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catching some fish


started up a new minecraft world


File: 1538637097396.png (74.76 KB, 450x461, fish.png)


die scaper


wish i had someone to talk to about embarrassing things



93 posts left


you can talk to me



hima dies when i wake up


had a big nap just woke up hows it hangin mates


bored and lonely




what are some good hard labor jobs


cant go wrong with construction


how do i get a job in aNOTher country that looks like a blast


walk in there and give the mate a firm handshake


my hands are too soft theyd just laugh at me or get a chicken nugget


i lotion up my hands to keep them soft


tired hima


drink some coffee


thank you pete


its too late to drink coffee i should have snozed already


got the hiccups


sometimes remember that the words posted here are goofy 20-something real life people and it disgusts me id rather talk to different ais


you too


personally it gives me a chicken nugget


how can i know if im real or NOT


愛 the smell of me own cock


thats weird


NOT really


sigh hima tabs memory leaking again


time for a sotosmorph


chicken nugget


someone call the doctor because ive got a chicken nugget in the wrong place


愛 imagining some mate typing up a hima post


mutated bfast


time to slice open a can of mixed veggies



bored as hell


got the ota banner




just aNOTher thing onseki is doing to ruin hima


ota dabs on himasugi


gonno fire up dragon quest


normon quest


feel like morphing but its NOT the time


gonno have myself a burg combo


It rained last nighthad to go with The Boss cause it started thundering


maybe i should get myself a eurowife like pastor anderson did


i was fine then someone started talking about me so i started sweating and now i think i might stink


i was in the bathroom and a mate next to me was jerkin it because i saw his shadow on the floor why cant these freaks do it when no one is around real hard taking a dump in that situation


sexnorms have no self control


how can one jerk it in a public bathroom


gonno start practicing my dogeza for when i go to japan


i cant dump with my pants around my ankles anymore i must completely remove them


Anyone else have a favorite YouTuber



cant piss with my pants on so i drop them to my ankles when i stand and piss and my underwear too


get in here




same max and pewdiepie are basted for dropping pills



maxmoefoe is basted



goat boss is making people use whatsapp for group text


gonno get one of these


theyre nice
better suspensiom than the grom


oh wait thats a ninja NOT a z125 what the hell




theyre new bikes
the 2019 z125s are now full sized bikes and theyre using the same internals for that new ninja 125



big sigh no update for the klr
theyre discontinued for 2019


sigh cant believe scape boss got scapegoated


my last remaining fish is doing very well i bought him six days ago and ive had the tank for nine days i think its getting closer to being cycled


even our suppliers know about scapeboss being fired and now everything is turning to shit because they left goat boss in charge and all he does is call the regional manager the new gm knows NOThing
trainee girl also said the new seems like a creep gonno ask the old gm to see if shes called me a creep or a dork before that would be nice


gonno watch episode 302 of the water store before pnig spoils it for me




i can call you a creep or a crepe if you want


wish i was bulgarian


its NOT the same if you arent a 20 year old 5'2 girl


very interesting


ask himako to do it shes 16 and 4'9


himako is literally dead havent gotten any updates in months


just two months shes fine


she didnt even make a halloween post



nice exceeds maximum security




got really into lockpicking for a couple of weeks last year


that mate sounds like the mate who sent those girls dick pics and asked if they liked them


that was me


cant imagine any girl would want to look at pics of some mates gross hairy member


didnt you see how much they liked it


i did but its still weird that sexy ladies in finland would like to look at that its NOT right


it makes them horny and they like that its natural


they are the exception other girls dont


the little angels 愛 it


its a terrible day for rain


File: 1538681281303.png (173.77 KB, 700x856, 1536362518077.png)

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