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2006 General

We're not going back are we
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its natural


superb bean melts here hima simply fantastic


thats nice to hear dear


killed by a group of mantises


judge not lest ye be judged


the only way i ever derive amusement anymore is openly ridiculing norms ive decided to fight back against the intruders if mom wants company over all the time then she better believe i have just as much of a right to be at the table as they do


sekis not a dormnorm


why is it called platonic love anyway whats it got to do with the greeks didnt they indulge in homosexual orgies


because plato wrote a dialogue on it


really what did he say


go read the symposium and find out


Poutine is a dish originating from the Canadian province of Quebec, consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy.

explain yourselves canadinorms why would that ever be okay


didnt we talk about socrates writings on irony on the w once or was it another fever dream of mine


just dont bring up the allegory of the cave and its implications for neets


the allegory of the cave was subtle jewish propaganda



its the opposite


finished watching john carpenters the thing hima had to complete it twice to fully grasp it but i had a good time might have to investigate this movie watching business a bit more hehe


also took the time to watch two his subsequent productions but couldnt take either one seriously prince of darkness cracked me up


what about they live


in the mouth of madness wasnt that bad but prince of darkness is a joke


looks like i skipped that one


its about the jews


jews are good people


being a dormnorm is hell on earth worse than being a wagenorm


flip you anderson


not the jews the jews


dormnorms deserve nothing but sympathy i would rather be fucking killed


anyone wanna get together and have a mutual rub


wine time hima its been a while


wish i had some


simply hit the liquor store


stop drinking alcohol


i cant drive its too far awqay


cant condone all this reckless alcoholism the peak physical and mental condition of every member of hima will be necessary for the race wars


i drink a lot less than i used to


i drink a lot more than i did a year ago like a lot more


love drinking id go back to drinking every day if i could but i dont want to die young


uh wait ive been drinking a lot for 18 months now i forgot what year it was


drinking isnt fun stop romanticizing it youre going to mislead a lot of impressionable young neet


should we go straight edge and get jacked bros


yes it is its so much fun


flip this roast trying to take away that guys innnocence


been thinking about how unreasonably highly 4channers think of themselves ive come across way more interesting and insightful posts on conventional messageboards even watching a bunch of boomers banter around on a theoretical physics forum or something elicits more laughter than a typical 4chan thread


actually thats not an entirely fair comparison boomers are flipping hilarious i love reading all the comments they post on news articles some of them have such colorful vocabularies


curled some lumber had a nice pump going felt good


wish a roast took away my innocence


the fastest 15 4chan boards all pinch hard


/a/ is pasted


go back there


replaced anime with drinking ive seen probably 3 hours of it in the last year


arent those two different things why are they mutually exclusive


ive been too lazy to hook my 16:9 monitor up since april 2018 or install a torrent client


just stream it in 360p on your phone thats all animes worth anyway


miss the tarddays


gonno learn how to play 寄明月 on the bard harp


no you are not


try and stop me gweilo


i wont rest until every last chink is in the ground


for every chink you take down three more appear


im awake im awake


go back to sleep


took too long to defeat my morning bone this means im up for good





what can you expect from a bunch of imitation chinks their very existence is a plagiarism of east and west alike


flip you


respect japan or go the hell away


i will respect japan when they acknowledge nanking


chinks deserved it


should i fall for the ffxiv meme


yeah we can have fun together


wish i could get big crowds like this but i pinch at playing songs on bard


dont think i will it looks too faggy


didnt want you play with us anyways


flip you catboy


nothin faggy about a bunch of himabros messing around in the fc hottub in their sexy catgirls


can i make a male character that isnt a metrosexual twink


ya multiple kinds too




need a big burly roegadyn male to keep the hima catgirls under control


made a hima fc just need 3 signatures


its midnight in arizona which means pnig is officially 30 years old lets celebrate


hes gonno use his newfound wizard powers to break out of jail




hes 29


yeah he missed the 89er cutoff


flip youre right i couldve sworn he was from 89


cant believe turt threw away his wizardry when he was so close


is it actually bad for your hands to self teach playing the piano or is that just a meme to get you to pay for piano lessons


where does this gothic style even originate from is it from the victorian era


it originates from the minds of perverts


just a bunch of clueless japs crudely appropriating higher culture who knows


hate when people say high culture its just a bourgeois lifestyle culture comes from poor village folk


culture is genetic


spent my entire life as a member of the poor village folk dont see this changing either


are there any mammalian males which dutifully raise their offspring or is fatherhood just a human invention to trick genetically inferior males




ya had a bird nest on my balcony the mother would sit on her eggs while the male bird flew off and came back once in a while to keep the mother company


other apes dont count theyre basically just primitive humans

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