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have some aloha spirit


i have a graphic memory of things i dont want to remember then i cant remember the important stuff


i overjuiced my sub because it had no cheese and now im regretting


spermed to kids


were they slavic girls


you are like a baby
watch this


my woodcutting level is now 100


baste as hell


no they were nips


sigh got left behind in the last thread


File: 1529266489455.webm (270.41 KB, 1280x720, snap.webm)


never had my picture taken before


nice aNOTher ken thread thats great





good day to be sporting the reverse print


wish i had an aloha shirt


hit up ross


purging out the scum


is this the thread


File: 1529269333011.jpg (86.99 KB, 1200x848, DZCvA4yUQAEgHEX.jpg)


my zulrah kc is now 1


lets use this one


its 10000 years too early to use futari lollies thread


you little boys enjoying your dead board


File: 1530660025818.jpg (1.51 MB, 4096x3072, DgwvQwyVMAAcYwP.jpg)

feelin it


do you have a box cutter license to conceal carry it


no but i carry it anyway


gonno eat some corn flakes


have such a gotdamn goofy face thats why nobody takes me seriously




File: 1530660781803.jpg (307.28 KB, 2831x2123, DSC_23.jpg)



File: 1530660921362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.27 KB, 806x562, 1517518954483.jpg)


turt has a real film noir look


ready for aNOTher reading sesh


fire up the megamix


ask the trainee girl if she wants to know how you got those scars


i am my scars


we compared scars and injuries on the first day so she already knows how i got my scars


i always forget about the scar on my face when people ask about scars


wish i only had one eye so i could wear a nice eyepatch


whats stopping you from wearing one anyways


people would call me out on it


why would they do that


freak shouldve started wearing an eyepatch before he started his new job


i wore glasses for the first week at the water store then they broke and i have been without them ever since because nobody will give me recommendations on frames


simply to seal the tyrants freak eyes power



i told you to get homu frames


you mean remilia frames


sometimes forget im a manbaby and this is already the second longest job ive ever held


File: 1530663203900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)

how can you forget


nevermind its third of like eight




nice chuunitron




he sounds like a leprechaun


he mates woke up and got left behind while reading


you know the drill


absolutely gonno make some coffee and jo


extra cream in that coffee


all ive got is soymilk no cream


nice soymate


onseki activate the scot filter



Babylon USA coming July 4th to Youtube


hell yeah


people always told me be careful of what you do dont go around breaking young girls hearts


how young


six to nine


just installed overwatch


alright made some coffee gonno play some dota


you need to adopt the 7-eleven range


time for some mj


gonno listen to off the wall


play some hots instead


good range


if i buy overwatch will you teach me how to play



ive got overwatch but i havent played in like a year it pinches


nah die mobanorm


me too


never played overwatch but if i did id be a genji main


im a hammond main


whos the biggest fattest character id main him


i only know about the characters that are in hots sorry



because im a big blob of worthless waste


dont stop till you get enough


store did 1130 today seems like a lot for a tuesday


that would be roadblog


open your own water store and you cna make that much every day


thats what i thought but i wasnt sure


die sushi chefblog


there are margins of at least 56% for everything in here
trainee girls store did 800 today




nice number choice


scape boss is actually the one who sets the prices so he was telling me all about it


simply tell him to double the price and you will make twice as much


anyone else always used the disabled stall in public bathrooms



yeah its larger and has a sink to piss in


never seen a disabled stall with a sink


is cam here


File: 1530668605641.jpg (22.77 KB, 480x298, 1530668429377.jpg)



just saw a mate in an aloha shirt he was staring at me was that you


that was me sorry




raging at these fireworks norms


hima i need help should i get 2 16oz pot pies for 2.48 each or 1 45oz pot pie for 7.66


what kind of pot pie


wheres the new thread


were in it rager


cant wait until my dad gets home from work so we can shoot off some fireworks


boycotting this thread


doctor says ill never walk again


never walked in the first place


im incel


dad ate my tuna


i cant wait


cant wait for what


im just cel


to fucc myself



the pot pie is cooking


did you get the big one


no i got 2 smaller ones so i could get one beef and one chicken and have one today and the other tomorrow


gonno fire up the ac and coldmorph


gonno grab my blankie and have a warmmorph



nice bogan


kitty is sniffing my eye







just NOTiced that in the weighted shoes scene lalas shoes dont even fit i think thats a fetish some people have where they really like seeing sexy ladies wearing high heels that dont fit


File: 1530673635052.jpg (81.17 KB, 369x600, ac073ecd53dd036c0bfcf6525b56e7d4.jpg)



its because sexy ladies often wear their The Bosss high heels around the house


1:01 is my favorite part


the part where theyre both laying down waiting for a mate to come by and sperm in their mouths


sigh asthma attack and cant find mmy inhaler


just vape


drink some hot water


remember july 3rd last year being louder


flip you sagenorm


thinking about starting a channel where i make pcs from second hand parts like the bogan but NOT sure if its worth it


die sagenorm


worried about the walmart mate he never gave any updates did emma snapped him


butt hurts


worry about my himamates all the time please keep yourselves safe


File: 1530674722837.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 310x175, 1523067602433.gif)



just had a drip of isopropyl alcohol hoo boy thats the stuff


gonno clean the kitchen then its time to start drinkin


burnt me hand and now im cryin hard


checked the other store i go to and goat boss did 848 today


File: 1530675358125.jpg (226.31 KB, 720x800, 16ceb914551d8cf4d08e5822ea1dc22d.jpg)

why are skinny arms and large hands underage


whatever happened to trout


sigh kitty hasnt stopped yowling since he got put in the net


let him out


i belong in a net


i think this mate might be trying to appeal to special interest groups by having his daughter in so many videos lately


gonno cry


cried a lot yesterday ive got no tears left


no more tears to cry for im incel


told trainee girl that im incel she said she can help me out


File: 1530676594347.jpg (56.48 KB, 500x731, tumblr_inline_n9osanK6e91qb7lum.jpg)


how can i laugh like this


i have yaoi hands


i have yayoi hands


gonno have some gorgonzola on toast


get a beef pie


tummy ache need to shite




gross stop




still shittin


feel nice and full hima think im gonno morph soon and sleep in tomorrow


gonno incel


File: 1530678864386.png (45.12 KB, 1053x699, Half_a_meat_pie_detail.png)




File: 1530679675631.jpg (1.57 MB, 3602x3997, fheqos99xt711.jpg)

nice dotabirl


been lighting a candle each night to burn while i sleep it smells really good and it gives a lot of light


is that a real girl


stupid bitch




File: 1530680427511.png (Spoiler Image, 668.65 KB, 960x1280, 2da527ec4455c696e0ea6de24ab282b9.png)


why is the one on the right censored


leona west is a boy


gonno perform the ritual


its almost like im part of a group of japanese schoolgirls flappering out in a room and eating ice cream


wish i had ice cream


hate ice cream




whats NOT to like


flip you mates ice cream is delicious


they are lactose intolerant minorities




im NOT lactose intolerant i just flipping hate ice cream


gonno fire up a rootbeer float now


cant believe turt never answered my question whats his problem


think i have cancer


i am a lactose intolerant white male


how white are you


half malaysian




saw a spider flying through my room on its web so i smacked the little flipper into the wall


was it a vibrating daddy


it looked like a generic


imagine being described as generic give that spider some respect


i vibrate when im angry


vibrating daddies arent a thing


i am a generic npc


are commonly called daddy long-legs spider, granddaddy long-legs spider, carpenter spider, daddy long-legger, or vibrating spider


they are just daddy long legs


愛 vibrating daddies got thousands of em


they are vibrating spiders and daddy long legs so they are vibrating daddy spiders


all classes except warlocks got new spells and animations in legion and now warlocks are getting theirs in the new expansion i dont like it


the norms caused this pain


wish i was a wownorm


fire it up



whats stopping you




might have to jerk it to kids again


no ones making you


the kids are


gonno become a cooper


i swore my allegiance to scape many years ago


its good since im gonno play a warlock


if i was a warlock id summon a underage succubus and flip her


whatchu know about that


i want to play it in bfa because theyre bringing back shadowbolt for affliction and making it feel how it used to but its going to pinch because there is no way its going to be as tanky as it is right now

might play paladin or priest or warrior FLIP every other class out there


oh and theyre bringing back drain life


the only classes i play are warlock warrior shaman and sometimes druid im gonno make a kul tiran druid and boost it because the forms look cool


the only classes i play are incel


if i were going to play druid i dont know if i would go zandalari or kul tiran
if i can make one of those skinny kul tirans then i would just do that but if NOT then the allure of becoming a dinosaur is too great to pass up
my zandalari troll would be named jurassicpark or dinochicken nugget or something else dumb


got a pack of flour sack towels you know what im using them for


no i dont


i dont even know what a flour sack towel is let alone what youd use one for


File: 1530683825163.jpeg (389.98 KB, 1195x1600, image (24).jpeg)

History of the Flour Sack Towel: Flour sack towels were commonly the only towels available in the home. After the flour was scooped out of the flour sack, the sack would be laundered and bleached, skillfully cut, hemmed and then put to many household uses . Flour sacks would be used in homes as kitchen towels, cleaning and polishing cloths, diapers and as underclothing.


why NOT just buy a regular towel


hes flapper


File: 1530684833981.mp3 (9.02 MB, 03. Reasoning with Coffee.mp3)


File: 1530685133907.jpg (313.3 KB, 1600x1200, 1520974779682.jpg)

sexy ladiess


middle one is asking for it


so am i


you're sick


can i have the left one



think i might sign up for one of those big warehouse stores so i can but stuff in bulk im looking at the website now and ice cream drumsticks are up there for $7 for 16 or 96 tampons for $12


what do you need tampons for


just unleashed the camembert and chardonnay


he stopped posting the day before


wish i could stay up but i must morph


File: 1530685870363.mp3 (4.34 MB, 01 necomimi_spacenoid.mp3)


rest well friend


File: 1530686132770.flac (15.4 MB, 11 Speed 2.flac)


File: 1530686282486.flac (6.36 MB, 05 Maigo no Koneko.flac)


its a flac slam jam




flac is a meme




the norms push flac on people to force them to buy larger disks


The Bosss makin cauliflower soup




but i like cauliflower soup


still dont know the difference between broccoli and cauliflower


File: 1530689321555.jpg (89.12 KB, 1280x720, snapshot_05.44_[2018.07.04_00.28.16].jpg)

she looks so happy...


yes she does but that image is still disgusting


how so it's beautiful





nice techmoan


nice there was a kjv for it


ate too much sorbet




go to hell


The Bosss going to abort me


got left behind nobody posted last post


eatin a big bowl of cauliflower soup hb


do you want my cauliflower soup recipe


i dont see why NOT


goodnight hima 愛 you mates


have a good sleep


shat showered shaved spermed and now i morph


nigger water?


hi hima hows it going


stay up for 14 hours please


sigh i hit my head hard i think im flapper now


welcome to the club


Japan: The Ideal Ethnostate?


File: 1530709236901.gif (1.86 MB, 239x318, 1530682667347.gif)


woke up slippery


File: 1530713893634.jpg (133.11 KB, 942x575, 1530711270140.jpg)

onseki in the front the rest of us standing around in the background


i flap therefore i am





nice арина


im incel




The Boss got me some hemp oil


that anime loving girl who was banned is back shes wearing the same thing


ban the sexy lady


ever since i hit my head ive been a lot happier i think it cured my depression



why cant i have a weeb russian sexy lady gf its NOT fair


its simple just go to a poor russian village find a poor russian sexy lady and buy her from her poor family


gonno jo


jerk it to kids


gonno jo to the one with glasses


NOT feeling so good after hitting my head im pretty sure i feel pressure building up


i should be put to death


i deserve a fate worse than death


isp technician coming




to upgrade my plan


i got an upgrade right here


File: 1530723997410.jpg (242.17 KB, 757x1200, DhRsm1BU8AAMlvo.jpg)

happy birthday america


whats hima doing for fourth of july


you know


File: 1530725353046.jpg (1.77 MB, 2225x1440, 1530714059720.jpg)

the buds must be nipped


the nips must be budded


nip me


im baste im baste im baste im cunnilingusdamn baste


sigh cranberry


she want flip


i have no soul


bored as hel


File: 1530730020246.jpg (346.82 KB, 1478x1108, 1530728224587.jpg)


watch this bro


watch empire of dirt instead


spermed to cranberry


you neetblog how dare you


im pregnant




and its NOT yours


baste varg


flip varg


she wants it


dont know where i should set up my computer


gonno fire up zone of the enders


i got a zone for you to fire up


File: 1530733984626.jpg (180.73 KB, 1920x1080, a.jpg)


gonno snoze


me too


why wont turt answer my question


because usually by the time i read it was over 100 posts ago and i dont want to interrupt new conversation


stop mutating


File: 1530736050696.png (824.33 KB, 1280x720, [Davinci] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 24 [720p]….png)



just woke up hey hima hows it hangin


got diarrhea and had to shower again its the third shower today





in your room i guess


spermed by accident sorry


shat shaved and showered


NOThing like a good relaxing hot shower



finished morphing


just when i think linus couldnt possibly make a more obnoxious thumbnail he outdoes himself yet again


in the mood for some onion rings


n Germany, your grade for a course is entirely dependent on your final exam grade. NOThing else is graded, and if you fail that one exam you fail the whole course. But if you fail an exam and want to try again the next semester, you don't have to retake the course, you just have to retake the exam.

any germmates know if this is right


File: 1530737646748.jpg (73.21 KB, 720x960, xji1cy1aiy711.jpg)


go ask meromin


call me beep me if you wanna reach me


never understood how beepers worked


he deleted my posts when i asked about bavaria so i wont try again


die meronorms


turt what do you think about bde


愛 how basted t owned those meronorms off of his site all those years ago


i dont know what that is


stop lying you stay on top of all the latest r9k memes


t is baste but he lives a bleak existence ota admin is more basted


hope teenmin is safe and happy today



nice otalad


just looked into it apparently its a positive term describing someone who is arrogant has NOThing to do with r9k

i doubt the otamin isnt a program its impossible for a human site admin to NOT go mad with power


未来が眩しくて見えない learn some german an actual useful language unlike otakunese lmao


ive never heard about this thing before either


nice 愛 a good content creator who cant even pronounce basic words correctly



if someone mentioning it on r9k makes it r9k then now that its been mentioned on hima does that make it hima


no because its a norm term so by default its tied to r9k


can we move on


just wanted turts opinion on it


hima is a normboard


NOThing says norm like a group of peds and neets jerking it to drawings of kids


the neets are instinct and statistically speaking most peds are norms




im still a neet


hima peds are seperate from the mass of norm peds


im permaneet


how are himapeds any different


if you have to ask you will never know


took three years of german in high school and havent used it since then


ich bin ein neetblog


File: 1530739533559.jpg (79.84 KB, 800x800, Dg37Ao0W0AA8f-_.jpg)


nice yuka


thanks for killing the thread


isp mate is finally gone


did he upgrade it


ive got something for you to upgrade right here


making aNOTher cake


ya got 70 mbps down and 10 up now




cool intro hehe


and the dead lay in pools of maroon below


maybe ill stream on the weekend


should i stream an evening walk along the canals in a few hours




is it ok to like spanish girls


booted up the jazz fusion gonno make tacos


watch this


The Boss cooked pine nuts


turt have you seen saiki kusuo


turt are you seeing this


he got offended by the bde posts and left for the day


die r9k


i dont understand japanese


should i make burgs or bacon sandwiches


what about bacon burgs


im NOT cooking both thats too much effort


cook the bacon and then cook the burgs in the bacon fat and then throw the bacon away or give it to the dog/sis/The Boss


just put the bacon in the burg


thats pretty extravagant


okay theres two options bacon sandwiches or burgs pick one and NOT a combination of the two please


whats wrong with bacon in burgs


never had a bacon sandwich


NOThings wrong with it i just dont want to cook both bacon and burgs


if you put the bacon in the burgs then you only have to cook one


that would be a bacon sandwich


do NOT do that beef needs to cook to 295f and bacon needs to cook to 225f AND it wont get crispy inside the burg


File: 1530747620679.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1600, __tiffy_original_drawn_by_fast_runner_2024__80….png)


just make some pasta instead


flip it im just gonno make burgs


going to have waffles for dinner



please buy this sushi bar and play with me thankyou


just bought dmc 1-4


cake is finally done gonno eat it all and then start doing something


watching this while i eat



hope you get the remake with boost you dante afterward


i cant afford it sorry


sigh ok can you afford arcana heart 3 愛 maxx or melty blood


sion told me to stop playing melty


i only have $2.35 in my bank account is that enough


this is the closest ill get to old wow pvp videos


what about runescape pvp videos


burg time


runescape videos dont have emotional music and good direction



invite sion and zunbar to hima


File: 1530748965621-0.jpg (411.62 KB, 1280x1808, 19.jpg)

File: 1530748965621-1.jpg (387.21 KB, 1119x1600, arcanajuice3_007.jpg)

File: 1530748965622-2.jpg (286.06 KB, 1114x1600, arcanajuice2_026.jpg)

愛 arcana heart


hell yeah


main dorothy


the cake is gone that was good as always


if you cant play as hideyoshi then whats even the point im NOT paying for this



flip sco


who cares about this norm wheres my boy asmongold






this will cheer you up


i think ill set up my computer in the living room so i can set up a face cam easier for streaming


gonno poop


hopping malls and large supermarkets in Japan also have people to bag your umbrella if it's raining or snowing outside before entering so you don't have a wet umbrella to be careful of and they don't have as much water on their floors

this true mates




where do you live that doesnt have umbrella holders or bags


hate asmoshit


hes baste


File: 1530751974614.jpg (99.42 KB, 1007x466, image.jpg)



The Boss told me to come out and say hi to family



ban this norm pie eating contestant NOW
ban this reflapper too if you want to talk to turt go to discord with the other teens


gehraz found a girl from r9k on omegle and after 4 years of correspondence and effort including a 8 hour drive to be stood up he did finally manage to get a pity flip



i deserve a pity boost


feel bad for that girl


trainee girl said she would give me a pity boost


onseki gives the girls at work pity boosts


File: 1530753273834.jpg (5.75 KB, 96x96, photo.jpg)


wonder if sexy ladies give pity boosts too


gonno jerk it to cranberry again


dont think there are any women apart from The Boss that even remember i exist


dont jo to my gf



5 PCs for 5 UNDERPRIVILEGED Kids - Part 1 - The Builds

crying again


if she didnt want men to jo to her why would she make a new account after being banned and then wear the exact same thing and slide one side of her shirt over her shoulder to show millions of men her naked shoulder


brother is coming over to watch a movie hes bringin the brewskis


if im NOT sitting straight back on the toilet my penis dips into the water



shes innocent and naive you wouldnt understand


im the fletchblog


nice fletchblog


need to shite


me too but The Bosss doing yoga in the lounge room


baste The Boss





gonno pop a cold one with the boys



neighbor set of dinky fireworks and The Boss called the cops on them


nice The Boss owned those norms


fireworks are legal here


fireworks are an affront to cunnilingus


when The Bosss away the neets come out to play


File: 1530756687280.png (703.47 KB, 953x1408, 66459ba30ec8117ed126d1276db7118b.png)


what should my scope name be


File: 1530757021683.jpg (120.96 KB, 1920x818, The.Thin.Red.Line.1998.1080p.BluRay.DTS.x264-H….jpg)




first name: chris
last name: bacon
middle initial: p


tired of all this booming


File: 1530758074570.png (559.34 KB, 616x1149, 1490225976366.png)


dog is flappering out because of the fireworks


going to revert to zygote form and try again


never seen fireworks whats it like


File: 1530758447053.jpg (108.72 KB, 1000x878, 1526233841513.jpg)


when should i stream


im neet


booted up 2 more tacos


big sigh



whoops i read that as what should i stream nevermind




File: 1530760173444.jpg (94.62 KB, 708x1000, IMG_20171211_153713.jpg)


whats he gonno do


break the lightbulb in her kitty


time for my annual eureka seven rewatching


got the cute popura banner


watch darling in the franxx instead its basically eureka seven but from the point of view of dominic and the pink haired girl


you mean anemone






dont know how to link as im streaming so i think this is a link to my account im starting the evening walk stream now


i dont come to hima often but i just wanted to wish you all a happy fourth of july friends i hope you all eat lots of delicious foods


flip you amerinorm



i hope you eat lots of delicious foods and get fatte anyway


its a lot darker than i thought maybe i should just try tomorrow


guess ill go home for the night


hella loud mates i had a 60 degree open viewing angle and i saw at least 8 nice firework displays on top of thunder and lightning racing across the sky it was non stop light show epic as boost


any naked sexy lady streams?


just had a deep fart


cranberry sent me a private stream


does anyone want to play battlefield with me on jp servers


post some cool new art my mate


battlefield pinches


when is the hima yoga meeting


messed around with the gopro it was actually a pain to get the telemetry working i eventually had to find an old copy of dashware to use
i forgot to change the speedometer gauge to go higher than 50mph and the g meter isnt real its basted off of your speed/radius of curve so its inaccurate

i couldnt get it to work right at all on the cbr my phone couldnt get good enough satellite reception from my jacket


cool first two videos


i dont think turt has bde


turt has a bad case of babydick and acts like it too


i think one weeknight ill tape my phone to the gas tank of the cbr and do a top speed run like i did in the 944 probably wont bother wearing any gear because at that speed no amount of protection is going to do you much good

i dont have anything norms want


this looks realer than real


back from my evening walk a group of sexy ladies passed me from behind on the canal path and one of them was looking back at me as she passed
im sweaty as heck im going to shower and get a drink


she thought you were gross


she sensed bde


just realized bipedalism is a proper argument against vegnorms


dont know why but i think i would like that more than if she thought the opposite
maybe because in everyday life rarely are people openly rude or act grossed out
for example i really liked how that br teengirl from younow a few years ago constantly called me an idiot and said she hated me and would most of the time just ignore me


blue cheese has MOLD in it


cheese is mold idiot


wrong its the coagulated milkfat solids its essentially partially digested milk which is why they use enzymes from the stomachs of calves to make cheese




its also why when youre making cheese it looks very very similar to infant vomit


thats what makes it good


they call me the moldblog


wish i could go for a ride with turt


wish turt would ride me


just doused my steak in a1 hooooooo boy


im reflappered


steaks should NOT be doused with anything


File: 1530768313738.jpg (632.93 KB, 1136x640, 1520908325476.jpg)

chicken nugget


File: 1530768712657.png (3.65 MB, 1426x2048, 11.png)

chicken nugget




you know how sometimes people say their grandfathers died in wars or in a shootout or somehow had their life ended prematurely

how did they have sons if they died before becoming old


glad to meet a fellow reflapper


teenage pregnancy


gonno groan


NOT sure how i feel about this


im a bored jaypee boy


should i jo




that was fast thanks


drank 3 blogweisers but im still bored


simply make a jo sandwich for sis



ano... dare deshitaka


how will turt ever recover from this loss


should i watch babylon usa


watch babylon five


brothers still here gonno see if i can convince The Boss to buy me wine soon


mission successful its wine time hima


hope your liver fails drunkard


big sigh


thats an awful thing to say to someone


you deserve it wino


im gonno learn to NOT rage


gonno morph


watch this first


im all out of hotsauce you know what that means hima it means tomorrow is the day where i get to make more hotsauce


had to look up how to turn fractions into decimals im truflapper


dont understand people who 'dont get math'


dont turn fractions into decimals


im 56/100


i bet the creeps caused this


hi hima woek up hows it goinggg


hey NOT bad drinking up a storm




ate a big bunch of olives hehe


i couldnt get one even if i wanted to


my total level is now 2200


w00t gratz @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@



i was once the most powerful neet on the planet




nice theyre adding a 2200 world


no they arent


pretty drunk gonno morph now night hima


sleep well and stop drinking on weekdays


its okay im quitting tomorrow anyway


sigh dont lie to me


i never tell a lie


just forget it


im NOT falling for any tricks anymore i see the truth and ill end this on my own terms


its time to nip it all in the bud


nip me


big sigh wish i could shoot meself in the head


time to prepare the exit bag


my goal is to life for as long as possible


quality over quantity its best to die early as a chad like zyzz than to live for 100 years as a shriveled up incel


im NOT incel


its hard being a reflapper


yeah its flippin hard as hell




File: 1530800599076.png (30.04 KB, 491x102, c8715428e0d5678b0da1a7c1aa66fc7c.png)



that part near the end of the trigun anime where wolfwood talks about how he wishes he could have lived an easier life i empathize with that scene


cunnilingusd boostINg damnit


you didnt even know zyzz


die runeheal


i knew him and herkz did i ever tell you that


im chestbrah


what the fuck is chestbrah


cant believe that im literally a boosting reflapper


shut upppp



just murder me


gonno sleep for real now hima hopefully a solution will come during my sleep


rest well


nice buritan nice fish


are her front teeth concaved or pointed




favorite miku song is news39


im incel


in tears cause of the norms


in tears cause of the...


the water store is open for business


the norms have to die


i have to die


saw too many mirrors at the glasses store now i feel sick


The Boss got me a new inhaler gonno puff


oh flip hima boss wants me to fly to headquarters in two weeks and stay 10 days there in a hotel i might just kill meself this time


got a big breakfast dont know why i never had one before


please do


the norms...


been mutating breakfast for the past months



breakfast is the most important meal of the day


hate when they send people to the hq i dont like having to stand up over and over to shake hands with people i dont care about


sweating breathing hard cause of the pain the norms inflict on my mind


they dont want to shake hands with you either dont worry


File: 1530812315831.png (491.47 KB, 500x783, SI41MaE.png)


thought that was shoenice


going to name my youtube channel niceshoe


going in for aNOTher crack at kali



hate when you eat and it makes you hungrier than before you bothered


read the manual


nice extra big paycheck from the water store today


wish i could take it easy all day at the water store


i now weigh 190 pounds




i weigh 129 pounds


nice gril


never eat shredded wheat


saw a black mate in a tesla now thats a rare sight


hes a baste black man


finished morphing


gonno morph


miss being a neet and morphing whenever i wanted


thanks just had a big bowl of pasta to celebrate




File: 1530826182540.jpg (1.35 MB, 1125x1500, 93f50d6e4f06e4737206abcdc7df94d9.jpg)





gonno vom



sneak disser thats that shit i dont like


the boss of scape boss is here with me again and said that trainee girl is mad that i sell more than she does


they rented me a flat and bought my tickets guess im really going now hima save me


youre lying


what is it for even


im NOT lying he went to get lunch hes trying to find people who arent part of the residential water system so he can market to them


i kind of hope her first impression of me is of a loser and that she really cant believe i do more than she does but its probably just her being competitive because we are both new hires


her first impression is 'uh oh total creep alert'


wish i was part of the water cabal


my coin level is now 10m


i hope so but somehow i think NOT just because of how she acts around me


know a mate that now has a coin level of 0



just woke up sigh


spilled water im flapper


thats coming out of your paycheck


im NOT waterstoremate


holy flipping boost by why warner mates


jojo is for teens


im teen




depressing to see a hags old sexy lady photos and think about what my lgf will become


my lgf doesnt age


had a dream about buying dip hehe


had a dream onsekis name was tyler


my name is skyler



the boss of scape boss is finally gone


why is jojo so cool


a snitch ngga thts tht sht i dnt lk


gonno get aNOTher aloha shirt today


goat boss has a pack of red pills on the counter here


when lucifer was handing out redpills i should have never taken a second dose


ha ha oh ok


The Boss is raging hard gotta put the headphones on


File: 1530834760234.jpg (257.54 KB, 924x594, pill.jpg)


feelin a jo gonno resist


jerked it to cranberry earlier and spermed to my neck


got aNOTher chicken bowl nice rie wasnt in this time it was some teenbro


made two tuna melts heck yea


die tuna melter


i must sperm


tuna is gross


kitty doesnt agree


bored without a chicken nugget


crying hard


need to piss but have no jug


die you neetblog


gonno start putting 1000 into leveraged etfs every month


how do i kill a centipede on the ceiling


File: 1530839027402.jpg (437.66 KB, 1544x2000, DhRJo49UcAAU5IC.jpg)


use something to flick it off of the ceiling and then squish it


stop crying


would a girl like cranberry be interested in seeing a mate sperming




File: 1530839095389.jpg (137.61 KB, 1280x720, 1530737223922.jpg)


did that mate read a sad manga again


dont know how to cry


all girls her age 愛 watching sperm shooting out of a fully erect penis inches in front of their faces


chicken nugget




sushi bar keeps crashing sigh


gonno watch one piece


the only aloha shirt here is this one it has bird of paradise s
flowers on it and its reverse print

should i get it


File: 1530841719192.jpg (132.51 KB, 500x500, 7dd357_1d2a8c1b25384509ad463094ecbf1e15_mv2.jpg)

forgot the picture


File: 1530841874829.jpg (85 KB, 759x1092, 1402543721146.jpg)


stop buying aloha shirts you have enough


i need more i might even buy two today


File: 1530842223511.png (513.19 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo n….png)

sexnorms get out of my video sushi bars


stop wasting money like that when youre on your own when winter comes and you got NOThing but aloha shirts what are you going to do just spend your whole paycheck all over again on warm clothing


its only $10.99


File: 1530842611426.png (63.33 KB, 625x575, e6w.png)

sigh wish we wouldnt get lumped in with sodomites


hope youre maxing your 401k and investing some on the side or else you will never go back to being a neet dont you get it


is it ok if i invest in sexy ladies


they will have bad return in 10 years i guarantee it


401k is dumb


dont even know what a 401k is


time to crack open the wine


so what about the latest Varg video
is he still one of us


die otanorm


File: 1530845083707.jpg (40.3 KB, 500x500, 137501d1366385565-egg-beaters-eggs.jpg)

sigh went to make scrambled eggs but there was only one egg left so i had to pour some of this in to make up for it




NOT from ota


you should only eat the egg whites anyway


baste walbro



the yolk is the best part


its bad for you


the yolk clogs your arteries


my arteries flow like the nile


that doesnt sound like a good thing


think im just gonno fish minnows for 300 hours to get my gp back


its inefficient youre already 99 fishing


i dont have the motivation to do anything that isnt afk


craving dog


is it normal that with each new aloha shirt i get i feel like its my new favorite


simply take a break for a couple of days


ya of course


just preordered 2nd runner M∀RS


why are lunas boobs so well textured compared to everything else


thats the part youll be focusing on the most so it makes sense to spend the most time on them


no thats a waste of bond money


wish to feast on a dog so juicy sweat


you mean sweet


my dads eaten dog meat he said its okay


yeah sweet


File: 1530849499964.jpg (177.21 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

anyone know where i can find this aloha coat


every since i was young The Boss has told me she desires to dress me like chairman kaga from iron chef so all my clothes are like that


gonno start biting into bell peppers


you wont regret it


blended some genmaicha for tomorrow and im hot brewing it 4.5tbs sencha to 3tbs genmai


gonno watch the addams family


ive got something brewing for you right here in my loins


too bad the ww3 arc wouldnt be done until 2022 at the rate theyre doing things after that the series jumps the shark and becomes too dumb to pay attention to anyway


who cares


anime people


read the lns instead


reading is for incels


im readcel


sigh got a pinched nerve


index hell yeah read the first few lns NOT bad


ive got something for you to pinch right here


what is it


take a guess


i give up whats the answer


super futuristic technologically advanced city and the best he could come up with was windmills gets me every time


close your eyes open your mouth and youll find out


steven universe had new episodes this week ruby & sapphire are getting gay married


why is cunnilingus allowing the sodomites to prosper


need to rewatch season 1 and watch season 2


okay hima im about to make some hotsauce and then im gonno make either bacon sandwiches or burgs and NOT a combination of the two which one should i make this is NOT a drill


theres no cunnilingus here on me the neetblog


tell me a secret


if you want a short answer make the burgs if you want a long answer make the bacon



i see that town


wow did onseki really ban that mate for being incel i guess even hima isnt safe from the norms


thinking about trainee girl telling the boss of scape boss that shes mad i do more sales than she does


wish there were more shotacon girls


exp[lain the answers please


the only way to flip her is to have a higher total level than scape boss i will be your guide


one of the girls in the bookstore was talking about how she only reads manga and "fanfic" and i instantly imagined her joing to fanfiction about luffy flipping tony chopper


slam jam


scape boss doesnt get bonuses for selling stuff its only for normal employees and store managers and hes a general manager
im only $20 behind goat boss


no i meant your runescape total level


i still have NOT started scaping sigh


its never too late


make the burgs if you want something to fill you up now but make the bacon and save the fat and the leftover bacon so you can use it later for your burgs


the burgs and the bacon used would be of equal weight and the other ingredients would also be equal so one would NOT be more filling than the other


wouldnt the burgs be more filling because they have buns


i will be using buns for the bacon sandwiches


chilli dick oh no


he banned him for being an otanorm


File: 1530854905202.png (61.86 KB, 976x1526, 1530850140017.png)

we have an alliance with the otamin


how could you tell that mate was incel is it because he was insufferable


dont start cave diving posting again ill get scared


got 20 (you)s for one post i still got it


link it





how many times do you need to cave dive until youre considered the worlds leading cave diver


until you die



File: 1530855213356.jpg (86.85 KB, 968x681, 1530850859664.jpg)

theyre really in there




lets have a hima cave trip


bangkok hehe


cant believe theres a cave rescue council how often do people get trapped in caves that they needed to form a council


File: 1530855810074.jpg (156.46 KB, 720x960, 1467586580284.jpg)


baste otalad



feeling anxious


do some deep breathing exercises


whatever happened to himastreamer


hes now known as sekimin


why would anyone do this


why NOT


did i ever tell you mates about delta p


pretty sure you told me about it during the cane last year


yeah did i ever tell you mates about why popcorn does NOT get soggy when popcorn butter is added but does get soggy when normal melted butter is used


did you mates ever hear about the mud flood hypothesis


allow me to let you mates know a little secret ive never told anybody about before i used to friends with zyzz and herkz


used to be friends with herkz and zyzz herks has always been insufferable and zyzz was a nice mate before he started going to thailand to flip children


gonno flip a coin heads its burgs tails its bacon sandwiches


having a hard time imagining bacon sandwiches is the bacon back bacon or belly bacon


still dont know the difference between a burg and a sandwich


bacon sandwiches it is havent flipped a coin in years hehe


youre coming with us whether you like it or NOT


post the classic cave one


always thought that it would be incredibly fun to swim in a part of the ocean with crystal clear water no deeper than 15-20 feet unfortunately those areas are exceedingly rare


ive got a good friend named nick who shares the same dream NOT sure if ive ever posted about him on hima


glad that i share a dream with uli


did i ever tell you mates that when you crack an egg youre supposed to tap it against a flat surface and NOT the edge or a bowl or anything like that




File: 1530857705706-0.jpg (51.71 KB, 768x1024, 1434176261526.jpg)

File: 1530857705706-1.jpg (200.4 KB, 1200x712, 1417311718682.jpg)


its a safety thing its so the outside of the shell doesnt get pushed inward and come in contact with the part that you eat




cant believe The Boss let them cut off part of my penis and inject me with autism when i was too young to protect myself


you should get an aloha shirt


i dont invest in fads


your bde will never increase with that attitude


still holding in my shit sigh


stop doing that its how the sexy lady in the first exorcist movie died


stream it


sorry i meant the poltergeist NOT the exorcist


did that in croatia was a blast


File: 1530858217503.jpg (70.06 KB, 1024x759, 656e10dce7f9c7a98c0b5676e461e618.jpg)


go to hell croat


nice croatia


gonno do something drastic if i refresh and see aNOTher flipping smut banner


only 2 days until tanabata


whats tanabata


bacon sandwiches were absolutely the right choice thanks hima theyre fantastic


File: 1530858515872.jpg (872.72 KB, 1564x1024, 6d9dbe66340a0c840bd9f0f03131c345.jpg)


tanabata is when kyon went back in time to flip haruhi when she was 9 years old and kickstart her interest in dicks and penises


my imam said eating bacon is haram



wish i could break into a school with a sexy lady and use a field marker to write in an alien language on a hot summer night


boy i dont understand a word you just said


i cant understand this shit theyre NOT speaking english


you know


wish i could kiss kyon no imouto every day


still get goosebumps when i watch the haruhi series especially when its one of the nagato parts


never understood haruhi think i watched it in the wrong order


File: 1530858920419-0.jpg (110.79 KB, 669x751, kumamon rides a horse.jpg)

File: 1530858920419-1.jpg (35.18 KB, 338x345, kumamon rides another horse.jpg)


they call me the kumablog


the original airing order was out of chronological order you should try it again but in the proper order


dont listen to that mate hes reflappered


feeling sad again


and no i cant find the unedited version


started crying and the wound was salted with the editing flip you


hold me baby odorouyo sunday




there is no unedited one


haruhi is the most overrated anime ever made im glad the hype has finally waned


idiot its good


madoka is the most overrated anime


always thought darker than black was the most overrated


actually started crying at 2:34


no one talks about darker than black anymore it cant be that overrated


File: 1530859348436.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530854278917.webm)

going to learn how to speak sexnorm


just activated the megamix


cant find the scene where kyon is stranded in the past and asks nagato for help and shes waiting in her apartment wearing the same clothes and says that she will be waiting for a couple more years until the start of the main timeline events


wouldnt mind having either version of a yuki gf


how long are candles supposed to last ive gone through two 17oz candles in the past week




hes an occultnorm


its plumeria scented it reminds me of my home on the ala wai canal


where the flip did all these posts come from


what posts


The Boss confiscated my best athame


i remember when this unusual crab showed up one day it made headlines for weeks


that is one unusual crab


gonno invest in death runes


i used to be rank 23 in defense sigh


i used to be a ghost


eidh i liked anime


bored as hell gonno morph


wish i was a cool drug lord or a serial killer


its NOT that great


i could easily be the greatest serial killer of all time if i felt like it


imagine putting your g愛s on and twiddling your knife while listening to noir guitar tracks


just solved kryptos



can you use a scythe


愛 ateji



愛 this song


im dunkelheit


drank a few glasses of wine with The Boss and then she said i could pour myself a g and t so i took the liberty of making it a triple thanks The Boss


i talked to barzini


had a few glasses of wine with The Boss and one thing let to aNOTher


what did it lead to in the end


watching some iron chef


gonno race mix


have fun


you could make your own pnig doing that


told The Boss i wanted a 12 year old gf


howd she take it


NOT good


need to convince a misanthropic chink to mate with me and birth a son that would surely be the deadliest incel to ever walk the earth


The Boss and i never had the talk


gonno sleep now i 愛 you mates


The Boss gave me the talk when i was 30


was it about getting a job


what a coincidence listening to a anderson serm and hes talking about the importance of the talk


post that serm



just spotted a korean lady on the 2nd row at fwbc



sigh i was doing wildy slayer and got smited for my slayer helm i




whenever i listen to the song a day in the life i always sing the lyrics as made my way upstairs and had a stroke instead of had a smoke


/a/ mod banned me from all boards for a day


im incel


die incel


im volincel


sigh you flappers posted way too much since last night


i had a dream about nagato



File: 1530896036616.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1072, [HorribleSubs] Island - 01 [1080p] 00:01:39.09….png)

hehe this show is off to a great start




die noice


watch this


File: 1530897238639.jpg (41.04 KB, 750x1334, DhS-Sr3XcAAE6Jz.jpg)


kitty is morphing on me lap


File: 1530900081546.jpg (382.32 KB, 690x958, 42321b59967b3d9ae0303e9c5a24e74d.jpg)

what sort of emotion does this expression convey





time to jo






i will die joing


huh didnt know about over provisioning


nice ec


File: 1530901326207.jpg (344.98 KB, 630x905, f452d69b8b4662b4625b4e0b08d9bba8.jpg)

what about this expression




the boss of scape boss is here and hes interviewing some black mate i desperately hope hes NOT the mate who will be working under me i would much rather have trainee girl


invite him to hima




no flip this mate i would much rather invite scape boss or trainee girl to hima
scape boss would actually fit right in and trainee girl would only visit hima because to her it would be her only window into an unknown subculture that fills her with disgust


File: 1530904914847.jpg (465.11 KB, 960x805, 6bb0a2881cda6b4e80cad666cd6b6c72.jpg)




how are you going to do a brotha like that


scapin and bossin


scape boss is interviewing others at the slow store today i would much rather get a nice teengirl to work under me


they can probably tell and thats exactly why theyre trying to keep the girls out of your creeping zone


we should start our own water store in the middle of a desert


i dont think i come off as a creep i think people like me becuase they ask my name and ask where im at when im NOT here
big boss came in and asked me what i thought of him all i said is that i didnt even get to talk to him then he went to look out the window to see if he was still out there but he wasnt


woke up hows it hangin hima


sorry for water store posting so early in your day


youre lucky because if he came back in to be introduced to you he would have surely done a weird handshake high five thing and youd have to figure it out


hate black people thank cunnilingus the cops are killing them off


i only do normal white person handshakes


black people are baste


acab brother


basted flipping niggers


hima is toxic


ate chinese


didnt know that aglio e olio is the hardest pasta to make


eatin some vanilla oreos


least to most norwooded


my apartment is right by a really good two layer lasagna store i might pick one up on monday


those are the worst


post just


never had a two layer lasagna whats it like


wish i had an android phone to scape




its NOT that great


File: 1530910970163.jpg (105.65 KB, 1000x562, o (2).jpg)


he boss of scape boss kept calling scape boss with computer problems and eventually scape boss told him to just ask me instead




all those years of ltt and tech vids are gonno pay off now youre the itmate


baste boomer boss


what the flip am i doing with my flipping life


gonno fire up switch girl


made some cold brew hima its delicious


his exact words were "ask him hes an it mate" and then i could hear trainee girl in the background now shes going to think im a creep who jerks it to kids
big boss needed a prinout of a document but the permissions he had would NOT let him copy it or print it so i had to take screenshots and print them out
this boss said trainee girl is on his shit list because she said he looked about 55 and i guess hes only in his 40s


is it cold brew tea or cold brew coffee










tried out mobile scape on my normlet
it kind of pinches


watch this and cheer up bosnian kid


boomerboss btfo


i think trainee girl is just bad at guessing ages


die teanorm


gonno shite sorry


this custom blended genmaicha is delicious


gonno sperm


die spernorm


tried to sperm to cranberry but her account was disabled


order came in and some special water was missing so i called scape boss and he said there was a problem at the water factory


whats in the special water


thats a trade secret known only to the most powerful of water moguls


shat and made coffee now im gonno sip



brazil lost today ugh





wish i liked anime


>NOT liking anime
Lmao, get a grip on this boosting loser. just leave hima you dumb loser cuck




im chink


In Korea,only low educated ppl watch Japanese anime. Smart ppl don't watch anime because anime include a lot of lies. It is said that some anime makes bad rumors about Korean plastic surgery.Japanese say that korean plastic surgery rate is very high.But it'n NOT true.Japanese ppl don't even know about Nazi flag and they lie everywhere. So don't believe liars. See the truth behind the lies! Ban anime!


thinking about nagato


thinking about trainee girl



wish i was trainee girl


ban this reflapper


when i think of chihara minori i dont know if i should think of her as chiaki or as nagato


you mean you wish you had a trainee girlgf


think of her as pure sex


hosaka... you had a hard life...


die stringnorm


File: 1530919004513.png (13.82 KB, 622x252, underground.png)

this is huge news nobody is talking about what the flip is going on under the earth


die pol


File: 1530919546348.png (Spoiler Image, 58.62 KB, 640x360, 1456191299686.png)




its to prepare against chinese space attacks


they are retraining them to take on the vietnam tunnel niggers



wonder if trainee girl is as competitive as the boss of scape boss made her seem
would it be acceptable to tease her about it


yeah show her this too


how do i stop joing


you just do


get a lgf to do it for you


hell yeah been waiting for #3 for a while


hey onseki check it out


onseki stopped smoking


onseki is too young to have had a n64


he vapes


no he isnt


most of you have probably never even see a nintendo 64 outside of museums


here comes old man turt making a deal out of being 35 again


nice boomertron


why does the r9k crowd care so much about seniority freak was the same way


youll understand when youre older


File: 1530921213311.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)


imagine buying fotm anime merchandise as an impressionable teenbro




ive never seen a 64 because i was playing batman on my super nintendo


how is turt in his 30s and still act like he found r9k 2 weeks ago


same reason most mgtows are literal 50 year old divorced boomers


basted daryl


can you say it without the memes




just NOTiced yaming says ノーブラ when she misheard nervous


File: 1530922914635.png (1.28 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Harukana Receive - 01 [720p].mk….png)


File: 1530923241071.webm (Spoiler Image, 439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)


im a 30 iq boomer


this show pinches but every episode is going to be a beach episode so i have to watch it


simply overcome your primal urges


i would die without my primal urges


dont you think it might be about time to ascend


should i install xp


ive decided NOT joing is a waste why would i deprive myself of that feeling for the rest of my life and force myself to blow loads in my sleep


muh pleasures


愛 frying my dopamine receptors to the point where i cant feel anything anymore


wish joing felt good for me


blowing loads in your sleep isnt real norms make it up to cover their bed jos


gonno grill up some steaks


no its real


do sexy ladies blow loads in their sleeps


wet dreams are a meme


no they arent


hima is dead without me im so sorry


The Bossgf...




whomst are you


you know


welcome back niceeye


should i boot up two pounds of bacon


ill take a dead hima over a bunch of freakposts any day


bought some raw grass fed beef can i really eat this stuff raw


no one even realized the admin was missing for six days


its impossible to sperm in your sleep unless your sis is joing you off


no it isnt


thats still impossible you would wake up


NOT if shes stealthy


joing you off doesnt make sense
jack offing you off


what do you mena


unless your sis is giving you a jo sounds better


freddie freaker
dancing new sensation
grabbing the nation
doin the freak


grass fed beef pinches


my tungsten gold plated ring came in today i think i might be jewish i cant stop looking at it and fiddling with it the color is so nice it calms me down just looking at it on my finger
everyone in the hima mansion will be required to wear a gold signet


tungsten is for machining NOT accessorizing


i wear a gold ring but it doesnt show up on my finger


are you talking about scape




can you mate gas with an ebt card


buy gas sorry NOT mate gas


whats better



this beat pinches


basted government taking a fat chunk out of my wageslave earnings to feed niggers chips and snickers so they can produce more niglets that do the same


its protection money extorted from you
if they didnt take 12 percent of your pay or whatever and give it to nigs for food stamps they would steal and commit more crimes than they already do just to eat



i have guns i dont care


just ate my first piece of raw meat its NOT what i expected


okay thats all the hima my data plan allow for per week i can check the report queue at work to take car of slam jams but i cant post because im blocked by my own htacess file so check the textboard for my blogs


>blocked by my own htacess file
the sb did that to keep you under their thumb


yes a king kicked out of his own castle except to do paperwork


this post was made by my mobile hotspot ip but i didnt make it thats pretty funny what are the odds of getting the same ip as someone else from hima


meet up


should i get myself a nice chef knife so i can return to my roots


get a nice santoku


File: 1530927533894.jpg (19.39 KB, 840x507, 601.jpg)

santoku knives are really only good for japanese cooking so for cutting things like fish and vegetables i prefer using a traditional chef knife like this its more versatile



elliot wanted to be an elf


that sums his existence on earth pretty well


who wouldnt want to be an elf


id rather be men and bear the gift of men


men pinch


gonno get driving lessons next week to reteach myself how to drive hope by next year i can finally get a car


theyre baste


what a coincidence The Boss said that shes bringing me to an empty parking lot tomorrow to teach me how to drive


it takes years to master the car


i shall do my best to learn




cars are metal death boxes


computers are metal death boxes


File: 1530930121307.png (20.47 KB, 175x313, cw.PNG)


my life would be better if i never learned the thrill of motoring



go back there


woke up hima i napped for four hours dreamed that onseki came to my house and treated me really disrespectfully


onseki you neetblog


got a set of pans finally
the girl gave me a discount from 35 to my 23


whenever i have to buy something from a girl they usually charge me more than the price and refuse to touch my money


the creeptax


File: 1530931851721.png (994.16 KB, 800x800, h2mm9hl9ud811.png)


baste as hell


cunnilingus damnit onseki


should i play league of legends



play hots instead


does hots have sexy ladies


hima i need help again


sure what is it


hate how many degenerates i see with tattoos


mate at work has the word UNTAMED tattooed on his inner forearm i cant help but pity him as a lesser being


you cant talk about boaty like that


you told us about him and his tat already


oops sorry
i do try to keep my stories to one post unlike *someone* who has told us about trainee girl at least 30 times


wish i was a boss of a major conglomerate specifically targeting the mates with visible tattoos for an interview only to reject them the The Bossent they sit down


i will never hire a woman or sodomite


i own a business solely operated by mormon men


die misogynist


anyone know what a zoomer is is it like a combination of gen z and boomer


File: 1530933760598.mp4 (5.87 MB, 4deccdd465e811b972288df08beecdb4.mp4)


women are basted


愛 the flapperwheelie


gonno make some burgs


thinking about trainee girl


wish i had a burg


gonno watch some one piece and morph think im gonno scape a bunch tomorrow





File: 1530934916497.gif (Spoiler Image, 127.18 KB, 1000x640, 1530926664459.gif)




File: 1530934974000.gif (Spoiler Image, 96.82 KB, 500x500, 1530901363365.gif)


File: 1530935015937.jpg (3.4 MB, 4032x2268, 20180630_125253.jpg)

neetblog i lost the hotel key can you meet me at the room i need to get something


think i have a bladder infection


great burgs today




i already ate them




got a little over half of my kitchen setup done i got a knife and pots and a cutting board i just need a baking pan set now and im good to go


guess ill play some dota




im chink



愛 witch house


feelin weird


eyes feel raw made sushi too hard


NOTicing lots of smells lately think my pineal gland is decalcifying


its time to stop virgin walking and start penguin walking


wish i had a posse of shredded mates


tour de france begins in a few hours whos ready


excited to start cooking again but for tonight its raoh tonkotsu ramen


you will after about a year of living in the hima mansion


how do i become big


get a big name doctor with some big name juice




cranberry told me she doesnt like big mates


flip cranberry


stop doing whatever girls want and get big


File: 1530940214617.png (565.52 KB, 2527x1440, 1530919197742.png)

ya matejust get big like me its easy


never understood the point of lifting weights


File: 1530940650834.png (845.02 KB, 680x822, 1530920174737.png)

its all just a cope


File: 1530940717165.gif (447.35 KB, 500x730, 1527309235476.gif)


just realized all the stairs posts were from twigs a fatneet would never even climb stairs in the first place


the point is to get big


i traverse the stairs on all fours


i made The Boss install one of those lifts that attaches to the rail so i didnt have to walk up


shaved my arms with my knife NOT sure how im going to explain this one to trainee girl


dont mock us twig


File: 1530941611853.gif (Spoiler Image, 768.18 KB, 960x720, b37c207981ad061a15931d5efb3657cb.gif)


dont open that


you are way too late for that


i shouldve listened to you


why did all the detail go to the mate


why do girls lie about their age


what detail


because they want to flip


crackin open some wine


wish i had some wine sigh


gonno nap til le tour begins


File: 1530946479081.jpg (34.88 KB, 1000x694, 26357.jpg)

wondering if i made a mistake buying the pot and pan set on the plus side they are stainless steel and they have lids but they are very light and the handles are shorter than i would like

but i guess they will do until i can find something that will become my favorite pan
a nice carbon steel pan is what im looking for


whats wrong with some nice cast iron


shower time i reek of cum


cast iron has its place but carbon steel seems like its more suited for everyday use plus i had a cast iron pan and always wished i had a cast iron pan in the shape of a normal fry pan and carbon steel pans are basically that


you can watch these assholes talk about carbon steel pans all day


gonno morph



i just found out my friend is a sexnorm what should i do


you know


gonno go for a nightwalk


File: 1530972057759.jpg (45.41 KB, 640x480, Akazukin Chacha - 07 [DVD H264] [8134D722].avi….jpg)

wake the heck up hima





gonno go to bed now goodnight hima see you tomorrow


what a underage looking girl


just woe up


woke up hima hows it goin



there is no way to escape the flouride


i will challenge the fluoride and win


woke up in lumbridge sigh


no animes worth watching this season just flipping end it


b2 lumby noob


are you flapper this season is amazing a thousand times better than spring


think i prefer bruce mejia over pastor anderson


this season is NOThing but sexnorm shit i guess they figure the lower iq types will be more active in the heat


mejias NOT bad watched his day of the dead serm still 愛 andersons ragemode


guess they didnt add enough teenime for your taste


isekais and boob animes yeah that doesnt sound like teenime to me hm


any flapperimes this season


cant believe my friend was a sexnorm


did he try to bugger you


ya high score girl and for turt theres free season 2


thats season 3 you casual brainlet


sorry im NOT a huge follower of homosexual series


factcheck yourself before you try fudding me or else take your ass back to the sb


he betrayed me we were both otaku but he lied and was a sexnorm the whole time


the whole boosting time


am i sexnorm if i jo 3x daily but do NOT have sex




if you actually have sex youre a norm sexnorm instead of a mere sexnorm


cant believe it want to smash some norms faces in


violence is NOT the answer


whats wrong with having sex or a gf


means youve been welcomed into society and they consider you human so the places where the freaks gather are generally unwelcoming of them


what if you have a freak stinkyneetgf


doesnt matter
youve exhibited the minimum level of normalcy to be accepted by a female thats the final quest to become a full fledged norm


simply get a birlf then



cant trust anyone boost norms


need to piss


shut up otalad write it in your diary


make it a youtube vlog entry


gonno piss




you know what they say better to be pissed off than pissed on




sigh found a nugget of shite in the bed again


violence is the only answer to this twisted world


cried a lot to last episode of ditf


normling in the franxx


back from driving lesson with The Boss im flapper as hell driving is too hard i dont understand how the clutch works at all


the clutch is what connects the engine to the wheels


ok why do i have to release it slowly and accelerate as i do so




The Boss made me do the driving school never took the test never drove again


because the clutch is a friction plate so when you only put half the pressure on it then they can slide against each other but if you let it out all the way then they grip and you jerk or stall since the engine is spinning too fast compared to the wheels


dont understand a word of what you just said


the clutch is the jo between the sperm and peniscock you cant just go straight to sperming now matter how big your horny chicken nugget is


you dont have to release it slowly
both the engine and the transmission are spinning, the clutch is what attaches them together
so when you push the clutch pedal youre splitting the engine rpms and the transmission rpms and they start spinning at different rates

you have to rev the engine rpms up a little to match where the transmission is spinning otherwise when you synchronize them again with the clutch itll jerk or bog down
as to where to rev takes a little practice and varies basted on gear


thats way too complex


hate manualnorms


hate carnorms


i managed to switch gears but it wasnt smooth at all maybe i just need some practice



hate carnorms as much as betrayalnorms


betrayer..... in truth it was i who was betrayed



thinking about flipping trainee girl again any tips


sell more than her and make her ragesnap you


i already sell more than double what she does


doubt shed actually be upset about that its just a cashier thing its NOT like theyre going door to door pulling salesman tricks if someone walks in theyre already planning to buy a jug of water NOT like youre going to convince them to buy ice instead


found a really nice jav




hope you mates dont sell water filters


my local ws sells home ro systems


i got $100 more in bonuses than she did this month


phew so many nice russian and croat sexy ladies watching the sushi bar


one of the last two white teams will be eliminated today


lots of garage sales today brоѕ NOThing interesting there was cute teen girl near one so i veered away aNOTher one with a woman straight from africa alongside her was a nice little blonde haired girl it was sorta odd


mates i need one of you to hoThe Bossarry me so i can adopt a sexy lady


File: 1530997051976.jpg (1.18 MB, 1800x1080, 1530989620435.jpg)


baste boomer


he needs an aloha shirt


die ken


kenny im moving in with you ok well split rent and bills


you better mention food in the clause or he will starve you


lmaoo btfo


gonno jo to traps




was about to make an epic post then a big bug landed on my shoulder and dropped my phone


phonenorm ban


want to cuddle a girlboy


die sodomite


id kiss him on the nape and rub my nose into his head




get in the cuddle chamber


you belong in the fag bag


wish turt were here to teach me how to Drive


gonno make songpyeon


愛 songpyeon


gonno post a frogger


File: 1531003570315.png (76.78 KB, 1000x1000, 140QqWr.png)




File: 1531004156333.png (436.49 KB, 387x515, 1316128638417.png)


File: 1531004600012.gif (Spoiler Image, 806.97 KB, 680x447, 1527219698340.gif)


git er done






im saved


File: 1531007168188.png (296.3 KB, 1280x600, tumblr_pazz2qbs9E1t9g99so1_1280.png)


sigh The Bossgf


nice non


lets start the hima bachelor village


japan is so flippin creepy


File: 1531010329511.jpg (78.45 KB, 1280x720, [Elysium]Lucky.Star.EP17(BD.720p.AAC.DA)[B0A6A….jpg)

thats me saying it to her


gonno eat some sushi then make sushi


japan is so quirky and weird lol


japan is actually full of norms trust me


gonno go to japan and get a gf


everyone knows japanese girls 愛 pedneets


im herbivoreman


wish a japanese gf would vore me


wish i could help a sexy lady with her homework


just woke up hey mates hows it goin


goin ok im kinda bored


why it pinches


A boy's life in changing Japan 1963
nice mulberries at 2:45


out of 愛


baste didnt know varg watches sv3rige


gonno watch some scape vids


should i get a 115 hour candle


put race pads on the miata and changed the fluid for high temp stuff in preparation for wednesday as i was bedding them in sparks were flying out like this its like fireworks


cool story bro


gonno start lifting and drinking a gallon of milk a day


drink raw milk its said that it cures autism


milk is for babies


im manbaby


should i crack open some blogweisers


alcohol lowers test as well as reduces the metabolizing of fat NOT to mention the carbohydrates on top of all that


what are the downsides


it makes you fat and ugly


its for norms


it reduces your number of neurons


finally back from the water store today was a good day i was there with goat boss and asked him some questions about water
dont know if trainee girl wants a competition or NOT but i put in some actual effort to sell stuff today so the store did $1100 and i did $930 of that


File: 1531017981007.jpg (85.02 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in the FranXX - 24 [720….jpg)

wish i had a The Boss


why are j-drama actors so bad its like 3d anime


http://pie eating contestshelper.com/guide/olm
gonno use this site




im awake
im awake


File: 1531021127980.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.93 MB, 1081x608, 1530860967532.webm)

nice sweatgirl


cant say i was a big fan of franxx it felt like a rolling plot and the character development was dry


just wait for season 2


theres NOT going to be a season 2


whens the next season of minami ke and or zetsubou sensei


do NOT open this its fornication


do a video review


car alarm has been going off for 10 minutes wonder if there are even any police around here


wonder if anyone takes sv3rige seriously


sv3rige is basted



hes just a massive freak


watch his tour of usa vids hes got buddies who are exactly like him


hima hima




feeling depressed again because i cant jerk it to cranberry