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they took our blogs


baste as hell






this is the one


nigrigged my wooden fan blades on a small dc motor tested this guy before and saw it took little power but since i put a load on it this thing started choochin hard the blades were wobbling and moving fast it was scary of course they were shite absolutely no air being blown going to rotate them a bit if it doesnt work ill just buy a pair of fan blades




ban the picnorm


NOThin norm i just need a visual


i want a pic too


ill post one once its complete


got a big tonsil stone stuck in the back of my throat i can feel it and its annoying


dont have tonsils


why NOT


had a nice 75 minute mow


uh i mean 90 minute


they took my tonsils out thinking it would help me smell for some reason of course it was a waste of time and now theyre probably sitting in some jews collection alongside my foreskin

and the icecream thing is a myth they gave me a shitty freeze pop


removing organs and body parts for the sake of well-being is a meme


realized im scopophobic


got left behind


used this excuse so the teacher let me sit at the back


flashback to tard math sigh


whenever we had assigned seats the teachers would always put me in the back in between the rowdy girls literally between them every time or if the teacher assigned groups then they would stick me in their groups


rowdy girls like shy little boys


wish i was a rowdy girl


i hated it being told to play with their hair or about their wedgies and other girl things thats why i almost failed high school


hated being their foot slave


my bully used to make me carry her bag to school every day


spawn killed in insurgency one of the guys was a jp boy


just got placed bronze in league of legends


File: 1545986203610.png (424.87 KB, 1317x1652, 1545984155017.png)

wish i was chink


ok class everyone find a partner


gonna join the army


asians are NOTorious cheaters and you can learn to take iq tests better


can i still join the army at 30


your life is over at 30 bub


accidentally opened 785 tabs



no one is here


had a nice wake and wank


NOThing to do guess ill stare at the wall


File: 1546008767820.jpg (53.31 KB, 1080x810, 1545992753664.jpg)

1 new text from: onseki


watched some vids with mom


my tabs didnt restore when i clicked restore im crying hard


its gonno be okay


hey hima later today were going to a farmstead and were only coming back on jan first theres no internet there and mobile signal is too shite to use so i wont post until then probably


i feel like a husk i had hundreds of tabs i needed to look at eventually


you just lost some tabs


gonno make some fried rice


doesnt having that many tabs use your memory i dont get it


didnt post even once yesterday except to tell
someone to go back


whats the worst that can happen if i walk outside with my rifle and magdump the sun right now


are you within city limits or no


hope kenny is ok


after the misunderstanding is over hell be out and back on hima in no time


no but i live in a dense neighborhood someone would probably call the cops although maybe NOT


a ten year misunderstanding
yeah give it up hes in jail already


everyone freaked out last time but things were back to normal immediately this will be the same
all thats done is a little bit of youthful rebellion hes getting out of his system


losin it hima




never watched gt



its different this time and even he manages to get off this one hows he going to explain ten counts of sexual exploitation of minor to anybody
hes missed how many days of work by now and obviously everyone has tried to contact him he probably had to make half a dozen of very awkward calls i dont think theres a happy ending to this one


File: 1546024223305.mp4 (22.63 MB, misgender.mp4)


what would hitler think about that


genuinely wish i was a 244 pound gorilla like turt so i could misgender whoever i wanted and disrespect women and smoke in no smoking areas etc
you can get away with literally anything minor just by being flipping huge


i would literally just look down on people and point and laugh at them loudly in public
just humiliate anyone inferior to me
what are they going to do beat me up or shoot me hehe




come outside and ill show you a sir


havin a big ol steamy mug o coffee


dont drink coffee or youll become an adult


just remembered the six million


just finished mine


me too and i simply got aNOTher one


im already an adult im adultbaby


still feel like a child


im a child in an adults body but i want to be an adult in a childs body


wouldnt being a child in a childs body be better


File: 1546027200822.jpg (538.54 KB, 1080x1053, 1546025166633.jpg)

release kenneth




no because childs are tard as hell


File: 1546027412303.jpg (34.14 KB, 625x415, 1544852108240.jpg)

the chinks got him


we must bring an end to the chink menace


File: 1546027753187.jpg (47.84 KB, 676x426, 1518935533512.jpg)

cant wait to print out a whole book of nice froggers and mail them to kenbos prison


File: 1546027950229.png (371.56 KB, 557x734, 1546035167683.png)

ill deal with the chinks


File: 1546028105474.png (Spoiler Image, 160.11 KB, 331x10000, 1545762033953.png)

snailmail him a print of this one


File: 1546028251660.png (2.6 MB, 1304x1762, 1544890322055.png)


cant send him that because they might consider it jo material and its NOT allowed


File: 1546028447749.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)



dont understand why jo material isnt allowed in prison what harm does that do


theyre there to be punished NOT live it up joing and wall staring all day


would you pinch it yes or no


wonder what freak thinks of the pnig situation


how do we get in contact with freak


youll have to get in touch with the bogs first


last i heard the freak was hired as a consultant for the nsa


cheers to the big dog in the house


wish i had a cool name like freakeye or pnig or neetblog or pastaguy


gonna watch this


watch this instead


dislike darkies


the forced indentation of code


but youre either the otalad or trashheal


touching yourself with your own hand feels gay


im neither the closest i got to a name was shotaspermer but thats NOT cool


same nobody would know if i never posted again


nobody cares about your opinion teenbro


how about boycummer


whats wrong with shotasperming that ones baste


File: 1546036350321.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 512.29 KB, 750x1059, e27f7bf71dcc7da275b35c93be9bae87.jpeg)


someone else can take that name instead NOT me


gonna grill up some burgs


lay on your own until it falls asleep so you cant feel the penis but you can feel the hand is that gay


i mean lay on your arm


woke up hi


wonder how much my head weighs


eatin icecream


about 10 lbs


File: 1546039221261.jpg (109.42 KB, 796x719, [UTW]_Accel_World_-_09_[h264-720p][C16FEEA].mk….jpg)




anime sucks so much dont know if i can ever go back to it after reading books


what books do you reccomend


lynx did it mates


the holy bible


dont read middle eastern books read a nice kafka novel instead


File: 1546039855465.mp3 (11.82 MB, 05 Dat and Night.mp3)


File: 1546039855618.png (55.03 KB, 695x401, hxygCB7.png)

he must have taken a day off


File: 1546039986200.webm (3.54 MB, 470x720, 1546013250802.webm)



japs shouldnt wear french maid outfits


french maids dont exist


what should i be seeing in that webm


they did during the one hundred years war


why would maids fight in a war


get triggered whenever maid cafes come up after what happened


kitty is sleeping


i will never forget the incident


burnt the hair off my arm again grillin


File: 1546041246997.jpg (43.08 KB, 720x708, FB_IMG_1545976650291.jpg)


what incident


are they bacon burgs




nobody tell him





File: 1546043337159.jpg (256.89 KB, 854x480, watch?v=Ljf0yu6QAXI - 00:03:12[2018.12.28].jpg)



i put on my robe and wizard hat


the blade of my ancestors


your ancestors were cabbage farmers



my ancestors were proud neetfolk and blogsmen


cracked open cold one number four


so nice i really should watch the show one of these days



why doesnt varg grow out his hair again


File: 1546044906669.png (1.08 MB, 1200x900, 1518233732646.png)


hate rest days


watchin settleds new series


File: 1546046880715.jpg (61.31 KB, 1280x720, 1545599365832.jpg)

gonno head to bed you should too so our sleep is synced


im sleeping in 12 hours


cant you sleep now


getting practice for the big sleep


mom rages when i sleep even though i do NOThing the rest of the day


will she ever calm down


hope tv or other online communities arent aware of this obscure film production ive just discovered love having things all to myself


rage is moms natural state


mom lit a bedside candle in my room because she said an oppressive odor pervaded the area hehe feeling classy now as the flame dimly flickers


this candle actually provides the perfect lighting holy flip might start a habit of lighting these myself


File: 1546047843753.jpg (1.49 MB, 1800x1391, 1546045906783.jpg)

*routinely leaves the house to go to restaurants or stores*
*chats up the staff in order to mooch free gibs*
uhh gotta piss in some bottles for that sweet jp cred haha such a neet haha
what do you have to say in your defense


dont say you arent impressed


interested in the details of the background music wonder if ill have to take this to r


only piss in bottles when mom has guests over


feel bad for whoever has to excavate those piss bottles


simply drink and recycle


they were taken to the evidence locker


gonna need dna kits on all this piss


how did he take this shot it looks too high up or was he just a tallnorm


didnt you read his inmate documentation he was 6'1 you really think someone under 6 feet would have received all that unsolicited positive attention and respect


good riddance flip talls


order 66 on pnig for going mad with power order 66 on tallnorms for being arrogant as hell


moms sitting next to me dont post anything sexy okay


File: 1546049657367.jpg (326.05 KB, 1920x1080, 1467610662809.jpg)



sometimes think about how terrified if i was in moms position living with me


id kick a deadbeat ungrateful son like myself without a second thought if i were in moms position


shes selfish if you were in her position youd buy a lot more games for you


mom asked me what 夢のクレヨン王国 is


moms always offering to buy me games but im NOT a flipping gamenorm


what kind of norm are you then


wish mom was artificially insemenated to conceive me instead of my very existence being permanently bonded to sin


play games bastard theyre a source of accomplishment


no one respects a gamer


i only need the respect of my fellow gamers


dont respect anyone but mom and my himamates


respect is a meme


going to watc h vids and snooze and tomorrow morning im off to the farm


i was trained on the farm at langley


im baste


how can you tell


i asked him why certain ethnicities bald more than others hope he makes a video on that


do you wish varg was your daddy


varg should make a vid about how chinks cheat on iq tests



hima stands with taiwan


hey hima just got home went downtown to see the holiday lights at the national zoo then i walked like four miles to the white house and snapped a pic
was trying to find an empty looking bar to grab a drink but they were all full of norms as usual on a friday night so i walked aNOTher three miles to chinatown and peoplewatched for a couple minutes and realized i dont actually like doing that and got on the train home


knew prisonnig has the same headphones as me but he also has the same pc case feeling ill


i have the same one too hehe it was really popular 6 years ago


hate normblogs


flip this biased white boy


getting chills looking at his pictures now what a creepazoid



The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺


what the flip i swear i pressed enter before writing paste


same you can feel the evil radiating from him


hes a nice guy whos being targeted and framed by psychos you need to support him


he never supported me


hed come through for you if you were in a pinch


he made fun of me for being neetblog


sigh hes probably crying in his cell thinking about hima


hes gonno fall so far behind in tech news
we need to transcribe linus vids and mail them to him


im meltinggg


dont forget the gmm vids


hope turt goes through with that nice frogger mail that would be pretty funny


post a nice frogger


he is going to have the aryan brotherhood on his ass if he messes with ken


uhhhhh pissed in a jug today mom yelled at me for sleeping gonna play some normgames now haha


who am i going to hate now that pnig is gone


never hated pnig but i flipping hate neetblog


just saw that ee has formed a new team that includes ritsu


properly got the fan blades attached to the little motor its spinning fast but its wobbly because of my poor craftsmanship of course this blows practically no air guess ill just have to buy a proper set of fan blades off ebay


when is the pic


woke up from fitful nap gonna marinate my pork


File: 1546058467615.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.42 MB, 2680x4032, IMG_10282018.jpg)


i have that tablet its a huion h610


gonna huion your face


phew NOTher long day at the post office time to crack open a blogweiser and take a load off


never tried alcohol whats it like


its great


what is so great about it


do people respect you more now that you are a postmaster


it tastes good and makes you feel good


wish i was a blogmaster


gonno start counting calories


wish i had some booze i feel like shit


hes NOT in a cell


he may as well be


why do you hate me


why would he NOT be in a cell


why would he be



nice arab muslim defending the ped why am i NOT surprised


hell lose if you give him a little handshake under the table if you know what i mean


all alone in this world besides you guys


god is with you


i dont know what you mean


god isnt real


then who made us


File: 1546061571985.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720, Miette.png)

is is just me or is this girl asking for flip with that expression


she is NOT


is this real


gonna fire up some popcorn


popcron sucks it just taste like cardboard


File: 1546061839948.png (6.92 KB, 599x127, Capture.PNG)



you betcha


nah die perverts


pasted allah


he has to go before a jury its up to the norms to decide his fate now good thing the public is lenient towards peds


wonder what the defense is for that kind of stuff it is NOT like you can claim it wasnt there


he will plead the uhh haha


hopefully all this work with tools will give me man hands im already seeing some progress from a few years ago


love my soft hands




how do i get a vascular penis


*smacks lips*
*licks fingers*
*sucks teeth*
*chokes on a chicken bone*
*pisses in bottle*
*spams warosu*
*grooms children*
*enables whitelist*




oh my god that would explain why himako hasnt said anything pnig really was the admin im going to be sick


himako killed herself months ago


remember fighting off half a dozen naysayers over pnig obviously being the admin same thing happened a long time ago on 4chan with a certain tripfag being a janitor i dont get the respect i deserve


well arent you special




File: 1546065451596.png (162.88 KB, 682x402, 5bbf2d9076b7e31e6eb32e2f86462f03.png)

why are non japanese comics so bad


just NOTiced the random whining about the site has stopped too


brown backwards is nword


its snowing


i have the kind of personality where if someone nags me i subconsciously avoid doing what theyre nagging me about
now that bolemako is locked up i might actually try some small stuff with the site if i can figure it out without having to worry about him breathing down my neck


go back to facebook or wherever you came from norm


they never got the golden inspiration japs got from american gi sharing their comics can you imagine being 12 and seeing well drawn illustrations for the first time


there are some okay korean ones but the chinks just put out garbage


never used facebook in my life


the american comic book golden age was like 1930-1950 when was the japanese comic golden age or are we still in it


depends on who you ask


im asking neetblog


chinks have no remotely human qualities like compassion or love they are completely brainless emotionally devoid creatures that only know greed and arrogance
i would personally press the button to exterminate them given the chance



wonder if animation would have still been taken seriously in the west if it werent catered to children you can still find quality films being made now since its considered a mature medium



i doubt it somehow westerners are too enamored with celebrities themselves to watch a full movie without playing that little game they do where they remember other movies the performers were in
remembering just their voices is too much effort


im NOT a comicnorm



always remember to keep my tongue planted down


translate it smartnorms


i already do this


think i might get into trains


never understood the train meme whats so good about them get into something cool like tanks instead


might jump in front of a train


why dont people put their head on the tracks instead of their bodies


wish to return to the golden days of steam power


sexy ladies werent sexy back then


some complicated math in fan design



how do i cure yellow fever


cant believe pnig was actually himako he spammed warosu to get people to join his new spinoff what a conniving person glad hes locked up


freakeye was the warosu spammer


remember that time pnig posted as himako to compliment himself as pnig
its too bad the old threads are gone forever it would be fun to look back at some of the crazy things said


ya i remember that he was comparing ragers posts to his own and said he was a model poster


he needs help they cant just send him to prison


its time to admit we all spammed warosu



its a good thing we protected pnig from the harlot foid coworker that was after him now he can safely remain pure to wizardhood


nah hes gonno get his cheeks busted


wonder how thad survived prison dont they kill peds there


there are prisons with sex offender programs they run those


thad traded his cheeks for protection


they could sense thads aura


thad is hung like a horse he simply asserted dominance by waving his member around


imperius is coming to hots im so excited


woke up hi


made coffee


mom went and got biscuits


biscuits or biscuits


the hell are you talking about


File: 1546107510144.jpg (69.23 KB, 800x400, Insel-Air.jpg)


tard stream is up




you seeing this neetblog



love gamer girls


why does she keep winking and whistling


yes ive watched that before


did you follow his advice


she has tourettes


wish i had tourettes


cant believe those marks are falling for this gimmick


i had already stopped consuming sugary drinks before i saw that video


never realized how small amd is compared to nvidia and intel sigh theyre big time underdogs


hi pnig what did your lawyer say about your chances of winning the case


simply settle


File: 1546121705705.png (578.64 KB, 1036x1449, 1546111914869.png)

i feel stinky


what was your favorite episode pnig




wonder what 20s anime will look like


visual media will be dead stories will be injected directly into our brains for us to experience first hand


File: 1546124525586.jpg (732.38 KB, 2928x4059, 1545972952533.jpg)

would a sexy lady be impressed by this


they would want to touch them and then be done with it


wish i had a cow keyboard like that since ive been drinking lots of milk lately


neetclogged the toilet


hey woke up


think i might be pregnant




im hungry


gonno cook up some rice


barely any posts to skip after waking up


wrote a review on the bidet and entered it into a drawing to win a more expensive bidet


is that good or bad


havin some coffee


think my jaw might be on the wrong way




it clicks when i move it


mine does that too dont worry


did you get your wisdom teeth removed they might have flipped it up


getting jaw surgery next year


getting your wisdom teeth removed is just a big scam that dentists push on people most people dont ever need them removed


never had my wisdom teeth removed the ones on top grew normally and the ones on the bottom are sticking out halfway


ive gotta get them removed because of the cavities they refuse to fill but im too scared to


need a jaw implant please donate


theyre going to break my jaw and re attach it in a different place


start chewing tobacco youll lose your jaw in no time


my new dentist has autism and basically implied that i didnt need 90% of the fillings id gotten before and when i had surgery to cut back my gums they intentionally did it in a way where it would grow back and need to be done again so they could steal more money most dentists are money hungry scammers


any one else have braces


wish i had braces my teeth are all flipped up


had them when i was a boy and my chink dentist would rage at me for NOT wearing my rubber bands


used to have them now ive got a permanent wire running around the inside of my bottom teeth


i think flipped up teeths are cute




wish i had an autistic dentist


always blush when my dentist puts his fingers in my mouth


hate having a female dentist


File: 1546128630144.png (Spoiler Image, 50.23 KB, 650x700, 5.png)


pussy is steaming




gonna need a second cup of coffee over here


thats fucking vile


NOThing vile about love




piv is immoral stupid moids



always hated pizza dont understand why norms love it so much




gonno crack open some hard alcohol and watch a movie with The Boss


File: 1546130574750.jpg (155.86 KB, 1242x1394, 1546126609788.jpg)

my favorite girl? it would have to be saber


baste 4chad


i visit gran in her nursing home every week this time mom didnt give me thr chance im only now making food


grannys boy


whats wriong with your gran mine ha s dementia



NOThing really she had to go to the hospital for some arthritis pain then went to a nursing home to "recover" that was 2 months ago but really my aunt and cousins just hated having her around NOT sure how long she is going to stay there


that sucks what are you making to eat


gran is at least 50% plastic and metal now


its these rolls i make with rice flour i add ground turkey inside it with some gouda cheese


gouda blows


nah its great


hate foodnorms


games and food are all there is to live for


any one want to cook dinner for me


hey hima back from the po hows it goin


die postnorm


gonna make some pork in a few hours you can have some if you want




that would be nice thanks


think i might start listening to all audio in mono to return to my childhood




gonna lie down


sleepy head


feasted hard on some tacos


is kindlemate here does it pinch



made too many protonmail accounts for the vpn trial and now they wont let me




how many of you eat the crust on pizza


its the best part


depends how hungry i am and the size of the pie


hate crustnorms


only if theres ranch to dip it in


die nocrusts




ban fats


wish dad had cool tools to rip off my fingers


found a cool fire sim site


just watched this


hate fire after the incident



NOT cool also very lame



there should be a human option


gonno sperm and snooze later mates



wish i was good at scape


whats it take to be good


anyone want to play runescape



what world are you on


im NOT on right now


why NOT


im on world 429


where are you


where are YOU


playing runescape what about you


thought of a great post earlier forgot what it was


im at the wk castle


what are you doing at the White Knight's castle


he just got pked


im waiting for you


which part of t he castle are you in


flip you troll


its a big place lets go somewhere quieter




lets meet up north of edgeville




just go to the pub in falador and then we can go on an adventure


these all sound like places turt would talk about


where the fuck are you


ive been trolled


where are you


fighting krakens what about you


im in edgeville


which world are you on tell the flipping truth this time




im on 84573


flip you


had an interview at hooters today


i see you standing at that bank booth


no you dont


ive got my eye on you


prove it


youre wearing an ugly green outfit and holding a snowball


dont just stand there do something


wait whered you go i looked away


come back coward


stream the meetup


flip you raider


just beat some idiot in a snowball fight


waiting for my hemorrhoid to stop stinging so i can jo off


stop roiding


get some bhole cream for it


im NOT a juicer


im at the wilderness agility course


gonno pk you


just pledged my allegiance to saradomin


hate zamorakian scum


wish someone would pk me


im ready to pk you




moms cute when she morphs


wish my mom was cute


moms fat


sorry i got bored and left


scape pinches


wasnt falling for your stupid lure anyway


it does


youre smart
i the pkblob would have owned your ass


snowballed you so hard you logged out and started crying like a little boy


am i missing out by NOT scaping




scape fills the void


regret spending over 400 days on scape


dont regret it if you enjoyed yourself


i didnt


dont remember the last time i enjoyed myself still scaping though


File: 1546152001808.jpg (162.8 KB, 631x950, 1447648976801.jpg)




why dont my armpits look like a pussy


its a girl thing


they dont look like a pussy at all


wanna touch some girlpits


never seen a pussy before


just google it theres plenty on the internet


snooze time
been dead hours for over two hours now


reading posts on some forum where 2 boomers are arguing whether wood or metal make for better propellers


whats the answer
carbon fiber is better than both of those


where the flip is the pic


carbon fiber is too rigid


i have a carbon fiber sword and it can cut through flesh easily


File: 1546158306831.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.07 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20181230_022302.jpg)


got a bad headache gonna hit the hay


hell yeah




cool fan ahmed


might convert to islam


hate how so many people on the internet i used to enjoy talking to became norms and now talking to them sucks its only a matter of time until the same happens to all my himafriends


it already happened


time to grow up manbaby




wish i could


still staring at the saber boobs pic




go to hell horndog


loove those heavy boobs


wonder if fatneets will get special accommodation in the mansion like extra meal portions and larger beds


wonder if pnig has jerked it lately


they will get smaller portions to help them lose weight


nah let them starve


wish pnig was here so i could drop some lookismpills its just NOT the same without a good chimpout


he is gonna come back with a thick neck from all that time in the yard


cant wait for the pnig episode of fresh out


amazing how the day pnig stops posting everyone NOTices but nobody would even NOTice if i stopped posting even after a year


did someone just post






gonna make some ham sandwiches for lunch


gotta go to work at one but its 1.5 pay today so i might show up early


older i get the harder it is to get out of bed


same but because of the diabetes


think im gonno buy a 240hz monitor


the human eye can only detect 60herkz


the human eye does NOT operate in herkz


herkz said the human eye doesnt see above 30fps


File: 1546194328189.gif (149.33 KB, 1280x720, kENeuYp.gif)

if you cant see the difference you need to see a doctor


what if the doctor moves faster than 30fps how will i see her


pretty dumb example i am never going to be staring at lines


i only stare at walls


File: 1546195521545.png (503.89 KB, 750x495, 1546175852970.png)

hima meetup


why dont they show their foreheads


would i look cool with that hairstyle if i have brown hair and a long face


youd look cool alright



im a little tea pot short and stout here is my handle here is my spout


had a dream fat lard stepdad could do the splits but then i remembered he used to play ice hockey and was a goalie and probably actually could do the splits


now with prisonnig gone i wont see that dumb fan girl webm anymore


gonna make pasta


mindblowing that pnig was literally the poster of everything bad


he was the physical manifestation of annoyance


scalp itches


but i feel bad for his cellmates probably bugging them nonstop with his ramblings


hes getting his cheeks busted on a daily basis


simply shampoo


sigh shat me undies thought it was just the gas valve opening


File: 1546199815091.jpg (659.81 KB, 1847x2015, 1546199374230.jpg)

what are those brown things




File: 1546201534424.png (2.21 MB, 1291x1600, 0c77005133b2362bd933a45a717fbd75.png)


whats it called when you are attracted to tards


dead eyes





mornin hima just made a big mug of freshly ground pour over


im back hima ended up only staying for a couple of days the water pump wasnt working that well
the house is kinda nice its all wood with 2 fireplaces 4 regular bedrooms and 2 tard rooms and four bathrooms and outside and theres a big pond with about 40 carps and a lake a little bit further and a small waterfall behind the house and everything is littered with japanese hydrangea it would be a nice place to set up the mansion


thought that was a pnig post at first


nice rager


i took pics should i post some


post em


hell yeah lets see those carp


only slept 2 hours


same but 9 hours


slept 12 hours


no koi pics you can easily see them swimming around but the camera refused to capture anything under water



flip intel and flip nvidia


ya they rip us peasants off


sigh pretty much had 9 days off of work and did absolutely NOThing productive


im spending every second im NOT working into creating a functional business with mom so i can quit


yeah well my mom is a barely functional retard so thats NOT happening


most people do it by themselves and nobody is going to force you to work more once you make enough to live comfortably whatever your standards of living are im aiming for half an hour every day skippable when im NOT feeling like it


that doesnt sound sustainable
i gave up my dreams for running my own business when i realized most of the time it requires even greater social skills than mere wageslaving


mom does the phonecalling but im in charge of mail and stuff


hima this is NOT good fired up the grease gun to grease some bearings now im covered in grease sand and dirt how do i get it off


File: 1546210159364-0.jpg (713.12 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_3438.JPG)

File: 1546210159364-1.jpg (1.25 MB, 1632x1224, IMG_3435.JPG)

File: 1546210159364-2.jpg (1.03 MB, 1632x1224, IMG_3436.JPG)

this is the koi pond


File: 1546210205039-0.jpg (996.35 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_3442.JPG)

File: 1546210205039-1.jpg (763.75 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_3444.JPG)

File: 1546210205039-2.jpg (940.7 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_3450.JPG)

and here are some other pics thats it


good pics i like them


wish mom would just win that flipping lottery already


wish i was a richnorm with private property


woke up hey


i looked at propeller ducting and thought about buying a large diameter pvc pipe but it was kind of expensive so i just taped up 3 pieces of photo paper and created a tube out of that and you know what the original jig works a lot better the air circles inside the tube and comes out the other end its still too shite to work as a fan but its progress ill wait for nice cool german motor to come in ill try ramping it up to 12v see if its any better or will redo the spinner and put the blades at a higher pitch


you need a polarizing filter


File: 1546211930199.jpg (217.47 KB, 1600x840, polarizingfilterfeat.jpg)

its magic


moms slr is broken


what kind of strange trees are those do you live like in polynesia or something


its the pastarich


NOT me i just woke up about to have some coffee


makes sense hate everything south of the equator


want to go to japan one more time before i die




hate japan love korea love china




wonder if there is a place on the planet id be welcomed




eatin an icecream cone


just had some myself


thats really cool how does it work


couldnt tell ya


is it an industry secret


File: 1546214974672.png (190.08 KB, 1280x563, 1280px-Circular.Polarization.Circularly.Polari….png)


i see


what did you just said


light that is reflected off the surface enters the lens differently than the light that is being refracted in the water the filter prevents the surface scatter to enter the lens


grandpa is an optical physicist and worked for the patent office so im familiar with polarization and lasers and other stuff he used to talk about


can you ask him to shoot a lazer right into my brain and end this twisted existence


think i belong in a giant scifi city


go back there smartnorm


humanity has left me behind


watch genocyber


looks cool thanks


sucks that hong kong is the closest thing to a megatropolis like in akira or cyber city oedo or bubblegum crisis
tokyo is a friendly city cant say theres even any mildly scary or garrish places except the tower out past shinjuku and ikebukuro and some areas out towards saitama




gonna have some pork sandwiches


this thing looks big until youre close to it its like a stain on the landscape that makes you feel uneasy
unless of course you enjoy that kind of thing like me i thought it was cool


aris said that tokyo has some weird corners like the street full of nigerians trying to make you go to their strip clubs


they call me the genocyder


get really angry when someone links the mobile version of a site


i think this is the one


theres maybe five such corners in tokyo and ive been to all of them kabukichou down by the green plaza capsule hotel and the seven eleven is a famous spot
theres a few in roppongi too but i dont know specific names of them because roppongi sucks


File: 1546219535605.jpeg (695.33 KB, 750x1334, D360EE7D-7116-4A80-B08F-B8EC4079050C.jpeg)

crazy how kabukichou is such a big deal when there are malls in the states that dwarf the entire district
its just a little box blocked in by the train lines and residentially neighborhoods where grannies walk around


meatspace japan just makes me feel sad


if there were any benches in kabukichou you could probably sit down for hours on a saturday night and never once see anything suspicious or any yakuza looking guys
ueno on the other hand is creepy as hell thats the setting of the majority of alleyway snap doujinshi


ueno is baste


cant believe the crypto meme is over


as my good friend naruto would say believe it


gonna yeet


okay you can turn the christmas stuff off now christmas is over


really good sandwiches today hima really good


people dont have ideas ideas have people


just rescued my dad from the underworld




what was he doing under the world


bh nocoin


wish i was attractive or intelligent so people would say im eccentric and interesting instead of a weird freak


its NOT


kitty is lounging next to me


get that cat in the cage where it belongs


theres two new kittens here theyre cute


die cager


just got a letter from my isp


what did it say


you are being indicted of ten counts of sexual exploitation of minor


dont even know anyone called minor


hate how isps stick their nose in our business who gives a flip about piracy


lets start our own isp


its too difficult because big companies own the data lines on the poles and underground so even if a third party company existed theyd be renting out bandwidth on comcast or verizon lines which means they wouldn’t really be safe or secure at all


satellite internet unfortunately sucks hard


were gonna build our own lines


why cant the common man just buy a few poles for their own internet how hard could it be


youll only be able to access hima using the hima isp



why is the future taking so long to get here
where are the space colonies and martian cities and the mining asteroids


they cant break through the glass dome


what if we run some cables directly between each hima poster


how do flat earthers rationalize the moon phases and solstices



it would be cheaper to just get everyone to live in the same place


simply make some long string phones


what kind of morse code speeds do you think you can get through string


just got trolled


pretty fast i suppose


people are saying suppose a lot recently its getting on my nerves


suppose thats alright


suppose thats alright


simple as


is this real


flipped a cup of soda like that once at a restaurant hehe


the undies mom bought me are so tight and supportive




thats it im gonno


cant believe the heisei period is almost over


the WHAT


i broke the blades off the first spinner and made a somewhat more proper spinner by drilling a few holes then chiseling to create a channel to press fit the blades into so its a lot more secure and safer its also at a higher pitch now this thing is almost a fan just have to add a voltage amp to get 12v+ to the motor this thing will start choochin hard all thats left to do is the cad work


made pizza so now i can relax and watch goblin slayer


what happened to league of legends mate


he killed himself


hope wk is doing alright


laughed at a post i was making earlier mom came in and asked why i was laughing


hell never be doing alright as long as women are being disrespected


sick of being stinky


gonno eat chocolates


think i have the flu hima gopnno hurl


nice end to goblin slayer s1


crying at the new iwf


the new what


see a bunch of twitchteens in the nico comments


yeah theyre tard


im tard


feel embarrassed to be white when i see english nico comments


wish i had some wine


File: 1546244626886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.49 KB, 700x955, 1546211878138.jpg)


normin slayer


wish i was a potato chef


safe to say pnig was the wk and the lil wk was pnigs longtime worshiper that will agree to whatever he says


i will defend my tulpas honor


should we go ahead and dox her just for fun
im curious as to what pnigs looksmatch is


leave her alone she has NOThing to do with us


dont really care about trainee roast so go ahead


she is going through a hard time


the foid shall suffer


wonder if my tulpa is pregnant


i will adopt the quarternig and raise it to despise peds


yeah chad knocked her up
she was going to get pnig to be her beta provider


popped a fat zit on me back


mom raged and said if i dont straighten up shes going to send me to stay with my grandparents in shijiazhuang


sounds like a good deal to me


hey hima hows it going


just spilled some piss on the floor


miss dubstep


took a 2g dose of phenibut


having some icecream


should be out flipping vulnerable drunk teengirls but here i am tarddancing to mogra as 2018 finishes


thats what you get for NOT being born with the looks
the money
and the status


mogra nye is flipping baste this year


cant wait to do absolutely NOThing tonight and wake up at 5:38 to go to my shite job stacking cans


cracked open a blogweiser



get the HELL in here


whats wrong with his voice


watch the vid and you shall know


having a daydream about amd releasing new gpus that they built from the ground up that are more competitive than the rx 2000s and the maximum price is 500


its soon going to be over for nvidia theyre already stuck with warehouses full of old cards


should i game


read a book teenbro


i already caught up on my manga


new joseph anderson get in here


so ashamed of my formula upbringing


mom breastfed me and formula fed younger sis guess who turned out normal


im a c section baby


be proud that you were NOT swallowed


wish mom vored me


no please your life would have been over before it began and your mom would digest you



id have been better off absorbed into mom the outside world is harsh


youre worth more than that though


im worth my weight in gold


baste caratblog


i was born via in vitro fertilization and so were my siblings still think The Boss is a virgin


she referred to herself as an incel today


in in in


any volincels here


there is no greater shame for a parent than to have sexually undesirable offspring it means they failed and the 18+ year investment they put in you was for naught


a daughter getting flipped by men would be more shameful than a incel son


File: 1546288798462.png (18.42 KB, 1061x118, Capture.PNG)



is crynorm here i dont want to cry to auld lang syne alone


just started crying


i didnt cry but id like to


havent cried in years even though i feel like ending it every other day my eyes are dry


same honestly miss crying because the relief really helped


shed a single tear when the bagpipes got real loud what an emotional instrument truly


File: 1546289768391.png (121.11 KB, 1051x502, 1379552784457.png)


thats gay


NOThing gay women exist to be flipped that includes by other women its impossible for a woman to be gay


tired wish to squeeze a sexy lady


been workin outside all day gonno pass out


sexy ladies are meant to be squeezed by hopeless jaded neet men


hate squeezers


would you hate them if you were a sexy lady


mom came home before i could get lunch guess ill just eat some candy


showered now to enter the drying period


was going to buy liquor but realized i only have 45 dollars in my account so i bought the ingredients for tuna pasta salad and i chimped hard and bought canned peas i dont know what i was thinking they smell flipping horrible who buys this shite


gonna make the last hima post of 2018


only ever bought frozen peas


canned peas dont smell like anything


love a good mushy pea


im a sweetpea


just preordered kingdom hearts 3




no point in preordering anything you still have to wait four hours to download it
they should have something where you can download the whole thing before the launch date and its locked until midnight or something


they are like children also i like how the spectators laugh at them


its already 2019 in japan


gonno work on relaxing my face



NOThin wrong with preordering games and showing your support







your body is worth a lot dont die


File: 1546297825841.png (593.03 KB, 603x765, 16a8566b812d42e17f1b38a809970c2d.png)


oh my god niggers are already setting off fireworks this wont stop for the next three days


join the festivities


really love the steamed sis


just woke up happy new year hima


happy new year


when will i hit my growth spurt


bad news for you



die nonamerinorm


i was meant to be a southern american gonno make some country fried steak and sweet tea rn


hate sweet tea its too sweet



hate amerinorms


im so anxious hima my head hurts so much and feels so hot inside i cant stop thinking that i have to work on wednesday and that ill stay the next week at hq again i cant stop thinking about getting in a serious accident that would leave me bedridden and unable to leave


do you best


do what is best for you


no resolutions this year my life is already perfect




wish my bullies could see me now


theyd be overcome with guilt


just started crying dont know if im prepared for aNOTher year of this just want it to be over


File: 1546306604812.png (685 B, 29x22, Half_an_apple_pie.png)

eating half an apple pie


i want to live forever


just spermed to my tulpa


how did you find a pic of her


you wont do it alone i will be ready to help you when you stumble


been building up a good cry for the last two weeks its going to break out here soon


File: 1546307381827.webm (177.84 KB, 640x360, Huddled_Together_Furtive_and_Vulnerable.webm)

the final night in the hima mansion


back from the post office sigh mondays are the worst


just took a doushite




turt sent it to me


the postnorm is back


new years eve all alone with hima


NOThin lonely my himamates are all i need


have never NOT spent a new years even either playing video games or yucking it up online


File: 1546310869076.jpg (1.5 MB, 1200x1500, 1545996356664.jpg)

hate when mom gets frisky


bored as hell


all moms are chaste


went to see zoolights with ma it was alright very windy and rainy felt mogged when a saw a nice young couple in one of the exhibits the girl was like 5'10 the guy was like 6'2 then ma wanted to go to walgreens saw an omega chad there with wavy dark blonde hair probably slayed a bunch of females on his way there


everyone go to bed its time for sleep


hima do your best to enjoyee every single day to its fullest


already do


going to snooze now




pasted instigator


already miss 2018 hima


it had some epic occurrences


2019 hima will be even better


sigh himas first year without the nig wonder how itll be


someone needs to step up and start blogging in his absence i nominate neetblog


wonder how many anime i watched this year


doggy shit her pants on account of the fireworkins




File: 1546320122098.jpg (42.54 KB, 1000x750, 1545933818550.jpg)


time to sperm and snooze later mates


youre going to miss the new year


i missed it


get in here bros



the norms wont even let me snooze with their flipping fireworks


same flip normworks


gonno call the police


its midnight
happy new year hima


happy new year bros


drinking some champagne


hate all alcohol unless its mixed in something but champagne is easily the worst offender


2019 might be my last year bros




2018 is my last year


but youre still here



2g phenibut experiment was too much it put me in a semi drunken daze all day and i passed out around 5 and just woke up now and feel hungover this sucks i might NOT be ok to work out


die degen


its legal its like having a cup of coffee


die gymnorm


hate gymnorm and hikenorm


annihilate the druggies


too scared to end it


you have to do it eventually are you just going to wait aNOTher 50 years


any one wish to form a suicide pact


happy the way things are


only if we can do something mysterious that gets us a wikipedia article and placed in dozens of youtube top 10 creepiest deaths


File: 1546326198567.png (382.48 KB, 310x315, 1546233245524.png)

neetblog? yeah he's me fuckin boy can i get a quick rundonwn on the last 9 months you 2019 niggers


pnig is behind bars


no he isnt


why would he NOT be


id be the last one to end it in a hima suicide pact then chicken out at the last moment and post on hima alone


fuck that subhuman monkey i hope he gets snapped to death fuck onseki too


-pnig lost and was banished to the shadow realm
-neetblog got married
-otamin bought majority stake in himasugi


now that the normnig is gone its time to summon the freak to take the reigns


yeah bros im about 34 blogneikens deep but you are all biblical

life may suck the big one and NOThing may have gone right in the last 12 months but we will all make it or die trying even the basted biblical outlaw scumblimp


File: 1546329438224.png (4.48 KB, 513x49, uh oh.PNG)

why would he be


did he break out
is a himabro harboring a criminal i hope NOT



calm down we are posting in 2019 now




fired up myfarog anyone wanna join


he paid the bail


morphed through the fireworks is it 2007 yet


were closer to 2027 than 2007





no gg allin


gg normin


got mogged bad by a tatted up beefcake




dont remember 2007 i wasnt born until 2010


pity the zoomers that couldnt full enjoy the mid 2000s golden age


everybody knows that im the scumblimp


File: 1546336455101.jpg (27.66 KB, 640x480, 1505959417280.jpg)

Does this look like the face of mercy?


is that dovy


File: 1546336843260.png (243.89 KB, 400x397, 1539972757269.png)

remember bros life always gets worse so if you aren't living just to die and by the laws of a gun and a knife you might as well be a norm who can't Drive


why isnt he posting


and yet you didnt have the smarts to send him away for good


nice flippin oldreply flip you






rip chomonig


accidentally looked at the index


just realized it hasnt snowed yet


finished reading is this a haysuz raid


its a street race




File: 1546345698040.png (97.27 KB, 772x260, sparta.png)


2019 hima pinches


File: 1546346659093.png (412.12 KB, 640x1136, image0.png)

what is it with blacks and posting pictures of their money on the internet


haysuz is like a tard with a missing handler hes simply wild


File: 1546346817224.png (116.95 KB, 640x1136, image0.png)

i like how every time he speaks to pnig he throws in as many insults as he can


File: 1546351713557.jpg (28.89 KB, 337x366, 1546335877504.jpg)

with NOThing standing in his way the one eyed king shall return to the throne


hi hima woke up had a shower dad dropped a beer bottle on his feet and cut his toe had a nice coffee and toast with jam made the bed and vacuumed really want a roomba
hope everyones havin a nice jan first


is the pie eating contest over


the raiders get drunk on new years eve and raid


File: 1546357494221.jpg (1014.75 KB, 2928x2124, 180494-amd-lisa-su-44166916605.jpg)


cant tell if lisa is a man or a woman can one of you mates tell me


gonna turn off the names banners and snow tonight hope everyone got their fill



sigh goodbye snow san it all went by so quickly i wonder if ill ever see you again


leave the snow its still winter


hated the snow it was so feint that it made me think something was wrong with my eyes



Dear Sir/Madam,

Since January 15, 2017 you are the registrant of the domain name:

Please be advised that the registration period for this domain is almost
over and that the domain will expire on January 15, 2019.

If you wish to keep your your domain, you should renew the domain
registration for HIMADUEGI.TK BEFORE January 15, 2019 00:00 GMT.



is this new



File: 1546371953400.webm (1.29 MB, 853x480, osteen.webm)


did the christmas event on scape gonno make some coffee now


new 草鸡实验室


why does he hate osteen so much sigh why cant they be friends


varg said christians were never friends with each other



File: 1546373054441.jpg (147.71 KB, 1200x1200, annie.jpg)

gonno fire up league of legends


give me the energy to fire it up too


simply fire it up


im scared


of what




simply blame your team


told young chink happy new year and she smiled but once she responded in fluent english i couldnt care less


die chap


File: 1546374813922.png (1.64 MB, 475x897, manhattan cafe.png)

might kill myself and reroll as a horse girl


File: 1546374995612.jpg (83.17 KB, 1280x720, 1520177648169.jpg)


always get disappointed when a chink starts speaking fluent english


what a punchable norm face



you mena with a big horse girl penis too


wish i didnt have a penis


having a penis is a waste of resources for me


please dont become a girl you would hate your life




i cant become a girl yet because i was arrogant and decided to play on hell mode i have to finish this file before i can play on girl mode and breeze through i just hope im NOT a dumb generic slut like 99% of them


bastard i worked hard getting that out of my head



havent played league since 2014 going to give it a go since im bored as hell


seems like theres two guys that post about that game in onsekis discord one goes by chalq and the other bwgoblin


tell them to fire it up


die traitor


File: 1546377723650.jpg (1.18 MB, 1280x1799, 1546375720679.jpg)


gonna start spear chuckin to gain upper body strength




hes in a better place now


he is suffering


File: 1546378709561.jpg (15.49 KB, 480x257, 1546378218550.jpg)

no no no no this cant be happening


bwgoblin is baste liam
hes less norm than half the people on hima


tell him to keep being less norm far from here


how come there arent live cam feeds of prison inmates


that would be dehumanizing


have prisoners stream as part of their rehab


pastor anderson says all black prisoners should be released and given white wives


pastor anderson is a big idiot


File: 1546380977202.png (317.14 KB, 951x1500, __hatoba_tsugu_hatoba_tsugu_drawn_by_jii_user_….png)


File: 1546380985009.jpg (437.68 KB, 1035x740, 900b.jpg)


wish i could offer her a hand in marriage




she's beautiful




won my first match


you got lucky


nice time to start the hima esports team



tsugu is tard as hell oog


File: 1546382627609.jpg (477.98 KB, 740x1035, ccbf111fa5f5f6a729de1e08dc8b84e9.jpg)


nah im hema


is that 1 guy or 2


thats a girl


drawings dont have genders


is she standing in front of 1 guy or is there a guy on each side


mr prison is back spamming like always


what is wrong


neither of those guys play league are you reflappered


chalq is a dumb idiot



discord raid


need to find a way to jo while my bone is pointed down that way gravity is helping my sperm i bet itd feel good


been a while since we had a good raid


simply balance


you mean like if you were having sex in the missionary position


zoe is sexy as hell but i dont think she fits my playstyle


the admin of hima is a discordnorm


hate discordnorms


dont play girl heroes play a self insert and then flirt with the players playing girls


raid RAID ==‘’’RAID’’’==


love self inserting as my female toon


you make people uncomfortable dont do that


woke up hi feeling weird need some coffee




ban the guy that said toon


back in closed beta days my mundo was the most feared in the game


gonna van your ass instead asshole


do it norm


shat me britches


only play aram in league of legends




last time i played i played jace every game


spermed to poppy


gaymers = stinky


saber is a diamond dozen gal


youre meant to be sperming to ahri


think ill bathe today


arent her boobs too big





no NOT


sorry but thats one of sekis discord bros


my credit score is 183


did he mean no dont


gonna hit the with my boy finna flex on those little(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


nb what are your resolutions




pastas cookin


dont have any


dont have work tomorrow but i dont feel inclined to do anything special tonight maybe throw in aNOTher dip and watch some nime


have you banned the raiders yet


never dipped whats it like


theres no reports


thats a lie





the boleman is lurking


those were all me, onseki


flip you capitalseki


police sexy lady 3 weeks ago
logged in


gonna jo


trackpoint is hurting my finger hard


gonno make some sushi


how can i tell if im cool


cool or cool






jo to some straight shota if you stare at the shota more than the girl like onseki your cool


boost yeah im pasted




told mom i want a spear


wonder if that ol bolenig is trying to convince my tulpa to flee the country with him on the back of his motorcycle


i cant



ignore the last one


it was i sexy ladyblog



File: 1546388109572.jpg (976.98 KB, 2000x1500, 1520696865788.jpg)


sexy ladies arent real


File: 1546388200644.jpg (99.04 KB, 680x910, 1546369760563.jpg)

rumba knight propping these up in misogynist homes


retarded bitch


hope roombamate is safe and well


hope hes unsafe and unwell


i dont even like straight shota just males_only shota


the first one was onseki pointing out that pnig hasnt logged into his mod account


hima is just a small insignificant part of kens life now
even if hes on bail hes probably so busy that hima hasnt crossed his mind once


its time to reveal the sb


me too is that normal


who do you self insert as


File: 1546388627379.jpg (73.21 KB, 960x960, 1546386651972.jpg)

whats that on his leg lmao 👀


wk copd


mom is starting the you need to move forward in your life talk


record it


tell her your looks she gave you render you incapable of succeeding in life


moms cant handle that pill


hate when npcs get in my way


mom would never threaten my neetdom


she only wants whats best for her little boy


theres no point in giving them that pill because they cant see you as a man to them you are handsome no matter what




dont think i could live without mom


but why do moms find their sons handsome when no other girls do


wish i had a handsome son


because they have difficulty seeing their sons in a sexual way their built in chad detection is off


cant live without mom


was born a chad then got demoted


think i have the oldest mom on hima i was born when she was 31 sigh mines going to be the first to die


im determined to NOT outlive mom


my mom was 21


mom said shes starting a diet tomorrow


dont make mom go to your funeral just kill yourself one week after she dies fool


my mom too but on monday


mom was 16 when i was born


my mom was 31 when she had me




wish mom was here


gonna make some carbonara


where is she


i just fired up a burg


shes gone


made pizza NOT sure what to watch


>watch some always sunny


nope 37


watch settleds new uim series


any one scaping


i am


thumbnails arent loading in windows explorer flip i shouldve went intel


cant stop speaking with a french accent out loud


nice french suicide anon


is that why youre tard




wish to craft some runes


hell yeah craft those runes


pnigs probably NOT allowed to use the internet as part of his bail conditions


whats his address lets send him some mail


usually you can but only on one registered device


made the mistake of looking up new western shows read up on something called i am jazz like why even release such stuff


nice mutant


what did i skip


is that the tranny child one


bhole itches


mine too sigh


dont itch it or itll itch more


ive posted about i am jazz before


did turt ever send those froggers to pnig


turt is all bark


does the processor have anything to do with large file transfers or is it mostly ram and the sata bottleneck because i regularly get 5mbps transfers to externals and even between sata devices its NOT much better


gotta poop


think i have a cavity do i just ignore it


get the pliers out


better pry it out now


its just your data drive sata caps at 600 mb per second i think


dentists over exaggerate ive had a cavity for almost 6 years now NOThing happened


just had my annual tooth brushing session


usb bottleneck


my family is almost all composed of dentists if i could go back in time id go to a school of dentistry after high school



i come from a long line of blogsmen


real nice carbonara today


never had carbonara before


skipped dinner today this food talk is making my tummy groan


stayed up too long tummy hurts


everyone send neetblog your support his gastric band surgery is today


wish to receive tummy rub


rub this


łove a good carbonara


2 months since the last wacko video


wako damn it flip that one guy


rub what


havent showered in a while guess its time





think im gonno donate money to swifty to live in the gamer house


got in bed sigh dont know what id do without hima theres no other internet community worth being a part of


fuck yall


miss when hima was full of neets



cringe house
bad boomer furniture and ebay trash everywhere


im neet


are you pastanorm





going to go back to being neet very soon and then i might end up maxing in scape


how does he still afford this when he only gets a few hundred viewers


love scaping


scape blows


hate scaping but im addicted to making numbers go up


what happens when the numbers cant go up anymore


maxing is too hard because slayer is too boring every other skill is fine


im a long ways away from that


hate slayer


was using usb audio for years and i disconnected my speakers since the computer is across the room now and realized that the audio out jack on the back of my computer is broken and i disconnected the front jack to make room for the cpu cooler so now i cant listen to anything on my computer any more sigh


nice bonds are only 2.8m


pay for pnigs bond


almost snozing should i close my laptop or leave hima open to watch over me


i ever turn off the computer


leave it open ill protect you through the night


who are you




its me, the basteblob


ya i was thinking about it earlier today while watching dovys new vid he was slaying and i thought sigh if i were to scape i would definitely NOT feel like slayin


die impersonator


the memory leak will get you


die impersonators


wasnt it almost 4m why is it cheaper now


almost quit scape because i have to train slayer
just want to craft runes


all the mobilenorms are buying them with real money


craft em with an alt while you afkslay



die altscaper


im slaying but im NOT happy about it


File: 1546396294728.png (46.04 KB, 352x519, 1518490088080.png)





very sexy









imagine actually paying for windows


i want to support the creators


gonno morph


stay up for 1 more hour so we can sync up


have a good morph mate


i cant sorry


my farming level is now 45


just realized im an abomination


wonder when himas going to get some bot posters pretending to be human


feeling nervous





did it work


whys your farming level so low


go to hell farmmog


hate grinders


hehe hima youre not gonno believe this my internet finally flipped me hard i had just finished up editing the config and core ftp broke as i was saving and deleted the whole thing so i had to hunt through old files to find a recent copy


this is kind of weird isnt it


farming isnt a grind you just plant one tree every 8 hours


because im tard



bh bandwidthlet


didnt even notice the file size
its vile smut


deleted it out of rage for bandwidth braggarts


the holiday names are lost forever but everything else should be okay
added the old halloween theme and lain but i’m the only one who uses that one if your favorite theme got deleted let me know


hate the raidscaper




because i hate raiders and i hate scapers


sorry wish i could change who i am but it just doesnt work that way


wish i was a raider


never raided whats it like



still playing insurgency



gonno quit scape




i pinch at scape


i will mentor you


didnt know it was possible to suck at scape


it is and im proof of it


dont be hard on yourself you can do it anyone can scape


nah im too retarded for scape


do your best


ill post my login details on here soon


pinch hard at every sushi bar ive ever played


fish and chips are almost ready hima


they made us sing songs at the water store for customers


gonno play some tanks


File: 1546405584482.jpg (198.7 KB, 1200x1223, 1546382197952.jpg)

go for a nightwalk instead


same luckily scape doesnt require any skill


had to sing this at wendys


made dumplings for my beet soup


this is humiliating what kind of malicious evil person devised this torture


that was me sorry


it does and its clear i lack it


gonno form the twig alliance


im a twig when standing but fat when sitting


fail to see many upsides to being a twig


increased agility and stealth


increased cute reduced ugliness


none of the twigs here are cute theyre just scrawny nerds you need to weigh at least 200lbs to be considered a bull male


scrawny nerds are cute


File: 1546408286902.jpg (175.78 KB, 870x1234, tx002.jpg)




enjoying the infinitely falling asterisks at the bottom of the page


never mind its not infinite it resets



nothin ban


put the NOT filter back in you bastard


just type all the filters normally you flapper its NOT hard you just have to decide between what flavour of baste or neetblog you prefer i was NOT a fan of basflapper for the longest time but it has grown on me


that reminds me gonno whip up a fresh batch of honey musflapper sauce


hehe lost my phoenix at some point and i dont even remember it


time to jo



that is the chinkiest chink i have seen


both of the men run up to her and proceed to do nothing
classic low test chinks


it was a genius strategy they were just scaring her out


dont know if i hate chinks or nigs more




File: 1546424850409.jpg (46.43 KB, 718x960, h930qg31cg121.jpg)


installed cs 1.6 on the school computers


havent seen sean lately


woke up


hey hima at work sigh


think ive sabotaged my whole life by refusing to learn anything new that im not immediately good at



love the kali yuga amusements


would you guys be mad if i told you i was ftm


not if you got a bone through surgery


bought another monitor


want another monitor but do not want to pick one out or spend 600 dollars to get one with everything


one monitor is enough


just wanted another ultrasharp so i could put it in portrait mode i do not like dual landscape setups


my hairs getting pretty long im looking cool hehe
moms bitching about it though


pic it


not handsome enough for pics sorry


moved my monitor onto a shelf since i rarely use my computer at all
contemplating getting a little 24” wide by like 18” deep desk for the monitor and keyb but nothings going to change ill never use it as long as im living here


thinkin about getting a macbook


really want to get into carpentry and make my own furniture wonder how expensive it is to get started with it


you will need a bunch of tools and lots of space but wood is cheap so you can practice a lot and you can just get schematics online from all over the world and copy european and japanese designs


should i make my own desk


the tools are expensive i suppose you could just make functional stuff with a circular saw a drill and some glue and lots of sandpaper


you dont need glue or nails simply use japanese joinery


gonno joinery your ass if you arent careful


im always careful with my man ass


File: 1546453957252.png (225.53 KB, 745x503, 9n9rocx68c611.png)




do it ill be working on mine again once im done with the lamp just word of advice dont buy exotic woods


think ill have some spaghetti and meatballs how bout it hima


good idea im having chef boyardee can you should too


hb moms meatballs are delicious


get some eucalyptus its cheap as HELL and really durable although not as much as teak


going to get myself some bread and a cake and make coffee


a whole cake


you betcha


File: 1546458677279.jpg (13.23 MB, 5623x7500, __haruka_pokemon_game_and_etc_drawn_by_letdie1….jpg)

wish that was me


dont post that while im eating




you want to be the lickitung right


wish i was that flexible


hate that artstyle why is the body so uncannily detailed but her face is normal



if that was you then youd have no pride or honor come to your senses


are you mocking me


dont mocking her


im just a teenage kid im just doin what a normal teenage kid does mom


always underestimate the power of music


if i controlled himawind i would want fortnite and neetass brownlee


this covfefe is great


love a good covfefe


File: 1546464535985.mp3 (11.21 MB, Mika Kobayashi - Before my body is dry.mp3)


what does himasugi mean




and now
the end is near
and so i face
the final curtain


my friend
ill say it clear
ill state my case
of which im certain


ive lived
a life thats full
ive traveled each
and every highway


wish i was handsome like frank




love a good raid


himako said raids dont exist and are the normal users trying to stir things up


File: 1546466841437.mp3 (10.32 MB, SHIRITSU EBISU CHUUGAKU - Butterfly Effect.mp3)


File: 1546466920479.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.36 KB, 800x800, Cy1zow2UsAAZYQh.jpg)



dont ever dream because everything i want comes to reality


enough blogging becomes reality


what happens if i jo to this


File: 1546467180395.mp3 (9.47 MB, TCY Force Feat,. Mariya Ise - Chocolat.mp3)




mindblowing how bad of a janny he became after years of spamming nude photos of himself on worksafe websites


himako is a girl


himako is a 28 year old 6'1" african american man


you cant prove that


File: 1546468645805.mp3 (13.22 MB, Nostalgia - Dangerous (Original Mix).mp3)


might carve a bird on the spinner but im scared ill mess up i have never properly carved anything


might game



its vargs brother


just woke up hi mates


onseki fix the fucking snow at the bottom


nothin wrong with it


big ole sigh gonno have a cry



this is why onseki had to move out


dont cry im sure hes getting a lot of sleep in his cell


die norm also pnig is not in jail


its annoying because if i scroll all the way to the bottom it brings me past all the posts and it also gave me a horizontal scrollbar just the site of which sends me into a rage


uh i meant sight


   / ノ つつ ./\
  /| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|\/



uh pretty obvious that all the pnig worshipers are the biggest norms here so you die norm


oh flip


File: 1546469937369.mp3 (36.53 MB, Mitsunori Ikeda Feat. Aimee B - Fallen Angel.mp3)


i thought they gave up on that game


theyre backed up for a couple more months


pasted flipping onseki


seki fix aa or im going to 21 and never coming back


just do it bro thats the 6th time hes asked


whats the point of an au version


i didnt get it either


nice kayle ripoff


would you pinch it yes or no


could go for some man ass right now anyone feel like offering their cheeks up




i dont even know what its supposed to do or how it works


changes font to one suitable for text art


if you grow your hair out and shave you get eternal youth


is it just me or do cucumbers taste kind of fishy


they are called sea cucumbers for a reason




gonno fire up home alone


trump said to fire up home alone 2




olde roast


carved the bird


think there might be a poltergeist in my house trying to kill me i turned on the radiator but my room is really cold so i checked again and the radiator is off


dreamed i took a picture with linus and posted it on hima last night


did you feel regret after posting it




hey guys


think it may be time for me to rest my weary eyes


can you wait for 2 more hours so we can sync up


im in bed but ill try


feeling really sad all of the sudden


feelin it


love you mates i really mean it


even me





hima hima remember to make your submissions to viptronic xv


i would like to but im not talented


talent doesnt matter just do it


was feeling a bit of existential dread but ate some food and it went away


i might


thats nice dear


File: 1546482227925.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1748x2480, 51279ed9a9f02e568a6e72ac19601a19.png)





thats a child


another flight scheduled for sunday feel like ending it right now


going to watch some vids and snooze guys




gonno learn to typeset so i can give back to the community ive been leeching for far too long


File: 1546483428303.jpg (136.76 KB, 1442x961, MD-22295_20160630140119_6ae07590600c9eb1.jpg)

nice seki tools


think i have aids


learn to translate instead


my aids help my up the stairs


cant learn japanese my brain doesnt have enough gray matter


what the hell is gray matter


its the stuff in your brain if your brain is big it has more and it makes you smarter


brain size is irrelevent to gray matter density




you cant learn a new skill after 25


i learned to scape after 25


wish i knew how to scape



linus has gone too far