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just the way i like it
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wish i was curly so i could molest sweets girl


can understand vore somewhat but cant understand footnorms at all


just flipping vore me


i dont understand either


just woke up hit


still dont know what vore is


Let me remind you of a legendary story: The young bull says to the old bull - "Let's run down to the field and boost one of the cows". The old bull says- "Let's walk down and boost them all".


slowseki never had the makings of a varsity athlete


is it possible to flip a sexy lady if you cant walk


fell asleep halfway through ftm liquid sushi bar 2 how the flip did they lose


File: 1525642039513.jpg (159.43 KB, 800x1020, 1473567758637.jpg)




basted plumber


NOThing basted


goes to show what a moon can do


making nalesniki gonno add a bunch of gouda to it


gave the dog a neetcut


heart palpitations are back


File: 1525644670120.jpg (115.1 KB, 701x755, wtf.jpg)

cant believe The Bossgf would do this to me


baste bossgf


File: 1525644857517-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.4 KB, 750x1161, 1525551472356.jpg)

File: 1525644857517-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.52 KB, 750x1141, 1525559768449.jpg)

File: 1525644857517-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.56 KB, 750x1161, 1525561357661.jpg)

did you see how the thread ended


why did you have to kill my joke there might be someone on here dumb enough to think it was really The Bossgf




gay saw that like 3 days ago on r9k and only the very first post was funny since the rest was too dumb


dont even talk about The Bossgf im still torn up about his unceremonious departure


you mean literally yesterday


die r9knorms


glad turt owned his ass


die 4teen norms and discordnorms and norms in general im gettin flippin piss


dont care the days bend together and split and stretch when youve got fever-san


discordseki here we have NOThing to do with this


yeah i just went to r9k since i wanted to see how they were reacting to basted ellen pao and other norms


mindblowing that there are still norm worshipers on this site after they saw the norms publicly attack incels in the media


incels are just aspiring norms


who cares what the media does


that wasnt a big deal no one really cared stop flattering yourselves incels


if you arent incel then youre either noncel (norm obviously) or volcel (norm because you have the social status to get laid whenever you feel like)


what if im incel but actually just dont give a flip about other incels and think theyre whiny fags


im a volcel and my exgf requested that we have sex however i exist outside the treadmill


i value my purity


thats fine
just know who your real friends are because once the norms come knocking they wont hesitate to drag you out of your room and have you gibbeted on the outskirts of town


i hate norms as much as the next man but i hate incels too


incels are failed norms that long for the norm life but are unable to have it volcels and volincels are the true masters because they freely choose the cel life


im volincel


im noncel but losing the v hasnt helped me in any way


nah it shows youve been accepted into humanity its helped you far more than you know


愛 my pure himamates




fire up scape


ive got mental gas but my body is too tired to sit up sigh


guess ill have the last of my stew


feelin the blackpill


File: 1525650158932.jpg (97.63 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uma Musume - Pretty Derby - 07 ….jpg)

what the flip she died


stop watching that crap


how about you go to hell


the absolute state of hima whats the point


with pnig gone onseki and the norms took over and himako seems fine with it


whats pnig up to anyway


bakin baguettes


hes on the chain gang


guess ill make some tuna melts


hes living off baguette factory money and saving to buy a house


guess ill play dota



spent 3 hours reading manga at the book store and now my arm hurts i hope i didnt look too awkward standing in the same spot reading stuff like sweet blue flowers and kiss him NOT me and evangelion i didnt NOTice that the manga had a different ending




weird i didnt realize that the manga recently ended either


guess ill crack open my last bottle of wine


its raining


die weather liar


im NOT lying


im really liking this fiji scent


downloaded outlaw star if i could stream it i would


does outlaw star have sexy ladies


hell yea the tuna melts turned out great put some store bought hotsauce in them time to feast and watch the new a friend and boaty


Will You Wear This New Trend?


what is it


16 posts to go


i hope its random objects in the hair like anime girls do


just put the chrome to my dome and end me





3 posts left




outlaw star is basted as hell


gotta flip that little baby


boost you


just pushed out a fat neetlog cant believe i can fit something that big in my bhole


愛 when you get a huge continuous neetlog and you dont even need to wipe


stop talking about crude things



wonder how he snuck that slice out of nbs cave


4 posts left


last post












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