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flipping love zoomers


shall i nap


thou shant nap




varg was right christians are the real jews


jesus was a jew


im a jew


im chink


got a can of pringles and i just NOTiced there is hebrew on it what the hell


enjoying freetube its faster than the stock website


jews have tainted them dont eat it


its tradition to eat pringles when lighting up a menorah


too late im already reading the talmud


still need to finish the poetic edda


give me the blops double xp code


instead of a hima mansion why dont we get a fleet of rvs
teams of two or three hima mates per rv we can haul around all our stuff and even get satellite internet and game it up


can feel the shit trying to escape my asshole


gth assnorm


get the butt plug


old gm visited to take some stuff from my store and told me my gf 'frickin loves you' apparently she told him that i was her favorite and talks about me a lot


getting arrested was the best thing to happen to the nig


the hima mansion will be in amarillo texas


nah hes completely deranged now



hope thats a chink uncensored video


it is


hima will stop china


keep thinking about that whole day the biggest thing is that its such a relief to know she kind of likes me and doesnt mind doing stuff with me outside of work
she was giggling like a kid at stop lights at the beginning it must have made her really happy
then that night when we were on the way back at stoplights she kept playfully bumping her helmet against mine and i would bump her back


we lost a brother to the curse


gonna fire up the orange justice compilation


the guy who learned it today should record himself doing it like this and become a meme


dont want to give you a swole head but that audio made me incredibly angry
i havent had zero luck with women but there is no way i could ever make a girl laugh like that if i tried all the advances ive tried to make seem paltry and pathetic compared to her laughter
hearing that shook my entire persona to the core i dont know whether to keep hating women or try harder but nonetheless i feel obliged to tell you youve stumbled on something special and you owe it to yourself and her to take it as far as you can


kept telling you to NOT take memes too seriously and look where its gotten you


dont think i ever wont be amazed by orange justice



found a video of seki driving his civic


i ran a red light yesterday when i was loudly blogging to myself and wasnt paying attention
slammed on the brakes and they locked up and the squealed loudly probably everyone within 200 feet saw me
pulled into a gas station entrance and drove around the back and hid for like three minutes and caught my breath


foolish runner


time for a dipski in the lipski


shall we do it






stream what


anything except norm shit


woke up had a dream about talking in the discord voice chat and everyone made fun of me gonna have some coffee and game


nice normseki


but first im gonna shower


gonno cum inside this teen


leave my gf alone


turned on the holiday station expecting halloween music but its just christmas music what the FUCK


hate xmas


whats halloween music


whats the difference between a lozenge and a cough drop


gonna game time for some blops



thats gay


youre gay


how did bnig get a job at the water store


showered and shaved phew


he walked in there and gave goat boss a firm handshake


i saw a sign on the window so i walked in and scape boss was there and said he was qualified to also interview me after that i was hired on the spot but i was told i would never get a safe code or alarm code or keys or ever be left alone in a store now i have all of those things and i only work alone because im a manager


was the interview tough id go job hunting if it werent for the interviews


bout to fire up blops myself


just bought kingdom hearts 1.5 + 2.5 remix


he just asked me what i did in my free time i told him i played games and ate food




did you mention that you jo off to underage cartoon girls




no but i brought up my schooling to my gf and she got a weird smile on her face and kept staring at me with her mouth open and said that highschool is a big part of peoples lives with so many experiences and said she was shocked that i never had any of those experiences
wonder if thats when she realized i was a virgin i dont think it made any difference to her this was at the beginning of the conversation even before i asked if she wanted to go for a ride

really looking forward to meeting up with her in a few days we both have the day off so its the first time meeting up with her outside of work completely


dead hours


stop masturbating and start working hard


File: 1540847932333.jpg (230.22 KB, 750x600, turtletron_admits_it____by_cabaretdeldiavolo-d….jpg)


didnt think the car would get so much bumpier with the swaybars i guess im getting closer to the point of which a car is no longer a streetcar

i dont get it


woke up hi getting real sick of the my gf blog



turt is that you


turt why didnt you tell me about aniracetam turt how could you lie to me like that


ya its me your brother


that wasnt me lmao that guy is flipping pathetic

youre being placebo'd


uh wasnt me


turt has NOThing to say about that because it flies in the face of his beliefs he did the same thing to me with aniracetam


meta hours gonna fire up reboot


its time to do something about the personas


what am i supposed to say
pnig is one of the biggest if NOT currently the biggest norm here yes i would even consider him a bigger norm than chadseki
pnig is like 6'2"
pnig has the status of a manager
the ingredients are all there it goes without saying
he did overcome the curse of the norwood how admirable
his teen tier obsession with her is going to blow up in his face though

aniracetam didnt work for me neither did phenibut have to say i was NOT impressed with the nootropic meme


you're delusional



cleaned hard feeling fresh


wish i was basted


you are basted


was going to say the same


bored guess ill play some dota


turt youre delusional if the aniracetam worked for you then you could see that


when is blizzcon i want to see the reviews of classic wow already


what dose did you take ill repeat it


fire this up while you wait


750mg twice daily it took a few days and its fat soluble so drink some oil with it


i already watched that


im NOT drinking oil ive got to get abs for summer


was forced to watch movie trailers the other day


last post

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