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they took our blogs
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dont forget to do your reps today hima


gonno rep your bhole if youre not careful


just block snow.js


im not good with computers


my facial hair is weird i got orange brown and even blonde hairs i wonder if its because facial hair develops in your teens and ive received less vitamin d during this time that my hairs on my face have now less melanin might drink some uva ursi tea to inhibit melanin synthesis and have more lighten facial hair in the future because men keep growing new hairs into their 30s right


ive got some blond beard hairs too


if i had a good beard would you accept a beard hug


post those beards bearboys


sorry i shave it immediately to retain my youth


that you turt you look a bit sleazy with the 3 o clock


i got a lot of vitamin d in my teens




meant 5 o clock im tard


darth blog has been defeated
the galaxy is at peace


bring back the bookclub


flip you booknorm


gonno molt for a few hours


just got pozzed


hey g would you make me a sandwich


what do you want to read


i sit here alone
covered in semen and sweat
i am despondent


ran out of tp and just passed a real juicy stinker this cant be good


you can use my bidet just this once


made me think of hima


might have to put on socks and sneak downstairs to grab a tp roll


new croquis cafe lets draw some poses hima


gross gyno


when i was like 10 mom went to an art class and brought me and there was a nude model girl it was great


File: 1546764884871.jpg (416.71 KB, 2054x2806, __original_drawn_by_douzen__7b0047d2d40b391468….jpg)



my brain is getting bigger


can someone order me a pizza


hope you dont mind if theres extra anchovies


i come from a long line of dedicated gong farmers which resulted in my genetic anosmia


File: 1546767885526.png (39.18 KB, 1200x1713, 28.png)


well need a neet trough at the mansion


its whatever


the lowest status members of the mansion will be on scrub duty


i live to scrub


File: 1546771204622.jpg (52.26 KB, 720x720, 1546750063240.jpg)


time to rewatch boiling point


twinkulu night


hit the dislike button on that song


why would you do that its baste


woke up mates


very little love is not so bad
or very little life

what counts
is waiting on walls
i was born for this

i was born to hustle roses down the avenues of the dead


wonder what most people would look like if you could choose your appearance


woke up hi


going to the airport in thirty minutes


hate airports and planes


is the japan trip still on


File: 1546795015474.jpg (198.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1546792504428.jpg)

i finally got a beautiful jpgf


fat pig


shes NOT fat
shes plump


File: 1546795400635.jpg (187.94 KB, 1200x888, __original_drawn_by_sky_freedom__27fffea8ad982….jpg)


what are those girls planning


hate how he draws their chests looks like they have steel body armor underneath



lets watch


bolenig would have liked this video sigh


time for some chicken salad sandwiches


they are called boobs


thats too much work


why did turtletron have to do pnig like that it was too far he ruined his life


he was just getting his life together and even almost lost his virginity


pnig called the fbi on turt if you remember the feds were questioning turt about posts he made on hima1


did nb ever mail those froggers


do you think inmates get a lot of memes in the mail


realized a weird mathematical phenomena while drafting


nevermind galileo already covered it


oh my god kemono friends is getting another season


wasted 10 minutes flip you


your time is worth nothing


take that back


defrosting this lasagna its takin forever


File: 1546804032535.jpg (50.57 KB, 1000x1000, stonewash-liberty-bib-overalls-mov14006-64_100….jpg)

would i look tough in these


saw someone in those during new years guy was heavily autistic



in my hotel room
heres to another week in hell


order an escort


i refuse


slowest thread in hima history


spermed to momokun sigh


get scared whenever im about to type sage and see the autocomplete




pasted plumperspermer


think the lasagna started to go bad im not feeling too good



going to order a burg


what kind



come on over you can puke everywhere with me


steak burg with sundried tomatoes onion pesto and fries


does anyone have any idea how to implement [aa]
wish i was smart enough to fiddle with the site


we had it working for a long time ever since i asked himako to implement it but then one day it broke i dont know why if think it was right after the purge
i dont know how to implement it try searching online for aa sjis vichan .js mona


sounds like shite


food poisoned hima might die


the script is called aalib.js
let me check some stuff


simply ask pnig for help


on the sb


last post

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