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as disgusting as the real world is escapism is even more disgusting


explain your logic


if you constantly turn to escapism to avoid the horrors of the real world you are less equipped to deal with reality when it comes crashing on your head
billions of norms are living their lives every single day in your definition of a nightmare
only extreme privilege allows you to shut your eyes and it takes nothing for your world to come crashing down


im pretty sure one of the definitions of an organism being alive is the avoidance of suffering
escapism is an expected reaction towards negative stimulus
norms are barely even conscious and are practically living in another universe you cant use them as an example of anything

things that are wrong should be rejected


pnig stopped watching anime and look where that got him


had a dream i had a kiss it felt really vivid i wonder if someone was kissing me while i slept


File: 1547569315993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 764 KB, 1403x992, __original_drawn_by_ryuunagi_hyouga__44f9014e9….jpg)




it was me the smoochblog


File: 1547571175742.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, otachiphonenormhuntingtheraiders.png)

let the hunt for the incel spammers begin


dickspammer finally got thrown in prison for being a dangerous ped


firing up some splatoon its time to splat


im 14 but mature for my age


thought someone knocked so i woke up and put clothes on and went to the door and nobody was there


that was me pranking you sorry


never shredded my own cheese before
holy crap a normal cheap block of cheese is an incredible amount once its shredded


youve been missing out


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only took me eight minutes to eat all that sigh


i couldve done it in 5 dont feel bad


nice happy mozzarella


new super is out


watched clarkson t pose


watched super 2 days ago


got some new coffee should i sip


coffee is poison drink some birch juice instead


dont know what the hell a birch is why i would be drinking its juices


wonder if pnig liked the new super or not


napped eatin pasta now


foolish carbnapper


whats a good brand and model desktop mechanical clock been wanting since i love the ticking sound it soothes my tard


flip i butchered that i mean one to put on my nightstand or something not computer


get a kit cat clock


accidentally made eye contact with the woman at the front desk when i came back in and she gave me that ugh its not chad look


hope dickspammer enjoys rotting in prison


is nvidia going to support freesync on maxwell


what do you think technorm


who cares you wont buy it anyway




mom bought me a chocolate bar i threw it in that stupid bitches face since it was white chocolate


heya hima im home and having my second coffee




never touching evil grains again


die evil grain


File: 1547587058280.mp3 (8.85 MB, 04. 夢の果てまで.mp3)


white chocolate pinches hard


File: 1547587854480.mp4 (29.08 MB, DASH.mp4)

baste check this out turt


dumb bitch


downloading mpv


nap time


gonno nap too


deleted mpv
gonno download mpc



wait thats wrong sorry


mpv is superior


theres no gui so i cant use it



woke up hi guys hows it hangin gonno play some mtg


hows it feel to be a free man pnig


last post




theres still another 40 posts


managed to get a dusk form lycanrock off the gts whew




wish i had someone to play pokémon with




hope you understand why i cant friend you




love how even a razor blade company has to get involved in politics


how can i end my toxic masculinity


hate politicnorms


lower your test by joing a lot and drinking tea





went downstairs to grab a bite and i said hello to the renter while she was cooking and she didnt say anything back
second time this has happened recently not sure what i did i pay rent on time and lurk in my room all but 30 minutes a day when i need food what more could you want from a tenant


sometimes pretend i didnt hear them if someone says hello quiet enough


wish to flip megumin




even the hello aside shes not even half done making dinner and im getting hungry and anxious might just do the regular and buy four mcchickens and go drive somewhere and eat them


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fascinating to wonder if sexy ladies actually shake their butts when theyre excited


if you had a sis youd know that they do


i have a sis and


and what


reading up on the vata uprising


replacement debit card hsa card and license all showed up on the same day weird
looking at the two licenses side by side is actually quite startling the neckpill changed my face a lot


its all about the neck


post that pic


got a 1.8 seed ratio should i be up there with gandhi and the dalai lama


is this what its like to have a jpgf onseki


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File: 1547599797486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.66 KB, 800x1000, me.jpg)


its not just the neck itself
bobbing a 45lb plate on your forehead with your teeth clenched has an effect on your jaw muscles it did way more than chewing big wads of gum did


tardlaughing imagining turt trying to chew a massive gum


i have a 1087:1


die seednorms


imagine wasting time focusing on strengthening muscles you never use its not like you eat tough meat you eat little chicken tendies like a wuss


my copy of pita ten is blimping out and skipping flip


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