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have some aloha spirit
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i thought pastadog was dead


just heard two gunshots


too bad all the white supremacists cant enjoy this girl


saw that girl at the pool yesterday should i make my move


ya shes horny just look at her


ped hours gonno morph and mutate


good riddance nonpeds are a blight upon hima


flip this im outta here


think im gonno settle for a teengf


sigh just realized im at 90% zoom again


why and how



why didnt cunnilingus make me japanese


nice mate replaying sexy lady streams


nice zoomer


flip you pednorm


watched nobbels dk class campaign video last night again
sigh tirion


chicken nugget


do NOT unmute that stream


whats the best way to record a scope stream


pasta time hima its fantastic


need some guidelines for pasta sauce what all goes into it other than tomatoes


its really delicious and rich this may be the best batch of the year so far


record a scape stream instead


theres a dingo outside



anchovies capers and olives




dont forget the onions


never tried anchovies before


teens have insufferable personalities


teens are basted


teengirls are nicer than full grown girls


females were invented by satan to make men suffer


NOT as nice as gently led christian volcel ladies


i think these girls are horny


women arent even human


this pasta is so creamy hima


youve never even been to a church trust me church girls are the worst of all


NOT at fwbc


i cant jo to this f this


that cant be true ive planned my life around getting a virgin teenwife by going to church right before i expire


hate to break it to you bub but your best chances of that involves importing a devoutly catholic flip wife to flip and even then its no guarantee


trainee girl is mormon or was mormon until a couple of years ago


NOT gonno happen catholicism is heresy ifb and coc asian ladies are pure i know it


coc asian ladies you mean ladyboys


File: 1531289218666.jpg (182.05 KB, 1100x701, yuenlong.jpg)

no ive even scouted out some churches check this one out


for the price of one virginal gook girl you can have a whole squad of birls


File: 1531289294064.jpg (143.88 KB, 843x625, wanchai.jpg)


converted to hinduism in order to import an indianteenwife shes coming next week


india is experiencing a gf shortage they have none to spare youve been duped


for that teen 愛r mate again


theyre oozing with horniness


hate the oog hours


wish you mates could taste this pasta


is there cheese


yeah parmesan and mozzerella


hope its real parm


its NOT actually from italy but its made the same way


愛 to nibble on some parm


did i ever tell you mates why meats and animals have different names


munching on some gouda


i substituted milk mixed with melted butter for cream and it worked out really well never done that before


butter is basically a step above cream and half and half is below cream and then whole milk



only spent $80 of my $980 paycheck i should invest in some sexy lady fishing gear


invest in cooking appliances



NOT clicking that describe it


29 posts left


liar theres only 12


two sexy ladies eating a can of sweetened condensed milk


she looks like a fish kinda like it


how is vk so much clearer and stutter free compared to twitter i could easily get addicted to watching vk streams


wish i was a fish


just lost a gamble big time think im gonno need a new computer chair


stop gambling fool


i was born to gamble sorry


found what i thought was a nice stream of a group of sexy ladies wandering in the countryside but i was wrong


were they bolis


no they turned horny


File: 1531290862524.jpeg (241.57 KB, 1600x1200, p.jpeg)

whats up with old ladies having short hair


16 posts left


File: 1531290995464.jpeg (202.5 KB, 1600x1067, p.jpeg)


crying again


have more of those to post but


hey its me


hey you


watcha doin


File: 1531291840510.png (1.79 MB, 4000x2999, b1e9f903b4a7888a16cd97a4354e8583b195670bea6bb1….png)


is that a thunderbolt cable


did they draw his feet big on purpose


feet are bigger than people think


5 posts left


how do i stop joing to girls feet




its a slippery slope youre on all i can do is wish you luck


someone else make a new thread i made the last 20


last post

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