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accidentally tapped the cycle thread button trying to reply to pnig doing his usual morning chimpout


File: 1536680989687-0.png (83.06 KB, 897x736, AL062018_5day_cone_with_line_and_wind.png)

File: 1536680989687-1.png (299.91 KB, 1280x1024, al062018.png)


got my $5k raise finally


my senpai just saw this pic when i minimized flip


missing me by a lot hell yeah


where are the posts


File: 1536683215630.webm (242.12 KB, 560x354, itvxdj.webm)


nice seki


the norms did this


fire up the hima archive


guess ill jog


the post was about being incompetent i think this proves something


guess ill remorph


after my raise and gran moves in ill have around $600 a week in disposable playmoney ill do whatever i can to avoid responsibility


anyone else pee sitting down


i never stand to pee


miss the posts


only right after waking up if i didnt get enough sleep



dont cry because its over
smile because it happened


half those posts are mine including that gun one which i ripped off from /k/ and the post that says “a middle school”


made this post >>3235


i made >>1135 and possibly >>3391 >>3370 and >>3549




gonno scavenge


watched this mate years ago only recognized him when i saw his room



bathroom at the factory is the worst one ive seen in years mexicans are animals


phew hima jogged two miles im sweating like a pig


gonno train my linne on unist a bit


dont know what that means but flip you


NOT my job NOT my prob gonno go to the bathroom and polish my knob


walked down the street and saw a soylent truck now im drinking a sweet chai breakfast


got an email from the domain service things arent looking good mates


what does that mean


brushed my teethgonno stain them with some flaming hot cheetos


the images from the posts i deleted are still on the server neat
i have the thread opened in aNOTher tab and just shift click the image links


getting bored with the life meme


File: 1536696074619-0.jpeg (329.1 KB, 759x1200, 5C042877-63E6-4732-85E5-F816CDC17DA8.jpeg)

File: 1536696074619-1.jpeg (2.29 MB, 1844x1763, 94843800-613A-4F56-BDA8-A7259A4D7EB1.jpeg)


ran out of almond rounds whats the best way to kill myself


lead r&d mate is leaving wednesday through friday and they want me to take over for him which involves a lot of talking to people which im NOT so good at im panicking i know its going to be bad even now if i happen to be at that office and someone calls for him i quietly lift the phone off the receiver and put it back on so the office lady doesnt hear me do it but it doesnt look like im just sitting there with the phone ringing like an idiot


nice seki forcing me to mutate


ate a whole 16oz bag of flaming hot cheetos


theyre switching names and things needed to be updated the site shouldnt go down but if it does just direct all your complaints to onseki


uh huh yeah sure nice way to say that youre finally doing the pirate takeover you keep blogging about


Your domain name is currently registered through Namecheap as a reseller of Enom. Namecheap has recently decided to use its direct ICANN registrar accreditation for all new domain registrations, renewals and transfers, and transfer all existing Namecheap-managed domain registrations from Enom's sponsorship to Namecheap's own credential.

In accordance with ICANN policy, we are required to NOTify you regarding this transition.

stop being delusional and paranoid


hate when i need to shite in the middle of a tera dungeon


which dungeon


saleron's sky dungeon


yea you cant shit in that one


tera starting turning to shit when the alliances were dissolved i used to 愛 doing that stuff


die teennorms


are there any extra sexual outfits that have been added recently



if tera is teen then im teen


now im getting kiss him NOT me recommendations on youtube the botnet has gone too far


coffee time


File: 1536699480414.png (829.66 KB, 740x1106, ba8e4db30b691df2aa8bf4b90d4ddc13.png)

always lôved jerkin it to tera


hated that filthy blog



getting a chicken nugget


listening to some nice music too bad it wont ever be added to hima


stfu whinenig


new troom




more of an (」・ω・)」うー(/・ω・)/にゃー mate myself


what the fuck is this


its the original hehe


this is the original


its nice but SAN値ピンチ has some really good parts like when they say SAN値ピンチ


theyre saying sons of bitches NOT san値ピンチ


what an unusually erotic video


its a cover of the original


absolutely 愛 this op used to listen to it on repeat for hours every day while playing alpha league of legends hehe good times


might have a wank to the deadpan girl


which one


the one who was flying upside down


went on a subscribe spree after watching >>828454


File: 1536702556558.gif (1.53 MB, 540x362, tumblr_otq19aZZXn1qhd1qbo2_540.gif)


morphed hows it going hima


i posted that


posted what


goin fine im having my post workday coffee and watching pewd play detroit


mutated about 10 embeds flip you slam jammers


sigh it disappeared


gotta sperm


got the postmorph slimy mouthfeel gonno vomit hard


simply dont mutate


how do i get rid of muscular atrophy without any physical exertion


testosterone injections


atrophy is a status symbol


morph and pick things up and put them down again in your dreams


dont refresh onseki deleted everything


too late sigh what happened


the sb pie eating contested us


does anyone want a zip of every thread from right before himako nuked the board


went to sleep hoping to see replies to my post when i woke up but now it is gone


what post


hell yea


seki tried to reply to a post about being incompetent and deleted all the posts i wish i were making this up



onseki accidentally the whole thread






seki must be stopped


never refreshed yet gonno screencap this


ctrl+s it instead


this explains it


thinking of spending $100 on candy and sweets and snacks is that a bad idea


get some almond rounds


would defiantly NOT recommend it


what the fuck is almond rounds


grouchnig gonno grouch


you know


if he werent incompetent he would either NOT have made that mistake or edited templates so that there is no cycle button but you know how those things go


File: 1536704473014.jpg (96.74 KB, 449x345, Aviateur Almond Rounds 1 (2).jpg)

ive never seen these in my life


its never too late


why are they brown inside


post em


buy unist and umineko golden fantasia instead


i want 20lbs of snickers though


sushi bars are a better investment they can last you weeks months or years but candy lasts a day at best


but they dont taste good


they can if you buy switch sushi bars and lick them


is smash mates ultimate out yet is anyone going to play it


im NOT because im NOT a smasher sorry


lots of people still dont understand politics is inherently a jewish idea


jews are basted


still cant believe this is real


why cant you believe it


always laugh when i remember kinder surprises are banned in america because fatnorms try to eat them in one bite and choke


gth twigger


it seems out of place even for a pizza theme




fat people are untermensch


pie eating contest






The Boss is raging because is said elizabeth smart wasnt abducted


what happened to her


she had a ped bf


why is it spelled abducted yet the a is pronounced like a u


its NOT


do sexy ladies like connecticut casual


she was abducted


whats connecticut casual


baste abos


are those things even human


theyre more human than varg


hey hima just woke up in dire need of a latte


DO NOT refresh


stop drinking milk


dont forget to read and highlight


i already read and refreshed and i wont be highlighting


gotta have my coff


The Boss said i need the calcium and vitamin D


ill give you some vitamin d


File: 1536709479783-0.jpg (249.94 KB, 800x533, based.jpg)



File: 1536710071815.jpg (77.07 KB, 564x718, linus.JPG)



basted waha


File: 1536710471500.jpg (578.97 KB, 900x999, 6959059_p0.jpg)


sigh wish my cousin would come over again

last time she was over she stayed until like 11pm

she really wanted to spend the night then too sigh she asked like 4 times and her sister too

is it weird that 12 year old and 10 year old girls would want to spend the night with a 26 year old mate


shitty gifts this year for 9/11


can you repost that cat video that got destroyed


can you describe it


the fat one


the cooking one



File: 1536710899295.gif (83.87 KB, 300x231, 1230026496558.gif)





File: 1536711161828.webm (2.74 MB, 864x482, 1536430328699.webm)


found it without your help



thats pretty much what i do except im an ugly man


The Boss is talking to her sis and flapperlaughing hard think shes gonno pee herself again


what do you mean again


you know


think ill get chicken for dinner again


hope its butter chicken


wish i had some butter chicken


halloween is where sexy ladies dress up as witches and princesses and knock on neets doors to ask them to smell their feet and give them candy


File: 1536712978933.png (Spoiler Image, 488.99 KB, 1269x1434, 1536210129951.png)


they dont do that


have you never heard the extended trick or treat rhyme it goes as follows
trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat if you dont i dont care ill pull down your underwear
it might be pull down my underwear in the end i havent heard it in a while


you made that up and its dumb


cunnilingus made me up and im dumb


apparently theres a variation as well
trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat if you dont just beware ill show you my underwear
these are pretty erotic


im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flapper


愛 halloween


birthday is coming and i am panicking


halloween pinches


no its the official saying the least sexual one is
trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat NOT too big NOT too small just the size of montreal

the constant is the smelling of feet depending on what happens it means at the very least a sexy lady will ask you to smell her feet and either pull down your underwear or show you hers


File: 1536713597906.gif (88.98 KB, 391x593, 1230025720599.gif)


yeah no you made it up


sexy ladies are all talk no action


thinkin about harukas sweaty underage body



cant believe i played almost 300 hours of duels of the planeswalkers


time to fire up some pork sandwiches




its no use posting old stuff here


thats NOT true


kind of feel like getting chicken but



grabbed some mcdonalds get a big mac up in ya


no boost you


big mac and large fries to go junior chicken on the side


File: 1536715539638.jpg (31.84 KB, 640x549, 1536691715319.jpg)


i posted that weeks go neetblog


my wife is asian


wish i was capable of doing stuff like this i can only blog


same im just a blog in a cage


just a mcflurry without oreos or smarties in it


hate halloween
hate all dumb consumerist holidays


hate antihalloweenorms


i throw shite at halloweenies


you throw shit at yourself


feel no need to post on hima lately just NOT interested in anything thats talked about here
NOT interested in internet culture or news or technorm shit or sushi bars or anime or trainee girl or sexy ladies




boost trainee girl stupid bitch


gonno snap her


愛 fictional halloween hate real halloween


havent watched any seasonal anime ever since ryuuou no oshigoto


you missed out




File: 1536716823052.gif (292.72 KB, 200x333, haba03.gif)



watch his other videos too theyre all good


feel like absolute shit watching this
cant contain it gonno blast myself




sorry i forgot



File: 1536717632629.jpg (42.86 KB, 480x554, 1333535971294.jpg)


dont think trainee girl has much free time she started college


flapperlaughing even though ive seen this 100 times


just renamed my cat to nyansuke


let the cat name itself


File: 1536718068899.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 2155x3000, 6ED13A8B-B493-47B6-90B6-CBE4BC668884.jpeg)


wish The Boss would have let me name myself


might start using my segway again


gonno get a cool name change to sam olsen


get some heelys



disgusting face


theres only one thing i hate more than gingers



NOT asking what is it


File: 1536719727955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 294.65 KB, 1000x1412, 1534810548285.jpg)


wish i was her




gonno watch one piece and morph mates


wish i could let smelly old men use me for money


thats only 200 dollars its a bargain


i would cover her with a blanket and tell her she cant put a price on herself


die wk



dislike that mate


dumb norms cant even go 30 minutes without blabbing


where can i find a teengirl to flip me tonight



thats too expensive


his teeth are fake



200 is less than i spend jerking it for a month


gonno pad my room with these things


NOThing like a shirtless test drive with the top down after a night of working on the racecar

glad thats over with it took me 15 minutes alone to remember how i got the car jacked up so high


flip carnorms theyll never be as fast as me


my mind can go faster than any vehicle


how did you get it jacked up so high did you use planks


im ginger


would it be weird to put a prop severed hand at my store in a drawer as a halloween prank


no everyone does that


me work at water store


just realized ginger is an anagram for nigger




spilled my jellybeans


hate jellybeans they taste like ass


flip you you dont know anything


reflapper reflapper reflapper


nice gingerblog



playing some bf4 by myself


gonno rage


already raging join the fire rager




cant stop watching these




havent seen a good life lesson from travis woo in a while


that song is about me and the npcs


this ones a bit sexier


underage black ai




wonder why men pay to flip girls but girls wont pay me to flip


gonno impregnate a underage volleyballer


get a big dick and girls will pay to be flipped


thought beta stains wouldve held up better he got steamed by the basted sv3rige


asked scape boss about scape yesterday and he said he has no maxed chars and that he pks a lot so he has like 10 accounts


nice pkboss


would 愛 to see a vegan gains pastor anderson debate


File: 1536729264749.jpg (46.7 KB, 600x600, large_02f56f78-3379-4133-afa7-5b859c1e9577.jpg)

drinking a bottle of this again hoo boy forgot how good it was
stopped drinking it because its labeled as sparkling gsnapfruit juice but the gsnapfruit juice comes after apple juice


gsnapfruits are baste


pastor anderson said that its NOT sinful to NOT eat meat its just pointless


nice japman
seki might like this one if he hasnt seen it already


hc char died in poe huge mob made my sushi bar freeze surprised i played so long


and so aNOTher cycle of poe expansion ends


didnt even fire this league up i was too busy playing wow


playing bfa is suffering


File: 1536730531043.mp3 (3.31 MB, 09. ワルキューレのバースデイソング.mp3)

this one is for nb


gonno fire up some more erin episodes


ive been cycling for years


File: 1536731228099.mp3 (10.44 MB, 01 Angel of Love.mp3)


its NOT my birthday


File: 1536733949716.jpg (12.12 KB, 236x236, 67ec93e17ddab2f9d6933402f8c3fe1f.jpg)


i have read that one


i watched it and it looks like the obnoxious vegnorms dominated


nah they got owned


File: 1536735041320-0.jpg (891.01 KB, 1536x2048, Dm3VerNXsAIFdi3.jpg)

File: 1536735041320-1.jpg (199.52 KB, 700x1024, Dm3YL5yWsAARG1_.jpg)



remember when I was looking for a scary sushi bar to play during halloween and ended up playing NOThing


evil bitch


bored and reflappered


anyone there




youre late


i was making sushi sorry


kinda want to make actual sushi


i have awakened




havent slept should i stay up all day hima




had a dream that i woke up in japan and i was japanese all along then i actually woke up and raged hard


in time i realized i was more japanese than the japanese themselves


eatring some big ol pork sandwiches hima theyre good




File: 1536746814506.jpg (117.24 KB, 769x1024, red_state_bbq_pulled_pork_sandwich_@aaron_yih-….jpg)


baste chink


sorry i already ate them


okay ill stay up


wonder who would be designated pitmaster at the mansion


愛 a good pit



wish i played ffxi back in the day sigh


you missed out


didnt have enough money to play a lot of video sushi bars growing up could only afford the big ones and sometimes we ended up with shite sushi bars that we would play a ton just because theyre there


the hima private server


hate poornorms


played swg back in the day it was baste


go to hell pastawealth


been making sushi all my life


NOT me actually i grew up poor too


guess ill take a big morph gotta move the next two days sigh bye hima


need a name for my new tera character




hate this mate


if you were to go back in time do you think it would be possible to breed with a australopithecus or some other hominid
where is the cutoff for viable offspring


dont know what that is


has anyone ever impregnated a monkey before
seems like that would be about the same as breeding with a 3 million year old protohuman




stopped playing because of the 60% packet loss at their host


sigh i need a phd in making sushi just to understand how to play warrior


time to wank


shaved my feet


tera warrior right




its NOT worth it


gonno rub my penis against eevee





SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi SANchi pinchi


gonno fire up some ramen


File: 1536770533513.jpg (113.7 KB, 635x903, Dm2Sd96VAAAkKH1.jpg)


gonno marry a anime girl


how come fats dont have extra muscular jaw muscles if all they do is chew food


fats dont chew they absorb


only my railgun can shoot it


because they eat soft mushy garbage and NOT things that require chewing like vegetables


you cant see their jaws beneath their fat fool




regret staying awake






fell for the 16gb ram meme sigh


foolish decimalnorm


The Boss called me a bunch of times never answered hehe


shes gonno rage


bhole winked again


mutated work and got back home early instead gonno make some coffee


guess ill have a quick jo and jog





NOThing i hate more than drugnorms


its a pain to live in the usa


exercisenroms are worse same with technerms


kitty jumped on me lap


NOT even close


sexnorm and gfnorms to


愛 a good wake n bake


boost gfnorms


NOThin norm


NOThing wrong with having a loving The Boss brothers


hol up
dont tell me that you didnt only fall for the neet meme but the virg meme too
what the flip are you doing with your life


愛 a good workout



gonno have a nice tall glass of milk


do NOT


comparing crime rates to japan cant really find any western country that can even compete


its because they dont report it trust me theyre quick to steal wallets


i didnt know dropping a wallet is considered stealing in japan i guess their standards are very high


how do you just drop a wallet without having holes in your pockets youre just a weeb who doesnt want to believe the truth


every murder is reported as suicide there because the police doesnt want to lose face plus yakuza thugs extort tourists all the time


the monkey obaasan did it



your giant glutes pushed your wallet out of your back pocket while you were scavenging for free women


cant believe turt didnt receive a complimentary japgf but onseki got to impregnate every gal in the country


at least nobody can say i didnt try


annoying new hire is at my store today he asked if i said i didnt want to work with trainee girl
apparently shes causing problems at the other store


im the new hire


need a new keyboard which one should i get


i got a ducky shine 3 would NOT recommend it


i keep my wallet in my front pocket




think i need some new jog tunes these are getting stale



poker 3


File: 1536787006019.jpg (165.47 KB, 1129x2015, image0.jpg)

why would anyone be a retail cuck or a financial analyst or an engineer when they could be a forklift operator like a real man


my dad is a forklift operator


never mess with a forklift operator that listens to acdc and was born in may



File: 1536790362333.jpg (684.54 KB, 2091x1067, 1517679152418.jpg)

this one always cracks me up hehe


woke up hey mates hows it hangin


this is one of my favorite jo scenarios to imagine


wish turt would just come out already


onseki are you seeing this


think ill jo to this


NOT homo just cel


funny how its implied that having your twin sis basically snap you all the time is natural and even expected




tired of the lack of iridium updates i had more fun with waterfox


woke up with ballpain should i be worried


forced animation


simply sperm


time for a latte


how can an op have forced animation


called The Boss an npc


pilling The Boss on the cia


all women are npcs it goes without saying
i did bring it up to her once anyway and she got a little upset


everyone is an npc except for me






theyre actually pretty easy to spot youd know that if you-


burned myself out on this song by listening to it hundreds of times in a row a few years ago


simply listen to the kyon version instead


same also the sis 愛r friend one



new mate asked why i never asked trainee girl to do anything


anyone going to buy the new assetto corsa


did you tell him it was because youre a wk


no im NOT a carnorm


she told him to ask you


i said i never had the chance maybe you dont need to know someone as well as i thought to ask them to do something


are you talking about ordering her around at work or getting pinchjobs


he specifically asked why i havent gone for a ride with her because we both ride


sexnorms are freaks how could you just ask something like that


if youre NOT gonno do anything then stop posting about it cunnilingus its frustrating either do something or dont




well i never had the chance i dont want to call out of the blue like a creep i was waiting for to ask her in person


this is what happens when manbabies get all of their knowledge of romance from anime



sushi bars are NOT worth buying


you should support your favorite sushi bar developers


they only make shallow slot machine simulators


File: 1536795391040.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1281x1440, 1536774327865.png)


what should i jo to




File: 1536796347802.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, 1536796228743.png)

what do you think neetblog


die reiko


gonno feast on this tkng


piss in my pants


bush piss instead


think ill make a slayer


File: 1536797137217.jpg (62 KB, 600x840, f12877d1c08dbc783f4d24f9736d663b.jpg)


posted that t pic there once and they have been reposting it ever since


i posted it first


stomach burns hima






gth cummer


File: 1536798381787.jpg (165.22 KB, 512x833, harukana02.jpg)

phew nice


nice nipples


dumb bitch should have wore a modest swimsuit




big fan of small details like underboob fat abdomen definition and the part where you can see the inside of their ass cheek from the side


File: 1536798827649.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)


gonno nichijo


愛 boss cat


gonno go to wendys get my free burg


im baking my own burger bun rn


gonno jerk it hard to wendy shes just begging to be jerked to and spermed all over



shes a child


what is that one rhythm tengoku song


File: 1536800881704.png (648.64 KB, 644x754, PayDaddyCool.png)



its been 2 days max sigh


showered gonno jack it and morph


File: 1536803102855.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


File: 1536803971629.jpg (117.65 KB, 584x749, 1369873574421.jpg)


hate that mate who clicks the post at the bottom of the thread to open the quick reply window just to post a linus vid


hate begets hate


hate leads to suffering


i hate because they made me suffer



he should slaughter those sheep


File: 1536806447091.gif (2.67 MB, 500x280, tumblr_om0d6o1nvw1rsghfro1_500.gif)


guess ill snoze


gonno watch one piece and eat some lemon pie


die snozer


back from the touge i really got into it this time the only thing on my mind was the road it was the same as when i play tetris


nice nobbel


still planning on getting a miata hope i dont get cheated


max you hurt me today


nice zonenig dont get yourself killed on the road


File: 1536810821038.png (199.62 KB, 720x412, 1.PNG)


ate one tuna and onion sandwich too many gonno hurl and snoze


gth snozer


the funny thing is its NOT like anyone would ever learn what happened to me all of the sudden i would just disappear

found a bunch of water machine schematics on the manufacturers websites now i simply need to go through and identify and name 130 of them and upload them to the drive


it would be on the local news and they would use your mugshot


rode past many bike accidents never seen any of the people named


bikes are needlessly dangerous get yourself a slow automatic car with abs and airbags


dont know if i could see myself in a car theyre needlessly large and cut you off from everything that makes riding fun and if you dont die in the first two years you develop precog for bad drivers almost got merged into today again on the freeway but since i knew it was coming i was able to avoid it
same thing happened on a regular speed road so i just got in the very edge of the lane and looked at the mate and he knew what he did wrong and went back to his lane


チュルリラ・チュルリラ・ダッダッダ makes me want to dance and jo at the same time


File: 1536814241510.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 1590x2125, 3 (2).jpg)



alice sure is underage


those look like my arms


why are they so black


wouldnt mind marrying alice and having 10 kids like pastor anderson


why would you want to pollute the world with your inferior neet genes than goodness women selected you out




wish a sexual selector would choose me for reproduction


yes the same happened to me and it was a respectable choice i nod my head to women for their wisdom
they are correct what the world truly needs are more 6'4" trailer park meth addicts and blacks


why does it bother you so much


they dont call him whino for NOThing


because a winner must think NOT of how the world is but how the world should be


75 schematics identified and renamed thinking of stopping here and doing something


doing what


File: 1536815952544.png (349.48 KB, 800x800, albanese-gummiawesomeblossoms2-800x800.png)

listen to bemani music and munch on some albanese gummies


would eat some water ice but my tongue is raw from eating so much over the past two days


wouldnt mind NOT existing


youre in luck in just a few decades youre going to get to do a lot of non existing


wish i had never existed dying is scary


its normal


humans developed higher intelligence to find food more efficiently but it came with all the extra baggage of things like existential angst its funny


are you doing drugs again


crying hard


anxious sigh


File: 1536819640740.jpg (220.87 KB, 869x1248, s000.jpg)

that takes me back dont you remember being invited on beach trips by your bullies


hate that manga what a sellout


take it back herkz 愛d that girl


crying hard to


come into the cry circle



got my first zenyte shard today


sigh hope josh is doing ok NOT long before we left liam tried to convince him to pick one of the discords but he refused and said something about normcord


im back hima hey got some kfc


gotta respect joshs conviction


just wokeup


gonno morph


new box of tissues gonno have some fun



nice article and comments


out of tissues


wish i could see varg knocking out an incel degen


varg sympathizes


no he doesnt shitcel


hima makes fun of me for being incel







gonno wash me sheets


theres a mate i see taking his breaks outside sometimes with a bowlcut and he has the hair on the top part of his head pulled up with a band i really want to snap a pic of him for my compilation but its hard to do from the office window
he hangs out with a blond kid who wears one of those weird pants things like that pic of steve jobs with the kitty NIGGA



that one church shooter brought back the bowlcut


crying hard might rage


File: 1536856233996.jpg (227.68 KB, 640x1800, 1536854343692.jpg)

uh oh


hey hima woke up moving to the farm today for good


is there internet at the farm




to bad


hope you have a good one


how often are you supposed to clean your water cup


once a week


File: 1536859312115.jpg (142.36 KB, 850x1133, __olivia_asobi_asobase_drawn_by_hamsta__sample….jpg)


where is the hair


thinkin about backpacking through europe for a couple of months


can you even speak european


ya bonjour monsieur voglio un brot und kaffe


gotta respect josh hes NOT a teen normcorder like turt


got a new wireless chink keyboard


hope pg is having a nice time at the farm


just dont walk the camino trail


karin is so underage i bet she lets all kinds of ninjas flip her raw and sperm inside her


die radionorm


its bluetooth



wonder if this will be enough to wipe out a few billion norms


why NOT


this looks cool buy it and let us know
i dont have 120 dollars to spare


die poornorm


accidentally been grimacing all day hope no one NOTiced


File: 1536869215215.jpg (312.31 KB, 762x969, 752f25cdc3b744289557bfb9f2d97fe2.jpg)

this steams the wk


cant stop sneezing


new hire told me his brother needs an operation on his balls because he put them on his friends face while he was sleeping and the friend woke up and uppercutted the balls


mutated my daily jo and now my balls hurt like hell


something about the first sip of coffee makes me smile


sip this


File: 1536872789839.png (83.61 KB, 250x419, 1474529180814.png)


post the one where shes dancing with the pikachu


i never mutate my jos


turn up your speakers


did about 250 schematics in the last 12 hours gonno fire up wow or something


File: 1536874184354.jpg (100.5 KB, 1024x576, 1401665753000.jpg)


play unist with me instead


only us workmates can understand and have a chuckle at this level of humor


dilbert was baste


File: 1536875972284.jpg (856.72 KB, 1000x1295, dd9676ea09ed4f882cd67f1fb6de3b72.jpg)

this reminds me yesterday on the touge i saw a focus st with a sticker of this girl in the window


File: 1536876066569.png (1.2 MB, 1280x720, txvmxj.png)

its the nagi girl


shes the one with the nice ass


File: 1536876868576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.54 KB, 1000x660, ac4152b5d82324ef767981dd02e29d7f.jpg)




the penis ruins it


anyone else leave dark stains on the toilet seat its like my neet essence gets imprinted on it whenever i sit down to shite


wish to life the neet life again


ya i think its just poop


no whatever it is it was on my thighs i think its just dried up sweat


sweat and dead skin



File: 1536877815447.jpg (6.1 KB, 200x60, m.jpg)

where should the hima mansion be located


under a lake





goat boss said he thinks me at this store is a dead end and said he wants me to go to his store because he knows i can do it and trusts me more than the other mates
thats the one store trainee girl said she would never work at because its too far


gonno feast on this pizza


File: 1536881378826.jpg (205.32 KB, 800x600, 90.jpg)

gonno feast on this burg


its pointless posting stuff like that here


feeling real sick hima


is it a disease


drink some tap water


no i just have the sniffles






theres NOThing to do


theres always something to do


simply sushi bar or watch something


i dont have any willingness


zen2 is going to use pcie4.0


zen2 is going to use pcie4.0


slam jam


was pcie 4 the time they were going to switch sockets or was it ddr5


himas dead time to close it


blame onseki


almost had gay sex tonight i used turts pics and and agreed to show up at some mates apartment and posted a pic of me in the parking lot and then drove off and deleted the app hehe




no queers allowed on hima ban his ass


its just a prank bro





my baste matepastor anderson is the only true pastor in this vast land


hapa boy confessed to sis in front of everyone and she turned him down



File: 1536889927752.png (188.57 KB, 750x1334, DF3B74EE-361B-4F84-9AEB-BD1F1E8798BB.png)


ooog pcie5 oooog


uhh oog haha


ban gaysuz now


gonno oog




all ooged out


baste fagseki


im bæs


im oogin out


nice touge run tonight i saw a coyote and a teengirl


what do you mena teengirl


like she was at the overlook at the end


did you save her


no she was just sitting there on the bench
starting to learn the road im confident riding at night


stop touge running its dangerous


File: 1536894690679.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)


its NOT dangerous because i wait for the gate to close


guess ill watch one piece and morph


went past fwbc and the lights are on and i can see people inside
theres a prius in front and some hyundai


File: 1536896133472.mp3 (8.63 MB, 16. Seve.mp3)


accidentally knocked a spider into the unknown without incapacitating it first sigh


was thinking of playing shaman but it seems like it pinches for bfa


scape boss called and told me to get an app called pure what is it


it is a dating app i think he is hitting on you





nice link talking about dickles and flesh pickles


what do they do on tour


hes in a pickle



File: 1536900396117.jpg (781.42 KB, 1000x1250, 497bc89ac7f66ab603e58469183247aa.jpg)


why did cunnilingus invent peds and then invent sexy ladies


what the hell is going on


sexy ladies came before the peds


oh yeah when i left fwbc i NOTiced that the place is right up against a trailer park it was weird ive never seen one so far west into the city


as recently as 100 years ago pedophilia was the norm


it still is


its NOT


made popcorn again


sexy ladyness begets pedness


why did onseki forget how much he liked the little flapper embed and wont embed anything else



File: 1536903478402.jpg (16.92 KB, 647x115, uh oh.jpg)



will you need to shift from sexual anime girl drawings to erotic literature


is that enough to even torrent anime with


the beauty of torrenting is that your download speed doesnt matter you can jerk it 25 times and wait for your 250mb anime episode to finish downloading over 2 weeks thats what i did back in the day


daddy remembers the days of downloading series over many days or weeks and hoping that the few people seeding would keep seeding it seems like downloads have become much more reliable and plentiful now


deadfish its gonno have to be


sigh good times except i had an 8GB limit too and if i went over it the speed would slow to like 16KB/s for the rest of the month so i had to choose carefully which shows i wanted to watch or sushi bars i wanted to download


ah acca dacca and fishing with tribe
good times


8gb was decent back in the day with episodes of anime being about 40mb or 120mb


it was shared between me and my brother we almost always went over



oh boost ooog oh boost oh boost ooooooog


would anyone actually watch if i recorded my touge runs


better upload speed than my internet


hell no


all the bandwidth in the world doesnt matter if the internet is bad
mid 2000s was the sweet spot



the internet is better than ever


id kill you irl for saying that


found a mate who drives the same touge wonder if ill run into him


internet is at an all time low point the norms have complete control and im crying




going to go to pnigs touge with my team and set a new record to mog all comers


gonno make some crêpe suzette


a department of transportation mate came in to the store before and said one of my favorite roads was repaved its the one where the mate drove his bmw off the cliff because he hit some gravel because the road was entirely gravel defiantly going to have to go there one day


wow hes got the eurobeat and everything


File: 1536906455568.png (154.81 KB, 1009x578, Untitled-1.png)

the plot thickens


typical camaro owner


carnorms are the worst




is bikeseki here can he comment on this underage woman


onseki told me to tell you to go to hell


tried pilling The Boss all week telling her the hurricane would be no big deal its just the media fluffing it up because theres NOThing else going on and the npcs falling for it as usual but of course her programming dictates she believes the hive over me and now its barely a category 1 which is basically one step above heavy rainstorm


has anyone heard about the sunspot observatory being shut down by the fbi in new mexico apparently the town was vacated too and theres been no official explanation


its probably extraterrestrials


either aliens or something is happening on the sun


there are lots of places keeping an eye on the sun something would have been leaked by aNOTher team long before now


they dont have the same angle


i thought it was just a normal observatory and the name of the city was sunspot


it was probably just the chinks hacking them to observe the nearby missile site




fixies are so dumb but i kinda want one


gonno morph


File: 1536910648333.jpg (57.28 KB, 501x768, gh5jmx58f2m11.jpg)

cunnilingus i wish that was me


simply wish for a small room a futon and an endless supply of noodles imagine sleeping and wallstaring all day flip work


made a nice pair of fried slam jam sandwiches


there are people out there willing to fund that lifestyle if you dont mind being buggered occasionally


only if youre a hot little twink


dead hours


never had data cap


hate the 6'7" mate here


man up its all in your head


no shit the hate is in my head where else would it be


File: 1536940046061.webm (761.77 KB, 480x600, d3zd.webm)

wild night at the hima mansion


boost the norms and boost the memes


spermed to children by accident


you didnt


time to sperm


Appy alloween


File: 1536947641536.mp4 (2.18 MB, werewolf.mp4)


whats the point of that video


holy boost are you a virgin


slowest thread in hima history


File: 1536950408231.mp4 (2.34 MB, bad baby.mp4)


im a big flippin virg


whats the point of posting that video is it because of her creepy ugly nails


bad baby


man called me big mate


went to grans surprised i saw my aunt there who i havent seen in years had to talk to her for like 2 hours i feel weird like oversocialized


youre normalizing


havent seen my aunt in over six years
she lives barely 40 miles away i just have literally no interest in talking to her or my obese 15 year old cousin
if i saw them in public i would turn the other direction


its only temporary i feel normal for a day or two whenever theres an unexpected family member visiting then it goes back to just talking to The Boss and gran


when i went garage sailing with The Boss she spotted my female cousin walking our way and said dont look in her direction and just keep walking


at my store with aNOTher new hire this one is annoying and wont stop talking and breathing loudly through his mouth


does he have a sister?


you deserve it for acting like i was in the wrong for the limping gross chewer i have to work with


found out my aunt programmed in cobol and fortran back in the 70s



think you have me confused with someone else


hawaiian neetblog


spermed again


stop sperming and start jacking


File: 1536957107085.jpg (107.77 KB, 640x927, 1536941472357.jpg)

shes got a freakeye


hey hima just woke up hows it going mates


can turt Drive like this


going great looking forward to the weekend it just started raining


wish turt would take my ass for a ride



still dont know how to Drive


never drove before


arrogant 6'7" tallnorm started talking about his 400hp 435i so i brought up the cbr which deflated his head some because everyone knows tallnorms are weak against motorcycles they cant ride them because of their freakish bodies


its too dangerous


File: 1536964203950.png (1.5 MB, 2048x1536, 312DF0A706814520B722E0D26AE0D71C.png)


File: 1536964293938.jpg (134.34 KB, 800x450, 1527664583717.jpg)

the more tech illiterate you are the less privacy you have


only someone with something to hide needs privacy


wish people cared about me enough to invade my privacy


nice normeme


should i shave my pubes


used to shave my pubes but then realized it was a waste of time


if you want razor burn and ingrown hairs ya or just trim it


is it possible to ride a sport bike if youre 6'4"



never learned how to ride a bike



why return 0 instead of return


old general manager came to my store to get some extra stuff and stayed for 3 hours because he said he was getting sick of trainee girl then the new hire jumped in and they both started talking shit about her saying she seemed way too sheltered and started talking about how theyre sure shes never been flipped hard


those are compliments


why are norms so uncouth it always makes me rage hard internally


dont know what uncouth means


you know if they talk shit about other people theyre certainly talking shit about you as well


uncouth sketches of peasants


dont understand how they were talking shit about her


you should report them for sexual harassment you might get their gm job once they are fired


she basically lived in a bubble until a year ago and doesnt know anything and doesnt retain anything

i dont know probably but it seems like im in some kind of inner circle with the old general manager and scape boss since i was his recommendation as his replacement


the old gm doesnt want to be gm and the new mate will NOT be gm he seems to have a hard time understanding things


baste future gmnig


inner circle of norm connections


innorm normicle


The Boss is reading dorian gray again


phew underage little alice


the old gm told me that the regional manager said he would ask me but he cant get a good idea of what i want to do in 5 years



where do you see yourself in 5 years


joing extra hard


hope that after im gone people call me that creepy mate who was always by himself




had to answer this one before being hired it was a trainwreck


why dont you talk?


why dont we open our own water store


because its cooler


you do NOT want to interfere with the water syndicate


flapperlaughing these are all incredible non answers



die answernorm


because the alternative is being known as the mate who helped out the company a lot


the water mafia gets rid of competition by making them sleep with the fishes


File: 1536968661038.jpg (52.02 KB, 583x498, 1398228754413.jpg)


sis smells like c愛 for some reason


she was being flipped by the local c愛 vendor


never understood the lotion while joing thing


because it makes your hand slippery like the inside of a vagina


its required if youre cut


did you know the inside of your cheek feels the same as vaginas


wrong again i jerk it nonstop


but i am cut and i only dryjo


i told sis that and she let rub my penis on the inside of her cheek


finger smells now


kind of want to make an rpg maker sushi bar but i will probably never get anywhere with it sigh


gonno make my dick extra hard tonight if you know what i mean


dont know what you mena


made one before and it pinched hard


wish i had even a moderately fast car so i could go to the track without being a danger to those around me


File: 1536970314933.jpg (745.3 KB, 1200x1378, 2017-04-26-wendys-employee.jpg)


gonno jack off to wendy


actually ill just jerk it instead


you need to create a immersive world and write a compelling story first


gotta return something


you can just return; and have a void int function


mena string


tekken 7 is 50% off


File: 1536970639986.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.4 KB, 603x607, 4-d.so_.jpg)


should i get an apu laptop


i just want to make cool boss fights


why doesnt that need unnecessary access to memory


specifically a 485 with the 2700u


get an i7 8550u instead


wan show is live with luke



theyre talking about the leaked rtx performance linus just said that it feels like the rtx cards feel rushed and were NOT well thought its over for nvidia


2700u thinkpad isnt available in the us yet wonder if the 2500u is as capable making sushiwise


get a 2500u with dual channel memory


lenovo has a 4+4 option instead of an 8gb module guess thats it for me


jacked it hard


check this video the 2500u gets the exact same fps and sometimes even more for some reason maybe NOTebooks have a problem with cooling so being smaller allows it to stay cooler and turbo harder like how undervolting a vega increases perf


might for some ss


the lenovo cooler if its like my 420 is pure copper with huge fins so it should be able to cool the 2700


why wouldnt you want to be known as that


no its NOT


just mean mugged a couple of teens


hope youre NOT considering the lenovo 720s




the e485 because i dont want a numpad


File: 1536971832699.png (63.38 KB, 725x515, lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-e485-hero.png)



think my pants are too tight but dont know any girls to get an opinion



baste intel


this new mate is a very slow learner


that lenovo only supplies 15w for the cpu so you should NOT get the 2700u


got a big homebrew kit gonno start brewblogging soon hope thats okay



brew some mead


gonno start off with apple wine since its easy


hell yeah


ions finished answering questions feels like we didnt get a solid answer to anything other than that theyre gonno fix all the problems in later patches


that would still be here with us today if he just added a few more dontclick folders


thad NOT that






you posted that four times already


what are you going to do about it


we need to send thad a hima invite when he gets out


hes going to post illegal things and get hima deleted


the thought of flipping trainee girl hard keeps popping into my head now


trainee girl hates flipping


hes learned his lesson


schedule trainee girl to your store


nice ion didnt answer a single pvp question


literally die wowteennorm


i dont do scheduling even if i did i would feel unironically weird scheduling her to work with me


its NOT weird if you schedule yourself alone and with someone else first


gonno sip my monster ultra and blast acdc


baste boomer


gonno munch some almond rounds then snoze


hope theyre chinese rounds



need to shite


nice karen




saw a silvia today it had a ridiculous bosozoku style spoiler on it


the owner has a channel for it flip this im deleting the pictures i took of it


raging at those earrings


nice sodomite


dumb richnorm teenmates
flip generic drift vloggers theyre all jaypee boys


gonno dislike all this fags videos
hate the shitty car scene so much wish these dumb oretend jdm mates would leave cars alone and stop ruining 240s


kid must be like 19 getting angry as hell little faggy nigger with an earring just go flip 愛ly ladies or something the whole car scene would 愛 it if you crashed your pos 240sx into the only tree in your shitty state


nice rager


gonno rage


can someone make that comment on the vid i already left him a nice comment






nice rageseki


gonno get donuts and chocolate milk for dinner smiling really big right now thinking about it


are you a sexy lady or something make a real mans dinner like tuna melts and coke zero


speaking of which gonno make myself a couple of tuna sandwiches and watch one piece


ate a taco mre for dinner and an offbrand dr pepper


it was donuts or pizza maybe ill just get both


which doctor was it


could also get in n out burgs


regret getting burgs this place is filled with teens


nice steve


thinking about getting a prelude instead of aNOTher bike


File: 1536983864295.jpg (60.86 KB, 625x533, 1402670404897.jpg)


File: 1536984078652.jpg (68.33 KB, 800x450, p7f5kzlfue2zqcyyu9ld.jpg)

just look at it


now i remember why i avoid fridays


File: 1536984215647.jpg (110.79 KB, 800x592, 318ti11.jpg)





nice The Boss ordered pizza while i was asleep yet they didnt save me any even though im paying all of the bills here so her and her dyke daughter can survive it feels like once every month i have to relearn them some respect

i guess a womans brain resets after a while the more kindness you show the more they think they can get away with




the old gm said trainee girl almost dropped her bike today i keep thinking about it and her being flipped hard


i think norms dont understand that me merely allowing them to live shows infinite mercy i might have to relearn this entire world some respect


dr dazzle



File: 1536986539488.webm (2.48 MB, 1280x720, 1536974910114.webm)

why do roasts do this


what a freak


NOT as bad as norms putting ketchup on hotdogs


havent eaten ketchup since i saw a movie box when i was 7 that flipped some sort of switch and made me find ketchup gross


i havent posted on hima because i cant open webms which are 20% of the conversation at least


why cant you open webms


no browser on ios supports them


get the vlc app


anyone want to ride around in a van and jump out when we see roasts and pummel them before getting back in the van and taking off

it could be a hima tradition




why did onseki forsake us


onsekis here right now


been a while since i got free donuts but defiantly NOT a while since i got various free foods and stuff


dont accept handouts


the extra donuts will be the dessert for my donut dinner


why is turt chimpin out


hes lonely


someone smiled at him while walking past and he took it as them making fun of him


if someone smiles at turt or an ugly freak like me theyre most likely making fun of us


never trust a smile


where can i find girls to make fun of me


in groups
a norm will keep their lips sealed if theyre alone but if you get them in a large enough group and if youre weak looking enough theyll openly berate you


i saw multiple groups of girls tonight and NOT one of them made fun of me


its because youre black and statistically more likely to engage in violent crime
try being a white nerd


old gm asked if i was actually part black and trainee girl flat out refused to believe it so i think that excuse doesnt work even goat boss who grew up in detroit didnt know i was black


nice paul


what is northp hole


forgot my encryption password again


just guess it


simple rustic delicious


nice pastamate


its 30 characters long


File: 1536992334956.jpg (35.37 KB, 525x525, 1536991033495.jpg)


just got a happy sensation




bitch im angelic


onseki ban normsuz please


why is it ok to borrow books from a library but NOT ok to illegally download movies and music


no one would bother reading books otherwise


the seki specifically unbans haysuz repeatedly


should i snoze


ya im gonno snoze after this corm


shh keep it down im trying to snoze here


should i crack open a box of chardonnay or is everyone asleep


have some dwale instead


time for aNOTher can of sliced pineapples in heavy syrup


im playing blackout


whats corm


you could have picked light syrup or pineapple juice but instead you chose heavy syrup thats flipping sickening


im sickening



File: 1536997806143.jpg (77.07 KB, 564x718, linus.JPG)


me when i spot the soylent truck and find myself sipping on a sweet chai


egf bought me nekopara


theyre just being cautious they dont want to risk losing their jobs in the current politically correct climate


wish my lgf was in heat


what the flip was that a chicken tender or some kind of funnel cake


looks like a chicken tender


spermed to kids completely on purpose


finally achieved a hot bod like i was advised to when do the sexy ladies start flocking to me i am even willing to settle for some high school girls i was told they canNOT resist a sculpted male physique so why have they NOT come to me


nice jackedblog



while this is sickening liberal propaganda and the two who committed the act should be executed i canNOT deny that it is quite amusing


basted chinks being upset because they werent being commercially snapped and doing free advertising for a multi billion dollar company


think ants might have colonized the computer flip they keep appearing on the keyboard especially


also did you know the black ones are also capable of biting these flipping neetblogs have attacked me on multiple occasions because i had been overly tolerant of them assumed only those big red ones were vicious


swear there were ants in my monitor at one point they would appear out of nowhere on there


guess its aNOTher sleepless night


theres those big soldier ants here at the farm i like them


where are the farm pics


i am afpie eating contest that due to recent circumstances i will be temporarily absent from hima


ive been too busy maybe in a few days


what is the biggest spider in the world


why dont spiders just stake out at anthives and gorge on the convenient foodsource to their hearts contents


because the ants would swarm and kill the spider


goliath tarantula


stop talking about spiders mates im arachnaphobic and i get weird sensations


is it arousal


File: 1537003204673.png (166.65 KB, 720x1280, 1536993403618.png)

damn it NOT again



no its the feeling of phantom legs on my skin its terrifying flip you



have you heard of antspiders




File: 1537018382152.jpg (118.69 KB, 1200x748, epic.jpg)


guess ill have some fish and chips


ive woken


neither are sexy ladies


how is turt handling the hurricane


gonno make a making sushi channel


go for it buddy


he lives in carolina there are no oceans there



愛 honey


217 i had a feeling i was eating too many carbs now that its slowed down this much i guess its about time to actually start counting calories


im probably the 0.001% of americans who wants to gain weight


nice feedee


im sub twig


soy latte time


hate people that describe themselves by their bdsm orientation its worse than that myers briggs crap


File: 1537033634838.jpg (121.2 KB, 1192x488, DnBASwMU0AAHb_x.jpg)



i dont get it


im istp


why did onseki abandon us


imagine being peter the great in the 18th century


imagine being james the blog in the 21th century


File: 1537035129759.jpg (280.19 KB, 1250x1030, Peter the Great height compare 1250x1030 d001.jpg)


File: 1537035496079.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 1000x640, 1536935654175.webm)


phew tiktok is like a musically but better


File: 1537035863911.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 960x718, 1536821588352.png)


hb figured out both my encryption passwords only took me three hours


zoomers btfo


hate zoomers hate boomers hate millenials kill em all


i used the entire first amendment as my truecrypt password


fool the keys are only 256 bit


what do you mean


new catherine trailer


whats higher than 256


you can set your keys to sha512 actually


you know



day one pirate


File: 1537038344960.jpg (276.42 KB, 1125x1600, 0039-025.jpg)



hate whitespace


how can i become creepy


broken record nig


new mate asked who was at the other store and burst out laughing when i said it was trainee girl by herself


the norms are so flipping dumb its mindblowing those reflappers that played detroit actually think that ai could become alive


define alive


define norms


why cant ai become alive


shes a anime girl


arent we all



basted intel offering basted discounts when basted people ask for basted amd how mindblowingly basted and trill


just emulated reactions but millions of norms talking about it and NOT one knows what a philosophical zombie is


walked in on coworkers insulting me at lunch


nice amdeye


you must challenge the main one to a duel to retain your honor


happened to me a couple of months ago


hope one day i can do that


cant trust norms to treat people with respect


if you dont want to be bullied you need to keep them frightened and dont buddy up with them because theyll see you as an easy target


should i get dragon quest 11


i thought i shouldnt suspect of anyone because i treated everyone with the utmost respect and always tried to help everyone but they stabbed me in the back without thinking twice


same here i just treated people with respect and tried my best but that wasnt good enough for them and then they stabbed me in the back to


that is how social mammals operate
they cement and increase their status within the community by attacking those beneath them on the social ladder
it even happens here occasionally

try picking on someone else who is around your level with some solid jokes and youll see them react positively
then be disgusted with the whole thing


might start crying again cause of them


dont know what the flip you mates are talking about gonno sushi bar


File: 1537042671157.jpg (116.5 KB, 1280x720, Implicity - OVA 02.mp4_snapshot_12.14_[2018.09….jpg)


the five billion ones without inner monologue must be purged first



new mate is being extra slow today


speaking of dolls fwbc is near a doll museum


whats the solution then


File: 1537043262181.jpg (190.11 KB, 692x1174, kuronekii.jpg)





thinking of getting an rf1200


on my last almond round gonno savor this




ate it in one bite


dont forget your iridescent visor


NOT gonno play dmm season if manked wins


normman mode


realizing coexistence with the norm is impossible


i wanna practice pking on dmm it looks fun if its NOT clanman boxswap mode



just woke up sigh i missed the dmm final and ive got a cold just flipping shoot me



dmm pinches rot will just ddos everyone again


drinking a honey and lemon drink hope this helps my sore throat sigh


File: 1537047570455.jpg (77.07 KB, 564x718, linus.JPG)


joed all afternoon


gonno trim my nails


im right here


bored but got NOThing to do


im at work for three more hours probably going to watch code gayass when i get home


watch one piece instead


guess ill play some darkest dungeon and listen to anison


bald and hated by them all


been slowjoing lately its a nice change of pace




baste teen on the w chimping out


slowjoing pinches my add kicks in and lose my chicken nugget





cant believe how many idiots take that study of 30 people seriously


tell me a tale


im NOT flipping gay


the chiefs NOT gay




really dislike being around this new mate


pnigs primal instincts sure kick in when rival mates show up



turt should watch that one


hes in the back watching football on his phone yelling and telling me whats happening
the people im most similar to are either goat boss or scape boss and they were fine to be around
the prospective manager is also fine and so is the other part timer and trainee girl and the old gm

its just this mate


wish someone on this planet was similar to me


all the teens who think theyre different are similar to you


wish i was a teen


cant help but envy npcs a little


i have no equal


bed bath and boost my boosting ass piss


File: 1537054399946.png (269.35 KB, 800x600, 1377974633491.png)


now hes sitting next to me watching replays of the sushi bar he just watched

flip this goat boss put him with me all next week


good enjoy your made up replays


good enjoy your made up replays


gonno grack open a gan of the good dr p


hes watching a video of a 5 year old on some tv show and telling me to watch because he cant believe a 5 year old can rap starting to seriously consider asking the old gm to switch a few days with me


if he was female youd be totally fine with it get owned wk


time to feast on this greek salad


gonno fire up some pop punk


if it was a girl acting the same way i would feel the same way


lets all learn the ogham script




my woodcutting level is now 55


if you were a true technorm you would download all the old episodes of the screensavers and marathon them for fun


ive already seen them all i used to wake up early and watch them on techtv


File: 1537060538326.jpg (927.09 KB, 1104x1500, 67482e0b37fcaefbb5e163d1d4bf5ff2.jpg)

ai seems very healthy




tried on an rf1200 i didnt really like how it felt and it folded my ears so i tried on some of the arais and they were way better fitting and very comfortable


File: 1537063125458.gif (1.11 MB, 480x270, 1419397080336.gif)


30 posts while i was gamin mutated em all


time to jerk it to kizuna ai virtual youtuber



cause its the norm hours


what a coincidence im watching kizuna ai play detroit rn


finished installing the electric dog fence im tired as hell and sick as shit sigh


is it one of those invisible ones that electrocute your dog if they cross it


yeah except it has flags you can put down so they can see where it is and eventually you can just move the flags around and theyll stay away instead of having to move the fence


The Bosss husband set one up in our backyard back in the 90s and the dog crawled under the fence and went over it anyway and it gave him a b0ne


i get a chicken nugget only from seeing pretty girls




poor dogsan just wants to explore


going to start acting more like todd


should i get a scrying mirror


die occultnorm


whats a scrying mirror


cleaned the kitchen for a week straight and The Boss gave me my athame back




愛 the videos on yukas second channel because she always mumbles and her cat is extra flapper its a great combo


im a mumbler and my cat is flapper but im NOT a girl so nobody cares


nice toes yuka


cant be convinced that being born in this era wasnt a punishment


File: 1537067542074.png (532.44 KB, 915x619, l8hwgv2fdhm11.png)


basted flippin boomers


im a thirty year old boomer



never actually watched the video with the silvia in it i just looked for the most annoying thumbnail
now that i watch it i actually know right where this mate took the car hes a lot closer than i though


actually i had that complex mistaken for aNOTher there are three that all look like that the odd thing is that fool passed up a really good hawaiian food place to go to a shittier one


snap my ass


getting recommended a bunch of vids like these now


File: 1537068715790.mp4 (7.95 MB, 4e77bb6.mp4)


cant believe i said things couldnt possibly get worse 10 years ago id kill to go back to that time


gonno watch some one piece and morph later buds


ok bye


have a good morph champ


hey hima big night
drove down to the college town and roastwatched then i got bored and went home and then i got bored again so i hit the highways trying to find some honda mates to drive with in a squad but there was no one out so i drove around for a while just bored and i NOTiced my foot was heavier at night i was speeding and the engine was sounding good
got tired NOTiced my depth perception and reactions were getting slow so now im back home


i like driving at night if i had a sport bike like pnig i would probably ride at night whenever i could because if there isnt literally no one on the road theres very few people so you dont have to do headchecks when you change lanes and merge and you can see cops


what happens during roastwatching


im a flippin joke
why did i fall for the neet manbaby meme


NOThing you just watch


there were hundreds of them waiting in line outside of a club and walking around on the sidewalks with their asses hanging out and breasts barely contained in low cut blouses
ooged hard but that wore off and i realized i was in the belly of the beast the kind of people i hate most in this world were all around me and i got the strong urge to unleash a few magdumps into the closest crowd of drunk roasts and chads


The Boss said i need to get a job by january


basted ynaj
start applying now
remember my tip about saying you worked at toysrus


The Bosss starting her own business and hiring me i made it through the loophole mates


im simply too flapper


uh you said babys r us i already put it on my referencess


its fine either one is ok


File: 1537075024248.webm (4.23 MB, 1280x720, sekiroastwatching.webm)


why are there so many norms in one location


my favorite is riding in the farmland at night on a full moon in autumn because the fields make the air cooler and it smells great
once you start doing head checks you wont ever stop even when youre sure theres nobody there
also the speed limit on the sign is for cars the bike speed limit is at least 10 above that


water store


come join the water business october 1st is the official date that we are getting more stores and we are still understaffed and the mate who is supposed to be running one of the stores is very slow and doesnt listen and in general just seems dumb
the old gm called me earlier i think it was about the new mate i really hope he saw that ill be with him for the next 9 days and wants to switch spots for a while because he was getting sick of trainee girl too


its natural




die speeder


File: 1537079085250.webm (2.88 MB, 950x534, 1537075176688.webm)

onseki has left the building


nice chadseki getting all the girls horny


my klinefelters is acting up


boost you boost you you boost


File: 1537081394160.webm (3.9 MB, 852x480, 1536697862145.webm)

wish i could play a slav simulator






thought that was this


The fact that sexy ladies inhabit our physical realm is mindblowing. They are so cute and loley, but they still have to excrete bodily waste! Degrading! Lewd! Humiliating!


do you mean sexy ladieslime


File: 1537082757353.webm (1.33 MB, 1280x720, 1536281272255.webm)

big flippin sigh


thinkin about that arai it felt so light and comfortable and seemed to have a ton of ventilation plus i get a free shield


File: 1537083143937.jpg (162.58 KB, 574x511, 1537079923249.jpg)

gonno hit the touge


that one was fast


time to jerk it


im flipping reflappered


you are basted


if i stand in good lighting and put my head back my neck looks gross there are two swollen tendril looking things on each side like some sort of mutant cobra
when i took the neckpill i just wanted a big neck nobody wants neck definition


japan is calling for me i must return to my homeland


File: 1537096886772.jpg (1.07 MB, 1885x1052, 0eb74dce1d62bbd3fd83446e28e10fbb.jpg)

nice lighter to get the actual fire started i swear there isnt a day that goes by that i dont rage at the chinks


The Boss stinkshamed me hard




watching a sasquatch documentary


looking like a fantastic day for a wall stare


just registered the domain himasugi.cn




File: 1537112195295.png (801.56 KB, 1903x1011, imchink.png)

change it onseki


he wont do anything like always


thanks for your password


die hacker




one of the cons is that your a fuggin norman


you owned the hell out of that norm but i dont think he posts here to see it


i only use snapseed oil


3 minutes into the day and this booster is telling me about his fantasy football team even though yesterday i told him i dont care about sports at all i guess ill give trainee girl and tell her im dying of ligma soon


dont even know what fantasy football is



Fantasy football is a sushi bar in which the participants serve as the general managers of virtual professional gridiron football teams. The competitors choose their team rosters by participating in a draft in which all players of a real football league are available. Points are basted on the actual performances of the players in real-world competition. The sushi bar typically involves the National Football League, Canadian Football League or college football.


football is for fuggin norms of the worst type boost them and boost football


honestly see no difference between football norms and esports norms


ill say something and then 10 seconds later he asks what i said and im supposed to be with this mate for like 9 days im going to flipping lose it


gonno make a fuel out of gumweed


wheres your gangweed


dont see the point of spectator sports they are just consumerist brainwashing for a huge business


what about blood sports


if a dispute cant be handled in a diplomatic manner then the opponents are free to challenge one aNOTher to a duel of which the victor will only be decided after one party is either unconscious or verbally submits

thus is the law of the hima mansion


laughed really hard


im sure you did stupid bitch


you cant talk to pastaman like that


flip you rager


time to check laundry



gonno make some coffee hi hima


is it a latte


216 feel gross like a weak twig


no i only drink black coffee sorry


waaaaaaaaaaaah i dont want to work anymore hima help


get your ass to mars


File: 1537123097980.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, mattoi and crepe.png)


File: 1537123573532.jpg (141.5 KB, 762x1048, me_and_ryuko_matoi_by_dinosuarjosh-d8y7b4h.jpg)

mattoi and the creep


File: 1537123578954.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.73 KB, 986x1200, d.jpeg)


cant believe the mythbusters secretly hated each other


phew this coffee is superb hima


just like rhett and link


wish jamie was my dad
the annoying soyboy can flip off


hima is officially part of #teamlink


wished to flip kari


never liked spirited away


getting the moba itch again


what do you mean


you know


new mate is sitting in a chair talking to someone on the phone with a bluetooth earpiece


File: 1537124912984.jpg (155.2 KB, 900x654, me_and_princess_luna_pg_5_by_dinosuarjosh-d5fn….jpg)


File: 1537125307789.jpg (226.03 KB, 900x901, 1524663409541.jpg)


leave the lady be


jerked it to hairy kitty teens today


could go for a nice ange burg right about now


son, can you tell me about these hairy kitty teens


nihongo ga wakarimasen


i googled it and they came up and i jod to the image search


hair is gross


its natural


hate jonorms


im gross and natural


im a freak


hope freakeye is doing alright


he is in agony


sigh he just wanted a friend


he could have had a friend if he werent an utter poofter


flip the freak


might end up becoming a sailor


the freak did NOThing wrong


boost this mate hes watching some fantasy football thing on the computer and yelling why couldnt one of you mates have been in his place instead


stop your whingeing


NOT gonno sit here all day and listen to this mate yell at his imaginary football team


you will if you know whats good for you wagie


i dont even need this job anymore


the hima yacht


File: 1537127588691.jpg (343.52 KB, 1200x1696, 1537126717474.jpg)

thinkin bout that freak


i may NOT have liked the freak but he was my friend


anyone else watching the grand sumo tournament on nhk


freak hates me


hate everyone on hima but i still consider you all my friends


how does it feel to know that in the big solar ejection coming in around 7 months time you will lose your friends


i wish you mates were my friends but you all dislike me because im a useless blob of crap that doesnt belong on hima


its only the sbers that are like that


File: 1537128318776.jpg (166.11 KB, 621x519, 1535151753641.jpg)

sb reporing for dueit


sometimes i feel sorry for onseki but then i remember that he brought everything on himself and all the sympathy turns to comtempt


sigh himako and freak are dead wonder whos next


do you remember why both stopped posting


something about always sunny


freak stopped posting because of onseki opening the floodgates for the norms and himako was distraught and depressed at how onseki runs the site


freak still posts on hima


woke up gona have a shower and some coffee


himako isnt dead she checks my snaps




no whining those are the actual reasons


then explain when onseki doesnt post the board is dead


because he scared all the posters away except for his discord mates


so just turt okay thanks for clearing that up for me


turt shoop liam slam jammer akari and the other ones who repost shit posted there


dinner time think ill make some tofu ramen and retreat to the lair
i let the tofu marinade in soy sauce should figure out the best way to eat tofu even though i like it plain


is the 200ge release date aNOTher paper launch like the 480


liam doesnt post shoop doesnt post slam jammer is chalq and he doesnt even know what hima is and akari has been missing for months what are you even talking about
youre the worst investigator possible leave it to the pros


sure seems coincidental how so much stuff gets crossposted why does it bother you so much that onseki ruined hima


grant us this mōment
wearing my dead fathers suit
waiting also
to die


turts the one that reposts stuff from the discord


got the anzu banner


hope the anzu banner survives the culling


dumb fakeneet angel


hope it doesnt hate that fakeneet bitch


File: 1537131042571.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.7 KB, 399x351, 1537091010845.jpg)


unironically think the norm level has actually lowered since onseki took over even accounting for the constant wageposting


you might be unironically reflappered


ok can you actually point out this supposed norm invasion while simultaneously trying to NOT think about the old days of morngf and such


simply look at hima a year ago


did anyone hear about the observatories being closed


its basically the same just slower


wonder why its slow


think i vomited in my sleep


did you died


it was actually increasing for the first week or two then the sb started chimping out hard and blackmailed onseki into banning like 20 mates then it went to a crawl this is the bear market


no but my throat is burning


personally wouldnt count slam jam as activity but thats just me


one mans slam jam is aNOTher mans blog
if pnig was some random mate who showed up talking about water stores and trainee girls the board would be enraged


you mean like the other jobnorms who suddenly popped up in the last few months


neets rise up


it was only a matter of time until people here started getting jobs sigh



post this one instead


gonno get a 5th gen prelude


File: 1537132812310.jpg (117.65 KB, 584x749, 1369873574421.jpg)


saw some very nice


get a fourth gen prelude instead and actually put work into it
they sold very few of them and they have cunnilingusly interiors
engines are bad but you can swap h22s into them and chip them and theyre fast


nah i prefer the styling of the 5th gens




File: 1537133140805.jpeg (135.67 KB, 1100x630, 0D5F9A16-C0AF-4185-8546-4B5BB9651E60.jpeg)

how can you NOT 愛 this


new mate said trainee girl thinks shes going to turn into a tree when she dies


hate cars why do norms obsess over an ugly box of metal


the 5th gens look like gtrs


looks NOThing like a gtr


nice yoko daki hehe



how come nobody says hoo boy anymore


i say it in real life when i open my can of copenhagen and throw a pinch in
other than that NOThing in life is worth a hb anymore just a stream of boring shit day after day i will never hb again


why hoo boy when you can yee haw


hoo boy


am i the only one that likes fighting sushi bars


File: 1537134383526.gif (293.6 KB, 720x540, 1438884371683.gif)


die teenhorny


always liked the soul calibur sushi bars


wish i was a sushi chef


its NOT too late


new mate is laughing at trainee girl


you must protect her honor


sigh no one cares about hots feel bad for blizzard


play overwatch instead


according to judges 1:19 cunnilinguss weakness is iron


its their own fault




gonno rewatch inuyasha


rewatch saber marionette j instead


terra II would be turts paradise hehe


lets rewatch slayers


its pretty funny stuff i hear all these stories about her but never had her do anything weird around me


hell yeah


bacon sandwich time


wish i had some bacon


my imam said pigs roll around in their own shite


thats why i only eat dog


so do most of the people here


havent moved from mmy wallstaring spot since i woke up


The Bosss speaking in tongues again