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What the actual boost this board even is? It's like furchan/jp gone full reflapper mode.


flip hell




baste norm


im flapper


got left behind




File: 1529266994856.jpg (167.93 KB, 750x1334, 1529201304649.jpg)



File: 1529267154217.png (1.93 MB, 1300x1823, 1518675022633.png)


are we posting here now


onseki could unlock this thread >>792155 if we dont want to use the alohanig thread


oh wait nevermind im flapper


trainee girl was showing me her injuries yesterday and told me a story about how she was flirting with a mate and tried to slap his pencil and it went into her hand and she passed out and needed stitches and how her friend scared her while on rollerblades and caused her to fall and break her wrist then her friend left her and also one about how she fell out of a chair and broke her ankle


gonno scream


cant help but mutate onseki posts


where are the onseki posts


isnt the trainee girl thing onseki


why would onseki ask onseki for tips about trainee girl


未来が眩しくて見えない jo to a girl i saw


stop masturbating while thinking about children


no its waternig


dont know which thread to use so ill just wallstare


why dont you make a new thread to your own liking


sigh i just made things worse by insisting on a new thread


should have done it right the first time


kidney aches do i have a kidney stone


hey mates


The Boss fried up some chicken livers gonno add some gouda to it


very busy at the store today last time i counted there was 1200 in sales


how much of that are you getting


we can take turns flipping the trainee girl thats much more legal


i do believe ill make some coffee got some fresh beans



File: 1530673086852.png (Spoiler Image, 40.58 KB, 346x326, 1530567554893.png)


boost you




gonno morph


never joed to feet but i can appreciate a good one


gonno stick to this thread its the nicest


only one on hima


starting to think the reason my life is so bad is because i stopped going to church


watch live serms instead


im going to go to church and get lgf and give a speech about how jesus saved me


File: 1531305018580.jpg (94.31 KB, 657x508, 69636692_p0_master1200.jpg)

what emotion does this face convey








is this the thread




now it is


no use the other one


wish a plumber would sexually harass me


fat milk


whole milk



need to watch the broly movies


came to hima to post the trailer but i was too late



gonno ldar


fatneet here


all fats going to hell


File: 1532730182522.jpg (4.16 MB, 4160x3120, 20180727_092226.jpg)

big boss came in and asked me to take his bentley to get it detailed so i got to drive around in it for a while honestly for a $250,000 car it wasnt all that great granted hes owned it for a few years now

he gave me a company credit card and told me to bring food back so i got to experience what life is like with status i told the detail slave to spare no expense and when i went to chick fil a i ordered $30 in biscuits like NOThing and slammed the card down girls were looking at me because i finally appeared as a blip on the radar


why is someone grabbing the driver by the testicles


girls do that when you have status


nice lendedsmvtron


hate drivers and workers


drgreg isnt



sigh got left behind


yes he is and NOT just for being a glutton but a sodomite




now you know how elliot lived


if only elliot was a big jacked southern boy things might have been different


elliot drove around in a used 3 series in socal of all places its basically the equivalent of a camry anywhere else



hope she gets toxoplasmosis


if only elliot had tried tinder


he didnt even looksmax


i bloatmaxed now im too fat to go out in the daytime so ill stay up all night if you promise NOT to talk about your hands being too small


wish i never looksmaxxed


elliot was looksmaxxed


me and The Boss started keto today together hope i lose lots of fat on my face and get a more chiseled look my cheeks are already a bit negative


you just lose waterweight and as soon as you stop keto you gain it back


you are mistaken


just eat less calories


im already skinnyfat im going to recomp


nice scap3rige


im plumping up


break out the plumber pass


The Boss got pizza earlier now shes getting chinese im going to become an eatneet hima this pinches


flip you


when does he talk about scape


simply scsnap all the toppings off the pizza and eat that


gonno nap for a few hours hima bye


at the very end


speaking of which dont forget to sign up for the free trial of twich prime for a free month of scape membership


do you need a credit card




i dont think i can i already signed up for a free trial once


File: 1532736690939.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)


got myself a big ol bottle of coke zero


getting sick of black mate


die racist


why the man always gotta be keeping a waterstore brother down


alright gonno take that nap for real now


burped through my nose and it hurts


uncle ken


i am the real aqualung


whats wrong with fruit


zero is better than regular coke and diet by far i 愛 it




i like regular a lot more but i dont wanna be a fatneet


diet soda is NOT going to keep you from being fat


if diet soda made you fat id weigh a lot more


fat people are fat because they eat a lot their portion sizes are too big you are free to drink non diet soda


are you flapper do you really think drinking sugar drinks wont make you fat


they will NOT make you fat


ya im fat so what


boost you troll


what did you just called me


eating too much makes you fat NOT junk food


sugar is what makes you fat NOT calories or actual fat content


last day at the store of goat boss from this point on im going to be at my store
goat boss scape boss and the boss of scape boss were all in the store today when black mate left for an hour without saying anything while on the clock
then when he came back he was taking videos of the store narrating things and knocking on the window to try to make girls look in at him
he was asking to take down the stuff in the windows that goat boss put there to prevent people looking in i dont know how long hes going to last here he does NOT seem like a good match

i also saw just how little trainee girl knows about everything it was sad to see her sitting with her NOTepad trying to write down NOTes and still struggling to understand certain things
her snarky comment asking what i know makes me want to overload her next time im with her
but im glad to see that shes warming up to me maybe i can invite her over for some special training one day


sugar does NOT make you fat


carbs turn into sugars after digestion and raise blood sugar which contributes to obesity


mutated the hell out of this post
give it a rest normnig


what else am i supposed to blog about


when you eat high glycemic index foods youre basically feeding your body sugar they are quickly broken down into chemical sugars which are used by the body for energy but if you eat too much the body has no idea what to do with it and it turns into fat and clogs up your arteries and slowly blocks insulin production


same getting tired of this trainee norm shite


talk about riding your bike or playing sushi bars idiot no one wants to hear about your betanorm shit just flip her already


insulin controls your blood sugar and high blood sugar comes from being insulin resistant which is a product of being too fat since your insulin receptors are unavailable


i dont do any of those


destroy the trainee girl


that happens if you dont use your glycogen if you are active your muscles can store a ton of glycogen and its the most efficient source of energy but if you dont do anything thats right de novo lipogenesis


/jp/ - /fit/


jfl if you dont eat one onion a day


ballmusk is leaking through shorts should i shower




no sexy ladies 愛 ballmusk


eating a london broil sandwich right now


NOT even hungry but my brain is telling me to eat


stop being fat


im NOT fat


trainee girl is an anorexia survivor


need some flipping water badly hima having kidney pains for last five hours




hit the water store


is trainee girl there right now




gonno watch


hate shooting gmaes


cant play fps sushi bars anymore after the accident


you mean when pewdiepie said nigger




wonder if there really is only one nig on hima


cant believe we even have one


we dont


File: 1532746781299.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1526005270035.png)


is an acer A315-41-R8UU for 600 good


File: 1532747363242-0.jpg (8.11 MB, 4160x3120, 20180727_161426_HDR.jpg)

went and looked at a house its in the country and its pretty nice it is a little expensive compared to what im used to paying but theres a housing bubble going on again so its actually priced pretty well its got a garage granite counters and a bunch of woods to go shootin

the mate said he likes me for some reason i come across this phenomenon occasionally some people are simply non aura sensitive so i can get away with more

once i move out the endsushi bar can begin


but is the ryzen laptop a good deal


you can get one for 499 online


guess ill just spend the amount for a laptop on desktop parts


get a 2200g


but then i would need to flash my bios i just need a videocard and a monitor and a nice quick boot drive


get a ddr4 1030


watchu know about that prolly know tons


dont want to get any nvidia gpu because of their software and also because jensen huang is a huge dickmuncher


die norm


nice mud room


can get a 570 for 250 that seems like a decent deal or a 580 for 300 or a 56 for 480


File: 1532748387855-0.jpg (132.93 KB, 1920x1080, 1532748019998.jpg)


File: 1532749598543-0.webm (1.89 MB, 640x800, 1532748966212.webm)


woke up from my nape im still tired






you do NOT wanna to know


i do


The Boss made eggplant casserole hima hb


should i get a lemon slush or mutate it and drink water



why is that gross


eggplant is only good for flipping NOT eating


eggplant is delicious and nutritious fool


eggplant is full of antinutrients


The Boss said the dog needs to go on a diet


animals dont need to diet and neither do i





wish i has a north korean gf


full hungry dont have anything to eat and cant think of anything i want to eat huge sigh


simply dont eat


nice no window plastic walled hotel


baste flippin laowhy86


nice you can flip a russian girl for 590 hongkong dollars and a chinese girl for 250 hongkong dollars thats like 20 and 50 dollars


thinking about taking a second nap


how come i have to pay to flip


because small penis


wish The Boss didnt decide to have my foreskin snipped


baw in hell


her body her rules


who wants to move to china



anyone want to play overwatch with me


gonno take that nap later hima


same flip you overnorm


im NOT an overnorm





chris chappel taught me about the real china youd have to be a fool to move there


china is baste as hell everything about it is baste


they call me the chinkblog


File: 1532759712583-0.jpg (85.07 KB, 1280x960, 1505068610604.jpg)


File: 1532759951436.jpg (74.74 KB, 556x525, japanese bird being neet.jpg)


File: 1532759960605.webm (3.91 MB, 640x360, 1530520851662.webm)


mutated that webm


couldnt nap gonno shower and shave


mutate in hell flipper


neetblog youre smalltime


yes i am


got the full pyromancer set





feeling the urge to bushcraft


bushcraft in hell


wish i had snark


wish i was baste


great shave today got a fresh blade and a new kind of cream






you must


File: 1532763747583.png (Spoiler Image, 427.07 KB, 532x914, shave.png)


File: 1532764529552-0.jpg (63.01 KB, 720x960, 20180609_142237.jpg)

caught this thing spooking the goats out back


nice flapperbat


that thing looks like it should be pod racing


i feel like shite


whats wrong


gonno make some tuna melts soon


had enough of your shit tunamelt


im NOT the regular tuna melt mate i just feel like it


i was starving then i ate too much and i have a headache from returning to the neethours woke up at 10pm and i have NOThing to do


File: 1532768946895.gif (508.63 KB, 320x160, sherlo tongue bite.gif)


dumb little angel


i wish she were my reflappered child bride


my hair smells like chinese food


got that flapper smell


cookin those melts


weird mucous when i shat today


what to do what to do


why sushi bar of course


sushi bars pinch think im gonno clean and plan some meals til le tour begins


whats le tour


the bike race


only thing i know about that is that one mate owned everyone by roid raging


lance was baste


accidentally called him neil armstrong in highschool and all the girls started laughing and calling me a pathetic reflapper


hate when people say anime girls from last decade are like 30 now like they still age


never heard anyone say that before


he just made it up


phew nice new yotsuba doujin


i see people do it on their birthdays specifically


yotsuba joers still disgust me


norms disgust me gotta deal with some today sigh hima


i keep getting fishing videos in my recommendations after i watched that one posted here thanks a lot


back from the store hima arms are sore from carrying stuff time to crack open the genmaicha


welcome back champ


File: 1532786324055.jpg (199.22 KB, 850x1200, t004.jpg)

when was the last time you accidentally touched a boob


never touched a boob in my life


ya never


used to go elbow titting all the time back in my rowdy youth


work on your daysushi bar


touched sis boobs yesterday hehe


gonno morph bye


File: 1532788808648.jpg (85.38 KB, 1390x734, 1532772397383.jpg)


feeling tired sigh i must escape the neethours


im hematophage



dead hours


keto diet day 2 going strong



just got back from work im incredibly broke hehe even though i eliminated a bunch of bills


keto is dumb as hell


i am dumb as hell


File: 1532798042710.jpg (67.94 KB, 400x600, IMG_3532.jpg)


anyone else member


dribbled a little


need a gal gohan gf in my life


weekends are boring as flip at least work keeps me busy during the day


wonder if gals are as attractive in real life never seen one


gonno buy that ips monitor today its gonno be great


get an oled instead


foolish panelnorm


nice burn in olednorm


bored as hell but dont feel like making sushi


nice goyslave


remember getting achievements on kongregate to level up your account hehe used to have fun with that back in the day


if traingirl counts as a gal i can confirm that yes they are attractive


die trainmolestertron


i touched a butt once in 5th grade and then blamed my friend and the girl slapped him


die friendnorm


try to keep maximum distance from people at all times but sometimes it involves walking so close to the wall that i knock things off it


same but people like to stand close to me


molested a girl when i was like 12 feel bad about it but she was asking for it


had a 10 year old gf when i was 13 i think i already posted about it once or twice


File: 1532800446608.webm (3.82 MB, 720x404, 1532733098270.webm)

so thats why pnig tricked onseki into taking over


had a 10 year old gf when i was 36 dont know if i posted about it


thats going in my cringe compilation


i think im going to throw up


trainee girl likes standing about a foot away from me and sitting shoulder to shoulder next to me maybe she can tell it makes me uncomfortable maybe shes just flapper


maybe shes just standing


File: 1532801071170.png (369.24 KB, 800x796, 114d96e23be2c0b0e376b5c8bbc1b65316f2e5f1.png)

>Lobby: 100% QA
>PW: 1% fun

Poor nocoiners can listen to the new voices in the stream:


nice be there in a sec


why do you keep playing that sushi bar its so bad


in truth it was i who was betrayed


i need to be put down


ive traded my freedom for power before


cant believe norms make fun of anime then watch this


i am blinded by faith



wish i was velen


just quintuplemorphed


since when did illidan start using lipstick


read chronicles 3


so are half the people here


just thinking about doing it with someone else is enough to make me really anxious


got excited seeing a new shiwasu no okina upload but it was cool shit


Flying To My DNA HOMELAND | EXTREME Street Food ADVENTURE basted On My DNA Test Results!




hes polish


doing what


File: 1532805266474-0.jpg (670.9 KB, 1280x1877, 002 (1).jpg)

File: 1532805266474-1.jpg (609.33 KB, 1280x1880, 008.jpg)





post that link


one mate cant flip his gf so he tells aNOTher mate and the other mate swindles the girl into letting them practice flipping her i imagine stuff like this happens fairly often in real life


actually im pretty sure that never happens


would that work on a human child


hey can you help me out i need to know how to flip my gf so i need to practice on you is that ok
ya give me 5 dollars
cool thanks


i would never let someone flip me for 5 dollars


name your price


id have to increase my price by a 100%


you are NOT a human child



show me the children



embed or face my wrath


spermed to the second chapter
kept thinking about neetblog


nice fatneet in the second half


shiwasu is a national treasure


kuroiwa menou is better


File: 1532810230731.jpg (30.41 KB, 215x259, 676fd9317495352eadb546e2275a3e5d-png.jpg)

would basically just be moving to get that other hour and a half a day of life back but itd cost hundreds of dollars NOT to mention if something bad happens i wouldnt have anyone in the world to ask for help it would be like the japan arc

and bad things usually happen


just bring onseki down to live with you


File: 1532810358850.jpg (3.64 MB, 4160x3120, 20180727_161832.jpg)

he wont hes a little scared of me
i even offered him use of the "her" sink


die sexnorm


that bathroom is way too big for me ill take the utility sink in the garage and shower outside thanks


gonno jerk it


it better NOT be to kids


its to this


its to sexy ladies NOT kids


gonno have to ask my priest if its ok to jerk it to this


drgreg says its okay


whats up with the noise in the background


gonno jerk it hard now


i musnt jerk


never watch hidamari is it good


I heard it's cute but it looks like a lot of effort to watch it, you know?


downloaded hidamari and watched the first episode and got bored so i deleted it and told herkz and he raged then a few months later i downloaded it again and 愛d it



dont want to wake up anymore


wakey wakey hands off snakey



embed or i rage




gonno fire up a burg


think i might have some pancakes for dinner pancakes and HASH BROWNS




nice reposter


The Bosss bf said he was scared of me when my hair was long now knowing i was striking primal fear into the hearts of norms i kind of regret cutting it off


File: 1532815059350.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1495873880104.jpg)

why would he be scared of this


dead hours


im watching this


made some hardboiled eggs earlier i dont have rice vinegar to make ramen eggs out of them though


making ramen that doesnt taste boring is too much work i dont have 12 hours to boil broth or overnight to wait for ramen eggs to marinate and certainly NOT the time to make noodles from scratch


i know a place in japan to get good ramen if anyone wants to go


in the hima mansion we will solve equations for 4 hours every morning


do the broth from scratch but buy the noodles from a store get the ones that are refrigerated or just buy them from a ramen place its like buying pizza dough from a pizza place


the asian place sells 5lb bags of chicken nuggets for $5 you can get pork beef or chicken


File: 1532817232155.jpg (96.02 KB, 933x610, 1532810085447.jpg)



i remember watching this vid when i was a kid and really feeling uncomfortable at the scene in the bathroom


is a 250gb nvme 970 evo for $110 a good deal


always 愛d how famous talented rich musicians that had gfs and large groups of friends write songs about being loners and such
norms really have no idea just how far the hole goes


seems like a good deal to me but i would go 500gb


it is only $200 so its slightly cheaper i guess and ill use 500gb maybe thats the better deal



File: 1532818136047.jpg (390.26 KB, 1280x718, 2de02ffd697153be19834252dec910ef.jpg)



gonno watch hataraku saibou 1-4 after i cook up some ramen


daddy gets a feeling of superiority from watching this because he only drinks craft ales and NOT mass produced pale lagers with no flavor


wow congrats you wasted more money to get drunk
flipping arrogant beernorm gth


btfo that elitenorm


but daddy gets a pint for $1.69 how is that expensive


stop talking in third person you flipping norm


its modelo time foo


daddy thinks you need a time out


watchu know about that


degoogled my phone this is nice




yes it is buy an iphone


daddy uses a flip phone


lineageos with no google services present happy it worked had to flash something sketchy to get calling to work



gonno fire up mod.php



you cant ban me im the admin


nice adnorm posting facebook links


get used to it cherry boy you loser dweebs are all under my thumb


its a sexy lady you stupid flip just watch it


post whatever is on there i dont click normbook links


your loss snob


whats wrong with his elbow


is it really my loss that i get tracking cookies on my machine each time i click a facebook link


the zuck is on my trail


Boost your testosterone levels


what do you have to hide


my 愛 of jerking it to kids


???hoo hoo haa haa


File: 1532819911054.jpg (730.01 KB, 1920x1080, 1532818924527.jpg)




ramen time


just got a call getting a cool 150k never won any settlements like this before


die richnorm


gonno head to the dealer and see what i can get i hope they dont turn away people if theye buying with cash


slide me a cool 3k




buy yourself a civic type r


no im getting aNOTher bike


tried to nap set 2 alarms for 30 minutes whelp its 6 hours later


dumb richnorm


sigh smells like fries in my room i could really go for some fries right now




its time to crack open the pineapples


File: 1532820431904.png (1.05 MB, 726x702, yqipa4n3pqc11.png)


she cute


ya i would flip her


why would anyone flip you


i deserve to be flipped




because im 6'4 and have status


that girl ugly


does tonio still post here


?‍?‍? me and my sexy ladies


you dont have status you dont even have a crew


now youre just projecting again




himas my crew


File: 1532820659497.jpg (48.35 KB, 958x710, the boys.jpg)

yeah i do


how do i get a gf like this


go to mcdonalds


why is the employee whispering to me i would call management immediately


cant go to video sushi bar stores because the employees make me rage hard


waiting for the day when someone asks to speak to the manager and i say i am the manager


havent gone to a sushi bar store since i was like 12


youre very young to be here


thought i was about average


The Boss told me it was average


hima is teens only sorry


are you from qa


and then they beat you up



i am NOT


im below average



i never knew shiny happy days


File: 1532821067951.jpeg (52 KB, 1024x512, bad-boys-ii-2003.jpeg)

they hired on the black mate so they can form a duo and give one aNOTher blackup in case someone comes to beat up the management


black mate does NOT get scheduled to work at my store
going to focus on making trainee girl reliable since shes going to be the other one there mainly


thinking about kingdom hearts


black mate is going to snap trainee girl



ramen was good beef packets a boulion cube some red miso nori flakes sesame oil tofu marinaded in soy sauce and a sliced hard boiled egg


forgot the sp


someone ban the pie eating contestants


am i norm if this is as funny to me


bought the ips monitor but it feels like its kinda pointing down and it doesnt gimbal at all i dont know if im crazy or if i did something wrong or what


gonno gimbal


nevermind i fixed it


fix me


File: 1532822438071.jpg (35.62 KB, 342x406, 1532822373470.jpg)


vile norm


im a real life ironman


you think thats a norm show?


just woke up hey hima


boosting memes


die pie eating contestant


File: 1532822918745.jpg (49.78 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo n….jpg)

neetblogs plane was shot down over the sea of japan
it spun in
there were no survivors


File: 1532823029801.jpg (55.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


this girl is really underage


dont look at her


File: 1532823302749.jpg (115.3 KB, 423x640, 386631646_64915bcfe2_z.jpg)


i shall slumber



愛 a good saturday night normpie eating contest


wow nevermind hima you can tilt it up and down after all the plastic was just a little stuck out of the box


File: 1532823585532.jpg (463.6 KB, 1600x866, mixed.JPG.jpg)





thinking about getting a cbr650f the dealer is near the canal should i stream a walk


really loving this canned pineapple


coffee time hima


gonno mellowmorph


is overwatch mate online




black mate was talking about getting an r6 but he never rode a bike before wonder what draws people to pure sportbikes if they never rode anything




guess ill just go home and eat


File: 1532825986784.jpg (31.28 KB, 320x385, 1532740554390.jpg)

baste blackmate


think i might have chink ancestry




time for my shite of the day wish me luck


good luck


i have small hands


arms feel dead from pullups think ill jog


cardio kills gains fool


stop exercising


i dont give a shite about gains i simply have NOThing else to do


sigh that was an awful shite it was dark red and very pasty so i spent most of the time wiping


plug up your ass and never shite again


bad idea dont do that


nice bloodass


you will refer to me as redwipe


cant believe pnig is cashing out on 150k i couldnt make that much if I worked for a decade


as my good friend naruto would say believe it


with the new monitor youtube and stuff on the browser in general get out of sync at the very top and lag a few frames behind but the same doesnt happen with sushi bars or anime in the same resolution gonno try to force vsync on my browsers and check if that fixes it


i use a mid 2000s samsung lcd tv as my monitor is that okay


getting angry think ill ragemorph


why are you angry


phew napped a couple times just finished catching up on all the posts whats going on hima


same but i just pressed the end key


nose is bleeding hard again uh oh


File: 1532829056652.webm (700.92 KB, 1024x724, baste.webm)

might learn russian


russian is useless dont bother


how else will i talk to the sexy ladies


die mutant


im fluent in flappernese


on one of my regular scheduled anxiety fueled anger modes



simply take it easy


gonno learn sugandese


gonno make a grilled cheese with dill havarti on seeded rye bread


getting excited for tomorrow


nice annoynig


mates sis started up skulling undiluted cottees again and now she only eats wedge salads with only oil on them




what the hell is a wedge salad


got some rare things for sale stranger


File: 1532830066793.jpg (70.16 KB, 642x428, 123037_640x428.jpg)

its a salad but instead of the salad leaves being tossed the head is cut in a wedge and its served like that


whats the point of that


there is no point


ya cant fix the out of sync line even by forcing vsync or enabling the d3d vsync flag maybe 1920 by 1080 at 60hz is too much for dsub or maybe i just need a gpu
theres no tearing on mpv though


did you enable/disable hardware acceleration or


gonno sushi bar


its currently enabled im going to try disabling it


die sushi chef


what are you going to play


black ops 2





gonno log in to blackpill4u


turning hardware acceleration off fixes it but then everything tears and lags out of sync sigh


why did you buy a nice monitor before getting a gpu


File: 1532830876545.png (611.62 KB, 1271x683, bp4u.png)

you can just tell every one of these comments is fabricated by norms


they are right


its just a little bit of tearing at the top on youtube vids


theres a lot less tearing on iridium than opera and chrome gonno test with firefox and tor


die chink


use palemoon


time for a jo


gonno try both firefox quantum and palemoon


nice turtposts


man quantum is kinda pretty might switch from opera


how much does it cost to get a lgf


cant wait for the episode of tv show with hima posts about wishing to flip sexy ladies


just realized something thats NOT insignificant


this is so weird
on firefox quantum with hardware acceleration on it behaves like opera and chrome with acceleration off and with ha off it behaves the same but slower


ask /g/ this is beyond my scope of knowledge




ok theres flickerish tearing on palemoon but its at the bottom im so glad that proves that the monitor itself is completely fine


theres actually very little tearing on youtube with quantum less than palemoon and chrome at least might have to use opera for hima and quantum for vids


gonno have a wank


five new hajime no ippo get in there


wank complete


die quickjo


about 10 minutes is average for spermjos nonsperming jos take longer


me NOT that kind of orc


sometime me wonder what if me am that kind of orc


File: 1532834254891.jpg (87.11 KB, 1600x900, VtD8W4H.jpg)


wish i had some sigh guess ill just have some eggplant casserole


i made a pot pie for dinner until its done im snacking on pastrami


gonno eat some tuna with mayo


stop eating tuna


got a guilty pleasure for that sigh


supermarkets dont sell sushi here whats it like


like eating shit


im sure its NOT that bad


the ones ive gotten are pretty good theyre NOT restaurant quality or anything close but i like the taste its different the rice is real sweet


ive never had sushi that actually tastes like much of anything


nice tastelet


gonno cry


watch this instead


makes me feel like im a cool jap eating konbini sushi


great now im craving a cig


the supermarkets here sell sushi but only makizushi


that is clearly dubbed over


ended up making three tuna ssandwiches instead


愛 a good california roll


sometimes i like going to walmart after 6pm because they have 12 pieces of fried chicken half off i feel cool like sato except theres no fighting for it


california rolls are vile


愛 a good philadelphia roll


pedophilia roll


eating sushi with american cities and states in the names is norm as flip


愛 chowing down on an idaho roll with my main man nb


gonno get a himasugi roll


whats in one of those


cream of sum yung gai


how do you pronounce gai


supermarket sushi heres really good too bad its expensive as flip so i never buy it


i never buy sushi period


in the hima mansion sushi eating will be mandatory


nice sushi chef


wish i could speak russian or sugandese


gonno go to the store soon


whats in store for this trip


take care


wine chicken habaneros mayo tomatoes bread spinach and salt


mutate the spinach


no can do


gonno give meself a neetcut


same need someone to fix the back though NOT good enough to get the back right


get a hime cut


how does this happen


die nogamble


i can smell shite coming out of my monitor now what the hell


they call me the man with the shitty ass


i was just gonno post this what the flip


die sushi chefgamblers


im talking about a far more dangerous gamble than that my friend



wish i knew when to fold em i always hold em way too long


need to fold on this pisser of a life


therell be time enough for counting when the dealings done


i always get smoked on the first hand get a nice deal someone goes huge i chase and lose



got some sea salt chocolate gonno snack


is this girl flapper


File: 1532839016863.webm (1.33 MB, 720x402, 1532838018849.webm)

gonno get an antiped dog to protect the innocent little babies


ramen has been made


never had ramen before



File: 1532840134825.png (1.02 MB, 1366x742, 1532836782395.png)


gonno jerk it to that waki


might move to kazakhstan it seems baste



no since its NOT an embed


dont post chads


ok ill post this instead


hate that chink bitch


i dont know where my sock went


wish yuka was my The Boss


what the flip


she ate her child for youtube views


back from the store saw a horde of at least 50 or 60 chinks just wandering through the neighborhood wonder what they were up to got bitten by a big ant on the way home sigh that pincher got me good it stings


i once slaughtered a whole horde of chinks with one slash of my wind scar


wish a horde of chinks would snap me


The Boss bought a durian


snap or snap


cold brewing some mugicha for tomorrow


cold brewing up a big gutful of shite for tomorrow


thats foul




im scared


flapperlaughing at the nation joke thinking of stealing that one


tried browsing hima on my 3ds wouldnt load the full page sigh


i can only open full hima threads on my 7980xe machine


cant get hima threads to open no matter what havent been able to read or post for months now


that is so sad ill turn on despracito for you


simply post on the tb


gonno drink and sushi bar for a bit then make some hotsauce then drink and sushi bar some more


gonno morph enjoy your sushi bar


hell yeah


i always do



is that a good mythical normnig video it better NOT be


do people really have problems with ponytails


these morons couldnt be more wrong


uh oh you activated the wks


performing a scan on my old broken phone that was completely wiped and it found a costanza image


ponytails are sexual as hell idiot its got NOThing to do with respecting women


愛 a girl in a tshirt with a ponytail


goes to show how easy it is to recover data from what you thought was completely gone


you should learn how data storage works things never actually get deleted


post it


ya i already knew that its just weird seeing it in practice


ill post it when the scan is done its at 55%


going to pay my future gf $10 for each day that she wears ponytails or pigtails or short twintails and lets me sperm in her mouth 5 times


5 times is too many for one day


when i performed a clean install on my pc i forgot about my vacation photos with The Boss and she got really upset when i told her theyre gone so im trying to recover anything i can find im starting off with my old phone first


youre never going to have a gf or $10


foolish gfnorm ponytails pinch


its her own fault for NOT storing them herself


File: 1532843934587.jpg (562.7 KB, 1200x1705, 004.jpg)

the max is around 70 times a day


might just jo to some chinks




File: 1532844010899.jpg (84.36 KB, 720x960, me on the lappy.jpg)

"might just jo to some chinks"


hope molesterman is safe and sound


hate 3djoers


looks like chads cousin


people who dont jo to their imagination only disgust me


hooooooly shit get in here NOW




there are 55k people watching you will regret NOT watching


holy flip this is baste youre right


havent played fgo dont know who the flip most of the characters are


bada bing


if i were jap id be this mate


File: 1532844683833.jpg (182.97 KB, 1000x1399, f541e7b9199c86ec0f468f92fe0e78cb.jpg)

i only know paul bunyan


File: 1532844732520.jpg (52.37 KB, 959x959, im baste.jpg)


anyone have the hooboy image


having a hard time figuring out how these people are positioned in these costumes


gonno premorph and morph night hima


File: 1532844886958.png (48.92 KB, 1404x1406, Untitled.png)

like this i think


this announcer seems like a gang boss who is running this show as a front for something


the memory leak got me again


except the person insides waist is higher up i messed up the drawing but basically the body of the costume is actually mostly the person insides legs


underage cosplay nips


wish i could wear a costume


ok going to sleep flip the trailer


wish i lived in a trailer


makin that hotsauce hima


youre a third rate duelist with a fourth rate deck


make it extra saucy




i dont know


thats NOT true i made it to master rank in shadowverse


cant stop watching this stream didnt know aoi yuuki voiced any fate characters


need to piss and jo what order should i do it in


jo then piss it feels great


File: 1532846203431.jpg (6 KB, 212x218, restored_file_197198.jpg)




i have aNOTher one but i dont think i should post it


post it anyway


post em


basted /v/ bro


File: 1532846526129.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39 KB, 380x399, restored_file_197232.jpg)

i dont even remember saving it


nice sense of humor reflapper


gonno edge


where did you go on vacation with The Boss


wish i had a mud pit to go digging around in






cant wait for the eruption


dont think id be able to resist throwing myself into old faithful if i went there


my ass is about to erupt


my sperm erupts every day


gonno have to perform a scan on the pc tomorrow dont want to lose all those pictures


gran keeps talking about going to the beach and now The Bosss bf is in on it i guess they figure now that im an old boomer id enjoy going there to do adult things but in all the simulations ive ran it never turns out well so i guess ill come up with a list of excuses


die spermer


enjoy kicking back and starting a slowjo and at the end my dick feels huge and sperm gets everywhere


if you installed a new os its unlikely youre gonno find them



be kind to gran


and sometimes i like to stand up im training to break the world record


what record


most far sperming record


mine just dribbles out


because you jo too fast


if i slowjo it starts to sting



NOT clicking that


me jo far me jo to... moon


big boobies


glad that dasha stopped the stream she has retained her dignity


was this a mud flood


die wk


i vowed to protect the modesty of all women


got some things to post about but dont want to upset any of the sensitive souls here


mindblowing how little the world has in common with how i thought the world was as a child

i was NOT prepared




should have played wow


no but this >>810723 was


wow ruined elliots life


how many people are actually on hima and how many want a hima meetup and where should it be


wrong wow was the only thing keeping elliot alive



wish i could go to a hima meetup but im banned from entering the us for aNOTher 7 years


remember himako saying there were about 20 active posters but that was many moons ago


i misclicked i meant to say im NOT leaving to go anywhere


it would take place in china


theres less now id say about 7-10 or so


lets have a meetup at the iowa state fair


the meetup should just be in japan its only natural


how about a darwin meetup


lets meet up at 2741 W Southern Ave #14


i cant afford it


i cant enter churches


neets arent allowed there


i might be able to pay depending on the price


japan really isnt as expensive as you think pick a flight with a lot of layovers and stay in $9 hostels the food is actually cheaper there than in the states


the food is cheaper because it pinches


how much are onsen resorts like the ones that all my favorite anime girls visit


varies just like any resort
cheapest i saw was like $40 most expensive is going to be in the 4 figure range


wonder what the limit of people is per room


its really cheap from here like three or four hundred return since its only a few hours away but id feel bad ill just save up


NOThing to feel bad about its NOT my money


malaysias better than japan and cheaper


i dont know any malaysian


everyone knows english


lets meet in the middle and go to indonesia


why NOT singapore they know english there


sure lets hit aceh


we need to go to whatever asian country provides the greatest smv boost for white males


no we dont sexnorm


what about cambodia


singapore is expensive as hell


that would be japan


actually i think its literally china


i read stories on trv of white chads going to asian countries and getting free places to stay by flipping the local women


china would be good since its basted as hell and it also puts the eops on an even playing ground so they dont feel bad plus we can go food ranging


most of us need a visa for china sounds like work


china is full of chinese people


ill only go to japan all other asian countries are shitholes


flip it at the very least ill have enough to go by myself if we cant decide on a spot dont want to go to japan in the winter time though i would prefer summer or spring


how much would it cost to send a neetblog to japan by cargo ship


single entry tourist visas are just a formality you can get one really easily at the airport


have you done that before i kinda wanted to stop by when i was in hk but apparently you need a travel agency to get a 3 day expedited visa at the quickest or you have to wait over a week if you go through an embassy and i dont see anything about visa on arrival


i guess it depends on the country youre coming from


really dont see the point in going to china


laughing at chinks is fun


youll be the one getting laughed at


this is probably the best hotsauce ive made yet time for some chicken sandwiches


File: 1532849174949.jpg (107.62 KB, 900x692, 1532847965408.jpg)


how is the modern age chaos


have you been ignoring everything going on around you or what
someone inject this mate with 50cc of redpill stat hes virtually comatose


its just a meme


i simply neet it up and occasionally jog to the store no chaos here


gonno bite my nails


tons of nice ponytail sexy ladies at the usual place right now


wish i was intelligent enough to know the scope keywords





nice habibi


hb these are just about the best chicken sandwiches i ever did make


might make some bread but scared ill set off the smoke detector and wake everyone up


flip em bake that bread


if the smoke detector goes off in the hima mansion during morph hours someones getting their ass beat


there wont be any smoke detectors in the hima mansion dont worry


bakin it lets go


hell yeah


why did cunnilingus make me a sushi chef


File: 1532852904133.jpg (732.16 KB, 1230x1740, 1532847208569.jpg)



it pains me that none of my children will be full chink theyll only be half baste



nice unregistered hypercam 2


should i jo


permission denied




any sushi bars that are fun and have players kinda miss ut2004


ya fire up the overwatch


too expensive and looks dumb





used to 愛 sitting on the top of the tower on facing worlds in ut99 sniping bots over and over again with the mod that made people with more kills fatter and people with less skinny until all the bots on the enemy team became super skinny and i was obese could do it for hours


facing worlds was a classic


it really was


die fat


kind of been getting cravings to play unreal and unreal return to na pali again maybe i should stream


you can try it out for free this weekend


wish the overwatch mate would play with me


pilling the old forum i found that post from 2008 on and theyre starting to go ham

better lighten the touch or ill just get wk-banned


might give minecraft a shot



The Boss just texted me she wants me to walk the dogs but im drunk as hell hehe lets go


go to hell teenkid


whys your The Boss awake at 5am



alright gonno go walk em im gonno make chili fries when i get back though see you in a bit hima


its NOT 5am in australia


you cant talk to me like that im the teenblob


im indonesian


walao ah


die impersonator


File: 1532855929783.png (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 2800x1102, 94251a_6406870.png)

crazy that the freak jos to stuff like this




do you have any evidence to back this up


ill ride you moltres lets go save my wife reshiram


So you're going by "neetblog" now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it's Tanner from Highschool. Remember me? Me and the mates used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see NOT much has changed. Remember Sarah the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 200k a year and drive a mustang GT. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic..


im back hey hima


hes NOT the only one


愛 mutating hard while the dogs sprint to catch up


ready for todays serm got a bunch of snacks ready hehe


snacking is a sin






been snacking on multivites hope i dont die


more like antivites


gonno attempt a nap


good luck




used to think sarada was incomparably underage but now she looks like a big fat hag and himawari is looking really cute i wonder why that is


theres a neetblog in the making in the front row


recognize that song but cant quite put my finger on it



gonno grind a lil anki


chili fries a'cookin


had a very long elaborate dream about brown girl and a hotel clerk giving me fake money and having to defeat him in a flame enclosed battle arena to get proper change and then brown girl was laying around with me but we didnt flip also a couple dreams about defeating enemies in a castle with some very bloody scenes my battle partner was a gunslinger with bad aim
the end of the dream took place outside the hotel and for some reason i had to park a right hand drive dodge van on top of ice and the pedals were wrong it was like using a mouse cross handed


its a miyazaki tune


bedtime night hima


woke up gonno read and jo




dead hours


dont forget the firm handshake


there are a bunch of trees behind my store and you can hear the cicadas even through the closed back door
first time in the store as manager im going to be only here from now on so i better start making some quality of life changes


what do you mean my store


woke up had a nice shower and coffee sis made tacos with sour cream cheddar ground beef and tomatoes they were great then i helped The Boss with the dishes and took out the garbage now its time to relax a bit
im absolutely loving this new monitor hima hehe


did you ever fix the tearing issue


im being promoted to store manager for this store so im in charge of ordering and upkeep and the people working here
its a very slow store but the people who come in are upper class so instead of many small purchases there are fewer larger ones


no i dont think theres a fix besides buying new gpu like a 1030 or something
but i watched one piece for hours yesterday and had no tearing at all so its just youtube
since its at the very top of the screen and only happens in full screen i will probably wait for the next gen volta cards and get a current gen one for cheap



flip you nvidiot


eating pizza


dont mind getting a radeon its just that volta is closer to release than navi


mates dragon fruit is so flipping delicious trust me its great


cant be any better than an apple


had a dream about thad


just woke up i regret NOT mutating all of those posts sigh


foolish reader


die mutants i despise you all


while you were reading posts i was mastering the blog


sippin on mugicha eating m&ms listening to naoya matsuoka while the cicadas buzz in the back this is NOT bad hima


sigh wish i was there




what should i jerk it to


the serm




thats immoral


the kinds don't mind


the little angels 愛 it when men jerk it to their smooth underage bodies


a huge wasp just flew in through the back door oh cunnilingus help


are these things dangerous this is the biggest one ive seen its like one of those japanese wasps


ok its gone holy shit my hands are shaking i tried to kill it with the broom but it didnt die and instead flew out the door theres a huge streak of goo that came out of it and its on the window it was buzzing very loudly and i could see its stinger moving trying to find something


passing paths that climb halfway into the void
as we cross from side to side we hear the total mass retain


retain what


NOT a verb


File: 1532890778259.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1526005270035.png)


werent you going to manage two stores since there are five of them and only you goatboss and scapeboss as managers


wish i could walk into a store and get promoted to manager after a month


envy kenny my jobs been getting more stressful by the day although i cant really complain since i have my own office and stuff
my boss really likes me i think because hes over 60 and most of the women are insufferable bitches and the men are too intense and im the only one there that has the patience to take it easy and can attune to old people
he wants to promote me to the position of a girl that got pregnant hes gonno fire her right after her maternity leave ends ill make quite a bit more but i wont be able to relax all day and just pretend to work like i usually do


baste boss btfoing breeders


best part is she hates me just for existing and being a non vocal flapper with the tism


File: 1532891816267.jpg (2.7 MB, 3024x4032, wky6djdc86z01.jpg)

gomu gomu nooooooo


thats what i was told but this store and the other one im supposed to manage have had no managers for a couple of months now
the other store is staffed by an ex general manager who was also the store manager before that so at least its NOT a trainee girl situation where we have someone there with no knowledge of anything flipping everything up


cant wait until i have enough saved up to live off of interest but its gonno take a long time to reach that


you need to teach her the basics


File: 1532892212324.jpg (81.79 KB, 700x655, 8ao6p391svc11.jpg)


愛 this song wish to live in the country with my mates


internet speed pinches right now hima


thats what im going to do
she seems eager to learn she just never had any training
but then again she had no idea what pvc or glory holes were so she might just be plain old flapper


time to sushi bar hard


listening to the the sims 1 building and shop modes ost


File: 1532892698615.jpg (20.98 KB, 825x157, SPEED.JPG)

lookin good


nice speedmogger


have you tried being an extrovertnorm


i know a complete reflapper who manages a pizza store if youre NOT a complete loser who is high all day youre in the top 1% of retail


after a week of going to the same place people will start to comment on how quiet i am so i cant go outside for long periods of time


File: 1532893009895.png (22.48 KB, 732x133, sigh.PNG)

sigh mogged hard


what do i do with 930mbps up


you cant say that about grant


boss once asked whats wrong with me referring to my quiet battered manbaby demeanor made me want to cry


NOThing theres no applicability


that pinches where i work at people are kind enough to wait until i leave to talk behind my back


File: 1532893213151.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)

now this is mindblowing




the water store usually has only one or two people working at once
im alone all week until saturday thats when im with trainee girl


dont know whats going on speed capped out at 10kbps for a while this is the end for me hima


youre being ddosed


10 kbps is enough to post here you dont need more


flip off norm


thats a lie it actually wasnt enough to post and my post about the internet speeds didnt go through for a long time


File: 1532893900642.jpg (128.5 KB, 895x1315, 1532887567362.jpg)

wish this is what i saw in the mirror every morning


what do you see


File: 1532894010611.png (13.07 KB, 481x103, speed.png)

i have the worst internet speed on hima


a pile of shite


goat boss talks behind my back but its only good stuff its weird when people come in and tell me he was talking about me and had NOThing but good things to say


made coffee hima hb its amazing i tell you


its NOT that bad


die weirdcharismanig


sigh saw my boss posting about me on hima


caved in and had some carbs


scape boss told me someone emailed him about me hehe
if you know what youre doing and help people it all falls into place


everybody want to be a bodybuilder but nobody want to lift this heavy ass weight


pretty sure most people dont want to be bodybuilders


my upload speed is


girls like thin mates like brad in fight club


girls are idiots and should be ignored


i like girls


dealership mate said i was built like him with long skinny arms and legs
NOT sure if i want a cbr650f might just get a zx6r because bakuon had a big impact on me


my legs are starting to look epic from running and bike riding




spotted the incel


wish i had a bike that sounded this good


File: 1532895249248.jpg (309.69 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! - 09 [720….jpg)

spotted the incel


wish i wasnt a nigger


File: 1532895274032.jpg (90.9 KB, 600x634, Fostermann-600x634.jpg)


File: 1532895363679.jpg (122.3 KB, 899x1200, 2506dc2c1a9ad5bc9b95df9c5c59b441.jpg)


is overwatch mate online


wouldnt mind sleeping on park benches if we went to japan together but i think its easy to find girls to flip there and convince them to let your mates sleep on the couch plus sleeping is a waste when youre traveling we should be drinking strong zero by night and monster ultra early in the morning and only getting four hours of sleep per day


File: 1532896302676.jpg (90.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1531522274385.jpg)


im cool


get the new cb650f it sounds great


wish owmate would play with me


stop playing overwatch it pinches


im a 26 year old boomer


i only played it once on friday and the free weekend is going to be over tonight


wish i could give it a try but my gpu cant handle it


i suffer from cultural cringe


want to go back to the days of 6 hour jo and 8 hours making sushi and then sleeping for 10 hours


same but it was more like 9 hours morph 3 hours jo 2 hours bankstanding at the ge 4 hours watching videos on youtube and 6 hours himastaring



i sat on the cb and somehow the rake angle felt horrible even though im sure the cb and the cbr are the same
would prefer fairings as well


die bikenorm


The Boss almost crushed herself in a landslide of floor tiles when she opened the closet and one of them hit the circuit breaker while i was about to post something


is she ok




dumb naive flapper


get a gsxr


wish i had someone to sushi bar with


the cb looks gay as hell


sounds like a good fit then


File: 1532899024688.jpg (275.77 KB, 1920x1440, 6000000001.jpg)

the cbr looks a lot better


when i went to get the cbr inspected at a cruiser shop the fart looked at the wrong number for the mileage and said that cant be right i think he was talking shit over it NOT being pristine and super clean sorry im NOT some boomer with a $20,000 hog he manages to ride 3 times a year and spends the rest having it repaired and polishing it


who cares thats NOT the point


File: 1532899213496.jpg (206.75 KB, 2000x1334, maxresdefault.jpg)

he newer vfrs dont look as good as the 2003-2008 ones either


File: 1532899286967.jpg (87.49 KB, 400x300, HONDAVFR800Interceptor-5203_1.jpg)


why dont you 愛 your The Boss


the dumb bitch interrupted me while i was gonno post


trainee girl really likes my bike maybe i should ask if she wants to go for a ride i dont think she ever rode anythinb bigger than a 250


she was probably a single mother roast that set him up to be a failure anyway


what were you going to post


File: 1532899429365.jpg (23.18 KB, 270x434, 1487304073981.jpg)

hello mates


glad she interrupted you




File: 1532899523907.jpg (1.05 MB, 1457x2064, 1532896973156.jpg)

do boys really like it when you do this


brought in a 1lb bag of m&ms im gonno eat them all except for one and leave it in the fridge



you mean kg



to prank the next person whos here and wants some mms


File: 1532899614973.jpg (57.86 KB, 580x385, 2018_CB650F_580x385_Red_42515B.jpg)

look like toys designed to appeal to teens the cb is a real bike


flapperlaughing hard


dont you live alone


yeah but im at the store right now


starting to think the overwatch mate was just a troll


File: 1532899783294.jpg (104.51 KB, 1500x1500, 81zB1yIo3ZL._SL1500_.jpg)

scape boss also has NOT picked up his electric grill so im going to start using it and slowly bringing in more stuff like a toaster oven and crock pot and elecric griddle


simply bring a mattress and start living in the back you will save over nine grand per year


how will i jo


in the bathroom when the store is closed


or you could get a lgf and flip her outside


File: 1532900558444.jpg (1.24 MB, 3024x4032, 8cy47ifjlxc11.jpg)


thats sick


its art


i want to produce art


flapperlaughing at trainee girls signature it reminds me of the autograph practice in pripara


whats the name of that sexy lady three kingdoms flappernime again


only flappers can flapperlaugh


File: 1532901304355.png (94.71 KB, 954x959, ae1ff356a004df10ba58b4e48f8456cc.png)

you mean ryofuko


just woke up hey hows it hanging mates


should i watch astarotte no omocha


ya thanks


read the manga


going great dont forget to read and highlight


i already read its too late to go back and highlight now


school gave my contact info to some recruiter at a water bottling company but i refuse to enter the water business after what ive read here


bottled water is a scam


think im gonno grab a 560 or maybe a 1050 they pair well with my cpu although even a vega 56 only produces a 25% bottleneck according to thebottlenecker.com


think its about time to fire up the overwatch see you later mates


dont do it


can i bring my own glass or copper receptacle to the water store and have them fill it up


its raining



oh flip nevermind its actually hail


gonno banishment this world


napped again sigh


can i play with you


die vargnorm


File: 1532902758630.jpg (203.21 KB, 1920x1080, [Doremi].Chuunibyou.demo.Koi.ga.Shitai!.Movie.….jpg)

sick of all the couples in anime i dont watch cartoons to get mogged its better when theres just vague romantic tension with NOThing concrete


youre meant to pretend youre the girl


i have an ahoge


you mean agehao



trainee girl is at the fast store today even so i have double the sales that she has again poor girl


im a chuuni gf


The Boss made rice krispie treats hell yea hima this is baste


never ate rice krispie treats are they good


theyre really good




theyre tasty crunchy and sweet and compact


just got a lootbox


愛 thinking about kids


only twigs like rice krispie treats




can i play with you


gonno play some animal crossing sigh


dont think i could date a chuuniflapper


girls dont come with personalities anymore so youre in luck you can get the bland chad hungry pump and dump of your dreams


what if your himamates were girls


nice turt


theyre pretty bland too most of them sit around all day like gorons joing


still got a bottle of wine should i crack


i only jo post to fit in i havent masturbated a day in my life


same i always play both sides im both fat and twig too


which side does your true physique lie


im neetbodied


simply can't stop jerking it to kids


this girl has two tattoos on her face what a weirdo


bored gonno install xp


closing the store should i stream a canal walk after this


stream a nice canal jo


why do you work on weekends


phew using quantum with the dark theme and claura style and youtube nighly mode feeling cozy


isnt that normal for retail


why would you NOT work on weekends


gonno sushi bar


what are you going to play


black ops 2


die norms


new daniels


already watched it



File: 1532907190447.jpg (33.96 KB, 591x633, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_07_The_Eggchanting….jpg)


go to hell t


File: 1532907277754.png (356.27 KB, 739x540, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_07_The_Eggchanting….png)


stole both of those


t is weird hes just going to keep getting older and older while doing the same stuff hes always done


stfu norm


cant believe we never got aNOTher qa review


die norm


its time to grow up and take off the dipey manbabies


no thanks


File: 1532907529951.jpg (58.37 KB, 454x454, 1395604836225.jpg)

Umm, who do you think you're talking to, kid..... ?





managers generally need to be in on the busiest days and on the days before the busiest days to get it ready


File: 1532908110909.gif (999.31 KB, 500x376, m.gif)


stupid bitch


how dare you


File: 1532908310634.png (152.46 KB, 500x500, 88f31a41ae1576d5868e6b959f48509e7738d1580c7323….png)

the official /ota/ partnered discord server is here



flip you otalad


i think im going to throw up


got a call from goat boss trainee girl is having trouble placing an order or something


what makes him so goat


how could you possibly having trouble ordering water


he showed me his steam library and he plays goat simulator


havent browsed ota in weeks


trainee girl requires a special type of training


havent browsed ota since the slay the k arc


only go on ota to read gynossmates threads


gonno leave this up on the store computer for trainee girl tomorrow when she comes in


its time to vargpill trainee girl


gonno mutate these pie eating contestantposts


actually going to leave smagg'd on repeat for her


File: 1532909207596.jpg (597.87 KB, 1280x960, falimeta.jpg)

im basted


those burritos dont have enough filling


time to crack open my last bottle of wine


dont do that theyll drug test you and youll test positive for ped


gonno get chicken nuggetless wings and play my 3ds its a good night hima


wish i had a 3ds


nice nintenyearold


flapperlaughing at that filter


didnt even NOTice the filter


goat boss and scape boss both smoke they dont drug test


phew started adding a few very thin slices of raw garlic to my sandwich and let me tell you its revolutionary




i put roasted garlic c愛s on my sandwiches


roasting them is too much work so i just use raw garlic and onions


report them to the police and become a super manager


forgot how to ride a bike


new amiami design pinches




its NOT illegal


stream a smoke sesh



would anyone like a hug




i do NOT smoke


wonder if trainee girl is a drug user that would explain a lot


for a pedonig this mate sure is obsessed with a fully developed female maybe hes just a nig


File: 1532910762368.png (625.69 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hanebado! - 05 [720p].mkv_snaps….png)

poor badminton little baby is getting mentally snapped


File: 1532910764658.png (195.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180729-172941.png)



bored gonno jo jerk it off kids g a




shes 'friendly' and her flapperism is nice


phew hima i gotta say these chicken nuggetless wings are delicious


im eating chicken nuggetless wings now too it was a 6 piece but they were slow so i got 4 extra


think ive never ate chicken nuggetless wings


File: 1532911564951.jpg (94.8 KB, 1202x902, gvtcpvyt4yc11.jpg)


now that is epyc


havent upgraded my pc in a long time






File: 1532911876233.webm (912.74 KB, 768x416, 1532822823599.webm)


The Boss walked past as i opened that fuqk you


if you havent even pilled The Boss on the holocaust yet what the hell are you doing


im scared hima


im NOT an idiot theres just simply no need for me to upgrade


thats what you think


there are loads of chinks in this area


wish i was a chink


foolish upgraders


finished my food time to go fish


File: 1532912760342.jpg (158.19 KB, 1920x1080, [Doremi].Chuunibyou.demo.Koi.ga.Shitai!.Movie.….jpg)

chuuni movie was boring and kind of made me wish i was dead


the demiurge is bullying me again



gonno call him boomer t now


okay now this is basted


ive read about the organ harvesting conspiracy before some of it is pretty convincing


almost forgot what the link to the sb was


post it


die secretnorm


no one posts there anyway theres been 3 in the last month


theres a himako post and thats it


figured out a way to lower the water level in the toilet this is a cunnilingussend


how do i know you arent lying


basted - Last Friday at 5:41 PM
wish getting a hold of drugs wasnt such a pain
just more norm privilege they just call up their dealer and hes there within the hour
i have to send some jerk crypto and hope usps doesnt open my package and hope there even is a package and i didnt get scammed as i wait 3 or 4 weeks for it to show up

basted - Yesterday at 12:27 AM
NOThin norm about drugs
i order drugs on tor and do them in my room there are no norms involved
theyre great they can make your brain and muscles work differently

the ban was for this

these are the last posts up there


mfw that compulsive lying nigger was claiming he makes like $60k the other day
guess hes banking on the neets NOT knowing the value of a dollar and thinking thats what cashiers get now
in the real world 30 year olds dont walk into their first job as some retail drone and start getting handed $1000 a week checks and manager position offers
why is he even still around the pnig arc should have ended
man up and take him out of the equation
he was annoying on /jp/ annoying on warosu and hes annoying now theres literally NOThing good about his presence like the other posters
even wk is fun to argue with
but the nig is just constant blurble
muh kuhzin muhfugga
muh baja blast
muh hawaiian shirts
because he never shuts up with his shitty homegrown memes and hes arrogant as hell
i dare you to filter water store to something

this is right before those


i like it


flipped up


turts having a roid rage


wonder how much my paychecks will be after i get my manager raise


愛 a good teenrage hehe


filtering aloha and hawaiian would be nice


whats wrong with aloha and hawaiian


you know


filter aloha shirt to sexy lady fishing shirt and hawaiian shirt to fancy overpriced shirt


filter scape to something


aloha shirt to rune platebody


this one



File: 1532915186338.png (21.07 KB, 727x212, screenshot.png)


varg pinches


used to be a vargdrone but then sv3rige opened my eyes


sv3rige is baste varg is a flapper


lost a big fish wonder what it was


theyre both flapeprs


crying again


wish i could cry


only been fishing once with my grandpa all i caught was a pufferfish


did you eat it




caught a squid


nice squidder


File: 1532917781652.jpg (230.6 KB, 1032x1457, DjUKzZjVsAE83L6.jpg large.jpg)



File: 1532917894224.jpg (458.49 KB, 1032x1457, DjUK2WLVAAE9YHh.jpg large.jpg)


caught a clown fish hehe


are you supposed to pretend youre the pig


File: 1532917958528.jpg (304.79 KB, 850x1200, DjUK-zcU4AElsVr.jpg)

wish i was her


yuka what the fuck are you doing


youre just meant to jo to how exciting it is to see such a dirty bitch


cunnilingus of sweet


wish i had themed wax paper to cook with


wish i had yuka to cook with


can someone post the yuka gravure book so i can jo


by all accounts its NOT joable


wish i was a japanese cat


you better believe its chicken sandwich time hima


deep fry those bad boys


ill meet you in the middle and shallow fry them


starting to get makeup videos in my recommended videos because of nekoten


can anyone help identify music in a video of hers ive heard it before but cant put my finger on it


maybe but itll cost you


whats the cost for this service


ill decide that later


the toybox theme in the beginning


sounds familiar but i cant place it i really like it though sigh


ive heard it in a niconico kumikyoku but i dont want to track down that one medley and then find the song list for it sigh


File: 1532919272559.jpg (24.18 KB, 400x400, 11860.jpg)


could go for a niconico medley right now myself


are they still doing new ones


this takes me back those were the true good old days


gonno listen to this and plant some trees


ok its called 雪と子供


normonormo douga


people outside of this board are starting to say basted regularly now we cant say it anymore now you mates


sigh hima dango daikazoku came on time to cry


sorry thats my fault


you dumb fuqker basted started as a nigger meme thats why it was filtered


i know why but im NOT going to say



people are saying baste and basted NOT bas ed


superb sandwiches today hima gonno pie eating contest The Bosss gin to celebrate


did baste really start as a hima meme i find that dubious


feeling bored isnt tonight a full moon


i know but its now common to say matewas like the same with meatheads but after ttgl every norm started saying bro


replace baste with b a s e d without the spaces


i cant always remember to dodge the wordfilters piss me off


and cunnilingus with g o d no spaces


NOT bas ed hes talking about the baste and basted wordfilters people have started manually saying them instead of bas ed outside of hima also it spread from a subreddit that people repost stuff here from so yeah go figure that one out


nice "be over 5'4"


im 5'4


15 or older
be awkward
be funny
NOT be in it just for sex
be over 5'4
be any race

where do i apply


im NOT funny


you cant apply since youre in it just for sex


gonno play some dota


im in it so i can meet her friends and flip them thats NOT just for sex is it


that counts


NOT in it just for sex im in it so i can be called a creep and a pervert by everyone


i remember umad was a nigger thing but became a /jp/ thing then it caught on everywhere like wildfire


gonno check and see how much goat boss did today


wish to jo


weird how jp had a bunch of those kinds of memes that got turned mainstream and ruined


open bobs


that was me


its the meme cycle


File: 1532922399400.jpg (859.83 KB, 2722x3629, 1f28i3l.jpg)


File: 1532922417250.jpg (336.8 KB, 1024x732, pewd.jpg)


wonder how much monster paid him


wonder how pnigs gran is doing


degen tat


still flapperlaughing at the fruit loops post months later


dont remember that post


its time


midnight technorms time to morph



whys it called midnight when its at the start of the night


its only 6pm


basted rossnigger


what to do hima what to do should i catch bugs or go fish


catch some bugs


used to watch sv3rige as a joke but everything he says is starting to make sense


got some blueberry waffles spread peanut butter on them


havent had waffles in a while might get some eggos next time i hit the store


wish i had a waffle


what man did invent waffle


gonno prank call the water store tomorrow


daddys home and thinks its time to crack open a cold one


scape boss calls competing water stores to ask them the same questions he gets asked all the time


time to listen to some one bit music


barely talked to The Boss today feeling lonely


wish for himaThe Boss


File: 1532925733141.jpg (62.36 KB, 543x395, 1532924054909.jpg)


what is the stronghold of security



faceless mentioned it in a video


whos faceless


yeah hes just some norm you dont want to know about him



File: 1532926521749.jpg (766.32 KB, 1080x1338, 1532925390941.jpg)

my friends and me


faceless and maxmoefoe make me wish i were australian


wish The Bossgf would die


saw a sexy lady with a really nice butt today


i dont believe it


should i post the pic




cant find a phone number for the water store guess i wont be giving pnig a call



dumb little bitch


File: 1532928205057.png (233.43 KB, 1000x1454, biribiri_AloYoru_003.png)


wish to flip an alolan girl


File: 1532928857839.jpg (47.5 KB, 426x600, C1-b4VQVQAAH2X4.jpg)

acerola gf


File: 1532929155958.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.24 KB, 720x1010, 1.jpeg)



she looks so happy


thats actually a micropenis by equestrian standards


oh cunnilingus hima its taking so long to open images this pinches so flipping bad


simply dont open them


i have a micropenis by equestrian standards too


gonno have a nap later hima


is there anything inherently wrong with jerking it to kids?


gonno morph too


feasting on some carrot sticks hoooooooooooo boy


go to hell uma musume


dead hours


i went to the tb to avoid the pie eating contestnorm hours


The Boss smelled my neetstink and told me to take a shower


hate when that happens





wish i was raised christian


wouldve rejected christ if i was raised


whys that


what the flip happened to my post


what post


die quickreply


no u


gonno quickmorph


guess ill make pizza then


pizza time hell yeah


mondays pinch aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


thank cunnilingus every day i can remain a neet


arrogant neetnorm




do you need a hug


only only The Boss and sexy ladies are allowed to hug me


okay well if you ever change your mind my arms are waiting


only my good mate pastamate is allowed to hug me sorry


wish i could hug pastamate


think im gonno get a rhinoplasty this year


good job killing the thread plastinorm


File: 1532969437227.webm (3.77 MB, 960x540, 1532636178287.webm)




just got home and saw that pic of The Bossgf
really want to kill that little flipper


its NOT even The Bossgf you idiots


stop bullying the The Bossgf


dont hate brothers you are all my friends as well


die friendnorm


miss friendeye


its the chicken liver day hate it but i gotta do it


its hashbrowns and pancakes with maple syrup day for me


flip you


愛 me some nice sauteed chicken hearts with leek and garlic


just realized something again


spit it out



im flippin basted



how do we stop the chinese


i dont see this in my subs or his channel what the shite


those pancakes were good


chinks are basted and unstoppable it was only a matter of time


the roiders complain that all the raw materials for testosterone come from china now and they arent as good as in the old days



suffering hard from impostor syndrome


never buying intel again


anyone buying intel right now is braindead


wish i was a survivor man instead of sheltered manbaby



i am ill suited to survival in the modern age


the 5ghz band is broken again


sexy lady saw me and smiled then started playing with toys and took aNOTher look at me then looked away when i caught her i think shes horny as flip or something




oh cunnilingus hima shes flapper as hell shes banging on toys right next to me and making noises


ask her if she wants a boyfriend


her parents are right next to me i would if i could


they wont care shes old enough to make her own choices




jerked it


smile at her and see her reaction that 3 year old is ready to flip im telling you


shes NOT 3 maybe 6 or 7 groan wish to flip this underage flappersexy lady


well shes NOT that underage maybe im just pent up hima


what does she look like



otamin made me a modmin


oh got i cant handle this level of stress hima what the hell am i going to do i cant quit either


simply jo your stress away


got a call from goat boss bad news the internet is down at my store


pnig please hire me


scape boss told me there are too many people now because at this The Bossent there are only 3 stores but 8 people


flapperlaughing remembering a few weeks ago when it was 3 people and 3 stores


never understood fansubbers why do they do it for free


its practice


for what


learning japanese