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classic chinks


baste blue truck what a true flapper






hasnt been in stock for 2 months


baste chinks


hey turt you here
i was going to buy the tinted lens for my helmet but then i remembered you were saying gold tinted ones are better
should i just spend the extra 20 bucks for the gold one or will it look dumb with an orange and black helmet


metallic coatings scratch very easily he was saying that because he wants to be master chief



sis is making pizza hima


never played halo it pinched


did she put her slime in the sauce


going to play some mmy tulpaa might try making an artifact deck since ive got a bunch of tezzerets


the bell gold iridium doesnt look that good think ill just the extra dark smoke one so no one can tell im a glasses wearing dweeb


no im NOT a larper


they make an orange visor too




yeah get an orange visor for your orange helmet then hop on your orange bike and ride down to the store for some orangrs and do the orange justice dance you flipping orangenorm


im orange baba bee badda bie


a pitch black visor reminds of celty so thats what im going with


i want to have sex with celty


i want to be flipped by celty


die celtics


gonna jerk it to celty


gonna jerk it to some pokemon trainers getting too horny playing


sigh my tulpa canceled our plans for today she said she just doesnt feel like her normal self


she got a call from chad


got left behind




shes been having some problems with the fainting stuff i think she just doesnt feel good
i asked if i was being too clingy and she said NOT at all and that right now she just wants to go home and lay down and have a cry she said things will get better and made it clear that she would see me in a few days
still feel a bit bad about everything i feel like im constantly bothering her


fucking end your life you worthless freak




shes definitely pregnant hehe sorry bud


it almost feels like shes being too nice to me especially after everything ive told her and everything shes told me


why aren't you banned yet


oh flipping PISSSSSSSS ASSS theyre cooking onions or garlic or some shit downstairs i cant breathe
flipping hell
gonna burn some nag champa to cancel it out


File: 1542581445558.webm (2.1 MB, 848x480, 1542557900791.webm)


smoking a lucky still have like ten


onions and garlic smell great


gonno eat some of sis pizza hehe


gotta dump bigly



pasted teentron


think ill throw a dip in and watch do you remember love


hope molesterman is safe and happy


File: 1542581967287.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.06 KB, 528x960, had about enough.jpg)


File: 1542582260604.jpg (5.39 MB, 4160x3120, 20181117_162117[1].jpg)

that was me yesterday you cant really see it in this pic but i went off track and bumped into the tire wall the bumper was tore off a little one side and the paint is scuffed i fixed it and the splitter real quick and continued the day
which still ended up sucking the car felt super twitchy and it was actually exhausting trying to focus enough to keep it on track while still going at a quick pace there were cars going off track everywhere i was just the only one unlucky enough to actually crash

turns out the owner of the other red nc is the admin of the nc and nc parts sale facebook pages


sounds like you got owned


just got a phone call and it was one of those robot voices speaking chinese what the hell


youtube is down


its just you




hope i can serve papa xi in my lifetime






what a flipping beast


still sighing pretty bigly


love this big bag of dollar store butter popcorn mom bought


File: 1542584285012.jpg (1.75 MB, 1651x2326, 1542558531090.jpg)


got left in the last thread sigh


the warosu huniepop stream was epic


turt you seeing this


i think im going to boycott linus for his 590 video


where do non ironic weebs get their hentai from



turt ticks 80 per-cent of those especially being obsessed with birls


its hard to break it off immediately after a man gets a disfiguration theres too much bad publicity
give it aNOTher year or two

more importantly id like to direct attention to his opening message
why is it ok to believe youre entitled to affection if youre a drooling retard but NOT if youre a mildly disfigured incel


gonna watch za ringu tonight and jerk it HARD AS FUCK to sadako


uh haha sexy ladies ha
i bet you havent even been to japan


you dont even know japanese


owned that norm


wish i was an ironic weeb instead of just a retarded one


guess i should have enrolled in college to learn a dying language so i could impress people on the internet by telling them i learned by uh osmosis haha


File: 1542585306119.png (564.93 KB, 1000x678, __yamamura_sadako_the_ring_drawn_by_azumawari_….png)

hell yeah


wish that was me


mom thinks im on drugs because i said im pasted out loud


why do you want to look at your own asshole


why NOT


hate portalnorms


thinking about flipping my tulpa yet again and im eating flipping poutine
the poutine girl is small with glasses i think its himako


never ate poutine i bet its good


its delicious


its pretty good but NOT as good as canadians want you to believe


might move to canada


those filthy canucks have misled me for the last time


this place dumps it all in a chinese food container so the fries soak up the gravy and the cheese melts hoo boy


is it on youtube


File: 1542586329305.jpg (1.06 MB, 1240x1748, 1539943773494.jpg)






poor sudo


wonder what lion tastes like




hooo boy now thats what i call a real pit bbq


how do we know they were actually burned alive if they dont show it


they took down the long version it shows the covered pit


misread buried as burned sigh


they didnt show the burying either


cant believe himako died before adding checkers


File: 1542589295350.png (336.09 KB, 649x630, 1542584360140.png)



cant remember my coinbase email


im cute height but NOT cute virgin


cant read sideways


i would go with the president i want a stable man


cute height is only if youre cute otherwise its just being a short gross manlet that should go die




my shabbos goy does math for me


File: 1542589741124.png (7.48 MB, 3307x4000, __anastasia_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_and_et….png)

mindblowing that this is a drawing


i drew that


hope that bimbo falls and gets road rash


i guess they never miss huh


my court jew does my math and taxes


never paid tax in my life


never done taxes


tried poking my fingers between my ribs and got very uncomfortable


i just ignore my taxes they dont have time to worry about a small fry like me


norms took nekopara from me now im known as a ironic weeb cause of it flip this shite


hehe this movie has a better plot than the original series
ichijo and hayase getting freaky within thefirst hour instead of 20 episodes


itchy beard sigh




if the norms stole from you then you must steal back


bh nobeard


the norms stole my 20s from me


dropped the ice cream and ruined everything ogd fliping damni t





you are going to get owned hard


the government should be returning several thousand dollars they stole from me next year and its going straight to yaremchuk


did a nice fan curve this thing seems really quiet now gonna do some vega overclocking


do some underclocking instead


lets visit yaremchuk together i need to fix my nose


crying hard


what is it this time crybabby


im leaving the cpu stock it boosts up to 3.7 for the whole cinebench with a score of 569


my usb isnt working


hwmonitor says my ssd is hotter than my cpu and also for some reason my 8 compute units are running at 1500mhz
thought i set it to 1200 must have mistyped


sis overheated and died


File: 1542591816592-0.mp3 (8.79 MB, 02 hide and seek.mp3)

File: 1542591816592-1.jpg (40.4 KB, 500x500, Cover.jpg)


should i make pork sandwiches or pork and rice hima please


pork and rice its healthy


make some katsu sandwiches


boiled pork please


pnig he needs your help


which one is it


phoenix is a shit hole feel sorry for that guy


got my ram to 3200 cl14
got my gpu to 1500mhz
got my cpu to 3.9ghz

havent touched voltages at all i think i got a golden 2200g and ram kit


sigh spoke too soon gonna loosen those timings


alright guess ill make sandwiches then sigh


are you using the ryzen dram calculator


made popcorn gonno feast


no but cl16 3200 is still fine i think


File: 1542592942784-0.png (53.21 KB, 536x638, b0ccbd70_3333F.png)

check if this is stable


File: 1542592986173.jpg (146.82 KB, 634x845, 1542571804076.jpg)


with voltage set to 1.35


wish i could share a pizza with my tulpa


doesnt seem like it
this is a 3000mhz kit in the end


File: 1542593652129-0.png (53.5 KB, 536x638, 4b5c257d_3200S.png)

ok give this last one a try after setting voltage to 1.35


NOT sure about do you remember love
great theatrics great animation great action great music but somethings missing
NOT a lot of meat to explain whats going on they kind of skipped important stuff assuming the audience would just make the connection to the original anime but at the same time everything that happened in the anime is basically retconned


make a youtube review


hey youtube its ya boy seki here with aNOTher brutally honest anime review make sure you hit that subscribe button and donate to my patreon big shoutout to heemasoogi dot org


that one doesnt work either


read that in jonah hills voice and you have the classic onseki


i need a list of every anime movie ever created and a torrent link for each one stat
movies are the ideal format for anime




heem-a soogai


think tv anime will be dead in a couple years they will have to create an entirely new format and planning process
bad example but like netflix


might take a nap then do some yardwork later


might nap for the next 100 years


im becoming a normie someone shoot me


japan needs a nice war to create a nice temporary anime hiatus so all the norms stop liking it and the truweebs like myself can go back to having a hobby NOT ruined by norms



File: 1542594855398-0.jpg (279.12 KB, 834x1200, 52096421.jpg)


go back and shoot yourself


File: 1542594978055.jpg (579.34 KB, 900x1200, 52096421.jpg)


wheres my mrs monster


accidentally jerked it to a man


that was no accident


everything is good except the vega 8 hehe
ill probably just swap out to a ryzen 3 apu and put this apu in an encoding rig or server or something

at least the automated benchmark gives me praise sigh


i jerk it to himamen


the first time i went out to eat with my tulpa it was to a pizza place she ordered flipping meatballs on her pizza like a tard



gonging hard


the hima mansion will have a gong and every morning it will be rung by neetblog


im hardsnooze gongs will do NOThing against me


read exterminator up to chapter 11 theres probably more translated


gonna cry


same love a good cry


skipped the nap and just did an hour of yardwork instead im using one of those heavy duty brushcutters with a spinning blade on the end to cut shoulder high grass its pretty fun kinda feels like scything since the side to side motion is the same and the grass gets cut so cleanly it all just gets sheared into long leaves that fall over as one my hands feel all tingly from the vibrations too gonna relax for a bit then do some more


you do too much yard work


NOThin wrong with a man workin on his yard


cant stop listening to pulse demon


gonno sit in my truck in the yard




cleaned me glasses


found a nice ring aka ringu (1998) torrent gonna download and jerk it to sadako


sighing hard


File: 1542600880290.jpg (27.9 KB, 499x485, dog_girl_nr_6_by_sophirona-d7ajl96.jpg)

wan wan


stupid bitch


eyeballs are way too big


die grandpa


theyre NOT big enough


why am i NOT japanese


being がいじん is much better you dont know how good you have it


why did god give me a chinese brain



might do some more yardwork then


asked my tulpa what she wanted to do next time we meet up and she said she hates when people give her choices so i should think of something and just tell her
i might just invite her over to snuggle up and watch a movie or two
told her ive been feeling a bit bad lately too this would probably help


File: 1542604179906.gif (311.93 KB, 480x360, killme.gif)

when you make one mistake solving an ackermann function


would the police tell me which intersections have the most red light runners




gonna order a large 2.5 inch ssd sigh i guess this is becoming something more than a budget htpc build


wish to eat some pizza


pizza or pizza


must jerk it to the zombie girls




watchin konosuba on the big screen a nice bd rip without the glare phew


post the goods


what glare


the glare that covers aquas completely bare ass


its just an ass


got a 24 pack of aranciata and limonata and i gotta say im starting to prefer the aranciata more its more bitter and less sour


File: 1542608924614.jpg (495.95 KB, 1000x1100, 95aa24f3751c82f64aa264de26dd0ac6.jpg)

is it really


yes i have one just like it


post it


its NOT that great


File: 1542609008154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 614.46 KB, 1133x800, f62f217dbdbf4b29f8df70c30b9419f1.jpg)


finally able to see the episode where koizumi explains nagato remembering all of the summers repeated god im gonna have a cry i love nagato so much


im the only tard who actually watched all 8 episodes of that shite





it was fun if you watched it weekly


gonna sigh hard



gonna have some pork and rice


nice porkandricemate


cant play smash bros because it reminds me of my long lost brother


feasted hard


finished reading


how do you have shoulder high grass if you do yardwork all the time


woke up


having difficulty running blops on this machine might have to download some more ram


gonno snooze


File: 1542636571847.jpg (696.45 KB, 1920x1080, 1542454843879.jpg)


just realized i dont have any pictures of myself with other people


god bless the kenyan people in their struggle against the unscrupulous chink hordes


are you making a tinder


File: 1542642588266.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 2209x1577, c41d571d0b9bab91e6c7416dc4cc5f9f.jpg)

gonno munch


long day ahead


made it to an aris vid


i only have a picture of me with my tulpa


i watched all eight episodes too and twice


same it was great


sigh my tulpa left a NOTe in the store with a smiley face saying she hopes i have a good day



just propose already tulpanig


post it


pnig is the kind of guy that would buy a ring before holding hands


hes also the type of guy to accidentally choke a innocent girl to death during one of his grandma killing fits


at work gotta jo or else i will fall asleep


kenny would NOT hurt a fly!!!!


i dont know if she thinks of me like that but she talks about long term things like getting me pets that she would take care of or decorating my place
she probably pities me and thinks im a miserable retard because any time i talk about myself she starts crying but at least shes nice enough to put up with my bullshit and listen to me i NOTice that being with her makes me feel better its kind of like therapy i have someone i can really talk to who will listen to me

gotta start parting up my desktop build starting with peripherals


cooking is also something she doesnt do so she likes hearing me explain things in detail because i get passionate about it according to her
sigh the NOTe probably made things worse



File: 1542656114070.jpg (26.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault2.jpg)

might gonna have a wank


you cant wank its still no nut november


no nut november is a flipping norm meme


File: 1542658436995.mp3 (103.2 KB, qcgssf.mp3)




woke up hi gonna browse old fansites


hi im joing manually


whats a NOT manual jo


you know


think ive become more tard over the last year than ever before its accelerating


gonna get a full size filco flip it with blue switches again except im getting the ninja one because im a flipping cool homboy


get a topre kb


too late
got a black pair of dt880s and a noctua l9a and a 1tb 2.5 ssd for storing movies and anime on the htpc
that covers peripherals for my desktop


ssds are too big now sigh


2.5 inchers are about the same price per gb as i was paying for 3.5 incher hard drives last time i bought them hehe


whats the difference between bill gates wife and an old computer
the old computer loves having 3.5 inch floppies slid into it


i dont get it


should i watch redline


girls dont like 3.5 inch floppy dicks


is a 1tb ssd really only 120 now what the heck


think i spent more than that on my 120gb when i got it


im home hima made myself a zojirushi full of coffee gonno have some and play some mmy tulpa hows it going


a 1tb samsung 860 was $98 like last week you missed out


the 860 evo ones are like $130 theyre surprisingly affordable
getting extra excited to swap out the cooler and add the ssd i already pulled the power cable through i just need to run the sata cable through and ill be good to go


ken should invite t g over to watch twilight together and then when she gets there fire up some twilight zone hehehe


i asked if she ever watched twilight zone and it sounded like she did
i was thinking of firing up santas slay when she comes over


saw one of these big dudes like a month ago hed put turt to shame




taco bell time


i enjoy computers so yes i need this
ill have an extra am4 cooler so if i do end up getting a 200ge i can use the wraith stealth instead of the clip on cooler


bled my brakes and filled the system with dot four instead of dot three
no difference in pedal feel at all maybe a ten percent gain in stopping power at the same pedal travel as before if i had to guess
when i was in the process of bleeding them i felt the pedal getting much stiffer like a modern car but as soon as i fired it up it went back to a spongy feel
pretty sure that’s just how 90s car brakes feel although i have NOThing to compare it to


gonna jerk it to aquas ass


go for steel braided brake lines


mom is getting me new tires on wednesday for chrisfmas
probably the nicest thing shes done for me in my entire life now that i think about it
now that i have new tires i can think seriously about doing the head/exhaust/intake gaskets and the timing belt/water pump and i think ill probably be able to squeeze aNOTher 100k out of it


stop jerking it to aquas ass its just an ass


literally no point


whats the point on a civic


its a functional car that i like and its NOT like i can just afford aNOTher car


flipping my tulpa was eating hardboiled eggs over the sink but she only ate the whites and left a bunch of crumbled yolks in the drain like a tard


should i even get an nc




why NOT


theyre ugly as flip and arent vtec


what about nd


watching that pickle expert video is the mcclure guy the same mcclure that makes mcclure pickles because i was going to buy some of them but then i saw they were made in india and thought it was a bunch of indians trying to cash in on a good old fashioned american name like mcclure and rejected buying them


yeah nds are baste as hell


ok i thought i shouldnt get a miata in general


whats so great about normtec



theres something that i must reveal


what is it


still need to find something to do with my tulpa should we just meet up at the park and walk around and look at the ducks or should i have her come over so we can watch a movie


just meet with her and do whatever you feel like doing
do NOT ask what she wants to do shed probably hate that and if she doesnt want to do whatever you decide she will tell you


vfr vtec is different from this
at 6800rpm or below only 2 valves open per cylinder and above 6800rpm all 4 valves open per cylinder and the valves themselves always open the same amount regardless of vtec engagement


my car doesnt even have vtec hehe basted sohc


love passing these guys and letting them hear something good
also NOTicing more and more that a lot of people turn to look when they hear the crackling from engine braking or clutchless downshifting


woke up dreamed about turt again gonna have some coffee and play mmy tulpa


shooting a few miles away from me


was it a turt nii san dream


ian is turning into varg


hes baste


kind of want a hatchback never was into sporty looking cars especially convertibles but the mx5 is something else


had a hatchback once


no i dreamed i found a video of turt when he was 14 or so reading a short story he wrote except he was fat and had bleached hair then i posted it here



this is something i see happening a lot with people NOT visualizing anything larger than 1000 its just how human brains are wired


still think twewy is my favorite game ive played so far besides mother 3 and metroid fusion



got the dark smoke visor for my mx9 adventure helmet i think it looks a lot better
the tint is NOT that dark but it did keep all the glare from cars glass and the sun out of my eyes somewhat
when the sun was in my face it was still uncomfortable to look at the road but i guess this is as dark as it gets
the class starts next monday and ill be riding on saturday and sunday


dont crash


mom wants me to have a car to live a more self sufficient and confident life by next year shell probably sell her piece of farm land and put it into a car im still NOT sure what to get


get something that will attract horny teenage girls


what you need is an old $1000 civic and enough google skill to figure out how to keep it running for the rest of your life


maybe im thinking if i should get a newer car with high mpg that will save me money in the long run or go the varg route and just buy some petrol eater worth 4 nights with a lovely lady no fancy bells and whistles


get a moped


asked her if 18k is a lot for a car told her its 2 years old and she said no


gonno have a near death experience so i can be transported to aNOTher world


same then im gonna jerk it to aqua and her ass


if you spend 18k on a car that doesnt have over 300 horsepower youre a flipping moron


you missed the point


i think this guy died i havent seem him in a while and he hasnt uploaded in a while


hopefully he got arrested


File: 1542672475985.jpg (28.51 KB, 719x712, Screenshot_20181119-120420_Coinbase-719x712.jpg)

turt is this real


im mo ped


you should get a car with sub 100 hp and good mpg


skip the mpg and just get an electric car


1 silverfish today



morning hima had a fantastic dream


do you guys dream in color


dont dream at all


never dreamed whats it like


fuck you herkz imposters


love rolling up next to these at a red light and deploying a bolt through their skull with my aston martin db5


File: 1542674182500.png (559.56 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Zombieland Saga - 04 [720p].mkv….png)


File: 1542674276388.png (78.16 KB, 324x442, jprfxcv.png)


gonna download precure alamode 1080p bd rips and jerk it to ichika


im gayming


at the store we stock a lot of magazines and half of them are aimed at dumb boomers and have front pages with stuff like “1968 the best year in history” and “burt reynolds untold story” and “20 things you didnt know about marilyn monroe” etc
a large amount of them are about meghan markle and that other roast who married a prince
wonder why norms get so feverish about the british royal family it has literally no significance in england and even less than that for americans how big of a brainlet do you have to be to care about that kind of stuff
meghan markle is really NOT attractive at all every cover picture of her is horribly photoshopped


do NOT jerk it to ichikas pt ass


ichika isnt pt shes just t shes canonically 14 thats the perfect age for flipping


me when a technorm starts blabbering


burt reynolds is pasted


burt reynolds is pasted as heck


cant wait to show my tulpa my itx build hehe


time for some yardwork


just found a nice redpill channel


post some pills


member the crypto meme hehehe


could have been a millionaire if i had listened to turt


File: 1542676670902.jpg (606.49 KB, 900x700, dave_lawn.jpg)


going to watch some vids and earlysnooze mates


same im going to read some ‘anga and snooze too


hope the world ends in 2019


i hope it ends immediately


hope the world ends right now


lets do it boys


gonna jack it again to aquas ass


found some comfy blankets heheHa




phew got some good yardwork done gonna take a break then do some more


read 150 posts and they all blew


just got back from the liquor store got some whiskey gin and some more baileys


File: 1542679650569.jpg (872.91 KB, 1920x1080, kenneth my lips feel weird.jpg)


gonno have some of that whiskey and make sushi


might ask if she just wants to see the grinch since she was saying we should see it


got a nice flannel quilt and a new set of flannel sheets these ones are mint green


i think linus is ped


hes got yellow fever of course he loves flat chests and no hips sexy children


reading re:monster


turt is this right


huess ill do some more yardwork then


thats the intel version of the motherboard i want


might have to skip on this board buildzoid sounds incredibly disappointed


no its poor sha


wish i could lay bricks


dog is whining hard for some tuna


holy fuck hima i put the sheets on the bed im replacing chinese flannel with pakistani flannel and hooooo boy the pakistani ones feel luxurious and have a nice weight to them and are incredibly soft right away my only complaint is that one of the pillow cases is sewn sideways


hate pakis




have you tried joing or jerking maybe even jacking



uh jo jerk jack haha


gonna just go to the park with my tulpa its close to her house


people say that a lot here its annoying


isnt youse a hoosier thing


live real life minami stream GET THE FUCK IN HERE




her real voice is pretty sexy might have to jack it


its a man


eating some cookies they poof into dust and almost make me choke when i have a bite


wish to flip minami god shes so sexy look at her


sighing hard again


hey seki check this out


File: 1542689481331.mp4 (12.42 MB, xvideos.com_d873e7c31e287d76d8f03eeb1ccc4e13.mp4)


its a man in a suit


makin some poverty pizza


ririka is sexy as hell



you FUCKING idiot



other than the snap i had a great time
turt can you weigh in on what this person is thinking


never been snapped whats it like


time to sperm & snooze




love logging into one of my ancient gmail accounts and seeing all the other people who used it


still use yahoo


had a nice big shower hima phew clean as a whistle



do blockbusters still exist


regretting this quilt its very heavy and a bit stiff and thick i should have gotten something thinner and more flexible


might be time for a big ol cup of coffee


phew looks like you can return quilts at least it wont be a complete write off ill just exchange it for a lighter one


love heavy blankets i need to be constricted




keep listening to palmtree panic on repeat


File: 1542695594916.png (Spoiler Image, 37.09 KB, 570x680, 3b5ec5e398b95d961c960a66742b24b8.png)

tomu strikes again


File: 1542695960941.jpg (417.47 KB, 1080x1920, 9fa7951460dc98359e36eef6da5937df.jpg)

nice as109 cat


wyatt cheng killed himself



only one on hima




cant wait for game 9 caruana has this


woke up time to snooze


File: 1542712315076.jpg (86.35 KB, 1385x640, 새해.jpg)



woke up in the shite realm


mornin hima


made some dark coffee its really bitter


made some pasta yesterday woke up to some nice leftovers


despise the cooknorm coffeenorms



go back to flipping /v/


NOThin v


just finished my cup of dark roast black coffee it was sweet and creamy NOT bitter at all


gonno jo


you fool


File: 1542729239170.mp3 (8.49 MB, 01.mp3)

hell yeah


wonder if i can jo to this


woke up its game time



dont jo to that one


hungry gonna grab myself a foot long


lil boss put me alone on a 3 million dollar project


despise norms


ps5 will ryzen and navi


*spits in your direction*




whatever happened to spits in your mouth guy


NOThing foolish



almost off work have the next two days off work


is she saying めがみしんでめがみしねいしねい~


i think my igf1 is up im feeling thick


File: 1542733632404.mp4 (26.91 MB, friend fucks my 20 year old hot girlfriend - A….mp4)



ended up getting a burg combo instead


if i had a gf id let everyone in the mansion flip her


you would be a fucking norm if you had a gf and you know what happens to norms


fired up the jewish rye sandwich


nice 4channel


nobody will flip my tulpa except me


you dont have a say in the matter


wrong again fucker


will hima ever get webp support


whats webp


should i wash my banana


was thinking about going to the store to get some dinner stuff but now i just want to sleep


rarely put on shoes after i get home from work if i go out you know im wearing my crocs


never figured out the difference between a lamb a goat and a sheep


sighing really hard my tulpa called again sobbing saying she was asked to move out and she doesnt know where to go
told her i wished i was there with her and that she really means a lot to me whether she knows it or NOT and that shes definitely welcome to stay at my place for a few days or however long and that if theres anything at all that i can do to please let me know and to just keep me in mind
told her to call me later and let me know how shes doing sigh i almost started crying


goats are goats and sheep are sheep and lambs are baby sheep


left from work early hima im home and making coffee


foolish crocker


the definition of hos before bros


woke up with a sore bhole


phew this coffee is delicious hima
gonno play some jeskai control


that was me sorry


you shouldnt have said that idiot
do you realize that if she moves in with you you womy have time to browse hima and listen to sexy lady music and play wow or whatever you do besides spamming


bored time to fire up the straight shota


love shota of all varieties but especially the straight mazacon variety


already spermed today



theres no way i can sit in my apartment by myself when shes sobbing uncontrollably worrying about having nowhere to go the very least i can do is offer to give her a place to stay for a while so that her main fear will be alleviated
more than anything at this point i just want to give her a big hug and help her feel better
up until meeting her i always felt either insignificant or disliked then when we started talking more and more the things she said made me feel like she actually liked me and thats the first time i ever got that feeling from someone


wish i were a girl so people would take care of me no matter what
in that situation id end up homeless and living in the streets


File: 1542746712570.gif (1.08 MB, 424x318, goku_instant.gif)

nig hours time to leg it boys


frys guy said they have no amd cpus and that they dont know when they will get more in stock
god damnit GOD DAMNIT


guess pnig was a bluepilled wk all these years


wish i could be a provider


cant stop cracking my knuckles


made brownies and washed like a weeks worth of dishes that werent mine because they stunk so bad
now my brownies are cooling and im cooling too smoking a cig


too scared to actually crack mine i do the kaneki thing though to stretch em


File: 1542747474674.png (190.86 KB, 750x1334, FEBA39A9-ED56-4D52-B0E0-8493ADA554B0.png)



File: 1542747711125.webm (1.48 MB, 398x240, 15427358155042.webm)

why is she walking like that


wonder if turt does this


ive been cracking my fingers like this for years


dont know if i posted about it before but im starting a business with moms help and it seems like its going to work out so maybe ill be able to quit my job and go back to full time neeting with some little work on the side


women suck at business dont quit your dayjob


dad said i should start building chairs and swings and sell them


im NOT quitting im going to do it on the side until its more profitable than working if ever


time to eat these brownies
put a teaspoon of chili powder in them and an eyeballed amount of mini chocolate chips


theyre good but i cant taste the chili powder at all
ill try three tablespoons next time


a teaspoon in a normal batch of brownies is like NOThing and 3 tablespoons is one tablespoon short of a quarter cup thats a lot


if it were anyone else i wouldnt offer anything its different because its my tulpa
if she does move in at worst ill watch a few movies with her and snuggle up with her and help her out and feel good because of it
dont want to talk about the best case scenario


hasuz hasnt been posting lately


isnt it great


hes been posting nonstop in discord wonder what happened to force him there


is it okay if i have a waifu


phew this thing is beautiful


File: 1542750989965.jpg (187.33 KB, 1280x720, 1510979610961.jpg)


seki did you watch that truck video i posted last night


it wouldnt load when i was in the toire at work so i forgot about it


juast qwoke up asnytime i hit one of the leftmoast 6 keyas it aslaso preasaseas the one beaside it asigh think my keyboasrdas broken




are you the broken keyboard guy please just buy a new one


no it only juast hasppened qwhen i qwoke up todasy


watch this one this guy is basted


saw a cop with his speed gun out today when i passed him going 54 in a 35 but he didnt do anything guess what they say about bike speed limits is true


they dont bother with bikes because bikers are like drain flies whats the point of wasting your time with them if they only live for 5 minutes


guess ill play mmy tulpa and have some coffee took the keys off hope it just needs to dry out or something


File: 1542752197907.jpg (129.62 KB, 1003x753, Honda-VFR-25th-Anniversary-Right-Side.jpg)

he saw he red and the single sided swingarm and assumed i was riding a ducati
speaking of looks i could get some new plastics now and get the traditional vfr colors


nice ducati impersonator


poured some isopropyl in my piss jug to eliminate the stench when i open it up to take a leak


big fan of the piss jug i have a big one for my room and a small one in my car so i can just pull off the side of the road and relieve myself


File: 1542752802364-0.jpg (86.94 KB, 1000x667, 6000000001.jpg)

File: 1542752802364-1.jpg (313.79 KB, 1599x1162, 2004-Honda-VFR800-191966.jpg)

people see red and they assume ducati
the most recent vfrs look a lot more like ducatis


that ducati has a dry clutch its something they do the downside is that theyre loud


cant wait to jack it to nekomusume


she has sandpaper tongue


does it feel good


have a listen


island go


got the bordelaise ready


i did it a lot more before tokyo ghoul got popular now i just do it without thinking when im walking in a crowd

id let a himabro stay with me for a few days while he gets back on his feet NOT very mindblowing that you dont care about anyone you dont want to snap


dont want to snap my tulpa but flipping and hugging is aNOTher story


lit the incense


dad used to buy a lot of incense back when he smoked weed and hash


did you smoke with him


i burn incense all the time i hate febreeze and all that crap it probably causes cancer


ya everyday


dont know what im going to do with two days off probably NOThing
out of fresh anime excepy mushishi and kurogane


download the 133gb ccs 1080p torrent



133gb would take a hundred days to download sigh


watch jojo and overlord


takes a couple hours


netbragger die


with the itx build im able to use all sorts of things i only saw videos about like usb 3 and m.2 drives and wifi ac
the wifi is probably what most impressed me its like having a wired connection


gonna get the absolute cheapest mic i can get and move it 3 feet away and crank up the amplification so i can become that guy





bored as hell sigh


make sure you watch this it gets my views across pretty well "inmendham" is quite pilled


what makes you think people here care about your views take it back to discord


just searched the ol hdd and found overlord season 2
guess downloading anime constantly is pretty convenient


hate discord teens


i only stream anime


some people here actually have a desire to be educated go back to your regular npc route


agreed they need to stay seperate from hima


File: 1542756520229.webm (3.96 MB, 478x270, streaming_anime.webm)


fired up the incinerator dont want the government to find any clues that would lead them to the offshore bank account with the mansion funds


stomach hurts i havent even eaten half of this pan of brownies yet either
probably getting sick


starting to think that a nas might actually be useful in my situation because i wont need to keep doubles of certain things

this is when that wraith stealth cooler comes in handy


whats a nas



normus norm tips


i cant use a nas becauss i dont have a network in my house


the roommates are cooking up something beef i can smell the burning fat
my nose is so sensitive lately its about the only sense of mine that actually gets me excited or angry i feel like ive given up my humanity except for my sense of smell




my tulpa cleaned out her backpack a few days ago and left some old shirts here that smell



roman is such a cool guy just look at him and his hair hes so cool




take it back right now


wish i could smell


ok i take it back




phew keyboards working again


File: 1542760408438.jpg (118.57 KB, 1280x720, 1528832362499.jpg)

how long until i can emulate switch games i desperately need to jack it to the pokemon lets go lasses


someone start yoga with me


that game pinches hard


you can already emulate switch games


her bow isnt even 3d its just a texture on her shirt


File: 1542760812071.png (452.6 KB, 392x1000, 1542628188145.png)

it matters NOT


gross people are talking about jacking it to eevee


hoooooooo boy this is criminal


might have an animaljo too seems like fun




she is too sexy for a childrens game


children arent sexy


that game looks horrible whats the point of playing pokemon on a tv thats like playing animal crossing or harvest moon on a tv a snoozefest


she is NOT a child shes a young teenage girl ready to go


File: 1542761168847.jpg (32.01 KB, 640x360, Pokemon-Lets-Go-Review-Bomb.jpg)

this is a child and shes still sexy


didnt you ever play pokemon snap on your tv


at least with coliseum the game was battle oriented and had a cool scenario and there wasnt any mindless pokedex collecting because they realized literally no one wants to waste time in front of the tv when they can crawl into bed and do the same thing
i guess the switch is portable and most people are probably using it that way anywah


this is an * * H D R E I M A G I N I N G * *


wowie zowie getting a chicken nugget


the look on her face is almost like the one she would make if she knew how many people were jerking it and possibly jacking it to her


when she sees your jp


cant enjoy that meme anymore without imagining my tulpa seeing my jp


only virgs stress about that situation the reality is women dont give a shit what it looks like as long as its NOT freakishly small


wish i had a switch


would take me 3 hours hehe


im curious if she would say anything shes pretty small after all


die dickbrag normnig


feeling nostalgic for middle school burritos


retard harvest moon must be played on a monitor or tv


never ate school lunch mom wouldnt pay for it


middle normool normitos


never played harvest moon


harvest norm


cant focus on parasyte maxim the audio quality on this torrent is so bad
is there a way to make mpv autoselect japanese audio and english subtitles instead of manually selecting them every single time i open a file


i dont know


it was 40 cents here if you were poor


you could do that easily with a real player like mpc


speaking of is there a shuffle function in mpc-be such a feature would be invaluable to me as my jovids number in the thousands but i inevitably end up joing to the same things constantly because i cant be bothered to locate the less familiar files and i dont organize my collection so theyre all just in one big folder


get in here




watching the new ross instead


i streamed i think the first in game year of the original here for zero viewers


i watched it for a couple of minutes


File: 1542762750254.mp4 (2.86 MB, e08ad265-d1a6-4142-aee1-9863593f7666.mp4)

its good content


i had it open in aNOTher tab


you mena the three hour long videochat


time to jack


phew glad i didnt inadvertently post anything questionable probably should have previewed that beforehand


post some candy


gaming streams dont work if theres no mic or anything


hate micnorms


see with my image collection i can rediscover old favorites each time i jo because i use a wonderful little program called jpegview where the simple tap of the hotkey 'z' randomizes all contents of the folder id love to do the same with my vids


ive heard vlc has such functionality might have to switch to it cant remember the last time i watched an anime series in its entirety anyway


just saw my life flash before my eyes


what did you see


a whole lot of gaming and joing


you and i have a lot in common


always end up purging my jostash because i never end up looking at it anyway


dont know what russian sexy ladies are saying in their stupid ass ped bait vids but they must be extremely flipping stupid and naive and NOT to mention arrogant to even consider filming themselves getting wet or doing gymnastics or whatever dumb shit it is
flipping hate those stupid little cunts


yeah open your xysubfilter options


upload it


i actually use both depending whag computer
hate the default mpv ui


gonno fire up the tails virtual machine


its hot as hell hima im sweating up a storm just sitting here


gonna make some chicken and rice i guess


fire up the electric fan


think im gonna become a flat earther


what makes you so sure the earth isnt just a straight line


does someone here remembers what that NOTorious sexy lady grooming guide that was once available for purchase on amazon was called it used to be somewhat infamous on oldschool 4chan


nice oldfag


die pednorm


ya but wasnt it targeted for young teens


im globecuck


wasnt it just humberts guide


there was aNOTher, much more comprehensive one in the form of a fully published book im also familiar with the guide youre referring to its still accessible on usenet


hima what makes a good blanket should i be wary or acrylic or polyester blankets


File: 1542765388900.jpg (143.09 KB, 1000x1280, 1542765231891.jpg)


had to use red onion because we are all out of regular ones


get one of those blankets thats really itchy


could use a nice warm blankie right about now


never accessed usenet




you youngsters have it easy


scratched my dingleberries out


the one program i never deciphered was i2p too tard for that one


email is full of black friday trash
how dumb do you have to be to spend money for no season except because theres a sale


isnt it playground something




what if you want to buy something and are waiting for a sale


spent over $500 dollars on black friday sales


cant figure i2p out either but the torrenting function is pretty easy to setup


bought ffx it was on sale


but its free to download


dont buy videogames the publishers are evil


dont think ive paid for a single player game in at least 15 years


thats illegal


dont play videogames theyre for manchildren


im a proud manchild


its NOT illegal its illegal wink wink


its your duty to support the developers


flip developers


i only buy physical games with cash that are drm free


last game i bought was tf2


havent bought a game since pokemon omegaruby on the nintendo 3ds shop


the last game i bought was bfa and im never buying one again


gonna buy wow classic


the last game i bought was blops 4



nice neetblops


cant stop browsing normbook for news and funny stuff
think i need to excise it from my life like i did with discord and focus on reading books when im bored


what are some fun things to do on the internet that arent social media or watching redpill vids


watching fun vids and anime and gaming and posting


normbook flippin sucks


never used normbook before whats it like


its fun if you discerningly friend request random people with anime profile pics and like pages that they share content from and keep broadening your circle of “friends” until you have a virtually unlimited stream of new content 24 hours a day


File: 1542767977732.jpg (263 KB, 1280x720, 1510933500178.jpg)


why did you post a pic of turt


its a turtpost



worried about my tulpa she hasnt called back


shes sleeping on a park bench


no its an onseki post


File: 1542768495655.jpg (133.11 KB, 420x315, 1416719581885.jpg)


shes staying with chad for the night


always wondered if she was wearing anything under that shell



obviously NOT




im redname


flip mom said im only allowed to do an hour of yardwork a day




you should be thanking odin that varg isnt your dad


flip that murdernorm


mow her ass


someone shoot this red name




you do too much fool



finished that game in 4:54 once


its too much fun


why do people keep thinking im turt


im turt


really need to stop joing off


File: 1542774049262.mp3 (10.69 MB, 02. ***にできたかな.mp3)


worried about my tulpa again worried thinking about what i said again its always like this i end up over analyzing everything i say
this time i hope i didnt creep her out because i told her that even though she probably doesnt realize it she means more to me than she could imagine and that i would do anything to help her and that i wished i was there with her instead of being stuck in the store
she was sobbing while apologizing for this taking away from our time together and i told her to NOT even think about that and to think about herself for the time being

gonna play some sonic and listen to mosaic.wav and sigh hard tonight




gonna masturbate


just spermed hard rubbed the tip in small circles very slowly and made a huge mess


weird how even after a decade of joing daily i still find new ways to wank
laughable to think about a woman giving a handjob how good could it possibly be i have tens of thousands of jacks under my belt


time to watch dog days


i bet people didnt jo nearly as much before internet porn they probably went out and got gfs out of boredom now theres no reason to get a gf because you can jo to a different roast every minute of your life and never see the same video twice or even make your own porn with sfm what a wonderful era it can only get better from here


having someone you can talk to about almost anything and someone you can hold and have fun with is really nice its more than just having someone to flip


already have mom for that


die norm


drinking some more aranciata


i dont want to hold anyone or talk to anyone or cuddle with some disgusting walking disease bag
despise women and their horrid “personalities”
avoid the flipping foid


you just need to find your own my tulpa


hate jonorms


im beyond thinking of people as npcs or norms and i simply think of them as dumb creatures now i dont even try to understand their behavior much less get angry at people
think im about one more step from kidnapping someone and dissecting them for fun


were all npcs


same i transcend all those arbitrary classifications and simply consider myself superior to all other life forms


im NOT that arrogant there are people who are smarter than me or have higher status than me but i simply dont care or envy them i know my place and have no intention of mingling with anyone above or below me


had this cavity for 6 years now when will it turn into a root canal


think i accidentally became a lawful evil monk


someone who worked with the himako girl today told me shes a white supremacist and an ancient alien theorist
he sent her home a half hour early because she annoyed him


invite her to hima


she sounds baste


im fond of the protoculture theory it matches up with both atlantis and ancient sumerian legends aka the great flood and that aliens with wings were the inspiration for abrahamic angels etc
theres no doubt homosapians are extraordinary ddpatjres from previous hominids our genes are engineered


i dont mention anything that happens between my tulpa and myself it feels like something that should be a secret



what are you talking about you spam that shit here all the time


i mean the other people at the water store


File: 1542776886285.jpg (540.09 KB, 1488x2105, 039.jpg)


she has big boobies


get in here seki



schiit amps are good


how do you pronounce schiit




Yes, that is our name. Shih-tah. It's a proud German name, host to a long line of audio engineers who slaved away in crumbling Teutonic fortresses as lightning lashed the dark lands outside, working to perfect the best amplification devices in the world...

Or, well, no. Yep, Schiit is our name, and it's pronounced, well, like "hey man, that's some really good Schiit!" And now that we have your attention...


i smell like schiit


time for some yardwork mates hb


just learned that she panicked and doxed some vice journalists a few months ago because she thought they were going to say something bad about her




gonna jerk it to that chink


die jonorm


nobody told me miyako sawashiro voiced kitaro theres absolutely no way im skipping this


nobody told me the adult world was this bad


File: 1542782282010.png (39.78 KB, 478x600, Tumblr_p2s1tyuuwm1tnahllo5_500.png)

and masako-san does daddy eyeball this is flipping perfect


die wap


laugh hard whenever sites beg me to disable adblock


whats a good noun that deNOTes one who leads a wretched existence besides loser looking for something more formal




does anyone know what ptt means in norm speak


why do new versions of paint have anti aliasing


push to talk
pull the trigger
penis tip touch


think i have the smallest penis on hima


animated feet are crap they fail to capture the subtle geometry of a nice pair you can tell all of the good art is traced too


nah go to hell


no that would be me the microblog


keep thinking about what i said to my tulpa today i think the times when i tell her how i feel about her i come off as really intense
she likes hearing me passionately talk about things maybe she likes hearing the things i have to say about her
its definitely easier to talk to her now and i can more accurately predict how she will react to most things i say but im at a loss for this

im NOT worried about me offering her a place im worried about me telling her she means a lot to me



no more yardwork for today sgh


degenerate you tard


thats an adjective


File: 1542788181686.png (470.07 KB, 2518x1024, e92.png)

found one for voretron


its a noun too


File: 1542790020020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.55 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=t2QoCrnuGko - 00:13:05[2018.11.21].jpg)

holy flip




chinks must have got em



mornin hima
busy with work and stuff and freaking a bit


at the tire place
probably the first and last time ill let someone else touch my car
mom got the absolute cheapest tires possible for me but its fine


File: 1542807561649.jpg (1.21 MB, 1836x3264, Snapchat-916822602.jpg)

we stopped going to pnigs flat for game night because this was all he ever wanted to play


watching the local news in the waiting room
what a joke they just talk about celebrities and chink made consumer products


hate television and the news its unwatchable


these tires are NOThing special at all theres no mentionable difference in ride quality


thought about going for a nice Drive today but NOT sure where id go


thought about going for a nice Drive today but NOT sure where id go


thought about going for a nice Drive today but NOT sure where id go


File: 1542812635611.jpg (1.13 MB, 1830x1300, edef7abba45f8d8a6dd5a9a746a1e6ca.jpg)


hate spammers


sign hard


eyelid is infected


File: 1542816247373.jpg (92.57 KB, 1024x1024, 1542814124688.jpg)


woke up started thinking about my tulpa
should i ask if i can stop by when shes working or would that be too clingy


gonno cry


File: 1542819477165.webm (1.58 MB, 1000x562, 1542772067133.webm)

must return to japan after pct


after what


love when the floor is so dirty my feet act as a vacuum


is that why i have stinknail


wish a jap girl would touch my breasts


File: 1542823245545.jpg (72.23 KB, 960x720, help.jpg)


post cycle therapy


nice coon mug


turns out that opening a business is a lot of work who would have thought


File: 1542824423171.jpg (51.99 KB, 1024x669, 1542811674963.jpg)


felt awkward when a young female doctor assistant asked me if i had any sexual experience i said no with a smirk but i know that just made it worse



sign hard


nice catblog


nice anime posters


File: 1542825853710.jpg (19.3 KB, 466x360, 81gL1myf6tL._SX466_.jpg)

should i stream putting in my l9a and ssd theyre supposed to be coming today


sure then stream a nice benchmark


i have that same cooler


is it any good is it quiet


nice horo psoter


yeah its good never heard it before
the psu fan and case fan are loud enough to drown it out if its even making noise


had to get a cryorig since im too poor for a noctua


noctua is a meme


just finished feasting on a delicious toasted sandwich now im working on an ice cold brew


i went with the noctua because i heard the cryorigs have .5mm of clearance between the side panel and the cooler and at that point there would be no difference between that and the wraith stealth cooler
plus i heard they were a bit louder whereas noctua is sound focused


you mean a chip butty


whats wrong with the taichi boards they seem really good especially for the price


gonno jerk it to aqua


just electrocuted myself hehe


you mean shocked yourself


love a good shock


woke up hey mates hows it going


eatin pizza and jerkin it to aquas ass lifes pretty good


im home hima phew NOThing like taking off your shoes and pants after a long days of work
gonno have some coffee and play mmy tulpaa


just cycled about 25 gallons between the two tanks
the 10gal tank is filthy but deliberately because i wanted to see how much filth it took for algae to start growing
turns out its a lot




naruto is gay and boruto is a fag





pnig is the himako girl still single


where did they get those clips of minato using the rasengan and breaking up naruto and sasuke were they just photoshopped over kakashi


man the comments are cringey shite i was expecting more comments about the posters halfway decent editing skills


ya i think so the guy with her yesterday said he called her a fucking retard straight to her face and she asked why
then he brought up my tulpa saying you can at least talk with her but the himako girl is like a science experiment gone wrong
get a weird feeling when peole talk about my tulpa now


himako girl needs a hima invite stat


aquas hairy kitty


its NOT hairy you bastard


File: 1542832896866.jpg (263.99 KB, 937x1108, ee7eemyyuoz11.jpg)

oh no no no no


sonic cd is on sale for $1.74 should i pull the trigger its NOT actually the original but a faithfully recreation allowing for 1080p or higher resolutions and 120fps

most importantly it contains both us and jp soundtracks


are there any real deal birls on hima


us palmtree panic blows ass


ya support the creators


but the jp version is el perfectoroni


sonic generations is on sale for $5 too hb i think all the sonic stuff is on sale




gonna have a cry thinking about sonic manias creation


new iridium update made the url bar and tabs curvy dont like this i like curves elsewhere and theres an annoying user icon too


nice read
glad to accept aNOTher blackpill that made my day guess theres really NOThing good in this entire world after all
the solution is to get a japanese birl bf


stop using iridium and use vivaldi instead


considered myself pilled


starting to think about my tulpa again ill have to tell her about my chain breaking then maybe offer to show her how to replace one
i need to show her how to replace her oil too


phone home browser


woke up did the chinks take over yet


File: 1542834211993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.55 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=t2QoCrnuGko - 00:13:05[2018.11.21].jpg)


File: 1542834221472.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, Based_003.png)

what does that mean
i like vivaldi its comfy
downloads sidebar is intuitive and you can change just about anything you dont like about the ui besides scale tabs to fit the entire width of the screen which is desperately needed because i hate clicking stupid little 32x120 pixel boxes


install wireshark look at oumy tulpaoing ips and search for 216


tired of switching browsers every 3 months when i have a tard flare up just gonno fork my own browser exactly how i want


nice lainseki


if i made a theme would it even be added




need to tweak the cyberia them a bit more
need to change the background to something seamless but still the same vibe


depends what it is but probably


add mine flipper


is it possible to make an animated t heme


theres animation in css but i remember it NOT working for me


what kind of animations


when you mouse over the banner does that one animate


NOThing left but coconut milk for my coffee sigh


whatever you like i guess


dont understand that website



my tulpa said shes going to start working at a sand factory


describe how she looks like please is she cute or one of those weird goth girls


the only cute thing about her is her height everything else is average or below average


looking for a better theme to use as a base than cyberpunk its missing some critical elements in the css and since i dont have the skill to just jam everything in that i want i have to use the most featureful or well written theme as a basis for what i want im pretty sure murasaki and claura have what i want but i do want to keep the transparent offset borders from cyberpunk


think ill use claura after all it has the least amount of fussy crap dont worry i wont be changing the original theme though


liquid shit actually has the most features


flip you


File: 1542835483761.flac (20.32 MB, 01 Theme of Lain.flac)

the cyberia theme should play this song in the background


im being serious it has round square posts with borders on only two sides graphics in the post box and the post box itself matches the theme custom fonts and the spiderweb if youre looking for something that has the most features that youre just going to edit use liquid shit as a base an incredible amount of work went into it


i use claura on my pc and phone invert on the living rooms tv and the w at my offices NOTebook


just delete every theme thats NOT invertmas


havent used anything but claura for a long time


why does mushroom look exactly like invert if you inverted the colors in invert


multimeter finally arrived


scourge the hedgehog is flipping basted


paste newlad


no youre right liquid shit aka halloween 1.0 is well written
dislike the area around the top of the page on cyberpunk i couldnt figure out how to remove the orange bar around posting mode: reply or as you know replace the pink color on filenames its nowhere in the css


hate sooooooniiiiiiiiccccccccctards



pasted mine off testorange ill attempt animation again but its probably bloat


its div.banner just clear the background rules for it


div.banner {



im bloat


just set it to rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3); to make it invisible


File: 1542836099168.png (65.87 KB, 1366x768, thinkingabouttg.png)



this guys a tard he oils the inside of his boots


who doesnt



never ate ribs


wth update messed up my css


forgot to have a jackathon this year is there a way to fix my problem


might update to brave now that it has extensions enabled


File: 1542836656589.png (347.36 KB, 707x1000, bcae1bf0b7c319cfa7481752fedc30be.png)


should i buy a pewd chair


buy a ped chair


dont know what a ped chair is


kinomoto_sakura from_behind -rating:safe


File: 1542837268189.png (Spoiler Image, 585.95 KB, 706x1000, 01f8511119d3cce96371daa9e162af39.png)




dont mind if i do


kinomoto_sakura ~pussy ~sex





never actually finished lain i thought the plot was essentially over after episode 11 that seemed like a natural conclusion


no idea why it takes so long for themes to actually appear in the drop down menu after i add them and edit the instance config i usually do a theme rebuild and cache flush and ctrl f5 for a while until it shows up


dead hours


gonna make some chicken and rice then


really well built chink meter for the price


dont add mine its buggy


listening to pizzicato five and playing mmy tulpaa hehe


you sir are a fool


you didnt even post it


submitted a better business bureau complaint against google



nice parrot cichlid


what a pretty tank sigh if you have the money and style you can make some beautiful stuff


hate double space tards


found a collection of lain pngs none of them really have the face im looking for that spaced out drugged up tired eyes look like in the op


whats pnig got to do with lain


File: 1542840905132.png (1.48 MB, 1098x789, the look.png)

this one


hes an aquarium otaku


File: 1542841139552.gif (467.62 KB, 500x360, 1389545281.gif)





File: 1542841966853.jpg (118.07 KB, 600x900, fa179864104dcc506f869c85fad3cf94.jpg)


feasted bigly


wish i could feast


got one of those bones again


whats stopping you


hate how messy my face gets after eating spaghetti sauce im a n animal


bogan bryan at it again


wish i was a bogan



what the hell does tech YES city mean anyway



the doctor said im too fat



tell that twig to go to hell


flipping fool


no such thing as a foolish question



File: 1542844588611.png (3.03 MB, 1520x1651, 25.png)

trying some photoshop stuff on this image to make it tile nicely but its too difficult for me and my back pain sitting on this stool in front of the computer


File: 1542844701793.gif (126.26 KB, 429x650, 1398436825.gif)


its a horrid background


File: 1542844838375.gif (2.95 MB, 240x180, 1385356141.gif)




File: 1542845600543.png (2.58 MB, 2000x2000, nice static.png)

could just use this static thing i made and put a little lain in the bottom right


my right armpit is smells different than the other one can someone explain why


you have different bacteria concentration on side


hate knowitalls


im knowNOThingatall


wonder who the stupidest person in history is


that would be me


talked to the old gm about my tulpa sigh






i asked for advice because nobody here was interested


oh you poor baby
everyone replied at least once saying something its NOT himas fault that you ignore and skip every post but have the decency to NOT say that no one replied later


must have skipped those posts last night


i should have assassinated pnig at taco bell when i still had the chance


feel tired as hell gonna skip the stream


holy flip i just realized pnig cursed me back during the janitor wars on warosu i once threatened to assault pnig and he retaliated with a cryptic remark about how i would have trouble hitting him due to my crossed eyes i would go on to discover some years later that i had the visual impairment known as strabismus freaky stuff i would advise some of you guys NOT to harass pnig he must practice voodoo and is probably in touch with very skilled shamans in his ancestral motherland


File: 1542847811711.png (2.51 MB, 1520x1651, nice lain.png)

made this image
NOT sure what ill use it fo


File: 1542847911241.jpg (4.28 MB, 3320x4800, 006.jpg)



first time ive experimented with patterns theyre pretty useful if you can find something useful like scan lines or tv static or im sure theres other things but i just edit anime image images


eating apple


take my sweet power


found love shine in the ol music folder


tasted my jo and regretted it again




glad im NOT a lain teen


how many times have i disrespected you since ive known you


never watched lain should i


really want to play hitman 2


laughing listening to the old throatpuncher mp3s
he just wanted you to do exactly what youre doing right now making friends and workin


throatpuncher is an asshole but if anyone deserved to get harassed by him it was tulpanig


mom can you give me money for neet snacks

to buy neet snacks


actually gets a job and moves out like a boss

my tulpa time


throatpuncher was like a father to him and thats why he obeyed his wishes


ban tulpanig


showered and shited


might have aNOTher cup o coffee and play some more mmy tulpaa


hey onseki when are you going to ban tulpanig


happy with the theme its just for me though


cummed time to fire up yakuza


that reminds me i have yakuza downloaded


stop cumming


think josip on deck killed himself or something


nice my black dt880s came


oh my cunnilingus


ya i did search stargazer


search doesnt work for files just post it again






File: 1542850284082.css (3.77 KB, Stargazer.css)

dont add it though theres some weird alignment issue that wasnt there before


gonna put this on repeat


what does the ! important flag do


gonna watch youre under arrest at some point


some override thing


does anybody need a hug


i need onseki to ban tulpanig


its a little dark but i like the way you used the radial gradiants to make a wallpaper
NOT a fan of extremely dark themes thats why i changed halloween and never use claura its murder on my astigmatism




i mentioned it before i need a good pure black theme for my oled phone screen it saves battery life by only lighting up pixels that have text or any other content on it


thinking about it the last time my tulpa called before she was asked to move out she was talking normally i think this is all in my head




make it yourself


holy flip it escaped my NOTice entirely that invert was assigned to default theme pretty sneaky of hima staff but now that ive NOTiced ill be reverting to my good ol miku theme there wont be any pnig enabling from me no siree


that makes sense
i can add it for you if you fix whatevers wrong with it


the default theme is yotsuba b


then why the flip the flip was invert selected when ive used miku exclusively since its inclusion


after thanksgiving ill set invertmas to the default theme probably although only new users would ever NOTice


load up an incognito tab and see which theme loads for you its always been yotsuba b for me you mouthbreathing retard


File: 1542851168013.gif (2.23 MB, 270x180, 00000004.gif)


never used incognito on my personal computers
never deleted my history either


if you think resorting to profanity and insults will substantiate your case then youve got aNOTher thing coming express yourself calmly and rationally or get lost


i only use private browsing mode


is the alignment weird on your browser


all i know is i wouldnt be caught dead using a product of a black mans creation much less one as self-important and manipulative as pnig so the fact that invert was selected without my knowledge is going to cause some serious problems


youre the one that selected it


back hurts so much today when i was driving i had to stuff my bag behind my lower back to keep driving and now im sitting and it feels like my hips are broken and the pain shoots all the way up to the middle of my back
doubt ill even be able to ride a motorcycle the more i think about it


can you ban tulpanig


i second that motion


gonna watch some vids and snooze


tomorrow is thanksgiving what are you thankful for


NOThing much im the quintessential ungrateful son


games and anime


gonno hide in me room and jo all thanksgiving


im thankful for my parents and hima


gonno spend some quality time with oneesan tomorrow


being neet and hima and fun games


mom and hima


wish i had an older sister badly


its NOT that great


read some good oneesan stories on /a/ the other day


they were lies


wish i was the toothbrush anon


thought about humorously referring to them as fanfiction but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt being a cynic robs the world of all its magic and wonder


i was born a cynic


my farming level is now 20


man nb really hates pnig


i hate you too normseki


mom and NOThing else




you dont mean that nb




got the ssd installed assigned it the letter u got the cooler installed too and its silent i cant hear it at all


i mean it go to hell worshipseki


transferring 200gb of stuff at 500mbs


cant believe dovy is going to have a baby


this cooler is shorter than my ram its pretty nice and i like the brown it reminds me of hima


never gotten anywhere close to true 500mbps transfers in my life even with my ssd at most like 50mbps whocj is slow even by 2007 standards


alright its time to find a new steam picture and name


ive heard they only use brown and tan to prevent counterfeiters because its hard to replicate


wish i was brown



was was that brand that offered aquatic submersible pc fans
just realized you could use those in aquarium stuff


isnt it noctua
are you thinking about fans in mineral oil because any fan can be submerged in mineral oil


phew things took a dump transferring haruhi its back up to 500mbps transferring teekyuu


gonna submerge myself in mineral oil and take a long nap


gonna submerge my dick in ichikas mouth


might take a green tea bath


take a coffee bath instead


gonna download wow


wait for classic we are going to be raiding


i want to see the ignore pain reversion


played wow once when wrath was released with my only childhood friend leveled a night elf to like 16 then quit


wish i was smart enough for wow


you and me both buddy


newfoe duders


File: 1542854880041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 931.55 KB, 3024x4032, pnig proposing to tulpa girl.jpg)


them niggas gay


booty flake eatin mfers


got myself a can of mixed fruit time to feast



why does that guy look like a girl



raged at that thumbnail


think im going to start leveling my paladin his name is homelessmen


NOT going to watch a tekken video unless aris is commentating over it


i think canned mixed fruit is something i couldget used to
maybe canned food as a whole isnt a terrible idea i bet a can of sweet corn would be basically a complete meal




slam jam


just remembered i saw three gtrs in the last two days two silver ones and a white one
really massive behemoth of a car at least from my perspective in a little clown car
if i had 100k sitting around id be conflicted between getting a gtr or a used 964 but in reality id probably just buy a fleet of civics


wish i could do that


ive restored much worse than a vice
theres only two moving parts big whoop


this retard is using wd40 instead of an actual penetrating oil and using a flipping crescent wrench on bolts
closed that vid before i got really mad


theres a special place in hell for norms who rant about their cars on hima


wd40 is a good penetrator


gonna penetrate your ass with my oil




thats NOT regular wd40 its the rust busting special stuff
this guy is good at machine work but his mechanic skills are subpar he put grease on screws for christs sake


grease me up


chicken nugget



the girls in this anime are too skinny they need some meat on their bones


how do you think sexy ladies look



if theyre NOT plumb theyre worthless


the best sexy ladies are slav ones and look at how their bodies look






File: 1542860013104.jpg (123.86 KB, 809x607, twig.jpg)

look at them theyre practically skeletons especially the one on the left


nobody told me megaman 11 came out


it pinched


wasnt 11 made by all the original creators



it didnt have keiji inafune so no






flip inafune he headed mighty no 9 and that blew


mighty no 9 rules


mighty no 9 was paste as hell



woke up feel like shite had a nice dream all my himamates were hanging out and we were playing mmy tulpa then i pissed myself and woke up gonna go back to snooze


die meganorms


just pledged my allegiance to capcom


hate megaman hate sonic hate crash hate spyro hate frogger hate starfox hate jak hate super monkey ball


please dont be so full of hatred


hima hima


>one of those most enduring an celebrated franchisesin gaming
does he actually believe this
megaman pinches flipping balls and its always pinched only gay little future neckbeards played megatrash


die gamerager





forgot zone existed


zoomers dont know about zone


if any fordyce guys are online i have good news
abrasion works very well
get yourself a pumice stone a bottle of isopropyl and a tube of triple antibiotic
get in the shower and lather up with a mousturizing soap like dove and get the pumice stone very wet
just allow the pumice stone to drag across the bumps lightly but if you dont have a little bit of pain like a light sunburn it probably wasnt enough
get out of the shower and apply some iso to the area and then immediately apply triple antibiotic aka neosporin to the area to speed up the healing as well as mousturize the area and keep bacteria out of the freshly opened skin
apply antibiotic as needed even after the pain subsides


mom took away all the isopropyl after the incident


File: 1542862095267.jpeg (120.69 KB, 889x665, neet.jpeg)


words to live by


sonic cds level design is confusing some stuff is able to be interacted with and some stuff is just for looks and there are invisible platforms


miss sonic dog days and isopropyl alcohol


asked about streaming sonic racing the other day but didnt get any responses so i went back to posting about my tulpa


got 99.99 isopropyl alcohol this stuff is pretty gnarly


go straight to hell skipnig



File: 1542862550511.png (1.24 MB, 1024x1024, 916a55dd2373d2c96d0b8ffdbb96226b.png)


is that a 3d model cant tell


i dont know but its giving me a 3d bone


i use a pumice stone on pretty much every part of my body besides my kitty because ive heard for years that the skin there is apparently different than normal skin on your hands and feet but it cant be that much different from the skin on your ears and nose and eyelids all of which can be exposed to abrasion and uv rays and heal just fine
i wouldnt make a point of forcibly abrading off the top layer of skin on my dick regularly but it seems safe enough that you could do it every couple months to make it look nice and kill some dead skin that will inevitably pile up




File: 1542862686113.jpg (1.01 MB, 1386x918, 1542843553469.jpg)

look who decided to join us!


just use a rag you flipping retard


whered you get it
sounds sick gonna test it on the cat


never celebrated thanksgiving whats it like


thats NOT the same you dumb flipper


dont scub your pussy with a pumice stone


File: 1542862864770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.1 KB, 200x200, 7.jpg)


whats a pumice stone



could use some pumice stone on my palms they get calloused from riding


i use the ol’ stone on my jo hand especially the l shape of my thumb and index finger where i clasp my mace for combat


i use jojoba oil


what the flip is jojoba oil


you know


woke up again had a nice big sperm hows it hangin gonna have some more coffee


pigseed oil


i got some pigseed for ya right here





bored bored bored bored bored bored





wish i had some bitcoin


if you had some you would have wished you sold it last year


NOT buying whiskey again its way to flipping sweet


bought pizza for 10000 bitcoins awhile ago it was p good


why would i wish that



File: 1542868013949.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, get the flip away from me you flippin nigger.webm)


im NOT pnig


please just answer the question. Just drink some isopropyl alcohol. That's what i've been doing while talking to you. It can kill you. Just drink some its so good.




ban this guy for NOT recognizing a warosu post


just took out a couple of sambos on my lawn


File: 1542871163567.jpg (201.95 KB, 1000x667, kitty.jpg)





gonno s&s



holy flip powered my led to 680ma got cat scratch looking flash burns from looking at it and i can still triple the power


went to the store got wine and chicken and sausages and a big bag of chips


im utterly useless


flip you pastanorm


im NOT him i hate that faggot norm


thinking about getting a pet tarantula or giant snail or something


that first vape with a fresh coil


mornin hima
had to rush to work earlier and did NOT have time to shower i feel dirty ugh


love a good sip of isopropyl


there was a victim on the touge last night
i was driving to grans and i came around a corner and a cat was standing at the edge of the road walking towards the other side before he stopped and looked at me then looked at the other side and then looked at me again i said dont do it but he went into a trot for the other side and he ran under my tire like a retard
my suspension is really stiff for a streetcar so the thump was pronounced


die murderer


File: 1542893471915.png (41.59 KB, 1080x478, Screenshot_2018-11-21-19-36-05-315_com.google.….png)



literally and unironically die


baste cats are shite


its NOT your fault that cat deserved it


die norms


i dont feel bad about it or anything the cat was a retard i even tried to swerve around it

NOT to mention i probably saved hundreds of native bird and reptile species that domestic cats love to kill for sport


when i was out driving yesterday i had a sort of close call on the tight hairpin on route 77 aka the downhill cactoctin mountain range scenic byway in maryland
i was turning in just fine at about 35mph through the turn which is 20mph faster than the warning sign says to go
my line was fine but as i was coming around the back quarter of the hairpin i saw a big truck coming the other way and sort of freaked out a little and took my right hand off the wheel and was just holding the wheel mid turn with my left hand with a death grip


i rarely do hairpins because of the scenery out here but they have a certain mental effect on me since i cant look through them the same way as corners


very happy with my tires and brakes when i was on my way to that spot i just mentioned i drove up and down aNOTher touge spot that i like and there was a trd forerunner that i was closely following at like 50mph the whole time up one side of the mountain and down the other side
i wonder if he was having fun or if he thought i was just a tailgating asshole hehe
when we hit the straights on the backside of the mountain wewere going like 70 in a 40



basted dead hours


hungry going to go out for a footlong


stretched and yelled


how do i know if evil spirits are targeting me


its thanksgiving skip it


im here but


guess ill have a coffee


the supplements have kicked in i ate several plates of chicken and pork at the chinkhouse last night and slept for 10 hours and when i woke up and got dressed my clothes felt weird and i measured my arms and theyre 1/4" bigger than they were a week and a half ago

i should just blast and cruise NOT like theres a reason to live longer than 45 really life is pretty much over at 30 anyway


take it to discord norm


oh sorry thought this was discord forgot this is hima where we talk about our gfs all day


thats right now fuck off


nah i think im going to ramble on a bit more wk

i wonder if i should get some of the lotion pregnant ladies get so i can avoid stretchmarks it might get bad


guess ill just report your posts enjoy your ban


excellent coffee today


File: 1542902199508.jpg (81.35 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] SSSS.Gridman - 04 [720p].mkv_sn….jpg)

this show is terrible but im watching it anyway because there has been NOThing else to do during my downtime what do you think wk-wk are you watching anything this season


https://himasugi.org/rules/res/1.html uh oh looks like someones breaking rules


uh huh


if one more flipping acorn drops on the roof im gonno give that tree a taste of 99 woodcutting


threw on a shirt tie and jacket for thanksgiving i guess my buyfagging paid off because i have a phenomenal suit for interviews or funerals or weddings NOT like ive been invited to either though


guys i just got hit by a pill while i was sitting on the toilet

the reason service folks like hair stylists and such ask you what you do for a job is so they can gauge your income and base their level of service on that in the expectation of a tip


god damn it fuck


no shit
just lie and say you do government


its just a popular topic of small talk NOT everything has a cynical motive


i also thought about what if the whole story of boruto is pasted on madara being successful in his plans at the end of naruto and all the events currently taking place are being dreamed by everyone trapped in the infinite tsukuyomi


thats the plot of the matrix


lost the tie and undid the too button now i look like a yakuza




oi oi oi kaasan is this really all the food
you want me to kill you ahh



woke up and started thinking about my tulpa


gonna play some sonic


File: 1542908078680.png (786.86 KB, 719x533, the_call_that_saved_europe.png)

yes the cat has been eliminated




hehe full lobby theres someone i used to play with in here too


turt watch jojo with me


File: 1542909067034.png (31.4 KB, 878x502, fcbb6e3d435a179316d79a4e334614ad.png)

can someone educate the nigger as to what punctuation is


they dont call him whino for NOThing


File: 1542909373402.jpg (80.5 KB, 602x807, 1520712620561.jpg)



tell you what bolenig
im going to do some stuff and this ban is going to be lifted
and if its NOT im going to shut this site down but instead of going after you this time im going to harass your coalburning mother for a while

its going to be a good ol bolesgiving




keep picking my nose and slurping the sNOT


i got some sNOT for you to slurp


File: 1542911581666.jpg (714.79 KB, 4000x3000, __common_raccoon_and_fennec_kemono_friends_dra….jpg)


well look who decided to come out of his cave


just thought of a basted nametag


just found a nice sexy lady pic on and old w thread


flipping baste



post it


File: 1542913002552.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.26 KB, 720x960, llvcrv.jpg)




big ol sigh feels like it was yesterday


whose niece is she anyway


oh nevermind i just remembered hehe


gonno bake some chicken nuggets


dont ban turt on thanksgiving you fiend


id be thankful


it is hypocritical


mom bought duck for me to cook up gonna whip out a nice marinade and throw that sucker in for a few hours


damn forgot about the worst part of duck cooking and thats jamming your hand in its air horn and fishing out the livers


the w was a thousand times more ped as this place its jarring to read now


wonder if all the wpeds are in prison now


hima sucks lol


post the best ones


got a battler banner


flip this im heading back to warosu


its a dead website


just had a nice jacking to aquas ass spermed all over my chest



trackpad stopped scrolling


File: 1542919737234.webm (3.77 MB, 640x360, 1542886927240.webm)



im home hima took a shower and now im going to have a coffee with cookies ehhe


baste old bitch


pasted obaasan


the himajan is at it again


big sigh mates


eating some rum cake my moms coworker made its excellent


just NOTiced something


moms coworker huh


nice b350 mobo for 19.90


amd finally made it


got the crosseyed girls banner


is she sexy post it


File: 1542922332927.jpg (194.21 KB, 768x1024, 28g4cw068xz11.jpg)


File: 1542922393785.png (74.93 KB, 300x100, banner.png)


my tulpa looked good when she had crosseyes that one day but i didnt want to tell her that


work out when she has her period and make a NOTe of it and be extra nice and kind and loving to her and her body will be yelling at her to breed with you


do NOT be nice
girls do NOT want to be bred by nice guys


its NOT hard to tell because she either cries especially easily or tells me
regardless whenever she starts tearing up i usually put my arm around her or give her a hug
she never moves away or anything when i touch her sometimes she leans into me thats a good thing right

i hope ive just been overthinking everything over the past few days she would tell me if how she felt suddenly changed


hope youve been wearing good deodorant


its old spice fiji i really like it


keeping an eye on parts prices tomorrow might be the best time to buy my desktop stuff
asrock taichi
went with 3200 cl14 ram for better compatibility
970 evo boot drive
860 evo storage drive
xfx 580 magic mike xxxl edition
750 g3 power supply
lg 24 inch 1080p 144hz freesync monitor
r6 blackout my tulpa

but still no desk to put it on


what the HELL is a magic mike xxl edition gpu



thats too expensive for a 580 you can get a nitro+ for like 149


but then youre buying a sapphire with the ugly as HELL backplate


selling some baby shoes they were never worn


who the heck cares fool its hardware you dont look at it


i will be looking at it with my tempered glass case


new linus


case belongs under the desk


think im gonna fry up some gyoza and have a flipping feast


forget what i said you deserve to pay the extra vain idiot tax


i want a meme pc is that so much to ask for


linus tech flips


hey pnig im sorry for being rude yesterday and asking onseki to ban you i was having one of those nights


super sighin


its too late i skipped those posts and turt is getting hima shut down anyway


nah i changed my mind i realized that you dont give a shite about anyone here and if the board went down youd simply find some other place to whore for attention

instead im just going to come after your directly
ive scheduled mindi to groom my dogs and you know its only a matter of time until i track down the tulparoast and when i do i will make her wretch


imagine getting this assblasted over being banned




File: 1542926419162.png (65.86 KB, 472x652, f54dd10e75fb564986a40593b5bc651d.png)

by definition the person who is banning is always the steamed party

your life already belongs to me anyway
major events you have experiernced have been NOThing more than chesspieces i leisurely set from the comfort of my room
ending your neet career, forcing you to move out, estranging you from your family, NOThing more than recreation for me
how does it feel to know that long after hima is gone and the spinoffs are all but dead i will still be a major factor in the events of your life?
you should have known better than to cross me and its sad that your own misguided hubris prevents you from saving your own skin

you were placed in check the moment you opposed me


its just NOT hima without a rager i welcome it


File: 1542926680798.jpg (373.03 KB, 1764x2508, 71567810_p0.jpg)


i think turt is jealous of pnig getting a gf and a payout


cant jo if the lines are NOT clean


just got home from dinner with the folks
nice thanksgiving dinner mom nailed it as usual and then we went for a family walk with the dog and then dad wanted to watch a scary movie while we waited for the cake to bake so we watched the blair witch project
it wasnt scary at all pretty lame actually


there shouldnt be any doubt in your mind im pretty sure the my tulpa stuff hits him the hardest thats why he hates it



ive been out in the middle of nohere before but i always have a gun or a tomahawk or something that i could feasible defend myself with so ive never been afraid
pretty hard to be afraid when you have extreme bloodlust anyone who stumbled upon me would immediately regret it when i give them a twisted smile and start laughing




i pray every day that someone decides to flip with me so that i have legal justification to rip them into pieces


File: 1542926999297.jpg (9.02 KB, 159x174, 1513389097838.jpg)

sigh feel bad for turt the failed norm life is probably really tough its like one of those monkeys that gets rejected by the pack
deep down he just wants to be a norm like everybody else but cant because of his flipped up face


oh boy here it comes
the grudge hours


had two terrifying nightmares in a row and woke up feeling like shite NOT a good day hima


never had a nightmare
im living in one


still dont know if i would call her my gf shes a girl and shes very friendly towards me and we spend a lot of time together and we hug and stuff but thats it theres no flipping or talking about flipping except for a few implications from her she just knows i like her a lot and that im a creep
if she didnt want anything to do with me i think she would have just ignored me after i confessed to her she confides in me on some things too and turns to me to be comforted

why isnt there any clear cut definitions for this stuff




wish onseki didnt abandon me and leave me in the dark to post constantly about this stuff in hopes that someone will tell me whats happening


because theres NOThing to say
ive only had one actual gf and i was too pilled and dumped her at her first complaint
i have experience with women but we have completely different personalities and ive already told you to calm down and ive also told you repeatedly to make a bold move and you havent so what am i going to say to make you stop blogging


either make a move or break it off im telling you with hyaku pasento confidence that she will get bored very soon if she hasnt already if you dont and some chad is going to find her before you know it


what counts as a bold move i already asked if she wanted to come over and watch a movie one night and she agreed but then she started passing out and throwing up and got kicked out so its been postponed


last time i made a bold move i ended up having to dig a deep hole at 3 in the morning


you should have dug it six feet idiot its going to stink


accidentally ate all the cookies again


downloading minami ke gonna jack it to harukas boobs


thinking how weird it is that my tulpa is even interested in me we are basically opposites maybe thats why shes so interested


last time i made a bold move i got arrested for aggravated sexual assault against a child


are you the kidjoer


gonna post something check it out seki


File: 1542928511846.flac (33.45 MB, 04. Uchuu Elevator.flac)


thinking about hondys niece


File: 1542928829151.jpg (417.22 KB, 1044x1298, 51f40f07f96b09b5ae62ced663b6cc2d.jpg)


im stroganoff


got some wool socks gonna break them out


mom isnt home so i dabbed in the living room




i feel like shit gonna have some sausages



new doug


sausage will make you feel worse humans werent meant to consume them


love a good sausage


extra onion with my sausages today hima


phew nice


File: 1542930806524.png (950.45 KB, 1329x1500, 0c9a49b9b946c1e2d86dce524602396c.png)


wish i had a dog to get groomed at bows n bones


what color should i paint my room


gonna shite shower and shave


gonna play some sonic racing and think about doing things with my tulpa