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id send him some himamail if i had his address wonder if turt can get it from throatpuncher


where is he then smarty pants






bored might earlysnooze


fire up some splatoon




its time to splat


love splatting


going to snooze too lets sync up


no syncing


gonno be sending regular mail to the nig once he gets in jail its going to be fun


he wont see the pen


im one of the prosecution witnesses hes flipped


you are a manbaby posting from your moms would be guest room


cant we remove the battler banners now


theyll put you in the witness protection program after you blow the whistle on the nig


those minors were sexually exploited your honor



you wont see the end of my rage if this happens


no banners will be removed simply because its too tedious to go through all 380 of them to find the one to remove


new boruto is out


going to buy myself a king size bed


i dont watch that


member when pg got scammed for 200m because i pressured him into staying up longer hehe good times


it was 120m and i just made it back easily


makin some poverty pizza


also sigh


whats that


how come pnig never scaped


im talking about the manga idiot


didnt he make a uim by accident once then quit after getting 10 attack punching cows


say that again in english


hehe kaguya sama had an excellent ed this week very cute


bit into a tomato and it squirted all over my keyboard sigh


naruto got owned hard by a random girl


dont eat on your desk


eat baby tomatoes instead


it was a baby tomato from my garden


gonno start taking fish oil


watching top o nerae
didnt know this was a gainax series


are you kidding


be careful its gonno make you cry


why would i lie


hell ya


gonno tank


where else would a neet eat


File: 1548722625973.jpg (117.62 KB, 579x1056, [Nonoriri]_Diebuster_-_02_(1080p,Hi10p,TrueHD)….jpg)

why didnt you just said gunbuster flipping idiot had to google that


are you kidding


once a wap


dont understand why nigs like dbz so much


havent watched eva in i think seven years now wonder if its time for a rewatch i think i was planning on waiting for the ten year mark but not sure if ill live that long


why not


didnt like eva


whats not to like


stream we can all watch together


id join a stream


2 hours left till kh3 unlocks hehe


not understanding this show at all
why is she doing push ups in a mecha why is the girl running up steps with steel shoes if shes going to be in space and not need leg muscles at all


fuck kingdom hearts


whats your problem


god this anime really sucks i guess ill keep watching since the girl wears a leoflapper and her tits jiggle every scene




wish pnig were here sigh


hes never posting here again even if he gets out


its really good watch it all


hes probably thinking about turt every single day thinking of ways to murder him for destroying his delicate little life with trainee girl


so mad with the last boruto
naruto now is about as strong as a random chuunin


its pissening hate boruto so fucking much




might be just about time for a second cup of joe


same hes such a weak flapper in the anime


can you imagine the amount of spam pnig will unleash here once hes acquitted


hehe its gonno be nice


wonder if hes gonno read or skip all the posts since dec 13


he will probably be forbidden to use the internet if he gets acquitted


he wont be posting ever again dangerous felons like him get life


even thad can use the internet


he better read all posts im tired of skipper one of these days im gonno snap and


2018 hima was pretty baste now that i look back on it


File: 1548725340748.jpg (12.6 KB, 209x349, Annotation 2019-01-28.jpg)


every year is the same shite we complained all the way through 2016 and reminisced about 2015 and the w then we reminisced about 2016 and complained through 2017 and now this


whats wrong with that


grabbing a whopper ho boy its time to feast


nice little physics blog at the beginning of episode 3
thought this show was psuedoscience junk but it looks like the production team took care to incorporate solid math into the plot thats above me


who cares about math the robot is cool


whatever happened to btfo guy


he finally snapped and btfod himself




he suicided by cop




oops watch this instead



to that guy who said id cry
im not crying but i feel sorry for sumisu


mindblown by all those crazies in the comments


time to read




thats faker than the moon landing



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