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remember to wear two




hell yeaj


cant believe this pita ten torrent is flipped up i was downloading it for weeks


phew nice bikini seki


finna jo to rikka


oh hehe the torrent isnt even finished its at 47 percent


jo to shinka instead


luckily i have bebop downloaded


File: 1547600989797.png (5.53 KB, 300x26, baste.PNG)

they call me the beaverblog


sigh what a phenomenal anime
they dont make em like this anymore



wow lucky



when will it be my turn to be reincarnated as a nobless girl




wonder if pnig has jerked it since dec 13


hey hima back from the post office


i would pity you so much if you became a girl


you cant lower the difficulty you need to make a new save


got left behind


easy come easy go


its always me being left behind


were not gonno wait for you to catch up fatty


no one ever has or will


think i am evolving past humanity


humanity is evolving past me





nice boobies


File: 1547608736345.png (294.58 KB, 1425x765, 1547527253620.png)





it actually does show him


die raider


someones screaming outside


thats me sorry


File: 1547609907854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 214.68 KB, 859x1214, 1547561085581.jpg)

moonsama out and proud


the sideboob is the best part


sorry actually its the only good part everything from the waist down is smut trash but her top end is cute


File: 1547610094155.jpg (152.8 KB, 1024x512, Dw_hWC0UUAAVMTK.jpg)

holy flip hima time to stock up on cereal


cereal is for childs eat some toast


i work at the grocery store i can get some for you and just glue the boxes back together


i can retain my youthful face if i eat kids food exclusively


wrong youll just look older
eat some fruit and whole grain bread


jerking it to snap


only good one there is cinnamon toast crunch


gonno smoke a cig just like spike


worst advice ive ever read if you want to look young you should only be eating raw meat


nice flippin sv3rige


ashamed to admit that watching 90s anime makes me enjoy smoking cigs
its so effortlessly cool and casual theres no tar filled lungs or smokers voice in anime to bring you down just whip out your zippo or cyberpunk plasma igniter and puff on an old fashioned roll of tobacco


the distant future portrayed in anime was a perfect blend of old and new now we live in this weird mashup of hoverboards vapes and electric cars


hoverboards arent real


cant believe i fell for the 16gb ram meme


it is not enough my browser still crashes if i do too much


you need the radeon 7 for the correct amount of vram


need to wake up from this dream soon


sigh got left behind


mouse is starting to lag occasionally this is the end hima


napped and got left behind


post some suicide songs


cant wait for pnigs next cowboy bebop stream


ya cant wait for it in 2029


ive been using libgen.pw not the popular one this whole time hope i dont have viruses


thats the right one its the file mirror side of libgen.io



File: 1547613596360.jpg (47.19 KB, 560x420, chiyo-bus.jpg)

get in


File: 1547613668623.jpg (59.13 KB, 550x314, 1547612206048.jpg)


cant walk and breathe at the same time


baste whats her face making the incels rage


so disgusted who the flip gives her money id like to see a montage of all their faces i bet its 35 year olds


i now have 895 packages


did everyone go to bed


who cares what norms spend their money on
even if it enables some low tier roasties the high tier ones have been enabled by rich old geezers and manlets for decades now let the low tier males who subscribe to premium snaps and patterns suffer and writhe and die the painful deaths they deserve


i was waiting for you to post


File: 1547615579016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.92 KB, 663x1188, Dcf021oVAAAG7un.jpg orig.jpg)


i think its the perfect storm with any luck those bottom tier omegas will end up killing a couple roasties like pasted elliott


what a terrible way to tie her up i cant even flip her like that
best way to capture a girl is handcuff her to something solid either on the ground or up high with her feet barely touching the ground


the norms will just take more away from us


gonno try stimulating my prostate


dont do it its the path of no return


enjoy yourself


land foe!





made a big spicy thai green curry hima its great


File: 1547616340015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 384.03 KB, 1003x708, fun.jpg)


going to revolutionize the animation industry by making a first person animation with no jump cuts


stop posting porn you perverted fucker


ya flip you weirdo


post more


sucking hard on a candy cane


File: 1547617143908.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.92 MB, 2400x3200, 4FF274A4-58BD-4AAF-BBAB-57FDBC9FF309.jpeg)


think i ate too much of that green curry oh god


stop letting yourself get exploited by other men you get no benefit out of posting smut since youve already seen it


File: 1547617259406.jpg (174.17 KB, 1652x1380, Dw3grs2VYAEXkTx.jpg)

wish i was her


wish i had some lemon bread


File: 1547617352007.png (Spoiler Image, 2.53 MB, 1089x1526, 1510645596377.png)

wish this was me


on the left or right




youd be getting exploited


no more smut you fucking piece of shit no more i wont take it anymore


me on the left


what are you gonno do about it


im gonno rage by god the rage is comin already


got left behind in the iblog


made some scones


how do you flippers get left behind so damn long
youre obviously not paying that much attention
absolutely despise you occasional posters you make me sick


can't post at work


its a joke to say you were left behind several hours later none of them are serious


flip you postnorm


fuck you bastard its a real problem


got left behind in county lockup for a month


gonno watch this


pnig got left behind for a decade


already watched it it was great watching the chinks get owned all over again


watch your mouth arseface


suck my ass bitch


feelin juicy


bh juicy rn


i keep eating but nothing satisfies me its like i have an itch that cant be scratched
think its the mcds mom refused to get me sigh i should still be angry at her for that




whats a good game for killing norms


doom (2016)


File: 1547621345514.png (771.81 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)


shes so elegant



why would they make a show about a neet ped otaku its disgusting


dont use the p word use map


any other games for culling the norm i need to get some stress out


postal 2




just took a big shite


reminds me of a funny joke


File: 1547621744259.png (Spoiler Image, 893.83 KB, 898x1204, fun (2).png)


she should have more self respect


die smut


finished the yukio mishima book i was reading
bizarre ending


discuss it with sean


sigh dont want to play postal either


play scape and massacre the wks


whipping up some egg salad sandwiches


arab scholars documenting onsekis ancestors

I have seen the Rus as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Itil. I have never seen more perfect physical specimens, tall as date palms, blond and ruddy; they wear neither tunics nor caftans, but the men wear a garment which covers one side of the body and leaves a hand free


they sound faggy


guess ill snooze


dont please


dont snooze im still awake


File: 1547623776455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.74 KB, 2679x1961, Dw21UnbVYAYomcG.jpg)

had a little accident




love a nice soft tiddy just begging to be sucked on




remember when that happened on neetblogs stream


isnt that girl some new idolmaster or something




nice sexy chompers


i want to rub my five day noshower sack all over a cute girl with a soft tummy like that






you think you do but you dont



think im gonno try warframe


it sucks hard dont do it


should i wait for anthem then


dont play either


what cool scifi game do i play then how about destiny 2


dont play new norm games theyre not good


File: 1547628595481.jpg (120.06 KB, 1024x1753, 1547615567074.jpg)



nice shawn


the hima spread


when the fatneets arrive at the mansion this is how the twigs will prepare the tribute


how do i know if im a fatneet


your bmi must be at least 40.0


miss fatneet


fatneet here


rip fatneet


the fatneets will be sent to gulags


please be kind


think i would hit the whoppers then go for the fries and pizza


i want to be a floor boss in the mansion and stand at the top of the stairs denying intruders entry to the floors above


good that one flipper will bring his mom wholl invite her friends to chat



mom doesnt have friends or invite intruders


id eat the wendys since ive never ate it before


when are we meeting up for the rope


you make her sound perfect whats the deal


gonno flip everyones mom in the mansion


shes a good mom


if shes such a good mom why did you end up as a loser


next time i rage at my mom im going to compare her to yours


thats just how it is


File: 1547631515293.jpg (124.14 KB, 1024x768, f9cfad8bd7ac8f21d79ec7343bc1c4d887eeca27c8251f….jpg)

imagine the tears in pnigs eyes when he comes to the mansion 10 years later and is greeted to his room with this


gonno get wcdonalds tomorrow


wait its tomorrow already but you know what i meant


no i have no idea what you meant


have a mcfish on the side


no i dont want that


File: 1547631722650.jpg (271.32 KB, 1015x1500, 70737585.jpg)

do boobs work like this




pnig sent a letter bragging about being comped a free roll in the prison cafeteria some things never change


File: 1547632070448.png (1.08 MB, 580x819, fatneet.png)


those arent chips


what are chips then




you know


yeah they are amerinorm


File: 1547633179589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.46 KB, 1920x1040, Dwyyjw3VsAAt6xK.jpg)


feeling real shite hima


File: 1547634441405.flac (11.08 MB, 11 - rond et rond (bonus track).flac)



die flacnorm


bh bad hearing


himitsu cryin


sucking hard on another candy cane


sugar is bad for you


just remembered the cool santanig sucking on the candy cane pic


thought i had that saved but then i remembered i dont save seasonal pics


hey hima good mornin
got an anchovy banner



dare you to refresh


i refuse


File: 1547639296453.jpg (287.75 KB, 2048x2048, 922krysfaoa21.jpg)


whats amd




nah it is naturally occurring





woke up


time to snooze bye guys


you cant snooze its time to wake up


finished my fish and chips time to snooze



got in bed hima


feelin real bad


same havent felt this bad since 2016


havent been doing anything


cant believe i bought artifact on release


get joggin


going to job on some train tracks


wonder if i can ever go back to being a peaceful neet keep relapsing jod off my dick off to a lot of bad stuff


how bad


think my right leg is balding there are patches without any


got a $40 refund in the mail not sure why


its the cel reparations


File: 1547661303456.png (249.06 KB, 391x663, qv0epan9tm921.png)





might start drinking at work


dont do that your employers have a reputation to uphold


ill tell them either i have a drink on the job or they have to cut my corpse down from the rope


phew spermed


hate the guy talking about ropes


you either cope or you rope


keep waking up with a bone


its natural


love having a morning bonepee


this is the ultimate taste test
get the HELL in here


cant imagine a timeline where i click that vid


this is the one


why would you think anyone here would be even moderately inclined to watch that


more inclined to watch gmm and linus embeds now that pnig isnt spamming them but still not going to


going to be the first to discover a pre-glagolitic script


cookin up some pork it will be my first in almost 5 years since ive given up all red meat


they already discovered one its called latin


flip you


solomon is far from norm and hes already getting married and has a nice job and hes 10 years younger than me why wasnt i born into the anderson family sigh


the glagolitic alphabet is repulsive some of the letters are literally phallic


if you have a gf or wife or whatever you are norm women have no patience for non norms


solomon is baste


wish i was an anderson child


about damn time get in here ye scallywags


flip ian im more of a max man


never had a single responsibility in my life cant imagine having all those things at 17 when i couldnt even tie my shoes


same never did chores before thats why my hands are soft as a babys bottom


there are men your age who have done several years of manual labor and have their bodies permanently damaged for it and youre still pristine


im home hima haivng a coffee


im softer than a geisha


just jacked


hey i have a chipped tooth and permanently damaged ear drum leave me alone


only kings were supposed to have that kind of pampering


i think someone was messing with my monitor the colors were all washed up reverted the config back to stock and now it looks better i think


kings were simply neets with a crown


norms with a crown


who could it have been


is there anything worse than having a daughter


how is that bad


whats not to love about having a sexy little angel willingly hug and kiss you for over 10 years


she will grow up and flip chad


simply beat him to it


not if you homeschool her and make sure the only contact she has with boys is at faithful word


you need to raise a daughter until shes 15 then kick her out and cut contact


then you wont see your grandchilds


it ok daughters children arent your real grandkids they belong to the males family


Avoidant personality disorder is a Cluster C personality disorder. Those affected display a pattern of severe social anxiety, social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation and rejection, and avoidance of social interaction despite a strong desire for intimacy.

People with AvPD often consider themselves to be socially inept or personally unappealing and avoid social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected, or disliked.


what are you trying to say


should i nap


always feel awful after nap


same then i realized its because i always eat before napping and slightly puke it up




shipped some stuff at the post office two of the sellers havent paid yet so they have to wait until tomorrow




guess ill dip


if you do im molting


accidentally spermed to something i shouldnt have


going to buy a big box and ship myself to japan for a fraction of the cost of buying plane tickets


You have 666 likes. The devil is ALIVE


the catfish has been acting like a complete tard for the past few weeks
his little cubby under the log is open but he just bounces off the glass in the corner of the tank day after day
it started when i put a small plant right in front of the opening to the cave and i moved the log slightly and figured he was just freaked out by the change so today i lifted the log itself up onto rocks so the cave is way more open and he can get in no problem but hes still bouncing off the glass and wont eat




make sure you make it big enough that you can turn upside down in it
heard a story about a british guy who mailed himself out of australia and he put this side up stickers on the box but they put him upside down and he was stuck there for days upside down
now they have heat scanners that prevent you from doing that actually


what if you fill the empty space with ice cubes



they would melt and you would be wet and freezing


bring a coat


woke up time for some coffee



japan or die





youre not allowed to skip smash posts


watch me


got wcdonalds time to feast


eat the mcfish last


never not skipped a smashnorm post


firing up some smash


eatin some greek food


wish i had greek food


more like geek food


File: 1547683837518.png (344.67 KB, 417x473, 735.png)




sigh gran causing a fuss in her nursing home


hoo boy heavens feel camrip


dont watch camrips you absolute fool


i purposefully do manual activities to rough up my hands a man has a story to tell with his hands


dont do it retard


youre gonno regret that when youre 45


nah my moms ex boyfriend was a trucker and his hands were built like one too he completely engulfed my entire hand when we shook hands it was a very dominated feeling


thats genetic not from hard work you tard


thats hot




phew gamed hard


wish my ears would stop ringing


itll go away tomorrow


wish i could mow the yard


just turn off your tinnitus


phew some nice dragon farming sexy ladies in this vid


had a scary moment right now when i was taking a shite and on my last wiped i stuck the paper far up my bum hole i pulled it out fast got a weird feeling and when i went for another wipe to make sure its all dry i got a moist feeling i thought i just anally prolapsed but it was just more shite i kept going back for the wipe and more runny shite was coming out its like i unhinged my arse hole it doesnt feel right anymore either it feels deeper and without its rough edges i feel like those girls who just had anal sex im a little scared i would check the rear view mirrors see if its all good in the back but im not one to stare at my own arse so i wouldnt know if its unusual or not


get a load of this flipping barbarian blotting shiterags made of paper on his anus and considering it clean
theyd laugh you out of japan


was it blood or just shit


why cant you eat raw meat in scape


just sleep it off


just leaky shite but i washed it with soap and water afterwards i kinda feel violated hope it goes back to normal






your bhole is just inflamed


got reminded of that guy who was penetrated by a horse and died from it


theres plenty of guys that havent died


just found out that dad doesnt use mayo on his tuna melts because he got sick after eating one with mayo when he was 18


tuna is inedible without mayo


what the hell is his problem


mayo is basted


what do you even use in place of it


cant you use mustard


you use mustard and mayo


i use honey


man up



gotta shite now too thanks a lot


dont take shiting for granted


he uses olive oil


i dont i am very thankful every time i have a nice shite


just destroyed sis in smash


go easy on her you freak you need to let girls win every once in a while


girls need to be knocked down a peg or two every once in a while after a long day of being worshiped


id beat any of you moids at smash


nah shes gonno learn


if you win too hard shes gonno give up


why was big herc in prison anyways



sounds like me


nevermind found out it was for bank robbery




slurping on a candy cane




File: 1547689772834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.36 KB, 571x800, candy-cane.jpg)


saw it coming


File: 1547689823803.jpg (219.36 KB, 700x560, 1357103667331.jpg)


left a like on the gillette commercial


watch a real commercial


gonno fire up deaf dad


cant believe pewds is wearing a video girl ai shirt


cringed and closed when he started playing gas gas gas
wish norms would stop ruining eurobeat


youre a norm onseki


need a new genre of autistic music to listen to now that my treasure has been plundered by the norms just like every one before that


gotta respect pewds


he played nightcore too you should check it out


File: 1547691178545.jpeg (13.66 KB, 300x400, unga.jpeg)




nothin ban


finally an informative video


baste sv3rige


die skipper


not surprised the vargnorm is a skipper


women dont go after guys with low gamer scores


nothing wrong with skipping



dont have time to read hima posts need to hunt food for my tribe


feeling lonely hima wish i had a friend gonno snooze hope i fall asleep before i start crying


ill be your friend


ill be your friend


gonno make some korma


flipping freaks


should i shave all my body hair


queer question


NOThin queer about wanting to be smooth as a babys bottom


no that is unusual for a man


what if youre chink


pretty sure chinks have leg hair


no i dont


wish i hadnt let my brain atrophy



we outnumber you


dont make me whip out the censored words


fantastic korma today hima truly excellent



gonno snooze and lose


finally home from work what a long day


just got a credit card time to max this badboy out


cracked open a blogweiser


is witch house autistic music i would recommend it


saw some 2005 screencaps feeling the urge to rope now


screencaps of what


room reeks of rotting semen


semen doesnt rot


you cant even smell semen


should have never been born i bet the semen was rotten


yes it does mine smells awful after sitting out for a few days


why do you let your sperm sit out


it happens


yeah you can


my semen acquires a delightful saccharine aroma after sufficient time has passed what the flip why does yours smell foul


cant believe this


only played paper mario 64 what did i miss


thinking about ending it again hima


nothing to eat i think mom is starving me out


ending what


you know


File: 1547705460706.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 700x800, 1d2ce037d606d56c71dcc0f7e7aab857.gif)




makes me miss my youth


is that a screamer


File: 1547706022225.png (905.71 KB, 1000x1412, 5_pvtrrs_8Q.png)


big bone


nice sexy stretcher


i can do that


prove it


started drinking water cause i thought i was dehydrated im still miserable though fuck water bring on the dr pepper


cracked open bweiser number 3


got a bone what do i do



jack it


might start drinking


how did you know i considered posting this yesterday what the flip


hate the way alcoholic norms have corrupted hima dont succumb to their noxious influence my fellow neet gentlemen


feasted hard today but im hungry again


pastor anderson is a bigot


bad smell


why shouldnt i join the alcoholnorms



you should join us
alcohol makes you feel good
just dont drink too much


the sleeper has awakened


pastor anderson fell for the xenoestrogen meme


bhole winked again



what is this norm shit


crying hard


about what


weird that there is english commentary and english chat actually talking about sumo


mom drank a little and said i have a nice ass as we were walking into the store and a woman made eye contact with me as i had a perturbed expression


pasted endo


great bout


tell her its an insult to compliment a mans ass because all it means is that a man will want to flip you


kaisei reminds me of nb


just discovered the one referred to as neetblog is a mere fabrication


woke up from a nap i was just having hima hows it hangin


File: 1547711794181.webm (2.92 MB, 722x1280, 1547693678475.webm)

thats right tallnorm get out of here and dont let me catch you round these parts again


i was born a tallnorm and ill die a tallnorm


how tall is he




virg gate


do you mean gait


nah im real


File: 1547714014116.jpg (79.22 KB, 1169x826, 1491428339876.jpg)




why is her mouth so low


thats no mouth


thats a product of chink gene editing


spermed hard not a single drop left




all future chink super soldiers will be that big


they shall make for easier targets


think im gonno try swtor


gonno start opening curtains in the daytime to see if it has a positive effect


dont do that the norms will grab you


stepped out into the rain for a cry


sounds cathartic


joined my local socialist party


whats does that mean again i think i have seen that word before


might replay kara no shoujo even though it will depress me


what about katawa no shoujo


just read the synopsis and it sounds good is it ok if i recommend it to norms on jps vn threads


they might make fun of you if they already know it


wish they would have made the 3rd instead of foid 4 foid vns in a row


oops dunno how that first foid got in there hehe


in my office having a panic attack


help my internet broke


how did you break it


i dont know it stopped working can you help me


no im tard


try turning it off and on again


gonno take a big ole snooze bye


phew wake and wanked


front desk woman came in and didnt say good morning i have quickly reached subhuman status in the eyes of this foid


should i go to bed


is there a possibility mom will rage if she sees you sleeping




snooze away


in bed hima hi


dont jo


im not


miss neetsnoozing


wish i could be neet all i want in this life is peace and quiet


File: 1547737884199.jpg (655.86 KB, 1713x2284, work.jpg)

stay in your warm bed tomorrow you need to live life for its pleasures


made a doctor appointment online but they usually still call to ask more things getting really nervous


cant stay in bed i need to strive and toil for another year or so then i can cut contact with everyone i know and neet it up sigh its going to be so good really really cant wait


havent neet snoozed in over a month feelin way better now


eye keeps itching after i rub it


rub it some more love a good itchrub


really want nothing more than to lay on the couch or a mattock and read a nice book while i have a coffee and sleep and wake up when my body tells me to


dont lay on a mattock


against the handle its great


did you mena hammock


really cold in my room need a warm hug


youre supposed to warm the sexy ladies that you hug not get warmed yourself


didnt say i wanted to hug a sexy lady just want a hug im shivering


remember matlock


sexy lady hugs are the only ones compatible


sexy ladies are dumb bitches


what about ugly ladies



File: 1547742703516.jpg (185.68 KB, 2048x1526, __caracal_kemono_friends_drawn_by_b24vc1__c0e6….jpg)

why do they have to make kemonos so sexy


yiff in hell furnorm


nothing norm about furs


might regret ordering 80 dollars worth of snacks


overdosed on black pills just now


it is not my fault they decided to draw sexy animals


thinking bout becoming a furfag


when is the trial anyway



furs are usually very nice people attentive listeners and good friends dont understand the hate really




kind of want to get my test levels checked but how do i ask mom and the doc without them bursting out laughing


just look at low test symptoms and say you have them to the doc and want to get a blood test also get your vit d checked too



the one at the top
there is an online discount code to get it down to $60


mom caught me tarddancing in the kitchen and laughed sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do


ask mom for a regular blood test and then tell the doctor that you just want a full checkup including test and estradiol and he will bob his head and say ok type some stuff on his pc and then schedule it


nah dont do it they have to stick something in your butt


every day i pray for americas downfall


you can say no they arent going to snap you


its coming soon that guy there is the product of american education


whats wrong with having stuff in your ass
its perfectly natural


ooog natural ooooooog


thinking about buying some prostim gear


just finished ordering some capacitors now im feasting on a sandwich



did you get them from mouser


no i got them from digikey


you can rent private islands for $1000 a night if we all pitch in it could be fun finding out who the murderer is




my family owns a private island its free


are you the rich friend character in an anime


should i watch spark joy need to know why its popular


its for lesbians you wouldnt like it


Come, Ushiromiya Battler, and kneel


im the admin and i dont even know how to red text


dont assume my identity


i am my bone


need a new hobby to spend money on


spend your money on a girlfriend


that option is greyed out how about rock climbing


wish i was tardsekis dorm mate


get a nice gaming chair and radeon 7




get yourself a nice 20 gallon tank from a pet store a filter some gravel and a couple fish like tetras or guppies you can get everything for less than sixty bucks
ill help you along the way if you want its really rewarding if you spend all day in your room


takes a ton of space and maintenance for zero returns


it needs to be something more involved rather than just sitting around


buy nice wood working tools


i work my wood with my hands


got a box of swiss carving knives from a garage sale and restored some of them it was fun


nice new mtga code for free packs


File: 1547754577463.jpeg (422.58 KB, 2777x3513, DZtDCiZUMAA78s_.jpeg)




really enjoying this era of anime girl art
artists know that vivid abdomens and crotches get everyones bones up and they have made them more and more unrealistic and sexier beyond anything possible on 3d women


boooga ooooog boog


File: 1547754895872.png (1.69 MB, 1229x2048, DE27F105-E453-4723-958F-B331BE824BAA.png)


gonno make a wallpaper out of this


breath smells like raw sewage


File: 1547756656182.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1066x1600, 1511305315872.png)

you mean like this


nice healthy cummer on that birl


File: 1547758434457.png (685.93 KB, 1920x1200, yellow nico.png)


where are the balls


File: 1547758552778.png (366.02 KB, 1920x1200, sexy rikka.png)

made one for this too didnt have the original image though shame


dont quit your shelf job onseki


im no artist i just make solid background wallpapers


always do a right bias since hima has dead space in that area and my browser is 60 percent opacity on my manjaro machine


why is trev's site down?


is it possible to watch every anime


answer me


make me


one day you will have to answer for your sins and god may not be so merciful on your soul


hate the sin love the sinner


hate sinners


love one another as i have loved you


gonno worship p anderson


anyone have instigators baste webm


i review you 👏👏 zero bye bitch gone


File: 1547762849334.webm (49.18 KB, 640x360, based.webm)


seki please remove the *


File: 1547763009039.jpg (109.06 KB, 900x552, 1482713762067.jpg)





woke up gonno play mtga dreamed the guy whos starting his own business here got really rich and wrote a book and got married


its nap time hima everyone get in bed


not happening


too late to nap now mom will be home soon


the nappening


im quaking


wouldnt mind getting married to a nice genki sexy lady


should i play mtga


play yugioh instead


yeah its fun


dont forget to use the code playallegiance to get three packs for free


mom keeps drinking herself into a stupor and its pissing me off


make sure you dont take advantage of her


File: 1547766366300.webm (240.97 KB, 1280x720, girlieman.webm)


the sleeper has awakened


post the squirmy boys one


File: 1547766774064.webm (227.47 KB, 1280x720, 1488070066953.webm)




File: 1547767057847.jpg (Spoiler Image, 308.99 KB, 854x480, amen.jpg)


got reminded of my baste history teacher in hs he attended an african american studies class and threw out pills until he was kicked out


why is he so full of vitriol


hes hard preaching against sin


File: 1547768034379.jpg (80.35 KB, 1280x720, 1547184216743.jpg)


thats not gay at all


File: 1547768375009.jpg (77 KB, 850x570, sample_d071087ffc52d081bb0a7a5ff8b06fdf.jpg)

drop the mic and PISSSSSSSSS


this episode is specially tailored for hima


not watching that reprobate


i hunger


want me to feed you


yes please


its a raid


what would you like me to feed you




ok coming right up sweetie


what a coincidence just got some pasta


you fool its the opposite its more anatomically accurate than ever thats why its so good all of the best artists have access to loads of high quality references now


jealous of freakeye graduating with a 4.0 gpa wonder if he cheated his way through


cheating would be a betrayal of his own strict moral code he wouldnt do something like that


he copied off the genius chink


what was his major i dont think hes every said it




oh wait it was cs


1.6 or go


if i were intelligent everyone would be my friend


i only want dumb friends


i neetblog only want smartfriends


wish i was dumb friend


hate these rpgmaker games where i cant stay a virgin


think my intellect has far surpassed even freakeyes now i have become quite erudite since he was last regularly active


delusional freakeye has been training in secret


its a snap or get snapped world


snap is highly unethical


its not that bad people just like to whine and get sympathy


how can you say that have you been snapped




mom switched the pillowcases not sure how i feel about this


woke up gonno cry


are you sad


always sad


any one play maple story 2


ya should i download it again


never played it might start


maplestory pinches


not like theres anything else to play



im so thankful for video games cant imagine how low my self esteem would be without them


scaping but maple looks cute might try it


how about you make a videogame


get on mabinogi


too tard


gonno become a gold seller


package has been at the inward exchange for 10 days


maple pinches dont do it


name another cute mmo i can play quick




how else am i supposed to jack it to cute maple chibis




maple is too close to the word male


how do video games raise your self esteem


cant play mtga


its the only thing in life where i can outperform others so i feel skilled at it



cookin up some extra spicy green curry hima


thats only because norms dont have the time to waste getting good at video games


how am i meant to build an rna deck as neet


feeling horrible hima oh god


get over here ive got a big hug for you


ok thanks


why am i so tired all the time hima i sleep 14 hours a day and can barely stay awake the rest


end of the line


humans were never meant to stay up for more than a few hours a day


havent been doing anything hima havent gamed or watched anything or read vns i just fall asleep to videos im not paying attention to its awful sigh


play maple with me


ok what server


dont know havent installed it yet but im uk


ms2 looks too tard can we play something else


i was born to live like a cat


only other game i play is scape


die deji


gonno play some tree with pnig


really good curry today hima really good


whats a deji


sleeping too much makes you tired


File: 1547773559802.jpg (35.97 KB, 224x350, 33209.jpg)




mindblowing theres still nothing else like mabi why hasnt someone else made a good dress up game



love dressing up in scape




File: 1547773941637.jpg (18.82 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)



why did the pastor marry the whore of babylon


he didnt


File: 1547774481052.jpg (34.74 KB, 494x528, baste.JPG)


just unpacked an osteen card




who is this fucking uk retard thats been making a couple of posts here every now and then for months is he one of onsekis discord teenfriends or from ota or what is it holy fuck that chav is starting to piss me off real bad


not me


its the chavblog


its deji


quit your whinging lad


gonno crack open some crisps


flip the uk their timezone is too far ahead


then ban him




nice chink owning that cat


File: 1547776820024-0.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 4032x3024, 47EC8A93-7ED3-4176-9EBC-2EC1DF04E2F7.jpeg)

File: 1547776820024-1.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.25 MB, 4032x3024, CA06FE5E-9E43-4B86-8971-2853C887F8DF.jpeg)

hey guys long day went to eat dinner at moms house and picked up my new led grow light for the fish tank and some anacharis i got for a steal on ebay
cut up some new growth and planted the 20 gallon tank roughly how i want it and then i lashed together all the uncut pieces into a couple bundles and put them in the ten gallon tank because those fish dont give a shite and if the plants die its fine
anyway here are some pics


i kill t he cat


File: 1547777009029.mp4 (6.38 MB, 0bcd0__-_BaGZt_0HpdC.mp4)



what the hell is wrong with chinks




that vid really pisses me off but the same thing or something worse is probably happening to cats across the world humans are cruel and disgusting but really theyre just cats theres billions of them its no more cruel than running over a squirrel or shooting a raccoon


p anderson said animals dont matter


love that vid the music really completes it


hope those are high cri leds


varg said animal mistreatment is the first sign of degeneracy and thats the case with chinks


why do norms love gundam


varg is a degenerate murdernorm


they dont its just easy to pretend to like


varg kills cats too


we all grow as humans just like you are no longer a filthy neet


never felt anything seeing animals die think ive got a chinkbrain


nice malaybro


he shoots them and kills them instantly which is different from putting them in a washing machine or something


i dont think he has personally killed a cat that would be illegal


im a dog mom


why would he shoot a cat


because it was killing native bird species on his land


File: 1547778678073.png (1.18 MB, 1064x1600, 1.png)

tates or tots im more of a tate guy


never seen a girl act like that i think bashfulness only exists in 2d


im bashful



hate how my left pit stinks more than my right


seek medical help


ill just throw a few dabs of tea tree oil on it


if we destroy the present there will be no future and the timeline will have no choice but to return us to the past when things were better


the present is absolutely basted


how so


our president strong storms are more frequent elon musk and being a freak is accepted 3d printable guns


our president is a funny joke that blew out of proportion im not sure if that storm thing is true elon musk is a reddit meme if you think being a freak is accepted you obviously arent freak enough and youre lucky of a 3d printed gun lasts over one shot


one shot is all i need


were freaks we dont care



saw that none of my passwords got leaked




does it really matter when there are 700 million other emails on there nobody will see yours




the chinks work diligently in trying to get any scraps they can


sigh pnig


the chinks changed my password



when does the pnig episode air


got left behind


think im the only one on hima that hates mayo


love a good slathering of mayo


without mayo id be dead


admin@himasugi.org is fine thats all that matters


no i do too


imagine the secrets in that account waiting to be uncovered



im tard


File: 1547786920540.jpg (1.43 MB, 2400x2200, 62479350_p0.jpg)

not as as tard as this girl


im tarder than her


glad hima isnt completely full of mayonorms


you are male which means you are superior to even the highest girl on earth




time to snooze dont stay up late hima


hungry but moms gonno rage if i try cooking at this hour



where is endo




fire up some pizza rolls


File: 1547791356779.jpg (Spoiler Image, 645.07 KB, 800x960, 61579632_p0_.jpg)

phew mommy


reminds me of home






this is the lower divisions
endo needs a day off for rest


probably relaxing with a nice bucket of chicken


enabled night mode


nice darklurker


did you get night mode for windows explorer working


yes you need version 1809


my mistake it looks like there arent rest days and the big guys will be fighting later


blinked out of existence for a bit hi hima


you cant just stop and then start existing again


i just did


main event is starting


die sumospam


File: 1547794615571.webm (6.85 MB, 1280x720, a96a8deaea1793b3b34e792430bf1004.webm)

mindblowing this aired on national television


mom went to san diego for 3 days time jo off HARD going to hump my bed since theres no way to avoid suspicion when shes here due to the noisy bedframe


dont spoil yourself too much or you wont be able to jo in your normal position anymore


maybe i should try outright flipping my bed by finally carving out that hole like i mentioned years ago


think of the consequences


never watched it should i


sure why not


think brazil and japan are the two most depraved places on earth one holds public flipping of children and the other nonchalantly broadcasts child pornography to the public


just give me a compilation of the sexy scenes i dont care about the rest


every episode has a bath scene you cant miss it


wonder which of my hima posts throughout the years would have accumulated the most upvotes by now if such a metric existed here


probably just a random image upload sigh


thatll be the next hima april fools joke


probably a pasted nb post


found my old tamagotchi


how much poop does it have piling up


its dead


any tips on losing weight


stop eating as soon as you stop being hungry


drink a lot of water


eyes are flappering out


gonno work towards my salvation


wonder what pnig would think of this


nice rakdos burn every single game


mindblowing that i will never see him again in this life


turt went too far


had nothing to do tonight so i decided to sleep for almost 10 hours and had cool dreams about living in the jungle


cool or cool


just cool


only one on hima




got in bed


an upvote and downvote system would be fun for a couple of days hehe




nah the sexnorms would upvote all the smut

edit: thanks for the gold hima


File: 1547818146616.mp4 (6.6 MB, die sexnorms.mp4)


sigh mk11 looks awful oh well cant expect much from nrs


might as well snack


snack on this cookiecutter


File: 1547821480536.png (128.87 KB, 1466x486, image.png)




me on the left


anything to divert blame from a woman right


why are there women in the military


because of wks


fantastic coffee today hima


wish i had a coffee rn gotta wait until i get home



glad im mgtow and volcel


everyone in that vid is pathetic


garage arts is pasted as hell


reminded me of the freak



not clicking that


File: 1547832398757.png (1.91 MB, 1493x976, 67295408_p0.png)

sunday morning in the mansion


wonder if pnig is excited for the next spiderman movie


what was it


that bald guy talking to an instagram chat or whatever



cant wait to be the one that flips the switch on pnigs electric chair and dab for the crowd


hate gweilo


went and got a hair cut and a burger


ate too much think my tummys gonno burst


File: 1547841702110.webm (1.87 MB, 1280x720, 1547817126682.webm)


why are they laughing at him


File: 1547841892422.webm (3.78 MB, 720x1280, yaho.webm)


mindblowing that every other male out there is getting ogled and approached by asian girls regularly like no big deal when they despise me solely because of my bones


they werent laughing they were oogling because hes white and 6'0


the one on the right looks taller than him


File: 1547842344743.webm (4.11 MB, 640x640, DelayedColdChuckwalla.webm)

final battle with this arrogant tallnorm


saw that on reddit hehe



nice smokespitter


accidentally longsnoozed



File: 1547845954655.jpg (551.25 KB, 1628x916, [HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka -….jpg)



having a coffee and eatin some carrot cake hima phew time to neet it up


someone should call that childs parents



post some baste china uncensored instead


nah flip china uncensored winston owned those norms


evola said that a perfect woman is higher than an imperfect man just how a perfect farmer is superior to an imperfect king


got more tetras for the tank did a water change and cleaned one of the filters earlier today spent a little bit of money but i returned some stuff at home depot and still came out positive three dollars alls said and done




youre going to be 60 full of tanks around the room still stuck in some shite job


cant play mtga
eat up all my ram and then crashes every match


simply get more ram


how much ram do you have


dont think i want to take husbandry any further i just spent 27 dollars on a light and im freaking out no way im dropping thousands of dollars on some gay hobby like aquariums
i can see myself owning a 20 gallon tank for the immediate future though its easy and doesnt take up more space than a tv



4 gb i didnt fall for the meme


you need more


rebooted the pc


1024 mebibytes in enough


File: 1547852914101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 793.72 KB, 2024x2800, 1e13ea5520fcb9192b383393f0dda52e.jpg)


is she gaming


shes actually making sushi


job interview at the gas station went well


me in 5 years



wore my sweatpants but i think i had a bulge or something people kept looking at my nethers and what makes it worse is i dont even have a big penis




link me


time to fire up the sissy hypno


diagnosed myself with heart disease


almost died from mononucleosis when i was about 13 from kissing a girl from school


why is homo manga never written by a man


havent you heard of jojo


woke up


preordered mk11


woke up dreamed i was pastor anderson it was good


dont do it


wish i was p anderson


too late


order some mk677 instead



wish i was as pasted as ed boon


how much are you paying for your ibutamoren


hes tard


its hotpot night in the mansion


ill have the chicken cordon blog


season 16 starts in 20 minutes hima are you ready


File: 1547858898372.gif (3.47 MB, 537x294, 1547831142874.gif)


ordered pineapple pizza


you wont be disappointed


why did all the gay jokes end once pnig was arrested


what were your favorite pokemon back in red and blue mine were golduck ninetales and kadabra


i was a tard that owned the game with a blastoise and nothing else sigh


gengar koffing raichu and ninetails


victreebel is my favorite pokemon still


gyrados was probably my favorite it was hard work sending magikarp out at the start of every battle and returning it until it grew 15 levels


come to think of it those are still my favorites not too many later generation pokemon i actually really like besides obamashow and metagross


you know you can just use a waterstone on it at level 1 right


wait what the flip no you cant
having a mandela moment right now


the grand tour should have never been a thing the cast stopped being middle aged and started being too old years ago they should have let it die but they are greedy


dont even know what that is



never watched top gear or grand tour in any real capacity they dont have any episodes about racecar civics or touge attacks like hot version


you should at least watch the ones where they go overseas if not the seasons from the mid 2000s for that mid 2000s feel


miss me with that norm shit



despise everyone using an anime avatar for making anime mainstream its irreversibly damaged


you should hate toonami instead because thats what really caused it


dubbed shonen stuff existed in its own world it was powerless like that


me too multiple times too sigh


arse hole is back to its old self


here baste jeremy reviewing a ten years old civic


still have my charizard card i got from a booster it will pay for my retirement


blastoise owns hard you can win every battle just by using surf


thats what i did hehe surf and ice beam id get the legendary birds and then deposit them all




pokemon never unfroze on their own in red and blue it was unfair


wish i was pokemon


keep talking about pokemon and youll summon the freak


freak only cares about sexy pokemon


when i die im going to the pokemon world


youll be reborn as a shellder that someone catches and leaves in the computer for years


never played the pokemon tcg because i was too busy playing magic back when they released the base set jungle and fossil


File: 1547862851722.jpg (1.63 MB, 1481x2086, Omanyte no gf.jpg)

im a cel type pokemon


id be a magikarp that gets to level 19 and dies or a snorlax that nobody uses a pokeflute on



bored should i crack open a blogweiser


id be a cute pokemon like squirtle and my trainer would let me walk with them


youre supposed to be trainers not pokemon you flipping idiots


says who


whats wrong with wanting to be a pokemon


theres no logical reason to it youre just a slave instead of the cool master


id be cubone hehe


being human is flipping lame as hell i want to be large and powerful


no one finds lances dragonite cool they find lance cool thats what you should want to be


id be a lass with a level 22 clefary


that means youd be a girl dont do that


im already a girl


lance was the first boy i had a crush on


File: 1547863437892.jpg (414.76 KB, 1000x1439, kAHTBER.jpg)

post mortem hima meetup


in any other board people would instantly think about being trainers only here people would start talking about which pokemon theyd be no never in the history of mankind has anyone ever self inserted as a pokemon itself


why didnt mom send me on a poke camping trip


being a pokemon would be better since someone would just tell you how to live


they made paralyze actually negative at some point it used to do nothing


File: 1547863750658.png (797.76 KB, 1280x1280, 653Fennekin.png)

if you betray me in the mansion ill turn you into one of these and youll find out how horrible being a pokemon really is


it cant be any worse than what i am now


you cant flip pokes


you would have to work for a trainer instead of neeting it up


what if im snorlax then im neeting it up big time


holy flip gt today


but then youd be an eatneet fatneet and people would throw pokeballs at you


not if they dont have the pokeflute then they cant even battle me



ive got your pokeflute right here


so did you watch that vid seki



File: 1547864937988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.93 KB, 800x800, 41859824_p1_.jpg)


cia is making my hard drive seek again


you mean solid state drive right



solid state drives do NOT seek


stop using spinning disks


cant believe i fell for the ssd meme


gth nospin


sorry was watchin javs now im gonno snooze


die javseki


what an abortion
luckily neither of those generations of type r have anything to do with honda of japan theyre purely honda europe creations even the base model 8th gens have independent rear suspensions
strange how every generation of civic after the eg was worse than the last except for the most recent



time for some green curry gonno make it extra spicy


have it mild instead i think youll appreciate the taste a bit more


is it okay to snack on hummus or is that only for cools


im cool


havent had a mild meal in years and im not about to start now




cant believe anybody actually watches javs theyre so revolting every time




youre obliterating your taste buds you need to stop before its too late




why do women give their cars names
whats up with people giving personal names to stuff anyway same people who name their pokemon and put serious effort into naming game characters and call animals by name as if they understand


snowing hard out here bros


i dont give cats names i leave that to mom if it was up to me it would be called “cat” until it dies or runs away
dogs are a little different but im fairly sure they dont actually recognize their name when called they just recognize the way you say it and the fact that youre speaking at all


dogs can recognize words


none of these fish have names besides catfish big fucker and retard goldfish




nothing wrong with naming your pokes


i name my pokes after girls i went to highschool with that i wanted to flip


post some of your pokenames


if the pokemon are male thats abuse


i only catch female pokes


tried literally once to name my pokemon for a whole run through and i couldnt ever come up with anything better than their existing names so i would just mash in symbols or gibberish and eventually just named them nigger or kike chink etc


hate non-default namers


racist fucker


only catch the cute pokes and give them cute names




chinks are insolent



animal crossing is hard because there isn’t a default name or town name unless you name them player and town respectively



i name the player my name and the town the town where i live


great curry today


going to snooze now


can u stay up 10 more hours


go back to discord


named the cat kitty like a flapper




wish i had a kitty


its not that great


speaking of which time to clean the cage


idiot cager


is that the guy that keeps the cat in a cage


nothin wrong with keeping it in the cage where it belongs


okay let me dig him up


ban the u norm


ban yourself idiot


it was an accident i meant to type you but i was distracted


that will not quell my rage


quit nerd raging


you cant ban basteheal


no one even glanced at this autocorrect mistake


subconsciously mutated that post


still rage whenever i think about them localizing it to animal crossing instead of animal forest


animal forest was already trademarked


i dont care


dead hours guess ill snooze now but first gonno play pokemon


gonno read some lily books


thats gay


gonno take a big nap bye boys


hope you dont wake up


good night but dont say boys it makes you look like a girl


i am


File: 1547875496508.png (783.14 KB, 584x765, 1547875054111.png)

hate pednorms


figures it is a chink


hes singaporean


time to feast on some frozen doughnuts


have to constantly fight the urge to be mean and hateful


dont bottle up your rage


activated night mode


might hit the hay 12 hours earlier than usual


bastos yee


how does he get away this but pnig doesnt


white privilege



cant believe he gets away with a slap meanwhile pnig and thad get locked up for years


just farcummed ive still got it




reminder that your cums are full of worms


not worms


yes millions of microscopic worms


wonder how i won the sperm race


if theres a cool spot in hell i hope i get it


you were the most athletic and hard working of all sperm


File: 1547881775461.jpg (180.15 KB, 885x1254, 1526489838846.jpg)


the perspective of that easel is all wrong


think the other sperms just felt bad and let me win


always feel like people are just pitying me when theyre being nice



hate when someone starts talking to me and i say something wrong and they get that expression on their face that says oh this guy is a retard i better escape its best to not respond at all


better to stay silent then they really know youre a tard and dont bother you anymore


youre underestimating your intelligence your brain works 500 times faster than that of a normal person theyre real dumb compared to you


yeah but there are a range of socially acceptable responses to things and all it takes is shooting outside of that range once for them to realize you arent one of them and their programming tells them to run away


im poorly socialized


woke up from my nap hey boys


say guys instead




because of this




god damn clarkson got fatter and may is not his usual self hes no longer got his poise


hey girls


googled my monitor and found out it has a 5 ms response time i cant wait until i get a new one


whats wrong with that one


i must be having an inferior quality experience if its a 5 and 60hz while theres ones out that are 1 and 144hz
though nothing appears to be slow right now


reponse time doesnt exist its all in the mind


you cant see more than 60fps


your eyes cant see 5ms


wish it wasnt so flipping cold or id nightwalk


mine has a 30ms response time and is 59hz and ive got no problems


fell for the lcd meme


a boy has the right to dream



its an octagon


that is creepy


whats creepy about it theyre well looked after by theyre master


never experienced teenage romance


no posts since i started my nap


freezing hima


File: 1547895672678.png (942.18 KB, 1280x719, 41804641ddaa54637b5b6681165e1592.png)

why are peds always projecting


hate when people say im projecting


just got rick rolled


the term is map
minor attracted person
ped is outdated


ped is funnier


dead hours


hey hima hows it going




bored but i already slept


shut it chomo


might have to go back to opera quantum is crashing my pc whenever i open a full thread here


soon it will be normal to be map and anyone vocal against maps will be considered a complete nutjob and laughed at for being a closeted map




raging at that ui


File: 1547917227713.jpg (398.82 KB, 1024x768, ui.jpg)

its pasted


never got to experience peak WoW because i couldnt convince anyone to give me that kind of money


File: 1547917670387.jpg (256.93 KB, 1472x692, paragon 2.jpg)

me on the left


goddaminit miss pnig


he made his bed and now he has to sleep in it


no the norms are trying to keep him down


its storming hard and hima is dead


nothing to do today


almost went outside but god reminded me i belong indoors with a bad case of the shits


you dont have to have the shits give up grains today


is iowablog enjoying the snow


used moms ymca membership that she doesnt bother using and got in a body of water larger than a bathtub for the first time since i was 18 but i only got to splash around for half a hour or so before someone pissed or shite in the water and the lifeguard made everybody get out

at least i got to mog lesser men with my powerful body there was a groid in the locker rooms that looked down and mumbled excuse me


love pool pissing


gamed a bunch


having coffee number three


hate pools its like a human soup




bored as hell wish to bushcraft but its freezin


no i had to shovel snow last night


would pay top dollar to sip coffee and look out my window watching neetblog shovel my driveway


i will sacrifice myself so that neetblog does not need to perform physical labor


sir could you explain that four year gap in your resume


it builds character



here himajan come here boy


cant help but laugh at gamers that take themselves seriously and people that take gamers seriously


wish i was a serious gamer


gamers will inherit the earth


nah itll take a lot more than pushing buttons quickly for that gamer boy LOL




im a gamer girl


im a gamer person


stop calling yourself a girl its hurting your self esteem


too old to call myself a girl but i dont feel like a woman yet


play classic with me


its not the same fool the online gaming climate is totally different from what it was in the 2000s
all is lost


also just woke up hi boys


dont say boys


if oldschool scape can be baste wow classic will be baste


wish i was dumb enough to understand scape and wow


wish i was smart enough to understand scape and wow


wish i had a scapefriend


ill be your scapefriend


File: 1547935702323.jpg (550.86 KB, 1800x2381, nDz2lRl.jpg)

why is seeing women in the kitchen gives me a bone


did you know extensive participation in gymnastics and athletics can delay puberty in girls


really love parading my arrogant neetdom on workers


run escape


gonno scape


just did that moments ago


hate stupid ass neets hope all your mommies die and youre forced to live in the woods


out of membership


bitter wage slave


you are a slave to the game


want me to give you a bond


moms life insurance policy will make me a richneet if she ever dies


had some ramen feel a massive shite in the works


never had ramen before is it good




ramen is a shitty version of spaghetti


yeah its good


love eating shitty food with plastic utensils and paper cups and cheap napkins i dont know what it is


its fun to larp as a poornorm


what if youre actually poor


then you arent a norm like that guy


whata so great about being non norm


do you think norms know theyre norms


shut it norm boy


fuck this 2019 is the year i become a norm


the norms will reject you


norms are soulless you wont enjoy it


nah im gonno become the biggest norm in the world you watch


vlog your transition


nah vlogging is for norms


at least you know where to start


onseki became a norm and he says he loves it
only benefit of being non norm is having access to vast cosmic knowledge but whats the point in that when it only makes you feel worse


im a norm by hima standards but a freak by norm standards i just have a job and a car aside from that i spend my spare timing driving alone and listening to public radio when im not in my room wallstaring i dont have a single friend or out of work aquaintence


thats norm as hell


nah your a norm




what happened to snap mate


public normio


make friends with your roommates or coworkers over some brewskis


theres no pleasing you assholes even if i lost my job and car and became neetblog sized and moved back in with mom id still be a norm


once a norm always a norm


its because your a beardnorm shave it off then youll be cool


i shaved my beard off in september skipper


thats true since you arent a virg you will never in this lifetime return to non norm status
convincing a woman to have sex with you without snap or prostitution is the ultimate test of a norm it means you have been socially accepted to the most intimate degree
unfortunately for you that was all you could manage and now you will suffer for the remainder of your life straddling the edge


nothin wrong with being a norm



wish i was baste


just hit my funny bone real hard


normmy bone


tarddancing to abba


quit it what if mom walks in on you


mom loves abba


moms gone


wish mom was alive


going to quit this farce and join embers ghost squad



woke up


think i might buy a copy for pnig since itll be out of print by the time he gets out


wonder why dad left


dad said hes gay


still haunted by that pic of dad i found earlier never saw him before that day


post it


File: 1547943069528.jpg (83.03 KB, 480x600, T512693_030000.jpg)




very nice snowday today how you doing bros


never seen snow before


you can daance you can jive having the time of your life



File: 1547943506650.jpg (401.23 KB, 1284x1868, 17typesofanimefangirl.jpg)


you are the dancing queen


mom loves this one


im irritating white japanophile



hey seki should i buy an e36 318ti




pourin’ a glass for my main mayne pnig locked up in da pen






flipping savages why cant the justice system handle it theyre against civilization


not worth living once mom is gone but im sure that i cant end it dont know what ill do once it happens unless i die first
keep worrying about stuff like that almost daily


die wap


think about the good side
no more rules you can sleep whenever you want get mcds whenever you want buy as much stuff without being judged


you can shoot yourself without worrying about mom


mindblowing living into extreme old age is something valued cant think of anything worse than watching everything you ever loved or enjoyed die


dreamed about something illegal


watching these


was it sexy lady related


like robbing a bank hehe


oh long johnson


hope turt had a good day at work


it was a slow day for him at the post office


File: 1547944674361.jpg (109.42 KB, 796x719, [UTW]_Accel_World_-_09_[h264-720p][C16FEEA].mk….jpg)


miss the warosu minecraft server


File: 1547944733745.jpg (103.05 KB, 1280x720, 1491180224528.jpg)


wish someone would decide that they like me


i like you


no you dont


hes talking about a girl men are worthless


dont put words in my mouth


why would you want a man to like you men are too saturated


what does that mean


you would be more powerful if men liked you than if women liked you and the women would start liking you in the end anyway because they would witness your status


do shotas count


mom ordered mk677


theres too big of a supply of men and not much demand while theres a big demand for girls and not much supply
so itd be worthless to want a man to like you


if theres a big demand for girls why does no one like me


its not a problem of demand
if humanity were 85% women chad would just have 14 girls instead of the current 6 and the other girls would rather be celibate instead of settling for cels


theres no demand for ugly smelly girls




sick of all the chads on hima


it would have to get to a point where chad is booked for all 24 hours of his day and girls have no choice but to settle for the lower boys hehe


wish i were shorter


die tallnorm


hate shorts


love boyshorts


gonno go to aldi bye


im on the rag


got caught lackin


hope himako is safe and happy


hes on house arrest awaiting trial




they didnt have a warranty


when is the trial


wonder if himako is starting to date sigh hope her boyfriend treats her well


sigh ill never have a himagirlgf


nah tg wanted nothing to do with himako after he told her about the ped stuff


she will wait for him it will be romantic


theres nothing romantic about spending 10 years getting anally snapped and beaten


most prisoners are under age 25 that means pnig is their senior so theyll respect him


theyll beat his chomo ass


wish prison violence and assault wasnt normalized its meant to reintroduce them in society


File: 1547947987238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.93 KB, 1280x720, the.grand.tour.s03e01.720p.web.h264-skgtv[eztv….jpg)

pheeew seki waddya think of this bad boy


pnig deserves vargs prison conditions



wouldnt be caught dead driving that ugly pile around


flip you


love sharp edges on cars modern cars are too curvy


i could die in peace if i had a pre 99 nsx and an acura legend


my real self is in the middle of a high level shinobi battle but genjutsu was cast on me and this entire shite life of a failure has been fabricated to weaken my spirit i must break free


wouldnt mind neeting it up in a norwegian prison


im trapped in a prison of my own making


anders said that theyre torturing him by only giving him kids ps2 games


aoiyama vs hakuho tonight gonno be a good one


i can feel a monster neetlog brewing inside me




File: 1547949106038.png (269.35 KB, 800x600, 1377974633491.png)


we must ensure that neetblog procreates


if he was the fastest sperm then he will have no chance of failing to breed


hair is so long now my sideburns have grown deep near my jaw




how can i get you to stop asking for pics


by posting some obviously


have you tried posting a pic


gotta take a shite hima im sorry


if no one has ever posted a pic wont you realize its futile


stop posting about your luscious locks if you wont let me see them


File: 1547949552564.gif (658.46 KB, 286x232, clickme.gif)


phew what an angel


sigh that used to be an animated jpg now its a gif for some reason


i have hair worthy of a princess


File: 1547949665442.jpg (38.26 KB, 323x522, 1498980165314.jpg)


you mean an anime prince





stop that


what do girls do for fun


scape mostly


girls just wanna have fun


they go on facebook and instagram and make sure they dont have any of the same clothes as the other girls


wish that was me


mom bought double cream oreos instead of half cream stupid bitch


dont disrespect mom


she just disrespected me


she loves you


if she loved me she wouldnt have flipping bought double cream


maybe she thought you liked double cream better please try to be reasonable


your existence is one big cosmic disrespect


if a mom cant know what type of food her son likes after decades of living together then she needs to clean up her act


she knows you like oreos


should i bathe




remember to shower first


epigenetics is kinda mindblowing


pill me



p anderson said to avoid genealogies




im a proud norm



hate mathnorms


im seminorm


pure maths is baste applied maths is norm rubbish


im just an abstractnorm


whos the least norm on hima




had an eyelash in my eye just now it was really stuck deep in there started to panic i was getting light headed thankfully i got it out but i had to lie down for a few minutes almost passed out


it is impossible for foreign matter to get deep in your eye


my eyelashes arent foreign


ive got some foreign matter for you right here


going to snooze now bye


back from the store loaded up on liquor and curry supplies





File: 1547959107017.jpg (77.49 KB, 640x655, 1546382196263.jpg)


going to jo a bit




my contact went behind my eye once



nice curryguy


out of seltzer


also joing


wish i had a talent


how did you get it out


i didnt


can you see behind you now


owned contactnorm


could easily afford lasik but theres no point when not wearing glasses would only lower my smv


i need glasses also lasik looks scary and uncomfortable


what do you need glasses for


i have myopia in one eye


so what


die foureyes


i put on sis glasses once and i could see really clearly and it was nice i didnt know what i was missing


dont do that youll ruin your vision


got my mind blown when i put my glasses on for the first time and could see the leaves on trees


should i get double eyelid surgery


yes youll be much cuter


done joing


cant believe double eyelid surgery costs 4 thousand dollars


gonno jo myself off and snooze


jod weirdly
edged and felt what i thought was presperm and kept going for a little while and reached the point of a real sperm but nothing came out very strange


more research needs to be done


wish i had double eyelids


happens to me when i edge too much it stings a bit


File: 1547963905574-0.jpg (60.35 KB, 1280x720, d.jpg)

File: 1547963905574-1.jpg (16.34 KB, 480x360, c.jpg)

you have no idea how great it is you should do it
also did you know before the surgery they remove your cornea by cutting it with a round cookie cutter shaped scalpel and then scsnapping it off




gonno puke


hehe always the leaves


more concerned about what happens after the surgery wouldnt it hurt like hell for years


they put a lot of pressure into it too and then turn it around a bit they put those iron claws in your eyelids too so you dont blink but you try to harder and harder automatically its weird


i have cataracts


nice boomer


yeah i knew that
i could only bother getting it after going to yaremchuk


File: 1547964802793.webm (3.78 MB, 852x480, himako.webm)

himako is kind of clingy


File: 1547965198176.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1036, [35mm] Liz to Aoi Tori - Liz and the Blue Bird….png)


time to get real drunk and play world of tanks


how about some world of warships


time for sao


when is it my time to get alicized


could go for a pair of mancheeks right about now


its boring


id love to put this whore in a grave


how do you know if shes a whore


she dyed her hair


what does that have to do with selling your body




feels like weve been in this thread for weeks without pnig here to speed things up


going to nsooze