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baste slam jamnig


this ones nice


I was walking to work this morning when this 6"2 mate with square jaw and strong chin came out of nowhere. he's dragging a luggage plus a laptop bag but he was outwalking me. I generally walk pretty fast but this mate was outpacing me so i tried to keep up by walking immediately behind him to minimise air resistance. After walking like that for a while he NOTiced and asked me why i was walking so close behind him and i told him i was drafting. He just went "oh ok" and kept on going. After even more he arrived at an office building and was greeted by a stacy who asked me who i was. Chad said i was just drafting as i said thank you and kept walking. In the distance i heard stacy said "something something weirdo" and Chad said "he's just drafting".


hopefully this is the current thread because pic is so good i do NOT recognize any other thread on this board "hima"


is this the thread




why doesnt himasugi have webcam functionality


wish onseki would fix font wrapping


works if you do this >>812585




alright gonno go to the store later hima


it didnt work


didnt NOTice last thread hit max and tried to post something now the opportunity has been lost NOT gonno post it now



very underage girls at 8:00


gonno sing


manic phase is over


愛 the chacha op so much


hey im back hows it goin




my lord this muggy august weather gives me the horribles


hungry but The Boss has guests over


go out there and introduce yourself


i would rather starve to death


my name is travis
i am the moonstar


gonno kidjo and morph


File: 1533197689409.png (2.63 MB, 2799x2120, 1533162733272.png)

i wonder if pastaman acts like gab when hes drunk


hate pasta


link the lucky lady


baste beauford


File: 1533198053442.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1080x1920, 1533185950652.webm)


where do you find this disgusting shit


whats NOT to like


cant sleep feel sick help


time for a cig


bled under my callouses now theres a dark spot stuck under it




my callouses went away now i have nice soft hands and fingers


soft boy


i have the softest hands on hima


same all my guitar callouses are gone wish i didnt sell it and kept playing sigh


guitar playing and smoking cigarettes these coolnorms are too much


cool or cool


File: 1533200693362.jpg (134.48 KB, 600x591, asdf.jpg)

typical himasugi user in highschool


my bike riding callouses are gone


you wouldnt catch me listening to slayer in highschool thats norm shit


spermed gonno read my bible


gonno morph


never went to highschool whats it like


NOT good


its like adulthood except less stress and people will be mean to your face instead of behind your back


its worse than adulthood if you get your head stomped into the urinal every day like i did




at least they acknowledged your existence as an adult theyll leave you to die until its time to get the pitchforks and torches out


that sounds better


File: 1533201893493.jpg (188.09 KB, 869x1248, j008.jpg)

stuff like this always happens in highschool


flapperlaughing at the second panel


i havent started adulthood


if you are physically capable of joing you are an adult


chilli fries are go i repeat chilli fries are go


does that mean i was an adult at 11


if something came out of your penis then yes


fondly remember the first time i orgasmed i was staying at my dads house for the weekend when i was 10 or so and i snuck into the bathroom at midnight to jo



old man: me
ninjas: the norms who persecute me every day


closed that video once the roast started talking


it only gets better from there


got the fatneet banner


time for a barry lyndon rewatch


have to leave for work in 20 minutes so sick of this shite i miss the neet days when i could stay up all night with the lights off watching walkthroughs of themeparks and reading random wikipedia articles


do you best


big sigh it just aint fair


move to c*li and get a job at the waterstore with pnig youll be happier


retail requires norm skills


fantastic fries


alright feasted on 3 pounds of taters feeling great


aNOTher day aNOTher circle of hell to go through


dont give up


morph time


solitude is my greatest friend


i do things at work like keep the door closed or leave the lights off sometimes i know theyll think im a freak for NOT fitting in but it makes me feel a little closer to home


hehe i turn the lights off and close the curtains sometimes too


what happened to the mate that accidentally saw a pic of his dad for the first time like yesterday


he went to live with him


The Boss called me on the phone and lied about what she was doing and then when she came home she woke me up and said sorry she was lying she actually went out with camelman sigh


im a fuqking libertine


your The Boss 愛s a flipping camelman more than her own pastason


brother left his dog here while on vacation and the little flipper never shuts up


be kind to brodog


made the op of this thread my phone wallpaper


weird how brother isn’t filtered but mateis


what happened


hima someone at work forgot to pay an old energy bill and they cut it today so i said flip it and left theyve already paid everything but its going to take some time until someone comes and turns it on again so im staying home for today hehe the timing is too perfect maybe cunnilingus is looking out for me


nice now you can prepare a feast


im already in my sweatpants with a flappersmile on my face im so happy


die slacknorm tired of your bitching just shut up and work like the rest of us you privileged little shit


i got a job

ive been planning to sneak home since i got here im just waiting for the lady at the front desk to go to lunch so i can slip out then if anyone NOTices im gone theyll just think im at lunch


bring in a sexy lady to entertain you


still flapperlaugh at how people call the old titan xps big p and the new one little p


need a big p




baste camelman


all i wanted w


flip this bitch she brought her food


gas that chink


gonno hire a bunch of himaboys and the second you mates disappear without telling me im firing you


kitty jumped on me lap now shes licking her fluffy belly so flapper


File: 1533229647752.png (274.49 KB, 506x600, 2939364059410.png)


you wont be able to fire me ill make myself indispensable


wish i liked anime


File: 1533229990914.jpg (164.91 KB, 869x1248, j005.jpg)




have literally NOThing to do as soon as i left work i realized that theres NOThing at home to do besides jo and himapost


what more do you need


congratulations jonorm youve finally realized your shite life is a waste


stimulation and self improvement


im having a blast NOT being at work its great


im at the water store i made the bank deposit the bank girl asked if i wanted some water and i told her no because i work at the water store
gonno listen to umihara kawase with the back door open to set the day off right


wish a girl would talk to me like that


is this the start of the bank girl arc


doubt it but i will be going there twice a month from now on to make deposits if you know what i mean
gonno polish my helmet now and wait for people to come in



never played pangya whats it like


it was great the girls were underage and the skill ceiling was high but the servers were shut down a few years ago and there are only private servers now


feel like prank calling one of the other stores by asking if its the place im calling and asking what time they open


bored help


there are lots of different key combos to do different special shots once you start doing shorter distance shots and trying to do special shots it gets hard


oh cunnilingus being in my room instead of at work feels so good i could get seriously addicted to this kitty is morphing on my lap and im catching up on youtube vids gonno go out soon for some scrambled eggs and bacon


are they tech videos


die tubenorm


some its a mix of sushi chefs nexus ai sushi bars scape mtg goldfish and some random vids


did you get to the sushi chefs nexus moving vlog


File: 1533234942791-0.jpg (610.2 KB, 1280x1772, 003.jpg)

File: 1533234942791-1.jpg (588.19 KB, 1280x1772, 004.jpg)

File: 1533234942791-2.jpg (611.84 KB, 1280x1772, 005.jpg)

does this ever happen


whats this from


i got your mate hangin punk


i drew it


and i spermed to it


trainee girl is with black mate at the slow store they havent had a single sale today


my mistake i meant the fast store NOT that anyone cares


theyre probably busy flipping


i flip myself



get ready to cry


could go for a good flip rn


lets flip


never flipped before how does it work


a receptive female seeks out a chad to breed with and he deposits his sperm in her uterus
then a lower male such as yourself offers money and protection to both the mother and child




did you know that you can live in indonesia with just 300 dollars a month


why do that when i can live with The Boss for 0 dollars a month


rather die than live anywhere but us or japan sigh


youve never stepped foot in japan how do you know youd want to live there


rather die than be an amerinorm


ive stepped foot in japan plenty of times it was just aNOTher timeline


japan is a bloody place


us and jp are the only countries i respect


if gran moves back in ill have enough disposable income to go to japan every month


could go for some yoshinoya right now


neighbor was mowing his grass at 6am this morning is that legal


NOT in germany


File: 1533241223646.png (405.57 KB, 551x485, 2b0tryiv2kd11.png)


isnt she in a coma


wish i could slip into a coma at will




how does throatpuncher feel about paying pnig 150k


ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Despacito

───────────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀► ?:?? / ?:?? ⠀ ───○ ?⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙️




thought himako came back for a second but then i remembered that she killed herself


aNOTher mate asked me for cigs boost off me degenerates


no but shell cover half the bills


pnig i dont want to be intrusive but please i urge you to put most of your money in a REIT ETF or bonds



hell yeah


File: 1533243292575.jpg (156.81 KB, 1280x720, 1533188749811.jpg)


nice siscooling


despacito has 5.3bil views on the tube what the hell thats almost everyone in the world


what about the other people who havent seen it that is so sad alexa play despacito


i havent seen it


ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: NeEtBl0G Fart Compilation IV

───────────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀► ?:?? / ?:?? ⠀ ───○ ?⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙️


愛 bass boosted songs


the recs are all songs ive never heard of that have 3 billion views what is wrong with norms


whats up with songs having over a billion views if someone asked me id have said that the video with most views had like 100 million


did you see gangnam style it has 50 billion views


what the flip someone broke the chair here


ya but back in the day when it didnt have as many
was an avid league player at the time hehe good times i think that was shortly before the release of katawa shoujo


back in my day 100,000 views was considered a lot


making coffee hb


watermelon on a hot summer day NOThing beats it


coffee is ready gonno drink it with my brand new starbucks mug


File: 1533244298701.jpeg (2.35 MB, 4032x3024, CF206AAF-16ED-4283-B9E3-AE94F74B1F57.jpeg)

sigh too many hours into this sushi bar


would you eat watermelon and other summer fruits with a sexy lady


nice racer


File: 1533244392073.png (2.73 MB, 1508x2010, 1512664779642.png)


dream about this quite often


what can i say i got the need for speed


fastest production car record is 1:28 and an f1 car managed 1:05 hooo boy thats fast


Eurasian Economic Commission site Confirms Vega 20 16GB Version


f1 cars are just insane its crazy that people are able to even drive those things have you seen that top gear episode with richard trying to drive one



gonno watch this


rimworld is baste


yeah a lot of f1 drivers have backgrounds in carting usually from a very young age driving f1 is really NOThing like driving production cars some people who are excellent racers wouldnt even qualify in f1 because its a completely different sushi bar



cars are lame anyway bikes are where its at


itacharis are baste as hell


theres a formula gt racing mode at the end of gt3 and its pretty annoying you have to nail every little thing because the cars are all the same specs and going into a corner at the wrong speed or at a slightly off pitch is the difference between winning and losing or at least keeping a lead
if you win every race in the sushi bar you get a fully fledged f1 car but i dont have the patience for that most of the later stage races are 30 plus laps it takes forever


File: 1533245466635.jpg (271.52 KB, 1280x960, 6271513931_b6d1959ab3_o.jpg)

me and the himamates


fixed the chair wonder how long it will last before trainee girl destroys it again


cycling pinches when you realize those bikes weigh less than 5 pounds and cost like 15k


no wonder nigs 愛 japan so much they just leave bikes and other stuff unsecured


you can get a decent road bike for like 500


i like the teto one



embed or i rage





mines ccs one next to pnigs teto one


baste whitey


why even get a teto one shes NOT even real


no bully


whatever happened to kill whitey


who would ever get an asuka bike instead of a rei bike


rei pinches


a ドm


rei is for boys asuka is for men


rei is boring as hell wouldnt mind flipping asuka


i bet she flips like a tiger


misato is better than both of those dumb bitches


misato is the norm choice dumb norm


you dont get it


asuka is a bitch flip that


File: 1533246292570.jpg (541.69 KB, 1000x1000, 39052fb0b7962b67b13d95dcd11bd48e.jpg)

you idiots know NOThing


do people ever put gyoza in ramen


NOT sure doesnt sound too bad


im flapper


does anyone know how to find the thickness of a rectangular pipe


theyre eaten together often but im NOT sure about putting them in the broth


isnt it base x height


just measure it


no thats area and the pipe is hollow


cut it in half and measure the thickness


get yourself a vernier caliper


get yourself a nice mitutoyo caliper for the shop


that minus the area inside


the thiccness


hope the hima mansion has a workshop


yes itll have 3 phase power wired up and a manual mill/lathe a tig and a gas hood for it


wish pnig would rent a nice loft so we could move in already id make coffee in the morning and make everyones beds and pastamate would make everyone pasta for dinner it would be baste


theres still a completely vacant room in my apartment that i only use to throw my dirty clothes in


the aloha shirt graveyard


nb will live in the stables


hogs dont live in stables they live in pens


very slow day today only 3 people


File: 1533247058133.jpg (102.3 KB, 500x494, rso1.jpg)


speaking of that whoever was in contact with tp is responsible for my payout




turt btfo


there is no payout


turt owned into the stratosphere hehe


pnig when are you buying your himamates gifts arent we all precious to you for keeping your spirits high during your darkest hour


File: 1533247560959-0.jpg (41.14 KB, 400x400, 06.jpg)

phew nice


i dont want any gifts besides my mates company me and pnig go back a long way you know


nice welds get me going


i need to k20 swap my civic if pnig funds it ill drive around with whatever graphic on my car he wants


im a working man


anyone up for a groupjo


only if its plumbers


File: 1533248464283.jpg (379.02 KB, 720x1280, fb2d97b4bc863cd28fa6982628ec282b.jpg)


this could be me


dumb little bitch


no it couldnt you cant even drive manual


File: 1533248510353.jpg (761.07 KB, 1080x1920, 2a40d81e077917fc60c239f8603eb991.jpg)

dumb this


NOT like its hard


File: 1533248562218.png (Spoiler Image, 6.95 MB, 2400x2400, 8c3d8360bb19a03e68e85f5ceb0fcaa9.png)

very weird vagina


weird butt


looks normal to me


why is that little lady so oversexualized


there is but ill post details later


File: 1533248708715.jpg (379.16 KB, 1707x960, 82b80cc4dc7951cd4c3a9bc2cce2ff9c.jpg)



need to find a way to get rich quick maybe crush my arm in the trash compactor and get disability pay for life


File: 1533248730189.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.55 MB, 623x575, sample-ff8e186bed0547dae353ffd523f9dcc8.webm)

does this really happen


wincing because of cervix crunching is common so yes




mobile chrome still doesnt have webm support in 2018 what the fuck


would only buy aloha shirts for everyone from ross


die curser


it has webm support maybe youre stuck using an older version


could really go for some fresh tortilla chips right now


i have nine dollars until tomorrow when i get paid thinking about going to chipotle


and also baja blast for pg since he always wanted to try some


go and get a quesarito and make the employees hate you


the kids size chips are free if you didnt know that


flipping bored i already fixed the chair organized the back organized the front i need to get a more powerful computer in here so i can sushi bar
i could set up a sff pc in the back theres even a little cubby area for a desk


phew nice bod


gonno fire up the 'watch


still canNOT post from my phone ive tried safari firefox chrome opera mini and aloha


phone posting works fine for me always has what kind of phone do you have


you can play scape with your thinkpad you fool


a 5s


maybe it has a problem with java or something have you tried disabling that and seeing if you can post


scape is boring play a real sushi bar


get your 3d printed guns before the government takes them down



arent they only good for one shot and in 22lr no less thats flipping useless


one is all you need


saw a mate with a reverse print aloha shirt he looked dumb and uneducated


easier to make a sten out of an old pipe than buy a 3D printer


and you dont


dont know how to do that


got my first lgf on scape for 10k


that was me


if i was a scape character id have 2 strength 1 agility and 90 attack


what the fuck does that mean


he attacc but he also protecc




tried calling the store trainee girl is at to see if she had something but there was no answer


shes having a flip with black mate


wish i was black seems fun


thinkin about becoming an incel


i stopped being incel a few days ago now i just need to find a gf


just woke up had a dream where a super cute teen otaku girl moved in she was a who really liked me and she ended up sleeping in my room and becoming my gf and we talked about anime and she said she wanted to marry me sigh


was it nekoten


wish i had dreams


time to watch ytp




started taking psyllium husks so i can poop better


think im sick hima sigh gonno morph


was it hanna




flipping bored as hell trainee girl did the damage and its going to take a long time to recover i basically have 30% less people coming in here now


revenge snap her


finally got a hold of her to see how long her hoses are and she didnt know how to tell she is actually flapper


time to put my face against the wall and scream until the sexy lady clothes lady tells me to shut up again


File: 1533255459711.png (17.72 KB, 638x159, bastetraineegirl.png)

trainee girl is baste


File: 1533255507880.mp4 (4.47 MB, 1528739629198.mp4)


stupid whores


theres a fly in my room


where did it enter


how shoulf i know


how do i get a mod to wipe all my posts when they ban me on the 4


slam jam kiddo porn


dont do that


where do i find a wife who speaks horrible english




check out scope and find a blonde slav and say merhaba and then tell her that shes your wife now


i dont like seeing anime girls swear


The Boss swears like a sailor


had a kgf before but her english was too good and she said dogs were NOT for eating so i dumped her


when i was a sailor they made me clean the poopdick


i think you made a spelling error in your post


no they would flip eachother in the ass and then make me lick the poop off the tip of the poopdick


thats disgusting i would have rather NOT known


its natural


愛 putting sv3riges ex vegan interviews on in the background when i sushi bar


you get lonely out on the high seas with no girl in sight


flip that balding norm


hima im flipping dying over here i didnt bring any food and i cant sushi bar and nobody has come in for over 5 hours


fire up some podcasts


should i stream some sushi bars for you to pass the time


installing nsfmw havent played this shite since 2007




愛d that sushi bar



play scape


just got a dust storm warning telling me to pull aside and stay alive flip that


https://www.pcsushi barsn.com/dragon-ball-fighterz/evo-2018-free-weekend


flip that ill just get owned by fightnorms again


trainee girl sent a text with a smiley but it wasnt an emoji it was the normal colon one


my colons gonno burst if i dont shite soon




yeah thats flipping gross


you have to get an enema before it gets out of hand


enemas and suppositories are scams they dont do anything at least they dont for me


have a cig thatll get the sphincter nice and relaxed


File: 1533257783598.png (2.18 MB, 1917x1071, baste.png)

first ill take your ride then ill take your girl


does that really happen thats flipping gross i dont want to be near a smoker anymore if i know their assholes are loose and relaxed


what time is it in australia is it friday yet


you gotta hold it in



yeah its friday morning


its easy to remember since its one hour later than japanese time


water store is australian so it sends out paychecks basted on friday in australia



now i want to play it


File: 1533258111048.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, baste.png)

愛 racing in rockport just beat the #15 rider on the blacklist


stop playing that crap play gt3


gt pinches


my library system sent me an email newsletter
appreciate the effort someone put into the letter but i personally have no interest in library events and i wonder how many people actually do


downloading project cars 2 wasted over 24 hours downloading a forza sushi bar that requires windows 10


play test drive 3 instead



libraries probably wont exist in 20 years and if they do they wont have books theyll just be like net cafes
sad but theres NOThing to be done about it


thinking about buying stuff on aliexpress and setting up a shopify


anyone else get sad seeing wholesome society being corrupted by social media and degeneracy


NOT really



gonno start eating halal meat


forgot this mate existed




gonno be fired soon then its the neet life till my credit is maxed


die neet


simply dont get fired


then what


why is it sad


because we worked very hard as a society to come together and help those who need help but people are less and less eager to help others and the lower class are going to end up much worse than they did 49 years ago before the internet and digitalization communication poisoned everyone against each other




make sure you mates dont use any google services


libraries and books wont go away ever dont worry


i only use apple products dont worry im google free


愛 my iPhone iPhone ?


jod but didnt sperm im getting too old for sperming


uh ya im google free too

-Posted from Google Chrome


turt is on the gn/ota discord


愛 my chrome


nice anchovy banner


so is neetblog


i use chrome for the flip this extension so i can jo sideways


no im NOT


gotta respect that



nb why dont you pop into discord more often everyones waiting for you


the only place i know where to reach nb for sure is scape


no they arent


you can easily find him at the buffet as well


holy flip


die bullies






File: 1533260976756.jpg (709.32 KB, 720x1280, 1533235328124.jpg)


nice sushi chef


nice sonegro





nice flippin esports channel making a vid about the fgc


they call me the sneaky squid




im shy and nimble and smell like squid


wish i smelled like squid


愛 doing a master clue and losing gold


im squid im kid


im social with my fellow squidmates


File: 1533264066775.jpg (217.59 KB, 1036x1842, __octoling_splatoon_splatoon_2_and_splatoon_2_….jpg)


got a case of the squidjos


should i get a 1050


File: 1533264897279.png (1.7 MB, 1920x1080, baste.png)

what should i jo to


didnt mean to post that pic


futa on male


File: 1533265220244.png (324.38 KB, 501x594, 1352424987829.png)


gonno watch one piece and morph good night mates


night bud


ouija board is here now i can speak to himako from beyond the grave


phew done




File: 1533265760940.jpg (826.22 KB, 1200x1659, 2018-07-26-vegetable.jpg)




blows my mind that vegan doctors exist


doctors are evil poisoners so it comes as no surprise that some of them are members of the vegan cult







its protected hima culture


what is ligma


ligma balls


File: 1533267770947.jpg (50.89 KB, 392x476, knxv Kenneth George Boles_1518458783070.jpg_77….jpg)





space is gay


says the shiteworlder
the aliens all laugh at you from coming from the realm of shite


holy flipping basted


File: 1533269776936.png (242.35 KB, 740x454, loot.png)


the moral of beauty and the beast is that theres always a bigger mog


cleaning ladys gone gonno make some chicken sandwich




im gonno freak


File: 1533273150315.png (1.12 MB, 891x579, NewResicenceCard.png)

just got my jap greencard


File: 1533273206941.png (6.68 MB, 2458x3500, 2.png)

愛 this image



feelin gassy


crack open a window



bike broke down again with aNOTher thermostat tube melted opened flip this
at least scape boss can pick me up tomorrow


guess ill wear a reverse print tomorrow which one should i do


theres white/yellow


finished all the cookies sigh




NOThin fat


didnt NOTice the sonic socks the first time i looked at this image


black pink


are you saying that just because its the gayest


whats so gay about it


the design is made up of penises instead of flowers


NOThing gay about appreciating the male form


File: 1533276335160.png (452.28 KB, 529x917, bastenig3.png)

wear this one


File: 1533276437116.jpg (81.62 KB, 1000x1231, kramer-costume.jpg)


whats gross


you cant talk about pnig like that


nice dick fag


should i just stream wearing them so people can pick or am i making this out to be more than it is


just pick pink/black


that ones the most eye catching ill just go with white/yellow


why even give it as an option then


sigh almost vomited when iburped


thats what you get burpnorm


havent burped or farted in years


i reserve the black and pink one for sexy lady fishing


wish i had a fartgf


what about a farter man


ive already got neetblog for that


neetblog has been containing his flatulence for 3 years so he can release it all at once for his most powerful attack


going to see if goat boss has an extra long screwdriver for the throttle bodies maybe i can fix this somewhat easily


get some extra long burgers to go with it


i dont know if they still make those sadly


that is a tragedy


mood for a burg


gonno watch some food reviews


which ones



no fool


crying very hard


what happened


watching natsukashi anison medley part 2



i dont watch videos with black people


mid 90s to mid 00s were golden years of anime truly


thad isnt black


those were golden years for everything


2020 will be the golden decade for anime mark my words


wont be alive for 2020s


went through some closing slips from my store for the winter months and like scape boss said most of them had 0 sales all day
with that in mind should i get netflix or crunchyroll for the winter which one has one piece and inuyasha i dont give a FUK about anything new


mutated that post


actually have hope for the 2020s the 10s were nightmare and the pendulum is swinging


flip you this is a serious issue


the 10s have been the worst decade in modern history thanks a lot obama you boosting nigger


why would you stream them just download them at home but if you have to choose crunchy has more selection i think


if i have internet access here at that time then ill just do that i guess otherwise i dont want verizon shutting down my phone service because im downloading hundreds of gigabtyes of imported cartoons with sexual overtones


obama is flippin baste


hes gonno burn in hell


remember a couple of years ago for a week or two i just laid in bed watching all of inuyasha and slayers and drinking fortified wine all day without moving from when i woke up till i went to sleep those were the days



why is hating a someone worthy of being news dumb flipping norms


File: 1533281322064.jpg (269.67 KB, 650x700, a07b07cb84c34d852ad5fa2099bab2b7.jpg)

did that with hayate no gotoku during my teen years


cant recall my nagi dream anymore without remembering herkz raging at it


read 300 chapters of hayate no gotoku in one sitting on a 14 hour plane flight



hina is NOT a boy this is criminal


thats too much


one thing both herkz and i agreed on was that the szs girls were far more attractive than the vast majority of characters out there for reasons unknown


wish i was filipino


flips are pathetic in a baste way wouldnt mind being flip


which one is more like hima in anime form genshiken or hen zemi


hate the mate who keeps bringing up herkz


i hate me too


genshiken but without any of the female characters


genshiken was a club full of norms but i cant help but wonder if the mangaka intended for it to become so terrible after being inhabited by all the girls


what about hen zemi


hima is quasinorm by the horseshoe theory


napped hard


please stop talking about old stuff im starting to get that feeling


what was the most recent anime that will be remembered in 10 years




cricket stuck in my bath drain keeps making noise 愛 it


yuru camp


in the mood for some teenime




fine lets talk about hampton brandon


wonder how freak is doing


why was i deprived of growing up in the hong kong 70s



gonno play that tomorrow all day


actually nevermind theres a very high chink population




i meant just the music


guess ill rewatch enter the dragon again







File: 1533282498356.jpg (111.43 KB, 640x533, f7ae438bf247d2e7b87da56e578e06fa.jpg)

stream this


wish i could draw the i wouldnt need to sperm


neetblog this is your agent you have a shoot tomorrow for GQ and you need to be in the makeup trailer by 5 sharp
pick up your phone we need to go over the details asap!!!




sigh cant believe im NOT SEA


as my good friend naruto would say believe it


flip naruto gonno larp


guess ill make some pasta


hell yeah


gonno longjo see you in 6 hours


thats on long jo


really good pasta hima really really good


gonno cry and morph


rest well


i will NOT


wish i wasnt a coward



hook me up



big dick



The Boss made sausages


hi hima hows it going
gonno watch and sushi bar all day at work flip it


The Boss used to make tiramisu and cakes and lemon pie and cusflapper and zabaione but she pretty much stopped making deserts completely like 15 years ago big sigh


guess im all alone






sis keeps a very big trash bag in her room and then takes it out every 2 or 3 weeks and single handedly fills up a quarter of the trash can and it is very annoying


gum above my molar is hurting hard


its probably all recycle stuff i did that for a while


File: 1533308680277.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.23 KB, 1280x1280, 4fc4e157eb49f961db6dc43cde55a40a.jpeg)


cant wait until im big enough to be the boss of the gym


shes NOT wearing panties


the problem is that half of it is recyclable stuff but it all goes in this stupid trash bag and then into the trash can and then the trash can is too full so The Boss sticks the stinky kitchen trash bag that wont fit into the trash can into the garage and forgets about it and stinks up the whole place


gross runesis


sis is a pig


going out for lunch im thinking onion rings and a nice steak


cat puked in the hallway


meeting is done trainee girl sat next to me again and leaned in close again then put her hand on my shoulder dont know if shes just really friendly or what
hope onseki doesnt ban me for making this post


shes your cat clean it up


wish i was a russian cat


flapperlaughing imagining pnig doing mental gymnastics when a girl made physical contact with him
girls do that all the time to assert dominance she knows if you think you have a chance youll do her more favors and stuff


well i am NOT doing that


just ask her if she wants to grab dinner or something


ban him seki


she apologized for eating the 5 leftover peanut butter mms so ill ask her to buy me dinner that sounds like a good idea


hope its a ribeye


tell her to bring her helmet shes riding on the back of the vfr and all its vtec glory


veeee takkkkkkkkkk WOOOOOO


i need to fix the vfr theres a thermostat hose that needs to be replaced so i need to take off the gas tank and then the air box and then the throttle bodies and for that i need an 18 inch screwdriver thankfully theres one at one of the stores so scape boss is picking it up for me maybe ill have it done by tomorrow if NOT scape boss is 200 yards away and can pick me up


ended up getting chinese
cheese egg rolls fried rice and bellpepper chicken now im gonno drink some coke zero phew


you fuccing fool


black mate called scape boss to complain about using too much gas getting to the store
seems like he has a list full of things to complain about


if you lived in a trailer you could park next to the water store and live there


the only bike id ride is a 99 vfr


you mena a rc46 vfr


the 2006s seem to be perfect but i hate digital displays


turt seems happy with his 400 theyre cheap too


File: 1533318604429.jpg (56.56 KB, 620x420, 2014-Honda-VFR800-Interceptor-Dash-View.jpg)

there are lots of problems that they fixed with the newer one like putting a radiator in the front and NOT the sides and a beefier charging system
the newer ones have heated grips standard and the newer ones have an inverted lcd
but they covered the single sided swingarm with the muffler so you need a shorty


i thought he had a cbr600rr


the 99s and older have gear driven cams that never needed to be messed with and they also made a very distinct whining noise in the engine you can hear it here


die bikenorms


pixiv banned sexy lady this cant be happening right now


trainee girl has only ever ridden 250 parallel twins this would blow her away


everyone will move to nijie




would never get a bike theyre too dangerous plus it rains too much here


simply learn to ride in the rain


hate when people come up and start talking about how a bike is too dangerous and would never own one like theyre implying their lives are too valuable to risk compared to mine or something

dumb flipping cagernorms


become a japanese police officer and you will learn to ride like this


japanese police must be a very easy job


you chose to risk yours on your own flapper nice logic there


or you can hone your skills to motogp levels and NOT have to worry about rain


i wanna ride a train


ordered a pizza gonno feast in the store


thinking about going into dc tonight just cant be in the house anymore i want to blow my brains out every night


simply jo and make it your own


yes i remember this when we were talking about bikes in 2015 i knew there was a reason i wanted a pre 2000 one


yeah but theyre all snobby about how they cant risk it as if the world would miss one less npc


nice suiseki


pizza mate walked in happy but when i put 0 for a tip his entire demeanor changed


were all npcs


nice richnig cant even spare a dime for the pizza boy


i can see the pizza place when i look out the window its NOT like he had to drive far


next time itll be spit flavored


niggers have no work ethic


File: 1533320377790.png (19.68 KB, 464x184, nicegsnooze.png)


what the fuck is a morph feature


wonder if scape boss is just open with me about stuff or if hes like that with everyone when people call he puts them on speaker and tells me about peoples pasts and stuff


i came with a built in morph feature


hate how when i have free time im either too broke or exhausted to do anything besides sit around on my bed browsing hima from my phone even though i have a perfectly fine desktop


start reading books


die booknorm


play some sushi bars or maybe scape


i cant do anything internet related because i passed my 10gb tethering limit and its throttled to an unusable 60kbps


you could still scape and post here at the same time and then fire up some music there you have it


scape is playable at 60kbps


thinkin about streaming tonight maybe scape or darkest dungeon or something but at the same time streams without the mic on kinda pinch dont they




looked through some pc parts in my storage room and found a 1983 apple serial card im pretty sure i didnt even own an apple computer


its cursed



im chink




flip chinks


get an app called pdanet if youre tethering it basically forwards stuff through your phone so youre only using your phone data


used pdanet back when ma used to disconnect my internet


cant believe dominos removed the miku video from youtube


does pdanet work for ios




i dont know i use the android version with foxfi key so i get the paid version of pdanet for free


gonno make some iceburgs


gotta pee my balls are full


pee in a sexy lady i heard it feels good


pee doesnt come from your balls


mine do


flipping tired did 1100 in sales already and the day isnt even over then i need to go home and fix the vfr


just woke up The Bosss about to make me do something awful see you in 9 hours


its NOT worth throwing your life away dont do it


went go karting for thirty bucks it was really fun once i got the hang of it but the first lap i cranked the wheel too hard and the kart stalled and i got bumped
probably wont go back just dont have enough money for that


simply become nakama with the kart attendant and race for free


its NOT on iphone sigh


asked for the veteran discount because i thought being incel was just as hard as going to war but they said i needed an id card where do i apply for my incel discount card


tattoo virgin on your forehead




what the flip it worked somehow i couldnt post from my phone since february and i couldnt yesterday what the HELL


should i get a 120hz monitor


i often get the pity discount from old ladies



should i get a 144hz monitor then




wouldnt unless you play shooting sushi bars got one now i cant even go back to 60hz for the desktop because it looks so shite


NOT gonno be fired anymore suicide delayed again


nice kartseki


im using a forensic tool to view my harddive and its getting weird im seeing thumbnails of images ive never seen before i wonder how theyre saved


File: 1533334569394-0.jpg (4 KB, 86x125, 001889087.jpg)

File: 1533334569394-1.jpg (4 KB, 90x125, 002004954.jpg)

File: 1533334569394-2.jpg (4 KB, 125x99, 009384332.jpg)

never seen these and theres hundreds of them


theyre 4chan thumbnails


stop using hdd


what am i supposed to do i cant afford a 2tb ssd


get a job


whats wrong with harddrives


there a meme


where i dont see it


why do you need 2tb


my mene...


just got called a incel walking across the street


The Boss called me volcel


thinking about getting a bunch of usb extension cables they are very useful theyre like two dollars on ebay


useful for what


phone chargers or for me personally i can plug the extension into the 12v brick then plug my power bank into that then plug my phone charger into the other end of of the bank and charge my phone through that while NOT accidentally pulling the whole chain out of the socket because the bank has a 90 degree pivoting usb male end and it frequently works its way out of female ends
also i swap flash drives in an out and NOT having to get up and just plugging them into an extension near my hands is easy


made a nip ps4 account gonno try out some jap sushi bars


File: 1533339093212.png (93.14 KB, 551x419, 1 in 600.png)

he does it again


im lucknorm


hima i am home and i am havin a nice cup o joe


i do NOT need more than 500 gb of storage



if i streamed chobits tonight would anyone watch


black mate called scape boss to complain about his pay he was raging


nah gthsn


NOThin sn


i refuse to believe it


august 2018


File: 1533342435157.jpg (170.89 KB, 865x649, 1486670135872.jpg)


he said that he should never fuk with aNOTher mans money


a friend got lured again


wish to flip a sexy lady


its NOT that great or so ive heard


i the elites are keeping it for themselves then it must be good


they force each other to do it so if someone gets out of line they have an instant end your life switch


bukowski just wanted to be a neet sigh


glad neetblog finally found a purpose


why does this mate always seem like hes drunk




scape is a work simulator you might as well get an actual job chopping firewood or whatever at least then you get money


underage ladies get incredibly horny seeing a big sweaty man with a beard chopping wood


sexy ladies dont think about big sweaty men


theyre too flapper to think about them but their natural reaction is to turn the slime production up to 11 and get all squishy for lumberchad


my lgf says she feels all warm and fuzzy inside when i give her a facial maybe its just her sorry


yes she did


hes always drunk like pg


morph time


flip you doubtnorm


die earlymorpher


its no lie its just embellished a little


File: 1533345861369.jpg (135 KB, 567x448, 1355244637048.jpg)


File: 1533346804083.gif (497.26 KB, 350x262, tenor.gif)


The Boss got pilled on the jews


i havent been scaping much lately


wish to buy luna merchandise



linus pinches tips


File: 1533349417081.jpg (57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)


chiken chaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn


where is everyone


i dont have anything to post


File: 1533352424962.mp3 (7.31 MB, 03-paintbox-the_door.mp3)


evo is on get hyppeeeeeee


hope you are NOT watching sfv


FLIP aris is casting soul calibur get in here



nice gril playing xian


downloading the blops 4 beta


die boomers


call of duty sushi bars just keep getting more and more ridiculous with the add on shit they need to go back to simpler days like cod4


File: 1533353847750.png (296.74 KB, 854x391, 1529517511005.png)

cod4 now THAT was a good sushi bar


cod4 flippin blew


my favorite was world at war but everyone hates it for some reason the tanks and the big maps and the zombie mode and servers with mods on pc


gonno watch one piece and morph goodnight


why is a girl playing


whats wrong with that kayane is good


i hate sushi chef girls


whats wrong with sushi chef grils


she lost sigh


made sushi hard whatd i miss hima


got the vfr fixed hoo boy


File: 1533356986487-0.jpg (208.98 KB, 1478x1108, DTBHIwvU8AUuryL.jpg)

File: 1533356986487-1.jpg (491.53 KB, 1536x2048, DTBJkRQV4AALO7.jpg)



File: 1533357342816.mp3 (6.08 MB, 07 - にこにこハンブンコ.mp3)


why wake up when the nightmare of the real is more horrifying than any dream


File: 1533357674963.mp3 (3.17 MB, 07. ニワカ三年オタ八年、インターネッツはforever (長文スマソLong ver.).mp3)


that song embodies my rage


i think its because it didnt have dedicated servers



File: 1533359139760.jpg (471.29 KB, 1784x1200, 1521605720268.jpg)


im chimp


hey hima im back im tired as hell time to muster up the energy to go to the store so i can drink myself better


woke up from my nap microwaved some eggrolls gonno snack


why did cunnilingus choose me to bully


because youre NOT right with Him


so let me get this straight this mate creates flawed life for fun knowing its only going to suffer endlessly then demands it worships him like some sort of narcissistic freak


you are suffering because you are without cunnilingus


i used to worship him devoutly but he kept picking on me until i stopped


gonno fire up dragons dogma


hehe you can make a sexy lady in this sushi bar nice




dragons dogma sexy ladies are vile




im vile




spose ill make some chicken sandwiches


stream what


dragon dog




nobody ever watches so no


crying hard because he wont stream


gonno rage


wish i could cry


fine ill stream


be patient


should i stream a vfr ride i asked before but got no replies


stream dog dayssssssss



what the heck you are still in the creator


im creator


why is your character a little girl


phew got some quality popsicles tge budget saver slushed blue raspberry and lemonade ones


you should only eat normal flavors


this is normal and the texture is great


any sexy lady streams


you died already






whats wrong with her breasts


which one should i pick


glad that black mate turned out to be an asshole told scape boss about how he wanted a bike and scape boss said good because he would just kill himself on one


strider is cool


you know


become the strideblog


how is he an asshole are you scared of him surpassing you in sales


he feels intimidated by black men because theyre moving in on his gimmick


first he called saying he needed a raise because of the store hes at then about 2 hours later he called scape boss yelling at him and scape boss had to remind him that hes still his boss and can fire him


basted teenmateserver



he also claimed racism because goat boss made him clean toilets once


what do you mena


probably the first time a hima streams been properly watchable for me since that mate restreamed the dark souls stream


nice npc abuse


nice neetblog




the neet build


should i make neetblog a fighter or mage


mage he looks funny in a dress






thats one fat bear


what do you know about fat bears


i am one


alright hima off to the store wish me luck


stop bullying neetblog you asshole


almost killed him hehe woops


hahaha internet bullying so funny real classy mates




got owned hard sigh


neet hours its time to fish


lost a big one sigh wonder what it was


good luck


caught a saw shark hehe bet it didnt see that one coming


get in here


what the flip


sigh im all the way back here flip this im done


damnit i missed the end of the stream


i got hit by falling rocks and died


the 1 liter bottles were on sale for $5 hima its gonno be one hell of a weekend


liters of what is it wine isnt 1 liter NOT a lot


its time to sober up


normal bottles are 700ml for 5 so i bought a bunch




as for me im going to morph tired as heck but my bike is fixed and it has a new battery in it


okay good night


It's been number 1 on my life's wish list for almost 2 years now, and it's finally become a reality! This is my first post in Florida! It's been very hectic, getting everything set and organized, let alone constructing stuff so I have a place for my computer to begin with....

I'm still sorting out the job situation and likely have a position in electronics... in a store that's a good 50 minutes away but I have a net gain of about $5 a day with this, and I have intentions on moving farther south to get closer to work and likely to a better area with cheaper rent. I'm still way too new to this area so I can't really say much about it.

More details, including the full story of the move itself, will come in future posts.


raging that everything went okay for uli


you should be happy for him


still cant decide whether to play a warlock or a warrior in bfa


play ffxiv instead


fell for the ligma meme sigh


are you bychance of sugandese descent


wish i had a chance to get into tcgs


i already played it a lot but i couldnt afford heavensward when it came out so i never played it again after that


sigh but heavensward was the best part


i wouldnt know



ive been pilling a lot of people lately i really feel like im doing a good for the world i hope the new generation can change things


pill me


the new generation are really gay trust me


the healthiest foods are on the perimeter of the grocery store near the walls


thats where the ice cream is


let me think about this deli section bakery meat area and dairy area are along the walls on the one near me


for me thats dairy meat and fruit


dont reply to him hes trying to dox you through grocery topography


might become a speedrunner


good luck


what is sugandese


sugandese nuts


im at work and three people called out so i have to do all their jobs for the same pay


serves you right


Basically, the Swamp Monster thing is where I go swimming in an algae-heavy pond or lake... with a twist. I'd 愛 to record a video of it as well, something very fitting for Halloween. The intent is for me to walk out into the pond and keep on going until I'm a certain distance out where I basically go under (even if it's 4 feet deep, I still go under). After some time, I surface, get out of the camera frame to the right, then, as quickly as I can, cover myself with mud, twigs, algae, and grass while about chest deep in it. Once ready, I'd then walk back into the camera frame remaining about chest deep and when nearly centered in the frame, walk back to the camera. Once back at the camera, I'd say something like "I never should've gone in there as I've now become the swamp monster! [insert growl sound]".


woke up hi


foolish waker


nice swampllillia


gonno make some pasta


norms talk about risk aversion like its a terrible thing but in the old days it would have been a valuable attribute


im the most risk averse on hima



just woke up hima wonder what today has in store for me


a whole load of shite


File: 1533408846950.gif (2.55 MB, 292x300, 1393267930241.gif)


The Boss asked if i wanted to get a haircut tomorrow


i do this


just woke it



Doth NOT even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?


men naturally grow long hair so nature intended for men to have long hair


baste jebrim


incel btfoing those trannies


hate trannies theyre vile


File: 1533409929912.gif (687.63 KB, 500x348, 350.gif)


rude asshole deserved it


aris is casting tekken


might just have to fire up dragon dogma again




NOThin foolish


play some dark souls instead


already finished those sushi bars


im a sushi chef i sushi bar deal with it


thinkin about pizza today


seething right now
bought a screen protector and some hair clippings fell on the screen while I was straightening it and ruined the whole protector
waste of five dollars flip



blops 4 is moderately baste


why do you need a screen protector


you got owned normseki


flip you


screen protector is a meme


im sorry


scape boss came for a store audit and told trainee girl that black mate was saying she was talking over him and arguing he spent like 10 minutes on it before the audit then when he left she started crying


File: 1533412384953.jpg (2.38 MB, 4160x2340, 1496126127459.jpg)


baste black mate btfoing trainee roast


is the water store a reality show set or something why is everyone there including you weird as heck


its one of those prison work programs


cant wait for the thad and p anderson episodes


is that turt pissing on fujisan


The Boss left on vacation so i think ill pack the computer up and live over there for a few days


the kitty is morphing on my lap and slowly sliding out and then she wakes up startled and changed position


dont feel like driving


File: 1533415508882.png (209.19 KB, 272x303, f59b8953efb0303a076c9f16634d4a1733147055.png)

>Lobby: 100% QA
>PW: 1% fun

New voices are OUT.

Add me if you want a copy of the sushi bar:

Poor nocoiners can listen to the new voices in the stream:


im sick of work i want my The Bossmy


sigh same


gonno clean me ears


ordered pizza


i got ligma hima thats it its over


pizza is on the way hima


hope its anchovy


no its a pizza hut cheesy bites pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese


File: 1533419287069.mp4 (67.34 MB, devilish.mp4)


what is ligma


watching pewds


ligma balls lmao


die pewdienorm


remember when pewdiepie said nigger


fat sweaty mexican at a gas station complimented the miata then saw it was a 2 seater and said oh you only have room for you and your gf and i was like yeahhhh i think he might have been doing some sort of 4th dimensional quantum mog but it didnt work because hes a fat sweaty mexican who was probably waiting on a ride


it was haysuz



should have asked him if he wanted a ride then disposed of him in the desert


defiantly sounds like a mog to me


nice mutant


trainee girl said her friend ditched her so she has no plans tonight


my gums hurt should i brush


just woke up head hurts


ask if she wants to go on a ride on the vfr then stream the ride


take her to the canals and tell her the story about when you set the camera up in your window to record the children playing outside


basted flippin jebrim


shed telling me to never wear basketball shorts because they are NOT cute


saw a mate who looked exactly like varg yesterday this has gotta be a sign of good luck


its a sign youre going to get murdered


it would be self defense NOT murder


File: 1533426307308.jpg (468.87 KB, 1278x721, ec2b890803f3ecb939bd2658867b24f9.jpg)

miss the wk


hey hima long day after the screen protector fiasco i went outside and NOTiced some stain under my car so i drove to The Bosss house because shes NOT here and the valve to head heater pipe was split so i ordered the part online and headed to advanced auto parts to pick it up and


boy i dont understand a word you just said


all of those words should be understandable besides valve to head heater pipe


going to tesco to pick up some cold on the cob


ive got aphasia sorry


they didnt have the part i ordered at the store because of some logistical oversight but they did have aNOTher one that worked fine when i was on the way there there was steam coming out of the hood of the car from the coolant that was in the pipe boiling
once i got everything fixed i couldnt find distilled water in a gallon jug at the mexican supermarket so i bought a 24 pack of bottled distilled water and poured maybe six of them in the radiator


anyway now im back at The Bosss house on my old ip posting on hima and eating a spicy chicken sandwich from bk


is wow out yet




NOT for aNOTher 9 days



File: 1533427599941.mid (119.69 KB, m004.mid)


gonno try to find a better copy of gt4 that doesnt glitch out and prevent me from pressing the start button


sushi chefs rise up


play test drive 3 instead


gonno download all of durarara wish me luck


good luck youre gonno need it to finish that shite show


barely made it through the first season dropped the second 2 episodes in


should i make alfredo or chicken sandwiches




alfredo it is



i just like the op


i can understand that song without subs


baste teens


big sigh at the fourth naruto op why cant boruto have even ONE song half as good as that one


wish i was teen seems fun


with the exception of the snk and sao songs this compilation isnt that bad


its probably NOT fun now imagine being surrounded by bullies with smartphones just waiting for you to goof up so you can go in their cringe comp
also there are no more emo girls


everyone thought tentacruel was kaijuu sized because of that scene in the op where he whacks a building but theyre actually sexy lady sized


eating some raw eggs and kefir


愛 the tokyo ghoul song it reminds me of myself


sigh The Boss bought flippin shells again whens she gonno realize im a linguine man


should i shave


we are fighting dreamers


think im gonno get an xbox one controller and use it to emulate
is there anything better
my 360 controller is screwed up is down and l1 doesnt work plus the analog sticks dont work so i use the d pad to play ps2 sushi bars


good day at the water store taught trainee girl lots of stuff she taught me NOT to wear basketball shorts because theyre NOT cute and because its impossible to hide chicken strips she specifically pulled up a boromir meme picture about basketball short chicken strips and asked if it was true
she asked who i normally work with and i said nobody and after she looked at my schedule she said she felt sorry for me
i told her about working on my bike yesterday and she said she cant see me doing that i guess i just come off as a complete bitch first the boss thing and now this


playstation controller for emulating dpad consoles
xchicken nugget controller for stick consoles


just buy a chink knockoff controller for $20


brother took all the 360 controllers when he moved out wish he had left me one usb one


i think i will get an xbox one controller because it felt good in my hand at best buy the ps4 controller wasnt that great the angle of the two arms of the controller hurts my hands after hours of making sushi
the xbox elite controller looks like a waste of money


hb alfredo time hima its so flippin rich and delicious i 愛 it too much


whats the point of that they blow ass


hmm but im NOT sure after all i spend a huge amount of time emulating ps2 sushi bars so the ps4 controller might be nicer and lighter


愛 my ps4 controller


never been in a situation where i preferred a controller over mouse and keyboard


gonno make slam jam ramen with gyoza should i stream it


you mean slam jam noodles with pot stickers right


no the men are ra so its ramen and these are gyoza because of the size and wrapper thickness


speak english this is america damnit


https://www.ebay.com/itm/HORI-PS4-099-Mini-sushi barpad-Wired-Controller-Red/253570409419?hash=item3b09f963cb%3Ag%3ADf4AAOSwnada193U&_nkw=ps4+controller+red&rt=nc
really want this


File: 1533432141918.jpg (103.88 KB, 1600x1600, s-l1600.jpg)



why is it so expensive



47.99 isnt that expensive


thats a months worth of food


you know like chowmein lomein saangmein or yakamein the japanese version is ramen


why is everything about food you flipping fat


i dont know what the FUQK you are saying its just noodles


very stinky havent showered since wednesday
got covered in oil and coolant and sweat earlier working on the car
just downloading anime to watch later right now also downloading kingdom hearts 2 final mix think ill go for a short work around my old stomping grounds


stream that kingdom heart


my computer is in the dining room facing the windows im gonno leave something funny on the screen in case someone walks by


play kingdom hearts 1 instead


basically 麵 in chinese is read mein 麵 in japanese is men
素麺 somen
撈麵 lomein


its way worse the combos pinch


go to hell noodlenorm its all t he same shite


what about singapore noodle


stay awesome


very wrong somen has no egg


it has more soul


that doesnt mean anything


scape boss started calling me the 8 inch legend


remember when kh2 came out i got pissed the boost off with all this stupid roxas organization shite its way more reflappered and gay than the first one also the disney movies they picked are worse


you mean worst





gonno pick up a nagashi somen machine so i can eat nagashi somen at home


noodles pinch


playing assetto corsa riding around in a miata nd and now my sourdough buns are ready gonno make burgs


ive got some buns for you right here


File: 1533433482204.jpg (20.56 KB, 646x103, nb.jpg)


normally dont like blonde sexy ladies but the one in this video is pretty cute


how the hell is kids eat mexican food a video


this flabby gook is slaying prime jap kitty right flipping now and basically you are flipping STUPID


herkz 愛d that meme


herkz can pinch it


assetto corsa has some spectacular driving mechanics its like real driving


feel like eating out tonight but its saturday


ive got something for you to eat out right here


thinking of getting some new pants tonight that arent so tight so i can be more professional




these size 36 pants used to be a lot more loose neetb we have a problem


i wear 32 because im cute


lost 25 pounds since jan


i wear 36s too but im fat as hell


just got back from my nightwalk i am very sweaty and stinky much prefer night drives with the windows down


started taking metamucil two days ago but my poop has NOT improved


play a human protection warrior for me and name him bigshieldsmallsword


isnt that name too long


also i only play female characters apart from my warlock sorry i like to pretend they are his harem


i dont know what about smallballsbigarms


my warrior is 110 already im NOT paying for a name change


suit yourself im taking that name then


die wownorms


last name mann
first name hugh


see if basteonseki is taken


flapperlaughing imagining playing a blood elf named shadman


really wanted to play an ele shaman this xpac but everyone says theyre gonno be awful


maybe a night elf would suit the name more

they were NOT given anything new and had some core mechanics removed but i dont play a shaman so i dont know specifics
disappointed that the gcd change actually made it to live and tanks will be more reliant on healers now


when i was browsing /jp/ in 2009 i fell for the anti /v/ meme and really thought all true jpsies didnt play mmos and normsushi bars but it looks like in the end i was the only one who didnt play them the rest of jp just didnt crossboard


jp played mmos just different types back in 2009 i was playing divina or mabinogi


what about mabinogi


mabinogi was baste its a shame what happened to it


lmao you probably were a neet too when everyone else was actually attending college


convinced myself that there were two real majorities on the internet those who sushi bar and those who do weeb stuff but they were one in the same all along maybe as time went on the line between them blurred


do you NOT remember hotglue


wasnt there aNOTher sushi bar hotglue played with mechs or something
i never got into it


try getting on mabi every few years and remember everyone cool isnt there anymore and all thats left is girlwhales who stand around their clubs and talk about you behind your back so its just like real life sigh


File: 1533436342301.jpg (759.07 KB, 1920x1080, bmlzjh7k34e11.jpg)

sylvanas is basted


wish i was playing exteel with hima



File: 1533436406761.jpg (100.28 KB, 1000x450, shortsbasics.jpg)

seki what do you think


you cant talk to turt like that


hard to believe someone would unironically think that neets who were obsessed with japanese media wouldnt also play sushi bars




only like playing f2p japanese sushi bars because


wonder if hot mates just go hang out on the beach in virtually identical outfits in real life


how come you scape then


what if you had good friends but they were all really hot would you feel bad when around them and NOT like them as friends anymore


File: 1533436699416.png (Spoiler Image, 624.7 KB, 500x665, 1d41d5d7-9594-411a-98e5-4f8068194ec3.png)

didnt think i would ever post this can you give me some fashion types for my body type


dont click linus


pnig doesnt scape


gonno grab some creme betweens hold on


wouldnt tolerate having friends hotter than me because i would always be judged against them and would probably end up like turt compensating with lookism and mass just to get closer to them


xenosaga download failed flip this gonno drive home dont want to sleep over here because the pet sitter The Boss hired will be here in the morning when im morphing


gonno fire up doubutsu no mori its time to fish


please dont post things that remind us of The Bossgf


i cant stream 3ds


wrong again


File: 1533436985401.jpg (564.65 KB, 1252x843, ebdfe115f07510e850d67a3a6e82fe48.jpg)


never played that one i have new leaf on my 3ds but i get very bored quickly


bad news everyone


3ds making sushi is special for me itd be like streaming me joing its just NOT gonno happen


hey 3ds mate do you want to play together


thats how i feel being on hima with chads like seki pnig turt and neetblog and then theres hideous me if there was ever a hima meet up id probably be forcibly removed because of hideous appearance


havent played my 3ds online since the incident NOT sure if The Boss will let me


im hideous why did you include me in that list


we can play together in spirit if you like i am low level doubutsu no morier


im disfigured according to turt so dont say that
its just the charisma and optimism


NOT only am i unbearably ugly cunnilingus thought fit to grant me the most noisome soul hed ever crafted


ok lets go


did animated vns ever take off


when i got my haircut at the black barbershop everyone was looking at me weird because i was the only whitey there


yeah look at nekopara


so long as you arent balding there is still hope


flip they always seemed like a NOT good idea


im a norwood 6



saturday night heading down to the eurodisco gonno para para all night long you mates coming im driving


should have linked ya boy the anime man instead


flip the anime man




call it cringe if you want but 1.5million subscribers cant be wrong


this is cringe


like thinking about playing animal crossing with a himamatebut i think im simply too anxious for it


cant play dumb vns like that im low iq but even im NOT dumb enough to waste time clicking through 8 hours of cliche fanservice


isnt it the same for reading manga


some black swedish kid gave me his copy of animal crossing for ds in highschool hoping id be his friend but i never gave it back or talked to him much after that




sigh had that nightmare where The Boss let some stranger in the house and he was claiming to be from hima


i had the same dream that was me


thats weird i often dream about visiting himamates unexpectedly


i himadream often


you play them so you can jerk your cock to the sex scenes which come every 20 minutes


can i disable the sex scenes


yeah the steam version comes without sex scenes i tihnk


im steamed


will i still be able to know which scenes are the sex scenes like can i just hear a little ding so i can imagine it better than it can be written


thought the fsn sex scenes were forced as flip regret playing with them enabled


theyre integral to the story idiot how else is shirou going to get mana


yeah the sex is a huge plot point




ice is basted he earned his fame in gielinor


when to a bbq hima with The Boss and dad and sis and i dont know how you handle drinking every day pg but let me tell you all every time i get a little tipsy i get very contemplative and just i dont know how to explain it
i started thinking about when i would just morph when i got tired wake up when my body got enough sleep then make coffee take a shower read hima and just maybe i dont kow play something or catch up on the news and post here and then like i posted about it a bunch at the time but probably none of you remember it but semi recently i rewatched hxh like maybe i december i dont know but id just wait for everyone to go to bed and then go to the living room and fire up the NOTebook (connected to the big tv) and watch hxh 1 then 2 then 3 and just kept going until the end

and i kept thinking like maybe i will never have that opportunity again to be free and live freely as i want to and even if i do that part of my life is gone and id be starting a new one maybe one day things will get so bad that i will miss my now my present day so i gotta be thankful i suppose


went to went to NOT when


go to hell dadbrag


i remember it sigh do your best i hope things get better


did they force you to stop neet


wish i had the uhhhh fortitude is NOT the word the drive to train agility like jebrim does


milk truck just arrive


90% of the time i just get happy and flapper and enjoy whatever im doing more i only get contemplative and morose every now and then and usually its thesnaputic because i get whatevers bothering me out of my system by doing it

dont know how you can work full time without drinking every night to cope either


n o boy no cry one two three go


pnig make a scape account RIGFHT NOW lets run around and flapper out abit


im going to eat and go for a ride tonight


might have to fire up the ff4


stream it


i keep it all inside and never share even one small bit with anyone even on hima
so much crap happens to me all thje time and i seldom post about it almost never really because i dont poist anything that i deem boring or something that i think peiople wouldnt be interested in reading in the first place




just remember were mates and im sending you good energy when i can


this desk chair wont hold out much longer i might have to just pinch it up and buy a quality one that will last


The Boss found me the job and she set up everything by herself and i cant bring myself to make The Boss suffer id rather NOT get things my way instead so now im stuck maybe forever
im going to be 30 in three years and then 35 and then 40 it simply never stops never stops i want out of everything out of this universe i cant deal with the passage of time and aging and ephemeral things and fleeting The Bossents and fading memories


i wouldnt be here without you my himamates i 愛 you all


愛 and hate you all depending on my mood


i smell like smoke now i am smoked


big sigh


thus the manbaby has come face to face with reality


you only lash out because youre suffering too


i cant run away or deny what i am to the core if im manbaby then so be it


feel bad for that mate at least he isnt paying rent dental insurance auto insurance gas and a phone bill
want to say you should stop whining but i know that will just make you feel worse
once you get into the rhythm of working youll figure out how to best enjoy things
your definition of relaxing might change drastically but you have to find it


dismantle this twisted birdcage of a world before youre too old and feeble to make it happen


File: 1533440520430.png (136.21 KB, 500x300, ribbit.png)


gyoza time



maybe youd be happier moving in with pnig and working at the water store


nice try pnig


workers will never experience true happiness


pretty sure everyone here has neet experience dont act like its all sunshine and piss bottles either


think im going to start saving money a lot and try to find ways to make money passively or semi passively i think itd be ok to quit if i had income on the side its NOT even like we need even a dime of my salary its NOT about money at all but making money solves it isnt that weird i guess its a part of living as in interacting with the world and being a part of it and having somewhat of a safer future


keep posting about things like the hima mansion and stuff like that but i simply canNOT live without The Boss shes my best friend


ive never peed in a bottle and im a satisfied neet


youre probably a lump that would be satisfied with any situation


sigh i know how you feel


thats simply NOT the case


we are very much alike i believe pg i know thats you hehe


black mate might be getting the can




feel bad for black mate he will have to go back to a life of crime


bring The Boss to the mansion


Mister Donut x PABLO [Cheese flappero Is..!?]


its going to be weird when his The Boss starts flirting with all the young studs


no The Bosss allowed



The Boss sent me an image the other day that just said sigh and NOThing else think she might be a himabro


phew loving this style


you mean a himamate


The Boss always says that i sigh too much


feel bad for trainee girl crying today dont know if i should have offered a hug or what at the end of the day she seemed really happy so i guess it worked out there was some teasing back and forth as well
she gave me her debit card and had me get lunch for us too she wanted a kids meal from chik fil a with lots of polynesian sauce she said i could have the 3d cow puzzle toy she got as a prize in the kids meal


its the rare ss yuka


she was acting girls always act happy


didnt know chick fil a had kids meal toys what the flip


you can swap the toy for an ice cream apparently too



wish i had a mcdonalds sundae sigh gonno rage


i gave up food i gave up everything just to have a 24 hour day



you know how chick fil a is supposed to be all just chicken and thats their thing but one of their sandwiches has bacon on it whats up with that


whats wrong with that


its against the rules


could go for a big ol choco chip cookie ice cream sandwich right now hima


i really like bukowski too he inspires me to drink



just realized im moe


愛 to act moe


really happy that i bought this bukwoski collection it has tons of rare stuff that i hadnt read anywhere else


im curly whos larry


when im confident no one is around at work ill mutter in japanese wonder if anyone has caught me


should i post one




im thuggin out


often start talking to myself in japanese on my walks and bike rides and feel like a flapper when someone walks past me before i NOTice them


File: 1533442062259.png (300.27 KB, 900x764, 1533148968055.png)


same i talk in japanese under my breath on the bus and when im walking home


remember the ferret arc


feeling like killing myself imagining that feeling
if you dont talk to yourself you need to hand in your flapper pass


dont feel like killing yourself please


damaged my screen when i was karting but luckily if youre handy the whole screen and camera assembly costs like 30 dollars and you can replace it in minutes
the mate who said screen protectors are a meme was right no point paying a few bucks for a protector when the whole thing costs pennies


he hinted at times that i was a neetblog and i told him to listen
to brahmns and i told him him to learn to paint and drink and NOT be
dominated by women and dollars
but he screamed at me for christs sake remember your mother
remember your country
youll kill us all...

i move through my fathers house (on which he owed $8000 after 20
years on the same job) and look at his dead shoes
the way his feet curled the leather, as if he was angrily planting roses,
and he was, and i look at his dead cigarette, his last cigarette
and the last bed he slept in that night, and i feel i should remake it
but i cant, for a father is always your master even when hes gone;
i guess these things have happened time and again but i cant help
to die on a kitchen floor at 7 o'clock in the morning
while other people are frying eggs
is NOT so rough
unless it happens to you.

i go outside and pick an orange and peel back the bright skin;
things are still living: the grass is growing quite well,
the sun sends down its rays circled by a russian satelite,
a dog barks senselessly somewhere, the neighbors peek behind blinds.
i am a stranger here, and have been (i suppose) somewhat the rogue,
and i have no doubt he painted me quite well (the old boy and i
fought like mountain lions) and they say he left it all to some woman
in duarte but i dont give a damn--she can have it: he was my old
and he died.

inside, i try on a light blue suit
much better than anything i have ever worn
and i flap the arms like a scarecrow in the wind
but its no good:
i cant keep him alive
no matter how much we hated each other.

we looked exactly alike, we could have been twins
the old man and i: thats what they
said. he had his bulbs on the screen
ready for planting
while i was lying with a whore from 3rd street

very well. grant us this The Bossent: standing before a mirror
in my dead fathers suit
waiting also
to die.


used to go karting with my dad on his weekends when i was a kid i would always get my kart disabled by the staff but just keep on driving slow without realizing it


sigh they dont call him bastekowski for NOThing


dadbrag is at it again


idiot ive seen my dad about 5 times in the last 10 years


you cant call turt and idiot


it took me a while to figure out the limits of the karts i had fun it wouldnt be that fun with other people though because norms get competetive and would shame me


うにうにすんすん 見ててね


die norm


File: 1533442791376.png (198.09 KB, 500x367, Mi.png)


File: 1533442803743.png (327.08 KB, 511x490, 1408965088820.png)



guess i will watch some one piece


do your best at least you have aNOTher day to go


File: 1533442967915.gif (1.99 MB, 500x245, 0fd0663334e97c39d4c47cfd5b678748037bb325_hq.gif)

sigh robin


File: 1533443008546.jpg (138.77 KB, 700x525, 4601F306-F42A-467F-AA96-8D458384003C.jpg)


gonno relax hard tomorrow
downloaded the first three seasons of durarara and code gay ass is half done never watched it before


chode gay ass blows hard


enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of watching geass


saw a license plate that said gg ez


couldnt even finish the first season of code gay ass even when it was airing


watched both seasons NOT sure how i finished the second one it was so bad


still remember /a/ blowing up during r2 during my first foray into neethood it was a lot of fun


you will appreciate it more now that you are more mature


saw a license plate once that said BONO U2 and they had a lifesize picture of bono stuck to the rear right window


i vaguely remember it being on either toonami or adult swim and it was really dumb
thought the same thing about ayeyurica sebben when i watched the dub too though


stop watching dubs


why do people like u2


eureka 7 wasnt so bad mainly because the girls were too damn underage my brother watched it a few months ago but didnt finish it its his friends favorite anime


i like vertigo


i really just like the music is eureka


everytime a girl says eureka with the japanese pronunciation i get a huge chicken nugget sorry


eureka 7 is a normime


whats the japanese pronunciation you can just post the kana




the reka seems like the underage part but it so does eu




need to pee need to pee real bad hima


its super underage trust me


i dont trust you for shit you ninjad me


what a underage combination of syllables its unbelievable underage
eureka eureka eureka


think saying that might be my safe word it makes me feel nice just thinking about it


its fantastic isnt it エウレカ might be my favorite utterance ive ever heard




already watched it


does anyone have any cute girl youtube channels like nekoten or glass rose



unbanned my mate go to hell onseki


vargs a pseud stop watching that flapper


File: 1533444117795.jpg (194.67 KB, 736x1104, 1533441167703.jpg)

if you 愛d me you would read it


nice slam jam sympathizer
your betrayal will NOT be forgotten


what slam jam


pinch me



i think the reason trainee girl is how she is currently is because she was mormon
NOT knowing about joing asking about chicken nuggets asking about glory holes all makes sense if youre mormon


she wants it in the arse trust me


what about the mate who posts asking people to join his lobby all the time wasnt his range banned why was it unbanned thats real slam jam


you simply cant ban my main man T dog i wont allow it


there is discord among the sbers its time to choose sides


flip that assless idiot tbag


File: 1533444407083.jpg (548.96 KB, 1339x1148, josh and the trevornauts.jpg)


NOT really i think theyre just joking around


the last post on the sb is pnig talking about his payout


what in the hell was chadtrev thinking with that hairstyle its unbelievable


no its "im flapper"


oh yeah my mistake youre right


where my rackhousers at


classic sber topkek memepost


she asked if i ride with any friends wish onseki would help me out am i missing flags


oh no scoob


tired as flip because im a flip


just realized you could probably go to a run down part of a city spot some nasty looking blacks shoot them dead and then call 911 and say you were just being robbed and had to defend yourself


yeah you could but why would you want to step into coontown to begin with


gonno report that post



i shall now morph good night everyone havent read the last 60 posts but i will when i wake up


night bud



cant believe im out of wine already gonno lie down and watch some 'me i guess


bye gonno morph too bye


is anyone there


ya im playing ddog


File: 1533447246151.webm (3.95 MB, 800x450, Mananacchio.webm)


flapperlaughing hard


sigh aNOTher day wasted trying to find the sb


do you know the login and password even if you find it you cant just access it


i dont know either its part of my quest


it gives a 404 error randomly as well for sme reason


tooth is hurting hard


is hibagon real


ran into a chimera and had to leave neetblog to die sigh


baste uli


lots of weird posts on hima tonight


highlight them


highlight them


nah im too lazy


is dragon dogs mate still here




whats up


im playing the first dmc and i flipping pinch


im playing the blops4 beta


might fish up a storm once i get tired of saving qr codes


raged and threw the controller at the wall


cant stop watching this


couldnt even watch it once because it was boring as flip


got a new roadblog skin






anyone home


only one on hima sigh


im here hima i was just thinking about you


how come you werent posting


too tired and comfy im drifting into the neetzone


hope delicate raindrops is ok


flip that fat chink whore


gonno go morph hima 愛 you




im playing blops4


she found a nice rich husband


havent jod in a few days


think im starting to lose my attraction to women


youre ascending



woke up hey hima gonno have some pasta


you cant wake up now its morph time


its okay ill morph again in a few hours


missed this serm sigh


wish i had some pasta right about now


dont you ever get tired of pasta


no NOT really


foot itches


go to hell itcher




how do i get vice to make a documentary about me


cant believe hiro is trying to make a virtual youtuber




same its hard


woke up with a headache


File: 1533484182560.jpg (293.99 KB, 1920x1080, dark sided.jpg)

that mates a dweeb if they interviewed me i would show them true terror and why they should fear incels



File: 1533484544178.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)



that interviewer wouldnt last a second in turts aura


trainee girl left her book here yesterday its politics for dummies


how do i train in banner creation


himako is dead now and onseki is lazy so no new banners will ever be added


File: 1533491730010.jpeg (1.87 MB, 4032x3024, BD8ACAAB-B056-40C2-825A-FC1424962170.jpeg)


post the banners you want added on /fun/ in a new thread and ill get to them


fat flip


nice bulk


the calories go straight to my brain


goat boss called and said he had to tell black mate to come to his store because trainee girl and black mate are fighting


now i got a call at my store asking if a white girl worked here
cunnilingus damnit black mate


File: 1533493502573.jpg (591.31 KB, 1095x1645, 1533472298302.jpg)


is she going to get snapped or something


phew nice


statistically blacks are much likelier to take part in snap or violent crime in general so its possible


i had two more burgs after that i am very full now didnt eat all those pringles even feel like an old fashioned lay down


youll never make it with that attitude youve got to eat big to get big


sitting in The Bosss lazyboy chair oh man this is nice
funny how both be and my The Boss prefer to pretty much be laying on our backs when were interneting


got a call from a blocked number asking if a white girl worked here and that the lady on the other end would like to file a police report against trainee girl because she calls customers niggers then asked when she would be here and said she would keep coming here each day until trainee girl was here and would call the police on her

called and told goat boss and he said he had to tell black mate to leave the store with trainee girl and come to his store for the day

then i got a call from scape boss and he asked what happened then said in all actuality its probably black mates girlfriend who called me


flipping hate coons ban black mate


they cant fire him now it would be on the news and social media would light up over it and all the water stores would have to offer free water to niggers


going for a walk with dad


theres a certain type of coon that acts like black mate the kind that just have to make things hard for themselves and everyone around them simply for the sake of it
probably a combination of being raised by single black mothers and black privilege just thinking theyll glide through life because whitey owes them


all he does is complain and rage and claim racism
first he asks for more money because hes using so much gas driving then he rages at scape boss because his check was 5 hours late and he was expecting more and asked what the tax rate was despite him just setting it up two weeks ago

he gets very defensive when hes corrected and doesnt like being corrected by trainee girl thats why he filed a formal complaint against her through scape boss saying she was telling him that he was wrong in front of customers

if shes moved here more permanently ill train her real good about many things then the blame can fall on me for her knowledge and actions and black mate will have to take it up with me and he wont be able to play the race card then


gonno finish organizing the back scape boss said he wanted to make this store the storage hub so he brought like 50 boxes then at the audit yesterday he said the back had too many boxes despite him bringing them


baste black mate
i hope he gets trainee roast fired


if he dos that then who will i flip


im posting on hima from manjaro its NOT that great


File: 1533498154923.jpg (41.7 KB, 540x270, 1533313614057.jpg)


good morning hima


arch is baste as hell


i have never had sex


back from the walk saw a mate with a brand new cbr650f working on the back wheel think he got a flat tire or something


cars pinch


thats a motorcycle


its all cars to me


i remember really wanting a bike in like 2016 and i thought it would make sense to buy a 250 and work my way up to a 400 then a 600 and maybe a 1000 at some point
dont really see much point in that since the cost difference isnt that much between a 250 and 600 in the grand scheme of things


The Boss always said bikers are reflappered


NOThin wrong with being reflappered



1994 was 24 years ago


so what


jesus was born 2018 years ago sigh


thats when he died he was born before that