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Hello friends, I'm new friend, what's this board about?


we blog


Anonymously? That's confusing


not if youre smart idiot


im tard


File: 1549979943277.webm (2.45 MB, 800x800, 1549945613007.webm)





black backed jackals


does the fact that i feel strong paternal urges make me an inferior male


left behind again


no those are alpha waves


got left behind


is that like something the jews use to pacify us


File: 1551603209538.webm (769.04 KB, 1280x720, alpha wave.webm)


im chimp


nose is getting a lot of yellow bumps on it dont know whats happening but i hate it


fishing in aleport hima


youve got cancer


dont say that im too young to die




i see the end of the road coming closer bros year of the gf may not come soon enough


not much longer for me either if you go on ahead I'll be right begind you


dont do it mates


maybe something good will happen someday but i doubt it


nothing good has happened to this point so why would it happen in the future


it might happen just because you think that


File: 1551609912362.jpg (34.74 KB, 558x558, 1551579786539.jpg)


File: 1551612205520.jpg (91.2 KB, 600x955, x4shsl1oxuj21.jpg)


ugh my wife says that all the time too


hi hima hope it rains today that would be nice


File: 1551623151737.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.49 KB, 1200x1600, phew.jpg)

woke up



hey hima woke up showered had some coffee hows it going


arent you forgetting your morning wank


i started jacking to sexy ladies in the shower but held off


File: 1551631672071.jpg (264.67 KB, 873x1172, mogged.jpg)


id rather flip the catgirl


your test is low


ya so


you cant flip girls that are taller than you


you can


but im taller than both




just woke up hima hows it going


hate this guy but that was useful info


the ritual must be completed before the end of the year


the ritual were we get jobs and gfs right


the ritual to return to 2006 should allow gfs


bone for hibiki


would it allow lgfs


gonno make sushi all day


i could have had a pick of any number of gfs in 2006 now im not even allowed to look at them
im pretty sure all those gfs have been pregnant at least once by now


whats to hate


once you turn 30 the ritual has no effect and youre stuck


at some point before we begin the ritual someone needs to master edo tensei


File: 1551642209939.jpg (345.98 KB, 1572x2048, hehe.jpg)


fishing up a storm here hima been taking it easy in quarrymill


fish some leaping salmon for agility exp



why do you always post stuff like that when you wake up


why not


it makes you look like am extremely sexual being when the first thing you share waking up is a naked girl


its natural


hes a hornymate


you have to jo your morning bone off


File: 1551645248571.png (654.34 KB, 823x1020, plump.png)


File: 1551646408372.png (108.94 KB, 431x431, 462Magnezone.png)

magnezone is so flipping badass but i wish he only had the eye in the middle


simply photoshop it to your liking


etrian odessey five is nice the menus are beautiful and fast the only problem is the english dub


love etrian odyssey games and love le millenom girl


never played eo is it good


the soundtrack is really good for some reason two there was a track that reminded me of this gem


ya great music cute characters and an unmatched sense of exploration


hate western vns


katawa shoujo was fun when it was a chan secret then the norms found it


only beat the first one a few years ago ive been postponing playing the rest since then but this song was a memorable one


just woke up hey bros hows it hangin about to have some coffee and fire up ffxiv its nacho day feelin pretty good but ive got a headache need some hair of the dog that bit me soon


stop saying that


File: 1551648488377.jpg (21.9 KB, 467x477, gimpling.jpg)



its silly


stop saying what


wish i knew how to make nachos that would compliment my fishin well


i use the electric shaver to thin it out then a disposable razor just downwards and then finish off with the fusion against the grain


got a big ynaj the end is near


fire up the rope


"[Tigers] were known to the Roman world, but very exotic, and knowledge about them was not very deep. Aelian, in his treatise on the characteristics of animals, mentions that the second generation of a Tigers offspring will be dogs"

why was ancient zoology so funny


lack of scientific method


he was right


do you mean like he was speaking metaphorically because tigers and dogs are different species


was it full of spite and hate


i thought thats how it worked


mind boggling it took thousands of years for humans to disprove spontaneous generation


wish i had a nacho


remember that one guy that had his mom force him to get a job at the steel mill and he never posted again


that was me the millblog


mom still thinks flies can materialize ex nihilo from spoiled meat


how else do they get there



really need nachos gonno tell mom to get me some


maggots are pretty fascinating




File: 1551650057259.jpg (100.67 KB, 1049x562, OSC_Microbio_03_01_Rediexpt.jpg)

educate yourself my unemployed friend


i dont get it


look at the pictures


gonno sterilize this entire shite world


it doesnt mean anything


you only see what you already believe


god made me tard to punish mom why do i have to suffer for her sin



they need to start making youtube poops of vargs monologues


no they dont


cant believe varg ended up becoming some weird mountain man pagan youtuber this really is a weird time line


same hehe i remember checking his website a long time ago thinking i was cool and underground for knowing who he was


yes they do because hes already a complete flipping joke and regarded by intelligent people about as seriously as a youtube poop


his books are good in a very imaginative way you have to appreciate his perspectives


does anyone else just love the sound of vargs videos i dont care that much about what he says but i love listening to him talk and the music he plays and when he sings in his uaz


couldnt tell you ive never watched one


File: 1551651336121-0.webm (5.26 MB, 1920x1080, letsfindout.webm)

File: 1551651336121-1.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, gtfo.webm)

used to find his videos relaxing until he started doing this shite


varg is baste but flapper


hes not dumb he just says whatever he thinks without doing research into whether its true or not


hate when i get too excited chair tarddancing and i hurt my arm flip i feel dumb


made some pasketti


im flapper but thats it


most of them are bad but this one is kind of funny


this is my favorite varg vid hehe


burst out laughing at the mongrel part




making some good progress fishing here hima


where are you fishing


just left a pond near quarrymill heading to costa del sol now


paste abathur


gih combat bros


time to cook up the topping that goes on the nacho


flip you haysuz


what are you throwing on those nacho nachos


gonno join the jsdf


gonno join the jidf


you mean cidf


phew dropped some superhots in there this is gonno be a cap cramper speaking of which my superhot bushes are doing really well this year theres gonno be way more chillis than last year


dont know what youre talking about


die spicenorm


super hot chilli peppers


bh nospice


i need a new lamp got any recommendations


should i go to the close by place with selection or the further away grocery store for nacho supplies


get some nacho supplies lets cho together


get a candle


thats not happening


get a philips hue color lamp


wish i lived in a kangaroo farm and could grow superhots aloe and peppermint with mom


get a nice carnival glass lamp


its not that great


get the amazons choice lamp



ya make your own i just got done cutting out the base for mine


yokos singing sounds very primal and from the heart i wonder if she has japanese wisdom that im unaware of



the only wisdom a jap is privy to is how to provoke a superior military force into annihilating your own country


baste pewdiepie norm
baste turt throwing out anti jap pills


felix posts here


ya and onseki banned him


wine time


felix is a name you would use for your pet cat not for your son


cats belong in africa


if youre swedish its ok


cats are european too


not all cats


die normseki


what about polecats theyre native to europe


hate /pol/tards


we were supposed to go be in japan remember but then the stuff with pnig happened



gonno need a big hug over here or im gonno lose it


a hug cant be from just anyone you know it has to be from somebody love and trust


nah shes just an art school roast that happened to get flipped by a beatle and she piggybacked on that fame to this day


im sorry but there are just no girls on hima to help you


i love and trust my himabros


theres at least 2 girls on hima


why does it need to be a girl a man is just as capable of giving me a tender hug


he didnt even want to go remember


you shouldnt trust people from the internet there are some bad scary people here and i dont want you to get hurt so stop soliciting hugs


hugging is a sexual action its meant to be between a man and a girl that want to flip only


pnig didnt wall the hima bums and virgs to cramp his style


flip thats a major typo i meant want


what are the implications of sis hugging me


she craves your touch on a primal level


you better stop forcing hugs on her or you might be arrested


nacho time


dont understand the point of nachos why not just have the toppings separately instead of introducing a bunch of empty carbs in the form of all that processed corn


downloaded 16gb of ram


low iq people enjoy eating with their hands thats why


you need at least 64 with 128 being the most effective at the consumer level


linus said ddr5 is coming in 2021


hate when neetblog uses his chibi form to crack one liners


what type of food do those with high iq enjoy


it tastes better that way


taste shouldnt enter into the equation all that matters is deriving as much energy and nutrients from your food as possible


ones that require chopsticks


what if i eat my nacho with chopsticks


what would you do with all that


if you want true wisdom then observe and copy a fats daily life


you xivmates play with a controller too right


playing with mouse and keyboard wouldnt have it any other way




i dont even have a controller


what are you waiting for


he wanted to go to hokkaido in the summer but i convinced him that mainland during spring is nice too remember



he didnt want to go with anyone from here because he thinks hes better than us


pnig was incredibly neet he simply couldnt look any of us in the eye let alone travel with us he peed in bottles for flips sake


never been to japan never plan to


zen4 wont be on am4 because of ddr5 i think its coming in 2020 not 2021


making nachos now hima had a good walk on the way to to the store


hope we get new sockets ddr5 and pci express 5.0 all at the same time so we can all make fresh builds


cant afford to build another pc and probably wont be able to for years if this one dies im flipped


its your fault for spending your allowance on alcohol save up and be responsible


dont see the point of playing ffxiv if im pretty sure ill never buy any expansions or pay for membership


ran this through a translation software and i got about half of the terms on my own my technormese is improving


its a great game thats why you should play


gonno start my own tribe anyone want to join


whats the perks


i dont play mmos sorry


got to level 12 it was nice but whats the point really


whats the point in doing anything


what matters is what level you are in the game of life


that means your age right hehe you get more powerful after every year


when i fired up ffxiv this morning i knew that my real life had just begun


you will be shunned by the entire civilized world but you will be completely free


what year do i officially turn into a man from a boy i think its 35


theres more requirements than age sorry


you mean like having lots of body hair


you were an official man[baby] at 18


sick of being a man how do i become a manbaby instead


be a neet gamer


some people never age beyond their teens


alcohol is nice you should try it


File: 1551658479217.jpg (47.37 KB, 852x480, 1541541847400.jpg)


there is no need to fear age for the ritual is nearly complete and with it our triumphant return to 2006 is nigh


what happens if i wasnt born then


did internet exist in 2006


need to blindfold a sexy lady and give her some syrup


alcohol tastes like crap it hurts my throat i much prefer coke or sweet tea


i prefer breast milk


added whipped cream to my coffee hehe


alcohol tastes great


dont like alcohol either at least ill age gracefully from my abstenance


another day finished another adventure completed its time for me to rest


meant abstinence


nothing beats a nice cold beer


been noticing a lot of typographical errors on hima lately sigh is everyone going senile


no i arent


i dont know but it feels like i get dumber and dumber every year


we have the complete the ritual before years end theres no turning back after that point


same need some iodine cause these mushrooms aint cuttin it


the himaman is aging


i used to autocorrect my typos but i lost the effort to is all i didnt think anyone would care


i care


uninstalled the autocorrect addon bloat that came with firefox esr i have to be much more vigilant than your average red squiggly norm


we must obtain more sacrifices


i type things wrong on purpose




thats unacceptable the quality of posts is extremely important to this community


bite my ass


got ridiculed for looking like i was undergeared and everyone left the dungeon sigh


fuck my ass


did you cry




get a sexy glamour and it wont happen


cant believe norms make fun of me everywhere i go


need to infuse the blood of children into my veins


i glamoured the lv45 dragoon outfit


keep getting creepy whispers whenever i idle in town because of my sexy glamour


you werent supposed to play a girl it brings dishonor to us


spilled wine all over me keyboard damnit


why wouldnt you play a girl


just realized xiv has jiggle physics


getting horny looking at my characters hot ass all day i cant focus on the game




we must project strength and domination over others if chose a girl then you project weakness


what if im weak and want to be protected


wish i could play a guy but i cant self insert


even if thats true you need to deny it for your self esteem


if you play a man your queer end of story


love playing a man and staring at man ass



nice tomoko norms


need to visit lon lon ranch to refill my supply of moo moo milk


hated that stupid feel guy face ever since he was spammed in 2011 or whenever


same the norms love it though


File: 1551660648390.png (128.51 KB, 724x611, 1444241577230.png)


wish i was dumb enough to find feels and frogs funny


because joing and sexy ladies are high iq


time for a nap


always play as a guy so i can self insert


downloaded metroid samus returns
bravely default is downloading now


nintendo flipped itself by allowing you to copy games you buy in physical cartridges to the sd card


wish i was smart enough for video games


download scribblenauts instead



gonno boot up the chicago dogs


you know rage your dream is my meme right


accidentally downloaded tales of abyss instead of bravely default oh wel


you chose well


stuck on the engrampa please wait message sigh hate encrypted files


i hereby declare that im stealing it


File: 1551664109309.png (276.77 KB, 842x567, 024.png)

nice pasta and burg captors



feel like making sushi but dont know what


almost time for twd


remember when pnig was handing out bans for discussion of ベター・コール・ソウル


i need a comfort grip for my 3ds but its too old they dont even make them for the old 3dsxl


nintendo is probably going to delete the 3ds soon now that the switch exists really sucks


bath time


simply emulate 3ds games


going to open a portal to the pokeworld


which one are you going to flip




hate sinful emulatornorms


nothing sinful


use your framemeister instead


bored as HELL feel like screaming


cry instead


you mena your crt


anyone else going to evo for unist


yeah i am going to be the next diego


File: 1551668110282.gif (297.54 KB, 500x281, JblN0W5.gif)




dead hours dead board


im bored


anyone else have a unibrow


no i trim it off


woke up from my nap feeling much better now its wine time


love hidamari sketch


me too


had a shitemare


dont drink right after waking up you drunkard


why not


youll get fat


already am


im not even that fat


replace the wine with some nice hot green tea


why would i ever do that


its cheaper and healthier


yeah but it doesnt make you drunk


have some nice rice wine


the freak has been released


mom bought calzones


nerver ate a calzone they look great


had mine with sausage nice and greasy


going to construct the hima windjammer


never windjammered before


File: 1551679501056.jpg (4.34 MB, 4160x3120, 20190304_010211.jpg)

throatpuncher sent the payout
you neets cant do this


are you buying that car


baste pnig steaming the neets


gonno jo


grabbing some nachos heck ya


might make some myself in a few minutes


should i watch dallas


what is that


a tv show


no then




gonno jo


File: 1551682013530.gif (1.33 MB, 414x232, 1551681150575.gif)



spent the entire day fishing hima damn good day


didnt game for even a second today spent the whole day watching random videos on youtube


i gamed and watched videos at the same time


File: 1551682477860.jpg (6.32 KB, 304x20, seki.jpg)


whats a fu kitty


the hell is a fu kitty


he means futa


whats a fu kitty


gonno hold hands with and then kiss a girl this year




maybe but ill try


good luck my only shot at this is the 2006 ritual


File: 1551683035730-0.jpg (392.93 KB, 1505x1056, Desksetup.jpg)

File: 1551683035730-1.jpg (407.25 KB, 1600x1200, WP_20160217_07_11_57_Pro.jpg)

all ready for a ffxiv sesh


muri da yo...


tardlaughed pretty hard at those pictures thats why i posted it


get some nachos and a nice glass of dr p


gonno make nachos too but im drinking wine


this is seriously creepy




how come i dont get flirtatious whispers on my lizard girl


even in ffxiv they know were cels


you need a really sexy glamour


die norm


please play as a man


its too late sorry


should i play the next poe expac


fire up some d2 instead


ill meet you in the middle and play some path of diablo


File: 1551686628669.jpg (78.96 KB, 410x426, 1539407955372.jpg)


heck ya


dont staple her


heading to bed hima long day fishing cant wait to spend tomorrow fishin as well


have a good snooze mate


the babadook is keeping me up


what if you pronounced pedonigger like pedometer


cant help but rage whenever i hear english speaking scum trying to make cute anime voices


need sweet tea flip


hope pnig had a nice bday regardless of everything
going to snooze now


gamed hard and skipped 2 whole threads should i go back and read them


he probably didnt



File: 1551691355397.jpg (95.21 KB, 856x584, 1551685327539.jpg)

there is a girl out there smitten with you


raged hard at the ff14 posts nevermind im NOT reading all that shite


whats to rage about


chances are pretty good since im basically sasuke irl


sick of girls going for the bad boys when do the nice guys like me get our chance


simply become a bad boy


he is probably homeless


File: 1551700091537.png (975.43 KB, 1280x720, [Over-Time] Star☆Twinkle Precure - 05 [62FEF47….png)


hehe theyre cute


oh god the heat is broken its 40 degrees outside and the heater man is coming in 1 hour


just generate your own heat


just cuddle with your gf


shes at work


heater man is here



usb4 is coming hima and were getting thunderbolt on amd boards this is amazing


who cares technorm


mindbending that theres six billion types of shitty usb connectors


woke up


heater man said hes going to the store to get a part and will be back in 30 minutes and that should fix it


File: 1551713041798.jpg (Spoiler Image, 315.23 KB, 1032x1457, glob.jpg)

how do i get my sperms to look like this


should have fixed it yourself now hes going to steal your money


dad said he was going to the store and would be back in 30 minutes but im still waiting


hes stealing the landlords money not mine


Soya Lecithin Granules
Zinc w/ selenium
and celery


why celery


internet says it increase sperm volume



will this kill me like the peanut butter cookie recipe


what peanut butter cookie recipe those are just normal supplements unless you do something dumb like take a toxic amount of them


moms making a hash brown casserole


File: 1551716786759.jpg (794.94 KB, 2037x2646, cookie.jpg)


please dont post things from 2006



hate furry freaks


nothing furry about kitty ass


File: 1551717890146.jpg (39.81 KB, 1366x768, MV5BNmU5MGU5YzktOGVkZC00NjFkLWFiOTgtZjVlNmE0Zj….jpg)


just woke up grab your fishing rods hima its angling time


hate crafters


might post my haul at the end of the day


havina coffee hima hows it going


need a coffee myself its cold out here in coerthas


ff is nice but im not willing to pay $100 plus subscription for it


its $20 on steam and the starter pack is free with a code and comes with 45 days of subscription free


first of all i dont have prime because i do not support bezos
second im using the standalone not the steam ver because i do not support the chinks
third none of that matters the regular game gates the first expansion which gates the second that gates the third and like with every mmo the only currently relevant content is in the last expansion


Intel has already announced that it is baking in support for the Thunderbolt 3 specification directly into its forthcoming 10nm Ice Lake processors



we need more ck raids


youre missing out




cant wait to join the hima mansion fc


never would i imagine digibro ranting about varg


hate this norm his voice makes my ears hurt


wheres the rant he barely said anything


File: 1551724872483.png (Spoiler Image, 192.03 KB, 805x883, phew.png)






turt post


9 degrees out it was almost 0 at night throat hurts now because the cold air seeps into my room


throw on a weighted blankie and bundle up


whats for lunch


File: 1551726868523.jpg (425.79 KB, 1195x879, 1391326943708.jpg)


mom doesnt buy fruit


you dont eat sushi with chop sticks dumb foid


you can


the fish suspect something amiss hima time to move to a new spot


okay got my new spot fishing into this ice river off a cliff this will do fine


kitty is mewoing


im dunkelheit


get the cage


put that kitty down


im chink


im tard



im cel


File: 1551734399786.png (1.73 MB, 1500x1658, 1551731671934.png)

die chink


ate some black currant and my throat is a lot better its truly a great oral care berry


would be nice if a plane crashed through my window right about now


had a couple of meat sandwiches and a pbj with mom now im havin a coffee


woke up hi gonno have some coffee feeling nice


tired of you flipping coffeenorms


need a coffee bad guess ill take a break from fishing to make one


nothing norm you should try it once


give your life some meaning


ok how


fire up ffxiv


it tastes like liquid dirt


maybe if you are a child


ya im manchild so what


you arent making it correctly


cup o joe


start crafting some stuff


yeah nothing to give your life meaning like levelling up your disciple of the hand classes


stop crafting start killing monsters


its a lot of fun been fishing all day


should i fire it up






for the last six months it felt like there were no good games to play but now im so happy hima having so much fun playing mtga and ffxiv



play dragoon instead


glad youre having fun i was in the same place but now ive got ffxiv and its a blast


nice rain today hima



sigh cosmo


just reported someone on xiv and a gm pmed me


what happened did they emote you



some catboy accidentally said lets snap her outloud in quarrymill hehe




love sitting in uldah and just laughing hard reading the rp


baste wk


File: 1551742311915.png (53.66 KB, 495x68, gm.png)


hate the sick flips in the rp chat on every mmo


fuck you snitch


the law must be upheld


nothing more norm than following laws


die rulebreaker


just catch comboed over 200 chanseys i got like 12 pokemon to level 100
its a bit too easy in this game i hope they cant be transferred to the pokebank but there would be an uproar if they couldnt


i make my own rules dweeb


now say it again in english pokenorm



her name is narcissa




why do gms always have those lame fantasy names i wanna get contacted by gm neetblog or something just once


wish i was a tranny or schizo or something fun like that


maybe you need some adventure in your life


adventure across eorzea


File: 1551744874047.jpg (50.16 KB, 650x350, 1551744206254.jpg)


being a fat does not seem fun defiantly dont want that


im getting the fat years out of my system now when i turn 30 ill become a twig


youve already ruined your metabolism youre permafat now


dont say that im not in my real life yet these years are expendable


mindblowing how in my past life i was a powerful and wealthy noble and now in this life im a low status nothing incel


hope i can get to the little ladies festival before the event ends is uldah a high level zone


no its one of the starting cities


the quest is level 15 i think


fishing up a storm still hima


do you organically travel to the other cities through your quests or do you have to seek them out


the main one takes you there


just do the main story quests they take you all around eorzea


always get a rush when i attune to an aetheryte have to wait till shadowbringers to experience that again


nacho time




paste von warheart


need nachos too if im gonno keep up this fishing


nice flapperbrain
meant to type having some spaghetti for dinner


hope you mates chose maelstrom as your grand company


nope im a serpent


die finalnorms


trying to complete my hunting log


didnt know i could easily jailbreak my newer ps3 now hell yeah


nice huntingblog


you will get banned from psn


stop pirating games


they wont know



nachos and a liter of milk


cutting up some jalapenos for this one


heck ya


wondering why that guy wants cats to be caged


just had an awful shitemare hima


its where they belong


hes evil


there are no good multiplayer games so theres no need for psn


love the cage meme though always makes me laugh


having a lot of fun posting on hima lately between this and xiv things are looking up


die norm


nothing norm about it thats for sure


nice brand new ring


get yourself a nice aetheryte earring to go with it


time for a big fat nap


File: 1551750464530.mp4 (549.21 KB, heart.mp4)


cute birl


go to hell


not a birl idiot




someone else showed up at my fishing spot hima


assert your dominance


they left already


would trade all my years of life for just 24 months of life in the anime world


what anime


File: 1551754188335.jpg (167.78 KB, 470x626, 1551754166206.jpg)

got a trim


sigh had another shitemare it ruined my nap


think i might end it what do you guys think


no we will need your help for the ritual



who can relate


why does mtga need to reinstall the entire game from scratch every time theres an update it angers me


why does it anger you


because it means i have to wait for an hour while the whole game downloads and installs instead of the 10 minutes that a sane modular patcher would take


hell yeah wear out those transistors


might buy some uv light glasses


tomorrow was supposed to be a good day but mom has already ruined it


what did she do


lost her remotes and since she couldnt find them she accused me saying i purposely hid them then she started yelling about it and woke me up and we got in a fight


you are in the wrong


you should have helped her find them


nah ive learned that when people lose things its best to ignore them because if you find it theyre going to think you were hiding it all along


why would you hide her remotes


when youre a retard and lose something your first reaction is to blame the nearest person she always does this


explain to her how you feel


please come to western noscea i need to complete sastasha for a quest


im already there


crying because im left out of the hima game group


youre not left out were all still posting with you here


ban the gamerchads


nice we did it


wotc is tard


they are queers



thanks black panties


blood is leaking from my nose


cookin up one and half pork loins with my rice


used to wake up with my pillow and half of the bed covered in blood from my nose


making some more nachos


flip you haysuz


die die die




havent been depressed since 2017 things are great




why are you screaming


im depressed in this very moment


do you want some nachos


what the hell is the point


youre not supposed to look


now you have something to look forward to


mde turkey melts


never ate turkey how isi t


its nice like chicken but better


it blows


love some good turkey


sigh miss the 90s so mcuh lets open a portal to 96


96 or 06 both work for me i can save my sister from being murdered with either date


not a big fan of the murdered sister meme


its my reality


murders are statistically too rare to have happened to hima




pnig murdered his cousin


File: 1551764005450.png (15.69 KB, 493x494, 1527384315129.png)




need a personal sakura to give me hugs whenever i want


buy a weighted vest and pretend its her


eating some chop kung fuey


what the hell is that


loved quest 64 as a kid guess i have always been a tard


loved that game but i could never even beat the first boss in the forest


me neither hehe we are childhood twins


never owned a 64 had a psx instead mostly had demo discs though


going to build the hima mansion in a time rift thats eternally stuck in the 90s


can we play lots of diablo


only if i can use the mana shield glitch


duped items are fine too we can run our own hima ladder seasons


wonder who the current king of france would be


king neetblog III


spent the whole day fishing again about to start heavensward fishing quests but ill leave those till tomorrow


get flipped haysuz


File: 1551779453017.png (708.09 KB, 754x834, tumblr_otrsl6maPc1vbsw0uo1_1280.png)


File: 1551787305385.jpg (299.63 KB, 2048x1152, D0p8l14VAAIRYLD.jpg)

good bday present for sis



flipping FUCKING hell im raging why are they using the money theyre leeching from anime to make garbage


there is no present king of france


wonder if that guy who compulsively repeated the phrase im pasted ever found inner peace


hes pasted


got a small head but big ideas


hope nobody noticed me chuckling at an xkcd comic that would damage my reputation beyond repair


post it



not without a flameshield handy


just realized im flipping hilarious wonder if onseki would vouch for me if i were to apply for head comedian at bet whatever not like i show hima my best material anyway


tell us a joke


jokes arent my style im more of an experimental comedian


what do you call a deer with no eyes


black eyes


sounds scary i dont want to know


whats the difference between a fish and a piano


piano cant sing


the hima comic club is going to make waves in the biz


had one of those dreams hima got to visit the anime world and it felt like the dream lasted the whole night that was a taste of my real life


you were trapped without any escape be thankful dreams dont last forever


this is the world you want to be in trust me


is the murderedsis guy still here


do you have any leads


yeah it was me sorry


gotta go get an mri done in 30 minutes also i just realized they are going to make me take off my pants


cant believe pnig had to arrogance to fsnap another hima mates sis


yeah im still here as always


how have you coped with the loss


imageboards mainly


hang in there


thanks was that leads question for me too


you have done enough in your grieving state i have no farther questions


guess ill fire up some ffxiv now and get back to fishing


paste fisherman


never fished beforr


never seen a pirate who had never fished youre the first


head over to the guild and pick up your first rod that should get you started


used to go fishing all the time with dad unc and granpa its fun


what were you doing with an active fatherly presence in your life


eat some cod it has iodine


feel you will never be かんじょぞく


how is it possible for gamers to read text without all their gaming lingo interfering with the proper recognition of the words how do they even function and youre telling me we got millions of these things


might install ffxiv soon


gamers are the most persecuted race


flipping hell hima im only surviving 10 hours of being awake before i get exhausted whats going on


whats wrong with that


getting old


i ususally would spend the first 12 hours of awake listening to music and browsing the web and then use the last 3 or so for gaming but now when i get to the gaming time i just want to snooze


same i think music is my preferred pastime cos its the most effortless and just 1 step short of outright wall staring sometimes i even just disable the monitor and stare at the ceiling while listening to music


me too sometimes i like to dance also


didnt know they stuck an iv in you for an mri


the dye is used for imaging


i dont know


got a flight tomorrow morning im back on friday


where are you going


you know


i dont are you going to japan b


gamer pride world wide


File: 1551817944694.jpg (486.32 KB, 1260x1786, __original_drawn_by_takocha__286a414b5e587994e….jpg)

how does she see past her breasts


what i wouldnt give to have her to myself for 2 seconds


die hornynorms


wish to flip a sexy lady


you are one of us



release the schmoo


cage the schmoo



get some raw honey too


hehe shes a gamer girl id love to let her win


woke up hi


why would you let her win that isnt fun


you cant lose in modern games anyway


you really cant


what about fighting games somebody has to lose


well id want her to like me and if i just owned her over and over again she wouldnt have a fun experience


it would establish your superiority granting you full mating rights




not if you take turns doing the campaign


what if shes a better player than you


girls cant win at video games because of their smaller bone density so you have to let them win


what if she wants to improve at the game she probably feels insulted that you let her win she wont like you then


hate norms


youve just gotta be sneaky and let her think she bested you hehe


gonno get a gamergf


if you do that i cant guarantee your safety


already have raw honey but finding raw milk is damn near impossible absolutely mindbending that farmers will get raided for selling raw milk land of the free my twig behind


get some cows and make your own milk


cow or cow


why not produce your own milk if you want some bad youve got mammary glands havent you



ai can tell non-whites are less valuable so eventually they will want to get rid of them


why does the article say that children are naturally unbiased when its been scientifically proven otherwise


about to spend 35 dollars on raw gouda and yogurt


make your own cheese from the yogurt


can we train the ai to target norms


it will by default dont worry


does it spare affable neet gentlemen


read a ck thread on raw milk theyre basted like always


should i watch penguindrum




its for fujoshi dont do it


be warned youre going to cry and cry a lot


seriously though its one of those bittersweet conclusions that will stick with you for a while the climax is a thematic and visual masterpiece


someone post trevs pic of ringo


woke up should i read or skip


whichever you choose make sure to let us know


starting to think im the second coming of christ


flip you jew


just read


anything stand out to you or was it just your everyday regularly scheduled programming


the milk talk was interesting and the gamer boobs pic


think turt got into an accident or something he hasn’t posted anywhere all day


whats anywhere got to do with it the kids an animal im sure hes out there accumulating mass as we speak wherever it may be


mom is ynajing me


need a big strong man like turt to provide for me


turt orbiter


you have two strategies


what are they


rope or cope


you can either resort to violence and intimidation or feign utter helplessness until they are forced to take pity on you


played the pity card it worked i suspect this will last me a couple months


File: 1551831515261.png (1.04 MB, 1024x626, 1550817772669.png)

show her this image and shell understand instantly


love the teen rope meme


you must construct additional showers was a nice touch whomever was responsible for adding that one must have a relatively high power level


should i just tell my mom im going to rope when she dies


nice pg at 3:18


on her deathbed tell her that youre ready for your real life to begin and that youre inspired to do great things and then rope when shes dead youve gotta keep it a secret


hope youre just kidding about the rope thing


if you mess up roping youre stuck there until you asphyxiate and shite yourself to death


think ill jump in front of a train


lets talk about something else please


roping hard


just got reminded of that video of the sexy lady who hung herself from the tree


File: 1551832562990.jpg (3.79 MB, 4160x3120, 20190305_183129.jpg)

im back to forced induction


something has to be done about cyberbullying


hate car norms


whats forced induction is that like car snap


nice bird poop guards


its when air is forced into the engine via a turbo or supercharger


whats the point of that


more air means you can put in more fuel which means you have more energy from the explosion
it makes you go faster for the same displacement


presumably nothing because car norms are a bunch of stark flipping idiots


wish i was baste but im the complete opposite


File: 1551833318093.jpg (288.32 KB, 854x480, the crew.jpg)


hate blonde hair




wonder why pnig hated blonde hair


its ugly



reminded him of his mother


havent caught as many fish today hima but im gonno take a break for food and get back at it after


pasted fisherman


steak night tonight


hell yeah steaker




sigh wish i had steak


time to rest hima lets get to bed


rest easy


sleep not


old cartoons were baste


hehe best link ive seen on hima in days


nice roomba recall


sigh room smells like cum hope sis doesnt walk in




clean your room


how do you know what cum smells like are you gay


you cant even smell that in the air


by smelling my own sperm idiot



tea is going to run out before the next delivery arrives i knew i should have picked express shipping what if i start going into withdrawal


just go pick some grass in your backyard its the same thing


its not the same this grass is from japan


where in japan


the title was completely misleading give me 4 minutes of my life back




you werent gonno do anything with those 4 minutes anyways


hey hima didnt even post today
did nothing all day besides getting a haircut didnt even use my pc for more than 10 minutes ended up leaving hima up and got owned by the memory leak just now had to restart
flight is tomorrow morning i cant help but feel a little anxious every time even when its just a couple of days like now


good luck hope you dont have a shitemare on the plane


think i might cry


asahina and makinohara and some places in china


should i play ar tonelico


ar normelico


yeah the music is great


play totori


going to watch some vids now and snooze mates ill read todays posts tomorrow


dont read this post


too late


used to post about totori on warosu


totori is a slut


gonno pirate some games




totori is as pure as they come



downloading ar tonelico from coolrom.com


should i take a big nap


mindblowing that coolrom still exists


coolroms pasted



god hates neets


showing those arrogant chinks whos boss


alright gonno take the nap


nap easy


thanks was looking for something like this


what is it


this doesnt have the ar tonelico undub so it pinches


download site for every game up to wii and ds


oh cool


File: 1551842376359.png (929.61 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)


playing pokémon gold what starter should i pick and what name


always go fire


uh it has both voices


fire sucks always pick water you can only be owned by grass types


guess its dead hours so im just going to go with tododile with no name


call him gusher


File: 1551843181782.mp4 (3.9 MB, cow.mp4)


phew nice


tard arms




mom made me apply for a job at a store




dont want to end up in a cell with pnig




losing a lot of fish lately


gross yakuza thug car get an elegant one instead


sigh cant believe i might be a worknorm before the week is over
hopefully ill be too reflappered for them to hire


owned neet


never will work in my life you can believe that


nice roper


live by the rope die by the rope


woke up from my nap gotta take a big piss


weird how so much piss can fit in each ball


hope you bros had a good day


thought ffxiv was going down for maintenance tonight but its tomorrow heck ya


i didnt
moms trying to make me become a wagenorm


flipping hate the achievements part of resumes


hate resumes and jobs and norms


flip you collegenorm




why hasnt she flipped the sexy lady yet


awoke and came


File: 1551865399153.jpeg (114.3 KB, 766x898, D09zQtFU0AANyoe.jpeg)


hopefully theres a lady that will carry on his precious unique genes


rage whenever i see chinks with children in my country


how do we stop them


woke up to the sound of rain todays going to be good hima


wish it was raining


showered mom walked in on me




someone should tell his parents that his genes arent worth it theres 2 billion little fuckers who look close enough to that chink


File: 1551876953314.jpg (45.69 KB, 646x913, whm.jpg)


gonno start the hima boyband when my real life begins


boybands are cool


cool or cool



backstreets back


time to do my roulettes before they reset in an hour


love doing my dailies





am i original


found a nice ikea lamp but they want $80 for shipping and the closest store is 2.5 hours away




File: 1551885424335.jpg (417.22 KB, 2000x2000, 0641239_PE700376_S5.JPG)

alright here it is


might watch zootopia


should i nap


almost accidentally showed sis hima that was a close one


she posts here


sis loves when i let her post on hima


girls have slow reaction times you can just quickly swap to a google tab or something and she wont even notice


spermed to the zootopia bunny


lets go on a pretend walk



i shouldve been japanese flip this loud annoying western life


lets go on a runescape walk


scape is old news


nice trendhopper


think im ready to start having sex


good luck buddy


wish i was home messing with my car




lets launch a campaign like this to find freakeyes friend


casting my line out into the sea of clouds not much longer till i head into the mountains and start fishing there


wonder if anyone in the hima fc will join me out in the bush fishing for days


sorry im too busy racing at 1am


thats alright ill have fresh fish ready for us when youre done just need a chef now and were set


there it is time to head into the mountains and start fishing there


quit fishing start mining instead


start runecrafting


im not cut out for mining i need the sounds of the water moving by me you know what i mean


simply mine near the river


File: 1551896028771.jpg (245.12 KB, 1500x1500, pits.jpg)


gross post feet not pits


craving sugar


why would you want to see smelly feet


girlfeet smell good




real girl feet not autogynephile feet


girls are heavier in real life


dont know if its possible for girls to be over 130 lbs hehe


dont really understand the foot fetish thing


its just a meme no ones actually attracted to feet


me neither


just like how you like pits i dont but i like feet instead


i dont like pits


im a pitmaster


can appreciate a nice pair of pits or feet but dont go searching for them


love a good pair of sweaty smelly hairy girlpits




reminds me of mom


cried a little wish i had a friend


still a little sick


File: 1551899650977.jpg (143.5 KB, 803x1574, 1551815711879.jpg)



whats funny about that


uhhh haha


File: 1551900490800.png (Spoiler Image, 303.58 KB, 526x514, 1551474445197.png)

nothin funny


mom made tuna sandwiches


with women giving birth later and freezing not being viable the whole next generation is gonno be bigger tards than me


washed and dried all my sheets pillowcases and blankets but mom said my comforter has to go to a laundromat



owned stupid bitch


gonno jerk it to moogles


gonno feast on this greasy bag of fast food



love moogles especially king mog


should i get into icp




the post office is always hiring


whats the pay like for a letter carrier


not good enough im sure


im a professional letter carrier




whoever carries my post to hima sure is fast


computers do that


theres small men inside the computer that carry each post to the hima realm


that would be very inefficient its all computers trust me


computers are gay


what makes gays so efficient


gonno watch this


sigh ken...


whens the kenneth boles documentary coming out


File: 1551913418082.jpg (196.62 KB, 2048x1463, m.jpg)


wish to bow down and confess to her


just had an idea for a black metal project they should perform and record music in the desolate antarctic interior


thats a him


wish i could be reunited with a chink family


hey hima hi im in my hotel room hows it going
work was ok today all the women are on leaves for some reason so its just the boys crazy how laid back and actually enjoyable it is to work with just old men its a complete different experience
ordered room service gonno have a big ol burg and fries


hoo boy


File: 1551914510800.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 396.37 KB, 1440x1080, e22662aab8e078707120753a8717b467.jpeg)

phew mommy





the best thing about hotels is the weighted blankies hb its great


weighted blankets arent real


die norm


flip you normblog


File: 1551915778251.png (243 KB, 625x726, 1551915696035.png)


if you arent a neet please donate to andrew yang hell give everyone $1000 a month


feel like im handsome when i take pics dont know why everyone thinks otherwise


post those handsome pics


are you supposed to pronounce the d in handsome



cant tell if hes pronouncing it or not


woke up hi



going to earlysnooze hima only managed to sleep at 4 am last night and had to be up at 7


we better have a socialist president by 2020 or im out of here


making great progress today almost able to go spearfishing


paste fishblog


hell yeah big bone


i cant take this anymore im getting on craigslist right now and making an ad for a new mom who will let me flip


craigslist doesnt let you make those kinds of ads anymore


i just want to be jacked off against my will and sperm until it hurts is that so wrong


i want to jack off a man against his will




nice plumper family


File: 1551921755381.jpg (47.28 KB, 604x453, 5260_101404989875148_100000169437605_39982_681….jpg)




going to give sis an orgasm while she sleeps hehe


dont do that




mom boiled up some geoduck hoo boy


some what


File: 1551923309945.jpg (56.48 KB, 850x400, 1551897126604.jpg)



wish i had incel powers


im incelman


hate creepy peds


lots of crabs in this spot hima


File: 1551926063216.png (4.14 KB, 404x17, Untitled.png)



anyone else have lice


whats up with everyone having extremely powerful emotions listening to this album






who are you calling bitch



eating some cereal


flip you asshole


makin curry


wish i had some curry


god isnt real


should i get vaccinated


sure why not


weird skinny wolf


gonno vaccinate my cat


dont youll make it autistic


its okay its in a cage anyway


love longjos now that i have cocoa butter i can jack it for hours


what the hell are you doing with the butter


rubbing it on my dick what else idioy



File: 1551931170261.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.9 KB, 850x510, B438CD1D-618D-4042-B03E-8C1177C6758A.jpeg)



hell yeah


some of those pics are absolute great thought shotacon artists are true masters


she looks so happy


that death march show is for actual idiots



glad no one on hima has a really small penis




spermed twice


firing up dmc5


what happens if you shoot a gun underwater


it still shoots normally


the gun fills with water dont do that


cant you just blowdry it


im an idiot


dont say that about yourself its important to have confidence


gonno fire up mwr


its like an ocean


should i get dmc5


i am renting it from gamefly


got it for free


“Oh Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there is no such thing as an old Greek…You have no belief rooted in old tradition and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this. There have been and will be many different calamities to destroy mankind, the greatest of them by fire and water, lesser ones by countless other means.”
proto vargpill


cant believe blockbuster is dead


going to tell mom her hair looks hoary hehe




gonno fire up blops4



its over


think ive just discovered a new level of tard on youtube hima check this out


does that work i want green eyes


still looping the train song




ffxiv is going down for maintenance now hima just wrapped up a whole day of fishin too


might scape in the meantime


File: 1551939089071.jpg (60.22 KB, 642x800, D.jpg)


time to splooge and snooze


hoo boy hima got some more 豆乳 gonno sip


whats himas theory on the yonaguni monument


nice logged into scape and no ones on


looks like its just a natural rock formation give me back my 3 minutes


hate the give me back my minutes guy we both know your time is as worthless as mine


thats true sigh


going to rewatch the freakeye episode of jeopardy


always thought this song was so cool


wonder if they arranged it for pokemon stadium 1 or 2


thought that song was cool too



wish i was a gal gohan


wish i wouldnt wake up tomorrow


whats wrong with you dont even joke about that youve still got your whole life ahead of you


dont remind me i try hard enough as it is to escape this shite life


just focus on the completion of the ritual
nothing else matters


ritual you say are your mmos starting to leak into real life silly gamer


he means the ritual


gonno need plenty of virgin blood for the ritual


god damn it hima the ritual needs to be completed soon or im not going to make it to 2006


posted one of these before but it turned you into a woman


got an awful feeling of dread can you hurry up with the ritual


File: 1551948370077.jpg (53.08 KB, 960x720, ai.jpg)


it isnt


am i a sissy for standing in line with my arms crossed in front of me


you are a sissy because you like japan and post on hima


moving little groove


omurice is ready but i think i flipped up the proportions


got a powerful case of sewage mouth


woke up drinking a pepsi


pour that pepsi down the drain and get yourself a coffee


hate coffee




really need to know who sebastian wesolowski is because he uploads some good stuff
feel like this is pnigs account


sigh alex



File: 1551973101504.jpg (294.24 KB, 1464x2048, 02.jpg)


shes got big tits hope no creeps get near her


they absolutely will


doing laundry hima


File: 1551977093829.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.29 KB, 800x600, 5A4F9333-DA96-4FAD-93FA-DE4476D7B122.jpeg)


wish i could pee cheese


just woke up got a coffee brewing looks like its gonno be a good day for fishing hima i can feel it


the hima mansion will do its own coffee roasting


should i start fishing


why are slav sexy ladies such angels


theyre disgusting protoroasts


ya grab your fishing rod and some bait and get out to a lake or river and take it all in


wish i lived near a lake or river


i live near the ocean it blows


does the water really taste salty


blows or blows


ya it does and the air gives you a nice whiff of salt too nothing better than casting into the ocean


fishing with ease hima


can you link some vids to get started with fishing i dont really get whether i need a license to catch fish or not and what stuff i need just to catch trout or other similar sized fish


all of that stuff is going to be regional lakes are fine with a spinner and 6lb line


asshole mosquito flying around my room


keep downloading pdfs but i cant stand reading these i need a real book


simply buy an ebook


that changes nothing


File: 1551988042195.mp4 (1007.86 KB, Majo demo Steady.mp4)


should i nap



gonno take a break here from fishing for a bit maybe grab some milk


gonno download a maple private server and make a sexy character


time to start buying anime ive been pirating too long



maple characters arent sexy


how did you know i was watching that just last week


thinkin about sex sigh wish i could control my urges like turt


going to watch valerie and her week of wonders the actress looks real spermable


learned about camelias from wako


wish i had a sis


heard kripp is gonno play the new poe league


File: 1551992305637.gif (7.85 KB, 100x95, 227805.gif)

found this on my old hard drive


stupid teen


hes a horndog just like you hes just a larper


nah turt has ed he couldnt get a bone to save his life


of course he can they dont call him hjtron for nothing


cant help but feel there was some significance to todays date


its st patricks day


File: 1551994763087.jpg (114.49 KB, 700x1079, hairy.jpg)

gonno shave


wish to shave a girls kitty


how would that benefit you in any way


it would give me a bone


you know


but it would do nothing to enhance your employment prospects


i could start a business shaving girls kitties


why dont barbers shave pubes anyways


they do for a small fee


wonder if i could get a job


get a haircut and give the manager a firm handshake and you can get a job


dont forget to shower


woke up


simply call up your local po and ask to speak to the postmaster


how can i get rid of my virgwalk


i applied to a gas station at minimum wage and was rejected i think were simply too old for jobs they want young beautiful teens


pubes are growing back but theyre still too short to justify a shave


how do i get welfare and food stamps and stuff moms kicking me out


fire up the uncle remus guide


apply to a college its your last hope


you need to have a job first


doesnt that cost money


im incapable of finding a job only option im seeing here is the rope


ya but you can go fully in debt


what do you mean incapable you can use the internet


i applied to a bunch only interview i got was the gas station and they went a different direction




hate loud annoying animals


im a loud annoying animal


the neets click to communicate


you could be looking at the worlds most intelligent form of life have some respect


intelligence wont make it grow thumbs


that would be me, neetblog


neetblog? dont make me laugh that fat flip sack of lard couldnt navigate his way out of last weeks sudoku if his life depended on it


nuke the whales


found a nice plumper can i post it


go wild


as long as its not 3d




File: 1552000782489.jpg (177.42 KB, 1000x1399, plum.jpg)


mindblowing how im expected to toil away at a job


mindblowing how i have to beg to become a slave


File: 1552001610441.jpg (3.81 MB, 4160x3120, 20190307_181855.jpg)

its just not an evo without the big goofy wing


cant believe youve gone through like 10 cars in the time ive been debating about getting a license i guess some people live life and others dont get to


File: 1552002248172.jpg (3.14 MB, 4160x3120, 20190307_181908.jpg)

you probably werent born yet when i bought my first car


hell yeah lets go racin


never bought a car never got a license never got a job


can i have a car


what do you mean debating just go to the dmv website and sign up


i did that once but i got a cheap trial license where i had to go through a test with a person judging me to get my real license and never ended up doing it so it expired
wish theyd let me get a license without having to go through a driving test


you cant just let any tard out on the road like that what the hell of course theres a test


well they need to think about the feelings of neets trying to spread their wings under pressure


hate roasties


File: 1552005123960.webm (242.12 KB, 408x490, 1551987598000.webm)


hehe theyre cute


File: 1552005395039.jpg (268.43 KB, 1094x1944, smssecure-2019-03-02-142117.jpg)

still not sure if i should get the mx5


get a gallardo


nah theyre vile little creatures


File: 1552005971053.png (884.1 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)


never watched that show but those dumb little bitches are making me rage


anyone going to play poe


stupid girlrager


hey hima today was ok its so much less anxiety inducing when im here for a short period of time my flight back is tomorrow hehe


i rage at the mere idea of a female


hope hima hasnt been overly slow for the past couple of days hehe or maybe no one even noticed that im not here probably


what evolutionary purpose does 2 genders have


i noticed howve you been


evolution isnt real tard


then explain the neet problem


god hates you


eating tamales


File: 1552009690416.jpg (130.14 KB, 500x708, madoka tries the cinnamon challenge.jpg)


tamales are on the illegal list


wish i had some tamales maybe my life would be good then


dont understand norm humor


got a real bad mouth ulcer hima


stop saying hima




its unnecessary


im unnecessary


sorry got a real bad mouth ulcer



had a weird dream where my butt wouldnt be clean no matter how much i wiped


did you wake up with a shitty ass


tired hima gonno nap hopefully i dont wake up


me too maybe we can sync


thats my reality sigh


think im getting sick hima


love sneezing in moms face so she can get sick


theres something fundamentally wrong with roasties its like they are incapable of empathy


thats whats known in the biz as a shitemare


feel bad thinking about the fate of the dreamcast it didnt deserve such a brutal murder


same baste peter moore shouldve won


File: 1552014810763.webm (2.94 MB, 640x640, advertisements.webm)

raging hard why are they allowed to lie like this


cant remember the last time i saw a commercial





always hated the word porn


sigh hima just tired of it all


die smutseki


hima tab just crashed


i was worried id never see you guys again


seki is shutting down the site


File: 1552021118250.png (1.47 MB, 1070x1550, 04.png)





sigh mom left me a half a bottle of wine but its riesling


could go for some wine


have some coffee instead


bored might rope


no dont


turt did you see how the new supra looks its like it got stung by dozens of bees


i look like i got stung by dozens of bees


turt orbitter



why are people just free to upload softcore pornography to youtube now holy flip i hate norms so much they corrupt everything


internet would be improved tenfold if all pornographic content were prohibited and i say that as someone who jos off 10 times a day


have to remove the foids first that would be a 10000 fold improvement


woke up


youtube is for norms





sexnorm btfo


dumb kike got what he deserved


show some respect


turt answer this one


this ones got me a little steamed shes actually pretty not some fat foid


oog pretty




i worship women


what does it mean if that guy can get a nice gf but i cant


File: 1552040443178.jpg (51.77 KB, 670x447, Testicular_1.jpg)


found some rat eggs outside hima


currys almost ready gonno have to go to the store later


hehe i wouldnt tell her that shes wet itd be forever before she noticed i can see it


drinking my covfefe


got a call asking if i was the marketing director just said ya hehe


woke up


happy womens day


dont celebrate that were antifeminist


dont like feminism either but that doesnt mean i cant celebrate womanhood


i only celebrate sexy ladies


File: 1552052494707.jpg (95.25 KB, 640x943, grab.jpg)


im tired


take a nap




gonno start my xiv fishing journey


love how the cowbell skit simply is not funny at all (and also love pints and love me wife)


how about you start a real fishing journey


nah thats for norms


nothin norm its similar to wallstaring


just bluescreened might buy more ram


dead hours sigh everyones at work


the fellowship of the neet has fallen


the last of the neets


rewatchin the neetblog episode of icarly


steamed boiled simmered mixed and ate


File: 1552062722880.webm (3.8 MB, 360x360, 1549853925887.webm)

cant wait for the day freak makes the world his enemy for i shall gladly serve at his side


baked another batch of chicken nuggets and fries


made some peanut sauce with coconut cream and ate it with a whole chicken then made some black sticky rice coconut pudding and ate that too


think ill feast on some taco bell today


could really go for some taco bell and some beers


pasted foidchoker


nothin like watching an arrogant foid get put in her place hehe


idiot nothing arrogant youd be raging at the owner for being a tyrant if that was a boy instead of a girl


nah throwing the water gave her arrogance away


hate foids can barely even consider them human



basted pasting baster


File: 1552072892043.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 605.06 KB, 1000x1000, acerola.jpeg)


flip stop it acerolas my gf


not anymore


she belongs to the blog


gonno game


hope it isnt poe


gonno start making stew every day


oh fuck poe oh fuck i forgot


dont play poe you will lose too many brain cells


Hasn't showered; virgin, never deflowered
Crusty cum, shitty bum
Winey faggot that lives with mum
Junk food for a junk lifu, masturbates to a cartoon waifu
Scared to work, would rather jerk


might go soulrend


never played poe before should i


nah its too addictive at first


how is that a bad thing


youll waste too much you should be out with the boys



wonder what going out means where exactly do norms go out to


you know like just going out to hang out food walking shopping stuff other things whats not to get



called my witch himako


what do you mean witch


first time playing a witch


in what


i dont celebrate womens day


what do you have against women


a better question is what do women have against us


you know


we lack smv


can girls be incels


wish someone would debarnacle me


its the barnacleblog


dont understand why naturenorms never care about the poor barnacles and other parasites they just made them homeless with no remorse


well in this case sea turtles are endangered while barnacles are thriving but there are other instances when youre right its stupid


woke up playin poe


im a human barnacle


im a parasite


add me


File: 1552089273682.jpg (56.87 KB, 500x375, 1552059495014.jpg)

miss the old onseki


whats the difference between confident and creepy




moms making fish and chips for dinner


mom said shes putting me on a diet to fix my autism


cant believe i bought a $2000 gaming pc just to browse hima


your eyes deserve it


hopefully you have a lot of nice rgb to look at


same the technorms tricked me


saw an asian with HUGE tits at the store earlier life is good sometimes


build a racing sim


hi hima im flannaly back home hows it going just had pizza with mom should i read the last 72 hours worth of posts


File: 1552092308164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.18 KB, 1000x753, 1.jpg)


groce udders


no you should go to hell norm


you need a job


File: 1552092702497.jpg (197.83 KB, 1200x1500, pic.jpg)


File: 1552092761138.jpg (214.14 KB, 1193x825, 1552086197190.jpg)

nice roast


makes me angry when norms appropriate my culture


waifu has to be the most snapped word of the decade


crazy to see waifu become a marketing thing


who is to blame for this


/a/ on twitter and youtube


get owned aninorms


just found an aol disc


worst part is mom associates me with aninorms


despise nerdnorms



baste oldreply thanks for crashing my browser asshole


gonno ldar


die gnnorm


miss my gnbros


you are baste actually


my himako character died sigh gonno make the tankier bolemako


your engine block will crack


if i installed poe would you play with me


ban this flipping norm already onseki


no im on hardcore


big boob asian girl saved my day but mention of brigs has ruined it thanks jerk


wish i had big boob gf





hate raiders


its okay we have an alliance


stupid teen


wish i was a teengirl with a butt


hima would stare youd feel like an object


i may as well be a piece of furniture that shits and yells already


im an ottoman


im barnacle


wish i was an object instead im just a blob o shite


died to izaro thats enough for this season


time to fire up some ffxiv again


wonder if plastic surgery can save me



refuse to subscribe to ffxiv so whats the point of getting level 35


you mean 50




phew done reading hima it was surely worth it


File: 1552096355544.png (788.46 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka -….png)


why do you refuse


we just need to get flipping jacked


holy flip yes please hehe


we all need to get flipping jacked bros who's with me



ban that raider


because its too much money just the subscription would be fine but im three expansions behind no thank you


thats just suz on a tor exit node


ban him


cam you there bud


when the most the next expansion comes out you get the previous ones for free when you buy it


need an excuse to say mindblowing but cant think of one


im using the standalone launcher should i switch to steam


new adored



was just watching that hehe


wish i understood tech talk


wish i was dumb enough to watch tech videos


its time to rest lets get to bed


ive got plans in 15 minutes sorry cant


can you wait 10 hours


flip you norm


no i can feel the psychic energy of every poster coursing through me everyones tired and wants to go to sleep now


im gonno shite