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hello friends if your intrested browsing a chan that is still growing we will welcome you to gnfos.com


ban this flipper seki


what the boosting FLIP happened to waha you bastard


she has been snapped




is this the thread


i would demand my wife be buried with me


sigh eager to continue last threads topic of discussion but dont feel comfortable posting in a thread that isnt explicitly designated for blogging


hope some brave neet takes the initiative for a new thread


i would be dead i would NOT care


File: 1545251564900.jpg (289.16 KB, 600x600, 1544332080120.jpg)

make a new thread with this image


ok its up


neetblogs seal of approval


this thread is pasted


tarding out with a blogweiser


left behind sigh


should i fire up boogiepop kaguya or asuka


gonno read the declaration of independence


gonno become a shield hero and adventure in my real life


dead board dead site


we just had a very lively stream i think youll find theres plenty of activity


hours ago what about now where did everyone go dont tell me they have to work tomorrow


got left behind


glad to have you back


wonder if its just our lot in life to be left behind


decent episode of super today ill be real sad once i finish it knowing itll never happen again


be thankful that the opportunistic bastardization is coming to a close


flip you ill enjoy any new toriyama content


File: 1552285076809.jpg (84.75 KB, 826x777, 1552265939047.jpg)


thinking of kenneth hopes hes doing alright maybe he learned his lesson


just remembered i havent watered my ficus in a month



miss super


im a flipper im a skipper


fryin up some late night burgs


wish i had a burg right now just downed a liter of milk and its time to snooooooze


flip you smartnorms


hima was pretty active
missed it and the stream because i had to watch tv with dad


anything good on


woke up from my nap hey bros


File: 1552293020100.jpg (64.63 KB, 731x1325, xiv.jpg)


hey sexy girl come close to me




nothing creepy about getting a horny bone over a sexy girl


File: 1552294592912-0.png (1.25 MB, 960x1440, 1.png)

File: 1552294592912-1.png (1.01 MB, 960x1440, 2.png)

does this really happen


of course


ooooooog horny bone


a whole world of stuff like that is constantly happening around you but you arent in on it because youre ugly


cant believe this


big horny bone in my pants hima what do i do


read scripture


gamed hard going to sleep late like in my neet days


have a good snooze mate




the sleeper has awakened



sword art online has been giving a good lesson on how norms will betray their best buds for the sake of kitty you cant trust anyone


really really excited for this cant wate


File: 1552300886214.jpg (234.57 KB, 1728x1152, Panda_Cub_from_Wolong,_Sichuan,_China.jpg)

cant believe pandas are real


theyre not chinks just paint them black and white


does the $1 custom mousepad thing still work


they should just let pandas die out


wish to flip hinata


i use it every couple of years should do


how do i do it



pasted flipping corp
pasted flipping por
pasted flipping kal
pasted flipping vas
pasted flipping kemono friend


end it


bored as hel



sounds like shite hate metalnorms


you just dont get it


what is there to get





dont ever post normtallica again


guess ill fire up xiv


hi hima im at work


wish i had a kemono friend or just a friend


really need a kemono friend to give me sexual favors all day why i game


i dont know why


spending time with family is important too


thats normthink


which torrent client do you all use




used deluge for years and switched to tixati now


when i was at grans she said something and it made me think
shes trying to quit smoking again and while i was there she had one lit and said she was proud of herself because she has only smoked one that day

i realized that my way of thinking would be different i would consider it a failure and be upset with myself for having smoked one
i guess norms always have a way of thinking that absolves themselves of guilt


hate norms


summarize it


mom always says shes going on a diet but then does the same thing
nothin wrong with a cheat snack every once and a while
like no bitch thats the whole point you are literally ruining everything


no its us non nt tards that always push everything to their limit and cant give nuance to things and think in non binary ways
if youve been smoking two packs a day and reduce it to 1 cig you should be happy and proud of yourself but i would be torturing myself mentally for that all day in that scenario



mindbending that norms dont even have the will power to do something as easy as quit smoking


fat balding cel and almost 30 hima maybe i should start smoking


File: 1552318520598.png (863.75 KB, 1200x1200, __ueno_ueno_san_wa_bukiyou_drawn_by_orange_pee….png)


hehe she doesnt realize we can see her butt from this angle


of course she does nimrod


what why would she let us see then


shes a tease


wish a perky sexy lady would tease me


this one is pasted hehehe


do italians really talk with their hands


ya love a big loud italian family



going to the grocery store alone wish me luck


good luck dont let the norms get you


its dangerous to go alone


simply bring kitty


kitty hates the norms too


sounds like a good cat


File: 1552321657678.png (20.56 KB, 212x143, Untitled.png)


stretched hard and pulled a muscle im crying hima


think ill stretch as well


File: 1552321962245-0.jpg (69.39 KB, 707x1200, lala.jpg)


just sanded my knuckle




gonno sand my cheeks



might have a workplace jo later


File: 1552324753377-0.mp4 (1.24 MB, bell.mp4)


always enjoyed the bell threads on jp


love a good work jerk


File: 1552327434589-0.jpg (395.09 KB, 846x1100, bell.jpg)


drinkin some green tea feel a shite comin on


are you trying to say those two things are related


it was not my intention


what is this thing what language was that



never even heard of the orix buffaloes what the hell


File: 1552328861229.jpeg (430.08 KB, 850x601, 90D43442-4951-4D3B-89AA-16FD686A0900.jpeg)


me norwooding in disgust on the left


stop posting this vile rubbish


mom bought mcdonalds


did she get your favorites


stop eating junk food youre killing yourself you are going to make me cry


cant even eat junk food its razor sharp and leaves your mouth and gums shredded


no i dont like mconalds but i dont have a choice


were just himabros were meant to be expendable


nah just you raider


refuse to eat mcdonalds and mom will stop buying it


gonno snooze


hate raiders


a raider is just a friend you havent met yet


just threw a big bucket of bleach water on a rat




what do you mean why i had a bucket of bleach water in my hands and happened to run into a rat the choice was obvious


where was the rat


sometimes i feel like a rat


gonno throw bleach on you


nah that rat got owned hes lucky i didnt have my 12 gauge instead


where was the rat


used my doublespermin technique to great success


need a cool new wallpaper


stop crying so much its unmanly


family finally took gran from her nursing home just dont know where she is now


why do you hate when i post men if you care about manliness so much


how cool


about this cool


outside where i was going to dump the bleach water


i dont i love when you post a nice manpic


mewing hard


good atleast it was outside


wish i had a backyard


anyone wanna hear a joke


im a joke


File: 1552340698291-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.27 KB, 1448x2048, phew.jpg)

phew nice


just woke up hi mates hows it going


do you enjoy those pics or are you posting them as a joke


File: 1552341985547.mp3 (10.34 MB, 01. 君のせい.mp3)

have a listen


are you sure you want the answer to that question


’Tis plain, that almost in every species of creatures, but especially of the nobler kind, there are many evident marks of pride and humility. The very port and gait of a swan, or turkey, or peacock show the high idea he has entertain’d of himself, and his contempt of all others. This is the more remarkable, that in the two last species of animals, the pride always attends the beauty, and is discover’d in the male only.


turkeys arent noble


gonno buy three months of scape membership


going great im havin a coffee


what do you mean buy




acquire with currency


dont support jagex theyre retarded idiots who dont deserve your money ill give you a bond if you want


you mean like on the grand exchange


i mean like with my credit card


theyre not that bad


yes they are i hate them


bonds give them more money


yeah but its somebody elses money


its not like theyre making more the bond is already there


File: 1552342755988.png (129.27 KB, 1245x1146, jzltafk0xcl21.png)

scape is supposedly p great rn due to the power outage in venezuela



ill be streaming lucky star 2 hours and 35 minutes from now


i guess the scales from the zulrah bots buying and selling them but where does the black dhide come from


my book got published today bros


should i start drinking now so i can be nice and relaxed for it


shouldnt it be green dhide


miss my 12x and 13x pics and my touhou pics so much hima ill never see them all again never its just over and thats it


brutal blacks i think


dont drink too much or you will snooze off


im not gonno snooze i just woke up


cant wait for the lucky star stream


youre supporting the industry


its like downloading cp


dont understand this graph wheres the tard version


can i get eroge to work on linux


you cant game on linux


if i didnt have erotic games i would have killed myself long ago


File: 1552344094867.jpg (380.3 KB, 1920x1200, Izumi.Konata.full.1065387.jpg)



im looking forward to it


konata youre so beautiful i love you


didnt realize win 10 just passed 7 in users holy flip


thats obscene


wanted to reuse 7 for my fresh rig but i got lazy and didnt feel like getting it working with my nvme drive and what not the whole point of using windows over some nerd linux shite is not having to do anything


whats linux


raged hard when windows started telling me to upgrade because i had ryzen


lapped bleated and fibrillated now im drinking this coffee


been using windows 10 from day 1 love it


would like to overclock but i haven't played a video game in 6 months


dont really get the overclocking meme




id overclock on a spare computer but im scared to push the limits on my own trusty


File: 1552346389001-0.png (Spoiler Image, 379.48 KB, 540x454, lottery.png)

gonno spend my earnings on the hima mansion




not enough time for me to get caught up


yes it is more than enough we are on episode 4


forgot to watch slime last week


someone left a puddle of blogwater in the middle of the kitchen floor


ill just wait for the next stream


File: 1552348421509.jpg (48.26 KB, 483x333, Id like to introduce you to buffalo bell a mas….jpg)


dont post crops


lied about my age again today


did you say you were younger or older


File: 1552348838338-0.jpg (155.83 KB, 2048x1151, fever.jpg)

gonno die


did you put that in your butt


of course you cant get accurate readings anywhere else


can you convert that centinorm


nah go to hell american


i said younger


why is your fever so high


feelin down in the dumps


anything related to japan makes me gag hate japan hate japanese hate japs


theyre superior


theyre dumb ants


sis wont shut the hell up so i told her to close her door she keeps reading out loud really fast with a monotone voice


love japan hope i can visit one day and take a leisurely stroll under a torii on a summer evening while listening to the cicadas


i did that a hundred times its just as great as youre thinking except sweating


sis keeps making weird noises while playing fortnite


hope japan gets taken over by chinks


weird how


anyone have the video of someone silently walking in japan in first person


i am sworn to protect the innocent from the chinks


he has a lot of videos


should have had a japanese school life


as for me i want to grab some strong zero at a 7-11 then stroll around roppongi until a nigerian guy invites me to a shady pub full of gals looking for western mates to flip


nothing innocent about the vile japs they must pay for their crimes


those nigerians guys are huge like basketball player height i told one i was incel before it was a household name wonder if he remembered the term later


File: 1552350039463.jpg (789.57 KB, 1269x1500, 5c243e4fe8bf76eb8da829bee67f6f12.jpg)


shes cute wish i could confess to her


little slut is begging for a good dicking


you should have gone to gaspanic its legendary


i really need someone to massage my prostate


do it youreself


ask mom for help


mom wont do it after the incident




really need to go back to japan soon or im going to lose it


lets go to shinjuku together


wheres the stream


neetblog got my account banned




japan is for norms flip you


wheres the stream where is it streaaaaaam




cut it out


the allocated stream time is in 20 minutes isnt it


cut what out i need my designated hima stream


nb you fucking piece of shit this is the last straw




ill stream in 15 minutes


might prepare some bacon sandwiches in advance


do a pre stream before the main stream


you better be quick then


why not just do a network stream that everyone can watch on vlc or mpv or whatever


you can buy a random domain name and use it to host rtmp streams without worrying about mods or whatever and then open an irc or use discord to chat in real time


the possibilities are endless you could stream music 24/7 or have whole anime series streaming 24/7 and setup a schedule


summer is approaching bros im scared


why would you need a domain name you can just stream from a vps everything accepts ips


flip japan how about we all enjoy a trip to the land of the morning calm


wheres that


no one wants to give their ip out


that exposes ips


wish some nice hima gentleman would make me bacon sandwiches


lets go to thailand and acquaint ourselves with some birls instead


ill give hugs in exchange for bacon sandwiches


no gentlemen but how about a sexy lady


you do realize that dns lookup is performed locally right everything is impossible without exposing ips


i need to go there to honor king adulyadejs grave anyways


who in the heck is that


show some respect fool


wheres the stream



trying to show some respects by asking who it is fool



not watching that give me the summary


ok the sandwiches are ready fire up the stream


take a photo of the sandwiches


and it better be grainy and creepy


dont post photos on hima anymore after things got weird



crying hard


dont cry for the bourgeoisie theyre scum


how do i get rid of the chat window


full screen or inspect the html source and delete it


delete doesnt work


baste norm cant learn ublock


you delete elements through dev tools


want to drink konatas sweat want to touch and feel all over her sweaty body


thought tsukasa was naked at first


the only reason you would think that was if you were a sex pervert


no its because im colorblind


this season is probably the best in a long time really enjoying everything im watching


wish i was colorblind sounds like fun


i want to put my big dick deep inside kagamins mouth


leave her alone


lets go to comiket


it would be pretty fun if the hima japan trip happened during comiket wouldnt it


would feel extremely arrogant walking around japan and not being able to speak japanese i have to learn it first sorry


can we take a break after this one so i can make some nachos


what the hell have you been doing all these years if not learning japanese


konatas sexy feet


konatas livin the jp life


im going to fuck konata once she hits 18


wish i was konatas dad and at the same time also wish i was konata


shed be 30 in 2019


im sorry i havent been motivated


sexy tsukasa im going to turn you into a sex slave




yeah ive got a big horny bone in my pants watching lucky star so what




gonno join aum shinrikyo


no dont


those are children you cant do that


time for a choco cornet


time for my pocky


i need to be a cute little teengirl hima why the FUCK am i a big fat ugly man instead


gonno fuck dororos tight shota ass


hate this part


dororo is a girl you pathetic moron


no no no being a dad of one is good enough


same but minoru is paste


i hate to break it to you but the chances of me impregnating a woman are not looking good and even then theres a chance youll get a son which is gross




gonno dance bigly to the op hima are you ready


you could game with your son and go hunting together


having a son is really gay sorry i need a cute daughter


there are women who have no standards but putting up with one isnt worth it even for the sexy daughters


a beautiful gamer gf is waiting for me somewhere cant wait till i meet her


maybe its for the best that you wont breed


my only chance is going back to 2006



sigh my internets being funny cant watch the stream tonight


summer festival episode


what a coincidence mine is too


its a conspiracy


i paused the vid its not your internet


no it is my internet


i downloaded the same rip last night so i could watch it synced without lagging its your own fault


wish to go on a summer vacation with my himabros




tsukasa is begging for my cock


never got to experience summer outdoors sigh


die perv


my penis is hard for these sexy lucky star girls hima help



remembering physics class where we discussed whether fanning yourself is efficient at all


she literally is its revealed in the manga sorry



no but it feels nice


teacher raged at me in physics class for revealing the gravity doesnt exist to the class


waku waku waku waku


ill pause and lower the bitrate its too high


should have said it isnt a force


how do i italics


you know



you need to be a expert to do them


not knowing tinyboard markup is a death sentence for your average neet


im a amateur


sighing and cyring


raid alert


its a raid


die streamnorms


why is the dichotomy between lucky star and your life causing you to feel dread and despair


why havent i found romance hima


because i have the brain of a cute little girl and the body of an ugly fat man


have you been searching


the real you is still sleeping


going to pause for a second to lower the bitrate and raise processing in 1 minute


im a braincel


so you pause for this but not nachos


sigh stream froze again


always had some weird desire to join the police force its probably a good thing im ineligible




pasted nb gonno bring this stream down soon


love when japs say おk in mmos it really tickles my fancy


why would he


i cant believe that



fan time


wish i had a sensei in a game


tsukasa woke up late because she was getting fucked by me all night


nice archer


flip you bastard


burning desire to teach a cute young girl math


fishing up a storm here hima




that scene reminds me of how i like to listen to the .hack//sign ost and cry a lot at night


nice female character neet


is it just me or is akira asking to be anally snapped


love the . hack ost


how do i hide that guys posts




which guy


chala head chalaaaa


the sexnorm




should we fire up episode 6


onseki already gave all of your information to the arizona branch of the FBI anyway


already fired it up hurry up


watch the stream cheater


oh shit im feelin it bros cant watch this stream


sa- hajimarezamasuyo


why not


need some balsamic vinegar




this stream has revitalized hima i can feel it


everyone is realizing their otaku passions together again


tune in turt its almost 峠 time


we need to bring pnig back


he still posts its just without identifying himself and from tor


no one has posted about how im streaming the same ep again instead of the next one guess that proves that nobodys actually watching it


stopped watching half an hour ago but didnt say anything so i wouldnt kill the mood


i'm not the convicted child potato chef Kenneth George Boles of Mesa, Arizona


im watching locally but just noticed that stream the next one please


i didnt want to say anything cause then i could make nachos


just reported the stream


everybody is watching theyre just too shy to say anything


if youre the only one and youre watching locally ill just watch here instead of streaming whats the point


whats the point of doing anything its fun


there are 6 viewers dont be a drama queen and streammmmmmmm


make sure to leave this one on for 5 more minutes please thanks


hows streaming to 0 people more fun than not


gth streamers


i was at the bathroom


you shouldnt take it leisurely




hurry up and go to the next episode im getting too far ahead


neetblog can you stream haruhi next


can you change the episode now


fantastic idea cant wait to cry a lot


its the endless eight


tried to watch a lil but i cant stand anime anymore i cant stand it japan fills me with rage


thanks neetblog


which order should he stream the episodes in anything but airing order is offensive


agreed only the airing order


normological order is a product of the divergence


then afterwards we can rewatch in chronological order


watching in chronological order is blasphemy that should be me with execution


i meant met not me


lets watch higurashi


sigh streamguy isnt committed to providing the ultimate experience

hes weak


loved higurashi scared to watch it again feel like it might ruin it


how do you watch anime i cant understand anything they are saying


nobody talks about neetblog like that


stream the next episode you fucker you basterd


if hima starts moving any faster im gonno explode


exploded my cum all over tuskasas face she loved it


stream some donghua


stop that




seki invited his otabros over


sicko creep pervert


weirdo freak


hope mom doesnt mind that i thump around and sing the lucky star opening at full volume


*sparks joint*
*passes it to you*
just chill bro


alright turt tune in now the 峠 is here


onseki favorite part


hate car norms




went to spam ota and found out basted T is back bros


mindblowing how that guy has a job and i dont


cried tears ofsuffering when i learned t died then cried a whole lot more tears of joy when i found out he still lived basted t


im special needs person thanks for being considering konata


mindblowing how that guy still has orbiters


wish i was drippingin grease and overspi9ced



timotei time hima




nani sore


never realized trev was gone i only go to ota to spam and dont use qa


why is she so naked and sexy




trevor is dead


why is kagamin so horny anyway its weird


what are they talking about i dont understand


im scared


theyre talking about a bus driver singing a precure op


futari wa puricuraaaaaaaaaa




not enjoying hima today the aninorms are spamming hard


heading down to the arcade hima gonno play some melty blood later mates


die melty


report the stream


feels like hima is lacking that community spirit can we set up melty games and streams and myfarog sessions each day that would be nice


i main arc


really can't stand anime anymore the lucky star opening is just nostalgic


never mention arc it makes me cry thinking about what happened to that arc


well thats fine since it seems like youre an idiot moron who doesnt deserve anime


go fuck yourself neetblog


its funny cause arc is black


love anime so damn much


what about kohakus


thats it hima we will resume tomorrow with episodes 7 8 and 9


is it okay if i handle my bone in order to sperm on my kohaku figs face and area


she has suffered enough


shes a garbage person i only love hisui


you fool


good stream thanks




thanks for the stream watched the whole thing hehe


thanks for keeping me company


youre welcome faggot


dont be so rude


sorry i didnt mean it i couldnt help myself


classic neetblog and his moe anime streams


need to watch more anime now not sure what though hima not sure what


one piece episode 1 and keep going from there


same gonno catch up on slime and stuf and probably download haruhi in anticipation of stream mates eventual stream


play unist instead of melty


love all my bros so damn much

guys get over here and give me a big hug


okay but no hugs for the sexnorm


hug girls not men


spent the last 15 years perfecting my mugen gameplay who dares battle me


i main dark excellent donald


thou fool


i only watch mugen on saltybets sorry



lost all my mugen shit a long time ago i wish i could get a huge roster again


dreadbeardapirate: disgustin 3d model get rid of it




rumiko as a ciel alt whats this the pg special hehe


chie sensei doesnt fight flip this game


she just used her magic circuit to own that aikido girl so she clearly does


sigh liked dororo when she was a boy better what the hell is wrong with me


youre a misogynist


youre one sick fag thats for certain


youre uncouth


hate roa so much whats his problem anyway


im just like him


sigh do i have to read tsukihime again




big horny bone for hisuis mouth i repeat hima big horny bone that needs to go in hisuis mouth




arc is my one true love



hes a black man accused of possessing child pornography sorry




you know arc


no i dont i dont get what youre trying to say


love how sexy arcs hair is her hair gives me a big bone and i want to snap and kill her and then face the repercussions and have her dismember me for the insult shes so sexy


die raider


when is the hima source server opening up


i just dont get the connection between pnig and arcueid the closest im getting is that he had a hisui fig but thats it


it was a joke about the poster Arcueid Brunestud !ARCIkc4cG6 sorry i wont do it again


its funny because arcueid is black


oh god im tard sorry


just had a memory surge from that


when is the hima de_crackhouse gungame tournament


norms will never understand my esoteric jp references whats even the point


its our community


isnt it cs_crackhouse


been playing de_dust2 for 16 hours a day for the last ten years is that alright


yeah it is i looked up counter strike crackhouse and mistakenly thought the map name was for source but it's for GO


sorry my memories are all repressed
that surge actually made me fall back on my chair and wallstare now my head hurts


i like to GO and sperm on a cute girls face no problem right bros hehe there sno problem if i like to do bad things with girls


apparently GO is free to play now but my allegiance lays with source


die pervert


watching this sword hero show hima this isnt good


okay hear me out hima i love to sit at the wall corner on the b entry in cs go and own norms with the pp bizon it works probably about half the time but theres no better feeling than unleashing a bizon ambush and killing 3 norms at once


thats it hima ive consumed all media worthy of my time there is nothing left


are you maxed in scape


dont modify your posting because of changed status we all know who is who from when


don't want to make a new steam account to play source maybe next year


almost but i gave up because slayer is way too boring all the other skills are fun


me too hate slayer


read the manga you unforgivable moron


die raiders


i think i've bought source at least 6 times every few years i get paranoid and delete my steam account and emails but then i have to buy it all again


lets do some coop slayer


cs is for norms play quake


hit up my steam account: beta test the puwssy


uh i meant kitty


really dislike some of these posts


any one want to play sven co op


don't think i've ever played through quake the whole way i get bored at the third or fourth level


which ones


its a raid


is it okay if i get a horny feeling when they turn you into a strogg in quake 4


its a raid its a raid


dont think the bible says anything is wrong with getting erect watching a stroggification


thats it im making my own spinoff


haha hima haha himaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (笑)hahahahaha


the ends coming hima im gonno execute this whole world which is pretty funny but i do have the power to kill everyone ill probably spare my himabros though have fun


thanks hehe hima will inherit the earth


coop wilderness slayer right


okay done heres the link https://himaduegi.tk/jp/


yeah its gonno be pretty epic when i mercilessly execute every singly person but my hima bros cant wait to do the women low and slow


What makes Tsukihime better than FSN is the atsmosphere, you can feel the danger , the drama, the mindfuck. The music does a better job to add to the atmosphere than FSN.The characters interactions are so superior to the character interactions of FSN that it hurts, and the slice of life segments and Shirou's Pov are fucking annoying. FSN plot is too forced at times, some times they lead to plot holes,weak plot or unexplainable developments. Tsukihime's plot flows better, it's simple and credible..
Tsukihime's plot is also more mature, each resolution have more weight to them 1) Arc and Shiki didn't end up in good terms in Ciel's True End, 2) After every single of the Far Side of the Moon routes, Arc and Ciel will keep hunting Roa, 3) Akiha ends up as a doll in one ending, 4) Akiha and Kohaku die in another end, 5) Hisui's Good End wasn't precisely happy. In F/sn, only 2 characters couldn't be saved: 1) Ilya in UBW, 2) Saber and Ilya in HF.
Shirou never actually shows his resolve when it comes to deal with people who are prepared to kill,and the story does not have serious and mature Masters - aside from Zōken-and the only time Shirou had to confront one of his friends, was in HF against Black Saber. Shiki, on the other hand, had to fight Arc, Ciel, Akiha, and Satsuki at some point - there's also the point when he realises all what Kohaku has been doing.
FSN is just too light and aimed at teenagers. That why the dark and cold as ice Tsukihime is superior.


ill pk you


you can try


no one was actually talking about reading tsukihime which nobody on hima has actually done we were talking about the post arc which nobody on hima recognizes



remember when convicted child pornography collector Kenneth George Boles of Mesa, Arizona shit his pants over posts like these bringing attention to the site because he didn't want to go to jail for collecting child pornography


do you mean arc




his case got dismissed hes a free man now


who doesnt recognize arc freak


nah he's getting his wig split and cheeks clapped


people on hima havent read fate let alone tsukihime let alone recognizing anything jp pre 2014


2014 is recent history we were on the w watching dog daze


feels like 2014 was yesterday


i never read fate or tsukihime because i wanted to savour them and now i dont give a shit about japanese media


rekindle your japanese spirit


wish gaysuz would go back to the nuthouse


read both tsukihime and fate stay night but the teens defiantly havent


File: 1552361461971.jpg (258.34 KB, 900x1200, mydicksoftandhard.jpg)


never read a vn because im not a perv


i would slurp it


started reading umineko over 4 years ago and never finished after the first episode


you probably should have read umineko about 10 years ago if you werent a crossy retard freak


gonno spam some posts to get that off my screen


actually thinking about it 2009 was 10 years ago and 2008 was more than 10 years ago turt would you mind shooting me in the face i dont want to live anymore



anime cant capture the feeling of being involved in a vns story but vns are usually too much work




only posted in the neet blog threads on jp


there we go all better


i would have but i was 4y.o.


started raining hima its time for a storm to wash away the filth in the gutters


would you


nothin norm about being born in 2004


miss those janny would always delete them sigh


ill show you janny bitch


hope everyone 100%s their vns thats the meaning of reading


File: 1552362063163.jpg (52.85 KB, 600x600, PhotoImage.jpg)

pbj banana dog


nap time bye


hate having to look up a guide to figure out what to choose to get a certain ending and to save to get every ending


read a book instead


it should be intuitive you tard never got the ending i didnt want


only play the canon route


ya but i cant 100% it if i dont save at the correct time and leave the door open to get the other endings later


never read a vn without the walkthrough never will


gonno snooze and have a real immoral jo by hima


thats against the spirit


gonno watch some vids and snooze goodnight hima


File: 1552362891679.jpg (156.67 KB, 1200x1600, __himesaka_noa_watashi_ni_tenshi_ga_maiorita_d….jpg)


guess its time for me to lay my eyes to rest too maybe this should be the new official bedtime


move the camera 4 inches to the left hehe


its too early to snooze


never been into shoes always see shoes and socks as a wrapping for the true present inside but when i see nice elegant shoes ive been getting the urge lately to want to kiss them


you sound dangerous


die footfreak


nothin wrong with appreciating a nice pair of feet


oh god noa please let me snap you please


did that stream from earlier get linked somewhere else


streams always attract raiders



please investigate


told everyone i was gonno rest 30 minutes ago but i stayed on i missed the sync train i better get going


someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets


raining hard here hima


do phone books list cell phone numbers or do you have to have an actual landline to be in it


ran into a bunch of roleplayers in the middle of nowhere


basically hima


wish i could Drive to try and find my old bros


drive where


gonno snooze hima


pleasant dreams


to the houses they lived in 10 years ago to see if theyre still there


thats kind of weird isnt it


sounds like something a norm would say


norms are superior


how else am i supposed to find them retard their parents would know their cell numbers if i went and asked


what are you going to say when you find them


recite the ancient jp scriptures


i guess i would try to play it cool but the fact is i doubt they even remember me and if they do the time we spent together is less than a drop in the ocean in terms of their social lives and means much more to me than to them


they were on jp theres very little chance they moved onto anything else


one watches a lot of dwarf fortress videos on youtube dont know about the other one except that he got arrested a few years ago


did everyone go to bed


im watching sumo


heading to bed now wish me luck


sweet dreams


File: 1552377767713.jpg (125.59 KB, 1365x2048, casual khakis.jpg)


woke up from a nap feeling heavy


dont get how people can devote themselves so heavily to marijuana like jolli


it makes your brain feel good when you toke it mate


on top of that you need to socialize regularly with turbonorms to keep getting more


dont post my pictures here please


gamed hard again need to stop soon gonno rest now


gonno shoot some norms in the brain just try and stop me hima


i cant fucking believe this hima i am livid


had a nice crycum


still cant believe turin laid his cumload into his sis


File: 1552391907271.jpg (186.46 KB, 1280x720, Dondpx-U0AAncK5.jpg)




File: 1552392917385.png (166.66 KB, 923x981, spit.png)


why the hell was i born a sick pervert that needs a girl to drool into my mouth why am i a guy that craves to worship the ass of a girl its unfair



covfefe time


File: 1552396411709.jpg (369.93 KB, 1275x1800, 3.jpg)


didnt you get the memo the ped meme is over


hima should i get an ssd now or wait until zen2 comes out and get a nvme im getting a 500gb one either way


stop saying hima


awoke and showered
if youre gonno build a new one i would wait until zen2 and then get one of the new evo plus ones hehe


mornin hima pizzas on the menu


pizza is not a proper breakfast


whys that


you need to eat something lighter thats easy on your stomach


nah nothin feels better than an am pizza


had some nutella with bananas for breakfast always have to have sweet stuff to start the day


you cant have nutella and i hope those bananas were well ripened


ya they were really yellow it goes good with nutella


they should have brown spots and no green on the ends


dont like brown spotted bananas they look rotten and gross


its just the skin


im rotten and gross


they call me grossblog




anyone scaping


hate bananas havent eaten one or something with banana in it in over 20 years


im not bananas for bananas either but how could you reject banana pudding




firing up some fishing hima got some chocolate milk for later and a few types of fishes i want to catch its angling time


i like banana but sometimes the texture grosses me out


families are forever


blindfolded sis and jod in front of her she had no idea what was happening




File: 1552410680711.jpg (987.14 KB, 4160x3120, fu75g904uol21.jpg)

sis drew this


whats the meaning behind her flag choices


shes tard


why do people put effort into having accents why do they think it makes them unique and special just talk normally flipping idiots


never seen anyone do that


what do you mean you have never seen anyone do that accenttards are running around all over the place they are all faking it


are they pretending to be british or something i dont understand


not all british people sound british its just the tryhards that put effort into the accent
northerners southerners australians accents are a meme and i dont understand why people try pronouncing things with it


feel with me incel retards


cant believe i turned into an incel retard i had so much potential


whats the title of that soundtrack mean



not sure why foids have it out for me


they dont even know you exist




quin died


tell me about yang why have the chinks started to appeal to the neet is this a covert strategy to destabilize the american economy so they can take over




mom made burritos


yes all chinks are loyal to the ccp


being a chink sucks i chose to live here because its rated as one of the best cities in the country vut that apparently means flip all when i signed my contract the salary seemed low but i was told the cost of living was pretty cheap but rents have gone through the roof recently so now im basically living in a hutong hut
the government has become dumbfuck retarded recently so no surprise there
my internet is slow as shit it rains all the time the cuisine is ridiculous they take good food and slather it in brown sauce until its ruined worst of all is the nongs the flipping nongs ruining everything shouting pushing shoving chinese signs everywhere nobody knows english what a goddamn nightmare
im leaving vancouver the first chance i get


how is there more than one person on hima in vancouver


hate those cool bros that have nice thick medium to long hair that doesnt get ruined even if its a hurricane out any small breeze and my thin as a blonde ones hairstyle gets ruined so fast


wish i had silky hair like my boy


what boy


File: 1552426244759.webm (2.23 MB, 1280x720, 1551143288667.webm)

eternal cope


my destiny is mediocrity


time to man up and be a provider


hell no


need to sperm in a girl


i want to be a daddy



dumb roast should have stayed home to care for her child but instead went out partying all night


havin a coffee
feelin the urge to play some eve


i bet she felt weird when she realized that sweden and finland look like a big dick and balls


i hate him so much i wish hed die for real too


woke up and had a really angry jerk hima time for some coffee


sexy ladies dont know about that


stream in 3 hours and 5 minutes


Fuck off


was aabout to ask if were getting a stream today thank you for your service


i regret to inform that i wont be in attendance of todays stream


stop streaming when im snoozinbg


cant wait to post all my horny thoughts about the girls in lucky star again today


quit being a horny animal




so hungover i can barely see this is pissing me off




have a nice coffee and drink lots of water


yeah i just get annoyed when i cant see properly my vision is so bad already


never been drunk


try it out


File: 1552429121755.jpg (263.47 KB, 618x1110, peek.jpg)


being drunk isnt fun you just black out and wake up with puke and piss all over your bed


got better things to spend my neetbux on than alconorm


being drunk is the most norm state of mind imaginable flip anyone who seeks it out





guess i need some hair of the dog that bit me



what the hell is there to bone about you pervert


dont ask thats between me and my bone


i was biking and cars would stop literally 10 meters ahead so i can bike across the street and this guy stopped at a busy intersection waited until i looked at him and told to me to go i dont get it is it a pity move or do i have a charming appearance ill never know


bike in hell


dont say that hes basted


no hes not and i also wouldnt mind personally executing every person from new zealand theyre a plague especially the gamers


youve never known true hell until you get into a game and theres four guys from new zealand on your team trust me


heard nz has a lot of chinks


not as many as australia


what dont you like about him


hes just a nice mate


nz is paste theyre all hobbits down there


nah theyre degenerate freaks you dont know my pain


might invite quin to hima


File: 1552430502268.png (244.99 KB, 400x800, __arcueid_brunestud_tsukihime_drawn_by_carchet….png)


wouldnt mind it that much if arc forced me to the ground and gave me a suckjob against my will


what do you bring to the table for her though


File: 1552430756264.jpg (309.92 KB, 800x802, battler.jpg)


File: 1552430755960.jpg (1.89 MB, 3124x3120, minority car.jpg)

how do i keep spics from flocking near my car


it helps if you dont own a car that wankers love


thanks a lot now my kitty is all wet



flipping hate norms so flipping much


those beaners have no clue how close they are to annihilation


cool it with the slurs you can express your anger and frustration but i wont tolerate attacks against my people


File: 1552430950040.jpg (13.79 KB, 297x91, Untitled.jpg)

hope you dont mind




was turts racial composition ever determined or is he just indistinct mystery meat of vague origins


50% native american 50% white trash


put a license plate on the front too please


half chink


File: 1552431241103.jpg (316.81 KB, 2048x1145, hehe.jpg)


sexnorm posts mean nothing to me i have seen the light brothers


nothin norm


how do i become a sexnorm


bannerize it now


theres some kid there with a stanced 8th gen civic with a mugen wing on it and he tried to play it cool just asking if that was my evo and i said yeah and he only nodded but in reality i know he was steaming over the mog as evos are far higher than civics in the japanese car hierarchy and beyond that my status in the company is vastly greater


are you saying that youve become a sexnorm or that youve transcended the primitive cravings of the flesh


ask him to race for pink slips


im sexnorm now


just bought 3 months of scape membership for $11


i would have given you the gold for 3 months worth of bonds


save your gold for when you start playing again


File: 1552431790455.jpg (228.54 KB, 1200x1067, 1.jpg)


File: 1552431808243.png (540.21 KB, 1230x687, i97ywg8s6rl21.png)

halo is coming to steam with online matchmaking


this reminds me of that time i lost my virg


what the fuck


im on day 0.5 of nojo so the second one


always get tricked into logging into scape and nobodies online


File: 1552431972396.jpg (133.34 KB, 788x1261, kitty.jpg)

fire up xiv instead


hell yeah


lets finish the fight bros


ignore it
when we get back to 2006 we can play all the halo you want


never got really into gaylo besides 3 more of queers of war man myself



teen back in my day it was blood gulch all day every day or suicide


cant play today ill be there tomorrow


love soliciting innocent scapers for erp at the grand exchange


halo with mouse and keyboard would be weird how am i supposed to bxr


love unleashing the noob combo on unsuspecting innocents


just plug in a controller idiot


my brother took all the controllers when he moved out


damn you derrick


thats the stuff


are your looks better too


this doesnt make for good competitive play its kid shit


gonno snap a boy


having a white car is such a virg thing plastidip that shit red so people know you go fast


File: 1552432523932.png (474.58 KB, 720x1056, rin.png)


who cares it was fun


rin doesnt have big boobies you fucking blasphemer shes flat as a board and it gets my bone hard


nah her boobs are massive


ho9ly fuck day one purchase

OH WAIT this shit is outdated by battle royale like apex legends and fortnite

no one wants to play boring 8 player maps from 20 years ago retard


rin has girl boobs and girl nipples


i wanted a white evo from the start its the best color
and its a RS model of which only 900 were made and only a couple of hundred of those in white


the only color for me is matte black


File: 1552432840427.jpg (57.55 KB, 642x480, Ren_e08.jpg)


why are you like this


anyone else put ketchup on pizza


plastidip that shit mate you dont want to look like a faggot do you


File: 1552433011660.jpg (5.16 MB, 4160x3120, 20190310_185801.jpg)

no i like the white
im actually thinking about red wheels too
its not like the car can be any more ostentatious


me turt and gob owning up a storm on blood gulch name a more perfect timeline i dare you


why dont you move out of your trailer park before buying a car


miss the miata already now im crying


evo vortex generators always give me a little chuckle its just a marketing thing they dont even do anything


because the rent here is like $500 cheaper than what it should be and im not willing to give up having a garage

i still have it
gran took the smart back though


miss the smart so much now im crying


like blue evos blue fits most japanese cars but is shite on anything else


fuck this stupid bogan


dad had a blue sti when i was a kid until he crashed it drunk and had his license taken away then he sold it to a gay mate sigh loved tat car


File: 1552433600234.jpg (378.03 KB, 850x1200, 30.jpg)

come on inside


actually he had a few wrxs the first one was green


did you even watch the video he even specifically mentions how they work on an evo
considering its one of the few production cars that produce downforce at speed from the factory the japs knew what they were doing


hehe wonder why shes blushing


jogged hard


havin another coffee


he says theyre probably very inefficient and basically worthless


buy a golf gt turt its funny as hell smoking norms off the track in a golf they never expect it


getting a runecraft level in 20 minutes cant wait


uh i mean r32


ill sharpen mine to make them more efficient then


never trained runecrafting whats it like


no ones even online you liar


File: 1552434327060.jpg (629.49 KB, 1936x1936, 1552420516541.jpg)


maybe its a raider


never fails to make me laugh how carnorms just pretend to understand each other its actually a very sophisticated collaborative performance art the more i think about it


its probably that guy from ota who posts in the vg threads


you mean arthropodz


no im not talking about josh idiot


wish i could scape


whats stopping you


theres another guy a total norm i cant remember his rsn now but i hate him


can we start the stream an hour early im ready


i get physically ill when i log in


why did god confine me to this accursed undeveloped vessel will i ever see a respectable man when i look in the mirror


how can i get a bug gf


dont think anyone has ever taken me or what i had to say seriously even once in my whole life


have you tried not saying ridiculous things like that


would rather people ignore me than pretend to listen out of pity


please dont stream


you aint never had a friend like me


File: 1552435073000.png (400.96 KB, 480x640, 4gajwr8knol21.png)

pcs melting i shouldve went amd


enormous bone sorry




gz noob


knew onseki jacked off to those asmr chinks theres a better one though


dont call me that


love ffxiv hima just a great game


ive wasted my life



never got to experience little ladies day i was too slow in my leveling


new wandering video


wonder what it feels like to have places to go and things to do


makin my way downtown
walkin fast faces past
and im homebound


getting really sick of the boruto opening when are they going to change it i swear its been the same for at least 40 episodes


hows the anime been any cool villains


watching anime intended for children wont bring back what youve lost


File: 1552436553606.jpg (301.98 KB, 2048x1152, mei.jpg)

installed overwatch


not enough creases in her toes


not really
just realized namida means tears and the girls name is namida and she cries


hey if i wanted a japanese lesson id pay for one at the college poindexter


how do you pay for the subscription do you ha ea job


fuck japan and fuck you



just remembered moms leftover spaghetti awaits me todays going to be a good day


hate old spaghetti


love ffxiv and love old spaghetters


you should love earning money and working out


im not a norm why would i like that


how do you expect to attract a mate


a shame humans can breed with another species just like how horses and donkeys can mate or tigers and lions i would like to have my own primitive ape sex slave to give me strong offspring


im ape


hate japan so much


wait if we can how come you dont go through with it


there are human subspecies theyre called darkies


fire up the african fuck tour


wouldnt mind a darkskin african goddess


if i was a dad id be cold and distant like gendo so everyone would think im cool and deep



tried to be cool and distant turned into a weirdo incel


oh youre cool alright


in naruto thats how sasuke got ino and sakuras attention


found it inspirational how sasuke disregarded females to acquire currency




didnt sasuke almost kill sakura why did she marry him


going to start the stream in 20 minutes


whats on todays schedule



lucky star 7


sword art online


just reported the stream


go to hell neetblog you bitter cunt


well if nobody wants to watch i dont mind not streaming i guess


nb runs this shit


i want to watch i want to watch


the stream is 4 minutes late im losing my fucking mind over here


wish i could stop getting bones but im simply too horny


gonno piss


where the fuck is the stream


getting horny thinking about my ffxiv characters tight kitty and ass


if you play as a girl in video games as a male you go to hell


no dont shes not a sexual person




not watching the stream anymore last time this norm left the same episode on twice




in awe of my ffxivs character muscular body what a beauty


get a hold of yourself


3 hours and five minutes my fucking ass


im starting it calm down


i cant calm down im having a stroke


you arent even going to watch it youre just making fun of me


do some yoga


hate streamnorms


yes i am you dont know how much ive been looking forward to this i was thinking about konata for hours



pasted neetblog here just reported the stream


torn between making some bacon sandwiches to watch the stream with and just watching the stream with no sandwiches gods ultimate torment has arrived


anybody else incapable of not singing the lucky star op at full volume im effectively screaming but i just cant stop


my darling darling please


simply watch eating takes away from the experience


is the bitrate and quality fine


reported the stream


im going to watch without sandwiches but only because im too stupid and shortsighted to make them ahead of time and i dont want to miss the stream


watch the stream whilst making the sandwiches


snhut the fuck up miyuki you ugly bitch


while watching the stream limit yourself to one post per 2 minutes please


set up an alarm next time



neetblogs spamming the face again


please i only have one monitor i cant tab in and out and read that fast




found out how to disable the emote things flip you




okay konata ill do your homework for you but only in exchange for the sexual favors you are offering me okay


stretching yawning konata


pasted neetblog here me and my gf are cracking open some blogweisers and laughing at you nerds


your bepis wont fit unless its triangular


if anyone else wants to join the hima linkshell just let me know and ill instuct you on the procedure


still dont know how to eat a choco cornet


kagami's fat ass...




kagamins gigantic ass belongs to me you piss of shit stay the hell away


wide first


groan attention whores in the chat


no way i cant believe you


File: 1552440932824.jpg (368.88 KB, 700x994, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_drawn_by_doyora__5e4….jpg)


traced from sexy ladyta channel hehe


can you stream the lucky star dub instead


wish i had some chikin kare


no konata dont



im obligated to tell you im done watching thanks for the stream


cp tracers really have no shame do they flipping japs


do you guys think tsukasa knows how incredibly erotic she is my money is on that she doesnt know


silenthima kill yourslf


its superior to this disgusting chinkspeak


a bone a bone my kingdom for a bone


not watching lucky star with you perverts anymore


oh tsukasa why are you so snapable youre the definition of snapbait and i really would like to snap you


cant stand these otateens


im not perverb


File: 1552441322804.png (2.97 KB, 80x80, u-jelly.png)


who where


flip phone


somebody please post the gif of her getting snapped by a deer please




okay akira you fucking bitch youve left me no option but to fatally snap you


shes begging to be manhandled


reported the stream again


stop it you fucker


there are no mods the top channels are tv mirrors


great ed


raid hours gonno snooze


is it just me or does kagamins dance during the ed fire up an unquenchable bone for anybody else


uh i meant op


stream hours guess ill earlysnooze and skip hard


how about you dont and execute yourself instead


who is this teen


gonno lick konatas ass probably sorry


File: 1552442016068.png (58.61 KB, 1352x1203, Metro.png)

the 1660ti beats out the 980ti thats some amazing stuff


its nb on one of his down days


id rather die than buy nvidia


love pasted nvidia steaming the neets


File: 1552442139221.webm (2.99 MB, 610x776, 1551753478136.webm)


if you want to die by self immolation simply buy nvidia


konatas dad is sooo baste haha


sexy horny bone for sexy lucky star children girls that give me a horny bone in my pants these girls are cute and they make me horny


pasted otalad


those referral search lists were some of the funniest things ever posted on hima


sexy lady meets big dick


novideo is for norms


well never get another one because onseki is a weed addled derelict


what do you mean the varg is a cuck one


i laughed myself stupid at all of them things havent been that fun since brett was still playing 10 different characters


recorder time hima i remember learning recorder whe i was like 7 years old and i would just play some weird note i ``discovered'' over and over again because the teacher couldnt be bothered to correct me


just cummed my pants looking at tsukasa do that sorry hima




should i have ramen too


miyuki you subhuman snapable fucking bitch get lost


wouldnt mind some kitsune udon either over here hima help me out



im crying hima


you have to stop the stream everyones getting too horny


これでおk hehe


its one guy whos been on nojo for probably 36 hours


ohalucky neetoburoggo desu


no it isnt its multiple people making each post


would mind some miso ramen with extra green onion rn


same loved popping a superman on some norm


thats only for experts you fool


cant believe hima has the worlds only dreadnought class blog


hima is only fast because the bogan is back isnt he


hope my gay normbors cant hear me singing the op otherwise they might think im gay too and hit on me



only fast cause the flipping teenbros


baste teens


this is why hima must adopt a zero tolerance policy on streamnorms


streamers are paste


cant help myself sorry when i see a sexy stream i just go crazy and cant stop posting




sigh need a cute girl twin


what you need is a stable form of employment


ppp is too sexy especially emperor


File: 1552443722481.jpg (172.51 KB, 1040x1280, groceries.jpg)


no please anything but that



File: 1552443812376.jpeg (70.36 KB, 736x419, 90E23DE7-411D-4CC0-9E00-D38DC0DA85CC.jpeg)

sexy birds


lets watch a scary movie together hima how about the ring that one scared me a lot when i was a teen


how on earth are those sexy


nice chinstraplet


mom is singing in the hallways how do i politely inform her she isnt very good


im blood type a


is it wrong or sick for me the patiently anticipate the op so i can sing it at full volume


i was born a virg and i will die a virg


the streamnorms are making hima unbearable


oh god horny bone for sexy lucky star 17 year old childs help me hima


show some respect you fucking piece of shit norm


penguins are neat i like animals with black eyes hidden by black fur and feathers like pandas and orcas and racoons


im singing them too


okay the op is coming up hima lets all sing together


File: 1552444253780.jpg (138.34 KB, 768x1024, snap.jpg)


abhore snap whats your fucking issue linking that image to my post anyway


File: 1552444307354.png (3.3 KB, 80x80, u-jelly.png)


you were in the way


love jerking my bone to cute girls who love to have my bone jerked to them of which there are so many


time to sing hard hima hope mom doesnt mind


oh kagamin dont do this to my bone you little minx


guess thats it for today


dont stop now


3 episodes a day is far too few

im a fucking neet okay

you get that


did you not get the memo that we were all getting 9-5 office jobs


its simple
we kill the neetblog


i can forgive my himamates for getting a job but i cant forgive them for negelcting lucky star


you cant call me a norm





shouldve gotten the plumber pass


boss has been busting my balls lately over the penske file


shaved a little off my cheek and fixed my hair a bit too


does anybody else have a weird patch of hair on the left side of their chest or is it just me


uh rather its on my stomach


cant need to grind



dont have any chest hair


you arent a man




flip you gorira norms


File: 1552445716183.jpg (1.5 MB, 1280x960, 60168114_p0.jpg)




File: 1552445754002.jpeg (67.89 KB, 550x800, A8FF6851-49AD-40F0-9A14-979EF31FCA0A.jpeg)

really want to buy this


love being an unstoppable hirsute beast


didnt start growing chest hair until i was 20 after needing to shave for 7 years at that point


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File: 1552448498678.jpg (506.88 KB, 1139x1200, 72498499.jpg)


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File: 1552448863844.webm (3.25 MB, 853x480, 1551117569149.webm)


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File: 1552449019744.png (193.93 KB, 630x883, 1551635176098.png)

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File: 1552449495162.jpg (187.94 KB, 1200x888, breast.jpg)



My Walmart future department manager analysis
Nick Smith·Thursday, 7 March 2019
October 25, 2016 is when I started working at Walmart, the day of my orientation. I started out as a cashier. During my down times as a cashier, where it wasn't busy, I was doing side stuff like working returns. This got me the basic knowledge for how stocking shelves worked. I wanted to get into being a CSM, but I needed to learn the service desk and Money Center, two areas I pretty much never really got to get into. I wasn't much of a fit for CSM, lacking experience in other key areas. To get out of being a cashier, I pretty much had to move (but I wanted to move disregarding what was going on at work - I'd have still moved even if I did get to be a CSM). When I transferred, I transferred as cap 1, which is primarily stocking shelves, starting on August 8, 2018. Now 7 months in, with only just a few minor and rarely needed things off the side that I need to learn, I'm a far better fit for being a department manager than I am a CSM. I basically just want to get into management.
This, however, begs the question. Which department should I be a department manager of? Answering this requires an in-depth analysis of the several departments that Walmart has.

Points of analysis
There are 5 aspects that would play a role, ordered from the most impactful to the least impactful: my interest, product familiarity, item locations, experience, perceived difficulty. Here’s what each of these means and how much of a weight they have on the final score:
My interest (MI). Why would I be a department manager of a department I have little to no interest in? A department that I have interest in is also one where I’d have a higher learn rate and have a much better success rate at both helping customers out and getting things done accurately and reasonably quickly. This aspect has a huge weight of 15 because of how strong of an influence it has on everything else.
Product familiarity (PF). How much knowledge do I have with the types of products involved with the department? A good department manager is one who knows the types of products in their department. I will give this a weight of 10.
Item locations (IL). It is very common for customers to ask where something is. After all, if the customer is a visitor from another state (Florida is a vacation destination) or is trying another store, knowledge of where the items are at in your department (and also outside the department helps as well) can seriously help a customer get what they need. It also helps accelerate getting inventory stocked. I’ll give this a weight of 7.
Experience (XP). When I've worked in the department, I get to know where things are, the quirks of how things are set up, and, with that, making it easier to manage. Experience comes slowly. I'll give this a weight of 5.
Perceived difficulty (PD). This is how difficult I perceive managing the department would be. The size of the department has a strong effect (the bigger, the harder it is), but any special rules I feel that may be present would have an effect as well. The higher the score, the easier it is. This weighs in fairly lightly at a 3.

All aspects are rated from 0 to 10 points where the higher, the better. With 40 total weight, that's 400 maximum points. BaseScore×Weight = MainScore. The sum of the main scores for the 5 aspects is the total score. The departments are listed alphabetically and I may be leaving some out or I've merged them. In front of each department is a symbol or triplet of symbols. They tie in directly to the score.
*** - 290 or more points. These departments are the prime choices for me, where I would be a best fit and would have the highest chance at getting a department manager position for.
* - 240 to 289 points. These departments are a good fit for me, though not quite optimal.
? - 190 to 239 points. I'd have a low chance at getting to be a department manager of this department as they're borderline.
X - 140 to 189 points. These departments are unfitting for me. Short of being of high interest or a pay level 7, I wouldn't consider it or have any chance at it.
XXX - below 140 points. These departments are absolutely not for me and I would be very unfit as a manager here.

The list
XXX Apparel - MI: 1, PF: 1, IL: 0, XP: 0, PD: 0. Score: 25.
This is the entire clothing section - mens wear, ladies wear, boys, and girls, among other stuff like whatever jackets or backpacks go under. It does not include infants though. This is a department that sees a ton of price changes, has a lot of clearance items going on, a huge area of floor coverage, and, well, just a great variety of product. I've never worked in apparel before beyond that of dropping off return bins from the back of the service desk or asking to page, usually for customer service in an unrelated area or maintenance going to the bathroom.

? Automotive - MI: 6, PF: 4, IL: 5, XP: 4, PD: 7. Score: 206.
This includes the basic automotive stuff, not TLE (this has its own entry). Oil, batteries, fuel injector, seat covers, the various fluids used with cars, steering wheel covers, etc. are the typical types of product here.

XXX Bakery - MI: 1, PF: 3 , IL: 2, XP: 0, PD: 7. Score: 80.
Baking cakes, making donuts, baking bread, and all that sort of stuff is the bakery. Given my long hair and the annoyance of needing a hair net, this department is of minimal interest to me, especially when it's an area I have little expertise with.

XXX Books and magazines - MI: 4, PF: 2, IL: 3, XP: 1, PD: 8. Score: 130.
There's a few billion words across almost a million pages in this department. It's not an area I've worked before and as far as I know, it's vendor stocked and I don't think this department has a manager for it. The only experience is from helping customers locate stuff and the rare shopping for science-pasted magazines beyond the ones I subscribe to.

XXX Celebrations - MI: 3, PF: 4, IL: 0, XP: 1, PD: 8. Score: 114.
'Tis party time! The celebrations department is pretty much party supplies. While I have modest familiarity with the product, I barely know the layout of stuff. Most of my experience has been from working returns back when I was a cashier. Other than being prone to needing a good bit of zoning, it does seem like an easy enough department to manage.

XXX Cosmetics - MI: 3, PF: 2, IL: 0, XP: 0, PD: 8. Score: 89.
Need any lipstick, makeup, cotton swabs, or nail polish? That's what the cosmetics department has. It's an area I've never really worked either beyond that of returns back when I was a cashier.


*** Dairy - MI: 8, PF: 8, IL: 9, XP: 10, PD: 9. Score: 340.
If it's stored at around 37°F and isn't a specialty type of item, then it's dairy. Moo juice (aka milk), cheese, yogurt, biscuits, butter, juice, eggs, etc. are typical there. This was the first department I worked for as cap 1. At my main store, I've really got the cheese wall mastered very well and I have a very good sense on the yogurt, biscuits, and butter. The other parts are lesser known and the only thing I haven't worked yet are the eggs (beyond that of taking broken ones over to grocery claims). Juice and milk are the other parts I haven't really worked much as 2 particular others tend to work these. There is one coworker I don't get along with that works in this area, a deterrent and knocking my interest level down a point. Dairy is a fairly small area, around 400 aisle-feet (120 aisle-meters), but product is time sensitive as it can't be left out at room temperature for extended time so this time sensitivity yields a higher difficulty. There's also no topstock at all so if the entire case can't go out, I just write O/S (overstock) on it, set it aside, and go on to the next box which actually does make things easier. Checking dates is a common need in this department and most things don't last more than 6 months and there's a few things that barely last a month that I tend to have to pull because it's expired.

XXX Deli - MI: 1, PF: 1, IL: 0, XP: 0, PD: 6. Score: 43.
I'm not entirely sure what the deli involves, but it seems to have more specialized stuff than what dairy and meat would otherwise have. Given my long hair and the annoyance of needing a hair net, this department is of minimal interest to me, especially when it's an area I have little expertise with.

? Domestics - MI: 6, PF: 5, IL: 5, XP: 5, PD: 8. Score: 224.
Bedding, curtains, towels, trash cans, laundry baskets, and shower rods are the major things with this department. I'm not sure if vacuum cleaners are part of this department. Most of my experience with this has come from working at other stores (temporarily) and working returns. Curtains are prone to needing zoning. This is an area I'm looking into, though there's still a good bit of room for improvement (mostly due to lacking experience working it).

* Electronics - MI: 10, PF: 5, IL: 2, XP: 2, PD: 6. Score: 242.
Now this is the major focus point of mine. It's the only one with a 10 in interest. However, because you only drop off returns and cap 1 never works it, I have hardly any experience with it. Most of this has come from helping customers out for the types of products I have the most familiarity with such as computers and TVs. Electronics also has a couple of cash registers so my former 21 months of cashiering experience will certainly come in very handy here.

XXX Fabrics and crafts - MI: 2, PF: 4, IL: 1, XP: 1, PD: 4. Score: 94.
Fabric (my store lacks a cutting table so there's no fabric), wooden letters, glue sticks, fake flowers, sewing machines, ribbon, and other such stuff make up this department. I have very little knowledge with this sort of stuff so it's not a focal point of mine. Most of my experience comes from working returns where I have a hard time finding stuff.

*** Frozen - MI: 5, PF: 8, IL: 9, XP: 10, PD: 8. Score: 292.
If it's stored at temps below 20°F, this department has it, unless it's a specialty item typical of the deli or meat. This is the second department I worked for as cap 1. I have the ice cream down quite well (this stuff is very time sensitive for working it), and I know the breakfast, appetizers, and veggies/fruits areas of this department extremely well. The frozen dinners, however, are an area I have a little difficulty with, especially the Hispanic and Asian stuff as my familiarity with these is very low. Sadly, this hardly involves the frozen pizzas as that's stuff only vendors stock. Store brand stuff, like the Sam's Choice, Totino's, etc. are the only pizzas I can stock. The great cold involved with working in this department makes it much less interesting, but I'd still easily take it up due to my great knowledge of the department and product and my extensive experience working it. At least there is the benefit of not having top stock so if the entire case can't go out, I can just write :) / S on the box (for smilestock), set it aside, and go on to the next box.

? Furniture - MI: 5, PF: 6, IL: 3, XP: 5, PD: 5. Score: 196.
Cabinets, desks, organizers, candles, chairs, filing cabinets, tables, etc. are found here. This department frequently involves large, heavy, bulky items that frequently require team lifts to handle. Most of my experience with this department has been from working returns as a cashier and helping out at other stores. Most of the difficulty comes from the weight and bulkiness aspect.

*** Grocery - MI: 7, PF: 8, IL: 9, XP: 9, PD: 3. Score: 302.
Coffee, tea bags, ketchup, soups, noodles, gravy, canned veggies, crackers, sodas, chips, canned fruits, trail mixes, pizza sauce, bottled water, etc. all make up grocery, and this is one huge department, with about 1500 aisle-feet (450 aisle-meters) of product. There's a lot of total product as well. This department, given its sheer size, is rather on the difficult side for managing, as I perceive it. Despite the large size, I have a good sense on where stuff is. Gravy? A8, 3/4 of the way down. Parmesan cheese? A10, 1/4 of the way down. Spices? Either A10 1/2 (Hispanic stuff) or 17 end (standard stuff). Arizona tea? A21, near the cheese wall (the end of the aisle). Olives? A9, halfway down. Cranberries? A20, first thing you see (actually, it's section 2 or 3, but it's within the first 3 sections so I refer to it as the start).

* Hardware - MI: 8, PF: 4, IL: 8, XP: 4, PD: 9. Score: 263.
Wrenches, screw drivers, shelf brackets, levels, tape measures, screws, paint, air conditioners, heaters, plaster, shower heads, ladders, etc. make up the hardware department. This is a decent department that I'm actively considering. While I have some construction knowledge, it's not particularly strong to be of any advanced help, but I do have the basics and recognize most every item in the department. It's rarely worked (most of my experience is from working returns while as a cashier or when helping out at another store).

XXX HBA (health and beauty aids) - MI: 0, PF: 1, IL: 1, XP: 5, PD: 0. Score: 42.
Shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, reading glasses, hand soap, bar soap, walkers, etc. make up the HBA department. This department has a high density of items, generally a lot of small stuff. This high density of unique items makes it a hard department to work in. It's not something I have much interest in at all. The only easy area is that of the hair dyes. While it is something I work at as cap 1, yielding me a fair bit of experience, it's still a hard department to make decent progress in. I tend to be rather slow as well as things like the shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays, with the curved bottles, tend to snake a lot which makes it harder to fill the shelf as things keep catching on each other or getting shoved into another item's location causing me to have to fix this to even get it stocked.

* Housewares - MI: 7, PF: 7, IL: 4, XP: 4, PD: 8. Score: 247.
Spoons, pots, baking sheets, spatulas, meat thermometers, microwaves, blenders, and other typical kitchen stuff makes up housewares. My main experience with this department is through working returns as a cashier or when helping out at another store. I have modest enough knowledge with the department that it would pass as a candidate for me.

XXX Impulse - MI: 1, PF: 6, IL: 4, XP: 4, PD: 2. Score: 129.
The tiny and king-sized stuff at the checkouts along with many things on clip strips are impulse items. Most of the "as seen on TV" stuff is also considered impulse. (End caps and bunkers are not impulse - they're just featured items that are bulk ordered or are a special seasonal item). Given the multiple locations of the items and the constant lines of customers, working this stuff at the front end is rather difficult, especially the area where the Magic and sports cards are. I don't know if this department has a department manager for it or not though. Usually, especially very early in the day when there's minimal activity, some of the cashiers may be pulled from the register to work the impulse (or 82) freight.

XXX Infants - MI: 0, PF: 0, IL: 1, XP: 1, PD: 7. Score: 33.
Gaa gaa goo goo! Cribs, baby food, baby toys, infant clothing, pacifiers, and other baby-related stuff is found here. This department is quite unknown to me beyond that of the WIC-qualifying items (thanks to cashier experience). I never buy anyting from this department as its irrelevant to me. This makes it difficult for me to have product familiarity. However, I do know that, despite being for the smallest and most adorable of humans, this department tends to have a lot of very large items (those cribs, mattresses, and car seats sure take up a lot of space!). I have worked the infants department just once though.

X Jewelery - MI: 6, PF: 1, IL: 2, XP: 2, PD: 6. Score: 142.
There's so much dazzle over in this department that you'll need their sunglasses just to view it! Earrings, diamond rings, necklaces, gems, watches, and other such bling and dazzle make up the fairly small jewelery department. One common thing I tend to see happening is that of changing batteries in watches. There's also a cash register over there so my 21 months of former cashier knowledge would come in handy. The fact it's a pay level 7 position helps the interest level a good bit.


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X Lawn and garden - MI: 4, PF: 4, IL: 2, XP: 3, PD: 8. Score: 153.
Patio furniture, rakes, shovels, photosynthesis factories (aka plants), sand, mulch, umbrellas, hoses, seeds, grills, week killer, and other stuff involving the outdoors just outside your home make up this department. Although it does mean being outside in the heat and humidity, this is actually an area I have some interest in. It's not a strong interest though. A fair bit of the stuff here is bulky or large items, often requiring team lifts and carry out requests.

XXX Meat - MI: 1, PF: 1, IL: 4, XP: 2, PD: 6. Score: 81.
Hamburgers, hot dogs, bologna, pepperoni, ham, turkey, Lunchables... if it's meaty, it's here (falling rock from the sky not required, though it'll help make things over here even meatier). This includes both the raw meat (of which I've never worked before) and the prepacked stuff (often referred to as the 97 wall, of which I have worked a few times). Because I find meat disgusting, especially the raw meat, this is defiantly not an area I'm interested in. Because the bulk of the stuff in this department must be refridgerated, it's time sensitive. There's also no top stock so if the whole case can't go out, I just write :D / S (for grinstock) on the box, set it aside, and grab the next box.

*** Paper goods/chemicals - MI: 7, PF: 6, IL: 8, XP: 9, PD: 10. Score: 296.
Paper plates, foam cups, laundry detergent, toilet bowl cleaner, disposable spoons, dish detergent, aluminum foil, sponges, and mouse traps are found here, among many others. While working as a cashier, this was the first department I mastered item locations for. It's a fairly small department as well, being only about 500 aisle-feet (150 aisle-meters). It's probably the easiest department to manage. However, some of those chemicals aren't exactly things to be touching with bare hands so if there's a spill, gotta don that protective stuff... or guard it, wait for someone to flag down to get maintenance called over, then let maintenance take care of it (maintenance mainly if it's a fairly large spill).

* Pets - MI: 6, PF: 7, IL: 9, XP: 8, PD: 8. Score: 287.
Tweet! Meow! Woof! If it's involving something covered with fur or feathers, or has fins or scales, the pets department generally has it. I have modest familiarity with this department due to my experience with having pets. I have item location down quite well so that helps a good bit. The dog treats and cat treats are the 2 most annoying parts when it comes to working picks carts as the machine tends to say that it can go out but it otherwise cannot and it takes a long time to find what top stock can be brought down which really slows me down. Quite often, if I can't get the first 3 items I attempt down, I just delcare the one I'm trying to work as overstock.

? Pharmacy - MI: 5, PF: 3, IL: 5, XP: 7, PD: 6. Score: 193.
Pain killers, bandages, supplements, meal replacement kits, dietary stuff, etc. are found in the pharmacy. I've only worked the stuff in the area where the customers can get to, never behind the desk (I don't think I'm allowed there). When working picks carts, the bulk of the stuff I have is in aisle G6 and G7. This department is probably the smallest of them all, being about 300 aisle-feet (100 aisle-meters).

XXX Produce - MI: 2, PF: 5, IL: 4, XP: 0, PD: 6. Score: 126.
Tomatoes, yellow sticks (aka bananas), starred green sticks (aka zucchinis), tear balls (aka onions), potatoes, celery, lemons, limes, corn, lettuce, orange sticks (aka carrots), avocadoes, green sticks (aka cucumbers), and other fresh produce are found here. I've never worked produce before beyond that of dropping stuff off in claims, likely due to needing special training or something as it's a separate job code. Knowing all those PLUs has little effect here, and the arrangement of stuff is a bit different from the rest. While there is no top stock, you may not be able to write O/S on the boxes for marking overstock should the entire case not go out. I don't know how overstock is handled here.

XXX Shoes - MI: 1, PF: 1, IL: 0, XP: 0, PD: 7. Score: 46.
I've never worked the shoes department before, but it generally involves shoes, boots, and other footwear, along with shoe-related accessories like shoe polish. I hardly have any knowledge regarding shoes so I'm generally unable to help customers out with that area so I tend to seek someone who may have more knowledge than me.

? Sporting goods - MI: 2, PF: 8, IL: 6, XP: 6, PD: 5. Score: 197.
Tents, targets, arrows, bullets, coolers, tennis rackets, folding chairs, bug repellent, fishing lures, guns, hunting clothing, fishing licenses, soccer balls, etc. are in the sporting goods department. While I would otherwise be a modest fit, it's the guns part that scares me a lot, drastically reducing my interest. Minus the guns part out and this would be a good department to look into. I hardly know who works in that area.

XXX Stationery - MI: 5, PF: 2, IL: 1, XP: 1, PD: 5. Score: 122.
Pens, paper, staples, paper shredders, pencils, rulers, erasers, and other classic office supplies make up the stationery department. I have fair knowledge with it, but I've hardly ever worked it beyond that of working returns while I was a cashier and the very rare case of while visiting another store. This area is very prone to needing zoning as well.

XXX TLE (Tire and Lube Express) - MI: 0, PF: 0, IL: 0, XP: 0, PD: 4. Score: 12.
Flat tire fixing, oil changes, and other basic, low-level vehicle maintenance stuff is what TLE covers. My knowledge with this sort of stuff is very minimal so this is not a department for me to focus on, the lowest scoring department of all. At least ASE certification is not required as this is low level stuff.

XXX Toys - MI: 1, PF: 2, IL: 2, XP: 4, PD: 1. Score: 72.
I'm sure you know that those 5-year-olds just want to buy this entire department (and while they're at it, the entire candy aisle). Except for the card games and board games, my knowledge with the toys department is very minimal. It's also prone to needing constant zoning as well, heavy in cross references, and has tons of assorted stuff (so you can't just match up the UPCs).

XXX Vision Center - MI: 3, PF: 1, IL: 1, XP: 0, PD: 5. Score: 77.
Beyond that of eye glasses and those Zeiss lens wipes, I don't really know much about the Vision Center. I don't use it. I'm not licensed for it so that's a no go.

Thanks to extensive experience working in dairy, frozen, and grocery, these departments are easily the best candidates. Paper goods and chemicals (they're often treated as one) is a close contender along with pets. I have the bulk of the process down for what I currently do. Working end caps (beyond stocking them after having already been set up) is something I have little experience with as it seems like it's primarily department managers that set them up. I also don't know exactly what department managers do differently than cap 1, other than just being confined to that one particular department. I hear they work from 7 AM to 4 PM which means having to fight rush hour traffic the whole time both ways, and, the worst part to me, having the weekends off when I strongly prefer to work on the weekends. I've never been a manager before, so that'll make it more difficult for me to get started at it. Overall, especially for the pay level 7 departments (the highest hourly rate there is), I feel that it would be worth it (and for the pay level 7 ones, I could actually get at doing stuff and start building up a retirement fund, something I can't afford right now).
One idea I have for accelerating the process would be to transfer. Because the assessment expires in June, there's not much time left before the potentially months-long struggle to find an hour of time to retake that test becomes available. Thus, until about May, I can focus on transferring only for the pay level 7 versions of department manager. If still nothing by then, I'd have to open up the pay level 6 positions with transferring and hope I can get it within the 1 month I'd have left by then. If I do transfer, it would be to a store much closer to where I currently live, if at all possible.


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bacon sandwich time


die neetblog




i work dairy frozen and grocery and they all suck but frozen is okay because the freezer is -15 degrees unless somethings wrong or i deliberately leave the door open for a while and bring it up to 0 degrees or so
-15 is bone chilling when you spend the rest of the day at room temperature but people leave me alone and i can take regular little breaks to warm my hands up


post the pulpit chimpout


really enjoy working in the frozen aisles and observing all the miserable subhumans stocking up on tv dinners those people have one foot in the grave already you can see the spark in their eyes is gone
we sell other stuff like frozen breakfast perogies lots of quality vegetables tortellini potatoes and other stuff that isnt garbage in fact id probably argue frozen vegetables are a smarter choice than canned vegetables


identified 3 typos in ulis analysis whats going on is he starting to lose his touch those walmart flippers better not be exploiting him but i cant think of potential causes for his lapse of judgment other than work-induced stress


i eat frozen dinners sigh


not sure what kind of person willingly eats canned green beans carrots potatoes spinach etc when you get them either fresh or frozen for the same price


please stop ill give you some really cheap satisfying meal ideas just stop killing yourself with that junk


im too scared to use the oven or stove im sorry but microwave is just my limit


you should get a toaster oven



rice cooker is easy and cheap


if he uses a rice cooker he will be no different than the chinks you make light of his conviction


frozen vegetables are bad for you


finna toast some bread


figured out how to get rich anyone want to join me


flip pnigs back


yeah i need to get an evo


ok you simply source some junk from china for $0.10 and then you sell it on amazon for $10-20 now i just need an ideas guy


flip that chump change weve got to figure out how harness this miraculous new technology


havent seen this word in at least 2 years wow


thats a good one too upload a bunch of garbage to youtube with clickbait titles and red circles


which one



has anyone attempted to upload ransomware to youtubes servers can we please just delete every single video


nah i love youtube


im tired of it just nuke the whole thing and send all these ad revenue leeches straight to hell


nothin wrong with taking ad revenue you should blame the tards that are clicking ads





feelin it


you are spamming


you feel it too dont you



File: 1552456642597.png (308.72 KB, 538x381, file.png)

dont understand political humor




It's Luke Skywalker


The Moon is a base. It's hollow.


The Moon is a base. It's hollow.


how do you get inside


cant believe its only been 4 years it feels like its been 20


is that guy an angel


bring me the son of madden its urgent the nfl is in great jeopardy hurry hima


Notice how the alpha always has dark skin even in Japan


suz is that you


love you guys


listening to powermetal and crying


Put a bullet in your brain you fucking loser


id rather give you a big hug instead


kill yourself


dont be so rude


flip you norm im our for blood here


our for what you retarded faggot at least learn how to spell before you reply to me you dumb piece of shit


i meant lanza


pasta guy has gone mental


hes drunkenly drooling all over his pillow what are you talking about


wanna fight hima wanna kill some body gonno unleash some sv3rge ape tactics on the next norm i see


youre going to get rocked norms are ruthless


pasted fl4pper worshiper


nah i throw a punch to kill and i dont stop when theyre bleeding on the ground crying for mercy norms are all bark and no bite unlike me whos ready to abuse stand your ground laws at every chance i get


dont kid yourself if you had killing instincs you wouldnt be here the norms are going to eat you alive


norms are terrfied of me that shake in terror when at the sound of my neetplod


old forum i made a bunch of embarrassing posts on as a teen no longer exists im so happy hima


lucky you all of mine are on the 4 and one that is too big to die


sorry but you should have already been and adult by the time 4chan came around its your own fault


my oldest forum account that still works is from 2002


the only cure is the ol ear to ear


newgrounds is probably the only forum left that have chou embarrassing posts on hope it gets deleted soon


every day of my life is an embarrassment


glad i was just a lurker


oh god reading my newgrounds forum posts from 2004 and cringing hard help me hima


going to email the admin to delete all of my embarrassing hima posts


the mesa pd has been laughing at them in the breakroom for years now


gih freakeye


why the fuck did i post this retarded shit oh god why why what was i thinking


feel bad for pastaguy hes completely lost it


you have to stop reading it now turn your internet off and just get drunk theres no way out


File: 1552462881127.jpg (217.4 KB, 1200x800, 1551148634257.jpg)


im already drunk also watching a flash collab i participated in in 2006 oh god no


at least you tarded in a spectacular fashion you were like one of those bombastic theatre kids just in the virtual world ive never had a creative muscle in my body


i doubt his posts are 1/10th as horrific as mine i have no reason to even be alive


reading my reviews oh god why are there so many spelling errors and why are there so many smily faces


luckily my most egregious reviews about shooting the creators have been deleted but what im reading is still pretty bad hima


dont define yourself by the past


if you could see what im seeing youd end it in a heartbeat


why dont you show us let us share your pain


tempted to post some because theyre so retarded but i also dont want to get doxed sorry


nah i want to end it over more serious things i would love to have emoticon filled newgrounds reviews be my darkest secrets


you are underestimating the power of my newgrounds reviews


luckily newgroundscollabs bbs doesnt still exist or id die of shame


its time hima


activated the speakers hope mom doesnt mind





i greentexted on the poe forums in 2013 its gross to look at


love making ironic posts on the poe forums to steam the wks




File: 1552468021996.jpg (15.03 KB, 315x101, i am subhuman.jpg)

have a good chuckle every time i log into the poe forums and see my character names from previous leagues


die turt worshiper


File: 1552468236294.jpg (12.06 KB, 301x86, hog.jpg)

its okay i worship nb too


die teenheal


die teen




i still dont understand how runeheal got on hima


im not runeheal you morons


hate norms and hate you otastreamnorm


File: 1552468422043.jpg (19.44 KB, 400x400, cL9gIGaL_400x400.jpg)


hate jewfros



time to fire up the coffee maker


i bow to the blog


gonno rage cause of the otanorms


moving to illinois any tips



feelin it


anybody here


mindbending that this pyramid scheme is what chris watts wife did for a job


no one on hima i need my friends where are my hima friends


its time


no ones fucking here where in the shite are my himamates


big cry


im here whats up just owke up


i already fucking lost it thanks a lot


quit raging


dumb ragers


got some bad ideas floating around in my head hima


File: 1552481046431.jpg (455.25 KB, 1341x1904, snapped.jpg)


what happened to her


you know


no i dont thats why i asked


nothing shes just having a snooze


no theres obviously something wrong with her i just cant figure out what it is


turns out one of my favorite bands is from tempe too what kind of sick meme timeline is this


ate too much glue again


anyone else used to put glue on your hands and peel it off like dead skin hehe


got like 8 packages coming they should start tomorrow and go on into next week moms going to rage


sounds painful so no


its not painful if you use weak childrens glue


i could probably beat up atleast 10 children so i could easily beat up all of hima



ive never lost a fight


same because ive never been in a fight


been in one fight and i lost hard it wasnt pretty hima


hi hima having a monster zero ultra hows it going


tendies are in the oven


no they arent


yes they are


victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan hima


what did you just said


love being within the realm of a dying sun feels pretty great hima


love missing out on the esoteric bliss that my himabros are concealing from me thanks a lot mates love it


what does that mean


it means youre a fucking snake stealing pleasure from me