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its so good
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ooooooog raid oog


me drag race me pie eating contest




pasted drag racer


love a good raid



time for anime


aNOTher incel took the fight to the norms


ahhh ive been expecting you


who was the guy who originally started saying oog ____ oog


flipping die cornseki




home himako is ok


shes dead


she killed herself


File: 1541365608125.jpg (909.87 KB, 1412x2000, 754a5ebdf0d6565e211fd3858d79d07a.jpg)


wish i could draw like that


okay now this is sjfjdjsjdjnw fufkdjfkxu fcukd cuk


how long should i wait before asking t g to do something again


take her to the arcade


hope you get in a car accident and she dies


drawing that is NOT that hard the coloring work is a hundred times more complex


enjoy coloring


but how long do i wait


wait until you arent thinking of brutally raping her then go get her




i imagine that will be difficult for a dangerous potato chef like yourself


did he ever end up flipping his cousin


check the wiki time traveler


wish instigator came back


gonna be the first person to make a lamp that also has a fan




File: 1541367950769.jpg (4.67 MB, 3500x1917, Gerson_Without_land.jpg)

that jap shite doesnt take great talent anyways this took actual talent


just woke up havin some coffee spose ill play some mmy tulpa


how about you play with my dick instead little girl


oooog normmy tulpa ooog


File: 1541368227992.png (10.3 KB, 459x75, cooltron.png)


moms away for the week what should i do


be a good boy and dont cause trouble




is my boy going to japan again


considering crafting brad nelsons boros angels deck


going to open a virgin waxing clinic anyone wants to help


craft a nice woo brew instead


did i ever tell you about the time i saw a ghost


his early brews were too experimental


no you did NOT


ooog brew


reading up on the latest incel murderer and how norms created a incel prevention group and how a woman created the incel movement


cant understand people targeting and abusing incels though only making a bad situation worse


it wont be long before they start executing us


glad im volincel


ya us incel bros are the real victims here


youre just an incel in the eyes of a norm


wish i was an incel


im pcel


people consider incels to be radicalized young men is this part of a gov psy op to destroy us what is happening here


incels are a myth


my boy is a tad bit radicalized


theres people claiming to be former incels what the fuck does that even mean



the npcs are trying to take over


just google incel tears and you can see them talking about it i just read someone say lol what does being a virgin have to do with being incel


literally go back there raider


you are the raider


ok made plans with my tulpa again when i asked if she wanted to do something her response was a strong "yes"


being a virg will soon be outlawed we are the modern jews


slippery slope


i wonder how long til dickspammer is in the news for murdering this girl


ate an ice cream comb


why would i do that i just like talking with her and holding her


just like lennie from of mice and men it will be a accident and she will end up dead cause of his tard rages


gonna play some dota


gonna stream wow classic


gonna fire up some fgo


gonna boot up ffx


wish i was smart enough for any of those games


you are


yeah you could play fgo


no im too dumb for fgo


impossible come play fgo ill give you my friend code and we can be incel fgoers together



okay ill download it tonight


what fast food place is the most incel friendly


burger king


mom bought burger king yesterday it pinched hard


why bk i might pick some up


File: 1541374677541.jpeg (42.84 KB, 584x632, 1541267089895.jpeg)

tried this and failed


the 55 inch is pretty good for the price and big enough would be fun to watch nime on it with everyone in the mansion


thats it flip this im gonna become a mass monster


fight the good fight my incel brother


should i move to finnland


flip these npcs taking photos that are all the same in the fall leaves


watching the bunny girl show
its good


havent watched seasonal anime since ryuou no oshigoto


should i watch


any shows for incels airing


File: 1541375553591.jpg (4.29 MB, 4171x6014, 9dad3348557fe87b4a9b263369a41253.jpg)

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