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the drooly blog


i like this one




gonno post in this one


just realized havent worn my aloha shirts since pnig got arrested time to change that


you dont have to pretend to be a ped and jerk it to kids and like aloha shirts anymore


nice try kenneth


just jod off my bone off even though i got chili dick


File: 1552684869607.jpg (465.44 KB, 1008x1580, d5.jpg)

feel kinda bad for cutnorms


wish i had some chili but instead i have nothing


got left behind flipping thread jumpers


im home hima time to neet it up hard should i make coffee or have some soda


grab a nice glass of the good dr p



File: 1552688516807.jpg (133.49 KB, 800x494, fud.jpg)


File: 1552688787844.jpg (Spoiler Image, 564.87 KB, 2000x1333, d.jpg)


disgusting they defile those characters


tattooed bimbos





fats dont click


walked hard got rained on now im freezing



go left behind now im crying


dont cry or youre not a man


flipping hate flipping fat flipping piles of motherflipping lard


only the female ones though right because im fat


theyre nowhere near plump enough what are you talking about


no all of them


they arent fat they are just big boned


woke up had a three layer dream where i knew i was dreaming and was trying to wake up but just kept getting switched between the two levels of dream inside the dream whenever i woke up felt like it went on for a really long time


ive got a big bone


had one of those couple days ago woke up in my dream thought about my dream then woke up in real life and thought about that one crazy to think i could be dreaming right now


if youre dreaming that means im not real please dont say that


hope my life is just one big nightmare and i wake up in japan


hope when i wake up im in a suit with a rolex coming home from work in my mercedes sedan to my loving house wife a big dinner and my 3 cute daughters to greet me


pretty pilled


the debate is over


should i stream today


only if you want to


feelin tired


all xivd out


same just waiting for my nausea to go down before i fire up a coffee


first time im anxiously waiting for a pewdiepie video


wonder if hes going to talk about nz


wonder if one day youll be able to tune your brain so that its in a state of orgasm for several hours at a time


your dopamine receptors would wear out and you wouldnt feel pleasure anymore


simply do some temple trekking


File: 1552696181682.jpg (121.37 KB, 728x1000, 1552688540113.jpg)


that sounds awful


gonno have some coffee


get out of my mug of joe you nasty little bitch


File: 1552696299020.jpg (2.38 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170602_214810.jpg)


whats the point of that pic


it was a pilled jap


tired of all the norms talking about the nz thing




its important think he was a varg tard


kidney aches hima


what about your male offspring you need heirs


pizza is in the oven hima i repeat the pie is being baked



never call it a pie in my presence again you ape


scared of even the slightest exposure to anything popular because i fear the possibility that id actually enjoy it the mere thought of enthusiastically listening to skrillex or something terrifies me


skrillex isnt popular anymore its okay to admit he rules now


never not called it a pie never will




only chicago style pies are worth of being called pie


i enjoyed dubstep
it was way better than the 420 mumble shit thats popular now


im bringing dubstep back


love a good two layer lasagna


is this good


people are talking about b0aty in the chat there really is no escape from runescape


uh i mean comments


chinas third aircraft carrier is nearing completion holy flip the time to act is now what is the un doing the chinks must be stopped before its too late


The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, we might be experiencing issues right now -- please try your post again later. Error information:


only 3 who gives a damn america could wipe out that whole country in an hour


havent you noticed that most chink men use girls as their avatars


we have 11


whats wrong with that


it shows that theyre not a threat theyre peaceful and docile


love eating garb
its better than shite



the za is out of the oven i repeat the pie has been cooked


die pie eating contestant




you didnt repeat anything you made two different statements


my scholar is now level 60




save a slice for me please


wheres the stream


which ep is the next one


i hope its not the mom one i dont want to cry


wheres the stream before the stream


its ep 13 savory things
https://www.smashcast.tv/q520907 in 2 minutes


die norm


wont be participating in todays stream


same out of solidarity


gonno have some of the liquor that my boss gifted me a couple of months ago while i watch the stream


cant believe the streamer is a ped


is there anyone here who isnt


you disgusting me ped



lucky star isnt ped the girls are 17


how am i ped


mom bought wendys


wish i had some liquor


gotta have some pork sandwiches while i watch the stream


never received anything on valentines never will


so many games to buy so little time before they go out of print




File: 1552702338354.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka -….png)

nice goblin snap scene


no point in buying physical copies of games they all decay after a few decades anyways


paste jap


never bought a digital copy never will


wish i had some


ran out of milk hima should i walk to the grocer and pick some up


just make your own


nice peddad


knew the streamer was a ped


shes clearly 15 years old


order some raw milk instead


i havent decided whether or not im going yet should i then


you dont have to pretend to be ped anymore to look cool


have a watch


watching some me right now norman


beautiful overcast day today hima hope there will be more thunderstorms tonight


never smoked before never will


the first few streams had a lot of people but now theres no one around not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing or why it happened at all


neets have the attention span of ants they are bored of the streams already


i missed two days but i wont miss another


File: 1552703435411.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.04 KB, 1920x1369, b.jpg)


sickening filth


hey no males in smut please


why not


like seeing girls pure and untouched so it looks like theyre waiting for me not used goods


youre supposed to self insert


cant self insert as a muscled sweaty tan flip


you shouldnt be paying this much attention to the man


if youre not meant to be paying attention to him then why include him in the first place


ya the artist had to draw every little muscle crease in him its gay


still hate this part


hate when my mom calls my name in a condescending youre gonno get it now kind of voice i always assume mom found out i watch porn but she just found some missing puzzle pieces under the couch


stop hiding puzzle pieces under the couch


would moms really get angry for porn


she knows you watch porn


hes not the focus


why does he have to kiss her anyway cant jo if the girl gets kissed my anyone but another girl


what is the focus


hey streamguy are you going to throw on haruhi after we finish lucky star


kissing is an important part of sex


i dont know she grew up on a farm no one really watched porn of course there was no internet then


dont want to kiss a girl if shes not a kiss virgin its gross




people bought pron magazines and then rented porn videos before the internet


doubt it farmers dont have time for porn


moms dont know what sex is theyre happily ignorant


thats it for today


is that the end of the stream


sure but theres still 11 episodes to go



not like we have anything better to do thanks cant wait for haruhi



baste women advocating ethnic cleansing so that men dont have to wish death upon other men


the store closed and i dont have milk


you can produce your own


order some raw milk online


gonno play zelda


raw milk is unsanitary


why is it unsanitary


because it hasnt been pasteurized and is brimming with bacteria


the only raw milk you should be consuming is the one secreted directly from your wifes breasts


wish there was a stream to watch




that is a very suspicious url dont trust it


wish there was a stream to watch that wasnt trying to hack me


pasteurizing doesnt do anything but break down the good proteins and it is still brimming with bacteria afterwards plus your body and skin is already brimming with bacteria


speak for yourself theres none on me


cant speak for anyone else but my body is most certainly not teeming with bacteria ill have you know i shower quite regularly


if raw milks so good for you why is it illegal



wish i had a nice liter of chocolate milk


sighing and crying


there is at least 2 lbs worth of bactera in and around you

not illegal where i am


nah i keep myself clean bacterinorm


knew he was a bacterinorm


we outnumber you


should i stream another episode of lucky stah


what was under the couch


mom is raging because i said the shooter should have picked better targets


it was a psyop


please more lucky star


ok i dont mind laying in bed watching some hehe a little inebriated



what the hell are you doing




its a jo stream


how can it be a jo stream without any real life women over the age of consent


why doesnt she like fats sigh


owned hehe


File: 1552707751574.png (92.01 KB, 981x737, 1483912822370.png)




2. ask him out for a drive




need to slim down or else i wont be able to date kagamin


flip youre probably way ahead of me


ill be careful not to enter starvation mode along the way


whats your diet plan


gonno marry a gamer christmas cake


going to do a 3 day water fast


wish i knew a gamer christmas cake


thats it for today im gonno snooze


guess im going back to wallstaring


simply game a bit


dont have the energy for it


watch a vid


flip normseki




anyone else awake


not for long i grow weary of consciousness


im still awake for a couple minutes just chatted with neetblog for a few hours he said some interesting things can’t say more sorry


whoops accidentally used an apostrophe better clean that up with my mod tool before anyone sees hehe


mom spontaneously decided to apply 3 flipping coats of spraypaint to some piece of furniture and now i have a headache what is it with women and indulging in useless domestic frivolities


im here


did she wear a mask


doubt it shes careless as flip


everybody already knows about the 25 oz coke can he calls a cock


anyone play this


i did


never played those kind of games because im not a despicable carnorm


im not a carnorm
only played it when i was a kid and had nothing better to play


had an ethnic neighbor whose kid was obsessed with gran turismo


ok forgive my presumption carnorms just bring out the worst in me


i didnt play gt2 i was barely six when it was released
weird how much the cars bobble around thats not normal at all hehe



cars are baste


they are irresponsible


turt seems like a pretty responsible car owner and gun owner


we should measure dick size in fluid ounces
make a mold of your member and fill it with water and then brag about it online


only played rush 2049 on the dreamcast and need for speed underground 1 and 2 during that era


what about onseki hes irresponsible at both of those things


1.8 liters


ill send everyone on hima a mold of mine as a prank


oh god im going to flipping rage inhaling flipping paint fumes constantly all because women dont know how to contain their primitive instincts to do pointless crap


they call me cokecanblog


never met anyone who owned a dreamcast you are an elusive species


open your gotdamn window idiot


nah they call me the microblog


i was born after the dreamcast was discontinued


paste babyblog


underage b&


die teen


what youre saying is impossible if that were true youd hardly be old enough to use a computer much less find your way to an obscure derivative website of jp


teens are baste


mindblowing that people born in 2009 lost their virginity before me


whats jp


only the ones that were snapped


gnfos spinoff



flipping flip gnfos


take the jelqpill


why are there so many of these videos


they generate lots of tasty tasty ad revenue


think of how many chinks there are


banana and gsnap holy flip they must be taking the piss not to mention thats an awful combo and gsnaps are inherently unsuitable for milkshakes


baste FUDbro trying to keep dicklets from obtaining a third leg with one simple trick


taste doesnt matter if it makes your dick huge


really strange how the genesis was released two years ahead of the snes and had better games too and somehow the saturn and dreamcast were utter failures they just couldnt keep it going with sony bringing big money into gaming
theres pretty much no good games on the snes i dont know why people bother when the genesis has the same capabilities and no drm or anti piracy features


plenty of good games on the snes


sega does what nintendont


wish i could Drive


anyone else wash their cummer in the sink after peeing


the geneshite



is genesis the megadrive





bubsy is p good hehe


die uli




pasted paste


File: 1552715606909.jpg (38.35 KB, 532x960, IMG_20190310_061930.jpg)




love taking my cat for a stroll around town on the leash


cage it


just realized the right side of my stomach is way bigger than the other think i might be dying


go to the doctor


it is your appendicks


really feel like downloading new vegas with all the expansions and just locking myself in my room with enough food to last 2-3 days


just play some minesweeper thatll never get old


cant decide between new vegas and skyrim


norm vegas


the norms owned me hard


been thinking a lot about the video store lately


bored as hell


dbz is baste


might get a fishing license this summer like a good niggercattle


its time to snooze lets all get to bed


heading to bed here soon myself


how about another 5 hours



wish i was the heir to some obscure european monarchy and i could carouse around the continent every day


probably the sickest thing i have seen in my life where do you even find this shit


some wagetard sits in a cubicle giving support to customers for a baby mannequin that americans use to practice skinning infant cocks


yeah thats me so what its an honest living


they must make them for child sex change operations too dear god


lets find some


just transport me to hobbiton the real world is a living hell



File: 1552726445836.jpg (95.3 KB, 960x960, d7ilipauzjv11.jpg)

shit is getting real bros we need to get gfs by 2021


the genesis doesnt have any good games


clock is ticking bros we need to get real and start making it


time isnt even real


theres no hope



where does james rolfe get those random fat nerds to sit around in his videos and gab from


mike brings them


gonno covfefe


go back to bed instead


nah theres nothing more enjoyable than the morning ritual of grinding up and brewing some dirty beans from south america


watching dota



think china uncensored is a little too anti chinese




File: 1552749550436.jpg (728.7 KB, 1901x1249, 1552525426638.jpg)

so true


hate normtendo


when did chris become soy


gonno buy a nice $10 chink keyboard


guess its time to fire up the ol xiv



where is everyone


ive been cowering in my room all morning waiting for the kitchen to empty so i can get food


why whos there


16 hour longsnoozed phew havent had one that long in a while feelin weird


gonno pick me nose


did you wake up with a bone


File: 1552755863781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 563.26 KB, 1500x1500, __marill_pokemon_drawn_by_youjo_modoki__af677d….jpg)



woke up not in the anime world or 2006 what did i do to deserve this


never had a cat before


you need to have more reasonable standards



excited for the lucky star stream later hima


lucky norm


nothin norm about it


just making some breakfast here then its time to fire up xiv


what are you gonno do today


just got home bought some freshly roasted raw coffee from some soygirl gonno brew up a cup


gonno join a pack of orangutans


the heck is a soygirl


not sure what the plan is for today was thinking of catching some big fish and maybe finishing up alphascape


thinking i need to level up culinarian though so maybe ill start that


nice and sunny out think its time for a nice long walk


hi hima woke up had lunch with mom vacuumed and cleaned my room changed bed sheets now im havin a coffee


keep getting sumo videos in my recommended


gonno cook up some salmon burgs tonight cant wait


phew nice


hate fish


whats to hate


im breedready


cant believe i had one chance at life but ended up being born in the midst of a worldwide gf shortage


i still wouldnt be able to date in any other era


arranged marriage was my only chance


always wear sweaters even in the summer heat


haviin another coffee


that kid that wore a jacket all year in school


satokos exposed armpit


if we were born in any other era wed have dads begging us to marry their daughters since were model citizens with no criminal history


its good to wear jackets if youre a fat it covers it up and tricks people into thinking youre a twig hehe you dont get your armpit sweat stains visible too


got no one to trick and never will


wear sweaters and jackets so no one sees my manboobs


get hard nipples all the time so sometimes i tape them


used to wear a jacket to cover up the sperm stains on my ill fitting tee shirts


me too always feel awkward when my nipples are printing through my shirt


arrogant nipple printers


keep reading chainsawman even though its teenbait shite


get the heck in here friends






fascinating this is real time raytraced with a vega56


gonno skip that because its marketer technorm drivel


File: 1552764369278.jpg (371.99 KB, 1536x2048, mogged.jpg)


love a good boob_envy


hehe bet flatgirls would be more open to neet bfs because of their lower self esteem thats why i prefer them


dont think any girl wants a neetbf


flatgirls just need to be bred for their boobs to swell up


need to breed a girl stat


wonder what maternal programming god could have put in a girls brain to motivate them to harbor a parasite in their stomach for months get violently ill then shoot it out their kitty in extreme pain



pregnancy is scary to women


back in the day pregnancy was a 50/50 death sentence




are you excited for song of the elves nb they will release a new axe for woodcutting


whens that coming


no set date yet it just passed polls


tardlaughing at the pic for burzum on spotify


abort the parasite as soon as possible id never let that filth grow inside of me


you must protect your spawn


to hell with that all i have to protect is my time on video games


you chose to get impregnated you must go through with the labor


no thanks ill just continue playing video games over here in peace thank god for modern medicine


not convinced that girls want sperm in or around them


would you want to lose a year of your life to some abomination then even longer if you had to raise that thing


its the tradeoff for sex


never had sex never will


you will after you wake up and your real life begins


gonno spam hoh


dont spam





File: 1552770893242.mp4 (596.96 KB, owl.mp4)


havent had cookies in forever wish gma was still alive


anyone wants to do some barb assaults with me


give me a bond and i will


sure hop in


called it vargs a kitty


hes right


no hes rationalizing his fear and apathy




fishing up a storm here hima


File: 1552772978840.jpg (606.82 KB, 1414x2000, 2.jpg)


cant appreciate the female figure if theres a man in the picture already


i dont scape anymore


love the you need a gold account to see this image meme when you can simply click source to see the pic


wish i had a hima gold account


love a good loophole


wonder why tripfags went extinct


give me a good trip


moot here


im chink


im fish


would mom get suspicious if i added a glaceon keychain to my house key


what do you mean


nevermind im being too paranoid


im baste


File: 1552775563455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.95 KB, 1707x2048, poke.jpg)


trying to eat asparagus it just tastes like grass how do people eat vegetables


dont mind the taste of vegetables but most of them have weird textures


die pokeflipper


what should i jo to


hana hook mom ntr



gonno flip em all



dinner time


been mewing wrong for almost 3 years its over


woke up gonno have some coffee hows it goin mates


File: 1552777376142.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.32 KB, 451x604, me.jpg)

been mewing for years rate me


lookin good


just did my first jo to a black girl the novelty was exhilarating


youre gonno need a lot of practice for the hima african fuck tour


i could go for a cheeky nigress jo


what is this african flip tour you speak of




am i the only one who can mostly ignore masculine features in white women but see almost every black woman as looking like a black man


i see white women as looking like men as well the only ones i can see as girls are koreans


you guys are too ignorant to properly analyze female beauty what matters the most are facial features and anatomical proportions not race


mostly talking about the facial features black women have very masculine features


first drink in a week bros down the hatch


having a rare kahlua coffee myself might do this once every 6 months


thats why its only worth acknowledging the exceptional individuals the vast majority of people are flipping ugly and its something that i find interesting because when you look at another species say a tiger or a whale pretty much all the specimens conform to the same level of attractiveness i dont know about you but ive never seen an ugly deer or something before but maybe its something that im incapable of judging from my human perspective


hate deer


kinda want to go hunting but im a broke neet


animals mostly live in the same conditions regardless of location and their genetics are less complicated


never seen a deer hunched in front of a computer 18 hours a day either


what about when animals experience drought or famine


animals can tell when another member of their species is ugly




animals leave the tards and incels in their packs to die


File: 1552779695468.jpg (22.38 KB, 412x550, u-g-P8XYY90.jpg)

the virgin monkey


in the animal world an incel has the chance to redeem themselves but in the human world laws prevent an incel from ever making it and everything is pasted on looks if you were a moose you could at least moosefight


this is me


yeah i forgot even the tardcels can just snap whatever they can catch in the animal kingdom


theres no such thing as snap in the animal kingdom


even better


dont know how you can fight back


gotten a lot worse at identifying anime ops since i stopped watching


actually forcible sexual intercourse is not as prevalent in the wild as our imagination might suggest


oh wait its because ive never heard the song before i started trying to identify it


post it let me have a crack


already found it it was from a show where i waited for the bds




crack open a couple of tallboy blogweisers


why not


its just not that common of a reproductive strategy


File: 1552780859746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.52 KB, 1007x1400, pool.jpg)

whats it like to swim never swam before


why are human women more likely to conceive after being snapped then


awful everyone laughs at you for flailing around like a retard and then they pants you in the locker room afterward and laugh at your dick


because the creation account in genesis is factual and humans are distinct from other forms of life


love going for a nice swim the mansion needs a heated pool


nothin like a nice swim sesh the water feels great


wish i had a wide and meaty kitty gf


havent been submerged in water since 07 i think


File: 1552781156733.png (335.45 KB, 550x765, nb.png)


got an uli vibe from this post before remembering he flipping made it


almost cried my eyes out the other day thinking about the lyrics to my way i think the end is near bros





die brehnorm




gih brehs


gonno start a riot


its a raid


now this is an op


its here


cant even watch more than 15 seconds of varg his foolish arrogance is overwhelming


File: 1552783302048.gif (886.23 KB, 420x236, 1552783157164.gif)

the norms turned me into a monster


i will be the knight to stop you


hes right the we should be blaming western powers for invading the middle east


die skipnorm vargnorm


im a proud skipper


no you meet me some mother fucking where


turt moo'd at my mom


File: 1552784886004.jpg (481.08 KB, 1450x2048, D1v7Q.jpg.jpg)




impressed with vargs internal consistency hes a good guy


hes a dumb norm


wonder what the man hater thinks of the disembodied man hands in that pic


just joed so im not in the mood to judge smut



we need to syncjos just like we syncsnooze


i take too long wed only be able to sync the beginning of it


could be a girl with manly hands


gonno pork sandwich


you can start later its more important to spermsync


im quickjo give me 20 seconds and ill get the job done




is that a result of increased horniness


its a result of high test


might stream ruki sta soon


die streamer


File: 1552786582714.png (217.5 KB, 730x784, fighter.png)

lookin good


why do women love abs so much


i love women with abs myself


File: 1552786753785.png (39.96 KB, 346x314, cask.png)

10 hours of work to finish this master clue


they dont they just pretend to


master norm



missed the birthday event again


it was nice


gonno jo anyone wanna spermsync


i take at least 2 hours to sperm


oooooog me bone me jo me sperm


forgot to tell you guys but i dreamed i was my ffxiv character last night it was really long and detailed felt great to be a girl


you absolute fool youre corrupting your masculinity


repress that dream its unhealthy


god has given you over to a reprobate mind


wonder why he did that


because you jod to shota probably


dont say that hes still a bro just needs to be steered in the right direction


should i stream


stream some blops 4


what if you accidentally spermed to shota


then thats ok i do that all thge time


had a nightmare i was on a roller coaster last night


whys that a nightmare roller coasters are fun


there is nothing fun about being flung around a metal cart wildly through the air with absolutely 0 control


never ridden a roller coaster im too fat to be let on


honestly mindblowing that if southerners had segregated niggers but treated them more nicely whites would still live in segregated communities


probably not


literally just had to have given them 40% of what the whites got and they would have been content for at least another 50 years




they were treated nicely dont you get that theyll always be demanding more infinitely


they should have rounded up all the niggers and killed them after the civil war just useless livestock


File: 1552788935793.ogg (1.97 MB, Johnny Rebel - Send em all back to Africa.ogg)


hate niggers but black folk are alright


america belongs to the natives send all whites to europe


you know what fuck those niggers i agree they were treated like the apes they are and it wasnt good enough for them so fuck em


honestly wish whites never set foot on america they ruined it bad


go to hell racists


my face when johnny rebels views seem reasonable and positive


its ok to be racist we cant hurt pnigs feelings anymore


uhhh dont be racist haha


wonder how baste america would be if chinks conquered it instead of whitey


pnigs still here



wish i was handsome like pewdiepie




same felix is a hunk





gonno stream some lucky star rn tune in


hes ugly he has tattoos


flippin hate pinyin stupid communist trash


why not being handsome seems nice i could wear a vneck sweater and drink wine in an elegant way instead of being a bozo like pastaguy


which episode are we on 16


we are currently on ep 16 yes


calling someone a bozo isnt very nice


im bozo


never disrespect pg again


wish the edgy teens would stop harassing pewds


love a nice vneck


he deserves it for inspiring mass murder


grabbing some food and ill be ready for lucky star


wonder if nb ever mailed those froggers


cant believe god accidentally put a japanese spirit into my body


kinda crazy how almost everyone in korea is korean


not me


be quick youre missing out on some great parts


gth english teacher


gotta respect koreans for their humility


do you not know how about the korean economy was before the rise of kpop what foreigner would want to go there when theres japan and china


scared to check my weight but i think im getting really fat im snacking every 3 hours


cant believe i was born with a gamers spirit but god forgot to make me korean


wish to game with the bros all day at the internet cafe and eat samgyeopsal then tell mom i was studying hard


no you dont that would suck


wish i had a jap name itd make a girl saying my name a lot more sexy


love this ep


this it hima


aya san...




i will if he goes to prison


dont do it hes already beaten down it would hurt him


he is in jail


no he isnt retard


lock him up and throw away the key


someone post his trial info


ill send him a mp3 player full of denpa albums instead


he would get shanked for it


dont you get locked up for a serious charge until your court date or do you have to plead guilty for it to happen cant someone just make a run for it


might lie down and watch from bed and then nap bye hima


where would he run


rest well




File: 1552790737115.png (106.41 KB, 658x909, nigcase.png)

not sure what any of this means


A capital case is a legal case in which a defendant is accused of committing a capital offense and is potentially eligible for capital punishment. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty




i said before he was up for the death penalty you stupid reflapper


22 days thats too close sigh


complex slash capital fool as in or
its been labeled as complex since december


theyre gonno kill him for killing all of those children and warosu


just for some pictures


this nigger needs to get owned big time by the united states legal system


everyone on hima is so reflappered that i cant tell if posts like >>899463 are serious or if being that dumb is actually possible


be nice


interesting how it changed from complex case in february to complex / capital case for april


hes gonno hang


basted united states gassing pedonigger for spamming warosu


the dickspammer is going down


its gonno be a public beheading


used to wish i had an emo gf listening to this 13 years later and nothings changed




defendent kenneth george boles is being trialed for possession of child pornography and endangering an anonymous archiving website


i support the police state and the jewish cabal glad hima is with me on this one




nothing to hide nothing to fear haha


the police keep my neet life safe and i support them


no they dont


are prisoners neets


no they have to work


feel like making a boles comic but i cant draw


they arent required to work but they are more eligible for parole or early releases if they work or participate in training/education programs


basically only solitary schizos are truneets


feel like id become epic after a couple years of solitary confinement all that time to think and fine tune my killer instincts tossing away whatever emotions i had left




reported the stream


the otateens are back


d1 is defendent and p1 is plaintiff right


defendant is d2 but yes


wish an emo teengirl would f lip my c ock


pretty sure the domain expires in may or june so hopefully he gets ten minutes of internet time before they gas him


how would a 30 year old male incel go about meeting a teengirl without being creepy


be rich




tell them youre 22


find himako and have her renew the domain


is there more lucky star


just started the next one sorry


if flipping an emo teengirl hard meant that i would die in my sleep that night i would do it without a moments hesitation


thanks streamguy


File: 1552792555029.png (229.95 KB, 1125x1125, jtmyrtyqmcl21.png)

sick of olds stealing my women


paste leo


been fishing the whole day at this one spot in the fringes hima


if i woke up tomorrow and i was 16 years old in the year 2003 i would slay big time


tsukasa is gonno be my bride


my level my lancer a bit after the stream


we need to go back bros the emoteengirl kitty is waiting


id play some xiv with konata


will you allow me to have her sis


holy flip getting real sick of the incelnorm spam just accept your fate like the rest of us already


to live is to struggle


who is the incelnorm


my fate is not sealed precisely because i lack your passiveness


im incel


we will march into 2003 with emo teengirls kneeling at our feet bros


our knowledge of mid 2000s pop punk and alt rock will leave them dripping


die emotron


you stay here and keep all the 2019 kitties dry while we head on back to 2003


sigh enjoying this ep hima


ya i was gonno be productive and game tonight but this is better


lucky star is the best


its a drag i know
theres only one place to go
im comin home
im comin home


cam let's go crack some heads brotha


uh oh next episode might be that one
better save it for tomorrow


guess that was enough for a day thanks for the stream


is 'that one' the kagami crying one that makes me want to die


think ill enjoy a steaming hot bath


the three forms of despair
not being conscious of having a self
not willing to be oneself
despair at willing to be oneself


number four
never being able to penetrate emo ptp


im all three


turt is ooging hard tonight
go jo it off


stupid orbiter


turts snoozing


a mans life is wasted when he lives on so deceived by the joys of life or by its sorrows that he never becomes decisively conscious of himself as spirit as self




is it wasted if he never puts his paenus into an emo ptp


my life couldve been so different


wish to flip livia


practiced my smiles in the mirror


were you looking charming


the ordinary view of despair remains content with appearances and so it is a superficial view that is no view at all
it assumes that every man must know by himself better than anyone else whether he is in despair or not so whoever says that he is in despair is regarded as being in despair but whoever thinks he is not in despair is not so regarded
consequently despair becomes a rather rare phenomenon whereas in fact it is quite universal

the vulgar view is exposed though in a much deeper sense to the same fallacy it sometimes falls into when it would determine whether a man is sick or not
for he physician knows that just as there is sickness which is only imaginary so also there is such a thing as fictitious health has no unconditional faith in a persons own assertion about the state of his health
if it were true that what every man says about the state of his health as to whether he is sick or well where he suffers etc were absolutely to be relied upon it would be an illusion to be a physician for a physician does not merely have to prescribe medicines but first and foremost he has to be acquainted with sickness and so first and foremost to know whether a supposedly sick man really is sick or whether a supposedly well man is not really sick
so it is also with the physician of souls when dealing with despair he knows what despair is he is acquainted with it and hence he is not satisfied with a mans assertion that he is in despair or that he is not


weird how if you say something very simple in complex wording it sounds intelligent


its simple in simple wording perhaps its your vocabulary thats lacking might want to pick up a book sometime


none of the words are difficult its the prose that you would never hear in speech


Man is spirit. But what is spirit? Spirit is the self. But what is the self? The self is a relation which relates itself to its own self, or it is that in the relation [which accounts for it] that the relation relates itself to its own self; the self is not the relation but [consists in the fact] that the relation relates itself to its own self.
In the relation between two, the relation is the third term as a negative unity, and the two relate themselves to the relation, and in the relation to the relation; such a relation is that between soul and body, when man is regarded as soul. If on the contrary the relation relates itself to its own self, the relation is then the positive third term, and this is the self.
10Such a relation which relates itself to its own self (that is to say, a self) must either have constituted itself or have been constituted by another. If this relation which relates itself to its own self is constituted by another, the relation doubtless is the third term, but this relation (the third term) is in turn a relation relating itself to that which constituted the whole relation.



might join the maelstrom merlwyb is too sexual


no i wish im not charming like luke


still dont understand


communication is hard


what age do neets lose their baby face


lost my babyface years ago


this is an important question


merlwyb is super sexual


i still look 16




same i actually want to lose it might help my jaw


File: 1552799704285.png (624.04 KB, 707x1000, 45832158.png)


basically if you have not flipped the prime t**n kitty of an emoteengirl your life is without value or meaning


shes asking for it


what is she asking for


why cant you change it


you know


i dont thats why im asking




dont know how i could change my life from a scared suburb neet to a cool big city business guy




aim for the middle ground cool big city business guys dont exist anymore and the american dream is a myth


but did you see that cityscape in that vid i crave to know that kind of living as a normal environment sigh


your warrior spirit prevents you from knowing anything but the rustic countryside


just watch these


become a mountain man living a simple life



cities are festering normholes




neetblog is no /tv/ jan he bravely fought their oppression for many years



woke up from my net




been to the country plenty of times but a city is an experience mom refuses to allow me have


dont forget to read and highlight your favorite posts


wonder which new poster is going to win rookie of the year for 2019


the basted lad who didnt remember year-old posts


you damn greenhorn



what the flip guys a new hoshi saga has just been released i cant believe it i just randomly checked the website after not going there for a year


File: 1552804713205.webm (3.54 MB, 640x360, 1552741094390.webm)


die teen



we stayed up too late lets get to bed hima



sigh i have lost all motivation to gymnorm im lucky to go 2 or 3 times a week now


2-3 times a week is still incredibly motivated


i lost the motivation to lose weight too im probably rising in the scale but im too scared to check


sis finally went to bed time to jo


its usually just 2 and these days i often find myself not even finding the motivation to eat its just all so tiresome


dont put yourself down if i had put in any amount of effort in the last 6 years i would be 200 pounds 12% bodyfat right now instead of a fat cunt


never been a healthy body weight never will be


same ive always been too twig


paste hehe


always under or over normal weight




what is it








loved playing fps gamed and using @ in my name made me feel epic


gonno snooze


what the flip new pewdiepie 13 hours ago why didnt anyone link it





die you flipper


found a portal to the anime world come quick guys


File: 1552816109290.jpg (63.7 KB, 680x500, 1552810694968.jpg)

no no no


did pewdiepie address his influence on the shooting


File: 1552819063644.jpg (108.25 KB, 859x859, Dp5JlgrW4AUCkYb.jpg)


what the flip its this late felt like the evening had just started


please please


woke up only 22 posts while i was asleep nice


woke up im starvin hima




this is very unsettling


i want a hug up until its time for a real hug then i dont like it anymore


ill give you a hug you wont forget


need a hug stat


were sold out on sexy lady hugs only cheap manhugs are left sorry


File: 1552830803755.jpg (184.62 KB, 1280x720, f77de0ecec3922a1446b2c94cb4d7016.jpg)

i thought it was a birl flip this garbage




morning hima woke up with a big bone


second place not bad


the first loser



firing up some xiv right now hima had a great day on it yesterday and expect ill have a great day on it today


may your day be great


final fantasy is boring


nothing boring about it just have to find things you enjoy theres a whole world to explore


craving sugar i must hold back


get yourself some sour cherry bombs or sour keys love those


got a feeling of dread need to get a job to secure my existence


get yourself a spoonful of honey works for me


did you satisfy it


why do you have to get a job



im too much of a baby to try to get ssi and mom kicked me out its either job or starve


sorry to hear it


dont understand the contribution thing why are norms so obsessed with contributing to this shite world


do your part


never done my part never will


the greater good


hima hows it goin


paste elliot


pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted pasted


should i level up alchemist or culinarian next i want to make cordial but i also want to break down the fish im catching


level up that alchemist so you can make the neetchair mount


File: 1552848349519.webm (2.62 MB, 1280x720, 1552847837776.webm)


wish i was a charming scott


alchemist it is thanks hima


culinarian first i suppose


you cant just say that and then switch to culinarian


thats someone else recommending a class


The recommended route for leveling your crafters would be as follows:

Get all crafters to Lv 15
Get Culinarian to Lv 37 for Steady Hand II
Get Carpenter to Lv 50 for Byregot’s Blessing
Get Weaver to Lv 50 for Careful Synthesis II
Get Alchemist to Lv 50 for Comfort Zone
Get all crafters to Lv 50
Get Culinarian to Lv 54 for Muscle Memory
Get Goldsmith to Lv 54 for Maker’s Mark


File: 1552848676188.jpg (161.42 KB, 1280x720, 1280.png.jpg)


gross whore post alphinaud instead


shes cute


thats a lot of work i only have fishing leveled im not really trying to optimize i appreciate the help though


leveling a single crafting class is already hard


left shoulder feels very sore today



does answers play in the background when mor dhona is gloomy


1660 review is out


hate video reviews


should i start linking gamers nexus articles rather than embed videos


link some nice froggers


File: 1552850859110.png (2.78 KB, 32x29, 356805324067569664.png)


well im never going to watch these videos so if you want me to read something i might read an article


dont really care about technorm shit anymore


please purchase my pieces of silicon on finance thanks


moms making alfredo


wish i had some alfredos


told mom im gonno use a clay mask on my face to get better facial hair blood circulation mom is dumbfounded why i want a better beard


cant grow a beard guess ill go buy nacho supplies instead


growing a beard is my only chance to mask my hideous chin profile


gonno shave


gonno start calling mom はは


society never did its part for me


not everything is about you


then dont expect anything in return


File: 1552852905061.jpg (60.2 KB, 567x839, milk.jpg)

hate when this happens


society gave you internet so you can talk to people


honestly the internet stops being fun after around a decade or so


getting tired of internet lets go outside


my skin will burn if the sun touches it


whip out the umbrella




good idea gonno start using an umbrella on sunny days


guess im going for a walk now


remember once seeing a girl walking in a goth dress with an umbrella during summer on a very sunny day


how do you know it was a girl


File: 1552854940008.gif (360.4 KB, 850x1073, sensu.gif)

which one should i get


bottom left


what sunglasses should i get


sunglasses are for norms





my name is cameron not hima


File: 1552856081324.gif (301.56 KB, 847x1089, sensu1b.gif)

missed some






translate it weebs


hima im makin coffee


ok ota


File: 1552859004881.jpg (270.92 KB, 600x793, sbe-1873-gentlemen-01.jpg)

hima meetup


File: 1552859161118.jpg (491.31 KB, 956x1280, 1552857174594.jpg)

duck show


cant believe everyones out drinking


never been out drinking before


ate like half a jar of nutella moms gonno be pissed sigh i better not eat any for a week and hope she doesnt notice


nutella makes me hurl


File: 1552859948915.png (Spoiler Image, 291.86 KB, 600x771, 648e997d17f44c16e575375ce85dbb9a.png)


File: 1552861113031.jpg (100.59 KB, 1200x846, au2j81wbsqk21.jpg)




woke up time for some xiv and coffeee


mom flipped out because i put the ice cream in the fridge instead of the freezer last night and it all melted


File: 1552861800074.png (691.48 KB, 1280x720, [Mezashite] Aikatsu Friends! - 048 [282ED7E7].….png)


dumb flipper


opened the window for the first time in years a little cold but its a nice fresh breeze


mom beat my ass for leaving the fridge door open last week



anglo dna is so easy for j*ws to manipulate at this point its absurd


varg as usual was right just look at the guys nose


proud to be european


varg is clueless


bite your tongue louis cachet is a visionary


should have skipped the last 3 hours of posts sigh


wish i could slap a zoomer after he hit me with an egg while holding a normphone up to my face


just put it back in the freezer and itll freeze whys she mad


wish i was dead


you should avoid violence


the last remains of my humanity are now lost im no longer human


how do i stop hating myself


im more human than average


i was born a slave


probably shrooms or lsd combined with therapy


depersonalize and lose your connection to yourself


yeah ego death is underrated cant even imagine how freeing it must be


how do i get rid of my emotions so i can live a perfectly organized life


how are your emotions stopping you


my emotions make me want to do things at certain times or make me not want to do things and its annoying because i have to keep fighting my emotions to do anything


dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed


like what


psychedelics have never helped anyone


baste big pharma representative


take your medicine


i recommend psychedelics


hi hima was talking to mom for a few hours shes in a good mood


good to know gnfos


File: 1552865846881.jpg (50.28 KB, 851x300, Capture2.JPG)

wonder if pnig wishes he could be vored by a sexy lady to avoid prison


never browsed gnfos but im sure you do anyways mom said shes going to make something good for dinner tonight i told her someone else was having alfredos but she had something in mind already


die gfnorm


baste false flagger trying to break the lifelong alliance with our gnbros


gnfos is pasted norm


mindblowing how hima went from gnfos witch hunt paranoia to becoming gnfos


blame himako for handing hima over to a gnfos raider


phew gamed a bunch today gonno have aturkey sandwich now


thank baste convicted child sex criminal Kenneth George Boles of Mesa, AZ for selling the site to a gnbro who at the time literally owned gnfos


he hasnt been convicted yet


might end up sperging out and making onseki rage hehe


its an open and shut case hes going down


fire it up hima has been too peaceful since december 13th


thank baste currently-on-bail-soon-to-be-convicted child sex criminal Kenneth George Boles of Mesa, AZ for selling the site to a gnbro who at the time literally owned gnfos




do it
flip normseki


nande nande nande
kurasu wa betsu na no nande kamisama


my hands feel sticky what should i do


rinse and scrub with soap and water


ken used to get on stream and brag over how he was too big to fall


is it fall or fail




3 years ago i would sit and eat 2 frozen pizzas and watch anime from the time i woke up to the time i went to sleep happy as a clam now i just sit and do nothing


epic fail


oh flip hima i got a battler banner im cursed for a month of bad luck


cant wait for the mass hima roping


hehe i just blatantly lie to mom about everything now promised her i would sign up for the electrical apprenticeship months ago now and i guess she just forgot or something or even better she realized that its futile to urge me to seek employment


gnfos was always basted


she recognizes your basteness


played some tribal avant garde jazz in the living room in an attempt to expose mom to quality music and she told me to turn that nonsense off


stupid teen


fire up the smutspam.cpp pastasmut


you were in the wrong


same this is the best ynaj defense


just get a job you parasite


nah i am a noble


hima 2020 we will all be living in our own bachelor pads getting paid 100k a year for 5 hour work weeks


2020 is a cool number


never had a job simply do not care for monetary goods but i do want build my home on my own private land one day


numbers like 2020 are called paragrams


im a program


i have overcame the urge to profit and resigned myself to a humble life of neetitude


2021 we all make it bros john titor told me


cant take anyone seriously with tit in their name


File: 1552869185865.jpg (388.13 KB, 1500x1112, smut.jpg)


porkguy you here


bet her big oppai would sway around a lot in that position


cant imagine what its like to have fat sacks strapped to your chest must be really weird




ask neetblog


neetblog is jacked now retard


maybe but he can always recall his past experiences


File: 1552870040098.mp4 (13.64 MB, tree.mp4)


dying from laughter after reading a hima post would be pretty pasted


nothing pasted about death


wrong death is what gives life its meaning


no anime and games are what gives life meaning


my life has no meaning


im a npc


what a beast


maybe for a pmb


english teenbro


used to wake up at 4 hit the grocery store or konbini for some snacks and brown musflapper and watch six two hour gccx episodes and then snooze those were the days


baste newlad from /qa/


bogan boutta lay a smackdown


get in here


wasted too much of my life on obscure imageboard memes and foreign cartoons


never posted on qa


absolutely biblical newlad proving his complete ignorance about anything posted on hima beyond february 2019 for the second time in 2 weeks


anyone excited for poke shield


stop calling it poke


why its poke


bout to make some nachos here hima got the jalapanoes and salsa and cheesers and the chips cant wait


heck yeah wish i had some


wish i had some guess ill make bacon sandwiches instead


what kind of cheese are you loading those chos up with


too scared to say


gotta be a nice gorgonzol


gonno brush off the dt990s for real this time


wish i could afford some


your laptops speakers are all you need




theyre not as great you think the pads are nice but its tiresome wearing them for more than 2 hours


dislike headphones


always have headphones on bought a few different types for different uses


been wearing the same headphones for 7 years now we have some good memories together


finished off a few more zones in xiv catching lots of big fish hima


had akg701 and a nice headphone amp now just mostly use apple earbuds hehe


miss my boy kenny might cry


foolish fisherman


dislike how you feel walled off from the real world when wearing headphones would rather have good bookshelf speakers


thou fool




what is it sama


cummed hard and pulled a muscle


mom made cornish beef


baste mom


in the mood for some country fried steak


could have sworn we had this argument before


why would you fry a steak thats heresy


love corned beef


did we have this argument before or no


might make some chicken fried steak and gravy tomorrow hehe


whats the difference between chicken fried and country fried


my guess is country fried is greasier


shouldve been a country boy


hate grease


you use eggs in chicken fried


whats not to like


File: 1552874046500.jpg (267.26 KB, 940x518, phew.jpg)


pretty sure at this point a girl could come up to me and start saying how badly she wants me to flip her and i would find some excuse to leave and complain about regretting it here later


booouken desho desho


File: 1552875031747.jpg (79.35 KB, 900x1200, 1552864034741.jpg)


started to rage at a post and wrote a huge reply but noticed it was in a thread from 2018


File: 1552875064182.jpg (Spoiler Image, 450.12 KB, 1280x720, dab.jpg)


go back



lets move to a six mat apartment together


thats not enough mats


all the lumberjacks ive seen actually really care about responsible forestry and replanting saplings i remember when i was a kid mom brainwashed me into thinking forestry was evil or something


File: 1552876074920.jpeg (88.58 KB, 800x600, B901FF13-18FC-4664-825D-D94021E6018E.jpeg)

happy saint patties day mates im sloshed


wheres the stream



gonno make myself a sandwich and stream


we need to get jacked no more fucking around boyos


why do we need to get jacked


someone jack me


we need to get jacked to attract gfs and make the norms fear us


already halfway through march is there enough time to get abs for summer


its to late now gonno wait for 2020


sigh really hate that im gonno have to hear 2020 for the next decade it sounds dumb


imagine how the people from 1010 must have felt


waiting until 2020 is fine but remember 2021 is the year we all make it



hate birds


watch the stream every time solely for the op then report it and close the tab


just pirated some games


stream is glitching out


nice nee san reading fsn hehehe


konatas belly button


save her from desert spirituality


guys get in here and watch some lucky star


nah flip you lucky norm


get in here its time for lucky star



cracked open a bag of mellows




nice no javascript


hate javascript


nice breasts haruhi san


stay away from her breasts sicko


why is everyone lefthanded


make some memories with me konata


yeah im a southpaw so what


god damn it flip you reporter norm


i got banned


never read the lucky star manga it would depress me too much


neetblog has done it again


neetblog here i tried to report it but the captcha was frozen


you mena the 4 panel or the spin off


thats ok it happened right at the end of the ep and i was planning on ending there


mindbending that since the earth is a sphere japan can be considered the west and europe the east


are you going to be able to stream again


i dont nkow but i will make another account tomorrow and see what happens




neetblog here im just going to report it again


die impersonator


baste non-impersonator


then why would it be depressing its still ongoing


my bone is still ongoing what should i do


whoever reported the stream i hope you die


jo that bone off




just wish kenny was here to watch with everyone


just spermed too late to syncjo now


my dream just came true hima



please share it with us


sigh i cant believe myself hima i just napped for the last 4 hours slept right through the stream too i was gonno game hard too


youd just laugh at me


meanwhile in america child predators can blog about their lives 24/7 for years before getting caught


god damn i forgot how ruthless japs are i hope i die long before before anyone can dox me and bully me on that scale



you owned yourself hard


going to murder the blob and wear his skin


no dont


i shall reign as Neetblog II


seems like the chris chan of japan they didnt deserve it but they were chosen


cant you show me some sympathy and sadness


simply watch by yourself and then game


im sorry that happened to you it wasnt your fault




File: 1552883514673.jpg (141.13 KB, 1371x1650, __bobby_valentine_and_kuroi_nanako_nippon_prof….jpg)


wouldnt mind giving her a big hug


that quora post is really flippin me up i thought japanese netizens were all whimisical outcasts but they act the same as chinks


all asians are soulless insectoids


plenty of obsessive doxxers on the western net too you should see what the runescape pk clan scene is like


jagex is powerless against a pk clan


gonno need a big ol mug o joe hima im tired as a hog storms blowin in soon too


now imagine how theyd treat you as an arrogant gaijin trying to be friends with them


this world is not for me bros it gets clearer and clearer every day that i was meant for another time


they would recognize and respect my japanese spirit


interacted with plenty of japs in ffxiv they were all glad to have me in the party despite my less than perfect japanese


japs are passive aggressive they very well couldve been pretending to enjoy your company


no storms here too bad


the silverfish are back


my letterbox is infested with silverfish every time i open it they swarm everywhere


i was meant to be sitting under a tree with my hat over my eyes and a straw between my teeth completely unaware of the world beyond my state's borders


love when a wap gets his eyes opened wide


sigh still cant believe megalia got shut down


anybody got a hug for me


hate silverfish gross little bugs


hug my neck with a rope


dont speak of it im eating



hima hima hima




theyre baste



i do but im a twigger so it wont feel that great


not clicking that


he wants a girlhug i think so youre better than average but still unideal


ive got enough cushion for the both of us now get over here


only a manhug can comfort me in the way i need


love the part about suburbs it opened my eyes to why america abandoned the city for the burb


we were meant to be farmers


named my chocobo boko as a homage


im a farmer of posts


just closed the deal on the hima rice paddy communal farm get ready mates


please be considerate to your letter carrier and make sure your mailbox is in good condition and free of pests


men shouldnt hug its a sexual act and its a struggle for power to be dominant in the hug


wonder if this person is exaggerating or the japan we know is just filtered through a magical lens


was gonno post some chocobo smut but then i decided not to consider yourself lucky


starting to think japan is a hellhole and we have all been bamboozled by propoganda


shitbuya doesnt represent japan


dont mean to eat up posts but before we hit 900000 i want to say you bros are all baste


gonno snooze


japan pinches you wouldnt be able to fend off against the nhk man


never disrespect japan around me again


cant snoozesync because of my nap sigh im gonno be flipped for weeks


File: 1552887233407.png (269.35 KB, 800x600, 1377974633491.png)


baste neetblog here


im not snoozing for another 9 hours we can have our own little sync


ok but i dont know when ill be feeling tired


having a good time fishing in xiv and watching hidamari sketch hima


im glad youre enjoying yourself dear


wish i could fish with you


fire up some xiv the cross server play thing should be coming soon and we can all fish together


happy for pasta guy but one wonders if all of this good time talk is just an act




im not the fisher


hes more of a cook


then whos the fuckin tranny playing ffxiv?


hehe you should play culinarian in our fc


im too stupid to craft i just press the buttons to shoot the bad guys


caught a lot of big fish today hima lots of then even finished off a few zones fishing log


im not good at crafting either all i can do is cast my line and see what happens


havent made pasta in a long time too long


iori banner




i refuse zettai ni


sounds like its pasta week then


had chef boyardee ravioli yesterday im in the spirit


used to go fishing all the time in real life its nice



same here its a great time fishing


want to get a fishing license and find a nice quiet spot to just drink from sunrise to sunset watching my line


dont drink too much or it could be dangerous


wouldnt mind sitting by the lake with a cooler full of capri suns casting my rod til sunset


as long as you put the fish back in the water


if i was a fish and had a sharp hook put through the side of my mouth after getting tricked by some norm i would at least want him to give me an honorable death on land


why would i do that ive outclassed the fish with my superior mind i deserve to eat them


they have lives too they only get one life dont let it go to waste for a gross meal when you could eat something better like mcds


if im eating them their life was put to good use


loving this passion for fishing hima nothing better than a nice lake


thats only from your selfish perspective what about their feelings


god gave me dominion over the fish of the sea


a fish would do worse things to you if it had the chance


theyre herbivores and theyre nice



damn missed the get


if theyre herbivores why do they bite live bait


in the Isolation, Suburbs, and Prevention of Community section id copy paste it but its a pdf so itd look bad


whats does pdf stands for anyway


portable document format


pretty dumb format


you just made that up


maybe i did so what


they die right away anyway because they have a big bleeding hole in their mouth releasing them is just to feel better about yourself


thats a myth


damn good day fishing hima spent the whole day exploring various places to fish but now its time to sleep got a long day of fishing ahead of me afterall


might make chili fries soon


any manga recs hima


komi san


ok thanks


tell me what you think of it tomorrow heading to bed now


goddammit im too flipping dumb


no youre smart


im not im flipping retarded


nah you are an intelligent and respectable young man


no on told me the people responsible for the gas attacks in japan were put to death last year


i thought someone posted about it


no im not


Arthur Goldwag, author of a book on conspiracies and secret societies, characterizes Asahara as one who "saw dark conspiracies everywhere promulgated by Jews, Freemasons, the Dutch, the British royal family, and rival Japanese religions
tardlaughed at dutch and royal family




flipping japs cant even manage successfully accomplish a terrorist attack


File: 1552898436291.jpg (81.72 KB, 700x700, ni3r5ge5hpm21.jpg)

every neet must kick his mom out one day


only one awake sigh


no im here


dumb foids


only incels know just how evil foids are


attended neetblogs cello recital and there wasnt a dry eye in the house




cant wait for the shadman cinematic universe


still thinking about the new zealand massacre what a beautiful performance truly a work of divine beauty


its up there with elliot


slabseki check this out


woke up time for some tea


probably the dopest thing ive ever heard thanks


just cant beat memphis my nigga juicy my nigga paul zirk criminal manne tommy wright tha third lil slim gangsta black country black 901 thugs buckshot lil fly playa fly



die norms


didnt understand this post


woke up its xiv time


you are addicted


i can stop anytime i want


just one more cup of coffee


holy flip this is the disclosure of the century


i could sleep forever if it wasnt for my bladder


no this is *unzips dick*


sigh the its too sunny outside gonno tape garbage bags to the windows again and fire up rainymood.com


get yourself blackout curtains and a weighted blankie


not everyones a richnorm i have to make do with the hand ive been dealt


wish i was dealt a better hand


dirty south trunk banging lean sippin music is the next best thing


gonno get a big ass trunk sub for my 20 year old civic



you could get good ones for less than $20 at target or walmart please save on snacks for a couple of days and enjoy a perfectly dark room for years


File: 1552923031665.jpg (414.54 KB, 2000x1746, __hamakaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_lolicept….jpg)

sexy ladycept quit drawing and wiped pixiv over retarded internet drama


nice lightning



stupid teen


sick of my shrunken esophagus even water has a hard time going down


what drama


might have to hump this foid


found a level 40 on the 1500 total worlds killing chaos elemental with a cannon so i put a bond on my alt but i cant find him now


File: 1552924989268.png (495.46 KB, 1017x874, 2b7b64dee8d3b0d7307163ab27e9b0ac.png)


File: 1552925105511.png (453.83 KB, 1273x706, 72e43e29793eab36baeed14fed9a4ab3.png)

found him didnt drop much though


die pker


noobs exist to get owned


File: 1552925510151.png (325.66 KB, 1277x704, 1e13da283b663fc6c5e7bd8e326de1b6.png)

hehe got a piece of his cannon this time and then a level 126 logged in and tried to attack me but i got away


im not entirely sure myself
heres a shitty eng attempt

and everything i found on jap sites has been the usual cant tell if its hearsay or not with an extra helping of blaming chinese people:

some form of organized twitter harassment
never actually been happy for all those pixiv and twitter collection bots on panda before that constantly spam the front page and go past my filters


pasted chinks



i thought the guy that asked might


cant decide which xiv class to level next


and now
the end is near


paste paizuricept


its time to fish


okay coffees done now its time to fish hima


crying thinking about these past few days playing xiv and watching lucky star with hima


cant to make a sexy viera girl



worried about my amenorrhea should i see a doctor


die foidrp



was actually just reading about that hasekara stuff earlier


ownes degen


File: 1552930706765.jpg (150.76 KB, 720x960, UmNPk81.jpg)


wish we could watch some lucky star together tonight but the stream got banned


good i hate when people have fun


cant believe i napped through it im so lazy


the only ones having fun were otateens


i know why the caged neet blogs


dont cry hima


is it wrong if i think meowth is sexy


you mean persian


how come meowth is the only pokemon that can talk


voice actors are expensive



meowth is so debonair i wish he would take me under his wing



hopefully all we have to do is make a new account and the hima lucky star stream can continue



File: 1552934754967.mp3 (3.65 MB, 09 Double Trouble.mp3)


ordered off of amazon and got a rush of dopamine whew


File: 1552935019343.jpg (215.34 KB, 1718x2048, egg.jpg)




love going on internet shopping sprees



this is how i was borned




shall i nap


nah fire up some xiv instead


File: 1552937175328.jpg (137.54 KB, 708x1000, eat me.jpg)


whys arisu always asking for snap


cleaning my mousepad hima


wish i had a brainchild


File: 1552937760108.jpg (27.35 KB, 500x483, 1552897866136.jpg)


i have a childs brain


damn it went on you know radio and i had my volume loud a girl squeeled as mom passed by flip waps and their smut obsession


playing pokémon sun
picked the flying grass guy


nice he was my starter too


this game is really mindbogglingly different from x and y really impressed with the music and ambience and the 3d style its like colosseum with a more friendly atmosphere


also the game is weirdly sexual within the first three minutes the mommy is sexy and lives alone and a hunky tanned chad with no shirt comes in your house


feelin real tired gonno walk


japs need breeding propanda in their games


File: 1552940022111.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 320x288, 4a842b99bc66f5a39b45d6a80792e891.gif)




i need to breed


simply snap



gonno to read every archie comic starting from the beginning


gonno snap you


cant believe both freak and pnig wont be around for the release of wow classic


File: 1552941607690.mp4 (852.52 KB, bang.mp4)


one day pnig posted a linus embed not knowing that itd be the last one hed ever see


eyes burn hima



File: 1552945158183.jpg (272.55 KB, 780x1280, 1552944653475.jpg)





uhh haha


woke up hi


hey did you sleep well


yeah pretty good


what should i put on my custom mousepad


File: 1552946442306.jpg (2.13 MB, 9000x4000, 5ieIVfl.jpg)



File: 1552946469892.jpg (332.92 KB, 1054x1142, 1479873917907.jpg)


picture of your favorite anime girl


i hate anime


thats impossible


cant wait for zen2 its gonno be epyc hima hehe hb


File: 1552948264807.jpg (43.48 KB, 600x413, CJk1BfLVAAAY3G1.jpg)


freakeye get the HELL in here






going to bk with sis hima brb


would love some bk right about now its been years


local bk sucks but the one by grandpas house is amazing


why do girls like babies so much


bks whopper is good if you get rid of the gross vegetables but mcds has a better menu overall


me too i cant justify upgrading since my 1600 is good enough but im gonno beg mom to get a new family computer hehe


doesnt matter cause the whopper with cheese owns anything mcds has


no point in arguing over whose shite fast food burger is better


fast food is the highlight of a neets day its better than normal food


im neet and i never have fast food


your mom is abusive to never let you have burgers


mom is telling me now moving to colorado will be difficult ya of course what the flip could have told me that before agreeing with me


dont want burgers


sigh cant wait for lucky star im gonno make some nachos for it and dr pepper


and im gonno lay in bed with my laptop and munch and crunch


what else are we gonno do in bed


told mom i wanted the ripened bananas but everyone eats them all while they still have green on them how do i get around this should i just hide them or does the grocery store sell ripened ones for cheaper or something


walked home with groceries now my arms feel weird everything is light


just pirated some indie games


hate bananas


just had an amazing idea hima


lets hear it


gonno use the last of my pork to make pizza instead of sandwiches



i built a ryzen rig but these babes didnt show up cant believe i fell for sex marketing


they were only used in singapore they dont think theyre profitable in the west


love pizza hima just love it


mindblowing amerilards consider pizza a vegetable


how is it not its made of tomatoes


wish mom thought pizza was a vege then she wouldnt bitch to me about not eating broccoli


theres no point in eating pizza its just cheese grease and bread


pizza is basically just a grilled sandwich theres nothing unhealthy about it


who cares its about the taste and it tastes magnificent


all depends on the ingredients it can be as healthy or unhealthy as you want


lose the pizza and have some boiled chicken


pasted hehe


got meself a big juicy watermelon time to chow down


bought a gaming pc and dont even game sigh thats the last time i listen to hima


phew nice make them extra cheesy please


a gaming pcs main purpose is the snappiness of web browsing you should be grateful to hima because your eyes deserve it


nice sextron


thats why i degrease it


think im about to get promoted


pretty sure a 200$ laptop would browse the web just as fast as my gamer rig


as long as it has an ssd ya


stop regretting purchases your lifes too short for it


youll never regret nachos hima


bought a 144hz monitor just to watch 30fps vids


the technorms pulled a fast one on me


mindblowing that movies are still shot in 24fps


mindblowing that pastaguy still cant use nen


mom made some charro beans


we need to find a nen exorcist


whats mindblowing about that


what a fucking retard


moon is large today hima should be quite the sight in the evening might have to go on a late night neet expedition




use this to your advantage nobeard bros


never click .gov links


i have released sperm from my testicles


not falling for the natural oils meme


.gov links are perfectly safe





please stop wasting precious sperm


its not a waste and its defiantly not precious


you dont know this yet but you have extremely high quality sperm that produces genetically sublime offspring


thats a game changer


too bad we were born cel


wish my beard would disappear overnight it is just unnecessary stress for this neet


wonder how much i could get for selling my sperm


do you meet the minimum requirements


mindblowing that we literally only have this one life to live and we are getting too old to ever fix our flipped up lives once you pass a certain age threshold the option of not being a tardneet is just gone


its the life god gave me


im tardneet for life ive travelled down the path of no return


god has a plan for all of us


dont say that please himas real lives havent even begun yet


nah everyone is zeroing in on 30 its over


what age



30 later this year hima its too late for me


did you mean 25


feel like i will regret it both if i settle with a girl and start a family and if i dont and keep living as a himatard forever all paths lead to despair


hima is going to be full of christmas cakes in a couple years
no more teens


spent half my life worshipping a foreign country online and there are dumb arrogant norms who get expat positions then complain while ill probably never even set foot there


no one on hima is younger that 25


having children is wrong



once the ritual is complete we will all regress in age


were getting a time skip soon and well be in hima shippuden


better hurry up with the ritual i dont think theres any turning back for me once the year ends


besides ladseki i mean


the mansion will be in rural japan dont worry


im not seki


are you the boyblog


thought it was gonno be in alice springs sigh


thats only after the tournament arc


cant believe nb succeeded in activating the mugen tsukuyomi and were all just living in a delusion he created


hima shippuden will have an entirely new cast and there will only be one vague background cameo with onseki


gonno be intense when pnig ports in right before he gets dqed


no thats bimasugi


anyone wanna buy the hima yacht and live out of it sailing from port to port



die impersonator


find an affordable yatch online thats big enough and we will just sail around the world year long fishing our food using energy from solar panels and spending as little as possible in a carefree way


eating only fish and having little to no internet access while aboard a boat full of neets who have no skilled job experience much less sailing experience


spending our days fishing and enjoying the wide open sea nothing better than that hima


do you know how expensive boat maintenance and upkeep is they break and need repairs constantly


we will learn to do it together its either that or they round us up and throw us in work camps anyways


we need a sponsor


how about crunchyroll


set sail for japan


what about all those fish i caught gaming i have years of experience


waps will be forced to walk the plank


one day something as good as this will happen to us that will be when our real lives begin