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gonno use this one


got the anzu and kirari banner to match the thread


uh lo haha


got anzu banner


sighing hard


bored gonno download some 3ds sushi bars




foolish buyer


愛 the tropical theme so much




same its nice ill never leave the house but its summer fun at the beach with my himamates


id give anything for a date with anzu


anzu would let you flip her on the first date for an extra $10


vile fakeneet


if youre NOT trolling in life youre NOT rolling in life


where can i find a girl who will let me flip her for $10




only have mgronalds here


will they be zexy


flipping hate summer i flippibg hasyte it flip dsyi,,er




The Boss is raging because some squirrel keeps eating our tomatoes


let the squirrel eat her tomatoes


how do you know its a squirrel


woke up im hungover as flip gonno need two cups of coffee today


dont drink coffee


NOThing like waking up to the sound of builders screaming and hammering and playing kanye west on the radio


spilled energy drink on my keyboard im flipping reflappered


got a day with trainee girl next week im going to make a playlist of music to play in the store starting with this


owned boomer


she saw it with a big tomato


i got a big tomato


kanye is baste


File: 1532045699979.jpg (2.23 MB, 2948x4195, 5ea09e11eea6886405727b59e174e2aa.jpg)


wish i was in there


in where


what compels you to post these obscene images


just look at it


its vile


File: 1532046149788.jpg (1.54 MB, 2512x1455, 405987514c90379a46d8768fd2bf1e81.jpg)

wish i was in HERE


File: 1532046156531.jpg (136.38 KB, 400x523, 9fc538717102b92c053f1b7ca5f17a82ff5b2aa3e4d996….jpg)


Donald Duck: Commando Duck 1944


saw rie again today i feel sorry for her she got roped into running her familys restaurant


glad i dont have to take over a family biz and can just neet it up for life


i come from a long line of proud neetfolk and blogsmen



told The Boss i was a home security guard the other day she didnt find it funny


hehe gonno use that one


File: 1532047478234.png (123.32 KB, 195x441, morimoto-easycup-bottle.png)

daddy ended up with orion last night but hes still curious about easy cup


File: 1532047745871.jpg (334.73 KB, 1600x1200, dD0NB1A.jpg)

maybe daddy will just get the sake that comes in cartons instead then he can become a true drinker


sake gives me really bad headaches


gonno store


stop shitting
stop going to the store
stop sperming
but dont stop joing


joing should be the first thing you stop


i cant just stop shitting


wish i had the motivation to have hobbies


got a meeting tomorrow black mates going to be there




might have to break out an aloha shirt for this one to make a strong first impression


start gamin


why did nobody remind me i could play vns on my laptop while im working i feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me


how are you gonno explain it when trainee girl walks in and youre deep in the middle of a h scene


this is a black thing isnt it


ok at ross should i get the reverse print i was looking at a couple of weeks ago


cant stop shitting


just reminded me that there is a new sushi bar dungeon out


that is such a mean thing to say im so sad alexa play despracito


started watching a lot of fishing videos


you mean halloween


gonno morph


stop morphing


what the hell where did my wine go i just bought it


huge sigh guess i left it at the store like a flapper


cunnilingus is giving you a sign NOT to drink


its biblical wine


Well, I'm good to go on the Internet in Florida now. I won't have it the day I arrive, but I will the day after. On the plus side, the price was including all taxes and fees so that saves about $5 from what I was anticipating it was going to be. 100 Mbps download (about 7 1/2 times what I get at this The Bossent, serious overkill for my needs), and 10 Mbps upload (which is 9 times what I get at this The Bossent and that's just about as fast as my maxed out download here).


why does he need that speed


just spent twenty minutes digging a piece of glass out of my foot that pincher was in there deep i had to use the hook end of a nail file from my clippers to get it out theres blood every where


woke up to a battler banner gonno jo


For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know NOT any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.


File: 1532054927256.png (496.87 KB, 846x452, nice_xray.png)

nice xray effect




thinkin about getting that ifb straight pride shirt but scared i might get beat up


pride is a sin


yeah but its okay if youre making fun of sodomites


o heavenly blogger


might prepare for a good morph


the hima fishing hole


flip this vlognorm just show me the fish


The Boss used to rage at me whenever i changed the channel to fishing shows


The Boss always told me to change the channel to whatever i wanted


gonno fire up my twisted world


women dont understand


gonno premorph then morph good night hima


night buddy


mtw should be required reading for roasts in high school


i never read anything


gonno finally get a pair of lighter chinos


never worn chinos never will


gonno hit ross tomorrow


theyre just jeans but NOT denim


fucc you




forgot to put antiperspirant on after my shower yesterday and now my pits stink


idiot just put on some vinegar


愛 a good whiff of my pits


herkz 愛d the pandering meme


the official color of these chinos is spicy brown musflapper i can already tell


未来が眩しくて見えない gonno drink some wine


wish i had some wine maybe ill see if The Boss will go get me some


daddy saved his bottle of orion draft for a special night


have to get back up to competition weight


really miss rust


cleaning lady gave me her email address and asked me to nominate her for some beauty pageant contest thing sigh guess ill make some chicken sandwiches


post that email


sure here it is


that would be rude


they call me the pastaknight


scape boss told goat boss to NOT talk about his body hair last week because of trainee girl being in the same room then he flashed a weird smile at trinee girl
wonder what the meeting tomorrow will be like ill just stand in the back again i guess


great sandwiches today accidentally overcooked the chicken though but it was still good


stand against the wall with your foot propped up against it and arms crossed and keep your head down and eyes closed and when they say something to you just say hmph the training girl will be enamored


File: 1532064792922.png (1.7 MB, 1254x1771, __illyasviel_von_einzbern_fate_kaleid_liner_pr….png)

Oh no! Illya's butt is about to be exposed! What do you do?


that only works if you look like sasuke


i drop what im doing and give her butt all of my attention


i would avert my eyes since it was an accident and she probably wouldnt want me to see


File: 1532064997888.jpg (56.61 KB, 640x461, 1526847877497.jpg)


laugh at her tiny hands


i usually stand so that my left ankle/calf touches the front of my right knee and i lock my right knee back i need to stop myself from doing it around people


the virgin stand


i stand with my legs spread wide and my hands clasped behind my back


File: 1532065145155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 699.13 KB, 2560x1440, 1498867952.86863246.jpg)



File: 1532065287403.jpg (304.39 KB, 1280x960, desktop .jpg)

rate my rig


File: 1532065355346.gif (251.96 KB, 720x665, 1530877799040.gif)

whats it like to be a cat


dont even want to know what that is


just ate 16 popsicles gonno chug two quarts of water and morph


you are going to piss yourself


its ok just like snap the body has ways to shut itself down to prevent sleep pissing


almost killed myself from NOT sleep pissing its no laughing matter



the one you need to be worried about is sleep shitting that is very dangerous


roast btfo


made some sublime breakfast sandwiches today


how are yours made



File: 1532067231937.jpg (58.41 KB, 610x315, 11137_11606_White_1in_24oz_Texas_Toast.jpg)

went through a phase when i would make breakfast sandwiches while watching saturday morning cartoons i used to make egg mcmuffins using one of those microwave egg cookers
that reminds me i need to get some texas toast bread so i can start eating toast again
havent had it in a while but it crisps up on the outside and stays nice and fluffy on the inside according to the website the slices are about 1 inch thick it reminds me of anime bread


im grateful for sexy ladies


File: 1532068987890.jpg (309.59 KB, 1024x1448, 1532058851670.jpg)

me and the gf





File: 1532069170087.gif (2.72 MB, 500x500, 1532064265823.gif)


the true good old days


the older i get the less wow The Bossents i experience from learning something new these days im lucky to get two or three a month miss when the world was fresh and amazing


does the fact that sexy ladies have vaginas count as a wow The Bossent


nice flappercookie


the cream is the worst part why would you want more of it


gave The Boss a call shes bringin home the wine


crying hard


The Boss bought havarti and anchovies this is a blessed day



finished morphing




never understood caimans theyre just like alligators and crocodiles but way shittier


That's a first! Instead of grabbing 1 underwear, 1 shirt, and 1 shorts, I grab 1 underwear and 2 shorts!


gonno fire up a cappuccino


tutor said i have a slow mind


slow and steady wins the race


feelin oozy


ooze in hell


slow and steady wins the race


im boson


dont know whether i eat or NOT


just eat


just finished eating im on a diet


hima hima




cant wait to bust open these anchovies im gonno make one hell of a pizza or two


this nigga eatin beans


gonno catch up on boruto


the latest episode is going down in the history books


ya so i heard


turt you seeing this


NOT sure why but that post prompted me to search if there was an active shooter


leave an invite to the hima discord


it was fantastic and then boruto ruined it like always


alright goodnight hima


gonno rewatch all of clannad without sleeping hehe


just woke up what did i miss



hell yea


slow and steady wins the race


getting too huge The Bosss going to freak




im seein it ooooo


im too pure to be flipped


no you are NOT


finished the meeting scape boss said that im starting manager training today and said that with the new stores we will have five stores but only two store managers so me and goat boss will have to run two stores
so instead of choosing between the slow store or the fast store i will be running both of them
before the meeting started trainee girl asked about black mate asking if the "cute african american mate from before" was going to be at the meeting
scape boss responded by pointing at me and saying "hes already here"


hes keen to bugger you


he did say that me and his boss and him were going to have a gangbang party today and trainee girls eyes got a bit wide and she started looking back and forth between me and scape boss but that was just his way of saying i was starting my training
i think he would fit in on hima



the show must go on


cant believe anyone would want to take down emperor xi hes baste as hell




filled a glass of kool aid powder and only put a small amount of water in it


hands getting real sweaty while playing 3ds sigh




hell yeah


thats a good idea


i can post on hima on my phone with opera nice


wear sushi chef g愛s



any1 wanna watch lotr w me


watch the cunnilingusfather instead


baste cunnilingusfather


wish i had a cunnilingusfather




trainee girl called scape boss asking what to order and he told her to stop flicking her bean and go walk around the store or check the tracker to see what to order
then he ended the call with "ok i 愛 you" and she got nervous and asked if he said he 愛d her and he hung up and looked me in the eyes and said it was revenge for her always hanging up on her


watch the blogfather


dead hours gonno jerk it to kids



File: 1532131345493.png (641.5 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Happy Sugar Life - 02 [720p].mk….png)

wish that was me


uh how would he have an axe


i gave it to him after i bought my dragon axe




hey hima got an unlimited data plan so i should be able to post more sorry


this frozen pizzas fantastic probably the best one ive ever had


what brand is it


red baron


weird how its ok to put a literal nazi on a pizza box but its NOT okay to deny the holocaust


dead hours


just woke up havin some coffee how goes it mates


its monteli spinach and broccoli product of italy


check em out


wish i had access to all these nice frozen pizzas the store here only sells two kinds and they both taste like cardboard


simply make your own pizza


im gonno make one today with these anchovies but it would be nice either way


File: 1532135142200.jpg (870.07 KB, 2256x1496, 01010.jpg)

you are gonno need these


mine are a different brand but i do also have capers available


thats sick


sick as in baste or


gonno shower


File: 1532136489843.jpg (39.67 KB, 564x718, 1531749189207.jpg)


shower pissed


gonno shower and moonstare


had my manager training and scape boss said he expected to be training me all day but since i type fast it only took a couple of hours so he spent the rest of the time trying to get me to give a definitive answer to which store i want to go to and told me about all the food by the slow store and told me its sales have gone down 30% since he started scheduling trainee girl there it seems like he wants me there to start
he also said im underpaid for what i do even now so im getting a nice raise
i guess ill start thinking of ways to confuse and embarrass trainee girl cause it seems thats where im going
he was talking about winter too saying there are days where you see nobody at all



should i open that im at a restaurant and theres a group of cops here eating




video isnt loading


pizzas in the oven hima hb its got capers anchovies onion blue cheese and tomato slices and my special pizza sauce


whats the special sauce


its a sauce of my own creation


ill create some sauce for you






kinda want an apartment with concrete floors and walls and stuff to feel badass


gonno morph hope i dream of caper anchovy pizza


good night


want to eat some pizza but i already took my bath


愛 the concept of baths but feel like my postures always bad


uh how do you mess up bath posture


The Boss said she was gonno bring food but came back empty handed


im too tall and the walls right behind me so i have to bend at the neck and hit the wall its like sleeping with a vertical pillow


why would you need to bathe after eating pizza




it will flash once when you hit play then hit play again and it will start loading and playing


holy flip made a tinder an hour ago with almost no bio and just a pic i just took with the phones crappy front cam and already got five matches why didnt you tell me its this easy turt


turts gay so he doesnt use tinder


thats NOT a sexy lady its a preteen you flipper i loaded it for NOThing


she has a super horny sexy ladiesis in a gray hoodie with no pants


this is a sexy lady and as a bonus shes cute and is wearing a choker


those are bots


give me a time stamp


are you sure theyre chatting normally what do bots do usually


oh boy its a flapper


gonno jo


simply 愛 chokersexy ladies


why is the arm hole on her shirt so big i can see it


slavsexy ladies do NOThing for me sigh


what the fuck is your problem


if slavsexy ladies dont get you you might be a reprobate heheh


think a big part is the blonde hair it just looks weird in real life


im flapper


who gives these sexy ladies phones capable of streaming


die peds




strike me down ill come back twice as ped


i like brown hair and there are tons of slav sexy ladies out there who appeal to my niche tastes


post the timestamp norm


at the beginning when shes drawing hearts and showing them to the camera



hate normaloids


but what about nanahira


gonno get a melodica and learn the beginning and play it for trainee girl


think im gonno get a piano


why in the fuc would you do thatc


so i can play it i have NOThing else to do


simply jo thats what i do


die joer


i can only jo when someone posts a nice scope or vk sexy lady


lately same but also sometimes ill jo on omegle because i like girls seeing


no problemo joing to this



get an electone instead


going to have a jerking jo off


nice chink bitch


its basically a piano but way better and cooler


wish i was a chink bitch


dont think id ever be able to learn how to use that


gonno flip a chinksexy lady






wish a sinkhole would open under my chair


3 minutes in and still havent figured out what it is what a waste of time


its an arctic fox


im an arctic fox


will people like me if i make videos like this


hate that chink


going to make aluminum balls and sell them to sexy ladies and become rich


i must snap i will snap


die snapper


gonno crack open a bottle of wine any of you mates care to join me


daddys been saving his bottle of orion for a night like tonight



there goes a 633ml bottle time for daddy to watch his little angel dance and sing for him


you drank it too quickly daddy


daddy likes his orion


mikan is fine too


i wish non was my sister


non is a complete angel i would rather have lala as my sister because shes flapper


watching pripara videos with a huge smile on my face these songs make me feel good


why did cunnilingus make me so flippin dumb


what makes you think youre dumb


how do i boil water


heat it up


is there a trick to it


NOT really


yeah dont use distilled water and dont use a microwave and if you do use a microwave put a chopstick in the water so the bubbles have something to form on and it doesnt explode


i still think pripara would make a decent mmo its too bad no sexy ladies would play it and it would be filled with neets competing at the highest levels of skill


superheated some water and gave it to sis to drink as a joke


which old ck persona should i impersonate when i post my meals im thinking about phs mate or 100bowl or maybe progun if i get a gun


im the worst sushi chef on hima


are you good at something else


im a sovereign citizen


phs mate might be easiest all i need is phs and a jar to fill with milk


dont know what phs is


fool pink himalayan salt


cunnilingus shion is so underage



its okay im bad at sushi bars too


youre good at being useless so just be happy with that


flip you


The Boss buys NOThing but phs its good


they sell it in bulk in one of the drums at the store im going to pick some up


feeling a bit better about going to the slow store after seeing how much trouble trainee girl is having there alone and after hearing some questions she had during the meeting
it seems like shes really focused on sales because when she called scape boss today she asked how i was doing compared to her
goat boss told me NOT to worry about sales but she never had any time with him because she thinks hes scary and also shes slightly flapper


ive got the sushi chef gene but i squandered it




i will protect her smile


NOThing will be able to protect my penis from entering her body


wish i could do anything at the level of chinks


huge sigh ill never be chink



still think about the japanese piano man tomofumi takano and the time i asked him to play tsubasa wo kudasai it was the first japanese song that was requested in the stream and his thanks to me after playing it seemed sincere


chinks are the only actual humans now all whites are npcs


good thing im NOT white




why do i torture myself reading the comments on videos like this


in the real world everyone talks like those comments


fixing to nap for 3 hours


no napping


found a brown haired sexy lady on scope dont know what that mate was talking about them being blonde


sigh the carbonara The Boss brought home is too salty


dilute it with water


ungrateful little pig


got sushi chef neck sigh need to fix my posture


sigh all outta wine guess ill have some chicken sandwiches


my firemaking level is now 90






the norms backed me into a corner of mental torment


watched this one earlier today hehe


big fat kitty


File: 1532159623948.jpg (135.04 KB, 1280x720, 1528514887601.jpg)

candy lady...



File: 1532159954922.jpg (52.64 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Happy Sugar Life - 01 [720p].mk….jpg)

the norms...


wish i was an anime girl


hate anime girls


should i drink a glass of water or milk




milk is for babies


im manbaby


might morph soon but im hungry should i make some ramen





i got that super saiyan swagger


File: 1532167230193.png (216.26 KB, 352x359, 953b904931a8c8a6837736d9af22c979f4cdcaf7a999f6….png)


stupid cunt


basted and redpilled


gonno join the ccp


been dropping a lot of pills on The Boss lately


women cant be pilled they are a part of the system


neetblog im going to end it will you be my second


i need to borrow 7000 baht before sunday


you can easily last a month on 7000 baht


i will marry a chink


i get really excited when i think that turt could easily kill me with his bare hands if he wanted to


nice placebonorm


File: 1532176983516.jpg (480.74 KB, 1166x1024, 69793775_p12_master1200.jpg)

this is art


forgot about hima all day


only one on hima


just woke up


woke up and jod


man its pretty easy to get matches on tinder i only have one pic that i took when i installed it and my bio just says my height INTJ and some books i like im swiping left about 80 percent of profiles including ones that have no bio or with a bunch of pics of model looking girls that were clearly taken with a professional camera instead of a phone since theyre probably bots and almost every time i swipe right i get a match no bots so far since i dont just like everything
too bad im socially flapper and only interested in choker wearing slavic children and shadsexy ladies


File: 1532193030587.jpg (396.7 KB, 995x1452, 2017-10-25-raisin-hatgirl.jpg)


gonno need to see that pic immediately




if you put down anything taller than 6'1" for height then that explains it all




sounds like a cope to me i guess they dont call him copetron for NOThing xD


we must band together and purge the tallnorms


whats it like being 5'8 and thinking nobody likes you because of your height but in reality its because you have a horrible personality


he literally just said he put NOThing down in regards to her personality just his height and some books and his horoscope sign

thats the opposite of a cope fool
a cope would be saying something like "uhhh he must live in a high population density area..." or saying theyre all bots


do you really think people would lie on the internet cam


his story checks out


seems like peds always have an easy time getting girls but theyre only interested in the girls little sister why is that



name one besides pastachad


tinder mate and pnig and otalad and the other mate


pnig has npd and a hyperactive imagination and i like to imagine pastachad is the tinder mate but if NOT that makes two both over 6'1" classic


do you buy that cope in bulk




dont forget to brush and floss


i never floss


gonno jerk it to some slavs again


is 6'1 the new 6'0


no one checks every bio that would take the whole afternoon to go through i just instantly swipe left until they have a good main pic and only then either check the other ones or bio


is there a sexy lady filter


6'2" is where things start getting good by 6'4" its life on easymode


愛 waking up and pressing the end key


meanwhile im here stuck at 5'8 spent years lifting heavy things and putting them down and its gotten me nowhere



File: 1532198786224.jpg (566.73 KB, 1017x1494, 1523834836898.jpg)


sigh sudo made it


pretty sure standing next to a girl is NOT making it


thats farther than ive made it


why dont you swallow the pill and realize life doesnt revolve around girls


don't forget all of your ancestors got laid at least once


pretty sure 80% of posts on hima are related to girls in some way


im girl


the wks have it in their mind that after being nice to girls and protecting them that they can make it with them and get a gf but thats NOT the case it never has been


if i was a girl i defiantly would NOT be turts gf thats for sure


i think thats a given


i would be my gf


thats ok turt doesnt like girls anyways


wonder what the hima mansion would be like during musk season


File: 1532199419036.jpg (480.76 KB, 2048x1536, 1466830444269.jpg)

how do you explain this


milk was closer to cunnilingusdess than girl


turt was and still is utterly obsessed with milk


File: 1532199880782.png (790.1 KB, 552x994, 2c58d7febcf4633515e4d6744a7bc850.png)

oh no no no no no


File: 1532199966718.jpg (9.71 KB, 100x100, 17071440.jpg)

tell him to get on the daryll diet


whoever took this pic is a str8 up idiot



its turt look at the keys


you mena doggess


no but ive seen two very obvious young teen profiles so far


contact them


i gave them a like but didnt get a match
most people dont check it every day so even if they would match with you it would take them to open tinder go through a ton of profiles and then swipe you right thinking about it its mindblowing that people even match with each other in the first place


they probably change the algorithm so people you swiped are more likely to show up on their list


chad seems to get enough matches to make a living out of it


passed my driving test today


now you can use drive throughs


drive in hell norm



wish i knew how to drive but im too flapper to drive stick


at the racetrack the mate telling people when to go gave me a fistbump during the last run i wonder if he thought i was a driving savant who was learning at an incredible rate when in reality my earlier runs were bombarded with anxiety and it was boosting me up bad



die mutant


NOThin wrong with mutating in moderation


will i like pumpernickel if i like dark rye


theyre totally different but probably


i thought pumpernickel was just dark rye with some extra stuff added


gonno make a youtube channel what should i call it


sushi barplayers nexus


howd you know it was gonno be a making sushi channel


i didnt



should i order a pizza or a sub for lunch


You wanna come?out here? In New York ? I Milly Rock ?, hide ?it in my sock Running ? from an opp??, then I shoot ??at opp ??And I'm on ?the block?, and I'm on ?the block?In New York? I Milly Rock?, hide ?it in my sock, selling that rerock ?In New York ?I Milly Rock?, hide ?it in my sock Used to sell rerock ?, running ? from the cops ? Shooting ?? at the opps ????‍♀️Yo, Pierre ??‍?You wanna come?out here? Shooting?? at the opps ??, cause I run?they block ? Gimme top ??top?, in my drop⬇️ top ??All these hoes ?gon' flock ? flock?, when I drop⬇️drop ⬇️All these hoes ?gon' flock t? flock?, when I drop ⬇️drop ⬇️ All these hoes ?gon' flock ?flock?, when I drop ⬇️drop ⬇️Woo


what kind of pizza and what kind of sub


a pepperoni and cheddar pizza or a sub with salami coppa turkey roast beef ham and cheese with mayonnaise and oil and vinegar


thats too many things on the sub just get a pizza



die picky eater


turts slam jamming again


NOT picky thats just a lot of toppings and if youre getting salami and coppa on it you want to stick to cured meat NOT turkey and roast beef


what about just coppa salami and ham with cheese


thats good now its a harder choice just go with your heart




im flapper




im pretty flapper myself


die norm


pumpernickel is a heavy, basically unleavened loaf of kibbled rye and rye meal


sounds like my kind of bread


sorry i couldnt do just coppa and salami with ham i went for the original sub with everything on it


hell yeah


i added pickles and musflapper and im planning on adding extra havarti that i have here im going to feast


new scrapyard wars get GE GETIN HERE




dislike normyard personally


File: 1532210633019.png (577.63 KB, 1925x1130, 1531924237762.png)

dead website just shut it down


whats that gaem called again wanna play it


spent 30 minutes freaking out over an equation i couldnt solve and turns out the problem was that i did 4x4 wrong maybe i should give up on studying and go back to being a worthless piece of shite




you remind me of how turt said he quit hima but would come back to post about NOT posting on hima


just like how pnig left hima yet his presence still lingers


cant believe the feds finally caught the pedophile negroid and now hes rotting in jail with thad


seems like you only do come back to post about hima being dead if you dont know he never left


i dont think you understood his post


been postin on the w since 97


mindblowing when i realize thad is released in 2 months


gonno throw a pizza party for him when he gets out


made an uncanny forbidden burg its fantastic


will someone buy me a book off of amazon





you sbers go nuts with these fanfics of stuff that never happened




what was the big penis meme turt was trying to push like a week or two ago i forgot already


cant even remember what happened 12 hours ago let alone a week


what happened this morning


i woke up and jod to a slav sexy lady


might become a flat earther




teeth hurt sigh


brush and floss


yeah thats the one


that wasnt me either


uhh wasnt me


ear hurts cant tell if it is wax or an infection


i had earhurt yesterday




why the hell would it be me


also just woke up gonno have some coffee


that burg was the end of me gonno have an early spermmorph


what was so uncanny about it


could go for a kidflip right about now


gonno go for a spin


whats the most you ever lost in a cointoss


mouth hurting bad might premorph


had an hour nap gonno wake up now


wish i could morphpost


simply dream of hima


had a dream about making an ironman so im gonno make one now


my virginity


i just heard part of a bleach song in happy sugar life


File: 1532224044724.swf (884.46 KB, yoko_mini.swf)


File: 1532224373018.jpg (295.54 KB, 1448x2048, DP1MSzzVwAA5Cke.jpg large.jpg)


gonno play xcom war of the norman


phew might have to jo now


File: 1532224525439.webm (2.6 MB, 300x400, 1531877740140.webm)

wish i was indian


I've never been lonely. I've been in a room -- I've felt suicidal. I've been depressed. I've felt awful -- awful beyond all -- but I never felt that one other person could enter that room and cure what was bothering me...or that any number of people could enter that room. In other words, loneliness is something I've never been bothered with because I've always had this terrible itch for solitude. It's being at a party, or at a stadium full of people cheering for something, that I might feel loneliness. I'll quote Ibsen, "The strongest men are the most alone." I've never thought, "Well, some beautiful blonde will come in here and give me a boost-job, rub my balls, and I'll feel good." No, that won't help. You know the typical crowd, "Wow, it's Friday night, what are you going to do? Just sit there?" Well, yeah. Because there's NOThing out there. It's stupidity. Stupid people mingling with stupid people. Let them stupidify themselves. I've never been bothered with the need to rush out into the night. I hid in bars, because I didn't want to hide in factories. That's all. Sorry for all the millions, but I've never been lonely. I like myself. I'm the best form of entertainment I have. Let's drink more wine!


isnt that one of those mining flash sushi bars from kongregate


File: 1532224781796.png (940.59 KB, 1250x730, 1532224335751.png)

onseki came over to sushi bar i dont think im going to invite him again


File: 1532224915762.jpg (64.4 KB, 1280x720, ut.JPG)


oh my boosting cunnilingus i cant believe i missed the boosting stream


flapper eyes


File: 1532225539416.png (Spoiler Image, 602.35 KB, 596x953, 532e149f3df3f2b054e7b6afbfb2594a.png)


still dont understand what that thing does




File: 1532225899552.png (2.12 MB, 2122x3000, 12.png)


File: 1532226406629.jpg (626.12 KB, 1280x1805, 02.jpg)

wish i had a komagf


愛 my aneros


forgot to jo today




wish to flip a child


File: 1532229004456.jpg (151.81 KB, 640x480, child.jpg)


why the flip are all the light bulbs im looking at 2700k or 2750k


get some rgd led bulbs


gonno fire up some hentai


just saw some flapperkid in a tiedye shirt doing a fortnite dance


fortnite is basted


just saw some flapperkid in a tiedye shirt doing a fortnite dance


saw aNOTher

how popular is fortnite


every norm knows about it do the math


just dabbed


never played it personally


die dabber


knocked over a lamp while penguinwalking and The Boss raged


should i stream fortnite


no its boring as hell


tried playing fortnite but i was too flapper for it


tons of trendy looking sexy ladies out tonight


scape boss said all managers are required to smoke weed




File: 1532232881889.mp3 (9.88 KB, 1490831008319.mp3)


wish i wasnt an only child how many siblings do you mates have


14 it pinches


3 all mates


are you an anderson child


i wish


File: 1532233232446.jpg (298.79 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20140205_120125.jpg)


tinder is so awkward some girls almost beg for you to flip them its awful



dont talk about tinder with turt here


should i go to a panderson sermon im about 10 minutes away






its because theyre bots/youre tall/you have pct


is pct related to pthc


had a cry


have you gotten your door knocked


stream some soul winning


no bots so far dont think anyone is dumb enough to like a bot profile


only pct im familiar with involves clomid and nolvadex


no NOT by anyone




slow and steady wins the race





proto sv3rige


File: 1532236848498.jpg (80.77 KB, 700x700, a5aaf11a08b502fbdd9713ac4a5e1dbf.jpg)

daddys home from the beer store he got 6 cold ones thats 4 ipas a double ipa and a peach ale and he feels like taking a shower and then drinking the peach ale with his little girl because he has a feeling shes going to 愛 it


drinkin some wine eatin ramen and watchin the moon its a good evening


lala is so cunnilingus damn underage jesus christ just look at her how can you see that and NOT want to instantly jo


whos daddys little girl


creep hour


youre a sick freak


its natural


File: 1532237027392.jpg (720.24 KB, 900x900, 80f4c5663286cac6e764bf3a07423ce1.jpg)



miss delicate raindrops


flip you plumber worshipper


sending her money doesnt make me a worshiper


how could you give alcohol to that beautiful child


she 愛s to drink and then she pretends to fall asleep but lays on her stomach with her legs spread and takes off her panties


even though this girl suffers from uguu syndrome this show is still a mastepiece


File: 1532238397017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.34 KB, 675x900, 1532226796918.jpg)


dont open that



wonder if people still post on f


i do


the videos and memes they come up with nowadays may NOT be good but they have a steady flow of content being created


File: 1532238933384.swf (1.3 MB, End Of 4chan.swf)


jaypee boy shit


peach ale down the hatch it wasnt the best daddy doesnt know if he should have his little girl get aNOTher one from the fridge or wait until tomorrow


sighing extra hard again


filter c to q


wish to fuqk a sexy lady


gonno run to the store for some more flour sack towel



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk





nice chatters in this one




what did i miss


snagged a bottle of The Bosss wine gonno sushi bar hard


ill forgive your winenorming just this once since youre making sushi


thats my secret cap im always making sushi


stocked up on flour sack towels apparently people use these for cloth towels but i use them to clean up stuff and as pot holders and since theyre so big i could use them as cake wraps too so my cakes come out flat and NOT bulging in the middle


what kind of stuff do you clean up with them


im bulging in the middle


wish i knew how to make cakes


its NOT very hard


i can only make frozen pizzas and ramen


equal parts flour egg sugar and milk bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes there you go


ive got eggs and sugar but i dont own flour or milk


dirt dust and pieces of food you know regular stuff

there are lots of different types of cakes you can make its easiest to just buy a mix and do it according to the directions usually its just adding water oil and egg and baking it


could go on for hours about cakes and baking but im going to morph instead bye




see you


cu l8r


whered everyone go


im cooking some lobster


got a stomachache from eating koolaid powder


gonno eat some milo


im making sushi


File: 1532249904394.jpg (602.07 KB, 1168x3033, 49f4d8631a2aea963ec504b783f6510c.jpg)




chicken nugget


gonno make some pizza


how do i jo


its the same as the pizza i made the other day but its got a nicer base and jalapenos on it


mornin hima time for tea


remorphed but still tired


gonno morph


im exiling myself from hima i will turn my lard into muscle i will shower my neetstink away and ill get a job and qualifications and become a norm ill never truly be one of them but if i succeed in my path i will be able to flip a sexy ladygf its the only way mates i hope you understand ill probably fail and be back in a week but this is my one wish and i wish to flip a sexy lady even if it means becoming a norm


we are all gonno make it brother


did you give up yet


mates before hoes


suprised you even able to try i cant finish my dishes


its NOT up to you its the norms that decide who is a norm


hurf durf da noorms


File: 1532276137509.jpg (51.79 KB, 1280x720, 1532226114775.jpg)



the norms.....


gonno play some oj come play
lobby 100% ota
pass 1% fun


neng pian jiu pian


File: 1532277835221.jpeg (2.83 MB, 3024x4032, D296EF42-B36A-4174-A855-799EABE2EE90.jpeg)

hey hima drove like 2 hours to harpers ferry and back
the bridge there is covered in locks and i googled it and its some sort of gfnorm shit


i cant sorry


File: 1532278836259.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.54 KB, 724x1024, 147961812329.jpg)


wish i didnt pinch at rhythm sushi bars sigh


let that child alone


opened up a nos time to drink HARD


simply practice


File: 1532280720059.jpeg (339.04 KB, 2000x1122, 1529509842412-eyepiece_163.jpeg)


im too flapper its just NOT in my genes


File: 1532281540751.webm (3.55 MB, 480x272, 1532273309448.webm)


she wants to be flipped


underage lady wants little baby


File: 1532283341889.jpg (31.49 KB, 442x275, clip_image002_thumb%255B6%255D.jpg)

just woke up



proto elliot


do sexy ladies get horny


why wont the norms just leave him alone


gonno fire up the mod.php


made cannibutter and ate a couple of big spoonfuls of it because i didnt want to go through the trouble of actually cooking with it and a hour later all i feel is sick


nice weedtron



ran out of brain pills feel like a black hole opened up inside me


dejiko must be snapped


anyone else 愛s tiara sexy ladies and other hair accessory sexy ladies


i 愛 spermed underage ladies


NOT a fan of sexy ladies with tiaras but i am a huge fan of ribbon sexy ladies and cat ear sexy ladies im glad that fad never really died i still see tons of them


should have just said i know aNOTher proverb it goes if you arent a mother you arent a woman and then watched her break on the floor what a soy


are hairbands something we can agree on


did you see the pewdiepie soy video its epic as fuqk


stop saying fuqk


fuqk you


generally yes but it depends on the style


File: 1532286171579.webm (3.9 MB, 600x336, 1529786237391.webm)

Ha ha I luv the SoyBoy meme.


File: 1532286268781.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 1280x720, 1529786644875.webm)


17 inches how the flip can i compete just flipping end it


those are NOT inches


touch me baby kibun wa holiday


if she can only take 16cm does that mean my 19cm penis will hurt her


die dickbragger


going to make a tinder stating im over 6'3 with a 7.5 inch penis and see how many girls want to flip



use turts pics


the ultimate blackpill is using chadtrons pics on tinder


no thanks just from looking at turt you can tell hes compensating for lack of penile length



wish pnig would stop being so spam about turt


nice stallman reference


owned dickcel


do sexy ladies die if they get flipped by too big of a dick


feelin bad for men with huge dicks theyll never be able to snap a child


i think child kitties are really small in general


when will i be able to plug my brain directly into the virtual world


never and even if you can you will be bombarded by advertisments
the only solution is to allow isps to tap into our partitioned brain processing in exchange for perfect escapism


child kitties are NOT small ive seen horses in there


image cloud computing but with the brain power of millions of people


sexy lady kitties are in general smaller due to age difference and tighter because of the lack of estrogen theyre almost stiff and NOT stretchy at all and smoother on the inside than a girl who has gone through puberty with developed rugae


got a chicken nugget reading that


my cooking level is now 65


how come im NOT japanese


i remember read 5 or 6 years ago on /a/ that a 9 year olds kitty is the size of a double shot glass NOT sure if its entirely true but it stuck with me


reading rather


ped hours gonno sushi bar


one day we will be able to enter a virtual world while dreaming and then the hima mansion will become a reality


File: 1532294968017.jpg (66.12 KB, 640x420, 135541182459.jpg)


its NOT ped to learn about human anatomy


chuckled thinking of that old iceland law told The Boss about it too


wish i took anatomy in school and art so i could draw sexy ladies all day


every food place nearby flips up my orders i cant escape this hell


flips up how


every time i order food takeout anywhere they always give me the wrong thing or forget things no matter where i go


just tell them they got it wrong and to fix it


havent barred a sushi in a while


neetblog is scaping wonder if he scapes 24/7


File: 1532301430273.png (267.02 KB, 898x1300, pg16.png)


愛 when yabuki pulls the old vagina reflection trick


hate when that happens


in aNOTher life i want to be a sexy ladies underwear


I'd like to see a sexy lady do this


dont understand why people still read to 愛 ru its dumb as hell
im guessing one generation of teenmates after the other pick it up and drop it when they realize its cocktease shit


the doujins are great even if the real thing pinches


wish i could boost my sis


im cocktease


File: 1532303917040.png (893.83 KB, 898x1204, fun (2).png)


trying to schedule out my days to the minutes seems like theres a lot you can do in a day


how many minutes for hima?


2 hours


might start a diary


4 hours hima 4 hours masturbation 4 hours 4 hours making sushi 8 hours sleeping



i usually spend 6am-4pm checking scope and joing is that normal


die sexnorm


File: 1532305402543.png (34.04 KB, 490x411, 1532305247982.png)

chistinechan has unlocked her hidden potential



File: 1532305527103.jpg (666.3 KB, 1600x900, 61a7b88f9357013428908002e29198bf.jpg)

jod hard to a spanish pt today wearing very short very tight denims and a slav pt wearing cotton shorts and sitting with her legs spread with the camera pointing upward who is forcing these girls to do this stuff



disgusting sex crazed lunatic


is this a psychotic break


oh ok cool thanks


just woke up hey hima gonno have some coffee and scape all day


scape boss called today and said he would be at my store tomorrow just when i thought i was going to have a full day alone with trainee girl this happens


stop playing video sushi bars


post em


they were both banned


feel bad for sexy ladies they just want to talk to the mates but instead they get the hammer


should i have cup ramen for dinner or microwave yakisoba or frozen pizza


never stop making sushi


they wanted to do more than just talk if you know what i mean


gonno play some more overwatch


ok stop making sushi


id rather die than stop making sushi


tinder is just insane i feel like a woman there teenage college girls just throw themselves at you with no shame at all


NOThing else to do cant just stop making sushi


was reading manga in my reverse print the other day and there were some teengirls looking at an overwatch book and i overheard some one of them say "low key genji has the nicest ass in the sushi bar"




thats gay


it was two girls talking about a mates butt i think that is NOT gay


i went to a bookstore in the mall and they had a section with consoles and you could play any of their sushi bars and an early 20s regular looking girl was playing one piece burning blood the striking thing is she looked completely normal


The Boss says i have a great ass and any woman would be lucky


are women going to boost you in the ass or something


girls actually 愛 manass


so does turt



NOThing gay about appreciating the effort that went into well developed and sculpted glutes


my tinder experiences have convinced me that everyone is just volcel(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


ban himako NOW


die normseki youre the moggest and the chadiest of them all


flipping prostitutes isnt a mog or chad behavior


i know for a fact that half the mates on hima slay gash on the reg and just pretend they dont for laughs


do japanese girls wear skirts more than western girls


the seki slayed half of japan just by stepping outside and would get over a hundred matches on tinder in a day if he tried it out but doesnt because he doesnt even need it and im the one that gets banned big sigh


if you dont count school then no


why dont girls anywhere wear skirts


because flipping degenerates like >>808437 mentally snap them and jo their chicken nuggets imagining what their kitties look like


the survival of our species depends on sexnorms


thats the point


for those girls nobody watching had to imagine anything why do you think they were banned


gonno eat some creme betweens


beat chroNOTrigger it was nice


tinnitus is ringing hard


picked microwave yakisoba basted off your matess recommendations im NOT regretting it



play terranigma


tell him to flip off


File: 1532308090152.jpg (796.67 KB, 1315x1800, 1478566504808.jpg)


these creme betweens are delicious



now do some new sushi bar+ runs like going straight to lavos by taking the other teleport in the festival or using the bucket or epoch while crono is dead


the yakisoba was good it had that burnt flavor that you can only get from a beach house


how would you know what that tastes like


because its mentioned in minami ke in the episode where makoto rubs harukas body and then has to go stand in the water so that nobody can see his chicken nugget


wish i was a snake just lay around shedding and soaking up sun


they are NOT called creme betweens


this is yo gotti when he was 15 unbelievable flow


File: 1532309182522.png (1.86 MB, 1342x578, creme.PNG)


wish i could cream between


those are oreos


File: 1532309261384.jpg (32.02 KB, 1148x290, un9u1cxprib11.jpg)




mate wanted to go to cicis should NOT have listened to him feel like shite


never had cicis whats it like




i was the only twig in the entire place


cicis pinches


time to chow down on a 9 inch cake


might jo


stream it


cream betweened my sisters boobs when she was 10


i mean 19


spermed to that doujinshi i posted a few days ago sigh its so good


saw some mystery tea at the store so i picked it up turns out its meicha i dont think i ever had this style of tea before apparently its the buds of the leaf picked in spring
sounded suspiciously like shincha but i guess shincha is the young leaves picked in spring
if shincha is a sexy lady then meicha is a underage little baby


is it the orange pekoe one


愛 cicis


its been an hour and i still feel gross after cicis gonno brush and floss


sis wont stop doing the floss dance


no the mazacon one


File: 1532310637422.jpg (585.7 KB, 1280x1832, 10.jpg)

this one right


wish i was from the cream betweens dimension


you're sick


phew that was good miyuki is underage as hell


told scape boss im going with the slow store he said it was a good choice
already started doing things that only i would find funny like flipping the stapler plate so the staples staple outward


never figured out what thats for


its so the staples are removable when they close on themselves its supposed to be permanent


wish i was data


what the fuck is this a house full of flapper slav 23 year olds


i belong in a flapper house


wish i could live in the slavflappergirl house


seems like it would be really annoying all of those girls trying to be underage all the time when i just want to sushi bar and jo to sexy ladies


wish a himamate would adopt and take care of me


spermed now i morph


5 o clock get a call to go blading at the skatepark down by the mall



just doublemade sushi phew im pooped


sigh forgot it was sunday missed all the serms


same lets see what i missed


daddy found a way to get beer for cheaper you see the beer store lets you put together a 6 pack for a flat rate of $8 but the beers you can pick from if you buy in a pack are around $10 for a 6 pack so what you do is make your own 6 pack of expensive beer and pay less for it


i hate you dad



why does he disable comments


people were cussing in the comments



gonno brew up 2l of this meicha tea i hope its decent


shat showered shaved spermed and mutated



hate cussers


bad news the tea is insipid i might be better off ordering some from kevin again


gonno masturbate


scape boss was telling me about how in the winter he likes bringing in his crock pot and setting up a crab boil in the back room i think im going to do something like that this winter


time for some chicken sandwiches


do you fry the chicken


ya shallow fried chicken breast


flip shallow frying


talking to a mate who used to post on the forum with me and herkz and zyzz and telling him about everything he turned out alright he moved back to japan and got mad when i told him ai uehara is disgusting


how did you turn out


how is ai disgusting


exactly how i imagined myself to turn out i dont know if its good or bad but im happy


how did you imagine it


daddy should NOT have had the double ipa its hitting me like a truck


living a quiet humble life by myself


its the healthy option


wonder how the water store people would respond if they knew about my real self maybe its for the best that they think i have nearly no hobbies or interests


frying itself isnt unhealthy its more about people doing it wrong and making it unhealthy

did i ever post about how people with peanut allergies can usually eat foods fried in peanut oil


spermed should i wash my hands


collecting silicone vaginas and creeping arent good hobbies to bring up




what do you do in your free time
well i like to watch japanese cartoons meant for little girls and then after that i collect and use fanart from said cartoons and listen to its music and when im NOT doing that i jerk it to kids and collect reverse print aloha shirts


i watch serms and jo to children all day and go on long walks at night


i know but its also a waste of oil and its scary i always think this is gonno happen to me


it cant be helped if youre scared


you kind of people are what used to inspire stories of monsters and such throughout history


gonno write a book


whats it about


sexy ladies


used to write tons of posts about sexy ladies on jp but now i just lack inspiration i think its because i got partially experience most of the things i used to write about


nice molester man


i stopped making posts about teto-san but i still think about hugging her everyday


excellent sandwiches today hima i gotta say


make some pastrami sandwiches instead




disappointed thats NOT in 60fps


disappointed its english dub


i can feel the shivers coming back to me


are there any 60fps anime


and then the english voice started and its gone


need to go back and kill my past self before he has the chance to become cel


just download tinder reflapper


i got hundreds of matches on tinder the first day i downloaded it then i felt gross and deleted it


and then you came to hima to activate your new persona, incelslam jam




you either die cel or live long enough to see yourself become norm


nekoten is streaming get in here


who gives a flip


i would but i dont have any pastrami sorry


leave hima forever


nice to see nekoten falls for the same tricks that sexy ladies fell for while they were streaming


gonno have to unleash to ol trusty salt shaker trick on nekoten then well know if shes really flapper


hey.... thats hell youre walking into


gonno try the salt shaker trick with trainee girl i actually feel kind of sorry for her


i will marry nekoten


you can marry her but i already fuqked her she has been fuqked by me and my penis


die q


only norms have penises


ok then she has been fuqked by my man clit


wish i had a nekotengf


watch out you dont get fired for sekuhara


if scape boss can literally tell her to stop joing and do stuff on her own then i really doubt i can get fired for doing the salt shaker trick


sounds like a slippery slope
next thing you know theres going to be slapping her ass and dry humping her when she walks by

then boom multi million dollar lawsuit against the company and national news


NOThing wrong with good old fashion dry hump horseplay


File: 1532326338776.jpg (70.36 KB, 400x600, 167m1h.jpg)


gonno clean the kitchen then head to the store ill be drinking bigly tonight hima i can tell you that much


at that point its his problem NOT mine
i really dont know how he got to where he is with the way he acts but it puts me at ease knowing someone like him is NOT only still with the company after eight years but has also been getting promotions
where hes at now any complaints about anyone including himself go straight to him so i think i wont be fired
he also warned me a few days ago about the upcoming months and how there will be days when i interact with literally nobody im glad i found this place

trainee girl is also going to college in a few months so her hours will get cut and with her hours being cut my worries about being with her every single day and looking like a creep are also cut


good luck


nah flip you roast worshipper


who wouldnt worship something like this


ive got something for you to worship


what is it





forgot to get curry powder today again cunnilingus damnit


if you were an intelligent female you could sell your lactations to crazed chinese mothers


if you were an intelligent male you would sell your sperm


this sort of thing is why older sisters have their younger brothers joing over them as they sleep


nice lankgirl but NOT nice enough to halt the ritual to jo


File: 1532328179162.png (390.34 KB, 1024x555, fembot_bingo.png)

post em ladies


really liking this


cant remember if floorspitter was a himamateor warosubro


are you thinking of mouthspitter


no the mate who used to spit on the floor


must have been from warosu because i dont remember him and ive only been on hima for a year


pie eating contest


File: 1532328399202.png (379.31 KB, 1024x555, 1526234855771.png)


so did onseki abandon /jp/ or something because its gotten really shitty and boring without any changing of filters or banners or anything


crying again remembering the good old days


pretty sure himako killed herself ill say a prayer for her before i morph


File: 1532328732679.jpg (79.77 KB, 960x700, 1526250343077.jpg)

this is fascinating


wonder if himako was saved


NOTice they expect a life partner aka perfect soul mate chad but when you see men making things like that they just want any gf at all


filters are stupid except for the ones that censor profanity


chad honestly does seem to be a nice soul if i ever visit australia i want to see if he will meet up with me


poor mate hes incel and trying his hardest


File: 1532329119408.png (58.97 KB, 1253x486, 1526260129339.png)


seems like a good point to morph bye hope the wine trip goes well



go to hell


leave blankmate alone


just got back it was okay gonno drink up and scape up


just realized im a solosexual


File: 1532331032661.jpg (195.09 KB, 1366x1000, Diw8eXoVQAAt7AV.jpg large.jpg)


thought that cat had a huge dick when i looked at the thumbnail


i have a huge dick


was gonno post something but ended up NOT


im glad you didnt


its sushi bar time


nice breakfast sandwiches


愛 hollandaise so damn much


File: 1532336627508.jpg (116.29 KB, 634x951, 2AF780A000000578-0-image-a-15_1438276941675.jpg)


breakfast is over-rated


its the most important meal of the day


dinner is the most important meal


anyone here




gonno morph


making bread


die breadmaker


File: 1532348741534.jpg (18.55 KB, 645x824, red-solo-cup.jpg)


gonno fire up some breakfast


night hima 愛 you mates


sleep well


froomes taking yellow on stage 17 guaranteed


guess ill jog


dead hours


almost gagged got some sausage and they taste like dog food


tried this and lost 20 pounds


when a man is autistic hes ostracized and kicked out of the village with the lepers but when a girl is autistic shes a comedic genius


my pastor is fat


woke up with a chicken nugget sigh


went for the 2 mile jog


at the store with trainee girl shes talking about how her boyfriend flipped a mate and how she went to a party and got drunk and made out with a random mate
and as mates walk past outside she keeps commenting on them


purge that roast


thought trainee girl was pure sigh


shes burping loud and scape boss is asking her how she ever gets laid and she says she has no idea


get turt in here he needs to read this


always wondered if i was the only one who could manually blur my vision


gonno end it if i get all sons


The Boss always told me she wished for a daughter


die breeder


he brought up glory holes and she had no idea what they were so she looked them up and i heard moaning coming from her phone




when i left the office instead of getting straight in the elevator i waited a bit behind the door and sure enough the two women there started talking about me i couldnt hear exactly what but it was NOT good at all


im fuming holding myself to NOT purge with my bare hands right now


the boss is literally going to boost trainee girl


they were talking about wanting to boost you at the same time


they were probably talking about how socially reflappered i am and how actual reflappered i am holy boosting piss just kill me right now


no i dont everyone there sounds like a disgusting sexnorm its bad enough at my own place of work when the fat little limping manlet makes his occasional sex joke as if hes NOT a boosting ldar supercel




should i get taco bell


hey hima drove to the asian market and spend 21 dollars on flipping ramen junk unbelievable but when i got home i fired up the electric kettle and added the seaweed flakes sesame oil tofu and curry powder all together with the cheap chicken ramen it was exquisite


i got some nishiki rice too maybe tomorrow after work ill cook up a bowl and sprinkle some furikake on top if i can figure out the rice cooker in this place


pretty good for 2007 never heard of this mate


these miniso briefs are extremely comfortable


gonno just lay down and rot


they call me the ldarblob


my ass is swampin


roast me hima


recently been struggling with my pedo urges for the first time in my whole life did my morality spontaneously transform or something flip

might have to join one of those virtped communities
i wonder how virtuous they really are anyway i feel like most of them would contain a lot of concealed and illicit trading of underage pictures and stories


thats just a show for the norms in truth the only virtuousness peds have is amongst themselves


just woke up hey hima hows it going


when did all those reddit boards and 4chan crap become the epicenter of the modern incel movement i miss the preceding messageboards like lookism those mates were freaking hilarious with all their lingo


愛 laughing at virgin men it makes me feel like im NOT one of them if i ignore the pain it doesnt really exist right


lazy slob of a mother neglected to wash any dishes and all of the bowls are dirty is it safe to eat cereal in a cup


most of their views were accurate and well-informed its just the often colorful way they chose to express them that would make me laugh


me lazy The Boss doesnt even clean the house anymore i dont leave my room out of fear of infection


i have a question to any carnorms present

why is it that throughout the years cars havent been getting much faster wouldnt it improve the utility of cars if they could arrive to their destination more quickly instead it seems like the maximum speeds and corresponding legal traveling speeds have remained the same for a long time


simply clean it yourself you slob


it seems like she would flip anyone


because high speed is dangerous in the hands of a norm


become a monk instead


cars have gotten a lot faster actually the average horsepower of a cheap car is head and shoulders above what it was 20 years ago
going extremely fast doesnt work the roads arent solid enough to allow people to feasibly go over even 100mph even though even a hyundai sonata can defiantly stay at that speed for hours


File: 1532391561134.gif (475.59 KB, 400x300, 1532293969415.gif)


i still think that with cars as powerful as they are today theres no reason there cant be private roads with no speed limits so those who have power can actually get to where they need to go faster but the costs associated with maintaining a road that can handle those speeds is ridiculous they would have to charge crazy fees like thousands of dollars a year on every driver


wonder how many dads do that when The Bosss NOT looking
its probably harmless at that age


toddler vagina is ugly though





shower time


peter sotos ruined my life boost sigh my 愛 for little girls was once so innocent and harmless now i cant think about them without all of his violent imagery appearing in my head

and it was one of you who first exposed me to him with that boosting pure magazine excerpt wish i had never found hima could have been in a loving and mutually satisfying relationship with a sexy lady now i can only hurt and destroy


why do you peds think everyone is ped


nice newmate


should i he a new reverse print this one is navy with white leaves and orange hibiscus


today was a good day talked a lot with trainee girl should i bother going into detail


whats it mean if my logs are comin out green


too much food coloring



today was awful dont know how im gonno bear going to work and sitting next to one of those girls might end up in jail for fatal murder


do your best


youre gonno die


gonno start drinking 3 gallons of water per day


ok well anyway she said she saw 2girls1cup the other day so scape boss pulled up meatspin and she put her hands on her mouth and turned away scape boss asked where she gets her news and she said the bbc so for the rest of the day scape boss was telling her about how she likes being flipped in the ass by bbc you can tell she grew up really sheltered because she asked what he meant the other day when he told her to stop flicking her bean at work
like i said she had no idea about glory holes and questioned their legality then said she would like to see one but NOT be in one
she also asked how the dick would fit through the hole and said it would be really weird to be there with your face against the hole pinching so many dicks nonstop

somehow race got brought up and after scape boss said to tone down her white supremacist speeches around me she said "well hes NOT african american or anything" then she paused and asked if i was
we ended up throwing a football back and forth and talking apparently shes in an open relationship and asked if my gf made out with a mate if i would consider it cheating
the way she talks about mates she seems really horny and like she flips easily

scape boss also said he has no idea how i trained up so fast and when she complained about her lack of training she said to bring it up with me since im her boss now and she looked at me and said she cant look at me as her boss
i accidentally touched her butt too trying to grab a chair from behind her there were a few times when she would come up to me and stand really close and i heard her inhale through her nose shes probably some kind of pervert


scape boss is lewd as hell


mutatepin the fuqk out of that one


good choice


she made him put the seat down after he peed and he said me and him both have 8 inch dicks so we can just hang them down in there and NOT splash any then he said the seat wasnt covered with piss or jizz or anything but she might want some plan b just in case
NOT even sure of the logic behind that one


flapperlaughing scape boss is basted as hell


File: 1532399414966.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, get the flip away from me you flipping nigger.webm)


he also said it was me and him in meatspin and that he was the one with the spinner
everyone involved in the water business is flapper as hell


basted scape boss


typical retail brainlets



wish pnig would stop being so annoying


he also constantly pretends to jo and have seizures when he talks to people on the phone
ok im done


wish i was there


put in a pizza this ones got pepperoni and ham and solami


everyone is ped

getting a lgf is about 4x as difficult as getting a normal gf


cant find any woman over 25 attractive anymore


forgot one final thing scape boss said he was watching her unlock her phone so he took it from her and tried to unlock it and failed then said hes only going to put in any effort try to unlock it if he knows there are nudes on it
trainee girl said that was the creepiest thing she has ever heard anyone say

starting to question whether everyone is like this or if its just the people at the water store sorry im really done now gonno eat aNOTher 9 inch cake and discount pizza


ogg me ped you ped too


turt doesnt understand what its like to be part of a group with special interests because hes a mass seperate from the rest


File: 1532400842874.jpg (176.88 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg)



is she flapper


a tad


gmm going back to 5 episodes a week in august thank gosh


why do children have such perfect smooth bodies


you know


because theyre new


chicken sandwich time i think


nah peds are a minority


if you would flip a 17 year old youre ped


gonno morph


gonno jerk it to some kids and then morph too in 5 hours


hima staff please keep in mind that picture is a work of art that is publicly accessible and is by no means pornographic or otherwise obscene


actually flip please delete that i bet a prosecutor could make a compelling case that the context in which i posted it is problematic and unlawful


think ill earlymorph


my solami pizza is ready


i would NOT


after today i dont think i would need to explain anything if trainee girl NOTiced a sex scene in a vn i would just tell her i was bored


nice salami smile


zuckerberg if youre reading this im ready to log out of this sim please ive been punished enough forgive me for my insolence


File: 1532403585037.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)

NOT me


if somebody genuinely likes you theyll be willing to overlook most flaws or defects or eccentricities think about it would you really give a hoot if you caught a girl you thought was cute reading yaoi or something hell if anything it would serve as a good opportunity to flirt and talk about underage stuff


would prefer if my lgf read yaoi because i can easily identify with her mindset


File: 1532404097101.jpg (491.34 KB, 3300x1840, nuclear chadpill.jpg)

uh huh
unfortunately the kind of man who is "genuinely liked" always fits certain criteria


File: 1532404437723-0.jpg (372.86 KB, 1050x1492, 009.jpg)

File: 1532404437723-1.jpg (183.95 KB, 800x1174, 013.jpg)

File: 1532404437723-2.jpg (614.24 KB, 1200x1705, 007.jpg)

realized last night that when it came to this artist i was joing to the faces and NOThing else is that okahy



File: 1532404551726-0.jpg (565.67 KB, 1200x1723, 016.jpg)

wish i could draw


you can learn


some people just arent learners


i have poor control over my hands this first occurred to me when i tried to decorate a cake


its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake


that reminds me did that mate ever make his cake


made some cookies two days ago


will blizzard do excerpts from any new audio books for bfa


flapperlaughing reading the index wiki at how convoluted the plot has become cant wait for season 3


still get shivers


its lame as hell fanfic tier there are too many characters that can destroy the world several times over


did index or any of misakas variants get flipped yet what about uiharu and the maid sexy lady


ya i flipped index myself shes been flipped


why cant i flip a girl like index


you lack the smv


but i got a bunch of matches on tinder its just that none of them fit my interests


theyre looking for orbiters you have to prove your smv by sealing the dea


thats NOT what smv means



File: 1532408380449.png (674.61 KB, 1000x1414, 24613c311398bbfb1d7b69ba94076feb.png)


File: 1532408405900.jpg (562.7 KB, 1200x1705, 004.jpg)

the next monitor im getting will have vertical rotation so i can read underage doujinshi without needing to scroll


went outside today for the first time in 2 months and i actually got a boosting bug bite


brought up the doujin problem with herkz when he was gloating about his new fancy 16:9 and he told me i didnt know what i was talking about


why cant aloma make me sperm 72 times a day life isnt fair


gonno do some yardwork then take a nap


dont forget to shower after the work and before the nap


File: 1532408953795.jpg (78.98 KB, 800x600, evg202.jpg)



wish i was her


undergoing a fecal transplant on the 26th




going to ask trainee girl if she ever had sugma and tell her that my dog died from it because it wasnt treated


1, soiled me blooms
2. shat a batch in me underhatch
3. liquid shit in jinnys armpits
4. shite soup for brkfst lunch and dinn dinn for jinny jinn jin

LMAO you cuckin gay gave drivin liscns to jinniturd this shithole LMFAOOOO


whats sugma


sugma balls


the entire 2012-2015 period was an utter waste of life


speak for yourself i had a nice lgf during those years




seriously cant remember anything remotely NOTeworthy happening during that period just shiteing along i didnt even have a permanent internet hangout for most of it a whole 3 years of white noise


i was on jp and warosu at the time dont know about you newbro


yeah of which are the worst places on the internet to waste time uhhhh boobhu general


File: 1532410786563.png (78.95 KB, 350x300, 00enemies21.png)

just played a nice sushi bar these three mates are really baste wonder if hima has tried


explain why is facebook better than /jp/ and warosu


i met my wife on facebook


did you realize you forgot your vpn or are you just on drugs again


i was accused of roiding again im afpie eating contest of being silenced by supplement companies


i mean the weed you got a few days ago


i used it sunday it wasnt even fun or enlightening and i fell asleep after a few hours


do you really think someone would lie on the internet


weed pinches its better to drink your sorrows away


i simply jo and feel all is well and just in the world


nah alcohol is shite its hard on your liver kills your brain cells lowers your test and makes you fat
all youll get out of it is acting like a goofball for a few hours then you come to feeling worse than you did before you started and now you might feel sick and dehydrated as well

the only benefit alcohol has is availability


you said that already


i had to say it again because the old archive are gone


sigh all out of nicotine hope more comes tomorrow and NOT the day after


smoke in hell smoker


got sent the wrong order and ended up with a case of super female vitality



has anyone heard the rumor that amd has been behind the recent discoveries of intel hardware bugs




die puker


crying again


you shouldnt cry thats for girls


File: 1532414345060.png (416.74 KB, 1080x1575, 1532403408509.png)


sigh new mass shooting in canada


something needs to be said


dont say it


someone should put a bullet in this norm


holy crap luelinks appears as one of the sources of 'exciting content' on those bing searches you told me to do i always suspected that they had some 'nice files' on that site


luelinks is NOThing more than a poor digg/reddit clone that somehow came a few years before both but failed to make it big due its account creation policy

dont ask me how i know so much about that site


should i sushi bar or jo


sushi bar


did anyone here ever browse luelinks what was your username


i never went to luelinks but i remember some of the original lue memes like that one yoshi and the incest kopipe i think that might have been one of the first ped things i ever read online


hes right


go to hell wk sympathizing wk


im NOT a wk


was really big into lue back in the day the memes that stand out to me are pee in her butt y helo thar and lueshi


wish i was a wk


File: 1532416487871.jpg (38.4 KB, 283x424, istock-000005915115xsmall.jpg)


how come his wrist looks hairy like a chimp


take the chimp pill


im dumber than a chimp and twice as ugly


scape boss and goat boss think im some sort of genuise i dont think they really understand whats going on here


its probably cause youre good with computers


its feeling like a pizza night hima any topping suggestions


theres lots of chemistry and specialized parts scape boss said he had no idea how i got where i am in such a short time from knowing NOThing but the computer thing might help

solami and pastrami obviously


gonno have a cry again


u ok



dont have either of those things looks like its gonno be chicken and mushroom pizza with anchovies and capers and olives


fool pastrami is essential


File: 1532418469641.jpg (120.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

seems like they transplanted some of the faces from ojamajo straight into heartcatch


hope the poop transplant mates operation is successful


im pretty sure he was just lying about that


i have been lied to for the last time


now what


cant remember the last time i lied on the internet


did you mates see fred durst passed away today


whats a genuise


a reflapper


no one post after me


File: 1532418957416.jpg (23.98 KB, 450x600, 33cbb457a57b29d4c8fa1c4c5cb5d1a5e9f9c0c4836cd2….jpg)

check em



File: 1532419000512.jpg (84.1 KB, 1188x803, metal gear mike.jpg)


never watched one piece why is luffy and his nakama wanted so badly


being a pirate is illegal you know


farted then yawned it all in hard sigh shouldve covered my mouth


wish i didnt earlymorph


completely forgot about the textboard


whats for breakfast cinnamon rolls or rice


sigh himako left a suicide NOTe on the textboard


just poured out a 40 in himakos honor


gonno jo to himako


time for some brie


night hima


woke up and bleated


stremmmm dog daysssssssssss


just woke up dreamed i was creepshotting sexy ladies and blogging about it on hima sigh this pinches





nevermind the first mate changed it nice gonno jo


one of the creepshots was a nice underage sexy lady tummy shot its a real shame it was just a dream hima i couldve shown it to you


simply make it become reality


i dont leave the house the sexy ladies would have to come to me and thats NOT happening


File: 1532446148112.jpg (115.3 KB, 500x500, c998604e04bd745ce7cc3a297a747949.jpg)

nice nadja


convinced this is some sort of honeypot because it stays up so long each time




poor himako


replay is still up what on earth


one post in an hour wheres everyone at


at the water store with scape boss


trainee girl is at the slow store alone probably joing or researching glory holes


keep vomiting in my sleep sigh woke up wiwth a burning throat


hate scape so flipping much


why cant i morph without my hands under my pillow


i morph with hands over pillow




File: 1532459048336.mp3 (122.54 KB, isbadjbilism.mp3)


blow it out your ass


this is unacceptable


guess ill fire up some mark wiens and do some cleaning


nice tortoise tunnel


scape boss said black mate complained about goat boss playing favorites with the other new mate


who cares


hope he gets told to flip off


got some serious nerd neck going on


gums hurt so flipping bad hima this pinches i cant eat



got a pair of these but xl

they are soooo comfortable


愛 ordering stuff from aliexpress just the thought of a genuine chink sending me something gives me joy




one of those was still up just an hour ago


3 years ago Her face was ewww 26

2 years ago damn I agree with russ .. Hit it over and over .. Semper Fi Cpl 88-95 3

3 years ago You ain't been in the pinch long enuf to know shit, there lollipop. Real Marine would do his duty to Country, Corps, and Cunt and boost her till she cant walk. Tap it goodbye at 0400 and be on a 5m run at 06, get chow, do bidness and be back to put aNOTher beautiful cum filled smile on her face for a nooner. Man up. Gy. 75-99 (and what kind of boosting comment is "ewww"? You sound like a sailor. or a little girl)


doubt ill watch the snk anime 3rd season the op really pinches hard and im so far ahead in the manga that theres pretty much no point


this is a good time to jerk it to kids


die pednorm



File: 1532471419507.jpg (130.48 KB, 848x1200, __layla_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cinderella_g….jpg)

nice layla


gonno sushi bar lets do this


wish i could crawl into a tortoise tunnel and arrive in the anime world on the other side and these past 37 years would be NOThing more than a bad dream that gets forgotten


gonno push her down and steal here crepe


omg i lost my crepe eraser a japanese man sent me


die omgnorm


its ok i found it


File: 1532473570075.jpg (82.06 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Jashin-chan Dropkick - 03 [720p….jpg)

ab wheel


wish i had a buff snake gf


wish i could crawl into a small space and live there for the rest of my life




im doing that right now


post that neetcave


tried to fix my phone screen now it wont charge


any good scopes


the real world is big and scary i need to escape into a small comforting space


if i had a lifespan of a few thousand years all of my anxieties would probably disappear


yeah youd be bored as flip and just kys out of boredon


hate the if you were immortal youd be bored and want to die argument its just cope for mortalcels



their skirts are too short


File: 1532476984777.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x2242, 2018-05-31-girlscouts.jpg)


File: 1532477048788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1900x1900, 68183019_p2.jpg)


hell yeah


pie eating contest


File: 1532477072463.gif (199.39 KB, 219x235, shadman.gif)


pullup bar is here time to become a gymcel


File: 1532477160308.jpg (743.66 KB, 4032x2268, ny8t9jwzl6b11.jpg)

nice sexy ladiescaper


nice sexy lady dipper


thought those were mcvitties


bukowski is the official hima poet


its a big ol can o cope


are you familiar with unanimous ai its human driven swarm ai



nice sexy ladybotter


nice copenhagen log next to her shes a dipper too


nice fast hours are coming up cant wait im staying up late tonight hooooo boy


just woke up hey hima my nicotine got delivered just as i woke phew


whats for dinner


who delivered it


The Boss got me a salad for dinner


whats the point of eating plants


die herbivore


wish i could adopt and take care of a himabro



File: 1532478173286.gif (1.38 MB, 500x282, tumblr_nielo8Pf9g1rz6w0do1_500.gif)


i suffer every day and yet i still want to live what is wrong with me


gonno jo


my eurobeat playlist is growing


sensing some pie eating contestants in here


die deutschnorm


adopt me


same too lazy to log into mod though


it was a chef salad so there were some little chunks of ham and turkey in it


never ate turkey



gonno brush and floss


NOThing to eat


die eater




gonno purge



File: 1532480604629.png (18.47 KB, 400x500, __akazutsumi_momoko_and_hyper_blossom_powerpuf….png)


pastas boiling


this child is thick


you are disgusting


shes thicc


coffee time




this pastas delicious cunnilingus bless italy


愛 the blond look


愛 the sexy lady look


should i crack open a blogweiser


crack open this


tried calling trainee girl today so she could put an item on the counter for scape boss to grab and bring back to the store i was at but she got depressed and said she wouldnt even know what im talking about and when scape boss got there he forgot all about it so the item was never delivered

when we were all there yesterday scape boss told her how ever since she went to that store sales have dropped 30% i felt bad for her because she said she had nearly no training and seemed upset about it then scape boss asked me how i trained as fast as i did and i couldnt answer because i just soaked it all up

if its me and her at the store then i need to be able to rely on her to NOT flip it up when im NOT there and do things how theyre supposed to be done so next time im with her ill give her a good day of training
ill do it how goat boss did it and have her watch everything i do and explain what all the parts are and what they do and how to find and order items and ill tell her to NOT worry so much about sales and worry more about solving problems and helping people


what kind of training do you need and how do sales drop do people go into the water store see trainee girl and just leave


why are sexy ladies so perfectly smooth and beautiful if youre NOT supposed to lust for them


thats the thing you are and everyone does


what does hima do other than go on hima


File: 1532484614886.png (484.01 KB, 923x957, baste.png)


scape and watch anime


didnt end up making that pizza yesterday but im gonno make it now hehe


hes making all of this up


im playing along sheesh


you need to know the functions and interactions of certain items and parts we did inventory in there yesterday and the store had about 800 different parts
i think people would come in and she would have no knowledge so people would leave
ill tell her that its ok to NOT know about these things because that helped me when i was starting
something that helped a lot was when goat boss said he was going to train me to replace him

scape boss told her about her flipping everything up when i was standing right there and he was talking about me asking how i learned so much in such a small time so it felt like he was forcing her to compare herself to me i did NOT like that

ill give her my number and tell her to let me know if she wants me to send dick pics or if she needs to know where certain things are in the store


die pie eating contestant


nah die pednorm


most prior neets have good attention to detail from years of memorizing obscure booru tags and adapting their posting styles to suit the board theyre on those two things are the basis of working really im NOT surprised that everyone on here who works is basically the best employee at their business


die smartnorm


ill also explain to her that this is literally all ive been doing for the past few months she already knows i have no real life friends now she can learn i have no furniture in my apartment and that i have dreams about being in the store


i feel similarly about work i like making money and i know that when i work harder the day goes by quicker exponentially
recently ive realized that i am already an undisputed master of my simple job and there is really NOThing new to learn i bet all jobs are like that though


nice wagenorms


wish i was able to blend in with the board "culture" like a good little sheep


youre doing just fine


im a chameleon


File: 1532485834116.jpg (243.86 KB, 1240x1080, its satania.jpg)


gonno crank out some pullups



wish my job was professional chink kicker




gonno do that classic cut the side of my hair really short but keep the top like a bowl the one that every chinese malaysian has


is that like the kpop fruit haircut


NOT sure like this mate


pizzas in the oven got a great feeling it may just be the greatest pizza ive ever made


some chink said whats up to me i should have knocked him into next week


should i stream an evening canal walk im already here


why NOT



chris pnig


lovin the commentary




gonno nap


can barely watch the stream on my bad hotspot internet sigh




he seems sad wish i could cheer him up


drove down to kevs and he made me a heaps sick dose pipe for the vl in exchange for some maccas and a case of vb


what did you said


i didnt stutter ya dumb cunt


go to hell auspersonator


sigh his aunt and throatpuncher ruined his life


hell be okay i believe in him


underage girl eyes


saw that last night it looks awful


havent seen a movie since star wars in 2015



pizza time


hoo boy i was right hima its the best pizza i ever did make




should i turn my kid into a doctor a lawyer or a pro athlete


okay ill take one when im done eating


turn him into a pastor


turn him into a terminator


should i stream a reverse print search im at the store


sigh oh well im doing it anyway