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hate when this happens


uh oh drank too much coffee gotta shite


hate coffee so much it always gives me explosive shites


ate some hotdogs



tard noembed


its a norm vid dont click


just made the mistake of taking a pic of myself NOT sure how many times its going to take before i learn never to do it again


gonno burg


i love a little shcadenfreude as much as the next guy but it pisses me off how ruthlessly norms are belittling that jewish guy in the comments he was well within his right to confront that cacophonous norm tactlessly blowing his trumpet on the sidewalk like that anyone who says what he did was 'cringeworthy' is a simpleton who doesnt know how to appreciate a good rage the guy is a hero and witty too



sigh burnt me toast


should have just microwaved it


used to make microwave cheese sandwiches as a kid last year


how did i miss a top NOTch yuka video


wish i had an idaho burger that looks really good


ate way too much yesterday i still feel full


its becoming to look a lot like christmas



File: 1543861249123.png (667.31 KB, 1574x862, 1543856835518.png)


it finally happened guys we made it


my main reason for coffee is easier dumps


dont get technorm intel vs amd console warring


been drinking a lot of sencha lately forgot how much i loved this



this just in my mum bought one of those soylents lmfao


yeah i dont give a boost about that gamer shite im NOT upgrading my pc




the statistic they named the article after cites 1 german retailer that sold a whole 16k amds and 8k intels...
also that banner with kay and darjeeling in santa outfits is hot


that video will give you a very good understanding of why people care so much about amd finally doing good again
basically in the end amd is just giving people what they want especially with the lack of the artificial product segmentation that intel loves to do

first 7nm desktop processor
first mainstream chiplet design
first 32 core desktop processor
this is history in the making


got the banner with the little slut


you could watch this too


im a little slut


File: 1543864024227.jpg (347.55 KB, 1200x612, 08104354207l.jpg)

also amd processors arent the best for gaming they just offer so much more than intel that for most people theyre a no brainer
i said intel would cling onto that better in games thing and push it hard a few months ago and look how they marketed the 9900k

the 9900k is $550 and the 2700x is $330
are those 20 fps really worth $200 to you


i could go on and on about this
the most interesting thing to me for some reason is that the cursed 10nm node that intel has been delaying since 2015 is only a few miles away from me
whats actually going on there


shut the fuck up nigger


only reason i would buy new gen amd hardware is if id have to work with rendering again but since i barely touch my desktop ill remain with my nearly decade old parts


i bought it because i needed something and the timing was very convenient moving from phenom 2 to ryzen and simply skipping over bulldozer


whats a good cheap dual socket board and processors


why do you want dual socket


linus did a video about that he got the whole shebang for $150


wish gn did more rant videos hes pretty funny


linus is tard


might pick up an ifixit kit so i can become a meme




is the blue haired girl cute or do i want to jo to her because of her hair its such a nice color


norm vid dont click


hella tired


better believe id flip her


File: 1543866849045.png (1.66 MB, 1073x1063, Capture.PNG)

shes pretty cute


bet she tastes like candy


3dpd groan



think ill have a few of moms brownies for lunch


her voice is really deep shes probably very hairy


i bet ueda flips all the gaijin men


dont understand turt and sekis seemingly infinite appetite for azn women youve got to have a real bad case of yellow fever to find a video like that at all worthwhile when you could be watching sexy sexy slavs instead


japanese people are white and slavs are NOT


slavs are hairier than the yellow girls


uh anyone i dont like isnt white


throat hurts


have some tea


this dude is funny


i dont even have yellow fever ive never talked about wanting an asian gf ever


hi hima im in my hotel room now
i know nobody cares and its selfish of me to post but i need to blog it out
today was flipping hell they had moved to a new building and i forgot about it so i had to ask for the new address after leaving the hotel as i was going to the old one
there i had to sit next to a bossy woman and across aNOTher
i felt like i was actually going to suffocate and die of asphyxia all day even though i was breathing so hard and my hands were slightly shaking and the time simply would NOT pass every minute felt like an hour
and the old boss wants me to learn this one girls job and its a hell of complex accounting stuff (of which im NOT trained in and she is a graduated accountant with specializations and almost 20 years of experience) and talking to important people through e-mails and on the phone
and i cant say n-no thank you or ill end up getting belittled in front of a lot of people i mean who wouldnt want more work in exchange of a better salary right


laughed softly


its okay buddy just remember no women will ever look at you sexually and the holocaust didnt happen and whatever other redpills you can take to sober you up and steel your resolve to ignore everything around you


feel sorry for work guy


gonna get a surge protector and some zip ties and an hdmi 2 cable


use displayport instead


stop bringing everyone down turt


the tv only has hdmi
gonna load up windows 10 and some more demanding games like rust and play them tonight


winnorm 10


wonder if my tulpa looks at me sexually or if she just likes bringing up implied sexual comments to everyone




speaking of my tulpa she just sent me a text excitedly telling me that were working together sigh
at least shes back to her genki self


tired but dont wanna morph


turtletron why you gotta be like that man
*sobs into handkerchief*
you used to be such a good boy


just popped the za out the oven hate waiting for it to cool


you cant morph its 3pm


ya thats why i dont wanna




flip americans


no one cared about bush senior until he died


think ill watch some motovlogs


japan must be stopped the younger generations are helpless against such refined and concentrated manipulation




my tulpa showed me the texts between her and the new gm she was supposed to be at a different store and basically begged to be put with me
told her we could do inventory and she just said nooo


the guy who posted a pic of bulleta yesterday should watch this vid


that was me i did a lot more than just post a picture of hed




just had the biggest shite of me life


hooooooooo boy hima this neetlog is beautiful need to burn this image in my mind before i grab the poop knife


woke up gonna have some coffee and game probably


bored "af" gonna jack off on omegle


oh yeah forgot to mention but i marinated some pork yesterday gonna cook that badboy up a bit later


just triple spermed


File: 1543880910767.png (784.99 KB, 1069x699, 1542947976780.png)




whats up youtube youtuuuuuube


why does this always make me laugh


ooooog duuuuuuude oooooooog


wish i was arrogant enough to jerk it on omegle


because you grew up without strong paternal guidance




File: 1543881743488.gif (82.33 KB, 478x358, 1543839809179.gif)

you seeing this bro


norm chomsky


tis the season duders


the turing test itself is an update on the same test but with women trying to sound like men how ignorant


the actual redpill is that women are biologically superior men are just physically stronger thats pretty it much the same is true across most of nature lots of females are capable of reproducing asexually


my restless soul is the mark of a leader

the spirit of chaos and confusion is what animates me yet i will never be able to reach my full potential due to this accursed childs body i have been confined to


wish i didnt have a penis


just have a dick and start jerking it eventually some girl will be captivated by it and start acting horny and asking you if she can help you sperm


do you use any tags i used the 'meme' and 'memes' tag once a few years ago and saw some pretty flippable teens


does that really happen


now i cant stop listening to teen potion castle


i dont have a penis


thats usually how it goes its actually alarming to see them go from normal to horny to willing to do almost anything in less than a minute


what do you have


a pathetic mancock


does there have to some kind of indication that youre reasonably good looking or something i thought girls only did that if theres some kind of assurance of the guys genetic quality


i know a secret way to meet sexy ladies that ISNT also saturated by other like-minded peds on omegle but NOT going to share


is this a reality marble invocation


never heeard of it


so as i pray unlimited manbaby posts


stopped reading fate after ubw



should i watch asobi asobase


yeah its good


gotta dump


cant believe hima is going to reach 1 million posts soon


File: 1543884790463.png (4.56 KB, 385x318, jerker.png)

they only see my dick and the tops of my thighs and my arm jacking it from the side this is how i have it set up


i have sanpaku eyes


dont fall for his bait if you go to omegle you will see NOThing but men stroking their benis fake cams and adds for hours


yeah im skeptical myself even if there are girls what are the chances that theyd settle for yours out of the countless others



hate the term bait


the last girl was blonde and she immediately got that look in her eyes and started typing asking if i was going to sperm i asked if she wanted to watch and and she said yes i asked if she could help so she started lifting her shirt then told me to lift mine so i did and then she lifted her bra and then she started to take off her pants and i spermed so she stopped and complimented me then left


same those fish macros were the stupidest flipping things ive ever seen plague 4chan and thats saying something i pride myself on never having used the term bait in that colloquial sense even a single time in my life


what did she complement was it the volume of your load or is this flipping turt flexxing his hot bod on us


she just said i was hot


hell yeah


what are the must watch winter anime


is neetblog here





File: 1543885739751.jpg (90.54 KB, 1000x1000, 61JdtCdHB2L._SL1000_.jpg)

ck told me to use this on stainless steel pots and pans




i only use clr to clean my pots and pans just like masaokis taught me


cookin that pork hima hb cant wait


stayed up feasted im feelin a snooze comin up


gettin excited to work with my tulpa she seemed excited too shes such a nice girl



its in the oven


2600k vs 2018 cpus get in here


just taco feasted






no im NOT



finished reading
half the posts in this thread are raider/norm posts


gonna shower and shave then its game time


gonna do that but snooze instead


made peanut butter cookies



accidentally spermed to shota again god dammit


die norm


how do you accidentally do that


File: 1543892961015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 2150x3036, _004.jpg)

how was i supposed to know this was a man


maybe the penis


you cant see his penis in that image


feasted super hard on that pork


want to snooze but ive got the thirst


also its thundering and lightning in out there just waiting for the storm to really begin


love a good storm


where is my promised pic


File: 1543895354976.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.07 KB, 350x280, pork.jpg)


bored gonna play yakuza


mindboggling that russia is the closest country to japan


sorry i forgot and ate a bunch then i carved the rest already


did some omegle jerking for the last 2 hours i saw a guy like 12 times and he saying he was cosplaying as smashmouth


ban the omeglejonorm onseki


you cant stop a man from joing




File: 1543899835802.png (2.5 MB, 3840x2160, meme.png)

4k is a flipping meme


die resmog


File: 1543901546044.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.82 KB, 850x620, 33cb15bd550bc8193a5ed05cb81a1fa3.jpg)

whore btfo


why is that snake biting her boobie thats nor normal


why NOT


it just isnt also why does it look venomous when it also looks like a constricting snake they are usually one or the other and NOT both


NOThin wrong with wanting to squeeze a girl with huge_boobs


added the surge protector and cable managed the power cables so all i see is the tv cable and the power cable for the computer its looking slick hima


gonna fire up dragons crown again


File: 1543903515730.jpg (427.19 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Nida_ThomasMann_cottage.jpg)

epic house


crying hard


want to jerk it to this girl even more now


File: 1543903730686.jpg (185.09 KB, 1280x720, 5745d4bd1b391bc19919ca1ad7eae33b.jpg)

the hima mansion


that looks like a comfortable place


whats epic about it


File: 1543903899195.jpg (317.17 KB, 810x540, hopperstad_stave_church.jpg)

was always a fan of stave churches


American man Horst Schultz was recorded ejaculating 18 feet 9 inches. He also holds the records for height (12 ft 4in) and speed (42.7mph)
gonna try to beat this


gonna snooze i have a busy day ahead of me


just subscribed to my virgin kitchen


In their case something comes out in illness that is more important and conductive to life and growth than any medical guaranteed health or sanity... in other words: certain conquests made by the soul and the mind are impossible without disease, madness, crime of the spirit.



what did you just said



nut milk is NOT milk they need to call it what it is and its nut juice


then why is it white


because its nut juice


what about coconut milk


thats also nut juice


what about soy milk


thats pussy cream


slept at 5pm and woke up briefly at 2am to chug water then snoozed again until 5:30am


only one on hima


hate when that happens


had a bagel some yogurt and an apple for breakfast yum
gonna smoke a camel royal to help digest


smoke in hell


made some toast hb


wonder who had the genius idea to take cooked bread and cook it again


raw toast pinches



dont know what makes me rage more gmm thumbnails or linus thumbnails


cant find my glasses


its linus for me i could probably watch one of those retarded gmm vids and NOT get that mad but linus is a flipping retard


time to fire up the cpop


File: 1543940957709.jpg (161.34 KB, 1158x884, 1543924763367.jpg)


whats a dilator




all i know is dialation refers to something expanding but im afraid to ask what exactly


trannies gaping their reverse penis holes


this society is sick enough where i cant tell if thats a joke or NOT


trannies use it on their wound pussy so it doesnt heal


the oneesama banner blows


File: 1543943973222.jpeg (160.53 KB, 750x1334, 6FDBF944-F304-4630-B264-4174FF9A4573.jpeg)

take NOTe


its over


nice were all going to prison now


that post was a joke officer



File: 1543947050394.jpg (134.04 KB, 599x450, 47e7b38163520c2aa9f8572526ae9e46.jpg)

watching videos about darkstalkers i didnt know felicia was voiced by kana asumi i bet she sounds really sexy


hell yeah gonna jack it


got some modelo


you can tell from the torso you flipping noob


you can tell from the face too



thats the torso and face of a girl


NOT to my eyes


felicia and morrigan are sexy but hsien-ko is the sexiest



the hell did you just say wap


File: 1543949725556.jpg (524.31 KB, 1200x1180, 2f6d1d84528e246a28e52cca1a45089c.jpg)

wish to flip lilith hard



you mean morrigan


File: 1543950487274.jpg (185.68 KB, 1200x1029, d034a6870aa34f27e38aac46741a31e4.jpg)

flip you


guess ill jo


listen to this while you jo ive NOTiced that saru gecchu 3 is nearly all jo songs


same but in a public bathroom to the jav link


gay bonaaaaaa just go away


too late i already spermed but its a good jo song


die fastsperm


very tired i feel aNOTher twelve hour snooze coming along


gonna get some kryonaut and a black evo flip it



frozen snow is so pretty i can see the beautiful snowflake patterns on my coat


what about melted snow


fluid is NOT pretty



what should i cook for dinner


gonno clean and hit the store


firing up the girugamesh


glow in the dark diarrhea


woke up gonna have some coffee hi





imagine if adoreds leaker is lisa su herselfi always thought it was weird how such a small channel that doesnt do anything more than commentary over graphics got a ryzen reviewers kit it seems like someone at amd really likes this guy


flip that chink lisa


oh by gosh by golly its time for mistletoe and holly


File: 1543960540659.png (232.43 KB, 501x792, zihcaqlz6b221.png)

amd is basted


im a chiplet


File: 1543960835853.jpg (203.59 KB, 1197x1485, dngjer22yx121.jpg)

hell yeah


time for gn


hell yeah


nice sony


turt are you seeing this??


bulleta is probably very aggressive when she flips men she probably leaves them bruised and feeling defeated

i want to be one of those men


flip japs for ruining red riding hood gonna create a redux of 7 samurai and call it 7 gay ninjas see how they like it


File: 1543963881139.jpg (279.14 KB, 800x1500, ce942ff95a066406f7c17e995a47170e.jpg)

they improved her


File: 1543963925597.gif (58.91 KB, 795x1228, ae75a2a8c5d627b2570d0e52b98fd0b8.gif)

yes please


nah gth wap


dont think i would mind if a girl like bulleta snapped me


things just keep getting worse and worse for intel holy shit i almost feel bad for them right now


took a little three hour nap
had one long dream where i was riding a motorcycle extremely slowly on purpose to learn the clutch it felt like i was crawling at 1mph for an entire afternoon


a 3 hour nap is NOT a nap its a snooze


mom hates the opossums


File: 1543965492611.jpg (353.51 KB, 1142x1339, 1543940628737.jpg)

installed shadowverse


uninstall it quick it has redshell spyware


whats wrong with a little spyware


your future job opportunities and credit score will get destroyed


you cant destroy what does NOT exist


browsing craigslist for bikes
realy NOThing good in my price range
might just go with plan a and buy a klr650 on a loan and sell stuff every month to pay for it


or get a job to pay for it


dont sell your possessions theyre precious memories


i already have a job and it barely pays for rent and jolube NOT enough flex in the budget for a motorcycle
but theres something fatalist about motorcycles where even if you cant afford it and might die you gotta ride


just spermed


same think we climaxed together



mutated everything before 1960


hell yeah harvest those organs


NOT an organ donor
flip the norms dont want them walking around with my god given bodyparts


if youre a donor they will let you die for body parts


gonna make some pork and rice


gonno die during a performance


ya heard that too



organ donation murders are a pretty deep rabbit hole


think that my tulpa might be starting to lose it shes gotten much more genki over the last week calling a lot and laughing a lot and asking if i want to do something then she rescheduled herself to work here in a few days is this how mansnap happens


the matrix was good but i didnt think it would have the ability to permeate through culture like this


ultimate nuclear pill


hate normrige


unironically want to destroy my body with alcohol and cigs and cancer so the jews cant steal my organs


simply get diagnosed with a chronic illness no one will want them


theyll just steal your money by selling you alcohol and cigs instead




thats why you ferment your own brew and grow your own tobacco


mom told me i look like an asian jeff goldblum


gonna jerk it on omegle see you guys later


napped gonna eat pizza


ale and tobacco have been the ruin of man long before the jew created modern medicine and insurance pasted healthcare
i agree with s3vringe that this world is hopelessly perverse and disgusting but NOT that murder and snap are morally neutral or should be acceptable
if you kill prepare to be killed


dont come back


never heard sv3rige say something i disagree with



ale and tobacco saved mankind




what really happened on august 10th 1993


thats close to my birthday


NOThing like a good strong cig after a filling meal
need to quit smoking soon this high is too incredible im going to get addicted


havent agreed with any of the previously posted sverige videos but mostly agree with what he said in >>863887


get a pack of camel wides




speaking of which i dreamed about buying lucky strikes last night


cant respect non lucky strikers hope the rest of the smokers die


what about places where you cant buy them


i only smoke newports


dont smoke then its NOT worth it


if you smoke youll turn into an indonesian


i dont smoke anyway because its $20 a pack for the cheapest garbage cigarettes here


should i start watching vtubers


normy strikes


i usually only smoke lucky strikes but everywhere has been out of them so i got camel royals theyre pretty good for a filtered cig
just love that warm fuzzy feeling all over my body in the winter and usually my body is so wigged out that i cant drive anyway so i can relax in the car waiting for the heat to build up


nah just watch twitch sluts instead


NOT unless youre a jonorm


hima hi i just got back from work thats right
we had an infamous office party at a very fancy place i ate asparagus a ton of meat and tiramisu and had about 70 ounces of beer
work as hell i dont feel like repeating myself right now
i go back home tomorrow afternoon i cant wait feel like im going to cry once i get home
the tiramisu was really really good


gth partynorm


i was forced to go


no you werent


simply become an alcoholic so you can cope with the pain of working by drinking every night


trust me i had no choice


can only get unfiltered lucky strikes here and dont want to get tobacco in my mouth


just buy some filters and put them in


thats the point


im treading a very dangerous line with my health lately feel bad but im just going to die an incel freak and no one will show up to my funeral anyway whats the point in being straightedge


that does NOT sound like a good time you have no idea how much i suffer every single day its NOT like oh my life sucks i wish things were better i go through my absolute personal hell every day i am here zettai ni


your hima family will miss you


no they wont


moms setting up mirrors all over the house


i might miss him depending on who he is


i had a job before too i know what youre talking about it really is hell


how do i get a job


wonder if animators draw up the opening credits to fit the song or if they just draw something universal
the gridman op has a lot of parts where the graphics match the lyrics and most anime have visual cuts or transitions that match tempo changes or song parts


walk in there and give the manager a firm handshake


dont ask me i dont know


gonno feast on some tater tots


guess ill game then


leave them a little undercooked so theyre soft and yellow


never ate tots how are they


*dabs on hima*


NOT sure




dont get a job its hell
ill go back to neeting it up one day i swear and when i do ill probably cry tears of joy and i havent cried in well over six years


what if he laughs at my soft hands


wish i could get a job but i wouldnt be able to answer the job interview questions


why dont you tread on this dick


work is freedom slavery is following your insticts


jobnorm cope


weak humans inherently desire to be given orders its simple pack mentality NOT everyone can be the alpha
real alphas are people who do anything to make money but especially entrepreneurism
NOThing more alpha than being your own boss


im a proud beta i live to serve


too lazy to be my own boss


golden brown tater tots done nice and crunchy went and added some chip shaker on top and munched them down gonno drink some nice cold spring water


i told you to have them yellow and soft sigh


File: 1543974873147.jpg (33.98 KB, 500x378, Dutchclogs.jpg)

name cuter shoes


File: 1543974956370.jpeg (110.97 KB, 750x500, 6EC5F61A-2668-4507-AF95-8D9785980CCD.jpeg)


NOT reading tonight hima its too late ill read tomorrow ok oh god help


i am no fool


clogs are flipping retarded yeah lets use specialized carving tools to dig out the inside of a solid piece of wood instead of using leather or simply construct a wooden shoe out of multiple simpler pieces of wood
damn ancient yuros with too much time on their hands


why are the blocks in the middle


read that as dogs


so they dont have to pick up their feet really high when walking normally
when the blocks are square in the middle the front block will drag when they take off with their back foot


crocs are the ultimate shoe


in japan the construction company guys wear these tabi work shoes with the split toe and rubber soles
been trying to find where to get them because they look basted
they wear all kinds of funny stuff depends on the company but many wear those loose fitting flared out pants kind of like hakama but with a normal waist


File: 1543975986571.jpeg (66.72 KB, 600x900, E8686D9F-E60F-450A-A204-C1480A946FAB.jpeg)

like this
these guys looked pasted as hell i would wear this every day


that looks absolutely reflappered


think bosozoku outfits are basically the same probably because most bosozoku were working class young people and wanted to identify as commoners NOT to mention those type of clothes were very cheap and disposable and fairly ubiquitous in the 80s and 90s
they have a name i just cant remember what it is


mindblowing that the colon is just an intestine


thought construction workers were supposed to wear steel toed boots


ya hate when people are more skillful than me


my tulpa unironically loves being ordered around im sure that sometimes she calls just so she can get me to tell her to do something


tell her to pinch you off


thats rude no thank you


shed love it


just scored as a level 4 on the TOCFL


die chink


girls love being ordered around



hate all these suggestive christmas banners


i dont see any suggestive ones


they dont conform to our safety regulations dont do it


wheres your matching rice hat you flipping wap


hate christmas


wonder if my tulpa would wear a santa hat if i brought one in she would look really cute in it


romans and greeks were easily the most unfashionable people ever


werent they naked all the time


File: 1543977424764.jpg (139.27 KB, 810x1215, Amazing-Sexy-Gay-Mens-Roman-Gladiator-Fancy-Dr….jpg)

this is a traditional greek dress


you must be really lucky then


hehe these are pasted as hell i might pick up a pair of tabi and some chocho pants next paycheck
i would need a special pair of socks to go with the shoes though


no they just dsnapped themselves in silk and off they went





quit wasting your money on dumb shite




speaking of spending money i had some tea the other day and was thinking of buying a zojirushi because it was so nice


roman armor is fashionable


nice halloween costume


the total is only 68 bucks but i get snapped big time on shipping 37 big ones
might still do it i have a lot of dumb meme clothes but these seem like something i could probably wear


yandex image search has never failed me what communist magic are they pulling off here


whatever happened to the smell of rain guy



nice esquire
sigh guess i have no choice gotta buy some to show reverence to hard working japs


bored need a sushi bar to play


make your own game


did that before it pinched hard


play hots



if you find something let me know ill try to play it im bored too but it needs to be low spec


holy flip 25 minute linus video


is gunz still up


new poe league comes out in a couple days


installing league of legends


File: 1543979160905.jpg (142.14 KB, 808x722, DaH-zYZU0AE97S5.jpg)



might download vampire so i can jack off to bulleta


being a cop would be cool you could ride around on a motorcycle fast and if anyone pulled you over you could say youve gotta get to the station hayakku


why would you be pulled over if youre a cop


if you were on your own motorcycle you probably would be
dunno if cops have free reign to get out of speeding tickets though pretty sure just flashing your badge doesnt mean anything


you already dont get speeding tickets on a bike if you have your endorsement and actually stop for the cop


is the accidentally shota spermer here i need to test him with something




cops get out of tickets all the time


f lip my c ock


File: 1543980328426.jpg (76.87 KB, 750x750, competition_werkes_fender_eliminator_kit_honda….jpg)

havent gotten a speeding ticket on my bike they either tell me to just slow down or tell me i can have either a speeding ticket or a fix it ticket because i dont have the license plate light wired up and also i have a fender eliminator which on a vfr means the license plate is tucked between the exhaust pipes and is hard to see from anywhere except directly behind


File: 1543980398095.jpg (174.35 KB, 1280x1751, 0.jpg)

can shotaspermer tell me if this is a boy or a girl


thats a drawing


i have my endorsement
nice to say that actually




my tulpas lower belly and hips are exactly like that


got pulled over a few months ago going 58 in a 45 and the cop told me to slow down then stood around looking at the bike and asking questions
he didnt do an insurance check or anything just asked for my id to see i had an endorsement then handed it back


File: 1543980639080.jpg (386.81 KB, 1280x1822, p1.jpg)


if youre doing 15mph over on a bike who gives a flip most riders have way more skill than your average car driver and are constantly on alert and scanning everything going on around them
going over the speed limit where practical could literally save your life


arrogant bikenorm


its because they regularly have to scoop up bikers skin and brains off the pavement so they dont give tickets


only evil power hungry freaks become cops


havent got my new license in the mail yet but they stamped my old license with a cutout im guessing so i could run a string through it and tie it to myself to keep from losing it while riding
either that or because im supposed to dispose of it after i get the other one


i once got fined $75 for jay walking can you believe that


walknorm btfo


NOThign norm about walking


there werent even any cars they set up a sting and sat around a corner and waited for all the cars to go and then sprinted around and busted everyone when we all walked across


owned walker


nice crowd walker learn to think for yourself


File: 1543980965426.jpg (83.21 KB, 1067x930, Walker_Yumasaki_S2_TenE10_05M46S.JPG)

im walker


imagine being so bored you fine people for jaywalking
easy work much easier than chasing down niggers on the highway in old hoopties hoping for a drug bust


id fine jaywalkers instantly if i was a cop flip peds


was this guy a gaijin
NOT sure if he even has an origin story and if he does i dont remember it


ya whats up


its just a big scam where they find harmless things to fine people for so they can pay the wages of cops to sit around and fine more people



hate crossing the street at crossings
the stopped drivers stare at you with contempt


File: 1543981176222.jpg (515.46 KB, 1280x1857, 008.jpg)

oh no


looks like a boy to me


i wouldnt even care that much if it was just a lone cop who saw me jaywalking and decided to fine me or something its just offensive that they had a big sting operation set up with like 7 cops and a plain uniform scout ready to signal them to come around when people jaywalk its such an absurd waste of money


dumb flipping bitch


i always do a slow walk and stare the drivers down the whole way


File: 1543981328088-0.png (335.53 KB, 1075x1518, 2.png)

File: 1543981328088-1.png (537.34 KB, 1075x1518, 4.png)

File: 1543981328088-2.png (410.8 KB, 1075x1518, 6.png)

its a girl i think you may be in trouble


doesnt look like one


she has a vagina and she loves using it


wish i was a shota who looked like a girl


just become a birl


you would hate your life you would have males trying to exploit you


shota guy did you ever read that one tsukusun doujinshi


stop calling me shota guy i only spermed to shota once and it was by accident


wish i was linus


still just a drawing its NOT a girl or boy


canNOT wait til spring to ride im all gachi gachi gonna make a financiallt ruinous decision very soon


just sell your car and buy a bike then youll be fine


my car is worth NOThing


they have cb300fs at the local place for 3300 NOT including fees those jews charge a bunch for registration and dealer fees
nice bike nice low 30.7 inch seat for a manlet like me nice average across the board


i can get you my tulpas bike for $600 since thats all its worth
its a gz250


dont steal her bike you will just reinforce stereotypes


might try sleeping on the floor


she wants to sell it for a sportbike
if it were anything other than a cruiser i would just buy it from her but i dont like the looks of it and when i rode on it the thing didnt feel very solid like the vfr


gonna get vaccinated tomorrow wish me luck


vaccinated my balls two years ago i think im good


lilith is flipping sexy as hell just look at her


the cb300f seems pretty nice all the youtubers say its a good beginner bike
light clutch really light overall low seat digital guage with all the necessary stuff fuel guage gear indicator optional abs but the brakes are good
theres really no competition in the standard beginner bike section as far as i can tell the ninja 300 is a pig


im a pig


hsien ko is the sexiest darkstalker i always played as her



flip you both




isnt the 300f a single or am i thinking of some other honda bike


who wants to get a job at one of these places seems like fun


spermed to lilith


you motherfucker i was supposed to sperm to her now i have to sperm to bulleta for the 4th time in 18 hours


found a video of shotaspermer


foolish slowspermer in the time it took me to type this post i could have already spermed again


where are her boobs


its a boy


File: 1543984118003.jpg (129.31 KB, 855x1160, 59ce7b2d01f3c34a8738c3ae6ac5e990.jpg)

shes flat and very self conscious about it leave her alone


hehe nice asshole rider


why is there a gun behind her



NOT an asshole just californian


flapperlaughing at the neetcage in the back


that could be the hima mansion we could spend our days there eating pigeons and shitting


lane splitting scared the shit out of me but theres no doubt you get where you’re going quicker


ban punctuationorm


File: 1543984828778.png (572.44 KB, 1075x1518, 1.png)



cant believe interpol is seizing the hima servers


guess its time to pack up and head on down to tsumaran



lose my bone whenever i see defloration the blood makes me queasy


it should be illegal


cant believe ive put off eating mushrooms for so long its incredibly ancestral to me


same but with tomatoes


only eat mushrooms if theyre deep fried and dip them in ranch otherwise theyre gross and you shouldnt eat them




running out of manga to read


im a psychic empath so seeing it just makes me imagine the pain


thats impossible


read usogui and remonster


File: 1543986290234.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 4032x3024, F5A16B0C-1DBD-424A-B9F4-986016E1FF65.jpeg)

just dumped me piss jug


glad i never fell for the piss jug meme


why theyre pasted as hell


why its great


NOT when they spill


nice umami eaters


dont spill


thats why i have one with a locking cap


show some care with your file size and image resolution please


i only have a piss mug that i wash and then drink from


pinch my shit bandwidthnorm


what happened to shitdrawer


File: 1543987410505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.91 KB, 972x1494, 9a108433_proc.jpg)

sexy chink


die haysuz


whats her name anyway im sure one of you guys should know i have a couple other pics of her and would like to fidn more


nice fbi


i think her name is ching chong


very funny just kidding id beat the flip out of you if you ever tried that within my presence


peds cant fight


might buy soul calibur 6


just play melty



i cant make neetblog in melty since theres no character creator


you know what you did you cheeky flipper


i didnt do anything


uh oh these cb300fs are made in thailand and have all sorts ot problems guess ill pass
i can do mechanic work but getting parts for bikes this new is too much trouble especially for a 300
guess im back to start again


thought of a cool group activity to do once i go to europe and create a tribe


brain is falling back to a klr again just a simple slow carbed behemoth ii na


is it group joing


die tribenorm


no its meant to stimulate your mind and hone your physical abilities


gonna stimulate my penis


gonna stimulate my bone abilities




yeah its gotta be a klr what a flipping beast just a massive pig


wish i had an lgf to stimulate


im a massive pig



dirty bulkin hard


klr prices suck dick around here gonna get one far away for half the price and take a lil roadtrip with a uhaul van and do some burnouts while i have it


did hima go down was that the maintenance


translate it smartnorms


yeah i think the maintenance is over


wonder what turts been up to lately



reminds me of this video dont think id mind a bike with 80s and 90s colors theyre kind of nice
gonna save the first chain adjustment until im with my tulpa so i have an excuse to work on my bike in front of her

gonna snooze bye


damnit it started raining without me realizing and i forgot to take my clothes off the line flip


wish it rained here


klr250s are pretty rare dont know anything about them but theyre carbed 250 singles all the negatives of the klr650 with less torque


die bikenorms


only one awake


im awake


im right here


whats a fun game i can download and play offline
like an adventure game
is elona fun




play myfarog


dungeon crawl stone soup


chrono trigger was actually really good youve probably played it but just in case


chrono trigger flipping sucks play doom instead


chrono triggerhas limited replay value for me
played it about five times but never actually beat it


normo trigger


fucking hate neetblog so much


at least he doesnt resort to profanity


play twisted metal


i worship the blog


what did i do now


you know


i dont


stayed up late but now im getting bad heartburn so i gotta snooze


prop your bed up and stop sleeping on your stomach


File: 1544003338265.png (Spoiler Image, 122.47 KB, 750x1334, 136EC4DB-A30A-4690-830C-7AC59880A8D1.png)

neetblog stop using the admin accountfor your shite


i dont get it


nb doesnt make jokes


ixmike is going to bucharest


yeah i saw that hehe


dearly wishing he wins the event


die esportsnorms


ya elona is fun but it has a high learning curve for new players


play tales games


how do i become a professional house sitter i do it already but i dont get paid


become a househusband


was always fond of that stay at home security guard joke


going to start telling people im a domestic security guard


File: 1544023836641.png (447.34 KB, 750x1029, 769a9cc2772f6e5d84920897325e233f.png)

i cant see the thumbnail for this what is it


its some boobies


she looks soft and flippable


gonna go to the thrift store to get some xl shirts and then hit up the motorcycle store to fingerflip the bikes
tired of my shirts riding up even large isnt big enough to completely prevent them from doing that


what do you mean ride up


the always hike up in the back and show my lower back


just from walking around i dont think thats normal
you could just wear a backpack constantly


this place still has a single klr650
theyre discontinued and they want 6000 for it
gonna offer 5500


no at work because my apron rides my hips and when i bend over the straps pull up my shirt into my ribs
hard to explain but basically i just want bigger shirts because im fat


File: 1544025460828.jpg (532.32 KB, 1100x1599, 010.jpg)

cant see the thumbnail for this one either


might have to set that one aside for a jerk later


nice linuxnorm still cant see thumbnails i see


big fan of double_bun


pasted pcmanfm has thumbnails


when i see this i get an urge to push her down and flip her hard is that normal


felt that way towards my tulpa when she was devouring a burrito once


nice rossmann


very few women have ever faced the very real possibility of never being loved


himako was one of those women


File: 1544030099029.png (39.59 KB, 300x100, rotate.php.png)



hope that my tulpa feels loved she definitely makes me feel loved even little things that wouldnt make much of a difference make a huge difference coming from her like when she thanks me for things or tells me she hopes i have a good day or


is that one of those suggestive banners


a lot of the christmas ones are really suggestive
the kay and darjeeling one does things to my pen0r


typical norm turning suffering into some sort of ego booster for themselves disgusting i hope you die


File: 1544030502930.jpg (1.83 MB, 1412x1800, 25c1ffea103c132190108b84f8719532.jpg)

do you mean this one


File: 1544030560666.jpg (509.96 KB, 670x991, 4d639ee0c68e1525e06da21595576433.jpg)

oh my god


yeah that one


its so much bigger than her otousans


does anyone have any good shenzhen videos


flip that chink shit



tardlaughing hard at the naming schemes that amd has been doing
intel had the z370 chipset so amd released the x370
nvidia had the 2000 series of cards so amd releases the 3000 series


feel physically ill watching this girl


are her boobies real


no she has rocktit syndromm


thats flipping disgusting she has the face of a grandma


raging hard at the current state of hima


these boobs arent fake you can tell because of how much they jiggle


you can tell just from the shape


love a good boob shape


love how the incest men stare as they walk by her


i used to be hardcore dfc but then i started seeing nice milky boobs as a representation of motherhood and femininity itself and seeing the vasculature on a nice pair drives me wild now


laughing hard at the kind of tard who feels the need to publicly remark on vids like this these kinds of vids always have the best comment sections


File: 1544032391047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.45 KB, 960x1355, 35e3d4b92d1b9e6d2957c8f9e517d1f4.jpg)

my tulpas are like this


8 years ago
super sexy I would give her my wallet


just got back from the thrift store
got some justin roper boots in fairly good condition for 15 bucks theyll make better riding boots than my salomon quests
gave them a nice leather conditioning with beeswax and did my schott perfecto while i was at it now the whole room smells like beeswax hehe


i mean insect


wonder what he thinks that would accomplish the beta provider model is outdated it only works on the most desperate and impoverished of specimens women have such a wide selection these days they can find someone both wealthy and attractive enough with ease poor naive fool


cast a spell on me
cast a special spell on me


dont like that song much too simplistic for my refined tastes


ended up over the bandwidth limit sigh went through 240gb on the 22nd of november because i was downloading 1080p bd rips at 50-100gb a pop


never been subject to a limit whats it like


well they just automatically charge $10 for aNOTher 50gb
i never thought id go through 1tb in a month


might be forced to jack it to this


now were talking haruko is so sexy


i skipped past that part straight to chihaya and got an immediate bone trying to rip the seams on my pants


went over the limit once and had install an extension to browse hima in text mode for a week


you missed a crucial 'ikinari' at the ;38 second mark very erotic and spermable


why did they give haruka huge boobs


she is a developing girl is it really so abnormal for her breasts to expand


they are simply too large chihaya is more reasonable and realistic


File: 1544033430355.png (732.59 KB, 800x960, 0fa87a64677f233d41014b51b66fa39a.png)




sorry couldnt see the thumbnail


that anus looks very inviting


File: 1544033535067.jpg (64.39 KB, 566x976, 6080168a6caeb317eecd32ca4c9c17b2.jpg)

this babe is smoking hot


thats a child


had a weird experience was awoken at around 4 am by the sound of my window opening or closing i suppose cant remember which way i left it overnight how do you explain that one hima


no she has breasts


did you check to make sure that a ghost didnt snap your ass


i slept in the nude so i would have felt it


NOT a ghostdick


dont have dicks they dont reproduce


i used to be a ghost


my tulpa was complaining about a week or two ago


haruka is such a great performer shes got natural stage presence and bone inducing expressions no wonder shes the main character


definitely reproduce


never had a paranormal experience
usually suppress my fear by carrying weapons


the only weapons i need are my fists and razor sharp wit


NOT me i need a knife and a semi automatic handgun


changed over to proper filter media and lo and behold four days later my tank is full of algae
hard to believe the lava rocks and quilt backing actually worked for so long i never had algae blooms before




i already cleaned it


File: 1544035052735-0.jpg (150.44 KB, 840x1344, 67853838_p0.jpg)

File: 1544035052735-1.jpg (147 KB, 743x985, 13540283_p0.jpg)

wish raine was my big sister


wondering if i could buy some aquatic plants and just leave them in the little plastic pots
theyll run out of nutrients in the soil eventually but it probably takes a while


File: 1544035244248.png (557.11 KB, 1000x707, b5fd9223366091bc9a34965a99b099f9.png)

thumbnail check




damn spelled tutaNOTa wrong


File: 1544035572886.png (420.52 KB, 640x640, Military-Uniform-Chinese-Red-Army-Costume-for-….png)



would love to see how the dumb little bitchs patriotism would stand up to the terror of the nanking massacre


they would love it


shed be NOThing but holes to a platoon of soldiers hard at war without any female contact for months hehe


ya thats why she would love it


is it ok to think about flipping her hard and instilling capitalist values in her


how will you do that from flipping her


you know


shell sit on his capital




why are braids and ponytails so bone inducing


theyre NOT your just a perv


absolutely must experience a sexy middle school girl calling me a 'perv' in a flirty tone actually any tone will do at least once in my life


double ponytails blow hard



new gm came into my store to tell me that my tulpa is going to be here a lot more to the point where i might even be working with her on slow days
i guess she really put her foot down about NOT wanting to work anywhere else


you can now flip her in the back of the store


i unironically probably could i havent had a single customer all day
she gets out of school in a week too i wonder if she would be open to having a tard night watching movies and snacking hard and drinking wine and casually flipping then spending the night in a completely non sexual way


pasted predatornig


holy flip never knew the identity of winenorm was none other than pnig knew i hated that flipper


i floated the idea of her coming over and getting snacks and watching tardmovies a few weeks ago and she kept talking about how much fun it would be then she suggested we get some wine too then few days ago she called to tell me she wanted to do something soon
unless i can think of something else i think having her over for a tardmovie night would be a good idea


im NOT wineguy i never even had wine but she loves i think thats part of why she suggested getting some the other part is i think she just wants to get drunk with me since she said she wanted to go to the bar with me before



mom cooked up a nice batch of jalapeno infused black beans hoo boy


really want to make some cheesy bacon jalapenos now slice the jalapenos and fill them with bacon and cheese then cook them until the capsaicin breaks down or is neutralized by the fats in the cheese and slurp them up


sweet she made the watermelon koolaid too flip yes


only thing missing is a piping hot stack of flapjacks




what do you mean they are great in this unforgiving weather


File: 1544039965677-0.png (747.93 KB, 1275x1186, 3ff5fe951ce55ed52efbec0649d2d194.png)

File: 1544039965677-1.png (1.27 MB, 1532x1177, eebfc782a1b9cb74f073e0d5a3566a2b.png)

File: 1544039965677-2.png (1.46 MB, 1518x1200, 260791bf3c1237f3c38fbf9b96f0f691.png)

thumbnail check


File: 1544040024695-0.png (1.07 MB, 1175x1200, 7c83b123a760f623a0796e5ab7593461.png)

File: 1544040024695-1.png (2.37 MB, 1912x2584, bd78aabf086028a6975ad7c9cfd93660.png)

File: 1544040024695-2.png (700.31 KB, 787x1151, 1934342feebf1ba86b25b063c837ae39.png)

these are in the same folder let me check them too


must be my minakami folder


okay guess im sperming


dont sperm to lilith shes innocent leave her alone


can you impress those artistic alternative type girls with music taste alone or do you still have to be a physically desirable stud


nice degen spam


how are you having thumbnail problems anyway


File: 1544040563580-0.png (8.36 KB, 311x293, thumbnails.PNG)


dont save or distribute pngs youre wasting precious internet


File: 1544040715126-0.png (212.63 KB, 1177x579, thumbnails.PNG)

they just dont show up


weird guy just came in and offered me a job and put his hand on my back and was calling me by my name
definitely NOT going to do that i have the feeling that ill be snapped


icaros for windows
ffmpegthumbnailer for linux


it could be an opportunity of a lifetime


but then i wont be working with my tulpa and wont be snapped by her when the sexual tension becomes unbearable for her




girls dont want sex


there is no need to yell


named my cat nigger man


im bawlin


my tulpa told me that she stopped going out with her old guyfriend so she could have sex i think she wants it


named my cat cocksmoke


why doesnt compressing do anything i thought it was supposed to reduce filesize or some shit 42mb file just compressed into a 42mb rar


owned compressnorm


did you increase the 4d3d3d3 on your vx encoder module


wanted to share something funny with hima oh well


share it fool


still cant believe how accurately female sexuality is portrayed in doujinshi were all the authors drawing on firsthand experience was it wrong of me to assume most of them have little contact with the opposite sex


dont think its accurate




everything ive been exposed to has corroborated the depiction found in eromanga from academic publications to psychology articles to testimonials from sexually desirable guys


what about testimonials from you




gonna have a good omeglejerk again today


File: 1544042956570-0.jpg (416.33 KB, 460x1000, 047c31586c81a731e2a546f6f5a400b9.jpg)



File: 1544043067396-0.png (775.83 KB, 960x1280, 8f8e34276fa101c1ad2edb06cc4419c9.png)


its safe to say that 60% of doujinshi artists are virgs
the parts that seem very vivid and relatable to nonvirgs appear that way because the artists are just that good at mimicking other works and pornography NOT because they have actual experience
most comic lo artists really “get it” in my opinion but i find it unlikely that any of them are real peds they are just masters of the pen and appealing to the sensibilities of their audience


must be my pripara folder


the best part about this is the expressions on dorothy and mikan and NOT lala spreading her legs and reaching for a full throbbing erection so she can make it sperm


dorothys NOT a chink name what gives she some kind of transfer student


have a feeling most women would actually love to be drugged up and gangsnapped same with becoming ganguros and getting flipped by yakuza all day
i feel like those doujinshi more appeal to the female fantasy than male because flipping some worn out pozzed cumdumpster isnt really a turn on


if you want to see an artist who appeals to female fantasies why dont you look at female artists


by real ped do you mean a practicing ped



NOT sure who the target audience for gay shotacon and mazacon shota is
shotacon is just next level sexy ladycon its more believable because young boys dont run to the cops after getting their main vein drained so theres no risk and no consequence to it


File: 1544043635720-0.jpg (399.59 KB, 1280x1811, 06.jpg)

File: 1544043635720-1.jpg (423.79 KB, 1280x1810, 07.jpg)

File: 1544043635720-2.jpg (393.54 KB, 1280x1810, 08.jpg)

this directly appeals to female fantasy


i can confirm this


sucking a huge dick and having it sperm all over your face seems like something a girl would like


sick of female artists drawing dick sucking they need to appeal to males more NOT write their own interests in


File: 1544043984787-0.jpg (708 KB, 1280x1865, 16.jpg)

File: 1544043984787-1.jpg (616.06 KB, 1280x1865, 17.jpg)

File: 1544043984787-2.jpg (682.98 KB, 1280x1865, 18.jpg)

dicksucking is very popular


NOT to males though its boring


File: 1544044205967.jpg (529.99 KB, 1280x1849, 079.jpg)

this one appeals to female fantasy too because its a female artist


File: 1544044276848.png (676.04 KB, 720x960, ee9496a7bc4a1142b9c23aa6243a6023.png)

thumbnail check


hate when i sperm and it scatters on my belly instead of squirting out in big thick white ropes all over my chest


blowjobs are boring as hell always skip through them
skip through doggystyle too its boring i need to see some abdomen to get excited


slurpjobs feel good



is it girls who like those semen filled vaginas too its so gross i cant stand it


ya they love it


flip girls are ruining my joing experience


File: 1544045719677-0.jpg (560.24 KB, 1280x1831, 074.jpg)

File: 1544045719677-1.jpg (380.08 KB, 1280x1813, 04.jpg)

do these female artists have some sort of reference for spread_pussy



wallstare simulator


are girls really ok letting you stare directly into their vaginas as long as you dont touch




might ask sis to let me have a look


pussy is NOThing special its actually pretty disgusting knowing how much bacteria and sweat and shit particles are on and around them all the time


do girls NOT bathe



time to watch some pewdiepie


when i think about my tulpa being sweaty i get a bone hope that doesnt make me creepy


thought too hard now i have a headache



its so great to be home again just had a long talk with mom over coffee


just being in my room makes my eyes watery


did you have a wildwank yet where you sperm all over yourself and scream while doing it


yes every day except instead of screaming or yelling i laugh




thats creepy



onse kiare you seeing thi s



dont want to get a haircut anymore i dont think ill ever cut it again


haircuts feel great


just woke up hay mates gonna have some coffee now


catfish was looking at me
his whiskers are as long as his body




get your bangs out of your face


i might need to savor it now what if i go bald at 35 and forget what its like to have hair


im norwooding out


stream it


any pastaguys online
how do i make cheap pasta and sauce taste better without cheese


add butter to the sauce


letting my hair grow out long even though im thinning on top of my head because flip it i look retarded with a buzzed head


should i stream my first x470 bootup and windows installation


cant say i would be interested in watching it


File: 1544049960989-0.jpg (60.17 KB, 600x600, 938a8995-50bd-4313-ae2d-91d282ea5f28.jpg.750x7….jpg)

guess ill skip it then and just watch some linus videos and eat a sandwich i got some blazin buffalo chicken and muenster yesterday


its over for shintel and possibly novidiot


does having a 144hz monitor improve the screens look when youre NOT gaming or does it make no difference






onseki youre a fool
the game has what 23 endings and you never beat it even once what makes you think that your opinion has any value


what makes you think yours does


ya even just the mouse moving across the screen is NOTiceably smoother


i doesnt make a difference at all


because i know what i am talking about and ive played through it and actually beat it and got every ending half a dozen times


i dont believe you


hate norms who play video games for the story


what else do you play for


the babes


the sexy girls


hate you sexnorms too


die sexgamers


File: 1544050823597.jpg (48.73 KB, 433x650, 4e1a68aa341d18aee24338374f5bec93.jpg)


i have the ds card so i might as well play it but i need to use guides
hate when chrono goes away because the other characters suck hard and i lose interest


this girl awakens something deep from inside me that gives me a huge bone and desire to sperm hard right on her face


new linus



wish they would let me die and take my body parts and give them to someone who could actually make good use of them


gonno k-style you


shes evil


need a motorcycle stat
sat around all day today doing NOThing kept thinking about how much i wanted to ride


browse job listings instead


i sat around all day thinking about how much i wanted to flip my tulpa getting nervous thinking about how many days ill be stuck with here all alone all day with NOThing to do except her


dislike sponsored videos please


NOT tard enough to watch linus


glad i got my drivers license again all i need is a job or get to working on selling the land with ma so i get a freedomobile


cant work up the courage to learn to drive sigh


did onseki ban this guy or NOT


playing driving video games its easy


wouldnt that be a bad influence


got traumatized of driving when i was learning and almost killed the teacher


ban the guy talking about getting drunk with my tulpa or the guy hating pnig or the wineguy


what would you need guides for
12 year old children were doing it without internet in the mid 90s
you can get crono back almost right away and hes NOT that strong once you get him he feels really weak because you fight so many lavos spawns on the way although the rainbow sword changes it somewhat
worst thing about crono is how hes a physical fighter but his strongest skill is an aoe light spell


they would use it to norm it up


the guy i quoted obviously are you tard


done reading two days worth of posts by the wya hehe


cant believe ive read a total of 5 years worth of hima posts


glad i did NOT buy a new pc im going straight to a 3600GX hehe


you cant ban otalad


same but i skipped six months in 2016


been skipping since the trainee arc started


was an avid reader until my hiatus in 2017 where i thought i was too enlightened for messageboards and any kind of social outlet in general


do you really think onseki is going to ban someone for hating pnig


i actually am and lived as a hikki without any social interaction online including any form of chat or board or posting for an year and turned out just fine but i stopped because my hair started to fall off and mom freaked


then i realized it doesnt matter how superior you think you are are or how successful or any of that since we all fall immeasurably short of gods grace and glory


i dont expect anything good or positive from onseki but maybe he would draw the line at being a raider guess NOT


thats NOT a raider its turt


flip agreed to go to buffet with mom but ive been sitting her joing like crazy to some rare candydoll material i hadnt been in possession of just going to give her the silent treatment when shes comes by to knock dont feel like going anymore


cant wait to jack off on omegle to liliths ass again


File: 1544056141293.jpg (202.11 KB, 800x1132, ed25f3388597e970b3397b9eb83ccb29.jpg)


say youll go but NOT yet and make her wait until its too late to go to mindbreak her


File: 1544056286472.jpg (77.66 KB, 703x1000, a7c8854718c070756ab59417b6c30756.jpg)

thumbnail check


sexy luka sexy miku


do you think the guy who invented clothes think his cloth get as good as it now with stretch and soft fuzz


hate when musicians produce such blatant jo music as this its NOThing short of emotional manipulation like adding corny sentimental strings to a ballad and the uneducated masses succumb to it every time


they dont get anything out of orgasms stop believing in conspiracies


sigh why did they stop subbing nekomiya hinatas vids i wanna watch undertale part two


gonna post some more jo songs


this one needs a disclaimer its high level


showered might have aNOTher cup of coffee


seki do you watch advchina


File: 1544057147828.jpg (179.16 KB, 707x1000, 21e20567fdaa02a476b8cc39a0e2f3b6.jpg)



shes accidently showing her butt


pasted pewds



die norm



holy shit i found the perfect jo song


normbed spam help


winter is almost half way over




after december 21st the days start getting longer


made a steak sandwich


reading boruto
why does this seem exactly like bleach now


still think bleach is underappreciated because of norm gaijin latching onto it and ruining it
fantastic art style sexy girls nice guts nice swords plenty of sexy ladies and implied sex its great


you should be watching it instead


need to get into bleach somehow but its too intimidating


die wap


didnt really like bleach its storytelling is too dull and simplistic its pretty much like what i imagine superman would be i liked naruto cos it had some emotional depth and ostensibly ninja tactics and clever fighting maneuvers before all the eyeball crap tossed that out the window the world had a large scope to it the way they introduced all the nations and ninjas with various abilities representative of their clans and ethnicities it wasnt just some one dimensional contrived crap liked you get in a modern show such as boku no hero


its seinen manga the adult relationships and betrayals and backstories of the soul reapers are what makes the story it’s great all the characters are vibrant and memorable


hello yhwach


i read every himapost but i understand less and less every day or just outright have no interest in some things anymore its NOT even worth my time to interpret posts that require more than a quick glance
never open linus vids or panderson vids or varg vids either


maybe youre depressed


watch the linus vids so you become smarter


do you jo


no bleach is irredeemable trash that started off strong but quickly fell hard in both story with every shinigami being potential bait that never amounts to anything some up until the very last chapter where it was done just to shut fans up and every arc being about saving one of ichigos friends against a new hierarchical group of enemies ranked by power and of course the art going to the shitter with them NOT even going through the trouble of drawing any background in the 1000 year blood war arc


wonder if theres any westaboo jp sites


the bleach rager is the chrono trigger rager too what a surprise


its just boganeye


tardlaughing at the thought of someone raging at a game as innocuous and universally beloved as chrono trigger


only a bona fide rager could be capable of such a feat you have my sincere kudos


if i streamed dragon quest 11 would anyone watch


love a good irrational hatred of somethin
gotta respect ragers guts he simply doesnt give a hoot


tardlaughing hard


woke up


only if you streamed with a face cam and talked about jacking it


File: 1544061085511.jpg (130.22 KB, 653x653, 129a87e5-s.jpg)

hate scumbags like this


holy flip these are the only genuinely humorous prank calls ive ever seen and they dont resort to mindless obscenities and overt sexual references thank you for this


lpc is pasted


if i streamed flipping my tulpa would anyone watch


dont own a camera


just how far have you fallen pnig you went from a polite and friendly albeit grating presence to a complete caricature look at yourself is this truly what you want


NOT that funny sorry mate


might get into graph theory


theyre pretty funny


wish i was funny


im tard funny



can girls be funny


whats goin on up er


wish i understood canadian humor


this ones hysterical


really like when my tulpa says dude followed immediately by my name



check out this one




im bu
i im bb
im buh buh baaay
im buh bay
im buh buuuuh buh bay buuh bay
im buh basted


hehe this is too mucj


think i probably open about 1 in 1000 embeds


dont like it when girls speak so informally it is NOT becoming of a lady


never open embeds because i cant unopen them sometimes i will middle mouse click them to open in aNOTher tab


die otalad


just refresh the page




cant believe i bother posting embeds when no one opens them


does anyone NOT do that i open every link in a new tab


its sexy


i check every embed thats NOT one of onsekis black music embed or bike embed


its the opposite of that knowing girls flipped up psychology they probably secretly want a big strong man to call them out on their impropriety when they talk like that anyway


what about this one steve is comparing the new playstation classic controller to an actual 24 year old playstation controller


i usually open them but then close them as soon as i read the title


dont ever bother with the technorm content myself that and cars and hag shit everything else is fair game oh yeah and the black people music as well


she shes only said it 2 or 3 times its NOT often


i dont open hardware unboxing or gn or linus embeds because i watch them as soon as theyre released anyways


asked for a dozen wings and got 16 and the receipt just had bike guy written on it
gonna feast and watch this teardown then play some saru geccchu 3 im on the onsen level


nice bikenig


sick of eating moms garbage every day i want to eat junk food too





File: 1544063121616.webm (492.36 KB, 1008x720, 1396820373470.webm)


might jack off to lain


gonno have a cry



File: 1544063399226.webm (2.28 MB, 676x480, 1403425958187.webm)

this is what lain does to jackers


File: 1544063450736.jpg (155.48 KB, 950x714, 76d883bf610baf53ee2eeb8340dc5b08.jpg)

this is a joable facial expression



holy flip is that pruane2forever i remember watching a ytp vid of his in high school that had a really catch anime op never did learn the title of that song sigh




File: 1544063631906.jpg (Spoiler Image, 903.86 KB, 850x1200, 69669742_p1_master1200.jpg)

please accept this darkstalker offering and leave lain alone


hate lainers lainists whatever they call themselves just flip off


holy flip he really tore her up


gonna jack off on omegle who wants to meet ill be using anime and cosplay for interests


what are you cosplaying as


those are way too saturated add a more identifiable one or is that part of your game


one of those guys who jacks off on omegle


got some christmas cookies gonna feast hard as fuck on these


wonder how many people understand all underlying concepts presented in lain like me


flip that reminds me i havent started on the christmas poetry for the holiday postcard exchange


its NOT that deep




trackball doubleclicked sigh


why do do girls like being flipped so much


its natural


dont they know theyre just being used as jo devices by those guys


always felt horrible when my tulpa started crying but then felt so good when she would lean her head on me and squeeze onto me when i hugged her feeling warm just thinking about it


paste flippin master1200


the beginning of this looks like a good time just two guys ready to snack hard and jack hard together while watching some lain



you arent supposed to like being taken advantage of that contradicts the most basic survival instinct can anyone tell me why such defective life forms have managed to persist it defies all evolutionary logic women are an aberration


gonna morph hima see you tomorrow


disappointed with these cookies i could probably make them better


are you talking to me


bye snoozer


whats wrong with enjoying being taken by a big strong man


does commie subs hatred still exists


herkz turned things around


does gg still exist


File: 1544064266901.jpg (109.84 KB, 600x900, 04d0c4db2a213571b0a21dcecb0bad3a (1).jpg)


do you jack it with other men


no thats fucking gay


might have myself a bath as soon as i complete this anticipated bowel movement


tardlaughing he got someones jocontroller


times like these i wish i had a mobile device from which to browse in the nice soothing steam i bet it makes for a pleasant experience


are you jerking it right now


no i spermed 10 minutes ago


might go for a nightwalk


i did NOT get nearly enough shrimp with my order



i think youre lying about this whole joing on omegle thing


should i read clannad will it make me cry


lied about joing on omegle tonight but i jod last night all i got were dudes saying they wanted to swallow the load and a few black screen people watching claiming that they were girls


did you only watch it once its really deep but the overlying story isnt


that was me


i told the guys they were gay and they thought i was asking a question


yes and i despise and hate everyone that uses it


i only despise the norms


File: 1544065066085.webm (1.08 MB, 1008x720, 1397372177403.webm)



never watched lain


hell yeah pastor mejia preaching the wednesday night serm


baste bog


gonna make some pork and rice now


just learned i have some sephardic ancestry when do i get a cut of the nwo pie


gonno snooze


shit or piss


i guess they never piss huh


used the last of the denali should i switch back to bearglove or fiji





i use fiji and my tulpa loves it


im the one that recommended fiji to you


what else do you recommend


cool thanks for the recommendation its great its what i was wearing when i first met her and it caused her to stand unusually close to me fast forward to now and she loves to give me hugs and bury her face in my chest


the little sluts love it


hawkridge is a good one if you want to attract 12 year olds because it smells like cake frosting



cant believe im the last true neet manbaby left on hima


when will you become an adult


no i am


when i die





feeling weird about the guy who offered me a job today he came in and put his hand on my shoulder too
gonna tell my tulpa all about him and ask if he does anything like that with her


i remember when i was searching for deodorant i smelled a few and ended up smelling the one i used when i was 12 and my stomach dropped and i got nervous and felt sick


hey neetblog can you check this out


no i cant sorry


File: 1544069081846.jpg (392.53 KB, 1600x1200, aa65adf24fafd7e659a034a108ed903c.jpg)

saru gecchu time


stream it




File: 1544069542523.jpg (371.45 KB, 2784x1856, NHz0BQX.jpg)

miss warosu


is 6 months too long between recycling jugs


i dont know if this system could run it theres no videocard and realistically no airflow in the case even its a sffpc with just a fan on the cpu
if i get my x470 with my 480 set up ill stream it because that would be no problem

ill work on getting that set up tomorrow and then installing obs studio and getting it working


File: 1544070803745.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png)

things look pretty good though im pretty sure i had to play this at 720p before now i can turn it up




File: 1544071743701.jpg (109.53 KB, 750x737, 1544071485042.jpg)

thumbnail check


File: 1544072552940-0.png (150.1 KB, 780x433, 1544059411477.png)

File: 1544072552940-1.jpg (182.86 KB, 427x576, 5a381157604356083d42182ba93cf516-imagejpeg.jpg)

File: 1544072552940-2.jpg (41.68 KB, 500x500, 1544044094216.jpg)

check again sorry for whatever it is


File: 1544072617410.jpg (231.26 KB, 877x1200, 94f6bac95bc9c0cc2f445340f3bc0f4c.jpg)


forgot to spoiler


raid hours gonna snooze




nice 2b is in soul calibur now


dont play her


why NOT


i read that if you play girls your brain gets harmed


i dont play games unless i can play as a girl in it


what if you can go on dates with a girl wouldnt that be better


are you stupid




gotta dump real bad


still feeling the repercussions of that fat neetlog i dropped two days ago


File: 1544075598814.jpg (8.72 KB, 269x103, a.jpg)


dates give a completely different kind of enjoyment and satisfaction than playing a game



File: 1544077482992.mp3 (8.04 MB, 02 Grip & Break down !! [DJ Command Remix].mp3)


pop quiz what was the first mp3 posted on hima


guess ill go walk my dogs


File: 1544078752670.jpg (57.19 KB, 590x1024, 1543859094211.jpg)


File: 1544078906438.mp3 (3.74 MB, 09. ワルキューレのバースデイソング.mp3)


what do you mean a goblet is a cup and NOT a tiny goblin just blew my mind




dumb shit turned into a threesome im raging hard this bone has been permanently destroyed


reading remonster sigh hope i get reincarnated soon


File: 1544084510063.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.55 MB, 640x800, tg.webm)


still waiting for commie to sub kizu 3 and owarimonogatari s2




woke up


i meant like a jrpg in game type date


last post




shut the fuck up


you cant talk him that way


hi hima
workin hard today sigh my back is killing me


hima drains mobile battery so fast


are you the oled guy simply use the theme


accidentally bought a 2018 klr whoops


lying fucker


no its the update script probably responsible for the memory leaks


woke up feeling the need to poop big


had a wild dream last night very long vivid dream full of stuff happening


hate nintendo of america


gonna go to the bank and see if i can get a four year $3000 loan


dont borrow loans flipper


uh yeah let me just save 100 dollars for the next 39 months



still have a hard time telling if my tulpa is incredibly genki or if she has a thing for me
i dont think anyone else does anything outside of work with her and i dont think she calls anyone else just to talk for hours at a time and she just seems so excited and giggly when we talk
forcing the new gm to schedule her at my store with me could be a hint or it could be that she just really likes it here and likes working with me
her calling to tell me we should do something could be a hint that she wants to pick up where we left off or it could be that shes just bored
her wanting to come over to my apartment and get drunk could be aNOTher hint or it could be that she just wants to get drunk
her telling me she broke up so she could have sex could be a hint or she could just like being flipped
she casually mentions the status of her kitty too

i work with her soon ill try to see if she acts any differently this will be the first time working with her since we started doing things


new jamestown


okay but none of that shite truly matters stop wasting time hyperanalyzing everything and just go buy an engagement ring and propose already


i dont want to come off as a creep if i try escalating things when she doesnt think of me like that


nice tardcanoe too skinny in the bottom but too thick on the sides


got an awesome ub wallpaper today


think i might be overusing my mouth


this burger looks really good



he said so in the video that they came within an inch of going through the bottom and that the sides still needed to be thinned more


gonna buy an arcade stick


everything in the old world smelled like burning wood we rarely smell that smell in modern society unless we have a fireplace but for the better part of a hundred thousand years humans burned wood for everything


loved burning wood in my sis




oh no bob lazar was raided


hey guys massive legend here




hi hima




wonder if my tulpa likes this song


went to the development dept to get my business permit


ban this guy onseki please hes a sc2


what kind of business is it


selling printer cartridges to businesses




File: 1544124016412.jpg (217.41 KB, 672x936, 270.jpg)

i walk
with the wolf
that is no more


keep getting bones that go down the front of my pants and are very apparent when i walk


get a car


Thank you for ordering from Newegg.com.

time to wait for the blackout r6 my tulpa


thats pnig


wish i was korean


its NOT that great


pnig would never betray hima by posting sc2 shite right


never had eggnog before is it good


I am the tanasinn of my tanasinn.
dots are my body, and ∴ is my blood.
I have corrupted over a thousand ASCII.
Unaware of thinking.
Nor aware of NOT feeling.
Withstood pain to create many tanasinn.
Waiting for enterprise integration's arrival.
I h∴ve no r∴∴rets, t∴∴s is∴∴∴∴ pat∴.
∴y ∴h∴le li∴e ∴as "U∴∴mit∴∴ tanasinn ∴∴k∴∴∴∴
∴ ∴


nice my tulpa asking for the schedule for next week when she knows perfectly well that shes just going to be here only


post the reaction


gonna order that hyper 212 black too i dont think the rgb version is addressable so youre stuck with the presets
with the normal black version its just a cheap black fan so it wont feel like a loss when you swap it out for a sexy ll120


File: 1544126675499.png (Spoiler Image, 19.78 KB, 720x274, Screenshot_20181206-130128~2.png)

do you mean my tulpas reaction im sure shes happy were working together


was going to get an ironing board and an iron so i could iron my pants but then i realized i should just take them to a dry cleaner and have a small asian lady do it for me


gonno become a darkstalker


desperately wish bulleta would snap me and leave me with a bruises and scratches




joing hard to b1


im home
saw those twin sexy ladies again they both braided a strand of hair sigh
gonno make coffee


File: 1544127650538.jpg (702.45 KB, 800x1200, 68640910_p0.jpg)

wish to be snapped by bulleta but i also want to snap her its a snap or snap attraction


sigh now pnigs on the blond sexy ladies team with pg thanks to my tulpa


im indifferent to blonde hair and prefer brown or black
my tulpa used to have bright pink hair so shes definitely open to dying it i wonder if i could get her to dye it a nice slavic brown or some pastel color


File: 1544128129229.jpg (48.73 KB, 433x650, 4e1a68aa341d18aee24338374f5bec93.jpg)


sis wants a space heater for christmas so im going to get her a 9590


do NOT tell her to dye it




i wont bring it up on my own but if she asks im going to tell her what colors i like she already asked me about what color she should do her nails then next time i saw her they were an extra glossy black for halloween


get her a pentium D and a gtx 480


i got a pentium d for her right here


my first intel cpu was a celeron i remember thats when i learned about the cutting down of dies with defects on them


im defective cut me down


always feels good when my tulpa asks me my opinion on a look and then goes through with it
the memory of her putting her hair in a ponytail and then asking if it looked good is something still very fresh in my mind phew


my first cpu was a katmai p3 i think


uh my tulpa uh my tulpa then my tulpa but my tulpa oh and my tulpa didbi mention my tulpa


the first one in a system of my own choosing was an athlon xp 3200+ with an ati 9600xt
second was a phenom 2 940 x4 with an ati 4870
third was an r3 1200 with an rx570
fourth was an r3 2200g
fifth was an r5 2600 with an rx580

intel can blow my balls


may have swapped that 9600 for an x800 at one point because i remember having both and the x800 definitely did NOT go in with the 940


pnig is an ai designed to annoy hima posters


only had four different pcs and they all were intel and nvidia


you utter fool


before that 3200 was the celeron and geforce2 system


533mhz katmai p3 to a 2.8 ghz prescott celeron to an e8200 c2d and then a harpertown 4/4t



dont even remember what cpu i have right now let alone what my first computer was


open task manager and go to the performance tab it says what cpu you have


my computer is turned off just sitting on the table because i dont even have broadband internet and have zero reason to turn it on besides fiddling with hima


the supposed technorms were born into a life you wouldnt understand and yet you still choose to belittle them how foolish of you


File: 1544131346960.jpg (118.99 KB, 866x1000, 61R9zan9TqL._SL1000_.jpg)

gonna get a long usb cable for my ps4 controller on the pc because the bluetooth connection is shit
very nice image this is what sold it for me


ooog ooog tech me browse imageboard me save anime pics ooooooooog


anyone here want to magdump me


oogbro is pasted


nice dead hours
guess ill head over to moms house for dinner


the peaceful technorms were having a nice chat about computers but then techrager showed up and ruined the atmosphere




never seen more tard reviews than i have with usb cables


why did i never get the urge to become a
bigshot youtuber


do you have what it takes


used to think i wasnt worthy but there are millions of tards on there now i couldve been them



File: 1544134483297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.68 KB, 960x540, 1542174245402.jpg)


just woke up hey mates gonna have a big ol cup of coffee


File: 1544135274340.jpg (80.57 KB, 960x720, 1541880165138.jpg)


File: 1544136181751.jpg (46 KB, 268x384, 139014471.jpg)

should i buy this


thats a child


the term child is only for boys use girl or sexy lady


need to do inventory with my tulpa last time we did this she got really depressed because she didnt know what any of the stuff was
there are only a little over 500 items we need to count its NOT that much


have you considered cold brew coffee whats it like


ive never considered it or drank it so i dont know sorry


thought the iphone teen was otalad but its just onseki


whats wrong with iphones


File: 1544137229051.jpg (70.7 KB, 447x670, 1544067064464.jpg)


they call me iphoneblog


wish i didnt fall for normdroid before it was clear which had actual security


both have government backdoors so its pointless



im neet supremacist i dont see color


wait flip nevermind didnt read the rest of the url


since when is there any security involving a smart phone even with my google free debotneted phone i still know its insecure as hell


how do i get a boyfriend


do you mean become a boyfriend or get a girlfriend




thinking about my tulpa again


bfnorm gfnorm hours gonno sit this one out


when the other manager was threatening to quit she said she loves him but he doesnt deserve it
i wonder if she says she loves me when she talks about me to other people


thats it im going to get a gf so i can spam about it you will wish momgf was here instead
if onseki bans me you will see a rage like never before


only one on hima who cant talk to girls sigh


moms leaving till january and left me with 500 dollars and a ton of groceries


good luck


do you have to spend the 500 on necessities


no mom already stocked up on those i guess its pizza money or something


my tulpa isnt my gf shes just a really close really cute friend who happens to be a girl that i talk with and have fun with and hug and flirt with and do things with


gonno watch the sushi bar awards


File: 1544140831552.jpg (375.12 KB, 1240x1753, 740a44e67f2ce377f8c01a62bb6f6aff.jpg)

thumbnail check


File: 1544140862579.jpg (412.37 KB, 1240x1753, a74fd2b635fbcf65a4165ce1158af42b.jpg)


File: 1544140916811-0.jpg (419.29 KB, 1240x1753, b11e5053d3ccf1abc3406a01f3473808.jpg)

File: 1544140916811-1.jpg (253.68 KB, 1240x1753, 57e39320cea438e2af9ddc3574d7edc2.jpg)

File: 1544140916811-2.jpg (252.66 KB, 1240x1753, 21d931671eb59933fa678ce5510c44b1.jpg)

cant tell if this is a sayaka folder or a sketch folder or an artist folder


guess its a sayaka folder and i guess its time to jo




stop youre exploiting our eyes


File: 1544141020828.png (Spoiler Image, 944.73 KB, 3000x3000, 1544140084133.png)

thumbnail check again


unironically fucking hate neetblog hes a living breathing piece of shit


wish i had neetblogs charisma


File: 1544141261836.png (Spoiler Image, 943.96 KB, 1228x1502, 1544108083018.png)

yup this seems to be my basted folder


its all over for intel


File: 1544141352173.png (754 KB, 1024x1128, 1544122220457.png)

theyre called incel now get it


File: 1544141438437.png (42.12 KB, 743x768, epic.png)

okay now this is epic


Yep I literally just posted this on aNOTher comment above. If you ignore the heavily cherry-picked "anniversay edition", most people would likely have been unimpressed by the clock speeds.

My Epyc leaker told me that Rome is faster than Naples (my guess being 200MHz faster) with double the core counts.
Let's say 2.4GHz vs 2.2GHz, that's 9% higher clock speed with double cores at what should be around the same power.
Let's take the 1800X (3.6/4.0) vs the 3850X (4.3/5.1). Double cores and add 9% clock speed and we'd be at 3.9/4.36. At the same power.
Of course the 3850X is a 135W TDP chip as NOTed vs the 95W of the 1800X. Can somebody explain to me what it's so unbelievable that a 42% increase in power can bring a 19% increase in performance? With an extremely cherry-picked part?
The reality here is, had I NOT added the 3850X (I considered leaving it out), you'd mostly all be unimpressed by the clock speeds. It's basically that one chip that's caused the disbelief.
Use the 3800X's speeds of 3.9/4.7 and 125W. We now have a part (double cores obviously) that is 8% faster in base and 17.5% faster in boost clock than the comparison 1800X for 32% higher power. Would you have been amazed by that had you already seen this Epyc Rome CPU with doubled cores and 200MHz higher clock speed?

NOTe, however, that prices can change at any time up to launch.


wish i was incel


tried to explain incel to my tulpa and she put her hand on my shoulder and started laughing and saying it was a good joke then she let he hand linger on my shoulder and gave it a few squeezes and then let it slide down my chest and graze my bone


i bet if i knew pnig in real life he would bully me and address me as the weird guy in his blogs


you would get some name just like kingdom hearts guy or dork guy or himako girl or my tulpa or scape boss


id be the gamer guy


you could give him a name too


its 1am and its raining gonno put on a coat and go for a nightwalk


i would be the no persona guy


hate this englishnorm dont know who he is but hes always posting and it makes me rage hard guess hes from ota or something


File: 1544142310291.jpg (352.23 KB, 1500x2125, 45.jpg)


shes too fat




look at her thighs isnt it gross


yeah shes pretty fat


shes NOT fat enough


File: 1544142602091.png (4.56 MB, 2700x2424, fe20d02718fecff6845b69eaa78d0494.png)

the best thing about this image is her face


i appreciate her inside beauty


i thought otalad was from idaho


baste modstalk


no thats me the idahoblog


someone was posting about stinker and working in the sugar factory




dont remember the last time i ate processed sugar


wouldnt mind flipping the horny daughter of a sugarbeet farmer in idaho


wish to be reincarnated as a dungeon skeleton


skeletons arent real


making extra cheesy extra spicy tuna melts hima its been a while oh god


just got home from dinner with the folks
was in a very bad mood up until i walked through the door but moms chit chat made me feel a bit better even sis was kind of cute and normal today enjoyed what she had to say
everyone made me feel welcome NOT like at work and at the place i rent where im just kind of around
guess my tiny little family means more to me than i like to think


onseki if you wont ban raiders at least give someone a mod account what the hell



quote them


wish i had some tuna id love a good melt right now guess ill have some toast


File: 1544145061073.jpg (937.28 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=xb0GtjB4N3Y - 00:14:12[2018.12.06].jpg)

nice ave


keep sneezing



cant wait til tomorrow gonna play poe all day


made two melts gonno feast


gonna play after i finish my exam




you could have moved in with me and my tulpa even strangers here are very nice


was gonno have a sando for dinner but decided on bbq instead chopped brisket and pulled pork fuck yes


no need for profanity thanks


had a funny thought
my tulpa comes over to hang out with kenny and im smoking some dank out of my bong blasting criminal mane and dj zirk while flappering out


phew thos melts were superb


should i get a flu shot




only if you dont mind getting cancer and autism


im mentally anguished by the decision too 80000 people died from flu last year but the flu shot puts a dead disease in your system and its closed source


thats just what they tell you


only elderly people and young children die from flu


any human weak enough to be killed by influenza is too weak to survive and should die anyway
influenza was created by god to weed out the evolutionary undesirables


then how come im still alive




haha epic neck meme man


i cant talk to anyone except my immediate family


why do you hate me so much


thinkin about the time i had swine flu that sucked


neetyb is pasted


i weigh 1.6 neetblogs


just made a giveaway on steamgifts for witcher 3 which ends on christmas day if you guys want it you should join its on the holiday event and the gift box has donkey kong on it


fuck the bitcher 3


NOT a steambro sorry


post it



onseki wont do shit he doesnt give a fuck


should i bother streaming saru gecchu 3 im almost done eating then im gonna shower


onseki wants the witcher


getting a bit worried im starting to NOTice that i dont chew my food anymore and then i can hear it moving around in my stomach





sorry but im going to snooze soon



you snooze you lose


scoreboard is full of cheaters


my reaction time is 228 ms that is practically superhuman


chinks have sub 200 ms reaction time


mines 300


File: 1544148649647.png (20.56 KB, 702x278, imtard.PNG)


tokyo ghoul 21 was supposed to be a tearjerker but i didnt even wince
dude gets stabbed with four gigantic talons right i
through his chest and out his back and has enough strength to monologue


stop watching it idiot


i got like 60% in all of them buy 96% in verbal memory




time for zombieland saga


sigh something came up can i stream some other time


bet its my tulpa


how the flip did you remember that many numbers did you copy them


no whats the point of cheating


defeating sindeul


he cheated i saw him


File: 1544149167448.png (20.25 KB, 696x274, Capture.PNG)

im critically flapper


sure pbuddy


die verbalnorm


i think i got lucky with my numbers my nine digit one was 400464581


its easy until 11 digits because you can remember them in blocks of 3 and 4


gonno touch mself


what good is verbal memory if i cant talk to people


reading hima for so long has increased my verbal iq by 50 points


File: 1544149674998.png (31 KB, 874x359, Screenshot_2018-12-06_20-27-34.png)

i got a short term memory problem


autism is my superpower


wish i could say the same but i skip more than i read


bored gonna go do some yardwork


File: 1544149817197.png (29.79 KB, 686x246, e354120aecd4b57695c8407e7b1f5d95.png)

verbal memory pissed me off took too long so i failed on purpose


nice bogan


nice moggers


cant believe im the only real neet tard on hima


File: 1544150239361.png (Spoiler Image, 76.62 KB, 750x1334, AA508D1A-BF9E-4937-84E3-90E64019FFC4.png)

there is no enter so i cant even do it but i guarantee i’m the stupidest flapper on hima


lets have a tard contest


File: 1544150280298.png (20.32 KB, 687x246, tard.PNG)

im a tard too you are NOT alone



we did that already and i won


i stare at sexy ladies outside


sooooo tard haha


flip you


owned iphoneseki


File: 1544150584038.jpg (34.09 KB, 383x600, yukikaze-panettone-27228.jpg)

wish to flip this panetone




im mentally disabled


shes flippable what else is there to it


tarded out and invented cold fusion


need a staple to eat or drink d