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classic chinks
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fist fulla bricks in my hane im da mane servin fiends fiends servin fiends servin fiends afta fiends



thinking of doing it the power supply noise from this chopin is driving me insane it doesnt stop either i wonder if its defective or something its still spinning fast because its hot from playing sonic


i should really get around to jerking but im too lazy

no no im going to do my very best todays the day i stop being lazy and achieve my goals ill see you in twenty minutes hima


told mom i might quit now shes raging about contributing to society again


come work at the water store


flip it gonna go for the pico psu ill worry about wiring and stuff later


kirito crying over some dumb flowers what a little dweeb


time for ゴブリンツレイヤ


uh ゴブリンスレイヤ NOT ツレイヤ


File: 1543125960198.jpg (121.91 KB, 600x472, 29-Mobo-ITX.jpg)

at least now my fan troubles will be resolved and ill have a nice extra quiet and cool htpc
ended up costing more than i thought but i guess in the end i can reuse all these parts

cant wait to put this mini itx board in a full size atx case


uhh ill try NOT to spoil it but did what i think happen at the beginning of episode 8


gonno learn sign language


baste pnig owning normseki


spermed good time for a nice relaxing time lying by the pond i will take a picture of iko-san for you mates


was jacking it on omegle earlier one girl lifted her shirt and one girl commented that it was really fucking big




guessing he was healed because he slept in the same bed as priestess because shes a virgin and she was healed because she slept in the same bed as the blindfold lady but she said she wasnt a virgin so how would that work is she technically pure because she was snapped


anywau im just coping because i identify as goblin slayer and its NOT okay if hes noncel


im a nice guy im incel


wow its 1:30 already time to piss
im pissing in an empty windshield wiper fluid jug


File: 1543127841718.mp4 (31.24 MB, Iko san.mp4)



why does your sperm look like dippin dots


iko is magnificent
dont you worry about birds


in phoenix like every house a pool at least from what i could tell flying over it
would be nice to turn a pool into a comfy pond for all sorts of fish
there would be no way to clean the bottom though unless you had scuba gear hehe


woke up from my nap hey guys might have some chicken and rice soon


lots of pools here and lots of sexy ladies swimming in those pools


pools are no good for koi they are too deep to see them and hold far too much water to filter


you would need a cooler to keep a pond out here since even pools get into the 90s during the summer just imagine how hot a little pond would get


File: 1543128568859-0.mp3 (7.66 MB, 02.mp3)

File: 1543128568859-1.jpg (40.87 KB, 320x327, cover.jpg)




missed a 2600x sale for $159 yesterday because i was tunnel visioning the 2600 waiting for it to drop below $159


havent heard this in like six years


pripara torrent 98% ready ill be jackjerking tonight mates


you are human filth


i am the target demographic for the show and i am simply enjoying it as intended by its creators


File: 1543129618715.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 96.34 KB, 1333x1000, 5FC4A4D7-968D-4803-854C-1CA0AD2C3AD5.jpeg)

my gf


thats a man


gonna jack it to crossdressers


my asshole neighbor is just sitting outside talking nonstop this flipping blows gonna fire up some


File: 1543130028224-0.png (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, [FFF] Minami-ke Tadaima - 04 [BD][1080p-FLAC][….png)


its his right to talk


File: 1543130583711-0.mp3 (6.9 MB, 01 魔法のおしごと.mp3)

i can clearly remember listening to this song in september 2010 while posting on old jp


chicken and rice time


baste tokyo ghoul


i wish i was basted but im just a worthless blob o shite


holy flipping baste



wish i could remember my neopets password


its NOT clubpenguin who cares


neopets was baste


yeah just like how runescape is “baste” huh...


miss life before social media


gonno fire up gaia online


what do you do to calm down before sleeping


watch this



File: 1543134521624.png (16.02 KB, 172x142, Capture.PNG)


think about cell reproduction


also about how interesting fungii are and how its quite possible they are alien species


ok used a circuit sim its pretty cool stuff but the limitations in some of the design work made the entire circuit nonfunctional and it took me hours to figure out the problem


that just gives me a bone


sigh futaba san
hate this anime always leaves me feelin like shit


used to love this image back in the old jaypee days when you could still get the mod to delete 3dpd trash
if i posted anti 3dpd in an idol thread i would just be pissing in the wind and my dick would get chopped off too


File: 1543136838662.jpeg (125.88 KB, 638x696, 0F38ED3A-E402-4E65-970E-A1BFC310CCB2.jpeg)

meant to post


used to be really big into space and aliens when i was a kid so to help me sleep i would imagine all different sorts of planets i remember one in particular having a pink and orange sky with white clouds and on the surface a warm very blue very shallow less than 20 foot deep ocean with millions of tiny white islands went on in every direction
but now i dont think of anything in particular i lay down and close my eyes and let my mind wander and eventually it gets stuck one some stupid idea that will form the plot for my dream on that night


p anderson said aliens dont exist


you really dont get a feel for how smelly and unclean 3d women are until you lose your virg or pay a prostitute
it feels like the black slime monster from mononoke is crawling all over you just a revolting rippling stinky mass of blood and undigested food and bones
the overwhelming stench of shampoo and soap barely keeps you from throwing up as you contemplate that aNOTher gross human shaped creature literally oozing with bacteria is laid bare in front of you


should i buy the dip


all the girls ive been close with have been nice and clean and soft and warm and smell good i think a bit of body odor and sweat would be pretty sexy but thats just me


its a near impossibility that aliens do NOT exist somewhere out there but the chances that we will ever encounter them is equally impossible
one of my greatest personal fears is that humans will eventually discover a planet with life and means to travel to it and the aliens on that planet will be only as intelligent as a koala


well almost all of them except for one teengirl who smelled like sweat but it was a good sweat smell


it depends what they eat
most girls who eat carb heavy diets smell like shit
westerners who eat lots of grain have a very distinct musk that you wouldnt recognize unless youve been somewhere where people eat a lot of rice or kimchi in koreas case
wonder what keto musk smells like


now im worried about the futility of life when i was younger thinking about the future i was sure that things were going to be much better than this
we would have teleporters and anti gravity and replicators and already had first contact but here we are in 2018 and its pretty much the same except the internet is faster and people have smartphones
i guess maybe smartphones are a step in the right direction theyre kind of like having a link to a giant hivemind or database with whatever information you need
you can have the entirety of knowledge from all of human civilization in your pocket you can learn anything about the world on a whim and most people squander it by jerking it to premium snapchats


gonna sigh my way into bed bye


stink and sweat way less after doing keto, even my poop barely smells


the new dota update is a mess
its only been out 6 days and theyve already had to make 3 additional patches because of how imbalanced it is


23 posts left


hell yeah


go back there


you cant talk to pastaman like that




i would have expected brain link hardware already
no keyboards no mice simply think about what you want to do and a quantum processor interprets brainwaves and outputs information to a heads up displayin your optical nerve


seems like every advance in technology is just a means of greater control afforded to the psychopaths at the top


implanting hardware into the human body will probably never happen unless its forced by the government at some point
imagine your eyes and ears being hacked the risks are too great weve all seem ghost in the shell


i dont believe in


ghost in the shell has the best dystopian future along with blade runner and oedo 808


rockin out hard


NOT me


this world feels like a giant trap with walls that keep closing in


gonna smoke a cig with my head out the window and reflect real deep on that


okay nice smoke gonna read some manga and snooze


8 posts left


just ban him arent you the admin now anyway
you know damn well hed ban you if you so much as looked at him wrong


just ban him arent you the admin now anyway
you know damn well hed ban you in an instant if you so much as hinted at half the stuff he blogs about


dabbed on mom


this could be the mark of the beast


i got a beast right here for you



hi hima woke up showered and had some pasta


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