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ya what about it


getting a headstart


ate some beet soup boy i am stuffed


what the flip when i submitted >>901343 it was published before the last post in the other thread but now it says it was two seconds after this is a bunch of hooey




do you think its because the other post had to travel through 2494 other posts first before being displayed


pasted coby caught a cute one he deserves it for having a great personality


File: 1553227945272.mp3 (8.65 MB, 03 運命は _I_ Love You.mp3)


sigh wish i had some wendys or taco bells or taco times or subways or quiznos


left behind


always am always will be


File: 1553228610338.png (84.5 KB, 1067x715, zoology.PNG)

love youtube comments


File: 1553228708678-0.png (5.74 MB, 2894x4093, 01.png)


File: 1553228721544-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.43 KB, 1329x2047, 02.jpg)


its a violation of himas terms to upload images consecutively to each other




i wouldnt if there was a way to spoiler only one of two images


nice autismog




how the flip did gene kim get 130k subscribers


god helped him


who is that


i dont know i have never heard of him


left behind thought hima was eternally dead im so happy to see everyone


got left behind



went through the portal to hell and ended up here sigh


this is only the first level of hell



cant believe they made a special hell for fats its not fair


File: 1553230612335.png (Spoiler Image, 303.28 KB, 821x387, hell.png)

what the flip didnt think i was that bad


File: 1553230733420.png (495.34 KB, 785x810, test.png)


File: 1553230821869.png (1.68 MB, 1592x1266, hell.png)


i got 5


pasted rageblog


what the flip there is no way you are more pious than i am


the results say otherwise


got sent to level three for being gluttonous sigh


sent to level 9 just for betraying my country for japan


what is so great about it


curry time hima todays rice is basmati


never had curry and i intend to keep it that way


gonno bathe


this ones extra spicy


go mild its about appreciating the finer things in life


love giving bethesda games zeros on metacritic


what have they done to deserve it


got a big bowl of powdered sugar and poured some maple syrup in it hehe


dont eat that youre gonno become chronically ill


too late it was delicious


got that chili rush hima


dont forget to wash it down with an ice cold soda


got sent to the maleblog


hey hima quick question is it fine to eat sour meat may or may not have left it out unsealed overnight okay thats all


no idea nen


uh never eat meat that was sitting out


why do my pubes grow so fast whats the purpose of them being better than my head hair


what if it was cooked


just transplant them


throw the meat out you will get sick if you eat it


File: 1553234885148.jpg (100.99 KB, 1024x576, B9IuDLs.jpg)

wish my gov cared about me this much


chinks are soulless it has nothing to do with concern for your welfare they just want to make sure your labor potential and productivity arent hampered


another chinese factory blew up sigh


hope everyones ok


it keeps happening


its divine retribution


wish i had some sushi hima a big thing of salmon sashimers


File: 1553235887510.jpg (899.01 KB, 4032x3024, x1f4vnf8e5ry.jpg)

want some of my doritos roll


you bet i do looks delicious


love walking into a sushi place seeing some chinamen or koreans behind the counter and walking right back out again


never had sushi by a corean never will


pretty sure i heard the ccp is cracking down on video games they cant have good soldiers if theyre all gaymers


games taught me how to kill with precision


just isnt worth it anymore hopefully i dont have to wake up tomorrow wish me luck


you will live a long and fulfilling life


File: 1553237805946.png (502.7 KB, 1280x720, [MTBB] Zoku Owarimonogatari - 02 [6DB60438].mk….png)


File: 1553238377975.jpg (620.63 KB, 1000x1338, 1553185831021.jpg)


be careful that looks like a western artist


probably is


hate sakura


should i dl the camrip looks good


id wait


nah it actually looks good so they are probably korean or chinese


die wap


should i try to become a pro athlete wonder if its possible starting in the late 20s


you havent got the talent


what makes you say that i was a star in my middle school days


your body has been in a cryonics if youre a neet so you have your 16 year old body still


well that guy was right it was a korean artist



File: 1553245684282.jpg (407.25 KB, 1536x2048, fanta.jpg)


just realized how creepy it was for public schools to compel students to recite a pledge to the flag those bastards indoctrinated me


good soda



think i rather flip a dogs tight canine kitty than a girl i found undesirable if forced to choose


File: 1553250123290.jpg (41.92 KB, 850x400, quote-if-you-re-still-poor-at-35-you-deserve-i….jpg)


that doesnt look rhetorical to me


why is his face so small


File: 1553251376170.jpg (111.29 KB, 1910x1000, 104225995-_95A5004.1910x1000.jpg)

hes a baby


cant stop thinking about mating pressing an infant


uh how is it small i look like that


go back to china you dog eating flip


be nice hes saying that his facial features are a size too small for his head


nah im chink


File: 1553257326097.jpg (113.65 KB, 919x1300, nips.jpg)


too big too big


theyre just right


love a good weighty oppai


you monster nips are supposed to be small in width and a little perky


File: 1553258012067.jpg (85.85 KB, 1189x915, nips.jpg)

no they should be huge and inverted


big boob gerl hi


theyre too small


im gonno vomit theyre too deformed they look like they hurt




would have never been aware of the existence of inverted nipples were it not for smut artists that happen to be norms that have seen enough breasts in real life to know


had inverted nipples as a fat child


this is what japanese people were millions of years ago


File: 1553260127883.jpg (65.61 KB, 720x960, kitty.jpg)


File: 1553260272438.jpg (87.94 KB, 1000x1100, boobie.jpg)


abstain from the fools paradise


everyones at work sigh


ya its just me and you


wish to flip a sexy lady


sigh got left behind


im at work but im here


stop slacking off


mornin hima gonno shower real quick be back in a few


are you gonno shit and jo first


der tod wuotans


File: 1553266589978.jpg (155.77 KB, 727x1200, lift.jpg)


filthy harlot


she didnt do a very good job of shaving hehe i do better than that


dont shave your pubes


leave him alone hes just earning his living


pubes have no upside and all downsides why wouldnt i remove them


i trim close but never shave


it takes too much effort only girls should put that much effort in


do goth sexy ladies exist inreal ife


only in japan



id do anything for an elegant goth lgf


same but a milgy gf


baking some spicy fries


miss exchanging floppy disks with gbc and snes roms and messing with the w98 fonts and colors and stuff


a friend i didnt really like was visiting and saw us playing simcity and he wanted a copy so we copied the game to like 20 floppies knowing it wouldnt work hehe


paste but then you lost 20 floppies


i had an old 3.1 laptop that mom stole from her job a toshiba satellite
was a lot of fun but that wasnt my first experience with computers grandpa had windows 95 and i basically learned on that



hate chinks hima cant stand those dog eating freaks


only got my first pc in 99 but i had been going to internet cafes and libraries with pcs long before


boomer hours


felt like i was being pressured hard at work but i realized ive skipped two days this week




wonder what throatpuncher is up to


he works as a consultant helping neets get back into the workforce


used my ancient doublesperm technique


thought of this yesterday


i never said the pledge always sat down as everyone else worshipped the state


i proudly pledged my allegiance to the feds



no its true


only ever saw 1 girl sit down during the pledge and it got the teacher mad then the girl started yelling that she has the right to sit out the pledge


i proudly pledged my allegiance to the peds


File: 1553278221568.jpg (113.68 KB, 794x1104, D1JFeYLU0AEPwEZ.jpg)


my teachers didnt care probably because i wasnt born here


threw some curry in the ramen today


hate curry


how could you



had a bunch of pork belly for lunch with sauerkraut hehe got myself a coke zero on my way back gonno sip


youre only allowed to sip dr p


mom put some hairy sweater into the dryer and now every single piece of my clothing has a ton of black hairs on it so i have to use the lint roller on everything




seki do me a favor and activate the scot filter





File: 1553284708763.jpg (66.31 KB, 609x1514, 1553263642054.jpg)


i dont even know how these inflation percents work



wonder what you can buy with 89,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars


flip bein wan ah those wee car freaks tae meet up wae other virgins in car parks tae rev the engines ah their wee pimped oot hatchbacks tannin cans ah petrol n wankin er each others alloys on a par wae goths




car boot sale


just learned figs are actually just inverted flowers blew my mind


they are also delicious


the dead wasps add to the taste


they pollinate the figs its important


pretty cold out bros fingers hurt to type this shoulda brought gloves


need to avenge my bike bros from all the time cagers ran or pushed us over


fuck yes found a hat


never been hit by a cage but still rage at them


File: 1553289515399.jpg (35.47 KB, 457x675, 1552534689220.jpg)


ya flip cagers like my boy


growing stronger from all this cold exposure im feeling it


always feel bad koing misdreavus shes so cute


im home hima and ready to neet it up hehe
havin a coffee



File: 1553291945770.png (474.45 KB, 786x777, nice.png)



why didnt you get extreme in gluttony


File: 1553292042628.jpg (149.87 KB, 849x1200, haruhi.jpg)


shes the real victim


im twigger





whos writing that shite it makes me rage every time but its too late too stop



dont rage its high quality


when will i hit my growth spurt


you need to go outside and get some sun so you can do photosynthesis


woke up hi


saw a squirrel eat a twizzler


hey was your sleep good


i slept on my shoulder wrong and its sore


almost got into a scrap with some norm in a truck he pulled ahead in an intersection at a stoplight before his turn so i was stuck in a weird position and he mouthed off at me so i told him to flip off and that id knock his faggot backwards cap off his head and he looks like a fucking retard with his nigger wheels because he had big gaudy wheels on his pickup truck at first he tried responding but after i let loose like an imageboard post all he said was hed pray for me



basted but at the same time die drivenorm


be nice turt


you took it too far road rager


glad he finally named the chinks


mom went to the store but i was too scared to say we needed more nutella she wouldve raged
sigh but enough time has passed that i can ask her next time she goes without her making a comment


just ordered meself an extra large pizza


why not simply buy more nutella off of amazon


she judges me for packages coming in too often and i try not to spend my allowance on food




im watching naruto blood prison this looks good all the naruto movies are good


never watched any of them except the last


wish i was dumb enough to be a doomcel


never watched them either hate filler shite


fighting gooooold


gonno scape a bit


wish i was a scaper


simply fire it up


sigh minding my own business killing wrathtails when a horde group showed up and murdered me


the servers going to end in 3 months why even bother


never played wow so im just checking it out since im bored as hell


really cute that you called naga wrathtails hehe


cant wait till this mate encounters the redridgeboss


they wont leave my corpse raging hard why are these high level people killing level 20 monsters


theyre killing you


what did i do to deserve their hate


think that area is near a dungeon so its a high intensity pvp zone


sigh ryuzetsu


the horde players are animals dont mind them


ya thats bfd isnt it


alliance baby


will they see me if i shadowmeld


if they get close


love when carnorms call other people norms


hope fate introduces varg as a servant


he can be summoned as the teenbro class


not many o bros talking about gt


how long does it take for someone to become a legend like king arthur


200 years


would varg be a caster


ya hed use the power of music


nah teenbro like i said


File: 1553303291349.jpg (475.29 KB, 1380x2048, sexy.jpg)


damn what a masterpiece


maybe ruler though cause of his teenbro followers


not that image the naruto movie i was watching




hate skin that has lots of folds in it their bodies are supposed to be smooth


gotta respect type moon for being westernphiles




gonno watch mewtwo strikes back now


dont wait for the 3d version


okay i wont wait


oh boy im getting the chills this movie is so good forget about pokemon this is a late 90s anime movie in all its hand drawn keyframe vibrant background glory


no i mean dont watch it and wait its gonno be an upgrade


why do they keep remaking and remastering stuff just make new things


its a risk to make new things but everyone goes back to watch remakes


File: 1553304166548.jpg (3.43 MB, 4160x3120, 20190322_211341[1].jpg)

got a bigger shinier intercooler now so people will know i mean business


guess ill have some sandwiches


cracking open a blogweiser


ffxiv stream is about to start guys


File: 1553304620810.jpg (396.36 KB, 1438x808, df46790abfb767c6130af4c3480259f9.jpg)




how come all the fun things happen in phoenix az


final normtasy


you have no idea how many japs are westernphiles when it comes to specific areas like literature and film


50% OFF
Online Only 3/18 - 3/24


pineapple pizza time


might end up going to japan and talking to some about avalon rome assyria and stuff bet theyd enjoy having a white guy as source


File: 1553305792857.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


gonno make a free and open source voice activated navigation software that specifically defines taiwan as an independent nation


no no no dont start


flip pastaspam


gonno skip shadowbringers and devote my live to vanilla wow i think im really excited


mom ordered subs


baste tsai englishit


freak keeps talking to me telepathically wish he never learned how to do that


tsai is pasted shes like a loving mommy


wish freak considered me important enough to read my mind but im not even a speck of dust to him


accidentily rubbed behind my ears and now my whole finger is stinking im flipped


remember to wash behind your ears each day


take a shower


showers take too long and are too boring ive only got a limited amount of time to enjoy the night


showers can be enjoyable especially with the lights off


what the hell else do you have to do with your time


games and anime


surfing the web


you have an internet addiction


gave the kitty some catnip shes tarding out hard


nobody ever told me to watch behind my ears or wash my bhole sigh just found out about those things recently


dont forget to wash under your foreskin too


dont have one


my condolences


just realized i typed watch instead of wash


i didnt even notice


mindblowing that americans mutilate their newborn sons penises like its no big deal yet cry endlessly over the female genital mutilation going on in rural africa


make sure to rub your back hard every once in a while so you can get the dead skin off


whats mindblowing about that theyre owned by the jews


how are you supposed to solo back scrub


my back is really smooth


call it female circumcision it enrages them


File: 1553307397197.jpg (34.13 KB, 250x436, shoulder-stretches-4.jpg)

practice doing this


i can get my lower back and shoulders but i cant reach the middle




can i just get a himabro to scrub my back instead


sorry that can only be done if youre a girl men cant do that to eachother


have you cleaned your bellybutton today


just close your eyes and ill become a girl while i scrub it dont worry


i can touch my toes without bending my knees


same and ive never been able to


hope i can trust you to press your tits against my back too


thats taking it too far




hope you like the feeling of hairy manboobs


being able to touch your toes is twig privilege i was ashamed in gym class for being too fat for it


im late for my roping


i wouldnt know the difference


im fat


everyone heres gonno keep using hima to 2090 hope we get more banners and themes before then


gonno fire up tree


new adoredtv


started a fire on a tree with a magnifying glass once hehe got caught before it spread too far though


dead hours


im going to watch some vids and snooze i guess


im joing


gonno watch 1 litre of tears


its pretty good just wish the girl that plays the mc didnt have crooked teeth


wonder if ross will make a vid about cloud gaming


suffering from a severe case of gamerback hima



stretch some


sigh where is everyone where the flip are the postssomeone post right this instant


everyones snoozing since we havent been syncing lately


do you want to be my ffxiv gf


are you talking to 88 or 89


what are you talking about


i dont know if you were talking to >>901688
or >>901689


File: 1553314564609.jpg (21.4 KB, 621x692, D17zDhSVAAAOEHH.jpg)

moms gonno be pissed


i dont have anything to post


im snoozin keep it down i worked hard all day


thank you for your sacrifice



File: 1553316147896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 242.26 KB, 1564x2048, poke.jpg)

mindblowing that girls would sooner flip a dog than me


not all of them


decided to propose to the first himagirl i see need to kick start my real life soon


guess ill nap


hate when pubes are stuck to their mouths


thats fur not pubes


still looks gross


it cant be helped im afraid


couldnt nap had a shower instead


File: 1553323382655.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.54 KB, 724x1024, 147961812329.jpg)


that looks painful


looks like normzero is getting another season


oh no


was there an ova



whats normzero


File: 1553336034085.jpg (59.74 KB, 540x960, 1553333560830.jpg)


might have to fire up some minecraft here hima


how come you guys never play anything with actual gameplay


like what




im playing that slowly


carry on then good sir


zelda is for girls


hate when my pinworms try to escape


new xiv race


uhhh those are furries



tor post tor post you can't track me


woke and showered


File: 1553346783751.jpg (25.3 KB, 202x164, 1553339934258.jpg)


never understood that when it was spammed


Find Your Love in Japan
Recommended channel for you


File: 1553354809211.mp4 (24.94 MB, 20190323_110909.mp4)

posting this for the himacord bros dont click


everything in this thread was stolen from ota


wish i lived in the country where i could watch cows eating grass all day


wish i lived in a country where i could watch cows drinking grass all day



woke up and showered now im havin a coffee


flip this that pinches why not ananta or amaljaa


tossed woke knelt stood breathed gripped turned pulled stepped walked sat strained shat reached wiped stood leaned flushed turned loosened lathered rinsed fastened wrung


you forgot to jo


get in here mates


File: 1553360609248.jpg (655.79 KB, 864x1077, __kumano_and_suzuya_kantai_collection_drawn_by….jpg)



die bobnorm


need the warm loving embrace of a woman


ask mom for a hug


sis is bringing me a sub


mindfragmenting that the average person considers romantic love and sexual relationships to be normal everyday things that everyone experiences


take it a step further and think about how people act like society is all comfortable and kind yet people are still being alienated and doomed to a life of solitude solely because the bones in their face happen to be off by a couple of millimeters but everyone acts like thats no big deal


that can be counteracted by having a nice personality and hobbies


just get haircut + fashion


just stop being ugly


should i game


game on brother


fire it up bout to play some xiv myself


heck ya hima got my blogweiser and my nacho supplies its time to game




File: 1553366923099.jpeg (43.02 KB, 708x735, tgxho15r8nb11.jpeg)


uhhh are they confusing colon with something else


mom always tells me to apply colon is she insinuating something




time to snooze hima its been a long day


its morning


no girls love the smell of manass


genuinely despise people who cant spell in their native language it doesnt make sense how they read and write in it every day but just cruise through never learning


i cant spell in any lamguage


im chink


crying running around limsa lominsa hima


die gamenorm


never belonged anywhere before but now ive found a home in eorzea


im maelstrom


cant use aromatics because i have no sense of smell


cant seem to reel this fish in hima keeps breaking off tough little guy


you need to become the fish


isnt it weird that of the top rated 42 images of all time on gelbooru 35% are tagged sexy lady 55% are tagged sexy lady or shota


why whats weird


ive been telling you guys forever that pedophilia is normal male sexuality the same thing can be observed on sankakucomplexs image collection too sexy lady images accumulate at least 3 to 4 more favorable ratings than an image of comparable quality depicting an adult figure


why are you basing your idea of normal male sexuality on sites for pedophiles


too exhausted to elaborate just know that all of the existing research supports that conclusion as well


when you cite data from gelbooru people dismiss it as pedophiles when you cite it from okcupid people dismiss it as for losers
im not going to disagree that gelbooru will have more boles per capita but 55% is very high and the sexy lady tag does not cover the sexy underage teengirls


55% isnt high


pasted amos yee


whats the status of pnigs case


nice rogues keep flipping killing me in ashenvale raging hard cant walk 30 seconds in any direction without being murdered


life in jail with no parole


memory leak has been owning me lately might have to go back to opera


stop playing wow


what are you gonno do if i dont


it is high when it should be 1% or 2% unless we are saying gelbooru has 2500% more kenneths than the general population


File: 1553373491553.png (1.25 MB, 1228x729, top 42.png)

heres the top 42 with the normal ones crossed out and i was generous when the character is technically underage but the artist draws them generously. the search is "sort:score -rating:safe"


got spray glue all over my arms help


showered then pooped whats up bros


gonno shower here in a minute time to go on on the old daily walk


you may note as well that the vast majority of exceptions are from a single artist who is western and only draws pokegirls and only above their real age and only in the kind of overwrought style that jigglygirls was famous for but thats a story for another time


pasted pedocope


try adding id:>4356000 to only parse through pics posted in the last 6 months there are a lot of top images that only have high scores due to age


File: 1553375211406.png (1.16 MB, 1238x770, top 42-2.png)

still 47% and i think im being very conservative here with the teengirls i dont think the general trend changes but we see an emergence of emulated video game assets that will have older women by necessity and didnt exist in the past


oh my god who caresss


if pedophilia is normal male sexuality then doesnt that mean feminists are the good guys


norms are flipping sick its one thing for shutin neets to be peds but for a norm its just reckless deviancy on their part they have access to so many other sexual outlets and pose a much more significant threat to the modesty of children


peds are the good guys


File: 1553375983189.webm (331.06 KB, 854x480, bone.webm)


did you guys see the vid of the ped who went right up to a 5 year old girl and told her he wanted to flip her now thats balls


post it


no point its in french




had to cancel the walk hima not feeling good


big headache as well think i havent been eating enough



File: 1553379234780.png (243.86 KB, 512x724, Rhymeaf.png)

cant jo to happy sex hate it when an artist draws a girl getting **** by a huge chad with a look of complete ecstasy on her face reminds me how impure foids are and how ill never make them look that way


so tired hima but its only 5 need to wait at least 3 more hours before i snooze


well dont jo to violence either practice complete abstinence if you must maybe youll overcome the urge for sex altogether


youve reached the first step of ascension


not gonno make it gonno earlysnooze




woke up hiya


thats assault


got level 35




oh flip hima i woke up and its like 50 degrees outside i cant deal with spring


sick sigh


hate spring and hate getting sick



yep thats a good glass of the good dr p



may as well rename it how to deal with christians


just added some kahlua to my coffee hehe


you ruined it


nothing wrong with a kahlua cof


guess everyone is out drinking the beers with their bros


In Persian, expressions like "Aab ro rizi" () literally – losing the face's water, is used to mean save face and "Dou roi" () (lit. two-facedness), "Ro seyahi "(nq) (lit. Black-facedness) meaning "ashamed and embarrassed" and "Ro sepidi" () (lit. White-facedness) meaning "proud" (opposite of Ro seyahi) are used.

not cool


im here but i got nothing to say
mom got two chairs from her work for free im getting one for meself theyre pretty good


need a young healthy fertile woman to impregnate



think im gonno shower tonight but its gonno be boring



should i play sekiro


nah fire up some bloodborne its time to hunt


dont have a ps4


im sure you have games on your backlog you can play rather than sekiro




winston is baste


get a ps4 and fire up some bloodborne


might head on down to a massage parlor got any tips turt


i dont pay for video games


you should support the developers of the games you love





finally a good varg video


but neets said 90% of ants dont do anything


that could be 10% of the hive


that is a fraction of the colony all the neets are just standing around


im a neet ant but human


its fake theres obviously a rope or string of some kind how else would the ants at the end support the weight of the entire colony




if i ever showed varg my amazon history hed blow up


ask yourself
do you really think your genes should passed on


there is no should. there is only did or didn't


when i eat at mcdonalds and observe the general public i come to the conclusion that civilization will collapse unless i father thousands of children


it was never up to me to decide


the reality is all the norm cogs keep it going while a select few elite dictate the direction


why you what makes you think your genes should be passed instead of handsome intelligent superchads like dolph lundgren


i heard a shady black market crimelord has been requested to acquire the freaks sperm by a clandestine chinese official


having children is sadistic


im a nice guy theyre assholes and humanity will get meaner if its not me


if there were more chads around that would just make the incels madder and increase the suffering


if everyones chad
no one will be


i dont know about that can everyone truly be chad or would a power hierarchy however delicate arise and then be exacerbated by the environment differential the status difference created


heh he got mobbed by a swarm of chinks sounds like a good opportunity to use a special technique


File: 1553391367406.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.61 KB, 760x980, pic.jpg)

lovely nipples


too big simply too flipping big


those nipples intimidate me


i fear strong womyn


those boobers look like penises with phimosis


sigh think i should shower now its gonno be real boring


breath smells like shit hima


might make curry todays is gonno be extra spicy


wish i had some curry


curry is for shitskins
order a pizza


sounds great if theres plumbing and internet


going to start carrying a sword everywhere


plumbing is the work of christian oppressors


what are pagan approved plumbing methods


wonder if varg has read fsn


curry is fantastic you would have to be one dumb teenbro to not enjoy it


mom doesnt make curry


just say youre a sikh they cant do anything about it


he is


sikh my dick


too many unnecessary spices


why was the united states so scared of communism




lack of education


i dont mean the average joe im talking about the actual government that was always freaking out over communism


they werent it was just meant to keep the average joe in check



wondering what happened to the streamguy


whos gonno make a wikipedia page for pnig


your common sex offender doesnt need a wikipedia page


he is much more than that


File: 1553393714765.png (268.71 KB, 838x689, army_girl_2.png)


pnig was the sauron of the spinoffs


i guess hes also a convicted elder abuser


he wasnt convicted of that


no dont shoot


finished my shower that was horrible i only had a sliver of a soap bar left and had to ration it
think my feet are getting more obese too i was having trouble fitting the socks on


mercy for a foid?


baste but ban





leave the lady be


Harry Stanley, a machine gunner from Charlie Company, said during the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division inquiry that the killings started without warning. He first observed a member of 1st Platoon strike a Vietnamese man with a bayonet. Then, the same trooper pushed another villager into a well and threw a grenade in the well.

what a guy


kind of depressing that pnig isnt really known outside hima nobody will remember him like thad when he could be an epic meme


the pic of his room will be immortalized at least


the flipping arrogance


should i stream the lucky star ova


ya give me 10 to make some nachos


pretty sure some guy in a federal prison right now is unable to get the image of kennys face out of his mind when hes trying to have a wank


suffering from a severe case of burning bhole hima


is it fatal


no it went away i had to lie down for a few minutes after shitting


best varg video in years


ok the nachos are ready


stop eating spic food


can it teen ill eat what i want


die haysuz


Has this kid never heard of 'chos...?




going to flip my pokemon


that isnt what theyre there for


oh youll find its quite the opposite


then how do you explain how sexy gardevoir is


File: 1553398627097.png (2.76 MB, 3760x1864, butt.png)


hate that lame middle one wearing pants


nothing lame about not being a whore


File: 1553398906814.png (1.96 MB, 1566x881, g.png)

nothin sexy youre just sick


hooooo boy


File: 1553398997193.png (960.35 KB, 2000x2000, 5d9c060903c6792e798fcfef64735287.png)

sexy sexy


File: 1553399051762.png (50.35 KB, 640x360, 2008.png)

streaming in 5 minutes



cant wait


just started


just reported


heating up a tasty tv dinner hima this ones got some fancy cream sauce hehe


a growing boy needs nutrients not that shite


im jealous moms starving me


tv dinners are very nutritious


the box says its a great source of protein iron and vitamin a


whatve you got there a hungryman


always wanted to try one of those frozen meals i asked our chef to cook me one but he said mom would get upset at him if she found out


nice richnorm




whats the best way to deal with clumps hima


nice ojou sama




dont be a girl


help im disappearing


disappeared years ago


no please this cant happen to me i had dreams


youre being spirited to 2006 congratulations


how can i help




File: 1553401630596.png (705.96 KB, 2000x2000, e6c11896f89a651c837d7afe2526d2f3.png)

sigh need to jo now


poor lucky channel girl


thanks for streaming lucky star are you going to stream again


yeah might do a jo stream


nice guys are creeps


ya but not sure what yet




some mons should only be male sableye is one of them hes too masculine to be female


got a male misdreavous and a female machoke


why is everything i do negative its not fair


sigh yori chan
shes horrible at everything but she doesnt let it get to her wish i had that quality


thats wrong machokes cant have kitties


wish i could be demoned away by oyashiro-sama


have any ideas on what you might stream


youre being too insistent give him space


yeah i might jack my dick off


shed never do that to you


not really


maybe haruhi


misdreavus is sexy


dont have kitties


uhhhh just encountered a smogon article on misdreavus dont really get what any of these terms are about


how do procreate


figured there must be competitive pokémon players but i never bothered to look into it i dont even know what memento does


made some chicken tenders with french fries


wish i had some tenders



hate smogon and their dumb tiers they suck all the fun out of pokemon and take it more seriously than game freak


you fool what about poke showdown


theres this creepy neighbor i have when i went to throw out the garbage about to pass by him he gave me that nice guy ped smile like the one ken throws along with a half raised hand i just said hey with a straight face then i realized at that moment i used to greet people in a similar way and ever since then i just say a firm hello or hey without any of that weak shite


hes taking a risk by reaching out to you not knowing if hell get burned in return so be friendly and warm to him



if i was your neighbor i wouldnt acknowledge your existence


do you guys remember to kill a mockingbird boo radley was a total ped


no id ont


good thing too it was pro-nigger propaganda


go back to your discord already


im not onseki the current admin and owner of himasugi.org so i dont use discord


hate discord


pasted karen


how can you say that it wasnt propaganda scout was a real lovable and charming young lady


did you know the guy in 12 angry men was actually guilty


those good ol 'bama boys would have strung you up by the dick pednorm


wish a sexy lady would slurp my stress away


gotta nap


cant use wishiwashi because smogon says its not allowed


hope it's a good one


scout was literally a boy


you mean tomboy theres a difference


no she was too far gone shes a boy


hes just untiered


File: 1553406368476.jpg (534.07 KB, 708x1000, 908642390c1e0b1a6b9331ebc9675c3d.jpg)


shes so adorable


love this style of post its pasted


its not


you give out compliments too eagerly


playing some random battles on pokeshodo


onions wrecked my stomach again hima in a lot of pain right now


how many onions did you eat at once never had any problems with them


the only thing im taking away from smogon is that all the banned pokemon are really good


damn good chocolate milk tonight


remember absolutely 0 about the plot from that book how do you remember it


did that guy ever start playing fgo


i play fgo


should i make a fate gunz game i think it could be the next fortnite


i wouldnt bother no one will play it and it will probably be bad




as long as i can kstyle im in


nah id be epic id call it fate/gunz


never could kstyle


now i snooze


can understand why a wireless mouse would be desirable but i dont want to deal with charging it or replacing batteries


never trusted wireless electronics never will


i installed it months ago but ive barely play it




didnt know it was a plot it was just a movie to me pretty epic with the juror number 3 guy breaking down and ripping the photo poor guy


dead hours dead day dead board


hima aint dead until the neetblog sings


the wagenorms killed hima


thought everyone was asleep so i wasnt posting


wish i wasnt terrified of people my age


wish i wasnt terrified of everyone except my parents


wish i didnt run out of chocolate milk so early in the night


stop drinking chocolate milk


how can you be scared of old people


woke up


heading to bed long day fishing away in the black shroud but its coming to an end now


long day indeed got some more fishing to look forward to tomorrow just gotta get up by 9


made a huge mistake



woke up and skipped a bunch of streamnorm posts


wish i was capable of being a functional adult instead of a larping manbaby


File: 1553429391023.jpg (93.98 KB, 1068x1577, FB_IMG_1553406938787.jpg)


File: 1553431829067.jpg (350.1 KB, 2047x1501, kitty.jpg)


awoke and it was 60 degrees im just not ready for summer i forgot how terrible it is especially since im getting fatter sigh


april is one week away already flippp how am i going to get abs for summer


just had an epic fail


made it to redridge theres about 40 corpses littering the floor at lakeshire wonder what happened


longsnoozed hard 17 hours tried to read but i couldnt make it


installing dissidia


wait what the flip went to get some snacks and i got killed by the redridge boss was that a player


need to be as handsome as that


always forget to raise my eyebrows when im smiling pretty sure its very important


nonono you need to smile with your eyes


might have some tide pods they look delicious


the good stuff is gone they added a bitter taste to it


when you defeat neetblog he stands up unconsciously and transforms into his true self which looks a lot like that guy


stop worshipping


heck ya hima cracking open a blogweiser and its time for some xiv


gonno hit the store hima what should i get


doritos some sour cream and sweet tea


get some larabars


gonno start using esdf instead of wasd




use tfgh and twist your keyboard 60 degrees




though the mewme died already


not much of a meme in the first place




not clicking that


click on this


mouthbreathers will be left behind


i mew


sun and moon is so cool hehe this is a huge change to the game you can play it smart and farm exp from single encounters instead of walking around triggering multiple battles but even more significant is that many pokemon call their evolutions through sos and theyre generally the same level so you can save a lot of time on the pokedex and finding specific pokemon with specific natures instead of using of breeding


File: 1553457714343-0.jpg (76.16 KB, 640x480, IMG_60551.jpg)

File: 1553457714343-1.jpg (65.12 KB, 640x480, IMG_60581.jpg)

sigh my car rejected that norm
its like finding out your first gf died


ya but just wait until you have to catch a mareanie its hell


cant relate to either


going to revolutionize transportation



get owned normtron


sittin on my new chair





hate carnorms


File: 1553459177305.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.45 KB, 1040x1040, 1553454697911.jpg)


File: 1553459386258.jpg (656.66 KB, 1889x1438, 1553458904401.jpg)



cant believe someone married that whore


thats my wife


jav stars are people too


big oppai


File: 1553460465959-0.webm (2.9 MB, 790x486, 1553458705494.webm)

File: 1553460465959-1.webm (2.91 MB, 700x420, 1553458774270.webm)

File: 1553460465959-2.webm (2.9 MB, 700x428, 1553458842995.webm)


hate perverts


who can relate


only been up 6 hours and im already sleepy what the flip wheres my energy




guess i need test pills


feasting on a volcanic sushi burrito wish it came with more peanut sauce


hope my bros are having a good day


had an ok day slept a ton showered had my coffee went out for lunch with mom and sis got ourselves some ice cream on our way back cleaned my room helped sis add a sd card to her phone and thats about it hate how weekends go by in a flash by sunday evening its like it never happened and then its back to waiting eagerly for the next one through the weekdays


File: 1553464253102.jpg (83.06 KB, 905x1217, transform.jpg)


left a 12 pack in moms car last night after opening it and the remaining 4 bottles got thrown around the back seat while she was driving today


nice beerbelly




kind of want to try alcohol but its more important to be able to say ive never had it


yeah im sure those imageboard people are real impressed


its nothing to write home about and you can feel good about yourself if you abstain from degenerate behaviors


nah you should see the look on norm faces when i tell them also theyre shocked when i say ive never kissed a girl


wait have you actually never done that


does mom count


why do you feel cool for having missed out on life


it gives me the appearance of self control


im a worse person than most norms yet i act superior to them


ok but why are you concerned with how they perceive you what matters is how you really feel


nah its all about perception i have nothing else


so glad i didnt have any opportunities in life since i have no self control


i only kiss men




File: 1553466067636.jpg (70.17 KB, 600x450, 1340092641387.jpg)


File: 1553466248113.jpg (130.78 KB, 751x753, flip.jpg)




zip it


hes not doing any harm


might end up getting just a 6 core once zen2 comes out


whys that


went with mom to the storage room and brought some boxes with books back mostly children stuff the gold was my goosebumps books dozens of pokemon and yugioh books and mags along with some dbz/yyh shonen jump


because it would probably be enough ill wait for benchmarks but i dont know if more cores would make my pc experience better


it is ma'am


no its patrick


File: 1553468953615.jpg (4.58 MB, 4160x3120, 20190324_184601.jpg)

would you sit in my car


die carnorm


yes but you should dclean it


sigh dhcw is 130m now


told you


hoo boy mom made cookies


hell yeah id love to take a ride in the turtmobile


File: 1553471108826.jpg (37.96 KB, 605x636, boobies.jpg)


big boob gerl is too rare


hate laughnorms


wish i had some cookies


for anyone who was worried none of the beers spewed when i opened them


what a shame


wish i had some brewskis rn


nothin like having some pints with the himaboys at the ol pub after a hard days work


what do you mean by hard days work


a hard day of grinding scape levels


a hard days jerk


peddling water bottles or stocking shelves or cashiering a gas station you know hima type jobs


hard day fishing around the realm


wonder if mining in ff is fun


mine irl instead and make some cash


its not bad a lot more active than fishing is


im a professor at a prestigious university


going to have to refer to the freak as the professor from now on


wish freak could teach me his secrets


keep worshipping him and maybe one day he will


thats unfeasible


oh god anxiety surge


sense of dread is returning


stop spreading fear


you have an anxiety disorder clean yourself up


im an anxious discorder


really have no clue how norms manage to live so long i feel trapped and s****dal almost all the time im awake


we can tell


File: 1553474691883.jpg (131.8 KB, 868x1228, pai.jpg)


its fine we will soon all be either dead or in 2006 with no memory of the hell weve been through


used to feel like that but one day i just snapped out of it and started to enjoy life a lot


i live in a hell of my own creation


you were bluepilled
probably had something to do with fluoride


im a content tard as long as i never work i will enjoy eating and snoozing


no i got so blackpilled that it rolled over and now that i can see reality for what it truly is im able to just spend my time alive without worries


its about time to spermsync hima are you ready


im not sorry


you have 4 minutes


cant make it






i only sperm on mondays


it is monday


i only workjo now


scared to jo ever since our gardener saw me from the cupola




who was in the cupola you or the gardener


after i posted about feeling tired and someone said low test i fell asleep again holy flip usually when spring comes i cant sleep at all




nothing norm about it


he was up there for some reason and i was in my bedchamber near the turret that faces it and i left my curtains open because it was getting warm getting a good jo on and i saw movement up there and made eye contact with him


he didn't see anythign


hate winter depression glad winters over


its that time when the snow is melting and everything looks like shit


cant believe this is going to be our last spring


its not spring unless you see the sakura trees bloom


you have narcolepsy


there was one more beer that i didnt see in the backseat bros




yell in hell


File: 1553478354682.png (64.24 KB, 308x366, Kamikaze_SSHD.png)


hima tab is leaking


get more ram


hima is horrible abuse of imageboard software



File: 1553479120226.jpg (Spoiler Image, 500.72 KB, 1200x942, 474b6ce86eb5ef2aa050affc340cd20d.jpg)


some of my biggest regrets began as sexnorm desires it is an evil force


when you think about it sexnorm hormones are the biggest driving factor in violent behavior as well


never peed in a urinal before whats it like




File: 1553480010773.jpg (98.8 KB, 1280x720, Ohys-Raws_Mahou_Shoujo_Tokushusen_Asuka_-_11_T….jpg)


seki please fix [aa]


kittys snoozing on my lap


get the cage


had my snack and im fully awake now whats the game plan for tonight hima


farting up a storm oh god it hurts


never understood fart fetishes


File: 1553480675113.webm (930.59 KB, 1280x720, falling.webm)


the flip is a cupola or a turret speak english


File: 1553480748161.jpg (123.73 KB, 850x1218, 2.jpg)


please dont post pics with men in them it makes me jealous


youre supposed to project yourself into his position


always project myself as the girl hehe


you should be jealous of the girls


just finished degreasing bros what should i watch while i eat





got another tv dinner sitting in the microwave as we speak this ones a lean cuisine


dont spoil my meal with that technorm shite



just imagine being smooth and cute and wearing soft comfy clothes its easy


what incentive is there to empathize with the girl anyway theyre hardly the ones experiencing the pleasure


its not about pleasure its about feeling nice and smooth


doesnt sound all that great


hey there smoothskin


cant believe this


its great i could never self insert as a big ugly man


glad smut artists always draw a fat ugly man hehe makes it easy


we need to know what sean thinks about this


thats another reason you shouldnt post pics with men in them youre making him so disgusted by the man that he wants to be a girl that wouldnt happen if it was a girl only pic


File: 1553481883464.jpg (269.89 KB, 1536x864, rin.jpg)




actually mindboggling how great rpgs reflect life playing at low levels with shite gear is easily the funnest part until you grind the same thing over and over for dozens of hours just to gain a few int or strength nothing to look forward to once you get bis gear


solo girl pics are worse because i usually wish i could knock em up and move to another town


very easy for me to jo my bone off to a fully clothed child


can i post my gf she is very cute


File: 1553482695888.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.98 KB, 600x800, 1523846838084.jpg)


yeah as long as it isnt actually some faggot in a wig




die norms


wonder how she took the news of her cousin getting sent to prison


you cant post my gf like that




File: 1553483620616.jpg (164.93 KB, 1073x2048, yayoi.jpg)


nips too long and belly isnt smooth enough sigh


File: 1553483845746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.25 KB, 1171x665, 1329702210680.jpg)


File: 1553483977468.jpg (63.76 KB, 614x575, 1359462318791.jpg)


stop being picky


File: 1553484315464.jpg (169.38 KB, 1200x1600, hehe.jpg)


whats wrong with her boobies


nothing theyre perfect just the way they are


i wont criticize girls bodies anymore its better than a manpic


what do you have against men


theyre ugly and gross


pics should be of girls only any man in a pic is an aggressor and competitor to me


going to make some melts


dont be insecure


hehe its my favorite day of the week love mondays i can taste the norm despair as they clock in to their 9-5s


File: 1553485670694.png (977.47 KB, 836x1200, img000004.png)


File: 1553485728989.png (409.04 KB, 640x480, 1553442572473.png)


cant believe its monday already goddamnit im suffering


whatever happened to mugen



im johncel


couldve sworn he made a post here once or am i remembering wrong


cant beleive ive never created anything or left any kind of mark on the world


ya he made a thread and never looked at it again


its cold out there today hima


mom made chicken cutlets but they were raw in the middle think she might be slowly going senile


she got pilled by sv3rige


stupid teen


mom made a big pot of chicken soup


gonno watch some vids and snooze


feeling desperate hima


desperate for what


might do something ill regret


uh wheres the context tell me what its about


you know


jo your urges off


im confused as to what you want


it wont help


why NOT


say it say it say it say it


File: 1553489731425.jpg (169.74 KB, 809x1307, phew.jpg)


wonder why girls have gross cleavage instead of showing them off in tight shirts like that it looks much better


when am i gonno get my sexy daughter


youll get a sexy son instead


too large


wish i could undo the last 15 years



curry time


are you going mild today


mild is for norms


sometimes you must go low to appreciate the highs


sighing hard right now hima


extra spicy sorry



havent used this breed of superhot yet this season think i underestimated it phew


grabbing the emergency beers bros its gonno be one of those nights


drank all my emergency booze the day after i ran out of my regular booze


installed sekiro but im having trouble getting my steam controller to work properly with it


think this is the hottest curry ive ever eaten hima im sweating and crying


could use a good cry i almost had one a few weeks ago thinking about the lyrics to my way


chilicrying is the same as normal crying


throw that piece of junk in the trash and get yourself a nice dualshock 4


fired up scape


think i can see the end of the lost highway in the distance bros it's coming up soon


does that mean your real life will begin



something like that...


these cap cramps are gonno be legendary


why cant we just give up


what makes life worth living is the struggle to push onwards


its all so tiresome


hima suicide meetup soon


the suicide meetup is in 2090 we wont take any earlier


dont use the s word euphemisms are mandatory


keep my exit bag strapped on and at the ready at all times just in case


never know when they will come and round us up for the cel work camps best be ready


no one knows of our existence were safe as long as we lie low


neighborhood foids are in on it they probably flagged your house already


stop being annoying turt



File: 1553496944071.png (63.37 KB, 207x500, serveimage.png)

wk... that's a name i've not heard in a long time...


really dont feel like wasting money on anything gaming related if i had a time machine id defiantly go back and dump the steam controller its absolutely awful


why the hell did you buy a steam controller


now if I had a time machine


i have no idea i wanted to play racing games with a controller a few years back and thought the steam controller would be a better alternative than the rest


turts shallow nihilism over superficial shortcomings isnt a reason to feel down the true reality is that some of us have flipped up so bad that we will be trapped in prisons of our own design with no way out until death and its impossible to change


pc gaming is getting more popular in japan so soon all games will have real mouse and keyboard support the days of worrying about controllers choice is over


my life amounts to nothing im simply a blob o shite nevertheless i accept my fate and relish in it at least ill never work


life means absolutely nothing when the brain has soured and the meat gone bad


hang on bros the gfs are only a year and a half away


an lgf is the only thing that could save me from this abyss


good to hear my real life is long overdue im glad its finally coming



File: 1553501507267.jpg (38.26 KB, 323x522, 1498980165314.jpg)


delete his images he regretted posting them since everyone was mean to him


when did he say that


he didnt say it but he stopped replying and never posted a pic again so its obvious


he posted two pics there wasnt a reason to post more


wheres the source because from what i believe mobile gaming is still king


doubt those were real pics


the usual face pic posters have never stopped posting themselves him stopping was an anomaly


it grew 50% in the last year so its basically exploding thanks to game streaming and stuff but mobile is still more popular i think


streamers and mobiles how norm can you get


when the lucky star stream was going on we had a pic of kagami being posted every night can we keep that going


File: 1553504881076.jpg (199.62 KB, 700x1050, lKKOJHQ.jpg)


damn havent seen that in like a decade thats nostalgic as pasted


hehe went to sleep at like 1:45 and snoozed through my alarms for an hour and a half so i just called in sick gonno neet it up today and play pokemon


used to pretend to be sick then play pocket monster sapphire


wish i would have called out of school sick more as a kid what a complete waste of time i could have easily gone to school once a week


same mom would rage whenever i was sick because the selfish bitch hated spending time with me


no because after all that pokemon sapphire and wind waker some guys in suits came forced me into a car and took me away from my mom


think i have a canker sore in my mouth but it is red and hurts


had a nice early morning wank havent done this in ages


was it from your wake up bone


yeah the sudden relief of stress from skipping work gave me a random bone rarely get them since i started working big time


once skipped school and hid behind my futon until mom left and i remember coming out from behind it and hearing noises in the house and getting kind of scared and it wasnt until years later that i found out my brother had missed the bus too and skipped school except he spent the day outside and had come in to grab some drinks and snacks


got to top 1000 mythic wasnt too hard might give the arena pro tour a shot it cant hurt


File: 1553519031295.gif (1.08 MB, 400x400, 706669283_888685.gif)

smokem peace pipe


woke up time to fire up some wow


stay out of redridge


where should i go at level 22


ashenvale is nice


did most of the quests there sigh


what about stonetalon mountains


nevermind thats too high level guess youre at the mercy of the boss


once skipped school and took my blanket over the back fence and slept there until dad left but he came back somehow knew i was there jumped the fence forced me into the car drove me to school then to the vice principals office and i closed my eyes and kept them shut the whole day and teachers kept coming in trying to get me to go to class but i just shut them out and so they said if im going to act like a child theyll treat me like one


wish i could be treated like a child


quested at stonetalon for a while and killed a few hordes hehe wouldnt go back there since its too infested with hordes though


have you done wetlands and hillsbrad foothills


have you done the valaia heights


havent done any of those gonno head there


no dont you need to stay in kalimdor and follow the breadcrumbs there so you can get exalted with darnassus for a cheaper mount


i dont know do i even need a mount im a druid


who needs a cheaper mount when you can buy the gold from chinks


i am exalted with ota


hate when people mention classic wow zones because "that" kicks in


what do you mean "that"


you know


wish i could sleep till classic comes out


on that note gonno nape


wish i could see a sexy girls nape


damn neets


the neets shall inherit the earth


remember reading this before


got tricked into pressing alt f4


hate mondays got like twenty emails from china because they live in the future


flashbacks from school and anxiety kicking in


counteraction rising


the wall of pure fictions running in my head


File: 1553526865645.jpg (226.69 KB, 850x960, Kagami-Hiiragi-Fanart-kagami-hiiragi-30614263-….jpg)

with this blade
ill cut the very threads of lewdness and sxnormism that linger upon hima....!


thank you for returning im so happy


kill the fuckin norms


File: 1553527847692.png (819.2 KB, 1176x1408, 07abd978c75cf0f3bd7a1a9830768073.png)

wish to go for a swim


as a fat is it better to wear my shirt at the pool or does it make me look more pathetic


vastly more pathetic


File: 1553528133462.png (650.75 KB, 960x1378, 1553473513142.png)



we must prove her wrong and show them himas true sexual desires


all in all i think im glad i descended into the internet underworld even if it ruined my life i think if i met a parallel universe groundwalker me id have to kill him out of shame


wish a girl would defend my sexual desires


i have sexual desire


girls made me lose my sexual desires through their cruelty


wish i didnt have sexual desire then i wouldnt have to be ashamed that nobody has sexual desire for me


i desire you sexually


youre just trying to make me feel better


Misdreavus is holding Rare Bone


go to the doctor and get put on ssris then you wont


File: 1553531751201.png (2.48 MB, 2493x1765, x3.png)


die pissnorm




piss looks sparkly and refreshing in manga its easy to forget its yellowish and smells nasty in reality


just cast my first line of the day


hate pissss but i wouldnt be able to say no to some sexy ladypiss


your piss should not be yellow


its been a long night hima time to go to bed suggest you all do the same


wonder what happened to this


File: 1553535546619.png (323.92 KB, 761x499, 21b2c3ce201a3fa08c87a3ebb7b125a9.png)

time to pk


used to get mad that people started using gank to mean pk


glad i found my pokemom emerald guide book it has all the pokemon


voxels are a gimmick probably doesnt work well with texturing meaning very little artistic freedom other than lego building


what do you watch/listen to while playing runescape


other people scaping


ai is a gimmick you cant program the human brain because computers only understand what you program into them


going to quit my job and become a pokemon master


File: 1553539830566.png (1.08 MB, 1280x712, Snip20190324_23.png)

gonno stock up on rice and beans


wish someone could understand what a unique and potent soul i am


got the hiccups


woke up gettin chick fil a hb


does anyone want to add my friend code so i can trade over haunter and kadabra


also need to evolve feebas but one of you assholes will steal it


would never steal your feebas because the pokemon of another are worthless to me


but what about a sexy milotic


keep thinking of freakeye when decidueye is battling




hehe that reminds me of something funny
there was this kid who played pokemon at lunch in middle school and i was talking to him about it and he wouldnt catch any wild mons because he didnt want to spend money on balls because he said he was saving up for the bike hehe just remembering it makes me laugh what an idiot


that was me


havent worn my kufiya in a while


is it from palestine


ya its a hirbawi


stop wearing terrorist headscarves


wish i had one sigh


i have one its not that great


i have a jordanian one dsnapped over the seat in my car


popped a few back zits


if everyone on hima was to fuse into one fighter they would become this guy


File: 1553548986598.png (706.39 KB, 1280x720, [Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle Precure - 08 [25568CB….png)



he doesnt have any of my characteristics


thats not what a gimmick is ai is useful in automation


thats because your persona is low power


home havin a coffee


sexy little hikaru want to flip that baby snap that baby


woke up hi


phew great game sesh today gonno snooze


gonno have some coffee and begin a big game sesh


a tin teardrop


havin my second coffee



File: 1553555426778.jpg (1.53 MB, 1800x1575, 1541865214632.jpg)

new guy moves into the mansion


the wownorms are making me rage


kings honor friend


hate wow hate norms


what dont you hate


be at peace son of gondor


File: 1553558695506.jpg (186.46 KB, 1280x720, Dondpx-U0AAncK5.jpg)


hate has sustained my life i would have never made it this far without it


File: 1553558954427.jpg (460.69 KB, 1713x2048, sis.jpg)

wish sis would leave me alone


hate when that happens


you better check yoself before you wreck yoself


still cant believe real women have hairy legs and arms and armpits thought girls were supposed to be naturally smooth and hairless


sexy ladies are


so are shotas whats your point


tummy hurts



hate how nigs dont even make 15% of the population yet theyre in so many movies just dont like looking at them


just signed the mortgage on the hima mansion seven bedrooms two kitchens four bath hot tub finished basement


details in the sb hope you guys like montana


hell yeah i call the basement


the sleeper has awakened


hate how nigs dont even make up 15% of the population yet are responsible for so many murders like 50% of them


hate polnorms


seven bedrooms is not enough


pizzas in the oven


how many pizzas


beggars cant be choosers


whos bringing the mom


we told him hes not coming unless he leaves mom home were not dealing with her


eating a costco dog


no foids


lets go to france and get some cheap land close to varg and then mow every day


just one its ready


cant wait to murder someone in the mansion and make it look like neetblog did it




wish to live in the mansion


feel bad for the guys who have to share a room theyll never get to jo again


there will be no joing in the mansion


dont worry you wont notice ill do it quietly with the door closed


makin a gc


PHEW hima just longfarted hard it was like one of those videos where they stab the bloated cow with a knife


Happy Kitchen Taiyaki & Dango kit From Kracie!!!


there arent seven posters on hima




love cottage cheese



is cottage cheese made in cottages


mom bought a bunch of easter candy its time to feast


told mom easter is a catholic pagan holiday and she got really nervous


you mean dry curd cottage cheese right you cant just have ordinary cottage cheese


File: 1553562871927.jpg (78.11 KB, 1000x750, tree.jpg)


ill eat any type of cottage cheese in different situations



hate that effeminate twink


File: 1553563860890.jpg (65.16 KB, 664x697, linus16.JPG)






are wet dreams even real never had one


ya i usually get one if i dont jo for 3 days


pissed myself while sleeping once


spermed in my dream when a child wearing a skirt stepped over me as i was laying down all i saw was her underwear and i instantly spermed


also flipped my sister in a dream hehe that was a good one


never spermed in my sleep i think its a meme


its real and i hate when it happens


wish i had a sister to jo to but mom gave me a dumb brother instead


File: 1553565226997.jpeg (248.16 KB, 1080x1080, D2i8pLWXgAYwr0h.jpeg)


guys i need help my dog for the past 3 days or so has been acting extremely weird


#13 A yellowish-green gelantious unknown - annoying: This has been something that's been going on for about 2 years by now and it's extremely annoying. While I'm sleeping, there's about a 10% chance each sleep-wake cycle of mine that this will happen. When it does happen, I'm otherwise forced to wake up and take care of the mess. What's the problem? I wake up to a sticky, yellowish green (hue 100°, saturation 70%, value 80%), gelatinous substance in my underwear. I've been thinking I'm piddling in my underwear, much like 1-year-olds often do (only in diapers). I have no idea why this is happening. How to stop it? That I don't know either. At least it's rare, but I would like it to stop. I don't know what's different that I'm doing that's causing this to happen.


sounds like poop to me


dont ask hima goggle it


dog expert here whats up


xiv is down for the evening guys



1. He gets on the back of another dog and sort of rides on the back of the other dog sort of jumping.
2. If I get this dog separated from the others, he wines so much, it gets very annoying, so annoying that I lock him up behind another door far away, sometimes even out in the cold if it gets too overwhelming. If close, this doesn't happen as intensely.
3. If I let him out, he wants back in again. If I let the other dog out, he'll always want out.
4. Fairly recently, there was a bond made that was so strong, even with a 25-pound dog below and the 15-pound dog on top with the lower dog hanging and movement up and down to simulate about 2 G's of force, the bond wouldn't break. That's like 50 pounds of force for a bond no more than 2 cubic centimeters. That is such an intense force required. After repeated whacking (sometimes even hard whacks), the bond still remain as if not giving up. The bond finally broke and a lot of liquid came out (and it wasn't yellow suggesting urine). After this episode, I locked him up again and he was breathing in and out like 4 times a second, so fast, it doesn't seem right.

What is this all about? My mom is telling me to keep the two separate so I was. The whacks are to tell him that what he was doing was not allowed, and despite being whacked a lot for 3 days, this continued to happen.


File: 1553566609174.jpg (83.62 KB, 500x550, l.jpg)


File: 1553566663704.png (466.64 KB, 973x936, 1343807756240.png)




uhhh the day after tomorrow novel is a lot different than the movie



File: 1553568537585.jpg (312.03 KB, 1204x1228, __narusawa_ryouka_occultic_nine_drawn_by_user_….jpg)


Dagashi Kashi cast eats tasty sweets


wish i had tasty sweets


gonno bathe


wow those red subtitles are terrible


too big


goat banner hehe


i want a boyfriend i want a boyfriend i want a boyfriend


i nominate myself


File: 1553572350655.png (18.45 KB, 500x800, b3df6492d782f10b99fd90f25934fe24.png)

mom bought a towel with this on it kind of want to throw it away


your story started over some wine


dont say that


holy flip


File: 1553573221372.jpg (217.84 KB, 1080x720, 1553373685770.jpg)

hey can i have a spot in the hima mansion


want to sit in gridania


might buy the new samsho


ate a nutella sandwich shame were out of bananas


File: 1553575215711.jpg (243.06 KB, 1200x900, D2i9pPzUYAEk6LW.jpg)


gonno fight a monkey


no way i actually got a virus after installing sekiro i cant remember the last time i got infected


hope your antivirus caught it


right antivirus see the problem here is that my hklm was probably messed with i get a black screen on boot with only 3 processes running


cant remember the last time i got a virus


i usually never download sketchy shite i see the torrent i downloaded has been removed a little too late but whatever


its time for some spaghetters


could go for a fresh windows install


how about a fresh linux install instead


nothing i want on linux dont want to waste my time learning it


what do you want besides vids and imageboards and what do you need to learn its easy


owned pirate


no reason to use winblows


im a gamer




i was born to game


id be gaming right now hima but xiv is down for the night


thats too bad ota


i just restored my system to an earlier point


would be gaming right now if the servers werent down sigh


any manga recs


akarui kioku soushitsu


okay thanks


dead hours dead day dead board


blame the wagenorms


looked in the mirror and felt really handsome


cant remember when i looked in the mirror last


wouldnt see anything handsome thats for sure


feelin gross inside and out


guess ill nap


took a long boring shower and shave at least i dont feel so tired anymore


wish i had a kemono friend


youd think there would be people that hate the uchiha clan in boruto and would go out of their way to murder sarada to kill off the clan


File: 1553588367876.png (429.26 KB, 827x730, 1553227785341.png)

gonno save up for a joled monitor


already have a jo monitor


no kemono no friend


just dreamspermed to kissing some ugly jav whore im disappointed in myself


woke up havin a coffee


wonder what i would do without coffee


had a dream of looking at myself in the mirror last night absolutely esoterical


thinkin about my lost pics


you have to let go of the past


reliving the past has been a good portion of my life for years


File: 1553605724765.jpg (164.38 KB, 1920x1200, amp.jpg)




everyones hard at work while im here naked and playing wow sigh


its finally released


why would anyone give normtendo and norm enix money for a 22 year old game you can emulate on a calculator


japanese companies deserve money



love emulating games on my soylentpi


soy was proven to raise test


File: 1553612792673.jpg (139.22 KB, 1200x1200, __shirosaki_hana_watashi_ni_tenshi_ga_maiorita….jpg)


love gog they make it so easy to pirate games


File: 1553613683295.jpg (245.93 KB, 1451x2048, cow.jpg)


bastard theyre trying to be ethical and youre exploiting them for it


its a victimless crime


dont worry i give back by seeding


gonno have taco bell today i cant wait


got a headache sigh


File: 1553615886868.jpg (64.06 KB, 1200x803, CHLo7KpWcAInpsr.jpg)

digging my new spectacles


bewear is awesome


im awesome


storms brewing hima only gonno get worse too the fish can sense it


File: 1553619633635.jpg (158.39 KB, 1200x846, __sekiro_shadows_die_twice_and_etc_drawn_by_sk….jpg)


die fearmonger


i am now level 25


stay awesome


i used to be a fish



got taco bell and a large cup full of sweet tea


do you get free tea refills at taco bell


this one had its own container next to the soft drinks so ya




hope you bros are maxing your facial hair growth by applying peppermint oil


i shave every day to ensure my face is always nice and smooth


just shaved because i was tired of the chicken soup sticking to my face


is any peppermint oil ok or does it need some specific composition with menthol and such


new ippo out get in here


havent actually shaved in weeks because its too boring and time consuming though i have shaved my pubes


i simply keep a razer in the shower and stroke my face a few times when im showering never used shaving cream or anything


article 13 passed what does this mean for hima


it means europeans cant post copyrighted things


so does that mean malta mate cant post copyrighted youtube links


you cant copyright a link


hungry wish i had some snacks


really want sugar but im on a diet


laughing at the mowing post again


eat some raw honey


made a nice big bowl of pancake batter time to dig in




really wish jesus would turn this water into wine




looks like youve got lots of time
staying up real late sleeping all day


think my brain is too big for my head



need a cool online alias




got a big ole coffee


guess ill jo


sperm quality is way down very water and jelly and smelly


its not time yet


watching nhk


its always time to jo


File: 1553639764520.jpg (165.18 KB, 992x1403, g.jpg)

what are you looking at


did hima go down for a few minutes for anybody else


sorry that was me




die normoji


mom brought a huge box of homemade palmiers hb


theyre poisoned


hima is awesome


File: 1553642746271.webm (3.09 MB, 600x680, a daughter you say.webm)




thats why you have to flip her first


wish to raise the perfect girl for my himabros to fuck


wish that was me


File: 1553644311137.webm (227.47 KB, 1280x720, 1488070066953.webm)


thats a girl


File: 1553645223031.jpg (100.21 KB, 632x632, toes.jpg)


What's the squirming boys one?




die sagenorm


woke up slept for 12 hours


thats unhealthy


maybe but i feel great


wish i could sleep forever and be done with this shite life


i watched one like this except the voice actually sounded like him


firing up some costco dogs cant wait


costco dogs are too big they dont fit in the bun then you cant fit any delicious toppings on it let alone activate the secret chicago technique


eatin some beans


ugh you just get costco buns to go with them and mustards and ketchup and onions


you cant put ketchup on a hotdog



stop eating pig anuses


putting ketchup all over this dog and theres nothing you can do to stop me


phew made myself three chicken melts and feasted hard



File: 1553648414397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 928.12 KB, 1200x800, bae50804fcd144bba625bea07d8edcbc_8.jpg)

wonder if they offer refunds


they really do look like monkeys its like the native women are from a different species entirely


are you talking about the faroese or the east asian women


dont link al jazeera




why not


theyre anti israel


israel isnt real


need a liter of milg stat


the faroese their gene pool is too small


just hit mythic on mtga




never played mtg never will


is mythic good


you are missing out


you need to be more open minded


what the hell is erai raws are their subs decent


strong urge to be productive


dont fall for it


israel is rael


hehe this is nice seiyuu shows have a surprising amount of fanservice for girls


nah theyre beautiful viking descendants


varg said they are not because hes not faroese


wish i had a seiyuu bf or gf


they would hate you


that played ffxiv too


mom bought baby back ribs gonno cook these babbies up


read that as baby dick ribs sigh


just woke up from my nap feeling like shit


a seiyuu gf that plays ffxiv likes to rc loves a pbelly mukbang sesh and looks just like milg or yuka (megane ver)


gonno sleep bye


why are japanese people so annoying i hate how they interact with each other


thats all norms


they understand each other on a spiritual level unlike western people


im up i slept for 6 hours


wish i was part of the japanese neural network


as a neet 6 to 8 hours was enough because i would sleep and wake up when my body told me to now even 9 makes me feel like shite in the morning after being awaken by the alarm


simply use your built in alarm clock


i want my baby back baby back baby back baby back


kill yourself die die die die die retard die go to hell i hate people i hate humans i feel bad i feel hatred sigh die


mindblowing how norms have trouble sleeping because of stress and dread then wake up with a blaring alarm and proceed to drown in caffeine no wonder they all drop dead in their 40s from heart attacks


gonno play some modern


thats me


i think they do that for the camera


calm down


have a cup of ale my friend


do they ever hire ugly voice actors


mom only wanted a chad son instead she got you


mom used to tell my dick was small


ive got a babydick


mom thinks im a genuis


hope this guy is doing okay


he roped


die roper


gonno bang mom


bang her over the head with a pan


time for a big piss


love shooting piss all over the seat of the handicap stall in public restrooms


wonder if i could sleep if i tried


go to hell




gonno have to second that sounds like something a norm or a foid would do


its okay i made it up i dont leave the house


nah i do it ever since i watched the yellow peepee monster


gonno mew


same hehe




time to fire up pokemon sun made it to the third island last night
pokedex competition isnt perfect but ive caught all the weird stuff that takes a lot of time like feebas and alomomola and passimian


oh i also caught two eevees and an umbreon and bred five more eevee not sure how to get glacion and leafeon or the fairy one guess ill find out


you absolute pokefool


hate that ed


sos battles are fun i think i figured out the best way to make chains bring out false swipe early then swap out to something like snorlax with big hp and plenty of debuff moves and rest so you can pass the turns by without swapping pokemon in for single turns while you wait for the mon to call allies
then when a new pokemon appears swap to something that has aerial ace vital throw swift etc and then when it does swap back to snorlax repeat



im no pokeprodigy even after 20 years i still fumble through


guess ill make some chicken and taters soon


fairy eevee is through beauty i think and ice eevee and grass eevee evolve after leveling up near a special rock thats what i remember from playing black



you should try and catch a mareanie



skipped the chicken and made extra spicy tuna melts with double onion instead


was hoping youd go mild tonight


id rather blow my brains all over the wall than eat a mild meal


hate blandnorms