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other thread pinches heres the real one


im so sissy ok



wheres hers arms


they couldnt be recovered after an attempted fsnap


really tired hima but i cant go to sleep


you syill awake


File: 1531310197584.jpg (6.61 KB, 300x168, images(47).jpg)

4 am here an im still awake aaaaaaaa


do your best


got a headache


no worthwhile animes this season and the number of manga im following lessens all the time why even bother staying awake


become a sushi chef


cunnilingus took away my ability to sushi bar because i was arrogant and it was said i had making sushi skills that matched the cunnilinguss




hi hima im at work


do your best



wish i worked with girls like aoba instead of betanorms



wish i was aoba


File: 1531320677051.jpg (221.31 KB, 1511x2015, 56853.jpg)


baste fatcat


File: 1531322240970.jpg (106.96 KB, 1015x1199, 1531321857692.jpg)

cant believe this is what neetblog looks like now


File: 1531323194838.mp4 (3.61 MB, JvNZAZKsQrxQ_mobile.mp4)




おい 親分


File: 1531327739182.png (224.1 KB, 778x960, GDyOS.png)

cant believe this strategy actually paid off


未来が眩しくて見えない flip trainee girl


File: 1531328925463.png (263.12 KB, 723x890, 59b8873a2b615a0db315c531d388a2375d8a0fb521d6ae….png)


File: 1531330090268.webm (5.81 MB, 1280x720, 15311624915370.webm)


creepy flippin shit


File: 1531331078273.jpg (404.54 KB, 1280x1798, 001.jpg)


nice book


File: 1531334569342.png (9.09 KB, 628x73, 3bc7ad8241607ac5dae5aef1684ae71d.png)


its ok for onseki to do stuff like that and talk like that


File: 1531334842779.webm (3.98 MB, 1136x640, 1530649759241.webm)

sigh turt


dont overclock zen+ cpus fool youre supposed to simply use pbo


i dont get it


is it only single core because i would rather have 6 cores at 4ghz than 1 core at 4.2ghz


going to start doing this


theyre back again i think theyre horny


fat teengirls


its always faster overall so it doesnt matter


stupid fire alarm keeps going off shut myself in the closet for now to avoid the noise


got a call from scape boss


make sure youre surrounded by flammable objects it keeps the noise out


what the hell just pull the battery out


i cant get close enough to do that my ears start to melt


melt in hel


its the carbon monoxide


spermed to birl by accident


nice jaypee boy



die cunnilingusnorm


norms hate cunnilingus


the audio is NOT synced on this video i cant watch it


im so flipping ugly and dumb


you are beautiful


File: 1531344521599.png (61.96 KB, 300x100, chrome_2018-07-11_17-28-15.png)



gonno fire up the ps2


hey hima wassup


what sushi bars are on the menu


hoshizora no memoria -wish upon a shooting star-


die weeb


involuntarily rage at anything jap now but worship anything korean or chink whats wrong with me


you have seen the light


its the opposite for me chinks and gooks are subhuman insects


hating jap stuff is just contrarian


愛 a good biblepower1611 serm


nah go to hell weeb


tried to watch a j-drama all the girls were insufferable roasts and the mates were spergs but koreans and chinks are epic and their ladies are angelic


nah youre just a contrarian who cares about that shit you dont want asian dramas to be amazed by quality acting you watch them for the scandals and cultural references


this is a good time to invest in oil






jap acting is trash



someone resuming exports means the price will go down fool


and then the us will declare war on them and prices will go back up



spermed hard dont want to go into details because i dont want onseki snooping around reading about my sperming habits


what can you tell me about the four wudu


tv dramas are for dumb whores i meant sushi bars and comic books and related media


are you telling me densha otoko is for dumb whores


i dont even browse the imageboard anymore i only post on the textboard
im on hima right now at The Bosss house waiting for dinner to be ready


some tv dramas are epic what are you talking about


theyre dont matter when youre otacool


im otabro


they rather


flanally home NOT liking this news stuff that opera added to the speed dial


foot is numb


basted on the purportedly true story of a 23-year-old otaku who intervened when a drunk man started to harass several women on a train. The otaku ultimately began dating one of the women.

dont let turt see this


why did rikachamp suddenly decide to NOT work half the time


i work none of the type


would rather die than receive special treatment basted on pity


wish i could enjoy anime


watch some jojo its baste


should i sit in on a sermon at fwbc


its anything but


walk up to the front during the serm and ask anderson for a prayer req




theres something i need to post


restore your prayer at the fwbc altar for the arizona diary






someone tell luke to iron his shirt


hes a ceo he does his own thing


bored as hell


basted as hell


would rather die as an incel than live as a wk


my arduino and sensors came in


gonno build an ironman suit


guess ill fire up anki


its a waste of time


what isnt


wish anki didnt make me feel miserable id know nihongo by now


basted turt calling anki a waste of time because hes too dumb to use it or learn japanese


ive wasted thousands of hours learning languages and still cant speak a single one since i get bored and switch to a new one long before im fluent


i think norms have something in their brain that makes them feel fulfilled when they do something "productive" and neets are missing that


i feel fulfilled when i jerk it


its called the reward system and i dont have a functional one anymore from joing


i felt the same as a kid when i was too young to jo and only liked making sushi


i have been joing my whole life and mine still works because im NOT a norm


think ill learn hokkien my future mother in law might appreciate that


are you marring The Bossgf


making sushi also plays with your reward system its much more stimulating to play a sushi bar than something else as a kid


hope so


youre probably right because my attention span has been terrible since i was really young and my brain needs to be stimulated constantly and i bet sushi bars caused that




think sports ruined my reward system since i owned everyone at everything


i can stimulate my own asshole


i played soccer starting in kindergarten and didnt quit until halfway through fifth grade despite being very unathletic and was fat anyway what a waste of time that was


soccer is a waste of time for everyone NOT sure why you fell for that shite


only played the bball in school but pinched at it


dodgeball was epic i singlehandedly won a 1v23 in 7th grade


how can you be a sportsnorm and still end up on hima


quit sports after high school went downhill from there


i was shy and ugly and bad at sports from a young age and thats how i ended up a pedneet


turt was big into sports before he turned 18 and became interested in anime


used to be a dodgeball cunnilingus too


has friends and gfs in hs but still ended up a pedneet




flip you dodgeballnorms you would always the ball so hard it would leave welts and bruises


remember i lazered a fatgirl in the head probably 60mph she just stared at it coming like a deer in the headlights i got ejected for that one


File: 1531353265696.jpg (94.31 KB, 657x508, 1531305018580.jpg)




brought a super restore to zulrah instead of anti venom and died


nice combatnorm





i wish i was italian because then i would have the genes to eat pasta and drink wine all day every day and NOT have any health problems at all in my entire life


what health problems do you currently have


gonno hit the mall and touch some sexy ladies on the escalator


muscular atrophy


simply do some pushups


my bum has been burning for hours


File: 1531355751081.png (144.67 KB, 940x704, hima.png)


used to go there years ago




its even worse now


no one asked


has anyone ever dealt with ghirardelli brownie mix before which one is the normal brownie mix they all have confusing names and weird add ins

the closest would be the chocolate supreme but even those have a pouch of chocolate fudge that youre supposed to mix into the batter


what man did invented brownies


a norm


File: 1531357374752.jpg (31.44 KB, 385x395, 1531355758099.jpg)


havent joed in two days


get the triple fudge one why do you want a normal one



my joke detector is NOT beeping


the existence of abos is shaking my faith


i know what you mean i struggle with that too


i dont like when something is pure chocolate taste i like it on the lighter side
for example my favorite cake mix flavor is milk chocolate and NOT devils food


sitting on a park bench
eying sexy ladies with bad intents


sexy ladies dont have bad intents


put some brownies in the oven think i might go sexy lady watching later or something similar


when is sweets girls birthday


brownies cant be mild theyre brownies
get the chocolate supreme or something then


i tried joing less and realized even only once a day is hard for me now


if brownies cant be mild then what in the flip are blondies arent they brownies without the cocoa


hard as in hard to jo or hard to hold back


they are an abomination like white chocolate


kinda want to sushi bar but im too lazy to fire up the rig


woke up slept for a long time and had many dreams hows it going hima


going great im about to get under the blankies and watch some one piece dont forget to read and highlight


i already read but im NOT gonno highlight im gonno make coffee sorry


watching these videos and NOT laughing at the pranks at all but laughing at the sound effects imagining a single mate running around a room making the sounds as they need to happen insteadof having them prerecorded on a computer


hard NOT to i cant get it off my mind


yume no tame ni........


same got a chicken nugget just seeing a thumbnail of a lady


do you get a chicken nugget from seeing this girl


the worst part of being ped is if jo a lot but dont jo to kids they make you horny way too easily


yes sigh


is it normal to get a chicken nugget when youre standing near a girl because if im within 3 feet of a girl for more than 10 seconds i start getting a chicken nugget


hoshizora mate did you play it yet chinami is incredibly succulent


whats wrong with you chinami was the worst actually no that would be asuho


isuzus lil sis is angelic



[Domino's Pizza] 4 Times ULTRA-TOPPING CHEESE + MilleFeuille Double Cheese!



ya but you cant flip her so whats the point


gettin a chicken nugget from the girl on the left


mates theyre having a naruto shippuden mega sale on steam just picked em all up


naruto shit pudding


be right back mates gotta take this call


i eagerly await your return


hate this kind of wholesome gentle npc humor


stop watching that shite for cunnilinguss sake


videos like that always have a bunch of reflappered third worlders in the comments thats the best thing about them



uhhh me watch eatmate haha


whats wrong with that


whats the point of watching videos of people eating if it doesnt cause them unbearable discomfort or embarrassment


how the flip do you use wireshark



trainee girl called my store yesterday and asked one single question and after i answered i thought i heard her say "oh ok then" so i said "cool see you later" and she started talking again as i hung up
i did NOT call her back


npcs cant give you an answer they merely do as the mainstream demands


did you set your interface to monitor mode and then select the monitor interface and hit start i thought it was pretty easy


misogynist prick


it wouldnt work for something as if i was offline i uninstalled it already flip it i2p is way better anyways i think


the brownies are out of the oven hima they need to become completely cool turt knows all about becoming cool


so which one did you get


supreme brownie because it was the only one without chocolate chips


excited for the broly movie bet its gonno be great


triple choc doesnt have chips either i think


gonno jerk it to this girl


thats a boy





the supreme one is the only one that doesnt have any chocolate chips or nuts in it oddly enough all of the brownies seem to use different types of chocolate chips




think i might be one of those abunai oniichans that i keep hearing about


dont think ive ever ate brownies maybe once as a kid but i dont remember what they taste like


they taste like brown


did i ever tell you mates the correct way to stir cake and brownie batter youre supposed to do one clockwise spin and then one counterclockwise spin to avoid forming long chains of gluten and making your desserts hard and chewy


ive got something hard and chewy for you right here


cant wait to use that line on my lgf


sigh wish i had some sweets


those brownies were good ate half the batch gonno save the rest for "later"


should i stream making castella in a few days i have everything here except the honey



took a look at my subs list and knew i shouldnt have unsubbed to zero shaft despite their last upload being 5 years ago


hell yea


cunnilingus cursed me with zero shaft its just a nub


die pnig you were supposed to make honeycums


got a decent sized one but whats the point if im never going to insert it into a sexy lady or pt


never ate castella either whats it like


what is honey cums


wish pg would stream a pasta batch making


how could i stream that


like a pound cake without the butter


big sigh


but ive never had a pound cake before


imagine mixing a pound of butter eggs sugar and flour together and baking them until theyre done thats what pound cake is like


i cant imagine it


decalcify your pineal gland and you can easily imagine every single detail about it and the same goes for sexy lady flipping


okay ill try my best


desperately want to flip her at 30 seconds when she has naked feet


ive got naked feet too how about it


no sicko


girls shouldnt show their naked feet if they dont want to be snapped


kirai kirai sawaranai de
makka ni nachau kara


rubbery tsukasa


wouldnt mind having a gf like tsukasa but i would NOT flip her


why do sushi chefs hate female mcs so much


File: 1531364247396.gif (2.89 MB, 296x270, tsukasa-shy.gif)

愛 girls who are too pure to be flipped


looking back on it lucky star was pretty fun i think im going to adopt the gatongo name


konatas ped dad is the best character


File: 1531364345974.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)


was thinking about that NOT being posted for a while yesterday


if i were an anime character i would kimura sensei from azumanga except without the wife


id be a harem mc without the harem


who wants to go to the local con with me we can cosplay as obscure anime characters and flip 40 year old single mothers and their daughters


File: 1531365044049.png (59.61 KB, 300x100, chrome_2018-02-16_04-22-59.png)

got it again ive been blessed


does anyone have the old /a/ screencap about tsukasas dad wanting to flip her


File: 1531365435051-0.jpg (287 KB, 800x800, 5b23f15356faa57eca26f698db91dcd2.jpg)

File: 1531365435051-1.png (662.27 KB, 1000x1250, 9f0cf86f8f2927373c6ac5106095c49e.png)

i think that artist is changing his style he drew the same picture twice the one in the banner is the old one and the other one is the new one


i like old more


kittys purring


File: 1531365723002.jpg (178.24 KB, 750x750, 93fd46a93f2136c4b4866fe2b69891c5.jpg)

his old style is unique and very recognizable


made 2 liters of sencha for tomorrow its in the fridge i did NOT add genmai this time


had a pretty good time i have to admit when i first got there i was a little intimidated over the cars there were lots of v8s and NOT just any v8s but 600 to 800 horsepower ones meanwhile im in a 170hp 4 cylinder and the other two 4 cylinders in my group were slow as hell
one of the mates driving a 675hp hennessey camaro approached me after the second run and asked if i was the one in the miata and he said i was dominating the corners he said he almost spun out trying to follow my line

also two people had big crashes


hate car meetups


File: 1531366384307.mp3 (6.08 MB, 07 - にこにこハンブンコ.mp3)


is pg drinking tonight or is daddy drinking alone again


File: 1531366568627.flac (26.24 MB, 07 - にこにこハンブンコ.flac)


guess that means daddys drinking this pint of arrogant neetblog ale by himself


gonno jo to lala and morph good night


NOT tonight sorry


that sounds like fun wish i could Drive


did anyone here ever play a puzzle sushi bar called pandoras box


die flacnorm


no but i watched an anime called boku and i would NOT recommend it


it was a microsoft sushi bar that came out in 99 im playing it again


stop you can only jo to her after me


was hoping to get a normal ipa but all that the store had was arrogant neetblog which is an extra hoppy offshoot of stone brewing co


some mate just called my shirt gay on omegle





File: 1531369009761.jpg (115.63 KB, 568x900, 1525320863015.jpg)


it looks funny when i talk it looks like im trying to hold my mouth shut cops always think i'm high


even got a chicken nugget from this sigh


drinking a chu-hi


nice skookum choochers


uncle brought home a kakapo what the flip am i supposed to do with this


File: 1531373099390.jpg (108.04 KB, 900x900, a86a4b7bab823d24346f744a515f09a6.jpg)

youre starting to appreciate haruyama senseis work




its raining hima really hard


time for a big ol bowl of pasta hima


is it penne






what is it



File: 1531374100411.jpg (117.88 KB, 900x810, d3a76a8cf7372fbe686083646dc29874.jpg)




raging instantly


chicken nugget chicken nugget chicken nugget


phew its just as good as it was yesterday


File: 1531374697300.jpg (874.89 KB, 2048x1536, Shimokitazawa_Street_2015.jpg)


time to get out the nose scsnapr


i would be scared to go to japan because i would actually be taller than the girls


im already taller than girls its a nice feeling having them look up at you


who wants to open a shave ice shop


a 4th time isnt it getting a little ridiculous


looks a lot like shida naotoshis work with the closeups on the eyes but who knows

as long as naoki tate is kept far far away from this movie im sure things will work out just fine


hate coiled cables sigh


die tangler


File: 1531376501973.jpg (55.71 KB, 720x480, Yabai!_Fukushuu_yami_site_episode_02_[BC5D8274….jpg)


the maid is so underage i cant stand it


cant believe whatever flapper decided to slap these cables on things it tangles with everything half my desk comes falling down when i lean back


did i ever tell you why tech support will sometimes tell you to reverse the cables


thinking about streaming a pudding pie instead of castella


hell yeah


also considering getting a sous vide setup going always wanted one and it seems like something that would be useful i could come home after a long day of doing NOThing and prepare a perfectly cooked steak with minimal effort


File: 1531377868271.png (1.33 MB, 2255x3200, 4.png)


its too stretchy


stream a pork belly cookout


sigh gotta jo now


gotta get some pork belly



morph time


listening to some american football


you mean watching


phew superb making sushi sesh gonno morph it off


suppose ill morph


whered everyone go


index season 3 trailer gave me goose chills


File: 1531392615496.gif (323.77 KB, 373x384, have a great thursday.gif)

WAKE UP hima


im here




oh no i jod again


morning hima hows it goin to chug my monster zero ultra


sigh wish i could go Driving with turt


die driver


sigh sis computer wasnt turning on and i thought it was the psu so i went and bought a new one but its the same problem so now i think the problem might be the cpu also its really nice going out in the middle of a work day the streets were empty i might do it again


nalvas made a nice doujinshi basted on that series


nalvas is flipping disgusting


hate cars




gonno jerk it to lunas boobs


gonno morph it night hima




stretched phew


wish i had something to eat in my room for emergencies i am flippin starving


For the 7nm Vega core, previous reports generally believe that it is actually a 7nm improved version of the existing Vega core, the core size has NOT changed, still 64 sets of CU units.

However, the Ascii website in Japan has made a unique analysis recently, calculating the large increase in the number of CU units of the 7nm Vega GPU, coupled with the performance advantage of the 7nm process, which is considered to improve its overall performance by 65%.



still waiting on a 480/580 replacement in the form of a cut down vega


going to build sis a new pc what do you mates think about this ryzen 5 1600 gtx 1050 ti 8gb ram all she needs it for is to play overwatch


dont buy nvidia


i have a spare gtx 1050 ti


jerked it to guro again


jerk it to child guro next time




has ram always been this expensive


File: 1531411550400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 773.4 KB, 849x1200, 35710347_p0_master1200.jpg)


get her an i3 7100 and a gt 1030 ddr4 edition


simply buy a used one with ddr3


simply get her a ps4 instead


oh my cunnilingus this cant be happening


if that passes im gonno move im seriuos


flapperlaughing at creeper do they really choose the acronym first and then try to fit whatever as the words


got mesel a bottle of coke zero


if flipping a sexy lady doll makes me a creeper what does flipping a sexy lady make me


it makes you sick


peds are the most powerful race on earth


dont want to work anymore dont want to study dont want to do anything but stay inside help


saw rie mopping her restaurant before it opens and taking a break and wiping her forehead with a napkin what a nice girl


mindblowing to think at that point in time she was thinking about being flipped by monster dicks in all her holes


File: 1531415774239.png (265.44 KB, 920x1300, 11.png)


norm piece


sigh The Boss bought some lewd audio book and i had to help her download it and the first part i mutate to while checking the file talks about someones penis




invite The Bossgf he can take care of this


you only yolo once


going to start using the term "for your fyi" when i say something to trainee girl


frequently asked faqs
pronounced facks


on top gear they said american cars cant corner


member little bitch academia


how can i forget i jerk it to those little bitches everyday


stop jerking


how else will my penis muscles get exercise then


bored as hell but also anxious at the same time


sis is getting a beating for this


need to flip something


use that urge as motivation to get a gf




at the racetrack there were mates who dressed to match their car and some that even dressed their gfs to match their cars it was weird


wonder if there are js that do enjo kosai in japan


found something really weird


post it


what can you tell me about the mud flood hypothesis



dont click that


nice birl


js are the ones who would charge only $10 per flip because they think $10 is a good amount of money for what they want and dont factor in how badly the mate wants to flip them and they really enjoy it so for $10 its a win win situation for the js



is turt here


is it bad that i like walking back toward the rear window of this building because the top half of my body is blocked so if someones in their car sitting and looking into the building all they can see is my chinos and other parts on my lower body


gonno go for a nightwalk anyone want to join


i will jo but NOT join




you can jo during a nightwalk no one will see you


I left my house bc of my wife and I can't get along and don't want trouble
I need a room ASAP for few days please I need a friend to talk too


cats can see in the dark


File: 1531423705628.jpg (51.66 KB, 1200x675, 01313_jQKjVtkAqvb_1200x900.jpg)


愛 memes


come stay at my apartment i still havent put a single thing in the bedroom


youre gonno get murdered


File: 1531428357269.jpg (661.5 KB, 1280x1823, 010.jpg)

nice ciel


why has varg embroided the slavic sun wheel on his tunic when hes a norseman hes kind of muddying up the symbol that i want to carve on my desk


die slav





a mate asked if he was in the way and if he should move his car and i said yeah you might want to do that then i realized it sounded like a threat so i added please after a couple of seconds


get in here


closed that shite as soon as i saw his reflection in the glass


but his daughter is extra underage


File: 1531434531837.jpg (914.62 KB, 1241x1754, nIu9cED.jpg)


just came back from 2 years of prison what did i miss hima


is that you dave


onseki became a slayer chad The Bossgf died neetblog became president and everyone got jobs


File: 1531435138558.png (627.66 KB, 1114x1600, 041.png)

wonder what herkz would think of the mate who redrew the hands on this page


the best part is in the beginning when ciel snaps a sexy lady


posted this months ago mutant


speaking of which some mate came in today and took a card with the name and phone number of scape boss and crossed out his name and wrote mine mine in his place and put it in his pocket and thanked me
also got a call from scape boss yesterday thanking me for everything and saying ill have no trouble becoming a manager once my first 90 days are done i guess its already decided

i remember a few weeks ago goat boss was saying they were talking about how they were going to open some new stores and they were going to have me running one of them but this isnt a new store its older
before scape boss became the general manager he was the manager for the store im going to be managing and his general manager was the store manager before him

i hope they put the black mate at one of those new stores far away from everyone else


die racistnig


brothas should stick together


that boogity black mate was a lot like the one that flipped your mother


going to the grocery store


good luck


how can i stop being a sexnorm


complete your redpill regimen


File: 1531437396067.jpg (562.7 KB, 1200x1705, 004.jpg)


File: 1531437715439-0.jpg (623.96 KB, 1280x1842, 002.jpg)

File: 1531437715439-1.jpg (626.12 KB, 1280x1805, 02.jpg)

lots of nice doujinshi out there this time of year


just want to give orange pekoe a big hug


File: 1531437927092-0.jpg (492.36 KB, 1280x1842, 005.jpg)

File: 1531437927092-1.jpg (514.56 KB, 1280x1842, 006.jpg)

got a chicken nugget from these two pages in particular it doesnt carry well in the english version


File: 1531438058665-0.jpg (478.97 KB, 1280x1842, Neteru_Aida_ni_Gimai_no_Peko_ni_Ecchi_na_Koto_….jpg)

File: 1531438058665-1.jpg (503.05 KB, 1280x1842, Neteru_Aida_ni_Gimai_no_Peko_ni_Ecchi_na_Koto_….jpg)

in the original it goes from a typeset respectful term to a more handwritten relaxed term its great


slam jam


why cant she give me a handjob


nice music


skimmed a lot of posts did a fight cave and died to jad at the same time i killed him it counted for slayer exp but NOT for a fire cape

in a way thats the same as you no lucky


back from the grocery store got cat food cookies and a sandwich saw a extra underage doujinshi sexy lady there too with skinny jeans and a hoodie with the slogan girl squad and long straight honey colored hair and a very nice jawline and angelic face




how do you even die to jad


he hit me for 79 when i splashed three times on 1 hp and i didnt bother switching







The Boss is giving me the i am retiring soon speech


the ynaj talk comes right after


store did well today kind of feel bad i only started caring about doing sales after trainee girl said she couldnt believe i sold more than she did and i can see at the end of each day that im crushing her


sell less to make her feel better its what a gentleman should do


but if i sell more i get more on top of my hourly pay


funny how for a small chunk of history mongolia was very NOTeworthy but for all the time preceding and following that chunk its a backwoods nobody country


NOThin funny


i agree thats NOT funny at all


got some stiff mongols in here tonight


funny how we have three bathrooms and its still NOT enough i want to pee real bad and theyre all occupied what the boost


mongolia and Kazakhstan seem nice


File: 1531444383575.mp3 (10.78 MB, 03 Kissしてme!me!.mp3)

have a listen


turned off when she started screeching in my ear


flip you


my life was over the instant i got sorted into hufflepuff


trainee girl did 415 i did 1010


she must have bad hours


we work the same shifts just at different stores when i was where she was i was doing more than she was


愛 chiakis granny voice


just woke up coffee time hows it hangin hima


goin great im max relaxin kitty just jumped on my lap and cinnamon rolled herself for a nap


File: 1531446495477.mp3 (10.07 MB, 05 - Stone.mp3)



stupid little cunt


gonno jo


wish i was a plumber idol


starting to think that the world is filled with friendly people


if you think that way youre gonno be sorely disappointed


prove me wrong


all organisms on this planet are inherently cruel because in order to succeed it must be at the detriment to other creatures sometimes even from their same species

welcome to the demiurges twisted torture chamber


nice turt


File: 1531448858495.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, mattoi and crepe.png)


never ate a crepe are they good




saten 愛s crepe



only oldfags will get this


gonno piss


how was it


theres NOThing more satisfying than a nice bush piss


what if a creature such as humans display kindness



File: 1531451582434.jpg (259.54 KB, 1021x1024, 1531449337064.jpg)


File: 1531451620484.jpg (594.2 KB, 1323x1851, 49468583_p0.jpg)


a single act of kindness doesnt absolve you of the sins you commit every second



really want to jerk it to darjeeling and orange pekoe but im having an exceptionally difficult time finding stuff that fits my criteria:
NOT angelic
NOT lesbians


gonno go to trucking school and be a trucker


whats wrong with lesbians


go to sherpa school and become a sherpa like me


whats wrong with angels


as soon as the cleaning lady leaves im firing up a big bowl of pasta then going straight to the liquor store


if i ever meet an australian person whats a good place to use to lie and say i know people there is freak still in sydney i could say that but its too easy to detect that its a lie and i refuse to believe people who would use the internet actually live in tasmania what about perth


why would you need to lie about that


its all part of the facade


cant go wrong with gladstone


the freak went into hiding after developing the rinnegan i fear that when he reappears we will all be in grave danger


how much tea do i need to drink to get the benefits should i drink more than two liters a day


what benefits youre just drinking chlorophyll


drink opium tea instead


herkz used to post about poppy tea constantly back in the pre good old days


tell us more


File: 1531452781729.png (987.01 KB, 1280x720, 1529184555134.png)


File: 1531452866450.png (922.09 KB, 965x686, 1531419060729.png)


tried looking for a crepe pan and found this https://www.amazon.com/France-8-Inch-Cooking-Surface-9-5-Inches/dp/B0019N4ZHQ

its just a carbon steel pan like the ones i was looking at i guess i can use it for crepes if i get one


get an air fryer


do hillbilly hicks really go to thailand


no theyre useless


File: 1531452988415.jpg (166.43 KB, 749x800, 1531090575042.jpg)

cheers to that brother 愛 a good crepe


lots of japs seem to have tattoos now


File: 1531453141125.png (34.48 KB, 870x357, 1528977869340.png)

how do we solve the fatneet problem


File: 1531453176182.jpg (513.6 KB, 1094x620, pilled.jpg)


how can anyone put varg and (((the bible))) in the same image


redpillers are always contradicting themselves


wish i was pilled drop some on me turt


that makes me wanna jo out of spite


File: 1531453370152.jpg (276.02 KB, 1536x864, 2018-04-14.jpg)

nice image from a korean bro


koreans make me sick just listening to the language is enough to start a puking session


File: 1531453529290.png (844.36 KB, 1280x730, 1531242610808.png)

all bans were lifted but this site is still dead time to throw in the towel


File: 1531453534513.png (Spoiler Image, 40.76 KB, 303x474, 1526005270035.png)


wish i was someones type


keep seeing a hooded man with a scythe outside should i let him in


maybe he has a lawn scything business



holy flip these brownies are still really soft the next day


ive got something really soft for you right here


basted softurt


so check this out


cant listen to food ranger speak for more than about 30 seconds before i have to do something else i watch his videos over the course of a day


File: 1531454546680.png (983.81 KB, 850x478, agree.PNG)


cant argue with that


i like putting mark on in the background while im doing housework


wish i was mark and NOT trevor


played overwatch and picked roadblog


was it fun




File: 1531456396350.jpg (140.07 KB, 1200x675, Dh6TURmUcAsnMj7.jpg)


cant jo to misty


same i can only jo to kasumi


♫ お ね え さ ん ♫


i cant just NOT jo to misty


misty is really really underage when you think about it


never thought about it never going to


your loss


File: 1531457302590.jpg (382.32 KB, 690x958, __kasumi_pokemon_pokemon_anime_and_pokemon_cla….jpg)




i hate it too






alright its pasta time


you better let us know when you get to the lasta


that will be tomorrow




die japnorms




is ron really a boy


愛 capers


愛 taters


never had them what are they like


that reminds me i got a bag of potatoes but i havent cooked any of them


fantastic but NOT for the faint of heart


chilli fries


wish i had some buns for a chicago dog


i dont have any chili but i have leftover cheese from the mac and cheese i think ill make croquettes tomorrow should i stream it


never had a chicago dog how is it


i dont see why NOT


chicago dogs are the pinnacle of hotdogs


havent had a hotdog in probably 10 years or more


i remember herkz was part of the mapo tofu craze because of angel beats


longest making sushi sesh ive had in a while arm feels like a noodle


noporn (jack off every 3 days) is good


i jo 3 times a day thats just as good


愛 mapo tofu its fantastic


never had it and i refuse to ever have it because of that boosting anime cunnilingus i hate it so much so boosting much especially all the shitters coming to jp posting about how its jp related DESPITE IT BEING A boostING ANIME YOU DIPSHITS WHO GIVES A SHIT WHO IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE MATERIAL IS STILL LITERALLY AN ANIME YOUCAN TDISCUSS ANIME O N JP


calm down sperg


File: 1531459515092.jpg (175.39 KB, 704x1000, 131691357299.jpg)


gonno get some beef chicken nuggets and make some rich broth one day too really glad to have my own kitchen the possibilities are endless


i like it because of fsn


why is the shit from that girl so light


thats piss idiot


why is her piss so brown


its yellow maybe you should have gotten an ips monitor tnnorm


shes dehydrated


wonder what hannah is doing right now is she still in her nightcore phase


underage waki


shes dead


i think she was caught streaming and got banned from using the internet


fantastic comments on this one


saw a russian sexy lady today using google translate to tell people to follow her on instagram it made me feel really sad for some reason


i tried it because of fsn that scene was great in hf kotomine is baste turt would like him


underage ladys always make me feel sad


thats why i tried it too and its really good exactly to my taste


i usually feel happy seeing them especially when theyre happy and enjoying doing something


File: 1531460105384.jpg (313.16 KB, 650x720, 57313012_p0_master1200.jpg)


nice yukari


farted and it stanks to high heavens


stop farting and stop shitting its flipping disgusting and if you do shit stop wiping your own ass thats absolutely vile


die stinker


always liked a girl in a tshirt so seeing that girl sitting on the couch playing sushi bars in a tshirt gives me a chicken nugget


im sitting here wearing a tshirt playing sushi bars how do you feel about that


you arent a girl


you dont know that


back in my day online girls were mates and mates were mates and thats how it was


File: 1531460440458.jpg (129.73 KB, 850x923, __nekomiya_hinata_hinata_channel_drawn_by_kats….jpg)

how do you like nekomiya hinata


i hate her


looks like a boy


lately ive just been playing puzzle sushi bars and listening to yunomi on repeat


what kind of puzzle sushi bars


defiantly NOT a boy


you know


itching for some fun facts


wish i was friends with a stinky flat neet sushi chef girl who liked jp stuff and enjoyed light bullying back and forth sigh


File: 1531460740360.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.4 KB, 1600x1200, 1302900414085.jpg)


hope youre playing sushi bars like this


File: 1531460848545.png (260.75 KB, 1058x823, sushi bar black dragon.png)

nah play these types instead


almost puked upon opening that spoiler gonno cry


considering importing japanese sega consoles and sushi bars and tracking down a good crt monitor to play them on is it worth it or should i just emulate stuff


play warios woods



File: 1531460971181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 375.84 KB, 627x885, 1456780516054.jpg)

The mass of smooth muscle and glandular-duct tissue in the nipple and areola block the development of normal dermal nerve networks which are present in other erogenous regions and the development of special end organs. The entire breast has a network of nerve endings, and it has the same number of nerve endings no matter how large the breast is, so that larger breasts may need more stimulation than smaller ones.


crt monitors contribute to global warming stop using them


id get a sega saturn and a dreamcast and import a lot of underage sushi bars


File: 1531461087177.jpg (544.14 KB, 900x1206, 1491283156517.jpg)

Intense nipple stimulation may result in a surge in the production of oxytocin and prolactin which could have a significant effect on the individual's genitals, even to the point that some people of both sexes can achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Having the chest, breasts and nipples stimulated manually (hands), digitally (fingers, toes) and/or orally (mouth, lips, teeth, tongue) is a pleasurable experience for many people of both sexes.


File: 1531461100080.jpg (39.48 KB, 318x314, Cleopatra_Fortune_Cover.jpg)

just look at that


get a trinitron tube


doubt i could carry a trinitron up the stairs i might have to settle for a small high quality display


no point in getting a crt without a framemeister


emulators pinch hard but they all benefit from being played on a nice 15kHz display so having a crt around is a given for playing old sushi bars regardless of wether you use hardware or emulators


isnt the framemeister only for non crt tvs


got a big horny chicken nugget in my pants what do i do


dont jo


a framemeister is a line doubler and digital converter so you can plug 240p sushi bars into digital displays and have them NOT look like shite


just had a jo myself time to morph


might have a jonap then see you in a couple of hours


doesnt the saturn output at more than 240p


i dont remember but a lot of the 2000 era consoles dropped the 240p standard because they were forced by tv manufacturers to switch to the 480i when lcds and plasmas were sold thats probably why ps2 sushi bars were always flickery and NOT sharp like the snes


480i is still gonno pinch on a modern tv just like 240p and i think a framemeister will do the deinterlacing for you


just use an emulator instead of spending money on all this technorm junk


gonno invite trainee girl over for a night of making sushi on the dreamcast i bet the console is older than she is


wonder if there are any neets in north korea


yeah i am


everyone is neet in north korea its paradise


is this a real girl


wish i had a sega saturn controller




theyre really good


had a shiver up my spine


oh hehe he said that in the video


who said what


you better NOT havej ust flipping posted metaljesusrocks i flipping hate that piece of shit with every fiber of my being


fucc u


dont know who he is because i dont watch retronorms


first console was a genesis sigh remember raging hard and smashing it to bits



die smasher


watch this he blamed a mate running a small business making retro sushi bar system adaptors and cost him a ton of money because a fat pig whore sushi chef girl broke his system and he couldnt possibly blame the stupid bitch


also hes a flipping reflappered freak as well i hate everything about him



stop hating


okay ill never hate again


good news hima The Bosss bringing home the wine


thats bad news


no its good news trust me


cant trust a wino


im NOT a wino i just fancy a glass of wine now and then


think ill sushi bar all night The Bosss gonno rage when i dont wake up till dinner time hehe




good idea im gonno do the same


retro youtuber genocide when


its up to you and me to begin the purge


my imam told me NOT to trust kaffirs


File: 1531467433613.jpg (591.99 KB, 1200x1200, 59422378_p0_master1200.jpg)

I want to go on an urban exploration date with her


id rather explore with a nice healthy jacked matemy side since he could help me if we got into any trouble


what about a nice cave dive in eagles nest




went spelunking with a girl once do NOT do it trust me


dont talk about cave diving in my presence again


dont even know what cave diving is


Well, it seems like Spectrum is my absolute only choice for Internet at my new place. Frontier flat out fails to verify my identity, even over the phone. Their systems seem very glitched. As much as I'd rather avoid Spectrum for being overly pricey and overkill for speed, it's really the only option left, literally.

At least, on a positive NOTe, I will have access to Internet speeds like I've never seen before. I thought 30 Mbps down was nuts, along with 12 Mbps up, but I'm apparently on track for 100 Mbps down (that's a good 20 times more than what I need), and some unknown amount on the up (I've seen 20 Mbps, which is 4 times that of what I'm after). In a way, it'll allow for online data backups.


The Boss went to the movies time to drink hard and sushi bar hard


Remember everyone, pirating films is VERY bad and is a serious crime!


embed it fool


i merely copied it


Well, if you can illegally COPY massive amounts of content that you don't own, then I suppose it shouldn't be so hard to COPY a single link?


ive never pirated anything in my life dont go throwing around wild accusations you piece of shit


tell it to the judge


i will be when i take you to court for libel


ill be willing to settle for an undisclosed amount of money


i wont accept youre gonno be punished to the full extent of the law


morning walked too hard now ive got to shower


make sure to clean yourself thoroughly


listening to patriotic dixie songs


bought sis computer parts they better flipping fix the problem or ill sperg out


wish i had a sis


i hate having a sis shes just a burden i have to fund her addiction to video sushi bars


it is that great


hit me up with siss battletag


why didnt you troubleshoot to find out the problem before just dropping in things that you think may fix it


i have no way to do that as i dont have spare parts the pc turns on then off instantly and i tried replacing psu which did NOThing i tried switching the ram NOThing i tried disconnecting everything except psu motherboard cpu and ram NOThing i tried clearing cmos NOThing so now im just buying new motherboard cpu and ram and hoping that fixes it if it NOT ill just fsnap sis and bury her in the backyard


if that happens can i have a round with her too


go to hell digger let her rest


use the parts from your pc niggard


if i had a sis wed cuddle every day


same cunnilingusdamnit sigh


sis doesnt like it when i touch her


yes she does trust me


is there a sis rental service




that was a making sushi sesh of epic proportions


i sushi bar 16 hours a day every day


wish i was friends with a hima boy


ill be your friend


alright thanks sigh its solved


i can see multiple bags under my eyes hehe




used to have eye bags really bad but i sleep a lot now for years so they went away



die blanker


i sleep 12 hours a night and still have bags what do i do


sleep 24 hours a night


tim for the lasta my pasta



like hell i have flash enabled norm


simply enable it


ill die first




without garlic id probably die


says im average


time to brush


only floss the teeth you wanna keep


never flossed never will ill be fine


crying hard




rereading a sad vn


uwasa no jiken no abc


alright morph time hima gonno sleep hard as hell




ya i morph


stay up for just 12 more hours


ill see you in 10 thats the best i can do


this is gonno be a nice morph im feelin it


File: 1531492768909.jpg (281.28 KB, 1280x1815, 015.jpg)






post the rest


no dont


raged hard then woke up


File: 1531496692570.jpg (477.84 KB, 1280x1832, 010.jpg)


siblings should NOT do that


wish i had siblings


its NOT that great


wish i had two older sisters and a younger sister


what you need is a big brother


wish i had 4 sisters and we all shared a single big bed


king size or blog size bed


die bedsharer


File: 1531499934363.jpg (119.35 KB, 1024x768, pict8105.jpg)

this is blog sized


bednorms i sleep on the floor


nice floornorm


only have a younger brother and sis


File: 1531501553604.png (1.56 MB, 1875x1055, 37113067_1753250574782031_2838224168560885760_….png)

used my good glasses that day but theyre too big and reveal too much of my eye area so theyre only for times when i need 100% of my vision


carnorm hours


feelin the urge to sip some coke zero


finished the meeting scape boss said that they are hiring two new people and one of them is the black mate thankfully he said goat boss will be training him so i think i will NOT be working with him and from how scape boss was talking about the black mate it sounded like he does NOT like him either so its NOT just me
he also asked if i was ready to become a manager and asked which store i wanted because two stores right now have no managers
i have a choice between the store i was asked to take over initially by the sexy lady gym or the one with the windows or the slow store near the sexy lady clothing store
trainee girl was also at the meeting complaining about scape boss NOT getting donuts for everyone while i was standing there eating a donut

wonder how much more i can get paid for becoming a manager


mutated the flip out of that post


lets NOT go to that water store thats the one where all the black mates work


getting chick fil a hell yeah its time


ugh got a plane to catch next monday dislike airports


the three stores sound nice you should choose the one that sells the most


trainee girl asked if that was the mate who came into the store while she was there and scape boss said "yeah its your tall black 愛r"
scape boss is a pretty cool mate eh doesnt have a filter and doesnt afpie eating contest of anything




is that the mate that says hes NOT a sexpat and trains doctors and his asian wife is a doctor


just subscribed to laowhy86


just got a text from scape boss saying bless harambe no idea what thats about


complete the trifecta and sub to advchina too


just got back from work


wish i could get neetbux i dont want to get a job


he fell for the neet meme


at work currently its nice but next im flying to hq to stay there for 10 days of training its gonno pinch


sigh flynorm


wish i had a real job and NOT some minimum wage shite too afpie eating contest to look for a new job


gonno be a dishwasher my whole life


come work at my store and after your first 90 days i can make you assistant manager


been wearing this gold ring for a week now and i havent gotten any comments but people in public are nicer to me and both male and female cashiers at stores make eye contact with me im guessing to imagine what kind of woman would be desperate enough to marry me
pretty funny little experiment ill keep wearing it just to see how long the coating holds up


are you sure its NOT just how youre carrying yourself now that you have the ring


start wearing a black sun ring and see what reactions you get


possibly im NOT really sure
i realize it means NOThing and cost 12 dollars but other people dont and i think that is making me more confident in itself


when i wear my aloha shirts i NOTice people are nicer and girls make eye contact more too i think its all about confidence and how you act instead of just the ring itself


its fun to hit the norms back with their own medicine


today is friday the 13th and no one said anything


didnt even know it was friday


murder in the hima mansion


people are always nice to me i wouldnt NOTice a real difference unless girls started talking to me


who killed nopersona


they sense the autism and pity me


black hole sun wont you come


ill come in a black hole alright


super special tokubetsu na kimi


File: 1531509375797.jpg (14.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


die chaos;norm




anyone knows what youre supposed to say if a coworker asks what you do in your free time besides stuttering and says i dont know


i just tell scape boss i jerk it to kids


are there any anime i should be watching
dont even have internet to download them on NOT sure why im asking


what about the motorcycle cant you just tell them you like riding


File: 1531509810970.jpg (105.55 KB, 222x381, 10F10 copy.jpg)


sex doesnt feel that good


take it from me the sexblog


just found a very nice track on my computer


think that mate killed himself


i guess trainee girls bike didnt need any work done because she came in with her helmet today
at first she said my bike was really pretty and she wants me to teach her about riding and how to work on bikes but i havent heard anything else after that
scape and goat boss have given me the title of it mate as well NOT sure if thats a good thing


never met a girl who rode


shes really small too if i saw her i wouldnt think she rode


愛 shine hehe`


lots of view sigh


its a famous song


thought it was some obscure song only pnig listened to


i only listen to real child snap audio recordings its the most obscure genre of music


oh what was that album that was audio from cp did it get taken off youtube


nice buyersmarketnorm


beatmania songs are all popular


the most obscure listening to it live


me ped me flipp ooga booga


wonder if rie can hear me playing 愛 shine from my laptop


me flapper


uhh oog haha


listening to 時空超越ネットアイドル物語


stop fondling your penis while thinking of children doing obscene acts


can i just do one of those two things


your average hima


saw a nice scope girl today




i spermed


ive been going to the pool weekly i can see why peds want to flip lil babies but its NOT for me personally


why do they want to do it


high score girl overlord bnha yuunasan chiochan and the kaiji spinoff


i miss the girl to little baby filter


shes waiting for you to take the lead since youre the mate and shes the little baby


today isnt looking too good trainee girl might do the same amount of sales as myself


cool story bro


hate workblogs


if things turn around ill give an update


File: 1531511388299.png (48.39 KB, 383x309, 3eece966e0899cea401516486f3eba59.png)





whats the problem


when you see it..... youre gonno shite bricks


is overlord actually good
thank you


ya but whats airing now is season 3


spermed to some very good The Bosscest doujinshi while listening to this on repeat


post that The Bosscest



its actually harder on my bandwidth to flip through doujinshi than to just fire up ph or hh or something and jo to inferior quality smut but today i will make an exception


gonno read the haruhi lns
but the english vers


愛 a good The Boss on shota



havent smoked in almost two months and i smelled a whiff of bud on the train the other day and i remembered the immense pleasure of joing high to doujinshi at 3am while listening to fun music


maplestory was baste


nah it was teenshit for chinks


have to close the hima tab whenever a coworker remotes into my laptop


do you have to close the bodybuilding.com forum too


what about ragnarok and mesushi bar tensei


any misc brahs here


just posted a link to hima on misc


File: 1531513120492.png (649.6 KB, 794x775, 1531512246934.png)

Her name is HATsune Miku but she doesn't normally wear a hat?
Explain yourselves weebs!


its ha-tsu-ne idiot


File: 1531513261677-0.png (449.02 KB, 1058x1500, 070.png)

File: 1531513261677-1.png (430.78 KB, 1058x1500, 076.png)

File: 1531513261677-2.png (481.61 KB, 1058x1500, 077.png)


is taiga NOT working for anyone else with mal


herkz 愛d mal but i have always hated it



himakos hair is NOT that short


you cant even export your lists to anilist mal is flipping flipped


this artist has a thing for megane oneesans


pasta man take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand


wish to flip a shy megane christmas cake neetgirl


im 3 of those things


are they shy megane and neet




its the christmasblog


wish to flip a christmas cake sexy lady


sigh hate being tall buying clothes is a pain in the butt


die tallnorm


die tallbraggart


you dont understand my pain


okay its been fun but my data is going crazy gotta quit
if i was smart i would edit the httaccess file to remove the mobile block but i dont want the site to get slam jammed my mobilenorms just for my own convenience


get a mobile browser that doesnt load images just text


is there one of those for iphone


still holding in me shite sigh


let it out for christs sake mate


the blocks in the htaccess file will make it so you get a 403 when you try to post on hima


i dont know but i cant post on hima from mine and ive tried four different browsers


i dont get a 403 error posts just never go through


its NOT the htaccess file then


too flapper to figure out my own imageboard sigh


scape boss is here gonno close hima


follow @pnig for more up to date blurbs


File: 1531519206261.jpg (40.19 KB, 453x540, 1531494740411.jpg)


hima hima


eating spicy cheese so i can chug my daily recommended amount of water for the day


ive only seen 3 shows on that entire list and all of them were awful


its time to go back to our hebrew roots


File: 1531522320627.jpg (15.5 KB, 300x250, lilpeep-lisasimpson-throat-tattoo-300x250.jpg)

im gonno get this tatted



dead hours



every time i read that van mates facebook quote i smile because it was obviously him goofing off yet the norms freaked out over it


longmorphed hard think im gonno get taco bell


pinch my cock mate


The Boss called me the devil


firing up battle for azeroth


just put me out of my misery already


gonno piss


scape boss is finally gone he asked me again which store i wanted to run and said that i still have a while to decide


he also said he was going to become a chef before running water stores and got to talking about cooking and i said i was thinking about ordering a pizza from a place nearby and he asked where i was at and when i said my crossroads he said he lived at the same crossroads he lives basically a couple hundred yards away from me on the same corner


making dumplings


read the lns first before watching


also woke up time for some coffee hows it goin hima


really itchy armpit today


gonno jerk it to pts tonight


still 4 days till my next jo


cant even go 8 hours without joing


do you feel yourself becoming stronger


he probably wanted to get pizza with you


愛 getting pizza with my man pals


i think im going to invite him over to watch the sushi bar this weekend ive got the livingroom set up nice


i can recite pi to 15 thousand decimal places


flip you impersonator im only inviting trainee girl over


youre both impersonators and i invited them both over last week and i went to the bathroom and when i came back they were making out on my couch i ran outside and started crying


flip you impersonator i actually flipped trainee girl last week


i dont own a couch the only piece of furniture i have is my inflatable mattress


flip you i actually flipped myself with a dasani bottle


never drank dasani is it good


i traffic children


speaking of trainee girl she mostly kept her back to me during the meeting she was bent over the counter watching scape boss talk and i was leaning against a wall behind her thats when i realized how small she was
i eventually moved and she moved so she was in front of me again leaning forward i guess shes just a friendly girl


norm hours gonno ragemorph


same this blows


dumplings were delicious


what kind of dumplings


im nigger


should i still stream croquettes


im sumfin of a kang muhself


phew 99 hunting


in the hima mansion we will bully nb every day until he kills himself


i will protect him


morphed whats been going on


nb cant kill himself his fat will protect him and hes too heavy to hang himself


dont be cruel to nb around me or youll pay the price flipper


nt needs to be starved


turts gonno whip him into shape once we get the mansion hell be a jacked freak before you know it


got havarti and bacon for the croquettes


File: 1531534594355.png (17.56 KB, 440x340, 1531534498656.png)


i dont want to wake up anymore


used to be incel


i sleep way too much


been morphing a lot lately sigh


logged into hima to post that


look forward to morphing the whole day


getting practice for the big sleep


im flipping reflappered


im flipflapper


im just regular flappered


im flipper


die fuccer




i was once the most powerful incel this side of the hellgate now im just a flipping wageslave


goth boiiiiii


this pinches


my nigga peep is dead


cant hear what hes saying whys he mumbling


bit the inside of my mouth sigh this pinches


time for some toast


that stopped happening to me after i lost my teeth


potatoes are boiling gonno fry up some bacon and garlic and put some of the oil in the potatoes as i mash them and then form them into patties with cheese and bacon inside and coat them with breadcrumbs and fry them and feast on croquettes


I am 19 years old. I am currently on day 80 of nofap. It feels like I've been in a flatline since day 1 my libido is still dead and Ice been having brain fog for the past 3-8 weeks along with depression. I'm really starting to think nofap is bullshit. When will I NOTice a good change?


im awesome


did you know baby owls step on their wings because the wings are too big


thats like me i always used to step on my hands because my arms were so long and my legs were so short


you what


did 18 years of nofap and it turned me into a flipping freak




glad that buritan is back


wish that gross hog was dead


havarti is so delicious


its too mild fire up the gorgonzola



i dont have any gorgonzola and i need something that will get nice and melty for the inside of my croquettes


dumb old bitch is already gonno spend all her earnings on legal fees


holy shit i missed it


why must i cry


cuz ur a faget


now im crying again because you said that


the time for tears is over its time to seek retribution


i wish i was wendell


went to a pub with a friend from highschool that was also my neighboor havent talked to him in years it was an out of nowhere kind of thing we had a lot of beers and talked about life and work and stuff hes been married for three years now even though hes one year younger and im still cel and he has a construction business and a marketing business and is a millionaire of course also learned that one of the mates i went to school with that was hecka nerdy and kinda close is now hecka rich like eight figures kinda thing and i remember having better grades and being smarter and more well read than him but of course always socially awkward he wasnt chad level but always a nice mate that got along with everyone isnt life just great and just and amazing kinda drunk now going to watch some animay as in literal cartoons made in japan and then sleep


are you talking about herkz and someone else


glad you had a good time with your friend


thats some other mate i never met herkz in real life he lived in iowa at the time


frying up a few c愛s of garlic gonno feast extra hard i tell you


you should be eating them raw if you want the benefits of one of natures best natural remedies


i asked about the benefits of tea and didnt get a straight answer so flip that


thats because there are no benefits from tea


depends on the tea some have antioxidants to counter the effect of free radicals


if need antioxidants simply drink wine


ate a box of donuts still hungy sigh


The Bosss gone gonno shite shower and shave okay hima


breaded 2 croquettes these things are labor intensive


never ate a croquette they sound good


instead of filling these ones i mixed the potato with bacon and slow roasted garlic and then i put a few pieces of cheese in between two slices of the mashed potato mix and breaded them up


wish i could eat em


think i might get a slush after the feast


this flipping 115 hour candle is already 2/3rd gone


smiling eating these they came out extra good ill have to remember them for the cold winter months

the cheese melted inside and didnt leak out at all and the breading made an actual crunchy shell around the potato and the cheese is nice and stringy when you bite into it with a good garlic taste and bits of bacon i could see a sexy lady liking this


underage ladies 愛 gooey filling


wish i could fill a sexy lady with some goo


head starting to hurt but i cant stop making sushi


same sigh


me too


meant that for the sexy ladyfilling NOT sushiblog


when i get a lgf ill let you mates take turns joing to pictures of her completely clothed


youll never get an lgf


the vast majority of sexy ladies are only barely able to struggle against their biologic clocks and desperately want attention from an older mate all it takes is the slightest display of affection and a sexy lady will be all over you


was only able to eat two croquettes im stuffed each one was like a pound


thats too much food


think im gonno nightwalk and pick up some wine


it matters NOT


dead hours incoming sigh


wish i was a millionaire


same except a billionaire


same cept gazillionare


herkz would always be the one to make a post like >>806163


gonno nightwalk with the lgf


might start writing again


lets make one of those books where everyone writes one paragraph


heres my paragraph

basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted basted.


always dropped a big shite on the story it was hysterical


used to 愛 putting on some music and letting the thoughts flow it was very relaxing


im too stupid to write anything more complicated than a one line himapost


have you ever tried


File: 1531547210029.jpg (484.85 KB, 1200x1000, 3a647aa93f1564136f28dca2a019126b.jpg)


chicken nugget sigh gotta jo now


need that on my face




urge to rest my head on her thighs


you mates are sick leave her alone


she wants it


no she does NOT


brother is coming over soon


play some mario kart with him


he only plays dark souls


File: 1531548267571.png (Spoiler Image, 50.23 KB, 650x700, 5.png)


the little angel 愛s it


she hates it cant you see how scared she is


Why are male hapas so autistic


stop posting this mate


i like thinking about a sexy lady being flipped and really liking it is that okay


as long as you know youre lying to yourself its fine




see you in a few hours hima The Bosss home i hope she brought the wine


whens the hima vineyard arc


nevermind theres no wine sigh


get a slush


there no slush either but i did make a big ol pair of extra spicy chiceken sandiwches tehyre good


dog shite all over the bathroom floor now what do i do


is it solid




good luck


gonno move to china


good luck


having my way with The Bosss gin and tonic water hope she doesnt mind hehe


die drunkard


one day youll say that to someone and they really will die how would you feel then


die remorsenorm


had one beer earlier and got tipsy


one is too much you shouldnt drink more than half a beer at a time if you want to stay healthy


cant feel a thing from a single beer


even a third of a beer is enough to make me start slurring


nice twig


only neetblog will survive the fentanyl poisoning at the mansion due to his sheer mass


why would there be a fentanyl poisoning at the mansion


pc parts shop sent me an email saying they had some items out of stock and would need at least a week to get them back sis is mad about it shes losing her mind with her pc i might have to let her use my pc and sleep in my room for the next week


you mates can share a bed and take turns playing overwatch together it sounds nice


i made her shower daily and change clothes daily as well she stinks too much lately she hasnt been showering and i couldnt just let her in my room


sweaty stinky sis...


wish i could smell her



basted pamperchu


how is he still alive i thought he had leukemia


whoops i meant lynphoma


cant believe pamperchu is smart enough to figure out how to control a vector storage tube using the audio out on his computer and i cant even tie my shoes


pamperchu is basted he overpowered cancer through force of will





never had a beer never will


yes you will


sigh ended up drinking 70 centilitres of The Bosss gin hope she can forgive me


why will i


in the hima mansion its mandatory crack open a cold one with the mates every friday night


done morphing whats up hima


wish my brother didnt molest me


wish sis would molest me


its NOT that great




no trust me being molested makes you feel sick when you think about it and every time you talk to them or see them you think of it and think back on those times


only if a mate does it to you if its sis it would be a fond memory


die nomolest


cunnilingus i need a cigarette


alright gonno sleep


if you molest them back it breaks the curse


you know i was just feeling good thinking about telling his girlfriend what he did to me but i bet it wouldnt feel good in real life


feel like playing some doom


you know it just wasnt fair the life that got thrust onto me i got born an autistic kid to a single The Boss then got molested then got bullied then ended up a stupid boosting neet with no hop so why shouldnt i end this torment


same except i wasnt lucky enough to be molested so ill die a virg


i didnt get penetrated i just got made to pinch and lick so im still a virg too


turt would kill for that sigh


playing some doom


vibrating with impotent rage


you neetblog thats my post


you didnt invent it fag


gonno listen to buyers market while i nap hope that makes me feel better


buyers market is kimochi warui


paid a man to let me pinch his dick


nice pinchnorm


are you a sexy lady


nice sexy lady asked to dance so she only does the dances from fortnite


boomer usa


if you were penetrated you could have ended up very powerful as an adult like guts or alucard


is anyone there


why wont anyone molest me


hi just woke up


morning phew i almost thought i was the last himamatealive


gonno nap


same gonno remorph


die morpher


you were an ugly kid


went shopping with The Boss got mesel three new dress shirts




i refuse sorry




makin coffee rn later im hittin the mall with The Boss gonno get a pair of jeans and shoes tried some chinos earlier today but i looked so stupid on them because of my long flapper legs so i guess theyre NOT an option for me




File: 1531593990440.png (510.25 KB, 1034x750, 1531538345950.png)


File: 1531594175391.jpg (489.52 KB, 681x905, 1395381718871.jpg)


should i watch black lagoon


sure if you like femdom


i 愛 it




holy flip pg why are your morph hours so bad a friend just said on stream that he got shown runescape remastered or something at jagex and he cant say anything about it but that everyone already knows that its coming and everyone was like ????????? what are you talking about



how am i a fool


why did the chinos make your legs look weird


because theyre too long and thin and make me look like a freak trust me i wanted to get myself that pair of caramel chinos


get a nice pair of capris




The Boss ordered pineapples on the pizza again the stupid bitch


chicken chan 愛s pineapple pizza


File: 1531598552933.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Harukana Receive - 02 [720p].mk….png)

hell yeah aNOTher beach episode


cant believe i never bothered to watch this


it was a big deal back in the day


i heard of it except it just sounded like norms overstating something but one of the japs who directed it is an open ped


this girls a freak


File: 1531599717943.jpg (7.79 KB, 302x225, i hate this.jpg)


tell me something i dont know


neetblog fletches wood with his toenails



File: 1531603608935.png (980.69 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Happy Sugar Life - 01 [720p].mk….png)

this girl is ped this show is sick


girls cant be ped


all girls are ped they want to have little babies in their kitties all the time



just woke up hows it going hima


goin great just got a haircut dont forget to read and highlight


i already read but i wont be highlighting sorry



dont think ive ever read in my life after waking up i was born to mutate


ban the mutants


we outnumber you


my construction level is now 75


i refuse




File: 1531604967821.png (594.35 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Happy Sugar Life - 01 [720p].mk….png)

well this one is


how is that ped


giorno is baste cant wait for jojo part 5 gonno post about it all the time just to steam the puffed up norms


its so cold my hands ache


die coldhand


File: 1531606353990.png (210.36 KB, 400x400, 1518824597319.png)


she got dat double down


im fat


File: 1531607357384.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.99 KB, 667x1000, 1510660987046.jpg)


File: 1531607379283.jpg (36.69 KB, 250x323, 1381487379913.jpg)


did you mates see harlan ellison died the other day sigh


gonno become a writer


have no idea who that is


should i stream making biscuits and gravy




cant wait to get my vr setup so i can watch stuff like this and get the real experience of being onseki


kidnap a girl and make her do that to you


File: 1531608056709.png (197.38 KB, 1063x671, 15fa849b1366e5084e80057ee014793f.png)

hell yeah


scape boss sent the schedule for next week the black mate is on there thankfully he is NOT working with me
unfortunately he is working at the store i was asked by scape boss to take over
maybe its a sign that i should take over the slow store instead



up until he got hired you WERE the black mate


sigh he is trying to do whats right and you are trying to get him fired this is typical


File: 1531609522485.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


im NOT trying to get him fired im trying to avoid him completely
the only two stores hes scheduled for are the store by the sexy lady gym and the store with the back windows
i defiantly dont mind taking over and running the third store which would be the one by the sexy lady clothing store but its the one that trainee girl is at nearly all the time and i think that would make me look like more of a creep




sexy lady gyms are NOT real


yes they are theyre gyms that deal with gymnastics and cheer or dance


sis goes to sexy lady gym


wish i had a sis so cunnilingusdamn bad


gotta 愛 puff pastry


its NOT that great


hate sis


sis used to take ballet classes when she was 8 or 9





sigh poor will



wish i had a nekoten gf to eat food with


ill eat food with you


but you arent cute like she is


wish i had a neetblog bf to eat food with


im too dumb to live


hate having to eat around people


fried up some bacon gonno use the grease to fry up some eggs and feast



same i always retreat to my neethole whenever i get food and The Boss rages that i wont eat with i dont want you to see me eat The Boss its disgusting


how disgusting


thinking about having a second cup of coffee should i risk it




okay thanks i wont




what the hell did i do to deserve being called an idiot






File: 1531611992397.jpg (118.98 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Free! Dive to the Future - 01 [….jpg)

wish a hunk would look at me like that


almost got tricked into watching that homo show


i got tricked into watching all three seasons


surely there are better homo shows to watch


File: 1531612096858.jpg (456.31 KB, 1278x717, 56766fb6578e3628e8aab1852f5db2d9.jpg)

go to hell chadblog


wish i could cuddle up with a neetboy and watch homo anime together sigh




thinkin about that moneyyYYYyYyyyYYYyy


the bacon is gone i repeat


wish i had some bacon ill have to go to the store today and get some ive only got one slice of bread and some potatoes


the greatest pleasure a man could ever experience is sperming inside the kitty of a prepubescent girl


The Boss made lemon bars


make a croquette sandwich theyre popular in japan


i doubt your wiener could fit inside there


wrong its flipping manass




but i only have one slice


cut it in half fool


cutting a slice of bread in half and making half a sandwich is a blasphemy that spits at cunnilingus


can we bring back dipey wipey posts


i once fed 5000 people with just 5 loaves of bread and a couple of fish


how did you pull that one off


stomach hurts one too many gnts sigh


hate lemons


gonno morph got memory leak had to refresh to post this sigh


there is no leak


going to look at aNOTher house next week the mate said he was showing it to me first at least this one has a garage and is in a nice area away from the hustle and bustle


can i come to the housewarming part




all the himamates are invited over well have a cookout with a cooler full of monster zero ultra


im NOT allowed to drink energy drinks after the incident





File: 1531615511583.webm (3.13 MB, 1000x562, 1530745614065.webm)

flapper yuuchubas


there were sushi bar streams and then there were virtual youtubers now there are virtual youtubers playing virtual sushi bars


wasnt one of ais first things streaming pubg its NOT exactly new


the sushi barplay is pre recorded by an ugly japanese man and then the reactions are written and animated by ugly japanese men and then ugly japanese women in their 40s come and do the voices thats how they do it


nobody told me about the stream >>806347


very welcoming link


basted varappi



should i remorph


cant beat lavos keep getting owned at the 3rd stage trying to beat him at lvl 52 but its too tricky


slam jam omni slash


die sushi chefs


back from shopping with The Boss again got meself a nice pair of leather boots and a leather belt two slim fit jeans and a pair of chinos turns out the problem is NOT my legs but the brand i guess armani ones made me look like a flapper but polo chinos fit perfectly
ended up spending over a thousand in clothes today but i will NOT be buying anything else for a very long time so i guess its worth it


We live an society where we, sushi chefS, are oppressed. One day the chads and bitches who rejected me will fear us... One day...


thats too much on clothes


are you flipping flapper


i wont be buying clothes for a long time maybe over a year


thats a lot of money to spend on clothes i got two pairs of jeans at uniqlo like 6 years a go and a bunch of shirts from second hand stores that cost a few dollars each and i havent needed anything else


i buy an aloha shirt every two weeks


The Boss only lets me buy brand stuff so its expensive but i got three dress shirts a belt three pants boots and socks too hehe


why does your The Boss do that


only the best for my little man


i use falcon strike a lot but i cant beat the right bit before he revives and uses the crazy combination of status effects then his ultimate physical attack which practically ends me most of the time


The Boss has needs brothers


im really hungry but The Boss has been hogging the kitchen for hours


nice The Bossgf


The Boss ordered pizza i repeat The Boss ordered pizza


i already posted 3 pics here and 1 on the w sorry


cant remember spending as much time on warosu as i do on hima is it the same for anyone else


turt what do you think about this mate


lanklet preys on nonwhite roasts


The Boss opened a 14 grade 2014 assemblage the aroma is very delicate even though its so alcoholic taste wise it has hints of black cherry and plum very dense



imagine how empty turts life would be without memes


says the filter loving sber




ive got something very dense for you to taste right here


should i get


get what


ya me neither i used to check it twice a day only read the last like 20 or so posts made and then post something about kirby being a boy or the flapperiness of a sexy lady


have a listen


i know who my money is going on


nice einstein parrot


The Bosss taking me the liquor store hima


hope a nig robs it while youre in there


there arent any nigs around here sorry


are there any angelic sexy ladies


sexy ladies are curious about penises so they can seem angelic actual angelic sexy ladies are pretty rare


i want an actual angelic sexy lady gf or ptgf


File: 1531625108339.png (108.47 KB, 350x450, LuckyKohaku.png)

todays luck item is...... a stapler


still think about that girl who was talking about how she spent the night at her friends house and she couldnt sleep so she went out to watch tv and the friends brother tried to flip her but it was too big so she slurped him instead


uhh dont remember that



it was a younow stream there was a group of girls streaming their sleepover and they got to talking about weird stuff and one of them said that


my brothers here see you later hima`


a mate came in with his young teenage daughter a few days ago when scape boss was there and the dad and daughter were arguing over water being wet vs only stuff in water being wet and after they left scape boss looked me right in the eyes and said the girl was thicc despite her having a lanky teengirl body




gonno run to the store and stock up on snacks


creep store


felt extra listless today is this jo withdrawal


what else would it be


wish to fucc a thicc shadsexy lady


the fortnite dancing sexy lady had a shadsexy lady body


File: 1531626056834.jpg (57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)


if you jo to shadman art you have brain aids


we need to invite shadman to hima


i still prefer the more traditional slightly malnourished body of slav sexy ladies


hima hima


sexy ladies with asses are epic when theyre drawn by someone who actually knows how to draw


lost contact with josh


does ahad know how to draw


got some spicy cheese again


what happened to josh


get the boys back together


File: 1531627063490.jpg (262 KB, 992x1403, 1489007474959.jpg)


nah they all became norms except for josh he dropped out of irc weeks ago


this is reflappered


he Drives alone......


died in a fatal snap


File: 1531627241640.jpg (488.11 KB, 900x1052, 2017-05-24-sea-lion.jpg)


he had gotten sick years ago and had to drop out of school as a result all hes done is played scape and shite blood since then


im pretty reflappered myself


im browning at an alarming rate


does he still bitch constantly about his sis


first time someones actually been cuter in the real one


back from the store i got about 25 dollars in ice cream and chips and pop


flapperlaughing at this one but i got a chicken nugget for the tide pods one


bruised my flagella



post it


you are like a baby watch this


i saw it posted here


File: 1531629910657.jpg (499.77 KB, 900x1293, 1530142524697.jpg)

heres the one posted here


File: 1531629944498.jpg (1.16 MB, 900x1912, 2018-01-15-tide-pods.jpg)

but this is the one on his site


is that shadman


why are human feet so weird


2 more days til my next jo



File: 1531631799372.png (1.65 MB, 1800x1340, __original_drawn_by_rg__8bef23d7d97634e5e90828….png)

NOThin weird


need to poop


stolen from ota


File: 1531632274612.jpg (203.44 KB, 1000x1000, 9925.jpg)

gonno morph now hima good night


call me dr worm


i was just singing that



gonno wash my hair


gonno make some wienerschnitzel


dont forget the side of dumplings and sauerkraut


should i fire this up


ya stream it so we can groupjo


didnt someone do that before


neetblog did that


i think you are correct



okay brothers gone drank lots of wine i can finally curl up in my neetden and scape and drink some more


sigh farts stink bad today


got my snacks ready gonno morph till p anderson goes live with the serm


listening to some my chemical romance




havent been outside in a few days


got an unholy shite brewing


File: 1531642873300.mp3 (9.27 MB, 18 - a song of storm and fire.mp3)


File: 1531645615198.mp3 (3.44 MB, 16 Mikomai.mp3)




Now less than 10 days remain until I hit the road! There are still 3 things I need to get sorted out.

1. The transfer to aNOTher Walmart. The problem I'm having with this is that none of the Walmarts near the area I'll be living are hiring which means I can't transfer. I'm going to be trying to get with whoever I can to try to get things sorted out as I'm unsure what exactly to do.

2. Internet access. With fatal difficulties with Frontier (their systems can never verify my identity making it impossible to get set up) and moderate difficulties with Spectrum (they canNOT establish service because the previous tenant hasn't canceled their service (and it's worse than that) but I do have the last ditch resort option of going to Spectrum's office and showing them my lease to prove that I'm the new tenant.))

3. Where am I going to stay for the initial stop? I don't see any campgrounds that I can reserve online anywhere near the Fargo area. I guess it'll be more of a first come first serve sort of thing, much like I've experienced with Wolf Creek.

By the way, my apartment in Florida is now officially in my name!


uli is flipping screwed he is NOT even going to have a job


hes gonno make it i believe in him


if all else fails ill invite uli to come stay with me im sure The Boss wont mind


sigh ulis gonno fall to a life of crime


i will protect him


the wine wasnt enough i had to siphon off some more of The Bosss gin in the end


bed time hima good night


this is a good chip butty hima i tell you what


think ill watch the footy match


you mean soccer


hope croatia wins i have a lot of respect for them after reading their history wikis


you mean yugoslavia


whenever i see the croatia hr sticker on cars i think about home runs




File: 1531670253202.webm (1.76 MB, 800x450, [HA/ss/] Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san - 02 [2….webm)

there is at least 3 girl peds this season what the hell




foolish spermer


stop depleting your man essence


gained all the weight i lost in a month in just 2 days what the utter fli