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oog bad posts me delete


baste baste


its ok to play girls in single player gamers or games with no males since theres no chance of emasculation but its too risky in an mmo


im looking forward to it


whats wrong with playing girls in video games


in mmos you can be emasculated by another male and you cant defend yourself since your avatar is a girl


got left behind


got left behind to


was writing up a great post on ffxiv


what about when a woman plays a boy in an mmo


really want to play a fun rpg badly but the only console i have is a 3ds


morimori chan is a far fetched male fantasy


ffxiv is mostly girls


im mostly girl


no shes just like me


what about computer games



2019 isnt my year heres hoping 2020 will be good




wish every mmo didnt have a flipping subscription so i could try it out without having a panic attack


most are free




tera is free




get on mabinogi


never used irccord whats it like


basically just like hima


even though my hair looks cooler than ever its feeling really heavy think it might be time for a cut


keep growing also pic


should i send nanahira another email


leave her alone creep


got a cute popura banner


gonno snooze sync if youre tired


forgot to ground myself and damaged my new parts sigh


hehe got it too


hate being grounded


never grounded myself while handling pc parts never had a problem


thinking about all the men weve lost along the way and some of you that will go next


just ate some nice big bacon sandwich


forgot death was real mindblowing that i can die at any moment


memento mori


cant believe ts really gone


wonder whos gonno be next on the chopping block bet its neetblog


im not going to die


your cholesterol levels say otherwise


im banking on them inventing the immortality pill within my lifetime or a genie turning me into god or something so i dont have to face how scary death is


not going to be available for cels


you dont want to live forever


yes i do


i die with hima


hate mortalnorms


so in august when the cert expires with no one to renew it


himas still hima even if it becomes himasugi.rocks


make the himasugi twitter to update us when it expires


the doc says i have healthy cholesterol levels


hows your test


doc said only insecure people get their test levels checked and refused to tell me


fire up the dueg


thats malpractice




whats with guys obsessions with test levels


cant believe freak almost succeeded in his pnig coup d'etat with duegi


its just failednorms that care




time for some splatoon hima


tsumaran was more basted than duegi


gotta dump bigly


sigh not feeling splatoon again tonight guess ill lay down and stare at the ceiling


tardlaughing hard remembering the euphemia scene from code geass


wish to lay down next to a himafriend and ceilingstare


okay but only on the condition that i can touch you


jaypee boy


be gentle


hope i get a cool roommate or neighbor at the mansion


cool or cool




tardlaughin thinking about staying up late with my ear pressed up to the wall listening in on one of turts rage sessions


need to shitte


no shitting


just jacked


no jacking


hope i dont get a poopbone




youre probably right my hearts going to give out soon


i will give up my life so you can have mine


will you now


hope i fall over into the snow and freeze to death


i hope you live a long and happy life


nb is becoming a heartless


going to suicide by hypothermia anyone wish to join me


File: 1549338243138.png (106.94 KB, 300x209, Large_Body_KHII.png)


ya lets go and get this over with



its cold hima covered up in blankets but i might not make it


lets huddle together for warmth


never huddled for warmth before


im trying to die by freezing i dont want to huddle


youll huddle whether you like it or not


prove it


every time i play mmos i think this time im gonno join a guild and make some nice friends to talk to but i end up just playing entirely solo as always


same in all these years ive never made a friend in mmos


wanna join my scape guild


ive tried joining things before but i get too nervous and can never type in the chat


cant motivate myself to play mmos would rather wallstare



how come you get nervous there but not here


its not cute its pathetic


what the hell was sensitive enough to get damaged by static


i do the same thing i never write in any guild chats to scared to and then i eventually stop playing


quantum processor i designed


too expensive to make another one too guess ill just shelve it and work on something else


flip you


sigh this time it will be different though


i dont know probably because its anonymous


we arent anonymous here


guilds are always just cliques of friends and even if you say anything theyll just ignore you and keep talking theres no way to make friends on online games




my guild isnt like that anyone is welcome and we are inclusive and say hi to newcomers and make them feel safe


youre just luring me in to bully and exclude me like everybody else


immediately quit guilds when anyone says welcome


you need to be around at the start of the guild or you will never fit in


whale cum


how am i meant to do that if i have no friends


im your friend


mindbending that since i respect women i must be high iq like tesla


it isnt like we say welcome as soon as you join but we always try to include new members and we would never exclude people unless they were being blatantly rude


no place in mmos for cels anymore


another problem is that unless i have max level and max gear i feel like i would be a burden to any guild i joined


whats your cc




did nb ever hit 200m wc


ill tell you if you really have pure intentions


im just curious i already quit scape


oh no point posting it then its a really small thing now but we try to invite nice people and we dont like cliques either


might install tera


forgot to eat today


pretend i forgot if someone brings it up but actually i just didnt want to


why not


dont expect a foodnorm to understand


they are making a tera classic server




ill never understand how people can find discussion of sexual preferences stimulating and i say that as someone with over 80000 sexy pics that i jo off to 50 times a week


havent played an mmo since maplestory


cant believe twigs make fun of me for being fat then withhold crucial information like this


feeling real irritable might go rage at mom for nothing


leave her alone rage at me


feel bad for those who die as teens theyre forever teens


wish i was teen


feel worse for the teenbros being stuck as teen for life


wish i could kill teen me


wish someone sent a robot back in time to kill me before i was born


nothing wrong with being a teenbro


then you wouldnt be alive


flip mom made me a delicious burger but im not hungry what should i do


time to feast


feeling nauseous if anything


cryogenically freeze that burg


dont think i need to be alive one of the other 7 billion will fulfill my duties im sitting this round out


you cant do that its irresponsible


im neetbro for life


so tired of wearing the needless constraints known as clothes to the kitchen used to find nudists weird now i wish i had been born as one


simply wear a kimono


want to eat some spaghetters but i went through hell cause of it


gonno pray


even robes are too cumbersome for me you dont understand


at least cover your penis




love carly


getting really tired and sad hima


why are you feeling sad


just want to end it and seeing how hard mom tries to cheer me up makes it worse i need to flipping die


really want to talk to you and get to know you and be your friend i bet youre a wonderful person so dont say things like that


dont even think a hima friend could help now ive sunk too far


loin cloth


what did you do what happened you have to talk to us


i care about you and i bet mom cares about you too


sigh left behind again


just wish to snooze forever isnt anything specific just crushing sadness and despair cant watch happy carefree anime without flipping losing it now


eyelids are getting heavy hima


reaching the same point myself


gonno snooze lets sync


same even just firing up the computer is too much work


never felt sadness before


i feel nothing





aint no place like moetown


happy new year hima


wonder what freak eye would think of that as a kindred australian pokemon trainer








bout time we have a monthly chink purge on hima


if only the freak was here he would save hima


wish i was smart like freakeye then everyone would like me


freaks only friend was a chink


that chink was the only one that could empathize with the freaks immense intellect


File: 1549347109905.jpg (894.9 KB, 2064x2822, 1549311214655.jpg)


File: 1549347127946.jpg (91.46 KB, 640x1169, bf7n96nokme21.jpg)


wish i had immense intellect so i could finally rationalize ending it all


live to pill


my life is devoted to a country ive never set foot in


it doesnt take an iq of 174 to rationalize this world being a twisted birdcage unfit to live in


sexnorm owned


just untwist it


not much longer hima


even the norms can sense something is amiss but theyll never have the conviction to do anything about it


is it jews why are you guys being so cryptic


because the feds are monitoring hima now thanks to pnig


that motherflipper spiting us even in his absence


wish i could get paid to read hima all day


i know how




that one service remember


peekly if memory serves


could be one posting right now


all dickspammer had to do was not hurt children but he couldnt even do that


might worship a kpop idol looks fun


dinner isnt sitting too well hima


while we thought he was just an innocent dickspammer in reality he was stealing his grandmothers money and drugs and posting his snackhauls as she starved to death clawing at the walls of his dungeon


norms always harbor a darker half and im not talking skin color hehe


had two bowel movements in one day hima this is unprecedented


were going down down in an earlier round


and sugar were going down swinging


wish the initial arrest posts werent lost forever


gonno fire up some fallout boy


wish the members of hima could regain their will to live


going to fire up the early 2000s time machine


if this doesnt do it then nothing will




hate when i listen to popular music that isnt outright terrible because it makes me question my musical taste


or worse im forced to reeavluate it altogether


taste is a meme you either like it or you dont


are you talking about logic or fallout boy


i hate anime now that its possible


luckily neither of those qualified hehe turned them both off instantly


uh i mean popular


love pop punk


defend pop punk




pop punk is pretty much the gayest thing that ever existed


nice pop punker


you wouldnt said that if there was an anime about it admit it


just got mindfreaked


yeah i would


need a time machine


could never listen to such vulgar music of the masses if the musical groups i liked ever ended up in an anime id delete my whole library and never call myself a connoisseur of the arts again


elitism is a telltale sign of a failed norm simply listen to what sounds good


i listen to the mice inside the walls


no you dont understand im the kind of person who hates it even when people are in agreement with me its like theyre encroaching on my very identity dont want others to share my opinions


yeah same cant stand it when people like the same stuff as me


you sound insufferable
you arent unique because your beep boop noises are less popular than some other beep boop noises


good i strive to make others suffer in my presence


dont say that


no matter how esoteric or inaccessible something is dumb norms will still pretend to like it dont kid yourselves that there arent thousands of retarded norms listening to whatever you listen to


was going to ask someone to post that


used to only listen to really obscure black metal and folk bands but now i only listen to doujin edm


im the opposite except i didnt stop listening to anything and just shuffle everything into the same disorganized playlist


wow so interesting your beep boops are so cool and obscure


foolish shuffler


im not an elitist i agree with you


only listen to cpop on my zishan z2


wish neetblog was here to dab on these norms


gonno listen to the wall for a few hours see you mates


trapped on the toilet hima this last stool is a stubborn one




got bored of all music years ago with the exception of this lighthearted cheery little number


how do you suggest i do that


neetblogs theme


File: 1549351102336.png (89.86 KB, 346x233, 1af374df975e58161f443d32ad15c0b9.png)

mindblowing to know nb is the only one of us who will get a gf and fall into a normal life


you mean the only one who wont


not sure how to even come into contact with foids i would never stoop as low as using a dating site


just wait until mating season


whens that


going in for a 3rd shower cant get enough of the new nozzle


hehe moms going to freak when she sees the water bill hima


should have bathed


made nachos but cant find an oven mitt this is like a greek tragedy




use a towel


no dont listen to him itll ignite


this is bad hima i just woke after 5 hours i need smut to bedjo back to sleep before its too late


is bedjo where you flip your bed or where you do a traditional jo but in bed


the second its just more comfortable than chairjoing for me


File: 1549352488149.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 3456x4608, 1457685832311.jpg)

use this


had to carefully remove the nachos using two spatulas


awesome i had faith in you hows the cargo


File: 1549352608906.png (Spoiler Image, 584.76 KB, 512x512, original_result (1).png)


been meaning to buy nacho making supplies for a month now but i keep forgetting every time i go to the shops


whats so great about a bunch of processed corn and meat


who puts meat on nachos


thou fool


File: 1549352936251.png (2.98 MB, 1898x975, meat.png)


you should have to turn off safe search to see meat products


holy just realized i saved and uploaded a 3mb image of flipping nachos ive become the lowest form of life imaginable a bandwidth hog


it was worth it i could look at nachos all day



if you dont know then youll never understand


whats not to love about corn


File: 1549353460563.jpg (38.97 KB, 600x450, corm.jpg)


corn is anti white


corn is unfit for the consumption of the aryan race


im anti white


im anti human anti life


corn is revolting i wouldnt eat anything with a corn derivative in it


everything is made from corn idiot even batteries


batteries what the flip what possible application could corn have in electronics do you think i was born yesterday


varg supports corn


gonno latesnooze and im not setting an alarm either see you on the other side hima


cornstarch is an electricity conductor


File: 1549354148827.gif (23.72 MB, 325x406, me on the right.gif)


heading to bed to hima wish me luck


never upload such a large image again


yes sir


sick of the poor netiquette of the younger generations


cant remember the last time i used an alarm why would someone want to wake up before their body is ready ill never understand it


mindblowing that our bodies are machines


normal people have to wake up to go to work


yeah... real mindblowing....


same even if i had responsibilities to shoulder i would never rely on an external device to wake me up like some weak-willed norm my own internal rhythm and sheer strength of character would be enough


need to upgrade my machine


how theres no electricity


i was born a loyal machine


wish my voice sounded cool


why is it illegal to kill chinks no one would miss them


legal in china


soon it will be legal to kill chinks with low social credit


dont know what my voice sounds like


see myself as a cool yet fun-loving guy who never loses his composure wonder if others perceive me the same


sigh having trouble falling back asleep i need a weighted blanket or someone to lay on me to snooze


as for me i see myself as basically exactly like itachi and im pretty sure thats what other people think too


always try to be a suave and capable older brother figure with my sexy lady relatives but fail miserably and end up getting made fun of


got caught reading an earthbound wiki article about ness and got called a nerd by my niece it was horrible think it shattered what little esteem i might have had among the little devils


still another 20 hours till ff14 finishes downloading if im lucky slow internet is hell


a girl once described me as brooding
i am a brooding anime man


girls only like this kind of anime man


you mean an attractive and obnoxious ironic weeb


he has a wiser and deeper love for anime than anybody here


neck is back to 18" just one more inch and i can get a gf


excreted some more waste hima thats the 4th and hopefully final movement of the day im exhausted and in terrible pain oh god


oh god i appear to have been mistaken hima horribly mistaken the pipes are already rumbling again




hate people that talk about their bathroom time like anyone else wants to hear about it


where is your compassion




i finally want to be alive


new cc get your pencils out lets draw


File: 1549363547999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.39 KB, 800x618, mul.jpg)

ok im done


none of the poses show his penis


uh is that a bad thing


maybe he wanted to compare sizes


i was just letting you guys know so you didnt get disappointed


tardlaughing almost reminded me of kramers racist outburst


jim carreys no where near as pasted as kramer hes just a crazy fag




crisis averted hima i went back to sleep after bedjoing and just woke up


lazy flip


thought youd support me sigh


just published my thesis on hima culture going to be rich


itchy scalp


youve got lice


woke up almost two hours earlier than im supposed to with moms alarm because shes so tard that she will leave her phone in the living room and go to the bathroom for fifteen minutes while its ringing and waking everyone up
kept pondering if i should just go there and turn it off or stay in bed and wait for so long that she did it herself
and then i couldnt sleep until my alarm went off so i said flip it trned around and slept and got to work one hour late


getting angry just thinking about that


same the employed norms spoil my morning


just drank spoiled milk by accident am i going to die


you copied my word flipper


thinking of joing to some pokemon is that fine with you all


get in here


drank soured milk by accident


cant understand his accent hate when non native speakers try to speak english


only if its human male + pkmn female any other way is wrong


what if its just a horny braixen presenting its sexy sexy pokekitty


ya thats okay


mr mime could be anything you want


wish pokemon didnt exist mightve been a successful young man with a preteen gf in its absence


this is making me tardexcited need to watch super one day


remember buying every magazine with pokemon in it back in the late 90s bought a huge poster with the full johto dex right after it came out and spent the day looking at the new pokemon and choosing my favorites sigh


let a friend play pokemon red and he accidentally saved over my save never played pokemon since


owned friendnorm do you understand your folly now


runeheals guild is tied for world first with method he might get it


File: 1549375104184.jpg (256.93 KB, 1472x692, paragon 2.jpg)

method needs to go back being the second best guild like they used to theyre getting arrogant


im world last


kick em in the teeth


hopefully limit get it and put the euronorms in their place


world first in what


in killing the boss


mythic jaina duh


why would you fight jaina she is a hero


theyre the horde theyre evil


so you can get your hands on her sexy body


alright time to sleep bye hima


ok sleep well


does pnig know about this lore


he might have but he didnt see the cinematics


can someone get me caught up on wow lore since tbc


wheres kenneth right now are they keeping him in jail until he gets a sentencing or is he free i dont know how courts work


dont know dont care


i think you stay in jail until you give them bond money and agree to come back basically


why not just leave the country


the thing that cracks me up the most about his debacle about is imagining how the trainee bitch must have received the news


hed get caught on the airport and get into real trouble


richnig can affort a private jet


take a boat to mongolia they have no extradition and you can live on the plains


must have been quite the shock to find out this guy that you trusted is actually a pedophile


monoglia is landlocked


got jodepression sex is so amazing its fascinating that this act im supposed to dedicate my life to is blocked off for me


what the flip


is is true that silent is an anagram of listen


anyone else watching the adoredtv vid its quite fascinating


whats so amazing about sex never tried it before


i cant watch long videos sorry but i appreciate his work


honestly dont really care about sex i dont see whats so great about it it probably doesnt feel better than joing and after all its just a physical pleasure so who cares


i imagine that the feeling of bliss you get from a nice jo is like tenfold from sex if you see how crazy norms get over trying to court females


couldnt care less about sex i just dont like being actively told im not good enough for it


norms are so crazy about it because they dont know how to masturbate


can you blame them i didnt learn until just 6 years ago


nah sex is pasted
fox and the gsnaps


nice sexseki


would have no idea of the existence of sex or how its performed if i wasnt told by others the concept is too farfetched


classic tard larping


cant believe himas biggest personas are all nonvirgs pnig flipped tg freak hired a prostitute and turt got a handy in a soapland


what hes saying is accurate though for most people they have some form of childhood contact with the opposite sex involving exploration of each others bodies but i never experienced that so its quite possible my life would have unfolded without any knowledge of sex had it not been for the intervention of pornographic material via tv or the internet which is way too accessible to the youth


if you applied even a fraction of your jo fantasies to a real woman you could ravish her without difficulty
odds are your first time you wont even be erect because a thousand other things are going through your mind but one after another your worries and insecurities will be put to rest and youll figure out how to move and what to do with your hands and even what nonsense to whisper into the girls ear its as simple as it gets every male has the ability to give and receive sexual pleasure


gonno rope


only norm males got that software im pretty sure pasted on what ive seen that god put every barrier in place to ensure i do not breed


yes ideally if you lived in a pre internet agesociety children would have nothing to do no pokemon or cartoons to fill up their free time and would more than likely sexually experiment out of sheer boredom and by the time you turned 16 or so you would have a logical progression of sexual behavior naturally leading up to reproduction


how did they ever figure out that sex made babies i wouldnt have figured out it out if someone didnt teach me about it


woke up and finished reading hows it goin hima


nothing out of the ordinary taking in the sights and sounds from the window on this bracing winter morning




mates if i supposedly got a gf should i never post about it post once or twice a week or blog normally


they watched wolves



no what


flip you pnig


File: 1549382857168.png (53.69 KB, 250x250, 250px-083Farfetch'd.png)


sounds like the name of a black metal band or something hehe


if you got a gf then be like coby and never post again


how am i supposed to get a gf if i never leave the house


if you have to think about getting a gf then you wont get one it comes to gfhavers as easily as breathing


aboriginals didnt before being taught by the english


ill just never post about it


wheres my complimentary gf then


would not be comfortable in the slightest contributing alongside a gfnorm hope hima staff takes immediate action and bans this flipper preemptively before things can escalate


hehe love living next to the amazon distribution center because i always choose free 5 day shipping but things get here in 1 day


lucky boy


commencing operation moon howl


dont give your money to bezos


he loses money from my purchases


File: 1549385737802.gif (1.79 MB, 384x216, 1461991805745.gif)

she looks so distraught hima i hope nobody caught a glimpse


hehe shes so cute


gonno become an ironworker they get over $30 an hour its crazy
feel sorry for collegetards its all about technical skill these days the kind of stuff that ai cant substitute


tech school has been a meme for 7 years now it mightve been true in 2011 but now its saturated since everyone gave that advice online dont fall for it


gonno go to devry and make games


ashamed to admit i skipped almost two years worth of posts




its a raid


woke up but forgot to say so not much on the agenda today just some splatoon and ffxiv trying to get my gear level up so i can do dungeons


are you doing the ff trial or are you subbed


subbed i played near the start of stormblood and quit cause i failed to talk to anyone after a few months again


ffnorms are making me rage hard


same thinking of emailing onseki


whats your problem


might try playing again i was a green lizard girl


wish i had broadband so bad


6% phone battery gonno go for a drive later not sure where maybe ill go to the beach


drive to hell phonenorm


File: 1549390244371.png (518.77 KB, 700x426, 71B816AC-5438-4BBB-B3F4-996179E1C5A7.png)



hes right
women are the genetic selectors that control reproduction men just go along


sigh method won


File: 1549392329926.jpg (214.11 KB, 1040x780, 20190205_133823_HDR.jpg)

420 horsepower 5 liter v8
premium package with navigation
should i do it


max out your gaming rig with that money first then look are how much you have left and pull the trigger on a car


just broke my glasses hima this is terrible think ill rope


think of it as an opportunity to get new cooler looking ones



just want to see the stock benchmarks against ocd rtx cards that reviewers will put up on thursday


hate seeing chink posts wish there was a way to find the vpns they use and convince western companies to block them






File: 1549399065755.jpg (650.87 KB, 1125x1334, Q8tzHTX.jpg)

this is so like me


poor worker


new ippo out



The Japanese were highly critical of the American response to the North ridge earthquake near Los Angeles in 1993. After that ridge quake, however, all the fires were put with eight hours and no one was caught in rubble for more than eight hours, while Kobe some victims died because their bodies were not pulled out until five days after the quake

japanese rescue teams are always a flipping joke


chinks are integral part of the hima community


winnie the pooh


hey woke up only 500 more minutes till i can play ff14


if a dbz vr game ever comes out im buying a vrset


lots of posts today


how can you spend your whole life on the computer and have such shite internet


i dont know


should i play ff14


mmos are meant to be skinner boxes and dont respect your time play single player games exclusively


cant mog people in a single player game


play some chess


ya you can be a cute girl and dress up in cute clothes


File: 1549407910783.mp4 (818.27 KB, 1092890375134593024.mp4)


god didnt let me be a girl so i have to pick girl characters in games instead


please dont you represent my community and if i let you play a girl unsupervised you could damage the honor and dignity of my community


File: 1549408208541.jpg (1022.26 KB, 4032x3024, ebnetvfgdse21.jpg)


anyone play maplestory 2


File: 1549408538109.jpeg (179.13 KB, 900x675, 1263279360540.jpeg)


wonder where he is now


only played maplestory 1 a bunch


dont forget to read and highlight your favorites


im right here


big ole sigh mates


wish i had an otacool room its just a mess of plastic buckets and fish tanks and plastic shed shelving




spent too much money today bought some $7 aaa batteries on top of my usual 3 dollar aldi run and then i bought 10 dollars worth of chicken breasts


simply buy rechargeable batteries


File: 1549409253868.jpg (177.96 KB, 1024x768, 1268535660488.jpg)


im scared of getting old i want to be youthful forever


turning 30 soon its over for me


they suck hard


love aldi


can you quickly find a surrogate and have a kid so when your real life begins you can say that you didnt wait until your 30s to have kids


die otaseki


hate the real life meme


real life more like real nightmare


too real


were in the early life stage of our wikipedia articles the fun stuff is just revving up


File: 1549409843678.jpg (3.54 MB, 4160x3120, 20190205_151433_HDR.jpg)

with 4 seats we could get a bunch of himabros together and paint the town red


File: 1549410007960.jpg (584.05 KB, 1920x1080, ss_a0b73e5c079a92658622b3fa05c5a6c151907baa.19….jpg)


im getting myself a 850 ci you guys can come but it only fits 2


how many neetblogs does it fit


you mean the new one right


is there a new slimmer nb



mindblowing that ugly goober has had sex with multiple women multiple times while im going to die cel i guess im an uglier goober


obviously mean the e31 model 8 i dont like new cars


how come my characters always look amazing in the creator but have a tard look in game


dad made pasta gonno feast hard


why are you posting here if you have a dad




for fun


boiled five chicken breasts they came out good at about 28 minutes in the pot
put one of the smaller ones in ramen with about 3/4 cup of chicken stock and the flavor packet with my usual assortment of sesame oil nori and red curry paste and when it’s done ill add a little coconut milk for that thai flavor


wish i had a cookbf


why five thats too many


they didnt have any small packages at the store but it was only 1.99 a pound which is ok


File: 1549411631869.jpeg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024, E3B586AE-6C5C-4C74-8F8F-156A1446BF59.jpeg)

bone appetite


what does that have to do with anything pg has a dad and so does nb


time to carbload


wonder if pnig reunited with his dad in prison


i havent seen my dad in years


laughed way harder than i should have at that


at what


hate dadnorms


could really use a hug right now mates


you still have one hes just not that present


why wasnt i worthy of him


do you want me to




so does everyone on hima by that logic


he isnt worthy of you


both of my dads shave their legs is that gay


went to a kid with two gay dads birthday sleepover in grade 8 looking back dont know how mom let me go to that den of sin to potentially be molested


no you should be shaving all your body hair too


File: 1549413398947.webm (286.65 KB, 1280x720, hug.webm)


god i wish i could be hugged by kumiko


my cousin had really big boobs and would hug often it was great i crave that feeling again




never enjoyed a hug


uhh boobies >.< lol!! XD




uhhh ban haha


do you think if i say ^_^ a lot people will think im a girl online


die noboobs


ya dont do it


File: 1549414318980.jpg (24.86 KB, 600x337, 1522541522388.jpg)


hehe cutie


wish i had a friend who used a lot of cute emoticons like ^_^


File: 1549414662623.png (876.14 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)


go to the settings and change it to save them as jpg


anime is the exact opposite thing you are supposed to use jpg for


hate lossy norms



how many times can i renew the free amazon prime trial before they catch on


why are you driving an american car whats wrong with you


mustangs are pasted dont badmouth them


used to renew the gamefly trial over and over but they caught on


still not sure if i should get an mx5 i was eyeing the vw gti theyre pretty cool


never used gamefly because i didnt own a modern console


nice pcbro


didnt own a pc either


then how did you game


what do you mena how did you game you just head down to the arcade


american cars are superior


jeremy clarkson said they are rubbish


thats because hes a dumb brit bastard


finished reading lots of horrible norm posts


nah hes right theyre big plastic sofas that cant turn corners


might get an aston martin


get der volks wagen


my ds
only played pirated games for my entire adolescence


slime 18 time woop woop


not sure what game i want to play




army recruiter texted me should i reply with a pill


tell him you already signed a contract with the marines they love that


how did he text you


wish i had army recruiter friends that would text me




gonno dump and snooze bye


feel really awful hima


it was from that one embarrassing moment i had with the army recruits a few years back where i accidently told them the army was a waste of time i gave them my phone number


sharp pain in my left side this is the end


get to the hospital


sigh dororo


File: 1549423677253.jpg (242.41 KB, 1282x720, 1549417405348.jpg)


me on the left


me on the right


the seiyuu of tanaka is actually named tanaka hehe


gonno josnooze


File: 1549426010229.jpg (446.1 KB, 3264x2348, kj8jvxfhwte21.jpg)

sigh blizz


sexnorms owned


did they really do that after years


jod to a really nice 3d h anime gonno save it for tomorrow morning and snooze


jo backlog is getting too big


File: 1549430378424.png (956.52 KB, 1280x719, 87aa3b94ba7fa2947d18c670dcf7cac4.png)

owned a noob while killing chaos elemental


go to hell pker


he attacked me first


shouldve turned the other cheek


always afraid of getting pkd when i play mmos so i just dont play them to avoid the anxiety


i treat them as random encounters and simply fight back without caring too much i think it confuses them because they are used to people just trying to run away




freezing in my basement hima not going to make it through the night


should have ordered a weighted blanket


why are they so flipping expensive


wish turt would give me a brohug


how do i join the hima free company


File: 1549432952648.png (657.17 KB, 765x995, 3757403c24476a81451ba61bbae51d03.png)


why do you want a weighted blanket just grab a daki sized pillow case fill a couple dozen of zip lock bags with water and stuff them in the case then stitch the opening shut


what track a highway


thatll leak out


vir the one i took one of my vids at


cant believe pichu is the best character in smash now


die smashnorm play some darkstalkers


fired up dwarf fort but lost interest after the first migrant wave


no one plays normstalkers


File: 1549433730820.jpg (81.28 KB, 480x830, laptimes-2018a-1537392544.jpg)

all over the place anyways none of this determines build quality


wish i could play smash but things will never go back to how they were


gonno try hitting my head really hard so i can forget all my favorite games and anime and i can re experience them for the first time again


the build quality feels fine but the interior is pretty bad


File: 1549435017756.png (106.04 KB, 264x186, Capture (3).PNG)

the himamobile


do russians make good animation


wonder how many ice cream truck drivers are ped


counteraction rising


File: 1549437182822.png (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 1820x1810, a7e038dd83c496c59a739b19967b4a6f.png)


woke up from a big nap ff14s finally finished phew


File: 1549438419418.jpg (280.18 KB, 2048x1536, 1549430208423.jpg)

what are you looking at incel


how old is that child




nothin oog


someone make the hima free company gonno snooze till its made


die ffnorm


might fire it up


should i play


only if you want to


how can i tell if i want to


baste pizza yum yum


Tasty :) So Yummy!


what happened to the guy who calls things creepy


File: 1549443369682.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.58 KB, 480x600, 1545378477590.jpg)


that is seriously creepy


how do i get rid of hicups


you need to force the air downwards


what the hell does that mean


you swallow the air and Shit Yourself


wonder if pnig will read the 2.4 million posts made while he was locked up


hope someones archiving hima threads


heard a scary noise when i stepped outside
it was either a mothman or something killing a rabbit


the fbi have you covered


hope pnig watched that 5th amendment video i linked


hope he checked out the sex offender prison blogs


pnigs probably still coming to hima


he was the closest thing the /jp/ sphere had to a villain


love my board


File: 1549445216660.png (91.1 KB, 948x903, Capture.PNG)


>A complex designation is often sought in felony cases involving multiple defendants, huge numbers of witnesses, boxes of discovery, etc.

oh boy this is going all the way to the supreme court


any lawyers on hima that can translate that what does the disclosure request mean


why all that for cp


pasted ullah is winning this thing


they found his dungeon


hes only been practicing for 7 years pnig has this one in the bag


more like theyll be putting a bag over his head before they flip the switch


request for disclosure is asking the other side for information


this is an obsession


nice richnig paying the 25k bond


is it really that interesting


yeah this is the closest i will come to the legal system


dont be so sure


dont be so sure its scarily easy to end up in a big legal mess
you arent even safe by staying in your room


the mansion will be crawling with police when someone ends up saving cp


absolutely hate law worst thing ive done is piracy im a pretty good citizen


all internet activity will be monitored and approved by neetblog to prevent that


hope nb approves my jo material


doesnt matter if youre a good boy its guilty until proven innocent in a lot of cases
a girl you dont even know could claim you snapped her on a whim and boom youre stuck paying thousands for a lawyer and getting death threats over the internet and if you manage to make it out your life still wont be quite the same


unlike someone who admitted to buying and using an illegal substance


i dont approve of joing


gonno eat some food


File: 1549446447782.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.09 KB, 1024x1280, milk.jpg)


not how it works big guy


what do you mean


police arrest under a probable cause without it they wont waste time


File: 1549446862628.jpg (82.61 KB, 756x1008, rope.jpg)


whats wrong with her face


thinking about becoming a meth addict


are you gonno start cookin


not sure yet


the hima lab


they call me heisenblog


woke up still feel awful dont know what to do


stop longsnoozing


i didnt longsnooze


5am but i feel like i just got up its not snooze time yet



the sleeper has awakened


never gonno jo again


you wont last a week


i believe in you


whos going


cant believe neetblog was the antichrist all along


neetblog is going to rule the kingdom of earth with an iron rod


had a hard pointy wax fall out of my ear


clean your ears with some hydrogen peroxide its great


File: 1549457477198.jpeg (160.31 KB, 1145x658, evenicle.jpeg)



Now listen here, fuckers. Learn the difference between JPG and PNG ALREADY.

- JPEG (pronounced jay-peg) is a most commonly used standard method of lossy compression for photographic images.

- PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a losslessly compressed bitmap image format.

PNG is supposed to substitute GIF format, not JPG format you motherfuckers. For GIF, read "DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS, ICONS, etc" with a tiny palette. PNG IS LIKE A GIF WITH 65K COLOR, DUH.



no idea what that guy is talking about in his review


he just wants to jo


currently 8 hours and 8 mins in my no more jacking off pledge


keep it up brother i believe in you


there must be more to life than jerkin it


yeah its called cumming in girls


dont think a girl would want me to sperm in her


tardsexy ladies love to get spermed by neets


gonno sleep bye


really hope nintendo is making it easy to port these onto their future consoles for archival purposes


thats what higan is for


gonno try making oatmeal again


should i watch nichijou


File: 1549461196167.gif (2.58 MB, 400x400, oAxnYX4.gif)


File: 1549461619435.jpg (10.34 KB, 320x272, Boxdweller used roll 1 0099boxdweller rolls 46….jpg)


big success this time finished fast and got what i wanted but then the vanilla extract flew out of the bottle and ruined everything i probably could have recovered with a lot of sugar but did not feel like it


File: 1549463057893.png (1.08 MB, 960x960, 51366359_2017928214990775_6542729698693087232_….png)

is this true


mom turned the heater on what a weakling


moms should be comfortable and happy


going to turn it off she needs to cultivate mental and physical fortitude without relying on modern amenities


no leave it on women get colder far easier than men be considerate


women have more fat insulation they need to stay warmer


chest still hurts


that means your boobs are growing


cant wait to become a beautiful lady


File: 1549470696194.png (476.91 KB, 750x1000, __megumin_kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_w….png)


i find the contents of that image very erotic thank you for sharing


shes such a cutie hehe


die cutienorm


you are a creep


no please i thought girls liked compliments


they only accept compliments from cool older gentlemen not unsanitary neets


cels arent allowed to compliment girls its considered harassment


i dont want to lose anymore i wanna be a winner


drinking coffee


is is the new president evil any good


thats not up to you


love a good coffee


never tasted coffee before and dont intend to for the foreseeable future


you are missing out hard


it is a norm beverage


its not norms think caffeine is bad for you so they dont drink coffees



its not


you can tell the coffee drinker is defiantly a rager


doubt it


try taking his coffee away and say that again


never raged in my life


guarantee you he will be a different person like jekyll and hyde


oh hima its dreadful just dreadful were all out of bread and mom only bought the generic brand how am i going to make my breakfast sandwiches now


whatever you do you better not take it out on mom


just once on my life i want to get on my knees and pledge loyalty to a female while kissing her hand


that wont bring you happiness


ok what if i just jerk it instead


wont people think i look cool doing it and respect me thatd make me feel happy


trying to not cry rn


nice day outside went and cooked in the sun


guess ill resnooze nothing to do and already went over the wallstare limit today


true joy and satisfaction must come from within



always have the best poops when i eat bananas


File: 1549475992458.jpg (93.76 KB, 640x1138, e0k3u6gkhxe21.jpg)

no more work please


already did the nocoffee challenge went three days without it and nothing happened


File: 1549477909745.jpg (1.07 MB, 2000x2802, 1549471075090.jpg)


shes got long toes hehe would kiss them if i could


dont look at her toes


cuties shouldnt be shy


dont forget to like comment and subscribe


ban that creep before he disturbs any more women


the feeling of dread is passing thought i was done for good this time but its almost over


locked the door laying on my desk and watching youtube might snooze hehehe


pretty sure im dying in 2019


mom doesnt allow me to lock the door she says she doesnt think i can be trusted with my own safety


why dont you


stop it dont encourage him


why not he deserves to be encouraged


he is scum


havent met any real maidens yet but im sure itll happen soon


wish someone would confess to me and kiss my hand


youre a girl right



so i could feel loved


dont you feel that from your hima companions


no one will sync with me


hima is more like group therapy


todays feeling like a golden corral day


p anderson said that men should not sync together


File: 1549481051070.jpg (965.52 KB, 1200x847, 1.jpg)


wonder why she looks annoyed when she should feel lucky and happy



2006 what


2006 is when the haruhifags ruined the internet


love haruhi


haruhi is baste


haruhi is paste


haruhi ruined my life


gonno pay a girl to step on my balls




gonno pay a man to step on my balls


mom said i have a hole in my boxers asked if it was a problem and she said since i dont have sex it isnt


demand an arranged marriage for her insult


need yuka to step on my balls


damn your mom roasted your cherry ass


just realized himabros cant get each other pregnant


when mom and i argue shell make fun of me for being a virg then say im a fag then say actually im not a fag because i cant even get a bloke to love me


dont take that you need to use that momentum to make her convince her friend to make her daughters marry you


whys mom being mean to you


she doesnt have any friends


is she supposed to be mean to her friends instead


i think its nap time


im home and having a coffee with mom


gonno puke


never fight with mom


puked my shreddies upb



gonno download ff14 and snooze


dont snooze things are just revving up


dont touch that dial now


tune in next time to see if the serial child potato chef spends the rest of his life in prison getting his cheeks busted or if the soulless slimy lizard attorney puts another dangerous felon back on the streets to prey on your children




cant wait for himasugi.gov


havin a croissant with crunchy peanut butter and coffee



just found out ive been opening bananas the wrong way my entire life


pg get a coffee and watch


so should i get an mx5 or not


get a manly car instead


thought the vw gti is cool but everyone is calling vw a npc brand sigh just want a car that no one would make fun of me for driving


why not get a lambo then nobody would make fun of you


nobody cares what you drive


lambos are for swarthy people who leave their top buttons open


just gonno stick with japanese brands


megumin more like my girlfriend now hehe


buy mine its already on the threshold of being decently comfortable for the street while still dominating the track


flip it just gonno build my own car


File: 1549493540795.jpg (96.14 KB, 576x383, hZnIq59l3nR0ksoRfVEaUL4m5_aWMSz2xZmF28JnhlI.jpg)




get a vw golf its clarksons favorite car he has a f40 but still buys a new gti almost every year


who cares what some elderly british man drives


onseki delete that post


everyone is gonno make fun of me for driving a vw i can already picture their laughter


firing up some family guy


just woke up im doing it now


is the vw guy onseki
really tired of that guy whoever it is and the cutie guy who are they even hima went to shite ever since pnig left


relax cutie


vw is respectable except for jettas


pnig sympathizers will be thrown into the cell with him


wish i was pnigs cellmate itd be a blast


what if pnig joins a gang


he said his mom has ties to white supremacist prison gangs maybe he will join one


mindblowing how thad immediately became a proud peter puffing queer as soon as he was incarcerated i wonder if all black peds go through the same metamorphosis


should i rage at mom for forgetting the nutella ive been out for days


simply buy your own nutella off of amazon



gonno play some subnautica


was gonno ferment some beets but mom used them all


File: 1549495382935.png (61.28 KB, 1143x304, Screenshot_2019-02-06_17-22-21.png)


nice polbro


gonno shower hard


cracked open a blogweiser gonno fire up d2


anyone awake


might go for a bathe n scream


good idea ill join you


had a nice big shave


love d2


does anyone use a backlit keyboard


no thats queer


baste mike


i do but with lights turned off
it looks tacky and childish and your eyes keep getting a glimpse of it while youre looking at the only thing that should be giving any light your monitor
my mouse is also rgb and turned off


thats what i was wondering if its intrusive or not guess my hunch was right


i do but with the lights turned off too
when they are on they bother my eyes because they are on the edge and not in focus


didnt post today


any particular reason


wonder if i stopped posting would anyone notice


too busy and it takes too long to type and wait for the posting button to turn into the done button and close the tab


what are you so preoccupied with you arent a norm are you


clients are always coming in here


getting a burrito for dins




popped open a modelo on the side of the table and it exploded all over the place hehe its modelo time foo


gonno go to an auto show with ma


time for a big ol mug of joe


sudden influx of norms logging off of hima for the day


the californianorms just got out of work


mom keeps saying stuff like how she wants to go to las vegas obviously implying id pay for it strange that she would think i enjoy her company considering how she behaves at home


hate c*li


how can you tell theyre california norms


go to one of those indian casinos instead and explore your heritage


daisy dukes
bikinis on top


wish i had a cat


hehe baste


closed as soon as i saw she had tattoos


why do norms get tattoos


wish i lived in california at least it would be warm


it makes them feel unique and special when there is otherwise nothing to make them unique at all


getting a d2 rune tattoo


gonno watch this


mom told me to turn down the nasheeds


dont watch tedx talks


gonno create a machine that negatively ionizes the air ill call it the deincelator


dont they make me smarter


ooog ions ooooooog


baste oogtron


prostate stimulation is the biggest meme


cats dont need to be bathed they clean themselves


gonno listen to az prison stories


prostim turned me gay dont do it


ive tried it before but it doesnt work for me i can never find my prostate


just gonno get an electric car since theyre the future


gonno eat some food


nail trimmed


File: 1549510287945.png (362.65 KB, 1080x628, F1B2D0E1-01B4-47DD-B32E-FD2A1E602527.png)


File: 1549511172768.png (1.1 MB, 2318x3000, 1549509898593.png)

are court transcripts public documents how do we get pnigs


seems to cost up to $90 if you want the full package


hell yeah the demo is out


normie may cry



oh flip pnigs back time to evacuate to the anti norm bunker


moe vitamin foe please


incredibly itchy ear right now what the hell is going on


console teen


die pnorm


everybody is gaming


cant sleep
looked up one of my friends from high school on normstagram and shes gorgeous and successful and probably engaged
all kinds of weird feelings welling up in me but more than anything i realized that sharing class for two years with her was basically the anime high school experience ive regretted not having for years now
started to jackjo to several of the fantasies i had of her seven or eight years ago but it didnt work and instead i blogged a thousand words or so of vague ideas i could bring up in conversation or more likely a huge text wall i do nothing with


never had a friend of the opposite sex


how could you be friends with a girl


she was very pretty but too chubby for most guys she was like my private treasure
perfect little nose high cheekbones approachably negative canthal tilt beautiful wavy brown hair and adorable freckles across her nose and cheeks and some more on her chest and the top of her back
personality like an old cat she would listen to anything i had to say with real interest and if she didnt she would tell me and likewise she would confide in me pointless teenage shit
we sat next to each other and i would stare blankly at her perfect face and she would peek at me and wed play that dumb game and then eventually we would lock eyes for minutes at a time seriously in the middle of class
the vaguely affectionate stuff kept going for a while until we were running our hands through each others hair and looking for any excuse to join hands i vaguely remember putting my arm around her hips in the hallway too
but nothing came of it because she had a bf her dad explicitly approved of because they went to the same megachurch my one shot at romance stolen from me by jesus





didnt think turt was the romantic type what the flips going on whats all that norm babble


why do you think thats turt


oh right thats just pnig forgot he was discharged today going to reintroduce him to my filter


its the chadblog


gonno jo hard


its defiantly plumptron


might eat some more food and watch some 'me


just jod off my bone off time to snooze


File: 1549520730002.png (53.13 KB, 1320x282, onseki.PNG)

its onseki


irccord norms


pnigs been out for weeks


what the hell they taught japanese in school there lucky bastard they only taught me chinese


die chink


wish to watch pripara with my lgf


sleeping in my car gonno wake up in three hours to work


why not skip work and longsnooze instead


watching that neverland meme show this better be good


dont lose your legs to frostbite sleeping in your car


wish i had a car to sleep in sounds like fun


its not




luckily its 44 degrees not bad at all


never experienced weather that cold must be nice




back from montana uncle said im never to set foot on his ranch again


wouldnt want you to be on my ranch either


why not


youre welcome on my ranch


probably going to take a break from ranching after this but thanks


at least the girl is real sexy


not sure what ultrawide monitor to buy


ultrawide monitors are a stupid meme dont do it


why are they a meme all that screen must be really cool in games


its worse for gaming because its too wide and you cant see everything at once


stop playing games youre a grown man now


i love games with all my being nothing gives me greater joy than playing some video games




gonno tell mom that hima called me a gamer


i take it back dont tell mom


File: 1549528659237.png (186.44 KB, 704x548, sunn.png)


wish i was a soulless chink salaryman working 14 hours a day only eating food from convenience stores




looks fun


no it doesnt


would love to work 20 hours a day overtime on the big new account


mom and i are living rent free since the owner filed for bankruptcy i can basically move to any state i want its my call but each one has its problems


sigh if i went to schools that offered japanese classes i would have probably become fluent it was one of the few things i yearned for back when i was still mortal but i didnt have the resources to teach myself and by the time i could i was already set on the path of destruction


how about you move to phoenix and attend fwbc


while you were learning a dying language i was studying the car



sigh should have been born australian


their pronounciation is hideous


the freak should become headmaster there


thats just because theyre children




im smarter than thos ekids


everyone on hima is in the top percentile of intelligence


except me


when was the last time you were happy to wake up


dont think ive ever been happy to wakeup maybe christmas 15 years ago


im always happy to wake up because it means i can have a nice cup of coffee and read the hima posts that got made while i was sleeping


hate reading but i always get excited when someone posts while im here


woke up


made a toon in ff14


dont call it a toon


why not thats what its called


did you make a catgirl


no i made a highlander woman with maximum height and buffness


maxed out the boob slider too hehe


wish i was max height and buff



what class did you pick


File: 1549536270119.jpg (42.3 KB, 480x641, 1549527496247.jpg)

plumper class




feel bad if i make male characters that dont have the minimum height like i do


raining hard hima


im shorter and uglier than a lalafell


hima users are more intelligent but also more ugly than average


im dumb as a brick


im at least thrice as dumb as the next dumbest hima poster


which still makes you above average


no im clinically retarded


you just need to come out of your shell




this is brainwashing japanese has no place in a civilized society


australia is not civilized


the freak eye is from there and hes one of the most polite and intelligent gentlemen i know


freak eye was a frenchman living in australia


wonder if he reunited with his friend now that he is a millionaire that can support her


still remember the day when i deduced that freakeye was australian and not french


the freak killed his friend in order to gain the mangekyou freakeye but was driven mad by guilt and lost memory of the event


you didnt deduce shit he posted a happy new year message at the australian time zone


wonder how different our lives would be if hed managed to jump off that cliff


hima would be more boring thats about it


you dont know that what about the butterfly effect


i pointed it out before anyone else it was my victory


almost out of candy canes this isnt good


sick of living in such an insect heavy zone every night they fly in and crawl on me while i use the computer and every morning my desk is covered in at least a hundred dead bugs why cant they leave me alone


you should try living indoors


simply move to the north


i live indoors they come in through the window


a screen will keep bugs out


turned off dark mode


its lots of tiny little ones that can fit through the screens every 30 seconds or so i can feel a tingle on my arm and i look down and its a tiny insect crawling on me its driving me insane


they are in your head


you are eyes are going to be killing you


the sleeper has awakened


hey hima hows it going
servers are down at work so im just going to sit here and do nothing


take some pics of your job place


got an official rejection from the gas station job
hopefully mom wont mention jobs for a year or so now


simply cut a lemon in half and poke some cloves into it and leave it on your desk


unfit to pump gas


i actually did take some but decided not to post them





just got home from my orthodontist appointment


whats the diagnosis


im ugly and have an overbite and ill never be beautiful or the object of any mans desire


hope you celebrate that means youre immune to snap


flip linus hes a novideo shill anyways



watching that one too hehe


File: 1549550494344.jpg (166.78 KB, 594x732, 1549514830315.jpg)


woke up


gonno nap


alita battle angel out in theatres


never been to a theatre before whats it like


its like turning the lights off to watch a movie but the bass rumbles your seat


like watching a movie in your living room but paying to watch with dozens of norms that dont care or respect you and the movie and the audio is extremely distorted and you cant hear any dialogue at all


theaters suck


File: 1549557097712.jpg (92.59 KB, 640x782, 1549171547474.jpg)




thats just yuka having a small snack


why do fighter pilots say fox 2



fell for the 16gb of ram meme and hima still crashes my browser


norms norms norms


thanks that even explained the difference between the different foxs


whats the point of code words if everyone can just google what they mean


File: 1549559969377.jpg (70.56 KB, 587x800, DyzjbAdV4AAbcP-.jpg)


whats she flustered about hehe


is god eater good


shes flustered because you just walked in with your dick out


nah if that was the case she would be laughing


flip im brash


nah fire up monster hunter instead


oh the new monster hunter sucks maybe ill play xx on the switch


the new monster hunter is the best in the entire series fool


File: 1549561452624.jpg (1020.75 KB, 961x3342, www.nintendolife.com_news_2018_08_guide_the_be….jpg)

uh no


finished napping going to make pasta now


i just burnt my mouth on microwave pizza dont make the same mistake i did


die nintendrone


sigh just going to play some splatoon instead


play monster hunter i want to know if its good


as someone who has played every mh to date i can safely say it pinches hard


havin a zero sugar coke sigh i think they killed coke zero hima


how was dos


play fu instead


i mean the switch version not world


world doesnt have meowstress and you cant play as a cat so it sucks


didnt know we had a furry on hima


File: 1549562169932.gif (2.11 MB, 600x338, 1549529498920.gif)


when i move out im going to buy my own pet kitty


what are you planning on doing to it you creep


petting it feeding it talking to it


i can be your pet


getting a kitty was maybe the best decision of my life



wish to see neetblog in a sexy cat outfit now


how did it affect your life


is mario odyssey any good


dont play nintendo games


you know


no i dont thats why i asked please


hes a kittyflipper




i flip #thecat


naruto author said he hopes to end boruto at around chapter 110 we are on 31 right now


maybe it is time to mew


File: 1549566370169.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1310, screenshot.png)




The idea of the parthenogenesis was possible only because 2.000 years ago a lot of the Middle Easterners still didn't know how women got pregnant. Today we all know better.

flip never even considered that makes a lot of sense varg is quite perceptive


File: 1549568881293.jpeg (374.43 KB, 1280x1600, DyyFPChV4AEZnit.jpeg)


been mewing since i watched that vid and now the roof of my mouth hurts


im not


might become a peter puffer thad made it sound like fun


feeling a puke coming on hima


gonno huff some gasoline


File: 1549571583178.webm (2.96 MB, 480x480, 1548009759462.webm)


mewing is the natural position of the tongue if you have to do it consciously youve flipped up most of your life


lookism hours


should i looksmax


mewing involves actually pushing up on your palate you dont do that naturally


if you suck the air in your mouth down and create a vacuum it will push up by itself


cant calm down


get a coffee


cant stop mewing


same been mewing since i saw the vid i have to mew 24/7 to accelerate the process i dont have a year to spare


forgot tongue should be placed at the top i was tucking it underneath


always keep my teeth slightly parted ever since i got braced wonder what that has done to my face


well if youre here it probably didnt do good


is it bad to keep them clenched





gonno play some subnautica


gonno play some blops 4


just installed apex legeends


nice bandwagon teen




why did he take 15 minutes to say stop eating soft mushy foods


need to maximize ad revenue


nothin teen and nothin team


did they add a solo mode


bought a rice cooker making some rice
paid 20 bucks for it hopefully this keeps me away from mcchickens


you fell for the rice cooker meme


rice is very unhealthy


nice riceseki


downloading that game sigh 20gb gonno take 25 minutes


what game


you know


no i dont actually



that was a joke i didnt actually install it


dont play norm games


who cares its delicious


whatever gonno play for an hour then uninstall it


stop eating soft mushy foods


im soft and mushy


phew that was good
added a little chicken stock to the broth then cut up some big chunks of boiled chicken and sprinkled lemon seasoned salt on them and cooked them in the microwave for about 90 seconds and then dumped them into the rice and covered the whole thing with a massive quantity of salt and pepper
it was okay but i realized what it was missing the secret ingredient mayonnaise





refuse to eat any evil grains and mushy foods from now on


fool only a rice maker can make near perfect rice


the hima mansion will only serve rice and mashed potato


is it knorr chicken stock


all the lemonades at the store have sweeteners in them now sigh


there will be no plates bowls or utensils on the mansion only two long wooden troughs


if theres no moms then its mcdonalds every day


pasta came out great hima its the shells and some nice pesto


who will pay for it


love a good pesto


get lost pastanorms this is ricetown


that is a declaration of war



cant play it because i have a phenom cpu


flip boars


not sure its aldi brand
whats the best stock




hehe love this video every time i see it
the humans were not wrong to bait the pig out into the water the pig only has his own low intellect and self control to blame


only word i said all day at work was mornin


i would have fallen for that bait too


you guys watch any helicopter hog hunting vids
guys with suppressed full auto rifles unloading into hogs as they frantically run away at high speed they dont even bother picking up the dozens of corpses they leave because hogs are nothing but dangerous pests


im a dangerous pest


why did god make sexy ladies so sexy its not fair


my dog was bred for hunting wild hogs


lifes pretty fucked up if you think about it


wish i was a korean dog farmer


woke up drinkin some coffee and playing ff14


downloading normpex legends


dont your cpu wont handle it


get yourself a nice ryzen 2600


not a consumerist


dont lie everyone is a consumerist


he says he isnt and you have to respect that


the 3 things i must spend the most money in are my computer my chair and my bed theyre the most important things to my long term health so im going to save my allowance to upgrade those



sell your computer you will be better off with a tablet and a phone


i spend 90% of my life in bed i should invest in a king size so i can really sprawl out comfortably this full size simply cant accommodate me adequately anymore


my computer is simply too good to not spend every waking minute on it


get a dxracer


nice racing gaming chair meme


jagex added a pub to lumby and a port to draynor today


is that even english


ya im raging hard


gamerspeak will replace english


going to pull the trigger on a 25 lb weighted blanket


link that blankie


speaking of racing seats i need a bucket seat for the civic





not found


gonno crank up some torrents and play gran turismo while i wait



File: 1549582453792.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.37 KB, 806x979, 61iAmDZfBkL._SL979_.jpg)

nice blanketgirl


why would you want glass beads in your blankie that sounds terrible wouldnt you feel them and they make noise rattling around



wish i was a wolf


gonno eat only raw meat from now on


lived my life as a lone wolf
my scarred corpse will tell the tale


tardlaughed hard


feeling like a subhuman


fire up DmC instead


glad huawei is banned in the us


i couldve gotten an iphone equivalent for 300 dollars we need to bring them back



huwawei is pasted as hell for selling to iran


nice fl4pper worshiper




i need stimulation


free tibet


Existing as a lone wolf requires strength, aggressiveness, and courage to face the solitary world. When a wolf leaves a pack, it leaves behind the security offered by the other pack members. And since wolves are territorial, a lone wolf would have to limit its howling to avoid disclosing its location.

Furthermore, they have to deal with little to no success when hunting and settle for small prey or scavenge on carcasses.

Sadly, lone wolves do not last long out there.

sigh literally me


this is the reality for lone wolves sorry


he deserved it


me on hima until i ran the alpha pnig off


can i have your stuff once youre gone



nice dadrocker


time for some tao lin


crying hard





this world will know pain


want a kitty so bad


its baste


died in subnautica gotta start over sigh




snooze timw


firing up apex who wants to join my squad


stop supporting the lumber industry


raged when the woman started talking


whats apex




im downloading it
theres still 2 hours left


gonno snozoe


boycotting that since theyre using a dark skinned male on the cover dont play it please




tate no yuusha finally finished downloading


what the hell you can scroll down on youtube in full screen mode


didnt know that


what the hell this is wild


its new


stop visitng the main youtube site


♬im nuclear im wild♬


thats been around for at least a month now


wish pnig was here so i could hurl racial abuse at him


it doesnt have a cover its digital


wataten was absolutely disgustingly cute
worse than yuru yuri or sakura trick


thats a good thing


gonno do some helicopter hog hunting



File: 1549591808161.jpg (92.39 KB, 379x256, MonsterPig.jpg)

just bagged a neethog


this is not funny and never was


just a tad smaller than the one in mononokehime


File: 1549592146381.jpg (100.11 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Net-juu no Susume - 03 [720p].m….jpg)

miss her she was so beautiful


thats a man


thats offensive to her


thats me in game



sighing too what a nice show it was


i liked the neet part after she got her life together it was lame


it was beautiful and made me want to contribute to society



File: 1549594353059.jpg (84.98 KB, 1200x801, st38art3j4z11.jpg)

wish mom would buy me a tv its not flipping fair im missing out


tvs suck


only watch youtube and anime on my big tv


cannot believe ive wasted 2208 hours watching boruto


read it instead


already read up to the most recent chapter too


i read the entire naruto manga in roughly 12 hours in december 2014 probably four or five hours a night for three days


did that but with gantz about one year before the end


momoshiki looks so much better in the show


File: 1549595388088.png (Spoiler Image, 422.18 KB, 750x664, 0476A4AF-8C10-42B6-8D97-371908192584.png)

dumb americans made this meme


wish i was a dumb american


really want to play an rpg badly i said this yesterday too and the day before maybe ill just buy a copy of bravely default or etrian odyssey


play pokemon only rpg you need


play earthbound or final fantasy 5


yokai watch 3 comes out tomorrow if that tickles your fancy


hate that phrase its so creepy


year/month/day is visually superior but tedious since we can usually shorthand it by doing only month/day while they cant shorthand


why do you keep rewatching it


day month year is the best




File: 1549599650131.jpg (35.81 KB, 625x442, space-saving-pets-beds-nooks-3.jpg)

mom sent me to the neet cage


bout to fire up normpex legends


hate it when you nap and you dont know when you should be snoozing sigh


stream some shoot game


File: 1549601271714.png (118.95 KB, 668x555, 1549600240705.png)

my boy finna start gettin these


File: 1549601362584.jpg (5.66 MB, 4352x3264, 4QNn.jpg)


gonno invent a vape seeking missile


what will its fox code be


freak eyed


nothin wrong with vapin


die vaper


wish i could vape


love blowin clouds with the vapeblog


hima is infested with trolls


hate how norms ruined the word troll




youve become an unpleasant person whom hatred has warped beyond all recognition


File: 1549603370425.png (153.41 KB, 1896x988, Capture.PNG)

always get a kick out of formulating tardsearches on youtube and google


might buy a doll and clothes for it and pretend its my friend


dont try to flip it just because its inanimate and incapable of resistance


i wouldnt i just want a friend


File: 1549603740701.jpg (323.33 KB, 1600x1067, 63f.jpg)


why not a daki


me in the back row


hate the arrogant guys with the expensive dolls


not those kinda dolls i mean a dolfie dream


wonder what the walkie talkie is for


never desired companionship before seems like trouble


need an analog clock so bad hima the regular motion is so mesmerizing


need an analog clock because cant read digital clocks


it should be the other way around


just in case one of them decides to cel out


theyre all cels though


sigh i need this


dont support chink technology


that doesnt happen


ya it does when you have a bedtime you know when to snooze but if you nap you arent tired at bedtime and its flipped


your a deceitful bastard nobody on hima adheres to any regular sleeping patterns


mom flipped up the fruit salad again


how did she flip it up


how do you mess up a fruit salad


salad or salad


she added too many inappropriate fruits


maybe mom wants it that way you better not tell at her over this


i was really looking forward to this oh so tasty and oh so healthy treat and now i have nothing


whats a fruit salad anyways never had one


a collection of fruits


no stop it youve asked me to contain my frustration and displeasure one too many times these are affronts no son should have to endure


might take a nap


i am going to let her have it this time


make your own fruit salad then


seal half your power its too dangerous



simply eat less of the fruits you dont want


think ive already found my candidate for best hima post of 2019 this could prove to be an exciting year for our scribes


i shouldnt have to suffer such a needless inconvenience carefully avoiding all the undesirable slop when the problem could have been averted in the first place


i am seriously going to let her flipping have it when i see her tomorrow hima oh im so peeved


link it


youll have to wait until the award ceremony


going to retire early tonight keep it classy hima


link it now


link it or be destroyed


File: 1549609216467.jpg (36.9 KB, 736x750, ram3fm2h39f21.jpg)


feelin it


woke up
raged hard thanks for reminding me about that piece of shite


sigh ran out of milk no liter of milk before bed tonight hima what a let down i look forward to this all day


gantz rules


hate february why does this month only have 28 flipping days so stupid


2019 is going to be almost over once february ends


2019 is already over for me


it never flipping began bros



this is it hima


can i make a porkchop sandwich or is that not real


sure why not


baste loman


itll have 29 days next year


heading to bed


phew nice looking up peoples skirts in ffxiv hehe wish real life had a camera like this


File: 1549613046136.jpg (140.36 KB, 750x1334, 1546877009736.jpg)


nothing will beat cobys grand post


what was the best hima post of 2018


was there a defining post of the arrest saga


himakos suicide letter


ate too much sugar and now my foot is tingling


you have diabetes




woke up from my nap hey guys


File: 1549615895020.png (Spoiler Image, 220.91 KB, 1385x495, 1545095908050.png)


cant believe turt would do such a thing


love that one


all he did was harass pnigs family everything else would have happened regardless of what he did


thats what happens when you bully the wrong nerd


wouldnt have minded pnig if he wouldve stopped spamming about tg


you might be right about that diabetes since i also have hair loss on one leg


fire up the insulin


nah they never did that in the olden days and lived fine


the olden days were nothing but plagues and disease


might make chili fries


make some chili dogs instead


too late the cooking of the fries has already commenced


never tried chili before


thats pretty baste


should i install hots or dota






blizz are killing hots and dota is only worth playing if youve already played it for years



back itch gotta shower


couldnt wash my hair cause there was a big ass grasshopper sitting on my conditioner bottle and i didnt want to disturb it while i was naked and exposed sigh


File: 1549620476799.jpg (423.21 KB, 2048x1536, 1549601085354.jpg)


nice pbelly



hate shooters


wonder if i would have become a nerdnorm if my school had an anime club


anime clubs arent real


File: 1549621667728.jpg (376.75 KB, 1521x1076, MisakaPoster.jpg)

then why was this posted up on the quad


often wish i was dumb enough to be one of those clueless autists who hang out with their retarded bros at anime clubs and cons they always seem like theyre having a blast


keep getting too aware of myself then snapping back out of it uncomfortable sensation


god cursed us with the ability to see past the curtain




how do i get rid of gyno


it has to be cut out


been listening to in flames for hours now


ate some dogs


eating soybeans


finished reading but i skimmed the last stretch


hi hima
cfo is coming from hq on sunday gotta take him somewhere fancy


File: 1549628459351.mp4 (150.85 KB, DyzsRQpV4AEz3Ic.mp4)


onseki can you tell me if the guy who posts gay shite like wanting a bf is the same one who spams about ff14


those are both neetblog


have fun






onseki ban the guy that posts about aquariums and civics please


dont you think shed be cuter if she was flat


And several other times in my life, when I was swimming far out, or lying alone on a beach, I have had the same experience. Became the sun, the hot sand, green seaweed anchored to a rock, swaying in the tide. Like a saint's vision of beatitude. Like the veil of things as they seem drawn back by an unseen hand. For a second you see – and seeing the secret, are the secret. For a second there is meaning! Then the hand lets the veil fall and you are alone, lost in the fog again, and you stumble on toward nowhere, for no good reason!

It was a great mistake, my being born a man, I would have been much more successful as a sea gull or a fish. As it is, I will always be a stranger who never feels at home, who does not really want and is not really wanted, who can never belong, who must always be a a little in love with death!


thought that was an uli post at first





going to mew all day starting now


keep cracking my knuckles hope i dont get arthritis


studies show im fucking old lonely fat smelly stupid sad depressed virgin


get a kitty


already posted about trying to get a kitty once it didnt end well


why NOT