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Because ten billion years' time is so fragile, so ephemeral... it arouses such a bittersweet, almost heartbreaking fondness.


nice sean


got left behind


hungry thinking about making some chicken and rice


zombieland saga is bad in a good way i like the biker gang girl always liked aggressive females


im eating chicken and rice
orange chicken and fried rice




my tulpa told me that the reason she missed the meeting on friday was because she stayed up until 2am reading twilight
shes tard but i like it


isnt that a teengirl thing from like a decade ago


shes rereading it
she also thinks lotr is boring trash


grabbed a bacon king from bk hell ya incel fast food


whatd incel


should i get ni no kuni 2


the opposite of gf norm blogging fuck


gfblog is incel


forgot i had a pork roast just marinaded that sucker gonna cook it up later


love a good incel roast


roast that pork


got left behind


nah fuck that norm incels dont betray eachother like that


leave gfblog alone


think ive got trichinella


hehe the zombies were rapping this show is great


simply steal it


gonna eat some more cornbread and fire up episode 3


told you it was basted


didnt know the sek was into starwars


got left behind


im talking about zombieland saga flip norm wars


normieland saga


im zomb


its freaking hot hima


no its fairly nice


gonno take out my dick


watered the plants


wish i had a plant


whats stopping you from getting one


im dumber than a plant


Can't wait for pnig to be so excited about taking a pic with t g that he uploads it


the cat digs them up


how do you view how often you visited a site


Wish i ate like a plant telekinesis would be cool to have just sit in the sun and NOT get hungry ever


plants are the most intelligent creatures on the planet


thats NOT how plants "eat" idiot its just the catalyst used to process what they take from the earth




firing up the sega cd


Why does kenbo know about plants so much when he lives in the dessert


wish i was a plant now to fuck


he enjoys hurting them


you cant hurt plants idiot theyre like rocks


they are NOT rocks you idiot


might make some chili fries soon


im as dumb as a rock


wish i was chili just a nice hot bowl of stagg classic would be good


im NOT a nigger


nope you are worse


fuck you retard theyre pretty much the same


why is hima so full of discord teens now whats happening


wish i was an insect it seems great



wonder what part of africa pnig hails from


isnt he 50/50


no such thing


alright thats it its chili fries time


getting tired of this explosive racism




think im going to get a second job and start a business on the side ill never be able to live the carefree neet life again if i dont make enough money


simply invest in bitcoin and ethereum


yeah remember the crypto meme that was fun


Who's this super aggressive poster he needs to go back


just invest in amd


who is the aggressive poster linka post


ya i want to invest in $amd as much as possible


beard is itchy as flip im raging gonna shower and shave


shite shower and shave rise up incels


just did 2 of those things


wish i had kept my hand around my tulpas waist in the picture she even commented on it when i moved it as we were taking it
at least i can get some understanding of what she wants from that



They have a pnig-esque passive aggressive feel to them in which they're left "open ended"


uhhhhhhhh hehe ooog you are crazy


Ever NOTice they start to call me crazy and try to discredit me I'm guessing it's a teen from discord who has a grudge against me and they can't get away with it anywhere else other than an anonymous place like this


phew smooth as a babys bottom hima i feel great


fast hours


nice job killing the thread fast complainer


File: 1541381308360.jpg (78.26 KB, 888x547, 1541345654271.jpg)

wash your back


firing up some battlefield


havent even gotten a bone since halloween i dont have to try that hard to do nojo in fact it seems like it tKss more effort for me to jo daily


say it to my face and NOT online and see what happens bitch


oh no im being targeted by the evil discord teens help


If I knew you in real life I would probably kick the fuck out of you. No offense but that's just what guys like me do to wimpy little babby men like you. Its the natural order of things


suggested we go some place nice to eat to t g but she said she really wanted some place where we could be alone then she told me she took one bite out of each of the chocolates i left trying to figure out what flavor they were then she told me she really liked eating the instant coffee
are all girls like this or is she just 'special'


crying thinking about metzen in the q&a line saying he missed everyone


hello, friends


File: 1541381977815.jpg (23.18 KB, 270x434, onseki14.jpg)

hello bro


what are the other 13 onsekis


File: 1541382163306.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.27 KB, 600x440, onseki11.jpg)


File: 1541382368815.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.5 KB, 396x451, onseki10.jpg)


she is specially tard alright


he wishes


draenor is free


gonna shower


bored gonna fire up wc3


skipped the last 100 posts or so


this bunny girl show is good it reminds me of something else cant put my finger on it oh yeah bakemonogatari
mc fixes girls paranormal problems and entangles them in love triangles


that sounds nice im gonna watch it then


yes that sounds nice i enjoy anime i am going to watch anime


time for fries


can i have some


no theyre all for me


this is a pretty good season and i havent picked up slime or the maid show and i dropped index but ill probably pick it back up


slime is good


love a good slime


nicknamed sis slimer


teen teener


need to think of some things to do with t g when we meet next
i think its safe to assume she likes me at this point


get in a car accident and die theres something you can do


thats a really mean thing to say


shes keeping you as an orbiter while she flips mean tattooed chads on the side remember nice guys finish last


she said she doesnt like tattoos she also doesnt like muscle guys either


File: 1541383967736.gif (346.08 KB, 480x270, 1339401742444.gif)



bring my tulpa to a nice fwbc sermon


she really hates religion plus she lives pretty far from the fwbc she would probably end up yelling at panderson and getting us kicked out


may have to do it to this


crying again


what do girls do in their free time


do what


they play the sims read girlbooks and eat ice cream


File: 1541384547431.jpg (111.29 KB, 1080x852, r083bdzck1j11.jpg)

me soon


holy SHIT


really liking these cinematics because they depict races like orcs and tauren accurately meaning they depict them as hulking badasses


oooog accurately oooooog


im a hulking badass


File: 1541385259368.jpg (3.95 MB, 4160x3120, 20181104_184451.jpg)

got some wheels bros


moms crying again told that bitch to shut the hell up


put that roast in her place
ill never forgive my mother for making me cel and she understands that



i never clean my computer is that bad




we journeyed east always into the east


maybe ill be tracer


File: 1541386417505.jpg (260.92 KB, 1076x1522, 71467977_p0.jpg)


oh mama



coal burners should be publicly immolated


im white


im incel


told my tulpa im incel


File: 1541387203934.jpg (3.67 MB, 4160x3120, 20181104_202336.jpg)

i have 4 pillows and can ask for more who wants to come over for a fight


can i stuff mine with rocks



hate the bot spamming ghost g


what spambot



i wanna be winston


nice gamer mouse turt




Wish death was upon me


File: 1541391099842.jpg (32.73 KB, 470x427, virtualbobs.jpg)


hi dear can you open up your bobs




i just watched that like two hours ago hehe


wish i was indian


ive been here before its great




how come theres no good kizuna ai porn


gono snoze


god damn starwars sucks dick


NOT really maybe you suck dick


File: 1541396976750.webm (5.72 MB, 1920x1080, ImmaterialAngryAfricanporcupine.webm)



they should leave cheevos in they add to the replayability


wish i was as pasted as that mate


oog paste oooog


butthurt bitch


File: 1541398945957.jpg (172.06 KB, 1142x1600, 58227702_p0.jpg)


whats she mad about


might pick up a new ssd all my drives are full and a good TB extra of space for games would be great hehe


nice pack rat


im about ready to give up on fixing the keyboard i replaced the small caps near the usb power source and had to buy the bigger caps since i couldnt find a spare board that had that specific size but it still isnt working my last hope is replacing the resistors near the power source but i doubt they would cause the short


ordered some sea monkeys


just spent the last hour and half completely cleaning out my keyboard and all of the caps phew you wouldnt believe the filth that was in there had to scrub it but good its so nice now though


did some snooping and found out you can find shorts using a thermal camera i got one of those handheld thermal sensors and i NOTiced like 2 diodes at the bottom are a few degrees hotter than the rest of the board


youre wasting your time


time to fire up fgo


youre wasting your time


thats the closest a girl will get to telling you that she wants her slimy kitty licked and flipped you flapper


had a fever mates lay in bed and had a crazy fever dream woke up and watched some ika musume weird how that other mate posted squid in this thread and The Boss was disappointed because i wasnt awake to eat the dinner but i feasted on the leftovers and used the breaded schnitzels to make some tasty burgs hoo boy they were good hima



was very confused over the whole daylight savings thing and what time it was supposed to be until i finally realized im in a different zone


i hunger


raging because i will never continue the dream i had


File: 1541423984924.jpg (Spoiler Image, 538.97 KB, 3176x1200, kpH3fjM.jpg)


File: 1541426002353.jpg (73.28 KB, 730x1000, __original_drawn_by_hai_ookami__70580985721884….jpg)

brown girl


baste jim


had to leave the neetlands today ugh


i love brown


eating a big pile of chicken nuggets and an apple


why did god place me on this earth just to suffer


made coffee


think i'll make some too


File: 1541429647646.jpg (2.35 MB, 2000x2500, 1539859390163.jpg)

milk truk just arrive


wish i had a mommygf to breastfeed me


the demiurge collects your suffering as a form of energy


excellent honduran bean water today


File: 1541430550048.jpg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024, image0.jpg)

are you thinking what im thinking


those are some working class hands


nasty hair hands


File: 1541432196211.jpg (78.26 KB, 888x547, 1541381308360.jpg)

wash your back


File: 1541432316721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.85 KB, 850x1754, image0.jpg)

pasted my tulpa


is my tulpa dating pnig now ive been skipping his posts for a while


please dont get him started


gonno have a foot long hima


im asking because ive been researching aniracetam after turt lied to me


think i want to hug a neet


never had an enjoyable hug


neets are dangerous dont go near them


theyre coming for us neet incels the time to fight back is now before


dont say us or we


File: 1541437989641.jpg (590.76 KB, 1300x744, 035d7d8e599febc27b279bad1e3a88f1.jpg)


can i say ass


we have to stick together us incels have no one in the world and the roasts control the politics


if you arent with us youre against us


gunna plank


go back to ota already obsessed retard



just woked


warcraft 3 reforged will retcon old lore


used to think porn addiction was a meme until it happened to me


bored of porn


wonder what p anderson would think of this


just removed one of my synapses


sigh opened up the box of chocolates and saw that my tulpa left only 4 pieces with a bite taken out of them


cant remember the last time i had chocolate


we shared a meal from the same plate before but this is just wrong you dont take a single bite from a chocolate and leave it


whats wrong with that


its like NOT putting the cap on a bottle of pop after you take one sip


what if i want to take aNOTher sip later


die sippers


miss when the freak used to roll up in here and dab on everyone


hes in heaven with the duegibros now


he gives pnig relationship advice now


gonna become a life coach


time to fire up yakuza 0


im home gonno have some coffee and cake and play mmy tulpaa


indirect kissing


officially gave up fixing the keyboard tried everything that seemed faulty but im guessing its the controller that failed


listening to some guoyue


just woke up had two separate dreams where big cats pounced on me and bit my throat and killed me gonna have some coffee and play mmy tulpa how goes it mates


pretty sure i told you i thought you broke it with the multimeter by shorting it when you were probing around


going great


the microcontroller i mean it probably wasnt broken just from flipping the polarity and would have been fixable before



nah theres no way reverse polarity of only 5v and miniscule current would have damaged any capacitor theyre rated higher i dont think you can find one thats rated lower than 16v i checked the very hot spot near the usb power and its NOT the caps that are really hot its actually the resistors near it that are i tested them and theyre working near their stated values the other guys were right that its the controller that gets fried when you switch the polarity it was the controller from the start


you wouldnt have broken any resistors only diodes sounds like theres too much current going through that resistor


there was one diode that got a little hot i replaced it and still NOThing so theres NOT much i can do at this point ill be building a usb powered lamp so ill use the keyboard to steal parts from



i dont think the microcontroller was flipped to start with pasted on what you said originally those other guys didnt even bother to check


sperm used to have a yellow tint to it but recently its been very white wonder what changed


Wonder what my tulpa is doing bet her pussy smells


nice intel cheated on benchmarks again to make epyc look bad by disabling ht


NOThin wrong with a little stench down yonder


mine used to be white but now its yellow and gelatinous



installed drivers that made my touchpad work better hooked up the mouse and its buttery smooth i dont even need my desktop at this point


touch this


really enjoying izzet drakes



time to cook that pork roast


File: 1541459996422.jpg (237.46 KB, 1063x857, oumama.jpg)



what sellouts


cant blame em for taking free money


got banned on vrchat


baste gonno fire up poe on my ps4


they already have tencent money what more do they want


ooog vr chat ooooooog


more free money


I am the kami of my 2GET.
DQN is my body, and VIP is my blood.
I have created over a thousand kusosure.
Unknown to world4ch
Nor known to 4-ch.
Have withstood bans to create many flamewars.
Yet, those posts will never contribute anything.
So as I pray, Unlimited Troll Works. </aa>


nice ko-pipe


anyone wanna poe



cant bring myself to play poe anymore


yeah big space turd real interesting


im too dumb for poe


im gonna play in the next league


niv mizzet makes me rage


hes fun


too many games and NOT a clue what to play


how about doing something productful


fire up some fornite


gaming is productive


only if youre a pro sushi chef


should i get liposuction


might blindfold myself for a month to heighten my other senses


need a sexy ladiesuction stat


youll go blind if you do that



my tulpa called saying she was really stressed and wanted me to tell her to relax so i told her to calm down and relax
then after a pause and a sigh she asked me how my day was and what my plans were for the night and we got to talking she asked what we were going to do next time we meet and i got to making her laugh
it was a 40 minute call she thanked me and said she had to go to class

is this what its like to have a gf


ya thats pretty much it


she said she was scared of getting fired and going homeless so i told her id find a box for her and make it one of those flat boxes that she has to slide into and cant turn over in
that made her laugh especially hard


hima im bored


pork time hoo boy


facebook gf hours


flip yes pork


flip yes gf blogging


is lgf blogging okay








hell ya euro truck sim


have been having a foot long sub with pickles bell pepper red onion mayo and chipotle for lunch almost every day for a while now


fool 6in is more than adequate for lunch


its NOT gotta get that full foot long


and coke zero to wash it down hehe


tardlaughing hard after posting for some reason


katrina was 2005 what the flip




check the time stamp


best pork i ever made hima phew


baste piggy


wish i had some right about now im starving


gonna watch some one piece and snooze later mates


wanna drink but i had diarrhea today


went to the chink restaurant to binge and when i came out someone had vomited by my car


baste vomchink


wasnt me


i dont like it here its weird the people are all bigger assholes than usual and there are farms everywhere and they dont have trash cans they simply put their trash in whatever container they dragged up to the end of their driveway one house had an overturned refrigerator that had trash bin spraypainted on the side




hey hima big day worked hard then got off and made a harbor freight run got a bunch of stuff for my brake job
went into the pet store on a whim and they had 20 gallon tanks for 22$ so i bought one
its going to be a tard quality dirted tank meaning the botton of it is potting soil but i just now realized that i should have got some gravel or something instead of leaving the dirt as the top layer i did look at lowes for gravel but they didnt have any plus i dont want a big bag of gravel sitting around


freight is such a cool sounding word


it should be cool when its done i also got a cool light at ikea maybe ill post a pic


gonna puke on someones car


File: 1541472266795-0.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4032x3024, 4311C4A9-E399-4D97-ABB6-83142928AD23.jpeg)

File: 1541472266795-1.jpeg (1.68 MB, 4032x3024, 608A891C-0FC9-4E91-BC28-3843BBFB29F4.jpeg)

made a big cup of coffee hima


sighing thinking about my tulpa wonder how often she thinks about me


is that where you got off on murdering all those fish


thinking about 2010 and 2011
they sucked but there was something cozy about them too


its too late to be drinking coffee


just realized my tulpa was 13 in 2011


2011 was the worst year of my life


what happened


the dog snapped me


i snap man ass


might just destroy this planet


ok have fun


got a bottle of very overpriced eggnog


no no no GO DDAMN IT


Gym time niggas


Pumping this fucking iron PUMP PUMP PUMP ESKETIT


hell yeah nog it


it was $6 for a pint i feel ripped off but i guess it was alright


feel like booting it back up and cruising down the dutch highways looking at the stretch of tulips


sounds peaceful to me


when will i begin to blossom


Haha we're soyboys "ironically" right?




Uhh uhh stfu haha


uhhhh uhhh uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh


think ill sleep in a sleepnig bag today


whats a sleeping bag for


you sleep in it


Uhhh pretend to be retarded meme haha epic do i fit in yet bros???


thinking of asking my tulpa to come over if i say something like 'when i get a couch do you wanna come over some time' she will probably say yes
really dont know where all these memes about girls instantly rejecting guys for something like having plain tinted sunglasses instead of polarized sunglasses comes from ive made a lot of mistakes and said a lot of really embarrassing and bad things but she still likes me and talks to me


Whats her snap chat homie



pretty sure i saw from one of vargs latest videos that he built a tipi kind of hut somewhere on his property thats kind of epic


im plaintintedcel


varg is NOT enlightened like sv3rige


why would he tell you her snapchat


wish to go outside and build a mudhut out of sticks and rocks but i do NOT want the neighbors to call the police on me


flip sv3rige


Why wouldn't he


just went whole hog


NOThing positive would come out of it


why do you want her snapchat so badly i dont know it because i dont have a snapchat
she told me i should get one even if it meant i would only snapchat with her
shes such a nice girl sigh


new 373


nice fortnut


gonno make a snapchat account and track down my tulpa so i can send her pics of my neetbone


File: 1541477392623.jpg (34.37 KB, 572x714, 1541209463735.jpg)

pill my tulpa on foss software


got a pack of sauceless pulled pork for dinner gonna feast motherFUCKers




wish i had some


it took a very very long time to explain to her how to use printscreen and gimp and the crop tool and exporting pngs
the thing she had the hardest time with was dragging the exported image to the taskbar and into an email shes very tard but shes very lovable and friendly and nice


cant believe those people exist


her tard habits are a charm point


Some roider is half repping 115 ohp


watching star wars cant believe how fucking shit it is
brought up how much better star trek is than star wars because it seemed more realistic and my tulpa called me a retard for saying star trek was realistic


Imagine what her sweaty pits smell like haha disgusting!!


this pork is salty


Pork or pork


Is that what we're calling her pussy she must've NOT showered last time her """"pork""""" tasted normal


leave my tulpa alone


baste tardsuz


flipping my tulpa is a possibility and thinking about it makes me feel really weird



gonna have a big cry



sad to think the discordteens dont remember the saten mr word weird meme


File: 1541478895224.jpg (132.43 KB, 1200x949, 0883723ce92183ac9793d5a67e187b5a.jpg)


havent gotten a gamergate update from saten in a while


flip you oldnorm



saten meta whiner......



hate white people


want to hear a joke about paper


guess NOT
it would have been tearable anyway



if the person says yes then youre supposed to say "nevermind i cant its tearable"


cant believe billys been dead for two years now


Sometimes i wish i was a dinosaur so i could've been extinct centuries ago


Hair is two inches long think I'll let it grow so i can get that meme cut


liar it hasnt even been a year


Well i ain't calling you a truther!


hey onseki make a thanksgiving theme


he doesnt know how colors work all his themes have been shit


No you're right i don't work right at all I'm shit


eggplant and halloween look like unfinished themes


hima is incomplete without coby and the bogan


how can we get them back


even the christmas theme that was made as a joke looks like an actual theme


still using invertmas


gonna start using invertmas too


add my theme i need it on my phone


Never used any other theme other than liquid shit my entire hima career


wish the see through post box was added to invert
wish there was a darker version of mushroom
wish things posted got added
wish freak was still here


Freak is here


get a bag of sand retard


chowin on some almond rounds


no they look good


if youre a reflapper


feel bad for the true black theme guy



i flip man arse




Wish my tulpa would come to bed


never flipped man ass before whats it like


NOT as good as my tulpa's ass


why does onseki instantly ban someone for posting the ck kopipe about rice cookers but lets haysuz post here is it because ones his discordbro and the other isnt


Epic kenbo simply epic


flip ck


Do NOT talk about my tulpa otherwise kenbo will retaliate in his usual passive aggressive manner by asking why you arent banned or something


File: 1541484689655.png (6.07 MB, 3522x2505, 81.png)


cant he ban people why doesnt he just ban haysuz instead of complaining


Ban that fucking spic and anyone resembling him ban him to the other side he doeent deserve to be alive


ill get on it tomorrow dont forget what youre asking for


Make it slow and painful immolation would be best scar the norms who scarred me


Who's voting tomorrow and what are you voting for


gonna buy a backscratcher


File: 1541485632846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.43 KB, 552x382, 1541467713577.jpg)


cant stop staring at that pic am i cool


File: 1541485923908.jpg (920.02 KB, 1117x1582, __hatsuyuki_kantai_collection_drawn_by_minarai….jpg)


wish vr was actually a virtual reality and NOT just a screen strapped to your face


I can't play vr for more than 5 minutes without getting dizzy and a headache i played for 15 once and i threw up


you sound retarded


lost the genetic lottery


File: 1541487067964.png (1.49 MB, 905x1280, 1538203777227.png)


whys she sad


drop that ass


because shes a vile whore


don't be jealous




just did some yardwork sweating up a storm


power went out during a tornado warning so i prayed itd isekai me like dorthy and snoozed


File: 1541507321746.jpg (242.27 KB, 1080x1920, image0.jpg)


woke up and made coffuccino


at work hima hows it going


if you got one day to travel to any place on earth and you could go back in time too, as far back as you want be it a day or million years where would you go


been away for a few weeks and my himaspeak is already weak


himaspeak is my natural speak because im unironically reflappered


gonno sweep & mop


using the chad 7.5 hp shop vac instead of moms virgin dust buster


a group of roasts outside the train station handing out flyers to vote democrat in 2020 should i go and vargpill em


just blast black metal


dont want to scare them off


reviewbrah is registered democrat


voted republican to cancel moms votes


poor mom


mindblowing that pnig gets all the gfs while i die incel
i am descended from british aristocracy he is descended from slaves

it is an injustice and one that must be rectified


you need to have a good personality


tell that to all the drug dealers and prison inmates with gfs


pasted strawman brainlet


nah you just got owned with logic
doesnt take a big think when you consider that bad men almost never have trouble with gfs
its all about the lms


if bad men never have trouble with gfs explain turt


im actually the good guy its the norms who are bad but they perceive themselves as good because theyre humanists

i guess youd call me chaotic good


oh ok


when women see a bad guy they see a good opportunity to change him it boils down to elementary knowledge that opposites attract doesnt it


no they get off on seeing him as dominant
its the status


then simply be dominant


ooooooog simplyt ooog dom ooooooooooooooog




having a coffee


File: 1541523004977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.84 KB, 1024x1012, __saaya_original_drawn_by_kirome_kamipaper__0e….jpg)


you cant be dominant on hima because every time pnig thinks someone is stealing his attention he bans them


holy shit


File: 1541523875147.png (1.27 MB, 1660x1516, 1541522591505.png)


love chinese food but its probably bad for ur health right


yeah dickspammer has always been like that total sociopath


nig asked me for a spare dollar why do they go after me is it because of my boy looks


are you a cute boy


dont leave your flat then i do that


File: 1541524459417.png (63.15 KB, 200x200, benshapirolasereyes.png)


norms all over the shop


gonno vote republican to stop the democrats from opening the borders


gonna vote by absentee ballot for democrat to negate that guys vote


sick of amerinorms


i stand with varg and agree america needs to be stopped


gonno mow


you just need to be fun to be around and be playful and make her laugh
thats all i do with my tulpa


File: 1541529279860.jpg (206.42 KB, 2560x1280, f4fnktxiyqw11.jpg)



uhh just be a 6'2" store manager haha


is it stil live


i think its over it started at 9am in california


this was the stream


do NOT mention c*li


gonno watch it



mowed my pubes yesterday now i can jo much easier


just realized that my tulpas probably jod to pnig more than once already


cant understand what this fat chink is saying


something about the 4+ hour talks with my tulpa feels really really good even if in the end we end up NOT talking anything profound and mindblowing
its just us talking to eachother learning about eachother and giving eachother their full attention
i think all the times weve gone out shes only checked her phone two or three times


dont talk about lisa like that you assh*ole


dont talk about mom su like that bastard


yeah what the fuck is your problem you should feel ashamed


nah flip you technorms


bin this fliptard




basted flipping filterseki why dont you bin yourself


pasted banseki






cant even post about flipping my tulpa whats the point



onseki please fix [aa] tonight


ordered aNOTher sando hope it gets here soon these guys are usually pretty quick


should i get myself a 570 after the 590 release


simply get a 590


crying seeing people talk to adoredtv in the comments


holy flip


too late


hell yeah sandos here


wonder if ken ever directly asked out my tulpa or can you consider yourselves a couple just by being self aware you like each other


this isnt middle school flapper youre only a couple after you touch lips


asked first if she wanted to go for a ride then after that asked if she wanted to hit the touge
then the next day i asked if she had fun and asked if she wanted to do something again in a few days
then after those few days at the end of the night i told her that she makes me really happy and that i really liked her that was the night she started crying and we agreed that we should keep doing things together outside of work she suggested we get coffee after the meeting the following morning but she missed the meeting because she stayed up late reading twilight
then a few days ago i asked her out again so now were doing something else in a few days
her call yesterday felt a lot more intimate with her telling me to tell her to relax and calm down and that things were going to be alright


is there a non norm spinoff




can you pm me the link



gonno hit the touge with my boy


tard from the nile


holy shit blizzard is making a diablo mobile game


it was an april fools joke




epic video


love it


gonna fire up the wizard of oz


File: 1541536752921.jpg (77.7 KB, 1080x793, grinch-mainstagemobile-5aa021aee4dad-1.jpg)

my tulpa wants to see the grinch i didnt even know there was aNOTher one theres the original good one and the jim carrey one and then this one thats too many remakes for this


File: 1541536935079.jpg (306.73 KB, 1920x1080, 005397b2-fcc0-4ab4-b38f-d7629f296b56.jpg)



could go for some green eggs and ham right about now


please dont snap me but i wouldnt mind if you did is what her face is saying to me right now


thats NOT what its saying at all


what is it saying just look at her shes practically begging for it


christmas even in the mansion


just woke up hey mates hows it goin


go back to sleep


sleeping is for norms


File: 1541540084895.png (657.46 KB, 1080x1920, xwlteyfepnw11.png)


File: 1541540386653.jpg (91.62 KB, 730x768, bbclgegilbw11.jpg)


time for some coffee


took an antihistamine pill


was moving a mannequin and the bottom came off so the merchandising girl said she would pick it up because it was her favorite part and put her hand right between the legs and grabbed the bulge
why is everybody in this company a flipping tard


they hired you after all maybe its affinity


all the new people who werent hired by scape boss arent tard its a sad time


we need to hire more tards


im tard


im hard


feel when too intelligent for retail


holy shit


I don't have balls this is weird


its over for intel


intel on suicide watch


wow intel got flipping owned


File: 1541541847400.jpg (47.37 KB, 852x480, 1370581170475.jpg)


that demo must have been like a nightmare for intel fans you have amd demoing a single 7nm cpu against a dual cpu intel system costing probably 10x the amount of the amd one


is the new epyc going to support avx512 because if NOT then its worthless
also inst each cascade lake a 350w chip with no hyperthreading


Everyone on hima has bigger balls than me


https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/cores/rome it is a mystery zen and zen+ dont support avx512


been thinking about kissing my tulpa it seems like a natural progression maybe its more weird that we havent done it yet especially all those times overlooking the city lights when she looked at me for an extended time when my arm was around her and her face was about a foot away from mine


gonna get sis a nice 8350 system




greg seems to have gotten a bit better at handling his ego i can stand to watch his videos now


you get banned for using a capital letter but NOT for >>854157


onseki hates people using capital letters talk to him about it on discord


thirsty gonna sip



gonno sign up for uni





why are women allowed to be police officers


women are stronger than me


gonna watch rumble in the bronx wish me luck


nice $140 for a $9 sparkplug change


owned those traitors


skipped for two days sorry NOT sorry


kiss me me kiss me me


moms talking about how the old ladies at the retirement place she works are so excited when their husbands die because they were jerks and they just put up with it their whole lives


girls like nice guys



this movie is great its like a beat em up game in movie form


redid the dirted tank today its much better unfortunately i was tard and flipped up something ive never done before
grabbed some nice chunks of log from the woods and i knew enough to wash them thouroughly but what didnt know is that they refused to stay at the bottom of the tank hehe
the biggest piece has a glass bowl with a rock inside sitting on it and the other two are just floating around
its NOT really critical that the tank gets cycled any time soon so ill just let them naturally sink to the bottom it will probably take like a week


simply boil the wood that will make it soak up water and will also stop it from turning your water piss red


File: 1541551505146.jpg (266.99 KB, 850x1021, sample_5a2f13a01e9be95bda012d401dd97ced.jpg)


havent jerked it to saten in a long time might have to change that tonight


die sampler


gonno watch and snooze later mates


13 honda accord has slownnlow sticker and then hondafam under but its stock height lol


might have some pork and rice then


is pork and rice codeword for my tulpa's pussy and titties


why do you keep posting this


no im having a nice meal of pork and rice


post my tulpas snapchat


fuck gfnorms


who wants to be my pro gaming coach


hes NOT going to post it you dumb flippin spic


still havent joed yet
wondering what the point is
i could keep going easily but im bored


shoes smell like cat piss hima


dont even own a cat to hehe


fuck you kenbo post that shit pussy nigga


suddenly feel like dying hima


might just jo


for what sushi bar


wish i knew vietnamese


also wish i wasnt a fat balding friendless incel


simply fast


been having sound issues on my debian machine and fixed it feels great that it works smoothly now


i dont know


then id be a healthy weight balding incel freak that cant enjoy food anymore cause im fasting why bother


okay lets start with this to improve focus and coordination


nah fire up smash mates instead


smash mates is for noobs


fire up some melty blood


got something in my eye


wasnt as gigantic as i thought after a week


just got home realizing how much things have changed recently
even two weeks ago all i was doing was hoping to have a day working with t g or for her to call me just so i could answer one question she had
now we make plans to do things outside of work and spend hours alone with eachother and call eachother to see how the other is doing


never knew tetris was made by a russian




what the fuck


pasted fucknorm


didnt you think it was weird how the game has the guys doing the russian dance
or how the buildings look like russian buildings
or how the guy does the russian dance in between levels
or how the r is backwards


think of tetris now and i think of puyo puyo tetris and then i think of himako


the r in tetris on the nes cartridge is NOT backwards but i guess i should have gotten the hint since the text at the bottom says from russia with fun


god that video is painful to watch


File: 1541559104897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.67 KB, 600x478, 72pins-blizzard-series-nes-cartridges.jpg)




gonno transport some semen to your asshole little girl


had to delete that from my history


got a river of sweat flooding my ass time to shower


dont get why im still expected to suffer through things like work when i get none of the benefits of society


quit whining and do something about it punk


like what


should i become a weedlord once michigan legalizes it today


take the fight to the norm


gambled and lost it was a big loss




any good maid themed songs


get a waterstore job and then get a nice genkitard gf


sighing hard


pg you need to try this pineapple cider


a gf is NOT incentive enough to suffer a social job


that sounds pretty good


NOThin social about sitting in a back room all day



was going to vote for the legal marijuana now party but didnt feel like leaving the house


marijuana is legal here now its baste


yeah NOThing social about interacting with customers and coworkers


shouldnt be expected to work after what the norms did to me im such a cuckold


its one person per store in the slow season and today i had a grand total of 3 people coming into the store
checked sales of a different store and he had one person

the previous manager used to lock the door and sleep in the back and people would knock to wake him up its a very relaxed easygoing job


yeah if youre a norm


kind of glad i stuck with the water store instead of looking for something tech related right away because im making a good amount now and my tulpa is someone im going to keep in touch with for a while
she said if i dont go to thanksgiving she would either feel horrible all day or she would come kidnap me she really wanted me to meet her mom


wish i had a maid


real maids are old fat mexican ladies


NOT maid related but still a good song and twin angel is very bigly bone inducing


is it illegal to pay a 16 year old girl to come to my place and dress in a maid outfit and clean all the sperm rags in my room


ill be your maid


just imagined nb in a maid outfit


same and i threw up


rather NOT


gonno continue rumble in the broncks


wish a underage maid would clean my bone


lost an entire set of tabs im crying


cant believe girls are allowed to have no job and be respected as a housewife meanwhile im considered a useless neet


if you dont mind a 20 year old flat girl i could arrange that for you if you pay her a decent rate of $20


foolish tab hoarder
they obviously werent important since you dont remember any of them


old people are baste


latte time mates


File: 1541562198527.jpg (101.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


fool the milk to coffee ratio is too high


hate coffee but love milk


it was a bunch of artists i was going to save one day


my lifecycle is coming to an end



hate that norm


he started the fire show some respect


elliot wasnt a norm




drank some cider now i feel like posting about my tulpa


love overpaying for scorched milk and dirt coffee at starbucks with the bros


elliot was baste


mouse is still double clicking after cleaning it out sigh its over


just learned georgia is the peach state


gonno clap



the sexy lady state


playing some rising storm


rising norm




i flip man rear


save some for me


dont like prison school but it does have a pretty good bgm




hope euro truck sim works on linux



mom was upset democrats won in our state i had to give her a light vargpill on why it doesnt matter who wins but shes kind of an npc and didnt fully pay attention


wish i could get some advice about my tulpa but all seki wants to do is stop me from posting about her


what do you need advice on


your mom is a npc what


yeah cause no one wanted you normblogging there was poll and everything


its in his nature to spam hes called dickspammer for a reason


if i should try escalating things next time we go out i hope shes NOT waiting for me to do something to her because im a bit worried if i try something she will think im some kind of creep
she knows that i never did anything like this before so she should know this makes me nervous and ill be slow at things right


gonna hug a neet


you better start escalating if you want to flip her


the fact that she cried when you told her you like her means she wants something serious


Love how seki bans me for being me but refuses to take action against that nigger blogging despite it being unanimous no one wants to read his shite elder abusing life


might nap


pnig has dirt on onseki


I think onseki just worships the nig


a way that would help me is if i told her what i wanted to do to her as those urges come up but that definitely seems weird

she cries easily and was kind of shocked and said nobody ever told her honestly how they feel right to her face and that how i felt about her was incredibly sweet

i think im overthinking all this again like the two days when she was at the wedding
she knows pretty much everything like the no school stuff the no gf stuff the virgin stuff the anime stuff the no friends stuff the no family stuff so my biggest fear is that shes NOT doing this out of guilt

coincidentally from what shes said im exactly the kind of person she would have bullied if we went to school together


he cant ban him because hes himako


normblog hours gonna game


oog me game


same gonno fire up yakuza


File: 1541567060217.png (Spoiler Image, 15.28 KB, 703x95, bifnig.png)


File: 1541567153442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.86 KB, 1920x1080, rg.jpg)


installing ets2 on my linux laptop if i cant run it ill play a little bit of valkyria chronicles




never streamed before


must i dump


should i stream paper mario


paper normio


play valkyrie profile instead


fire it up


wish i was basted


just camed


drunk rn


wish i was drunk


cant believe people cancelled their 9900k orders from amazon and bought them from walmart


thought asmr was a scam but hatomugi legit helps me fall asleep





File: 1541568403992.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.67 KB, 1039x925, DrWC34qWkAECJxN.jpg)



too dumb to understand that




what do you do when drunk


can taste my bad breath


File: 1541569035685.png (297.39 KB, 678x502, amd-chiplet-678_678x452.png)

AMD’s chiplet design approach is an evolution of the company’s modular design it introduced with the original EPYC processors featuring its Zen microarchitecture. While the currently available processors use up to four Zen CPU modules, the upcoming EPYC chips will include multiple Zen 2 CPU modules (which AMD now calls ‘chiplets’) as well as an I/O die made using a mature 14 nm process technology. The I/O die will feature Infinity Fabrics to connect chiplets as well as eight DDR DRAM interfaces. Since the memory controller will now be located inside the I/O die, all CPU chiplets will have a more equal memory access latency than today’s CPU modules. Meanwhile, AMD does NOT list PCIe inside the I/O die, so each CPU chiplet will have its own PCIe lanes.

Separating CPU chiplets from the I/O die has its advantages because it enables AMD to make the CPU chiplets smaller as physical interfaces (such as DRAM and Infinity Fabric) do NOT scale that well with shrinks of process technology. Therefore, instead of making CPU chiplets bigger and more expensive to manufacture, AMD decided to incorporate DRAM and some other I/O into a separate chip. Besides lower costs, the added benefit that AMD is going to enjoy with its 7 nm chiplets is ability to easier bin new chips for needed clocks and power, which is something that is hard to estimate in case of servers.




im chiplet


game listen to music really loud sing and dance around and post on hima


and watch anime


Wish i can skip this existence everyone fucking hates me except mom soon as she passes so will i fuck all of you rude assholes


lets see a pic of mom


i dont hate you


File: 1541569743257.jpg (239.46 KB, 1356x1356, 41781950_292803768180972_7997961517335052288_o.jpg)


pasted keith



bored i dont even know what i do all day anymore


true joy and satisfaction must come from within


"A taxi driver once told me that once he picked up a black guy from a bar. He got in with a Chinese girl on each arm. He assumed that they were both ‘professionals’ so didn’t pay much attention. That was until they arrived at their destination: the dormitory of one of the top research schools. He said he was really surprised at that."

holy flip the chinks are getting owned glorious


uh what if the black guy was the student and they were prostitutes


nice try chang lang zhao


running valkyria chronicles using that new steamplay emulator its really smooth


normplay normulator




File: 1541574587011.jpg (69.65 KB, 600x743, 1501529944096-1.jpg)


muhammad was ped


actually 9 y/o wasn't ped back then



File: 1541575195440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.29 KB, 1254x1771, 1513436932152.jpg)


forget it its buggy as hell gonna uninstall


hate having too many games cant decide what to play and end up playing NOThing


first time gaming in 2 months probably wont be gaming anytime soon as well


gonno mine some bitcoin



hi hima woke up time to work work work


bored anyone here


im making coffee




shat hard phew that was a messy one


im watching an aris vod and contemplating my future


i have no future



skipped the rest of last thread but read all of this one is that okay






when is the hima mansion going to become a reality


fire up the patreon


got myself a footlong and a coke zero hima


got a footlong for you right here


3700 might end up being 16c




fire up the mmy tulpaa


File: 1541605242162.jpg (166.66 KB, 590x330, ibihlxq0svw11.jpg)

is this the 3700 2ccx and an io chip




thats NOT a real pic


ugh hungover


owned hard


getting sad now


File: 1541607913514.png (740.8 KB, 1000x1400, __original_drawn_by_seventeen_st17215__5cf2d9f….png)


woke up feeling really bad like i havent slept well why do the norms force such suffering on me


as for me i slept very well


my tulpa said she usually dreams about things that happened that day and on that night she said she would probably have a dream about me
would feel kind of weird if she had a dream about me


might start spamming out of rage from these normbloggers


good thing onseki keeps a watch on hima to prevent spam


then why does dickspammer get to norm spam


two theories one onseki is waiting for him to slip up and will ban him two hima is a blog so you can blog on it


this song has the same indescribable quality as that midnight dance song i uploaded a while ago hope you like it if youre still here

funnily enough the artwork depicts it as accurately as conceivable songs like these always evoked images of urban skylines under moonlit glow to me


that one doesnt do it for me like tokimeki midnight dance


so what your telling me is that hima is for facebook gf posts


ever since momgf ya


other songs which inspire such imagery are 'like a constellation', 'champagne destination' and some vocaloid songs whose names escape me at the moment i guess it just has to do with the synthesized instrumentation and the cascading flow of NOTes i dont know i have no formal knowledge of music theory so i could just be rambling incoherently here but thats my guess


gonna watch oliver stones untold american history


File: 1541611814894.mp3 (11.13 MB, 3 âVâââôâpâôâfâXâeâBâlü[âVâçâô.mp3)

think i might have neglected to upload champagne destination last time tell me what you think of this one


going out to golden corral with mom later cant wait


skimming through it kind of does these songs to me seem really bright and metallic


shoes smell like cat piss again


spermed sang and sobbed time for some coffee


napped now i feel like shite


stop napping you god damn retard


i cant be helped i got sleepy


im napnorm



flip you loudnorm NOT clicking that



what happened to kazumi386


gonno poop


File: 1541616154819.jpg (177.1 KB, 639x479, 1537587768862.jpg)


why was she getting flipped twice in the vid
i cant relax like this who was the guy


that was me sorry


File: 1541616390875.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 360x270, no3t9ib.gif)

wish i had a cute gf like this big sigh


is this a jo song


no but this is a jo song




i will link some more jo songs maybe you will start to recognize them on your own after this




this one might be a bit too high level for beginners


love that one


this is a perfect song for beginners


hope you understand now




by indescribable quality do you mean heavy encoder artifacting


get a $10 speaker like mine they have alien tech that doesnt let you hear artifacts


fool how do you expect to get eargasms like that


File: 1541617556480.png (158.28 KB, 650x700, ec3f67d0284c7fc212db3278c1b92173.png)

why is this saved in my url field


nice jo song
all pre 2010 hardcore is good jo music


i put it there do you like it


File: 1541617583136.jpg (313.35 KB, 552x779, 4579d6f5ffc867ee81843222df610dc0.jpg)

there are a few more in here what are they


File: 1541617626109.jpg (78.26 KB, 888x547, 1541432196211.jpg)

wash your back


holy flip chicken nugget


wish to flip a exy lady


hima needs more filters like the one or the old pasted one with rainbow effect


theyre funny for about the first day


is it ok to post this


should i watch solomons perjury the girls look pretty cute


this canNOT be legal



File: 1541617887371.jpg (410.6 KB, 650x650, 1535321078247.jpg)

my tulpa sent me a text like this what does it mean


File: 1541617959905.jpeg (1.82 MB, 4032x3024, B78AEA56-8183-4626-9A29-55466C03A194.jpeg)

havent blogged about it yet but the new tank is set up theres an undisclosed number of happy goldfish in it right now
the wood hasnt soaked enough so its floating at the top but when it sinks everything should look better


why did you put soil down are you planning on planting something


yes ill be planting some stuff NOT sure what


hate people who hark back to nostalgic times get over it time has one direction



time is NOT linear norm


plants are pretty expensive basically $6 a bulb
probably should have done it before laying the gravel because its going to make a big mess to do it later


what about this meme


should have gotten some sand and then put the gravel on top if you used normal potting soil it probably has some kind of fertilizer in it that will KILL those fish


its organic soil thats been sifted through and the gravels been washed several times
more worried about unknown parasites and bacteria on the logs


thats why you should have boiled them you fool


didnt have a pot big enough but maybe i will try if the roommates leave afor a solid few hours


if fish are so fragile how do they survive in the harsh conditions of watery graves and drowned catacombs




check this one out seki

also nice sexy lady at 1:25


hate when you have to explain to norms why youre boiling logs or why you have a car charger hooked up to a tub of water or why theres a barrel of caustic chemicals outside or why youre doing yardwork at 2 in the morning why wont they just leave me alone


ya it is tard time is a 2d plane thats inside 3d space


File: 1541619176267.jpg (147.36 KB, 800x600, 1393441557692.jpg)

time is a flat circle


you guys have it all wrong time is simply a consequence of motion that humans rely upon to structure the external world it doesnt actually exist the way an object does


wrong again shit eater


nah for time to have a loop would imply the universe has infinite mass


if it doesnt how does god exist outside of it


okay im boiling water in four different pans


i microwave my water


getting excited


is this a jo song


think im going to start one of those fishing channels where i find a bunch of crazy stuff while fishing and have a bunch of CRAZY stuff happen to me while fishing


NOT sure if it means anything but i laughed


NOT sure if it means anything but i laughed


stop spamming


oh god these boiling logs stink




sip the logwater


File: 1541620014289.jpg (16.32 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


File: 1541620087667.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 4032x3024, BCFA80EC-6089-4896-BF22-0C758B8A9907.jpeg)

hey hima made log soup


baste masaokis




put the logs out on front lawn to stew


what u munchin on doe niqqa


i think even if i boil them theyre still going to float for weeks


gonna fire up the pasta


might try to make a wooden spoon it looks fun


thinking about my tulpa again sighing REALLY hard


wondering if i should just forget about these real logs and buy some concrete ones


i wont give up but i need to find some heavy rocks to weigh em down


Imagining my tulpa bent over in front of me and i trip and land face first in her ass and my nose goes in her bhole and i get shit on my nose like a reindeer


she was saying she wanted some gloves so i might take her and get some gloves one day
i told her to get mittens instead but she wanted gloves like a flipping tard


pasted glover


should i piece together a pc from frys or simply order the parts online


wait for zen2 and navi


are you patient enough to scoop up some good deals online




napped hard hehe whats up hima


if you want a really good strat to kiss my tulpa simply wait until shes staring at you and look at her and caress her hair if she doesnt pull back that guarantees a kiss


i just got back from work talked to mom about n24 a bit now im going to have moms coffee and draft on mmy tulpaa hehe


zeta male
Today at 1:56 PM
Sup fellas
Just got home, its poop time



what the hell does that reply mean


made my own sample of shampoo used the water i get from the artesian well i swirled around a bag of chamomile tea added a couple drops of juice from a lemon and 2 drops of fresh lavender essential oil that arrived a few days ago


urethra hurts


is that you himako


of course i put a little bit of castile soap in there


it means >>854501 is a discordnorm


no im NOT idiot i dont even know who zeta male is also die discordnorm what were you doing on discord





whats the most amount of cash someone should carry on them


i didnt post that



die you flipping skipper


what do you have against skippers


should i get aNOTher sando


ill take that as a yes ordered a big italian with extra pickles and extra jimmy sauce and extra oil


got some jimmy sauce for you right here


uh oh hima looks like a storm is comin


looks like i contracted ligma from flipping so many meme sexy ladygirls


I could have DIED :p


sandos here time to feast


ate some rice and beans


wish to flip a memesexy lady zoomer


i could see memesexy ladies flipping very easily


going to bait one with tidepods


just bait one with the promise of a big dick and being fucked hard she will go for it


spammers got a hold of my phone number sigh


figured out what jimmy sauce is hehe



what is it


its mustard


you mena musflapper


seki is this true


havent had honey musflapper sauce in a while might whip up a batch



i should get a nice tv and some low budget movies and invite my tulpa over for a tardmovie night i got some jiffy poopin the cabinet ill po pit up and slather it in oil


girls only like netflix


File: 1541629165161.mp3 (8.61 MB, 01 - beyond the bounds.mp3)


if i get a tv with netflix she will force me to watch big mouth with her
she keeps telling me she wants me to watch it


ask her if she wants to watch the haunting of hill house on netflix its good and scary


ask her if she wants to pinch it yes or no


lost to the worst player ive ever seen because i had to mulligan to 5 and went 2-2


she doesnt do good with scary movies at all she showed me this trailer and even though it was just a trailer she had to pause it to calm down after the jump scares
like she put her hands to her mouth and turned around and was making a whining sound like a dog


i figured as much she seems like someone that cant handle scary movies thats why i suggested it she wont be able to watch without squeezing you the whole time



the scariest movie is one you probably havent even heard about it......my life


why didnt you embed


too many embeds


bought a nichia led


sigh now im worried about this supposedly heavy duty shelf collapsing under the weight of the fully loaded tank
cant guess but it probably weighs at least 120 pounds


gonna call turt over to lift it


fool i already told you figure 10lbs per gallon of water NOT including however many pounds of gravel


i think the shelf is rated to 360 pounds so unless the fish poop a lot it should be fine hehe


embed or i skip




File: 1541633416997.jpg (117.65 KB, 584x749, 1369873574421.jpg)

your otaku culture face when browsing hima


hima should i buy some whip cream chargers


this time i reapplied lather after my first pass instead of just splashing hot water on my face


what were the results


File: 1541634161974.jpg (979.9 KB, 943x1488, __hoto_cocoa_and_kafuu_chino_gochuumon_wa_usag….jpg)

oh my god i just realized their names were hot cocoa and cappuccino


im gamin


should i move to canada


it was fine but i wont know for sure till tomorrow


die drugnorm


i am NOT a degen i just hate america


what is so bad about it


america is the best country in the world idiot


wait wait a minute a minute canada is on america you fool


hate amerikkka and gunnorms



big sigh
spreaded some peanut butter on bread and enjoyed one sandwich then i was making aNOTher one and there was mold on it and the area around the mold was hard and darker colored
had to toss the whole jar think it was left slightly open just gonno eat plain bread now



canada is america but only slightly better why NOT get a real upgrade and move to malaysia


i want to start cultivating fungi but mom wont like it
find them massively interesting and always have i remember in microbiolgy class in high school i was asking the teacher so many questions about fungi the other students starting making jokes about me doing shrooms


im a fungi


did i ever tell you guys about the mold trap


which is best pt gf l gf t gf


only one of those is realistic


lgf is the only one worth your time


which one is it l gf


is it racist if i sperm to this


new gm finally got here and said i could go to the bank but i told him they closed a half hour ago what a flipper


im new gm


whats a bank is like never been in one





ban this spammer


why did you skipped so many


they were NOT worth my reply


you cant say that every post is equal here on hima


mine are more equal than others


i just had NOThing to say because im the dumbest one on hima


very weird


quit denying your heritage pnig leave that poor water girl alone and settle down with a nice colored gal you uncle tom bastard




no thats me


are you going to listen to my suggestion


t g called to ask how i was doing shes such a nice girl




toshio saeki is pasted


wish i was baste


youre うんこ


flip you bnig


its useless


eating a burger


firin up yakuza 0




played some terraria with my mum


always wonder how they photograph pets
seems hard to get their attention its NOT like they pose
even more weird is when they have a cat and a dog in the same pic facing towards the camera must be a tough shot


fool its easy


Anyone got jungle fever


my tulpa sounds ugly i look way better than her


wish i was a cat




some really good events coming up here soon in fgo hima cant wait


have a listen


is that you himako


There is no himako only that black coal burnt piece of elderly abusing shit


wish i had a gran that was still alive


woke up hungover as flip having some hair of the dog that bit me might make some pork and rice soon


File: 1541642954513-0.jpg (93.28 KB, 500x503, image_name.jpg)

File: 1541642954513-1.mp3 (3.15 MB, Oogame Asuka - Os-Uchuujin.mp3)

have a listen


only a matter of time till that sicko tries to murder his gf to


closed that in 1 second


File: 1541643100483.mp3 (7.99 MB, 15 - Os-Uchuujin.mp3)

i think you uploaded the wrong file heres the right one


hows everyone going mates might play some mmy tulpa


oh god my sides


just leveled up


shes cute with a cute personality to match


ya she is ugly lmao who talks about anyones personality big red flag still the cutest girl on hima ;)


die larper


File: 1541643873956.jpg (90.64 KB, 500x466, 1508548531039.jpg)


piece of shite comcast is barely working again how do they get away with this


alright gonna make that pork rice


should i jo to this



old guy doing r&d at the plant here asked if i was married and when i said no he said you will someday old fool has no idea what hes dealing with would probably blow his mind if he knew how many hundreds of years old i actually am

later i went to a restaurant with a buffet and a little halfbreed nigger girl picked up one of the plates and rubbed it on her face and hair then put it back
a guy picked it up and i stopped him
disgusting coalbunner and her nigger was just letting their abomination run rampant

dont think the mild enjoyment i get from a track event is worth the negative of everything else


joing makes you blind


Why don't people like me what did i ever do to anyone


got a bone in my pants




how many tabs is too many


more than 8




how is it tragic i bet im a lot happier than that pseud


End this fucking suffering


wish i was a pseud



my knuckles are itchy


miss literal translations in subs


chest hurts when i breathe is this the end


gonno cry


feelin it


gonno snooze


we need to go back


BIG sigh




carrying 3k in cash is that too much


dont trust banks i keep it all under my mattress


NOT keeping all of it under my mattress


told my tulpa about the cider and she said she already had it
shes barely 20 why does she drink so much


report her thats illegal


im no square


21 is a ridiculous drinking age to begin with


shes slowly picking up on bullying me today she said she wouldnt blame me if i brought some manga to read next time we went out hehe


feasting real hard mates


convert her into the otaku ways


same except only on some nachos


wish i had some nachos but theyre forbidden


she wouldnt enjoy it


wonder what my life would look like if i never got into otaku culture


shed enjoy kiss him NOT me


youd be into american comics instead


my brother is really into comics hes always recommending me stuff that i have no intention of reading but some are pretty good


was gonno have a grand celebratory jerking but if things get hot and heavy tomorrow my tulpa will think im a small spermer


any booby comics


im reaching the end of my life cycle


better to jerk beforehand so you last longer


i have extensive experience with unrealistically tight and stimulating onaholes i think ill be fine


got the banner of the yagi with lala and mirei


gote is my favorite animal


ive got one of the banners i submitted myself im NOT telling which one though


is it a sexy battler banner


how did you know


i hacked the FUCK out of you


still planning on getting a couple of goats soon


hell yeah


dont get the purpose of domestic goats when goat milk isnt a common thing anymore


sometimes when im in the store i make noises like a goat looking at something and trying to understand it


they eat grass and attack bad guys


the eat the grass and you can pat them


feasted too hard now my tummy hurts


time to dump


feel like joing but too lazy to actually do it


you guys are fucking sick stop shitting and dumping and sperming


oh god monkey bread


i desperately want to consume raw goat milk but its illegal so you need to do some weird things to get a hold of it


like to make small talk using my deeper than usual voice and make teengirls feel weird


oh and of course many states are considering legalizing marijuana but NOT raw milk holy fuck


milk is for babies


whats a raw milk


i bet this mates voice makes girls horny


craving some poe so freakin bad cant wait for the next league


oh my god this double clicking is going to drive me insane


just get a new mouse you dont want to end up like keyboard mate


you dont understand i cant simply get a new mouse


you ever just sit in your truck


i wish


milk is bad for you weed isnt


just get a intellimouse off ebay for $10 its probably better than your current mouse



intellimouse is a meme people only like it because it was their first mouse so the muscle memory stuck with them



absolutely pasted onseki on suicide watch


File: 1541650752359.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.96 KB, 488x366, image0-3.jpg)


miss the good old days


hope the yurie fig survived his aunts rampage


think ive got the dts


t g asked me if i smoked i said no she said she doesnt either
but then she turns around and drinks 15 gallons of wine a week


15 gallons is too much


it sounds too much like hes holding in a bunch of air ive NOTiced this with a lot of guys


Uhhh uhh uh uh uh uh uh u h u g g uh uhhh ooog oog oog t oogg og ooooog
Shut your fucking you mouth you black piece of shit you're a good for NOThing pussy abusing a helpless old woman ending up in prison just like your father just fucking die already spook


woah man settle down now


miss kidjo


feeling at ease tonight


on one of the runescape q&as he said that his mom didnt believe it was his real voice and thought hed been doing it on purpose for years


you need to speak like that guy who asked those 12 year old girls if they liked looking at his dick thats the kind of voice that makes girls horny


wish i didnt have nasal autism voice with a retarded accent




my voice is one of my best features according to my gf


when will i hit my growth spurt



File: 1541652291796.gif (570.71 KB, 480x270, 1339125162257.gif)


puddi puddi


akanesasu shoujo is pretty epic


whats epic about it


gonno feast on some jalapeno chips


god damn it




woke up and tried to fart and shitted my bed again


been there hehe



this one reminds me of himako (pnig)


cant believe chas is gone


hope bnig streams malcolm in the middle one day


malcnorm in the middle hated that show




whats to hate


it was stupid and gay


just like me, neetblog


cracked open a cider


Does anyone plan on going on a cycle any time soon i want to relate to someone for once in my pathetic life


might pour aNOTher glass of wine then


what is a cycle like biking


Steroid cycle


very slowly falling asleep is the best


oh so the opposite


yeah but only if were dirty bulking hard


alright gonna watch that bunny girl show


We discussed this already you said you were trying to trick me into getting me fat


its fun imo


so what lets get fat and huge together



You're NOT going to cycle or bulk you just want to get me fat I'm already bulking but it's a clean bulk going to cut with clen with my pct


muddy that worthless clean bulk lets get huge lets get big


NOT sure if this is even more norm than the gf blogging


been bulking for 27 years now


t g likes slimmer guys so i will NOT be going on a cycle


its NOT


the best part of this is when shes walking and moving across the screen back and forth


cant wait to see richs mate get dismantled in the ring


i think it might be


sorry but the korean language makes me violently ill


Becoming a huge muscular freak is NOT norm whatsoever people fear you as soon as they see you rather than feel repulsed if you were a skinny fat neet twink



youre never gonna become a mass monster on a clean bulk retard lets get dirty lets get huge


id respect a exercise otaku but you guys are just failednorms


ban this bnig worshipper


>exercise otaku but you guys are just failednorms
What makes me a failed norm? Is it because you said? You get to dictate whos what? I don't fucking think so youre more of a norm than anyone here


stroked my penis and skipped 45 posts


baste greensuz


people have told me i look like a young bigfoot silva


I was touching my ass while i was walking and i felt my muscle my ass is big and rock hard think im going to stop doing hip thrusts and squats or ill just rule out lower body exercise all together


havent had bubblegum in like 15 years


stopped chewing gum ever since the incident


did i ever tell you mates about the mud flood hypothesis




keep seeing insects crawling on the wall from the corner of my eye but theres NOThing there


its psychosis


when i close my eyes sometimes my third eye blinks for a second and i can see with my eyes closed except its NOT real is that psychosis too


stop eating diphenhydramine idiots


i dont


had that happen once but it was from ssris it was just spiders but they were basketball sized and moved unnaturally quick



i told you the korean language makes me violently ill nonembeder


Greatest love story ever told behind Pam and jim's


but the bone


thanks a lot now im puking blood everywhere



nice nanahi in more konami games


no this is the greatest love story ever told


according to this top 10 high school romance anime list toradora is officially the greatest love story ever


watched toradora with a girl


bet nisekoi is on that list too for some reason norms really love toradora and nisekoi


was it mom


yep it was




wonder if i could get sis to watch evangelion so i can get a bone when the boobies part comes on screen


my brother told me his friend said that evangelion saved his life


watched all of nge and eoe within one week it was one of the worst weeks of my life


never liked eva


miss tricking sexy ladies to listen to this song on younow


sis loves eva we talked about it one time and she was uneasy when i talked about eoes message because of the incident but shes a fujo teengirl art student and just likes the cool bits



whatever happened to younow


you know


File: 1541655813519-0.jpg (7.84 KB, 480x360, hqdefault1.jpg)

File: 1541655813519-1.jpg (26.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault2.jpg)



It's NOT spammed anymore once that nigger got some female attention he's NOT a pedo anymore


so what youre saying is peds are only peds because they dont receive any adult female attention


i flipping hope you die i absolutely despise seeing your posts they make me want to vomit




hes talking about me


I'm saying pnig was only a pedo because he didn't receive any female attention


hes talking about me when i post about my tulpa


he flipped his cousin on the reg and avoided creepy tacobell girls for years before his imaginary girlfriend


Well actually he focuses on the female that gives him attention i wouldn't be surprised if he starts posting 20 year old horribly disfigured blondes just how when his cousin gave him attention he posted sexualized brown sexy ladies


i still prefer brown hair girls but her brown eyes and freckles make up for it


thats how its mean to be moron if you only focus on women who dont give you attention youll start turning gay and worrying about canthal tilts


foolish brown eyes are the worst too but freckles are nice


pasted flippin death by cop


wish that was me


nice tardwalk


she wants me to go with her to an interview tomorrow shes looking for aNOTher job that she can do during the weekdays during school
she said she put me down as a reference but i never got a call thank gosh


super horny slutsexy lady at 0:50


post a screencap dont want to pause this gmm video to scope it out


her sluttiness is visible by the way she moves sorry


put mom down as a reference and she told the employer that im a useless retard that shouldnt be hired


did she say semi automatic handgun


yeah hehe


she isnt wrong



its redundant i could say its a military grade semi automatic assault pistol and i wouldnt be wrong either



Wrong fucking link




felt a bit bummed when the new gm didnt make it in time for me to get to the bank but telling my tulpa about it and hearing her laugh made me feel a lot better
then in the end i just went to aNOTher bank so it was ok


File: 1541657238262.jpg (104.14 KB, 1500x583, XCM_Manual_1139962_kitchen_Storefront_Flip_HOM….jpg)

what the FUCK is this


who cares about that watch this instead


its bake up fall treats


looks like dough with some cut up fruit inside




looks like a deep sea creature


File: 1541657621434.jpg (206.06 KB, 1500x1903, ad6f9f9333c183681c23ec7d011fea6c.jpg)

gonna be thinking extra hard about miraculous ladybug tonight


hate freckles it looks like dirt


freckles meme


shes a ripoff of molestermans oc



File: 1541658634266.jpg (4.22 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20181107_220911.jpg)

have i ever showed you guys my calendar




i think shes mtf


whats gay about it


NOT gay thats markiplier




nice turt showcasing his room


wish i could have been an athlete



i could have been an athlete


cracked open a brew


were all drinkers here


nap time


you can still be a progamer


wish i could be a progamer


its NOT too late


it is


gonno snooze


made a fatal mistake with my acquaintance today


at work hima whats up


woke up and read looks like most of it was haysuz dabbing on pnig


done reading it nice posts but haysuz ruined the mood


fantasizing about killing myself again



go to bed pnig


got myself a chicken bacon ranch footlong and a coke zero hehe


waiting for my bus hands are cold its gonna snow tomorrow


hope your snowshoes are ready


bus didnt come dumb american public transport so i went home


intel nerds are still waiting for their 9900ks


but i just woke up


buses are for norms become a Driver


gonno make guatemalan bean water



File: 1541691962824.png (167.58 KB, 976x1400, FA_MTG_00_05.png)


might get a nice cheap car to mess around with any suggestions


walked passed a mazda dealership with mom and showed her the nc that i want to have


Acura integra rwd swap it with a k series


flint rollers are so epic


nah fuck you haysuz


Fuck me papi


is there some anime that mentions flint rollers


time for breakfast today its lava cakes


sexy sexy got a bone
see above


boneseki are you coming to japan too


chevy lumina or a ford escort five door
whatever japanese cars you can find from before 2000


bunch of norms got owned in aNOTher shooting



hope i dont get gunned down on a date with my tulpa



hope i get gunned down soon


wish you would have embedded but when i clicked it a big smile was on my face
miss hearing this album for the first time


one million views what the fuck
holy flip


implement an embed limit so we can only embed 2 videos in a 24 hour period


yeah and look at all those norms in the comments


yeah just NOTiced sigh




using my second and last embed of the day for this my first embed was >>854557


File: 1541695042799.jpg (1.02 MB, 2493x3495, __yamada_elf_eromanga_sensei_drawn_by_weill__1….jpg)

really like this shape and also her face


what shape


i outlined it


those were some good lava cakes hima a bit too much lava for my liking i told the cashier teengirl i would be back to tell her if they were good so im going to return and tell her that they were really wet


i thought those were strings


can i have one of my embeds deleted and replaced with this


why do norms have to ruin everything i like


File: 1541695428656-0.webm (3.3 MB, 888x500, LivestreamFails_Am_i_cute_or_beautiful_for_u_….webm)

File: 1541695428656-1.webm (3.3 MB, 888x500, LivestreamFails_Am_i_cute_or_beautiful_for_u_….webm)

File: 1541695428656-2.webm (3.3 MB, 888x500, LivestreamFails_Am_i_cute_or_beautiful_for_u_….webm)



learned the proof of why square root of 2 is irrational




i dont get it


dont get what


hate when norms approximate numbers


ahh ahhhh fucking god damn it


miss the days of 100bowl barely speaking english and me barely speaking japanese so we would post in japanese and english to communicate


hope amds chiplet design is good


just woke up




never had a pen pal


crying thinking abou haibane renmei


sigh lain


cry somewhere else


fucking ooooooog ooooooooooooooog ahhh


gonna have


figured out why hima got extra shitty recently


is it normbloggers


normbloggers are killing himasugi


its pnig and the whiners simply get rid of both of them and hima will be fine


okay so it is the normbloggers


its the suz everything else is ok


Fuck you nigger


dab on niggers


hit or miss i guess they never miss




woke up jerked it now its pee time


File: 1541698276386.mp4 (4.25 MB, soulja boy.mp4)


hate being reminded that darkies exist


File: 1541698753200.png (879.78 KB, 1190x1174, __akatsuki_and_ikazuchi_kantai_collection_draw….png)



those girls should measure their heads instead they probably have swollen brains just look at them


wish i was big brained


phew b from discrete exam


gonno jog



boomer sarcastically called me mister personality because i dont talk so good


woke up ended up sleeping for 12 hours having some coffee hows it hangin mates


my flipping coworker just threw me under a bus


chowing on some spaghetti


gotta shower before i go with my tulpa to her interview



went to buy a pizza but it was closed so bought some pre made meal gonno eat it now



been a while since turt whines about his freakishness
probably hit him really hard when that boomer mocked him after he tried so hard to be a norm for the last year
almost got away with it


bought a nice couch and bed gonna get a very nice tv next im thinking an oled one


mister money bags
can i recommend that you do NOT waste your money on meme stuff and just go to ikea and buy the cheapest bare essentials


whats the point of a tv anyway you can get an absolutely superb 120hz gaming monitor for the price of an oled tv youll use once a week


all im getting is a couch and a bed and a tv and then some kitchen stuff like a table and chairs and a nice set of cuteplates


i want to be able to watch anime in the living room and watch scary movies with my tulpa


gotta agree with this



thought you said that scary things are NOT a good idea yesterday





might be fun plus we need something to do if shes coming over


buying furniture solely to flip a girl
gotta respect that




you dont understand
this couch was incredibly comfortable


hope it was used


does eating pineapples really make your sperm taste good


it was new i paid cash in full and felt like a criminal when the lady was checking all the money


ask turt


ya but you gotta drink lots of water and NOT eat fish or onions too


but i only eat fish and onion sandwiches


then you are doomed


if i moved into an apartment tomorrow i would probably buy NOThing and just live in one room and have just an electric kettle and some used kitchen stuff from the thrift store instead of buying new pots and pans and cutlery


guessing my tulpa lives with her parents pnig is creating a hangout spot where she feels inclined to go all the time very clever


might have some pork sandwich


mindboggling how often mass shootings are in the us why do i have to live even 1000 miles near these subhumans


she doesnt live with her parents
when i was talking about getting a couch after i said i could sit in and either watch tv or look at the 'art' she was trying to get me to buy she kept pushing asking what other things i could do on a couch
felt weird so i asked her what else a person could do on a couch and she raised her eyebrows a bit and smiled and said 'oh NOThing'
flipping creep


was there aNOTher one


what a creep


im a creep


shes perverted


im pure of body and mind


simply basted


hey pnig i paid for the msf course im doing it after thanksgiving any advice





get a qt tardgf from your job like me


gonno be cold


NOT surprising to see oneseki worshipping pnig and asking for life advice


dont forget your helmet


ほら catch you catch you catch me catch me ゼタイ


gonno curse god


pizza night