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why do i love little girls so much


sigh got stuck in the last thread






die pednorm






whats it like to be smart


wish i was smart but im just a braindead blob o waste


wish i was hiro id forget about zero two though and flip ichigo hard


if i was hiro i would simply flip them both


File: 1523746713559.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x1697, 155cc249487daa3df9251deefda47c34.jpg)





nice kemono
nice friend


are fatneets smarter or dumber than twigs


the fats are at the bottom of the pyramid


fatties are low iq but not as low as manlets the worst are fat manlets



i thought manlets were shorts that lift to compensate how can you have a fat manlet


im a fat manlet


dad bought a nice carrot cake its delicious hb


wish i had a kemono friend or just friend


sis made chocolate cupcakes


im tall twigger


gonno go to walmart


dont only scum go there


how do i get self control


lots of sexy ladies at


why did we stop saying hb


i just said it


there was only one mate and you


so many couples outside today think im going to be sick
all these ugly balding manlets with smoking gfs just because they went to college


hasnt been much to hb about recently


hoo girl


turts sexnorm propaganda has had a noticeable effect on the hbs
people are afpie eating contest to hb or phew


mindboggling how well google translate works now its defiantly an improvement from a few years ago


mindboggling that perfect machine translation already exists and just needs to be rolled out for all languages


if it makes you feel better those mates are only beta bucks theyve basically given everything up for the occasional opportunity to put their penis inside a flubbery loose vagina


stop talking like that it reduces my chance of getting an anime romance


the sooner you take the pill the easier itll be to swallow friend
concepts like romance and friendship only exist in anime


no such thing as perfect ml translation doubt i could ask to translate thot to japanese


i was inches away from being born in japan


yes it can because thot is just the new trendy meme way of saying angel just like ``bait'' is identical in meaning to troll
such vapid word sushi bars


>thot is just the new trendy meme
it's 2018...


File: 1523749211609.jpg (2.33 MB, 1447x2047, ee428832e99c4dfa2a9fccbd16c32a78.jpg)

underage underage


her legs have been tied broken poo rgirl


no new word has arisen yet as far as im seeing thot is still the current word until they move on to bluppa or something in a few years


but its not new


nah humans will always be better at reading human language than machines just take a look at sarcasm its pretty easy to detect but machines cant


im a machine and i defiantly can NOT understand sarcasm...


doesnt matter the important part is that its the current synonym in use its new relative to angel dumb boosting low iq


but its like 5 years old


i have been lied to for the last time


expect a new word to arise soon then because the cool kids cant be saying the no longer trendy word


filters come to mind too when i say nb is biased we all know what i mean but a machine will take the literal definition of biased instead


but biased isnt a filter


it was


no it wasnt the fact that you have been in a relationship for a long while and that you have a good chance to be a pedophile discussion and a great opportunity for you and your business to make your life a successful life of your own business plan for your future success in your business life with a ghost trying to make you cry and make you want you to be a pedophile discussion and a great opportunity for you in your own ways to make you feel like you are a good fit


i think i overdid it sigh up and you have a good time and you have a good time and I hope I can make you feel like I have been scammed and you have a good life


making nalesniki


wonder if thad is sharing a cell with the subway ped


subconsciously replied to this post to tell it i mutated it subconsciously


is it legal to buy a single banana without the rest of the pack



hey hima just woke up hows it hangin


what the hell was he thinking


goin great dad is put some cinnamon in his coffee so now im gonno make one with cinnamon too


jared was just the fall man for the even more rich and powerful


mindblowing that most powerful and rich businessmen and politicians are ped wonder if peds naturally have high iq or if having high iq ends up making you realize how great sexy ladies are and turn you ped


most of them arent you just hear about the ones that are


uh can you tell me how you molested kids so i can uhh i dont know i just uhhh just tell me


dont think they are exclusively ped think its just a new frontier of depravity for the uberrich


peds dont think


had a dream i went to texas last night sigh


what did you see


do they really say hb in the south


yeah and howdy too


i should have been a southern boy it isnt fair



are the peds on hima high iq


how can anyone not be watching amanchu


i downloaded it but havent watched it yet


i dont watch anime anymore


bless your heart honey


its absolute shite thats how


the south pinches you should wish to have been born in california
youd have access to all sorts of japanese stuff and a thriving car culture and free gook gfs and "nerdy" stuff is popular there so youd probably have friends


should have been born in the kowloon walled city


nah i have a southern spirit


why am i watching this bullshit about horse girl idols sigh


who cares about any of that shallow shite


wish i had a 137 iq korean gf who lives in california


ya wish i had an ugly gook gf to make a bunch of little elliots with


rangeban cali


coffee time


filter c*li


File: 1523753136376.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


in the mood for some country music


what a perfect little creampuff I would love to wake up with her buck naked right on top me every day!!!


dont listen to that new age richboy garbage listen to some real southern music


in the mood for some country fried steak with extra gravy


sigh why did my youtube recommendations reset i didnt delete the cookies or anything


nice norm recommendations


need some cornbread and sweet tea with that meal


heck yeah


cali is pretty nice but ive never been anywhere else so i cant compare it to anything


die calimako


thats the caliblog idiot


used to skate down to the shore shack with caliblog for some shakes after shredding all day


no its me im in socal its ok for someone like me kind of want to visit frisco one day just to see what its like but theres nothing there i need to see


kitty follows me everywhere hehe


wish i had a kitty


simply get one


never forget that time the 'blog totally beefed it


i hope you die


wiggity bloggity


bh shoobie


chest pain is back


mouse is double clicking


fix it with the proper incantation


i shall fix it with a screwdriver instead


the goshs take notice of such impudence


oh gosh i think i just shit my pants


File: 1523755701791.jpg (515.06 KB, 1279x720, 195d96529283fa134219efcaa21f5c3f.jpg)



well they do call me the scumblob


yep i did goshdamnit


nice pantsshitter


why was i cursed with this devil colon


its all the coffee you drink


you dont know how lucky you are to not be constipated


raged and cracked the monitor


were you playing rhythm sushi bars again


how did you know


its weird when people talk about getting constipated or the runs or all sorts of other digestive issues from whatever theyve eaten is it some sort of meme or what because ive never had an issue



youre just an arrogant lucker


go to hell healthynorm


thats some classic rage


going to get a scum job like walmart stocker this summer i can feel it


work hard like uli and you will go far


you dont know the pain of being in constant fear of if youre gonno shit your pants or not today and knowing its just a matter of time until it strikes the terror of not knowing when its gonno happen ruined my life i probably could have been successful if it wasnt for this


nothing wrong with stocking shelves at walmart if its good enough for onseki its sure as hell good enough for you


wish i could even get a job at walmart but theyd fire me for shitting my pants before the end of the first week


simply wear an adult diaper


ill never humiliate myself by sinking that low flip you


pretty sure youve already sank that low by being a pants shitting neet


i may be a pants shitting neet but i still have my principles


quit being a fat flip and eat more fiber and drink more water its all in your head


go to hell


he needs to eat the kind of fiber that makes your poo more solid
if he eats the other kind itll make the situation worse


its already solid thats not the problem


if that was a terminable offense half their stores would close


walmart wouldnt hire me after three attempts


just keep applying youre not annoying anyone by applying three or four or even ten times over a period of time
hiring managers are human if they see the same name over and over theyll take a look at you after a while


if the lowest scum can work at walmart so can you


think i saw a basilisk in the yard


that was me sorry


wish basilisks were real


youd turn to stone


no its annoying for me because they make you do two separate interviews and being rejected hurts



dont listen to him hes been fed propaganda from big brands like metamucil


get into the same mindset as turt
youre better than everyone else if they cant see that they arent worth your time


accidently rubbed behind my ear now my finger stinks sigh


shower you animal


its so boring


yeah if showering wasnt so boring id probably do it more


i dont think that at all im outclassed in most ways but i wasnt born to compete with them im only here to thin the herd


when are you going to walk the walk turt


File: 1523758228149.png (56.27 KB, 621x702, 1523476435366.png)

>turt >turt >turt >turt
thats you all day wk


what is the proper name of that meme




trimmed my nails


when its time for the final arc


sigh that pie eating contest boss we had trouble with is actually ultra easy




hope you mates have been cleaning your bellybutton in the shower


i have


dont have one


File: 1523758967496.png (Spoiler Image, 250.16 KB, 6000x3352, 1488769021359.png)



love memes


saw something cool today but i do not know if i should post about it on hima9k


saw something cool today but i do not know if i should post about it on hima9k


slam jam


saw something cool today but i do not know if i should post about it on hima9k


wonder when we will see a nice frogger in anime we already got to see a frog screech in lupin


cool or cool


i think im lagging


same think the chinks are hacking me


same think the chinks are hacking me


the chinks are in


it made me say "wow would you look at THAT"


it made me say "wow would you look at THAT"




really nervous but im going to try a jomorph wish me luck


jo in hel


varg says joing is okay as long as you arent looking at porn


i always use my imagination i dont see how thats better


dont much care for varg


sorry varg im gonno jo looking at sexy ladygirls


so long as you arent looking at any males or male parts its probably ok


used to jo with my imagination in school when i saw girls every day but i cant do that anymore



gonno eat some pasta


what about birlparts



sigh bach


i can do that very easily hehe


guess what mates


chicken butt


hate being woken up in the hima mansion by neetblog hammering on the organ in the basement


im too dumb to play an instrument


had enough money for a pizza but no delivery so i walked to the shop and ate it all there in front of the other people hope i didnt seem like a creep


why didnt you just bring it home


fatmako eats shit


himakos not fat shes plump


i was hungry


went to the chink restaurant and the chink girl there gave off an autistic aura she didnt move her arms when she walked and when she spoke to you shed suddenly snap into eye contact mode and gaze into your soul like zuckerberg


himako is defiantly a fatflip eating pizza and chocolate and ramen everyday is not healthy


too many evil grains


underage plumbermako


grains are not evil


onseki should change the error messages


jo to little red riding birl


himako is still underweight because she worried so much about hima that she ended up barely eating


himako is a black man


no shes a white girl in california


hell yeah


love my glass whiteboard


what do you need a whiteboard for


its how i talk to The Boss



what awaits beyond my sorrow


jot down complex ideas


die smartnorm





watashi ni kaerinasai kioku wo tadori yasashisa to yume no minamoto he mo ichido hoshi ni hikare umareru tame ni



please respond


wont without the le please respond 2hu faec



File: 1523762436024.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 9.3 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg)



translate it japnorms


File: 1523762522593.jpg (71.36 KB, 665x422, 1231960826999.jpg)


mindblowing there are people on hima who cant even recognize lyrics in romaji




how is that mindblowing


i dont watch anime


eva pinches thats why


i googled it and it was some eva song but i didnt recognize it


satan is getting everything in order itll probably be either this year or the next


turtletron was invited to the infernal council



wonder if pastor anderson scapes


seki unban me from the gnfos discord


ya he has a 99 strength 99 prayer pure


not that hes getting me near a major population center



missed the puyo esports stream


File: 1523763419561.jpg (204.94 KB, 1536x512, xeh8drab2rr01.jpg)

gotta love amd just look at those prices


if pastor anderson scaped he wouldnt level up prayer



dead hours


File: 1523764340246.jpg (139.63 KB, 1038x1000, 1523433903969.jpg)


gonno play metal gear solid


die sushinorm


play the phantom pain


never played an mgs sushi bar are they good


all mgs has is sushi barplay the story is hit and miss


hit or miss


never played mgs in my life


tried mgs2 that one time but the emulator controls pinched


you should get a controller


piracy is illegal


its legal if you rip the bios and iso from a ps2 and mgs copy that you own




did you do that


do you have probably cause


its my duty to uphold the law


i was standing
you were there


gonno play metal gear rising


play some scape instead


scape pinches


trying to post on a but keep raging at teens


a what


take it back


slash a slash


4norm pinches i only go to biz to laugh at the pink mates


250 iq


as an ex scaper i mean what i said i wont take it back


you werent dedicated enough


you didnt explore the sushi bar enough


at least 2 people here browse tv


fools i was a higher total level than both of you combined


File: 1523767131394.webm (259.48 KB, 218x478, f2bb9a570ad82f7099ffa82476a26e77.webm)

i explored every possible corner imaginable


have to admit the biz posts made crashes much easier to survive
its more fun to be either pumping big or crashing than to be stagnant with pumping of course taking the lead


you didnt even crack 1b xp how can you say you played the sushi bar


botting to max doesnt count as playing


that was a different time


you might be a pedophile


i used to browse tv


did you rwt your bank when you quit


ya i use the money to pay hima server costs


not all of it i have like 40m and a bond



sigh timmy


nice what are you gonno do with the cash


typical hima poster


buy bitcoin


ban discord
ban this norm too for being a vgteen and posting about hima there trust me just ban


timmy is better at scape than me


File: 1523767556919.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.62 KB, 538x445, 1494054768997.jpg)






stunning to think that in the past week hima has been featured in multiple youtube videos watched over 15 thousand times as the headquarters of tranny9k pie eating contestants


are you serious



the same mate also posted a follow up video that had hima in it briefly


what are you supposed to report those videos under


hate speech


protect the birls


asshole itchy methinks its time for a wer


File: 1523767949924.gif (888.04 KB, 381x292, 1304230984689.gif)


guess who mentioned hima on r9k try to figure it out the first tip is injun mutt





member the w server


a what




hhehe he hee


File: 1523768206264.webm (3.59 MB, 400x224, whitu piiggu go home.webm)


need a japgf


die yellow fever norm


do you know the way


gonno morph and mutate when i wake up


die mutateepr


biased topkek43512


sigh mates really need to get on vr to spread hima culture


why would you want to do that


The Boss wont buy me a vr hat


vr chat with the himamates would be fun but everyone would be too scared to talk on mic


not gonno pay hundreds of dollars to see teens running around as shrek yelling kek and blasting rap music


i was really close to buying the whole getup but then crypto crashed and gran was moving out and there was that shitty uganda meme so i scrapped the plan


i just mean saying baste and calling people norms


your crypto wealth was all paper gains but at least you made some chink miner very rich and happy


nah i was an early adopter my roi is huge


you should have sold it all but youre dumb and ignorant so you didnt


its not easy to move that much money without the government knowing
im not worried about it bitcoin will be $50k by the end of the year


yeah sure


im essentially chattel


onseki and turt wouldnt


and pnig


how much did you pay in taxes last year hehe


im not uncomfortable on voice i just dont have a lot to say


you dont need a headset


refuse to go public on mic until ive perfected the girl voice


imagine getting on vrchat with hima and then realizing that half of the poster are girls with cute voices when they talk


holy flip i dont need vr to use vrchat this is too good to be true get in here mates



thinking about what vr will be 10 years from now almost makes me want to live that long


big if true


its fake news actually the quote is from one of the news organizations that is critical of putin so theyre drumming up fear against him


scrap the plans for the hima yacht we need a hima bunker


hell ya instigator is back


just gotta get canachink and bastecoby back



no more dead chinks



File: 1523769779963.webm (288.28 KB, 474x474, no more dead cops.webm)


coby isnt baste he can stay the hell away


baster than you


wheres rager whens he coming back


flip rager glad hes gone


that is true since i have negative levels of basteness


raged my dream away


nah youre baste as filp


the rage my dream meme is mine buddy doughnut steal


you dont even Drive


yes but that has nothing to do with raging my dream


it has everything to do with it you dont understand


its a flipping song that has nothing to do with driving


drivenorm hours


File: 1523770293566.png (Spoiler Image, 83.61 KB, 250x419, 1474529180814.png)


flip you


chicken chan


bored as hell conflicted whether to stay up late or just get in bed against my will
got back from work five hours and have done literally nothing except blog


wish i could make people understand things better but you are incredibly limited when using symbols for others to use their eyeballs to scan or puffing air out of your mouth hole in sequence for them to pick up on with their ears
i bet aliens use some sort of nerve linking thing they would understand the significance Driving has to do with eurobeat


cant listen to europbeat its become inextricably linked to dumb memes for me


youre letting the norms win


yes eurobeat is good driving music but its not like it was created solely for that purpose for everyone out there drifting to it there were hundreds more in clubs dancing and doing parapara it was a huge phenomenon and still is they dont have 242 volumes for no reason


no more dead norms


the norms can have eurobeat for all i care theres plenty of music out there that isnt fodder for vine-tier memeification


like there are plenty of eurobeat songs that have to do with racing but they were written out of an expressed need for racing themed music for initial d



no one in the club wants to hear about exhaust and shifting and engine power while theyre dancing although japs cant understand the words and never have been able to
its very similar to weebs listening to japanese music actually


not spending 12 minutes listening to some weird old murderer ramble in his van


just listen to the first 2 minutes


listen at 2x speed and its only 6 minutes


listen to this instead


why are you working on saturdays


i work every saturday the usual night mate takes off to watch sports so i get stuck with the shift


listen to this instead


its not a van its a uaz


probably one of the absolute best driving tracks behind rocking hardcore


why would you listen to that instead of anison


shouldnt that be called japbeat


great racin track i know em all rate share and subscribe for more content


j euro


last one
perfect track no complaints at all


cant wait for sgdq


nothing perfect about euroshit


why it blows nowQ


flip you blog



it gets more epic every event


File: 1523771277954.png (68.3 KB, 1172x1182, 1519240116024.png)


by euroshit i was referring to eurobeat


wish i wasnt such a stuck up autistic reflapper in school who thought he shouldnt have to ask schoolmates if they wanted to hang out and expected other people to initiate friendship


they would have laughed and said no anyway


why is my zoom messed up it is at 100% but looks way closer


i would have been your friend


you probably had it at 90 accidentally for a while and got used to it it happened to me and freaked me out


deja vu


the idea of vocalizations and ears fascinates me because it seems like something unique to earth


thats highly likely considering if the gravity ie size of the planet was significantly different sound wouldnt be able to travel as far and likely organisms would develop high frequency transmissions instead of sound waves


or maybe something like complex magnetic fields interacting


on the blog planet they communicate through eating


pastaman get on ggo


its the density and composition of the air too scent seems like another unique thing to earth its essentially a sort of psuedo telepathy thing that can subconsciously tell you so much without having to resort to sound or site


typical arrogant smellnorm comparing rubbing his snout over things as a psychic power


wish we could communicate smells through the internet already


humans should have evolved a hivemind like ants


i need a hug


File: 1523772264578.gif (Spoiler Image, 984.18 KB, 500x333, 1523757799970.gif)

wish this was me


an ant has more worth than me


bh turt


File: 1523772405793.jpg (257.54 KB, 924x594, pill.jpg)


The maximum amount of gil you can have in FF8 is 99,999,999. From having basically nothing, it only takes barely an hour to get that. No joke. Don't think about SeeD payments either, they're painfully slow in comparison. I'll post a (possibly narrated, if I can get rid of the last of the symptoms of my most recent cold first) video showing the general idea, but the general process is as follows:

1. For the sake of raw speed, move everything on page 1 onto an empty page. This should leave page 1 completely blank. If you have any tents, cottages, and mega potions, move those to page 1.
2. Use Tonberry's "call shop" and choose "Esthar Shop!!!" (you'll need to visit Johnny's store in Esthar and repeatedly leave and reenter the area until it works to get this).
3. Buy 100 cottages and 100 tents. Tonberry's haggle is a must for optimal speed. Each cottage is 1350 gil and each tent is 750 gil. It seems like a lot, being 210K gil in tents and cottages, but....
4. Sell all mega potions. Tonberry's sell-high is a must for optimal speed. With each mega potion being 7500 gil, selling a set of 75 of them gets you 562,500 gil. That's a net gain of 352,500 gil.
5. Use Carbuncle's "Recov Med-RF" ability to convert all 100 tents and all 100 cottages into 75 total mega potions.
6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 to your heart's desire, or until gil is just shy of maxed out. Each cycle takes around 13 to 14 seconds it seems if you're fast at navigating the menus. This equates to about 1.6 million gil per minute.

What can 99,999,999 gil buy? Well, the intent is stat maxing and Esthar Pet Shop is required for it. HP, STR, MAG, and SPR are easy to raise, especially HP. VIT, on the other hand, is much slower to raise. Here's what 99,999,999 gil can buy, for stats:

HP: It only takes 150K gil to buy 10 more so that amount will get you 6660 more max HP. That's more than enough to max any level 100 character's HP at 9999 without the need of any HP-related junctions. it's permanent!
STR, MAG, and SPR: it takes 1.5 million gil to buy 1 point on one of these given stats. Thus, 99,999,999 is enough to buy 66 points on a single stat.
VIT: It takes a rather big 7.5 million gil to buy 1 point on VIT. This is because there isn't any VIT+40% or the like items you can buy from the Esthar pet shop. You have to use the VIT-J scroll instead. That 99,999,999 gil is enough to buy 13 more on VIT. Instead of buying VIT, I tend to go after using devour on adamantoise instead. It nets more variety.

Maxing speed requires cactus thorns from cactuars. Maxing luck requires cursed spikes best obtained from forbiddens (just cast life on them).


a person can tell how underage a underage lady is nice on how she smells and know when to leave an area nice on the smell iy truly is a low form of esp


its literally just vibrations sound exists wherever matter does


good news The Boss made coleslaw




drinking cà phê đá will be mandatory at the hima house


ill drink it as long as my daily hugging requirements are met


the cà phê đá will be made by asian sexy ladies who will hug you for free


i need hugs from my himamates not some dumb sexy ladies


die gran turnormo


refuse to hug


gonnomorph now


sexy ladies give the best hugs


its only two hugs a day


you can get two hugs a day by going to the mall or nearest college campus and asking people for hugs


i need hugs from my himamates




everyone runs away from me


given himas current status those might be hima pals


morph time for me and I will get back to you on this one either way if you have any idea about what you want to come up for next year and I hope you have a great weekend too much of your work experience in this exciting time of your year with your family


hi hima


hey hey you look at me in the eyes when talking to me little man are you listening


need a pincheslave so bad


no you dont sexnorm


is anyone watching the stream
getting tired of doing this i kind of try to put on a performance and make it fun but its pretty obvious no ones watching sigh
someone else do a regular stream


you need to do it for yourself


i just listen to the music


im sorry gran turismo is boring to play why would i want to watch someone play it


phew done streaming time to piss then im morphing


stream yourself sleeping


i would watch that


sigh only one awake


im chopping down trees


i was making sushi sorry


the sleeper has awoken




all the naruto ops got deleted off youtube sigh


i noticed a ton of eroge and anime songs went down


cant believe im enfp


gonno need to expedite the acquisition of the hima bunker


got left behind


same nobody said there was a new thread


gonno morph later



envy vs kyles nemesis in in in


die sushi chef


hell ya lets go ppd


new osteen


File: 1523799534741.png (403.41 KB, 1280x720, 1523788933611.png)


he said himamates not otapecs


die norm


woke up


this mate is a psychopath


no hes a good person who is helping people


hes not saved


1:14 look at the people holding up their normphones while they pray i know its technically fine but its still strange



sigh we could have been mates


nice polteen


bored sigh


who added this smut banner


not me but i can add banners if you have any good ones


white warriors like him should not be offing themselves


my banner making days are long gone i lost my spark


did you add mine


File: 1523804727302.jpg (78.89 KB, 1334x750, s4qpslcbv1s01.jpg)


sigh too old to autofelate



neighbor keeps spraying a hose at my window what the flip


guess ill have to get AAA on my own since ill be far away with no help its going to pinch because it takes them a hour to do anything


File: 1523806522873.jpg (27.04 KB, 300x100, banner.jpg)


is it a underage lady


File: 1523807977443.jpg (794.07 KB, 3264x2448, ZQrA6nO.jpg)

need legos


used to play with legos everyday


hoo boy hima let me tell you The Boss has been smelling the zas ive been making and decided to reward my initiative i checked the fridge and shed stocked it with some pizza toppings tomato paste and mini pizza bases were gonno feast tonight


whats a mini pizza base do you mean dough


i ordered some sandwiches and they got here 10 minutes later thats fascinating


File: 1523809838681.jpg (56.77 KB, 500x500, baste.jpg)

no i mean these




you know most grocers have little balls of fresh made pizza dough too thats what i buy


each ones about two slices so i used four


ask her to buy you pineapple bits


theres only so many toppings i can put on nothing against pineapple but its something you have to hide amongst the cheese or it dries out these bases are simply too small for such intricacies




that hit the spot might make another four later


hi hima woke up made a hot choco with cocoa and some sugar its great




phew nothing like morphing for as long as you want gaaaah


File: 1523812475037.jpg (64.62 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS - 02….jpg)

if you came home with a mysterious reflapper one day would your gran allow her to live with you


The Boss would get really excited to live out a cliche of stopping her son from having sex in the house and ruin it permanently


it would be a same sex reflapper of course


what a fatty


nice plumber


love the randon neo nazi label like any true nazi matewould wear a jewsus tshirt


hehe started the video muted but i could still hear everything she said




with your pizza experience you can easily get a pizza making job this could be you



went into target while i was waiting for the bus really depressing walking into big box stores the just arent the same as they were before 2003


theres no way the interior of a dominos kitchen is that clean


still remember the video of people putting boogers in dominos pizza



typical chink cleanliness


grilling up some dogs


File: 1523814364300.jpg (1.04 MB, 4032x3024, ls8zu89khpr01.jpg)

its over


wish i was an italian in italy or a japanese in japan it must feel weird being among your own people instead of being a mutt among mutts


i didnt mean to say weird i meant wholesome


its just japan sorry


wish i lived up in the himalayans with my napalese bretheren


there are foreigners in japan too there will always be small pockets of outsiders


i am not japanese but i would not be an outsider in japan they would welcome me and recognize my nippon heart


time to fire up the kjv audio book


File: 1523817474936.jpg (103.24 KB, 800x600, Opabinia_BW2.jpg)

found the otamin


just woke up what did i miss


why do skyscsnaprs keep their lights on at night are there people working there 24/7


ya janitors



next time invaders come i have the right tools to defend myself from a gun


it would look like the end of days if they were off


File: 1523821245831.jpg (89.53 KB, 640x480, Bullshit- Public Transportation.jpg)


simply love collecting frog tokens ill oblige any underage little angel who asks me for kisses hehe


nice frog kisser


holy flip ryzen+ running at 4.5ghz or higher intel is dead


die sushinorm


holy flip ryzen+ running at 4.5ghz or higher intel is dead


you posted that already



interview with kyle in in in


die mobanorm


but merlinis streaming


you cast your lot with merlini i will listen to baste kyle trashing the 2 week patch system and validating my opinion on sunder


what the flip are you even talking about flip off already mobanorms


sigh but its a once in a lifetime opportunity merlini might never stream again


kyle calling out arrogant chinks


chink here


gth chink


File: 1523826428100.png (369.56 KB, 800x798, 114d96e23be2c0b0e376b5c8bbc1b65316f2e5f1.png)

>Lobby: 100% QA
>PW: 1% fun

First sugu to roll a 6 attack against me gets kicked.

Add me if you want a copy of the sushi bar:

Poor nocoiners can listen to the new voices in the stream:


stream link is broke


pie eating contest


trev is hima heritage


he can die for all i care


itched arm got welts this might be the end


hes basically just posting it for me im the only one who joins in why dont you mates play it its great


dont want to play if i dont know how


its easy as hell like mario party or that square enix sushi bar


i will buy it and play it but i will not enjoy it



die gnseki


that sushi bar looks so complicated


time for my mid day morph


made four eggs and coffee gonno feast


stop eating eggs theyre gross


whats gross about them


they dont taste that great


de gustibus non est disputandum


in matters of taste there is no disputing is that right


havent posted all day hima ive been just lounging on the couch and max relaxing and The Boss made me do the dishes sigh that took a while helped sis a lil with her math homework now im having my coffee its been foggy and cold all day and now im havin some hot coffee its like the perfect weather and the mixed scent of coffee and pencil lead is so good and somewhat nostalgic i can feel every chicken nugget and muscle in my body ultra relaxed wish this has been a day worth reliving forever


thats right


wish i had taken latin in school but that class was for overachievers



File: 1523828801711.jpg (337.37 KB, 976x959, f84299911d9ca0d92263a82c59c453129e31fefd499d0a….jpg)

check this out


die skewnorm


im the skewblog


are frog tokens like a digital variant of wooden nickles


nice 100% orangeseki


feel extremely tired think ill morph out


why would you be tired you havent done anything all day


dont ask questions you dont want the answer to


thinking about gsnap-kun


thinkin about anna


spilt tea on keyboard gonno have to bust out the old on screen keyboard sigh hope it dries soon also gsnap kun double sigh real heavy ones


The Boss woke me up at 9am and i went to bed at 5 or 5:30 dont remember


bosses arent understanding of their employees delicate sleeping habits thats


wish i had a kemono wife like gsnap kun


not my boss The Boss




just got swatted


that was me sorry


nice flyblog




cant believe envy lost to ppd why did he pick kunkka for abed the fool


mindboggling all the oldest weapons in existence are found in germany


nothin bogglin


weaver was the problem it made space but didnt do damage it was similar to a viper


mindboggling i was born a mutt in the muttessay


heads getting real itchy methinks its time for a neetcut


stream it


need another coffee



anchovy banner


growing my neetfro only neetcut the fringe back and sidelocks




File: 1523833944264.jpg (347.14 KB, 1287x900, 1523263223816.jpg)


does it feel good to have super short hair




feels good but doesnt look good


ya im just gonno clean up the sides and leave the top long


simply use scissors and slice all around


im an abomination


File: 1523834425933.jpg (610.56 KB, 3024x4032, m.jpg)

got some musubi time to feast


someone joed on that


that looks like you melted a craft single of american cheese over a rice ball in the microwave and put some mayo on it



chicken nugget


hooooo boy


sigh dad said he wants to talk


you should be okay as long as its not about the j word


dad asks me what ive been joing to all the time


"dad" asks me for music recommendations and gun advice but we just chat about our respective jobs we lack any sort of affectionate feelings


nice jobnorm


File: 1523836435278.png (759.8 KB, 3244x1581, 1523831881784.png)


oh its a map of all the train lines on earth by the way
thought the image was captioned


havent brushed my teeth in a month


dentist is going to be pissed


i guessed trains hehe


can you take a picture of that for me
or if you cant do that can you explain what it feels like in detail


theres a weird film on the sides of my mouth when i put my tongue there and a thick layer of plaque on my teeth


about how thick to for example three days of not brushing


thick enough that some comes off when i just slide my tongue over it


pretty cool thanks im obsessed with my teeth not enough to brush twice a day though


feels about double but probably isnt that much it naturally comes off when you eat and drink and you are generally fine if theres fluoride in your tap water


teeth brushing is so boring its just like showers


i brush my teeth in the shower


i went without brushing for around 5 years at some point and nothing happened


sigh still need to get my wisdom teeth removed im scared


brushing is fun you just need to think of it in sushi bar terms like applying a shield to your teeth


mine just started growing in and some part of them is jutting outwards into my cheeks really weird


File: 1523837101701.jpg (7.8 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

this is what i look like




i should be lobotomized


crazy to think that the top 0.1% of minds exist on hima


only i am privy to the secrets of the demiurge


wouldnt mind a lobotomy it would probably get rid of the pain


im in the bottom 0.1% of minds


die sushinorm


that spot is reserved for walmart employees


uli works there


File: 1523837946290.png (467.64 KB, 562x960, 30652952_1719469941454466_1191986813439311872_….png)


uli is dumb as a sack of bricks


says mr neet man


neet is high iq


brush thrice a day and floss too


im dumber than a walmart employee


chest pain


impossible theyre the lowest trash youre the type who would be a walmart manager


it is a blood clot in your lung


i wish that were true but its not



anyone else sometimes get a sharp pain in the chest and think like oh flip this is it


somebody post the pic


the quick death from that would be nice as long as it wouldnt travel to your brain and give you a flapperstroke


going to walk into walmart and tell them im smart enough to run this place and theyll make me the manager


stop it


yes and lately ive been feeling out of breath and im not fat


you will know if it is your heart because it radiates throughout your body and not just your chest


its lack of exercise and poor nutrition


the neets are beginning to feel the effects of aging


mindbowing that its almost monday already




im too young to die



how is that mindblowing are you a wagenorm




back to the old grind


two more zas in the oven


youre eating too muhc


remember the mate that posted pictures of his fat belly with pizzas on warosu


start a real career job tomorrow i can feel my status increasing


conversation with dad went well hehe looks like im safe for another week




did you two play catch


nice normtron


no just a heart to heart and a hug


gimme a hug too


sigh got owned again


wonder if turts gonno have his own office too


newbies start in the broom closet


im an accountant


gonno start getting up and walking every hour so i dont die


woke up hey hows it going hima slept for 12 hours or so gonno have some coffe


why is a crypto baron getting a plebeian job


dont forget to stretch


pastor anderson says you shouldnt stretch


probably not theres actual reasoning for some financial handshaker having his own office but engineers usually just get cubes


when did he say that


he said it in one of his sermons


i dont believe you


ill try to find it for you


scalp is itchy as hell ill have to shower today


varg told me to stretch


pretty disappointed at the inclusion of negro characters in later pokemon sushi bars


stretching is essential only a fat piece of shit would think otherwise


pokemon needs abo representation


im a fat piece of shit and i dont stretch


have had trouble breathing since i read this


phew did my stretches now im ready to post on hima


theyre mini pizzas and they hit the spot if i do say so myself


neetblog do you have something important to tell us


damn im flipping hungry again time for ramen


i wake up with chest pains every day


out of tuna


that made me hungry for some tuna




turt lets save up for a couple of months and start a business like an amazon thingy or shopify or something might as well if youre gonno work anyways


start up a gay bakery



thinking of revolutionizing ai by using weight nice nodes


we need to privatize drone strikes


we need to hear from the man himself what his wc level is up to


the blog descends


ecce blog


wish my main man would throw some good recs my way so i can get a job too


no you dont




hate how catchy this is


gonno play rs3


i tried playing it a month or two ago it was ok


hoooooooooooo boy hima just figured out something great
if you add a few pinches of tumeric to cup ramen along with a dash of chili sesame oil it tastes identical to nissin curry ramen which is hard to find in the states
this is mindboggling because tumeric makes cheap ramen taste 20 times better it was actually delicious not just food




thats actually him


dont know what tumeric is




i add a dash of tumeric to everything


gonno attempt omolette rice


i make turmeric tea every night


how much is a dash


2 cups



yeah im seriously wondering what else i can enhance with tumeric
for those who dont know its the main sprice in japanese curry and some other dishes like singapore noodles the thin yellow ones


turmeric is fantastic its a very underrated spice


its more than a tad but less than a sugar spoon worth


cant believe the mythbusters actually hated each other


adam was a soyboy jamie was nice


they didnt hate each other they just werent friends outside of the show


adam savage killed himself 10 years ago and replaced himself with a robot he built




humility is next to blogliness


i think youre confusing turmeric with curry powder




curry powder is just a mix of tumeric cumin and corriander


ya so how are you going to make curry ramen with only one of those



the nissan curry ramen doesnt have curry in it either just powderized curry powder and a few fake pieces of potato onion and dehydrated beef
the dominant flavor in it was tumeric but cumin was defiantly in there


i dont know anything about curry and i dont care im not trying to make curry i just want to make ramen taste bearable


going to buy a suit cut my hair and apply for jobs


never met a single person online from minnesota or wisconsin


lets all work at the same place


lets all get jobs at the walmart uli works at


my ass was bolstered


hes moving to florida soon


just woke up what did i miss


did you know that turmeric is a powerful anti inflammatory and cancer preventive


simply read


the people talking about chest pain should drink turmeric with some pepper in it


flip you fagass im not reading shit right now


didnt know there were so many tumeric fans here




easy there big mate


call it indian saffron or im gonno rage


im not your mate mate


stood up almost passed out


its not from a saffrom plant why would i call it that it comes a root thing like a radish


did you know that brahmin indians have an average iq of 120


dont know anything im just a meatpile




if indians are so smart how come they couldnt figure out to cull their population before they hit 1 billion pajeets
the first step was to get the muslims out


its the traditional name


scientific names will only be used at the hima mansion




when i was a kid it seemed perfectly rational that someone would design a gun that shot knives or at least needles but now that im older i realize that is an obvious waste of time


wish theyd invent a drone that actively seeks me out and blows my head off


design it and make millions selling it to kids


you can buy flechette rounds for shotguns thats kind of similar


got a mcdonalds coke on neetblogs recommendation its the only thing hes ever done that hasnt enraged me


neetblog pacifies me


aspiring model
this is the polite way of saying that a young woman has absolutely zero redeeming value other than looking like a boosttoy


File: 1523845569302.jpg (1.39 MB, 4160x3120, ncqmey.jpg)



wish i was a young woman i would let all of hima partake in the fruits of my body




mindblowing that himako only drinks rc cola


demonstrably false


which himako the nigger or the pothead


looks fantastic


whichever one causes the most buttblasts from turt


churned out some neetbutter


turt respects both of them


turt only has malice in his heart


i am not a respecter of persons


turt bows only to discord


wish i could boost himako and then go to daiso to buy the condoms


i bow to the blog


you should be buying the condoms before


watchin the tetris documentary


sushi chef


i was born to make sushi


mindblowing that pnig is a world class tetris player


that is actually mindblowing yes


wonder if he was playing tetris when gran collapsed


love eating leftovers


same im a vulture


i could eat what the vultures would not


he was playing wow when gran went under


himako doesnt flip boostnorms or non virgins like >>765043


the other side called for gran but her work was not yet complete


himako is a very desperate young lady whose social awkwardness means she has certain desires that other girls dont have


yeah like smoking weed and flipping deli girls


thats onseki not himako


ran around the house a bit feeling an endorphin rush


The Bosss a pack rat i couldnt run in this place even if i wanted to


himako lives in southern california and is a total dork! who likes to eat chocolate and drink tea


remove the dork! filter NOW


himako doesnt negotiate with yellers


what is it


whats the filter


im dork!


what is it




this ice cold coke is making me cold flip you neetblog in the end youre nothing but disappointment after disappointment


im a nerd


had to admit to being a nerd in front of a group of women once


if you type dork! the exclamation point is added automatically


coffee time my scalp stopped itching looks like i wont have to shower after all




this mate is pranking me theres no filter


when i move out i bet ill be like blade runner the non norm version eventually ill be killed doing whats right


himako gets a special kind of itch its a very instinctual sort of itch


that is a subversive filter it turns innocent hima posts into shitty sc2 posts i bet it was turned on by a dork


glad i got pranked better to look a fool than to live under one


can i post a picture of my gf


they call me the subversiveblog



you mean the submersiveblogmarine


tummy hurts


could use a little more ketchup but other than that its pretty good


you either have ibs or a colon cancer


if himako were here she would have checked at least 5 other spinoffs for that picture and banned the person


can i post my gf shes really cute


File: 1523846838084.jpg (80.98 KB, 600x800, 1518265339873-1.jpg)

ok thanks


nasty whore




miss the mako


looks like she easily lets men flip her


really really needto flip a sexy lady


sick freaks


you mates remember this
they just sent me a letter in the mail telling me to get to their headquarters in maryland


compared to onseki himako was some sort of superhuman able to stop slam jam and hand out thousands of bans those golden days are gone


onseki is fair and unbiased


big hard sigh seeing this its mindblowing how much emotions a simple picture can evoke in me



glad i dont eat eggs


they have good protein but too much cholesterol


look at the bans page compared to last year himako was more professional



good thing i live in cali


just be grateful theres a hima to come home to


holds up spork level jokes were not professional


when i make eggs i do them double the whites


is salmonella even lethal isnt it just a tummy ache


you mates remember 2015 hima right
its an acquired skill


the reasons were at least reasons its sad there are even bans without reasons or plain insults as reasons


onseki was ok until the sb started blackmailing him now hes just a figurehead in place to pay for the server and assume legal liability


himako needs to start a new spinoff and run things how they were during himas best years


very nice legs




reading the sb it seems you are mistaken or rather you are ignorant of the truth


whats the point if himako never banned runeheal and otalad and onseki doesnt either might as well delete it and keep its memory untarnished than allow it to be destroyed any further


fire up meta hours that will surely improve hima


start your own spinoff then


dont even know what the fuck a otalad is and runeheal fits in far better than the discord mates


i did


File: 1523847765853.gif (1.36 MB, 250x194, 1492482272081.gif)

flip this come on nb we are going back to duegi


that reminds me sisters friend came over on friday night and on saturday we went to a park and she kept asking people fishing if they caught their dinner yet


things have been fine lately why are you stirring up trouble
no admin can be perfect


pretty sure he just comes here to stir up trouble its the cursed life of a duegster


himakos problem was being too much of a robot and onsekis problem is that hes absent for 90% of the day


nobodies perfect


except for nb i mean


she kept telling me that she liked sunny d too i hope shes not turning angelic


make nb admin its the only solution


the fats must take control over hima for the greater good


horrible idea hes even more spineless than seki


nice mutant


the twigs shall keep their power for the greater good


can you please respond to my sisters friend posts


never drank sunny d whats it like


it tastes like salty milk and coins


i cant believe that it would be less popular if it did


wish that was me id say "no but i just caught something better" and then grab her and snap her behind a bush


i dont take orders


youre one sick neetblog


wish i had a slav lgf


wish slavs were less nationalistic so more spoke english


my name is uliana


might squat while i post on hima


please dont remind me


i cant do a slav squat but i often squat if theres no chair nearby it must be my slav genes


wonder if my lowly intellect is caused by my social ineptitude and disparity of what a healthy mind desires but then i get reminded of mates like tesla and ponder on the effects genetics could play was i limited by my programming is the shallow complexity of my thoughts innate or could environmental variables throw away the cards of a greater destiny could nutrition of a pregnant mother have such far reaching consequences if not do i take responsibility for the cards that were taken away from me


just try to have fun instead of thinking about that stuff


die smartnorm


wonder what would change if i had a dad


that wasnt me

if i was admin i would shut down hima


his basteness has spoken


no father figure is a death sentence for a boy


sam hyde is the pinnacle of what a single The Boss boy can achieve


wish i was smart like the freak


ever heard the phrase no point crying over spilled milk


same i cant even understand most of his posts


even with his genius level intellect he can still not reconcile with his friend


why not


out of toilet paper what the flip do i do


prepare the shit drawer


hes bottom feeder




his dad sounds like present day pastor


hate how when im playing a sushi bar with pastamate he makes me call him daddy especially considering hes younger than me


love making sexy ladies horny and they start fidgeting and doing that thing where they press the palm of their hand down between their legs


they call me sourseki the number 1 pill popper


pastaman doesnt do that


wish i could play the piano


its not too late to learn




you cant learn a new skill after 25


how come russian sexy ladies are always more attractive than the american ones


wish i knew how to have fun




really weird when making sushi with pastaman and he starts going on about "succulent sexy ladies" while making slurping sounds with his mouth


you can find me at the sushi chef lounge in the hima mansion


sorry i didnt know it bothered you


do you give people quests or are you a merchant


it doesnt i love it but its still weird


im an npc with one line and no purpose


whats the line


im just a tree waiting to get chopped


ran into nb he told me to bring him a redberry pie


did neetblogs full 2 week long quest chain of bringing him foods and he didnt even give me anything


its snowing rn


drinking oj


love a good snowstorm


i will die for nihon


accidentally ate a black licorice jellybean out of a handful of random flavored ones gonno puke


File: 1523851018854.gif (190.15 KB, 453x600, d9337bc72c12c3585465c20c046b34ea.gif)


File: 1523851024007.png (859.99 KB, 1829x1644, 1523787284866.png)


never ate jellybeans are they good


mindboggling the great lengths i go to just to achieve a 0.05% increase in intellect but i blew it away with years of xanax use


been saving up my piss all day now its time to release it


hate when i need to jo and piss at the same time


jellybeans are a simple and traditional candy



just placed my bid


always jo first and foremost when i need to jopiss


get a viking swors instead


love a good neetblog sword


vikings were great blacksmiths but


im a lesbian


pasta time


eat spaghetti instead


thats my The Bosss favorite flavor


spaghetti is pasta



nice black sun ring from 1940 probably worn by a ss official since commoners werent into natsoc mysticism


hope i dont become fodder for a egomaniacals dreams of conquest


the inferior never lives a fuller life than when he feels his existence is subsumed in a greater order endowed with a center; then he feels like a man standing before leaders of men and experiences the pride of serving as a free man in his proper station


did the war start yet what happened


translate it smartnorms


people feel good when theyre serving someone greater than them


if i cant be above that kind of servitude ill be so far below and make myself my own by my very loathsomeness


that is why i like to be a healer


thats why youre baste nb


think its about time to reread jo master kurosawa


i serve the blog


i dont


hate kurosawa once he confesses


that wasnt me


flip that norm mangaka and flip you for reminding me of it




alright enough stones for two gachas


ok now im raging hard thanks a lot


die gachanormako


File: 1523853038878.jpg (143.22 KB, 800x1160, medaka-box-1503812.jpg)

its time for the neetblog faction to handle hima from here on out


normaka box


its probably a mix of them looking white but having a more exotic look to them and being more traditionally feminine than other groups of sexy ladies




a healthy dose of poverty helps a lot too


poor people are more attractive


wish to share some poverty pizza with a poverty sexy lady


mindblowing how with a simple trip to japan i could not be a virg but i would lose my only place of comfort for 5 minutes of hedonistic pleasure


trust me its a lot harder than you think unless you were already a chad in your home country


File: 1523853366831-0.png (874.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180415-213353.png)

File: 1523853366831-1.png (1.1 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180415-213455.png)

these are my choices




im chad


although the maid in the first one is cute too


blue haired baby is pretty cute might try that one


which one would be the best
living with richnig and his endless supply of snacks and never have to worry about your neet future
living with pasta mate and his endless supply of liquor and a custom made pasta dish for dinner every day plus he lives in a very dense sexy lady area
living with neetb


just pooped feel bad for no toilet paper mate


underage underage kitty witch


neetb would be the least annoying


offered to pay for a hima meetup but everyone declined


gotta go with nb on this one


vrchat is the closest theres gonno be to a himameet




how can nb be depressed when hes so nice


neetblog deserves his depression


its a mask


File: 1523853795044-0.png (342.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180415-214255.png)

what the fuck






i miss pvping in ds3




cant believe playaseki is skeeting in deligirls eye right now and acting like it was an accident but he really did it on purpose because he likes causing girls pain


she just had her 30th birthday


do you mates think that i could get an infernal cape without a tbow


seki 'accidentally' put it in the wrong hole on 5 separate occasions last night


yeah sure


was that sarcastic


and thats the kind of present iceseki gave her wow



i believe in you


File: 1523854319522.png (385.76 KB, 960x929, 30698304_1721102557957871_7377782224206168064_….png)


can i post my gf shes really cute


no you cant


groan not this mate again


dont see how the kind of person that frequents himasugi would be so well versed in norm sitcoms


does anyone want to help me enslave a sexy lady if theres at least 2 of us im sure we can get away with it one can watch while the other sleeps


its just ken


no you sick flipper


my gf made some pizza earlier can i post that


depends on what kind of pizza it was


hate the canned laughter and roasts this is why seinfeld was better


seinfeld was even more norm than friends the whole show is about a group of 4 big city degenerates having sex with strangers


never watched friends but seinfeld was baste


seinfeld was about the hima mansion


hate tv how can norms manage to sit through this


friends was baste as hell ive watched it like 10 times from start to finish its great and sexy ladies absolutely love it too


File: 1523854715505.jpg (19.81 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

heres the pizza she made


that is NOT a pizza


nice tomato soup


thats not a pizza its a two layer lasagna lynx titans favorite


flapperlaughed every single time this image has been posted


The Boss made that before its two layer lasagna you idiot


cant wait for my mate lynx to hit 4.6 hes close now


File: 1523854907616.jpg (553.86 KB, 700x988, 44372351_p0.jpg)




that is disgusting


all three its called the hima mansion


hope i dont get roomed next to onseki i cant stand the sound of bed springs creaking


did freak see how humans can be druids in wow now


you can take shelter with me in my bed if you want


simply love when sexy ladies are drawn with skinny arms and big hands


freak is too busy programming a korean gf ai


File: 1523855293162.jpg (528.77 KB, 1548x1920, 1523830950761.jpg)



its gonno freak the eye real hard hehe


未来が眩しくて見えない chuck


ring ring ring ring my bell


wonder what norms will think when they find whats left of the hima mansion 10 years after its inception itll be one hell of a wikipedia article


never watched event horizon


been meaning to watch that movie for years might do so tonight


wish i had a sexy lady watching friend




never watching anything with sis again since she started crying during boruto


is it possible for a 30 year old man to find a 20 year old virgin wife in japan im willing to work out




sweet cant wait


File: 1523856275531.jpg (195.26 KB, 907x1280, 1523854816037.jpg)

why bother with that nonsense when you could get a nice birl


ill be your pedpartner


die skinfang


that is gay


starting to feel that my stomach is getting tighter hope i dont end up with visible abs like some kind of freak


birls have an even shorter shelf life than real girls


but didnt zyzz teach us its best to have a fulfilling youth than to slowly fizzle out in the later years
and women are the embodiment of evil birls can be true friends


miss the zyzz i knew not the new one


File: 1523856930137.jpg (220.42 KB, 1200x900, 1523852356421.jpg)


depressing to think your true potential is flooding your body in estrogen to grow moobs and be a cum dump for desperate beta males and fetishists for a scant few years before ending yourself when that small window where you possessed a semblance of femininity fades


liam had to go to the er again


what was it this time


like i give a boost about your discordmates im genuinely happy hopefully hima will stop being shitty now


liam is our mateshow some respect


maybe next time he will die and a new age of hima will start


is liam that weird goblinbw mate who somtimes rambles about magick books


part of the usual norms


gonno take a shower then play some dota


yeah hes a norm


whats his deal why is he in the er did he cast the wrong spell


File: 1523857686795.jpg (1.25 MB, 1200x1200, 68246760.jpg)


his heart is giving out from loneliness


should have summoned a succubus


hate trapflappers so much


hate short hair anderson says women should have long hair


vile whore


feel like snapping something


same i must snap


File: 1523858490409.jpg (28.91 KB, 500x377, sexnorm.jpg)




gonno strethc


File: 1523858854781.jpg (3.68 MB, 4000x3000, 1523853504454.jpg)


i btfo sean out of the jpsphere with some good vargpills lmao


File: 1523859129446.png (8.23 KB, 400x400, recycled-plastic-signs-43535-lg.png)


nice xing


forgot sean existed


he is long gone


File: 1523860506698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 452.4 KB, 827x1169, 1353551753299.jpg)


wish that was me


still dont understand how girls can flip desks


feel bad for sean hes nuts


better than being lucid


never cleaned behind my ears before


File: 1523861898181.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.75 KB, 960x960, 90fccfd46027764645ac5bff3623e0fd.jpg)

big girl


why does she have a nig penis


you know


its a fake rubber penis the type that black actors use in porn




File: 1523862686213.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.37 KB, 750x906, 1523855874619.jpg)



gonno morph


post made me feel insecure so i went and measured my nugget for the first time in years was pleasantly surprised but also a little worried because sexy ladyholes are pretty small


seek help


baste pastor anderson hater


washed my sheets time for a nice warm morph


die morpher


alright gonno watch event horizon now


die movienorm


the sleeper has awakened




im gonno bite the bullet and brush my teeth and take a shower its going to be boring but i believe i can do it


good luck


he was a good man it wasnt supposed to be like this


im back it took so long sigh but at least i wont have to do it again for a while


dead hours


simply sing some tunes in the shower


had a dream i was taking a timed test for something and i was doing the wrong questions it was terrifying


i remember timed tests what was the point of them


what was the point of the timed tests in school seems like a waste


im the testman


otamin here pinch my cock mate


the doc ynajed me



random mate asked me if i sell cigarettes thats the 2nd time this month hope i dont look like a drug dealer


that does sound terrifying


i had a nightmare that The Boss was raging harder than she ever has and breaking all of my stuff


your subconscious is trying to train you for when the final ynaj finally happens


holy flip i just upgraded to a 1080p monitor and this is way too flipping big


still on my japanese 800x600 crt


what does pixel density have to do with monitor size



anyone else sometimes mumble to themselves im baste over and over while flapperlaughing hard




p anderson replied to my comment


varg replied to me once




File: 1523899784137.gif (2.04 MB, 480x480, 1523864547812.gif)




why not


varg liked me comment once and linus replied harshly once when i accused him of being a paid intel shill hehe


File: 1523900337124.png (Spoiler Image, 640.46 KB, 722x1599, 1523463803420.png)

can i post these


dumb little angel


thanks for spoilering it but no


can i post my gf


File: 1523900661437.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.98 KB, 600x800, 1518265339873-1.jpg)

ok thanks


finally a streamer thats anti norm


somethings cookin hima


what do you mean anti norm


did you see her stream title shes one of us


what is it


im shitting up the chat hehe\


die norms


yeah i do this daily


sigh tore a muscle while lifting water bottles


be careful


watching a weird sushi bar on twitch


link it




we cant compete with the chinks im surrendering to them


its fun to talk to varg but hes legit white supremacist


i would throw myself on their mercy but chinks are merciless so ill try their pity instead


no hes just pretending for fun no one is a white supremacist its 2018


File: 1523906027062.jpg (45.34 KB, 460x690, 1516899987.jpg)


File: 1523906117359.jpg (158.83 KB, 1200x1800, 1521230321561.jpg)

you didnt post the right one




that one ruins the whole image




if you actually watched his videos you wouldnt say that


im chink supremacist


the chinks have already taken over entire towns in my country and theyve consumed half of africa its only a matter of time before we are all worshipping xi jinping


someone post a stream that really deserves to be pie eating contested lets have a good old fashioned warosu flapperfit


canachink that you


had a dream i shaved and when i woke up i was disappointed to find i hadnt


i just feel like pie eating contesting something lets go mates get fired up


die canachink


too hungry to pie eating contest making fried rice


we dont have enough numbers anymore the once mighty pack has been reduced to a small litter


hes australian not canadian


ive been doing tongue stretches ill be able to lick my own chicken nugget before long


we will all be made to work in mines when the chinks take over


chinks will study the western neet in labs disguised as houses


the jews have already taken over every single facet of western society seventy years ago so even if the chinks did take over it would simply be a swapping of masters and the chink government is adheres to very traditional ethics and would be easier to overthrow as well


mindboggling that there are still people out there who dont believe the jews have control of this world
i implore anyone with doubts to read the talmud or the other 23 books
dont be surprised when you read the parts about gentiles being born solely to serve the jews


just because they wrote in their books that gentiles are born to serve jews doesnt mean its actually happening


G-d's chosen people


but it is also happenenening


hehe this is the sample in a three six track


im a slave without a master i need someone to serve


think its time to fire up the jews and their lies (part 1 of 2)


i serve The Boss


how are you not aware of lionel richies most famous song


havent explored that sector of music yet im holding off for now because i know how much i like it


my foreskin was stolen from me


the jews took your foreskin and the chinks took your mind


the only one to blame is your The Boss
assuming you dont have a dad because no real man would ever have their sons dick mutilated


i have nothing to lose now


dads jew


you still have your heart


my dads circumcised and he didnt let The Boss cut mine even though she really wanted it done


File: 1523908077396.jpg (252.36 KB, 1857x2000, dcrxd8yqy3s01.jpg)

hey pg check this out


im too smart for hima


lets go on a pasta tour


hate how women have progressively been given more and more say in the raising of sons
women have no business raising boys especially not alone if at all possible the father should take the son in divorce and leave the The Boss to pay child support but of course our court system favors the woman 98 percent of the time


in an ideal world women wouldnt even be allowed to speak around men


its the jews


just made my yearly kol nidre oath


scared of getting a dna test and finding out that im half ashkenazi


wrong thing to be concerned about
the bigger picture is that the immediate family has less say in raising their own kids and that power has been delegated to media, state-run schools and so called experts on child rearing who make a living writing books with their sham advice


wish i was a cute autistic jewish lesbian girl


simply find an ifb wife and homeschool your 9 kids


youre right i was going to post something about it
basically the government makes the majority of critical early life decisions of your child and after they are in the government mandated propaganda machine aka public schools they can be manipulated and turned into braindead zombies while the jew controlled mass media brainwashes them with morally bankrupt cartoons and time sinks to further shrink their brains


you are a flipping clueless brainlet
womens suffrage and the later feminist movements that caused that were all plotted and executed by the cia which is and has always been controlled by the zog
not to mention how the porn industry the destruction of the heroic figure life in urban areas and the pure subversiveness of the capitalistic system have been destroying men and women in an unending slippery slope


christnorms bow to the jew


p anderson doesnt


the jews are the reason why im a neetblog


he literally kneels before one every sunday lmaoo


cia and its precursor the oss didnt even exist when the womens suffrage movement was going on


how can we make women respect men again


simply stop being a manbabby


thats not an option


as in intelligence agencies
they existed even during the civil war


installing tensorflow rn


ive been straying away from google but i require their tools


hate programmer norms with a passion bet only neetblog will agree with me


A common prediction by opponents of female suffrage was that it would destroy the family. Well? Isn’t that exactly what has happened? When women can look to the government for their needs — a government funded by involuntary contributions from working men — why should they bother to do the work of maintaining relationships with men? Why should they have any respect for men, if they can use and discard them at whim? As Warren Farrell made clear in The Myth of Male Power, the State is now every woman’s “husband”.

Traditionally, men have been responsible for supporting their families, i.e. the women and children dependent on them, which is why men have had the power that rests on that responsibility. Now that women can use the power of the State, men are still assumed to bear that responsibility. But no longer have any authority — or freedom. Similarly, in the area of sexual encounter, men still bear all the responsibility, but women have all the freedom.


neetblog loves programming


never liked programming or tech but something drew me in



himasugi.org on the daily dot! (picture 4 in the album)


i only know how to make ahk scripts but im pretty good at it


i only make executables


wish i was human




cant believe someone got so buttblasted that he started a conspiracy theory just to get norms pie eating contesting hima


i will transcend what it means to be human


we need himako now more than ever


i can believe someone would be bh enough to try but i cant believe the degree to which they succeeded


absolutely mindboggling


sigh perfect


thats not hima


File: 1523910191052.gif (638.52 KB, 2123x2734, TaSHDog.gif)

it says himasugi.org right there its weird i wonder how many will find hima because of this


why does it say hima


oh didnt see the image gallery i was looking at the fourth image on the main article


i dont think many people click dumb links like that i wouldnt worry about it


gonno make a hcim


they chop your foreskin off so you cant masturbate as much and you last longer in bed its for the ladies


jews learned the practice of circumcision from the egyptians when the proto-israelis were sand mercenaries for the pharaohs


really want to get into ancient history any good books about it i can listen to


File: 1523911114620.png (18.98 KB, 1700x136, D8MAASY4LJCQ1523499752139.png)

new deckard cain emojis coming out tomorrow im going to save some loot chests


File: 1523911195586.jpg (48.63 KB, 1200x630, 6561990._UY630_SR1200,630_.jpg)


herodotus' histories is interesting but its not up to modern academic standards since it was written more than 2400 years ago


im watching this


whatever you do dont read anything by the romans


why not


theyre degens and lie a lot


nah theyre wise and civilized read cicero, seneca and musonius rufus




burn in hell jew


dont do it


The Celts were one of the first European peoples to discover how to smelt iron, and by the time they made contact with the Romans they had developed consistent methods of producing better balanced swords that were more resilient and longer. It is therefore curious that the Roman writer Polybius (c.203—120Bc) reported that, at the Battle of Telamon (225Bc), the Gauls had carried inferior iron swords which bent at the first stroke and had to be straightened with the foot against the ground. This is also mentioned by Plutarch
(c.AD46—127), but it seems more likely that this was Roman propaganda, as subsequent archaeological testing of excavated Celtic sword blades indicates that the quality of the iron and steel was quite exceptional.

die roman worshiper


those swords they found were roman stolen by the celts


yeah read all the celt historians and philosophers instead
oh wait


sigh didnt eat anything today


This original Roman spirit was nice on a human type characterized by a group of
typical dispositions. Among them we should include self-control, an enlightened
boldness, a concise speech and determined and coherent conduct, and a cold dominating
attitude, exempt from personalism and vanity. To the Roman style belong virtus, in the
sense not of moralism, but of virile spirit and courage; fortitudo and constantia, namely
spiritual strength; sapientia, in the sense of thoughtfulness and awareness; diciplina,
understood as love for a self-given law and form; fides, in the specifically Roman sense of
loyalty and faithfulness; and dignitas, which in the ancient patrician aristocracy became
gravitas and solemnitas, a studied and moderate seriousness. The same style is
characterized by deliberate actions, without grand gestures; a realism that is not
materialism, but rather love for the essential; the ideal of clarity, which eventually turned
into rationalism in only some Latin peoples; an inner equilibrium and a healthy suspicion
for every confused form of mysticism; a love for boundaries; the readiness to unite, as free
human beings and without losing one's identity, in view of a higher goal or for an idea.
We may also add religio and pietas, which do not mean "religiosity" in the Christian
sense of the word, but instead signify for a Roman an attitude of respectful and dignified
veneration for the goshs and, at the same time, of trust and re-connection with the
supernatural, which was experienced as omnipresent and effective in terms of individual,
collective, and historical forces. Obviously, I am far from suggesting that every Roman
man and woman embodied these traits; however, they represented the "dominant factor"
and were em-bodied in the ideal that everybody perceived to be specifically Roman.

romans were baste sigh wish i were born in the roman empire with my himamates wed fight the carthaginians during the day and feast and drink wine through the night


all the non med europeans werent dumb enough to write down their knowledge thats why they past it down via symbolism in rhymes songs and folklore




too intelligent to let my culture survive


just had a crazy idea


it would have survived if it werent for the christians


pretty sure they got asssnapped by caesar and all the rest flocked to roman territory in droves because they had baths




the earth is less than half that age


forgot to watch osteen last week so im gonno catch up who wants to watch it with me


love this gonno attempt it on my violin


dr nmateen told me to brush after every meal


looks like a cult


sigh cant even revive the old dr ng uyen meme because of the filter



yeah big sigh all of those things sound cool


romans were invaders i would have sided with my germanic brethren


nah flip those primitive savages id give myself over to the forces of civilization


civilization makes you weak look where the germans are now and look at the state of the pitiful romans or greeks


weird how all the worlds greatest athletes come from places of civilization and not pastoralist tribes in africa or from the jungles of papau new guinea


uhhhh why arent tribal men more athletic than dope enhanced metropolitans


yeah because they have nothing to do and no knowledge worth learning they have to be strong to attract mates


sigh just woke up have to leave for therapy in half an hour barely enough time for a shave


probably dozens of regular people at your local gym that are stronger than any tribal man


im tribal neet


ya haha those mates hunting and fishing and using their strength to collect firewood wasting all that time unlike me
*watches new episode of super*


civilization makes you weak
*dies from an infection*


bh vargflapper


wish i was in the barrens with warm sun on my skin


File: 1523915997147.webm (1.29 MB, 853x480, osteen.webm)


osteen focuses on positivity and love
anderson feeds off negativity and hate


glad hes banned from my home country of malawi



File: 1523917150434.jpg (3.99 MB, 4128x3096, 20180417_001624[1].jpg)

made a plate of mashed potatoes what do you mates think


is it sweet potato


its a mix of sweet potato and norm potato plus butter


hate charismatic "christians"


decided to morph through the dead hours but woke up to over 100 posts


same christians are hypocrites


as time progresses most things only get worse mindblowing to think before long i will fondly reminisce of 2017
i feel myself slipping into the void but i try to not think about it because i have to hold out just a little longer


one day i will think of 2020 as the good old days


potatoes should only be consumed by native americans its not part of our ancestral diet


really strongly considered suicide today was getting into some bad thoughts
i know what brought me out of it but im always surprised when i do


never strongly considered anything im just a worthless blob of shit


im just waiting for the new thread




I've been trying to find a crt small enough that I can carry by myself so I can play all my old consoles and re-live my past a bit but they're so boosting impossible to find in my area


im nothing more than an aimless boltzmann blog


nb ask your dad to see avengers infinity war next week i think hell like it


he hasnt seen any of the marvel movies and i dont want to watch that boring crap


nb how much does your father weight


wish i came from a long line of proud blogsmen


im not sure but hes under 200 lbs


my ancestors were no one special the only person in my family of any particular worth is my grandfather


bloggin like my pappy


my father was the first man to ever blog


love a big mug of water after waking up


simply love the taste of flouride


File: 1523919723261.jpg (393.63 KB, 634x2662, 1523271038962.jpg)

been stuck on age 15 for too long im gonno mutate to 19


my family blogged for a living in latvia before the janny had them sent to camps


thats weird my The Bosss family came from latvia


what does being a best man have to do with being an adult
some privnorm wrote this if everyone could get a nice paying job and find a partner the world would be fine but its not and you end up stuck at age 24


like how that image says youre supposed to buy a flipping house and have a kid before you even start earning an average salary


yeah its called a 30 year fixed rate mortgage


just get loans


are they just going to pop up with a $15k down payment out of nowhere while also taking care of a kid


take it out of the kids college fund


heard moving out when your 18-22 is only an american thing


they do it in anime too


thats an ad for some loans company or something of course its all about buying things




yeah jewish overlords taught american families to hate one another and move out asap during the 1900s


being stuck doesnt mean i achiveved it flapper


im flapper


bullying as a kid was getting beat up and called a weirdo and bullying as an adult is being forced to take brain pills and sent to mental hospitals


bullying as an adult is getting ignored until a norm gets upset at you and then they all join in the frenzy


im sorry for being a flapper


theres a birl who comes into the store a few times a work
keep catching him looking at me while im stackin cans


he wants to bugger you


is she cute


what would pastor anderson do


if i get glasses this summer what kind should i get to look cool


depends on how thick your lenses are


does that affect the design


on certain frames thick lenses will look unsightly if the lenses are thin it doesnt really limit your choices


got an eye doctor appointment next week 未来が眩しくて見えない get glasses this time good ones


beat his faguette ass


my frames look like the ones sam hyde wears now but i got them before he did


File: 1523920990593.jpg (33.72 KB, 843x423, 1523919830872.jpg)


die sexnorm


think 2009 was the point where it all started going downhill


was it because wotlk was being replaced by cata


if we kill ourselves we will become horse girls in one of the good universes we happened to be born in the shite realm but its only a temporary pain


get homu glasses


waromates do you remember volphied the sonic janny???


i remember benlisquare


the birl is like 5'11 and maybe 130 pounds has mid back length hair and he wears skirts but always has leggings on underneath even in the summer
dont think he works he just walks around all day



yeah but hows his face is it feminine enough


why is that movie so bassy


sounds like a tramp


i dunno i dont look at mens faces but its defiantly masculine and he hides it with those dumb oversized circular glasses that hipsters wear



just two mates chilling out


nice bill keep up the eugenics in africa


do you look at womens faces




why do you avoid rival males but creepstare the girls


File: 1523921894094.png (635.69 KB, 461x674, ihavemanylivesOK.png)

gonno sushi bar


still dont understand what makes someone a creep


File: 1523922167455.jpg (40.51 KB, 843x941, 1523920700726.jpg)


i have a thousand thoughts in my brain that i cant explain


File: 1523922529323.jpg (55.33 KB, 800x600, gnatho9.jpg)

chin pilled


looking forward to my next dream


does anyone want to fight me to the death


sigh the flooring mates are gonno be here by the end of the month


big fan of the flooring mates


keep waking up later and later


think im going to morph as soon as sis goes away


i can smell my pits


take a shower




an old neet tip is to keep your pits shaved so theres no smell


dont do that


skin is too soft and tender in the pit it would hurt to shave it


too light i took a lighter to my pithair now my room smells acrid


why not


thought about shaving my ass hair but then i remembered that craigslist post


only shave locations that are comfortably in itching range


why not


im a hairy boy


going to go to a waxing place and get a cute young girl to wax every corner of my body


do you want to be smooth


played with the tensorflow object detection its pretty cool but its not great it thought my glove was a teddy bear


wish to get waxed but dont want my family to think im a sodomite


they wont you need to cut that association from your mind its a normal thing


gomenasai my name is ken sama


time for a sperm shower morph the big 3 s


pastor jimenez said real men have leg hair


wax my back and ill wax yours


i have bacne


270 unread emails sigh gonno take a while to fix this


get some sun


never had ocd whats it like


wanno go surfing with uli