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They're exciting


whats exciting about it you arent even the one getting whats in the box its a video


you get 1/4th the dopamine without the cost


hima just made two melts with smoked tuna and mozzarella


nice mine are cooking now


gonno watch one piece and feast on em


hate tuna and hate cheese


what about mayo and hotsauce


hate mayo and anything spicy


thou fool


未来が眩しくて見えない fire up the microwave and heat up a banquet meal


why mozzarella when gouda exists


cheeses all serve their different purposes


its NOT that good for melts



every single place ive told her about she put in her phone should i ask if she went yet and then if she says no do i say im taking her there or do i ask if she wants to go sometime


fry up some ground chicken and add gouda to it youll be on cloud nine


orbiter hours


code red The Boss has successfully infiltrated the main neet chamber




defend the incubator


got some microwave indian chicken


gouda blows


its too mild i need a sharp cheese or whats the point


He'll yeah that's perfect just say we should ride there and ill show you the togue along the way


remember hearing that youre NOT supposed to microwave chicken


its fine if its already been cooked


I microwave everything


still look back in fondness for when that mate here learned how to microwave bacon he was so happy


wonder if someone looks back in fondness for one of my fake stories hehe


there is NOThing near the touge


lying neetblog


mindblowing to think neetblog and i are likely the only ones to have never lied on this website


when im lying down at night i often just reminisce about classic hima posts like explosive racism and seeing pnigs goofy grin every time that mate masturbated


Well then take her there after or before


ive lied before


i dont believe you


You can always take her home after for Netflix and chill


i just want to make you mates laugh


Don't think I've ever lied


i dont trust you for shit


got greasy fingers sigh


I'm a man of my word because in life that's all you truly really have my g-d despises liars and charlatans


NOThing wrong with a little white lie


youve lied on several occasions liesuz youre a pnig level fibber


Everything wrong with lies no matter how big or small


What have I lied about


think ill nap then bye bye mates


there is something i must confess


confess it to cunnilingus


dear cunnilingus,
melon ramune blows



I haven't had one of those pops where you have to move a glass ball in a while


ramune and ramen are pronounced the same in english


no they are NOT




Wonder if pnig will lick tg's kitty


ramune is 3 syllables and ramen is 2


cant wait to be pursued and dragged out of my room by these things and executed in the street during the great incel purge of 2025


I say ra moo nay ans ra men



wish to go to one of those oldschool arcades in japan where mates in their 40s go to smoke cigarettes inside and play fighting sushi bars for 12 hours straight


its scary in those


hey,hybrid american.
i don't your future and killing soon!
go back america from ryukyu
we hate hybrid monsters. give back racial island!
will be growing up terrorism!


the average height there is 5'7 theyd be scared of me


die tallnorm






i pronounce it ラムネ and ラメン






File: 1539320486816.gif (1.81 MB, 480x269, giphy.gif)


gonno hehe if you know what i mean


i dont


wish i had an icy cold coke coffee plus right about now


have an rc cola instead


havin a lil cream pop out of my whiskey decantre


lot of cock for cash aye


turt did you see the new law and order they talk about chad


ban this mate


i agree it blows its too hard and too mild its like eating plastic
give me a nice creamy soft havarti and dont disturb me


no i dont watch tv



thats why i said to add it to something on the pan get it nice and melty i never eat gouda straight


gorgonzola is my favorite its simply unbeatable


fermented cheese should NOT be categorized along with regular cheese


why NOT cheese is cheese



yogurt is from milk yet you wouldnt put them in the same group




die mutant


milk producing organs are modified sweat glands


pretty sure my penis is NOT a sweat gland


milk is just filtered blood


pebis milk is stored in the balls


you cant put gouda in the same category as your fancy crafted blue cheeses


thats NOT milk its sNOT
penis sNOT


sis asked if sperm was really milk i told her ya


baste sis larp


bops4 pubg mode looks pretty cool

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