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figured out a real nice way of cooking bacon


contain the rager
i never did anything wrong until the norms drew first blood


hes struggling to make meets end


NOT taking responsibility for your own life isnt good


I'm tired of this boosting world I'm going to law down the law in 10 hours PST stayed tuned to any los Angeles news broadcasting station i have all this rage you don't think I'll do it cause i will


thinking back maybe karma is real my life is better than most considering i squandered my future during my youth


to take responsibility would mean to seek vengeance thats what haysuz is going to do


then do that and shut up


You've squandered your entire potential because of a handful of bad social interactions you've had unlike you I've had too many to count you would be accepted into any social circle with minimal amount of effort I'd just be bullied and laughed at like i have been my entire life even into adulthood


gnfos is down


doesnt anyone want to hear my bacon cooking technique




I like it a little raw don't understand the crispy meme


Anime is trending on netflix again only more proof of how norm it is


you shut up


what you do is find a slightly smaller heavy pan and put it inside the bigger pan that is holding the bacon so when the bacon cooks its pressed down and gets cooked without curling


bacon is the most norm food how much bacon do you have to eat to become a norm


cracked open a bottle of bawls heck yeah lets play some video sushi bars


Firing up hardline let's do it boi


but then you have to clean two pans


used to buy cases of bawls at compusa sigh


Got 10 dollars in my Microsoft account think I'll buy new Vegas


got a taste for bawls now i think i might go on an adventure today searching for it


headache hard body is telling me to morph but its too early


gonno do bw stuff like curls cause I'm too shy to do them at the gym


firing up fortnite


Need to shit big ol sigh





Thank you


every few weeks i get the urge to jerk it to nekoten is that normal


nagare yukuuu




would think it's abnormal to NOT get these feelings more frequently


i get those feelings towards yuka multiple times a day


never jod to nekoten or yuka


sexnorms are mindless livestock


what the fuck


was gonno post a nekoten video but ill post this instead


npcs make me physically nauseous NOThing worse than having them in my presence


Cameron you're a sexnorm too there's a reason you're nickname is yelptron




just got a good idea ill fry up some cheese sticks in bacon grease


you could go to japan and flip those girls instead of joing


according to turt my dick is too big



He was probably toying with you he has an 8 inch by 6 inch penis he's massive down there


Drinking 3 things 16oz of water strawberry yogurt and a 8oz red bull I'm a freak for my liquids


why do you think hes stuck in the angsty teen phase


why does she wear a bandaid


He's deluded himself into thinking he's some sort of anime protagonist


Thinking of buying mafia 2 since they made 3 into some sort of coon fest


sushi bar 162 under way gonno fire up a pizza and crack open a cold one


Cameron wasn't even alive when i was making sushi spyro max payne mafia the list goes on and on...


last post


There's 44 posts left


fantastic cured pork strips today hima gonno strain and save all the oil


strain in hell


just call it bacon


digging iOS 12 looks nice


guess nb is still morphing



nice sushi chef episode of linus today


I don't watch sushi chefs i just sushi bar


Need to get my eyebrows threaded like Cameron otherwise old man brows disease is gonno get me


slam jam hours


hey hima just woke up caught the dog escaping after the neighbors said he had been yesterday and fixed the fence sigh he knew he wasnt supposed to because when he saw me when he was coming back he looked real guilty that neetblog hows it going


you know


I know NOThing my brain is empty I'm programmed to just do NOT think



still waiting for turt to swap that wankel in


wankels are shite mate


im too low iq to breathe


bet my rx 8 can smoke you off the track kid


meant 7


What's a wankel


its a rotary engine


really want to marry nekoten i didnt read the comments but i bet a lot of people suggested she just become a wife


Oh those triangle things


why would you want to have a wmaf marriage with a christmas cake


shes a disgusting whore and thats the way i like em


Wonder if cam can beat my boosted 2.5 duratec swapped nc with forged internals kid has never driven anything that has more than 200 hp lmao


The Bosss cooking 2 slabs of ribs sigh she's trying to make me fat


The Boss said i dont think you are ugly


The Bosss 愛 fat sons


File: 1538340227869.jpg (57.52 KB, 400x440, orion.jpg)

daddy is probably NOT going to get sake again but he really wants to get aNOTher bottle of orion


sake is a meme


did you NOT watch the video daddy posted about sake being produced


i did



oh cunnilingus im getting old oh cunnilingus no


who wants to go to okinawa and drink a bunch of beer on the beach


i hate the beach


are aloha shirts okinawan


being jap looks fun im going to kill myself and select a new starting location



Attractiveness is honestly more important than any other stat. The attractiveness perk has no cool down at all and is a passive buff, yet somehow, it’s effect is stronger then a Red Bull potion and can easily win a 1v1. When I first started this sushi bar, I was a lonely main and hit lvl 16 without paying a dime. Somehow this lvl 1 attractive main kills me without breaking a sweat. Please fix this sushi bar :(


sigh ross


cash rules everything around me



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