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got left in the old thread




just ripped out a big tuft of nostril hair ouch


mindblowing that ill soon become a thirty year old virgin my whole life is a flipping meme


simply flip a tengirl


cant stop watching these videos


some of the greatest men in history were incels dont let it get you down


just download pure like neetblog thats what he uses


im NOT a great man im just a flapper


we have an npc among us


gonno watch macross see you mates tomorrow


have a nice nime sesh


wonder if towing companies make good money bet itd be fun to Drive around all day owning norms



hope rika picks me up


phew nice smell of rain


iTs NOT A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE


sCapE bOsS cAlLeD NOT To CoMe To WoRk ToDaY


you mean tomorrow


got left behind


feeling so great rn its NOT too cold theres a slight breeze coming from the window it smells like rain and bbq smoke from the neighbors everything is pretty much perfect besides the fact that i have to go to work tomorrow which ruins it all



the hima garage


now how i remember you
how i would push my fingers through
your mouth to make those muscles move
that made your voice so smooth and sweet


read that as garbage


we can live in a garbage dump operating garbage trucks for a living


dad used to drive garbage trucks


cant stop joing with the blinds open


would rather be a gravekeeper


always wanted to be a mortician


gonno get some new clothes bye


gonno shower and morph




gotta be clean


gotta have cereal





nice nordblob



die chink


loving this weather gonno make a sandwich


gave myself a bobby fischer cut


gonno work from home tomorrow flip it


bobby was pilled


simply loving this breeze hima oh cunnilingus this is heavenly


might have some pasta soon


didnt mean to reply


is it the lasta


nice pastaply


gonno have some san pellegrino


was going to get a g203 but now im considering the g303 rjn 愛s the shape


no its only the second bowl


ive got a g300s its really cheap and small but i kinda like it for some reason only ever had big mouses before this


already ate all my pasta


think im getting the 203 the cable is better and theres no chance of sensor rattle its just that the 303 sensor is the 3366 and some people seem to 愛 its shape for claw and fingertip


hate shopping for peripherals


whats to hate


they are impossible to get perfect


you just have to research


how about a nice glass of local artesian well water that is both free and tastier


sounds great but i dont have any



id rather get some from the water store instead


been drinking wine watching kays cooking and ganking people on my rogue for hours now




didnt get my raw water scooper from amazon yet


mindboggling that one pill could drive kens supposed water store out of business


guess ill have some pasta


wow pinches


the nearest one is 140 miles away


maybe but its fun


im gay


stop joing to shota and it will go away onseki


its NOT gay if its straight shota


gonno fire up the -*girls -1girl shotacon naughty_face


vile sodomite



chest is hurting when i breathe in again


just breathe out instead


oops meant to post this one


gonno watch a movie and nap for a couple hours bye mates


you cant do -*


was at a stop light and i heard a quiet "hey" so i look over and theres a car of teengirls and one was waving


did you punish them for their insolence


how the flip would i do that



bored bored bored bored


im gonno initiate the snack sequence


looks like daddys late to the party again


File: 1537417180568.jpg (87.49 KB, 800x800, 56376_bourbon_choco_chip_cookie_680.jpg)

got some bourbon chocolate chip cookies theyre pretty good but at the same time very weird because its like they saw a picture of chocolate chip cookies and tried to recreate them without ever having eaten one they taste unique







flip that norm


woke up from my nap my ears finally unblocked time to sushi bar


never had a blocked ear or anus


die nowax


im a wax factory pretending to be human


gonno crack open a cold one whos with me


sorry im NOT cool



wonder how people get gfs


they use the gf cheat code


still bored


night hima 愛 you mates


they get the LOOKS
and the STATUS


gonno do my 5th master clue


but whats the actual process how do you even find girls to talk to


look up some tutorials on expert village


got left behind sigh


at work
had a dream about motorcycle helmets where some mate crashed and i saved him and he gave me his helmet as thanks


if theyre attracted to you theyll ask to be your gf just into public areas where girls spawn

approaching is a waste of time its like a girl walking into a restaurant for a burg and having a fish sandwich crawl up to her saying hey eat me instead


thats actually pretty apt


gambled and lost sigh


gfnormslam jam


page 215 of my fantasy novel
had a dream about motorcycle helmets where some mate crashed and i saved him and he gave me his helmet as thanks


should i fire up a cappuccino


File: 1537453457785.jpg (71.17 KB, 800x600, A01.jpg)


wish i had a cappuccino


hi hima stayed up until 4 am watching one piece and then woke up extra late now im in my office back to the ol ball n chain didnt even have breakfast gonno mutate







NOT gay if youre a girl


what happened to the gar meme


File: 1537461114263.png (Spoiler Image, 827.52 KB, 1170x1316, 1535470651714.png)


愛 when npcs give me the fluoride stare even the slightest thing can cause them to memory overflow


File: 1537462868066.jpg (66.65 KB, 800x451, 1514875759428.jpg)

me and turt


i memory overflow staring at the wall


too bad neither of you is white


got a bad case of ennui


is that related to the bofa family of disease


whats bofa


new hxh out


good imagine calling yourself a color


been on this flipping toilet for 40 minutes feel weird getting out without someone coming in here first


ill come in


uhhh ya nah im good thanks


now its 50 minutes hope someone bails my ass outta here


File: 1537466044097.jpg (270.66 KB, 777x759, 1526138997845.jpg)


gonno go out for some onion rings and supermarket sushi


just got home some mates are doing some shit to the wiring and the electricity is off this is flipping gay


未来が眩しくて見えない leave rn flip it


you are gay


phew feasted hard got a coke zero on my way back


lots of pie eating contestants today wonder why




did something happen yesterday



this ones much better i think seki would like the scene at 0:59


chocolate castella time




really want an arai badly
cant justify spending even a paltry 400$ on a helmet at the The Bossent though
cool thing about arais is that the liners are the same across all their models so a 900$ helmet feels the same as a 400$ one


post your bucket pnig



its just a bell vortex right now and before that it was an hjc cl17
tried on an rf1200 and it was very underwhelming but i tried on a signet x and it was incredibly comfortable the only thing i didnt like was the visor latch and how there are two small pieces of the liner that are meant to press against your jawchicken nugget
didnt know that they were handmade by a hokuto no ken fan and a fujoshi i think i can justify the price for them now


you can remove some of the padding on the jaw pads and usually they break in a little
tried on a shoei dual sport helmet at the store and it felt great unfortunately they didnt have an arai xd4 to compare it to but the shoei felt very light and streamlined
the bell mx7 is probably what ill end up buying because theyre like 150$ but the shell felt very creaky and some of the plastic parts like the vents were just cheap feeling plastic


no helmets allowed in our bosozoku


bell makes fine helmets the only reason i want a different one is because mines too old and the pads will NOT stop smelling


the silvia mate uploaded a new video i know right where he went to make this one i hope i run into him one day so i can flip him off


disliked that vid
really want to roll up to this gaylord on my klr with pnig on his vfr and rough him up a little with steel pipes


he seems to live around where i really like to ride around ill probably run into him one day
where i saw his car parked before ive seen a gt86 i think they may work there


NOT sure if theyre actually broflappers or if they just pretend to be for the vids
dont really care spoiled rich boosts like this are what makes the whole car scene look terrible


wonder if he has a sis


is the technorm mate a sc2 pie eating contestant


no thats pnig


ban linus


got a big bag of gyoza and some aloha shoyu last night gonno have them both for lunch


got somethin to shoyu right here hehe


kitty is sleeping on me lap


gonno have some coffee
really need a good pair of speakers or headphones getting both feels wasteful also need a new desk and chair sigh


you only need a bed according to scape boss


dont get speakers it contributes to noise pollution


need to fight light pollution


the jews dont want me to see the stars because itll reveal too many secrets


always liked how i could look towards the city and see the greyish red sky from all the light pollution and then look away from it and see the sky turn darker until its a nice inky purple


hey hima woke up gonno have some coffee ive basically recovered from my illness and i plan to make that pork roast today




you should build an imu for your pork cooking needs




having a coffee playing with the kitty and watching aris


im inky


playing with kitty or your kitty or your vagina








each time i see the ghost girl banner i think about her joing




im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste im baste


gyoza juuniko into the old kuchi


new adoredtv


phew gihere


boost you cardnorm


ugh dreamed of work


File: 1537479677657-0.png (2.01 MB, 994x1342, 1486717488609.png)

File: 1537479677657-1.png (728.37 KB, 1366x768, 1487672586873.png)

cant believe theyre gone


2 less degens


2 less freaks


uhh degens haha
*jerks off fiercely*



stop posting that


gonno open the blinds and jerk it again from this position people can see in but they cant see my face only my chicken nugget and my bony hand jerkin it


came down with a case of dampdick flip this


what the fuck is dampdick




should i buy a local handmade ergonomic chair for two grand sigh


kitty extra slimy today


no simply floorsit


nice jerkin it in class


same sigh


its when your dick is damp for an inexplicable reason its an uncomfortable situation


if i learned anything from this video its to NOT jerk it in the bathroom and instead jerk it under a table



a mate at my school got caught jerkin it in the bathroom


did he kill himself


heres a better option just grab a blanket and sit on the floor


no back then everyone didnt have mobile phones that could film and social media video sharing


gonno jerk to the kemono friends dolphins


how old are you grandpa



gonno dump


whats wrong with school and work jos


sexnorm btfo



havent told the new mate about the hole in the wall where you can look through and see people pooping


turt whats your opinion on the new shooting


why are there so many videos about mates pranking their sisters by pretending to jerk it


it was some black woman chimping out NOThing really interesting about it


愛 the pretending to be a teen online meme



why would you send a kid who will die if they touch cheese to a public school


public school is hell


File: 1537482886010.png (760.54 KB, 1281x719, weak must fear the strong.png)

come on if thats all it takes to kill you then you deserve to die
there are already millions of people out there that should be dead but modern medicine keeps them alive and they spread their genes to create more wimps like cheeseboy




chicken nugget


can they use a ruler properly why does the supposed 4 inch one look big in their hands


cunnilingus gave me a tiny dick


he didnt want you breeding


public school was baste


the kids who were always deathly allergic to something always had an injector or two in case something like that happened the The Boss was just flapper


never went to a public school whats it like


it was baste
everyone bowed to me because they were scared i would blimp out


The 13-year-old was severely allergic to wheat, gluten, all dairy products, eggs and all nuts, was asthmatic and suffered from atopic eczema.


thinkin of gettin a nice 4 slot toaster and a bag of texas toast who wants to come over and have a toast party


File: 1537484247078.jpg (138.68 KB, 600x913, aa7dec9b80e50bf9d835cbb5c4d2e495.jpg)


愛 a good toast


im green


NOT again


im the white one and it looks big in their hands it would look huge in a sexy ladies hands


im blue


sis said my penis was too small for her


no she didnt


gonno end up becoming a sailor after all


realize that sleeping on a futon when youre 30 is NOT the worst thing
you know whats worse sleeping in a king bed next to a wife youre NOT really in 愛 with but for some reason you married and you got a couple kids and you got a job you hate
youll be laying there fantasizing about sleeping on a futon theres no risk when you go after a dream
theres a tremendous amount to risk to playing it safe


i 愛 sleeping on a futon


sis asked if condoms are supposed to be baggy and asked if she could see how they fit on me


and then


you lie


i told her that if her friend comes over she can put one on me and sis can watch



can i get a lgf if i play fortnite




one day theyll be old men telling tales of how great fortnite was and doing this dance for their grandchildren


bored as hell gonno find something fun to do


fire up scape and come chop some trees with me


same getting bored of tera


how can you get bored of tera if you can jo to it





File: 1537489085439.jpg (460.28 KB, 1638x1080, 1537486222350.jpg)




what did he do


was too aggressive with pilling The Boss on the way home from the store and she rejected it
i will continue my experiments in pilling a npc but todays attempt was a failure


nice yusuke


never liked yyh


why is yusuke limited to dark tournament level while killua gets his overpowered electric moves


killua is underage


cashier at mcdonalds asked to see my id




thank cunnilingus for underage anime girls


just ate some pasta


drank some oi ocha now im flappering out


wish lanza was here



me and turt vs pnig


im flippin bored


more like turt and pnig against freakeye


gonno feast on these sandwiches





absolute fool
to even it out


nah i have an alliance with freakeye
wed gun down that arrogant tallnorm and the roast for good measure after feasting on the screams


baste pewd


miss niceeye


this is literally part of a botnet


onseki forced him to leave


mah freak got bh because i called him out on his obnoxious samefagging


the day you have half of the freaks iq is the day youre allowed to call him out on anything brainlet


cant remember the last time i wasnt bh


thats a good thing
means youre alive NOT some complacent blob


im blob


at a taco bell one of the worker teengirls has pink hair and the other has purple


pretty sure i proved last time that freak is just a npc


phew nice


ask for their numbers


snap a creepshot


npceye gave me a quest to find his friend


i dont want to get kicked out before i leave and its the wrong type of creepiness than what im going for


oh cunnilingus theres a brown haired girl here who seems completely dead on the inside just standing at the counter staring into the void


wish i was old enough to start NOTicing girls


is it just me or is the song come on eileen creepy


dont stand so close to me inspired me to become a teacher


you know as disgusting as food is its a surprise that you dont get sick from it a lot more often than you do



how its disgusting ?


flip you bnig


its chunks of dead stuff thats sat outside and sat in processing facilities and sat around in coolers and been handled by a bunch of different people and been exposed to dust and microbes in the air


how is that gross its natural


hope i didnt miss my chance with trainee girl because i was waiting for onseki to give me some tips



egao sakuuuuu


gonno fire up the dota tutorial


havent played dota in months


gonno fire up the boosting cunnilingus amn it the boost ing piss


sigh its still one of my favourite songs of all time


stole 50b leaked players credit card info stole 1 character names for rot and changed a regular world to dmm for 20 minutes that one time


free my nigga jed


File: 1537497963422.jpg (329.81 KB, 1920x1080, Hentai_Ouji_to_Warawanai_Neko_-_09_-_Large_20.jpg)


havent played dota in years my jungle alch was cunnilinguslike now its just a legend people tell their kids to scare them


sounds baste why did they fire him


went out to eat with the other r&d mates and ordered too much food without thinking and looked like a weirdo eating a full fajita platter when one got a burrito and the other got a chimichanga thing that he didnt even finish


what a bitch


nah you eatmogged them hard they probably felt like little girls


the mate that didnt finish is fat too its like who are you trying to fool everyone can see youre fat we know as soon as you get home you start blimping out


File: 1537498374349.gif (2.57 MB, 382x554, 1537496900641.gif)


basted officetron making friends and playing nice with his work friends


File: 1537498446006.jpg (57.55 KB, 642x480, Ren_e08.jpg)

sigh wish theyd stop with the fate slam jam and finally make a tsukihime anime


boosting worknorms boost off fuc rage


nah one of them is the biggest tryhard npc known to man and the other i daydream about murdering every time i have to hear him eat

i think the shrek mate tries reaching out because im the lesser of 3 shites but its far too late for all that


there already is one


why did you go out with them then


hes a boosting norm


i was hungry and didnt bring any food


no there isnt


yes there is flip you memer


nah flip you


lets settle this like boys


settle it like 25 year old neets arguing over cartoons


NOThin wrong with that


lot wrong with it


whats wrong with it


im too flapper for mobas


my hand is 7.5 x 4 in


just got a copyright infringement email


its all over lawbreaker


stop seeding


its your duty to seed


got one when i downloaded forza gotta use a vpn next time you torrent non anime things


愛 a good forza


sat in a sushi chef chair and i have to say it was very comfortable and i liked how you can adjust the angle does the dxracer mate like his


File: 1537500382649.webm (1.83 MB, 370x662, 1537499349176.webm)


i got a copyright infringement email for torrenting anime years ago


i seed man ass


nb and his dad are baste as hell


yeah theyre good


they are marketed up get a good ergonomic office chair for the same price and you will get a better product since you wont be paying for the sushi chef tag


the one i sat on was a clutch i thought it was a knockoff of some brand but i was wrong their make pewd chair and on top of it they have a black on black version so i dont need to have my eyeballs burned from looking at bright neon green each day


farting up a storm over here


simply dont chairstare


same just ate my weekly pizza


gonno set up the computer in the kitchen so i can just roll to the fridge and get a drink and then roll back and continue making sushi


check it out seki


guess ill eat some peach jam on toast watch one piece and morph


get the pewd version


wish the chinese would die


nice rollneet


same but the jewry


i dont like bright colors so ill get the black one


seki check this one out


cant get a clutch they dont have chairs that fit people taller than 6'1"


have a good morph champ


its happening again


gonno drink some beers and shit my pants hell ya


hearing noises in the basement wish i had a shotgun


you mean a shootgun


i cant stop laughing each time i see the easing glissando video


freakish shite


teto is a nice girl she just wants someone to hug and fug


keep thinking about man ass but im NOT gay


how is that NOT gay you flipping queer


thats what i thought freak


File: 1537503703544.jpg (159.81 KB, 960x1280, thuqamg3b2n11.jpg)


where is everyone


i was showering


gonno start dancing


is it hard to become a pro sushi chef





what do you mena by pro


he means being a big pro competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars


the yeast has arrived its time to brew


anything i can live off i just dont want a job


lets form a pro blops 4 team


phew got some good news mates feeling really happy


ramen came out great


what flavor is the BROTH


spicy pot au feu




spermed bigly to kids


stop and think about what those kids would think if they knew


theyd be horny


they dont mind


is this what 13 year olds do


this mate lives in az too i should team up with him and prank the tandem mateand his silvia


cravin those little rootbeer barrels


those are gross


what is it


googled lds sister attire time to jerk it


ill post about it later probably wont affect anyone here


File: 1537508570532.jpg (40.37 KB, 670x810, efc1c44fee7075aee898269dd518f504-sister-missio….jpg)



me chicken nugget
me jo


may NOT agree with mormons but the girls have a nice style if you know what i mean very modest and erotic


get a huge chicken nugget whenever i see a girl with modest clothing




File: 1537508843840.jpg (18.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


File: 1537508904877.jpg (344.17 KB, 1366x1600, MODESTSLEEVESCOLLAGE.jpg)

are armpits seen as traditionally arousing i thought it was more of a niche thing


what should i get for breakfast later today


File: 1537508911901.jpg (84.78 KB, 542x816, 46215c5633dff7576031b709f8e95078.jpg)


breakfast burrito with churros and flan


hate how they put jesus christ in big letters to try and trick people


do those mormon girls get horny if they wear clothes that expose their knees and armpits


Inner Earth Civilizations Exist and I Can Prove It: Agartha & Hollow Earth




probably why trainee girl dresses so erotically


normee girl


File: 1537509668572.jpg (1.21 MB, 1000x1500, 1487645744872.jpg)



cant take it anymore gonno make a run for the rootbeer barrels


maybe i should just buy this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N4ZZ6ZM/


its weird to think that she used to be mormon and now she has almost no morals and is an underage drinker but it really explains everything about her
i keep hearing these stories from everyone whos been with her about her being a bitch or being really annoying one that the old gm told me when he was hiding out at my store avoiding her was that she saw his crucifix tattoo and told him that she thinks religious people are weak


31lbs is too much you fool


vile angel


gonno become a hollow earth believer


my life is hollow


gonno dig a hole and become a hollow dweller


wouldnt mind living in a small underground room


gonno jerk it and morph


rootbeer mate doomed us all to the dead hours


store didnt have any root beer barrels sigh got some albanese and pop tarts




should i play tera




File: 1537518666553.png (164 KB, 489x1018, 1537493234742.png)

that tallnorm that got put down was one of those weirdos that thinks a ped is lurking behind every corner


do NOT do that youll become like the mate from marebito


time to watch some 'me


what are you going to watch


just caught up on asobi asobase gonno watch the latest ep of hanebado then the 7 or so eps of bnha i havent watched


marinated that roast hima gonno leave it to juice up while i morph


File: 1537533201854.jpg (97.74 KB, 523x1761, 1xmihi7xkin11.jpg)

this is what true 愛 looks like


bad news one of the bnhas is a filler ep


boku no teenmateacademia


read the manga instead


mindboggling that people like that really exist


laughing hard


turts like that


basted police


File: 1537545239303.jpg (462.15 KB, 1280x1851, 1537534468011.jpg)

what if you had a friend


friend or "friend"




do NOT post kumikos feet


bring back ponytail


bring back pisss


woke up gonno make some coffee


make your own


kumikooo channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


does kitty yeast work





linux pinches balls that jaypee boy needs to be more strict and angry if anything


linux is for fuggin chinamen


grrr me mad


baste linus still living with The Boss




linus has autism


cant wait for my alexa ankle monitor to get here


willful house arrest when will the normans learn


cant understand norms and their fascination with alexa
is that what they think ai is


norms dont think thats why they are norms


theres going to be a 4 page editorial basted on neetblog in the new yorker next month


File: 1537552932323.jpg (60.56 KB, 680x444, 054.jpg)

baste chink npc


npcs are scary


and to think 75% of the population is like that


old gm said hes getting tired of trainee girls shit and is leaving early today


been using about 350 gib of data a month lately


stop jerking it to kids


i must wank


joing jerking wanking and even jacking are npc passtimes


jerk this you jacking nonjoer


how come there is formation of two molecular orbitals when there is single interference of atomic orbitals in molecular orbital theory


the only thing that will stand between me and sperming is a straight jacket


dont jack off at school or someone will record it and then youll have to kill yourself


never jerked it in a straight jacket before whats it like


too late


going to send my students a dick pic


dominos or papa johns or something else help boost


never jerked it at school wish i did but its too late now


new mate is talking about his trip to disneyland


mindblowing that there are people here who jo multiple times a day but have never hands free jod in their entire lives


get pizza hut dominos and papa johns pinch hard


is that when you jo with the vagina of a girl


the last jontron was 8 months ago


im pretty sure thats a myth


hands free jo is for jaypee boys


hands free jo is sticking things in your butt its probably turt


File: 1537555006165.gif (202.9 KB, 755x601, __hatsune_miku_and_scott_k_oelkers_domino_s_pi….gif)

dominos because they support masturbating to hatsune miku



File: 1537555089761.jpg (115.6 KB, 710x473, wojak_07.nocrop.w710.h2147483647.jpg)

no its using your powerful brain to overcome physical barriers


turt unironically does drugs and jerks off but only mentions doing either in discord


and to think a 30 person study reflects the entire population


when it comes to the norms it does


ya that study that came out 7 years ago changed everything flip the npcs


the npcs are growing irate




do sexy ladies fall into the npc category


sexy ladies are npcs yes


doesnt that mean they would be incredibly easy to flip


the npcs are after me
*consumes ecstasy*
thatll protect me for now


drugs are good its the npc agenda to ban them


turt-san... first the dinner with office buddies now more drugs...


new mate actually just asked me how to spell agenda and disney


i dont do feelgood drugs like ecstasy i only do the ones that overclock your base stats


File: 1537555967430.gif (1.88 MB, 350x199, 1529335859534.gif)

make the npcs pay


how does weed overclock anything it turns you into a slow reflapper just look at onseki


i am a free thinker
i am a free thinker
i am a free thinker


never had a thought in my life


yes they are easily tricked


its NOT my first choice and i wouldnt go out of my way to buy it myself but it does make things that you experience all the time feel different than usual so you might be able to get a different perspective on mundane things


but your life isnt mundane remember


saw a girl today


pie eating contest


my cel senses are tingling i feel the npcs are hiding in the bushes waiting to attack


are those like spider senses sexy ladies 愛 him because hes such a geek


the npcs are in the attic they found my anti npc stash


had to correct the new mates spelling of 'caleforna' cunnilingus help me


if i flex my tech knowledge will it help me get a lgf



why cant the npcs leave me alone


ugh teen otalad is pie eating contesting again do something onseki please



File: 1537557216698.png (13.29 KB, 688x92, 2141dee4bab0d6771ac575de9900e00e.png)


girls 愛 self improvement too turt must be doing something wrong


this is disgusting but onseki would 愛 it


NOThing disgusting


she doesnt have an ass or boobs


she has a beautiful persona


wish to flip komas little kitty


want my face to be welded to the asshole of a beautiful woman


die anuseki


File: 1537558285159.png (891.26 KB, 624x951, 1537558024689.png)



basted dad had achieved maximum comf




woke up guess ill have some coffee


i havent smoked in months
clearly no one here actually pays attention to me yet uses me as an example whenever its convenient for them
if you actually payed attention youd probably know ive been reflappered my whole onlind career NOThing has changed from the early gnfos days


wish i had coffee


i have a degree in onseki history


literally typed “payed” i rest my case


sourseki is too blazed to type


File: 1537560172371.jpeg (9.28 KB, 720x469, 9411ABBF-1D0A-40CB-9B50-BFD38EEB0071.jpeg)


weed will expand your horizons so long as you arent one of those mates that overdo it and fry their circuits


its fridey hima


it doesnt actually it just makes you think it does


yeah its friday and me and turt are here and everyone else is missing hmmm who are the real norms if the supposed norms are at their computers typing


hate typingnorms


the real himas stare at the wall on friday nights


ritual wall staring in darkness every friday night at the mansion


im in my office working sorry


no friday night is firepit bbq and stargaze night


wish people cared enough to even give me a name the curse of a nopersona is truly hell


flip you impersonator


wish i could be a nopersona npc and never have to worry about getting impersonated or mocked or attacked or doxxed or banned


im NOT an npc if anything the personanorms are the real npcs


old gm came and saw goat bosss order and seems pretty livid over it


tell old gm you dont mind working with trainee girl


true enlightenment is achieved by jerking it to kids


drop me in saturns hexagon vortex


wish i had interest past reading posts and joing


gotta dump


hes mad at goat boss and annoyed at trainee girl glad he has no problems with me


cant stop coughing up big wads of phlegm help me hima


you will turn out fine


wouldnt mind living in the moon


bought this pad https://steelseries.com/making sushi-mousepads/qck-heroes-storm


i was sleeping


im here with the old gm and the slow new mate


phew nice palemoon 28.1 just dropped


palefur blows




told him about some of the things trainee girl talks about with me and he said it sounds like shes hitting on me why didnt you tell me that onseki


sorry mate


File: 1537562874647.gif (378.26 KB, 964x957, 1537555000474.gif)

dont open this


File: 1537562888632.png (Spoiler Image, 372.1 KB, 680x683, 1536679473268.png)


holy shit


File: 1537562984629.png (1.44 MB, 1800x1000, 1534128952553.png)

boomer times ahead mates


hell yeah


some mate is blasting rap in his car gth ken tired of your shite


ken hates nigger music


File: 1537563759722.png (112.56 KB, 1766x1128, 1537464299326.png)


crash in between both so all the norms are taken out


found onsekis channel


File: 1537563854454.png (Spoiler Image, 365.47 KB, 725x1063, 1537468476309.png)

close enough


should i watch ds9




yeah its a slow start but worth it


have been watching one piece since february and im still 100 eps behind


youll get there


its 21 years worth after all


im 21 years behind in life


theyre good
good choice





dont want to confront trainee girl about the things the old gm says about her its pretty funny hearing them its like hearing about a different person


what a flipping beast
absolute beast


got the underage ghost girl banner again


cookin up some bird steaks with rosemary and parsley


ooooooooooooooooog underage


imagine being turt and being unable to get chicken nuggets


NOT like youre ever going to use yours




im NOT turt


what sushi bar are we going to play tonight mates




File: 1537568095105.jpeg (2.27 MB, 4032x3024, 078496B7-6FA6-436F-9762-3F4A7391FBC1.jpeg)

turned out good


wow is gay


wish someone would ban the sc2norm


hes basted


my secret sauce is sriracha and mayo
愛 mayo it tastes good with everything


hotsauce and mayo is my favorite sauce combination too its unbeatable


each time theres a ban onseki removes it


dont even know whos sc2


my secret sauce is soy sauce and water with salt


quit whining and do your job


he does it for free Lmoa


started the wow download time to shower


does anyone want to visit i can pay for a few plane tickets


sure ill visit


gonno jerk it to sph


gonno post em


ban sc2
ban otalad
ban sisrp


ban that mate


thy will be done


that was the first time ive ever cooked chicken and steamed vegetables before id say it was a success hima im feeling very confident right now its like my cooking level just hit 12




should i get double eyelid surgery




if youre white then no


gonno have a bowl of pasta start up the brew then roast that pork its gonno be a nice day


File: 1537570546875.jpg (180.43 KB, 1398x966, 1415592236356.jpg)


File: 1537570598235.jpg (244.07 KB, 682x1024, janny play.jpg)




never got a reply for my janitor application


being a moderator on any website must be hell


its fine they deserve it
theyre like anime fansubbers they do it to scsnap up internet popularity


cant believe i was brainwashed by 4chan to NOT take prozac if i took it when i was a teen i wouldnt be a dumb flip with a shrunken hippocampus right now


old gm said he had his test tested




dont trust any study around prescription drugs big pharma has their hand in every pie


big pharma is a meme


how much did they pay you to post that


slow guu is sitting here trying to breathe but just sounding like hes dying and the internet is down and cunnilingus damnit


full as hell after that one chicken breast ive got two more to eat dont know if i can eat ramen after this


what did you just said


they call me the gnomeblog


baste gnomekingclive


broccoli is sooo gay


basted bulkseki


should i go to a bar with my The Boss and her friend




420 tImE To bLaZe OnSeKi R u ReAdY bRo



lets have a hima meet up and smoke dank herbs


The Boss apologized for vaccinating me think the pills are settling in


maybe you should do some hard times then youd understand the value of being a human being




File: 1537572639246.jpg (200.88 KB, 1200x1016, 1537571676485.jpg)

this is happening constantly all over the world but it wont to you


you dont appreciate life youre just one of those fake people who thinks they are cool



baste slam jamnig


happens to me


im incel


im obviously NOT talking to you onseki im talking to the people who actually belong here


NOT me im watching helmet vids


uhhh wasnt me haha


i dont think im cool


the nexx xd1 is a really cool helmet gotta say for a dual sport lid the arai just doesnt have the features i want


thank g0d


why did g0d make me a shutin neet loser and make me pinch at video sushi


wish i had the making sushi gene


whats up with bikers spending money on armored shoes and biker specific g愛s and pants why NOT just wear whatever works there are plenty of military g愛s and work boots that would be fine


theyre norms thats why they have to be cool all the time for their roasts


going to have to post a lot to get used to this new keyboard


when i was in cycle gear i checked out the alpinestar jackets and other stuff made by them i NOTiced the leather is just bad quality
probably fine if youve never owned high quality leather like a schott perfecto or a vanson
ive had my perfecto for like six years now and i just dont think i could downgrade to pakistani leather


fashion is a big npc meme
just get jacked and dress smart youll beat out any twig in his $600 peacoat


i dress dumb


600$ isnt even a lot for a riding jacket at all
people pay more than that just for rain gear which makes zero sense to me since some surplus goretex jacket that costs 60$ does the same thing and checks all the boxes
even if youre spending 600$ you could get an arcteryx alpha sv that is warrantied for life


really hate that youll get called a squid unless you wear biker specific everything and dont wear 200$ armored shoes that you cant even wear on the street


trainee girl only wears a helmet


finally home hima had to work overtime for over two hours unpaid of course carrying what amounts to 1500 lb of boxes to our warehouse even though i only do office work
on my way back (20 minutes walk) The Boss calls me and asks me to go to bk on my way back because my sis went there with friends and no money and i had to pay for her food
may i add that when i was her age she wouldnt give me any money and NOT any in the sense of enough but literally any as in zero including no birthday or christmas gift i used to read all the time and she never even once even considered buying me a book i have read le petit prince(which someone had thrown away outside and i picked up) at the very least 40 times my saving grace were my aunt and gran that would always buy me a book and something else for birthday and christmas


why would you work overtime for free



ride your own ride man those atgatt flippers are norms


gonno see if i can track down the silvia tonight


does anyone want to come do water delivery for the store we are starting with 70 deliveries per week


i cant drive


you can be the second mate who lifts the stuff


my muscles have atrophied


i cant move to arizona


just tell your customers to turn on the tap


i would cut the water 70-30 with tap to increase profits






the image quality is just amazing


just came back from ṣalat al-jumu'ah what did i miss




gonno fire up fortnite


took a relaxing shower now im gonno have some coke zero and cookies




my internet isnt good enough


met my lgs on fortnite


flipping dislike this new mate


the alternative is getting fired



miss the streammates like that one matewho would stream sonic


whats lgs


that was pnig


time to brew


愛 vids where some mate takes his grandma for a ride in his 1000hp car and they shit their pants hehe




then quit


no it wasnt ask the seki


are you flapper


Lenovo Launches 12.5-Inch ThinkPad A285 with AMD Ryzen PRO APUs


time for my beauty sleep


{NOT available in the us for at least aNOTher 6 months}


looking for a nice skelton shirt i hope trainee girl shares my 愛 for halloween


im skelton


same im 114 lbs


klr might be getting discontinued
the dealers around me have the 2018s priced from 5800-6100 but they didnt seem to think they were going anywhere they sell a lot of them
cant afford a new bike regardless but i wonder if in 20 years ill kick myself for NOT being financially responsible enough to buy one


no one gives a flip motonorm


found him and the gt86 and an rx8 but the tandem mates themselves are nowhere to be seen


nevermind found them


“whos this weird mate on the bike following us bro”
“probably that mate who keeps disliking our vids”


call the cops on them


theyre all 3 parked and working im just outside


PLEASE call the cops on them


the cars arent even on
they work at one of those soda bars but nobody is inside drinking


must be a small place you can probably hear that sr20 across the town






i pinch at fortnite


alright the initial ferment is underway santitized everything and tried my best to stop stuff from touching anything that might come into contact with the brew but i think i made a little mistake at the end and some water got in hope some bad bacteria doesnt ruin everything sigh


die brewnorm


farts smell rancid today


need to shite


cant find a skelton shirt hima help


heating up the oven for the pork roast this bad boys been marinating for a while cant wait to chow down


ferment a nice batch of sauerkraut


gonno ferment my dick in your asd queer


make some natto


cummed now imma nap


thought it was weird that cho cho has the same hair style as deidara vaguely but its just a coincidence
boruto is so terrible there really was no depth to naruto either but boruto is awful its exactly like what happened when dragonball turned into dbz


dbz is good


File: 1537583965168.jpg (57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)



nah boruto is basted


yeah dbz is fine


im watching the episode where team ten goes after sarada and boruto and its so laughably bad how zero thought was put into the ninjutsu and tactics off all of the characters they just run around swiping kunai with each other and doing backflips while talking its like an rpg
the earlier fight where boruto kills that alien mate with the giant rasengan is literally the same as any number of scenes from dbz


sarada is pretty sexey


hard to imagine someone who unironically watches naruto


hima i cant find any skelton shirts


yeah the boruto girls are super underage i just watch it for them and also naruto and sasuke are cool


i like the hags like tamari moegi sensei ino and karen


they could have made a much better series where ninja are irrelevant after the ninja war and soldiers with guns do all their jobs and fight wars for modern societies NOT weird half advanced half 16th century ninja villages where they talk on bluetooth headsets but deliver mail by hand


way back in like 2004 kishimoto talked about how he wanted there to be a wider view of the naruto universe that didnt revolve solely around ninja i remember reading this distinctly in a licensed fanbook
im guessing he shelved that idea when the money started flowing in and generation after generation of kids tuned in to see generic shounen shite
boruto is the natural epilogue of naruto but it still pinches what a waste of kishimotos talent


how do i compete with the zoomers in fortnite


i like underage plumber anko


had a dream where the younger lesbian roommate got horny and snuck into my room when i was sleeping and gave me a nice slurping


nice slurpseki


my brain is poisoned from smut sleep slurps defiantly dont happen


yes they do but NOT very often


my gf does them but shes 12


sorry i meant 21 of course


thank goodness


im chenk


whats a chenk


i have a skelton shirt


where did you get it


you know


flip it ill just ask trainee girl
should probably find a new name for her the slow mate calls her bimbo


wish i had a skelton in me


watching a mate prank a pajeet


File: 1537588283748.jpeg (122.7 KB, 2000x2000, bones.jpeg)

was really close to buying a small skeleton today i saw it yesterday and started laughing and today when i went back to look at it again i started laughing


why do you like halloween so much anyway
all holidays pinch they mean absolutely NOThing to me just aNOTher day


flip you halloween is basted




i guess its just a holiday that i really like im NOT sure myself but i think a lot of it has to do with the skeleton meme and and stuff like that plus horror movies are some of the only films i watch but i mostly just end up laughing at them


hate this norm


hell yeah


bored again what do i even do to pass the time usually


there is NOThing im actually afpie eating contest of besides people from my past making me relive all my worst The Bossents the ones that i think about almost daily and desperately hope everyone has forgotten but deep down i know that they can never be forgotten even if i killed myself
the only thing our modern society is missing is an annual suicide day where everyone living with grief gathers in designated places and shoots themselves and makes a big mess for the norms to clean up



mindboggling how a roast can get an abortion but i cant pay for a lethal injection


does anyone want to come out to visit for halloween we can go to a haunted house and take trainee girl and scape boss and the old gm
goat boss can stay home


silken mist outside the window frogs and newts slip in the dark


wish pnig would buy aNOTher bike so i could ride the vfr then maybe id visit


oh cunnilingus the cringe my cunnilingus i cant look im wincing hard cutnorms are insane


im telling you the vfr is NOT a beginners bike its 780cc and over 500lbs


glad im NOT cut


any good sports bike for 6'5" mates


lots just NOT first gen sv650s



then buy a drz400 or something and ill ride that



dont post this shite


this mate seems annoying


wish virtuovice would post again





gonno pirate this shite


i cant even run that sushi bar but i want to play it


same im waiting for zen2 and navi


okay gonno play anime crossing now boruto 75 pinched


listening to dragula with mac and cheetos in the oven with a nice simply fruit punch in the freezer superchilling


miss being a happy neet and watching sankarea on stream with my mates every morning


who is streaming halloween anime this year


same NOThing but an apathy neet now



might have a jerk to hazuki tonight shes simply too erotic




File: 1537591328259.jpg (64.73 KB, 800x397, b822f8784123bc15cc3661b42b6546ff.jpg)



愛 witches and vampires and zombies and yokai so much


whats to 愛


their underage bodies and perverted minds


if i were an yokai id be a karakasa


who wants to get on the convict conditioning program with me


gonno feast on some choco cookies and watch three hours of one piece and morph


id be hanakosan


guess ill watch wranglerstar videos and jerk off


jaypee boy



never really understood exercising


gonno oog


mac and cheetos are delicious compliments to the robotic chef who extruded them


hope chinky is okay just saw a possum in the backyard meself


gonno morph


one hell of a pork roast hima i gotta say gonno be eating cold roast pork sandwiches for days


cant eat cold meat except sandwich meats


normroast normwhiches


i sliced it pretty thin


oog me marinate me roast


dont bully porkman


gonno abandon this shite planet


say hi to rich and elliot


drinking some wine anyone with me


crying hard


File: 1537595885970.jpg (42.38 KB, 500x500, 293057.jpg)

daddys NOT drinking tonight but tomorrow hes going to crack open a one cup




hell yeah brother you got that right


sake always gives me a really bad hangover


wish i had some pork and wine


think i might play some hots tomorrow


LEGENDARY PASTA & SANDWICHES! Food Tour of Florence Italy

pastamate... sandwichman...


florence is NOThing but tourist traps


got an anzu banner and read the word trap now im laughing imagining her being trapped


are you sure you didnt imagine something else


no i only imagined her being trapped and how funny the idea of trapping a human is compared to trapping an animal


hate when my self awareness meter gets too high and i start freakin




alright time for some pork sandwiches


File: 1537600213961.jpg (153.16 KB, 1281x2048, 1537588468464.jpg)

whats wrong neetblog
you havent even touched your gabagool


great sandwiches today hima loaded them up with extra sambal


id blimp out and punch that gross chink bitch in the face


how do porcupines give birth to baby porcupines


File: 1537601136100.png (Spoiler Image, 6.05 MB, 2894x4093, 03ea2f412ec7b1762f592b862660314b.png)


i dont think that answers the question


File: 1537601529243.jpg (207.02 KB, 870x1237, c012.jpg)

all human is my enemy


cunnilingus i 愛 underage anime girls they make life worth living


File: 1537601827983.flac (29.68 MB, 01 - Neko Mimi Mode.flac)


File: 1537604198969.jpg (152.09 KB, 1440x931, 1537568120817.jpg)



dead hours


woke up


File: 1537619695919.gif (3.88 MB, 845x634, 1517586384667.gif)


dont understand that pic


took 3 prozac pills 2 pregabalin and 2 buspirone hydrochloride and all it did was give me a headache flip big pharma i will never be free of anxiety


owned drugnorm


my suffering is eternal


got a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee


started NOTicing that after sis showers my underwear is always in a different spot in the laundry basket i wonder what shes doing i want to put a camera in there



is that mate a schizo


had a dream i was making 愛 to a underage blonde girl with a moderately flat chest this dream was pretty realistic i can remember the first person perspective parts which is rare for me
she went up to use the bathroom and she took a huge knife with her and i went on discord to mog turt and there was a funny pic that i took of my dip spit bottle in her kitty


really want a deadly gf
just as deadly as me is fine if she doesnt take her glock into the bathroom shes gotta go
no extra mag in her edc and shes gotta go


cant stop watching that video of the hick shooting


File: 1537631262495.webm (3.98 MB, 610x1080, 1537498221381.webm)


did i ever post about how herkz didnt have dreams


wish i was a southern boy


the woman screaming gets me pumped up makes me want to go on a chadhunt


can they blame him when he asked for it


slow mate keeps pulling food from a baggy and telling me its his breakfast and how he cant wait to watch "college ball" today


ballmusk is strong today


gonno fire up the tobidase doubutsu no mori amiibo+


slow mate is very annoying today


lamp thing fell off the wall when i was moving the dog gate and i caught the holder and swerved it to balance the glass without looking it was like a jackie chan movie


made a ham turkey provolone spinach onion tomato pickle banana pepper jalapeno sandwich for lunch


chink tourists are the worst


wow thats basted


i live to squeeze my penis


squeeze mine instead


only have one hand sorry


whats your friend code lets play


why didnt they name him jackie chenk


im chenk


top 15 hima posts (must see)


jesus christ this slow mate is a pain in the ass


File: 1537644460618.jpg (1.88 MB, 3196x3196, Io_highest_resolution_true_color.jpg)

io looks baste


looks like a otato


so do you


when do we colonize io


we will send neetblog there after we colonize europa


really want to colonize io


woke up hey mates


save me from slow mate


give him adderall


i havent watched it once


watch it and rofl


today pinches hard




NOT nig


boost the chianwanese


woke up a long time ago took a nice shower had some pasta helped The Boss clean and vacuum everything and went to the barber for a nice shave and cut 愛 shaving there because the hot towel feels so nice hehe too bad its kinda expensive


dont like getting shaved by the barber it puts me on edge


shave yourself


gonno dump then have some coffee



the figaros haircut is too nice its worth it


gonno himastare


got waved at 3 times while driving i wonder what the thought process is of these people are they waving at every car that goes by and why its NOT like were in the early 1900s and there are only a few cars in town

a mate at a stoplight also said nice car as i drove by it kind of annoys me because the 944 had a hundredfold more work put into it and it didnt get the recognition it deserved


they only wave to norms


if i saw the 944 i would defiantly scope it out but NOT wave
ever considered that different types of people respect miatas compared to 80s porsche base models


File: 1537651182884.mp4 (28 MB, VID_20170117_171934083.mp4)

that was no ordinary 944 actual Drivers could sense its aura but your average nobody just saw it as an old loud car i guess


the virgin car


nice racing stripe


every time i look at my car i 愛 it more lil shoe car


All your cars are shite they waves were just them laughing at you the same way people laugh at monkeys in a cage


you cant talk to the ex rackmaster like that


File: 1537651635899.jpg (446.09 KB, 2048x1536, burn.jpg)

it was to cover this


The only ex Cameron is an ex convict boosting ape chimped out and attacked someone


File: 1537651882759.mp4 (758.94 KB, 2a175383-db70-456e-aa01-fe7acaba7fb7.mp4)


what happened


Worst sounding 944 ever


the norms


wish i had a cool car so bad need the k swap asap


made coffee ☕️


how do i get into street racing


You don't street racing gets into you


you dont deserve it
if you really had what it takes you would make it happen
thats what separates the Drivers from the drivers


shut the boost up bitch


File: 1537653279253.jpg (150.89 KB, 2000x1125, 1537650286164.jpg)

what if you were a gf with a pastagf


alright guess ill make that coffee


phew great coffee today extra strong gonno ask dad to bring cake


going to play basketball with goat boss and runescape boss because they had 5 people going and really needed a 6th


nig dna is kicking in


invite trainee girl


bnig 未来が眩しくて見えない go hard in the paint


愛 to get physical


goat boss pulled a muscle playing softball and physical activity irritates my asthma so i dont do sports you flipping impersonator


File: 1537654286597.jpg (60.48 KB, 640x480, 810dk2oldfn11.jpg)

might have to preorder doa6


got some chain lube last night might try to find the silvia again


they look freakish


愛 beating women


mutated the car posts


i look freakish






File: 1537655689504-0.png (Spoiler Image, 844.95 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-09-22-15-34-02.png)

File: 1537655689504-1.png (Spoiler Image, 953.88 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-09-22-15-34-10.png)

File: 1537655689504-2.png (Spoiler Image, 446.17 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-09-22-15-34-15.png)


post the other one


File: 1537655954855.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.11 KB, 692x1174, kuronekii.jpg)


Which one there's dozens


its a slam jam


Always wonder why cam's pits are purple


i could beat the shite out of turt any day any week hes NOT jacked enough


NOT that one post the one where you can see his nct and his goofy grin



File: 1537656401051.jpg (43.04 KB, 475x550, waha-ciel.jpg)


I know who you are


who knows who who is


goro goro shitai


eating hard


My legs are a little sore sigh


File: 1537656594738.gif (Spoiler Image, 768.18 KB, 960x720, b37c207981ad061a15931d5efb3657cb.gif)


die capitalizer


Why is the mate darker than the girl


there are stretchmarks around my armpits






yeah well its the price i pay for being a freak


reban haysuz


what about your face and hands


What's the price you paid for being a bitter virgin


stop phoneposting idiot


Ban haysuz


i thought you mates were friends


I'm NOT rich enough to own a pc




hima is reserved for the 1%



I fell on my sword once i was running with it in my belt won't happen again


NOT watching







multiple bad posters tonight 愛 saturdays


nice waha ciel hehehe


eatneeted again sigh


File: 1537658360368.png (354.66 KB, 640x480, 1537650707320.png)

technorm hours




did that mate start watching inuyasha and slayers yet


plumbers got the greenlight and weve started storyboarding


mutated the capnorm posts




people from the water store headquarters are coming next week


stopped using the brave mobile browser and switched to lightning wish i had control of scripts


die mobileseki




should i have pasta or pork sandwiches for my next meal


page 264 of my fantasy novel
people from the water store headquarters are coming next week


i made pierogis


pasta and pork


sounds good ill do that gonno crack open some brewskis in the meantime so i can enjoy it more


hehe nice im gonno have some coke zero myself kitty is morphing scampimodo next to me


gonno fire up airman ga taosenai


wish i had a kitty


hey turt can i contact you i want to write your biography


chapter 1: the norms


the norms gotta die


the big stuff hasnt even happened yet


blimped out


File: 1537660059755.jpeg (91.06 KB, 775x775, bb-06.jpeg)

gonno get one of these to drink wine out of


nice blogger eel


File: 1537660187636.png (661 B, 19x24, Waterskin.png)


id like a kitty but i also like having no responsibilities plus The Boss is allergic


get a mink


cats belong on africa


should i sushi bar




The Boss bought me a nice belt but it was too long so i wiped out those manly man skills and shortened it


meant whipped


after tomorrow ill be alone until the weekend when i work with trainee girl


愛 the random ken bans


wish i had a trainee girl to flip


File: 1537661313847.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.54 KB, 996x1500, 1537033351738.jpg)



filter trainee girl


disgusting bitch


new polaris refresh this year


File: 1537661651231.jpg (Spoiler Image, 641.29 KB, 1100x2000, a710ad7a8215e898a3c0cb01e2eaa745.jpg)




its a pie eating contest




File: 1537662401484.jpg (82.51 KB, 600x850, dbd05b678f3d9f3a85a19a0742aca6bfa0343c31_91024….jpg)

reading this


what i would do to have positive canthal tilt


its NOT that impactful


trainee girl asked if i want to be friends with benefits is that normal




she didnt cause she doesnt exist


File: 1537662801058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 654 KB, 1100x1500, 1a1e6822f1c38a5f48a14f00791df813.jpg)


vile little cunt


trainee girls vagina is tight like a preschooler


thinking of becoming a ping pong player


shes barely 5 feet tall and has apparently never been flipped hard plus she waa mormon so probably


trainee girls flips the hairbrush


its your duty to flip her hard be a man and give her the flipping of a lifetime


its pretty great


hope she doesnt bring up periods again


the rat king returns


Think The Boss poisoned me she made me lunch and i fell asleep i woke up and she was gone she did NOT want me to go to the store with her


the The Boss filter at this The Bossent feels like a The Bossumental failure


phew whitemane


wow whitemane or hots whitemane


should i cum or sperm or ejaculate


endlessly running sm in vanilla might be one of my favorite memories


got a ravager and would flapperlaugh whenever i got stuck in the spin


they made sally extra horny in legion


im am extra underage


brown jewish man came into the store today i felt sorry for him


the mizrahim will inherit the earth


Think The Boss came hope she brought banquet meals since we ran out mid week she better have brought more than last week


dont eat frozen meals you fool




the norms dont approve of them hes a norm so don tlisten


hots whitemane im NOT a wownorm afterall


Why do people swish wine


I swish





Hima has become a fourth of its original speed elderlyabusenig ran this place into the ground


frozen meals are delicious


wish i was frozen


aerating wine improves its flavor


The boost does aerating mean


exposing the wine to air swishing the wine helps more of it get exposed to air supposedly it helps to remove bad flavors although i think it barely makes a difference since it gets aerated when you pour it anyway


Can you open it and expose it to air overnight



File: 1537665682685.jpg (103.49 KB, 1300x1011, Chevalier-Stemless-Aerating-Wine-Glass-01.jpg)

the opening of the bottle is very thin and the wine doesnt move so it doesnt work really

people who are really into aeration use glasses like this


Would one be able to pour wine into a glass bread thing and let it aerate for a few days and stir it


i dont know


Wow that's really nice how much do they cost


had a really flipping weird time at the gook restaurant with The Boss and sis and The Bosss on and off bf
a little mexican man walked up and poked my arm and just stood there smiling and i said uh hey and he was like hey in a quiet voice and i said uh do i know you and he mumbled something about moving to that area and i said oh yeah i live just down the road myself and he stood there with that same smile and i said well were about to head out so i guess ill see you around and he gibbered something and left
i think hes one of the people who work on the plant floor at my job when i go to the dirty office unfortunately they all look the same to me so theres no way to know

when The Bossbf was paying i got a toothpick and held it in my mouth so my arm would look big and the gookgirl kept glancing over sometimes even if youre ugly people cant help but gawk at the freak might be about time to do aNOTher cycle and leave it all behind


Found them on Amazon 50 for a set of 2 wow 60 with a stem


at that price youd be an idiot NOT to buy


stems are really for chilled wine if youre drinking room temperature red you dont need a stem


Okay 2 day delivery with my free Prime


You sure do know a lot about wine


Ban him seki i think that's siz


its only natural


Imagine being 30 and having The Bosss bull pay for your food I'd rather be dead than see The Boss with a mate


thank you onseki for improving hima so much you two digit iq piece of shit


calm down


my smithing level is now 52


the rager is raging again


cant blame him haysuz is annoying as flip


He's going to start slam jamming soon


wonder what i should eat


Uhhh haysuz is annoying cause he post but no other reason haha




Soy levels too high to rage


Should I get an ex calibur 3400b 9 tray dehydrator for 154.99 on Amazon


pork and pasta time


i dont see why NOT


norm and norman time


I only eat boiled chicken


i added extra sambal too its been a while since i had some its so much nicer than sriracha


Want to grab some Chinese food now


whats stopping you


I'm NOT man enough to step foot outside on a Saturday night at least NOT by myself


its the first day of autumn hima or if youre br its the first day of spring


go back to discord haysuz


found the gt86 but the silvia was nowhere to be seen


No i refuse


I'm too much of a freak to be accepted anywhere






Feel the rage building thinking of all the times I've ever been rejected from social groups NOT once have i ever been liked norms like cam and elderlyabusenig have always been a likeable dork they just pretend to be outcasts they have no real understanding of what it's like to be a real freak


yeah same here man


me too


never been rejected by really anyone i dont know if its me or the people around me


eatin a tuna sandwich loaded with raw onion phew my sinuses are flushing down


simply go to onsekis discord they will take anyone there


you were rejected for normtalk talking about sex with sexseki thats the opposite of being an outcast and you should have known the rules better than anyone as youve tattled on others


no go back to the ota discord


slam jam hours gonno make sushi


im making sushi as we speak


youre always welcome to be my mate bastezus


nah you just banned him so he would come here and annoy us


I'm NOT banned i left


stay left


mates i need some real advice


I don't even know how to live my own life how can i give you advice


feel like life is just scavenging the land for bits of information and internalizing them and then dying and losing all that information to the void


24 xxl kitkats for 27 or 18 reeses nutrageous for 12 or 48 snickers for 30 or one of the variety packs


gonno get a E2 green card and send my resume to goat boss


variety pack or you will regret your choice no matter what you choose


actually forgot to put a looking for help sign in the window today


I'm biased 愛 kit Kat and resses but hate snickers i would probably choose reeses


get the kitkats


the variety packs seem kind of shitty i wont eat 3 musketeers or milkyways maybe i can use them to barter


愛 musketeers hate milky ways


well watashi kirais both


milky way is baste


never ate 3 musketeers how are they


They're delicious super fluffy insides


its like a shitty truffle


musketeers pinch theyre way worse than milky way and marshmallow milkyway


Only gays eat truffles


The Boss found the truffle pig


basted sudo


Really want Chinese food but I'm too kitty to go myself


order it


Think I'll ask The Boss to go with me


this place has pog juice hell yeah


thought someone was scaping but everyone is offline


havent scaped in 5 weeks NOT sure if i ever will


File: 1537670980552.gif (2.24 MB, 600x338, 218.gif)




big sigh


gonno play unist


gonno come back during the week to finalize the snack decision i just got a carton of pog juice and a 6 pack of snickers and an 8 pack of pop



just logged back on


nice boobs arc


There's this place called the water store next to the Chinese food place


leave arc alone


All my shirts are black and faded


File: 1537672080916.jpg (18.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


wish i could give arc a big hug and kiss sigh


saw something today that actually blew my mind but i dont know if i should post about it


miss super


Post about it


only 2 months until the broly movie


cant believe broly is canon now


and canon in a possibly worse way than he was originally


whos broly


his power is maximum


File: 1537672556826.jpg (960.09 KB, 6006x1900, 789818.jpg)

jesus christ poor kul tirans their moonkin form looks like a fat mate in a costume


thats why theyre baste im thinking of race swapping my druid for one


File: 1537672632157.jpg (552.75 KB, 2436x942, ZandalariMoonkin.jpg)

the zandalari one is way cooler


i watch the dub every week


i like the kul tiran one more i like playing a big fat mate


i like playing a creepy skinny mate


hell yeah tech yes city


may i recommend using thunderbirds rss feature as a replacement for direct youtube subs


i dont sub i search


then may i recommend using newpipe its only available on mobile but at least you cant be tracked


already being tracked by the government


then may i recommend tossing out all your electronics


Don't like this place sigh never try new things


Their 5 star rating on yelp is about to go down


even greg knows whats going on here


Don't think i can ever get used to people calling me sir


im a verge


wouldnt mind getting called sir if i was a burly chad like turt but im skel


i dont get called sir i get called man or mate or mateive had a handful of weirdos look at my debit card and call me by my name


i need a hug


feels good to be a technorm today


how come nobody told me bastedsuz was back


bus driver a few months ago called me mayor because of my coat


owned hard


been feeling nervous all day i think something might happen soon


like what


the norm purge


grooled all over the keyb again


nap time bye


gonno jerk it


just ate a pear


Lost the contents of my wallet today my ss a bible card and a business card


g0d isnt real loser


drove like 90 miles tonight for no real reason just bored
ate some bk like two hours ago and then hit up my favorite driving spot


They must've slid out from the big pocket I'm so boosting stupid how did i NOT NOTice


should have gotten a pair of chinos




I carry my wallet in my hand i put those cards in the cash pocket


walletnorms when will they learn


i only carry 1 things in my pockets my drivers license and my debit card and theyre just the loose cards because im NOT a fag


daddy opened up the one cup he feels like a business man having a stiff one


more like an alcoholic


used to do that but then i realizef carrying five or six cards in a wallet is much more convenient and i usually put my wallet in a jacket pocket anyway so i rarely sit on it


daddy isnt an alcoholic he just likes having a few drinks with his little girl


alchy alchy alchy


could go for some man ass right now any volunteers


sake is flipping basted i didnt know old men made it while chanting


they dont


ya they do look at the video


no one watched my vid sigh


it probably pinched anyways


its hard to see anything


yeah im sure it pinches so i didnt watch it


the tandem boys put out a new vid im gonno post these so people can downvote them


Got a rash on my butt i didn't take my Vaseline with me so i was chaffing bad


you need that for your boyfriend or what


saw this car today i didnt know that there was the piss of two teenmates in the exhaust


No I'm a little heavy set


daddy should get himself a strong zero


strong zero is nearly impossible to get in the us last i checked


really want to try some strong zero after ive heard people talk about it and seeing it in bento


that sake vid is cool really want some sake now


can you see who dislikes your vids or is it just a number


i think its just a number


i dislike all your videos




want to start a motovlog channel but it would be boring probably


Start it


i can just imagine it now hundreds of videos of the same touge


something i NOTiced a while back is that the main entrance closes at 7 and they have those reverse one way spike things to stop people from going in but two or three of them seem broken and dont point up at all so i could fit my bike through them at night
just need to find out if anyone stays after 7pm or if a ranger shows up at 11 and simply closes the gate


Think I'll start a vlog and do like q&a's with some driving but won't be much just some with music playing then I'll sit on hills and stuff and read hima and respond to stuff


elliot rodgers knockoff channel


Except I'm NOT Asian or drive a bmw


elliot rodgers spic edition


End racism



File: 1537678569531.gif (1.01 MB, 147x172, High_Level_Alchemy.gif)


gotta think of how to ask trainee girl to do something looking back i think she was giving me lots of chances to ask her


There's no angle kits for nc miata seki


got owned by a mkb user on blops 3






that rx8 is fast sigh really want one


How do i live my life


by doing your own thing


rx8 left him in the dust in the last minute just immediate torque to the wheels the rotary is truly supreme


get a 91 nsx instead


I never had my "own thing"


im used to hitting the touge multiple times a week the weekends are almost unbearable because the place would just be packed with people and i have to avoid it


its dangerous and foolish


what else am i supposed to do


Like how Cameron pretends to be anti social yet he can go to a Chinese restaurant and be so freaking arrogant


stay inside and sushi bar or watch


i dont have 65k


Get my spray paint and red line 75w90 tomorrow


what are you oiling with thick oil like that your gearbox


Don't get my fastners till Wednesday


My limited slip differential


you could have this red '91 nsx for only 19k or 300/month what a deal


Why is it so cheap


saw a newer nsx a few days ago he was leaving the downtown area i think right now theres some restaurant thing going on where you can pay a certain amount and eat at certain restaurants


exchanging money for food at a restaurant what a strange concept



Arizona Restaurant Week is the most edible time of the year, giving local, regional and national food 愛rs the opportunity to enjoy a prix-fixe dinner for $33 or $44 per person (unless NOTed: excluding beverages, tax and gratuity) at a number of participating Valley restaurants. Arizona Restaurant Week’s goal is to position Arizona as one of the top culinary destinations in the nation by increasing awareness of the many dining opportunities available in the state, as well as stimulating business and revenue for restaurants throughout Arizona.

ive posted about this before


Hate Arizona


phew his gf is underage


Can't wait for my bumper fastners


File: 1537681614255.jpg (126 KB, 624x884, Pork.jpg)

does someone want to pretend to be a gay couple so we can get couples pricing


19k for an nsx guarantee theres something wrong with it without clicking the link
weird how norms will pay 19k for a chevy cruze or dodge dart that pinches ass and is lame but wont pay 18k for an r33 or a jdm supra or any number of other things that are fast and basted
there is no greater pleasure than driving makes me sick that cup holders and usb ports and bluetooth are selling points in 2018 NOT horsepower and brake rotor diameter


i do but only if we live together and adopt a sexy lady


norms are flipping stupid npcs they buy whatever the tvman tells them to


gonno eat a grilled cheese and watch one piece


ok but she will have to be a blonde slavic sexy lady


Most people just need to get from point a to point b and have families NOT everyone can be a roiding angsty man child that never grew up with no kids and no responsibilities so they can get two seatercars


send the mate a message maybe its because its so heavily modded or maybe he owes the mafia 19k


haysuz is flipping basted lets keep him around


no i want a brunette slav like uliana


uliana had possibly the best type of brown hair out there i cry each night knowing she froze to death


its just a matter of time until he goes insane for no reason and rageslam jams shite hes done it maybe half a dozen times already its always the same pattern


when i was at bk earlier i had to piss like crazy so i grabbed my dip spitter and pissed in it while i was waiting to pull up and get my food in the drive thru
after i grabbed my food from the nice girl i waited until she went away and poured the frothy mix of dip spit tobacco chunks and fresh piss out onto the ground right in front of the window while laughing hard


theres some bad karma coming your way


愛 making a nuisance of myself its the essense of kanjozoku


i should cover up the rust on my car with some stickers im thinking about getting the hima spoiler image printed out onto stickers would anyone buy one


gonno get a nice wrap on my car


The Bossgf made those you might want to ask his permission


i dont have money or a job
i dont have a car or a driver license




flip that norm


hope coby sues the flip out of you then


Still thinking of wrapping my soft top i found a fabrics store


is it a michaels there are always lots of creepy girls working at michaels i recommend avoiding it at all costs


No it's called fabrics store


thats weird the michaels around me all have creepy 1/10s working there too
wonder if its company policy to hire fujoshi


Nevermind it's called fabric n stuff


gonno play new leaf the other mate who plays it wont add my friend code sigh guess ill play alone like ive been doing for the past 12 years


Found aNOTher tran fabric upholstery sale he has 3 5 star reviews think I'll go and chat with him see what he recommends


guess that means ill just watch wranglerstar videos and jerk off again



dont jerk off


Watching bleach live action movie on Netflix


stop jerking off to wranglerstar


i made the lala spoiler image NOT The Bossgf



used to think this mate was really good but hes just been losing for the last few gams


b00sting freaks



File: 1537686092506.png (759.76 KB, 1200x675, Dji2H9wW4AoBcQ5.png)


baste bogs


woke up from my nap hey boys


File: 1537687719080.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


back from the sushi bar we won best 2 of 3 i actually did the winning shot for the second sushi bar and goat boss said with ball like that and ill be gm within a year


i like to drink whiskey by the gallon


might have a well aerated glass of wine anyone with me


File: 1537691987040.swf (884.46 KB, yoko_mini.swf)


File: 1537692335891.jpg (169.17 KB, 1411x846, 1537142450916.jpg)


wish a girl would smile at me it would make my day


woke up time for a morning jo



dont get the meme of talking over sushi barplay footage about something unrelated


went to bed when haysuz started posting looks like i only missed a few posts gonno mutate


feel like a flipping zombie right now im so sick of these pills



You might have to go to bed again


baste haysuz


ok then gonno morph bye


Don't take them they're meant to tame who you really are make you a docile creature it's NOT good


Time for Sunday service i know they don't like me but they're forced to tolerate my presence


Brother Andrew has been giving me the stink eye all morning i shouldn't have taken his parking spot sigh


basted third worlders in the comments they dont give a flip


wish i was a third worlder


woke up and spermed


bright full moon yesterday it was nice


File: 1537717333905.jpg (593.14 KB, 684x926, 3c52641c2ebfea59b40033d01a62e24e.jpg)


nicesuz making hima great again just need coby around now


if i was a paki man id have a 3 year old wife by now


I had to leave it was about forgiveness


I got locked out of the ss government thing cause i got a question wrong and i can't contact them


The Boss ordered pizza hope that bitch didnt ask for pineapples


Pineapple compliments the tomato sauce and cheese don't see why it's hated


ordered pineapple pizza for my son


Think Cameron just hates anything his The Boss does likes to complain


wish i could race swap to chink


hi hima The Boss woke me up took a shower now im havin coffee and a peach jam sandwich


gonno watch this


File: 1537722676787.jpg (4.84 MB, 4160x3120, 20180923_100919.jpg)

This bottle is massive i don't think the bty1618 is the right color it seems to dark


wish i could go purging with my dad


wish i had a dad


chicken nugget


Counter people at the gym always look at me with disgust and fear


might play some minecraft looks fun


phew no pineapples


Miss playing Minecraft alone it was so peaceful wish i can go back and erase that day


could go back*



愛 going to an area and have everyone clear out sigh NOT really this is just bullying they made me like this


gonno have a nice kirbyjo


Big ol chubster dead lifting walking with his chest puffed out


Can't stop laughing


Had me a big ol yelp mid set thinking of your dog or you're child you can't have both



Some of my students now want to bring a gun into my classroom. They think 9/11 was a conspiracy. They want to join the anti-vaxxer movement. They’re ready to begin the incel rebellion, or the second civil war. They promote watered-down forms of white nationalism.

basted zoomers


dont understand how someone can believe the official 9/11 story


Does anyone cream themselves over tough mates


kitty reeks


didnt asked


kitty or kitty


you know


Bye have a good day shut the boost up bitch do you NOT see i have headphones on do that again so i can ignore you


sippin on monster and hanging out with my zoomer newphew


shut the boost up bitch


I don't drink monster anymore it's too sugary and too big


its time for a lil pasta


starving we ran out of food last week


buy more you idiot


simply grow and harvest your own grains


ah NOThing like a nice cuppa joe


I only drink chocolate milk for energy


gonno play some battlefield


Firing up hardline right now


runny nose all day


simply play some 'field and get rid of the runny nose


just woke up is haysuz still here




dog is barking again what i would do to watch that dog get executed


simply execute it yourself


flip you catnorm


flip you turt dogs are baste unlike cats


The Boss's bf came in my room and brought me Chinese food again i held a tooth pick in my mouth and flexed a 'cep


raging hard the power keeps going out


im sure it was pity chinese food


I pity cam for having to deal with the bull on a regular basis knowing his The Boss is getting bent over taking it raw from a complete stranger


probably jos to the thought


anyone else only watch videos in 240p or less makes me feel nostalgic


went to the movies last night and the screen was fuzzy NOT sure if i need glasses or their projector needs calibrating


愛 sleeping in my own filth


calibrate this


was it a date




never been on a date