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Hello friends, I'm new friend, what's this board about?
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she is on the internet a lot so ya



here it is
tell me if its setup correctly please


flip you smashnorm


its making weird noises


whats wrong with the audio


fixed the audio i think
going to start over
tell me if its still flipped


put the stream back on


can you wait for me to grab my daily bowl of cereal


its still on the op grab your evil grains quickly


going to tune out once the opening concludes and watch some real anime


im gonno go write an essay


holy flip hima the suns still up summers come early


the bitrate is too high its laggy


grabbin some milk


stop pausing the flippin stream


lowered it a bit


still cant watch it flip you bandwidth moggers ill download it and watch it myself in a few days when its done


im still trying to get it just right so its better to pause it a lot now and never again then to keep running into issues later


stop spamming those faces


fire up the facecam


hate miyuki


if youre not watching whats the point
should i raise the processing and lower the bitrate


my eyes need rest hima its time to sleep


stream the dub instead so i can sleep to it


thats a common misconception it isnt your eyes which succumb to fatigue but your brain


my internet maxes out at like 2000 you dont have to lower it for me but ill watch if you do


paused again im done with this


wheres the stream


i lowered it again now its at 1300


thank you


is that true about glasses making your vision worse


yes your vision adjusts to the glasses


theres not really much to lose if you cant see more than 2 feet away to begin with


wish to flip kagami


is it okay if i jo to the stream konata is really sexy also kagami is really sexy and tsukasa is really sexy


control yourselves


what about miyuki


shes not really that sexy


i jerk it


nothing worth seein anyways


is the stream working properly
guess all that extra bitrate was just going to waste if so


yeah its fine this is the best bros drinking hard watching lucky start with my himamates having an ice time




whats an ice time


its like a nice time but with a typographical error


do you see now why you shouldnt drink it impairs your cognitive and motor function


flip cognitive and motor function


tried being sober once


whats lucky start


dont tell me how to live my life


always hated lucky channeru




what happened


ep 2 happened


always cry to this op


should have skipped to when the director changed




dancin hard to it


sigh tsukasa is so cute


everyone click the blue heart thing


dont get too attached shes fictional remember


i like the first four


me too rage when the norms talk about changing directors fixing the show


the trollface reminds me of neetblog


dont like that one stop clicking it


someone help nb is spamming the face


gonno go to the dentist


stop i cant read the subs


watch in theatre mode you tard


that makes the background dark which is bad for your eyes


its meant to be watched in full screen


cant go to the dentist because its too shameful


still cant believe aya chan betrayed me by being a filthy slut


same she had it all


dont know about you guys but id really like to have sex with kagamis mouth


konata pursued a career in prostitution


god i just love anime so much hima i love it




jod to the stream


same lucky star really makes you feel that way doesnt it


yeah sigh


going to snooze thanks so much for streaming


wish i could lie down cuddling up to a cute sis and drift off to a lucky star stream


could go for some eggs and sausages


might lie down and watch the stream from bed bye hima


think ill leave ep 4 for tomorrow hima


gonno give konata my sausage and eggs


thanks for streaming


gonno start answering everything with a question


didnt post on hima for four days did anyone notice


too many norms to notice anything lately


he fell for the neet meme haha




die die die


the few the proud the neets


eating some of my neet spaghetters


im pasted im boostin pasted


wonder if ill have any teeth left by 40


hopefully i dont reach 40


its time to bathe

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