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Whats up family? ;3


baste Kamisama Apotheosis


File: 1525057970404.jpeg (103.55 KB, 680x469, DB9479E7-606B-4387-99EF-4BCBB658146A.jpeg)



baste jew sexy lady


test this


test my anus


sigh everyones ssnoozein


im pasting


i have arisen


feeling slightly hungover


hehe french drivers are required to keep those yellow jackets in their cars at all times
these people are living in extreme left fascist dictatorships and they are too dumb to know
too dumb to realize that they have NOThing even close to true freedom just slaves to their idiotic governments literally every european nation is swimming in crushing debt to the jews and they will never rise up because the indoctrination finally worked and you have moronic sjws at every level of government fighting tooth and nail against any form of nationalism


die fascist pig


france has a history of revolutions all of them ending up worse than the last it seems like the only person truly capable to lead them is a monarch or dictator because theyve done just about NOThing important since napoleon died


the gamers must rise up


laundry day
gotta wash the ass flakes out of my comforter


only france germany and spain are shite the rest are mostly alright but with tied hands by the eu


File: 1543165641008.png (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 1280x1280, 71815439_p0.png)


is that why france has the highest concentration of weebs


File: 1543166595735.jpg (3.72 MB, 3508x2480, __asuna_and_kirito_sword_art_online_drawn_by_n….jpg)

new guy is wearing a kingdom hearts hat and has this as his desktop


ask him out


im still waiting to ask my tulpa out on a date


moms been decorating the christmas tree all morning havent been able to get breakfast


same except my nieces are there too


wish i could take himako girl on a date


she actually sounds hilarious to be around
my tulpa is also funny to be around but thats because shes tard
told her how my chain broke and said she should replace hers when she changes her oil since she hasnt ever done either



ai is surpassing hatsune miku as japans digital idol


i need to buy new pillows badly all mine have brown stains on them from NOT using pillow cases for years
guess ill fire up the ol walmart


get the amazon alexa smart pillow


ok thats pretty funny


on second thought i feel terrible i dont want to leave the house today



pasted panderson


getting excited thinking about my tulpa coming over


File: 1543172283360.gif (445.59 KB, 240x180, 1345870114048.gif)


sexy eirin


wish i was sexy


hate show cars so much
hate that rich beaners and boomers buy up all the most legendary racing engines just to throw them in glossed up barbie doll cars that never see the track or even a winding backroad just get towed to car shows where they can flex their wealth and lack of driving skill
i only respect mates that drive their race cars daily like turt
true Drivers who only care about performance


some cars are NOT meant to be Driven


this just in varg claims homosexuality is NOT okay


thought varg didnt care about gays because their genes are filth and its no loss to the white race if they exist
sum zero basically


NOThin filth


groping my manboobs


watching gmm


new guy is watching franxx


why dont you go play with them



weird thumbnail that surprised me


wish i had some string cheese


wait isnt that image a album cover for a punk band or something feel like ive seen that thumbnail somewhere


bought some mechanix m pact gloves for riding in the cold


should i wank




too late


die wanknorm


fool dont buy mechanix gloves for riding


going for a walk with dad


mom wants to go somewhere for christmas this is the worst part of the greatest holiday time when i have to go find some dumb play to watch because mom needs something extravagant to forget her troubles


get mom a bottle of hard liquor


File: 1543181408106.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.32 KB, 720x888, me and my chinkgf.jpg)


should i take the risk and order some drugs from the internet


only see one person in that pic




just thought about pioneering the first digital and robotics zoo so no animals would have to suffer in those cages but it looks like the chinks are already onto that idea


NOT buying gay alpinestar or whatever chink made overpriced trash thats marketed towards riders
gloves are gloves


yeah get some acid


catchin some mons hima heck ya lets go eevee


go to hell


poi poi poooooii oh my god eevee you are the cutest


i had an eevee in 1996 whats the difference


my tulpa wants to smoke with me


did you pet your eevee in 1996 didnt think so get owned


im only just past brock right now cant wait till can dress up eevee in cute clothes


hope you said you were a girl so you got the extra sexy girl player character


only trannies play as girls




woke up hi


woke up in hell


drinking a modelo browsin memes


guess ill watch zombieland and gridman


zombieland is a crier


holy flip it is im bawwwwing hard


back from the walk
NOThing interesting happened
felt some raindrops on the way back
but it did NOT rain


hehe this song is terrible classic zombieland saga


whats worth watching this season
i need a list to catch up on
once i finish one piece


goblin slayer
bunny girl
tokyo ghoul


File: 1543186770083.jpg (3.67 MB, 4135x6018, 1522719389110.jpg)


anime sucks big balls


dont watch zombieland it sucks


going to use that list but swap sao tokyo ghoul and boruto with jojo


and then swap jojo with boruto


miss the tru hima that would watch anima yell



whats anima yell even about
didnt watch that maids uzu~nante show either


norms dont watch stuff like anima yell


im watching akanesasu shoujo its good


hmm i was sleeping a likely story
hate women


you forgot index



File: 1543189351158.png (54.01 KB, 896x1024, LED.png)

how do i determine the res value thats going to the transistor when its lower than like 6k the led shows a fire icon which is pretty cool but it wont allow me to raise the leds max amperage


go to hell and die circuitnorm


you forgot jojo


penis is leaking


overlord season ii episode one isnt ringing any bells just four new characters and some flashback of the gothsexy lady defeating a dragon
am i missing something


feeling pretty bad again about my tulpa she keeps breaking down and i dont know what to do


she clearly has mental problems ditch her


she didnt ditch me after everything i told her so im NOT ditching her
she even said explicitly that shes NOT ditching me yesterday


nevermind found where you can adjust the amps sweet


nvm ditched her


dad stayed with crazy bipolar stepmom because oooog big boobies and things did NOT end up well dont make the same mistake


shes pretty nice to NOT only NOT immediately ditch me after i basically told her i wanted to flip her and that i was a virgin but to keep spending time with me and talk to me
im NOT ditching her


shes just going through a rough time
maybe she learned something new today that made her feel worse


she learned some virgin nerd wants to flip her


you have admitted to her that you see her as a goddess that can do no wrong and now you are her tampon except without the kitty touching


feeling bad thinking about earlysnoozing


there hasnt been any time to flip her i posted about how things were slowly but surely escalating
isnt asking a girl to come over to watch a movie basically codeword for come over for flip


made two sardine sandwiches


shat shaved showered and flipped mom what did i miss hima


no means no and yes sometimes means no you better NOT snap


she knows im nervous about all of this
told her i didnt want to bother her by calling so often or taking up 8+ hours of her day she told me to shut up
told her i wasnt sure how much she was okay with me touching her and she told me she liked it
if she has a problem shes the type of person to make it known



thinking about flipping my tulpa again in detail this is like a curse


File: 1543193418667.png (319.7 KB, 1343x647, drf9nam2sf021.png)

cant wait for the 1300x to come down


fornicate in hell


kfc has nashville hot on the menu permanently


norm hours gonna game


ok this is epic


im epic


gonna get a cider drink and start pissing the night away


wish i was epyc


mama su is epyc


gonno sing


post that sing


todays pasta day hima time to make some pasta


is it strozzapreti


heck yeah make that pasta


simply love jerking it on normegle


watching motorcycle basics vids


this christmas music is making me feel bad


going to visit a coworking space tomorrow to rent a spot



what is a cowork spot


china needs to be stopped


an open space full of desks and couches that you go to and work on your business or startup


why exactly do you need modern hardware do you enjoy paying for extra backdoors in your pc or what


my computer cant run hima anymore


my gpu is 10 years old and my cpu is 8 years old im still using ddr2


got left behind again gonna fire up dragons dogma online


normon norma normine




nice keep it that way


norms found padoru so i dont like it anymore


spermed to cool porn filled with disgust now gonna wash my body with dove and snooze


dove is gay


cant wait to eat this pasta its got extra garlic extra onions and extra mushrooms




extra norm




theres 90 micrograms of iodine in a cup of yogurt an ounce of cheese has around 15 how the hell am i supposed to acquire a 5mg intake without supplements


i eat about 4 or 5 pounds of cheese a week


who said you need iodine


i did


hate garlic onions and mushrooms


NOT even gonna try competing with the japanese average of 13mg


fool amd has no backdoors


whats NOT to like


its too old now so ill get myself a new one to play hitman 2


thats a phew


thinking of telling the new gm that i need to be bumped down to part time due to me needing to pick up aNOTher job because i dont get paid enough
little does he know the 'other job' im thinking about getting is professional jacker and snoozer



isnt 13mg a day way too much iodine i thought you only needed like 5 micrograms a day


and speaking of snacks i stopped at an old snack place and got a canoli and slice of cake and some tiramisu im gonna feast hard as fuck and watching pripara all night and play sonic racing and


never ate canoli is it good


isnt 5 micrograms like one single grain of salt


very good unlike any other dessert


youre a fool if you believe that


wish i had some t hen


The tolerable upper intake for iodine is set at 1.1mg (1,100μg) for adults 19 years and older.


got tricked into eating a tablespoon of salt when i was like 10 and puked everywhere


also simply eat some seaweed everyday


i eat seaweed in my ramen actually so im probably getting a good amount


nice weedmuncher


if there are backdoors none have been brought to light
intel on the other hand has tons of security holes and backdoors because theyre fucking idiots


new tsugu


wouldnt mind snapping her if i had to


i have fucked her she has been fucked


cant wait for the grass to grow so i can mow again guess ill have aNOTher cup of coffee in the meantime




NOThin oog about drinking coffee retard


NOThing oog about flipping a sexy girl like hatoba tsugu shes practically begging for it


5mg thats 5000 micrograms


want me to measure out how much 5mg of salt is its less than a quarter teaspoon


holy flip bros i didnt even know its snowing its the snow flakes are so big and the snowfall is so calm beautiful


salt is NOT pure iodine its 45 micrograms per gram


snow whats falling it like never


i meant so you could get an idea of how little 5mg of anything is


wish i ate more iodine when i was younger so i didnt end up with this hideous goiter


looking at iodine again because im scared of how bad my memory is becoming took me like 5 minutes to remember shadmans name


his name is shadman


simply mow every weekend at 7 am and dont forget the loud acdc and your monster ultra


simply drink some green tea make it a part of your daily activities your mental functioning will improve as will your mood
if you dont want to go the tea route simply ingest l-theanine and caffeine through your anus


i dont drink energy drinks but i do listen to doujin music while i mow


hate the tea meme
scalding hot leaf water yum yum


i dont even dislike tea i just dont like making it and waiting for it to cool down enough that i dont feel my organs being splashed with boiling water
bottled tea is great and you can always heat it up


tea drinkers have been conned by the crafty yet idiot nips


why do you think they roll the tea before fermentation or drying its so that the theanine and caffeine more easily dissolve into the water
it has actual effects you wouldnt know if you only drink swill or pretty much anything other than green tea
you could get a can of nos energy drink too that has theanine in it


i already consume theanime daily


gonna buy aNOTher kilogram of tea this time im ready to drink it all


File: 1543197843883.gif (1.81 MB, 500x280, c11b7cd37b64378832797535e559395a45762880_hq.gif)


cant wait to jack it hard to mikan in full 1080p blu ray quality


need one of those jap tea machines that brews it for you and all you have to do is press the button and it pours it into a cup


NOT ancestral


what site should i buy tea from again i ask this probably twice a year and always forget


gonna buy aNOTher electric kettle off ebay to keep in my room and get on the tea train


if you mean these they dont brew the tea for you they just hold water at any of the various tea temperatures
you want to brew shade grown green at or below 140
normal green at 175
black and coffee at 190
ramen and other stuff at 210


get a zoji instead much more convenient than an electric kettle


love the comment on that video


too expensive


they last forever


baste jaypee boy


anyone else sometimes tardlaughs hard to hima comments even if its NOT the first time youve seen them




spend 150 dollars on a weeb water boiling machine or 10 dollars on a stove top kettle that will last 500 years



think im gonna get a bunch of pyrex glass and a bunson burner and make tea like a scientist


wish i had a phyrexian glass


my boss name is the voracious eater


modern pyrex glass is NOT the same as the old stuff beware




to cut costs and make profit off the old name


i dont care about the commercial stuff im talking about the laboratory grade pyrex that stuff is the same as far as i know
should be no problem heating those on a bunsen burner or camp stove


suit yourself as for me im going to be getting a zojirushi and a nice kyusu with an obi ami mesh screen


gonna break out the chocolate cake and canoli


think this is just about the best pasta i ever made hima phew its damn good lord am i feastin


be sure to give your compliments to the chef


might get a zojirushi rice cooker too to get +20 to stam


wish i had some


omg who the fuck is so lazy that they cant cook their own rice

rice cooker dont save you any time fag you just wasted your goddamn money
nobody should need a machine to do something so easy


bet those old kopipes would be a hit on modern ck





got that burning empty feeling in my chest and butterflies in my stomach again


ha ha, i watch flcl too. it's so underground. i thought i was the only one. we can die togeth


immediately tardlaughed i love the way that ends


my uber drivers name was igor and he was ukrainian


did you ask if he has a sexy tard and willing sexy lady daughter


feasted gonna macrosnooze


going to watch some vids and ancestralsnooze


File: 1543200944238.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, [MiG_MuX] PriPara - 024 [BD][1080p][D60B81F4].….png)

new guy watched franxx all day and said i would like it
i didnt have the heart to tell him


you probably wouldve been ok with it if it wasnt popular


nah seems like a reused plot with boring character design


wonder if lala gets sweaty during the show


always wondered the same


gonna watch gegege instead tonight


nb you ready for the snowstorm


File: 1543201996298.jpg (137.42 KB, 442x460, 980d02f0c2e941778e580841b5c2cb6b.jpg)


File: 1543202044027.png (221.4 KB, 700x700, 1328231617802.png)

no way i like flcl too


File: 1543202128843-0.jpg (111.21 KB, 400x679, 591f930a6f4573110c189c9608c161ec.jpg)

File: 1543202128843-1.png (215.86 KB, 1600x1200, 5ff08cc16a596be571746aad6f7b188a.png)

used to jerk it hard to the brown girl


gonna buy fap queen


File: 1543203223102.png (819.83 KB, 1000x1300, 5ff4f517d012ab52cf320ca525717442.png)

is it weird that i wish to flip carrot


what touhou is that


sitting here feeling really bad sigh


read usogui for two hours sigh




File: 1543204245225.jpg (72.05 KB, 561x925, 1543201439347.jpg)


should i read it


no its just pnig posting his texts with his tulpa again


phew nice deals on newegg for ram i could get 32gb of ram for $10 more than i was going to spend on 16gb


NOT me i wont post any more my tulpa texts
her drunk texts were pretty cute the other day though
she makes me feel bad when she thanks me for helping her out


wish i was drunk


File: 1543205041701-0.flac (22.26 MB, 13. Saga.flac)

this song is pretty catchy p5 makes superb background music


sleepy gonno supersnooze




File: 1543208917320-0.jpg (34.32 KB, 650x365, UVKKgia5DYQA3EYv3QVkrh-650-80.jpg)

sigh wanted to get a nice rgb cpu cooler and was excited to see cooler master released a black version of their 212 evo with an rgb fan and got even more excited that it was in stock on newegg according to cooler master
then on the site itself its out of stock




thought id use one of my scrap motors laying around as the lamp fan but theyre all mediocre poor performers gonna buy a nice quiet one


i got some scrap for you right here boy


pheeew this tiny little dime sized sucker was running at 160ma he was howling


File: 1543213374736-0.jpg (578.46 KB, 1280x1799, 05.jpg)

hima its come down to this
144hz monitor or 75hz monitor with freesync
both have pivot adjustment for maximum efficiency for special interest tasks



god damnit flipper i have no desktop
gonna just go with the 144hz display
getting the bulk of the components today like the cpu and mobo and psu and ram


File: 1543213776554.jpg (398.2 KB, 626x884, nicesophie.jpg)


sophie really grew


File: 1543213966707.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 1543192966050.png)


File: 1543214009642.png (1.36 MB, 1024x1024, ee2b3c72fc825241c4098316b50c8929.png)

this guy draws some nice nekomusume




get a used laptop what do you need a desktop for


i want something for gaming and enhanced jacking and content creation and streaming and media archiving and other tasks too heavy for a laptop


blood came out when i joed


thats a good thing


that was a question


Thank you for ordering from Newegg.com.


what happened to nogpu guy


he lives on in our hearts


did some yardwork im sweating up a storm over here


im oogin and im boogin and im oooogin and im boooglin


File: 1543217800138-0.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Gegege no Kitarou (2018) - 04 [….png)

File: 1543217800138-1.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Gegege no Kitarou (2018) - 04 [….png)

they really made nekomusume too sexy just look at her


thats onseki


oooooooog sexy


sang hard


time for some more pasta


feeling really bad gonna snooze hope tomorrow is better


night mate i hope so too


mitsukete your dream


snowstorm still going strong


gonno watch this and snooze


thinking about keeping a diary of my health and wellness and ither things should i type it or write in a diary









dead hours


yabai i consumed 1.5 pounds of chicken nuggets and a liter of orange juice now im bloated




made pizza with sis



need to wait for that thumbnail to scroll up before i can post something now


drank the coffee at work and lo and behold im shidding and farding
when an i going to learn my lesson and stop drinking this maxwell house swill


File: 1543247444505.jpg (384.81 KB, 1280x1837, 0001.jpg)




chicken chan eating hambagah...


File: 1543247625189.jpg (176.69 KB, 1169x1582, __chloe_von_einzbern_fate_kaleid_liner_prisma_….jpg)




what a coincidence i just spermed to chloe


wonder how much sperm is discarded every hour


File: 1543248186200.jpg (266.72 KB, 1189x1648, b20c7655ad9ea17febfa0a6f83052b32.jpg)


if i was a girl i would want small boobs


just woke up


wish i was a girl just so i could have orbiters


wish i was a girl so i could make guys horny


being a girl seems like such fun



nah being a girl sucks your iq drops 20 points and you have massive weaknesses to all stresses
women will freak out about anything and fall deathly ill because their bodies are so hormonally imbalanced


women used to die in childbirth all the time
its NOT even that much pain women just exaggerate it to make it seem like giving birth is a big accomplishment wow congrats you let chad sperm in you and pooped a baby out NOT like you have a choice after its conceptualized


wonder if it would be possible to transplant the brain of a man in the body of a woman


NOT anytime soon






gate gamers so much


okay now this is ooooooog


whats wrong with gamin


woke up should i doublesnooze


feeling flexible gonno try to pinch myself


practicing some fortnite dances hima


die pincher




whats wrong



what is it


you know


get a nice nvidia card instead


ordered it already too bad


what does it do is it better than my gtx 760


3 Stars - Because when it worked this card was fine/as advertised. However, after about a month of gaming at stock speeds/no overclocking, card died. Installed in custom built gaming system for my son with plenty of power and cooling. After the card failed, I did extensive troubleshooting. Took a while to narrow it down to the video card. Any system I put this card into wouldn't even power on. Normally a system with a dead video card will power up but, beep or black screen etc. however, with this card NOTHING (Must have a serious short or something). Removed and replaced card with known good and all systems ran perfectly. I own multiple XFX cards(3 at the moment), only this one failed. Sadly just outside Amazon's return window. I'll have to contact XFX.

hope that happens to you consumernig


got most of the main stuff on the way
r5 2600
taichi x470
trident z rgb 3200 cl14
samsung 970 evo m.2 ssd
xfx 580 8gb
evga g3 750w power supply
still need to find a final case i was thinking the r6 but then i thought i might get something with a tempered glass front and then get some corsair rgb fans

xfx is good with replacing stuff even if its been modded as long as you have the original parts


thats a nice build but the psu is overkill


its to ensure that the fan stays off and it has a 10 year warranty so ill probably have it for a long time


get a case with no glass and turn the rgb off


whats the point of a pc case anyway just lay out the components on the desk or dump them all in a shoebox


i guess a case can be made that it helps airflow but its mostly so that it looks cool


its to keep it dirt free and so that your pets cant touch it


going to the course later need a pen and my old moleskine NOTebook
i found some funny NOTes i wrote like five years ago in there in barely legible handwriting
my pen stash is pretty sad i have an east german montblanc but the resin is probably NOT safe to put in my pocket at this point so its just nice to look at
ill take one of my fischer bullets i guess


gave up on using pilot pens and just stuck with a nice mechanical pencil


moleskine meme


its made of moles


File: 1543259838833.jpg (74.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

simply use a g2


classic teenbro using a g2
theyre trash idiot
get a parker jotter thats why i would be using if i could find it




i got it as a gift theyre nice


never used a pen better than the parker jotter
NOT space pens NOT montblancs NOT zebras
although the zebra sarasa has one of the best ballpoints ive ever used and the mechanism is solid i just hate plastic pens


this one looks good


File: 1543261823772.mp3 (1.39 MB, Doremi - Magical Doremi - 02 - Hier kommt die ….mp3)


gonna rage


File: 1543262374313.webm (3.45 MB, 1280x720, 1543206706278.webm)

check this out rager


dont think an egg could simply be inserted into the anus


they come out of the anus so they can be put back in just the same




gonna need some sauce on that


finally starting to feel better about my tulpa i keep thinking about the hug i gave her she put her head on my chest and i put my head on hers then gave her a nice squeeze and quietly gave her some advice
unlike most other times im NOT thinking back on it and thinking about how i messed up


need to start having sweets for breakfast i had tiramisu today and it was delicious



me buy me consume




getting really sick of the buynorms
i spent a reasonable amount of money on all this aquarium stuff but it doesnt even add up to as much as 16gb of ddr5 ram


ddr5 isnt available yet whoops


guess ill just post about my tulpa more if i cant post about buying computer parts


how about you do something productive and blog about that


putting together computers is productive


how do you figure that
oog oog me buy me slot me plug


maybe id agree if you dumpster dived for the parts that way youll feel more accomplished then throwing a bunch of internet money at something



guess ill just go back to posting about my tulpa dont see how assembling a computer is any different from doing work on a car or setting up an aquarium or making circuits


uhh haha



File: 1543265942807.png (1.2 MB, 1407x751, 1543264828735.png)

bam got gold on my ram


should i get myself a razer kraken pro v2 pewdiepie edition headset





first exposure to viper was on jp
feel weird listening to that song the area right above my eyebrows gets heavy and i cant resist the urge to close my eyes


same but on the w and i really enjoy the whole album


get in here


crap missed the mars landing



woke up gonna have a latte


hope its soy latte


i eat this much daily


14nm 6th Time Over: Intel Readies 10-core "Comet Lake" Die to Preempt "Zen 2" AM4


intel is finished


intel is pasted


gonno make a guillotine


dont decapitate your pebis


its for the norms


always giggle when i see benis


like turning kff my brain and watching norm vids sometimes


my brain was never turned on


got a craving for garlic bread all of a sudden


youre pregnant


read sicp and achieved satori by accident


wonder if my tulpa feels the same way i do when she hugs me


do you feel her bone


havin some pasta


really need to quit my job or ill go crazy


had some aglio e olio for lunch today actually


actually what


what what


gonna go to the post office later mates


physically all i feel is her being soft and warm and feeling really small when i hold her its more mental or emotional most recently with her starting to lean into me and putting her head on my chest makes me feel really good its hard to explain
when i told her how i felt it felt like i was able to talk more easily with her and tell her things and she apparently felt the same now with all the contact it feels the same except physically
i think when she comes over there would be no problem at all cuddling up with her when we watch the movie even if NOThing happens after the movie ends i think it would be good for both of us


why does reheated pizza taste better than pizza from the same day


it doesnt



ya it does


File: 1543275947895.jpg (34.14 KB, 598x465, 6af45e00456a7950a1dfda0ba8fa5958.jpg)

gonna get one of these


same but one that says DAMAGED


tattoos are for norms


my tulpa said she wanted to get a tattoo then the next day she drew a flower on her wrist with a pen
the pen was a pilot g2


got a yayoi banner time to masturbate


does yayoi mean gay


no it means yayoi takatsuki





just invited fukune to hima


makin a grilled cheese


nice ross



feel like crying does anyone want to join


yes please


dont feel like crying today just feel like waiting because i know something good is coming


File: 1543279210853.jpg (221.69 KB, 1244x1400, dr octogonapus.jpg)

what are these dudes thinking


weird flex but ok


feel like making some flan for my tulpa since its her favorite and she hasnt been eating very well


File: 1543279466284.gif (144.17 KB, 450x325, 1529820250629.gif)



its called fashion sweetie


anyone else going to buy artifact or is it just me


i pre-ordered it




yeah ill probably buy it


nb would enjoy artifact


still hard to believe im doing all this stuff with my tulpa


as my good friend naruto would say believe it


going to eat apple with cinnamon


at this point she does feel like a tulpa more than anything especially with the anime music and virgin stuff and the getting bones from just hugging her
maybe she has a thing for retards


no i wouldnt


the gel the barber put in my hair is making my scalp burn


it was sperm


might have to go back on the no crying thing i said


i always tell them no when they ask if i want any product


File: 1543280423929.jpg (111.24 KB, 772x772, 1543277279234.jpg)


hook me up with himako girl please


i dont talk with her because i never work with her shes NOT very pleasant to be around anyway from what ive heard


ara domo


shes just misunderstood



i imagine her to be the opposite of my tulpa she seems snarky and never talks to anyone at least thats how she was at the meeting
then the retail girl got mad because nobody was participating in the meeting so she said she would make us do some roleplay and my tulpa said she loved roleplaying
then later in the parking lot she said she felt like an idiot for saying that out loud
hope shes NOT into weird roleplay


shes a larper



File: 1543281299688.png (651.45 KB, 1280x720, (Hi10)_Hidamari_Sketch_x_365_-_01_(BD_720p)_(H….png)


big boner


i never talk to anyone either and my coworkers called me a mummy behind my back sigh


my coworkers call me a big dumb retard to my face


himako girl came in to that meeting wearing a hood then sat behind the counter behind where the retail lady was talking then left as soon as possible


File: 1543281515027.jpg (47.37 KB, 852x480, 1370581170475.jpg)


File: 1543281539954.png (810.11 KB, 1280x720, (Hi10)_Hidamari_Sketch_x_365_-_08_(BD_720p)_(H….png)

we need to go wider


wonder if my tulpa wants to rp with me


die rper



never watched hidamari sketch is it good



whats wrong with you


a few days ago i couldnt stop thinking about flipping my tulpa and now i cant stop thinking about some sort of weird roleplay with my tulpa earlier today i was thinking about holding her and watching a movie
need to get some sweatpants and sleepers


lots of things


think ill go get some 2x sweatpants so i can be comfy


shouganai na


wish i could hang out with my friend pastaguy


nah it sucks


whats stopping you


whats NOT


sis said she wants to watch cardcaptor sakura with me


hate sexnorms


wish i had a sis to watch ccs with


File: 1543284439979-0.png (2.01 MB, 1440x1080, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_OP1a_(1440x1080_….png)

File: 1543284439979-1.png (1.76 MB, 1440x1080, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_OP1a_(1440x1080_….png)

hope you downloaded that 1080p torrent i posted a few days ago


its NOT that great


i did NOT and do NOT remember that post


File: 1543284658226.png (1.69 MB, 1440x1080, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_OP1a_(1440x1080_….png)

guess i only mentioned it my mistake


wish i still had a sis except she was murdered


big ole sigh


just got home from the motorcycle classroom thing
apparently they have groms to use so i raised my hand to call dibs
some dirtbike guy called dibs on a gsx250r
they make the written test really easy so all i have to worry about is actually riding


wonder if my tulpa would want to rp as a sis
the age gap is big enough that she could be my actual little sister




when i was walking to the post office earlier i saw a bike gang there was about fifty of them with their club jackets and bandannas wrapped around their faces wonder if theres a lot of hearing damage among the club members because the bikes were so loud


getting excited thinking about a grom hehe when i was first thinking about riding i wanted a z125 which is similar


its never the bikes that cause hearing loss its the wind noise thats why its important to ride with earplugs or earphones or a very well sealed full face helmet


they dont wear full face helmets for some reason all the ones ive seen wear those half helmets with bandannas on their faces i doubt they wear earplugs either


ya theyre probably deaf


thinkin i might make chili fries later


i think my tulpas plan with me is to let me experience a lot of different things with her that in her mind i missed out on who knows exactly what that will entail


getting to that time of night when i think a lot about her gonna watch some gegege i guess




despise boomer bikers on harleys with half helmets
would rather be in a supermoto club or a grom z125 club
i have plenty of life left in me to eventually become a harley boomer but i would rather go wild on the modern equivalent of bosozoku bikes


File: 1543286412076.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Gegege no Kitarou (2018) - 04 [….png)

mana would make a nice sis


they werent boomers theyre gang members who manufacture and sell meth


shes too sexual to be a sis


id make a good sis if i were turned into a young girl




even more reason to avoid that look and crowd
gonna get a z125 next week hehe


File: 1543287330277.jpg (99.69 KB, 795x564, 410.jpg)


pnig what does my tulpa ride


a gz250 but she wants something else after being on the vfr
she said that she told her mom that im forcing her to get something faster
wonder if she thinks about me much in her day to day life


that looks like the kind of bike a cute girl would ride
she needs a busa


File: 1543288213694.jpg (356.24 KB, 1200x1200, 1371118419219.jpg)





why are maxmoefoe vids literally posted every time im esting ramen


she is cute in both personality and appearance so youre NOT wrong but after riding the bike i feel really worried about her on there because it just feels unsafe
i told her about ktms because her favorite color is orange but she wants a black bike
she could just paint any bike black but she wants one thats black from the factory

hope shes doing better but i wish she were here
i always think im creeping her out with some of the things i say but in the end it seems like she gets closer afterwards
when i went in to cover for her i told her i was thinking about her over the past few days wondering how she was doing that was before i held her and told her it was ok to ask for help
then the next day she seemed happier and was talking about coming over so maybe shes fine with all this
shes a lot younger than me so maybe she thinks its romantic in truth when i see her i dont want to just stand silently in front of her so a bunch of words come out and theyre usually things like that

i feel like i have a fever when i think about her like this


File: 1543289092095.gif (1003.83 KB, 500x281, 1.gif)


laughing hard at the pikachu toilet paper fig


im more worthless than a roll of toilet paper


no youre basted


crying rn


what is it this time crier


cry hours gonna go do some yardwork


watching 125cc vids again need to sleep sigh


jerked on normegle grossed out some girl who watched for a few minutes and kept saying it was tiny





caught a nasty feel listening to a concerned voicemail from mom
realize people i care about can be taken away from me in the snap of a finger and i dont have many people i can say that about just mom “dad” and grandpa really
i should really cherish my relationships more because theyre all ive got
dont even have a single friend or anyone who would bother looking for me if i died


dont want a gf or a posse just want to go back to 2009 when me and my sole friend took care of each other and went on adventures within reach of 16 year olds no cars no gfs just video games and wh40k and larping in the woods


were you 16 in 09


how come everything suddenly got worse after 2009


no i was 16 in 2010 i just said 2009 because i know turt will reply whenever he sees 2009


wonder if obama had something to do with it
maybe 2009 was the first year they dumped molecularized adderall into the water supply and turned us into zoms


gfs are nice are you sure you dont want one


reminded me of my g get


by allah i swear if you do NOT behave i will give you a taste of my shoe



sweating like a pig hima


pigs dont sweat


im lower than a hog


You know water is polar and how solutions work, right?





all these new pokemon are flippin stupid


you cant say that about bewear


is it like beware or like bew air


like beware i think its a pun because it looks like a mascot


i was saying be wear like ear


spermed inside mom


it has a creepy mouth


im feeling ripped off with the new gegege no kitaro i thought mana and nekomusume would be in more episodes ive gone two episodes without any mention or show of them and the preview omitted them both too
is it ok to skip all the episodes that dont have them in there


die skipper



gonna start eating gsnaps



File: 1543299262867.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.75 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Ji….jpg)


what is azur lane anyways is it like kancole


i think its a phone game


File: 1543299982846.jpg (20.58 KB, 436x135, 1542756928535.jpg)


File: 1543300011097.jpg (2.63 MB, 2057x3000, P023.jpg)


doesnt play like kancolle at all but ripped off the idea of boatshabs


me in the middle


thinking about my tulpa again listening to mosaic.wav
she brought up anime music again and i told her i have emotional attachments to a lot of the songs and i could see her eyes turning red she must think my life is complete shit or something


fuckin pasted


wish i was a shab


guess its time to game


did sandpanda just goes down




think i might invest in some crypto whats a good one


buy the dip


reinstalled ff14


i think turt likes that 0x one


gonna snooze wonder what kind of dream ill have tonight


cooking monkfish on mobile waiting at the doctors its one of those leave the house months sighing hard


im a disgusting piece of trash


you are baste


File: 1543308421122.png (1.91 MB, 1145x1943, d0002074e58abd3422b18755eebbcc42.png)

just spermed to this girl


she is pretty



had a nightmare about bob from twin peaks woke up screaming


nb getting revenge on the haters


keep fingering my earhole lots of wax today


baste nb


missed my train bros flippin slippery sidewalks


hi hima skipped morning work and woke up extra late




a happy man is NOT a slave to himself but to others


File: 1543337307746.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 1543217800138-0.png)


avin a good ooooooog


File: 1543337859832.webm (2.21 MB, 310x360, 1543326720542.webm)

onseki snapped me this


typical jan


post it on braincels


phew sexy puppy


told the new gm to move me down to part time
my tulpa took one of her two used shirts home
dont know why she just didnt take both


typical norm


if he works less that means we have to suffer his presence more save us seki


you be hating on my boy


he posts from work


gave myself a hitler youth cut again cant see myself in anything else


i mean undercut


File: 1543344462949.jpg (71.95 KB, 900x569, Creatorofspongebobhaspassed_721c95_6835668.jpg)

oh my god this cant be happening




thinking of asking my tulpa to let me flip her just once just to see what its like


smeared peanut butter on my balls and you already know what happened next


mit nigger


sigh wanted to jo but theres some teens flying a drone outside my window


going to compose symbolic expressions in arcane and esoteric programming language to conjure the spirits of the computer with my spell



File: 1543347413758.jpeg (16.95 KB, 607x551, E2AF3299-EB53-4405-B24C-D6DD7AD1067B.jpeg)


cant stop thinking about holding my tulpa again and flipping her


already pilled on the mini ice age im buying more warm wool clothes and spending little on summer and spring clothes


also thought about building some sort of efficient solar panel that can indirectly measure the energy output of the sun and see how much it changed over the decades then scientists who are too late will pay big money to see my data


im home hima got some cake bread and salami on my way back now im going to have a nice coffee and relax


bought that walmart gaming pc for sis


sis asked if she could pay me to flip i told her the price is 1 manapua per flip




File: 1543351735516.jpg (242.43 KB, 1200x1705, 002.jpg)


bored and cold


File: 1543352112173.jpg (562.7 KB, 1200x1705, 004.jpg)


im around 30 dont have any friends am a low income earner and always having trouble making ends meet due to poor financial planning


wish a demonic child would appear and extract sperm out of me


simply find a teengirl coworker its a lot more realistic


its a bit hard to do that when youre on the sex offenders registry


sigh ken



watching vids and having coffee and eating the chocolate sis bought me with my pants off


cant stop thinking about doing things with my tulpa like cuddling and flipping and hugging and kissing and making her laugh and feel good


did you watch all the walmart pc videos


i only watched the gn one



balls shrunk from the cold


remembering all the times we went out and she would get extra giggly and smile a lot and we would sometimes just end up staring at eachother i think its ok to try flipping her
she keeps talking about coming over at night to watch a movie too i think thats a really big giveaway



flapperlaughing at the desk wobbling


reading a book


the power supply makes me laugh the most


my desk wobbles a lot


desks should NOT wobble



does anyone have the video turt took of himself shooting the picture of pnig




yeah but i cant upload it
post the pnig yelling clip and ill get on my computer and post it
eye for an eye


bored when is the next plague what happened to swine flu


it killed all the swines


woke up


sis is playing fortnite


is she doing the dances


no she cant floss


t posed


File: 1543358169027.jpg (709.91 KB, 1748x2480, __original_drawn_by_katahama__65c6f24163af346c….jpg)

shes jerkin it



just finished the book its called in the miso soup by ryu murakami
no relation to haruki murakami
nice book theres a nice turt character


was going to eat out but i have ramen and ice cream time for a wild night


gonna shower then make love to my ona


wonder if it really feels good to flip a lona


youll never find out


my brother really likes ryu murakami


im reading a wild sheep chase


keep getting teabagged in overwatch


im already tracer


wonder where id be right now if i wasnt a lazy piece of shit


at walmart


just discovered you can add things to ice cream tubs and mix it up like cold stone does
never occured to me
put some honey and like a quarter cup of extra chocolate chips from my brownies and a splash of milk into mint chocolate chip ice cream
honey goes good with mint


norm cream


nice tard palate


read that as tard paste


give me your tard paste anon


gonna shower and shave


i like everything that everyone else hates




reading about sexual tension


anything interesting


i have sexual tension all the time


new walmart review


wish i liked onions


wish i had more onions



overlord ii sucks sigh just sitting here on my phone as usual
at least i read a whole 215 page book tonight but now im feeling sloth


shat my pants


my filter stuff will be here on friday i got one pound of ceramics one pound of activated carbon and 40 bio balls for 10 bucks
water quality should shape up in the 20 gallon tank theres still a NOTiceable brown hue to the water but it takes longer to get bad


gonno fry up some chicken and make a sandwich


dont ceramics and bio balls do the same thing


no the bio balls are mechanical filtratrion to remove big stuff the ceramics are biological filters to give good bacteria a habitat to grow and the carbon is a chemical filtration media to bring down ammonia and balance ph i think
i will still be using some quilt padding in addition to the bio balls because that stuff is so cheap and works great for mechanical filtration


getting physically ill reading the my tulpa posts



really surprised how well things worked out with lava rocks and quilt padding actually
i do frequent water changes though if i didnt the ammonia would start to build up
actually got a little bit of yellowish algae to grow in the 10gal tank when i overfed the fish like crazy for a couple weeks




that vid is inspiring me to create a team with no starters or legendaries but the problem with pokemon games is it takes forever to level up pokemon after you finish all the gyms and exhaust all the trainers and you have to waste hundreds of hours grinding through victory road and the elite four


hate the dead hours so much is this really the power of my tulpa blogging


how so


tulpa posts are pasted


simply use an emulator and frameskip


NVIDIA Blames AMD For Excess GPU Inventory


File: 1543368632614-0.png (661.87 KB, 806x537, 46860479_2107681042877312_4322142395895382016_….png)

File: 1543368632614-1.jpg (152.78 KB, 962x757, 6379044-6405871-image-a-47_1542633040131.jpg)



whats wrong with tulpa posts


theyre gfnorm spam


wish i had a gf


gfs are useless


File: 1543369491882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 654.34 KB, 1764x2508, 71791938_p0.jpg)

what about this gf


why do the goblins snap


nice nips


hate browsing craigslist with no money


because theyre pilled





you can flip them


eatin a hersheys bar


dumb sexnorm


guess ill make some sushi


sushi or sushi


my tulpa is NOT my gf were just friends


File: 1543371602390.png (19.22 KB, 711x724, 1335150127580.png)


want a goblin gf bad after reading re:monster


got a supreme pizza and a fancy salami pizza which should i eat


blogged on discord about motorcycles feel myself falling back into my old routine because of how dead hima is
gonna play a little pokemon to distract myself from the reality of being poor


id post about other stuff but you know how that goes


the tulpaspam isnt even that bad today everyones out doing stuff i guess


what are some good christmas movies


im in a movie enthusiast group even though i have no interest in cinema at all and i realized theres a whole other world of entertainment besides anime
always get mad watching moovies cant say ive enjoyed anything since that mel gibson movie about moses with christian bale





File: 1543373568869.png (107.24 KB, 822x720, 1355380043948.png)

now i snooze


dont leave me



this pizza is really good its newmans own


didnt know they made pizza we dont sell any frozen newmans own products at the store for whatever reason


big fan of mouthwash
after every dip ive been rinsing and it burns the open wound in my lip a lot
think mouthwash is a big placebo rinsing with water probably does the same thing but the burning sensation makes it seem like youre reseting your mouth


found a gecko outside he let me pick him up now he will NOT leave my hand


mouthwash is like 80% alcohol so its like a mouth sanitizer


washing my new xxl grey sweatpants



i consider myself a gamer by trade


reading about the panic happening at blizzard right now poor guys


flip em


link it


this is like icarly if it was hosted by two married failed comedians



going to start saying konbanwanko


why does it always look like this guy is about to cry


think its funny that the girl calls lily chinchinkurin in zombieland
its even funnier after episode 8


the male molly has already impregnated the two female dalmatian mollies their bellies are slightly more swollen than on friday


he takes turns dancing with both of them baste polygamy


snooze time


went to the dentist now im back bought some wine gonna have some coffee and game hows it hangin mates


did they pull any teeth


no he said everything was fine i just needed to floss more



everyones snoozin


hate this chav


flossing is a scame


love a good bleeding floss


im NOT snoozing im sitting here doing the usual thing i do almost every night



File: 1543382009782.png (Spoiler Image, 18.36 KB, 300x100, test.png)



add it


no dont its for my theme only


File: 1543382199643.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.24 MB, 557x800, f8e0c9c9d1a9d1a82888def265d14ebd.gif)



been thinking about making a nice clean blue and white bright theme with yellow accents


what the flip is wrong with sexnorms


theyre freaks


dont mention sex it gives me butterflies in my stomach


File: 1543382663961.jpg (217.01 KB, 700x700, 741b5002c4a48fa29d6f38237a61d2a4.jpg)


get a strong wiff of shite every once and a while i have no idea where the flip its coming from




have you got crohns


my ass is NOT leaking


started to smell vomit a few months ago turned out to be my pajamas


i only wear sweatpants and sweaters never pjs


whats the point of pjs anyway i just sleep naked


File: 1543384974360.jpg (137.34 KB, 1024x718, 0990M-1_1024x1024.jpg)

theyre the only clothes i wear when in home maybe pajamas wasnt the right word
for the summer theyre old man shorts and a tiedye shirt
winter is sweatpants and a long sleeve waffle shirt




ate a fudgesicle


File: 1543387369619.jpg (203.45 KB, 1567x891, DrfbI8uV4AAe-A2.jpg)

want to kill and maim girls


whats your problem


it just would be great fun, i have no ill will towards anyone




File: 1543388763586-0.mp3 (8.44 MB, 02.mp3)


got my pants all washed theyre long enough that i can hook my heels in the cuffs hehe



pasted chinks are creating superhumans while our kids play fortnite


chink cope


born too early to have my parents buy me perfect genes


File: 1543392307106.css (7.31 KB, Stargazer.css)

updated the theme and fixed a bunch of stuff


had a nap and woke up hi


didnt mean to reply to that sorry


dad said only faggots apologize


all alone by myself on hima theres no crueler fate


makin kofi


im here


my mouths had a weird acidic taste for the past weeks i wonder why


i hate workkkkkkkkkkkkk


woke up oh god its freezing


its a ghost sperming in your mouth


sperm is basic


dont know what acid tastes like


woke up and work called and said they needed someone to come in to work nah sorry assholes im NOT too eager to come in and slave when you only give me 26 hours this week


got bit by the funk bug


turns out my ass was leaking who would have thought


go to hell assnorm


just woke up norms


been working from seven to eleven every night it makes my life a drag


had a meeting today my tulpa walked in and sat next to me i asked how she was doing she said better she seemed a bit more cheerful
her face was less than a foot away from mine as we sat there chatting and she kept staring at my lips and then looking up into my eyes


ever NOTiced how norm rhymes with worm


kill this fucking worm


this all reminds me of when dickspammer was spamming jp people would ask him what he was doing and he would just reply with aNOTher image the guy doesnt care about anyone except himself and hes definitely dangerous


do you look like cat


my tulpa said im one of the most caring and sweetest people she knows


no it doesnt norm is pronounced like orm and worm is like erm


theyre the same if youre from the south


remember when shana said spoon


is it bad if im shorter than mom


are you cute


no im hideous


think im going to make a nice 3rd person fighting game that focuses on skill and environment synergy


File: 1543431026904.jpg (120.63 KB, 888x499, c34.jpg)


whats wrong with being just friends if you do everything and flip


few things im worried about working on would be the hitboxes networking and of course the bone rig dont want to it to end up like earths special forces


you cant make a fighter by yourself


ill be the idea guy


ya probably but it wont hurt to try


Aggressive Servicing Blonde Parfait-chans


hate blondes


dont like blondes either but my tulpa is blonde and im starting to appreciate it more


File: 1543432247889.png (176.42 KB, 665x670, 1543431595347.png)

EPPIC ..........RAP......... BATTLES.........OF HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!



Listen here jannie, I'm about to tell a tale
Of a little NEET virgin whose life is an epic fail
I love Sneed and Bane, i gotta get my meme fix
And you know I hate gooks, faggots, niggers, and spics
Honnies sayin' I'm pasted, honnies say I'm redpilled
Honnies see me spitting bars at some loser gettin' grilled
I'm gettin' litty! Pour a drink in my cup
Looks like someone posted doggy doo, SO FUCKING CLEAN IT UP!

Let this be a warning.
My job isn't rewarding
I never really want to wake up in the morning.
I got fatty flabs, Hot Pockets are a must
And my fingers are always greasy from the fuckin' Cheeto dust.
I might NOT get paid, yeah I do it for free
but learn your fucking lesson: don't mess with me
Imma ban you
Imma ban you
Imma ban you

Is that all you got?
your rap game is weak
Ban me! I don't give a fuck
I'll use a proxy for a week.
When I make a new thread you better bet it be a sticky
And then I BTFO all those shills that work for Mickey
I'll tell you one more time
my rhymes are prime
I get paid with (You)s and you don't even get a dime
Your mom just called and I gotta take a piss
So call me Sam Raimi. HOW'D I GET AWAY WITH THIS?

MUM! This guy is being mean to me
He gets all the chicks, and all I got is weeb 2D
Wait a sec, I gotta take a breath. My asthma's gettin' bad
I really hate that I'm a virgin, I'm jealous you're a chad
Will this be the night
Should I get my noose
Wait, that's NOT right
It couldn't hold me, it's no use
Guess I'll go get my dad's gun and pull the trigger

Fuck Niggers,
Fuck Liberals,
Fuck Kikes
And Fuck Jannie.







spamworm hours


new linus


theres no anime in 4k so who cares


bored gonno sing


thinking even more about kissing my tulpa now this is like a curse


love a good kiss


getting tired of lustnig


it cant be helped she could have stopped talking to me by now but it seems like she likes me at least a bit more than i thought and when i think about that stuff like this happens


File: 1543440361744.jpg (28.17 KB, 360x240, 1230017607242.jpg)


never won anything in my life


gonna eat duck liver weekly to get my b12 and k2 vitamins


read that as dick liver think i need glasses


need some dick liver


was that an idolmaster song at the beginning of anima yell
this show is surprisingly funny follows a pretty comfy 4koma pattern




wish i had a waha


its useless


flying to headquarters again this sunday im already dying of anxiety over here and i cant stop thinking about it and it ruins my whole night so lately its been wake up go to work daydream about finally going home at work go home think about the flight all night go to bed


simply flip the teengirl who is going with thats her job


woke up got a headache


why dont you find something fun to do there so you at least have a small thing to look forward to
NOT much to do in mississippi though


i am NOT turt


oh shit im sorry


sorry for what
our daddy taught us NOT to be ashamed of our dicks
specially since theyre such good size and all


my dick is my biggest shame


ive got a tiny dick


i want to flipping die


no you dont


i cant go on living like this


if you die ill be alone here with neetblog


im here too



turt needs to get right with god


how do i stop sinning


guess ill game or something and try to stop worrying about things even though i know i cant


stupid roast wrote cabbage was introduced to europe by genghis khan cant find a way to contact this idiot without using facebook



i got a big one its NOT that great


having aNOTher coffee


wish i could grip my entire hand around my penis


ate ramen a couple hours ago at moms house and now im edging on hunger again but all i have here is ramen and ice cream and i dont really want either
just want a big salad with some shredded chicken or something
wish i knew of a chinese buffet with a tard discount
they all serve crabs and shrimps and shit and drive the price up too much for me


shes right


never been to a chinese buffet is it good


love a good chinese buffet


thinking of buying a webcam to enhance my jacking experience




NOThing gross about a nice close up for the ladies


this is what you need to hear



eat at a chinese buffet close to work at least twice a week its great and really cheap and the owner is a nice japanese lady dont know why she opened a chinese restaurant


nah im writing to the main site of the article but i hope they forward it to that roast im about to teach her about the real history of the cabbage NOT some made up chink bullshit


whats wrong with his face


cabbage is my ancestral food


my tulpa shows her vulnerabilities with me and i do the same with her and we help eachother it feels good


stop whitewashing our rich history


weird flex but ok


refuse to pay $16 for a buffet 12 dollars or less is reasonable but when i can get 6 mcchickens for six dollars even that measly 12 dollars seems like too much
i think i will go ahead and hit up mcdees


cook your own food


get a mcfish sandwich


dont know what my ancestral foods are im central european can i still eat steak


is it $16 all you can eat
the one i go to you pay by weight its great


are you the polishnorm


havent had mcdonalds in years since they took the mcspicy off the menu


same last time was about an year ago i got a quarter pound



no thats the other guy im czech polish and german austrian or hungarian


do you mean spicy mcchicken because thats a regional thing theyre on the menu here permanently but we cant get normal mcchickens


im of polish descent too i wonder why theres so many poles on hima


theyre good thats why theyve survived on the menu for so long


yeah but i usually end up feeling like crap after two pltes of broccoli and noodles because they pour oil onto everuthing to get you out the door faster


go eat some cabbage czechseki


i only eat saimin from mcdonalds


NOT me im american


never ate a mcfish it seems gross


actually theyre awful and the lowest selling item on mcdonalds but they keep them on the menu because of lent and some catholics that dont eat meat on fridays


its NOT you need to try one


told my tulpa i was going to get a wall rug to reflect my slavic heritage and she had no idea what i was talking about





fish is meat


File: 1543447680776.jpg (317.24 KB, 1250x1336, mcdonalds_saimin2.jpg)

hell yeah eat that saimin bitch


miss being a neet and watching pripara every night with my bros then checking scope for russian sexy ladies with wall rugs then eating a couple of tuna melts and snoozing until 4 pm god flipping damnit please kill me someone anyone


no fish is fish


its the flesh of an animal you know what really enrages me when people say theyre vegetarian but still eat chicken and fish


just tell mom how you feel and quit your job


let me tell you the pripara experience is exquisite on a 55 inch tv using bluray rips i speculated that bd rips would be amazing for that show because the video bitrate starved the cyalume change sequences and made them look like shit


shed hit me with the unblockable ynaj and what about your future youre almost 30 my coworker is 23 married graduated in law school work a 40 hour week and is doing her masters at night just go to my jewish psychiatrist and get some pills



cant choose between mikan and aroma disliked them on their debut ep but they grew on me bigly


ill teach you my secret technique to counter ynaj its to tell her your job makes you wanna kill yourself and if you keep working youre gonna end up jumping in front of a bus on the way to work


as for me its gotta be mikan just look at those legs and ponytail and how easily she puts anything into her mouth


what happens when you turn 30



the loop starts again


but aroma makes neets sperm 72 times with her body for money



File: 1543448390117.jpg (60.07 KB, 550x531, YnsbSX2.jpg)


that just means mikan is better to flip


ill be a grownup when i turn 30 and my real life will begin


time to correct gods mistake


lets talk about that


my tulpa said she wanted to share a bottle of wine when she comes over to watch movies i dont know if theres any way she would be able to make it back home after that maybe shes planning on spending the night
hope shes NOT planning on getting me really drunk and snapping me


my 580 came today too bad i have no way to use it


nice ive been considering getting a 570 but i might end up waiting for navi


mom asked if i signed up for classes yet again


speaking of which might initiate wine time


wonder if navi will be good


gonno initiate this bowl of clam chowder


time for the lasta my pasta


wish i had some pasta
gonno fry up a steak


never had clam chowder hows it like


got the tortilla sisters banner


it has clams and chowder in it


what the hell is chowder anyway


the same stuff thats in dog chow


its like macaroni and cheese except without the macaroni and without the cheese and with a bunch of other shit


it tastes like flamingo


wish doflamingo would bend me over and snap my pussy and ass


at mcdees got six mcchickens and a large durr pep





I got referred to this place from ota, I’m NOT sure whats going on but I’m going to be posting here.


no you will NOT be




pasted otalad


welcome to hima can you give me some advice for my tulpa


Your what?


guess its a larper even an otalad would know about tulpas


a girl i work with wants to come over to drink wine and watch movies with me dont know if i should feel bad for trying to flip her at that point


get a mcfish before you leave


what happened to haysuz


invited deji to hima


I’m a girl and I’d say she’s probably into you.


can you post your ass


nice vintage mousetrap



no ass posting


think i have the biggest ass on hima




nice turt


the biggest ass on hima belongs to me, the assblog


weird how all sizes of soda are one dollar at makudo
who would even bother buying a small soda
maybe theyre trying to phase out the other sizes to cut costs on lids and cups


I’ve been reading the past 100 posts and I’m NOT sure what I am supposed to be posting about?


i buy medium to offset my gigantic penis


people who want a drink but dont want to slurp down 4000 calories of sugar


dont think just do


i always ask for water


wish i could stop looping songs till i get a nosebleed


slow day at the water store had one customer all day




i guzzle down 200g of sugar easily every meal


sugar is bad for you idiot


die sweet tooth


i get sweet tea and cookies only from mcdonalds


never drank sweet tea is it good


ya its pretty good


himako girl said clones dont have souls


[code]<define name="hax">
<var name="display" />
<var name="my" />
<var name="display" />
<string val="XML makes Java the acceptable Lisp />
<var name="newline" />


what did you just said


shes right


invite her to hima already shes pasted


cut that steak and made a steak sandwich instead


anyone wanna crack a cold one with me


File: 1543450884791.png (104.52 KB, 600x730, 79eefbc2ab17b93cda33ef98c9fadecb.png)

tomu is flipping basted


steak is the most norm food stop eating steak


gonna stop eating steak and start eating bacon then


i dont have a cold one to crack with the boys


id flip kuroku instantly


would enjoy flipping a girl who made that face


thread kuroko


she only flips girls


i have a penis i am a girl


thats it fuck this 2019 is the year i become a sexy birl


dont do that


you are too old for that


ya if you werent taking estrogen before you hit puberty its already too late


becoming a birl would hurt your honor and dignity


fuck you doubters im doing it


godspeed brother


starting to think about my tulpa again i think she might actually like me there have been lots of signs and hints


just thought of aNOTher counterfeit name geoff bayzo


i bet my tulpa likes to get rimmed



nice jeff bezos


all millenials love to eat ass


thinking about it makes me cry because i remember when i was in 8th grade and a bunch of girls in the grade above locked me in the toilets and made me rim them all


whats the current normime


i get the feeling shes into some weird stuff i need to remain vigilant to avoid being snapped when she comes over especially after today when she was blatantly staring at my lips and then looking up at me with a weird look in her eyes




is that a lie


The validity of her claim that "Ghenghis Khan and his merry band of marauders brought it to Europe 1,000 years later" is highly questionable. The ancient history of the cabbage in Europe does NOT align with what she said in that article. The history of its name in particular would contradict the claim that cabbage is of non-European origin. Cabbage in slavic languages range but almost all have identical prefix and suffix, the suffix being usta and prefix being kap. Usta is the slavic word for mouth and kap is a proto-indo-European root word that means "to grab". If cabbage were a non-European vegetable then wouldn't Slavic languages have adopted the name from aNOTher language? The Latin name for cabbage is brassica which is closely related to the Celtic word for cabbage, bresic. That could mean the Romans have borrowed the name for cabbage from the Celtic people. Since the Celtic people were very mobile people it was possible they introduced the cabbage to Western Asia were it spread from there or the Romans could have setup a trade network with the Celts and as a result also traded the plant with merchants from the East. The cabbage is part of the Brassicaceae family and other plants in this family are also natively found in Europe such as wild mustard plants, parsnip and broccoli. ANOTher point worth mentioning is the history of broccoli. It was developed in Italy several thousand years ago from the cabbage plant. If this cabbage derivative was already present during their era that could only mean the claim that cabbage arrived in Europe only 1000 years ago from Asia utterly ridiculous and mostly likely the other way around.

i think i made my point


no its true


gonno bezos


im jeff beyso


nice cabbage otaku


speaking of which might check on the jar of sauerkraut ive got fermenting


cabbage taste like fart


shes right here>>862055


im cisalpine celt



cabbage is great specially thinly sliced raw with mayo and sesame seeds


hi himako girl youre pasted


What does himako girl mean?


wonder what himako is doing


thats NOT an otalad its an fbi agent gathering info



I’m in love with Kimchi right now


is himako my tulpa is that why she likes pnig


im in love with you




never had kimchi whats it like
momgf always posted about natto bet he likes kimchi too sigh


taste like spicefart



does anyone want to watch jimmy carson with me


theres something that must be said zettai


say it creep


time to churn the butter


preface a lot of the riskier things i say to my tulpa with something like that so that it will lessen the impact when she tells me it wasnt appropriate to say but so far she hasnt once even hinted that the things i say are unwanted or creepy which is still a bit odd to me
its almost always about how she makes me feel in one way or aNOTher
i gotta say hearing you be happy makes me feel a bit happier
dont know if i should say this but ive been thinking about you lately
would it make you mad if i told you that ive been waiting for this moment

stuff like that




ai chan is a genuis



mom bought celtic sea salt and a giant aloe vera like leaf i dont know what to call it and shes gonna make gel from it


guess you can only go on dates with your lgf when you turn 40 that way everyone thinks its your daughter


flapperlaughed at the nongmo verified sticker on the salt




spermed showered and dumped whats crackin mates


you were supposed to dump before the shower


hopefully NOT in that order


why NOT


gran used to have a huge aloe plant


had a ton of aloe plants at my old house maybe i should plant some


because salt is an inorganic compound thats like nongmo water from the water store


you need to dump before showering and sperm after showering



love what would you do i can watch it for hours this ones my favorite


organic non gmo gluten free kosher baking soda


nice pozzers


same love the gamer one


wish someone would poz my neghole


gonna breed that little ass of yours


lets have a hima meetup in san fran


could you get shamed for NOT doing anything about a predator



no just say you have ptsd from a predator and its fine


half the people in that video did NOThing


enjoy your gmo salt reflapper


love reading antiped comments by retarded norms on videos like those

To my mind, that's when I pull my concealed carry handgun, and make the pedo freak an offer he can't refuse.


File: 1543455156646.png (20.37 KB, 426x104, baste.PNG)


wish someone would shoot all the pednorms on hima




gonno cold approach a teen girl


you will go to prison


does this really happen


we need hbros to team up together so if it starts going bad aNOTher one walks in with a camera



shipping for goose liver is $10 thats basically the same price as the product hate that


hate shipping fees


hate you


raise your own geese itll be fun


how come people pay for amazon prime when you can just renew the free trial endlessly


amazon gives me a free 30 day trial on my main account like every other month they probably think i will forget to cancel one of these times


AMD’s Dr. Lisa Su is expecting the graphics card market to remain ‘depressed’ throughout the first quarter of 2019. Fingers crossed, with the new Navi GPUs set to arrive in the following quarter, things will look a lot cheerier once fresh Radeons are out and I can stop taking the fluoxetine.

navi is coming in 2q 2019


won a match of puyo abusing t spin


NOThing wrong with t spinning


i dont buy anything off amazon because ebay has all the same stuff for cheaper


dont buy used things


thought ebay was full of chink scammers


thats a naive opinion


im the chink scamming the sellers


is this a bad idea
am i saying too much to her about how i fee about her


just ask her if she wants to be your slam pig


yes obviously its an awful idea
you really need a dose of common sense its like you cant process real life scenarios in your mind


cant wait for poe league


me soon


poe flipping blows


NOT sure what it is about ling tosite sigure songs especially the ones from tokyo ghoul and psycho pass i like so much




oog me grind me level


just spent 2 hours solving captchas while downloading cuckold porn my life is a flipping joke


i bet the guy who sings them is a big norm but they capture something ephemeral about tokyo at night i think about those late nights walking around roppongi and yoyogi doing NOThing in particular just watching people interact with each other and the other lonely souls like me simply escaping


i do that


i would be more concerned if you didnt



escaping into a soapland to fuck prostitutes you mean


be the z instead so you have more sex appeal


soaplands arent real


flip you zoomer


lets escape together


if you embrace being old then you die you just chase your youth forever to live on


love being a boomer its great



bored what are some good conspiracy theories


whats bad about it i never dud anything like this before


phew lets go to venezuela and get ourselves some daughters


no thanks


NOT sure why motorcycle commercials always show a guy riding through the city at night like its something glamorous
yeah traffic and stoplights every 100m really fun


dont embrace your aging you tard fight it and deny it


Girl, 9, in rehab for Fortnite addiction after becoming so hooked she WET HERSELF to keep playing


wonder how easy it would be to buy some kid in venezuela snap it and then escape the country



very easy


theres no police at all and people eat rotten meat because its cheap
so you could flip anyone for $5


speak of the devil old japan roomate just messaged me on normbook saying he feels bad for NOT contacting me recently


watchin sumo


sis is so tard she didnt know what sumo is until like last month


wonder when terrys going to post a new vid


sigh guess ill never know
like i said she doesnt seem that weirded out when i do it but maybe ill stop
as a matter of fact a lot of the stuff i thought would come out as creepy or weird had the opposite effect

spent $20 on 2 slices of cheesecake gonna eat those and snooze in hours


never because he got hit by a train



its creepy


should i just never tell her anything then that seems horrible


nice bios bug allowing 200ge to be overclocked


women have ruined anime im NOT gonna watch anime with female characters in it ever again


lying cianorm


that only leaves mushishi and berserk


just say whatever its NOT like it hasnt been working


lets all go to venezuela and lose our virgs


lets NOT sexnorm


whats the point in losing your virg when you can mow a lawn instead


ill mow your lawn


gonno pk venezuelans


might buy artifact tomorrow




it looks boring just gonna stick with mmy tulpaa


mmy tulpaa is pasted


might buy that 1tb ssd


these cheese cakes are delicious might make some tonkotsu ramen as a reverse dessert




im a worthless heap of trash




im hoping to open an axe or drow so its like i got the game for free


been playing jeskai control a lot lately its fun



File: 1543460065434.jpg (141.2 KB, 850x600, 3207657019865.jpg)

marisa is fast


tummys rumblin might make some grilled cheeses soon


feel sick i ate way too much


dont do it grilled cheeses are for kids only


youre right just decided im gonna make tuna melts instead



grilled cheese are NOT for kids


thats NOT true i didnt eat a grilled cheese until i was 20


just spent 43 bucks to complete the red deck i fele like a retard


gonna watch spiderman homecoming again and have a good cry


youve fallen right into the chinks trap hook line and sinker


get an m.2 ssd instead


sigh on the scene with the train where hes texting happy asking about his next mission and saying its peter and im already crying flip this


what about my uncle did you give him a chance


got axe on my free packs should i sell him



always thought the scene in this movie where the highschool girls talk about flipping thor was weird


wonder if theyll ever make a movie this good again


think i might start getting a bunch of shirts that look like something an anime character would wear


refuse to go out in public without my akatsuki robe on


good idea trash the hawaiian shirts and buy dark clothes


bogan is here isnt he


File: 1543461386657.jpg (53.69 KB, 750x1000, ra,womens_tshirt,x1900,dd2121:8219e99865,front….jpg)


told my tulpa about the shirts and she said she cant wait to see them all when she comes over


File: 1543461803687-0.jpg (106.42 KB, 500x500, image_name.jpg)

File: 1543461803687-1.mp3 (9.56 MB, Ayane Sakura - SHaVaDaVa in AMAZING♪.mp3)

have a listen


thats because you are


should i watch spider man homecoming


have a listen


are you impersonating or did you actually buy it



if you like spiderman then yes it skips the origin story and puts you right into him being a flipping retard in school


liking the part at 2:28 with the guitar



nice technoboys pulcraft greenfund


love how himakos got to take a last fat dump on hima by giving it on a silver platter to the seki
its like well i cant enjoy myself so neither should anyone taking the site down would have been a better choice at least whatever board came next would NOT be onsekis since hes a walking failure that clings on anything he perceives as a source of online social power or epeen as it was called back in the day with puppeteering gnfos rotting corpse being its most glaring evidence


meta hours gonna snooze


its NOT sekis fault he doesnt have the time for hima


hes living dat gn life



seki add it my dude


gonno smoke




have no clue what this guys talking about dont see how i cling to power i just take sites under my wing and keep it running for the sake of the posters who call it home i havent even banned anyone in days or done anything besides post every ten minutes but i guess thats NOT enough for the hardcore janny steamers


dont discount what he says under the guise that hes saying it just to say it

is the snow ever getting turned on


love when weeaboos start off the sentence by saying can a japanese person tell me alright we get it you hate non japs


give the site back to pnig


no one even knew it was me who ran gnfos until the last few months before i gave it back to trevor
no one posted on gnfos because it had any inherit merit they posted there because of trevors persona


think the guy at 5:55 is ped


i didnt have the site i was happy just making themes and stuff and suggesting things because there was a realistic chance that they would be added or heard


give hima to t bag already


are you talking about max


him too but i just read a comment that started off that way


really glad my tulpa only smokes dick


miss my gnbros


i posted there for years but domt remember anything about it


went from warosu to hima FUCK gnfos


are we all supposed to pretend that you dont do this to feed your ego because its so blatant the sole idea of doing that as a social convention of sorts sounds absurd
are we supposed to believe that we are a messiah taking time out of your worthless shitty life just out of the goodness of your own heart to help the helpless and protect the little guy (in this case somehow all of us) as if having the most incompetent admin any jp spinoff has ever had is in any way a boon
you are a walking husk that is always conveniently quick to grab sites in situations like gnfos and himas and to create the gnfos discord in order to be their admin in order to give your lonely empty life some meaning but NOT without the nerve to imply that those things couldnt have been done by anyone else and better at that


smoke a bowl and chill out bro


hima didnt exist when warosu went down the first time



what are you hoping to achieve by starting this argument


tried posting on gnfos but they made fun of me for NOT ironicposting


acting like i held himako at gunpoint for hima
i took it off her hands for the exact reason i said to keep it open for the posters who call it home to enjoy themselves
if you truly believe i have some ulterior motive or that im trying to assert dominance over others youre delusional


give the site back to himako


settle down kenneth onseki is fine


i nominate neetblog to be the new hima admin


also add my theme flipper


i would delete every board except for the tb


i saw your post a while ago ill add it on december 1st when i change the banners and i have a couple other planned changes


im bringing in hondy as the new admin to fix this place up


when are you going to give the site back to himako


napped and finished reading hows it going


actually i cant seem to sleep and ill be doing the motorcycle course on december 1st so ill just do it now i guess link the post
thats your queue to post banners pnig


hell yeah


the only reason any admins run spinoffs is so that they can feed their egos just look at pnig now that hes NOT the admin of hima anymore and cant use the quirky psuedo anonymous admin persona that he created hes constantly posting about a girl he works who gives him pity attention just so to satisfy his desire to inflate his own ego and drag everyone down around him


NOThing im just mad that hes so open about it and actually mains that discord with norms like chalq and whoever else i dont know the name of those nobodies but thats besides the point
hes symbolizes the fact that the gates are open for those norms to come here take a big shite and leave whenever they want and thats all there is to it dont like it leave


im a nobody


start your spinoff ill post there


trevmin is the most humble man in the world



the people who want to run spinoffs shouldnt and the people who should run them dont want to except for big T hes basted as hell


wonder what the duegibros are up to


we need the dueg


i found this month old abandoned board and posted it on ota


its moefoe time bros


i already did twice but it didnt get that many posts


nice meromin


speaking of spin-offs
ssfos is a porn site now


File: 1543464839727.png (657.31 KB, 584x604, 1369892302293.png)


dont click that youll get a nasty surprise


miss when saki had the club members besides saki and nodoka


himas getting stale its time for a new spinoff to take the throne


i post about her for other reasons if i posted what they were people would just make fun of me


it pinches a jan deleted my post


playing an orzhov deck its fun


janning is underrated border patrol is the one thing that makes or breaks boards


fool dont play without shocklands


instantly dislike this idea


File: 1543465114692.png (33.63 KB, 538x335, baed873bd1391c5def756b19fab8e947.png)


ota has been the king of spinoffs for years even with the love live takeover thats started to decline it back into funtown


ota stinks like shit


go back there


i dont understand the blackmail meme


its how onseki herds the nigger cattle


do you know how to turn on the snow its very involved


go back there


i dont i was going to ask about that


its NOT even december yet



can we get some more battler banners then


turning the snow on when its NOT even december yet will be the last straw


File: 1543465486014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.26 KB, 238x192, 1473363948543.jpg)


it snowed a little here the other day


File: 1543465527160.jpg (321.63 KB, 633x576, s.jpg)




favorite spoff and why you hate kikes?





seems simple enough might try it to dip my foot into more complicated stuff


do NOT make anything new all of those files are already in place


its snowing again oh how i love the snow


never seen snow fuck you snownorms


bad news just got an email from my isp saying ive used 85% of my data limit for the month they have a 1tb data limit


always thought this person was laughing but shes actually in pain


only everrseen west coast ice snow
no fluff snow


guess the 200gb pripara torrent and 133gb cardcaptor sakura torrents did me in i went all in a bit too hard


luckily the month is over in three days if its calendar




ken check discord


i can just pay $10 for 50gb more its NOT that bad i dont think ill go through 200gb in 3 days


we got too cocky bros


what happened


dont understand data limits its NOT like its a finite resource in any way


the duegsters are raiding


its nearly unlimited i had the same isp my whole life and never once got close to hitting the limit even when i was streaming and running servers daily its all those bd rips that im downloading so i can jack it to mikans sexy legs that are


that are what


causing the problem


discordmeta hours gonno skip


almost time to make those tuna melts im slavering just thinking about it theres gonna be double extra onion


you dont want to hear about how some random poster and his retarded views are way better than yours?


File: 1543467030445.webm (180.28 KB, 1280x720, hey.webm)




File: 1543467433100-0.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, [MiG_MuX] PriPara - 042 [BD][1080p][7729F5CC].….png)

File: 1543467433100-1.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, [MiG_MuX] PriPara - 043 [BD][1080p][D5AB0B9E].….png)

File: 1543467433100-2.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, [MiG_MuX] PriPara - 040 [BD][1080p][FC8600CA].….png)



watashi is crazy hot


gonna have to jackin it hard oh F




its a flippin 100 degrees any way for a neet to beat the heat or what


tuna melt time


fan and icecream


use this uploading the css messes things up


stick your butt in the freezer


speaking of food my tulpa was eating a muffin today im really glad shes eating again i was about to force feed her


going to morph


ill show you a morph


have to wake up in four hours but it was fun fiddling with hima it made me forget about something bad that happened earlier


did you fall down the stairs


basted ghost of christmas past) hehe gotta fix that im going to add jolly old saint nick to the list when i get around to it


sign got the osomatsu and himako banner


add krampus


sighing hard listening to ai desho


why is there only snow at the bottom of the page


shows up everywhere for me


oh ctrl f5 fixed it hehe


gonna make sure to never refresh so the snow doesnt appear


suddenly feeling bad thinking about my tulpa again this happens every night sigh


gods cruelest joke of all was giving me huge dangly nuts and a tiny little shrimp dick that cant get hard


god is a sick incel freak


why doesnt himako use the unicode snowflake instead of an asterisk?


can i be cool and call myself incel as long as i dont flip my tulpa or did i lose that the moment we started going on dates


File: 1543469534836.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.85 KB, 771x1094, 8f094476811f227802d50b37fb0b589d.jpg)


big boner


wish i knew how to eat a gsnapfruit properly other than sticking my face into it like ananimal


lungs are much larger


poor girl she doesnt have a liver


im grateful each time i eat a lemon that god presliced it for me


what in the actual FUCK is wrong with gelbooru i tried to find some sexy cindy lou who pictures to jerk it to and it has full page dating ads


the asterisk looks like the snowflakes in the invertmas theme


hope organs_exposed becomes a more common tag


NOT if the artists dont have a good understanding of anatomy


wish facemasks were a thing in the west hate revealing my ugly visage to the world


hate anatomy norms


saw a girl wearing a facemask today at chipotle i was about to jo in her face


be careful eating gsnapfruit dont overdose on benadryl because you had one


speaking of which my pomegranate tree is fruiting hard hima hb


gonno rewatch this


flipping love this song


just had a cool idea sitting up trying to sleep
why NOT have bullet trains that run automatically solely for transporting domestic packages
they could be pressurized and travel 400mph and automatically be directed to certain areas for further sorting


you mean like elon musks idea


damn did he come up with that before me
thought i was onto something genuis


why are you sitting up while trying to sleep


his idea is similar except it removes the air instead of pressurizes so that theres less air in the tube and less air resistance


read something like a quarter of some small businesses profits go into shipping goods they usually take a big hit to profits because shipping is so expensive but if it was cheaper because there was no truckers running domestic packages on strict time constraints it could be cheaper eventually
the infrastructure is NOT prepared for the coming future where well over 90% of goods are going to be delivered
in fact it wouldnt surprised me if packages travel through above ground tubes straight to your doorstep


i dont understand any of this shit

just give me my mail


i was thinking the capsule would have to be pressurized to keep goods from being destroyed by small changes in velocity
the shinkansen is pressurized i think i never NOTiced my ears pop


watching the tony stark recruiting peter scene in civil war and crying


speaking of which do you guys know about this


they used to be somewhat common in offices to send NOTes and stuff between employees until NOT long ago too i find them really cool theyre still used some places


before fax machines documents were regularly put on overnight air mail to their destinations and people complained about paying for it back then when it was four dollars or something
now it costs 35 dollars to overnight a document or package i think but amazon can get something to your door in 48 hours for zero dollars on prime they must be taking an immense loss on prime i wonder if they make it up with all the analytics phishing


very interesting how amazon is regarded as a good company but they really have done absolutely NOThing but destroy small businesses put incredible burden on shipping services and treat their employees like slaves all with a big friendly smile
with all their profit they have done NOThing substantial just taken payment processing and warehousing to their absolute limits the sorting and shipping is still done the caveman way
suppose truckers have never been busier but they need good fast roads and we have neither and the government cant pay for it
surprised amazon doesnt have private roads for self driving electric semitrailers


who regards amazon as a good company


at the post office we have 'amazon sundays' where we just deliver amazon packages all day


why do post office workers rage all the time anyways they even have their own term for it


google is regarded as a good search engine but anyone with a brain should be able to tell that its a pile of shite that fills the first two pages with sponsored results and pollutes every empty space with ads and suggested keywords dont even get me started on image searches that strongly favor products and unrelated goods
they will continue to make money because
duckduckgo is the only other comparable search engine and half the results are porn when you image search most things


because its a stressful job


File: 1543472509907-0.flac (34.06 MB, 01 - Love Cheat!.flac)

File: 1543472509907-1.flac (31.49 MB, 06 - ようこそ!ヒミツの雀バラや!?.flac)


i wouldnt know because i only use bing




i use askjeeves


duckduckgo is baste


you are baste


no im NOT


its NOT worth the cost of developing something so grand just for packages it would NOT payoff at all unlike its use for public transport


accidentally jerked it to scat


File: 1543473470900.jpg (76.12 KB, 498x499, bush.jpg)


time for coffee and gaming


miss bush he was tard as hell


File: 1543473605051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.59 KB, 1400x1400, 1459600723031.jpg)


does this actually happen?


stopped sitting on chairs because of that


stopped floor sitting because i had a silverfish crawl on my leg


theyre my friends


File: 1543473974646.jpg (350.13 KB, 1708x1280, P1130669.jpg)



its been a while since i saw a bug i wasnt able to identify its always vibrating cellar daddies or silverfish or something similar


saw the biggest jumping spider ive ever seen earlier this morning it was about as big as the largest ever recorded of that species super cool


smashed a spider with my swiffer


used to post about smashing ladybugs with a broomstick years ago



my farming level is now 26


i threw up


crazy how pnig and onseki are the two biggest norms here and yet they are in complete control of the board and basically you goyim are fucking stupid


would a retarded neet who blogs all day wanna run a website


File: 1543478178842.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.56 KB, 2048x1536, 1488670102884.jpg)


File: 1543478511484.mp4 (1.38 MB, onseki.mp4)




dont tell them they're stupid they might realize hima exists solely for me to laugh at with my bros on other spoffs


flip you norm


wish turt was in control he would rule justly


File: 1543484140589.jpg (7.99 KB, 213x63, kill all norms.jpg)


all alone by myself on hima a crueler fate does NOT exist