry low res glowing bhole as the greatest scientific achievement in history


hang em high


what are hima scientists working on


when did they remove them


that bhole is where the hima mansion is located theyre all freaking out at finally being able to see it


File: 1554929493524.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.2 KB, 480x360, gap3.jpg)


trying to get a full body pic of nb


File: 1554929545910.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.64 KB, 900x1174, mei.jpg)

might install overwatch now


what they think is a black hole is actually the coalescence of the portal that shall bring the worthy to 2006


hehe started calling it the bhole and people are raging




cant wait to go back to 2006 and let my real life begin


what are you gonno do when 13 years pass and you end up back here again


the ritual will cast the world into eternal 2006


that means no lucky star


sacrifices must be made


lucky star was the beginning of the downfall of anime


what is the use


its beyond you


grillin up some pork



news item not found


it confirmed various predictions and should give a new baseline for truth about bholes


wish i could scape


File: 1554933978646.jpg (295.62 KB, 906x1200, Cover.jpg)

think my inner self looks like siegfried


whats the point we will never be able to reach a black hole anyway


its fun


if they can photograph that far then where are the aliens


they dont exist


bought myself a ssd yesterday


bought everything but the case and gpu for my new computer


mineral oil that pc




think im going to get 16 gib of 3000 mhz cl 16 ddr4 ram and the nzxt s340 case and then when zen2 comes out a cpu and b550 mobo


in english technorm


why are female buddhist monks so rare


its easier to get flipped and push out a child


after researching stuff for my new pc i hate technorms even more than before


File: 1554937345591.jpg (80.88 KB, 846x1200, muscle.jpg)

phew love a good muscle girl


what do you need 16gb of ram for


girls are supposed to be soft and non threatening


those arent technorms they are just consumeristnorms


her expression looks non threatening to me and her boobs look plenty soft



every technorm is a fat manchild who works in it support prove me wrong


remove the 2019/04/10 part of the url and it works


is everyone gonno buy a gtx 1650 its possibly nvidias most ambitious card yet


im not as i dont have a use for it


cant believe you mates tricked me into spending $2000 on a box just to browse hima


your eyes deserve it you spent 90% of your life staring at that screen you need a quality monitor and the pc to power it that respects your health


woke up hi


hey are you fully rested


my current graphics card is already more than sufficient for browsing the web


yeah feelin alright today


File: 1554939343178.jpg (4.19 MB, 4160x3120, 20190410_192522.jpg)

why spend $2000 on a led box when you can spend $2000 on these bad boys


gonno have some coffee watching this mono u ponza




wish i was a birl


drinking coffee who else has coffee


whats stopping you just find a bf that ones you to be his birl


cursed by my height broad shoulders and manly chin


can i browse hima on those


cars are the worst possible investment you can make barring boats


youre not supposed to want to be a birl you idiot youre supposed to seduce them


wish i oould afford to play modern


modern what


so its useless


almost activated my true gamer mode




what happens when it activates


might gamer rage


File: 1554941884390.jpg (315.34 KB, 1021x716, d8hlwwunmar21.jpg)




im a gamer i game



sometimes wish i had a threadripper so i could experience quad channel memory


what makes those worth two grand looks like nothing but cheap springs attached to machined pipes


did you like it hehe


looks like fun to play sigh


its not an investment
and neither is a pc
they are things you buy for enjoyment


didnt know a pw as sexy as tamiyo existed


only ever played mono g and gr ponza because i love running plow under hehe nothing makes people rage more than that card its great


theres nothing worth living for anymore hima no games in the future no anime i want to watch and now im old




File: 1554942929268.jpg (218.86 KB, 672x936, 190.jpg)

really she was in soi which is a recent set shes the one that imprisoned emrakul in the silver moon
shes from kamigawa the japanese shinto plane


you need to reset your brain it just got too used to gaming and anime


was she just a normal legendary before they added hearthstonewalkers to the game


my gnome mage is now level 10


its over for me reseting your brain is for 25 and under im in my 30s


only started playing because of mtga so i dont know much of the older sets


no ones actually 30 yet right youre just rounding up i wouldnt believe anyone was born in the 80s


wasnt there an ancient mate here whos 35 that was years ago so he must be 39 or something now


i was born in 88


walkers didnt exist yet during the kamigawa block her first appearance was in the original innistrad i think



nvm shes just a rip off of older cards i thought she was one of the legendaries from kamigawa


ive seen lots of 20 something neet virgs but very few of them in their 30s and an incredibly small number in their late 30s and only a few in their 40s and beyond im pretty sure you are compelled to rope at some point like being overtaken by an otherworldy instinct so fear not you will soon pass on from this shite realm


should i live blog my roping


listening to the forlorn one


wonder if himas drunkards have consumed enough of their vice to unlock this ability


genetic engineering is just on the horizon im not going anywhere going to glow in the dark and implant myself with chlorophyll hehe


you were born just in time to see the first genetically engineered chinese superchad infants
its going to be too long until its beneficial to people that are already gross old men and even if you make it that long do you think you can last another 50 years of this




would sooner rope than be a chink lab rat


they will inherit the earth


our salvation will come from the sky the aliens will save us


aliens will be worse than the chinks


File: 1554945356718.webm (1.51 MB, 1600x640, 1554941441205.webm)


is that real


aliens are probably just chinks that left the planet 2200 years ago


File: 1554946198921.jpg (363.86 KB, 640x640, ZlGVCqVOhfFDQNXNrAXH.jpg)


aliens will side with their egyptian black brothers just like they did 3000 years ago


the aliens will give us salvation because theyre a female only race that desperately need sex from neet men


there isnt a single female in the universe that wants to breed with you




the aliens may have different beauty standards for men you never know


saw myself in the walmart camera and remembered im ugly
i should probably get a haircut but its hard to find the motivation


get yourself a nice himacut


have mom give you a manbaby trim


no reason to even get your hair cut if all you do is post on hima let those locks flow


can you provide a visual demonstration of said hairstyle


i found long hair quite inconvenient even as a complete shutin because stray hairs got everywhere especially the keyboard also had to constantly wear a beanie or a ponytail both of which were cumbersome for the neet the buzz is the only game in town


incapable of getting a job


you would work at walmart but youre above that rung of society


pages are randomly scrolling up and down hima think im being hacked


told you not to provoke anyone there are some scary people out there


nope i cant even get a job at walmart


long hair is annoying as hell buzz myself off every 6 weeks or sol


paste buzzer


deleted my gnome mage


only buzz myself whenever my hair starts getting stuck in my ears with my headphones on or getting in my eyes


really liked your gnome mage posts might cry over this


didnt actually delete her but shes only level 6


sup bros should i read or skip


eating ribs again


lets get to bed im ready to sleep


phew gamed a bunch time to make myself a couple melts


stop it


shes moonfolk


this melt is umai hima id even go as far as to say its oishii


is it umami


how many times do i have to tell you





baste soyboys


umami is a fictitious concept


all my passwords are some variation of neetblog


tried to explain neetblog to mom but she didnt want to hear it


what was your explanation


used to mail nb often sigh good times


gonno snooze now goodnight



hate that guys face head shape and the way he talks


whats not to like


hes a flippin norm and you what we think about norms here


hes not a norm


File: 1554961830502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1200x1400, 82c4f3db52f194f882aedc8ac423aeef.jpg)





wish i was her


going to bed hopefully i dont wake up


hope i wake up in my isekai adventure


gonno watch the new avgn in bed and snooze
hopefully i wake up


very drunk rn think i will fall sleep


just remember bros your body is home to billions of living organisms that want only whats best for you


nah they will kill you at a moments notice


File: 1554975573114.jpg (119.79 KB, 1200x932, D3wMGUcXkAAYa5A.jpg)


that joke is dumb because how are we supposed to know the picture was taken without permission


really glad we finally have a picture of a bhole


justice for julian justice for assange justice for kemono friend


File: 1554979578333.png (809.94 KB, 1024x1024, burg.png)


mindbothering that uber is literally still not profitable and will inevitably fail


no more horrific way to ruin a burg than to slap a gross fried egg on there


uh whats gross about eggs theyre the greatest food ever invented


hate aj from the sopranos for he is me


File: 1554982991854.jpeg (210.35 KB, 1600x1200, D33QO-7VUAEsh9l.jpeg)

nice burg


if this video is any indication i must say that i cant condone your appalling behavior




pasted turt


going to japan tomorrow (hell yeah!) hope i don't get my wallet stolen



what the flip japs must stink all day


japs dont smell like anything because of their diet


company laid off 50% of the female devs yesterday quite b&r i must say


how do i get a cute office gf


gonno go to bed bye


bye bro


File: 1554986873736.png (764.75 KB, 1445x640, 1554964924271.png)

the wks will be outraged


today the head of hr and chief wk posted this but hes the one who instigated the layoffs to begin with so he might be a double agent


File: 1554987608531.mp4 (492.76 KB, bike.mp4)


she wasnt even pivotal in her own paper she pointed that there are four other algorithms that would have done the same job as hers dont want to say just but its a noise reduction for insanely huge data
there are only so few because petabyte pics being rendered by four hundred cores is not a real world scenario


mornin hima time to work my ass off


glorifying niggers
glorifying foids

dont watch this garbage


too late already watched all 7 seasons what do i do now


rope unless you can overcome the subconscious brainwashing


gonno game


File: 1554988716250.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.35 KB, 705x1199, c.jpg)

theyre here hima


could go for a fentimans cola right about now



>What purpose does this article serve? Are there wikipedia articles of other various scam studies treated as if they were real? The few citations that exist seem to be of poor quality and circular. I don't understand why this article exists other than to bolster an unproven cultural hypothesis. It doesn't seem to educate or be noteworthy





File: 1554990334385.png (157.04 KB, 617x556, f249413f4750334d47d00b187bec4314.png)

sigh with pnig locked away in the depths of tartarus there arent any more wks to steam everyone here is too pilled


you were yin and yang


kinda weird how every wk turns out to be a potato chef or literal child molester huh