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2006 General

We're not going back are we


heading to the mall for some taco bell wish me luck hima gonno moo at some titcows on the way and i just got left behind



File: 1550963524068.png (353.38 KB, 770x524, 1408664658366.png)


File: 1550963741770.png (1.14 MB, 1793x441, ped stare.png)


hope dickspammer is as scared right now as all the kids he abused


File: 1550964096319.png (581.96 KB, 473x558, x1u3vfdftuvz.png)

you sure its not this one


File: 1550964111118.jpg (74.87 KB, 600x1078, phew.jpg)


all i want in this whole world is an s2000


shes cute but i wish she dressed a little more elegantly


if i could disassociate all my problems would be solved



i just want to flip a genuinely attractive woman with a hot body once in my life but it cant happen i was born with low status and low smv and autism


the life of a cel is hard


just get some fentanyl


im putting together a team


you can make that happen with a few hundred dollars


ulis not a ped


the freak seems like the kind of guy that would buy a sexdoll


god i hate roasties it makes me sick to see them act all proud about things they accomplished when everything in life made it easy for them


File: 1550965701393.jpg (120.28 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - Alicization ….jpg)



too much worry ruins the body


if thats a blond boy i may have to get into sao


die saonorms why would you watch that garb


oog why you no watch my superior ped anime


keep watching that teen garbage tard


File: 1550968070857.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x996, 800px-Stone_sculpture_of_celtic_hero.jpg)



might do some barb assaults


give me a bond and ill ba


think ill make a cappuccino


File: 1550969797757.jpg (55.05 KB, 750x600, 1279990839957.jpg)


do you guys want to hear about my tsuki no me keikaku


dead hours


sure whats your nickname


File: 1550973085921.jpg (77.98 KB, 620x912, Dz2dbCpU0AAHD44.jpg)


would love to serve her


File: 1550973518129.png (16.48 KB, 742x85, 8005605767e947dabd2ea78f429293ec.png)



phew made it to 70 on war gonno level nin or blm next


level nen instead


teeth are hurting bad


went to taco bell and they screwed up the order but let me keep the mistaken food as well

thats probably how pnig kept getting free food he knew which restaurants were staffed by the dumbest teens


you can usually just say youre missing something and theyll give it to you without checking anything


yeah she didnt even look
but im not that kind of guy


could go for a couple cheesy gordita crunchs and some chalupas right now sigh




about to hit 70 on war too nice


might level mnk or drg cant decide sigh


ill probably level brd next


i play bard come play with me on balmung as a cute bard cat girl


im already a cute cat girl on tonberry thanks


stop playing cat girls




my room looks so much nicer with the fresh rig and dusted desk and straight window blinds time to invite some chav bints over for a cheeky shag


wish i was a chav


transfer off that server


no point theyre adding cross server play soon anyways


transfer to balmung we can start the hima fc


File: 1550976464084.jpg (92.44 KB, 650x930, doll.jpg)


sigh wish i had a dolfie dream



replynorm hating dolls


mooed at 3 titcows today hima


gonno watch this



exhausted hima might earlysnooze


shower and change your sheets before you do


ever since i had an episode and lost my libido and hopes of a gf ive had no problem holding eye contact with foids


how do i trigger that episode


ill collapse if i exert myself that much


you might not survive it


can easily hold eye contact if i think about my hatred for foids rather than my attraction to them


can 26 be considered early 20s or is 25 the highest you can go


remember that each and every one of them looks down on us cels and you can look then in the eye


26 is late 20s
beginning of the end



it never began in the first place


dont think my birth has started yet im just sleeping right now


mom could still abort me if she wanted to


dont post deafheaven youll make the black metallers rage


hate elitists


every time someone on hima posts the word man i feel a little nervous about my future


whens the hima japan suicide trip again


we already did that


wish to form a suicide pact


is it going to be the private island arc


cant wait


we can have that arc yet we havent even had the pnig redemption arc or onseki false pregnancy arc


File: 1550979446047.jpg (370.08 KB, 1401x1540, 1550963819494.jpg)

the hima island


why hasnt one of the richnorms bought an island yet


global warming will just make it sink in a few years whats the point


sounds nice we all get to perish together




whats wrong dont cry


26 is mid twenties


cant remember how old i am


found the thumbnail folder not sure why it saves images off hima


we turn 30 this year


im turning 30 at the end of the year


finishing up this deafheaven album then im gonno snooze anyone wanna sync


im in bed now so well probably sync


im remote viewing nb hes watching the boob tube


can you guys stay up another 9 hours then ill sync with you


no sorry its almost 4 am





ill be sleeping in 1 hour


what are you going to do with me for 9 hours to keep me occupied


File: 1550980620606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.9 KB, 1061x1500, D0E9ng.jpg)


ffxiv we can run around and play like babes


phew gamed extra hard for the past six hours
gonno make some melts and watch




albums over remind me to install ffxiv when i wake up


a barb assault service costs 30m what the hell
ill never get my torso


wish that was me


i got mine in one day with random people its not that hard


whats stopping you


i cant play with random people because i am not a norm



ill barb assault with you tomorrow im too sleepy now


ok thanks


give me a bond and i will play any role until you get your torso


just walk right into barb assault give them a firm handshake and get your torso


wish i could still scape



glad i quit scape for xiv


ok whats your nickname


whats stopping you


seeing the login screen makes me feel physically ill




gamer hours




stop playing runescape jagex dont deserve your patronage


why the HELL do you need a bond dont you have like a 1 bil bank


jagex is pasted


File: 1550982192861.jpg (390.78 KB, 608x896, Survey Map of a Paradise Lost, 1988.jpg)


no its long gone


wish i could scape but scape flipping pinches


nice rwter


they are incompetent retards i hate them so much


ba flipping sucks just pay the 30m


jagex are baste


ba is fun i have all the rewards and level 5 roles just give me a bond so i can gamble on the pet


no ones even online


nothing sadder than seeing all your game friends stop logging in


whats funny is how they will harass any other group that tries to sell ba things so that they can keep their monopoly on 30m torsos


sigh sent turt some nice craigslist links but hes snoozing i should join an automotive discord and stop talking to the same two people every day its polarizing my life


you can start playing ffxiv with me then you could diversify your life to include cute cat girls


the ffxiv norms are somehow even more obnoxious than the scapenorms didnt think it was possible


the ff14 norms are powered by libido the scapers are powered by the tism


i cant game i dont even have broadband internet
was thinking about this today maybe my lack of internet is causing more mental distress than i originally thought im a complete wreck


lets start our own ba services group


get unlimited 4g and use your phone as a modem thats what i did for a while


nice phonenorm


File: 1550984591151.png (2.89 MB, 3670x1882, a6sb1xxrybh21.png)

whats your main mates


not a mainlet


hate cars but cant stop watching car vids


hate carnorms


you hate what you dont understand


nah carnorms are just insufferable


hate to say it but yyh really sucks hard its no different from dbz endless yammering and flashbacks and grossly simple action scenes where the main character lands some normal blows and beats the bad guy with guts and screaming


take it back


episodes 34-36 specifically this little side plot is unwatchable


dbz is baste


i only liked kurama since he was so pretty


dbz sucks
actually maybe it doesnt
should i rewatch it


try watching kai it condenses it


phew spermed hard to the amazing new ireading doushinji


i like kuwabaras sexy sis


the fight against the mind controlled martial artists in the tournament arc are easily the worst episodes in the whole anime by far then the fight against the enhanced humans kinda sucks until senui shows up and thats it the rest is a masterpiece




told mom happy bday


gonno fire up some blops


tell her i said happy birthday


happy bday that mates mom


on the first page of one of vargs books and already learned something


vargs a flippin reflapper


im flip flapper


yeah that varg guy is a total retard


should i start lurking cel sites


youre already on one


gonno eat some ice cream and watch aninorm


the sleeper has awakened


File: 1550998129109.jpg (28.12 KB, 679x635, 716C9puBl4L._SX679._SX._UX._SY._UY_.jpg)

found a shirt for the coffeemates


bad double entendre


should i pick up bayonneta on my switch


simply play the port for free


meant the steam port


is the game worth playing though


wish i could get a switch but my soy levels were too low


simply epic


is that a serious question


cant justify owning something named a wii or switch


had a wii before but i never used it all the games suck


you wont be able to turn your pc back on when it crashes with no switch


File: 1550999336320.png (15.97 KB, 128x128, 534585732698734602.png)


cant play games as a girl its dishonorable


File: 1550999385626.png (931.19 KB, 1280x720, 1550956913748.png)

moms letting loose after work again


with a man or you


why is your mom working


she has to feed the neets


bayonneta pinches


baste zoomer


im not a zoomer



should i get it on pc or switch


no that game looks like garbage


File: 1551001216642.png (773.12 KB, 1200x675, 5778c16992.png)

buying that is a vote for more roasts in games dont do it


she kind of resembles my mom around 15 years ago


hate roasts so i guess ill have to pass then


are you looking for new switch games to play


was mainly curious about bayonetta


play a real game like ffxiv or runescape or sonic racing




heading to bed hima playing lots of ffxiv tomorrow


woke up time to spam potd




raging at how he talks


what about this mate


his is fine he sounds like the deus ex guy


wonder if she was a virgin when this was recorded hope so


most girls are virgins until marriage


dont let turt hear that


wheres the barb assault friend


took some of what i learned in the car world and applied it to the computer world and lowered the ambient temperature in my rig by over 6c by opening certain air vents more and closing others off entirely

itll never matter for what i do but its still fun to play with


File: 1551025093182.png (239.2 KB, 910x1300, 08.png)

glad they didnt forget about the lava rasenshuriken


wish i was dumb enough to enjoy naruto


hehe im sooo tard


gonno brush and floss


File: 1551028679177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.02 KB, 1066x1491, feet.jpg)



wish someone would let me rub my face on their feet sigh


i can do that


cant believe mc hasnt just directly accepted komura as his wife


hey hima having a big coffee


hi ota


i just got back from lunch with mom


is that a new boruto its not on manga stream


its fun even though thermofluids is hell hehe


been getting that in my recommended vids for a week



nothing in that manga makes sense anymore



i love you hanyuu



cant believe beato was a man i mustve jerked it to him hundreds of times before the big reveal


die jerker


dont say man say boy or male its less threatening


hate men


hate foids


gonno attempt a snooze







chinese people


gonno moo at some more titcows today hima this is the liberty i needed in my life as a cel


dont do it you will get arrested for assault and inceling out in public


gonno moo at some fat mantit moids


only at a matter of time till the foids have us rounded up and thrown in camps now is our time to speak


kind of mindblowing how big the internet is were just using the anglo side of it imagine the chink side


nothing of value on the chink side just a bunch of rodents


the jap side is baste they got a bunch of nice textboards and web1.0 stuff


my cel rage is hitting a maximum hima not sure whats gonno happen when it gets this high


kitty jumped on my lap to snooze a lil


my runecrafting level is now 70


glad i was a formula baby


whats that


formula babbies are all autistic cels


love how they completely disregard how important the bacteria from a mothers breasts that populate the infants gi tract are and the important bonding that is present but ya women dont that have time for that they need to work for mr goldstein


that flipping kike ought to be hanged in public


is formula the reason im autistic


mom woke me up 3 hours early because her facebook got 'hacked' and i needed to fix it sigh gonno have some coffee


sigh wish i was this cool


nice theres a tranny in the mtg final


went and got a haircut


might do the same been cutting my own hair for a while and i fear its a contributing factor in my celdom


baste mom


dont cut it long hair represents youth only slave cults want you to have short hair


oh god he looks so gross feel bad for the jap player


he deserves it


mom said im handsome


english people disgust me




yeah they gross me out too i think all the good genetic stock got wiped out in ww2 so all thats left is retarded peasants


really want to go get myself some coffee but the kitty is snoozing on my lap so i cant get up


always feel really sick and nauseous when i wake up to early hate this


big bone


really nice overcast and rainy weather today hima this is great


pretty sunny here think ill walk


day walker night stalker


what you need is a nice loud alarm to scare you awake at 8 am and a nice work meeting at 9


been there one of the reasons i quit my job back when i had one was every morning id feel so ill like i was gonno puke any second it was horrible and i couldnt even drink coffee because i was so nauseous


raging hearing the commentators use neutral pronouns for this freak






i dont know why it just pisses me off


whyd you call them a freak whats freaky


theyre non binary and they look kinda freaky


wish i came up with ridiculous mental gymnastics like non binary gender fluid and zhe to rationalize and market my mental illness


whats stopping you


i use neutral pronouns for everyone hehe


flip the tranny won


File: 1551046633612.mp4 (5.13 MB, TXaVZ.mp4)

phew nice




dont think thats how boob physics work


how would you know



she loves it


no she hates it


hungry gonno eat


fast instead




turkey subs for dinner


my dick is hard bros what should i do




mom made pork cops and mashed potatoes


die porker


red beans n rice are simmering got some sausage as well


eatin some pork sandwiches


cant stand seeing all the foolish eaters on hima since i became a breatharian


a what


its where you get all your nutrients from breathing and sungazing so you dont need to eat anymore


i tried that before but it didnt work


you werent ready


die sv3rige worshiper stop idolizing someone who stabbed multiple people and idolize varg instead


ive been idolizing varg for more than 15 years fool that doesnt mean i cant like sv3rige too


hima introduced me to varg


sv3rige is baste varg is a dumb norm you cant like both


hate fl4pper worshipers


vargs an old man now you cant expect him to stay pasted but i still respect him


someone give me a job what kind of cruel world do we live in where i have to beg to be a slave


you can be my suckslave


ill be a slave to anything that doesnt involve sucking blowing or insertion of phallic objects


what about a hjslave


be my scape slave ill give you $10 if you do ba until i get a fighter torso



File: 1551051822177.webm (227.47 KB, 1280x720, 1488070066953.webm)


ill ba with you for free


hop in then lets do it


im in


g gomenasai wa watashiwa j job desu ne


wish i was vargs wife




good evening sir my name is cameron and i would like to apply for the masseur position




going to cook up a feast for myself and mom


stop cooking stop eating


feel bad for vargs kids


if i had a dad like varg i would have ended up a real man


vargs a norm


ooog 3 to ooog 1 come in ooog 1


wonder if vargs reprobate



holy flip did you guys see what happened on dovys stream today


no cause im not a teen


head over to discord for mature discussion then


never used discord cause im not a teen like you


he got arrested on stream his gf called the police and lied about beind abused to get him arrested

he broke up with his gf because he found out she cheated on him 6 months ago and they started to fight over it on stream
she doesnt want to let him see his own kid now also she lied about being on the pill before getting pregnant just because she wanted something from dovy in case they broke up


typical foid


knew it was going to be some norm garbage stupid teens



wish his inner slav would have hit her


wish it was legal to hit women



this is pointless without the twitch comments


holy flip knew that ugly bitch would only mean bad things for dovy


listen to you gab over your celebrity gossip
youre no different from a 35 year old spinster clucking over the latest sex and the city episode


brother mejia is flippin baste


dovys pasted loser


ok kid


its really bad isnt it these teens are just norms that dont realize it


File: 1551056008726.jpg (138.79 KB, 800x1130, gal-gohan-11936491.jpg)

hate when girls do that


dovy deserves it for being a norm


not sure whats worse the norms or the norm orbiting teens


makin myself two tuna melts hima afraid they will turn out way too spicy


embrace the cap cramps


wish i had a jk galgf


mindboggling how a cute virg gal offered herself to gymnorm on that train but he still refused it his volcel power is frightening


still think about that one train girl


she was way too cool for me it couldnt be helped


how do i find out of a girl is a virg seems rude to ask


see if she does the virgin walk


wonder if this is what freakeyes life is like now


ask if she ever had a bf


what if she had a bf but didnt flip




sometimes blow my mind when i see some goofy fat neckbeard and realize hes had sex with numerous girls since highschool like its nothing while im not even allowed to interact with the foid


thinkd id rather marry an ugly virg girl than an attractive roast



she was a skatergirl turt said see you later girl


hate when males are stupid betas like that guy


hooo boy hima just topped off my food cavity with a big bowl of rice broccoli and chicken breast topped with sriracha and mayonnaise probably four pounds of food as is customary


sounds nice


thats too much food


he understands she is a hormonal horny teen and he must take the high road and turn down her advances


i uphold the dignity and chastity of women no matter the circumstances


File: 1551058996300.jpg (119.57 KB, 1200x1470, plump.jpg)






big ol plumper bone


hate normasugi


whats not to like


hima has always had an alliance with the plumpers


should you choose to activate the plumper pass there is no return




reminds me i saw a plumpteengirl when i got my haircut today and i guess her brother that was slightly more plumped and had a bad case of nerd neck from his head turned 90 degrees staring at his phone pressed into his gut
almost took a pic it was so sickening
its not not being the biggest tard in an establishment


i mena its nice not being the biggest tard


love seeing a big tard in the wild


phew finished stormblood


any tards


he was wearing crocs too




i wear crocs whats wrong with that theyre comfy


time for some more coffee hima


just did the alphinaud quest where you get to play as him


its too late for coffee


wish i was a cute twink like alphinaud


hes a fashionnorm


theres this tard that comes into the store on sundays with his dad hes probably my age or older and he looks like a normal nerdnorm with cheap walmart jeans and polo shirts and noname dirty sneakers
once he opens his mouth its pretty clear hes abnormal hard to explain hes one of those tards that says out loud exactly what hes doing but not what hes thinking
i was straightening or “fronting” the refrigerated pudding and he gets kind of close to me and tells his dad “the space is currently occupied” and i said one second bud and he acted really surprised like i had just handed him the golden ticket and he told his dad “now i can proceed with the acquisition of pudding”
as i was walking away he said “have a good day fine sir”


its the perfect time to refuel for more gaming


nice pudseki


die normseki you piece of shit




sounds like me


occurred to me that i was one chromosome away from ending up like this guy


normseki hates loser like us


he sounds like a redditor


he sounds pasted flip you assholes


should i read that post


nope unless youre a teen


havent seen any nice tards since i moved out to the sticks only white trash


could go for some pudding


used to have nicknames for all the tards in school


everyone here is tard but by actual tard standards youre all norms on the same level as gfnorms and chads
real tards like that will never do squat in life not out of laziness but out of malfunctioning brain synapses


dont be so sure


they will get government mandated jobs and gfs


i have to fight against my brain to continue not being productive if thats not tard i dont know what is


im tard


fuck you go to hell normseki


mom wants to buy a jeep


hell yeah


whats everyone watching this season
ive got
tate no yuusha
kemono friends
girly air force
slime and sao from last season


dororo kaguya slime wataten might watch some others soon


index 3
manaria friends


havent watched 'nime in years it got too popular


aikatsu jojo and sao from last season


nice memeime watcher


one piece


dropped index because it was too hard to follow after ten years might check out manaria


File: 1551061433678.jpg (50.82 KB, 600x600, 3h6w5j230ch21.jpg)

onseki irl


manaria is good bone material would highly recommend there is not much plot or story to it though if thats what you want


whats the anime with the really cute girl dancing in a room




thanks thats exactly it


should i watch that


kaguya is really good its funny


yeah its good


watched one ep hated the narrator and dropped it


used up all the ink in my old pen from start to finish think thats the first time ive ever done that dont like this new pen i scrounged from mom


what are you writing


thats a secret


there are no secrets between friends


i have no friends


stop watching seasonal trash and get up to date with one piece shouldnt take you more than a year


the sleeper has awakened


File: 1551063109771.png (1.69 MB, 1841x1285, 14ttcslmtt621.png)


theres nothing worth being awake for here


one piece airs during seasons


dont most people prefer tom over jerry


yes he is more symphathetic


yeah i do jerrys a norm


ive solved the tard epidemic

growing children run into severe problems. In a phytate-rich diet, their bodies will suffer from the lack of calcium and phosphorus with poor bone growth, short stature, rickets, narrow jaws and tooth decay; and for the lack of zinc and iron with anemia and mental retardation.

looks like varg was right about the ancestral diet


asians have phylate high diets


you meant sv3rige was right about the anti nutrients


if everyone was obese wed have a less violent and more jolly society
thats desirable


the snowniggers are onto something


fat people are more grouchy and ill tempered than normal people


god please give me a society where all the women are plumpers


remember dokuro chan


theyre happy like santa


santa is not happy hes finnish



never watched it heard it sucked


pvp rank 37 right now hima just a bit more and i get a new title


File: 1551064329172.png (121.11 KB, 1051x502, 1379552784457.png)


sigh eugeo fell for the kitty meme what a beta


chuu~~ ❤︎


stop telling people they fell for memes it can hurt their feelings if its part of their identity


i want a chuu


okay come here


File: 1551064580422.jpg (61.37 KB, 977x752, no kisses.jpg)




thinking about becoming a high school teacher so all the little babies fall in love with me and i can brush them off with impunity and write a memoir later about how i resisted sexy teen virgin kitty


on second thought im way too racist and too angry id probably flip out and stab some uppity nigger in the face with a pen or at the very least i wouldnt be able to go along with teaching whatever sanitized garbage theyre putting in textbooks now


thats pretty messed up bro


stupid norms


nb is blimping out today


jojo and index


gonno jojo in six minutes


its the boss encounter


dont remember much about high school but i dont remember ever studying for final exams or midterms like they do in anime
its not some huge event i just paid attention to the reviews we did in class and passed easily with a decent score
i wasnt a genius i always assumed the course material was so easy to accommodate the lowest iq students


die smartnorm


this created a weird complex where i didnt want to go to college because i was scared that real education would hit me in the face and i would realize that i was just a corn fed brainlet who played the system for 12 years
now im over that but i have genuine mental problems that prevent me from doing anything resembling study or even filling out simple writing prompts


love the im smart i just choose to be a piece of shit meme


File: 1551066572965.png (813 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka -….png)

these girls are pretty but i dont like magical girl animes anymore


no thats what im saying im not smart at all
maybe i could have been if mom hadnt dumped me into public school and i was put into an intellectually stimulating environment instead of cohabitating a building with literal monkeys and drug addicted human trash


this was one of the anime i was thinking about picking up but the eyes are too big ill pass


File: 1551066737401.png (791.17 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka -….png)

shes leaving this world behind
gonno become a mass monster


foids cant go postal they lack the brain enzymes


dont think thats the correct use of literal but im in agreement mom was really dismissive of my complaints in school and openly talked about how she just wanted me to get away from her for the day


what can i use my poetics tomestones on


theyre useless




File: 1551067195584.jpg (46 KB, 600x337, 1527489304189.jpg)


he said its too embarrassing


didnt get a single kill that rival wings game hima


File: 1551067557772.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka -….png)

they have big boobies too


nice 4chan hat





paste crumb



it was really disappointing to start playing other mmos and see how their customer service personally jos their players
one reason runescape makes my ill


regular mmos cater to pampered zoomers scape is for jaded men


asked riot support for old stuff from events i missed years ago on league of legends and they gave me everything and more cool stuff i never even asked for all within 2 hours hehe


cant sleep hima help


asked eme support to transfer some soulbound items on tera from a character i dont play anymore and they responded that day saying to give them a list of the items and what character to move them to and then it was done the next day


fall asleep to this


scape is for zoomers pretty sure its mostly zoomers now from the people that talk about it


scape is full of mobilenorms


gonno fire up some metro exodus with rtx and dlss turned on


head is spinning feel sick and i cant sleep this isnt good



wish nb was a girl so i can jerk it to that plumper





im waiting for navi sorry


what the hell what kind of stuff


gonno snooze cant believe its monday already


dont mention days of the week please it reminds me of school


remember when they played who let the dogs out at the end of the day on friday


sigh kays dog ziggy died


they never did that


you missed out


crying hard about ziggy hima


This neo-intuitionism considers the falling apart of moments of life into qualitatively different parts, to be reunited only while remaining separated by time as the fundamental phenomenon of the human intellect, passing by abstracting from its emotional content into the fundamental phenomenon of mathematical thinking, the intuition of the bare two-oneness. This intuition of two-oneness, the basal intuition of mathematics, creates not only the numbers one and two, but also all finite ordinal numbers, inasmuch as one of the elements of the two-oneness may be thought of as a new two-oneness, which process may be repeated indefiantly; this gives rise still further to the smallest infinite ordinal number ω.


File: 1551071289280.png (1.85 MB, 1921x1252, [HorribleSubs]-Mahou-Shoujo-Tokushusen-Asuka--….png)

kind of weird


oh flip a butt big bone


whats weird about it


should i make bacon sandwiches or chili fries


File: 1551071353433.jpg (210.67 KB, 1582x2048, butt.jpg)


homemade crunchwrap supreme hehe


got a giant bone from that giant lady


dont know what a crunchwrap supreme is


nothing less sexy than a girl who looks like shes out of a cape comic


yes there is


translate it smartnorms


humans see things as separate from each other


have this bad feeling that navi will just be direct competition with the 1660ti sigh i really hope the gcn successor is really good like ryzen


can only afford the cheapest budget cards


ooooogin hard right now


gonno floorsnooze


no one answered my question guess ill make burgs instead


File: 1551072593040.jpg (264.3 KB, 1447x2047, moo.jpg)


no im sorry make chili fries


gross titcow


its too late


please i was debating making that post but i wanted to add in an idea like adding cheese or ranch and bacon to the fries can you understand


im sorry but the burgs have already been locked in ill make them tomorrow


burg 2 away


just made a bagel


i have a really wide nose


File: 1551073762398.jpg (153.7 KB, 1000x1137, D0IpbPxUUAA421C.jpg)

wish this was me


its like
you got a wing in one hand and a brerb in the other


wouldnt you hate having big tits hima would stare at them


i want them to stare


my neetblog brings all the boys to the yard


im the only neet blogger left on hima


i am the neet who blogs


moo at that nasty titcow


i am the manifestation of neetblogs will


gonno rewatch lain didnt understand it the first time


you will never get it if you didnt the first time


grabbing my gut and dancing around


die gutgrabber


nice truffle shuffler


why was i born after the industrial revolution


to toil


gonno puke here


awakened my byakugan




just once id like to wake up to a lovingly cooked breakfast but i guess im not worth it


made chicken burgers


mom loves it when i surprise her with a big breakfast


File: 1551079559249.jpg (91.4 KB, 500x687, 1551068959424.jpg)


balding fat and wizardcel thats how i aged


i can haz cheezburger


one magdump coming right up


die poltron


ive got the otamin on the line and he demands to speak with whomever is in charge


no ones home


well someone better do something because he sounds livid and my italian isnt very good


i have bad short memory and it scares me that this could be early onset dementia i make the dumbest mistakes and it makes me feel like below average intelligence and to add numbers like 7+8 i had to use my fingers up until i was 22


dont know what 7+8 is


you likely wont be exposed to the truly smart people out there like freakeye theres nothing to worry about
look at your average college student theyre just drunken party norms


thats until you apply to jobs and find out youre competing with guys who have worked unpaid internships every hour of their life from the moment they turned 15


right about that uhh


just be yourself


wiped really good and im not itching at all


himas dead


feeling sad about being cross eye dominant


thad was cross eyed


cross eye dominant sucks if you ever want to shoot guns


guns are bad




i carry a sword with me at all times to protect women outside


hickok45 said he has cross eye dominance


its workable but you either have to shoot with your offhand or offeye


whats wrong with soy


mom gave me soy milk every day between ages 11-16


hickok45 is how i imagine onsekis dad would be like


mom nursed me herself until i was 13


i snap boys


File: 1551108014600.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 960x720, 1551072673656.gif)

i flip plumpers


i dont flip anyone


life flips me everyday


flip life back by killing yourself


love mogging sprouts with my cool mounts


i will sacrifice myself to be flipped instead


youre gonno take the full force i hope youre sure about that


hate dad


hate foids


wish i was paste as goofy


File: 1551114822037.jpg (159.79 KB, 1080x1690, ann.jpg)

might play persona 5 now


never will be able to get into persona since i didnt play the first ones


theyre unrelated


flip really






would steroids help me get a chizeled jaw


woke up


itd help you get a nice micropecker


hit my head again being tall is a curse


mew and take some vitamin k2 with chocolate every day


suffer your fate tallnorm


wish i was a foid


its not that great


wish i was a tallgirl


wish i could live life on easy mode and still claim that its not that great


sigh been playing ffxiv nonstop for the last few weeks and its been great but i wish i was in a fc


love making accounts using neetblogs name


nothing easymode


i get my k2 from gouda and liver since im not a supplemanbabby


talking about real foids not tranners


File: 1551122156039.gif (1.99 MB, 540x304, 1550895747947.gif)


me too



gonno become a terf


File: 1551123744473.png (219.07 KB, 502x664, 1551111781089.png)

i had a conversation with mom about this


got my credit score up to 670 from 540 in september of last year going to go in on a house together with neetblog


how does 8 = 7 - 1


my hdds are so flipping loud i cant wait to buy replacement ssds and rip those suckers out


blows my mind how my 500gb ssd is dwarfed by my mere 8gb ram sticks


always wondered how other people did mental arithmetic for 8+6 i would do 8+2 = 10, 6-2=4 10+4=14


i would do 8+6 = 14


i just look at it and know without having to count it up or down does that mean im a savant


i dont have to work out basic arithmetic its automatic


i take it back these hds have been loyal and dependable i feel really bad for saying that


some people cant process numbers and so they need to visualize them or break the numbers down


what do you mean visualize them


my brain has been decaying since 9th grade


add the numbers in your head like with finger counting but its with an image in your head


image of what


just dropped the biggest neetlog of my career holy flip im feelin great


same this is one of those embarrassing things i dont like bringing up and asking but when theres a number thats close to a multiplicative of 2 like 8+8 or 7+7 ill use that anything else ill use 5 or 10 as a reference


attempting a josnooze night hima


flashback to tard math sigh


cant believe i still have high school nightmares even though its been a decade


remember taking a tardmath class with a handful of other tards and someone parked in front of the school had a dog barking in their car and the teacher asked me to close the door because she was terrified of them and when i was at the door i barked like a big dog and she screamed at me


thats tard even for hima standards


insane to think all your memories of youth you have now are the ones you get to think about forever you arent making any new ones


im making memories with hima


wish i had hima dreams but i just get ynaj nightmares


im good at math but bad at arithmetic


die smartnorm i do that too


File: 1551130018664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.39 KB, 850x969, juicy.jpeg)

bhole juicy rn


wish a girl would do this to me


it must feel great


hi hima im home its rainin hard
havin a big ol coffee and watching vids in the living room since sis is in my bed watching netflix on my pc


just woke up its raining here too and im drinking a big mug of joe also hehe


you just do it times 2 whats 7 * 2 its 14 whats 19 * 2 its 38 whats 27 * 2 its 54


hehe nice


so this is the power of the american education system





been reading terf blogs all day


glad pnig will never listen to normahira again


think i might cum what do you guys think


dont do it


nb im on yugioh vr join my room when you get on



just remembered an incident from a gaming clan i was part of when i was 15 one of the guys i hung out with was being called into a vent meeting by a council of mods because he was always calling people retards on the forum so he went into the meeting and yelled NIGGERS and was banned for life




wish i was a nig they seem like they have a lot of fun


File: 1551132687980.mp4 (131.36 KB, nig at it again.mp4)


i kind of miss old forums but i also remember hating most of the other users especially anyone who wielded any power


forums sucked everyone just sucked mod dick and farmed reputation points


steppin on the beach


i was a forum mod back in 2004 the mod only subforum was wild the users had no idea hehe


sitting on a park bench


die sbnorm


he took my visafe



love when a forum gets compromised and you can read the mods forum hehe


females get consistently higher gpas


never going to try weed out sadly


not sadly but proudly never done any drugs and would love to say that to a degen to steam him


mindblowing that there are no black people left on hima


what about pnig


hes no longer with us



he often drops by but not enough


how do you know


File: 1551134793354.jpg (520.44 KB, 1600x1200, contactdetails.jpg)

that happened to me once at like 3am


wonder if im on the spectrum


nice flippin xpbro


mom is giving me an earful saying that im lazy as hell because i work 9 to 6 and dont go to college or something at night


sigh gob




hate chinks


miss my old pics and music that i lost after changing os without a backup


must be nice having a fresh start


File: 1551137639371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.66 KB, 720x854, 1550699339825.jpg)



cant believe im the only one on hima that hasnt mastered nen


i dont smoke anymore and havent for like nine months why do i keep taking the weednorm jokes


sasuke is so cool


im a transmutter


dont know how naruto didnt get a pity flip from sakura after all they went through together what a stuck up bitch


File: 1551138466688.jpg (39.64 KB, 750x553, cgs5i7hvwri21.jpg)




wish old people werent so gross i could go for some gran ass if they werent so shriveled up and pruny


she was going to give him a pity flip at some point but he turned her down


linus btfo


sigh wkuto



whoops got that one downloading not gonno spoil it by watching that but thanks




crazy that sasuke pumped sakura full of sperm cant wrap my brain around it hes too hard boiled for romance bet it was quick and he got up and got dressed afterwards


thats how it was for me


hes just like that on the outside hes secretly a gentle and sensitive lover trust me


beautiful rainy day today hima when you know its just gonno have that medium rain for hours and hours and the sky is completely gray as far as you can see


he probably has all kinds of pent up urges from being so baste all the time


bein baste aint eazay


whats the best country for neets


monaco the royals are a family of neets


thats nice


time to gorge on chicken


wish i had some


you misread


what happened to the trekkies on hima did they get hunted to extinction


im still a trekkie


oh god this chicken is overdone sigh


stop cooking meat


landlord talked to me for like 40 minutes sigh it wasnt bad conversation but im worried shes going to start thinking that she can blog to me whenever im eating


you should be boiling your chicken


hate bloggarts




mom made meatball subs


lost 10 minutes of progress on subnautica after clipping through the terrain and falling forever guess thats it for today


pnig was the main trekkie


gonno watch star trek voyager


cant wait to have a nice snooze and wake up nice and early and have a nice big breakfast


miss my boy pnig


File: 1551146598418.gif (688.23 KB, 286x310, 1339233837563.gif)


nice trev


oh yeah some middle aged guy started doctor who larping at the register when i was trying to pay for my food and he wouldnt move away from the pinpad in the middle of his little schpeel
dunno what he was talking about but i heard the word flapperis and my eyes narrowed and im pretty sure my eye twitched i was cringing hard


what is it about doctor whonorms where they think everyone watches it
never watched anything so boring in my entire life the acting is bad the dialog is bad the plot is bad what’s so great about it
i dont even like trek but i can remember actually enjoying some tng reruns


only one on hima



hate normseki


hes paste


gonno snooze mates


valve bow to the chinks its been known for a while


made a huge salad time to feast


didnt post about it but today i dumped out all the fertilizer and ugly gravel from my 20 gallon tank blacked out the back of the tank and then filled it with pretty black gravel and bought four gold zebra loaches for it and now the tank looks really nice


go to hell normseki


dont understand the appeal of aquariums


makin those chili fries



dont like how saffron olives vids now have a facecam feels so weird


hell yeah


how can you listen to his voice for more than a microsecond


File: 1551152449558.mp4 (509.11 KB, dmc.mp4)


epic boomer meme


wish i was as cool as dante


niggers tounge my anus


File: 1551153766485.jpg (130.76 KB, 766x766, 1551153175895.jpg)


baste parrot


those chinks are him for dinner later


should i buy a bond and start scaping again or try ffxiv


firing up some sun kil moon


dont really like that band


scape will be the death of you


wheres the ffxiv cat person



levelling a red mage right now its fun


play black mage instead


im too stupid to play black mage


File: 1551155458100.png (752.22 KB, 1640x1304, blm.png)

its easy just follow this handy dandy guide


that looks too confusing think ill stick to scape


ignore that and play a tard friendly class its easy and fun


whats a tard friendly class


hate the rotation meme just use what you want


thats suboptimal


youre letting down your team if you do that


wine time


bard and monk are tard friendly i think and red mage is very much so but you need a level 50 before you can make one


play ffxiv with me on balmung we can create a fc together


whats a fc


you cant make new characers on balmung


watch me nerd


friend club


can i join if im new and also tard


dont go with the guy on balmung hes trying to trick you into erping with him


the sleeper has awakened


i dont even roleplay


just want a few hima friends in the hima fc to play long nights of ffxiv with


is that a us server will my character be locked to that


it is a us server


play on a jap server instead


stop playing jrpgs


you can play with us too


going to sleep remind me to install ffxiv tomorrow


okay have a good nights rest


thanks you too



File: 1551158891805.webm (304.92 KB, 960x540, 1467954969264.webm)


shes powerful


yeah were going to have a huge party in the hima fc mansion with lots of wine and pork dishes its gonno be great


wish i had some wine


die ped


never played any final fantasy game would i like ffxiv if i like poe i know the skilltree is similar to one of the ff games


dont corrupt your mind with silly games such as those


mom is endlessly bugging me for a haircut she wants me to look like a 10yo minecraft boy rather than an anime teen


ffxivs about to go down guess ill nap


have to wrap up a few quests here before maintenance


hope the pajeets start a war





File: 1551160682346-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 936.12 KB, 2327x3783, 150.jpg)

File: 1551160682346-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.69 KB, 783x377, xaonh.jpg)

right now i look like the first pic but mom wants me to look like the second


youre already past the cuteboy expiration date its time to get a mancut


but i never had my turn its not fair


some of us never get a turn its time to accept your life as a cel


i miss elliot


elliot was a flippin norm hope hes burning in hell


elliot was 10 times the man youll ever be


things could have turned out different for elliot had he not been granted a y chromosome


an average or mildly ugly male would be considered an attractive female


quit talking about men being girls its wrong


wish i was 10 years younger so i could spend this money on surgery instead of another dumb car
maybe things could have been different


is it okay to grill up a steak at 2am


gonno do it anyway


if nothing is stopping you enjoy and dont mind the norms


fantastic slice of beef muscle


heading to bed hima enjoy that steak


mindblowing that nb has never stepped foot into a wholefoods store


snooze tight


hinamatsuri isnt ped


woke up from my nap hiya


i have


mindblowing that nb has stepped outside


only arrogant richnorms go to wholefoods


no i havent impersonator ive only been to walmart




ive never been to wholefoods what does it matter


its not really that confusing
mostly just learning the opener then remembering basic conditionals like cast ice when low mana or cast fire 4 instead of fire if you have the buffs to make fire 4 castable and use ice 4 for the buff it gives
the flow chart is made to make the class look more daunting then it really is


speaking of which maintenance is over time to game


die smartnorm


night hima feelin really tired



thought id be able to make a char on balmung now sigh guess ill go with mateus


File: 1551175448196.jpg (34.74 KB, 494x528, 1547774481052.jpg)


bryan bastelinger


i just really wish i had a chocolate bar right now


woke up anyone home




hey hima hows it going


hey did you just wake up


cant believe aiko is a hormonal teengirl now where did the time go


File: 1551189799297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.61 KB, 1275x1805, nice.jpg)



cant wait until i get to do that to a girl hehe ill break her brain


sis keeps rubbing her crotch on my leg what should i do


break her flipping nose


hoo boy its almost here hima





stop saying that about my links it hurts


File: 1551194601084.jpg (49.76 KB, 960x718, 51510864_3019273574764887_1042937111667277824_….jpg)

going to rage


File: 1551194755800.mp4 (1.84 MB, 1099227165701230592.mp4)


whats to rage about


woke up sipping some dr p


wish i had some


new ippo out hima


gonno start my try to learn programming phase


programming is for smelly indians be an idea guy instead


i dont want to pay smelly indians to make my ideas come to fruition i want to do it myself


learn assembly for an obscure japanese calculator


programming is for norms play ffxiv with me instead


too late im already 2 chapters into this java book theres no going back now
ffxiv costs money


nah you get 45 days free with the prime code


i might transfer off balmung and go to mateus


dont do it just to play with me im not worth it i dont even know if ill like ff


well if you stick with it playing with you would be better than where im at now


youre pressuring him


havin a cry


sorry didnt mean to pressure


love the level 60 ast dress


ok i just have a starter edition right now if i max out and buy stormblood ill tell you


lets get to floor 200 of potd


ordering servers from a guy called songping hehe foolish chinks


might download ff once i get home and play a bit for two weeks using the free trial but ill quit after that


woke up should i install ffxiv now


fire it up


File: 1551205660133.jpg (174.66 KB, 850x1200, boobie.jpg)




flip i should have installed last night before i went to bed this is going to take all day




sigh dont do this to me again


hate arrogant neets with their top end gaming pcs youd never have money for that kind of stuff if you spent a day in my shoes laboring all day and paying bills


stop spending money on your wife she doesnt need more clothes


just pay for the pc instead of your bills


is it bad if i sperm to my xiv character


you shouldnt jerk it to your own character thats gay


what if my character is a girl


File: 1551209372424-0.png (144.41 KB, 319x320, 1551147594451.png)

caught a pokemon


firing up overwatch gonno play the new character




File: 1551211741328.webm (2.77 MB, 608x1080, 1551209851434.webm)


File: 1551212058143.jpg (328.85 KB, 707x958, 98a8cfb616d2342d93542f38f369f2fbb00363e1.jpg)




control yourself



nice miniature dinosaurs


long day of gaming its time for me to snuggle up and rest


wonder if i moved to la id have a chance to date miranda cosgrove


do asians live in trees


File: 1551214408613.jpg (175.58 KB, 800x1086, dan.jpg)


dan you bastard


unhand that child


she loves it


im home gonno make some coffee


the tardest comment section known to man wonder what it is about wildlife videos that attracts all the insane people


want to become a loyal slave


when i read coffee posts it triggers cravings


gonno shoot up some beans


i hereby pledge my loyalty to all the women of the world


File: 1551218062569.jpg (56.5 KB, 618x750, 1550720803163.jpg)


wish i was a girlfriend


had a dream where i met sis at a park and she said lets go somewhere so we went to a cold sauna and sat there naked i asked if we should heat it she replied i dunno should we


wish someone would pledge their loyalty to me


i only bow before neetblog


kinda cold today


anyone wanna sync bow


guess ill make sushi


hey asshole im walkin here


i fear no queer


File: 1551223417035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.6 KB, 708x1339, cow.jpg)


that is a very poor depiction of female anatomy not to mention the sense of perspective is all wrong


since when are you an expert on foid anatomy


my intuition has never failed me


File: 1551224019734.jpg (73.33 KB, 822x1191, __minamoto_no_raikou_fate_grand_order_and_etc_….jpg)


hell yeah cant wait




you need to learn how to handle a proper mature woman



woke up hey mates hows it hanging


mornin dont forget to read and highlight


the sushi isnt doing it for me anymore might rope


watch the p anderson goes to israel stream before you do


feeling anxious and lonely


File: 1551226498770-0.jpeg (2.36 MB, 4032x3024, F1971249-BDC3-4E8F-963B-60897FD16D19.jpeg)

File: 1551226498770-1.jpeg (2.07 MB, 4032x3024, 201ACD79-5B34-4D73-BECF-D4754AD814DA.jpeg)

hey hima i finished the tank up today gonno leave it alone for a long time now heres some pics


nice rig


those fish need some disco lights


looks good


right now i have seven tetras four gold zebra loaches a gold gourami and a catfish im very content with this number and combination of fish if anything ill get some snails to clean up the algae
i wanted to get loaches because that guy was talking about how theyre flapper and i havent been disappointed with them yet i like how they move around and investigate stuff




File: 1551228128021.jpg (2.61 MB, 2171x2206, 1551228050946.jpg)


i already posted them


me far left in the back





think ive decided ill be moving to colorado ill try my best to pretend everyone around me doesnt do drugs


sigh its not even the film its just a discussion


dont move to colorado the hima island is almost finished




very nice tanks navyseki


wonder what games turt is playing now



turts scapin with me


bought a $2000 pc to play scape


has turt ever played a game other than halo


too many midgets on xiv i feel like a skyscsnapr


watched a vid of some dwarf flipping a gigantess and it was pretty terrible closed it but before i did i read the comments and felt bad for the guy


why would you watch that


its good to expose yourself to horror so you are prepared for when it happens in front of you






gonno make some bacon sandwiches


not sure what to eat should i go get pizza


okay but make sure it doesnt have pepperoni on it


scape and forza with josh




mom said i behave like the finnish


cant imagine turt playing scape


hes pretty reflappered id believe it


whats wrong with being reflappered


never scaped before and im the dumbest reflapper on hima


not sure why four episodes of boogiepop aired at the same time but im enjoying them


had a screencap of a guy named turt chopping trees but i lost it


im by fat the dumbed flapper on hima


far but im fat too


im balding




pour up a glass of henny for the balding celled our himabros


Ubisoft goes Steamworks bye bye, always on DRM.


im the dumbest and scape


stop calling yourself dumb


anyone want to watch lords of chaos


lords of teens


who says im a cel


varg said its all fake


hjtron is no cel


varg also said he didnt murder that guy


hate all the smartmoggers who call themselves dumb im the only real tard on hima




yeeee haa




it was self defense


sigh aris isnt on


anyone have that screenshot where a guy in the comments confuses varg for euronymous and varg says no hes the guy that killed that guy
always laugh thinking about that



wish to chase the brown dragon with aris


got invited to a wedding in xiv


wish i could go to a ffxiv wedding


File: 1551240042738.png (15.98 KB, 393x146, basteseki.png)


liam is baste



love the wow funeral raid


i aint no god damn son of a bitch



watching wataten wish hinatard was my sis


gonno have some coffee




so what


the sleeper has awakened


File: 1551241997582.png (501.98 KB, 1254x1771, __himesaka_noa_watashi_ni_tenshi_ga_maiorita_d….png)


noa is cute and mature but hinata is tard as hell cant choose


noas the sexiest


youre sick


sorry i meant shell grow into the sexiest when she matures and reaches the age of consent


File: 1551242443858.mp4 (320.35 KB, noa.mp4)


File: 1551244064786.webm (135.26 KB, 494x740, noa.webm)

i fixed it


sorry i got it from normdit


hehe wanna pinch her cheeks


need a cute daughter


why didnt anyone tell me this was happening


who cares norm


File: 1551246971154.jpg (79.35 KB, 900x614, DqysLUCU0AAlUH_.jpg)


wish that was me


wish a girl loved me like that and i was also 13 years old


gonno find a skinny big boobed gf to snap me and buy me computer parts


save a bottle of fountain of youth water for me


i only like nonsexy lady girls when theyre ssing



need a big hug


sigh fordola is so cute


if i had a gf id let her hug you


a girl cant give me the passionate manly embrace i require


still not convinced girls want sperm in or around them


dont know why i have such a seething rage for drugnorms i had an asian friend in highschool who smoked a lot maybe ive been around them for too long


anyone have instigators customgrow420 pic


File: 1551249878759.png (784.99 KB, 1069x699, 1489980878993.png)




uhh baste haha


butthurt bitch


oooog bitch ooooooog


die wk


respect women


wonder what turt thinks of a society that has 100 women for every 90 men


what happens to the last 10 women


>>877504 think this was his post when i was talking about supply and demand


only a few quests left in the 4.5 story then i guess thats it until the next patch or the expansion maybe


gonno wait till tomorrow to finish though want to savour a bit of this then its back to more pvp having a blast with rival wings still


gonno take it slow and level all my classes to 70 before i finish up the story


im level 5 now


nice sprout


nice have fun with that i might level up a healer and tank class in pvp


hehe what does it mean i thought it was just a player identifyer


is black mage good in pvp might try it out


it is type /nas if you want to remove it or put it back on you lose it at lv70


i think everything is balanced in the large scale pvp modes i havent tried the feast yet


does ff tard out for you guys when you alt tab




put on the RP tag on xiv hehe


never rped before and im on balmung


play in borderless windowed mode


i never took one as seriously as i did halo
it was pretty much all i played during 2005-2009


loved messing around in forge


you guys wont believe me but one time i was able to flip over an elephant in forge


File: 1551253667612.png (Spoiler Image, 5.47 MB, 3276x2135, Warthog.png)

get in


my noob combo was the most feared on the continent


never played halo


hard to say if living in the post 00s world was worth the trouble


cant believe classic wow shadowbringers and elsweyr are all coming out at the same time we must be entering the golden age of mmos


its not going to be the same fool


im keeping a positive mental attitude its going to be exciting


drown in your delusions


theyre fat and will die unloved


blows my mind how all of those super fat people on tv weighing hundreds of pounds always end up with bfs and gfs i could understand the female ones but the male ones should be left for dead


everyone deserves to be loved


except the cels


the cels have each other


not sure if im gonno bother playing classic ill probably just play ffxiv instead




hi hima at work got ronald hehe


File: 1551274728461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 666.63 KB, 1280x1850, 041.jpg)



hell yeah


own a switch but cant get excited over pokemon anymore


pokemon is for children


its for neets


i like the girls clothes


File: 1551279247179.jpeg (120.6 KB, 1254x954, cow.jpeg)


mom promised mcdonalds today hope she pulls through


File: 1551281963068.jpg (Spoiler Image, 393.77 KB, 1489x2047, DydxY.jpg)

welcome to the hima mansion


get out of my face bitch


you cant talk to the mansion mom that way


watch me


cant believe betelgeuse is about to explode


foolish borderless window norm


whats the problem with borderless window


is it a good idea to do fates


you had to grind them to level before but potd replaced that if you see one nearby you may as well though and special ones give a lot of xp


remember posting on warosu years ago when i had a panic attack in public and ran into a bathroom crying


if only i knew then how much worse things could get


fell for the potd meme hard just do dungeons instead


mixing a bit of both together with msq and fates and challenge log is the way to go that way nothing ends up too boring


used to post on the w in a public library back in the day


didnt you accidentally leave a thumbdrive with cp on it in a library too


worse performance and enforced quintuple buffered vsync


oh wait that was thad hehe


still dont know what vsync even is




no im not thad hehe



dont use alt tab make virtual desktops


File: 1551298268375.jpg (97.86 KB, 1000x1000, sigh.jpg)


gonno other hand jerk it


hima is flipping dead


File: 1551301100735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.67 KB, 1050x1500, sigh2.jpg)


ordered mom to stop buying gmo foods



tardlaughing at special bundles and snuggles


theres nothing funny about it


then why am i laughing


i was trying to do potd yesterday but my teams died on the 3rd boss twice so i raged hard


snap on btfo


did they buff potd its a lot harder than when i last played i remember being able to get to floor 50 easily


im home hima havin a coffee


File: 1551303555311.png (139.58 KB, 1002x249, yo9lv2xyo3j21.png)


mom has just arrived


pastas almost ready


wish i had food


theres a mechanic where basically you wipe if you dont move under the boss when he casts a thing but theres no indication you have to do that and i told my team but they didnt do it both times


File: 1551304293338.jpg (141.71 KB, 960x960, 1rIoNC.jpg)

hope varg sees this in his next lotr vid




we need to stock up on these before they discontinue them again im thinking about buying 5


phew feasted on that pasta


is that the mouse that looks like it has dents on it


melee officially out of evo hehe this is a grat one


why would they do that when its the best fighting game


meleenorms are too smelly it had to be done


meleetards btfo


File: 1551305914047-0.png (649.34 KB, 1150x1153, sword.png)

File: 1551305914047-1.png (600.99 KB, 1058x1137, shield.png)



its not a fighting game


youll never find a mouse that fits your hand better



what if i have girl hands


dont admit to that its embaressing just trick yourself into thinking you have man hands


think mom is starting to grow weary of me or shes depressed or something she never asks me what i want to eat anymore



gave myself a neetcut


dont post blacks


hima just finished mowing then sharpened the mower blades to such a magnificent edge now im making coffee


might hit the store its pretty warm out today



is lucid dreaming real how do i do it


no people just say they do it to make it seem theyre more interesting than they really are


its real but its a lot more mundane and lame than people pretend


nice neetboomer


gonno Watch the new settled soon hb


getting a test surge rn need to feast hard


get some mcdonalds thats what tranquilizes me the best


mom made fajitas


mom feeds me rabbit food


guess ill have some burgs


gonno make a pbj with chunky pb


hate pb never ate a pbj


moms making me come with her to her reiki class


orthodontist appointment tomorrow hima im nervous


just dont vomit when hes in your mouth itll spiral out of control



nice new jontron


wish i made funny voices like jontron


hes a racist


gonno watch joe rogan then swampletics and then the new jontron what a night hehe


dont forget to fit this in


nice comments


i shall retire to the catacombs


File: 1551316063207.jpg (516.36 KB, 1160x872, 8283f45c71a8d78072ee1eefba5f01a2.jpg)


didnt realize he was such a tallnorm


hate the wk stance


cant wait to watch the new jontron in bed tonight


whenever i think about moving out on my own i get a hollow empty feeling


its not bad


uhhh stop continuing your genes this world belongs to people of color


its easy for norms because they can just get a gf with a half decent job and that makes it much more comfortable instead of having to pay for everything yourself and coming home to an empty cold dark abode


buy some plants


me too its really bad feeling


making some rolls for the new tron


need to think about something else im spooking myself


and jontron isnt tall like at all i remember a video from like a few years ago where he stood next to some doped up viking chad and he had to arch his head all the way up to look at him hes like 5'9 at best


cant believe my pubes are growing back already i wonder what the evolutionary reason is that they grow faster and thicker than everything else
maybe i should transplant my pubeskin to my chin hehe


balding but have pubes


wish i was balding


feel like im reverting not good


back from the post office gonno lie down


done making sushi gonno make myself a pbj and watch the new swampletics hehe can i have a hoo boy




what happened did the chinks lobby google into punishing him


is that the guy with the monkey wife


the peds got youtube comments disabled on every channel with children because they couldnt control their horny level


new adoredtv


dont post that accentnorm


in bed about to snooze so i cant watch


if i had a sexy southern drawl i wouldnt need to be a cel anymore


what is it with peds and shutting down posting on websites


there was a woman at the grocery store tonight with a yankee accent that stopped mom and asked if she knew where the fluffernutter was and we were confused because it was an alien word gran used to eat the marshmallow fluff though


why didnt she ask an employee instead


watch tomorrow


i dont know maybe she fell for the southern hospitality meme


hate yanks the south will rise again


alex jones on joe rogan
new swampletics
new jontron
new adoredtv
what the hell everyone decided to release stuff on the same day gonno make another pbj this tangerine jelly is amazing and so is the carrot bread


i dont like this guy


why does everyone on hima eat weird shite like tangerine jelly and carrot bread and birch juice just eat something normal


im balding and i think my pubes are balding




like what


like burgers and pizza


because hima is a colony of gourmands not ninja turtles




peds btfo


the people who got btfo are youtube who lost lots of advertisers and content creators who have any children in any of their videos peds can still watch the videos if they want


File: 1551321361546.jpg (826.31 KB, 4093x2894, D0beY1TUUAA6zby.jpg)

where do i find girls like this




all girls are like that


vile whore


theres a lot of ped ring conspiracies out there at first i thought it was all ridiculous but with the recent youtube stuff might think theres some truth to some of them


the peds invading warosu and killing it didnt tip you off


peds are baste




die ped


peds didnt kill warosu rager did


"the rude guy"


die anti


nah peds defiantly killed warosu




nah i was there


whered everyone go


i was cleaning the kitchen sorry


just finished descaling the old coffee brewing device


its late so im going to snooze


have some coffee


not him but gonno indulge in a mug of joe myself


make sure you regularly descale your machine to maintain proper function


beet soup with cabbage mushroom dumplings yum yum


got a bad case of ass pains


gonno regularly descale my dick with your ass if you arent careful


stupid teen


wish i was a stupid teen


wish onseki didnt hate me


spe ed run


what are you getting at


speed run is equal to spe ed run
special ed run because they are all retarded trannies


you would have to be a king of teens to come up with that shit


hate speed runners


not all of them are


wish i was a king of teens that sounds cool




love speedrunners


File: 1551332701452-0.jpeg (164.84 KB, 960x720, 1382404604926.jpeg)


wish i was a speedrunner


wish i was clutch


the sleeper has awakened
tried to jo out my morning bone but its still there sigh wonder what the purpose is



neeto king


dead hours dead days dead weeks dead himas


im the king of neets


everyone has to be in bed these days because they have work in the mornin


blame discordseki


its not fair what they did to us cels


File: 1551339011633.jpg (7.89 MB, 3424x2894, db07f41ad6acda7feeee156f66849419.jpg)


never thought id be cel i thought things would work themselves out like it does for everyone else


holy flip thats intense


wonder when i went from volcel to incel


probably around 2010 when tinder got popular


oog me cel me want flip


slept with a light until i was 20


File: 1551339583848.jpg (92.08 KB, 1000x667, Xi1rfim.jpg)


another great day on ffxiv hima really enjoying this game and its been awhile since thats been the case time to sleep though wish me luck


watching ready player one


good luck


want to learn how to overclock but setting voltages makes me nervous sigh


just make all the numbers as high as theyll go


do you even need to overclock


not really i just feel like a tard running everything stock



only tards overclock



File: 1551340764453.jpg (523.49 KB, 2016x1512, 1547527812254.jpg)

nah were going to have nightly fast food feasts at the mansion


sigh wish the mansion was real


it would probably be fun at first but youd slowly come to hate the others for minor annoyances and there would be an undercover norm or two that would bring their gfs and chadbros over



poor kitty


always wanted to kick a kitty as hard as i can


what if i kick you as hard as i can instead


kicked a duck as hard as i could once


made some spicy beans gonno have spicy beans and rice



could have sworn katy perry sung that song


thats in the other universe


please send me back there


its too late we diverged in 2006


wonder which universe im not a neetcel manbaby in


youre a cel in every universe


eatin thos beans


die beaner


drinkin some hot choco


woke up


welcome back


thanks gonno play some xiv


wish girls had bangs like that more often


hey hima


hope heroin chic makes a comeback



why is the boruto manga trying to make readers like kawaki so much more than boruto


hes not trying its just that kawaki is a likeable guy and boruto is a dumb brat



nice rwtscape wonder why jagex cant stop hiring criminals


who else would want to work at jamflex but a criminal


sasuke used to be cool and intense now hes just a weird looking autistic goth





unlocked performance on bard time to play some denpa


is it trudenpa


so this is what the freaks been up to


File: 1551375621267.jpg (108 KB, 720x959, 21.jpg)

sigh wish i had a saradagf


gonno dress up as a hunter from bloodborne and roam the streets mooing at foids


no mooing


a cel must cel


excellent ballmusk brewing today


File: 1551378295385.png (816.34 KB, 1124x555, 1551373095165.png)

cant wait to live amongst the bots


people will knock it over because they are assholes
hate norms


id defend the poor robot against the norms


cant wait to magdump the bots drones and autonomous cars


was sitting in the truck with mom waiting and the drivers side door was left open and after a moment i sarcastically said well thanks for shutting the door and it shut on its own and she laughed but then she muttered how that was scary she probably thinks i have satantical powers now


ive already shot down several drones its great target practice


as you can see from above the norms are innocent its the freaks who are the problem


the norms made me a freak


phew mch is fun


didnt post on hima at all yesterday fell asleep at 4pm and woke up at 7am



would have personally implanted a bomb into it


amerinorms are worse than chinks


in cunninlingus we trust


sis sent me a message saying that she made a chocolate cake and lots of choco ganache cant wait to get home and have some with a big mug of joe hehe


why dont i have a sis or a bro it isnt fair


simply rent a sis


simply being my sister back from the dead


sis lets me watch her masturbate


i dont believe that


hate liars


pasted nigs




still affronted at being 6.24 for a pishy baguette n irn bru this morning baguette express baguette tae fuck


wish i had some irn bru


having that coffee hima going to save the cake for later


need yuka to step on my balls





hate ball abuse i dont like hurting


psych called me a manlet


should have committed myself so i could have gotten a psych ward gf but i had too much shame


hope the pigs let pnig celebrate his birthday in peace he can only turn 30 once


almost out of coffee


wonder if pnig took thads spot as chief peter puffer


i am the one who blogs


ill be the one watching anime


vargs victim blaming isnt helpful hes toxic to his own fanbase of men down on their luck


File: 1551395931395.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.65 KB, 2500x1800, 902f4ed6d0501cfaa2499bcf440a97b7.jpg)




remember to say rabbit rabbit tomorrow


this is your view when youre 69ing your gf its great


no it isnt


yeah it is


its not


the regulars living in the mansion will be forced to serve under the nen users


File: 1551398550393.jpg (139.54 KB, 849x1200, poke.jpg)


pastaguy is flipped


my nen possesses the qualities of both fettuccine and rotini


rabbit rabbit



pokegirls are supposed to be flat and with a small cute curveless body not that flipping shit


nah theyre big boobed goddesses


you are wrong


nice jagex did it again


crazy that the pokegirls are only 10


did what again


theyre 18


doesnt matter since japanese age of consent is 20


isnt it 14


depends on the prefecture


which prefecture will the hima mansion be located in


missouri right next to a mcds


it doesnt depend on the prefecture its 20 everywhere
if youre over 20 you cant have sex with anyone under 20 end of story


try and stop me


youre wrong


cant stop jerkin it to my ffxiv character


dont do that youre supposed to self insert


me bone me jo


mindmazing that youve commited snap of a child if you were to turn 18 before your 17 year old gf


thats only if you get caught


stood in line with a bunch of spics and i was practically the shortest one thats depressing curse my mom for making love with some small handed manlet spic if turt truly believes in lms id make him find my dad


worry about things in your control


why should i be responsible for finding your pathetic manlet dad


nah id control time and slap my mom before she done the deed she had better opportunities to conceive me


because he defies your dumb ideology you just dont understand true suffering


playing subnautica


nice maltaguy


things were different back then
hypergamy wasnt as celebrated and girls didnt have access to things like tinder and social media that provides them with a direct chad source

in your old mans day you only had to compete with local males not every rich 6'7" asshole for 800 miles


about 2/3 of women in my family are taller than me and all the men except 1 im the only person in my close family that has brown eyes too


you were adopted


remember the matt meme


mom has 1 picture of my dad hes dark as hell what was she thinking sure you could have a one nighter but protection is necessary in that situation oh well at least im not a half nig south americans have neanderthal dna so varg would still like me


sometimes i stop typing and just watch my cpu fan change colors for a while


mom accidentally sent me a sexy selfie