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It's all useless...




is this a sean thread


File: 1549223979163.png (792.73 KB, 917x2017, 1549137264643.png)

himabros your invited to watch da superbowl with the 5 but no turt allowed flippin basted also ive been posting amongst you for over a year on a proxy and nobody has noticed


sigh coby


never watched the superb owl before


refuse to play any game that made by filthy koreans


gonno blast some rope


have fun


good night to rope


got left behind


cant post in this thread battlers getting me too horny


simply jo


File: 1549877123848.png (102.32 KB, 259x325, 1250022814882.png)


gonno listen to some epic umineko bgm


wish i could spermcry


post sperm depression is a thing


how do i know if im baste


im the moeblog



dont have enough memories of the post gen 1 games to find them nostalgic


used to think goldenrod was a real high tech city because of the radio tower


gonno bathe


baking some fries


sigh how can you eat so much cool stuff and stay a twig its not fair


im not twig im 200 lbs


either youre a 5'4 girl or youre a twig


eating some raw lamb


wonder why the nig didnt encrypt


just arose from a deeply satisfying slumber looking forward to a glorious new day


i must start anew in japan


japan will not save you


i was meant to frolic among the sakura petals


he was the most arrogant person ive ever personally known i wouldnt be surprised if he printed them out and hung them in his room


hopefully prison humbles him


File: 1549893922461.png (575.36 KB, 592x775, 1549885731724.png)

do you think nb is like this


i dont get it is he imagining that is him



wish i had an imagination


yes hes imagining his life in the mansion


the mansion...



hate twitchnorms


File: 1549898661570.png (558.45 KB, 859x1215, __uzaki_hana_uzaki_chan_wa_asobitai_drawn_by_k….png)


he left the computer on and with stuff open on the screen


not plump enough for my liking



File: 1549902006039.webm (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 1489019756941.webm)


time for some more tiberian sun


normally big boobs are ugly but shes cute enough to make them look good hehe


could you horndogs please stop slobbering over my gf


Hi xxxxx,

I have an approved RMA case for the end user below. Please advise the serial to swap this with.

what the HELL did they mean by this


they mean flip you technorm


need coffee and food but mom forgot to go shopping and it snowed might starve


you dont need coffee


coffee is important in snowstorms


coffees no good anymore hima need a new bag


saw an extremely angelic sexy lady in a video sigh guess ill snooze soon


File: 1549905411332.jpg (503.37 KB, 708x800, 1549903306038.jpg)

good morning neetblog


a mere whiff of coffee sends me into an unstoppable rage


stop posting that it makes me jealous



mere whiff some cof sends me into an indescribable ecstasy


File: 1549907603300-0.jpeg (48.48 KB, 818x201, Dy7d4ZlVYAAmklw.jpeg)

File: 1549907603300-1.jpeg (60.5 KB, 861x337, DzEYFhOV4AA1JDe.jpeg)

oh no they banned holofan4life


they shouldnt be parading anime in front of undeserving people they deserve to get burnt


he probably didnt even get banned for posting anime but reddit brainlets think so because that was his last post


actual reddit posts now ive seen it all


File: 1549908858056.jpg (31.82 KB, 654x436, 20150225__26dcaramw~1.jpg)


never been to reddit whats it like


dickspammer wouldnt stand for this


think ill have brownies for lunch


glad dickspammer is dead


would you have sucked it


Green tea has long been recognized to have cardiovascular and cancer preventative characteristics due to its antioxidant properties. Its use in the treatment of arthritic disease as an anti-inflammatory agent has been recognized more recently. The constituents of green tea are polyphenolic compounds called catechins, and epigallocatechin-3 galate is the most abundant catechin in green tea.

Epigallocatechin-3 galate inhibits IL-1–induced proteoglycan release and type 2 collagen degradation in cartilage explants. In human in vitro models, it also suppresses IL-1b and attenuates activation of the transcription factor NF-kB. Green tea also inhibits the aggrecanases which degrade cartilage.

Green tea research now demonstrates both anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects. The usual recommendation is 3–4 cups of tea a day.

woa green tea sure is powerful desu ne


chugging a cream soda


argued with a 4teen about communism


birch mushrooms are far superior



might have a snack and jack


gonno bathe n shave


went out for steak with the boss got myself some oysters gorgonzola and walnuts for antipasto as well hehe




hope rager is having a good time playing splatoon


File: 1549918089557.png (1.08 MB, 1200x900, 1518233732646.png)


made salmon with mushroom sauce


same hehe






she should share with me too hehe


you mena the guy you argued with argued with a 4teen



ban this devil worshipper


sigh 8 hour maintenance for ff14 today what am i supposed to do now


uninstall it




how do i get addicted to ff


File: 1549922988711-0.jpg (117.31 KB, 1162x1151, DzIwy2hVAAAIsy0.jpg)




mew crew represent


have a low iq


being bullied by mom and sis


fire it up


dont know if im mewing right


seki filter mew to meow


File: 1549924468998.webm (2.65 MB, 1280x720, 1549894715908.webm)




classic sexnorm


File: 1549924748490-0.webm (2.06 MB, 1013x375, 1546887459787.webm)


does woman ass smell different from man ass


woman ass has no smell


dont know what man ass smells like either


remember when pastaman posted this


come here and have a whiff


pg is 6'4 thats onseki


hey freak you there




i dont care about women ive never tried to pursue them


i only pursue men


have you guys watched rock lee and his ninja pals


what about sexy ladies


then that must mean you are a girl and you know what our policy is on female membership here on hima


nothing like hunting armed men



mindblowing that everyone on hima is capable of getting a gf except me


any female is bound to only make your life worse and not better whats the point


nah im more cel than you


anyone on hima could get a gf if they really wanted
or bf if you prefer


is that your cope


thats why im volincel



youre projecting positive attributes on others just the other day you were bragging over all the matches you get youre just a delusional prettyboy


the term voluntary celibate is redundant celibacy already implies a conscious decision to abstain from sexual activity


f uck your cock


is bypassing the filter a punishable offense


wish i died on that volcano


you are destined for more


memedick !


havin some leftover pizza


File: 1549928325247-0.png (2.32 MB, 1920x1072, [HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 S2 - 06 [1080p].….png)


thought that said oog


about to toast up some caramel


this episode of mob psycho teaches us how friendship doesnt exist in adulthood


friendship is a waste of time the only associations i make are strictly pragmatic ones


dont know what that word means


which one


mom said i was a clever infant


mom thought i was going to be a doctor or lawyer someday how wrong she was


mob psycho is normime stop watching it


all anime is deserving of a fair trial


mom said that on the day i was born the very forests of lordaeron whispered the name neetblog


im on a strict one piece diet


wish i had friends





its time for hima to start using proper punctuation


answer the question


can barely remember what friends were like back when i was a mortal and i dont recall it being all that great


why compelled you to forsake your humanity


its like getting home from school and playing halo 2 and laughing with your friends till midnight


flip halo


when i overdosed on redpills


never had an xbox was it good


not that great


die carnorm




die raider


nice raider


do you heat crepes up or no




crepes are supposed to be hot to begin with what do you mean heat them up


File: 1549929380472.jpg (23.51 KB, 340x450, xbox.jpg)

it really wasnt all that good the controller was huge and bulky and the whole setup looked gross it was large and gaudy with the big x shaped box and black/green color scheme
for the years i had a xbox the halo 2 disc was only out of it for maybe 2% of that time to play forza


wonder if future wars wont be fought on a battlefield but in your head


File: 1549929416747.webm (2.07 MB, 178x100, unforgotten.webm)


dont understand how to eat these things flip this ill just have some ice cream instead


the n64 controller is still the greatest of all time


they are like pancakes but thinner theres nothing complicated about them


what did you like about it




the ps2 controller is the best the n64 one is retarded with that prong in the middle


hope you guys dont play lol


i have a prong in the middle


going to rage if i dont nap and wake up in 2006
or at least 2004


those years were awful


File: 1549929967316.png (6.22 KB, 266x34, 6a5f3f4918183448178aa094b3317ddd.png)

oh no no no no no


ya i play it so what


the chinks are monitoring your pc as you play


Voice Actress Kana Ueda Leaves Hospital


dont understand why japs care so much about voice actors


dont say japs its racist


they are the soul of the character


what the hell does よっかた mean


nothing beats a glass of coke after waking up


voice changes can ruin a character forever


you are destroying your body


youre destroying your body




how its just liquid


go drink some molten steel then since its just liquid


you need to drink coke so that it doesnt touch your teeth


i use a sippy straw



is it weird that i only stopped using my baby bottle when i turned 9




gonno blast some jpop


blast some denpa


blast my ass


swishing coke around your mouth is better than any mouthwash


File: 1549932310233.jpg (20.95 KB, 300x232, tru dempa.jpg)


mouth wash is an unnecessary jewish scam


wish coby would make a surprise visit now that dragon maid s2 has been announced


thats correct there is no studies of any mouthwash showing significant results in reducing plaque really weird how they can still sell the stuff


the refreshing taste is reassuring like cologne for the mouth


heres some trudempa


same sigh


blasting jpop and moms banging hard on the door hehe


jpop is lame


what about cpop


that sounds like the name of some kind of cereal


put on some oppa gangman style



hate koreans and chinese so fucking much but i love japan


this is a ripoff of japanese culture


wish god was real


hate all of those flipping chinks gooks japs its all the same to me the only culture deserving of respect is omans


japan is a ripoff of china


gonno become the next scotty 2 hotty


sounds stupid


become the next scotty kilmer instead


what about val venis



boogiepop is so good love this show


File: 1549934480445.png (11.8 KB, 500x250, 1517975169027.png)


neetfrog looks like a gantz alien


File: 1549934636234.png (99.03 KB, 1012x761, glutes.png)


wish i was a gantz alien


wish i could be happy


File: 1549935642178.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x2448, 1518144366485.jpg)


File: 1549935735538.jpg (524.33 KB, 1028x797, IMG_20171102_003026.jpg)


thinkin about my preteen years i had no friends but id ask mom to buy me d&d and gurps books and just read them cover to cover over a dozen times
never actually played tabletop rpg wonder if its fun


played dnd and call of cthulhu with some people i didnt like during highschool since they invited me its really gay unless youre playing with people who share your taste and sense of humor


never played d&d


ive tried to get the hima d&d or myfarog game going a few times but no ones interested


nobody shares my sense of humor


never played before youd have to teach me how


can i be a dragon girl


why does she have a pube on her cheek


the politically correct term is fube


is being a dragon boy good enough


i want to play an ttrpg with hima but no one ever wants to join a voice chat so its probably never going to happen unless we do it the archaic way on irc


way too many tgnorms here


voice chat is for norms


ill join voice chat but only if theres no norms


not possible any one who uses voice chat is a norm


good one


nothin good


got the air con on hima


hope youre australian


no im indonesian


gonno learn pig latin


she was pinching a nugget


probably the first time that phrase has ever been said in history


should i make curry or chicken and taters


feel free


australians are baste


wish i was an aussie i could have some banter with the cunts


holy flip just realized i havent joed in 24 hours im probably charging up a farcum




didnt get a bone watching domekano but when i remembered the manga i got one night reread it


anthem looks fun what is the catch




played the demo
the combat lasted forever and it was boring and everyone was a bald brown man


what do you do at work bro you ever going to share that


love bald space marines


we could play with regular written chat


File: 1549939203730.jpg (49.83 KB, 540x372, history.jpg)

can varg confirm or deny this


im about that tall


okay chicken and taters it is


going to start meditating and training my esper abilities


sigh ffxivs down what the hell am i meant to do for the next 8 hours


sync up with me


hope youre on zalera


face your mortality




play some tiberian sun taking a break from splatoon to play it and im having a blast


no im on tonberry


accidentally deleted one of my autocompletes now my muscle memory is ruined


normberian sun


confused by this post


hes a phonenorm


norms have never even played a command and conquer game


gotta shovel


the address bar idiot


how do i delete autocompletes


dont know what the hell youre talking about just type the url in


hope i can type with my mind in 10 years


typing is the last thing i want to be doing in 10 years


could really use a big fat hug right now


hate typing i want everything done in one key press


could hug a big boob girl right now too sigh


nothing like a good clickity clack


no i need a brohug


i need a big pair of tits to grab and a slimy kitty to prod asap


sao sucks so hard every episode is like 20 minutes of dialog why are they doing this stereotypical boss rush plot does anyone still tune into this crap week after week its like one piece but worse


its for norms what do you expect


snoozing now keep it down


the first season was good i liked it
it was a high budget isekai that tried to tackle complicated moral dillemas in a life and death scenario
grimgar was the best isekai though


File: 1549941480211.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1072, Burning.2018.1080p.BluRay.Remux.x264.mkv 00.13….png)

can cats really have autism


yeah mine does


this alice character is just a ripoff saber ugh


stop watching it if you dont like it


im an anime masochist i watch bad anime for pleasure


the target audience doesnt know who saber is cause sao is for norms


nah go to hell


installed battlerite


something wrong norman


ate a lot today
made 9 cups of rice in the cooker with two heads of broccoli in the steamer and they both turned out perfect then i ate about half of the rice and broccoli with one chicken breast this was at about 4pm
ate the other half of the sides with another larger chicken breast at 7:30
thats about two and a half pounds of chicken probably and like 1800 calories of rice not counting the mayo and olive oil


never counted calories


you should smother all of that with melted nacho cheese it would be good


looks like its get huge o clock already


how is burning wanted to watch it in theatres


im not trying to get huge just fill my belly for cheap
chicken breast is 2 dollars a pound which actually adds up but its healthy and is defiantly cheaper than going to wcdonalds and buying some garbage and ramen just sucks without meat and gives me heartburn but if i get tired of rice ramen is about 30 cents for two packets


i eat mainly chicken breast and rice too but usually you can spend a dollar or less more on spices and onions and stuff to make it taste a lot better than just boiled chicken and rice


i dont know who saber is


File: 1549942557888.jpg (76.42 KB, 800x600, 2889194-sabersoccer.jpg)


i have limited space in the kitchen but ill try baking it or maybe even coating it with breadcrumbs or something
i made meatballs once and it required breadcrumbs and i used ground oats instead that might be good


if you bake it make sure to wrap it in foil or it will dry out


also i put coriander pepper and lime juice in my rice cilantro is good too but i forgot it
when i prepare the chicken to go in the rice is toss it with salt pepper and olive oil and microwave it and they get a good taste from that


gth cooknorms


wish i knew how to cook


hate how everyone on hima has all these opulent feasts befitting of royalty and i subsist on tv dinners


i wouldnt even call this cooking it seems like basic assembly to me i dont measure anything out and mix stuff very poorly because im only cooking for myself


tv dins for me to except mom wants me to start cooking i just cant


never eaten a tv dinner in my life mom didnt allow that trash in her house
i did buy a single frozen dinner once but i opened it and took one look at the pathetic little chunks of meat and begrudgingly ate it because it was on sale


have you ever noticed that orange juice starts to smell like bread after a couple of hours


i only eat boiled chicken and boiled vegetables and boiled eggs


cannot stand eggs but i may start cooking them so i have a snack to eat that isnt garbage
right now do snacks i eat cosco granola in the pound bags


might be one of the most pathetic people on hima


holy flip hima i farcumed over my shoulder i better find it


never farspermed it always stays below the belt line


same i bought one once when i was an adult and it was terrible and overpriced


overwatch has finished installing


fire up apex


tried playing normpex the other day but my teammate was saying mean things to me so i quit


sigh cant figure out how to login


what is the password


username neet
password blog


might have a jerk and nap


File: 1549945740370.jpg (68.32 KB, 720x888, s79cfk5tpve21.jpg)

me car


oooooog car ooog


light tuxedo shoes are gonno be exclusive buy it up fast


just mutated hard


back from the store hima got some frozen pizzas


boil one up


onseki ban the raider


boiled za huh


File: 1549948112498.jpg (109.39 KB, 800x600, 8e0bea97-b874-4153-bfb8-f4d90ca8f62f.jpg)


walked by that sign


ive had enough




hate that guy


should i save my sandwich for tomorrow or feast tonight


delay your gratification


eat it cold tomorrow


installing hots


are you gonno buy orphea


who the hell is orphea


File: 1549949094405.jpg (286 KB, 1720x1000, vadim-bakhlychev-orphea-01.jpg)


is that a new character entirely


ya its oc


weird how quickly kidjo disappeared


where did he go


yeah i wonder


imagine bragging about kidjoing at your water store job


really want that sandwich right now


still cant believe water stores are a thing


mindblowing that they cant just turn on their sinks


my diets officially going to start now ill only have 2 meals a day for the rest of my life no snacks


wheres the fun in that sounds like a horrible life to me without snacks


only have a limited time on this earth i need to see how i look being young and a twig so sacrifices must be made


i was ancient when this world was young


might go for a walk in the dark


bring your gun




the nights are lawless


its safe where i live ill be okay


File: 1549950717945.mp4 (3.67 MB, 1483828735679.mp4)


File: 1549950743697.png (167.33 KB, 400x300, 1314670442585.png)


File: 1549951808252.png (210.36 KB, 400x400, 1518824597319.png)


time to snooze you two should get to bed too


its only 10 i dont want to go to bed yet


wish anime was still good like in 2006 sigh


only woke up 4 hours ago


should i move to seattle




move to portland


move up to vancouver and we can live together but separate


like i said before bros i can move anywhere mom gave me the decision but it cant be the south so far washington is at the top of the list utah and oregon are up there too


canada is too much of a hastle


whats wrong with the south


i like cold weather and snow





why not move to japan


dead hours


not going to fall for your trick


woke up


baste turt


baste teen


sick of you


wish to cum inside a girl


not a wap


how about china


i have awakened


i have something to say


well go on


i shant speak


cant believe what a piece of shite the praetorium is what were they thinking


its fun


im starting with the man in the mirror


you must be a huge tard if you find it fun


youre automatically a huge tard if you play ff14


yeah im a huge tard so what


not smart enough for wow so im playing this instead


ryzen 1600 for $99 on microcenter


this guy is some discord friend of onsekis isnt he


what if i scape


too dumb to scape


sigh vegan gains got unbanned


lets celebrate


i thought he was going to prison


vnig and pnig will have to fight for top bunk in prison


pnig has no chance hes a frail little ped


last one left on hima


nah thats me


vnig would beat pnigs ass for cooking all those meats


pnig will just rally up his fellow inmates with his charisma vnigs gonno get outnumbered


woke up


stay woke


need to shit bad


File: 1549980395575.webm (2 MB, 540x960, 1549933506397.webm)


the sleeper has awakened


pulled a muscle sperming again


ordered some tea but have nothing to brew it in can i just microwave it


no thats heresy


drink soda instead


woke up


File: 1549984953318.jpg (58.63 KB, 336x500, 1536401844149.jpg)

teen me


wish i could return to my naive arrogant teenbro state


the only worthwhile anime is produced exclusively after 2011


if you desire to be a teen too much youll get a curse where youre 15 forever


already constantly mistaken for a 16 year old


you could restart high school


could really use a hug right now hima


going to do highschool right this time and be prom king


gonno sign up for hima high


never went to prom whats it like


dont think anyone heres been to prom


File: 1549986974371.gif (871.39 KB, 832x512, 1380778116827.gif)



i wnet to my prom


gonno add nut to that sugar sugar rune


do girls really shake their butts when they horny



ordered a mechanical keyboard


like when foreigners have cute avatars but really hate the vrchat circlejerk they all stand around really close looking at each other and the admins ban nonfunny people


nb and i started the hima vrchat clan its free from all that


on the toilet hima


dont forget to flush






fire something up






whats the matter son


File: 1549991643404.jpg (749.46 KB, 960x1280, 1549933936747.jpg)


thats an old pic


i asked once in a 4chan thread if anyone there had even talked to him and i was the only one just a bunch of norms pretending


you mean before or after he was arrested


before since hes not relevant anymore


who cares he was just your average tripnorm


would he have survived in prison if he was white


white people dont go to prison


do tripfags still exist


cant believe someone gets to be pnigs cellmate and its not me


its not too late


you dont want to go to prison trust me


has he been convicted yet


ya took the plea deal and got 4 years


the plea deal would be 10 years


sigh pnig he was so hikki that he had to pee in bottles theres no way hes gonno survive prison


File: 1549993477738.jpg (77.17 KB, 634x474, 265A0AD200000578-2981368-image-a-3_14255749318….jpg)

the hima mansion


holy shit hes facing the death penalty now too


wish i could be the one who flips the switch




this is the judge in pnigs trial wonder what type of sentence hes gonno get


complex capital case in arizona


File: 1549994647849.png (333.89 KB, 1630x322, 3efb894b0294404125a0828a0193d623.png)

theres too many options im panicking


why are there so many jap comments


make sure you can get the temperature to exactly 88c for the perfect green tea



that doesnt tell just tell me what to buy


get the most expensive one you can find


File: 1549995879180.jpg (98.19 KB, 1200x900, hima kettle.jpg)

build yourself a hima kettle


buy the cheapest one


made the mistake of glancing down at my wrists while they were in an uncovered state and havent been able to recuperate since


whats wrong with your wrists


hate reading and seeing arrogant skippers having a discussion


nothin arrogant skiprager


$150 water boiler now thats arrogant



never cut my wrists before does it hurt


how should i know im not a cutnorm


love a good cut


it feels good also the adrenaline acts as an appetite suppressant




mindblowing that were closer to 2030 than 2007


it cant be


they measure less than 8 inches in circumference


they like this motivational shite plus that ai girl covered it


whats wrong with that mine are 5 inches


hehe wish i had a girly wrist bf


youre have to be a girl thats way too small for a guy even a twink should be in excess of 6


dont know how to use a tape measure


im a little over 6 it blows hard




wish i was a larger male


under 7 inches you lack adequate leverage for daily tasks such as jo


wish i had 13 inch wrists like nb


is 7.5 inches good


sigh im an inferior male i will never get to mate with a female


seizing a mate by force is a common occurrence in the animal kingdom


need to sperm inside a young healthy and fertile adult woman



memory leaked overnight and skipped


cant wait for zen2 bros gonno build a new pc hehe


die skipper


newer firefox versions dont leak anymore or at least not as bad


File: 1549998935119.png (1.76 KB, 49x52, 2019-02-12-141425_49x52_scrot.png)





cant find that theme


its the 2ch


liar i dont see the bricks


its the tb theme isnt it


File: 1549999935325.png (128.81 KB, 1834x616, brickhouse.png)

theyre right there


nice melia banner he he thats mine


please remove the * and fix aa


same ill probably get the highest ryzen i can if it can actually beat the 9900k


what games are you playing that need a 5000 dollar computer anyways


yoshis island


wish we were like animals and had to fight other males for mating rights at least then id have a chance instead its all decided at birth on factors you have no control over


lets kidnap some girls and fight for who gets to mate with them itll be fun


that would be highly illegal not to mention unethical


hey this looks good and the theme looks good ive been skipping but id like to add this can you pastebin it


mom made me shovel a section of the driveway sweatin hard


i agree please add that theme to the selection having the bricks add a rustic oldworld charm to the hima browsing experience


going to surprise my gf with an unexpected visit to her classroom on valentine's what should i say to the teacher


give him a firm bow of respect


use to call yearbooks earbooks when i was a little shota


going to get myself some warhammer 40k figs


i dont game


reckless materialism will not satisfy your spiritual longings


yet you continue to post here a known gaming community


it takes a top of the line pc to handle a hima thread


hands are getting cold


how is hima a gaming community


ive never seen a more deliberately obtuse question in my life


going through all these reviews of variable kettles i like how people complain about rust on stainless steel
its called stain LESS not stain never tards ruining these products ratings


you shouldve picked mercy


but when you say hairless you dont mean less hair but no hair


maybe but stainless still is still just rust resistant not rust proof


i am a wristless male


did you ever update the star theme i havent used it since the early one is very bloated


new ippo hima


going to purge all my arrogance and become a npc


dont think i could become a norm even if i wanted to


once youve been pilled you lose the ability to normalize


File: 1550004404775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.35 KB, 1437x2048, pic.jpg)

just took a selfie


pardon my bluntness but you are very beautiful


big boob gerl hi


im baste


im teen


you are a little pest is what you are


dont think i got enough sleep as a teen so it stunted my growth i couldve been a tallnorm


same malnourished hunched and underslept myself my teen years were the end of me


having another coffee


same i have high mandibular angle which is a death sentence


tardlaughing thinking about how that epic webm oc went completely unappreciated content creation is truly a thankless task


gonno watch the apex tournament


wk vs turt


what webm


if youre having trouble you can check here for help https://fauux.neocities.org/help.html

heres a tip


i made a few wallpapers for hima once and was just told to kill myself neets are cretins


just the neeteens everyone else is reasonable


boss went back home


wonder what my future wife is doing right now


the future is now


went to the gun range and blasted off about 70 rounds in neat and orderly fashion on very small targets and checked my groups every couple rounds and changed positions like a good shooter
when i was finishing up some teen and his dad came in and immediately set up a three foot tall human shaped target at 10 meters and the teen dumped probably 40 rounds into it indiscriminately without checking his groups or anything dont understand the point of that but theyre probably much richer than i am and shooting a couple hundred rounds without improving their skill is a father son bonding experience


i had the whole place to myself until they came in and there was no range coach or anything so i was breaking all kinds of safety rules pointing a loaded weapon on safe backwards and at the ceiling and dipping on the range even though a big sign says no tobacco use
ill probably go back to this place on a weekday but not for a long time i dont really find shooting paper very fun


always wanted to shoot some melons and cans and stuff


why does the good guy have the red saber




get that twig out of here hima is a plumper zone


what do you mean click here for help nothing makes sense on that page


its not the 2ch theme its just the background im using on my own


why not share it



Love Lain, accept and confine yourself in technology, accept your faults and imperfections


regardless of its veracity one things for sure that national statistic doesnt apply to me hehe


File: 1550012795213.png (456.32 KB, 672x1244, 1473480350108.png)


gotta appreciate the hypocrisy of calling chinks a bunch of ants then later finding out that most ants are neets uhhh im ant haha


hehe im a squid


im ugly


what do neet ants do all day do they just eat and sperm or what


also why target ants bees are pretty baste and theres no such thing as a neet bee


its mine


kitty is purring


thats because bees arent sexually developed so they dont feel suffering


im a neetbee or as i call it a beet


flip bees honey isnt even good


gonno beet


cant wait for bees to go extinct


bees are superior


i am one bad mother flipper


really need a kitty


kitty is meowing at again


i have a bee phobia



File: 1550014838149.jpg (183.51 KB, 1200x1600, tiq547wrm5t11.jpg)

help my cat wont stop mewing and now he keeps mogging me


on your knees moefoe!


woke up gonno have coffee


im mewing


read and highlight


already read too late to highlight


theres still time


yes i post on himasugi how did you know





burnt me wrist reaching into the toaster oven


abstain from the fools paradise its an illusion of life the whole cause of our demise


File: 1550016938434.png (138.48 KB, 1514x752, read.PNG)

added to my carefully curated collection for future reference thank you my scholarly friend




only ever read two books on my own volition


File: 1550017217238.jpg (117.51 KB, 800x600, the masked man.jpg)


dont read beauvoir shes a feminist


women are the future




like sisyphus i work all day on tasks that are renewed in the following one
like sisyphus i receive in exchange enough to nurture my body if only to keep carrying my burder for longer
one must imagine sisyphus happy


delete all of that except ligotti


think i could rich if i made a mal but for gaming


you mean steam


no where you can catalog every game you beat on any platform steam doesnt have that right


add democracy the god that failed to your list


list of things to delete



flip i was too late


going to read dorian gray again


oh godg hima help it hurts the toilet paper was blood red when i finished what do i do ohfhh the humanity


happens every time i wipe usually by the 5th pass theres blood


happens every month you arrogant moids will never understand


get a bidet


boruto 93 is good its like an oldschool naruto fuller episode they even showed narutos old frogger wallet


what the heck


guys if you take metamucil every day you wont even need tp not joking


thats for old people if you take that then you forfeit your youth


love a good metamucil and prune juice


nice tearjerker episode wonder if kishimoto sensei actually helped with this one


what youth


wish i had bloody ass


i tried metamucil years ago it didnt help me


what its called when youre quite empathetic and perceptive but use it for evil classical psychopaths are described as devoid of empathy have i just formulated a new breed of villainy


psychic empath


File: 1550019437364.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)


is there a new manga out what are you talking about


did you take it every day try benefiber
if you use more than one square of tp 50% of the time you need a fiber supplement



define one square


holy flip p anderson went full turt on this one


tried psyllium husks before and they almost killed me


if hes bleeding out of his ass every day he probably needs more than a fiber supplement


what the flip ive been using near half the damn roll after each bowel movement since adolescence what youre saying cant be right


File: 1550019750157.jpg (35.08 KB, 730x411, DeUP2.jpg)


hate people who use way too much tp something about it enrages me


his man ass is busted and needs some rest and clean and fast shite sessions will do that


barfed at that image dont post toiletries


how can you tell if someone uses too much


nobody forgets the first time they take a shite then wipe and the tp comes out so clean that you could use it as a napkin


green tea can help with the bloody ass


guys weighted blankets are a lifechanger i am not kidding get yourself a 25lb one as soon as you can


more than a few squares


love that feeling


hows that


25lb would suffocate me


thats exactly what i want


could i train with a weighted blanket like goku


how much do you weight


ya the more you sleep the more powerful you become


95 lbs



that is dangerously malnourished eat something please


it might be a 4'11 girl


or a 4'11 chink


its okay im 5 ft 4


then you should get a 15lb blanket


its too expensive


it will last you for years it is worth it


which one should i get


excreting scorching liquid shit what have i done to deserve this






monsters have some sympathy


any with good reviews on amazon is fine


eatin some toast


drink some water you need to hydrate


how ccan you be sure


you cant hes trying to trick you into spending lots of money


i knew it


gonno become a scorching ping pong little baby


you cant


File: 1550022459842.jpg (518.27 KB, 1050x960, 1541894572768.jpg)


hehe shes so cute wish i could see her face


File: 1550022688507.jpg (185.83 KB, 496x611, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_ippongui__80970cf….jpg)


going to assassinate zun if these tohonorms dont flipping skedaddle


no dont


then beat it toho nigger


dont say that


who wrote this why are the i apostrophe s not capitalized


File: 1550023119545.jpg (70.17 KB, 600x450, 1340092641387.jpg)


whats he grinning about kancolle and all those other opportunistic franchises will have the last laugh as touhou recedes farther and farther into the annals of history a faint and distant vestige remembered only by the lowest of the low poseur otaku


no one cares about that dried up old hack




dont know if my libido is going down but its almost 24 hours since my last jo maybe i can just do 1 jo a day from now on


same things happening to me wonder if im going through menopause


took a big dump only one wipe required


touhou is declining



no way touhou is as popular as ever it will never die in the hearts of real otaku
kancolle and idolmaster and whatever other meme girl collecting franchises are out there were purely created to make money no true otaku could ever latch onto those impure girls zuns world was created with guts and heart and everyone knows it so know after that other trash is gone touhou will persist


hope you dont actually believe that


dont be so confident toho niggers really are that delusional


bh contrarian


cant decide whether i want to flip caracal or serval this is too hard




File: 1550025438597.png (69.38 KB, 635x723, books.png)

rate my shelf bookbros


wheres the vns


whered you download the varg books


theres very little youll have to search the rest elsewhere


File: 1550025822569.jpg (287.22 KB, 1400x2120, 81NJ5msxhpL.jpg)

tie up the collection with this one


what a flippin norm


i worship norms


i can tell


weird how many russians keep exotic pets have a strange feeling they just kill them when they get to be too much to handle or they get bored
russians are literally the chinks of europe soulless emotionally devoid creatures that think nothing of insane acts of cruelty for their own amusement


what exotic pets


like caracals red pandas and eagles and bear cubs and wolves and gigantic asian frogs



not sure many people would be comfortable with a pet wolf


hate when i cut my tongue licking a yogurt cup


think its time for a pube shave


dont bother its too itchy


im ok with that pubes disgust me too much


add the mystery of the graal


shaved my neetbeard earlier today


had a nice big mow gonno take a break for a bit then mow some more


hate booknorms


simply trim



barely recovering from my intestinal trauma and mom brings me a flipping jumbo milkshake this bitch is trying to sabotage me this is going to wreck my stomach all over again


dont drink milk you are too old for it


woop woop woop kemono friends just got basted hell yeah here comes the plot


almost choked


can you imagine how many books hes read in his lifetime probably the sum of all books read by hima multiplied by 100




books are lame


im lame


started drinking soda again feel disgusted


you should feel refreshed from a nice glass of coke


cant even drink more than one sip of coke before pouring the rest down the drain


water is pure hydration why settle for less


nb would show you how its done


what do you mean i dont drink soda


why are you so hefty then


its just water weight


gonno go lift some weights


shaved the pubes and beard and showered im feeling young and fresh


shaved my pubes once the sandpaper crotch isnt worth the jo


it feels better for me because the the skin on my hand touching the skin where my pubes were feels stimulating


i eat too much


worth the weight


mom asked me if i want money to order subs tomorrow even though we have meatballs steakumms and chicken in the freezer thats the third time this week and she was just complaining about her bills


sigh shes so nice mine bitches at me for asking to eat out and gives mcdonalds only as a treat


mom always says shes going on a diet but then buys the same junk and bakes brownies and eats sugary snacks and stuff


keep getting a rash down there sigh


post that plumpermom


i always give mom a hard time for buying desserts


kitty is staring at me it is creeping me out


run it over


the cat mom brought home around a year ago doesnt leave me alone cant even go to the bathroom without him scratching the door and reaching his paw underneath while meowing also whines when i stop petting him he even licks my face like a dog pretty sure he was separated from his mom too early


let him nurse from you


he tries to do that to my neck it feels weird


sounds like it wants flip


mowed some more gonno shower



File: 1550035735665.jpg (58.94 KB, 639x482, sans_t10.jpg)


sigh beato


why didnt anyone tell me about this


ryukishi lost it


eatin a pomegranate


they have the same taste as man


i regret to inform hima that jazzs vagina has fallen off




what about chriss vagina


i mean christine


die deadnamer


what the fuck


hard winterstorm out there could barely open my window


snowing here to stay dry hima


raging hard


lucky its 96 degrees here


are norms actually supporting this


just look at the comments


File: 1550037094591.png (1.23 MB, 1650x2470, UbZXYa7.png)

they must use the steam sprites


is this the neetcut


cant get horny for that battler hes a disgrace



it should be obvious


snooze time anyone gonno sync


File: 1550037362060.jpg (470.53 KB, 1440x1440, mission complete.jpg)

i made it bros


what race is she




meant to type gz



phew gonno buy this




backed it too


practicing my chanting




could easily defeat anyone on hima in aoe 2


id play a tiberian sun game with hima not good at aoe 2 and i doubt anyone is good at cnc


normberian sun


only ever played c and c generals



some cool new stuff added to ffxiv gonno fire up this pvp mode


join my guild


time to snooze


im on balmung where are you


its not a guild its a free company


its an adventurers guild


made curry


not cool enough to get into balmung


im on tonberry


balmung is the norm server


nice tonberry king


i would rather play with humble japanese


saw him a few months ago


ya playing on a jp server is nice


hate japs theyre arrogant


bow after all my parties


theyre the least arrogant people on earth


always commend the tank


i tank feels nice getting commended


die you flipping gamernorms


yearning to get snapped by a busty girl


its impossible for girls to snap


you have no idea how wrong you are


hate foids


wish i was smart enough to be a gamer


heading to bed wish me luck


had my first tardrage


what took you so long


raged last night but i was able to get a hold of myself before i wrecked the shop


glad for chadseki


gonno start bulking so i can reach neetblogs level


why do you wish to challenge him


File: 1550047781698.jpg (260.67 KB, 1449x2048, fat.jpg)


got a plumperbone


nice plumbertron


File: 1550048365213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.34 KB, 1000x1500, plumber.jpg)


nightjogged hard


ooog me jog




put me down hima



turned that off i wouldnt rent to him either


pizzas ready hima hoo boy time for a taste of italy


did you know they dont actually have the concept of pizza in italy


nose is running a mile a minute how the fuck did i get ill hima hate being sick


turn it on this is important to know for the mansion


why would it matter when the mansions being built in jakarta


liar ive been to italy twice


you mean shenzhen


you mean kota kinabalu


mindblowing that girls leak blood once a month


i leak blood every day


File: 1550057064788.jpg (165.67 KB, 2048x1446, boobs.jpg)

hate when this happens


your tits must be huge


yuck get those checked out


mindblowing how girls pretend having big breasts hurts them theyll whine about anything


hate big boobs


what dont you hate




im skinny fat


no such thing youre either skinny or youre fat


eating a apple






bed time


its morning time to rise and shine


time for the neets to rest their weary little eyes and slumber while the workers toil away


gotdamnit arrogant neets


may just snooze afterall


cant wait for the neets to wake up one day and realize theyre in their 40s and their parents are either dead or incapable of caring for them any longer


might become japanese


wish i could be neet but theres nobody to care for me


ill simply rope no big deal


weighed in at 259 thats the twigest ive been in a while


die twig


mom said were moving to hong kong


have fun


might become the demon king


cant believe kaczynski has to suffer at adx florence just because he bombed some norms gonno write him a letter


File: 1550067334191.jpg (372.25 KB, 1572x2032, 1549945164391.jpg)

come here often?


that jack daniels label was drawn well


hate alcoholers


shes not old enough to be drinking


the winebibbers will burn in hell


she has jewelry on she must be at least 28


she has come to hima to find a husband


so have i


wish to be a stay at home dad


gonno listen to p andersons advice and find a nice young girl from church to settle down with


File: 1550068736035.jpg (41.54 KB, 720x480, bnriyxjpy7g21.jpg)



this will be my last valentines day


the last one single you mean


wish i was mgtow




tardlaughing at how he considers himself mgtow while hes married


the mansion will have these installed on all the fans



there are billions of children and none of them will marry me


children are not for marrying


workin like a horse hima
can you believe someone sent me a purchase order yesterday at like 9 pm and had the gall to wake me up at 7:15 am asking if i was already done girl i work nine to six


i was up all night working on the penske file mr goldstein has been on my ass


how could they wake you up


excellent wake and wank


almost thirty hima


no one cares and workaholics think everyone stays up all night working like they do


File: 1550077476630.jpg (59.18 KB, 1600x800, 1507326069014.jpg)


dont turn 30 please


dont have a choice its only a few months away now and mom hasnt kicked the bucket before me


life gets better after 30 dont worry



been thirty for a couple months now nothing got better


gonno grow wasabi


what have you been up to now that youre thirty


thats zettai muri desu


i dont want to be a wizard


fell for the wizard meme sigh


we dont get a choice in the matter


theres probably no reason to live beyond 30 if the 20s were this bad


just fucked up hard at work


hope you get fired






File: 1550082416472.webm (1.81 MB, 718x404, 1505234206013.webm)

first day on the job


bought an ssd and dont notice the difference


heh almost all the technorm stuff was delivered today bet moms curious of whats going on

not like it matters because the motherboard is still floating around in california




pits are sweaty today


File: 1550084437967.jpg (146.79 KB, 1195x1777, DyXTqpTU0AAh9ea.jpg)


File: 1550084497052.png (108.01 KB, 500x402, tumblr_n0ym7tzEgH1sdvfkko2_500.png)


love smelling my sweaty pits and balls hehe


may i have a whiff sir




gonno go back to school and become a train driver


wonder how many suiciders the average train driver slams into


once a week on public transit here


gonno puke hima


hold it in





made it


made what


lots of good games coming out this week hima


im home hima havin a big ol mug o coffee


82 minutes left


die gamer


NOT a gamer but i can appreciate a good game when i see one


anyone else mewing rn


mewing is a scam designed to sell gullible young virgs a false sense of hope so that they will reintegrate into society and provide the jewish overlords with more labor to extract


still dont know what mewing is thought it was something cats did


im hardmewing and i feel pressure at my brow ridge and upper nose


no it works im going to ascend


same but i feel pressure around my squamous temporal and zygomatic process and some at my lambdoid suture


been meowing this whole time instead of mewing flip you


i am morphing


gonno mew hard


kitty is meowing


wish i had a kitty


its p great


sigh whats it like to not be overweight


never felt a greater sense of relief than when the family cat died


roll two guys down a mountain and the fat man will win


hope you die you bastard


fat men are beautiful


ive done nothing wrong whats the matter with you wishing death upon me its not like im the one who killed it


felt nothing when the family dog got hit by a car my only sadness was we never ate its meat hehe


hima has grown so heartless dont think things can continue in this state


we will never establish a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood like this


trimmed me pubes


freak eye warned us of the chinks corrosive influence


that was me


p anderson said animals dont matter now quit crying about them


that is not biblical god has charged us with stewardship of all the land and the living creatures contained therein we must rule with grace and magnanimity


File: 1550093269892.jpg (70.46 KB, 800x558, 1550092421584.jpg)

stop playing video games


lose interest in video games within 2 minutes they are too mentally demanding


hope mom gets me some valentine candies


thats tomorrow



a homely korean girl offered me an entire bag of chocolates in history class one year on valentines and i silently declined her like a badass made me feel like a bona fide uchiha


goignt o exercise a bit today again hope i dont get redpee this time


were you drinking red gatorade or something


used to behave like sasuke in class because sakura and ino thought he was cool


i also politely informed her that her people had no rightful claim over the dokdo territories


how can one even consider working out a hobby its masochism


mass is its own reward wont settle for anything less than a hulking behemoth who has trouble grasping cups without inadvertently shattering them


are you saying turt has no hobbies


girls prefer skinnyfat guys


the trend seems to be skinny and tall


the whims of femalekind are fickle and impermanent destructive capacity is forever


whew glad i didnt miss it this is gonno be exciting


should i watch this




wish they still made good anime instead of that pandering crap


where can i find myself a pinchslave


what are your preferences


File: 1550095878698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.91 KB, 1437x2048, DxigFUYUUAIHDXb.jpg)


die degenseki



wish i was a norm


thought that said mom what about that what would you do if you were a mother




norm factory


moms are socially accepted neets


motherhood is the most difficult job in the world


only if youre single


what could be hard about being a mom


cant see myself wasting money on videogames


going to enroll in the military academy in honor of this new fire emblem


baste tetris


dont know but it must be hard since mom is always complaining


got baited hard thought itd be a battle royale hehe


norm emblem is simply the worst


varg wouldnt like this one


wish i didnt have double eyelids


woke up gonno have some coffee and watch swampletics


feel bad for koreans they were so close to being japanese


so many games such little time i need to spend more time gaming before i die


hell ya gonno grab myself a nice covfefe and watch


just realized my head was molded by my headphones


File: 1550099684744.jpg (452.96 KB, 850x1200, 01.jpg)



im positive that no one on hima could defeat me in age of mythology even with handicaps


your confidence betrays you


just loooked at the mirror by accident by god why am i so hideous


no stop that you are beautiful you are loved and i appreciate you and i am sure many others feel the same


i spend hours every day flexing in the mirror and practicing facial expressions


joed so hard i made a pool on my tummy i was lightheaded for a minute


used to spend hours in front of the mirror contorting my face and rambling incoherently to myself until my face started to warp beyond recognition and got scared and stopped


nah only mom and the kitty like me
and sis


you are squandering your vitality


cant help but see every roast as the hag they will become


god has a plan for me i know it


im mo flippin pasted


gods been trying to kill me for years


you are an aberration


can boys be hags


meet blogletics my hima locked ultimate neetman
no working no leaving home but this time i cant post outside of hima


you should see all women as the sexy ladies and teens they once were


dont tell him that it will only activate turts bloodlust he hates sexy ladies


File: 1550101993983.jpg (620.26 KB, 1129x1585, 1527234641327.jpg)

i love sexy ladies


shaved me pubes


hell yeah




File: 1550103263983.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 1000x562, 1549790887282.webm)


wish i could suck on those beads


mindblowing this aired on national television


what would that accomplish


big bone


File: 1550103522438.jpg (93.52 KB, 600x800, 1880d757c63c47a29355139be0d0b8f1.jpg)


nothin mindblowing


wish i could experience a warm summer with her


sayaka is a cute sexy ladygirl and her va is so nice she must be flipped


that would resolve none of the problems in your life


how the flip do you know


itd be a good start though hehe it means my real life will have begun


did you know the word begun is a grammatically incorrect bastardization


gonno snooze


File: 1550104314853.png (58.52 KB, 400x298, 1382215449623548.png)



wish i was cute again


you never were


i was cute once


File: 1550104810040.jpg (89.82 KB, 1080x1030, 1549986735089.jpg)

hey you watch linus were big fans of him too


cute to men or cute to girls


wish that was me in the middle


hate seeing pictures of norms


the mew crew spotted at the 2020 hima meetup


File: 1550105012460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 398.56 KB, 1000x667, stand user-pnig stand name-smooth criminal.jpg)


File: 1550105104742.jpg (117.76 KB, 600x600, 1547091376173.jpg)



File: 1550105140341-0.jpg (60.11 KB, 1080x1248, 23161392_881389735354523_4118894862592376832_n.jpg)

File: 1550105140341-1.jpg (129.45 KB, 1522x1176, 9v8hjT2.jpg)


the magic of permasquinting and lip injections


my boy is a master at squint maxing


File: 1550105476481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.14 KB, 1277x717, 77c666a89d27e5e710daa95dcde74189.jpg)


did you know that hunching over compresses all of your organs


someone saw me on hima and said they recognized neetblog from college


im sweaty as hell hima


gonno buy a cel burger from burger king


they said he used to roll around campus in a beat up kia with a sticker on the back that said pow mia


not capable of sweating


i sweat so much i hate it


2 meal a day plan is going smoothly on day 3 hehe im doing it hima i cant wait to wake up as a twig


why does height play such a large factor in size a guy who is 6'2 and like 140lbs looks a lot bigger than someone who is a few inches shorter and built like a truck


File: 1550107651301.jpg (95.02 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….jpg)

feeding time


File: 1550107745605.png (157.35 KB, 850x1200, 43.png)


fast every other day


that will not fill the emotional void in your soul




wish i could twigmax


how do i go from 15% bodyfat to 8%


stop eating


maybe we can trade appetites


stop with the misguided attempts to remake your self-image it will only end in heartbreak the universe itself will conspire against you dont disturb the natural order your room is the only refuge from the hostile external world


didnt understand that post


how do i go back in time i need a reset


you dont understand my soul is a twig im supposed to look like an anime mc i cant be a fat background character im too important


will satan trade for a full respec should i ask


the gods will punish you for your hubris


i look forward to your twigwakening


nobody has ever successfully completed the transformation its too dangerous why are you encouraging him


do sexy ladies like fat guys


File: 1550109016436.jpg (490.26 KB, 1200x1756, 0001.jpg)

you know


sexy ladies dont care what you look like as long as you can flip them HARD but a minimum member length of 8 inches is required




sexy ladies dont want flip


wish to platonically cuddle a sexy lady


baste fuck juice


that isnt possible sexy ladies are intensely sexual beings


dont they like it gentle not hard


rookie mistake


gonno beecome a loyal npc


loyal what do you mean loyal to what


loyal to the machine


is that you john wayne
is this me


what if i told you that there is no machine and that mans struggle to impose order on this world is futile


my hunter level is 2


how do i check mine


im a super spry 27 year old


i turn 25 in a few days my youth is all dried up what a shit waste of a life


ban this flipping arrogant youngster


File: 1550110543194.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1527216760935.png)


File: 1550110607294.gif (1.26 MB, 500x324, UnkemptGlitteringEelelephant-size_restricted.gif)

hehe shes so tard


File: 1550110719635.png (162.3 KB, 600x600, 15730_gRnlqwAn.png)


uh you came out as a girl


you could pass for a young natalie portman


they dont have a nongirl option


File: 1550111621341.png (18.19 KB, 615x192, Capture.PNG)


think i found my favorite moviestar sexy lady hope nobody else knows about her


File: 1550111842025.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)




google capital case in arizona dickspammer is done for


theyre giving him the death penalty for murdering warosu


this is cause for celebration


complex case just means regular time constraints dont apply to the trial its usually good for the defendant


did he kill gran


he snapped and killed his cousin


have a feeling how this arc will flow into the next one

after hes free pnig will countersue the police for snooping on his computer after the invasion of his privacy and win enough money to start the hima mansion arc


glad someone else remembers how he killed warosu thought i was the only one left


whether they invaded his privacy or not isnt going to delete the cp


cant believe pnig was kidjo i get hes a ped but he always struck me as more subdued and tasteful than that i fear for the mental condition of his cousins in light of all this hope they arent too traumatized


wonder what he has been doing this whole time without the internet


i was just joking he didnt kill warosu


we got it all on tape


i kidjo to legal innocent pictures and videos norms dont realize you can do this because their brains have been ruined by porn


flipping hate how pornified everything has become the way norms make overt reference to sexual imagery in daily conversation is revolting


File: 1550113203566.gif (161.31 KB, 373x481, 1179428240221.gif)

sigh nurse witch komugi chan


sigh nurse teen komugi norm


nothin wrong with a kidjo


my tribe


pnig should ask thad for advice


ya flippin hate that gross shite alright time to watch my anime hehe look at her boobes theyre huge


im not onseki you flipper i demand only the highest artistry and narrative from my anime


ya like for example uhh umaru and pripara sublime shows for scholarly gentlemen


gonno spam turts favorite subs with banned chinese phrases


nobody actually wants to flip pripara characters how ignorant are you i watch it because of the amusing situations and charming artstyle


cracked open a beer


beer is just rancid bread


really wish lala would give me a hug and maybe a pinchjob

hima claimed this post was a joke


it is theyre just harmless inside jokes to lighten the mood


File: 1550114504663.png (663.09 KB, 1000x974, lala johns.png)


wanted to give mom a pizza slice but she didnt accept


was it warm


oven fresh


if pnig is let out of jail and posts here im leaving forever
hate that nigger


throatpuncher will go american history x on his ass if that happens


mindboggling how tiny my nutsack shrinks when its cold
in the summer my nuts hang down low and feel all floppy but if i stand outside for a few hours they retract into my body and my whole nutsack is the diameter of a golfball


my nutsack is always that size


same hate danglenorms


will turt be allowed to stream the lethal injection


cracked open a blogweiser


could really go for a beer right now


had a beer like 13 years ago it tasted bad so havent had one since


youre missing out


might start drinking



wish i was a wiseman



time for some spaghetters


dont call it that its creepy


i dont think it is


a true italian would never debase the dish with such a ridiculous infantilism


hate italians


hope maltaman is safe and happy




should i make sushi


this is just graph theory and every card is a vertex


make some spaghetters and meatyballs instead


dont even watch the majority of vids i post just instantly upload whatever vaguely interesting vid appears in the recommendations panel


respect content creators


i dont watch them either


hope you at least watch china uncensored to stay 1 step ahead of the chinks


china uncensored is funded by chinks


mom neglected me today should i take her to court


File: 1550119850488.jpg (57.19 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oh9vgfp9HG1rsug4po1_540.jpg)

how should i rename pics ive saved from tumblr


flipping hate the mmonorms so much theyve corrupted this community beyond all repair


not low enough iq to enjoy mmos




i play mmos like a single player game


die tumblrnorm


not high iq enough to enjoy mmos


File: 1550120235041.mp4 (1.25 MB, ☸ bob死 - Me when all my friends are hitting me….mp4)


ban tokike


File: 1550120428873.jpg (118.84 KB, 576x768, 119.jpg)




baste tokike




ran out of walls to stare at


File: 1550121321221.jpg (9.7 KB, 273x291, 1417571796713.jpg)




resemblance is uncanny


File: 1550121442192.png (1.5 MB, 1446x2030, __mutsu_kantai_collection_drawn_by_kabayaki_na….png)

tummy hurts


want me to take a biopsy


wine time


die wino


dont post about wine i havent had any in weeks


time for fish balls


took some rum from moms room but scared ill tard out


shit myself for the second time this week


sorry for your loss


50 neets on a dead sexy ladies chest


File: 1550124262622.png (118.49 KB, 502x366, 1550121774894.png)


stupid norm


hes right


hes a flipping norm


hes just being nice


how is having arcane otaku interests dull and boring


gonno make curry


girls dont care about stuff like that girls care about instagram followers


mom raged at me for lounging in the nude she says im turning into a complete bum


tell her youre just coming into your own as a nudist and that its perfectly natural


cumming into your ass


i dont have otaku interests


why are you here


someone linked to this board on incels.me


welcome brother


have never had anything but a superficial in anything dont understand how you guys can read about flipping vector calculus and recite obscure production details about some esoteric black metal album without even mentioning all the other flippers like turt who could write you a thesis on anabolic steroids and all the carnorms what is it i lack


the last two are norms


because im a neet and i love to blog


heading to bed wish me luck


good luck were all counting on you


you lack autism


just doomed to mindlessly consumed


crying hard


what ails you traveler


mindlessly consuming this curry its pretty good


gonno try making half popped popcorn


how do you know its exactly half




found some ladybugs mating when i went out to harvest some of my plants earlier needless to say i executed those sexnorms on the spot


it is not your place to interfere with the cycle of life


rainy n windy hima


i have been sexually selected out of the gene pool for having undesirable genetic traits


couldve just said youre ugly


that must have made you feel like god


i am a god that exists solely to punish the arrogant


baste tvbro




if you can read this sentence i can prove gods existence


big storms brewin hima


how can you tell


i can feel it in my waters


popcorn was a failure most of it didnt even pop


told you


i foresaw this


shouldnt have gone against god


flip god ill spit in his face the day i rope


thinkin bout a big warm mug of coffee


think my tumor was the result of styrofoam contamination due to microwave exposure shouldve just used the flipping silverware


mom wants me to work at uncles car dealership wonder if i could use my persuasive abilities and boyish good looks to swindle norms


yes you should have you damn cretin


last time i had business with my uncle he banned me from his ranch


you have to have a high norm level to do sales


i beat battletoads in one sitting how hard could it be


never played halo but i must admit this is quite the rousing piece


morning hima read now im bored as hell


never read never bored



wish i could go back in time and finish the fight again


the sleeper has awakened


bored while everyones at work


you dont game to live you live to game


work has been hell for the past couple of days
sellin lenovo services to apple as a middle man but their system is so flipped up it doesnt work


wish i could try dog meat it must taste good since chinks love it so much


those dogs are bred solely for consumption they look like weird miniature greyhounds or something no one has ever kept them as pets its no more cruel than eating chickens


read the posts from after i snoozed and they were all good




wonder if maltaman escaped from the psych ward


whats for breakfast


why breakfast sandwiches of course


dont know what that is


woke up


gonno fire up the high fructose corn syrup


thats so american


wish i was the second egg


stop eating sugar


ok what do i replace it with because if i just stop ill starve




drinking a mountain dew®️ AMP™️ Game Fuel®️CHARGED ORIGINAL DEW®️


this is like a bad joke


wonder if pnig will plead insanity and get sent to the psych ward






not watching both of those embeds which ones it gonno be


tardlaughing again


stop laughing


tard oooogin here


gonno chug some gamer fuel


woke up the other day with an extra blanket on me never happened before


File: 1550164071940.png (340.55 KB, 1920x1080, hw.png)

phew nice


was that the ending




nice work


stole moms credit card and bought stormblood


its for the greater good


flip i woke up so late pardon my irresponsibility


File: 1550165578208.png (16.78 KB, 951x246, b9d0a43e552ff90afee325f6f51a2498.png)

sigh mom thought i wasnt cel for a second there


is your mom a native english speaker


shes just tard


be safe today hima the norms are at their strongest today


cant imagine mom typing like that


nice and snug in the neetbunker


do you have a weighted blanket


might buy a weighted gaming vest


i have a comforter but the buttons ripped off so i have to stuff it back in the sheet all the time


File: 1550166316588.jpg (113.05 KB, 528x586, sigh.jpg)

not foreign just retarded


is that your mom


what does you got me with the peanut a reference to


would a dad tolerate a deadbeat failure the way mom does


mom used to say the same things to me about how she thought i was a smart kid but she caught on a while ago that im hopeless now she just bugs me about getting a job


if nothing else please get me monsters


moms just happy if im enjoying myself with my games


should i get some compression socks for gaming


think my argumentative nature prevented me from projecting the helpless and tortured image that would preclude the possibility of ever attaining gainful employment in moms eyes i flipped up


im not even good company i should have emphasized the pitiability of my situation or at least acted friendly and affectionate i could have averted the ynaj saga


laughed at this


mom gave me chocolates sigh


how sweet of her what kind


box says whitmans


dont like chocolate


thats a nice mom


just had wild crunchberries for the first time the potency of the flavor is incomparable to the diluted household ones


whew ate some burger king but im still just above 259 ill have to have a small meal next time


tardlaughing hehe thats sv3riges best vid yet


what is so humorous about it


going to start fasting for 36 hours and eating for 12 from now on
getting some cold sweats hehe


he owned the plantnorms


tea samples have arrived kettle is not here yet though
they smell very strong and they threw in an extra free sample thats nice



i believe all of himas brightest minds can convene to demystify this age-old question who is willing to rise to the challenge


whats with these freaks and stabbing people


should i get myself some tea


going to solve some millennium problems to help onseki with the hosting fees


god created life the way it is now hand me over those 5 million i got a mansion to build



the answer to that question is priceless how can a measily 5mil be worth it when the nsa and the chinks could start manufacturing artificial life with that information


need an artificial lgf its ok if shes not really human


love how the scientards professing themselves to be wise they became fools vain in their imaginations think theres actually an answer to that question


could go for a warm glass of gamergirl pee right about now


girl scouts were giving away valentines day stuff with the cookies it was cute


is ff14 guy here


no hes at work currently try contacting his secretary


ya whats up


fingers smell like vinegar today


link me a good video of gameplay everything i find is just people running around as male characters about basic shit


do you like those games where you slash at a bosses ankles for 15 minutes its like that


maybe this is a good clip its an average dungeon boss and shouldnt be hard to understand whats going on


if you like raids check out any of the primal battles theyre all super cool


why are they all tard male characters wheres the sexy cats and bunnies


theres a female lalafell in that video you can jerk it to her


File: 1550176489579.jpg (94.73 KB, 458x811, 1550164060093.jpg)





stop playing zoomer games


ill just stick to tera i guess


simply play both thats what i do


everyone wants to get girlfriends but very few are willing to be the girlfriends thats the dilemma


tera is dead


ffxiv isnt for zoomers they play runescape


scape is a classic zoomers play fotm games like pubg and fortnite and apex legends


do zoomers play dwarf fort


im home hima havin a coffee and some lemon pie work has been stressful lately


i play every game you guys listed


sigh my gamer aura made everyone stop posting


replace your coffee with some green tea


post your fort


how about some kombucha instead


really like dwarf fortress but turt said its for norms


turt is the last person you should listen to


seething dorfnorms



you mean skookum


yeah that guy is a norm


really depressed friends


what the fuck


stop being sad and start being awesome


time for coffee number three


guess ill have some bread soup


make beet soup


cant recall a moment where i posted on hima with clothes on




time to enjoy a lil cpop


cant stop smelling these tea samples


get some coffee samples instead


whered you get your tea


post em




looks norm as hell


love the smell of a freshly roasted coffee bean


hope pnigs doing alright sigh wonder if he had to talk about it all with his employer and tg wonder what happened wish hed give us an update


the judge said hes not allowed to post on hima until the trial is over



ate 3 hotdogs


wont be able to post after either cause theyre going to execute him


yeah guillotine then theyre going to cremate hima and send the ashes to outer space very tragic


the da said theyre bringing back cruel and unusual punishment just for this case


boles said this post was a joke


get in here


cant understand him


are you tard


wonder what the jury will think when they start playing the videos that pnig recorded of the neighborhood children from his window



due to the hima posts evidence they will be going after turt for possession and distribution of steroid drugs


what about his dick pics


turt will be pardoned for bringing a dangerous felon to justice


gonno start posting plumpers and hairy kitties just in case


ugh mom made a friend and she has a little boy and i realized the boy is more socially adept than myself and i remembered when i was his age and i acted the same back then that i do now just end this shite life


dont snap his shota ass


laughing hard theyd read his incel posts in court and his face would be on cnn all day


woke up havin some coffee nice pewds


nice runeelite added a wiki button you just click on it and click on what you want to read about like an item or monster or quest and it opens up in your browser



looking at guides and wiki pages is cheating


the court calls mr neet blog to the stand


nothin cheaty its just some nice info like gamefaqs


would you pinch it yes or no answer the question mr boles


the norms cant handle the truth


got my quest cape without looking at a single guide


thats impossible


phew they banned nexus in mtga


only in bo1


oh thats alright since i always sideboard unmoored ego