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i dont mew i still dont know what that even is i thought it was what cats did and i got left behind writing this


got left behind


went to wendys and the drive through girl kept laughing and the fat drive through boy was laughing too as he poked her and shed say stooooooop and slap him playfully it made me rage because i know if i was to even think of touching a girl i would be thrown into the brig without a chance of survival


did you get a fofofo turt


thought i could handle cold now since i went to hell and back but 20f was still quite bad at least for my far extremeties


no i got a daves triple and a spicy chicken wrap



is that mugabe


phew nice


oh baby a triple


space! wave! akiba-pop!


File: 1550366480958.png (443.33 KB, 1280x720, 1550360709354.png)


left behind sigh


turt would you be willing to morph a pic by enlarging the lower third so i can prey on teengirls


fortifying the zygomatic arches while youre at it wouldnt hurt either


you arent allowed to prey on any girls unless youre attractive


dont understand what this means


hehe dont mind me that lingo just cracks me up



been imagining every woman i see as bald


mindblowing that i used to think i was attractive i guess what they say about peoples egos is true


have you ever tried morphing your own pictures what would you say are the flaws holding your face back


what do they say


no i cant look at my pictures for long without wanting to rope and every time i see one i hide it immediately




can you morph pnig


wish i could morph into pnig


finished the new troll quest it was nice hehe


ya i liked at the end when they danced it was cute


ya the follow dance hehe


wish i could follow dance someone


used to do this but imagined them pooping instead




everyone poops its natural


i suggest everyone on hima fullscreen a picture of themselves on their monitor and stare at it for a minute
i forgot what i looked like for a few years and it was important to remember to hold onto my soul


File: 1550368321778.jpg (281.61 KB, 692x913, 1531009099282.jpg)


i see myself in the mirror every time i go to the bathroom


dont you have a mirror


no pictures of me exist


mirrors are inaccurate a camera lens can show how you look to others


ok neither of those things are correct



post it



wish i was a foid so people would worship me and pay top dollar for my scribbles


mirrors are how you actually look


mirrors are inaccurate because theyre reversed and trick the lighting by reflecting it
but pictures can be wrong too pasted on a whole host of factors

the most accurate would be a proper photograph with the right lens


still need a game in which i can play as a sexy lady thief


will a game where youre the boyfriend of one be okay


being reversed has no impact hope you understand that


File: 1550369057012.jpg (50.95 KB, 580x333, true-mirror.jpg)

yes it does you need a true mirror
also people have a weird perspective of themselves in the mirror since they perceive themselves as having always looked the same



simply play any mmo


i want that shakuskha egg thing so much i was googling how to make it a month ago but im too useless to do it and gave up


was hoping to avoid mmos might just play disgaea


remember to follow ulis guide



everyones snoozing


what about you


im snoozing too


ive got a date in 1 hour


wish to take a sexy lady on a date


how bout beauford takes you to prison


beauford can suck my ped nuts


book him fbi agents


got left behind sigh


not snoozing just dont have anything to post


havin a pineapple pizza


was going to watch anime but i might just eat a moon pie and play golden sun


woke up had coffee then went shopping bought lots of wine and pork just got back and read hows it going hima


goin great im killing calisto remember to highlight your favorite posts


what world




wish i had some friends to scape with


on my way with dclaws


with veracs id probably win unless you risk 200m


ooog scape ooooooog


hehe love these tard girls in wataten the sis is great


gotta find out why my friends all died


im sis


this is going to be nice


wish to flip hinata


hard choice between borutos sis or miyakos sis not sure which one would make a better wife


gotta be himawari


raging at this thumbnail nobody looks like this while watching anime


they do


not when watching by themselves but if youre watching with other people and commenting on it and stuff you do
at least i assume so i have never done that


never looked so passionate or emotive in my life id just sit there not moving speaking in a monotone if i was doing that


plumber in the other room



gonno take a nap might drink hard when i wake up


already am


downloaded the naruto movie the day naruto became hokage what a rip its only ten minutes long did they air this during a commercial break or something
it was fine i was just expecting something longer when i dled it


im going to become the hokage dattebayo


gonno watch vids and snooze good night mates


that came with the boruto movie


File: 1550378156178.jpg (298.31 KB, 681x968, hana pnig valentines.jpg)


keep waking up at 5am to poop is that normal


just wasted 3 hours listening to awful experimental music the things i do for ecred


tardlaughing thinking about the kinds of policies id enforce if i were the administrator of an online community


File: 1550378991821.gif (1.83 MB, 297x226, 1405262292386.gif)


File: 1550379210128.jpg (102.55 KB, 438x1532, 1280429290871.jpg)

used to do this when i frequented mu



nice petrol ped
turt what do you think of the ioniq


File: 1550379720368-0.jpg (241.27 KB, 300x4140, 1279805610271.jpg)

File: 1550379720368-1.jpg (338.24 KB, 300x4438, 1279805692146.jpg)

File: 1550379720368-2.jpg (214.07 KB, 300x3422, 1279806992932.jpg)


im not like all the other girls


thinking of spamming


File: 1550381297755.jpg (410.6 KB, 650x650, 1535321078247.jpg)


File: 1550381357705-0.jpg (138.54 KB, 557x854, make it sex.jpg)


love future days







║░▒║with this blade

║░▒║I cut those who














A DISTRAUGHT MOTHER GESTURES TO the camera crew to tread softly as they approach her teenage son’s bedroom. A mound of moldy garbage lies at its entrance, which is barricaded with a screen. The interviewer asks whether her son washes himself, and the mother fights back tears. Once every six months, she answers.


would get the i3 if it didnt look like it was punched in the face


would get the i3 if it didnt look like it was punched in the face




wine time hima its been so long


heck ya finished a bottle myself


been drinking too much this past week


havent drinked in a month feels good


havent drank much till this weekend getting drunk every night playing some ffxiv


good idea gonno play some



when will this depression go away



simply jog


man up


File: 1550408212391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322 KB, 1600x1322, hima.jpg)


i am a temporal anamoly


laughing hard at slime 19 this is pathetic what the hell are they thinking


just regretspermed


i hope you will put your future energy towards atonement




File: 1550411259892.jpg (Spoiler Image, 748.5 KB, 1200x880, 63114087_p0_master1200.jpg)


i never regretsperm you guys are weak


i never sperm you are weak


it never does the only thing you can do is smother it with distraction ive been trying hard to not think about it and have been doing good for the past couple of weeks the pills helped


depression ended when i became a neet


if someone isnt depressed they either a wise and powerful stoic sage or more likely theyre just too stupid to care


never been depressed only norms get depressed


had real depression around 08-09 before the norms made it sadnessx2 fuck em


experienced the existential kind in childhood when i became aware of my own mortality and couldnt stop ruminating on the nature of death and the ensuing oblivion and how everything amounted to nothing in the face of deaths all consuming embrace but then i just gamed the pain away hehe


i had a really bad fear of death as a kid that would put me in a horrible depression every time i thought about it i wonder if every kid had that


as a child you fear death as an adult you welcome it


p anderson said death is nothing to fear we go to heaven anyways


mornin hima had a really weird dream two dreams within my dream first time thats happened i think


had a dream that some people were going to torture me a few nights ago not sure what it means


File: 1550413789314.png (362.32 KB, 933x743, 1a81afeca99f0f97d4b47c64aef46b04.png)


its freezing


File: 1550414584388.png (930.45 KB, 1280x720, [Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle Precure - 03 [3085EA4….png)


sperms are extra thick and globby today hima


dont look at the index


god damnit onseki


hope to see some bans around here


snoozespermed hehe love the smell of my sperm


take a shower


the hima mansion will be coated in sperm


grab a pencil hima its time to draw some plumpers




youll be required to clean your room and shower at least once a week or you get kicked out


hey hima woke up about an hour ago hows it going


how do i fill in the massive gap on my resume cant think of a good story


say you were in a coma



say you were finding yourself norms eat it up trust me


gonno try to jo to this


chink """"men""""


tell them you were in prison for cp and cousin snap


wish i had a cute horny sexy ladycousin to snap


scaped on my phone a bit hehe its actually quite nice


gonno write an article


about what


feminist glaciology


whats glaciology is that about ice or something




the world would be a lot more interesting if triangles were called trigons instead


mom was washing dishes in the kitchen and i was slicing my sandwich in half when the kitchen lights suddenly turned on but theres no one else in the house


sounds like you have


i wish i had at least i wouldnt be lonely


broke a glass by accident
maded some coffeeim sipping


brewin up a cup right now myself


heck yeah


bone sex sex sex sex


hima i just swallowed something weird
maybe a small piece of broken glass holy flip


youre going to die slowly




it was really small and i had some gsnaps earlier today maybe it was a gsnapseed just had a big glassful of water not much i can do now
told mom and she said its probably fine


mom knows best


poop it out


gonno eat sand and shite glass


that wont work


once found some broken glass in food mom got from taco bell and also a knife folded into a subway sandwich


thats dangerous


sigh tataru is so cute


already jerked it hard to her


we should all jerk it to her


cant believe onseki let a raider steal our get
at least its better than a pedget


File: 1550435546638.jpg (133.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


you must pay for your mistakes


everyone makes mistakes


kinda want to play ff15 but not enough to pay for it


you mean ff14


play elder scrolls online instead


if youre gonno play an mmo at least dont play a western one


stop playing job simulators


how else will i get my dopamine rush


gonno jerk it to yotsuyu


mmonorms are the lowest form of life


i agree with that statement


ya im a worthless piece of shite so what


not so sure about ev cars anymore might just stick with the mx5


i would get an ev seems convenient


anyone else sees nothing but cayennes and bmw x5s outside whats up with women and suvs


stupid carnorms why dont you take your gfs out on a drive


walked to the kitchen now my feet are sore and aching


women like large things




sigh back up to 260 lbs i hate my body i thought for sure id be staying in the 250s


just stop eating whats the problem


thats not a real thing people do


i would too but i cant take how quiet they are


do some water fasting


i heard fat is becoming fashionable


im not fat im just big boned


i see a bunch of cayennes ya i assumed porsches were uncommon however since like 2017 all the porsches i see are white cayennes and driving them are women


ya white cayennes the white car fad is going away now and im seeing lots of black and dark gray cayennes as well


File: 1550438597815.gif (343.24 KB, 280x450, 1377475719504.gif)


love hidamari sketch always makes me smile


sigh they dont make anime like that anymore though


never watched it



just ordered a mouse pc


i wish death upon every jap


wish death on me too so this shite life can come to an end


crazy how none of our accomplishments actually matter even if you became the emperor of europe its only a matter of time until you turned to dust and your legacy forgotten


mindblowing how you can go to school to learn about every single one of them because their legacy never turned to dust


when are jews going to get over the holocaust


meanwhile your legacy is to jo into a sock while looking at foreign drawings of cartoon children


going to apply to the slaughterhouse its time for me to hone my killing instincts and prepare myself mentally for the race war


race war would be really fun just wish you could choose your race


you will be eradicated by the chinks


feels good man


hate sockjoers


apart from the fact that most empires are now nothing more than dust the apocalypse will erase everything


mindblowing that war spurs economic growth


only one with an infinite legacy its jesus


cant help but laugh at the arrogance of man
big congrats over being the dumb monkey that happens to have the most brains due to evolutionary chance but none of that will mean anything when a big rock smashes into your planet or half the solar system gets zapped out of existence by a gamma ray burst


jesus was a hacker


man must live with nature not against it


foolish humans


File: 1550440878137.png (13.57 KB, 708x123, finkblog.PNG)


i was presented with an opportunity to gain limitless power but rejected it because i wanted to obtain strength in my own way and not the way pnig would have wanted


pnig paid dearly for his thirst for power


what would a gamma ray burst feel like for me


everything i have done up to this point has been an act of defiance against pnigs immeasurable arrogance


justice for warosu



maybe during the next arc we will be up against a powerful foe and as all hope will be thought lost pnig will step out and aid us in the fight except this time he will be helping instead of the villain thats how it works in the animes


starting to think all that mystical nonsense about motion and time not actually existing is true crazy how ive arrived at conclusions via simple introspection that most others could only conceive of through mind altering substances


there is no redemption arc hes getting the death penalty


pnig will be found not guilty


hes gonno play the race card


lets form a cult and worship the abyss


sounds good to me


just spent 3 hours wikisurfing that was enlightening


gonno surf the dark web


i surf hima daily


gonno surf blackpill4u


i agree lets form a cult pasted around the void and then each one of us blow up a skyscsnapr on the same day


going to bomb the atlantic ocean


gonno bomb this toilet in a minute with all the shite knocking on my exit hole


cant believe this is my only life and this is what happened


life is full of endless possibilities



scared hope china doesnt zap me


holy flip a sudden torrential downpour just flooded the neighorhood



imagine having only one chance at life and being born as a self aware manbaby


File: 1550442671407.jpg (42.17 KB, 1912x792, Blade Runner 2049 2017.mp4_snapshot_02.18.02_[….jpg)

theres still time to make it right


sigh i typically ignore a songs lyrical content but i always related to that ones


my real life hasnt begun


File: 1550442813843.jpg (67.37 KB, 512x384, 1382330984566.jpg)


used to think this now i understand ill never have a real life


woke up hima feel terrible feel really bad


are you in pain


whats the matter


my real life begun the moment i was born this is my life


dont say that the real us are still sleeping soon well wake up and go to college and have a great sunny life


File: 1550442968184.jpg (704.02 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Toaru Majutsu no Index III - 19….jpg)


one chance at life and i was born to do something terrible



is mazda 3 good


i was born to cull the masses


you mena mass culler


the mazdaspeed 3 is ok
honestly if i had to choose between a mazda 3 and a mazda 2 id get the 2 theyre light and nimble ive never seen a regular 3 at the track but ive seen a prepped 2


would you prefer the 2 over the mx5


they both weigh about the same but the mx5 has rwd and about 70 more horsepower and a superior chassis
the only reason youd choose a 2 over a mx5 is if you really need the extra seats and cargo space


what the flip thats terrible the mx5 is already sub 200hp


im convinced you guys are just regurgitating stats from wikipedia and arent actually communicating anything


i need a lot of seats and cargo space


i sat inside the gti when i went to the autoshow the interior was plastic shite


obviously these are momentum cars
it takes brass balls to drive a slow car fast enough to keep up with modern hot hatches and what not




File: 1550443587420.jpg (169.07 KB, 1280x720, light vs lelouch.jpg)

who would win


all the interiors of cars under 30k were pretty bad except the mx5 it was far above the rest even though im sure the materials used were cheap


god used the cheapest materials on me




soft cushy heavy interiors are for norms


really want a pet rat but im afraid the cats will kill it what can i do brothers




feel so blessed to know my himabros are always here for me love you guys


i kind of like the 2 seats too makes it feel cozy not sure why youre selling yours


dont do it even if it lives itll live a life of fear and intimidation


cars are for norms


im selling it because i need more power
the car is a lot of fun and all but it doesnt dominate like the 944 did

thats why im looking at evos and 5.0 mustangs because they make a lot of reliable power and have more room for slicks or a nap


kind of settled on the fact that cars are not future proof and its better to just continously buy cheap


only drove a car once when i was drunk almost crashed it but it was pretty fun


kill that cats


if i ever get a license im gonno get a ford f350 so i cant be run off the road by anyone and im as safe as possible




get a hummer instead



its okay it wasnt on the road


tardlaughing reminiscing about the day the SAT was administered and during the whole assessment being under assault by a foul odor whose source eluded me until the exam concluded and i went to investigate in the bathroom to discover that mom had left a container of rotting cabbage in my backpack


ya dont care too much about power its high up there defiantly but i wouldnt sacrifice mpg or reliability


the mx5 doesnt even get good mileage
like 26mpg combined


made a really high pitched whistling noise with my lips after i finished the sat to annoy everybody else still taking the test since i finished first it didnt sound like a person was making a noise everyone kept looking around it was great


they knew it was you


2016 gets 30 thats pretty good


can you show me how to do that i never learned whistling


never knew hima was so full of class clowns



it wasnt really whistling it kinda sounds like a kettle but quiet or air leaking out of a tire you do it by inhaling slowly through a really small hole made with your lips


i was the class downs


it wasnt before the discordnorms moving over thanks to onseki


if i knew back then what i know now i would have probably got a gf


i wouldnt have cause im cel


might get a gentlemans car like a mercedes s class when im in my 30s


saw some super cute and sexy girls last time i was out and about cant stop thinking about fucking and dating them


if i ever got a car id get a black 90s bmw i think theyre cool


i was a naive teen who believed in anxiety so i assumed that mom and the counselors would understand why i avoided school little did i know the ensuing arc to obtain my ged at moms insistence was far more traumatic than anything i had to endure at school it would be some time before i acknowledged how fictitious all of those mental constructs were and that the only thing that mattered in this world is raw destructive power






finished filling out grans state tax forms shes getting back $5276 this year and told me not to tell anyone


but you just told us


did i really
i remembered mentioning my own but not hers


nevermind i misunderstood your post


File: 1550446242593.png (26.33 KB, 914x210, n.png)

which card is everyone getting i really hope the 1650 is equal to the 1060 in performance


my r9 390 still does the job


why do the technorms always talk about buying stuff but never do it


i will never suppot nvidia


does any college even accept old manbabies wont everyone think im a creep


snitched to the irs


college is not the right choice for the formerly neet


File: 1550446622231.png (1.32 MB, 1245x1229, 1550351994677.png)

hima is an intel community


what is the right choice for a neet loser


ya it is ask me how i know


did you flip one of your professors


if mom kicks me out im going into debt and into college i just wont take any classes that require teamwork or public speaking


wonder if i can trick someone into giving me a student loan then i escape to cambodia with the money


you should go into an apprenticeship program instead of college degrees


can i come too


an apprenticeship would force me to work


why does that guy want to cage kitties every time they come up


that is their natural state


its where they belong


apprenticeship is manual labor that would defile my pristine body and my soft hands would become rough and lose their nerve endings


those are qualities you must acquire to attract a mate


im not going for that look im gonno become a teenage pretty boy


got a terrifying hangover hima maybe some bacon sandwiches will help ah god my head hurts so bad


stop wanting to flip children


im fergalicious


just grab a blogweiser and itll go away


your teenage pretty boy years are long gone you need to adapt


mindblowing how neet is the opposite of teen


still remember the last few steps i made on school grounds as i left the office with my diploma since i skipped the graduation and i knew that id be in for some shite


never got my diploma they wanted me to fill out a survey before they sent it but i never did


didnt even know you could abstain from the ceremony


i have a bachelors degree


nice bachelor



i heard that they voted my good mate gob as most quiet i would be pissed at that final mog he should have pulled a gun out from his gown right then and went ham


mom was pissed when she found out i opted out hehe


die novideo


you can avoid it i did except this one time but it was actually fun and i didnt need to speak in the end


die creepy rudy


literally collegenorms id laugh if it werent such a tragedy what happened to this place


at least we get to bring back the dormnorm epithet


loved posting dorm norm dorm norm dorm norm


nothin creepy


its time to man up


ya uh workbros are fine but uh dornnorm go back there


hes creepy


some people have to work to survive college is always a choice and a norm one


mindblowing that people my age have a wife and kids and a house meanwhile im sitting here jerking it


i cant survive off a no degree job its a competitive world out there not gonno let a neet drag me down to the abyss


bunch of posts should i skip


not defending collegenorms but if mom said you either need to get a job or a degree id pick college because its a lot easier and you have more free time


mom is holding the showering facility hostage again


hate when moms home and i cant shite


i tried to work the shitejobs in the mines but every night i just wanted to kill myself more and more id daydream about jamming my leg into a machine so i could get workers compensation and disability its awful your body aches and your brain numbs and youre surrounded by the normest of norms who are just trying to get by on their child support payments and alcoholism i had no choice but to become a dormnorm so i could get a better job but after i did now i have to look at those people in the face as they toil in the mines and it makes me feel bad


it would be wise


yeah pretty much unskilled labor is hell and if its between that and college the choice is obvious


that must have been very stressful please forgive my judgmental remarks


mines are epic


same but i dont want to have a gf and responsibilities and be forced to keep working forever to pay my mortgage and bills without any choice on the matter


will people finally respect me if i become a coal miner


can we go back to talking about splatoon and ffxiv that was better than jobnorms and dorm norms


File: 1550449308550.jpg (164.52 KB, 1440x810, 20180613_183410.jpg)

went out to eat with mom shes a keeper brothers


wish i was pasted like rudy


die gamer


feelin randy


thats a man



gonno have some hair of the dog that bit me and a nap i feel like pure shit gonno use those purifying wine drops on this brand in future


love gamer girls


wanna fuck a girl so bad wanna fuck wanna cum so much


control yourself animal


sorry but it has been decided that you are not worthy


hima hima


pizza pizza



everyone get ready to synchronize our hardmewing


mom loves this


gonno grill up a steak


wish i could buy steak and cook it


my locale is now korean everything looks weird


cant wait till we meet up at the mansion so i can sperm inside everyones moms


me and nb are gonno become the tastosis of apex legends


i apologized


normpex normgends


ground up some beans hima time for some pourover hehe


mewing rn


no beans


never had pourover only espresso and plunger


the grind is in between those and makes a very clean full bodied cup id recommend giving it a try


its snowing


gonno scram


hate those subjective terms how does a cuppa pourover compare to an americano


english please



mindblowing that half of himas original userbase is either dead or in jail


wonder how many himabros went to jail with nobody noticing



glad the gnfos and discordteens took their place and assimilated so we wont even notice theyre gone


die norm


im going to go nuts if i dont find something to do tomorrow


haev you tried scaping


i cant scape anymore


how come


you dont want to know


fire up some ffxiv the hidden gorge pvp mode is a lot of fun


mom told me to stop sighing


i want to know


looking forward to even more netdeckers playing nexus after this


played ffxiv for over 1000 hours and didnt even know there was pvp until now


hate when people accuse me of cheating because of my fast trigger finger


you arent ready for these redpills

how much hard drive space does ffxiv need




gonno open a video game studio


tell me


have to come up with a username i hate this part


cant play ffxiv i have a full time job





Results: 6.0 CPS


flip you


gonno fire up human benchmark and see if im smarter


5.0 is the best i can do on my phone with one finger


i got 8.8


File: 1550454664601.png (6.1 KB, 367x96, ec876d27769467d2200f2e011b19a39c.png)

downloading pretty fast


im the fastest clicker and typer on hima


tried again clicking like a keyboard button and got 10.6


no matter how fast you click there will always be a chink with lower ping



it took me 3 days


uh which one


just click challenge


im not a programmer


me either


sorry to hear


bought an apartment hima


can i move in


post some pics of that happenin pad


putting down the furniture now


did that guy decide on washington or oregon


sigh everyones playing ff but me


File: 1550456470127.png (272.76 KB, 498x557, 1420cd228786fa200f272141b6db3c37.png)

what server do i pick im east coast


im on balmung




thats a legacy server flip that


lets all get jobs on the same oil rig


wish some brainiac poster would start a business and hire all the hima people to work at it instead of sitting around making posts bragging about how smart they are while doing nothing but math problems and reading


what kind of business


File: 1550458516611.png (654.27 KB, 463x762, cd26a049e930ef8880d723b91d90152c.png)

what class do i pick


designing and producing analog integrated circuits


File: 1550458590551.mp3 (7.42 MB, 18. Ñ¿Ñd.mp3)


why would you hire anyone on hima for that


so we can dethrone intel and assist amd in the effort to support the rights of consumers


going to respect into the birl class


amd has already won its just a question of time



File: 1550458941047.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 378.93 KB, 1000x666, d1c20e53272013befe9630fec566dc3a.jpeg)

dont or something like this can happen to you


phew nice


cute vid


autists will be enslaved in the future


wish i was the goofy happy kind of autist instead of the adam lanza kind


what can you tell me about chimp society


woke up from my nap hiya boys


going to snooze now


dont snooze i just woke up


sorry i gotta wake up early tomorrow


what for



hehe might have to reconsider my view of foucault now


think ill snooze as well


dont leave me


File: 1550465047182.png (889.21 KB, 880x495, 24909936_1154753187989179_6464433172308978858_….png)

this is the splash screen you get after losing your virg


damn good games here hima


you poor misguided sap there is only one game and thats the game of life




gonno splat in a second here


miss club penguin


it pinched


couldnt run that game well when i tried cant believe i needed a high end gaming pc just to run flipping club penguin at a high framerate


flip it going to become an anime villain with a hairbrained plot to return the world back to 2006


quit posting about 2006 youre all alone in that desire


does 06 have some special significance


that was the year he lost his virg


i was born in 2006


it was the peak
everything was in harmony


2006 is where it all fell apart


shut the flip up im sick of hearing about it


you wont have a say in the matter once the ritual is complete


im the only one on hima who hasnt finished super


neither all of this time searching i realized how much the usa sucks then right after realized how much the world sucks


the ritual must be completed we have to go back


nah i prefer 07 but i might settle for the big 6


we can drop you off in 07 on our way back to 06 or you can just come to 06 with us and wait it out


my eyes are not set on the rear view mirror but whats in front of me


File: 1550471262503.jpg (157.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: 1550471500470.png (1.44 MB, 1800x1000, 1534128952553.png)

the future is bright youll need some ramune


why are people so willing to become monsters in the resident evil universe


their fear of god and most of all themselves


File: 1550471934952.jpg (57.32 KB, 480x480, ftfnxuib2fg21.jpg)



no no NO sucessful people cant be that young its not possible


hes older than me


hehe at least i chinmog and jawmog him not to mention his weak zygos


what do you mean hes older than you youngnorm hes 14


he was 14 in 2008 idiot


everyone on hima is capable of similar feats if they apply themselves you all have the intellect


indeed it is true that im in the top percentile of humanity intelligence wise im just missing the charm so i cant monetize it


incapable of achieving anything speak for yourself


wonder how many more years will pass before i take the first step towards starting my real life


just took the plastic ear rest covers on my glasses holy flip this is so much better its not so soft since its metal but less annoying bulk


reading some wataten reviews on mal and laughing hard


going insane staring at a pic of myself turt what have you done to me


flip this accursed vessel ive been confined to


not him but its important for you to stare until its burned into your mind you need to be aware of your form


wish i was basted


maybe you can be when your real life begins


out of breath eating my sandwich



feelin it


always raged because they sucked at the maze


hima help my unlawful desires have escalated into the conspiracy stage


what does that mean


what should i get for moms bday


applebees gift card




time for bed wish me luck




guess its my shift to guard hima alone sigh dont sleep too long


im up drinkin hard


flip you scared me




wish i was indian




cant sleep for more than 4 hours sigh doushio


hey hima time to grind that paper


you need a weighted blankie


mmm no i need a daki


coughing up some phlegm


File: 1550498418957.png (364.49 KB, 904x1300, b.png)


the new date a live episode is fun
they get rid of shido and it turns into naruto with shabs and origami has to kill tohka to get a mangekyou sharingan


haet misaka worst


cant believe i have zero chance of being a progamer because i wasnt born korean


crazy to think that real girls are none of those things


have you ever talked to a real girl


define real


call me the nightmancer


File: 1550504077336.jpg (119.41 KB, 874x1405, __pas_black_haired_catperson_original_drawn_by….jpg)



kamisama soredeha hidoi nari


thats a woman


where are her breasts


at first i thought girls were nice then i thought they were just normal but as an adult i now realize that they are simply pure evil


File: 1550505481027.mp4 (1.62 MB, kitty.mp4)


have to put kitty down this week dont post them


make some kitty soup


heard cat tastes bad


wouldnt recommend it


sopa de macaco


what type of kitty is that and where do i buy one


dont do it


big sigh is it the cage kitty


the series is about girls faking that outside but being evil


what the heck i thught that was my cat and someone from my family found hima on my pc and uploaded that my kitty snoozed under her blankie all weekend and she looks like that a bit but her dark fur is a little lighter besides that its uncanny




gonno beat kitty




tried adopting a kitty but the people at the shelter turned me down


hate cats but love them too


i kill #thecat


going to become a desperado


sigh the plains are calling me



made some red beans and rice with sausage and lamb think im gonno have a lot of leftovers


nice chinks leaking the newest champion


is that not just kayle and morg?
well the kayle looks like enough of a rework it may as well be new hero




long snoozed


*unzips panties*


braces are cutting the inside of my lips hima it hurts


rip them our dentistry is for norms


take out the braces and start eating raw meat and mewing daily instead


nothing norm about adult braces


sigh woke up again


the sleeper has awakened


how do i mew




i already meow daily


File: 1550516608849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 537.89 KB, 2048x1082, 01.jpg)


if your image has a male in it make it a pretty boy thats non threatening please


im mewing hard


enjoying this evenings coolth and satokos armpit banner


nice shotaspermer


oh you misunderstand i just mean i cant self insert as a big ugly brute and i can only jo as self inserting


youre not supposed to self insert as the man


i cant self insert a a watcher i dont like ntr


cant self insert because i cant imagine myself having sex


same just another thing cels are denied


im not real


fox 3


just recalled a vintage hima joke


post your mal account here so i can add you


File: 1550520618453.png (1.28 MB, 750x1333, __nekomusume_and_nekomusume_gegege_no_kitarou_….png)


whats she doing




wish i was charming like luke


spent all day at work searching cars and got myself into a rage


woke up hi


caught mom looking at my old baby photos


post em


nah flip you perv youll probably jerk it to them




only seen one flippable infant before in my life


im done with ff14 i cant be bothered to learn a new game it seems alright though




funny to think the girl has no idea that im sperming to her hehe


to rope or to cope that is the question


feel like i look fine from the front but im incel extreme from the side


mindblowing how every girl in existence has been spermed to at least once no matter how gross they are


have to get the cam out to check how ugly i am from the side always surprising how bad it is


maybe if i went back to 2006 and did things over i wouldnt be so ugly


im home trying to call an uber for mom and after three cancelations the guy finally gets there and shes not there and she cant find the guy or should i say dodesnt bother to walk for 5 seconds looking around and now hes driving all the way around the blockto get her and on his way back hes going to stop by sis school and pick her up meanwhile she calls me saying shes going to walk back home but i refuse to fucking cancel it again so i told her by allah girl if that uber gets there and youre not there waiting i will beat you to death


girl in the op too cute


you cant beat mom or touch mom or hurt mom in anyway hima will stop you


why cant she order her own ubers


she has no money


why is she taking uber then


youve gotta get the cam out to get yourself from the front too the mirror is inaccurate and gives you a better looking version of yourself


i look fine from the front on the cam


pretty sure its my jaw gonno start mewing hard


high heels cant walk


that isnt true



gonno buy a big pack of gum


never chewed gum ever since i was told a story as a child about how someone dislocated their jaw chewing gum


gonno become a juggalo


youve gotta trigger depersonalization and get a cam everything else is inaccurate


wonder if a girl has ever spermed to me


havent chewed gum in years but i gotta do whatever it takes to fix my face




how do i inform mom im too ugly to seek employment


watching hampton brandon thats how i would want to behave if i were a norm


File: 1550529574279.jpg (297.08 KB, 1628x532, allsmall.jpg)

a phones front camera is 5mm


my neetcut may also be partially to blame


get my hair cut once a year


same and i cut it myself been years since i paid for a haircut


shave my own head


theres no reason not to cut your own hair barbers are a scame


my life is a kind of hell briefly interrupted by orgasms


last time i got my hair cut the fat roast said you dont get your hair cut often do you


wont need to get my hair cut soon going to be even balder and my hair will matter even less than it does now


love my shitty neet long hair



gonno stop using my chair and just stand up all day on my computer


get a standing desk


get a standnorming desk


sitting is the new smoking



are the norms going to stop me from sitting now too


could watch an anime ep on 24min instead of watching that vid


love long haired boys


love anime and manga


get a really low desk and sit seiza


and i dont seem to understand


i really want to that



thank god every day that i dont have crohns disease


rivring room kage


hehe watched this the other day


File: 1550530856359-0.png (72.24 KB, 935x667, birth.PNG)

File: 1550530856359-1.png (155.7 KB, 1675x704, defeat.PNG)

elitist flipping xenophobic chinks i just wanted to share music


post rate is too high


chinks have no soul and nanking did not happen


laughing hard hehe aris is baste


hate chinks


need some food starving here hima not sure what i want to eat though


the act of consumption is evil you should derive all of your nutrients from the atmosphere





cant go wrong with a nice curry


wish i had some curry


had to leave this one a "Dislike" never liked inuyasha rurouni kenshin and yu yu hakusho were better


sis said im just like sesshoumaru


mom is depriving me of food its over hima she no longer tolerates my presence


mom is always trying to fatten me up



its true


might end up becoming a lich


wish i was kagome




spermed to kagome one too many times


wish i was kagome to maybe thats my real life


as a man you should instead desire the strength to defeat your enemies


no thats wrong you should desire to be loved and protected by someone with that strength


sigh just want someone to make me curry here and there is that too much to ask for


you should wish to be inuyasha or sesshomaru instead




im basically exactly like sesshoumaru but at the same time im also a lot like naraku


should i buy a weighted blankie


dont call it a blankie act your age you are a man of poise and dignity




wrap yourself up in the blankie and be at peace


im not a man



love piling on the blankets and quilts and having a nice jo in my cocoon


you wont be able to wake up if you sleep underneath a weighted blanket


mom is loitering in the kitchen again flip


why cant mom just stay in her room like i do


new know your land


things would be better if everyone was a shut in and you could walk around without seeing anyone sigh


cant watch a video published by a jawcel its too distracting


moms making salads and chicken for dinner


instantly rage when i see a norm with those stupid ear stretchers especially if its a man


what do you mean


what gives unattractive norms the audacity to pollute public spaces with their anatomical inferiority


nice plant twink


weighted blanket is too expensive its not fair


the benefits outweigh the cost here


its meant for children with autism not grown men who are at the age where they should have families and careers


i think a prospective gf might appreciate the weighted blankie


you only have to buy it once its worth it


weighted blankie are for everyone


sigh i want one


milk has stretched earlobes


miss when scene kids were everywhere they make me tardlaugh hard


sail to the stars on your shining desires reasons there are none when all is said and done it amounts to just the same


milk is an organic substance consumed by developing mammals


didnt know milg was still alive




if milk posted on hima again would the other girls get jealous


File: 1550534082594.mp4 (1.04 MB, crunch munch munch crunch.mp4)


holy flip mom invited a mogger i can hear his deep booming voice from down the hall i am sick of this i will not be oppressed in my own home


hate her so much


maybe hes a 5'3 chinlet with thin wrists who just happens to have a deep voice


member when milg got jealous of pygmas attention hehe





no one on hima knows who pygma is


i do


File: 1550534212561.jpg (46.43 KB, 549x488, 1323934455379.jpg)


File: 1550534232193.png (157.4 KB, 255x234, milq.png)

pasted pigma


does milg have a twitter i forgot she existed after warosu died



File: 1550534308212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 410.32 KB, 1200x1600, 1323933616407.jpg)


oh it never changed


volcel if you wouldnt


hehe shes into splatoon


used to find that pic revolting now i can appreciate her nice firm supple breasts


shes the splatoonposter


File: 1550534466932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.74 KB, 1200x1600, 1323933748697.jpg)



hope nobody noticed that contradiction how embarrassing thought it meant something else hehe




hehe gonno splat now




$400 to save a 12 year old cat im gonno rage


where is the gofundme campaign to liberate me from poverty


the cat is 12 years old let it die in peace


12 is nothing its got like 5 years left


cats live up to 35 and 400 bucks is literally nothing


blow my mind thinking about how much aftercon sex milk and pigma have had during the mid 2000s until now while i spent my life doing jack shite


get the cage


wish i was a cat id be dead by now


its got 1 month left according to the page


tokike posted a couple of times about going to cons and using drugs with strangers including girls theyre all a bunch of animals i tell ya


hope pygma didnt have any disturbing fetishes


went to a con once in high school didnt talk to anyone or attend any events and went home after a few hours




i went to one once too it was lame as hell




knew i was the only one on hima who isnt a norm



my greatest desire in this world is to turn into one of those oblivious type autistics who love going to cons with their retarded friends and eating pocky and weebing out in public


dont think theres ever been a con in my city


still wouldnt fit in if i did that i know it


enjoying the evenings coolth


die nerdnorm wannabe


wouldnt mind some pocky and ramune rn




ramune is gross rather pound back a nice glass of dr pepper


stop drinking soda


my greatest desire defies human comprehension it will only be possible once this world transcends language and imagery and even then it isnt a guarantee


id rather have some strong zero


thanks for reminding me about pygma gonno jerk it to the rest of the pics in my pygma smut folder


chocolate milk a liter a day keeps the doctor away heck ya





File: 1550535254815.jpg (90.45 KB, 720x1049, 1533739929471.jpg)

u mad incels




he has quite the lovely set of nipples




nice kripp


File: 1550535485169.jpg (369.78 KB, 1000x731, beauty and the beast.jpg)

its sort of a passive hobby of mine to imagine what girls would look like as boys and vice versa a lot of guys out there that are considered ugly as men would be considered attractive as women life sure isnt fair just look at milk if she was male she would have roped years ago


i wanna snap milk


hate that stupid pigeontoe thing girls do to try and look cute it enrages me


gonno stand around pigeon toed from now on


milg would still be on hima if she were a boy


hate cosmopolitan girls they are not pure and therefore should not wear dresses


there was a girl in high school that was pigeon toed and it caused her other issues because she did sports stuff she wasnt trying to be cute


i like her boots


what does brad have that i dont why cant i have a milky gf


youre cel hes not thats just how it is


you dont have the lms


am i really all the things that are outside of me


listening to some nico


out of all 25+ girls milg is one i wouldnt mind dating


25 yo i mean


you dont know how to do things with a girl




milk cant be that old no


dont get what it means for a modern band to draw inspiration from the velvet underground see that comparison invoked in reviews all the time are they referring to recording techniques composition instrumentation or what


all i know is if i were a musician and emulated the style of a group that existed 60 years ago id consider myself a failure


help i cant stop emulating composers from hundreds of years ago oooooog


music reviews profane the sacred they take the ineffable beauty of sound and try to capture it with words and a rating out of 10 i hate it


theres nothing original left your best bet is to mix and match good bands and copy everything


shes 28


why are the weighted blankies so light there are none full of lead like an xray vest you could get the added benefit of shielding from the cias irradiation experiments while you snooze


velvet underground are the biggest meme the music industry ever pulled


maybe youre just too dumb to understand them



i agree right down to that very banana have to give them credit where its due


remembered my uncles booming voice he was like 6'4 and wore giant shoes whenever he laughed you could feel the vibrations in the air


great men command respect


i dont deserve respect i give it all away to my superiors


File: 1550536793022.jpg (91.59 KB, 266x518, 003.jpg)

ugh boys are the worst


File: 1550536800220.jpg (94.34 KB, 702x1024, cc40cf9c98491283a0dfe40923f84e37-clint-walker-….jpg)

sounds like he was a mans man


does anyone want to open an lgs with me


a what


a local game store


not really he liked electronics he convinced my mom to buy me a computer when i was like 6 though he wasnt a pushover he was a contractor liked driving his truck


lgs bleed money they are awful business choices


but it could be fun


lets open a bakery instead


they make money most from drinks and snacks and break even of cards and games


a neetorium where neets can live in peace with grants from the community as we undergo our neet studies


i cant wake up early what about a night bakery where we bake the bread in the afternoon


milg worked on a bakery for years she will man it during the day and you at night


i want to eat milks bread


i want some of milgs bread too we could munch on it and play splatoon while giggling


why would a doggess like milg waste time with you


why wouldnt she im a nice guy


nice guys finish last


the money and the power the power and the money


hate power why do norms obsess over it


theyre insecure


power is necessary to manipulate your surroundings and defend yourself


anyone want to be my ffxiv gf or bf


die mmoteen


ill start playing when shadowbringers comes out you can wait right




anyone want to be my rs bf




would be interesting to live in a time where japan is amidst a civil war its bound to happen someday


that was the inuyasha days


history repeats


youd die


would be interesting to live in inkopolis


it would be terrible the squid girls would dominate you and make you do whatever they wanted


that would be the life


we must resist female rule




glad the birl queer is gone


i like birls




out of wine already im crying


sigh mom killed the cat while i was sleeping


apartment is shaping up nice hima built a small loft and a reading area


raging at the word loft


sorry to hear about the cat almost forgot to reply to that i was so excited about my apartment





hate bugs


same i fear their intelligence


hehe that scream


getting stinkbugs here its the middle of winter for crying out loud


love stinkbugs they remind me of myself


hoo boy chicken breast broccoli and rice


love these flippers theyre the most baste bug


8th step of this flipping master clue is fighter torso goddamnit raging hard


theyre disgusting & gross


not much of a birl guy but i do enjoy a nice boli


what the hell why how is it the caged cat


what do you mean you dont have a fighter torso


phew nice


of course not why would i have one


barbarian assault is fun


im lonely


it pinches hard only did it once for the diary might as well go all the way now




anyone want to play barbarian assault


give me a bond and i will do any role





i cant im going to bed soon
lets do some barbarian assaults tomorrow but a bit earlier



im gonno say the n word



im flipping PISSED mom went and ate at mcdonalds and didnt bring me anything back


you could do without fast food for a day tubby


better fast food than frozen food


why would you want mcdonalds


dont body shame


try and stop me fatnorm


cook your own food


im twig


File: 1550543261756.jpg (88.91 KB, 750x537, evm__750x537.jpg)

dont get why you wouldnt want mcdonalds havent you had a big mac


rather have noodles


for me its the mcchicken


get some mcribs


File: 1550543739417.jpg (400.28 KB, 700x568, 1522383750426.jpg)


should i fire up anthem


dont know how you fatsos cant feel disgust while eating fast food and soda except dr pepper


File: 1550544033789.jpg (145.93 KB, 1200x675, DyLy-s0V4AAPjYm.jpg)

very grateful for my 10 hour trial


what the hell is anthem


havent had mcdonalds in 15 years every time i go near one i feel like puking


probably been 3 or 4 years for me i dont mind the food but its so overpriced and its easy to make something that tastes better for less money so theres no reason to go


gonno need a big fat cup of coffee hima


mcdonalds is cheap


if you have to ask you arent a true gamer


not for what you get




where is everyone


im here


scared to post after last nights fiasco


holy flip just took a vid of myself with my hair pulled back now im certain my neetcut is my limiting factor


heck ya


going to watch some isis beheadings




what happened last night i dont remember a fiasco


you are one of the fortunate




is this some discord teen thing


cant distinguish last night from 4 hours ago everything is a blur


dont you remember the massive raid




uhh no probably ignored it


proud of not being a true gamer


oog game ooog


dont take gaming away from me its all im good at please


rarely feel the urge to game anymore its a whole lot of busywork after i realized most games consist of 90% tedium and only a limited amount of fun parts


been having tons of fun playing mtg recently


playing more games than ever lately loving splatoon and ffxiv and resident evil


what games are you good at


diablo 2


that is not a game that is a fully fledged artistic experience


oooooooooooog diablo


sigh gonno end it


best game ever made hima crying even thinking about how good it is


never played diablo before can we still be friends


yeah but you have to try it at some point


someone stream it


if you want to be my ffxiv bf or gf you have to play a ladder season


dying for an ice cold glass of water right now


are you sure youre not just looking for a friend normally you wouldnt be ok with having either a bf or gf you have to choose one


ill be your gf please


whats a ladder season


File: 1550547892956.jpg (518.63 KB, 1280x720, zelda-botw-08.jpg)

gonno go play botw


okay you have to play a cute character though thats important in ffxiv


wait you said youd wait for me in shadowbringers you cant betray me that quickly


nice final fantasy harem


i didnt think anyone else was replying


File: 1550548299200.png (457.13 KB, 385x777, unknown.png)


sigh wish i looked like that


your body is good enough be thankful for it


your self worth comes must be cultivated in your interior no the exterior


my interior is falling apart


sigh me too sis


put some clothes on its cold in foundation silly


ok sorry


die pie eating contestants






hima is nothing but discordteens at this point


never used discord before


what happened to isis anyway cant remember the last major headline


File: 1550549230242.mp3 (8 MB, Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku - ニュース 39.mp3)


the opening sounded like mario kart music thanks for sharing its a lively little tune


newsu 3 9


trump defeated isis


they got beaten


anyone want to see a picture of my apartment its in lavender beds




ran out of jenkem


jenkem isnt real




prove it


post the picture


learned how to make bombs with household materials using totse publications


most people on hima werent born when totse existed


i refuse to believe that


i was born in 1994


there was a time when 90s norms were banned on sight those of us born in the 80s occupy the top of himas hierarchy and can destroy you at any time but choose to be merciful never forget that


dumb 80s kid ive been a neet since the 70s


gross no one born in the 80s will be under 30 by the end of this year


cant believe turt is going to be 30 later this year


was turt born in 89


chugged down like 3 glasses of water that was transformative feeling like a million bucks now



born in 89 myself


whens your birthday


89er here


gonno shower


just turned 30 sigh my life is over


whats it feel like


did it ever truly begin


30 isnt even halfway through im guessing my real life starts at 40


near the end of the year still going to be 29 for a few more months


wish i was still young sprightly and full of vigor like nb


30 is halfway through


im not young


i plan to live to at least 90 maybe more if they invent the immortality pill


norms wont allow the cels to take the immortality pill


the big stretch is to make it to 2100


only cels will be allowed to take it otherwise we risk overpopulation


really hope i dont make it to 2100 that would be the worst fate i can imagine


why would that be bad


im gonno live for 10000 years


just imagine how good ray tracing will be fleshed out and well had 4k 240hz monitors and 500 mbs internet speeds its gonno be a blast


sigh what happened to my jawline


looking forward to real vr that plugs right into your brain and gives you all the sensations and everything


wish i had a subordinate to indoctrinate with my beliefs values and preferences


thinking about transitioning


no idea what ray tracing or mbs is


watch and learn its only the next forefront of in game graphics technology


hate gamers


i hope you mean transitioning from proprietary to a freedom respecting os


wish to sperm but dont want to jerk it



did you remember to scrub behind the ears




File: 1550554590662.png (130.08 KB, 699x1100, DeathNote-01-001-11.png)

thought i wouldve been this successful


i could have been like light if i wasnt smart but lazy


why the flip am i seeing the velvet underground being paired with guys like sigmund freud whats so special about these guys


goig to sleep


nothing its a meme


forget that question
i really dont know a lot of musicians and bands


velvet underground are baste


whos julian cope he looks like a freak and why would you have cope as a surname


who cares




im bautta rope


cope is the greatest insult of mankind so far


forgot jiraiya was dead and wondered why he hasnt shown up in boruto sigh


File: 1550556719176.jpg (49.15 KB, 459x700, 2lfu2h2q9fe01.jpg)


rope or cope




i remember that stuff sickening to look at


im sickening to look at


it was baste


nah it wasnt


what ffxiv food should i try making in my slow cooker


alligator salad


it was


never was never will be


hungry gonan eat


eat my ass


damn good day on ffxiv got through a few story dungeons and started working on my squadron to take into dungeons and then the hidden gorge pvp mode is a lot of fun


poor guy


File: 1550561794701.webm (3.83 MB, 853x480, 1550456751390.webm)


mom said no mewing at the dinner table


File: 1550562651005.jpg (140.4 KB, 696x1200, 1550561652356.jpg)


you can make this with normal ketchup and some blue food coloring but the green stuff isnt so simple


what the hell it was discontinued in 2008 just take me back


bed time hima wish me luck


File: 1550563072148.jpg (76.3 KB, 640x640, Dzf3Y1YVsAAIlOA.jpg)

used to fantasize about going to the past


rest well


wish i had a weighted blankie


i still fantasize about it a lot spend a good hour each night fantasizing about different stuff like that





File: 1550566167966.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 526.98 KB, 1024x1024, download.jpeg)


they had their lives stolen from them


i dont get it its just a picture of me


File: 1550568603591.jpeg (653.4 KB, 1024x1024, download (1).jpeg)


every time i daydream about that it ends with me getting executed for being a witch


hate when people underestimate us witches


dreamed the next 3 hima threads were battler threads im not even battler girl


just like if you get a battler banner its a very bad omen for the future you may need to sleep with the lights on


is that a goblin


they call me copernicus


getting gaming neck pain




at work hows it going


wish i was pathetic enough to get a gf



everyones at work sigh





mornin hima gonno shower and mew


im at work mewing


loving this new direction hima is taking all these positive vibes and striving for physical and mental discipline were all going to be jacked scientists with chiseled jawlines and multiple phds in computer engineering and artificial intelligence


we will lead the world into a new era of prosperity and leave the corrupt decaying world constructed by the norms behind and master our own future


i just want to barbarian assault


i just want to leave humanity behind


skip the scape and xiv instead


ill play later


lets do some assaults when i get home from work


hehe cant wait


File: 1550593286497.jpg (4.7 MB, 2500x3536, 47e4fc97ea3b9a0c659553320734d125.jpg)


we of hima will be at the forefront of the push for a world beyond language and imagery this is what i have foreseen in my visions


any chinks here


sigh feeling so blessed to be a member of this wonderful community my emotions are overflowing each one of you is a witty determined kind and reliable person with endless potential


im tard


File: 1550593710468.png (155.59 KB, 540x291, The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺.png)

not anymore


im incel


feeling inspired


was going to not skip then saw how many posts there are and skipped im really sorry havent been doing well for days hima i missed you


its great to have you back


im chink


dont even joke about that ill flipping end you if theres one thing i cant stand its chinks on hima


why havent you been doing well


dont wanna talk about it sigh just been playing mabi and doing nothing else


got a nice neet reek going on


you have to tell us or we cant help you recover


wish i knew how to play mabi


im chink


what do you mean how to play mabi its NOT complicated


nice nexonteens


wikipedia is telling me that mabi is a type of beverage


im mabitard


im not smart enough for mmos other than scape


stop playing korean games


showers free time for a dip


theres nothing else like mabi it gets a free pass


fire up some ffxiv instead and join the hima free company


im not trans sorry


cant wait to do dungeons with the hima fc in shadowbringers


die transphobe


dab on freaks



we could even buy a hima mansion in ffxiv and all get our separate rooms and hang out there while posting on hima


how about a real mansion


you have to work towards something attainable we could become a ffxiv fc with a mansion and friend dungeons and friend pvp groups


love this one


hope metroid prime 4 is an mmo


im chozo


mom said i will never be complete without knowing the embrace of a woman


id hug you in ffxiv before and after dungeons


your mom will never listen to nanahira or toromi shes a dumb bitch


dont say that about mom


going to show mom some of denpas greatest hits to educate her


mom asked me why i was listening to japanese music for children



there is nothing arousing about that video


sorry i just wanted to fit in


i am fully aroused


hope runeheal is doing alright


how can a body move at the speed of light and still find itself in such a rut


he roped because of bfa


File: 1550603262457.jpg (139.34 KB, 1280x720, really_makes_u_think.jpg)



gonno snooze


pmako loved this anime


File: 1550603853014.jpg (134.58 KB, 1158x1502, __shidare_hotaru_dagashi_kashi_drawn_by_kotoya….jpg)

can never get enough of hotaruns big boobies


the sleeper has awakened


arent they too big its scary


File: 1550604367581.jpeg (164.06 KB, 683x1024, mz1296_1024x1024.jpeg)


you shouldnt be intimidated by breasts unless you are a girl


nice honkers


hate big boobs


milk truk just arrive


whats to hate


hate feeling ugly and inadequate whenever im near some stupid boob monster


but theyre powerful what if you mess up near them


forget it all and play ffxiv with me then you never have to feel inadequate


always imagine how much theyll sag when shes older


everything sags when youre older


ya but if theyre smaller theyll sag less


mom said i rejected the nipple


dislike boobs


File: 1550605200538.png (1.48 MB, 1950x1400, 1550600337814.png)


dont think my pc can run that




love a nice flat chested child




the ped meme ended when pnig got arrested


hate peds


peds are baste


wish i was the only ped in the world


whys that


think ill jerk it to some kids right about now


dreamed that i was a chad


dreamed i got flipped in the ass it sucked




why do cools love getting their bhole flipped if it feels bad


it was an inconvenience just sitting there doing nothing but being buggered


whens himas tournament arc


no male wants to be flipped theyre just taking one for the team i think


going to delete all my vidya


nintendo sent me a valentines day email with toadette on it


did the ffxiv valentines instance yesterday the random and i were kinda compatible


dont talk about valentines


dont even notice events like valentines anymore neets have no sense of time dont know what day is it today either


it was the last day of the event and i stumbled on it while heading to the achievement guy in gridania lots of fun though loving ffxiv lately


never learned to tell time


days of the week have lost meaning ive seen through the construct of mondays and fridays



we neets got out the matrix


saturday is my favorite day of the week because it still evokes the feeling of carefree leisure from my schoolboy days


going to indulge in one last title before i dispose of my entire collection which game should it be hima


prefer mondays i feed off of the sadness that radiates worknorms when they realize they have to clock in for the next 5 days


downloaded tinder again got 8 matches today hehe


you are nothing but a callous insensitive parasite think about the sacrifices theyve made for neetkind


File: 1550608767889.jpeg (519.3 KB, 1100x1600, 00.jpeg)



die chadblog


her head feet and lower legs are poorly drawn



ya so what


going to have to you ask to save and upload images of higher quality in the future



set my chair back reclining now bros


bundle up with a weighted blankie now too


nice relaxer gets


mindblowing that were almost at a million posts


didnt know neetblog was so arrogant


File: 1550612605860.mp3 (1.53 MB, Duvet.mp3)


lets max comfort the cape is p good


we should all get the same tattoo




can it be a bhole tattoo that way we can only know whos a himamate if we bugger one


what perks does it give


that will never happen


wonder what a hima group pic would look like


cute cat girls in ffxiv



dont you mean scape


File: 1550614145513.jpg (344.71 KB, 500x500, Cover.jpg)


feel bad for the guy that plays a girl when he realizes that no one else is doing it and suddenly he looks honorless


thats me


whats honourless about that


itd be only acceptable to play a girl in a situation where everyone else are also girls and you cant be emasculated
but when youre the only one and everyone around you is a man suddenly you look like a flipslave


File: 1550614288483.jpg (74.07 KB, 660x440, 2f7417d411d17d5c4b51e3f93b90d820.jpg)

we must discover a cure to the disease known as ageing


what about when youre the only guy and everyone else is playing a girl


nothing emasculating about playing a strong girl character what about when a girl plays a boy character


thatd never happen everyone would tell eachother to play girls but secretly be playing the only male so he could have a harem but wouldnt realize everyones doing it



dont know the difference between a tomboy and a reverse trap


File: 1550614484387.jpg (358.98 KB, 1600x1200, hima meet.jpg)


my hair is almost as long as the bottom right guys


you can tell that the tomboy is a girl


havin a coffee hima


final box of computer stuff came and they sent a bag of caramel m&ms with it


going to shave my head like kirsty hawkshaw


gonno grow a beard to hide my non existant jaw


File: 1550615059761.jpg (179.5 KB, 1450x2048, jump.jpg)


hehe so cute




File: 1550615479987.jpg (166.01 KB, 1024x785, pic.jpg)

do girls really draw smut


they draw gross shit with ugly nipples and focusing on the bones and cum its no wonder they dont sell well


are you sure its not just the fact that the pic on the right is completely fake her hair eyebrows eyelashes complexion everything is makeup


im ready for season 3


File: 1550616016185.png (11.93 KB, 822x73, Capture.PNG)

nice sekimin



seki and his teenbros sticking to discord should be celebrated


girls are way depraved


just realized i left the door open for that jo sesh


your job application is intriguing but do you mind telling us what you do in your free time

oh i just spend hours looking at what people post on a certain discord server

mhm lovely well its been great talking to you


File: 1550616452426.jpg (169.64 KB, 884x1024, cute.jpg)





if i went back in time i wonder if mine would be big enough for him


i already have a job and its not shelf stacking


wish tranny freaks didnt exist


i dont mind them since they dont bother me
no one bothers me


wish no one bothered me


kitty is sniffing my chair


File: 1550617151692.jpg (707.69 KB, 1920x1080, __shima_rin_yurucamp_drawn_by_gc3__f77e19f8ddd….jpg)


shes acceidently showing her butt hehe


shes asking for it


uh why is the water brown


its contaminated


its river water


shes not shes bathing peacefully stop being a violent animal


shes clearly pooping thats why the water is like that and her butt is stucking out


girls dont poop


gonno rage my dream


just woke up hi


the setting sun is burning


black hole sun wont you come


need to read the setting sun no longer human was good


thinking about buying a prostate massager on ebay wonder if mom will know what it is


dont get a prostate massager thats cool as hell


dont put things in your anus its dishonorable


its 2019 its totally fine to put a vibrator in your bum and jack it


wtf hima
fondling my butt is my will and you question it


i dont trust myself to put things in my butt what if something goes wrong and you have to explain to mom then the doc


no dont if you cummed from your ass then i would cry about your fate


use something organic so if it ends up getting stuck there you can just leave it there to decompose naturally




the first few times i prostimmed i had an overwhelming urge to poo but i later recognized that unfamiliar feeling as pleasure
i dont find anything about men attractive i find the male body revolting but i cant deny the pleasure




watashi will staying here until presidentu left company is best family
if leaving earlier than him no honor
watashi cannot leaving until boss is leftu


but youre assuming the position of a girl dont you feel weak when you do it


die queers


dont be homophobic


gonno do some barb assaults


good luck


can i join




can you give me a bond






hate seeing kids being nostalgic about minecraft


minecraft is baste


give me a bond too




never understood the appeal of minecraft now ive never played it but ive seen vids and from what i surmise theres no gameplay how can anyone like it


think i wouldve liked it if i was a shota when it came out


where do i go to collect my bond


never had the kind of creative impulses necessary to enjoy things like lego and minecraft


just give me something to shoot pew pew


nothing like slashing at a bosses ankles for 15 minutes for a random chance to get a +1 sword with 0.26% more damage shame minecraft doesnt aspire to have such great gameplay


File: 1550620653259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.08 KB, 912x1024, washroom.jpg)

need to pee hima


we need a new admin


prefer seki who does nothing over one of you power hungry freaks hes the least worst option by far


i will be a fair and magnanimous ruler


id take dozens of pot smoking aloof onsekis before one megalomaniac nig


how about a cute nervous neet girl with glasses


why glasses


girls are evil and maddened by power


thats the image i have of her


a leader must be firm and resolute what you described is unfit for authority


thats what a tyrant would say


loved nlh


mindblowing that pnig was getting off to roleplaying as a shy young neetgirl with glasses for years


i vote neetb


its like cookie clicker but with movement and building and the electrical part of redstone has a lot of depth you can use it to make logic gates and build all kinds of automated systems and stuff its fun


how about a shy young neetboy with braces


how about an ugly neet woman with braces and glasses


litcherally me


no uglys


no such thing as an ugly female only young and old


dont be ridiculous


im ugly




so hows your new pc turt are you enjoying it


i havent put it together yet ive been too busy working everything out to pick up the evo


didnt know turt was a gamer


turt went mlg with halo back in the day


what evo are you getting a 970 evo m.2 nvme


File: 1550622293077.jpg (475.62 KB, 2000x1330, dsc_9779_5356714ee70ca8510f999236ce7c0704c5e9d….jpg)

an evo 8 rs


wheres the spoiler


rs versions didnt come with wings because they expected you to put your own on


hope youre not getting a red one


arent you too old for an evo


its time to quarantine the carnorms to their own board


so long as you remain cel you dont have to worry about age limits on things


sigh missed out on playing wc3 with ross


i respect offroad guys like varg but i just cant do it i prefer the asphalt


evos can do both


im talking about all terain offroading like when the roads were closed in france and you have to plow through the country swamps


is that guy ever going to post his apartment


you mean his mansion


got a sudo banner what the hell


sniffing my armpits


ass clapin dick suckin


gotta say this was a pretty pasted fight


File: 1550624469829.mp3 (4.78 MB, 17 Parasitic Evil (Jokatgulm Battle).mp3)


stream dmc2


it pinches


nothin pinches when youre with your himamates


want to buy some stuff but cant find my beanie to cover my disveheled fuuka toyokawa neetcut


dmc3 is my favorite but ive never been much of a fan of doing 5 minutes long 93 hit combos to kill one regular mob


pic that neetcut


nanka hazukashii


i have the frasier cut


ill post photos of it later


the frasier or the fraser


frasier crane


File: 1550626891544.png (485.4 KB, 1000x1417, 1550626133518.png)

usual reaction i get from workfoids



just be nt turt


File: 1550627190264.ogg (61.91 KB, frasier.ogg)




simply play on easy mode


cant wait to raid with the hima fc


whats fc


weird how every guide says goldfish and tetras dont get along but i have no trouble with them together
conflicted about goldfish on one hand they arent fussy and will live in any conditions and eat anything and their brains are too small to get stressed out but on the other theyre boring and shit a lot





it means free company


nice diffuser


nice carnorm


ultimato lazah


he needs all that downforce and aero because he crammed a 500 pound j series motor in the front of a 950kg aluminum economy car
probably running like 16kg front springs


me vroom me zoom


what the flip nobody told me adam lanza died


baste nb


dont think the guy said anything about what he did to make it all wheel drive probably an mdx transmission and rear diff


in english carnorm


its fwd


cant believe im the only one on hima without a license


i dont have a license


drove a few times and then never again it was too scary


it gets less scary the more you do it


i dont have a license


neither do i
i wanted a license in school but mom made me ride the bus so im getting back at her by never getting one
hopefully shell learn her mistake


leave mom alone


should i snack


snack on deez


whats deez


deez nuts


goldfish arent meant to be kept in small tanks with other fish


File: 1550631538868.jpg (94.38 KB, 634x653, 4CC603A400000578-5793397-image-m-21_1527809871….jpg)

goldfish need a lot of space and they can grow a lot they only dont because people put them in small aquariums


that goldfish is a freak


hes a chad


fish are pretty but they dont even recognise you and you cant talk to them or pet them i dont think they make good pets


you can play god with them


some fish do like pufferfish theyre intelligent and can recognize people and some let people pat them and even like it


talking to your pet makes you look like a dumb asshole




i talk to my dogs every day but i only talk to real people once a week


they dont speak english


they understand a few words


i just bought those nine goldfish as test dummies for my 20 gallon tank and none of them have died in fact theyre all thriving and getting bigger slowly
they dont fit into my ideal tank in any way but now that theyre here i cant just flush them or put a betta in with them and let them die im stuck with them forever


fry em up and eat em


theyre the size of swedish fish candy


hungry time to eat


should i do some pvp or try running dungeons with my squadron


hell yeah kemono friends time


going to snooze


hmm kaban played almost no part in this episode and that was probably her only appearance in the season
nice new ed though