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got left behind in the last thread sigh


my bread came out well taste could have been better if i added more salt maybe too much moisture too


baste bread


slathered some mayo on it put some kind of raw swiss cheese on it real tasty


whats happening


flip you


cant remember if i posted that or NOT


so this is it huh


you wasted your 20s


flip im flapper i thought someone just made that post and was trying to be funny


dont remind me


gonno jo


i have a little under 6 years left in my 20s how do i avoid wasting them




im NOT a sexnorm


just spend all day joing eating and staring at the wall or making sushi


im down to 4 think im gonno start some businesses


considering becoming a twig


die traitor


File: 1534310537845.jpg (588.69 KB, 1280x1422, 1534309414450.jpg)


gonno paint see you in a bit hima


flapperlaughing hard the 90s were truly the golden age of video sushi bars


cadillacs and dinosaurs is basted


trevor has that autistic gaze


wish i had a sis to play cadillacs and dinosaurs with and eat creme betweens with and drink cheerwine with


wouldnt mind eating siss creme


do you mean you would slurp her slime


starting to miss oogbro


got the neetblog banner


turt will evade the ban to post about how he doesnt like hima anymore dont worry he will be back


i am turt reflapper


turt 愛s gimmick posters apparently who would have guessed


same 未来が眩しくて見えない lift some heavy objects


he was policing the sexnorms balance must be maintained


im lady


think all my making sushi has taken a toll on my eyes might start wearing glasses


ooog me weld ooog ooooog
ooog sv3ringe ooog boog ogogg
ooooog oograger ooog ogg
ooog erase ooog
ooog pod rasin ooggg
ooogg called me liar ooog oogg
ooog reply ooog above ooog ogg

i dont know if youve become a mutant or if your assumptions are really this bad but to me it looks like no policing of sexnorms to me in any of those posts


wk raging hard


hes policing dumb norm shit


turt sees a meme he created being used and assumes the user is using it in the same way he did without actually bothering to read the posts so yeah hes just a mutant



wish i had a sis to share this guava raspberry juice with


passion fruit orange guava juice is a classic but raspberry guava sounds good too but probably pales compared to strawberry guava its a true sexy ladyjuice
guava juice on its own isnt that good but its the best juice to mix with other juices


愛 memes


panderson is an even worse sexnorm than most how can anyone listen to him


he owns sexnorms on the reg what are you talking about


hes basted


turts going through a hard time right now cut him some slack


he has like 40 kids


wonder what nb is up to




he sounds like a dumbass




File: 1534313143583.jpg (298.79 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20140205_120125.jpg)

stop slam jamming the mate is an oog booging breeder hogging up resources


wish i had a seat at that table


he does too hed give you an earful over being a worthless neet


same his daughters are underage as hell


ooog sexy ladyjuice




strawberry guava is the quintessential sexy lady juice
berry sourpatch kids are the quintessential sexy lady candy
chicken nuggetless pizza is the quintessential sexy lady meme


sv3rige isnt dumb and hes NOT for norms


no use trying to educate mutants


playing demonology for the first time since mop its pretty fun but i miss the old one


gonno watch this


if cunnilingus cared about me id have a gf like adam got eve


you would do well NOT to pick a fight with the mutants


dont understand what they did with demo there was just a rehaul for legion and they rehauled it for bfa


got that in my recs a couple times never watched it because everything i click on turns out to be dumb catholic shite


File: 1534313720735.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)

you had a gf


how many cigarettes do i have to smoke to sound like this


is the gcd change as annoying as it seems


think i have an extra chromosome



havent had a good rain in a while


sv3rige is a braindead flapper
im NOT a mutant


nice sheeple




File: 1534315178818.png (20.13 KB, 924x118, comment.png)


flip desert people


he means hanged


big sigh mates


should i try to get a job at burger king


im hung




theres no water stores here


youve been brainwashed


nah flip you memer


hands are clammy


die clamhands


you rarely see black mates with this kind of craziness


hes irish


just let loose a blood curdling scream


The Bosss takin me to the liquor store




was laying in bed all day didnt NOTice that trainee girl tried to call me at 4pm


going to start recycling my semen like chris chandler


got left behind 3 hours ago



can i buy ultra pure water at the water store


wonder how someone managed to trick people into buying water will they do it for air next



the more i read about matt groening the more i like him




getting real sick of the gay mate at the liqour store touching my hand every time i go there


wear g愛s


also i got more bacon sandwich ingredients


no g愛 no 愛


didnt know they rebooted powerpuff girls did they make the girls sexier or were they always like this


remember our gay computer teacher in school would always touch hands and guide the mouse for boys


the new voices are jarring


got the sticky keys warning


blossom is underage gonno jerk it to blossom


hima hima


bubbles is the sexiest


is it late right now hima or is it early


why does butter cup sound like a man


what about the rowdyruff boys


cold hima


File: 1534322709247.jpg (146.61 KB, 800x1066, 1496726938579.jpg)




wish that were me


nice kul tiran sexy lady makes you hold her hand


File: 1534322894932.jpg (68.51 KB, 372x594, Db0s7YXVAAAtH-S.jpg)




peed hard



nice mirei and lala banner


its the goat one


ate a granola bar




bacon sandwich time


stop it you just ate one


that was hours ago


if you didnt poop it out yet its too early to have aNOTher


its never too early to have aNOTher feast


guess ill try playing overwatch


just got a pso nostalgia


havent played pso2 in ages


was it from this >>817907


never played pso is it good


it was good its shite if you play it now


its a p so shit




mmos flipping pinch wow ruined everything




hes right


mmos are as fun as theyve always been youre the one whos changed


NOT true wow directly ruined my favorite mmo way back ill never forgive it


scape is baste


scape pinches hard


never liked scape because you just want 99 in everything like everyone else its just like mabi but without the cute birls


plenty of cute birls in scape




scape characters are abominations


wish i was texan


woke up



done reading


im no fool


gonno watch some open carry videos


feel like playing a sexy lady sushi bar what should it be




got a blutooth dongle so i dont have to use earbuds in the car hope i dont get stuck in traffic and have someone tune into my frequency and hear my weeb beats


i have bluetooth when i eat blueberry waffles


got a dongle for you right here


wish i had some greek yogurt to mix with peanut butter


i have greek foot


nice bulker


lifes the best when you live like a cat


gonno morph all day see you later hima


morph well


anyone else have sweaty knees


got the freya banner


outta wine time to morph


got the pope sexy lady banner


i dont but my right knee was hurting bad when i woke up i think its because of the accident


big boss walked in as i was passing by and said sup man and i said oh hey what are you here for and he just forced laughter i dont know what this means or if he didnt hear me and just made up a response i dont get any respect outside of the internet


piss bottle is starting to reek what should i do


he probably laughed because he is the boss and he doesnt have to answer to you


he should tone down that arrogance i have access to things that could do a lot of damage to the company


basted blackmailtron


he might respect your balls and give you a promotion if you blackmail him


listened to buyers market with The Boss big mistake


on the bright side keeping a disrespected low profile means you can slip through cracks thats why ive spent every thursday at home for the past 3 weeks


he probably just didnt hear you or wasnt listening my boss doesnt that all the time it probably happens every day where he chuckles softly when you ask him a question


gonno download some screensavers




File: 1534344492700.jpg (174.37 KB, 1200x800, DkcI6agXoAAOy7r.jpg)



absolute fool


gonno use the four hour work week to become a neet again


thats NOT even working might as well just quit


flip work im a free man


kept saying brutal mog and laughing


shes looking good lost some weight i think



File: 1534348024386.png (698.79 KB, 564x912, HmTxWyN.png)


File: 1534349889309.jpg (140.04 KB, 1016x733, 1534336487323.jpg)


at chipotle eating a veggie burrito and sipping on some coke zero


File: 1534350670139.webm (1.85 MB, 1000x640, 1534345996921.webm)


yep hima was good board


gonno wank it to kids


File: 1534353130497.jpg (218.89 KB, 900x1200, 1533604257723.jpg)


cockatiels look like clowns


got some polish sausage for the grill today someone got hotdog buns yesterday looks like im going to load up on sausage today
trainee girl also left her laptop here dont know if she forgot it or what she isnt supposed to be working in my store all week so she will be without it for a while unless she comes to get it


is dotamate here are you watching ti


File: 1534354294713.jpg (159.06 KB, 1553x871, 1534315874383.jpg)

makes me happy knowing she went from someone who would mistreat me into a freak like one of us


wish a girl would mistreat me


asked my japanese host The Boss to wake me up in the morning but said 犯す instead of 起こす


where did i hear that before think it was the 4 hour work week


scape boss said trainee girl isnt working at all next week guess ill be alone for 2 weeks its time to turn it up to 11


welcome to dempa world akiba akiba pop


envy btfod liquid


die esportsnorm


why am i working 9 to 6 if you can outsource manufacturing shipping storage ads and sales what the hell am i doing


File: 1534357724632.jpg (379.97 KB, 1280x1865, 014.jpg)

NOT sure what this is i cant see the thumbnail


oh thats what it is




it happens to each girl its completely natural


when i left for work this morning i was greeted outside by a cute as HELL sexy lady in short pajamas




almost took a vid but there were people around


she would have gotten horny if a random hot mate started recording her


NOThing like a nice pair of sexy ladylegs to start the day


wish i had a pair of sexy ladylegs


sis lets me massage her legs


i massage my penis while looking at sexy lady legs


i jerk it to kids


ill jerk it to anything


File: 1534361571572.jpg (226.58 KB, 380x661, f98b03ba87ecc5cb60bb3a5f09adbf1e.jpg)

new as109 phew


File: 1534361593786.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.22 KB, 1080x1920, 2e6076abba266d4743586ccc054a81df.jpg)


how old is that girl


at least 10


phew dont mind if i do


need to comfort




wonder if it would feel better if i had a childs face to sperm on


File: 1534363164767.jpg (1.1 MB, 960x1200, fbd5e3195e87f8094d78166933e1ef60.jpg)


File: 1534363194537-0.png (293.36 KB, 650x884, 1a016aeb89a61602eee39f9be3e0d5d7.png)

File: 1534363194537-1.png (301.61 KB, 650x884, f84c735108320bd08590d0892d0d4b74.png)

pick one


File: 1534363825881.jpg (105.48 KB, 1634x402, 0ox89d28bve11.jpg)


sigh relatable


the sausages are cooking hima hoo boy


baste 4bro


File: 1534364590415.jpg (88.07 KB, 640x1043, 1gopyr2rmlf11.jpg)

going to post more stuff from reddit


what should i do today besides sperm


go sexy lady fishing


these are good sausages hima


go regular fishing




File: 1534365602815.png (473.2 KB, 700x910, eb70be54b7e94e3b16706936e96004e1.png)

sexy lady blush open_mouth sex closed_eyes



filled up on sausages maybe i should bring in a steak or some chicken tomorrow i got some thin cut breasts at home what do you say


eat some steak tartar


new typehatena gonno jo


the hima farm


called The Boss an sjw and she freaked out



incredibly slow day at the store today


File: 1534370263641.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1011.4 KB, 1200x849, 70062305_p0_master1200.jpg)

like em big




how come nobody told me musically was shutting down


dont know what that is


havent farted in days


thats dangerous you might explode


i was farting up a storm last night i didnt even eat anything weird it was wild


hello everyone


gonno jopee


ban this boosting wowflapper


you cant talk to freakeye like that


teleiophiles gross me out



watching this really gives me the fizz


had a thad dream


just woke up had a dream norms were making fun of me for playing runescape


flip scape


just got home at dinner at The Bosss house and picked up some mint ice cream
earlier today i went to the bikenorm store and chatted with two of the employees one of them said my car was cool he had a grom and said he thought the kawasaki 125 was better in all respects and cheaper so maybe ill get one of those


File: 1534374569658.gif (1.69 MB, 500x281, LaalaMornings.gif)


File: 1534374704368.jpeg (448.08 KB, 1920x1920, ADBFDD2C-2DA1-4A92-B809-6B74A45F6FD1.jpeg)

the z125 and grom are tiny but i dont give a hoot the insurance would be cheap and they seem fun
part of being a rider is NOT caring what other people think of you


The Boss said bikes are too dangerous so i cant have one


gonno play some darkest dungeons


i like how they look but for 1k you could get a 400cc ninja


get a turbo


turbo bikes seem like a lot of fun


time for a latte


theyre fun but motorcycle engines arent really designed to take boost the compression ratios are too high


post up


wish i was a prussian


gonnopause this and jo to the part where shes in just a camisole


File: 1534376088432.png (499.41 KB, 875x557, in this moment I am supreme.png)


grandma was prussian she loathed the poles for stealing her homeland


how do you pause a gif


i meant real prussian NOT the state



hate the beak on that mate


open it in a media player




so you can pause it die fastreply


kitty jumped on me lap


wish i had a flippin cat


its p great


i waaaaaant candy



shiroibasketshoes 8 years ago
nice and cute!


my level 3 bounty hunter flipping died because i didnt have a shovel sigh


probably a snapr that posted that




File: 1534377612544.jpg (156.65 KB, 1076x1437, JHcziJX.jpg)



are there any sexy ladies in wow


oh yeah


ame kure


phew whoever invented the sukumizu was ped as flip


The Bosss watching a show about flappers


flapperlaughed hard at this extra chromosome brought us all together


just realized i bear a striking resemblance to adam lanza


File: 1534378824285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)


getting mabi nostalgia hard


nice quality


gonno recycle my piss bottles


going to need to see a pic


die pic


dost thou blog ser or dost thou protest


miss my himamates



File: 1534380287393.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 4093x2894, d06197e190e524dfa903ef574d023170.jpeg)

phew these tags are great


wish i was smart enough for dota




wish i was ped enough to flip a sexy lady


wonder what trainee girl is doing



wish i knew how to play the bagpipes


learn to play the skin flute


bet shes joing


do girls jo more on their period


wish i was a brainwashed eastern european nationalist


thought that period post was just an impersonator


sigh theres lots of nice bikes out there
pnig what are you getting with your payout


bnigs going to invest in bitcoin


feels like a snap night


aNOTher day without rain


wish you idiots treated your money with more respect




think ill rewatch the nwo diet


oog nwo oog ooog


i do i save money by getting my water from a well and planting herbs


wish i had a misaka clone gf


same the clones are even better than the real misaka



im flapper says misaka 11309 contemplating the life choices that turned her into a flapperneet



beard itches


foolish beardnorm


im shavenorm


only if its misaka WORST





dislike raildex


cant remember which ln i was on when i stopped reading NOT sure if id be able to pick up the story again it got so complex


never read or watched index


it pinches anyways


its epic as hell


dont see whats so great about saten san


File: 1534384099729.gif (1.13 MB, 400x400, misaka wa misaka wa.gif)


saten is an angel


chicken nugget


even i neetblog have watched index


stopped watching railgun after the silent party arc after that sexy lady with amnesia showed up it went to shite real fast


railgun aired 9 years ago im gonno freak




no that cant be possible


i have the first seven index japanese manga


you mena last order


wish to flip last order


bet accelerator has flipped last order hundreds of times


accel only flips worst


close friends and family has always known me as neetblog but to the rest of the world im the level 5 esper[BLIMPOUT]


dont remember anything about index even though i watched two seasons of it


File: 1534385275535.jpg (97.57 KB, 1280x720, snapshot_11.jpg)


the switch finally came in the mail


used to rage at kuroko when i was watching but after joing to some kuroko misaka doujins gained a little appreciation hehe


nice soyblog


thread kuroko


gonno morph now


its early


gonno watch some one piece and morph


gonno wallstare


no she really said it and kept making painful faces saying she was getting cramps while she was eating a huge burrito


flipping gross bitch


i think shes either flapper or just really open


lala is so underage


is iowa boring


ask herkz


dislike herkz


File: 1534389035774.jpg (59.25 KB, 720x960, 1531939501239.jpg)

phew honey



File: 1534389624540.gif (Spoiler Image, 199.39 KB, 219x235, shadman.gif)


File: 1534389924470.jpg (614.55 KB, 2153x3041, DkF8rxXV4AAltfZ.jpg)

where do i find girls like this


why would you want to


stretched and yelled


have a feeling trainee girl flips easily basted on the things she talks about


File: 1534391043179.gif (1.92 MB, 500x281, Pripara_Laugh.gif)


dumb little bitch


i can hear the laugh



die sportschink



sigh it was my dream to play at the koshien


aNOTher vfr or a crossplane r1 if youre going to spend time on something you want it to sound good and NOT like an angry sewing machine


same dream about getting a big whiff of that sweet koshien dirt


hima hima


whats up


japanese commercials seem so deep and inspiring


im really in 愛 with the v4 with vtec


daddys home


just made some bacon sandwiches hima theyre great


latemorphed and lateshowered now im wide awake


early to bed early to rise makes a mate healthy wealthy and wise




avoid colbitzer weizen beer even if its only $.99 its NOT good daddy thinks he should have just gotten an orion or a super dry


what about the pastrami it will change your life


wish i could get a koshien stream of just these underage cheerleaders


you can


wish for lalagf


hell yeah triple d


tell me more


idol mode or flappermode


the 2nd one shes underage and angelic


but shes physically unflippable in flappermode due to her age


thats a myth perpetuated by the antiped agenda


wish iori was my sis bet shed beat me up and force me to service her


sexy ladies arent stretchy we have been over this before


ive seen evidence to the contrary


same they just need more warmup


File: 1534395550077.jpg (3.67 MB, 2481x3204, d81d9451501ad9365f1efb4de48a89da.jpg)

hate feet fetishists


whatd they do to you


im a sexy lady hand fetishist


die freak


NOT a fetishist but i can appreciate a good pair of feet


fool its natural


theres something i really like about seeing a sexy lady without pants and without shoes and socks


NOThing like sexy lady thighs though whos with me


do NOT start i dont want to jo right now


can jo very easily to a nice set of sexy lady thighs in short denims from the right angle


trying out pinku theme watashi likes this one


everything is inferior to novo jungle


watashi likes doppyu


wish it was normal for sexy ladies to wear frilly dresses and bloomers all the time


yeah its their natural state


ive used ashita for too long theyre all painful to look at now


die sc2



i was using novo jungle before sc2 thought i was posting on hima for a bit when it changed


really like that candy tub video that was posted earlier you can see her tummy its underage as hell


theres a reason that video is age restricted


going to use halloween because onseki wont enable halloween banners


simply directory browse and download all of the banners and look at them yourself


what about the mouseover script it will be the first time in the history of hima that the halloween banners will have special edition holofoil prints


sigh thats true


will stylish allow me to change the directory for the banners to src="/banners/halloweenbanners/rotate.php" instead of src="/banners/rotate.php" because i can get them to show up by inspecting the page and changing that one thing but it goes away as soon as i refresh cunnilingus damnit onseki just change the flipping banners




big sigh for my big dick


time to jerk it


made a bagel


gonno lay down mata ne hima


already know im gonno get a ton of calls from trainee girl tomorrow asking simple questions she said shes done calling scape boss and will just call and annoy me from now on
she will probably get a good laugh at my store having a negative sale value today because people only returned things


how do you return water


make your voicemail a message for her itd be hysterical


cried earlier out of nowhere then it stopped a few seconds later didnt even get to enjoy it


someone returned a bucket for $463 and aNOTher mate returned a lid for $96


how does a bucket cost that much


its a very special bucket


cant stop watchng videos about katzs now


sigh 63 posts while i was pooping guess its mutate time


i made like 30 posts while pooping and eating a popsicle stop being a single tasker


File: 1534399272220.jpg (289.67 KB, 982x1473, Egg Cream (lower res version).jpg)

forgot all about egg creams never got to have one


dont eat while youre shitting


looks like shite


its ok it was just a popsicle


wish i had real pastrami and NOT just shitty mass produced salami


File: 1534399710992.png (715.1 KB, 755x1099, DkpfsclVsAEAld6.png)


crying thinking about rossmann group in 2023


愛 a good halloween bikini


feel a second poop coming


stop pooping its gross


sick of poop posters


my body works at 100% efficiency producing no waste


had a teacher that said he didnt shit in years or shit very little i dont know what his problem was he was a rager too



i rarely shit its all about fiber





too late i already started


why NOT dont mind if i do


vile whores


every girl in japan is a virgin


NOT this one


NOT ever since chadseki had his way


if i actually focus on what theyre saying i understand it this is crazy when did i learn japanese


it was inside you all along




couldnt complete it before the stream ended guess ill jerk it to that javgal



simply canNOT wait for these eggs to boil hima


idiot stop eating eggs and get some pastrami we can both start a revolutionary pastrami diet where everything is pastrami basted


nah flip you normstrami


youre missing out there is NOThing better than pastrami on dark seeded rye with some dill havarti and then for dessert you can grab a few slices of straight pastrami


how about prosciutto instead


can we settle for coppa



youll die of salt overdose after a week


might bring my pastrami pack to the store so i can have endless sandwiches


the tongzidan is ready hima gonno feast




cant wait till my stomach isnt full so i can eat more



going on the neetblog diet wish me luck




die jerker


good luck ?


honeypot hours gonno sushi bar


feel like ive fallen for hundreds of honeypots but the van never shows up


she is clearly 18


you have to do what thad did if you want the van to show up


rie is underage


think i have the longest hair on hima


lucky The Boss keeps making me get mine cut before i can do the hime


that means youre the bitch of hima




watching this again and wishing i could do the jailbreak scenario it seems really cool


bored as hell time to nap to waste time


gonno eat some salami


wonder if picking at dandruff when i was teen made my brain smaller


it starts snowing when i tilt my head slightly


ran into an easymodo link


cry time


fantastic deli meats and salami think ill polish off this bottle of wine


die winer


wish i had some wine right about now



gonno snack on some salt


The Bosss bringing me some wine hima hb


wait an hour then ill have my wine and we can drink together


its okay ill just steal aNOTher bottle


how do i time travel back to 2009


read the archives and play pretend thats what i do


you will need a crystal skull and the blood of a virgin


does my own blood work


simply reversemorph



dr normp


cant remember the last time i read a manga


niiico nico dougaaaaaaaa


File: 1534407251946.mp4 (147.55 KB, oops.mp4)


how come nobody told me intel disclosed even more security flaws in their chips yesterday jesus christ imagine being an intel fan right now the entire company is going down the shitter from the r and d to the fabs and all the way up to the very top its falling apart


gonno start attending black churches seems fun




pentecostals are so flipping dumb


there are no good religions except the ones that let you flip sexy ladies


dango daikazoku came on gonno have a cry


listen to something else to cancel it out like catch you catch me


File: 1534407796848.mp3 (10.15 MB, Di Gi Charat Nyo - Dynamite★I.N.G (ダイナマイト★I・N….mp3)




morph time bye


dont leave me


youre NOT alone


eh i should go to bed too


i will be when everyone goes to sleep and im still awake for the next 6 hours


suppose ill morph then mutate


did NOThing all day again


gonno do some burpees


wish didnt feel too listless to watch or read or play anything most days sigh


im gonno be here drinking for the next 7 hours dont worry




woke up and my legs hurt


its a blood clot



woken by a bad case of nausea


wine has arrived


take it easy


i always do


time to morph then wake up and feel like shite


accidentally took aNOTher nap


got a nice banner


File: 1534419153302.png (50.44 KB, 300x100, 06298e703775bbec7bba596d8956bf56.png)

gonno morph for a while see you later hima


have a good sleep buddy


flipping hate morphnorms


respect the morphers you piece of shit


they will die by my hand


guess ill make some bacon sandwiches


sleepnorms napnorms kill em all



cant stop napping lately i am a nap machine


glad im NOT the only one who boosting 愛s science here


ive got assburgs


me too but i dont let it get me down


愛 black science man


gonno have a sandwich


guess ill take a morph then


in the office


ill make sure you dont wake up


you should


ate some cookies for breakfast i returned those shoes yesterday but the refund hasnt deposited yet what the hell


done reading
feel like such a dumbass reading every single post every single day for years im the only reflapper doing it too


never too late to start mutating


id rather die


fell for the reading meme



jayztwocents is such a boomer mate drives a black and white camaro


waiting for 7nm zen and volta to get a new pc


i do too


i dont


die mutant



woke up


he drives a 370z


370z are respectable


he owns both


File: 1534439476864.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.95 MB, 800x450, 1533773440484.webm)


gonno strap in for aNOTher day of playing pangya music in the store with the back door open to hear the cicadas and drinking tea and snacking on pastrami and muffins and senbei


you snack too much


apparently its a zl1 and its his track car and the 370z is more of a daily driver for him
i guess its NOT really a normal camaro but its still a camaro


looked at siss internet history and she had battle for azeroth trailer in her youtube history


have her play a male blood elf


die normheal


wish i was cool like maxmoefoe


flip that flapper


camaros arent really boomer cars all the boomers get mustangs and challengers
stock camaros are chick cars but a zl1 is respectable


camaro is just gms mustang


mate in a hennessey z28 almost lost it trying to follow my line just save several tens of thousands of dollars and buy a NC with a few suspension mods


teens get mustangs


got to the umihara kawase part of my playlist i hope the people coming in enjoy it


File: 1534442149564.jpg (57.15 KB, 536x708, 1404014068170.jpg)



monty is on the 1 bit and 8 bit playlist


nice 2990wx at 6ghz


woke up gonno shower and mutate




whats the point of 6ghz


File: 1534443761763.jpg (52.72 KB, 920x646, 920x920.jpg)


thats a lie right


no it is NOT


me third from the right


assuming its for one core it would be to put amd ahead of intel for making sushi since most sushi bars use a single core and thread


oh cunnilingus its 6ghz for all 32 cores amd what the hell


baste amd


intel is flipping dead stick a fork in it


wonder why i heard so much about the intel 28 core running some cores at 5ghz but NOT the 2990wx running 6ghz on all 32 cores


flip amd im getting myself a skylake x


i hope you die


order from staples came i was really excited to get a window squeegee to clean the windows but it was literally just the rubber squeegee part
called and the lady started laughing and said it was a mistake and is sending the whole thing next day


baste lady


isnt the motherboard capped out at 6ghz


well i guess they better start making better motherboards this is why amd is good theyre moving things forward


6ghz on 32 cores and only taking up 2800w nice


pretty sure its NOT possible to have a greater speed than 6gb with silicon chips


i dont know


its being power capped by the motherboard vrm


whys that something about the delay on mosfets


wonder what the actual cap is for the chip itself this mate has a platinum chip


adam lanza looks like a fake human


like me, neetblog


File: 1534445758070.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1108x900, 8cd620d9d57e253c993c2f3d94696661.png)

loving closed_eyes open_mouth sexy lady sex


the first pastrami sandwich of the day has been eaten


thinking about an asus prime x370 a ryzen 2600x and a gtx 1060 would this be a good setup for about 900$ including the m.2 drive and 16gb of ram
think i could reuse my psu fans and main drive


depending on the 1060 it might be good and the 370 will need a bios update to run the 2600


is it real pastrami


its beef


youd be a fool to buy a pc now when zen2 and volta are about to drop


the asus prime x470 is marginally more expensive id probably just get that
ram is too expensive for something that can fail i wouldnt like spending 160 dollars on ram but ive ran out of memory using 8gb before just browsing hima and running torrents before


dont fall for the 16 gib of ram meme


volta is NOT relevant why do you keep talking about it
its phonenorm shit


oh the gpu when i asked about it the other day someone said it was a magnetic phone charger dongle


have 8gb of ram and have never come close to running out of memory


i seed 228 torrents at once




same my ratio owns on every tracker since i have 920mpbs upload speed


flapperlaughing hard yukas cat has autism


i seed all 228 of those torrents at 10kbps total hehe


the only torrent i seed is whichever im currently downloading


when does she eat the cat


flapper cat


flapperlaughing at this too i didnt even know there were tabletop broilers like this


got a copyright email for downloading forza and project cars 2


thats probably the most flapper meal ive seen from her


flip you speedbrag


they call me the phoenixblog



already posted


wonder what it feels like to laugh at such dumb things like a toddler


no it wasnt



should have used a swiss p2p vpn


no calls from trainee girl today its looking slow over there too


File: 1534449105436.jpg (236.46 KB, 1150x2046, DktlBOMVsAYDkb0.jpg large.jpg)


File: 1534449142588.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)




bh apenorm


File: 1534449435721.webm (1.5 MB, 460x816, HUI72mU.webm)


paying extra for more upload speed just so i can seed more im a flipping saint


youre a flipping idiot


flip off leecher


seeding is how the isp gets you


thank cunnilingus im NOT american


youll be going to heaven


i, neetblog, have secured my place in heaven


no i havent impersonator


File: 1534451531025.webm (2.35 MB, 950x1080, 1524791325613.webm)


is that porn can i jerk it to her slender underage fingers


dont think this thing is human


traded my humanity for strength but in the process cemented my status as a pariah forever


found a brush with a bunch of trainee girls hair on it poor girl is pulling out all of her hair by brushing


i dont deserve to be human


girls brushes are always full of hair its normal


File: 1534451957372.jpg (52.81 KB, 720x960, trainee girl.jpg)


im full of hair


im norwood 2


this is a norwood that has ascended beyond a norwood
well just call it norwood 2


nice at comiket they did a beat a pro event in the hi score girl booth you had to beat daigo to win a prize
daigo beat 42 people in a row and went home and no one got a prize


flapperlaughing imagining daigo NOT staying all day and just leaving part way through after deciding on his own that nobody there was worth his time


i could see her doing something like this with the sign
she said she was mad at scape boss because he said the "f a g g o t" word in front of her and she calls black people african american
when she said jaypee boy she actually spelled it out i think its weird she has trouble saying that word but will talk about glory holes and drinking a gallon of semen and other stuff all day


girls do whatever is currently required for social approval they dont really care or even think about jaypee boys and blacks and whatever


around here being too sensitive leads to disapproval


doug demuro is the kind of mate to try to scare someone and scare himself


ya and they didnt have to give out the prize they took it back with them and no one got it
daigo played for four hours straight i think they realized it was going nowhere and he just left


was hoping he took the prize with him



just ordered a gold mirrored faceshield to replace the scratched up old rainbow one on my helmet now i get to be like master chief


what helmet do you havs


master fag


dont use a 370 motherboard i dont think you get the optimizations or the extra ports of a 470


File: 1534456567572.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


simply let the nexus guide you


guess ill play some darkest dungeon


is that what your The Boss calls it





woke up


File: 1534457402498.png (444.88 KB, 569x590, stev.png)


The Boss took the cat to the vet and the vet said its diabetic


how does a cat even get diabetes


put two boullion cubes in my ramen big difference


愛 pinching on a cube


sickmorphed im up now gonno drink a ramune whats going on hima


The Boss said the cat is going to need 2 injections a day what the flip just put it down


put me down


cats arent worth anything besides the money it costs for food and litter dont bother just toss it out in the woods somewhere and let it enjoy living for a while before it dies


need a new chair
i go through chairs quick so i need one that can stand up to a lot of abuse and it needs to be leather so i can wipe it down quick
the arms also need to be low enough to fit under my side desk thing

i guess being comfortable would be a plus


my chair is starting to get worn down from having my ass in place for so long


get a milspec cot and a milspec isomat and simply lean back and relax


NOT sure why you mates force yourselves to sit upright when youre relaxing its NOT work relax a little


i dont sit upright i lean my chair way back its actually what seems to destroy a lot of them because im usually over 200lbs and they cant handle the weight pulling down on the arms


i slouch all day and sleep on my stomach


gonno feast


File: 1534459076481.jpeg (1.98 MB, 4032x3024, F02EF90B-CDE4-47D5-A808-0B5147DAE68E.jpeg)

this is my setup except i stuff three pillows against the wooden board
the board is tied against the cot with climbing rope so it doesnt move around
the silver mat is just a camping sleeping mat you can get anywhere i got the cot from a yard sale for 20 bucks




slow hima where are my friends


NOThin sickening


File: 1534459803806.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 139.67 KB, 1200x850, 07CB7BBB-615F-44AD-85EA-AB3E4EDE7D2C.jpeg)


how can i anonymously jerk off for a group of girls


why does that girl have a ballsack


to protect her balls


hope its knorr cubes marco pierre 愛s those


Marco Pierre White recipe for Pork belly with cider and cream sauce
hell yeah


that makes no sense cats should be eating zero carbs just protein and fat why would it need insulin


thats speed o sound sonic


im making sushi sorry


no calls from trainee girl today gonno check to see if shes busy or NOT


missing the jaques pepin streams back in the good old days on ck


ask her out to dinner


ergo proxy is boring as hell gonno watch some dandy


fired up dandy-397 earlier it was decent


she was almost ditched again a few days ago but called and invited herself to her friends plans she said we could start hanging out if her friends keep ditching her but i think it would be weird to ask out of the blue


>Weight rated up to 250 lbs. basted on 3-5 hours of use per day

3 to 5 hours...
where are the neetproof chairs


get a normal chair from staples dont let the ratings decide for you i spent many years in a chair rated for 2-3 hours


how did they manage to get a radiohead song as the ed for ergo proxy hehe


just ask


im just a creep im a weirdoooooo


nice my jester is at full hp and he gets crit to deaths door and bleeds to death in the same round


heating up a pastrami sandwich flipping 愛 having a grill in the store


isnt it too late close the store already


got aNOTher hour and a half to go this is the rush time


File: 1534462073854.png (29.55 KB, 153x202, firefox_2017-03-05_17-37-25.png)


5 graders naturally drink semem



got some salt and pepper shakers and plates and forks and stuff in the shipment today this place is basically a 5 star restaurant now



really glad i wasnt a kid during this era
one of the few things in this shite life to go right


you were a teenmateinstead


just woke up i do it as well


we are the only reflappers doing it and being laughed at for caring


also i had a dream i met pnig in japan


File: 1534463344270.jpg (122.55 KB, 960x720, watashi wa nig san.jpg)


me on the left




had a dream about pnig cant remember what it was about i think he was just there as i was running and he said something like “go onseki!”


sounds like something he would say


what is yeezy


its an expensive shoe





trainee girl called and sounded really frustrated at first then sounded really relieved as she thanked me


never wore shoes whats it like


i only wear tengu geta


might visit all the water stores in pheonix for fun


i only go to water n ice for shaved ice and water refills


brand new retail archaeology


File: 1534465900636.png (1.01 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo n….png)


phew looks like ill be jerking it to elf eng big_boobs shotacon tonight


File: 1534466281859.mp3 (7.29 MB, 01 Shinonome Kenkyuujo no, Kyou mo Heiwa desu.mp3)


hate when i open a mp3 and some dumb anime bitch starts singing


File: 1534466359434.mp3 (9.54 MB, 01 - Hakase no Suki Nano Nano.mp3)

wrong one


flip you


added both of those to my annoying songs collection


愛 reading the fwbc reviews on google maps wonder where these fools all get the same mantras its NOT from the bible



flip nvidia


seems like adoredtvs leak was correct



naked hips are the sexiest thing you can possibly show




still got a bottle and a half of wine time to crack


i worship doridorichan


wish i believed in the bible


hell yeah gonno get a used arai helmet theyre cheap plus you can replace the visors and liners for cheap


i have been struck with ennui


hope its the sz ram 4 83 tricolor


bored hima what to do what to do


is arai the new filter for flapper


watched a vid of a complete disassembly vid of an arai helmet they are pretty neat gotta get one


sushi bar or watch


feel like watching but only with a himamate


sometimes entertain the idea of everyone meeting up but dont think it will ever happen


meetups are normshite i just meant online


spermrag stinks


nobody wants to actually meet up


hima annual canyon ride turt on the cbr pnig on the vfr neetblog on the busa pastamate on the r1 and me on the klr650


i thought we were meeting in japan soon


flip japan


the cushioning on this seat is vastly superior but it doesnt recline much the other chair was so flipped up you were practically lying down in it this one will take some time to break in


wish i had a nice and interesting persona instead of being an invisible nobody ghost for the past four years so id get added to posts like these
also dislike how theres two hondas pnig should get a ducati so theres one of each manufacturer



personas bow to the


File: 1534471231130.gif (1.26 MB, 500x324, UnkemptGlitteringEelelephant-size_restricted.gif)


i considered adding you with the ninja650 because its a nopersona kind of bike
turt should get a ducati NOT pnig


sv650 is a nopersona bike


but you do


File: 1534471775711.jpeg (145.27 KB, 500x375, B38F396C-3793-4BB9-AF6A-8EC8E2C55571.jpeg)



File: 1534471810741.jpg (108.27 KB, 1024x576, ChgeYbAU4AIfEGa.jpg.jpg)

get in


klrs are baste as hell i must have one


cars and bikes flipping pinch


no i dont
and only a bmw bike would fit my lack of personality


File: 1534472045249.png (753.87 KB, 656x436, hoglean2.png)

if you want to travel get a boomer bike instead


guess ill watch some one piece and morph


have a good morph buddy


tasty orange cream soda i gotta say



cunnilingus sakura is underage


flapperlaughing before i even opened it


refuse to believe people here are dumb enough to really flapperlaugh when they say they are


go back there


yeah same


made sushi shaved bathed now its time to mutate


flapperlaugh all the time whats weird about that especially on my walks when im thinkin about hima



feelin sad lately


gonno go to the dmv tomorrow and get a mororcycle permit


simply jo


wish i was dumb enough for joing to make me NOT feel sad


jod two times today already all i do is read dazai jo and watch baseball never talk to anyone or do anything losing my humanity




im the only real flapper on hima






my face looks like im 40


should i get a pink reverse print im looking at it right now


i dont see why NOT


woke up with a chicken nugget


what did you do about it




do people still use tokyo toshokan






it pinches


eating pudding watching baseball ill become an eatneet at this rate


File: 1534475378618-0.jpg (106.48 KB, 1280x753, HONDAVFR800Interceptor-5279_3.jpg)

File: 1534475378618-1.jpeg (96.51 KB, 1200x675, Panigale-V4-MY18-Red-02-Slider-Gallery-1920x1….jpeg)

vfrs are sometimes called japanese ducatis just because of the similarities like v4 and single sided swingarm
but yeah turt should get the ducati


memory leaked and had to restart firefox goodbye banner


gonno fire up fortune summoners


File: 1534475728046-0.jpg (205.93 KB, 1024x576, Honda-rebel-250-_57.jpg)

also the nopersona bikes are ones like sportsters or rebel 250s because if you take a normal msf course youre going to be on a rebel and if youre taking a harley msf course youre going to be on a sportster so the nopersona people stick with the one bike that theyve ridden even though theyre boring and slow and dont look too good


bacon sandwich time


im boring and slow


want to marry joosten


File: 1534476132963-0.jpg (222.73 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

trainee girl rides a gz250 its a very short suzuki with aNOTher boring engine
my msf had nighthawk 250s and the one girl who couldnt fit on one had to get a gz


oog trainee girl oohhgg


didnt do the msf course because im hardcore


id 愛 to ride a motorcycle if i wasnt so scared of dying


you get insurance discounts and gear discounts


get a road bike and get fast its just as fun


im too scared to even drive a car theres no way i could Ride even though my heart desires it


whats so bad about dying this world is shite


its NOT too dangerous just be aware and have an escape plan for every instance thats what i do


bikeslam jam gonno mutate


i dont drive either pretty sure a bike is safer


remember that time freakeye killed himself but quantum immortality kicked in and he respawned as an australian


yeah but what if a horse charges right into the road and you cant avoid it stuff like that cant be planned for


as long as you have time to at least put your plan into action its fine


should i pick up a gopro and stream some rides would anyone watch at all or would it just be a waste


gonno dig a hole


that bike will kill you young man


gonno dig me a hole gonno put a nerd in it


miss the days when catchy songs would be embedded on hima



i dont


seems quicker to brake and you can dodge stuff easier


arent the statistics something like youre 400 times more likely to die on a bike than a car


need to shit but i just showered sigh


motorcycles actually have shitty braking distances

dont kid yourself your exposed body is hurtling through the air at 80mph its far more dangerous than a car


no i mean i ride an actual bicycle


File: 1534477409998.png (924.82 KB, 1275x711, the age old question.png)

what are you a soyboy
after you turn 18 its time to put a motor on that bicycle


whys that


when i move to the farm probably gonno be riding my bike a lot more often since its flat ground and 10 minutes ride into town its a norco


simply cant afford insurance or registration or gas


gonno shit



it really was a masterpiece


An unknown error occured when posting!




dont tell me that was seki trying to change to the halloween banners and somehow flipping it up sigh


its too early for halloween banners


in the mood to pill some people about 9/11


rode my bike a few days ago and a mate on a motorcycle revved beside me and took off real fast felt mogged


its almost september and september is almost october thats literally the blink of an eye


i lost hima


wish real halloween was like anime halloween or netoge event halloween sigh


File: 1534480243702.png (817.61 KB, 1383x2000, 1451118271340.png)


pill me


the arabs did 9/11


nice peter from ariderslife uploaded his 35 hour drive from melbourne to perth gonno watch it


now i dont even know where to start demolitions dancing israelis wtc7 comverse urban moving systems george washington bridge van anthrax story al qaeda malaysia meeting prague story pnac saudis funding hijackers living next to mossad agents george bushes story hw bush meeting bin ladens brother during 911 cheneys story about the peoc lewis libby and his girlfriend


forgot the embed


File: 1534480813175.jpg (22.03 KB, 685x466, 911-LIE.jpg)




for that mate who wants to ride simply watch some bike vlogs its pretty much stuff like this


Incorrect key file for table './himasugi_tinydb/bans.MYI'; try to repair it



die hacker


seki is destroying hima


is it working yet


got popura banner and the site flappered out and i refreshed and lost it flip you seki you will NOT be forgiven


what are you even trying to do


wish i had some bikemates to use walkie talkies with and go on rides having a good time

NOT the mate from work with a bike though even though we have similar interests in some areas i dont enjoy being around him



goat boss has a pair of helmets with bluetooth communicators in them he offered to give me one but i refused


wonder if ill have the chance to take trainee girl on a touge run to the overlook need to think of a place to take her since she said she wanted to go for a ride


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima






cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima





cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima



gonno jerk it


im simply a blog


did hima break


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima


are we back


is hima back


thank cunnilingus its back i was just about to tie the noose


are we back


knock knock


knock knock
knock knock




thank cunnilingus its back i was just about to tie the noose


thank cunnilingus its back i was just about to tie the noose














sis started playing wow apparently they have a free trial thing and she got to level 20


uh why has nobody posted for 8 hours












i literally havent logged in to the server in over two months its NOT me












morphed more instead of going to work now im late


morphed more instead of going to work now im late


morphed more instead of going to work now im late


morphed more instead of going to work now im late


morphed more instead of going to work now im late




















hehe nice tests


im flapper






what happened i just woke up


im tester


spermed to satokos armpit


slam jammers


is it fix


test in hell


im incel


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima


test in hell


hey hima just got home from jail


do you think he did it


test post do NOT reply


owned lawbreaker


hope NOT




is hima slow or is it just my 25kbps connection




okay i think i fixed it so to congratulate myself im gonno grab some dinner


my ass is very sweaty shouldnt have worn pants sigh


cunnilingus damnit whats going on with hima


caught sis playing wow apparently theres a free trial that you can play up to level 20 i hope she doesnt start begging me to buy her a sub


call her a loser


sigh are you the mate who said he found the bfa trailer in his sisters history you should play with her


sis begged me to play minecraft with her


wish i had a sushi chefsis


she used to make me play minecraft and starbound with her until she made friends at school now she plays hearthstone and overwatch with them and today she started wow i guess


does she get horny watching genjis ass


drinking coke zero this is 幸せ


flip you


coke pinches NOT sure why people drink it


gonno shower


trainee girl wasnt at the meeting today because she said her back hurt i think i know why if you know what i mean
spent the day cleaning the windows hima they look great nice and clear and clean got in a huge order 10 items 4kg
time to whip up a pastrami sandwich


File: 1534542379182.jpg (Spoiler Image, 382.03 KB, 2149x2101, ac1b3a235b3f02a75771a3ae6005b9c3.jpg)


The Bosss bfs daughter is a coalburner married to a nig and he drove her scion here and theres a sticker on the back window for jamaica that says its just natural!

flipping gross


got a can of monster ultra zero at wally world last night


im uneducated


kind of want to drive somewhere


need to shite


is hima fixed yet


check em quads


kill yourself





File: 1534543695943.jpg (58.2 KB, 750x600, Picard-no-facepalm.jpg)



you can buy a ryzen 1700 for 180 two years ago an i7 6900 cost 1100


intel is flipping dumb


technorms are flipping dumb


prove it


your surrogate activity is damning the world




wish i was smart enough for wow


too lazy to start up an anime




File: 1534544560994.png (573.78 KB, 992x720, cummed.png)


please watch your language


the only thing i can do is jo


my norwood is evolving


turned 29 today it is almost over


wish i had a better life but at least its almost over


went to wendys and got a big coke zero


big coke zero for a big zero


what are you implying



did NOThing today might shoot myself for fun




will i receive disability money if i shoot myself


would it be creepy to ask trainee girl if shes ever going to get her laptop from the back its just been sitting there


youll get put in the mental hospital after they stitch you up


whats the mental hospital like


seems nic


its full of norms


what countries have the nicest prisons and no death penalty might try and break breiviks high score


finally killed that spider hehe now im 100% sure its dead


愛 getting the one that got away


when can i play as a fat human


File: 1534546684056.jpg (129.11 KB, 1039x1418, d001ktcz06g11.jpg)


intel fans currently deliding their wrists


dont think there are intel fans


there was one really hardcore intel fan here who said he put his amd system in the closet and was saying ryzen would be shit


dont blame him i had the amd BULLDOZER and it pinched hard


you simply werent utilizing it properly


whatever now ive got intel inside and my machine is smooth


you know what else is smooth my dick


pnig you there bud


yeah wassup lil nigga


today pnig posted on the tb to help onseki fix hima and then blogged about trainee girl


bikenig was the one who hacked hima


remember when the p meant something


pnig what do you think about KLRs


feel like i know more about the water business than i do about my own job


same oh wait i dont have a job hehe


so whos the mate that was having a bad day


it was i, onseki


the p stands for kitty nigga


im having a bad day second day in a row



hes been demoted back to bnig


isnt he a little old for crushes


cant believe trolling 4chan nowadays gets you on the news


never heard of this in my life




just got aNOTher call from scape boss


im q


tell him to scape in hell


he told me one of the customers came into the store looking for me so he could talk about cameras with me then he said he gave off a real snapy vibe and that i should beware


that was me


i know the mate hes talking about hes british and was employed by the saudi government for 30 years now hes retired and living in the us and wants to buy a model f


wish i knew anything about cameras but i dont


seems cool but boring


did you know you could make a camera just by poking a hole in a cardboard box with film paper inside


made one of those and recorded women on the bus



tried making an acolyte and it took the whole day to get to level 20 heal bombing zombies


gonno go for the 47 chain in puyo


were you playing on iro


no originsro


hope trainee girl wasnt expecting me to call her about her laptop so she had an excuse to come in im NOT saying anything so i dont come off as creepy


thats a 5x exp private server are you flapper




im trainee girl


simply play on iro its the official international server


everyone was badmouthing you saying you dont leave NOTes explaining anything and that you dont help clean at all



guess ill play some darkest dungeon


dankest dungeon


gonno cry




wish trainee girl posted here so pnig would be too scared to talk about her


bookmark hima on her laptop and see what happens


might rage


welcome to the club


hey hima just woke up glad to have you back


be sure to thank onseki for his hard work


thanks for your hard work onseki


he didnt do anything it was omar


just woke up is this thing on


The Bosss blasting greta van fleet gonno rage


gonno lend sis my 1080 so she can sushi bar harder


baste The Boss


found some crusty lint in my bellybutton


it was sperms


File: 1534552702053.jpg (456 KB, 1280x1808, 02 (1).jpg)

what is this i cant see the thumbnail


wish i could play wow with a cute sis


check came today hima should i get aNOTher reverse print


flip you


thats right i jerked it to elves last night


invest in a nice polo shirt


i wore enough polo shirts in school flip that


im a vneck kinda mate


File: 1534553117349.jpg (313.74 KB, 1280x1807, biribiri_Enkou_0008.jpg)

saved this one too


thinking of becoming an urban legend in my city


if you get too many you will end up neglecting the others


that looks a lot like hima


maybe ill get a pair of pants i could use some black ones instead of the spicy musflapper colored ones i own


i only dress in black and grey


nice gloomer


if you wear anything but jeans people will think you are gay


i am gay


yeah its this thing they call ``imageboards'' theres a lot of them out there


why did they make it look like hima


hima is closer to futaba than any other nonjap board


hate that meme


nah flip you weeb




how come i wasnt born in japan






that one was pretty spot on i surprised myself


flip you




File: 1534554156218.jpg (7.82 KB, 251x251, 1313900570.jpg)


has no one else even tried the eggplant theme
would you try it if i removed the annoying text wrap


die eggnorm


ive tried all the themes at least once


eggplant looks base


cant use bright or saturated themes


im basted im basted


should i make a new theme


your basted alright


ya make a darklurker theme


might use dark themes to save energy


i only use claura anything lighter burns my eyes




got a cool popura banner


the energy saved by darklurkers every day is enough to power new york for a year


File: 1534555232748.gif (1.1 MB, 320x240, 1381478738125.gif)


愛 underage overlord girls


sis feet flipping stinks


claura is too bright


File: 1534555602227.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.99 KB, 667x1000, 1510660987046.jpg)


wonder if theyd let me in the club if i turned up


making two spicy tuna melts hima its been a while


just found a nightclub on google maps think ill hit it


spose ill make some bacon sandwiches then


phew theyre too spicy


File: 1534556165071.jpg (Spoiler Image, 355.5 KB, 691x733, 1534537433897.jpg)


get the HELL in here


the 30 year old boomer hits close to home


gonno join hells angels




File: 1534556262379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.54 KB, 984x884, 1533808762314.jpg)

i knos that feel bro


used the email field boosted that up hard


die pie eating contestant


File: 1534556376750.png (Spoiler Image, 707.63 KB, 1217x1015, 1532472031317.png)

>die pie eating contestant(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


got klr fever havent found a mate on youtube who owns one that isnt a wholesome big hearted mate just like me


File: 1534556378871.webm (2.07 MB, 178x100, unforgotten.webm)





[DEEP FRYING] Trying To Deep Fry French Toast Sandwiches!!


watch shoenice instead


if you get a klr you will vibrate your ass to death


no one is going to want to mess with you


File: 1534556943216.jpg (2.48 MB, 3200x2133, 0_c750a_c63a7485_orig.jpg)

hima village


theres defiantly NOT that many people on hima


ya there is


seki could tell us if he really wanted to


will i get chicken nuggets


test test is himasugi back


he could never give an accurate number



i really have no idea i dont pay attention
people switch ips all the time and im NOT smart enough to follow them without paying very close attention
there seem to be about five people who post all day and during dead hours and during peak hours theres anywhere from three to seven more people who post occasionally perhaps four posts max while the conversation is driven by the regulars


hate the regularnorms


ban runeheal


youre one of them


nice bikegirl


closed when i saw the tattoo on her wrist


i respect this woman




watching ross new vid


wish she would tie me down and facesit me


found an epic thread on g


post em


someone post the duegi cat



baste flippin duegimates



just go in cpanel and give that number


baste spyseki


the cpanel number lies





hate ross


how dare you



one of the scripts tracks users the other tracks users and bots


愛 taking my daily pills


its NOT accurate though


i change ips and use multiple vpns daily


should i get a pair of black 502s to match my brown ones


stop buying clothes and start buying amd stocks


damnit mates


what happen


guess ill pass on these pants and cook my dinner tonight is slam jam katsu curry with java curry
the kana spells ジャワ instead of ジャヴァ


never ate slam jam is it good


sexy lady did the rev it gesture so i did and she got scared sigh


File: 1534559077668.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.36 KB, 600x847, 1511233507567.jpg)



wish that was me


post the flipping vids bikenig i want to see some bikevids already


house is on fire hima


stay calm
stop drop and roll


aunt destroyed my action cam so i cant


owned by crazy aunt




buy aNOTher one then


gonno ride in my pickup


baste aunt


File: 1534559822684.mp4 (6.62 MB, 1489877549862.mp4)


hell yeah




愛 it


found some of yesterdays dinner in the beard hehe dont mind if i do


File: 1534559935163.jpg (824.44 KB, 1920x1080, Jaumufb.jpg)


open 32 hours a day hell yeah


The Boss lost the fupa


just ate some dogs


basted chink


wish i was from novorossiya


wish i was basted


remain silent


keep getting a whiff of shite when i move


thinkin about girls


bhole juicy rn


shat hard


guess ill watch some one piece tomorrow
does anyone want to play ragnarok on iro with me


File: 1534563588043.png (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 2000x1568, titty.png)


what happened to the jro stream


File: 1534563861636.png (19.13 KB, 275x741, bf260f8895256824f51facd6cc984416.png)

got a chicken nugget to pick with this track last time i drove on it was when the 944 blew up
i remember getting towed back to the field and having to watch everyone else having the time of their lives with their mates and families as i sat in my lifeless car for hours until i could get it towed home

i think cunnilingus singles me out for torment because some chuuni ancestor i had 1000 years ago dabbled in witchcraft



hows that vile


girls are angels they would never change their natural use into that which is against nature


breastfeeding is natural


bleeding again sigh


time to fire up wwii


The Boss didnt 愛 me enough to breastfeed


i was an accident


koshien is getting epic


its too laggy i can barely play just by autoattacking so i gave up on it and i cant do the quests for eden gear and stuff


File: 1534564663578.png (96.94 KB, 940x888, 13fa6b8f91bdedd673a4423c1ea6c31a.png)


The Boss breastfed me for 3 years


thats too long isnt it


The Bosss still breastfeeding me


can i breastfeed if i have manboobs


i asked about getting a gopro but nobody said anything



i must have been morphing or mutating


how do i stop joing


why stop


anyway thats part of why im getting a payout a lot of my stuff was destroyed by her due to the person on hima telling them things i guess in the end im better off this way


its a hassle


makes me feel gross and desensitized


basted turt


File: 1534565342635.jpg (232.17 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0003.jpg)


oops meant to post that on ota


got aNOTher store audit tomorrow their main complaint was the windows NOT being clean but the squeegee came today and theyre extra clear now


can any dieticians on hima evaluate my new diet


thats NOT a payout thats a refund


sure post it


theres way more going on here than simple destruction of property theres possible charges of grand larceny and fraud happening as well and defamation and other lesser charges against them


die and ban


defamation of the 30 year old pedoneet


File: 1534565835955.png (438.86 KB, 760x720, 1436466816362.png)


think i was meant to be a fisherman but never got the chance


when they acted on information found to be false it looks all the worse for them


anywho thats enough of that
theres a reason they decided to settle outside of court and lets leave it at that


gonno morph soon gonno watch some klr vids in bed


glad it worked out


why NOT get something cool like a drz


they blow on the street


so does a flipping klr


bored someone do something cool


File: 1534566398736.jpg (106.33 KB, 1300x866, 70374352-girl-child-practicing-yoga-stretching….jpg)

sis does this to try to impress me is it cool


watch this


nice girlchild


i boosted my sister







heres a klr video of a mate in arizon


done watching one piece gonno morph


link me the new ross


this mans spewing pills


have a good morph


his eye area mogs me
fatcels are the worst they have no right if they never put in the work


die mutant


turt get the hell in here



just cracked open a dos nb


can i post something underage


just finished it it was a good one



posting it anyway


gonno take a nap later boys


nap in hell fuqker the party has just begun


File: 1534568030594.jpg (105.75 KB, 500x500, dd3b4653c0542b1107d0276a59b14134.jpg)

wherever i tread kazunori sensei has already been there i feel a strong connection to them


im NOT much for partys sorry


i just eat a can of chilled pineapple when i get hungry


愛 eating canned pineapples under the stars


only one here mateess ill jerk it to akazukin chacha


munching on popsicles and putting my hand on my belly


im here


die strongtooth




cracked open aNOTher cervesa


teeth hurt just thinking about chewing on a popsicle




these ones have a nice texture its almost like italian ice or a slush


im convinced cavities are made up by the dental jew i havent brushed for years and my teeth are fine


had a cavity for years but havent done anything about it


new gn in the new studio looking good


fool get it checked


made a pancake lets have a bite and see how it turned out


theyre NOT fine


why so the dental jew can claim i need a full jew job and charge me thousands of dollars

i doubt ill live long enough for it to become a problem especially since i avoid sugary things and brush a few times a week


die gnfos


had enough popsicles moved onto ice cream this one is vanilla and chocolate swirled ice cream with pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough and half baked brownies


throw it out and eat some boiled nuts or fish


im NOT indian


the horde intro to zandalar is way cooler than the alliance intro to kul tirdass


cool turd ass hehe


hey i just met you
and this is crazy
but heres my number
so call me maybe


sisters friend kept singing that so i told her to shove it


its lame as hell compared to friday


need to shit badly but NOThing is coming out


speaking of calling i never actually gave trainee girl my number she just started calling and texting me one day


were teens always this ugly what the hell




she mogs me


why wasnt i a chad my looks smoke everyone in this vid




because memes


just giggled thinkin about whoopee cushions


why does that nig appear halfway


wonder if this mate posts on hima


because the jews conditioned white people to correlate niggers with coolness so if you add a nig to anything it becomes like 20% cooler


no but this mate does



File: 1534571811866.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)

forgot the pic this mate


can feel his aura


hate this kike


he started the stairs meme


i used to like him but then he stopped being funny


no i did


you mean he got popular so you stopped liking him


no i like popular things


nah he sold out


he starte focusing on the podcast and stopped being funny so no youre wrong


alison gold is pretty underage i would flip her


hate when something i like gets popular


he was never actually funny though


neck itches


thats an opinion but the fact of the matter is that he has NOT uploaded a video that the vast majority of people started following him for in over 6 months


forgot to overwatch today lets do this


stream it



wish i was smart enough for overwatch


cerveza number four


guess ill crack open a blogweiser


ok gona stream overwatch


die daddy




gonno nap



NOT tuning in


yeah overwatch pinches rather watch a lil koshien


stream something underage


going to move here to be with my people



i will watch in solidarity


huge chicken nugget when i see girls whispering to eachother is that normal


yeah you just aNOTher sub freak


you mean ドS


herkz used to rage when i typed wa instead of ha


do you miss him


no he was gay and so was aziz


bnig hates eveeryone


morph or 'me


zyzz went to slay party angels and herkz slays horny weebteens on the reg meanwhile you spend hours and hours talking to a bunch of mates on an obscure imageboard are you sure you arent the gayboy


mates before hoes


herkz is literally a transitioning transgender mtf im sure hes the gay one here


愛 chinese food



just remembered a period in my childhood where i would say ahhh every time i drank something boosting dumb kid


i still do that




remember doing that back in middle school during lunch and some norms laughed at me


unironically going to jo to alison gold give me 10 minutes mates


die jonorm


cant play multiplayer sushi bars and stream its to laggy


stream a jo


File: 1534574378593.webm (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 1532042034192.webm)

why are boomers so much cooler than zoomers