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one of those days mates


is this from girls high




this is hot


pov 69 is my favorite thing to jo to weird how no smut comics have good pov scenes


actually this one is more baste gih


this one is the most baste


flip this thread


how are half these shutters even on this list
half this is slice of life trash


uh those are the best though


why is it dead hours right when the old thread dies every single time


gonno take a whole sheet of brain pills and go to bed


because everyone is sitting in aNOTher thread or waiting for autoupdate to start working in the new thread


cant wait for the squeegee i ordered to arrive im going to make trainee girl use it


dumbass flapper bitches


got left behind gonno play some dota


those types of girls are the ones you can easily flip trust me


File: 1533775282256.png (217.08 KB, 1296x1458, sexnorm.png)


fuqk you neetblog


jacked it to tranny porn
is there anything wrong with an hrt bf


absolutely NOThing to watch this season


you might get HIV


watch ベター・コール・ソウル


birls are the patrician's choice roasts are for barbaric cavenorms


turt logic


missed the naoko stream sigh



balls are full of piss again


die balls-san


what order do i read this in


1 2
3 4


File: 1533777425626.mp3 (9.26 MB, 06. お願い Catch Me.mp3)


File: 1533777938027.webm (7.68 MB, 1280x720, pushups.webm)


wonder if id be more popular on hima and maybe even finally have a persona if i got pnig to post about me like he does about his coworkers


im boosting nice


i wish i was basted


everyone is basted in their own special way


didnt know people still played ragnarok in the japanese server


hell post about you if you send him $150k


im NOT


think im being ddosed


you are by me the ddosblog


suppose ill fire up the ff5


if i won the lottery i would donate it to starving africans like pnig


feel like playing a 2d mmo but all i can think of is this and tree


nice playing dmc while waiting for someone to sell him a sidewinder card hehehe


maybe the starving africans shouldnt have picked a place to live where they would be starving in the first place


File: 1533780965807.jpg (39.46 KB, 750x750, alpinestars_sp2_v2_glove_black_750x750.jpg)

got a new pair of g愛s to cover my weird vein fingers


stop right there


they picked extreme difficulty and you picked manbaby


play scape classic


never played ro is it good
should i play the official one or a private server


feeding the starving africans is just encouraging bad behavior if no one feeds them and they all die then theres no more africans to starve


they reproduce faster than they starve


play wow instead


phew jenkem baked nicely time to have a whiff


ya its the quintessential japanese mmo pretty much every despiction of mmos in anime are basted on ro
i guess you should play a bit on a private server first since its free but you cant get the real experience without playing on iro or jro since private servers usually have custom items and a very small playerbase


moses walked through the desert for 40 years to get out of that shit hole and they can too


moses was fag


or simply watch this mates vids first you can really get a feel for how it is by watching them


i decide whether or NOT i play an mmo basted on how underage the girls are


File: 1533781496967.png (533.19 KB, 764x900, 955b1c0baa516fd89867e9af5d559f8f.png)

ok this is pretty underage


The Boss made me a sandwich and sliced it vertically


you mean she seperated the halves


File: 1533781901838.jpg (428.01 KB, 2560x1440, 1533781497668.jpg)


he said what he meant


the sage is the most underage playable i think
the sushi bar also has a huge quest chain basted around a sexy lady priestess thats the reincarnation of a nord cunnilingusdess
you can also get some underage girls as pets like alice and sexy lady ruri and bacsojin and wicked nymph and then theres a bunch of nice monsters like the moonlight flower


what the fuck


File: 1533782093482.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x1200, RO_RaelPope(wallpaper).jpg)

her name insushi bar is the pope this is the official art


flip that catholic whore


fool shes pagan arunafeltz worships freyja

``All that is known is that the Arunafeltz people have lived in seclusion from the world, worshipping their patron cunnilingusdess, Freyja. As such the Grand Temple of Freyja, Sessrumnir, is located in its capital. ''


even worse




i bet youre the vargnorm get out of my face


NOThing norm flip you


i only eat triangles


chicken sandwich time


eat it in a triangle


File: 1533784601085.jpg (78.96 KB, 410x426, 1804476776452.jpg)


guess ill watch some one piece and then slumber


went to get some pastrami and crackers and it started raining very hard so i came home i guess ill just eat these deli meats without crackers because they do NOT go well with rye bread


sleep tight


wonder what percentage of hima posts involve food and/or morphing


what else do neets do


they sperm and jo and jerk it to kids


you just said the same thing thrice


you sperm at the end of joing but you dont always sperm when you jerk it to kids


File: 1533785259592.jpg (99.69 KB, 795x564, 410.jpg)


i shall snap


wish to flip a nice teengirl


File: 1533786235079.png (217.08 KB, 1296x1458, sexnorm.png)


File: 1533786267834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 612.93 KB, 1648x2031, 1505347801205.jpg)




next time i hear the phrase chink in the armor im going to tell the person to stop being racist



you cant ban me im neetblob


cant ban r9k junk on hima


oh my cunnilingus i 愛 these little fresh mozz balls


File: 1533787346656.jpg (52.62 KB, 672x530, ciliegine_cup-lg.jpg)

make some pasta and throw a few of these bad boys in with the sauce and hoo boy


i have little balls


File: 1533787550206.jpg (114.21 KB, 900x760, 38ca43cfa87e0c93d750f6c8144cfe85.jpg)

can someone edit out the armpit hair so i can jo


girls need hair or i cant jo


havent fired this one up in ages gonno play through it again


File: 1533787634648.jpg (361.94 KB, 1280x1836, 1524469110209.jpg)


armpit hair is NOT good but kitty hair is okay


dont post henreader


only post shadman


File: 1533787748681.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.54 KB, 1448x2048, DP1MSzzVwAA5Cke.jpg large.jpg)


shes lying


why is she peeing herself


girls are incapable of bladder control


File: 1533787894095.jpg (50.89 KB, 392x476, 1533267770947.jpg)



File: 1533788190918.jpg (40.53 KB, 563x843, 1533356846730.jpg)


painted a wooden structure for an hour my hand hurts hows it going hima


you mean a rocking chair



normtrap monday


would a sexy lady like this song


you wont be saying that when i start catching mice and wasps in the hima mansion


the himamice are my friends catch them at your own peril



in bed hima whats up


NOT much about to play some dota


File: 1533789482075.jpg (1.33 MB, 2232x1256, 1479336674880.jpg)




epic sizflapper slam jam


wish i was smart enough for mobas


only braindead reflappers play mobas


i only play with my dick


never played a moba im simply too intelligent


wish onseki didnt flipping abandon me


i guess im dumber than a braindead reflapper then


File: 1533790465985.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1322x1840, c65095f4c4dbceff55da6d4e6efaef14.jpeg)


i can see her kitty


sandwich lady just gave me a triangle sandwich


File: 1533790951473.jpg (675.31 KB, 1000x1000, bd952cb546496a3aa41762bde588f254.jpg)


File: 1533791019834.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)


does this ever happen


if i was a girl it would happen a lot




you would find them funny if you werent a post-vanilla noob


im noob


NOThing funny just enraging


why did it have to be like this


didnt know steve was a lighting otaku


thinking about screaming


gonno eat some more of that pizza


lets do aNOTher cycle lets be freaks


raging hard



die ped


use that rage as fuel thats what i do


nice redditnorm


i hunger


reddit is basted


yeah because its basted





snuck into the kitchen after The Boss went in bed for a snack and made some brill poached in red wine served with crushed celeriac finished with a touch of cream and roasted salsify hb


gonno make chilli fries


never had chili


flip you fat


had a dream every post on himasugi had proper capitalization and punctuation


It's time to make that dream a reality.


die himako


glad pnig retired the himako persona and now dedicates himself to being as annoying as possible


he is just in 愛


hes an orbiter now he lost pedo status now hes just nig


hes bikenig


i am a modern day miyamoto musashi a great incel warrior


wish i was mgtow


they should feature tesla he was a proud virg


no he wasnt didnt he flip a pigeon


that sounds like norm propaganda just like how they always claim everyone in history who wasnt known to get married was homo


cant sleep dont wanna get bit by bedbugs


simply sleep on the floor


i cant theyll get me there


gonno clean my room


File: 1533808131396.png (554.01 KB, 533x841, 1533804097178.png)




oh flip oh flip oh flip oh flip


wjats wrong


nice rage at 2:39


thinking abou playing ro now


they just made him do that for the show


jro gives new accounts 14 days of membership but you will need a japanese vpn like proton


im thinking of a song maybe pnig will know what it is the only part i remember about it is that theres a part where the vocalist says “uchu~u ni kaero” its some denpa/anison song any help mateits been posted here before


NOThing comes to mind but it might pop up


thanks anyway if i can remember more of it ill post again


listening to the ナオコさん op in the bathroom at work


is it like u-chu-u--ni-ka-e--ro




pretty sure thats the second part of the chorus the first part rhymes with うちゅうにかえろ


hope its the full ver and NOT the op cut


the voice in the song is kind of hag sexy lady and scratchy but still very cute


gonnno add this to my annoying songs playlist



nice naruflapper slav anime fan girl


dumb little angel


whats do great about russian sexy ladies anyway


they are traditional sexy ladies with traditional sexy lady interests and hobbies


bad anime and dick are NOT traditional interests and whoring yourself for random grown men online is NOT a traditional hobby


yes they are


hate russians






its natural


die pie eating contestant


its onsekis pie eating contestmates im sick of it


binged hard yesterday and a few hours later my stomach started hurting in a small area and today it still hurts in the same spot hope i didnt blow a hole in it


File: 1533833328945.png (199.62 KB, 720x412, 1.PNG)


its ligma


File: 1533834458346.webm (2.59 MB, 960x540, 1533833009376.webm)


baste women


are women just reflappered or what


how is she reflappered look at her ass


powerpissed and got piss mist on me knees


I’m pie eating contestant


theyve never had to work for anything or think for themselves so they can be goaded into stuff like this easily theyre all essentially children


hate women so much especially The Boss


die The Boss hater


was watching this and a sandwich girl came in and asked who all was working today so i said just me and she left me 3 sample sandwiches and said that its equal to one normal sized sandwich
then she stood there and started talking about how her power went out last night and asked my name and then asked me by name if my power went out

i think they make the flapper hand out the samples at least i have lunch now


flip off nig


if i flip off my ligma will advance


did you get her number


hey turt gonno hit you on discord later about a thing


bustin makes me feel good


you ballin ass busta


File: 1533837899264.jpg (176.65 KB, 836x1200, p002.jpg)


no im NOT a creep


i just want to be a teen forever why did cunnilingus have to do this to me


simply jo to teens and become one


if i jo to kids will i become a kid


ya sure



listening to casiopea and thinking about morphing wonder if the other stores are this slow


they probably are
you mates need to start giving away salty pretzels to customers to make them thirsty that should increase sales


scape boss told trainee girl if she gave handies it would increase her sales
all we need to do is hire more girls to give handies


scape boss will have to scape from the feds after he gets sued


got a dengeki daioh subscription


oh shit turt are you seeing this


dont post that mate hes just aNOTher youtuber who doesnt know anything about cars trying to act like a voice of authority


File: 1533840893911.webm (3.61 MB, 360x480, 6336.webm)


but are you seeingit


wish to do this to a femoid


decided to work from home today but i dont actually have any work to do because i finished it days ago cant enjoy my freetime because im nervous like im going to get in trouble somehow


saw my basil stems turning brown read that it could be a blight fungus and got scared but then read its normal when it starts maturing hate all this conflicting information


my stem turned brown too


what about this one




heres why everyone 愛d it but they didnt sell any and discontinued it and honda will never make aNOTher rwd coupe again


its a phenomenal car for some lonely pensioner or an upgrade from a miata the majority of s2000 buyers are old liberals with fierce smoothbrain brand loyalty who just bought them because they looked cool






Take this down please take it down some women will break down


cant believe she dropped the baby so hard it bled


i kill the#babby


bored as hell
dont feel like watchig nime


watch children get slammed


die pednorm


think i might have a good old fashioned cry


cherry was streaming a few minutes ago maybe shes still at it watch that and have a wank and alleviate your boredom



woke up


stop waking


gonno watch soace dandy


is it hard to cook rice on the stove



downloading the new overwatch update


ban right now himako


i think it is root rot i saw some black mate with flowering basils and his stems were green this isnt good its probably because The Boss likes to basically drown water plants i had to do an early harvest because im afpie eating contest all thr leaves will turn brown


overwatering is a problem


having a blast with one piece havent enjoyed nime that much in a long time


cant wait to get home make some coffee and relax a bit



its about as easy as making instant noodles on the stove top


didnt think you can overwater with drainage holes


i have the lowest cooking level on hima


same except to 愛ru instead one piece


to 愛 ru is sexnorm


my cooking level is 68


had a really good time watching rosario to vampire the first time and then again when i streamed it with hima


no one watched those streams asshole you were watching it with yourself and one mate who forgot to close the tab


the rosario stream was record breaking there were regularly 8 people watching and the record was 32


never watched a single stream



sigh miss waking up at 5pm neeting it up and watching rosario to vampire and sankarea with my mates until dawn


will someone stream halloween themed anime this year
will onseki even enable halloween banners its only 2 months away


i wish i had mates
NOT even on jp




File: 1533847950754.png (523.59 KB, 852x479, sperm.png)


i could set up a halloween stream since i have surplus bandwidth now however nobody ever watches anything really so i dont know if itd be worth it


die braggart


NOT interested in cars anymore feel the spark dying


watching code gayass


flipping bored as hell feeling tired as hell


is the 3rd season out yet


i dont think so


im on episode 14 when ogi saves the underage grey haired brown girl baste flipping ogi
my nigga getting flip tonight


set it up so i can check sales from my laptop but im still bored as hell



nb you getting rdr2


nah im NOT a norm


new poe expansion


rdr1 was such a blast but i dont have a new gen console



always wanted to play the first one but never got the chance


its zettai worth it


zettai iiya



nice bandaid nosegirl


liking this new expansion seems fun for once and the lighting looks nice


play granblue instead



i havent played either of the other sushi bars so probably NOT


should i become a motovlogger


become a shaman


done with poe its the same stale shite every expansion


how long did it take you to figure it out


three years


im chink


get lost slanteye


spent all day slacking


same im tired and bored thinking about


lets get something done


going to start trying to sell websites to small companies


should i sell the himasugi.org domain


lets start the bidding at 5 us dollars


Domain: himasugi.org
Estimated Value:$ 6,979.74

Estimated Value: $377

which do i believe


bottom one is a chink trying to rip you off


id buy hima for 2 cents


Estimated worth of this website:
$ 101

Website worth
429 USD

$ 383

estimated website price is
$ 325

so about 350


ill give you $50 worth of bitcoin


just realized i do the same thing every day




NOThing theree


will onseki ever give hima back




he cant give it back himako left


glad that bitch is dead


ok check now


himako was defeated and turned into a nig


forgot to download the second season of geass and im on episode 19 sigh guess ill watch it in the future


File: 1533855358695.png (Spoiler Image, 15.69 KB, 493x494, 1522636033123.png)



did you get to the part where suzaku dies


die coolass



underage little baby


no flip you


sigh dead hours


got liked by a nice plumber with anime drawings and her second language listed as japanese too bad shes a 4'11" womanlet


im thinking about the meeting tomorrow and then working with trainee girl the day after wish seki would give me some tips


gonno play some blops 4 tonight


women are supposed to be short


only like girls 4'5 or shorter


short women breed short sons you would be resented for life


she will pass on poor genes to your son who will grow into a resentful warrior


im short




dont have kids idiot


a gf must be as tall as me or taller


yuri yuri yuri yuri wa ii ne yuri yuri ii ne ii yo ne


stare right at her and never say a word women 愛 that shit



she would just hit me and ask me why im NOT saying anything


a woman once told my boss that i was creepy and i wasnt even doing anything wrong he thought it was funny though


say i drive


what do you want out of her you still havent said


havent driven in a very long time it just occurred to me that i have had more bikes and riden longer than ive been driving


tell her you have a closet full of disembodied silicone vaginas


have a feeling she would honestly be fascinated by them she was very curious about glory holes i still laugh when i remember her asking how the dick fit through the actual glory hole itself


i get called creepy so often its become normal for me i cant stand women anymore


lets go deep on this mate


nice food rager


indian food contains trace amounts of shite


so do i, neetblog


flip off chink at least they arent using gutter oil


turt im thinking about getting a bumper sticker that says my other ride is your boyfriend what do you think


sounds cool


wonder if there are any real deal cools on hima


i only like 2d mates



wish i had a dad




i have a dad


my dad beats me


my dad is baste im lucky


go to hell dadbrags


lookin for a pair of visvims


gonno go play some catch with him i got my mitt


my dad died in the war


die fanorm


File: 1533858190872.jpeg (56.37 KB, 498x277, 3176FC89-E6A8-4662-9F61-DF001761523D.jpeg)


trainee girl really likes playing catch even though she blows ass at it


always liked the pudding picture because of the waki


i blow ass


tell trainee girl youre really good at giving cunnilingus and that you like cuddling


File: 1533858245219.jpg (66.68 KB, 848x480, ce68d2c73fd7db621e59f5c0590100c0.jpg)


gonno jerk it to pits


same brb


do NOT


they call me the cuddleblog


the best part is the first 2 days


is it mgs2 where snake salutes or is it the 3rd one


my hope is that any norms who stumble upon hima will be utterly confused by the combination of japanese and filters


norms think japanese is cool and by cool i mean cool


cant wait to show my gf hima and let her become a reg


File: 1533858552086.jpg (193.61 KB, 977x689, 1533492491820.jpg)

>my hope is that any norms who stumble upon hima will be utterly confused by the combination of japanese and filters


File: 1533858632709.jpg (440.84 KB, 960x830, 1224810325860.jpg)


愛ly filename


gonno shower


miss my toradora watching teendays big sigh


miss my toradora watching teendays big sigh


it was toradorable


remember crying when i watched toradora


watched many series in my teenage years but toradora did NOT play a big part in those years of mine


愛 impersonating maxmoefoe


impersonate in hell


愛 hearing people moving clothes on the hooks in the sexy lady clothing store and walking over to where theyre at and yelling at the wall


no idea what you just said


used to hide inside the clothesracks when i was a kid


i still do that


theres a sexy lady clothing store next to this store and we share a wall and when people move clothes on the hook i can hear the screeching of the metal hanger on the metal hook so i put my face to where i heard the screeching and yell


are you psychotic


File: 1533860337318.jpg (9.29 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

does this really happen


hehe flapperlaughing record this


nice sushi chef music getting me pumped to get the high score


someone remove that thumbnail before i have a meltdown


just woke up hey hima gonno have some coffee hows it goign


is it black coffee


who invented water






its a latte with no milk


uh i meant no sugar


what the fuck is that just coffee and steam


cant even tell what coffee is flipping teenmates


made a huge mess making rice and tuna casserole but the roommate said shed clean it up for me what the hell


a latte is one of the classic drinks


a vanilla latte
thats nice
makes me feel all pumped up


coffee gives me the shits so i dont give a flip about it die coffeenorm


you should clean hr up


she wants to roleplay as a The Bossmy


die anticoffeenorm


she already has two kids she doesnt need to roleplau very strange i dont like this one bit i hate favors


is her vagina still tight


she has pushed a football sized object through it NOT once but twice what do you think


pinch my dick shitnorm


you should give her aNOTher baby


why dont you ask to flip her and find out i think the answer is yes


File: 1533861865455.jpeg (35.03 KB, 720x738, 6C842445-155C-4786-8CFE-72CCB122DE19.jpeg)


hell yeah


miss my toradora watching teendays big sigh


bet sakurako has a tight kitty


how could you have NOT seen code geass but watched toradora


you can tell sakurako is very tight


File: 1533862204719.jpg (421.61 KB, 1200x1600, 325363b32580bda277a1614982d5fca5.jpg)


code g ayass


sakurako is a child


shes a young lady ready to be flipped


you shouldnt flip women you should respect them


toradora is envys favourite anime


you respect them by flipping them its common sense


vaginas are disgusting


respect their wishes they dont wish to be flipped by you they wish to be flipped by chadseki


women dont like sex



File: 1533862447314.jpg (501.22 KB, 1600x1582, 1516000472712.jpg)






i, onseki didnt post that


are you implying i want to be flipped by onseki because if so youre right


deleted my tinder today in a rage im literally the ugliest person on hima




vile roasts


File: 1533862672845.png (715.11 KB, 606x1078, 8B7BFB5E-4FD5-428A-8DCB-13465A6B80BE.png)


my brother watched parasyte and he wont stop messaging me about it


i havent finished downloading it yet heard its good


yeah its pretty good


why would you even install tinnorm


because he wants to flip why else



boost you mobilenorm


basted japs btfo kim


wish i was jap but also very happy that im NOT because with my luck i would have ended up a smelly twig jap with bad proportions and NOT one of the cool proportional handsome ones


die booster



gonno learn



the duegi mates


being an ugly freak in japan is still better than being an ugly freak in the west


remember that time the duegmin dabbed on himako


poured one out for the duegster



havent used tinder in days but im still getting matches


im getting a 509


ban the swipemogger onseki


enjoying the sunset in santa barbara with a vanilla latte (my favorite)


looks like i wont be playing blops 4 tonight




havent played a cod sushi bar since cod 2 are they good


no they pinch


im a pincher


thinking about it


File: 1533864503649.png (8.76 KB, 347x95, onseki btfoing scapenorms.png)


time for a shower mates




scape is basted


wish i was smart enough for scape


wheres the lie


last episode of gayass something big is going to happen


remember when lelouch geassed those mates into dancing
theyre still dancing to this day


uhh chadseki here my chaddar is detecting a competing male time to ban


cc was watching lelouch all this time


made a tuna and onion sandwich hb


NOThing wrong with snuffing out rival males
onseki is the alpha of this pack and you are a rowdy youngster from a neighboring pack



this pack has no females


what about battler girl


theres himako battler girl The Boss that posts on behalf of son and of course sis


oh and dont forget about nagi


flip that chimp


The Boss is raging at the space force


cant stop laughing at this ending hehe perfect setup for season 2 a bunch of dead slants


had to wait forever for the next season after that cliffhanger you dont know how good you have it


gonno start referring to chinks as elevens


that meme has come and gone slownorm




i will wait several years to watch s2 to show solidarity with those who watched this as it aired


File: 1533866467946.jpg (496.75 KB, 1279x721, a9e5206d416a6b182e4dad160d008baf.jpg)

the wall has been breached


NOThin slow


wait never mind its 25 episodes NOT 22 hell yeah ill finish it tomorrow


dumb roast


take it back


why do people mock this show its baste as hell


had to wait for two years after the end of naruto to watch shippuden and i ended up dropping it after the sasori arc anyway


hate when shows break the 3rd wall its an arrogant move


watch kitakubu katsudou kiroku instead


you mean 4th


should i watch this


might become a prepper


nice bull prepper


File: 1533867068112.jpg (67.87 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dropkick - 05 [720p….jpg)




phew nice flipping pope chan shes so underage


ya sorry im reflappered NOT sure why i said 3rd


i suffer from reflapperation


cant wait until i start making my own soap


simply buy it



gonno watch some one piece and morph i suppose


have a good morph buddy


you too


gonno play monster hunter world


nap time


what the flip is wrong with indians


愛 reading the indians in the comments


its that time hima





nice janny






anyone got a rubmaps account


does this really happen




i want to try going to a place but it seems like a lot of reviews aren't even recent and i don't want to be sextorted


File: 1533873283452.mp4 (1.41 MB, videoplayback.mp4)

this is the only pic on google maps for a place thats pretty close to me wonder how good the massages are


i mean if i really wanted to I could just ride a bike there, go with no ID, and cash but itd be like an hour plus bike ride just to have sex with a 35 year old lady


just get a gf you creep


*stares at you blankly*


norms are after turt again


nice mutant



why dont sexy lady massage parlors exist


already posted


i have a video of a camgirl I like being proposition ed to give lapdances on VR chat for money and she gets freaked out but i want to sample it for a song so i haven't shown anyone


is this a pie eating contest






File: 1533875162985.webm (1.24 MB, 720x720, 1533871656533.webm)

the plumbers have had enough of your insults


cunnilingus i wish she would do that to me




typical chinks imitating the white man and NOT even doing as good of a job


mindblowing that these people still live like primitives do they know what year it is


where does the water come from




think im gonno piss myself


will you find water in any hole that deep


im serious mates i just leaked a little


foolish pisser


File: 1533876619691.png (398.95 KB, 814x412, or19-0129_fig02.png)

now i understand


dont worry it passed i can hold out for aNOTher 20 minutes or so


♬ bang bang pull my devil trigger ♬


thats been appearing in my recommended list too


dont have recs because i use rss for my subs


that doesn't appear in my rec bc im a real nigga


creme between time


remember when these 25lb dumbbells used to give me trouble now it barely feels like im holding anything when i pick one up


i cant even lift the bar


anyone seen this one


only follow brother vargs advice


vargs a sheep


File: 1533877686713.jpg (201.12 KB, 800x1156, MR-22212-478106-9.jpg)

one day you may


phew just took a great big piss feeling great


got over my lifting phase years ago


phew 6 minutes in already gettin good




I am a G-d and you are all my sheep


I saw this with my roommate who was Indian and it made me wonder how the creators could make an episode that was so shady and made fun of the fact that I guess Indians/Asians were being integrated in our society so they knew this would be awkward and hard to watch when I try to show them my favorite show but the skit he does at the end just proves that they're just crazy and NOT trying to hurt me


mutated the fuqk out of that one


going to bring back the red trenchcoat fad of the 00s


time for some chicken sandwiches


napped hard what did i miss


getting tired of listening to casiopea and naoya matsuoka each day might put together a power metal playlist
the vaporware playlist just made me feel horrible this should be better


actually flip that ill just do a laserdance playlist hell yeah


die metalhead



gonno cry


the budokai version is better


gonno fire up some super butoden 2




firing it up


gonno walk



someone help me stay strong


stay strong





mutated and gonno morph bye



suppose ill play some more 'watch


He just join he chad


I'm a sheltered artist and think you have title ix on your record the cops do a really thorough job and don't eat donuts like in the simpsons


i am now a level 5 local guide google should start paying me for my running on empty food reviews


I can't get drive and get milk The Boss hehe I drive


think its about time for my biannual harry potter rewatching


was just thinking about watching it


tell your The Boss to drive to the gas station and get snacks kitty


caught The Boss looking at my baby photos again


I looked tight huh


File: 1533882581009.png (17.72 KB, 638x159, bastetraineegirl.png)

what level is this mate


I don't like to wear glasses otherwise people won't think I'm cool even though I'm a boosting fagg


Is the administration beddy bye usually I'd be banned by now


click on his name and itll show you his level


i can ban you if you really want


I'm a cool mod I'm more chill now with the homies


Yo Yo I can ban you doggy I don't like what u said



This girl is such a bully I'm crying


I unbanNed everyone pls b my friend again


feeling sick hima gonno hurl


i hope you feel better soon


Pls mates I'm cool now I want to chill ax yo


Why can't I be a homeboy like treder


youre NOT basted enough


How do I become cool like him


baste haysuz posting from beyond the grave


He unban everyone like every 2 months bcuz u bore him


haysuz and siz are best buds




everyone needs a mexican homeboy


how hard is it to sew your own clothes


depends on how good you want the clothes to be



want to make pre christian inspired clothing and make japs drool at my master craftsmanship




File: 1533885467882.jpg (304.56 KB, 736x1034, 4d5c976776493456d5c9772f2522f988.jpg)

tell me these mates arent slick


uli in the back


got banned from overwatch sigh




were you bigoted


File: 1533886295901.png (839.59 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-09-21-31-58.png)

do you mates follow any goth heux on insta


no thats gross


la goblina


File: 1533886570233.png (508.53 KB, 466x709, 1533009154676.png)

la ogre de los americano....


File: 1533887861679.png (540.18 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-10-02-57-09.png)


that power strip touching the curtain is gonno start a fire


gonno lie down for a bit


last post




wonder if farmers used to use their own shite as fertilizer


File: 1533892596648.gif (204.02 KB, 300x400, Spinning_Dancer.gif)

i can only see it rotating clockwise am i flapper


really just want to play hookie


sigh i made every post in the last 2 hours


how could it be anything else is this some norm nonsense like hearing yanny


its counter clockwise


woke up from my nap hi


how long did you nap


3 hours


thats NOT a nap thats a morph


a morph is more than five hours




sending in my janitor application


good luck


whats the point you wouldnt get paid


havent slept longer than 5 total hours per day all week


boss went on vacation im bored as hell


need some alkaline water


need some kitty


gonno drink some ice water





oh cunnilingus im hungry


ota is down help




you dont mean that


ban otanorm


just woke up what did i miss


wish i didnt pick today to look back at the posts made while i was sleeping flip this flip you onseki


haysuz stopping by to post some shite is protected hima culture


im going to become a plumber


die mutant while you were mutating and spitting on our board we were reading while you were joing we were studying the posts and now that the norms are pie eating contesting and theres no one to ban them you have the audacity to come to us for help


die mutant


i was morphing cant be helped
haysuz is about to die in the cali fire anyway


its nice to let him have some fun every now and then think of it as a good deed


give an inch and they take a mile


gonno go to bed bye hima


got meself a big burg chicken tenders big fries and a big coke zero


meant large


so horny i feel like im going to vomit
need to remember musashis 21 precepts of the loner


feeling an oog coming on


The Bosss been in the kitchen all morning its already noon and i havent ate


NOT a fan of the avoiding The Boss meme


The Boss makes me feel like shit every chance she gets


does she mog you


wish i had emergency food in my room but all i have are sardines


File: 1533918794719.png (7.92 KB, 270x231, Sardine_detail.png)


time to fire up blops4


gonno play some jro


couldnt sleep guess ill make some miso soup and scape


just finished jerking it to kids


die kidjo


愛 2 jerk it 2 kidz


i may jerk it to kids once in a while but i'm NOT a pedophile


if you look at a sexy lady youre ped


i cant help that kids are so underage


jerked it to adults


File: 1533921494940.jpg (376.84 KB, 869x1331, 12c751d7946c80006fd49aa41a43d1d7.jpg)




i jerk it to sexy ladies more than i used to


File: 1533921574719.jpg (259.3 KB, 936x492, c3357f336c1846f6904961accdd0f088.jpg)




File: 1533921649229.png (765.93 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo n….png)


File: 1533921681750.jpg (212.57 KB, 516x800, 42c7343db8ae1bc623b4f2ed9cf0337a.jpg)

wo phew wow p


please dont type like a twitter teen


File: 1533921916504.jpg (570.18 KB, 833x1200, _281.jpg)


stop slam jamming


do NOT want




would like a slavptgf or slavlgf


time to turn on my 8 hour laserdance mix


i cant speak slavanese


think im gonno make a stalker or assassin on ragnarok first to make some zeny


cant believe seki has forsaken me


how has he forsaken you


snacking on some capicola and thinking about lalas perfect little ass and legs


done studying for the day gonno watch some mutilation videos and sleep


youre sick


ban this flipping pie eating contestnorm studynorm gorenorm already


File: 1533925329847.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Harukana Receive - 06 [720p].mk….png)

this is a little too sweaty


File: 1533925422141.jpg (1.04 MB, 2300x3300, b5e009d73491e8be444c0cdd8f111cc3.jpg)


NOT sweaty enough


trainee girl kept looking at me during the meeting and the more she looked the more weird i felt


File: 1533925588591.png (17.06 KB, 500x250, 1488763467094-0.png)



time to fire up the sweat tag



i dont look like that


just collected this meme


File: 1533926343959.jpg (729.03 KB, 1280x1807, 001_045.jpg)

does this really happen


You just collected a meme! When someone else collects this meme you PROFIT $$$. Collect popular memes early and reap the rewards!


yeah but the results are usually different


File: 1533926506516-0.jpg (693.25 KB, 1280x1807, 004_048.jpg)

File: 1533926506516-1.jpg (684.4 KB, 1280x1807, 005_049.jpg)

File: 1533926506516-2.jpg (693.91 KB, 1280x1807, 006_050.jpg)

are you sure because a lot of them turn out like this


gonno try sperming in front of sis and see her reaction


wouldnt recommend it


cant believe the sperming meme stuck around all because that one younow girl said she hated all the mates sending videos of themselves sperming to her


sperm production is a waste of nutrients for me so i shut it down


you should just recycle it by sperming in your own asshole


thats cool


recycling is a scam


fell for the whole grains meme


the plumpiness of a sexy lady!


saw a sexy lady with legs and got a chicken nugget ?


愛 these miniso boxer briefs theyre so comfortable


sperm will keep being produced even if you dont release it so best thing to do is to sperm every day and eat it so you can absorb back a lot of its nutrients


i recycle it


its fine i shut down production through meditation


i recycle it by sperming inside my lgf


how is that recycling


she sperms back into me


she drools in my mouth


added that website to my adblock filters so i dont accidentally visit it



how do i get a lgf


you dont


you dont


how do so many people flip sexy ladies then


they dont


what about all the people arrested for sperming in sexy lady fannies


alright time for a second morph attempt bye again hima


mighty morphin power ranger


hope you have a pleasant morph


spent over an hour with my cousin hes a drug matenorm and i had to laugh at the stuff he showed me it was tough trying to act like im NOT a pathetic weeb


hes norm and so are you


im a proud norm


pride is a sin


no ?



if i dont have a sexy lady on my dick in 10 minutes im going to shoot up hima


gonno shoot up your bhole if you arent careful


File: 1533934086373.png (607.76 KB, 960x960, 1533818642260.png)




brushed flossed and mouthwashed


skated bleated and twined


nice freak


one of my favorite thought experiments is to imagine how many sexy ladies are being flipped right now and how many are joing right now within 10 miles of me


think in hell


showered and brushed my tooth think ill go out for dinner in a bit


dine in hell


i do the second part sometimes because someone brought it up on jp a few years ago


smile very bigly listening to denpa its something primal


gonno sperm to illya and chloe


NOThing i hate more in this world than a denpanorm


hey hey akibey akibapop


NOT that much of a denpa fan but i listen to akiba pop a lot


File: 1533936973093.webm (2.88 MB, 427x320, 1532324981085.webm)


File: 1533937129068.webm (1.95 MB, 806x720, 1533144491983.webm)

me in public


that birds a freak


im freak


hate the way kids talk and move its very creepy


i like the ones in porno comics




those arent real


thats what makes it ok to flip them


when sexy ladies are left alone they talk about a lot of perverted things


gonno head down to unite the right tomorrow in dc anyone want to come


die polseki




tumy is full


floor thumped


today went by fast compared to yesterday


i just woke up


time for dip


hb soace dandy time


hb soace dandy time


die dp


shit the fuqk up dandynorm


you cant talk to dandseki like that


fatneet here


prove youre the real fatneet


File: 1533943256339.png (1.08 MB, 580x819, fatneet.png)


and yet that sow is still considered out of my league thanks obama


foolish fatneet


whats a chocolate digestive biscuits


File: 1533943860735.png (2.46 MB, 1500x2097, caaa48c89c90c6913ed5ff56688963ae.png)

nobody jo to this ok im reserving it


can i jo to it with you



flapperlaughing watching that over and over


i can hear people moving clothes on the hooks in the sexy lady clothing store


File: 1533944299522.png (17.06 KB, 500x250, 1488763467094-0.png)


File: 1533944391651.png (559.07 KB, 900x600, artists rendition of a bolenig attack.png)


why do people keep staring at me its really weird


wonder which mate is responsible for my payout it was one of the mates in contact with tp


you didnt get a payout


why NOT give turt some money for his troubles


File: 1533944610783.png (51.82 KB, 232x185, bedc9919852553222ffa73ff4e76fce3.png)


what makes you think that
im unironically the victim in this situation


just end me


wish i could get a big payout for being neet the only thing i want in this world is an triple rotor fd and some new shoes


made a grilled cheese sandwich


i dont see norms sympathizing with a neetped


its NOT about sympathy its about legality both of the attorneys agree


gonno download ragnarok and play with the jap girls


pnig should get a new bike and ride around visiting all his himafriends to celebrate




what did they do that was illegal


they called me incel



im sweating


man jro only allows one client open at a time thats rough


die multilogger


NOThing to die because


The Boss is going to cut my hair


tell her to give you a himacut


the neetcut especiale


downloading the japanese ragnarok client had to install ime and use a jap proxy to make an account now theyre capping my download speed to 460 kbps


nice downloadmogger


but that is slow


die fastbrag



NOT watching that


baste flipping lelouch


chicken nugget


she cut it really short i feel kind of attractive


what did you said


dont think ill be able to stream because if i recall correctly you need a japanese ip to play so ill be using a vpn


gonno make myself some tuna with onion


stream it anyway


hooo boy this might be the best tuna melt yet


woke up physically feeling good for the first time in a while hows it going hima




going well im downloading ragnarok


So, apparently, 3 years and 1 months ago is when I got my hair cut. Now, it's down to about 3 inches above the waistline where pants and shorts go up to. I'm after aNOTher roughly 8 to 10 inches longer so it'll still take aNOTher 2 or 3 years....


File: 1533952885616.gif (2.55 MB, 292x300, 1393267930241.gif)


why doesnt uli get a perm


i could watch this all day


nice cliffhanger now its really time for soace dandy gotta wash this serious anime out of my brain i was ranting on discord earlier about natural rights and individual soverieignty
NOT sure why my brain is so spongey that reading just one book or watching an anime makes me totally rethink everything sometimes i wonder if i have any real convictions


im just a pig born to consume media


i believe whatever i last read


File: 1533953880904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.46 KB, 700x933, 1532651897597.jpg)




is it better to be influenced heavily by media than be stubborn and never change your opinions


is this a new form of fortune telling


why NOT try a balance


gonno stream in a couple o minutes




still waiting for the ragnarok scream


look i installed it but instead of opening the patcher to update it the sushi bar opened my internet explorer and i dont know a lot of japanese and i cant translate it because theyre all icons and pics and im struggling a bit ok


stop making excuses and stream


my internet is capped to 4.6mbps down and 2.8 up with the vpn is that enough to stream


ya fire it up


the neetb stream is up holy flip get your asses in here


hb it worked i had to fire up ime fill two captchas translate a bunch of stuff navigate through japanese web1.0 hell on internet explorer click on some button on their site to open up the sushi bar thats installed in my computer but now the updater is downloading a bunch of stuff just gotta wait now


File: 1533956630807.png (26.86 KB, 449x193, gun.png)

dont know what class to choose maybe ill make a gunslinger


what classes are t here


play as the mage


there are two kinds of levels base which gives you attribute points like agility intelligence etc and job which give you skill points to spend
you start off as a novice and you can change to a 1-1 or extended class at job level 10 or to super novice at base level 40
1-1 classes are swordsman thief mage acolyte merchant and archer
extended classes are taekwon kid ninja and gunslinger
then at job level 40 to 50 you can get a class upgrate to 2-1 or 2-2 acolytes can become either priests or monks merchants become alchemists or blacksmiths etc and then at 99 base you can transcend once which brings you back to level 1 as a high novice with extra attributes and then you get a job upgrade at 2 and then at transcended 99/70 you can get your 3rd class


obs is NOT working so ill uninstall and download a newer version


be the monkblog


all classes are pretty cool and interesting so its hard to pick just one


why do japanese people ruin everything


that is a masterpiece


obs is NOT capturing the sushi bar window i dont know how to fix it




saw the spider from the other day crawling up the wall with 6 legs i crushed it and it fell now i cant find it


murdering freak


lwt that spider alone


killt he flipper kill the flipper


he incurred my wrath


sushi bar capture wasnt working but window capture is for some reason if theres any issue simply post



a new vfr would be the perfect bike but nobody wants to meet me because im creepy/ped/npd/norm/anything


closed the sushi bar by accident




its back


baste homuha


nice intel only getting 8% yields for 10nm flipping idiots


dont know hiw to get out of this tutorial


put on some baked potatoes and chicken to cook


lold at the first clip the person seems to lie back and accept their fate ready to rot


lol in hel


nice NOTanorm


dont know which class to choose


flip this jap shite stream some scape


why would you join a nip server of a gook sushi bar


yea maybe it was a dumb idea


yea maybe it was a dumb idea


stream a jo instead


pretty sure i remember reading that hes like 70 so thats why he couldnt struggle well


what happened to the stream


its kinda late so im going to watch some one piece and morph now
maybe ill stream tomorrow now that im out of that tutorial i have pretty much every npc interaction memorized


old people should die


die quickstreamer


okay rest well bud


it cant be helped it took me three hours to download the client


say that in old man neetblogs presence again i dare ya


im the oldest one here and im ready to ldar


wish that was me


File: 1533960298529.jpg (203.44 KB, 1000x1000, 9925.jpg)


thinking about lalas ass again


i hope i live forever




did you ever hear about the quantum immortality hypothesis



thats nice and all but what did my boy asmongold have to say about it


sigh asthma is kicking in again


hate asmongold so much


whats NOT to like


he is an assmongoloid


so am i


yeah its dumb as hell


gonno boil water how can i tell if its burning


cunnilingus alliance are so fuqking gay who the hell likes them


i play as a human


me too but only because if you didnt you were putting yourself at a big disadvantage in arena for a few years and im NOT paying to change back


i still wish wotf would be reverted to a short immunity it was amazing as a rogue to open on a priest and then as the stuns wore off pop it and be immune to their psychic scream or to see a warlocks fear casting animation and pop it and be immune

now its just a gimped fear break because it shares cooldowns with the pvp ability


chicken and taters time hb


horde is so much more interesting than alliance


whats taters




it was really great hima rubbed it all with salt pepper paprika and a bunch of garlic chunks NOThin beats roasted garlic thats for sure


never had good paprika so i cant stand using it whats it like


its okay


File: 1533965383603.jpg (958.7 KB, 3024x4032, kTDYoDF.jpg)


nice reddit


strangemorphed and accidentalmorphed this is NOT good hima


fool this is now the time i morph


did you wake up with a sore bhole


bhole juicy rn


had a terrifying The Bossent in the bathroom after clogging the toilet with a fat ogre shite the water began to back up and just as it was about to go over the rim the clog resolved and it flushed and the crowd went ham


nice shiteblog


File: 1533968698468.webm (2.05 MB, 640x640, 1533962756232.webm)


dont post that


its what happens if youre exposed to too much soy


off to the store hima bye


oh flip oh flip oh flip


im back got wine and bacon sandwich ingredients accidentally got a big horny chicken nugget at the bus stop and had to hold my backpack in front of me to cover up when the bus came


愛 putting my chicken nuggets in my elastic


sigh tried to play ragnarok for the past few hours this sushi bar isnt flapper friendly at all



time for a nightwalk`


you could kill someone on a nightwalk and nobody would know


these allergies flipping pinch hima


bed time hima 愛 you mates


you cant sleep now its 8am


got a normal amount of money in the ol account hima
think eventually i might be able to maintain a positive balance at this rate eventually


feel bad for alex jones



im basted

im basted

boost yeah im basted

basted basted basted

oh yeah

basted pissssss basted

hell yeah boosting basted

oh yeah boosting pissssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssss



die pissnorm


foolish bipeds


made the mistake of eating big right before a morph im gonno puke in my sleep again and wake up with a burning throat sigh


just put some rubber bands around your throat to keep the vomit in


sleep on your back with your head propped up or else you will burn your esophagus forever


why didnt anyone post about the mate who stole a plane and flew it around for an hour in washington before he crashed and died


what was his plan


crashing that plane with no survivors



hi hima was planning on morphing a lot today but The Boss had guests over for breakfast so i woke up early instead and took sis out with me to a caffe for breakfast i had a medium macchiato and a grilled cheese and she had chlorophyll juice and a strawberry tart now they left so im back having a nice coffee


it is trust me you just need to get used to it ill help you if you want i know pretty much everything there is to know about the sushi bar


File: 1534003450467.png (316.66 KB, 800x1138, 072.png)


wish that was my gf


had a dream a girl with really big boobs hugged me really hard


File: 1534004948498.png (291.21 KB, 461x427, Breidablik.png)


trainee girl is flappering out watching videos about penis sized nipples or nipple sized penises


would anyone even watch
finally managed to get to prontera


im underage


hehe already 36/31 think im gonno make an assassin instead of rogue




File: 1534008750115.jpg (105.33 KB, 1024x768, screenBreidablik001.jpg)


bought some new shoes now im broke but to be fair i havent gotten a new pair of shoes in over a year and my old ones have holes in them


get a pair of yeezys


i tried them on and they are annoying to wear


trainee girl said her green tea was disgusting and said i could have it if i wanted


i-indirect k-kissu?!?


snap me


File: 1534014296606.png (41.84 KB, 600x600, 9457220345391.png)


what is that yellow instrument called


gonno play some darkest dungeon


i wish to flip the guitar girl



are you really so flapper watching dumb little bitches on scope is fun to you
unless they are getting hardcore snapped stop wasting my time


The Boss has been overwatering again and she put my dill plant in the hot sun and its dying again i specifically put it in the shade where it was doing fine now i took two watering cans to my rook and hid them


ok ill post some hardcore child snap


started mixing a pinch of salt and some cinnamon with my coffee before pouring the water over it makes a big difference


im almost job level 50 so ill wait to stream myself getting the assassin job change and some leveling later tonight


reading exterminator its one of those isekai manga but im enjoying it


sigh made 14 out of the last 30 posts where is everyone


eating sausages in front of trainee girl who is fasting hehe


went garage sailing NOThin really good got a box of rusted tools for $8 all i wanted was this brass chisel hammer but the mate would only let me buy the entire box


darkest dungeon looks so beautiful on ips the colors really pop out


im at work


ive been meaning to get into the yard sale scoping biz but im scared to haggle


dont haggle then


the blops 4 pc open beta is live


mortality clarified in a single strike


未来が眩しくて見えない blop


mate came in and so i helped him out and trainee girl said what i did was way above her


what is stopping her from being as good as you why are all women so you pathetic


gonno go to water n ice and get meself some thrifty ice cream


shes submitting to his dominance


guess ill burn that way after all


die newsnorm


women only put in effort for chad


she said she feels way behind



File: 1534025005363.mp3 (10.25 MB, Africano.mp3)


battler banner


it's useless


just woke up feelin queasy time for a latte


have a soy latte


i dont have a choice because The Boss only buys soy milk


wish i didnt have manboobs


work out


The Boss used to buy soy milk all the time when i was little but i havent had any in the past ten years


sigh The Boss had to fire the cleaning lady for stealing


what did she steal


his heart


she feminized you during your development



The Boss didnt know about the soy meme when i was a kid dont think it existed yet


a small ornate silver box and a little angel statuette from The Bosss room


they always go for small stuff


little angel or little angel


that only happened because she knew you wouldnt leave your room so she wouldnt get caught


always knew the cleaning lady was too nice it was to make you let your guard down




cleaning lady no


polished the brass hammer some of these small tools are neat swiss made carving chisels this cool little german locking scissor clamp some carving knives just need to get rid of all the rust


ive got a small tool of my own


holy flip is anyone watching the woox stream


no i never watch it


slept till 2pm now i wish i never got up


a mate told trainee girl that she was cute and after he left she said he was super creepy


explain female privilege to her


File: 1534029551252.jpg (49.74 KB, 512x512, photo.jpg)

was it this mate


congrats on taking your first redpill


pnig is the mate on the other side hes the blackpill


File: 1534030235114-0.png (454.84 KB, 700x900, 14253.png)

File: 1534030235114-1.png (437.64 KB, 778x800, 145233.png)

heres your iced water


im NOT drinking that you stupid bitch you drooled in it



shes NOT even human asshole she doesnt have germs


yawn proscapers gonno morph


guess ill play some ragnarok


frontline is a bunch of fake muslim brits its really weird i think its like how nigger gangster culture is the cool thing to do in america being a muslim potato chef is the cool thing in britain i guess theres actually a lot of muslim scapers its wild


im a british muslim scaper whats wrong with that




hungry sigh


me too time for some bacon sandwiches


they pay these spies hundreds of dollars in runescape money just because of ego they dont profit off of it or anything its a crazy world


kitty is sleeping with her eyes open again



basted planeman


gonno get a job change maybe ill be able to transcend tonight


feel like im gonno puke this is hell


release it


whats wrong


File: 1534034124039.jpg (163.31 KB, 1024x768, 3da785697f01cb15dce815181e2d5242c6328a60.jpg)


okay now that is basted


File: 1534034273431.webm (2.62 MB, 600x336, ooga_boomer.webm)


File: 1534034574676.png (434.54 KB, 1200x1360, 636ef87d5e221843938955b83e3006214a92eb5c.png)



thats sick


talking to that npc closed my sushi bar


File: 1534034874945.webm (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 9f077055cbecbc7b39fc528a631f163acbd2ebe2.webm)

NOThin sick


stream is back on guess ill just have to walk to the assassins guild and do the quest


got unbanned from 'watch time to sushi bar


File: 1534036152281.jpg (293.07 KB, 765x994, image.jpg)


antineet propaganda


cunnilingus why couldnt i be a boomer i could hang out with my boomer buds at my 6 bedroom 3 storey 4 garage house on a 15 acre farm talking about carburettors and sipping monsters surrounded by rusty project cars and disassembled engines as my faithful wife of 35 years asks for aNOTher botox injection

instead im just some incel with a convertible


my man is in denial




sigh forgot to wipe oh well


nice sparky


sigh dont think this person knows english


die streamer



die chad


NOThin norm about shuffling around an old junkyard mumbling obscure paint codes


dead hours everyone swears they arent a norm but every single flipping friday and saturday night its just me all alone on hima
i have a job and work hard to post with my friends on saturday night and all the himamates are out at the club getting crunk


im gamin and streamin


what are you talking about


my paint code is r-97-4 roma red


nobody cares about the paint codes on economy cars


hima is always most busy on thursday night because the worknorms know tomorrow is their last day of work for the week so they dont care if theyre exhausted from posting up late


im always here but i have NOThing to post


uh yes the do because thats what sells the most because poornorms bust their cars up way more than richnorms


yeah but they dont bother getting them repainted


true rich people can afford to get their cars totally repainted in oe spec colors poornorms just gray prime it or get whatever duplicolor is close enough


gonno paint my car british racing green when i get one


do you think that rich people paint their cars because they dont


keep forgetting to post sorry hima


green cars are a sign of status think of how many nice green colors you see on cars
NOT many right theyre either too dark or too light the onlu car i can think of that has a stunning nonmetallic green paint option is the 911


had a really good day with trainee girl today she kept snacking on the chips i bought so i teased her about eating all the big full chips and leaving me with the crushed chips and chip dust and said i was dying for the mms i left in the fridge last week
we got to talking about bikes too it was really easy to ask her if she wanted to go for a ride and she agreed
she was laughing at lot we were mostly talking the whole time then at the end of the day she asked when we would be working together again and i told her never


maybe some jaguars


e types look fantastic in dark green


porsche owners are so dumb uhhhh that car was repainted nope sorry
uhhh that car doesnt have period correct fuchs wheels nope sorry
uhhh the seats were reupholstered how about you knock 10k off it for me


hima hima


i fuchs


if your 911 was actually driven the collectors arent interested because they have enough money that they can actually afford time capsules quite easily


wish i was rich


File: 1534039272133.jpeg (60.5 KB, 640x360, 0706C639-3369-4135-9B20-50A821ED3757.jpeg)

probably the best green of all time pepe would agree




my grandpa had an e type back in the 70s my dad says the car represents a big cock and even has the vein on the hood


flipping hate carnorms all they talk about is cars cars pinch drive in hell


green cars look like shite


shes also very flapper someone called asking about a bulb and after i hung up she asked where i learned about bulbs because according to her i had a whole conversation about them with the mate on the phone she seemed amazed
i took the opportunity to ask how she didnt know what pvc was and she said because im a mate i had a dad to show me everything
thats when i had to remind her that i have no dad


what do you want to talk about


愛 my truck and want to talk about her


eating sleeping and jacking off


should i make aNOTher latte


i sleepjo


the first 2 things here and anything but cars or sex


the e type looks obscene thats why they made bond drive the aston martin they couldnt put that disgusting thing on a movie with sean connery


how about motorcycles


thats why if i ever become a rich drivenorm ill get one


motorcycles are just skinny cars


uhhh talking about cars is NOT allowed but blogging about shitty sushi bars and dumb streamers and reflappered russian sexy ladies is totally fine haha


had a captcha for motorcycles but all of the images were just of scooters like vespas thought it was funny


type f is only 60k i could get one with my payout money or i can fly everyone out to a hima meetup but nobody wanted that last time i brought it up



turt when are you gonno put an rx wankel in that miata


the toyota 2000gt was literally just a ripoff of the e type


i mutated a bunch of posts the last sushi bartalk i saw was for jro


dont waste your money on stupid shit invest it or at least put it in a long term deposit account


invest in doges


the slavsexy lady scope blog is mindboggling cant fathom how you can jerk it to reflappered emaciated slavs doing dumb shite


it doesnt have the cock vein hood so whats the point


seriously hope that nobody has been watching me try to complete this quest for the past hour and a half


die turt


i have some mate came in the chat and asked 日本人? and then left


kujyomaru is trying to talk to you in twitch chat


the slavsexy lady worshipper is my least favorite himamate
smoothbrained sexnorm


go to hell twitchnorm


you cant talk about bikenig like that


just play the english version


really sigh
im really close to finishing it actually after this poring part i just have to evade a room of mummies and go through an invisible maze and thats it


whats the stream link


go to hell mutant



die norm


wish i was a norm


norms are our superiors


glad im NOT a norm i get to stay inside all day and sleep whenever i want


getting the hang of it think it wont take me more than ten minutes now


have to download the twitch mobile app sigh



flip you mutatenorm



tasted my piss once i regret it


gays are flipping disgusting


you dont know if hes gay or NOT


NOThin gay


nice i did it finally




now i can finally go back to training


bored wish i could smoke weed id get lifted off some spliff take off my socks and stroke myself to squirmy ecstacy


get drunk instead


im high on life


die weedjo


smoke in hell


bh noweed


i will never smoke trees again in my life sigh


been sitting in silence doing NOThing for an hoir already cunnilingus damnit


made sushi hard should i mutate or read


mutating is NOT an option


gonno stop the stream now ok






got owned hard by that obeaune miniboss gonno make some pasta now


what kind of pasta


raging hard at the wmaf agenda


gonno have that second latte now okay hima


stop raging youll live longer


i cant help it i get uncontrollable rage at anything wmaf in the media


gonno play shinobi on ps2


feel a morph listening to frayser click hell yeah



never considered write speed on a computer imagine downloading a file faster than it can write it to your harddrive


i imagine it all the time


remember having a 250kb/s connection and my uncle telling me it was really quick


thats faster than mine


going to make a mgtow themed youtube channel


mine is 64kbps right now flip you


ban speedbrag


Kb or KB


The Bosss internet is supposedly 1gbps but its closer to 6mbps ive never gotten it higher than that on torrents or mega downloads


whats the difference


The Boss bought a carrot cake gonno feast


one is one eighth of the other


wish i had more days with trainee girl it was nice for a change to have someone ask something and actually listen to what i had to say and it was nice to have someone to make fun of and tease over little things
i guess next time i work with her ill take her for a ride on the vfr since she agreed


Gb or GB Mb or MB


gigabit internet is the biggest flipping marketing bullshit ive ever seen how are they even allowed to advertise it as gigabit when its barely even 5% of gigabit the only place it would ever be gigabit is the fiber optic lines under the ocean


moving to a country farm in a few weeks hope the internet there is okay


flip you norms i have a 300 baud connection


what is baud


get giddy around chinks just knowing they grew up in the motherland


chinks are flipping insects you fool


theyre superior


gonno have a nap hima see you in a few`



get in here


fusilli and i made a sauce with garlic onion bacon and tomato sauce shared it with sis and she liked it but everything i eat tastes sweet in my mouth even salt and i dont know why i tried drinking a lot of water but that didnt help


space dandy flipping pinches the only thing good is the ed


gonno watch drama serial half blue on nhk


getting full body chills listening to this ed


cunnilingus its so good crying


did you get to the episode with the kanazawa voiced preteen angel who wants to flip dandy


no kanazawa as in kanazawa kana



these drama idols are really cute


its high noon


how have i never heard of richard anthony hewson ubtil now what the hell


kana hanazawa


do cute girls become seiyuu or is it just coincidence that most seiyuu are beautiful




think cute girls generally have cute voices


wish to flip kanae ito


i have cutevoice




File: 1534048329559.jpg (336.8 KB, 1024x732, pewd.jpg)


wonder if battlergirl has a sexy ladyhag voice


does turt have a gayman voice


felix is baste


have you never seen the halo vid


toot never posted it


turts voice reminds me of a younger version of a stereotypical southern boomer


gonno morph


made a new tinder and just like the matchnorm ive been getting lots of matches already its a big scam ill give it two days before im back to one match a week


morph hours sigh


phew the boomer serm was fantastic


im a 27 year old boomer


im here but NOThing to post about


watch some rah band vids and ymo with me



bumping threads on gnfos for old times sake


nice younow


im younowie


gonno have aNOTher slice of carrot cake hehe dont mind if i do


carot cake suq


woke up from my nape gonno have some more bacon sandwiches now okay hima


watch some harry potter theories




hate harry normer


they call me harry blogger


is the stream still up




ate a peach


favorite theory so far is the dursleys being horrible to harry is due to harry being a horcrux and unwillingly affecting their personalities for the worse second favorite theory is that hermione makes people get chicken nuggets


gonno rewatch battle royale


why its flipping stupid


thought of g fuel and started laughing hard gonno morph


im also flipping stupid


read the manga instead


dad said only queers read


File: 1534056762045.jpeg (116.53 KB, 1019x709, 1534012128736.jpeg)



gonno nap wish me luck


when looking for guidance people usually start with anderson then move on to varg but the truly pilled will eventually find themselves following the ulillillia path




what about sv3rige


hes for the reflappers


what are you trying to say


NOT sure whether to stand with uli or sv3rige on the meat issue they both have good arguments


hes the worlds only free thinker


gonno morphjo


memedick !


baste freak


File: 1534060925438.jpg (448.17 KB, 760x1002, 1534058992499.jpg)


File: 1534063383239.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1200, 1534063207851.png)


sigh alone on hima with the pednorm


disgusting spoil it please next time


peds never die theyre just missing in action


the thumbnail doesnt even show anything youre being dramatic


i browse him on 200% zoom so it does for me


nice zoomer


i genuinely hate women every time I hear a woman dies or something i do a fist pump and say "yoshi!'


do you hate The Boss


walked the dogs


grilled up some dogs





The Boss bought the drinking vinegar hb


i deserve snap


im turning into turt
gonno pill every timder match


wow ? are you sugandese by chance??


dead hours


whats sugandese


sugandese nuts bitch


slav sexy ladies...




The Boss woke me up hi


woke up jerked it to some slav sexy ladies gonno get morning dinner now


hope you swipe ugly and or fat girls left and profiles with just one pic and no bio left too


roommates said theyre going downtown to counter protest teh nazis


making beans and rice


turned out great i see why half the world eats this


half of the world eats shit


think ill perform some surrogate activities


is bushcrafting pilled


found this pre made meal that tastes really good been eating it everyday almost NOT that bad NOT that bad


post that lunchable


flip you liquid shitter


how do you sleep through that


woke up gonno jo


jerk it to kids ?




hope scape boss doesnt take the grill back to his house i use it each day gonno use it to make a grilled cheese now


big sigh something bad happened


what happened


i found a ring in there last night


File: 1534099518536.jpg (1.39 MB, 1688x1688, 3f95a0e07d372c17ecd0990a355a1a26.jpg)

sexy ladies will let you do this to them if you give them a ring


that was a stinger


i dont think she likes it


File: 1534099683258.jpg (1.14 MB, 2316x1586, dd305c0e95a7b427228f1bdcbb41431e.jpg)

someone translate it


her expression gave me a big ol chicken nugget



making coffee hima gonno play some darkest dungeon




think ill go for a jog


same see you on the trail


was struggling to find the 番 kanji using radicals


simply search for 田


i did but it was NOT showing up in the suggestion list


gonno take a trip to sexy lady bitch island anyone want to come


File: 1534101167509.jpg (25.9 KB, 443x332, 6xnenc648nf11.jpg)


File: 1534101313482.png (383.15 KB, 600x780, b52afc9d523ba30df9249dea49e407d3.png)


should i watch hataraku saibou




they breed quickly down there in the dark
but perhaps we can slay them even faster


bubukka and yakihebi should do a collaboration


File: 1534102501835.jpg (1.16 MB, 1764x2508, 1a4297fd2bb0022e96f4a5ce8a01f8af.jpg)


wish i was a sexy lady bitch


File: 1534102939683.jpg (1.05 MB, 1764x2508, 0df4d06f0de8b2158526626db8cd6366.jpg)

why do sexy ladies have such nice looking vaginas


gonno make tacos theres a bunch of peppers on the plants outside hb


gonno need a baja edit


made that pic my wallpaper


showered comprehensively now im laying in bed naked with my legs spread wide and letting the fan cool my nuts
wonder if sexy ladies sit with their legs spread after a hard flip


File: 1534105412818.png (217.08 KB, 1296x1458, sexnorm.png)


baste fuhlippin neetblog


cashier girl asked if i work for a radio station because of my deep booming voice


my friend from high school worked at a radio station for a while


nice bassblog voicemog


ive gotten 5 calls from trainee girl today she seems to have trouble with stuff i take for granted
this is the first day shes ever even called me normally she calls goat boss or scape boss


that wasnt me


fuqk you neetblog dont lie to me


log in with your mod account and check


File: 1534106246841.png (33.85 KB, 514x598, mod.png)


hideous theme


its the best one


it doesnt look like that for me all i see is aliases


i see only darkness before me


we need some new himaposters


problem is where do we get then from i wont tolerate anyone who doesnt know about denpa and obscure japanese shit and scape


what about bubukka and satsuki itsuka


dill is recovering


is bubukka really on his seventh twitter account


need to shite but dont want to


die editor


i dont know about denpa or obscure japanese shit


i aint no boostin weeb


bubukka isnt high on my list of sexy lady artists so i would prefer yakihebi and satsuki


how do female artists who draw sexy lady exclusively exist


ooog uggg


me chicken nugget unga bunga


in japan even the women like sexy ladies


its shocking because satsuki itsuka draws lots of reverse snap sexy lady stuff does that mean she wanted to flip men when she was a sexy lady


she probably just likes sexy ladies but also likes imagining shes a sexy lady girls drawing sexy lady is like straight shota if everyone into straight shota was also a shotacon


where do i find all the angelic sexy lady bitches who will flip me


underage lady cave painting give gunga big chicken nugget


grog no like young cave girls grog like big chest bungas


why is itsuka sensei so obsessed with slurp


turt btfo


this coffee is delicious hima think its time to fire up ragnarok


can i play ragnarok on my t420


you say that a lot but ive yet to be btfo in any of the instances is there something you want to say


on sexy lady bitch island im running the chicago dog stand swing on by


File: 1534109013307.jpg (399.59 KB, 1280x1811, 06.jpg)

most female artists have a penis fetish especially a slurping penis fetish


henreader draws highly detailed penises for a reason


that sounds terrifying


woke up and raged