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hello friends if your intrested browsing a chan that is still growing we will welcome you to gnfos.com
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whens the hima shooting


the hima shooting will simply entail indiscriminate slaughter of norms hatred-style


oh ogd no i cant believe this


those white nationalist guys love jews


its more like the hima genocide



no norms



stop watching 7 news


its not that funny


think this is the first time those commenters have seen a local news anchor not understand an internet joke


really flipping cant stand the slight discomfort caused by headphones anymore even the internal monitors it all feels so intrusive and cumbersome now wish i could install a badass speaker system but even if i had the means i lack the privacy to take full advantage of the improved acoustics wonder if this is a natural consequence of shedding the shackles of clothing


feel naked without my headphones


i cant stand them either i wait for the one to two days every couple of years when i have the house to myself and get to watch whatever i want without headphones in the living room


have speakers and an empty house and no neighbors and i still use my headphones


heavy thunderstorm hima


break your virg programming


how and why


i dont know
not using headphones is freeing


no it isnt it gives me dreadful anxiety


crazy how transcending the need for clothing has made me resistant to the elements but it came at the cost of increased sensitivity to minor tactile pressure literally nothing in this life is free what a sick flipping joke


might not get out of bed and just watch anime for a couple hundred hours till i die of thirst bye hima


cover your shame freak


File: 1552643505855.jpg (92.95 KB, 1125x710, pqo988x3r7m21.jpg)



might have to follow suit


something in my side is hurting think its my kidney


have you been laughing too much


alright bye hima guess its like 40 hours now hopefully i can sleep


let us know when you wake up


i always do


what are you trying to say


mom caught me still awake and said shes not waiting for me to wake up before she goes to the store


woke up


woke up after a few hours going back to bed


File: 1552656270689.png (789.22 KB, 605x807, 19ey8rb7d9m21.png)

uh p-p-p-p-personality pill




woke up its xiv time


hey mates hows it going



whats the theatre of blood


its scapeshite


you gotta be a scaper to understand


paste scapenorms


nothing norm


youre kidding right


hima im up what did i miss


what was it







thats not precure you fool


dont give a hoot


nice sakurako burg banner hehe


File: 1552664555571.png (51.67 KB, 1562x102, file.png)

nice musk is a sexnorm


File: 1552664611827.jpg (297.75 KB, 766x729, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_sasa_kichi__….jpg)


wish shed smile


its pasta time boys


love when girls have an angry expression or even better a disgusted one


thats bad dont encourage that behavior


same its great


gonno neet it up hard this weekend cant wait


why not it gives me a big horny bone



we have to let girls know that we like them being happy sunny and friendly to us if we encourage them to be rude then theyll learn that and practice it against us


pink butt cheeks are my charm twinkle jewels pearls princess twilight


let me sing you songs from the woods


getting anxious


dont think of peaceful things


im always anxious i think its bad for my health


anxiety is the new smoking



buzzfeed should not interfere in chinas internal affairs


thinking of canadachink


wish i was canachink


woke up hey


you slept for a long time are you rested now


not really


File: 1552669817971.webm (3.02 MB, 1600x900, sieg_zeon2.webm)



why wheres the problem


File: 1552671093923.jpg (88.48 KB, 612x788, 00.jpg)

paste aussies




gonno call it vargs gonno make a video talking about how violence solves nothing and he shouldve waited for the ice age to freeze them instead


File: 1552672903873.jpg (117.85 KB, 796x923, lift.jpg)



going for a virtual walk


thought the same but its true theyll just make gun laws stricter


traingirl no


got myself a coke zero hehe


how are they gonno do that if guns are already banned in nz


no they arent but will be soon like after every shooting over there


pasted phonenorm


in bed sorry


so am i but im not a mobilenorm


wish i was in bed but im too stupid to sleep


the dreamers are the smart ones


dreaming of better days watching hidamari sketch


dream of 2006


we have to go back i cant stand it anymore


talked with mom about the nz incident she said it was a good thing sigh how do i convince her to be more empathetic


show her some pics of hollywood celebrities on twitter saying how bad it is thatll influence her


stupid flipping norms who cares


sis said it was a good thing too whats wrong with these women

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