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castile soap is an older type of soap how is it NOT real


it wont get you clean enough i keep a bottle of dawn in the bathroom


it will get you cleaner than dawn because it lacks conditioners and emulsifiers its a straight soap without the bullshit


time to start writing the NOTe for tg tomorrow what should i throw in there


please please me is flipping filthy what the fuck


never liked the beatles


i like the idea of some mates in their teens starting from humble beginnings and becoming some of the most successful musical artists of the modern era


that was back when being a famous mainstream musician only required pure talent now we live in the age of lookism


modern artists are still talented just look at bruno mars


or this mate




File: 1539903760451.jpg (33.7 KB, 347x500, original.jpg)

specifically that last mate


gonno clean the floors with some bronners


i use bronners on my asshole only


wish i knew enough about something to make a popular youtube channel about it


should i buy a japanese toilet that squirts water up my asshole


yes but dont let sis use it because she might end up like ena in that one doujinshi where it squirts her kitty


its called bidet and its NOT japanese and it does NOT squirt water up your asshole


bidet and japanese toilets are NOT the same


thats NOT the point


nah dont lie there wasnt a day i was in japan that there wasnt something squirting my arsehole with warm water


is that before or after you realized you were gay


the water does NOT enter your ass



it does if you let it and you want to be 100% clean


what about the pesticides


if it enters your ass you are doing something wrong


holy flip


turts hole is loose he cant help it


youre underestimating just how strong the stream is its borderline painful at times but you can turn it down
and you want to loosen your sphincter to get the fecal matter thats inside it

all the same sbwk


Eating Birthday Cake Alone
poor nekoten


never had a dad teach me how to use the bidet…



i am NOT loosening my sphincter for anyone or anything


is it possible to meet and flip nekoten


its illegal to NOT have a bidet here


loosen it every time youre getting heightmogged


enjoy having shite working its way between your arsecheeks then


what if he has a bidet but NOT a japanese toilet


do they have oden without the fish flavor


my bdhole does NOT dribble


wish i had a bidet but neetblog made my last one unusable


your girl was winking at me and i didnt wink back


kind of want to buy some extremely expensive cans


what cans


wish i had some coke coffee plus rn


headphones for some reason youre supposed to say cans


get some k1000s


dont understand why there are so many trading cards whats the point if you dont have anyone to trade or play with because nobody is going to invest in every single one of the thousands out there
even in japan where people are closer together it seems like it wouldnt happen who is going to take a 愛 live card sushi bar seriously


those are NOT headphones they are earspeakers


people dont actually play the sushi bar they just buy them to collect them


oh right cans just get something from beyerdynamic



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going to invest thousands of dollars into toasters or something so i can make a toaster channel and have 40k subscribers as i talk about wattage and charring might even make a 30 second long intro for the start of each vid


愛 this meme


review a siemens toaster


why NOT become an electronics otaku


do NOT forget to get one or two of these to go with your cans otherwise you will NOT get eargasms


just got dehumanized by the npc meme


sis says she likes listening to asmr of mates talking about technical things


pray for delicate raindrops


File: 1539907820983.png (1.48 MB, 1280x1696, [HorribleSubs] Dagashi Kashi S2 - 02 [720p].mk….png)




she got married to a rich chad


dumb b00sting roastbitch




might need to recruit sisrp to help me write rp for my sis asmr channel


her boobs are nice


so are mine


cool do you play with them


yeah do you wanna watch


ya i do




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File: 1539910172396-1.jpg (419.15 KB, 1047x1500, 112.jpg)

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baste pastamate


wish i had a red face lgf


wish pastamate were still alive to see this


why is his voice like that


cant believe he was taller than me when he was 6 years old


wonder if pastamate met the hatman


massive amounts of growth hormones expanded his vocal cords its like blowing in a tiny bottle vs a giant jug


15 posts left


15 posts left


bring back doubleposting


gonno ldar for a bit


愛 laying down and regenerating


hand smells interesting


whats interesting about it


what do you mena


hes been jerking it


omoshire nioi


speak english wapnorm


is it a coincidence that he has a freak name like igor or did they do that on purpose


my name is igor


hes from ukraine thats a normal name NOT a freak name


未来が眩しくて見えない play izzet


wish i was ukrainian


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