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flip ross


anyone else cry while peeing


sigh just read that its a rare condition i thought everyone cried while peeing


one anime freak double the freak


love these heavy breasts


File: 1550933934779-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.35 KB, 1098x1653, 02.jpg)


not those


no more mr nice guy im gonno become a bad boy from here on out


hi hima woke up some time ago slumbered hard
havin a tuna salad with mom rn


they call me the dark triadtron


dont be picky


flip you


starving mom has been in the kitchen for 3 hours




i require nutrients


havent seen that pic in a decade


what pic


shindol looks like a nice mate


7-Eleven's Pork Noodle is so Tasty, That's Why I Tried A Huge Amount!


think its safe to get breakfast now wish me luck


get in here mates


good luck


woke up and my heads pounding hima drank too much and played games too late


nice drunkard gamer


gonno start mooing at titcow foids i see


you will be arrested for incelling in public


File: 1550943715127.jpg (4.89 MB, 4160x3120, 20190223_123705.jpg)

officially a gamer bros


its upside down


nice rig


fire up some ffxiv


should i make my character a cat


were you trying to game or jerk it


File: 1550946773713.mp4 (11.26 MB, VSR3u4Fn3Wj0aeD1.mp4)


weird noises


its the norms


i can only make stiff animations with bad shading in mmd


fox 3


im actually tearing a little bit rn on the can but a lot of things make me do that like yawning


how would you know whats weird or not


i cry easily


i cry every time i hear the ffxiv stormblood theme and the ending of the initial main story made me burst into tears


caught my reflection in the monitor again


File: 1550949297619.jpg (18.16 KB, 500x375, lrg_1180_1259119817.jpg)


what is this but my reflection
who am i to judge or strike you down


not their best song its but a good one


nice gamertron what case is that


some $40 one on newegg
i dont recommend it i had to modify some things and there is very little room in the backside


get those leds outta there


but my teenbro friends wont think im cool if i dont have leds in my case


sigh i told you to get a corsair 270r for $60 but you didnt listen


i didnt listen because it looks boring i like having leds because i can see at night if i have to get up



you absolute fool turn those leds off right now


hell yeah


oooog me gamer ooooooog


did you get a 1800 hehe


i use a cougar mx330-g case


considering getting a case like that one with the front mesh for airflow


cant believe hima tricked me into buying amd


amd is superior


should i watch youjo senki over


nah that show sucked


wish i had a dog like pg but they need to be walked and im not going outside


File: 1550955759430.jpg (189.02 KB, 1443x2048, sigh.jpg)


simply walk the dog in the middle of the night


kidneys hurt so im hiding at work might take a nap


gonno become feral


had a dream i went fishing at the lake


gonno go to taco bell anyone want anything


2 crunchwrap supremes


i will leak all of nasas secrets here once i get a job there


leak my anus


pnig used to nightwalk look how far that got him


now we know what he was really up to nightwalking


woke up hey hima hows it hangin time for some coffee gonno watch the mtg tournament


norm the gathering


heck ya wish i had a coffee


told my mom i respect her


think ill do the same thatll make her day


made some chicken salad sandwiches


was listening to mosaic.wav in the car today and thought of pnig
sort of a mix of pity and relief
he cant listen to it because of his own hubris he probably desperately wants to and im in my car jamming out


why cant he listen to it


wish i had a respectable mom


he might get one last time listening it during his final meal before they inflict the death penalty


wonder what the agent tasked with going through his computer thought when he found those recordings of children he made from his window


he knew he had to put that sick fucker behind bars or in the ground


and then he thought to himself justice for warosu



all rise court is now in session the honorable judge neetblog presiding


chinese people




im at that point where every time i see someones face i look at their nose to see if theyre semitic


i look for the ped stare


dont look for peds


signed up at a credit union


i need to find my brothers amongst the norms


im watching 60minutes australia about some housing crisis and all three guys have curved beaks


is curved beak norman for nose


feasting on some bread sandwiches


hope the freak can survive the housing crisis

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