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bye hima
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my tulpa is saying the store shes at is haunted but last time i brought up she said they arent real


seems okay if you have a small case and need the room for radiators or case fans
as long as its reliable and wont break


my biggest complaint about having the psu inside the case is the noise from the frankly inferior psu fan compared to my noctua cpu fan and corsair case fans


richnorm fans


File: 1542565862840.jpg (83.29 KB, 1262x768, MJcQlil.jpg)

the case is a chopin
NOT my build but very similar you can see how much space an internal psu takes up
plus it has an annoying fan


whats a jacket potato


yeah i think you would benefit from that then
why did you get such a tiny case mitx would have been nicer


get a nice evga or corsair with 0rpm fan modes a good psu will last you for years and years


it is mitx i got that one because of the size and its hooked up to my tv permanently


if you get a 800w psu for a pc that only needs a 450w one is it going to waste more power from the wall or NOT
and would the psu generate less heat and be quieter since its letting way less electricity through that normally or NOT


NOT sure but i doubt it would make less any noise or produce any less heat but it wont waste any more electricity


that is NOT how electricity works


i dont know how it works


the rating is pasted on how much power it can potentially supply
higher wattage psus need more robust components so running a 200w system with a 750w psu will mean that the psus fan will stay off assuming the psu has that ability because its only supplying lesd than half of what it was designed for


you should always get an 800w psu because then you can hook up a 400w neet hookah to it for the rest


gonna hook my dick in your ass if you arent careful


wish i was a teenbaby again sigh


rate my anus


miss being a pimply bluepilled teen gamer


i am the smal /hima/ girl i love poasting and crying


just preordered shadowbringers



made plans with my tulpa to grab a drink after work
she brought up coming over again it seems like something she actually wants to do


nice netflix and chill


i floated the idea of getting snacks and a b movie past her a week or two ago and she said it sounded fun i guess it really stuck in her head


was going to bleed my brakes finally but the other car is right in the middle of the driveway
dont want to do this on the street because i have to take all the wheels off one by one since i cant reach the bleeder valves with the tires on




can you go into discord and ban haysuz


having aNOTher coffee



lay off him wk


still dont know what chill means the norms would never tell me


hope mom doesnt find the hcg in the fridge


you just sit around and relax

she said she hopes she wont bother me with her presence when we meet up today sigh i really hope she doesnt think she bothers me i need to tell her that i always look forward to chatting with hrr and seeing her
thats NOT creepy is it


baste momtron


hated the word chill my friend in hs always used it


you need to stop saying and start doing females have this weird sixth sense for social interactions its like how we can instantly understand how mechanical stuff works
just get closer and touchier than normally and she will instantly read your mind


uh oh normseki and normnig are bouncing off each other again


i dont know why there are no microcenters here they have them in all states surrounding this one


if i get touchier i will feel like an actual creep but she did say she liked it so maybe i should just do what she wants


NOT me im playing pokémon


thats even worse its a nonpersonanorm
get him out of here




die arrogant personanorm might as well put your secure trip up tripnorm NOT that it would bother you since youre used to named interaction on discord


personatard owned into the stratosphere


dont you realize how dangerous a nopersona is idiot
if its a shy neet sure
but otherwise its a norm who is too busy clubbing or working retail or whatever to post much


hope she wont try to snap me when she comes over i could see her getting forceful about being flipped


should i get an air fryer


life is good for technorms


idiot no


why NOT


had to kill 6 silverfish yesterday


get that fryer


just get an oven or a real fryer


fancy cooking implements spices exotic ingredients etc are all sinful excess


fuck you alton brown


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nice just learned my tv has freesync


jerked it to this slut more times than i can remember


shes NOT a slut


oh yes she is trust me


my tv has gsync




yesterday i didnt see the oscar and i found him hiding under the big log today i did a 50 percent water change and fished him out into the open
hes NOT doing too good put him in the tiny tank with stable water
dont really care if he kicks the bucket homestly it was a big mistake getting him if he gets any worse ill take him to a river and set him free or maybe just flush him


as soon i posted that hes all genki in the other tank


shite day


youre one of those irresponsible fish owners


thats NOT a tv


this water store is flipping shit i prefer mine


30 posts left


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sleep snap doesnt happen the body will instantly wake up if someone tries to touch your kitty or live organ sample while you are asleep


gonna permasnooze flip this


gta 5 was released five years ago



how do you know


its common sense


we suffer more often in imagination than in reality


NOT me


i make my dick suffer


File: 1542574865193.flac (20.98 MB, 02. parfait au caramel (feat. ななひら) [Chroma R….flac)


amd btfo


File: 1542575865796.gif (2.8 MB, 540x304, c750f88b419992b8f6bbc0c6a9dcfff0.gif)

this show gave me a forbidden bone


what the FUCK


File: 1542576557865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.98 KB, 800x1066, 589a642f48cfe24bc52940ddf4adffb6.jpg)


4 silverfish today


File: 1542576601660.jpg (68.23 KB, 800x600, 10400901.jpg)






mom does most of the killing i whipped the vaccuum out on only 1


File: 1542576808178.jpg (42.47 KB, 500x357, l6SiGq9.jpg)

nice yoshihiro sensei


NOThin nice if the tokugawa were alive to see that hed be slaughtered


keep thinking about flipping my tulpa this keeps happening


its natural


just woke up gonna have some coffee and play mmy tulpaa hows it hangin mates


caught xerneas with only one ball
NOT sure if im lucky or its a guaranteed capture


i guess you never miss huh




each time it happens i get butterflies in my stomach wonder if its the same for her


last post

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