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oh shit


does bacon remind anyone else of caming


how do i solve a quadratic equation


somebody spoke and i went into a daze


im NOT paying someones way just to get mogged by them at every turn


cant believe jesus was black all along



took a post lunch nap with the cat and now im feeling like shite


do naps ever NOT make you feel like shite


i dont know but they have always made me feel like shite


未来が眩しくて見えない nap right now actually


gonno have some coke zero maybe it will help


NOT gonno nap after all


some roast yelled at someone to shut the boost up in a grizzly voice


baste nvidiots
at least they perform as expected without rtx
i dont think the lower end cards are going to have any rtx cores in them since itd be pointless and that might make them NOT cost as much if the 2060 matches the 1070 i might NOT wait for navi and get one even that is such overkill for 1080p


as for me i refuse to get any nvidia products after the geforce2 i had left a bad taste in my mouth


but geforce 2 was good


NOT for my uses


File: 1537385708119.jpg (331.77 KB, 819x1200, DndSVzGUwAUScCV.jpg)

my cunnilingus this looks like absolute shite what are they thinking



hate that norm and his fake teeth


basted last pass shill


thinking of playing an old sushi bar should i play mother 2


why the HELL do you even need to ask




my oil filter on the top of the engine and there is NOThing in the way of it


got really bad lower back pain might have to visit the chiropractor


groms have a little oil strainer and no filter


nice boomer using outdated lingo


he should have said zoomer instead


seki check this one out


spermed to elf snap


sperm in hell


when i jo to elves its gotta be elf -piercing -huge_breasts -flat_chest -dark_skin


making some chocolate chip cookies hell yeah glad i got the big tub of dough


hate this mutt


but what about the cfr


hey hima just woke up hows it hangin


eating cookies and bacon and drinking pop on a rainy day


The Boss keeps bringing mcdonalds gonno become a fatneet


finally home was having coffee and cake with The Boss now im having a coffee by myself going to read


phew implied_sex is fantastic


basted pettytron


wonder if ken became ped because of the NOToriety peds get


which one of you deleted that


me its obnoxious


alrighty then


File: 1537395856759.png (412.91 KB, 409x509, 1536544074760.png)


alright just get it out of your system


onseki bows to the nigger


turts having a meltdown in discord again its just coincidence that these posts appear right


uhhh haha


whats got the big man down this time


hes fed up with ken


NOT being unbanned for posting a collage of girls faces next to their vaginas


flapperlaughing imagining turt and onseki going to japan together and turt sitting in the dark using his phone while onseki flips a girl next door


hes even blackmailing poor onseki


gave my main man an unban to alleviate tension cant we all just get along


posting vaginas is a ban its been established


the last mate who posted a gross vagina got an unban after complaining so it seems only fair


File: 1537396496964.png (15.22 KB, 1132x305, 6f2121752d5a576c00ef9a294f0abdae.png)

all i said is ill shut the site down
kenbo came to discord and threatened to make onsekis real name public if his demands werent met
thats when all those bans happened one after aNOTher months ago

how about we take a vote to get rid of one or the other
pnig: you get to have more trainee girl and water store larp for years to come
turt: you are on the forefront of everything basted delivered to your doorstep

speaking of larp i asked my bff andy about some stuff and of course it was just lienig lying again


who cares can you two just ignore each other so everyone else can enjoy the site


turts the one here threatening to close hima because he woke up feeling extra larpful


hate the arrogant egocentricnorms
no one but you cares about any of that stuff just leave


he thrives on attention you cant tell him that


other than seeing funny stuff this is the only reason i keep coming to this gay site


this drama is pretty dried up let it go


mindblowing that this is how turt sees himself



cant you two see youre in 愛 with each other


turt wants the settlement money


isnt it obvious ken is a pathological liar everything he says was probably some fantasy he wrote back in highschool that he did go to


glad we are all here just to entertain your arrogant phlegmatic two digit iq self



what makes you think that anyone here takes anything said at face value
it seems like youre the one and the only one feeling reality displacement


just buy it


youre the naval gazing zoo animal here bud


the average iq on hima is 135 and it would be much higher without neetblog



you cant talk about my boy nb like that


ya im a zoo animal so what


gn is basted




shipping tracking says package will be here by the end of the day but the tracking also says it is still in aNOTher country


feel bad for him


still feeling weird should NOT have napped


File: 1537398512757.png (3.91 MB, 1770x2465, 100_clue_scroll_reward.png)

which one should i vote for


none they all pinch especially c and d


e is basted as hell


the crf450l looks meh asides from being a six speed theres NOThing about it that screams dual sport tiny tank and no windshield




File: 1537399221033.png (8.91 KB, 454x110, basted.png)


cant be bothered bonding up just to vote


a is gay as flip how the hell is that winning


b is okay i cant believe f is doing better than b


e and c are the best ones
cluenorms are flippin reflappered


master clues are baste


just caught the roommates son listening to the sao opening think hes watching some amvs

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