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why are these types of images so common


wonder if theres an alternate universe where im not cel


simply stop being cel and smile more


groan 30 minutes to download sekiro hope it works


burn in fucking hell speedmog


is this why yeast is good for baking


hope freakeye keeps uploading from his special folder im getting a bone


havent pooped today getting worried


File: 1553993253150.png (308.85 KB, 800x1135, boobes.png)



why dont i look like her


you didnt drink enough milk as a kid


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86 posts left


eatin salty pretzels



mom told me i need to find a girl again its like the 3rd week in a row


tell her to bring a girl to you


i have unrealistic standards


tell her you have a ffxiv bf and she will understand


sekiro working fine gonno play


same id rather have nothing than someone that i wouldnt be proud of even if im worthless myself


are you using a controller


im playing with my joycons


File: 1553996293410.jpg (64.2 KB, 300x300, 1541971556820.jpg)


makin ultra spicy nachos hima todays nacho day


die soggychip


no im using keyb and mouse




nice plumper


you cant play controller games with a keyboard and mouse


watch me norm


watch me whip


File: 1553997664264.png (974.01 KB, 572x844, horse sauna.png)


i have beaten dark souls at least a dozen times with keyb and mouse im sure ill be fine


is that a bruise from a horse biting him in the gut
thats what it looks like


why do norms think dark souls is hard


wish i was a horse girl


dark souls is the dark souls of dark souls


i would fsnap you


youd get kicked and end up with a broken pelvis


File: 1553999036711.jpg (48.64 KB, 900x374, 1553992120401.jpg)

wish girls could appreciate my cool melancholic demeanor


im just like sasuke


File: 1553999727779.jpg (842.96 KB, 1240x1754, 72817984_p0.jpg)

this should have been me


enjoying sekiro its like dark souls but not for westernphiles


stop spoiling it i havent got it yet


ok sorry hehe


took a different approach making the nachos topping this time hima and it ended up producing just about the best chos ive ever eaten phew


turt do you think the 911 is the peak of car design


that position belongs to the tesla




make me some next time too




gonno fire up blops4


might have dreamspermed for the first time hima how can i tell


File: 1554001732324.png (1.04 MB, 1254x836, glug glug.png)




uhhhh baste haha


did you know the most complex molecule in the entire universe is hemoglobin and its in your blood






its easy to overlook just how sophisticated the biochemical systems which govern our bodies are thank you for that insight wish genetic engineering received more public attention beyond baseless opposition i think of all the potentially transformative futuristic technology its the one with the most promise



gonno fire up a blogweiser


pasted we should kill all women


wish i had some


your murderous ambitions dont comply with scripture


and thats why chinks are gonno rule the world in the next 100 years


foids arent human so its not murder


gonno watch some bbcslutwife4u vids


whats that it sounds like trouble


its some old lady getting flipped by blacks


that sounds dreadful


pasted anderson


himas dead


im gaming


hima hima himasugi
hima hima himasugi


File: 1554006531255.jpg (258.31 KB, 1419x1110, pic.jpg)


what is he playing




the curious wonderful mysterious highly satisfying game of life


its all over theres no where for me to go


thought i got left behind


went for a long drive just listened to public radio because my fm dongle has been acting up and drove at the speed limit for like 2 hours
when i was on the backroads the guy in front of me was messing around with his lights turning the high beams on and off and switching his turn signals back and forth for some reason maybe he was just amused that someone else was driving at 1am and wanted to have a laugh


going to snooze now mates


14 posts left


File: 1554013165413.png (518.59 KB, 800x872, DX8QBxZVQAUbZjL.png)

hello how are you all doing?


File: 1554013241259.webm (2.76 MB, 568x320, 1493432007141-0.webm)


8 days until pnigs trial begins




sigh hima ive been sleeping through all the active hours


bought some ready made microwave burgers im gonno have one for breakfast every day


sigh lucky mom doesnt let me buy those


there are no active hours it died with the last of the jp


wonder what happens to people who stop coming to imageboards


was about to fall asleep like two hours ago now i googled a bunch of tool and car stuff and im wide awake


they die


woke up from a big fat nap


are you refreshed now


yeah somewhat

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