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use this one
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moms love alexa for some reason i dont understand


theyre flapper


i only go downstairs when everyone is gone but now alexa will be in the living room all day what the flip do i do


gamers fought tooth and nail to fight xbox kinect always on and their moms doomed them a few years later by submitting to the enemy


i stand with zoe quinn


you wont get away with this


going to play some street fighter


miss saten


are you playing chunli


had to find and dispose of aNOTher decomposing rat in the shed


im doing arcade mode with ryu then ill do story mode with all characters and then i think ill unlock sakura


nice alpha chimp


love xnorm ownage


reading this thread and sighing hard


dont read old threads just move on


wish i could remember what posts were mine sucks being a nopersona


pnigs posts stick out like a sore thumb its weird reading them now


they were nice posts momgfs too i wish everything that happened in the past twelve months could be reverted


same every year is a new disaster


2018 hima was baste


think i joed to this post >>724241 imagining a sexy twig birl


mindboggling that compassion makes you smarter




go to hell oldreply



phew just rejoed to this felt a little nostalgia


i posted that


are you fat now


no hate fats


whats NOT to like


die twigger


the smells and the waste of space they are extremely arrogant


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File: 1545956653379-1.jpg (487.25 KB, 1200x1757, 0002.jpg)

fatneets are ok though right


wish i was a fat retard with the platonic friendship of an elementary schoolgirl


both of those sound very unappealing


guess ill oog


just got misgendered i am literally shaking


whats your preferred pronouns


hes baste



hehe i say they a lot and you can tell people are confused and scared to ask if i mena he or she


2019 is looking to be a good year for gamers


2019 will be the year of the rope





watched william pierce videos thought he was okay at first but i started disliking him since he acknowledged the elder zion book as real


bored whats a good way to kill time until wow classic is out


we should all mysteriously rope at the same time under similar circumstances so it can become an interesting wikipedia article



die sony shill


i live for sony and i will die for sony


flip all of that simply make appropriate pronouns situational like you would refer to a faceless doctor as he and nurse as she or office boss as he then secretary as she


what about nonbinary people


File: 1545960621112.png (1.51 MB, 1280x720, [Asenshi] Hisone to Masotan - 02 [3B195351].mk….png)

this show is big bone material


dont understand vore


nonbinary are fence sitters pick a side or face the consequences


thats sexist


wish i had a voregf


you dont understand im neither


hello neither


oooooooooooog live organ sample


you wouldnt understand


going to build my house out of bog oak



just preordered death stranding


File: 1545961177208.png (610.93 KB, 1010x546, 1524280297676.png)


forgot to worship kojima today


do it immediately


norm stranding


normdela effect




im NOT the normblog flip that fat piece of shit


merry christmas


get me outta this timeline


our world has been edited sloppily


i dont remember the cornucopia at all it was always just fruits




yawned too hard and pulled a muscle under my chin


hope nb is having a good time


hes dead


i do that it hurts like hell


nb cant post on hima anymore he lost his arms to diabetes


die world b native


going to snooze now


i must destroy this timeline in order to return home


just ate some fantastic bacon sandwiches


File: 1545964486297.jpg (1.09 MB, 1600x800, 1522347139943.jpg)

hima sleepover


File: 1545964737578.jpg (752.63 KB, 2500x1767, __kusakabe_wakaba_tachibana_arisu_ryuuzaki_kao….jpg)


wish i was a naked girl


whats stopping you


gods design


File: 1545967802791.jpg (2.29 MB, 4299x6071, 1504983515214.jpg)


girl bobby


spermed bigley


wonder how many congressmen jerk it to children


they dont need to jo they just call their local pizza joint


pizzagate was debunked


god makes mistakes too


mom said she should have swallowed me


just got word from the boles clan

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